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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/12/2024 Risk of Cell Towers to Children

Published Jan. 12, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am News and Encouragement with Karen the Riveter & Ralph the IT Guy! 10am Representative Jim DeSano, Holly Thomet, Luke Moord and Christine Wherry will be talking about the local risks of cell towers to children. There is a need to slow down the process of cell tower installation in relationship to proximity of schools. The concern is exposure to cell tower radiation. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 12th day of January 2024. Welcome to our show today. It's a pleasure to have you here, and we're going to get right at it. I'm going to bring Karen in a minute. Morning, Karen. How are you doing? Good morning. I like how you say that. So cheerful, so cheerful this morning. I wanted to let everybody know I had a kind of a rough start to the day today. And I'm trying to get my feet on the ground just a little bit. I have a horse that's colicking right now. And so I had to get the vet on the ground and, you know, try to try to. work the magic to keep this horse alive. And I think, I think we've got, we've got an, you know, some, the vet should be there pretty quickly. And there's a, there's a couple of people there that are helping her out this morning. So say a prayer for, say a prayer for Bree for us this morning, because I think this is going to might, might be a little bit of a long day, but I think there's nothing that we can do right now until the vet gets there, except for give her a little banamine and keep her up work, walking a little bit. And so that's what we're doing right now. and don't feel the need to be right there hovering over her. And so she's in good hands right now. My daughter's there, and she's an excellent horsewoman and such. So that's good. But I don't know if people understand what colic is. Colic is the number one killer of horses. Did you know that? No, I have heard a little bit about it, and I assume it's a little bit like bloating dogs. It's a very serious life-threatening condition. It can kill them really quickly, and if you don't know how to recognize it and get a vet to treat them, it can be bad. And I had a dog bloat but did not portion. I don't know what that means. Well, in dogs, when a dog gets bloat, their stomach will bloat up, and then it twists and turns and flips on itself. Okay, I've never heard the term for that, but that's what horses do too. Yeah, it's called torsion. I thought you said portion, and I was like, what is the word here? Got it. And it'll cut off circulation. I think it's cutting off circulation to the spleen. And what they'll do at the vet is they'll put a tube, while the dog is still conscious usually, they'll put a tube down the throat and try to alleviate the gas. And then they go into surgery to bring the stomach back around. If they don't, all that tissue that's not getting circulation will die and the dog will die. So a lot of, it's more common in large chested breeds. So bloodhounds is one of the ones that's most prone to it. So a lot of times they will, when they do a spay or neuter on a bloodhound, they automatically go in and tack the stomach, they call it. They just put some stitches in and stitch the stomach to the lining of of the wall inside the dog's chest, and it prevents that stomach from flipping when they bloat. There's all kinds of theories about what causes it. In our case, the dog had, we were in the process of switching her to a new dog food that was grain-free, and it had various, we were still feeding kibble years ago, and the kibble, was really small in size and so she scarfed down a bunch of it and she started doing that where they stand and they kind of heave um they're not they they might drool but they can't vomit because it's stuck and Her chest got real big. Her belly was really big. When you thump on it, if you thwack it with your fingers, it'll make a resounding drum sound. It's not normal. It was a Sunday. We called the emergency vet and asked them, telling them what we saw. Whoever answered that line was an idiot and told us it might be okay. Later, I realized what level of bad advice that was, but I wasn't as trained at that time. She started to deal with it on her own. I knew her stomach actually didn't flip, but later on, she had terrible diarrhea. It took her about a week to get her gut back in order. Maybe longer. It was a while. But she was lucky. And we were really blessed that a decision not to rush her to an emergency that wasn't fatal for her, they should have told us we needed to get her in. Absolutely. And that horses are the same thing. So I really did. I thought you said portion. I was like, what was this? No, it's torsion. And what they do, what horses do, there's a couple of different kinds of colics that they can have. They can have a gas colic and they start having gas in their intestines. And then what they'll do is, like you said, they'll roll. And there's 70 feet of intestines in a horse. So we're talking when they roll, it'll spin it inside their gut. Well, now you've got a blockage that is unovercomeable. And at that point in time, if they roll, if you keep them on their feet and they don't start trying to get away from the pain, then you can resolve it. But they start rolling around like that and they have to have surgery or they die. And we've given many horses, brought them over to the emergency service and they've done surgery on them for their colics and such. But they never heal really well after that. So it's very serious on a horse. Um, even, even with surgery, you, you have adhesions that, that develop in the gut, which can cause more problems and such. So we have one boy right now that is, uh, he's, uh, he's an older stallion. Love this horse, right? And he just had stomach surgery this past summer because he had, he had a twisted, he had a twisted gut and wrapped his, wrapped his intestines around his kidneys. I mean, it was, it was one of those things that, I mean, it was, he was a mess inside. So brought him in and they straightened him out and he's doing really well right now with it, but hopefully we can get to it, you know, get to it and help, help breathe before, before anything more serious happens. So you just kind of, you know, it's like any, any type of a, a problem or emergency, you have to respond, but, and as quick as you can, but you know, you don't do it in a panicky way. It's like, take your steps, make a decision and, and do the best you can because, you know, I had, I had a, I've had a few babies that have died over the years too. And you have to be okay with with death if you have animals you just you just do because you're going to outlive them most likely but the one that was there was there was two of them that were disturbing really disturbing that i had um and that that really wrecked everybody around us we had one baby and she was such a nice little filly just a beautiful little fill super friendly i mean the minute she dropped on the ground she was just like i want to be friends you know and And just about crawl in your lap and just happy to be there. Well, about a week into it, I started noticing she was kind of lethargic and just super. She was, she was not wanting to get up, move around much, not like a normal full. They're like, they're like totally hyper. I mean, they're hyper. They're like bouncing off the walls, you know, and it was, something was wrong. So my husband and I took her to the hospital. I held her. in my, on my lap back seat of the pickup truck and then took the mom in the horse trailer, but she couldn't, she couldn't ride in the horse trailer. She's just too, too little. So I held her all the way to the, for about an hour drive there to the horse hospital and they got her in there and They brought a whole bunch of people. There's a heart cardiologist that came and checked out her heart and said, she has a heart defect I wouldn't expect to see in 50 years. And there were all these young veterinary students and vets that were sitting around the little dais where they were examining her. And they were just sobbing. Absolutely sobbing because they were so heartbroken. One of the guys from the barn was losing his mind. He was like, she's a good baby. She's going to be okay. My daughter was traumatizing. Everybody was in trauma. I'm like, I said to the head of surgery there, I said, we have to put her down. I'm not going to watch her suffocate to death. And she agreed. So she had the syringe loaded up and everybody was losing their minds. I'm like, the right decision was to put her down. But I said, you know what? We're going to lose everybody here. They're going to be destroyed until morning. I said, Just put her in with mom, and she'll be okay during the night. But then in the morning, first thing in the morning, give me a call, and I'll give you the nod to put her down. And that gives everybody a chance to process this and not be in a state where not only – the best decision is just deal with the problem, but it would have been a really, really horrible thing for everybody there. And so I gave, I gave the motivational speech, you know, from to all the vets who were bawling, you know, and said, look, you know, says I'm okay with this. And, you know, you know, I understand how upsetting this is because you're here to save animals. And, and, but I'm like, this is a very un, uh, predictable universe we live in. And And these things happen. You know, death is part of being alive. And you did everything you could do to save this baby. There's nothing that anybody did. It's not your fault. And you gave her a beautiful care at the end of life. And that's a beautiful thing. Most horses would never get that level of care. So feel really good that she had an exceptionally loving, wonderful week of life. It was worth it. And now remember and remember this and then take this and go go hug another horse. And and it's going to be OK. You know, God, God's going to take care of her until, you know, God will take care of this baby and the mom and and all of us. And it's it's a lesson to learn. But I don't blame you. And and don't blame yourselves. And I don't think that people understand the dynamic that happens with veterinarians, especially young veterinary students. They're one of the highest suicide rates across the board. I think it's one of the very top rates for suicide. And I'll tell you why that happens, because I've had meetings with the chief of surgery over there and some of the doctors. trying to put together a program to help veterinary students cope with the extraordinary stress. And the reason why it's so stressful is because the owners blame the veterinarian for what happens to their animals. And it's repeated. Then they'll get online. and they'll dox the vet and say what a horrible person this person is, which the veterinary students, they don't get in there to hurt animals. They're there because they're like little kids. They're adults. They don't want to discourage them or disparage them because they're very competent, they're very professional, and they're wonderful people. But they have a heart of – think about it as a heart of a – very childlike hearts and their absolute love and devotion to these animals. And it's very selfless because they probably could go into other areas and make a lot of money. There's no money in equine and large animal veterinary services, which is a big problem for the state of Michigan, because you have to have people that know how to take care of Cows, horses, you know, some of the larger animals and our herd animals here, right? And we're having a problem attracting talent into that because there's no money. That's hard. That's a problem. They'll go to small animal veterinary rather than the equine, the large animals, which... like I said, is our herd animals. And because they can make much more money in those areas. A person who's in large animal veterinary services is in it because they care. That's the only reason. And I've heard- Let me ask you a question. Yeah. Of those students who go into livestock practice, Are they largely people who have grown up with livestock, or are they a mixed batch, or do they have a lot of people who just had a few pets and didn't have the experience of loss with livestock on a farm? Generally, they're people, especially an equine, they're generally people who have grown up around horses that love them. And so like a lot of them will be farriers and then they'll go back to school to do veterinary services, which is great when you've got a veterinarian who is incredible at handling the feet. Feet are such a touchy issue. And so if you've got a veterinarian that understands like broken navicular bones and I've had that, foundering, laminitis, all those things that happen to a hoof, they can do a real specific care plan for your horses. A lot of the fairies