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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/24/2023 John Tatar & Courtenay Turner

Published Oct. 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10:00am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fourth day of october twenty twenty three welcome nor show to day it is in fact here gogis ergo heteros he donedon't i'm doing good good looks that he has signed for us this morning surprised pridehave it done this already once all ye but goody had their if you press before sorry not that the i do i know a youth is all spring mark it up pendleton a redwing but in spite of it all one able to coniating of the laces might get on as on mats slivers but soon i wonder as i crawled into bed honey years on the drawing or at my king and of coccineis on to red tiwitsin in my vision i say myself is there anything else so i should lay on the shendetesia faring yet his aspotogon what anatomised my get up in otago of it went to whitespined of it all patriciansthose lietunant then when i was young in the maslik i couldn't kick up my hidings in all foryetten when i was older her highest slippers worn the postilion in all its retention in the mist slippers are black and more of through the snow of a way back on many a laugh had no i don't mind at all heimaterinnerungen elongation i get of retention of it went to luteefpoor colonies in canongate market open morning and i customisation the paper and i agreed neale in this indefinite there at no long not yet in shiogoon breakfast any old panton pickininnies spending agenorides got on with repootation all from people to recantation est let's hear that's really sweetsir i love i love the you know the old songs and i agree he delivere stephens isoline stephens a lot of thought he was pretty yes he still has he fell out there did you go to ombermere thought the sun ithin his disarius as a esquirel weiser i like that one that's keen and the ship though a tavernto they mister tater well i've been listening of course to explain to on the other and i know where hinted for war and siadey i were getting to welcome the ex for torpor you got cool entry and so i kind o follow along with him in the new without the other for three people yeah he on who who ostiensis dave oh the sprat or group of people there so i came in markses one one that i like on mark she is not wet on on fridays he has saved my control might controlis been one who is bent the carpospore for senior i was kind of thought the string by torches and he's supposedly that gentleman that though his going to be involved in the releasing of cold cold when the army so he comes up with a lot of stories about what went on in the past vol some of her people that we've heard about persons another person's name was when he talks about how the bushes as senior trying to get control involved corrupt like trout like like george bush was in it and how he was stealing money but clinton as he's pretty good is she got a lot of history variants he that's michael's thee no that's mark see who has like patrol on cancellista to my control these the grumbler you to no touch which has why do not i might be on all the other once but inesse and those of people the bat or sentry loonatics now call artists doctor artisans others whatever you whatever a lot of helenafor helipoles i can to give on the little bills on track or no it's gone women in a rain it with he ran see what do you think is going to go on with he ran well obviously the resident of the white house oran or gave a ran along we know that that was nothing but money on i began money to i ran no and he ran on in the process of and whether they really in a direction is that they are going they may be the ones that fire the first or now whether it will be no clear and otho but the spacetoward so world worth i think it was getanother can toil an i think it's going to head american soil or the ocean of the and worboy out to stop being stupid and stopped fighting and doing these ridiculous protests because you're not protest now i think it's the same people that weren't you no there is creating a hard all the same it's all one lookedstaredthen all first of all people have to go back to the number one where do they get them on some in an knowingwhat he am in empty for the new moslem stop where do they on the one then they're not born rich they don't have pockets full of money in there not donating their money to fit is given to him by our inns santo amaro it's going to end by our resident the warehouse for the world war and people need to realize that sosterhode people that are listening and there better paying attention to which going on as people as listeners here have to understand that this is going to happen solenite be cool in one love lower mind and procris because they want us to be in a world he reinstatedi there there ah no genetic the springing and the the green the world and all all the other so then he got a kind of state told to what's going on oh we're alive and you got to be able to cyphersor i think about the predator works a proditor wants to the pre running it is so so you have some if you got lions that are chaste and like antelope around they they want to keep them running and they'll go after her in the letter body run around for a while and they pick off the weakest and the sifting quite often their soft no matter what it is to watch what cooties you know chase after rabbits if they don't have one already singled out and you got a few of them together they'll run around a little bit see who's the weakest one i followed the quick that's on the going to go after and we have we you know boss level creditors out there in government in that were talking to people so we can't can't let us run as round do we see that going on right there at this moment because we have now this new fairy and coming out people are running around with oh i i look at the sun like going people have learned all redy is like a light is so ridiculous and the proper got facts now these people are or are the low hanging fruit or the the skin rapid that's riding blanket and bearing the one cigar on the cost the biggest he might originelles of in a chain ling because that's about how much these masts are going to keep away from them as far as germs if there is any germs that are not the flue i mean covets a miracle thing it cured us of the floe and colds and overhang the covetous and so i might as well wrapt themselves up for their conoistre going to hamstring and fills his osteitis chain like a and to elfride in a cage because that's about as good as about the same thing people have crown and from the dead and they need to do that it's not me talking it though it's the information of herne's contentome horology howe idea fires because they still to this day do not have a way i codifying or virus to and yet i have people stereos pricked his all over the opened where does that prick that picture is drawn the computer generated it's like a picture of the earth when they show the earth from supposedly a savior something or or were in the rear out that's all done by it's all generated they have no picture of the earth from the moon on and all left to do is to some research nailed find that out yes there's goin to be pessimistes saying oh yeah there is firsthis fires he not sit as i have said it before computer is a bathroom law singing into the into the joint one of the stalls and reading the bathroom wall might got up information on the bathroom wall is accurate and which is not in in the computer is nothing on a bath room will anybody everybody writes i does the theriacalis lves anything they want they can call themselves the patriots and people need to see hir exists i information or susceptionem worse is information the meat of the we interestwhich predator is put in the batholithic pipe young and so then and we bring to the to the four people that men on the land and there now and there not in a adsentior or maritime on come we were were this thought is all come okite or scoff and its dragging us away from the rue and getting us to believe that there are other things going on in the world it's the republicans say our neck one half to be very understanding of what the republic who they who we are in these and then we will have then we will be able to save ourselves the tyrannical govern otherwise we're going to keep going down rapids stupid information has no bearing on on it doesn't work anywhere oh i was listened to a video and the people that were saying the video te video that it works that's like asking cellos to tell you the serial is intended for you you could have in his hand for you here i'm so we need to wake up to reality and the reality is the republic which we were given to by her come i screwed up he for now standing back in well i'm going to say signed then or respeaking of the constitution of party the havethat meeting or the issues come and one of things that i brought up is like i want to hear a more bashing of people out there we need to stick on the issues and ideas anybody can say anything about any one out there because they heard it somewhere and and it's like so they dried then up being chapter by fifth generation a warfare the where they are the weapon is part of that this is what we're in so it's like i was here more trunk president tromthortim for old president the united states bashing or general plan or anybody else out there because it's the bunch of none and we we need to look at the issues because you know what we could have a free gold retrievers sitting in office okay and if they do the wrong thing whose fallest it's our one i would you know it is our full every single time you know present prompted some wonderful things to this country i love president he's done some wonderful things for general plan wonderful god that the nation is standing right now in my opinion because of him because it one person stood up and did dead the right thing in the right track in his story ah but when when we keep shoot arrows at each other all their doing is keeping us focused on the wrong thing the carpenter that the character of that pest instead of what are the she because if we're chasing around you know do and jerry jerry springer politics is an you know building these cults of personality rather than what are they doing and what are they doing wrong we can instruct them serve them notices or the things legally that we have in our in our back pack of tools to write the nation didn't they say that when billy boy was running around with jennifer and somebody other character doesn't president but his character doesn't matter now all the sudden character matters yet with co how is that work ohnothat's in her charter does matter and i mean it really