do a wonderful job on that too, but now you mix two things together and you've got a really strong care team for the animals. And I mean, I think we can look at that in a lot of things. If people have not just one specialty, but they're more rounded and they have... in one area that they can talk about or pull in things that make a solution kind of like a holistic or a whole solution for a problem rather than just one thing. But it's really kind of extraordinary because we do rescue on horses. I've probably seen just about everything. But that loss of the foal, I give the veterinarians, of course, they've got my cell phone. And I've got one in particular that saved one of our horses. And it was crazy. They were with him 24-7 for about two months. They had somebody that was there on, I mean, literally with him. And the first veterinary student that was with him, he was a resident. This guy almost, he gave so much to this horse that they brought another student in to help with the care to give him some of a break because he wouldn't leave the horse aside. And, uh, and that, that was the level of, of an investment into caring for an animal. He still, he'll call me or text me every once in a while. And I'm like, oh buddy, I said, did you lose one today? Sounds like you had a, had a rough day. And then I'll send him pictures of the horse he saved. And I'm like, still up and running, doing great. And I'm like, it was worth it. It's worth it. And even though we're going to lose some animals or lose, it goes with people too. You lose people along the way. That's part of living in this universe is where we are right now. And I'm like, it's worth it. Your time was worth it. Your effort was worth it. What you did was worth it. Don't let things like this get you down. Pick up and say, it was out of your control, even if you made a mistake and there is some part of it, that's part of learning and moving forward. You can't let failure stop you. You reassess, think about what could have been done differently, but things are the way they are in that department. And I know I'm okay with it. I might shed a few tears. I had to put two horses down last year, one during extreme cancer. The other one that had three stomach surgeries and colic, he wouldn't have made it through another surgery. And it's like at that point in time, it's like it's time for them to go run in the fields with God and use good horse and let them go and let God take care of them. Mm-hmm. One of the toughest situations I've had, and I've lost pets and livestock, of course, but I was in wildlife rehab, worked for the DNR, and we get a second season sometimes of certain species. One of them is squirrels, where a nest will fall and you'll have little babies that can't quite take care of themselves yet. Or something happens like they fell a tree and it's got squirrel babies in it and so we had one and so this was like my only animal that i had to take care of that was new and in later in the year all the other babies were gone or or easy to take care of if they were still there this one little squirrel wasn't quite acting right after a little while you know when you first get them you you, you observe really carefully and you give them time to adjust to the situation. And this one wasn't acting quite right. And I ended up taking it to our vet, our regular pet vet who handled all kinds of stuff for us. And he said, Hmm, this one, it might, you know, it might have a parasite that's affecting its brain and, something like along those lines. I was holding it one time in my hand and it bit me and it was very unusual. Wow. At this young age, at the very young age it was at. And that was one of the things that was like, Hmm, that's not, I mean, it's one thing for a wild animal to bite you. That's normal. But this one, it wasn't. And he, he wasn't sure it was recoverable or not, but he said, well, you could give it time and see. And so here I am spending a lot of that 24 seven kind of time. I'm spending a lot of time. I have to feed it like four times a day and I need to be able to do other things. So it was an expenditure that was wearing on me and I couldn't see it getting better. So here I am having to weigh the decision of, And the toughest part about it was, selfishly, I was ready to let go. But I knew that was a selfish bias that I had. So I was closely examining, was I willing to euthanize this animal because it's easier for me? Or am I doing it because it's the best thing to do for the animal? And that was a really tough call to make. And eventually I did have to put it down. Um, but that, that man, I still remember that. And that was years ago. We had other ones that were tough. We had a fawn that was screaming and paying cause dogs attacked it. Um, I'll tell you a more positive one. We had a, a barred owl, um, My boss, unbeknownst to me, when I first got down there, she had a barred owl that she used for school programs and educational programs. She really enjoyed it. Really nice animal. And it had gotten sick and ended up being cared for by... a zoo vet. I think it was Louisville Zoo that took it in and was trying to take care of it. And it got cancer. And eventually they had to put it down or it died. And she was still grieving from that loss when I got there. And later in the season, we've got to know each other really well. We know we can trust each other on stuff like this. We bonded. And somebody brought in on my day off but I was always hanging around. So a barred owl that got caught in fishing line. We talked about this not very long ago. It got wrapped around the wing and it was cutting off circulation and really great injury. And the bird couldn't, it was trying to pull at it with its beak and it couldn't, there's no way that it could solve this problem by itself. We took it to our vet. Actually first, I think we bandaged it And gave it a few days of rest because, as you probably know, you can't just go straight into surgery with an animal that's weak. You have to build them up until they can be able to accept the surgery. And that's what we did. And then we took it in. And maybe we took him twice. But anyway, I was there watching him amputate the wing. I watched the whole surgery. And when the surgery was over, he stitched it up. The bird's respiration started to go downhill. And we thought he's going to die after the surgery. But he didn't. And I'm holding it in my lap on the way home. I took it out of the crate because we were like, is he breathing? Is he breathing? And I... I sat it in my lap so that the lungs could expand between my legs. And then when we got there, I did the same in a chair. And she's sitting in another chair opposite me, staring at it and poking it in the eye every now and then to see if it had a reflex. And she finally said, I can't, I can't. It was like a Saturday. She's supposed to have the day off with her family. And she's like, I got to get out of here. And we just put it in the cage. We were like, there's nothing we can do to help it. It's going to live or it's going to die. And it lived. It made it through that tough time. And by the end of the summer, we were training it on a glove. But it was struggling to have that joint heal. But I found out later on, because that skin is really narrow and it would bump it and it would bleed. But I found out later on that it was being used as an education bird. So this animal could have died, but instead became an ambassador to the community when you have Fishing stuff. You don't just cast it aside. It could kill another animal. Look at this beautiful animal. And it becomes an ambassador for responsible behavior. fishing and and behavior in general so there's a little more positive story yeah well you know and and i i think you i love that word ambassador because you know that this that word's been coming up lately around me a lot good morning ralph how you doing buddy good how are you Good. Thanks for joining us this morning. We've got a group coming on at 10 o'clock that we're talking about the risk, excuse me, of cell phone towers near children. So we've got about a half hour here to just talk about everything that's going on right now. We just got into the fact that, as you know, I have a horse that's colicking right now. So that's one of those things that just happens and what happens to our animals and how we take care of them and that sort of thing. and then karen talked about the rescue that's always a bit worrisome yeah sure is but but you know it's like it's how it's how it's something you have to deal with you know you just keep going and do the best you can and realize that there are some things in the world that are uncontrollable so you hand it to god and let him let him do it what he what he he has in in the anticipated plan so or the the plan And to Karen's point about not discarding fishing stuff, that sounds like a great lead-in to seal rescue. I was thinking, yes, yes. I have, in fact, oh, I have one that just came right up this morning. In fact, we're going to do a very happy. Okay, this is where we go. Happy time, happy time. Do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do-do. Hang on a minute. Let me, I'm going to switch this out here a minute and we will go to baby seal rescue. All right. Hold on. Here we go. Baby seal rescue. Okay. Good morning. We are. And, uh, We are at the jetty. We've seen him seal high up in the group. It's become such a hot spot locally, especially the snook line. So we've got the same suspect. Snook line, high up on the beach. We're going low and intercept. He's running into me. A suspicious fat roll. Yeah. The t-shirt there. I'm going to a t-shirt, black t-shirt. Okay. The seals are probably like, oh man, here they come again. Daily exercise program. What's wrong with these people? Okay, I've got to pause that for a minute because it's having trouble handling, for whatever reason, the video here. So... Let's try that again in a minute. He is a herding dog. A couple of herding dogs to help him keep the seal from running away. You know, I used to have a... Growing up, we had a Siberian Husky. And having had a Husky, you know, people, when they watch sled dog races, they're like, oh, they're abusing the dog. No, if you've had... If you've had a husky, you know you can't stop them from doing that. That is absolutely what they love to do. I've never had a herding dog, but I expect that's probably pretty much the same thing with them. I've seen video where they're coming after sheep when they're like seven weeks old. It's very instinctive, and it's adorable when they're puppies. They will not just chase, but they actually hurt at a very, very young age. Yeah. And pointers do that too. That little guy didn't struggle. That was amazing. Yeah, if only they were all that easy. They're getting brave. They're not just using the net on all these little guys. It's like a cross between an alligator and a snapping turtle. Yeah, no kidding. It does look fun to chase them down, though. Such goofy looking animals. I don't think I'm in shape enough to chase seals. I'm just going to tell you that right now. I'd have to run every day. I'm pretty sure the seals aren't in shape enough to chase seals. He's like, he's like, I'll take you all. I'll take you all. Isn't that funny though? It's like when something feels like it's caught, it quite often looks, it will attack its rescuer. I love watching seal rescue. It's so funny. These guys are really brave. Can you imagine? Aw, what a cutie. Okay, I think that's cool. It's just cool. All right, seal rescue is just fun. So now we know where you guys need to go on vacation someday. I'm sure they'd love to take a couple volunteers. for your vacation yeah well that would be fun yeah let's get a whole group of us go go on vacation together and do seal rescue that'd be a lot of fun yeah it looks like fun like crazy fun so that would be a great vacation it really would what a great idea yeah it sure would be I like seeing the ringed seals, too. There's a couple of aquaria over in Japan that have the ringed seals. And those things are hilarious. They're built for really, really cold water. So they're just little blobs of blubber, basically. And they're just adorable little things. look like spiel on the pokemon spiel yeah pretty much actually i think the yeah they they've even i mean they're called ring seals because they've got little like circle spots on them and uh they've some of those they've got them trained too and so they can do different tricks and stuff and they're they're fun Oh, that's cool. So what else is going on in the world here? I kind of popped up this morning after I was meeting with a group of wonderful people last night and discussing the political climate in Michigan specifically. And I had a really nice night. I really did. I like talking to a wide variety of people and And it was it was a lot of fun talking about quite a few things that are going on in the state. Some of the some of the removals and what's behind what's behind the motivation, the motivation behind things. So what's going on in the world? Because I did not this morning. I got up and I didn't even check any news this morning because I was dealing with the colicking horse situation and such. So what's going on out there? You guys are going to have to give me give me some talking here. We started a new proxy war with Iran last night. Oh, did we? Yeah. So I'm looking at, I went back to my channel, and Jack Pozoviak, that's how you say his name, I call him Pozo, Jack Pozo, he posted a Twitter post, no refunds, and that was in reference. Dropped out, Karen. Where you at? I'm trying to read on my Twitter or on my Telegram, a Twitter post from Joe Biden, and it wouldn't let me. If you scroll up on the bottom, it's not far from the bottom of my Twitter page. Jack Pozo had posted a comment saying no refunds, and he's got a commenter. A Twitter post from Biden in February 2020 saying that he would not start a war with Iran. And that's exactly what he did. Let's see if I can do it this way. I can put it up here. Oh, no. Yeah, and why are we policing the ability for the Suez Canal to operate, you know? We got Egypt that has a pretty large stake in making sure the Suez Canal operates. And we've got the big Chinese base right there, right next to the Houthis. And, you know, it kind of impacts the trade between Europe and China a whole heck of a lot more than it should be impacting, you know, us. You know, I think if you take the money out of it, we actually brought manufacturing production back to the United States. And, you know, they use the whole green, which is green isn't green isn't plants, it's money where they can put the money at. If you took and you moved all of this stuff back to the United States, we wouldn't have so much logistics to move this stuff around. And That's part of the problem. I mean, we're at a real disadvantaged position right now, depending on the rest of the world and expanding to it. And they did it. This happened because they sold America off piece by piece. We had this stuff in the United States. We're a wonderful economy of production. But no, we're going to throw this to other countries and where people don't have as much of a voice as we do or should have in our elections. So they can't protest it. Yep. It's too bad. They're victimizing. They're victimizers. The globalists are victimizers in the business of slave labor. And it's going on now. So like when I hear people talk about reparations, I'm like, give me a break. There's slavery going on right now. And you all need to get off of this for your own gain and get in the game of protecting and helping the children that are being victimized. One of the big ones I have a problem with is the loss of the textile industries. Yes, I have a big deal about that too. A lot of that has gone to Pakistan anymore. And we used to have all the equipment, all of the logistics, all of the people, all of the talent, all of that to be able to do that right here in the United States. And there's a lot of... There's a lot of ethical problems with the way that textiles are currently being produced in a lot of these places that, you know, if they were actually here, you wouldn't have those problems. Well, let's talk about green energy on that. How much does it cost to move things around the globe? you know, to accomplish, you know, moving those goods around the globe, right? And so when you have to have, anytime you have to increase your transportation, not only does it impact the cost, but it is a huge polluter. Yep. Hey, I still think we ought to go back to wood-fired steam trains, you know? A, they were cool. B, they were, by pretty much every definition, carbon neutral. And C, it means that you had to cut down trees to be able to move things around. And there is a definite local cost to the transportation of goods. I want to throw out there something I heard on the radio when I was driving around yesterday and I posted it, that there are more than 50 countries having national level elections this year. Pakistan is one of them. So the next one, as far as I know, is Taiwan. I think that's happening later this month. And that one, it sounds like either way it's going to go. China's not going to be happy. So I'm expecting some kind of backlash or drama from that. And Pakistan and India are two more countries that have elections this year that you might guess could be affecting the globe. in global politics in one way or another. I was in India when they were coming up to an election years ago. And I'm going to tell you, it was a very volatile time. There were 12 people that were killed in the streets about a week after I left. And so when you're talking about peaceful elections and the peaceful transitions of power, It's so important that we don't fall into that volatility every time that there's a transition in other countries. And we see it all the time. And we shouldn't be seeing that kind of nonsense here at all. You know, there should be a peaceful transition of power, but we don't have that right now. I want to watch this a minute. You guys want to watch this? Sure. See what's going on. All right, where's the video? Well, that didn't work out so well. All that's to get real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what this team is. I've got some friends that have ordered from it. I haven't, but they sure know how to put the ads out, don't they? Yeah, it's more or less like if you think about it like Chinese Amazon or a more Western-friendly version of Alibaba. Gadgets. Yeah. From everything I've seen of it, most of it is kind of like a... It's like Amazon if Amazon didn't run their fulfillment centers. So it's all third-party sellers. So for the most part, from what I've seen of it, it's either really, really cheaply made stuff or a lot of scams. Well, there you go. There's another story. Go ahead. South Africa is taking Israel to the UN's court. And like the U.N. has this. Oh, I don't know. It's their version of Hall of Justice. And according to the NBC report, I heard the. Israel typically doesn't send a delegate there. They don't agree that this court should have any say, jurisdictionally or whatever. So they don't normally participate. But because of South Africa taking them there on this particular issue, they're like, okay, we're there. We're going to answer this. So South Africa is saying about Israel that they're genocidal in their attack against Gaza. In Gaza. And... Israel's like, no. And the U.S. is saying there's no evidence. Well, you know, when the U.S. government says there's no evidence of something, it tends to make me question whether there's a whole bunch of evidence. But and other people are saying like South Africa has evidence. has some anything to say about racism and genocide like really you got how many fingers pointing back at you so this is a little bit of drama and it could take months it could take years for this court to ever have any say about it but they're demanding a ceasefire as a result of that I'm kind of wondering about something. I just saw this on your channel, Karen, Karen the Riveter and Telegram. Y'all need to go to her channel. She's got a great channel. And so this is the dream team for the spirit. This is crazy. They had the window or part of the plane blow off mid-flight. Wow. Sphera Aerosystems, wow, were they lucky that somebody didn't get sucked out with this. Check this out. You never know if they're just screwing around at a convention and somebody pulled some video or something. I can't imagine that they did this after the fact. I'm not going to go after their character. I had heard that that was actually due to a Boeing refit and that the the bolts that had held the door plug in were actually determined to be loose after the plane landed. Okay, let's take this one. Let's go, girls. I'm going out tonight. I'm feeling all right. You're trying too hard. Yeah. Okay, so I'm not going to give them any grief over this because, you know, a tragedy is a tragedy, but it is, that's fun. But I can't imagine that they did that. After, yeah. Yeah, here we go. Here's another one. We'll not go back to forever. That's the one I was trying to read. Yeah, this is Mr., this is, I think, did I have this up before? No. No, you had a different one, and that was cool, too, because it was... a different statement where Joe is saying, I don't have the authority. Well, that would be a good decision. Congress makes a decision. We don't need to have somebody who is clearly in the throes of a mental disturbance, you know, with his hand on any type of a war machine. But anyway... The thing that really bit me about this is that I hope that everyone out there understands that President Trump kept us out of wars. Whether you like him, whether you don't like his mean tweets or whatever, look at how many people have been killed during this administration. He bombed Syria. He bombed Syria within, like, what, like... Two hours? I mean, come on. You've got to be kind of dim-witted not to get that one figured out. Truly. Speaking of Biden, so something else happened yesterday that I find absolutely hilarious. So, apparently, the news got out to the Biden crew. Today, we're going to talk about Joe being a hard worker, quote-unquote. So, Jill's in an interview and she says, I don't think that enough people realize what a hard worker he is every day. And then later I learned that, I want to say Jean-Pierre, the press lady, she said something similar about how hard Joe Biden works. And I'm like, so that was the narrative of the day. That's the best you can come up with to support him on his campaign is to tell us how hard he works. Well, we know he's on vacation. It turns out 40% of the time compared to Trump's 26% in his first term. I'll just put it that way. And so it's like... He works so hard at what I didn't say it, but you know, we're all thinking it and I'm thinking there's going to be a bunch of memes, like working hard at keeping his pants dry or whatever it is. I don't know. I think, I think the rest of us, I mean, it's hard to point fingers at him for taking 40% of his time off when the rest of us, you know, take that much off from our work, you know, Everybody does that, right? Right, right. Absurd. So here you go. Here's an article or a post that U.S. retaliates against Iran-backed Houthis with airstrikes in Yemen after the spate of Red Sea attacks. Biden faces backlash from members of his own party over unauthorized airstrikes. Well, that's an improvement in the right direction. You don't follow the law. Everybody should be crying foul on it. You know, it's like, you don't just, you don't just arbitrarily, you know, I don't know. I'm kind of done with this whole mismanagement of everything. The problem I have with it is there's, there is in my mind, no justification for the U S even really, we shouldn't have been policing that area. We shouldn't have been putting our forces at risk of being attacked so that we could retaliate, you know, that, That area, I mean, yes, we kind of police all over the world with our beautiful – with our – We can't police our own. Yeah, and all we're doing is just... 850 military bases all over the freaking world. 