does that that does matter but you you have to look the issues are the issues and the actions are how we get out of this as every one of them sitting up there as corrupted at some point to you people pee make mistake there are people that make mistakes thorough people that are involved who are or and no they're not going to change okay like a serial rate this you can look at the she can't say i like this person i don't like the you have to have things to back what your saying that her concrete right if you're good but to that point if we're so busy bashing on people rather than looking at the issues because i'm guaranteeing if if one person has an issue there's probably constantin with them that our having the same wishes and you can look at the connections there but it's the issues and their actions that are also how we lead our way out of it shock bashing based on his character and sense worth but there not bashing in people that in is brought on for his looking at their teams there like hey i won't mighty go to him go i want my team to win instead of well the kind of i don't know it's like lanky colored hair the guide that there does no peacemanner of woman which on the gihon the the the frigousse can the final woman but woman that can find this kind of nonsense and people are not upset her right in every help that's flooded with felons and that sort american look at that without even going after somebody's character and say we got a mass here and it is not going to be right it i really believe that it's going to have to this thing is going to have to flat when i've been praying for the economy i cornarini's going to and i also prayed for you the only way to fix it is take it down and rebuild well staring because taking it down depends of ponsonby war than those people there in the power bring her power that's what the deep state wants that they went to war and they want light shed the one people to be afraid that they're going to bring in their new world or i want take it down the eisadici is going to crash and in all i think the countries already half way on its way the halloos coorash what he hides control he the right there destroying economythe and my understanding in my feeling strongly is stems comenaron what's calling the way the good cause they've got control over what's old here and there on a turn round poet but we don't like just stay helpers structure not on american because then whoever comes in that's what happened to russia during the russian revolution they they crossed the roosian and rushed to apritif the sore and in walked through she was o love dictators and a lot of reitler was the same what happened to germany rushing up germany and all his unhyphenated we don't want that triangle look at with control down unless on and and what an omnebene you up i think the root of things there are a lot of things that came out he and that that any one who took your time to research and statoot lazy and listed all these non son people that were giving them to this is exactly what's going to happen on this day or that day or whatever you know that's stuff is none but if you look at what it was sudden a cuoss very schist in went right to the lie and deathly what did it say in the canvas is roll will be saved for let well we understand that the they are there are good is there sir as i not i not worried i'm not worried about the point of the matter of still is that we the people hate the no where work oloron we don't know where we're going then we're going to be following to we don't want to do it so on america was led miracle was we are self relying in self and understand what the republic we can bring the republic that with a london anything i'm going to give everybody a great directive to day if you want to know what to do to help with his sole thing do not artists just like that you been protests which are approaches their fetherland insurrection there's not no protest or these do are getting paid and its unholiness we turned for funnidoses don't hertis don't fly their stupid for eggs don't go on the protest to have fighting in the streets if they have no one to fight or going to be like one here and there discuss slowly move away and disappear we don't we don't anticipate i with hot with the masts or that the jabs or any don't participate you don't have to do that that's why we got into his mouth we're going to have to go wrong likewhen you kindergarten there is in all of us have to perciste and go okay what's the florodora i guess we're all going to get on public indaconitine got a greet they don't want i don't topicand off we're going to vote for the party who the party tells us to botofogo don't want to make anybody eating one stapart of the clock here we fish then the person so don't participate and we win you and there there's a candidate running in the city of the cole for for me who decided during her term in office when i come tell you her name but every so we back decided to fly they now till he was not mad or sorry about that decided the flat price sit so people should not both for her just for that reason but how the office get rid her and if they are back in office deserve exactly what you i deserved the government we got the we so we need the stop the grose popular who looks better on the better make up london the other while he doesn't speak like a priest not president isoline i regret you want people that live on you and call that pins presidential like billy boy clinton the presidential when he spoke he liked to every one of you and your and then george for junior he liked everybody in your porterfor indoors now we know the lies in all of this his companioning out hope and people i thinking still thinking are still twenty or thirty paseothe poplin i think he's a good they don't know anything about him that's a really scary thing is that people are like well i'm going to vote for him because he's black or i'm in a vote for this first cause she's a woman or i'm going to vote for this persicus they've looked like me or something like that it's a hastiness who who they looked like a republican vote for republic honorbefore democrat another sob group it's like what about the candidate he can get the job john which is going to be an unpopular position throughout rybody i'm sure because we're going to have to know if i about ninety six per cent of the craft that out there in order to take the thing back natural were going to do we will notify helps i know the pen sharpened right here and i remember the penis my dear he he looked less ones are great prenderlo at these and the houghton from how the greatest always always ah you know you got to hear your favorites right the money what one would now thievery single time so then again when we go to cord or when we faced one of these politicians public functionaries when we faced these people oh i wonder one paces i do something that doesn't the parameters of the republic or even calls the should be going after five writing letters and by writing they all have a boss right into their most i never got helpful for people if they saw like tame like for hats not that cacoethes but i think that's what stops a lot of people as they don't feel confident to either a right a letter of there's letthers a formatis even going into defending yourself in approach in prose notices people lacked the confidence to do that the self while then they need to get on board in comes war group on whence and learn how to do first of all before you can write anything you got to learn you trying to and how to articles i have people calling the courtier still the sunradio or that fellow that there a man on the land and that they are a hand that gives so right in door munity judges contestand back in the old or a man on the land and therefore we're going to give me a brick that's not it that's not what the whole process if you don't get the format even close you're not going on the one event so you've got to to get with i know it's not easy i know it takes a lot of time in her and it's something you shall learn from elementary school on a let me ask you how many of you learned any some have and be able to do some right how many of you learned what what the do learning meniveere cellar i hated school thanisian cause i had interponere asleep in his three plants or become eronia tell you what i had probably be worse history here in the history he iaconites like etheriall it was was dead you know and it's like it's like that that teacher that is on our an i don't notthat's those wrotehe i'm going to watch or a reed check or one yah not working spend the first hour and you reached a man magazine but he's not extol silly because they probably think about history as most they don't get it they don't understand it they don't know why the class and we are led your horson and more than we should that doesn't excuse students wrong doing saw we ran to the nought oh i don't know which you see here ran for another five or six dollars on pretty sharply pioncito we would take a look at article people have very concerned those people that are pushed in the are not really it why do i say in proof of the man proof of the puttings that we have a constitution that is very powerful in that cold do everything that for example they want to balance institution article one section to pass three of article one such three says that no state can make anything to pole that would stop the federalists overnight in fact in mine states cannot collect money and so then the states would be ending up going to wash see what are you doing have you can't go he can't make the money because we are not making any money can't get money to run our cove federal constitution already has that clause in that so also income we talked about the sixteenth amendment the sixty emendment is not the government dollars all it does his government power power root in and you as the individual laborer do not get a profit or eight gay his blind here shadow that worse than that the proteace on the th i could not nevison but the sixteen amendment gave congress now if you want to know where is she railroad kings oh no no taxing power by the sententiae congressmen and it would be an unco but he can the banking were it were belongs it's the bankings put upon the american people that we had to pay an income tax on our money coming in i pay for the national on what it was it government as government prince all the money he all the money they need they don't need money from you on inconsider standard and the half you and i held gold and silver in our pockets they have to come to us and ask for money but they are after one prove currency of the united federal reserve whatever they want to call it good for all debts public and at but that's not what he no where in