850. Has anybody ever looked into Diego Garcia and what's happened, the history of that? And just dumping money into military contractors. Yeah. you know? And I mean, it's one thing to have, that's a lot of it. And that's, that's where, I mean, you get money into just about anything and it corrupts the process. And our military right now is definitely the military industrial complex. You know, we got, we got good men and women in the military, but the structure overall has got a lot of problems with it. And, What we're doing there is basically putting our good men and women at risk for basically just to police a shipping way operated by Egypt so that all the globalist shipping companies can continue to ship goods, not anything having to do with America, going between China and Europe. And there's a Chinese base right there. And you got Egypt right there. Why aren't they policing this? Well, and look at this. So Ghislaine Maxwell, we can all tie this into child trafficking at some point in time. They got to keep the pedophiles happy. That's what they're doing here. Because when you look at the shipping and the container situation that's out there, Scott Borgeson is Ghislaine Maxwell's husband. And allegedly he controlled 98 percent, about 98 percent of the container traffic with I think it's cargo metrics, cargo tech. I have to look it up. There's a couple of names that float there. But but he was literally contain controlling the logistics of the containers on in the world. I mean. That's what was happening there. And when people realize that only 2% of our containers are ever inspected, which come into our international ports, we have no idea what they're putting in here. Horrifying. Not only that, you've got the K-cars, the K-cars that they had out there, Club K-cars, and they had the ability, when President Trump got into office, they had the ability to launch biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. that these things were sitting all over the United States. They didn't even know where they all were. And this came out of a conversation with Scott Kesterson that you kind of pick up things as you go. He worked alongside of General Flynn. And they had these Club K cars all over the place. They didn't know where they were. So what are you going to do? What are you going to do if you get in as president? and realize they have the ability to touch this thing off within our borders. Well, now it's kind of gotten worse. They kind of cleaned that up, but you got fentanyl pouring over the borders. And the problem with that is that's not a recreational drug. That is to kill people. And according to John Ferguson, another friend of mine, who was also a military individual, they know how to deploy fentanyl And aerosolize it. And so they decide to touch one of these things off over one of our cities. I mean, we all need to be aware of it. So all I can say is I think everybody should get down to their pharmacy and get some Narcan in there. I said that right. Isn't it Narcan? in their pockets everybody should be carrying this around just just in case this is like having you know realizing that there's a risk when you're subject to like bee stings and getting an happy pen with you or something if you know the risk is there you can go down and and um and have something on hand just in case just you know it never hurt anything to have it I was talking with somebody the other day about that. And he said that he has seen like vending machines in hospitals where you can just go into the hospital and go up to, they've got vending machines of Narcan that they give it away for free in those vending machines. I haven't been there and actually seen that, but you know, it's, it's certainly available. It's a resource that's available to all of us. There was an attack in a theater that happened in Russia a few years back, and they deployed it through the HVAC systems. And I've got some real concerns because right now, I mean, supposing, I'm just going to suppose something, okay? So in our schools, they replaced a whole bunch of HVAC systems with the condition that they could deploy disinfecting. things in case there's a, first of all, I wouldn't want my kids around that because I don't know what the heck they're spraying them with, right? Or even if they do it overnight, what's the residual? Has anybody looked into this? No, because nobody looks into anything. They just shoot off something that somebody's going to make money on. And then all of a sudden, a few years later, oh no, whatever will we do? There's a problem with this. Well, until I saw the studies, I wouldn't have my kids around it. And then the other thing is that they've got a deployment, a way to deploy this. Is anybody watching this for security? Just like our water systems or anything. How much security are they putting into this to make sure that bad actors can't get involved in this and do some real heavy harm? Well, in addition, a lot of these HVAC systems that are being replaced, you look at a lot of the older ones. HVAC systems. And a lot of times they would divide up the HVAC system into multiple zones. And so they'd have multiple furnaces or air conditioning units up on the roof, spaced out throughout the facility to take care of different parts of it. And they could, you know, climate control each of the parts of the building individually. And you look at a lot of the modern ones that they're putting in and rather than decentralizing them, they're putting in these gigantic single unit HVAC systems. And I'm sure that's part of it right there is the distribution of stuff throughout the system because otherwise you have the multiple smaller ones. It becomes harder to be able to deploy something into, you know, say eight of them versus one gigantic one. Well, it's a failure on the part of the people that are controlling. Most of our government right now is being controlled by fascism in this regard because of the economic warfare that's been launched on this nation. They're pulling the strings. You have corporations like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street Capital, etc., that are pulling the strings to this nonsense and for profit. And nobody is actually investigating this. When you have people that are seeing 2,000 bills come across their desks in the Michigan legislature, come on, tell me anybody is really reading these things. there's no way. And they're passing, they're passing things by and large before they've had an investigative chance, chance, which I am going to, I'm going to give a shout out. And this is a great segue to my next, my next guest here. We have, we have some wonderful people who are fighting for the children in the state of Michigan. And I got to tell you, this is, I've got hats off to groups of people. And we have represent a representative of, Jim DeSanto that's going to be on standing with these parents who are blowing the horn and saying, hold the phone, people. We don't have enough information on cell towers proximity to children. All right. we all know that there are some issues with this kind of stuff out there. So why are, why are different organizations ramrodding this kind of stuff in just like what happened up in, up in Mecosta County with, with the Goshen Chinese, it's all Chinese crap that's coming in here and putting people's lives at risk. Now we got a nice group of people and I'm going to give them some time. I'm going to kick you guys from the studio here because we're going to, we're going to, you know, okay so look we're all saving my sandwich in friendly fashion yes just go ahead go ahead and and i'm gonna keep you guys for a while and it's bring on the next group of people here and then um then if you guys want to hang around we'll come back in and talk about a few more things because because i this is a great there's a great topic today talking about the problems and and animals and that sort of thing. I'm hoping that my horse is doing okay, but I'll check on her. The vet's there now, so it's all good things. So I'm gonna take a quick break, guys. I'm gonna kick Karen and Ralph to the curb here for a minute and bring in our next group of brave warriors who are fighting for the children. They need to be heard. And since fake stream media silences everybody's voices, we're going to continue at Brandenburg News Network to give a place for people to be heard. We'll be right back. Thank you. good morning welcome to the second hour today of brandenburg news network and i'm going to bring my next guest on right away and let them talk about what they're fighting here and they're fighting for the children so i'm all about that all the time so good morning how are you guys doing this morning good morning Hey, Holly, how you doing? I'm great, Donna. Good to see you. You too. It's been a while. Yeah, I've got a horse that's colicking this morning. So I started off my day with a bang here, but I'm so sorry. Oh, you know what? It comes with having animals, as you well know. So I'd like to introduce all of you, Representative Jim DeSanta, Christine Weary, Holly Tomit, and Luke Mord. And I think I want to give you guys a chance to talk. So I'm going to open the floor up for you to describe what's happening and what you're doing. Who wants to lead? Let's give it to Representative James DeSanta here. Good morning. Well, this all started back in my hometown. T-Mobile decided to put a cell phone tower right on top of a school. And some activist parents in the school, and we tried to stop the tower from being active. They had already signed the contract with T-Mobile and T-Mobile court doing to radiate all these children I'm going to ask everybody to mute your microphone if you're not talking. And so I think that it's clipping the speech just a little bit here. So if you can mute your microphone just for a minute, then here, I'm going to mute you, Christine, a minute, and then we'll bring you back in. Okay, go ahead. And can you hear me okay? Now it's better. Yeah, sometimes it'll pick feedback up from microphone. So please go, please continue. Yeah. So, so anyway, in Wyandotte, the result is, is not promising. They T-Mobile sued and, and they were able to turn on the tower. So many of you know that, that, there's over 200 studies that show that radio frequency radiation at the levels that we're experiencing are, definitely there's a causal effect and adverse effects from radio frequency radiation. So why would we put cell towers on schools or on school property? And honestly, you don't want to live within 1500 feet of a cell tower. I'm telling you that based on my research, based on what I know, you can all go to EH environmental health trust. There's tons of information on the dangers and the, um, the adverse effects of radio frequency radiation. Our federal government is all wet on this, guys. They're in cahoots, I'm going to tell you. They are in cahoots with the big telecom companies, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T. And this tower that's going up, proposed to go up in Grand Rapids on a high school and middle school is within a couple hundred feet of the school. And well within 1,500 feet of residences, homes. And I have a bill in the Michigan House which would restrict cell towers being placed on school property or within 1,500 feet of a school building. And when I introduced my bill, the fireman contacted me and said, Jim, can you also introduce a bill to stop them from putting cell towers on the top of fire stations? We're being radiated every day, every 40 hours a week. So I also introduced a bill stopping cell towers from being put on fire stations to protect our firemen. That's a wonderful, wonderful effort. Now, I'm going to unmute y'all here. And if you can unmute yourselves and tell me from a citizen's perspective, do you have a name of a group that you kind of organized under right now? Or do you have context? And what exactly are you doing to fight this? I don't think we... We're not that organized. We don't have any... maybe you can give us a name donna you can give us a name give you give you what a name give us a name yeah the cell war the cell tower warriors i will say we immediately reached out to the environmental health trust to just to orient ourselves through this and to put ourselves in a position where we can defer to people who've been dealing with this on all certain levels and so for me you know I think what we're trying to do is put ourselves forward, not as just simply a grassroots movement, but as people who are already engaging with the people who've been doing that. So some of the lawyers that are involved in Wyandotte have been in our corner, you know, we're talking to the right people. And so now it's just a question of bringing the community up to speed that this has been going on in Michigan already across the nation, certainly internationally in the U S is way behind in this whole thing. So there's a huge education gap in our community. And we've been caught sleeping. I mean, let's just be honest. I think a lot of Americans are just unaware of so many of these sorts of things, the same playbook that's going on everywhere. So I think, you know, we relate to this in our community because, you know, and this is our biggest complaint and it was voiced last night. We were not given time at all. They're rushing this through over Christmas break. THERE'S STRATEGY GOING ON HERE TO LEAVE THE PUBLIC OUT. SO MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT LAST NIGHT WAS, HERE WE HAVE THE STATE COMMISSION IN NEW HAMPSHIRE BRINGS ON 13 EXPERTS, VARIOUS FIELDS, NOT JUST THE INDUSTRY, AND I SAID, HEY, THIS IS AN EDUCATION INSTITUTION HERE FOR ITSELF. WHY ARE WE NOT MODELING WHAT IT NEEDS TO BE EDUCATED? WE DON'T SIMPLY LISTEN TO INDUSTRY EXPERTS WHEN WE LEARN THINGS. GIVE ME A BREAK. Why are we not bringing on people who have made themselves available, who represent all sorts of fields of knowledge and competence? And we're listening to a Verizon expert tell us why we need to listen to the FCC. It was just an outrageous display of incompetence and unwillingness to listen. And we're really upset about it. So it's like, how do we galvanize our community? I think that's the next step. Well, I think that those are all such good points. You know, you don't let the fox decide what's the outcome of the chickens. And, um, the, it's a very, the, these corporations are so predatorial on, you know, uh, profits only. And that, that's a problem. That's a huge, huge problem. And, and I, I absolutely applaud all of you for stepping up and getting the word out. The biggest thing that I've seen, like with Goshen fight, you know, fighting this stuff is to get the word out to the communities so that you have, you increase your numbers to stand together and, um, actually hold your public officials accountable and say you either do what we want you to do i don't care what the fcc says i don't care at this point you are here to represent us and if you don't we will be removing you and then and then go out and you know go after their jobs you can recall them you know do whatever you know it takes to move them from that position of power of being poor decision makers or decision makers that are all about profit and not people And Lori Brock up there would be a really good one for you guys to talk to. And I can connect you with her because they got so many people involved and it was quick. But that's one of the things they do is they like to run that clock out on you so you can't respond. Yeah, I will say from the parent perspective, I have children in the district. It definitely has felt like we were given last minute notice, as Luke pointed out, right before the holiday. And it felt, I was assuming that this informational meeting that we had last night was maybe, I guess I was naively thinking it was a starting point where they were presenting us with this proposal and there would be adequate opportunity for parent and community feedback and it, I mean, I interpreted it as a propaganda meeting with the Verizon person speaking and it's a done deal. We were literally told there will be no opportunity for public comment before the vote, before the board votes, which feels incredibly wrong to me. It is. Partnered to the parents or to the community. I think also I, I happen to have a background in biological engineering. I have done research in the specific area of tissue engineering. So I have a little bit of an idea of how scientific research works. And I'm discouraged that people are not oftentimes willing to listen to the to what we're saying about these studies that exist showing causation between rfr and negative biological effects um there seems to be some close-mindedness that idea i and i think it's they want to have this reliance on oh the fcc says it's okay verizon therefore we're just going to do that and i You know, we couldn't get our voices heard last night, but I just want to tell the people there, the other concerned parents, do you know the FCC is basing their exposure limits on the technology that was around in 1996? Not 3G, 4G, 5G that we have now. It's incredibly misleading. And, you know, as a scientist, I also want to point out that we're not an alarmist group. We're not saying... we want to get rid of cellular technology. I use a cell phone. I use a microwave. We're not advocating for something extreme and fringe. We're saying, I say, moderation in everything in life, right? A little bit of everything. Most of the times what you see in biology and health effects, our bodies are pretty resilient. We can take a little bit of this and that, right? It's long-term repeated exposure. And that's what we are going to be subjecting our children, our most vulnerable to when we put that tower up. They're going to spend 1,098 hours per year in the public schools in Michigan, for seven years. They go six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. That's seven years. In my book, that's long-term repeated exposure. You can take so many examples in this world from cigarettes to asbestos to pesticides. And long-term repeated exposure is when you run into trouble and all bets are off. So I'm shocked that anywhere is just indiscriminately putting a cell phone tower with no regards to the health effects around it, let alone on a school. Well, and I think there's a couple points that I'm going to pick out on what you said. It's first of all, whether this is a fringe issue or not, it's not for politicians to determine. You have the right, because they work for us, to have your opinions heard and acted upon. We are supposed to be, you know, they don't have to agree with what you have to say. You have the right to say whatever you want. And they have the obligation, the duty of their oath of office to listen to you as their boss. They can't just run off the rails with it. The other thing that I know about 5G is that this is actually more about surveillance than it is about anything else. Because all of the other technologies, they can get tracking down to maybe 200 feet sometimes. But the problem with 5G is that they're trying to have those outlets within 800 feet of people. And if they can do that with a 5G, they can track that down within centimeters of the people. Now you're talking about tracking down children. There's another argument for you on this. They're not only using it as a health issue, but there's a surveillance aspect of this that I think a lot of people don't even have a clue is really happening. So you can go back to constitutional amendment on that for surveillance. Because especially on children, and I think that that may be also something you could throw into the argument here, because I am anti-surveillance, anti-censorship, all of this going back to the Constitution and the law that's there. You know, the fact that they're not giving you a chance to have have your voices heard that, you know, and just ram riding this thing through, they don't get to do that. And so go back. The law is on your side right now to at least have a better, you know, better protocol there and listening to we the people. And if they don't, you remove them. Another thing that you could probably tuck in your back pocket would be Sullivan versus New York Times. And that's a stare decisis law on the books. If they try to shut you down, they may not do that. You can talk. You may talk as long as you want to talk. And it amounts to a personal filibuster in a meeting. So if you go into the meetings and they try to shut you down, They can't do that. You throw that one right out there and say, based on they started to decide this law, you may not shut me down and I can talk as long as I want. And if they send somebody to shut you down, then that's when you go, you know, you go after the police officers involved for breaking the law, not upholding the law. And you may talk as long as you want at that point in time. And in fact, I've seen whole school boards removed on the spot with a motivated group of people. And the school board members right now are probably your greatest ally on this is go directly to them and say, we're going to have our voices heard, or all of you will be removed. For refusing to be, you know, representing the people that you are you are supposed to be representing. So I can I can find a few other laws that you can that are on the books that can help you, too. But those are all good things to to have to have knowledge on. don i got a couple points to what christine was saying and a couple other ones but christine said it so well we've just appreciated all of these people who are doing so much research and sharing resources and what you just shared with us is so incredibly helpful like i know luke's i can see him like i know he's writing notes and taking information he's been just really powerful with this whole thing but you know they want to raise this concern about improving cell service because of dropped calls and they're saying it's a safety concern We're not when we're not saying if somebody is worried about their child, like I understand that as a mom, I get that. But the solution isn't to impose another safety concern, right? You don't remedy one safety concern by causing another and that's exactly what they would be doing. And what Luke and Christine and Christine's husband have pointed out, there's so many other options and solutions they're not looking at. That's another thing that's very frustrating for us is like Luke was asking, when he was trying to share, there's other options, Christine's husband's like, there's other options. We're just asking you to slow down, bring someone independent in and listen to these options that could be solutions without the health risks to not just our kids, like Christine said, are gonna be there so many hours a week, But the community that's exposed, like, you know where we live, Donna, we're next to the school. Luke is very close to the school, practically in the backyard. And the kids are there for so many hours a day and the staff, we're exposed 24 seven. 24 seven, we can't shut it out. People go, well, don't use your cell phone. Yes, we use our cell phones, and I can shut my cell phone off. I don't have to have my cell phone on 24-7 or next to my body. I get to control that, and so do my kids. We can't do that in this situation. If they put this tower up, we have no control over that. And so that's another concern. And then, you know, these long-term studies that they're trying to cite, there are zero. There's no long-term – I'm not an expert in this, but I know enough. I've got a letter right here that was shared from the EPA – stating there are no long-term studies on these ramifications. So why in the world would we risk this to help through our kids in our community? It makes no sense. And then not having time to even, like Luke said, so quick running it through closed door vote. We don't get to speak. That's just, to me, that's insanity. It's insanity. I don't get it. Yeah. I would like to point out their vote. The board meeting on Monday is structured such that the vote will occur before public comment. So we, according to the agenda, have no ability to speak before they vote. Yeah, I would. We were not allowed. We had to write questions down, which were presented by a moderator. And if you tried to interject, they just talked over you with a microphone. So. Very clear, very, very clear evidence of the same pattern of behavior in Wyandotte, where they tell. company ran through over the citizens. And I agree with you, Donna. Every single one of these board members who votes to put this cell tower on the school, on the school property should be recalled. You should initiate a referendum against the decision of the school board. Initiate a lawsuit against your school district. You can be called Forest Hills Families for Safe Technology. Oh, I like that. And no one has mentioned, this is all being done for $900 a month. That's what the cell tower company offers to the school. $11,000 a year, just in excess. That's one student. That's the grant of one student. The parents in Wyandotte said, we'll take up a collection and give you $11,000 if you'll take this tower off our school. The school lost dozens of students and people sold their homes. The other thing is, if you have a cell tower up within 1,500 feet of your home, Good luck selling your home. People are going to come and look at your house and say, ooh. People who are knowledgeable are going to say, I don't want to live within 1,500 feet of a cell tower. And Holly is right. You can regulate your cell phone. You can use your hands. You don't have to have it up next to your head. The radio frequency radiation from a cell tower There are studies. There's a study out of Italy by a Dr. Mandrioli. It's on the EH Trust site showing a clear causal effect of radio frequency radiation for genetic damage, oxidative stress, cancer. The International Agency for Cancer Research has identified radio frequency radiation as a carcinogen. And these people are just putting their heads in the sand. They're like, oh, I don't know. Well, have you read? Have you researched? It's ridiculous. Well, the point being is that their responsibility, they have one responsibility, and that's to represent the people in the area. And if there's anything that's being said out there that's a concern with the parents, it's stop, full stop immediately. They can't just go and do these things without the approval of their bosses, which you are. You know what? I've got an idea here. I could bring a very high-level tech person right into this conversation, and I'll bet you he will know something about this if you'd like me to pull him in. Sure. Okay, here we go. Hey, Ralph, how you doing? Good. How are you? Good. I'm sure that you were listening to the conversation here. Do you have any extra information and or advice that you can help everybody with as far as the cell towers and the energy there? Because I know you, Ralph is a... huge repository of knowledge with anything tech related and such. So with what you heard, do you have any comments that you could help these people with? Well, one of the biggest things that makes me think about it is if their main argument is that the benefit to the community for this is that it will help students not have dropped calls, there's a much better way to do that than to put a high-powered transmitter up on the roof, and that's to use small-scale Femtocells. which can be deployed in an interior environment and are connected to the internet and run at very, very low power levels because they don't have to go through roofs. You don't have the directional antennas shooting out to the