those in so we have finally in the constitution and now we have the his people running around the post oh we're going to fix this we're going to have a constitutional convention were going to balance the budget we're going to and what was the other oh torment you mean term moments you just volloton i need ere okay so let's take a look at the fifth it hang on a second as pond something else up there were minute screwed up but will be there and disease thing the congress whenever two thirds of both houses to propose amendments or on the application of the legislatures the two thirds see callicos for proposing a man a man in either case shall be telling to all intent and purpose s part of thought are of this no word though i see it said all the nor do i see anywhere were changed i am and those two parts right there when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of in three fourths thereon not three quarters note to third three quarters have to agree to pres inbrought for as the one all all as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the conde provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the urine one thousand shall in any manner and forth claws of ardorthe first article that no state without shall be deprived of its equal and we know that the seventeenth amendment did act seventh seventy the moment is not only unconstitutional because strive that part all powers of the but it also violated article cacoethes fringe on anybody read this thing or or figure this out before they started passing these things well i think the people didn't do it and the compliment figured that think and when ole and we know what happened during roosevelt in rosecol not get on the mount of senator the seven of all and prove his bills in therefore i pushed if are these just men of the and he of course not all who but a good number and they don't they didn't red they swore not to the packet because if they read the constitute then they were now that article for section public i dont and then ned understand i mean you can read stuff it if you read it you don't have understanding you're it's it's worth let the very basis of the fact that we had very idiotic more on satin of the snub it calls the those people need to be carted and hung they are these democrat that we had country violated thorough solo a gift we on this issue if we don't if we the people don't understand the thing then where we expect from those people record historiation it's right that's it that's all it is is that you know if we want if we want the world to work right then we got to get the game here so let's take a look at article one section night i don't know if you personsthat are and this article five so one close the migration or importation of such persons as any of the states now proper to admit on point yet mingling coming in or somebody that you're importing in in a proper to admit conicalness prior to the year one and a hundred and tax on duty may be imposed on such import not exceeding ten dollars so what is basically saying here how i read it under is that the states have the power to admit into the now pre federal governed so when they come across the border into mexico or government has the powers what were not accepting you're not alone we don't have to admit you yet you know what i think that anybody that comes into the united states instead of as finding the full time vacation on our backs is to make sure that they have a job before or enough somebody wants to come into the state why are we in pouring people that we're going to have to support and give free stuff they should they should be coming here to work and work with us not not take advantage of us and in all of these little do gooder agencies that are out there which are i want you know i hate to say it but people think they're doing a good job of being kind to cope and i think robert of kennedy said it when i was listening to him and he said i was wrong he said is that we have created a tremendous humanitarian disaster at that wear some of this you got catholic services luther and serve bethany christian services which are not christian at all in my opinion if they're getting what is like minimal said there there getting like big dollars to move these people into the state to put him on welfare to give him more money than what in american actually has the these organizations are trees in that against the nation and even people now even people and i did give coalshop and foster care i adopted oceanwe did it legally and it cost us a lot of money and i've never asked for financial help for her but the point being is that you you you decided to take somebody on that you better be able to provide for that purse on right but think about it think about even all the people that are doing foster care of these people or the hotels that are getting paid four hundred to eight hundred dollars a night perpers i i mean i mean think about this is one huge organization of human traffic and i think some of the people that are fostered care they don't even realize that they are part of this if this point in time it's money isn't all in moving people around in the invasion of our nation and it's it's backwards i'm sorry there's people all over the place that have problems with the way that they've done this benches stripped the wealth in the money away from our country to create a an incision on of a of a people that are poling from the offers that americans have put into there is no plan to put into work just there and how many of them are qualified how many how come they don't have to have the jeinemeni cans death how come they to come they oh can come in with thee there's no body no plan for them to work it's it's a one hundred pores burden on the st to why to break i agree with all that in for it i can prove that they've got a job waiting for them out you go back i'm sorry we can't we can't we ourselves to the point where where where this nation is completely fail if i were on a swift we don't have a point of set were dead in that comes with economically as well as militarily if we can if we cast strength and our borders and take care of ourselves in our own people guess what we all go down together this brings us to another point that i wanted to bring for we are a christian nation you have a right moslem or buddhist or when you are in you must as part of the word lahad somebody liked to leave who hangs her how must flag should be thrown out of one and or i tried that's an invasion if somebody comes in here and does respect the law of the land that's an invasion that is not in her so i heard something recently on much erpinion ones that i thought was really interesting somebody said that they believed that i think it's in europe that people could not vote with men anterior to the seventh generation of being in the one you and i am not sure somewhere in moral but i think i thought that was like okay i think this is a perhaps something right now as were in the middle of an invasion that people walk across the border there not even citizens and their given there given the right to vote but what about what about people who decide to come in and corbais and all that and all of a sudden there brought in and ordered two within one generation completely changed and thenthen and accept what is a sure ealwhine er i'm not ok with what whom evidence mom stands for the muslim brotherhood which is female general mutation of belonostomus ing here people yet i think an it not in its not like he could say kajus like the job o k were in charge now we believe all women should be subject to female general sir on a new liston oh i'm not a petworth wante of the non samos the old and violation but we are not holding them to we are not holding these public functionary right now it's run alone and were allowing people are to to no people were were falling for people by the way they looked in the way they did not blow my home after after the first term of bill clinton and office and well he levethe let him same with old boy they should have known who will bobowassi at the bad he was doing a wise and got rid of the wine all right didn't you files don't have right they when they when they violate the right of a child of victimized a child their down their totally dont you can't you can't tell me you know this whole maps thing that's out there while you know they have rights we want to normalize that ginsburg wanted it you know lowered the age can that to watch twelvesome body else said eight are you kidding me not you be before the antowhat member men did on the top of my head that allows everybody held might i used to be that if you were not property owner and i don't think you can plan for whole philosophy of that as if you own property government had the tilted if you have a business he had property that he had the right and then they turned it over and they let everybody full the welfare people anybody longshore american while now now your ten have to be the mere shopand give a tribelet he went down as a property rights away from before in brightest we have been we have been slowly worked dissection or over southerners happen over and so now if people are waking up we need the kind of poet learn to cut under read the constant and and whenever some public functionary says some and is in violation of the laws of the land and not just wine out because we have lost well here looking malikite let's look at this if you've got a hold on to keep on the take while there it's it's a ah well fair or in a public job right what are they going to do they're going to vote themselves more money and they're not out there making it so their telling you know their telling those who have jobs we need more money we need more money voting themselves more money in politics or on welfare and an expecting somebody else to pay to build they don't even realize that's what the doing a lot of em i'm always shot at we do not someone don't i actually in conversation with somebody who was who was fully she she came from a family who was third contraction welfare never worked and didn't understand the high taxes while she her thing was i don't understand what people aren't willing to help others do you realize the tax rate that the rest of us who work are pain it's right now we're seventy percent so you're expecting us work and tell september october of the year continued to throw in the public coffers take care of every one who who what in it its great it's crazy better yet do i were to ask for what have you been i only think that with those guys that are standing and guys gales whenever they are there standing on the corner in every highway now that have got the sign you don't help me god bless you you know and i don't think about this if they tossable could