sides that you have to try and pick up signal from underneath. And that technology has been around for decades. Boy, probably since at least about 2000, probably earlier than that. And they cost very little. The school can deploy them themselves. It's not something that is carrier-based. So... If that's the concern, there's a much better way to handle that than to put up a tower. Well, their arguments die. They die on the vine right there. And I would be looking at the profit centers too. Somebody's probably getting a kickback. I would expect somewhere, you know, you see that all over the place, like Jennifer Granholm, you know, the worthless individual she is. She doesn't even know how many barrels of oil we use a month. But on top of that, She made a $1.6 million gain in a stock trade in the EV industry. And this is what they're doing. It's insider trading. And it's going on all over the place. So when you look at this, those are other sources to check. And if there's any connections, I'd look into the connections in their social networks. and see if there's a place where money's being hidden because that's something that should be investigated and looking for other options rather than their profit centers. Verizon, the Verizon Comcast thing, Ralph, because we were digging into this a while back, and there's some real weird stuff out there, especially for rural areas. Yeah, and there's a pretty good – revolving door really between the FCC leadership and that the high level positions of both Verizon and Comcast. If you look at how much the people get shuffled back and forth between basically being in positions of power in the FCC and then end up being in lobbying the FCC. And then sometimes, you know, they go back and forth and those two companies in particular have an awful lot of sway with the FCC. Yeah. So there's probably some connections there you can dig up. When we were looking up at Goshen, the connections between some of the people that were seated in the seats was kind of almost frightening. They were connected to the right place and they were connected to all these government oversight organizations. And you can see how there were so many people that were using their power for gain. They were selling their property for huge amounts of money. There was no benefit to the area. And then they started attacking people in the area to try to capture their assets. And so regulatory organizations are in and of themselves cartels. They function as a cartel. to protect the industry and the profit centers. So if you can chase down the people that are involved in this and see where they're making profit, it makes a very damning argument to all of them that are sitting to see. So like in the area that I'm in, there was, there's allegedly, I haven't seen the receipts, but there's allegedly a, someone who was sitting in an administrative seat during the COVID sham unconstitutional lockdowns who took a $20,000 personal payment for keeping the masks in place. So I would want to know exactly what you're dealing with here because nothing is ever as cut and dry as it seems. There's usually little tentacles that these little political squids have going into other people's pockets. Yeah. Additionally, no, go ahead. No, that's good at all. Cause I was going to ask a representative to see a question. Oh, so another thing too, is I I've worked around a large towers before and pretty much all of them have a warning on the fence outside of the facility about RF exposure levels. And then and again, I mean, that's something that you can generally verify. I would never recommend that anyone who is not qualified and or who does not have permission to actually enter a tower facility. However, most of those tower facilities do have an RF exposure sign, which is visible from public property, generally from the street. to keep people away from it because of the exposure levels. And then once you're on those properties, once you get near the tower, there's generally even another sign for the personnel going into the equipment rooms at the bases of the towers that reiterates the risks of high levels of RF exposure over the long term. And that's a pretty standard issue thing on most towers. And that'd be pretty easy for the general public to be able to verify that, again, without entering any of these facilities, just staying completely on public roads and public property. You'd probably also throw into there like human rights violations type thing and the fact that they're opening themselves up personally to a large lawsuit potentially in the future for damages. And they'll say, oh, we're not responsible for that. Yeah, they are. Yeah, they are. There's ways of making them accountable as a person. You don't necessarily go after the organization. But a person can go in like a pro se process, I believe, in order to name them personally in a suit for damages. So that is one of those things that you can look into. A lot of people are having a lot of luck with the pro se cases right now. And you might be able to file something for, you know, like an injunctive relief on this. And so get in front of an attorney and see if you can file an injunction against them. And then and then I don't know, I'm not I'm not an attorney, but, you know, that might might be a process that's worth worth exploring. And and I would probably get out ahead of this quicker instead of trying to wait for them to do the right thing, because it kind of sounds to me like they're not that's not on there. That's not in their top 10 list there. I think I think it's their top 10 list is ramrod this thing as quick as they can. so that there's you know somebody somebody's doing whenever i see somebody ramming something through guaranteed guaranteed there's some backroom deal going on somewhere there's no way that this is just in the in the stupid they can't there can't even be this stupid all right there's got to be a there's almost got to be a motive there for ramming this thing through and i don't know where it is But that would be, in my opinion, a place to start looking. And there's some wonderful attorneys out there. And or if you get with somebody who's familiar with pro se, that's a pretty quick process to go through. But if you could file an injunction on it, you might be able to get somewhere on that. The other thing that we have found incredibly frustrating and I think is probably pretty telling is we have presented them with a fairly in-depth technical alternative using a wireless-based solution. We've been told by the school itself that inside the building, the wireless capabilities are robust and performative. So there shouldn't be issues with that system. Getting wireless capabilities, we're talking calling, using your phone over the Wi-Fi network, just to clarify, instead of using a cell network. ramping up those capabilities outside. You know, I guess we're being told there's problems with the pickup line, people using their phone or people at the football field. Well, you know, we have people with... within our group that are well-versed in this technology and cellular network design or wireless network design, I should say. And it doesn't sound like a stretch. In fact, it sounds pretty easy and we could probably accomplish it much faster to ramp up a robust wireless network inside and out so that calls could be made over that. In fact, we've presented them with a solution to effectively handle the handshake between the cellular network and the wireless network so that people aren't dropping calls. And I just, I find it shocking that they don't seem interested. It's like they're down this path and they want this to happen. And, you know, the best they could give last night was, well, send it to me in an email and we'll pass it up the chain to the superintendent. I mean, we all know that's going nowhere. Well, I'm going to buy this. Think about this. Why have they got such a big push to have kids on their cell phone in school? I thought they were there to learn, not screw around with their friends on the cell phone. I mean, I mean, I don't know. Come on, people. It's like, it's like, why do kids have to be connected all the time? It's because the parents are freaking out over stuff instead of dealing with the problem. And I know, you know, you talk to any teacher out there and it's like an employer like myself. It's like the bane of our existence, these cell phones, because it's a constant, constant. You can't you can't concentrate on learning anything. I think it's part of their dumb down the United States strategy. Well, and it's actually our school policy. The students aren't supposed to have cell phones on their person or using them during the day. So then why aren't they dealing with the problem? So, you know, their argument that these phones are going to be used in emergency situations, it kind of crumbles when, okay, well, are we enforcing the school policy about cell phones then? Because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why are they also not just using a cell amplifier system for, you know, inside the school? And if there's an emergency, turn that on. Well, you know, we all know that our globalist overlords are kind of into killing people. I mean, that's pretty darn clear when you look at the decision process, you know, out there with all the wars that they have going on. They're not interested in doing the right thing at all. If somebody, if they're in with the globalists, you know, and that's unfortunate. There's many of them that are in there for the business of actually killing people. And You know, that's that's been proven over and over again. I mean, I'm not saying all of them are, but there's enough of them in there that are disruptors, that are Marxists, that that are in there, that all for them, none for us. What is it they want to get the global population down to 500,000 people is stated in their in their goal. That's what they that's what they're one of their stated goals is. So how do you do that other than killing lots of people? And either a booster with a distributed internal antenna system or a FEMTO cell deployment, either one of those would result in a seamless handoff because they still would be on the cell. The phone would still consider itself to be on the cell network. It wouldn't even have to transition to Wi-Fi. So there you go. You've got all kinds of solutions. Honestly, we all know, I think we're all aware that getting in touch with 911 almost instantaneously is not difficult. It is not difficult. And 911 is going to call you right back if the call is dropped or they're going to send somebody to the location. You're going to have to deal with what's going on onsite until the emergency crews get there. This is more about the paranoia of society that government is placing upon our culture that we have to be connected 24 seven to technology, which we do not. We really don't. It would be better if we disconnected from technology and got back into the natural world. And I'm really concerned about all of these towers. And I say, why on schools? Why isn't it interesting that their focus is on schools where our children are? Um, it, it just, it really, really, uh, brings my antenna up and, um, You know, if you were going into a neighborhood and saying, we're going to put a cell tower in your neighborhood, I think you'd have an uprising on your hands. And I think that most governmental officials would know they'd probably lose their job, but they won't lose their job by putting a tower on a school because parents are sold on this idea. Your children are going to be able to get a hold of us, a hold of you at an instant because of this tower. What a falsity to me. What a false argument. Really, really angered by that, that the group that is promoting this is using that as their way of radiating fifteen hundred to two thousand children for seven to twelve years. And there's a clear causal effect between 5G and cancer. Clear effects. We don't have to have a five-hour meeting with the school board. The studies are out there. You just have to look them up. The Environmental Health Trust has tons of information about radio frequency radiation. It's not safe. I can say that as a public official. I can say that and back it up. We don't have a microwave in our house. My wife threw out our microwave. It wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth the quick and easy warming up something. We can warm it up on our gas stove. We can warm it up on a convection oven. It's not worth having. Throw out your microwaves. I'm telling everybody. It's not worth having. The risk is not worth having. Any other comments? Can I ask a question? Yeah, Representative, I was just curious if you could speak to one of the questions last night was what if the legislation is passed in Michigan, what does that mean for net towers that are out of compliance, such as on schools? Is part of that legislation giving ideas as to how we would, are they grandfathered in or are there ideas to take those towers down? Any existing tower put up before the law was passed would be grandfathered. So we would only be stopping towers that were, proposed after the law, after the law was passed. And I mean, it's a big challenge right now because isn't it interesting that my bill is stuck in the House Education Committee and not a single Democrat will speak up on behalf of these kids getting cell towers put over their heads within 500 to 1,000 feet over their heads. It's really interesting to me. I'm with Donna. There's a lot going on in our society, and it's not good. The Democrats, the very liberal people, and honestly, there are some people that I encountered in Wyandotte that were on the political spectrum I would say probably to the liberal end of the spectrum. And they were outraged that their school would put an antenna over their children like that. It really changed their outlook. I said, now do you see what we're up against? They're like, my eyes are being opened. I can't believe it. So maybe more. We just have to wake more people up. You have to call your Democrat state rep and say, I want this cell tower bill brought to the floor for a vote. And in the meantime, you have to fight the best way you can by recalling your board members. Start a petition to recall them. That will get their attention. Look what happened in Big Rapids. Every single one of the board members that voted for Goshen has been recalled from office. This is what we need. There's no clear indication to me what the people need to do. They have to take back their government that belongs to them. You go to that school board meeting. I was talking to Holly. This is our property. This is our property. It belongs to us, not to you. You work for us. Donna made the greatest point. You work for us. This is our property. You cannot. It is really aggravating to me the way that these governmental officials treat the residents and the citizens on their own property that they own. Like, I'm going to cut you off right now. And I would I would really get angry and say, wait a second. We're going to run this meeting. But we're going to have a meeting on our property. We'll invite you, school board. But we're going to bring in expert groups to speak. We'll moderate this thing. This is our property. In Wyandotte, the superintendent called the police to have the parents kicked out of the meeting after she lost control of it. And they said, we're not leaving. You advertised for a meeting for one hour. We have the right to this building for the hour you advertised. We have the right to be here. The police came and said, what do you want us to do? And she said, I want you to kick all these parents out of this building. And they said, we're not going to do that. Because obviously, when people rise up and they say, this is our property, this is our government, you can't treat us this way, it starts to turn in the other direction. It's very concerning how many apathetic people are out there today. But you can wake up your entire community. You can do it. Trust me. Wyandotte, the main reason Wyandotte failed was because the school board had already signed the cell tower contract. And they were, T-Mobile was hell-bent on turning on that tower, even though they knew 90% of the community was against the tower being turned on. What company does something like that to their customers? Well, the global crime syndicate that's out there, which includes most of them, are being owned by Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street Capital, Arabella. There's about three or four of them, and they all own each other. So they kind of hide it that way. I got it backwards. It's not Sullivan versus New York Times. It's New York Times versus Sullivan is the stare decisis law that's there. And, you know, to your point, going in there, they do not look at the violations of Open Meetings Act, because that's another thing that they cannot violate the Open Meetings Act and call, you know, call any of this or call the shots on really any of this or turn somebody away or shut them down. They can't do it. It's interesting to me that the Forest Hills School District did not bring in anyone to speak about the technology from a perspective of health, to have a different perspective. It was all the industry, it was all Verizon, and all they did was keep stating the FCC limits of 1991, which was a very outdated rat study where they turned the heat up on the rats, and then when they realized the adverse effects on the rats, they stopped. That's all they have. And the FCC has actually been sued, and I have the case here. We won't go too deep into the weeds, but they were admonished for not updating their standards. for radio frequency radiation. The court clearly said that what they're stating on these FCC limits are not accurate. They're not. And everyone knows it. Everyone knows that even the people who you were questioning last night know it because they can't say, oh, well, we have other studies that show that this is safe. They don't. You ask them for the other studies that show that this radiation is safe for children, pregnant women. Those are people who are most at risk. Young brains, developing brains, reproductive health. There's clear indications that this is bad. We have it all over the country where people who are within 1,500 feet of a cell tower suffer from adverse effects. There's been much, much testimony in Congress at the local level. There's lots and lots of stories out there of children who couldn't sleep. And then when they remove their child from the school, they return to normal health. What was the one- It's something that certainly needs to be looked into because the smart meters are another problem that a lot of people talk about smart meters on your houses and how they're ramrodding all of this. It's for surveillance and other nefarious things. And we really need to bring all of this to the forefront. But the point... the central point of this whole issue is, are they going to listen to the, their, the, the people, the voters in that area, the people who, you know, they're, they're only under a service contract. And that service contract is to us to carry out the wishes of we, the people, if they're not doing that, well, violation of their oath of office, goodbye, you're gone. And, uh, you know, and we'll find somebody to replace you that, and you're going to be lucky to escape prosecution for your bad decisions. So just, just really, it's really disturbing to see a process, the process of America going so off the rails. And, and unfortunately, I truly believe that we have already been infiltrated by, by Marxists and are way down the, the, the path to communism. I'm not sure that we're already a communist state when you listen to this kind of nonsense going on. And to another point, which I think is fairly significant, who came from Forest Hills, who's sitting on the top, Queen Gretch and her band of merry men there. She came from Forest Hills. And so, you know, it's amazing that, you know, you couldn't maybe get access to her and say, hey, this is your home turf, Gretchy. What's going on here? And can you help us? Because I don't think that the Marxist, she's a Marxist, you know, working with Soros and such. It's like, I'm not so sure that Queen Gretch and her band of merry men out there, you know, really, really shouldn't be involved in this. I mean, and why isn't she? Why are they all standing together? Because, well, they're Marxists, you know, they don't care about us. But that's another point that I find unusually crazy. Anything else you want to put in there, Ralph? Oh, just, I mean, From a technical standpoint, there's a lot of ways to handle this that are not put in a giant tower. And the other issue that you've got, too, is that in a lot of these buildings, I would check and see if that school has a steel roof. Because a lot of times, if you've got, you know, most of those have got... effectively RF attenuating systems inadvertently by having a steel roof, concrete block walls, that kind of thing. And regardless of what you do outside of that, you've still got so much power attenuation trying to transmit through those materials that even if you have a tower on the roof, the phone is still going to have to turn up its transmit power to reach the tower on the roof. I'm trying to pull up. Oh, here we go. I'm trying to pull up some links here. Let's see where we're at. Let me see if I can pull it over here a minute. Here's the, I don't know if it's going to allow me to do this, but I'm going to try it. There you go. So here is a... Yep, that would be Verizon's version of a femtocell. And what that allows you to do... Basically, with a femtocell, what you do is you connect it to the internet. And it acts as a miniature, very, very low-power cell phone tower so that your phone can link up to that, link back into the Verizon network... As if it were a tower, but they're designed for interior spaces. And so they have much, much lower transmit power to them. And so, you know, the concern is actually for the kids. Well, you deploy a bunch of these throughout the school and you can turn down that transmit power to darn near nothing to be able to reach them. And then you don't have to deal with the attenuation of the roof or the walls to reach a high powered tower on the roof. If the concern was actually about providing service to the kids in an emergency, there's a lot better ways to handle this in my opinion. And here is the signage that we were talking about that are on their fences and such. For danger, blue caution, you know, blue notice, yellow caution, red danger. And to take a look at what's going on there. That's exactly what they look like right there. Yep. And Ralph has worked on these sites, tower sites, not cell phone towers. And Donna, the fact is telling too to me that, you know, who did the school call to do their safety audit? They called Verizon to do their I mean, what'd you think they were going to say? Verizon's, yes, you need it. Yes, we need a tower. And oh, by the way, anyone else that we host on this tower, we're getting 50%, you know, and the school gets a kickback as well. It's just what, like, we're just saying, bringing some independent people, like what Ralph is saying, there's other options. We're really asking just to slow down, just slow down and let us present more information. And, you know, I know we've handed them studies already. Like they have studies that we've shared information with them. It's not like they don't have it in front of them. So to me, it's shame on them for not putting a halt on it immediately because of the concerns that have already been raised. They have to. I mean, the point being on whether you want to slow down or dead full stop, they have to do what you instruct them to do. If they do not put a stop on this. they are in violation of the law. They have to represent you. That's their job, whether they agree or not. Donna, the FCC is already in violation of a court order in Washington DC, August 13th of 2021. It was ruled that their refusal to not update the 1996 safety limits for human exposure to wireless radiation was arbitrary and capricious. They have since been ordered by the court to record evidence regarding long-term exposure, so far they have not responded. So, you know, we have basically anarchy in our country. We have our federal government and our federal agencies refusing to even obey court orders because they think they're above the law. And if people don't get upset about this, when people learn, they're like, you mean the FCC has been ordered to study and look for evidence and start to pay attention to the evidence and update their standards and won't? What does that tell you about our federal government? You have just become one of my very favorite public officials that I have ever spoken to, ever. Because you're absolutely over the target on this. They're doing whatever they want. I mean, and it's too bad. And it's going to take people like you, good people who get in office. that are going to sound the warning of this is coming internally in our governmental process because they're not being held accountable. Because the people that are seated in the seats have the ability to go and hold them to a standard. Why are they not doing this? Why is there so few of the people out there like you? It's really amazing. It's an honor to talk to you today. People come to government to ingratiate themselves and further their own benefit, financial benefit. And they're told when they get to Lansing, listen, you know, don't get out there. Keep your mouth shut. Well, you can stay here for a nice long time. You'll make a lot of money and we'll make sure that we fund your reelection campaign. Just don't go after these corporations. Don't go after these agencies. It is one of the most corrupt systems I have ever witnessed. Our state, the state of Michigan and