they actually stand on a corner for eight hours a day and not manoevering out and soon the rain whatever with the signed this such and a lot of you watch him go away then they take off and they go to the gas station where their car is part and i believe that the average that they make tax free is overforde thousand dollars a year cause people are domino to give a money to participate you know sparticipate make them accountable there making probably more in which you add the taxes into that they would normally be panisciowa soon on the pad that's what we have to do we have to learn how not to do that as we are supporting the corrupts have ratified i ratified one the stop ratified i'm not saying stopping your property cats remember when you have something that you have for apis collateral and collateral can be re creditors were not clateralit other depts tickets and ordnance violations are not latelie do anything to your property which he so you can fight those bales and you should be should not give in as as ohiaongo from the judge on the free salmoniceps and have it over behind how we have gotten it basil and too easily to so long to get a kind well i will enable some one to be lazy through through pity or whatever i mean there's a lot that could be said for this no whether it's the boording a lazy voter or some who the spill some lady bolder something like that and or you've got some sandinista corner begging for ashpole are in wabblin one hand and the sign and another an help me i'm starving well maybe they should do get off their dead behind and go get a job somewhere hatstand in there because most of em that i've seen the potter's probably a great deal of mental illness involved in this i give you that but you enable them to continue on a life style you know i'm just sitting there taking from any one instead of contributing to any one this is all all were doing is working for the further devise it's not it's not the best they have to contribute and a and it does it works it works towards their own demise as well as the people who think that their helping up what might be an interesting way of looking at it is and i never thought about nowack instead of giving somebody that she for now he then giving a dollar or feculency give an a can of i i don't even approve that i mean have you looked at this sort of thing i mean i've been to andy i've seen starving people i don't honor not in the starving category oka they probably couldn't rent run and because there that out of shape and happy and i you know body positivity whatever will you want to say they are not starving to death out there i'm just saying that and either on you know they need to go get a job and the themselves instead of inside disabling somebody else to take care of them i agree but maybe there's way we could do a void of some of those people and some of those people out giving in other than let him have a little pain so they learn that they got to get movin i think that's tabernerii order not enough now well i like that the emergency room look what has in the emergency room the last time i was in there with my mom the emergency room was shot down and there were people that were there for psyche mats instead of real orestes when their like sleep in all over the emergency room to begin i asked them once curity garden is like other is trying to get out of the coal hold so they mock it all up for the rest of you can't get any you can't get in there and get any help it's like they need to have their books i'm sorry kicked out in the cold is wanting missions out there what over and give him a little motivation for getting off their butts were making it too easy for them i had a better i got to watch ores those people out on the street on were that works or bible or something on and hopefully now look at it and read it i make the well sometimes ye anderwhat were it says if you don't work you don't eat sleep in the rain into the pot a role ternight so there you go well in is there anything else you want to talk about here i mean are we not orotchon at one well i do have an you over not the descombrer wrested oi guess we are going to meet at the restaurant on the nicholas on telegraph the ten mile if you have an opportunity to come out there i'm going to send it after him in the sun by in bigoted we picked up a couple of listeners charlotte was one and con on or in that have called me or that have woon we won't be over there and i think she lives in your neck of the woods i thought i told her to call if you and the two of you come down to see but while tell you what i've got until after this wedding thing or happen i and then i'm going to be checking out into next week i think i've been to make it a ficial on going to take break from next week just i've got i've got some things to get ready for the week and and a moderate said john peter what are your thoughts on property taxes have done some reason that way we are to on property is that when we pilotthe conon clerk at that point are we taking on their sponsibility of pet pain felt feast to the county the property taxes per animal that is a very it's going to even here need the money but right at this point in time you stopping or property as so you don't want to do that now lucille gallies behind on his men legalis behind the property tent you're supposed to be the alluvial landlord of your property marthe as the king and i don't think the in him reality that person is correct absolutely that property tax is not a lawful but at this point in time in our government the water they have too many in although the gas with the bullets that's like say and never fight with then he has near in court he can't use his and you have an opportunity to hear her i don't want to hear you with people that have the power to do okay seenanother one on hot using trust and that sad trust does not file a deed san croce piece so property they the county has all property these and all property of the counties okay i'm in poplin here or an ant i plug that nonsense with axes my tax that's going on in the state of michigan somebody likes to all because these growthare wont to get rid of property takes its shedlock's moneymoon money round in its well not well thought out it's a it's absolutely a very idly laid out plan i don't support it in just a head line it's not going to fix anything it's a distraction and i do not support it so i'm axing acts my tale goingthat through yet and i nothing the contact of conventions stangates until we get people in there that are actually have any type of integrity which we don't and john and i are kings and queens of home land and i have a sober it may be the dog there you go well they owe the love joined to so you've got people there that have joined so yeh said there's fewer allconsisting so there you go so a anyhow well all thanks for being on a somebody asked you to do i my grandpa once and solacewith following week is next to come not goin to be out okay you got somewhere we're going to do it on the same tamimite songs but not always think i at grandma's a feather bed to that was good and i hope are right guys thanks then we're going to take a quick break in its next up as courtney turner the fire i think you ooooeeeeeeeei forty welcomed the second hour of brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty fourth day of october twenty three alvredestone we've been doing real history with courtney turned origen i am well thank you how are you doing also my love or a last or last show and that you bought out last week an now i'm goin to buck out this coming week as i got the wedding to get rid of it or readyfor and i just decided you know what i need little more time yeah that's excited hingin you not only how we just got back in men were heading back down to florida at the end of this week to do a fund razor were doing a partnership so peter network there doing like a fall freedom fast and i'm goin to do unreserve and that it will act town and de yeah i'm tired it won't but the inventor i think or i think i'll there'sthere's so many times that all of us were running all over the place trying to save the nation here we kept to that and this morning i usually get up quite early and i try to do oh about like a five k youknow i tried to get something on ridge on its daydid not half i fell back to sleep and in it was think i got up after seven and had a get everything go in there i i understand young man to go jim after this i have a rehearsing word so when we did the cause fastigiate routines to aerial routine but the filming didn't really work out very well so we're going to try and like richet it in the studio environment but we've been travelling so much i now have to have relearned the now we get out of practice real quick don't show yes then two weeks how much the fluffy i call it fluffy in one the flocking factor kicks and when you have a gemot on a regular basis for henesee some results i got to go about five days a week and that's not the i really see ah you know the huge gains and but if i am if i take it too we break it's like oh my gosh fluffy factor has kicked on and i become a golden era golden doodle you know just i feel i gave a fete good bye i feel like i have like i've never worked on my life with going back in is always outsome yeah and then then you eachanother that's what the self loving stars ye forget teacheing as he men i mean especially like for me like strength had never come naturally you know his form with hypertonic limbs so like i feel like i worseso hard to build strength and then if i d take like a week off i feel like a lost everything i sent like my whole life turning to build the hooseit's not really it's really actually neurological out of people feel like they actually lost strength but it actually takes quite a while in every for different people and now like the but it's really but neological stimuli so if people if you take some time off you may not lose physical strength but er the nological cordination isn't necessarily there so people feel lot weaker but that that's why i usually comes back so quickly cause you didn't actually lose as it now yet actually like working out a lot i rely do i do don't have no time to do it any more i mean o that pollodot there fighting for the nation you know as some we make a lot of sacrifices in the things that we like to do in order to move for it and this is the thing it's a you know i grow up as a really poor cad and you and i both had some struggles right hand i learned that a very young age that every minute of my life counted and it not only counted for me but it counted for my family and it all when when you have that that ingrained in your hat ethereous what i feel like it it's every minute of my life in your life and everybody's like cows because we can't afford to waste that and a lot of times i feel guilty just even going to the store for a reason because i'm right going to all you know and i feel like i could do that her things in my time and set of doing doing those types of things now we all have things that we enjoy doing totally thole i feel that i owe said cause it's not one of my strong so that i think the one of the most important things you can teach children is time management it did not something i've ever really mastered i'm not great at it but i think it is really if like that mystery kitelike the boon i don't like shopping okay i like buying in such that i rudely don't like shopping like it's not one of those things that i enjoyed to just generally just to walk around stores and look it in not feels feels like are waste of time for me but but i you know i do it i of course once in a while but at one of those things thatsaving factor for so that's so interesting before covelike they know in the before times i really loved it and actually it would be like if i had a day off which to be very rare in a matter what i'm doing but a deed like that was actually think i really love to do which i even find inby anything just to walk around i've always dreamed of having a fashion line i really like scoring what's it you know like in the stores what's in style i have i gets like a creed about love but i also i actually really like physically going when i when i'm just looking to buy something in out i'd like to go on mine because that shoots wotome for relaxation like your antonia turns of if i have the time i actually really enjoy it i love just like walking around looking without their trying different things on piecing things together like remembering i saw something in one place and that i can put it together with something from another place i think a very creative kind of again filled outlet for me yet we all the forty or a like idothea mine is like grooming a horse or walking out on trails or something like that right yet that he works too the ganglion don't have something so were we talking about to day i was like in still processing the last show because there so much information you brought forward is just a mate thank you ya a night so i do we we kind of continue i may be you like the i had the like twenty reasonthers of have a stock i had a willjust go through tavistock and now then we came back back and a touch on different other topics by non non start just a minute i'm going to take just a real quick break and then then i'll be back in a few seconds when if you can start i can also hear you of an age hohenower out just a minute okay sure i thought that in we had talked last time about how he will homonhon as the grandfather of the field of psychology and the originator of the peach de program which i called the pincote indoctrination system mewill call i find say you know not like trying to be derogatory to anybody who has the peach to ye in the wonderful students and people who are doing great things with their education this is really just more about the origins of the system and really of the entire western mode of education which as we discussed last time and it was borne at the prussian three carmode education which translation of what they said they wanted to create would literally be to breed mindless obedient soldier and this was foreign as i had said last time out of the battle of chenowich was during the neologic ward in eighteen seven they lost the battle they were very concerned that they lost the battle and they could not figure out why and they realised that it was because the soldiers were belled and what did they rebelled because they were critical and so therefore critical thinking had be radicated and thus we have a our modern education system to breed these mindless obedient soldiers who do not think but thought that because we started that we talked about how filbon relative was a actually known as raphael in the lunatic i thought it made would just give i have here the five tenants of the illuminati and thatthat might be interesting to people to hear as it might sound a little familiar to people to day i for the first one is the abolition of monarchies and all ordered over the second one is the abolition of private property and inheritance a third abolition of patriotism and national i think that one is really really key for people because they want to abolish national sentiment so that they can breed international and of course that leads you and international world governing body and the establishment of coiled cation of cheriton abolition of family life that has been for and tavistock was really instrumental in trying to break down the family and one of the waves that they did that they began with the the woman's liberation movement movement they really wanted to destroy and to a woman me they knew that christianity had elevated a women and not in a a kind of nonot like a false kind oboshi of cape of thing but that it had given them a solidified rule in bare in in the family and they wanted to overthrow the because of that great chaos and destruction and of course this is the hole into the ultimate dialectic would be the male female and this is also born out of a lot of the hen or colic type of a world views where they worship a hermaphroditic demiurge so this is i think he mihopini on this is why we see the transcender or you know like the skilled movement moving towards the transhuman movement i really do you think that they are very interlinked in that one is one to the other and then the last one of the abolition of all reason there i would argue lightly on this point because in a new the seems to be a point of contention for some people they think that by shopwas really just secular but there is in his own words he says that one of the reasons he lumina the pied des it because this was a stepping stone to atheism which was a stepping stone through the a cold as religion so i say that the preface i don't really think he was all that secular i don't think the ther world view secular i just think it it is an esoteric religion that runs counter or two you know a biblical judochristian well well when you look at what like albert pike said albert pike with basically looking at destroying destroying both atheism and christianity to usher in luciferianism absolutely and that really insuring that you bring that up have you seen the letter in albert pike rod to mazzini outlining the three world wars yah right though i've had to me people like argue with me that in there's no way he actually wrote is this whole thing is a hope and my my retort is that that may be true i cannot verify whether or not he himself actually wrote this letter although it does he appear that way but the what i think people need to understand is that regardless of whether or not you know you will live that the tenants that are written or whether or not you believe he wrote them people use these sort of things as le and so whether or not it was written as a premonition or it was written and now people are looking to bring it to fruition i think it's worth a in a vigilo the first two he really nailed and it looks like the tarpon is playing out to tea with every thing miss going on with a masinissae right now and so i think and so i feel like people are still busy arguing you know that they they know this is fake and therefore or konoike they're trying to discredit me for putting it out there on a your kind of missing the whole point but god is all we have to say you know he can invent fails all those plans and whatever he wants but god you know and and that no matter no matter what somebody says or were the trent to hijack thanks and the door another god is still greater and saton wiserjust a pack on a leash his son who had faced there right but on there who if there yet but i do think like even poor i do i guess too too wide in the tent to give people cause you can have to meet people where there at and i feel like you can for people even people who don't necessarily subscribe to biblical world do they need to recognize their people who are invested and it is i am for whatever you want to call them but we will call them the loose parians because i think that's you know it fits but those people even if let's say they didn't actually subscribe to this world view they see the blue print written and it is the perfect lorand to usher in their goals and i think that that's really important for people to understand do recognise these are planned that are written out now i personally think that they were actually written now and so i and i think these people really believe what they have said but even if they didn't and even if you don't lie or ye know whoever i am putting in the proverbial you but even so you need to acknowledge the people are really invested in seeing these things to freiston and they peinture as the blue print so so whether or not the esthetic back whether not overpack wrote this letter it is a perfect blue print you ushering world wore three which is the breeding ground for the chaos the they need in order to usher in the new world order have you seen one that's the the the briton plan for the illuminati that has like idolaters like seventy two die like seventy two different lines and that plans and to do it that's kind of interesting too the where where is that listed or can i can find it if you will he like contenta i'll see what i cissoidibus this at one point time er it's gnake me a minute or ethers many things yah i the votive really interesting to but yet some great covenant of the illuminati and i think that this is a written by john de rockefeller in and which i find this really interest and so there's there's a like three pages for four pages and you know you can go right down the lists of this is his ten around for a while and it's the hittites to john de rocoles on the illusion it will be so large so bastiles cape there those who will see it will be thought of his insidethinking we will create separate on to prevent them from seeing the connection between us we will behave as if we are not connected keep the illusion alive are gold be accomplished one drop at a time so as never to bring suspicion upon ourselves this will also prevent them receive the changes as the occur we will absolutely stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute which to them or lucifer because less varied we'll work together always remained bound by blood and secrecy death will come to those who cassels like that the masons when you get the o upper levels we will keep their life's man short in their minds we of while pretending to do the office well we use our knowledge of science to technology and settle was so they will never see what's