the state legislature and Lansing in general is probably one of the most corrupt places in America. Our legislature is probably the most corrupt legislature in America. And you know what's going on at our federal government level. And even... Even the courts are recognizing that there's evidence out there against these people. And the government says, well, we're just going to ignore that because we we hold the gavel. We have the power. And so the average the little guy, the working family out there feels very frustrated. And I feel that frustration. That's why I ran for office to radically transform our government back to a government of the people. where people went to Lansing or Washington and then went back to their homes and back to their jobs and didn't stay there for their entire career. This is, I mean, we're talking about a basic structural problem. We've been sold out, Donna, you've mentioned it. We've been sold out to China. We've been sold out to big corporations that do not care about the little guy. They could care less about your child having radio frequency radiation headaches. They could care less. And yet this is a government of the people, but we've handed it over to corporations and big, big multi, well, billionaires, right? That could care less about us. And it's evidence, it's clearly evidenced by how our government is functioning. And I don't know, I'm concerned for our state, for our country. I'm concerned that we've already lost the state of Michigan. I'm concerned that 2024, If we don't turn this around in 2024, I don't know what America will look like. We could be like the USSR, not like the USA. Or Venezuela. It's like the same dynamic happened in Venezuela. What's really amazing is how the Dominion voting machines and all that nonsense, every country that has really fallen to communist rule has had these machines involved in it. So when we have foreign interference in our elections, like, like there's no tomorrow. And we could, we could get into that because of some of the stuff that I've seen. I mean, I had somebody admit it at a board of canvassers meeting at one of the signature gatherers that they had, they braider led them in to the board of elections. They copied all the petitions off with everybody's information and signatures. And he sent them to Bangladesh for voter verification against the the information and the signatures that they already had. So this is not, this was a public record. We have had these people like him walked right out of Board of Elections. I, as a candidate who was illegally removed, And unlawfully, and I proved it by suing in the Supreme Court and federal court, but you're never going to hear that on fake news, right? I never had access to go in there and challenge it. And all of the candidates had a problem with it. Tudor Dixon had the wrong date on all of her petitions and they just rubber stamped her through because she's part of the problem. And then we couldn't go in to challenge all of this, even though we had the right. And then you've got these signature people that took those signatures and petitions outside of this nation for verification against ones they already had. The magnitude of this is so huge and people are not aware of it because the narrative is being controlled by fake news. And they're trying to keep us separate and run the clock out. The whole election thing that happened in the last cycle is about running the clock out. And I'm going to say it right here, and I've said it before. I don't know if we're going to have a 2024 election. Really don't know if we're even going to make it there. I've heard General Flynn say it enough times, as well as other people, that I don't know if we're actually going to have a 2024 election. We'll have to see. But it's a very, very perilous time for our country right now. And I think that it hinges, the future of our country right now hinges on the American people deciding to get be done with the apathy, get in the game and do something like you guys are doing. And all of these attack, like I said, it's like a little squid that's got their tentacles in every part of our lives and they don't want to fix anything. And so it's going to have to be us that holds them accountable. And I'm really, really touched and honored that you're in a position and are speaking out to the truth of what's happening in this state. It needs to happen. And God bless you. I'm very honored to know you. Thank you. I appreciate those remarks. I'd love to talk to you when we're offline here. And then perhaps we can talk further. And, you know, there may be other things, too, that I can make. I like making connections. And so if there's other people that I can connect you to who have been through a process similar to this, you know, maybe we can put a little pressure on them to do the right thing. I would just ask the Forest Hills School Board to have another forum that could be run fairly by the residents and the parents and not moderated by the superintendent or an employee of the superintendent or by the school board president unless she's going to agree to allow people to speak for five minutes, experts to speak for five minutes on the subject matter that we're talking about. The answering of questions by Verizon and then just restating the same answer about the FCC limits over and over really isn't a true forum. They need to have an opportunity for 20 to 30 minutes of expert testimony, testimony from people who have been through this before, and then let the people decide if they say to their school board members, listen, I'm fine with this. I know what the result is going to be once people are educated about this radiation. they're going to say, don't put this tower on our school property. It's not necessary. It's certainly not necessary for $11,000 a year. And I look at the logical part of it. Why would we do this for $11,000 a year? Why would we take the risk? Even if one child is adversely affected, is it worth $11,000 a year? If somebody has a compromised immune system or somebody gets brain cancer because of this high-frequency radiation, it's proven, guys. I'm not just bringing up things that might happen. They have happened because of this radiation problem. Being too close to this radiation is not safe. It is just not safe. And when you tell that to somebody and they still would go ahead and vote to put a tower on school property, it's mind-boggling to me. Who are they concerned about? And I really do question, how does $11,000 influence this decision for you? Because it certainly can't be because you're not going to be able to make a 911 call from the school. I mean, come on. How many phones are in that school? How many cell phones are in that school? That's not the reason. That is not the reason that this tower is being put up. Trust me, the people are being hoodwinked on this and they're being sold. on an idea that is not valid. And they need to hear this. Those residents and those homes around the school all need to come to the school board next Monday and really raise holy hell for those school board members that are going to vote for this. In Wyandotte, the residents really did a great job, and the four or five school board members that were just hell-bent on passing this went ahead, and they had the right to invalidate the contract. But they didn't. They actually sued the residents. The school board sued the residents along with T-Mobile. The residents had to initiate the lawsuit and the school board went against the residents. Now, is that not a contradiction? Our elected representatives suing us for what we want in our schools. That's a shame. Does anybody have any closing remarks right now or anything else that you want to say before we end the broadcast here? I will say other communities that are going to be facing this because it is coming to a lot. We know the number of cell towers that they're planning to put up in the next four years or I guess till 2026. We got caught sleeping on this. I'll take responsibility as a citizen who I was somewhat aware of this, but not to the extent. And so like you were saying, Donna, it's time to wake up. Like we have been sleeping as a culture, as a society, our civics education is nothing. And so we need to start again. And that's why I think our rights depend on our responsibilities. And if we're not taking responsibilities, we lose our rights. you know, those other communities that are going to be facing this, you know, I'm there to help. I'm there to be a voice. I feel like we're a little too late. You know, I hope not, but it's still coming for other communities. So it's time to be engaged again and to wake up. Holly, you had a comment. It's not worth a million dollars a year if it's going to injure or harm a human being. It's not worth it. And there's other options out there. So just taking a corporately motivated installation to further their business is not worth risking the lives of human beings. It's despicable. And so with that said, I really appreciate you guys coming on here. I would love to see the progression. as this thing goes forward. So just so you know, if you need to get some information out there at any time, you just say, hey, we need to get a message out there and I'll flip this on and we'll go ahead and discuss it and get it out there on Brandenburg News Network. if you'd like to come back on and think about this over the weekend and see what materializes and want to come on, say like Monday, um, let me know. And we'll do, we can do another, either a short update or we can do a longer one. If this thing keeps, um, blossoming into, into, um, you know, uh, a bigger issue. I did that with, with, uh, with the Goshen thing and, and, uh, try to give them as much airplay as I could so that people were actually educated. And, you know, you can take the video too. And, and, uh, use that to connect with people to show them what you have. Maybe we want to do one just on information that you've gathered to support the fact that this is really a risk to the community. If you want to do that, we'll talk about that when we're offline here today. see if I can help you guys out with some exposure on this. Part of the end of the show here, guys. So let's say a prayer and go on to our days. I mean, you know, it's an amazing honor to be able to come, you know, come together and actually work towards the good of each other as one human family. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much. for every single person who is willing to step in front of a threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to defend those without a voice, to protect our children. I'm so grateful for each and every person that's here today. And I ask that you would grant them your favor on every single thing that they do. Please open hearts, eyes, and minds around them for the people to see what a to see the actual threat that they are fighting right now in order to protect those children. And we ask that you would cancel any evil plans that the enemy has already in store for them and confuse the plans of the enemy so that they can't get any traction on this. until that there's a good resolution or a good solution to the problem perceived or created that they are pushing right now. We ask that you would continue to bless all those brave patriots that have stepped forward to serve this nation. General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, and the American process that you have given us to have a peaceful, a way to peacefully live together. Bless anyone who has stepped forward. Bless our representative DeSanta here that is working hard in order to make sure that it's a voice of we the people, that the government is you know, is in the hands of we, the people, and that the elected officials listen to what we are telling them, how we want our country run. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. You're a great friend to us, and we want to be a wonderful friend to you in everything that we do. We love you in the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. There you go. I always end all of our broadcasts with prayers. Well, I really want to say I hope that I wish you all the success in this endeavor. And thank you so much for stepping forward and caring. It's really an amazing thing to see a group of people step forward together And fight something that they really believe in. And it's a beautiful process. So with that said, here you go. Go to I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in a rigged election process. And with that said, heart hands to all of you. God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. Starts here. Mental toughness, never ending. You know, we are always going to be until our last breath fighting for for all good purposes. So have a wonderful day. If you guys want to stay in the line a minute, I'm going to end this and then we'll be able to talk for a minute. Have a great day and we will see you Monday.