happen we will you soft metals aging me accelerators and sedatives and food and water also in the air floride and such they will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn soft metals will cause them to lose their minds we will promise to find a cure for our many fronts yet will feed the more poise the poisons will be absorbed the skin and miles they will destroy their minds and reproductive from all this the children would be born dead and will conceal this information poisons of be hidden and everything surrounds them what they eat drink breathing were we must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far we'll teach at the poisons are good with fun images and musical tones they will look up to the those they look up two will help we will in its enlist them to push their poise this pretty and that may go after families they go after overthen their teeth decay will fell in with metals to kill their minds steal the future a man it goes they will grow more depressed slow and a beast they will come to us for help we will give them more poise we the ape this is very aligned with my thieftes that i think i intavolato to be this a shadow think tank to execute a lot of these plans by hansen's a feedback lay brightsboro weaponized it against themselves and it was largely funded by the rock fellers mean the topsoil get their probably next time or maybe by the end of this but the tavistock institute of human relations came to be from a grant from the rock then listen we will make him kill each other when it suits we will keep this suffering from one ness by dogma and religion it's like we will make them rip each others hearts apart and kill their own children we will accomplish as by youth in hate as our galling angers are friend the hate will blind and tolly and never shall they see that that from the conflicts we emerge as the rulers they will be busy killing each and it goes on and on on the tacks on the families of lot o estado with heat anger stealing our time over burdening us stealing our money they shall rise up against the sill crushed in like insects for they are less than that they will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapon all of this and this is not there's nothing new here guys under the sod and they they tell us before they do it rioration of the method right the revelation of the method they have to reveal so here it is this is to me of internet archive way back machine okay and remember as her lord say together they can vanquish severe we got on boys and girls there is the plan right there and that in the plant but god when you get a campillo e f you kitaenne that hand me a copy sananini he and his sterebrige creetur to her pieces ye corne so ye lots of stuff on her it's a ms oh my god here so busy hoity ye think i'm twenty images to currently so we're getting close to the four hundred in a turnhalf years so yet i i accident back to the rancher act to the ran chair yes i thought that well that time then very nicely cause i just floreation that theseus kind of an extension of the wordcontinue plans which of course you know as you said nothing new under the sun and you onatas in the mid seventeen hundred so certainly they did not create these plans i think it was just a cover group that was very clever and how they would and it was because they modelled it after her cobishop was a jesuit he was professor of inglesant and he estimated the limnae after the jesuit model that's why i had the higher astruc ture that's why they use secrecy as there a lever of power as to breed clad i'm an young the whole system was really worn it to be a model of about the obviously gijosa that to say you know it certainly not new but when he godfaith black pop and you know it too late and the fact that the jesuits were the the military arm of the vatican exactly and thou o porchlike at windy e talked out be they i really think it's like the three city states are kind of aid consortium company and of course the crown owns them and the three city sees with peoples are not familiar is of course the vatican the city of london and the washington d c and this really fascinating with washington d c is when you read the renecke their own books is a huge book but when you read it he gives a lot of cluesthat's is and what they think of the people and do see is a corporation the i know that this is circulating on the internet during twenty twenty and a lot of people were dismissing it as like a crazy conspiracy theory but there was in fact an organic act of eighteen seventy one which incorporated the city of washington d and so a lot of thee a law and rules and particularly in the toxicide specifically apply to and they give you their own definitions so they'll say things like for all people in these and then when you read the definition of the state the state means members of they did not in the end then they extended to certain other caviale territories or there's separate kinds of provisions for people who work in petroleum industry by its very interesting if they really tell you everything as you said they have to reveal and what they do it cover lay they do it in code i you know it's signaled to the initiates and that i think apostle there just laughing at us though because they they're like we told you and your treshonure it out so well and that ofanyo hasn't read the th jewitt's a little disturbing slieveanea now it's like talking about cotton a man's belly open and ripping the children out of their stomachs if they don't capitulate it's pretty violent and ah so that's kind of crazy i've got the d see figured out for washington a despicable criminals so the amorite devils cess for my mother that's good but in a new fitful eh that's kind of what i think it is the itinerary the jesuit oath that as he got an old and they got their extreme oath but it's kitskin same thing but it's pretty long but you get into the different paragraphs of it and the third graphic about eliminating any one who does not covet sons alonelike like what happens where in the talmud as well as within within a you know islam yes yes though i will deshiciese of what's going on in the world currently and i think this is a really really important is that these very ossiferous or belessen are things that are being put forth by what i call the parasite class this does not mean that all these are all muslims or all catholics or bad most people are being you know deceived do that oh in a most i personally believe most people are good decent people and i think that the worst thing that we can do is fall into their traps that they create as i do think they set to and that the ultimate thing they wanted to do is to fight each other so that they don't have we can do their bidding for them if we are busy fighting each other and hating each other as he said in that what you are reading from ocean the secret cove has exactly with heasiest that out of the people that you know you can read these things and i know you can think that they're pretty here i wouldn't be too that to mean that all people who you know of whatever else the reports with people we have the quarrels of the leadership that victimises not only people cross the globe with their own people oh yes and i couldn't agree more yet absolutely christian is long and jewish and pretty much every one of em got me doing you can see every country this is a global crying send to cut that's in there are working together just like the reparation there ilongote exactly and there factions of you know of different sects of christianity because the church has been so infiltrated you know with his whole in oecumenical and of endarteritis tional cochere there are and the nervosity to overthrow ah they do not put that out there because i think that in seeing so much of that right now where people are doing exactly what it is i just spoke at the reawakened hour my topic was on so called the compassion and and i think right and i think that's exactly what the jew and a lot of it i think is born out of the tactics from tavistock i because they play in a relater they they called this segmentation i which is really the genesis of the identity politics but they you know they play on what i think is the best effects of humanity and they've weaponized it in order to create were identity because when we are divided into groups it is so much easier for us to fight against each other than it is if we are dealing with humanity as individuals you look somebody in the eye it is really hard not you love thy neighbor and no matter how you disagree with them no matter how much you may not even like them you know it's really hard we your dealing if you are teasing person when you're dealing with an individual one on one not with knowledge their humanity which is exactly what they don't want to do and that's why they want us to strip ourselves of individual in and it will plump ourselves into these different group identities where we then become a in a weapon eyes compassionate malabars so to speak where we pretexting or groups instead of dealing one of one identified the real threat iss what we're saying here yes exactly yes that he exactly right so we talked about the wellington house the last time which was the neitherit propaganda bureau i that was in the wellington the wellington house in the unit was known as the lie factory that's actually what they called and of course it was he you know origins of propaganda and the purpose of it was to create this opinion at the sway popular opinion in favour of engaging in war war won and it was really focused on the briton the british and the united state they had appointed edward bernese who's known as one of the others of propaganda although i think not enough attention goes to elimanzer was doing quite a good job of there as well but he was known as father probanda he wrote the book propaganda he was the double nephew of segment broad salt of pedantic in order to create what we know as public relations and propaganda day his nephew was mardonios he father of to disorganise also known as it and i don't think it's any coincidence there they like to keep it in the family and it really nothing changes but the technology and that that's what we see that's what advances and that is where the tacks but who's edward benes along with the altered lipman whose journalist who were appointed to head what was called the creole commission in the united states in order to sway the popular opinion in favor of engaging and more or one on the side of the and at this waterhole because wilson had actually run on the campaign that he would not get us into the first world war that he would you know let us mind our own business and one thinks the capstocke as masters the propaganda is the weaponized the term isole and so therefore that became dirty word much like the cia weanies the charm conspiracy theory a consistere in their document entity five deshonneste which was also known as countering the war in commission so it was to avert an investigation in the jokes and at the time the isolationist term was too oh you know discredited or a new really tarnished anybody who was basically sang less let's focus on matter is here which should not be such a bad thing we saw it the researches of this during ronan's ran raid on paul was garnering a lot of acquiescence and support from the political right and that was very unusual for an independent liberticides against momentum and the way that they really tried to discredit him and take him out of the running was to call him nice lion in now and i heard that repeatedly in my own father can say well you still love of things i like but you know for police there how it we might protect her borders now would we the right now where were weakened he that was the wellington house and then from there i said wellington help the three leaf of the pipes on creating a lot of this for time propaganda and make used a lot of a literary figure to do so so that with the first meeting was the child master man who is the head of the long can hold brought twenty five afther well known named people unfortunately like one of my old and fever its regard kipling a fort like eht well and chesterton in some very very prominent literary figures who would write pamphlets and books to manufacture this and public opinion in favor of war and that lasted until nineteen thirty six i believe it it was secret kept secret but i repeat this just to share that this is one of the things hassocks a master of and certainly again it's not new we saw the in ancient greece and egerton a you know all the ancient civilizations would use things like sports frightenin rome we know it the bread and circuses they would use sports and perform in in order to create colt and through the culture creation with message and this is really that is the technology advance freight we carehave a inpricking press and so the books and pamphlets and journals could be more widely disseminated through far farther range and so that became popular i and then of course they're going to get you where the radio and then we have television film now we have some on our little sea again nothing new and his son except the technology which we could also probably saved the best debatable as well since so much has been withheld from us so i think we are legible that so much more advanced ecologically to day than we i might be i think a lot of actual technology and if mission has been worth how or mass in order to suppress and control as so the wellington house was born out of rominten twelve i think it became ficial and eighteen thirteen and then around eighteen twenty we have what became tops i it was often known as have sock institute of medical psychology their whole initiative here was to legitimise though it in no wasn't just this side hinnilus artistic social science they wanted to really cartify it at the medical poet a more hard science type practice and that was why they called it the cockescome ical psychology the name havistock came out of the eleven duke of bedford who was the descendant of a walter and russell who was the co founder of scoones along with a withoot who was related to president cast and they had started a the order of scambonis together so with his relative who then donned to it was also in havistock a square but he donates a buildings specifically designated for shell shock therapy research this is the theme organ to see particularly through a tavistock but then i think it's really important for people to recognize that this happens throughout all the thing the thing tanks and really as you think they worked together i so we were often told that these war time research practices are done in the name of i alas make thee and half joke that they put it the he in front of it and that gives them curt blanche black on budget to do as they will and they don't have to have any transparency oftentimes that leads to those that discoveries and techniques being then weaponis people a very people that they said they were defending in protecting and really good example of this would be harpawhich was the advance research projects atonce which then became dark the defence advanced research projects agency and i think for people who is a really great book ostend me but it's my henningsen's called the pentecontaetia talks a lot about the origins of darbington out of our relations of the whole military industrial complex apparat they i think for people who may not be that familiar with the history of darpa just over the past few years we can see what has happened with these experimental injections and the lawsuit that happened that transpired between fisher and the modern boy now know that either has stroll in essentially the technology from madera which was a branch of dara and they were working under the eyes of kankans in my opinion is another really nice shell for a great ponysche me because of their own admission they talk about how the problem is growing exponentially even though we've received increasingly more funds they enter they keep saying that we i think something like ten fold the problem has ice and the project that it will continue to increase despite lack despite ample funding however the solution they have requested is that we just give them more money and there sure they are going to be able to solve the cancer some warning failures what you're saying and or complete and never mind the fact that there are people who have had tremendous success with an alleviating or in some cases curing cancer like prisons ki when panjal though that's very if we are really kind of care i bring this up because maderna was doing these experimental injections under the guise of curing hams and now so modern sands for modified or in a weawan to really make that sanction for people could let people think morad they think messenger arnandan for those who do not have the science background messenger or a we have a at least it under the framework of our current science that they with the tell and i do say that because a lot of science is predicated on theoretical models and we take them as fact but the theoretical model as it stands is that we have in a hessian strands and the form a double hele and what happens is then you have something called a messenger or one which gives a little code for your ornaret the bone and he told it which a coat sequence to and so a lot of people in the hearer and arna they think we're talking about messenger one and of course now they've kind of giving us this sad narrative that it is a synthetic messenger one but it actually stands for modified on that is really the purpose is to modify not too a replicate your own messenger or nanbut this is this point it of dark all this is to say that my but i think for people who may not be as familiar with dark up that's so this what they do they tell us that they are going to create all of this research and defences checked us from supposedly the enemy oftentimes with their actually doing is they are working alongside those that they have just told us are our enemy oh i get example it really current in an hour mill you is he has a lot of people see that is being the enemy of israel and there there's a great argument to be made that that is the however massa was created in conjunction with with a sorry haas was created in conjunction with mosade and the sea largely there hermas which is now terrorizing and so again they did not choose say that you know this means his real bad or how than good with this means is the parasite class clods to create these opposing dialectics so that we jumped you support the current thing and pick side on the current thing when often handed it to people who were innocent victims and do not realize that they have been made to the victims of i know long standing plans or hebecause moss was created decades there this is didn't happen yesterday but this is what they do this is the fabian model of incremental ism and that's what rockefeller had laid out too in that document you were reading right they say the slow drip and for those are familiar with the phbian socialists the their mascot was the wolf and shoes clothing and which i think is very fitting for them however they then changed it to the because it was the slow and steady and now if it is then just personally at this why hate when i the conservatives used the line like hold the line is actually one of my pet peeve because i think they have been created to be controlled opposition for the left and i'll do shirehighlands and why i don't like this term because of you imagine your playing game cogoran you you lose an inch as they pulled the little bit you far what happened you hold the line and then they pull another inch you hold line and then what happens before you know it you're mild found the road and you don't understand how you got there you were just holding line though i i really encourage people to stand by their convictions and to push i of course not navigating violence but you can't just keep saying i in a hold the line because i think we often fail to recognize is that they keep pulling the line so that this is why the dialectic as frogs because they shift just a little bit we need to do more than just hold line there is he come here is why is it in the coals codes to warn us what they are going to do and he goes back to luciferian asm and satanism theoderichos what they're doing before they do at or or alter guilty of the crime this this obsolete of this they believe that it absolves them of guilt and that the person is agreeing to go along with their sacrifice rachel whenever his ah that the right i and i think that's the largelywith deception of the medical industry rate because farm machine is sorcery and it's done that through the even if they are they're not doing it directly we are now a willing and complicit and it is this i know it's a step or move because you're now taking standeththere the a saying that all afters are trying to kill us by the way that's not the pollertishans but of course i do think that they have replaced things that were you know in our nature a you know just god creations that are often great remedies too now the very ailments we may face and they were placed a lot of that with synthetic they don't winning an actual cures there's no money an actual cures cat and miss is really fascinating too because rockefeller himself was originally actually a natural medicine guy by it was a his advisors really pushed him into since that a farm sutils he had the monopoly on the petroleum industry and then it was abraham flexner who were he commissioned to do this elector of horse so they could transition a given the nineteen ten and they transitioned all of the medicine into alley of pathic medicine and visits were saw the defending of any schools who did not teach from pharmaceutical is superior to that most of the medical teaching was in natural natural cure of natural tree and so the transition from that true pharmaceutical these teachings and they also did the district licensed from any natural path ic or in hoistedthe licenses and you can only be licensed through forms allium half sick methods so we saw that and then right i am misinstruction it seems like the same sign then played in all the other and all the industries as they all had their own cartel and that then from there we saw a nisus kipping had lobito it was a we were there we had the binishon give mean throng and so is macheson who was one of the like heads of rockefeller finance and he said that also science his social sciences will concern with the rationalization of social control therefore the control of human behavior and heat this is in nineteen thirty three he was really instrumental in along with langrenus the head of the medical board for the rockefellers and he was one who really push some to go from traditional psychology into the field of psychiatry and the ecully a huge forcasting i mentioned is briefly last time when osongo the antisecretin that was a huge movement back then people really didn't think that there was any future in sithean a lot of money in it and it didn't seem to be having a lot of promise however engelished the rocker to get in to psychiatry verses as traditional psychology and i couldn't figure out where the missing link was though in a lot of my research i tried to find it you know what were the relations shifts because i think as you being were social creatures and were often motivated by relationships whether that be from our parents or our mentors or you know sessile all seeking connection and ballotation belonging and it was his mentor was rhmliche don't think he's any coincidence that he was pushing for this engagement into the field of sachibut that was really what paid the way for the rockefellers to give the grant to what then became cstop of human relations in he is really what we see to day out of haviside the get there so comstock institeris psychology it became topspinning was designated specifically to do this shell shock therapy research under the guise that they were trying to figure out what was going on with the soldiers had what we now call posttrematic stress disorder we now see that they have weapons a lot of these blood the research and the topics that were done to conduct the three searchers nally believe that this is where a lot of encased the research it was done under the geysertheorie for soldiers the clinic and they of course they called it the top secondsthe medical psychology to no credibility and it was a base on wolfer by and who was a medical psychologist and found the one of their dead directors at the time was john rollings rice who was the lord and i had mentioned a little bit about him last time also he became later the founder the co founder of the world federation of mental health in it nineteen forty eight nine forty eight was just really crazy time his flag freight that round in on forty seven into forty eight we we had all these things it's like the sea a wind the un was like right before then o get israel became a state yea that i'm going to blank on all of them but it was a very patentolie in world history may move all the prices on the chests board all at once yeah wellwisher this never a small move it the you'll see things and all of a sudden it's not it's not one in it's the moment hal bolt the hole bored round exactly and i think it's really because they're playing some new people made the cook of bad trump doing a ten dechass but i think really the bay you hendy chess because there they have been creating the chess board and i think they have to pull from so many different sides to try and create checkley and the players on the ponds exactly and how they behaved the rules of the moves vicki think we're nakelas really i think we're peonclass i am conconally i think so yetshe or are moved the the only moving the only winning move we have is don't play you know don't show stupid protest you ole they are i think a lot of the gendarmes the advance through a soavemente as woshmado i studied a lot of the philosophers and in of course when you look at there's not a whole lot of money in i i i know chopping i byeeeeee what happens is the typically funded through academic institutions by geshte a less parasites i i like to call them cause i don't think they're very lead at all but the parents i say the parents had classed the new they said you know whatever both of the needle lord clash the fond these various and what have parthesis or parish rights or somebody had the fun your publishing and i think that he really whether not they create how oft articles of co movements the jewish to advance a gender and strategies and i i feel this to bring up a hegel and the hermeticists hegel of course was an alchemist and hematosis and it he talks about assoiler to plato like the sorcerer's circle and so you were saying don't play and i would say like otoesi the sorcerer's circle look cause that's what they do they cast spells and then you're to though if we just step outside and we like i'm not going to play i'm not entering this spell then i think we would have much rather and as they got refused to proticipate you can say that economically to actually when there's a recession or something like that it's like a caisier engineer recession your engineer depression i'm not going to purchase pate i'm going to change my i'm going to change my trajectory and go into one that actually wins yet i'm not going to sit here in the self pity in the self pity chair going oh my goodness whatever shall we do you know it it's like what other winds shall we do we will continue on at were doing and or look for all the opportunities that happen when when the rest of the population sides to be lazy and have you ever toryboy appear as to the magical oh you have lain up yes i was a developer and they were then a like i like see this is way as i said you in fact or peresshus like your calling a parasite as on a meaningthose because you are you're a parasite all you do is feed at your feeding off of everyone and you're going to dwell and you're going to go down the road like a straight dog and oreadocracy in somebody else's yard and expect us to clean it up you my friend are well how did you wonder that what that how do correspond to being called a parasite a shot yes i like you nothing else to say case she now was right and i'm gettin on like you know your parasite and that's the end of the scots sir in all some in it i'm a little brutal sometimes when people are or evil i love thus the push for artificial drugs is really push in old ted shows donnered and anti groff that the propaganda turned turned the two off getting ilicito people that are actually digging stuff in on their so many good people out there right now it's exemplication of news that we are the news you know not not being you know the brand bores not work which i would say that we are trying to put truth but all the people have the pod case and the little men of low broadcasts are going on to that are not founded any time i see somebody that's receiving funding i himmediately the ratified comes and if if they akhashen now or were they making the money and in that what are even what is the gandas of those who are fond ayahaddinti s caseinogenate ing me at the beginning that they still do you all you need to monetise this and i'm like every time i went to go about this i like it was it was a otherstestified sturdy if he and so am i i can't no i'm not interested in doing it i have it wouldn't be something that i would put on the gonefor myselfs i think that philosophically the sepperates people out when you don't have sponsors not that people of the right to make money and make a living out half that is a problem you should ask questions like i think it was like bret black rifle coffee came out as thin as a sponsor of different people look into the background of the scots so many of these uncompanied and patriot groups were actually created as controlled opposites so you even have to look at that sort of thing what are they really doing who are they in with and just cause they've got a patriot label on it doesn't mean that they are at all you need to know what's behind it who they working with who are they connected with and i don't know just as like don't just by every time somebody throws a cook in that looks like a right taste absolutely that that is so true i'm i will say i know like this young i know how much time i esentamente resources that takes so you know i do understand people he to make a living in a lot o time people can make a living doing something else while there if there really merchantes a grand i know yes so chalmerlain is every check him out and that you know and i would also encourage people who were seeking truth and seeking the information to support people who you respect and tosando feel like or pudding you know genuinely trying to put out good information you know good people if you have the means to do so i think that is the best way is for the people to be supporting each other and you don't have to go to the bigger a parasite entities were often as you said there in ankle predecessorsit is werheegen a can a raid on you now parasites begone with you but we we need every machinefor heathenfor mation if i howell hoseback in breed whatever it does we have put on this hollintide gone begone with them all of them but you're right about the controlled opposition and get tavistock actually created several controlled the opposition in a lot of things things we think of as being a conquerit weighing things like the heritage foundation and the cooper institute the hudson institute a lot of these are subsidiaries of working with tavistock and hanno that what's what's the tree there because that this could be good to let people know what that went there were the roots came from ye so i have the whole malwatt and don't know what haven't riddlesome a doctor conchoides a great job of outlining a lot of the the comedy of three hundred back i find the conspirators here keep nor were the camera at heredis committee of three hundred by duckstone the doctor john coleman was a former miss in and it became a whiff power he wrote thirteen monograph my personal favorite is the one that he rode on comstock and that is retailing on ameinonos by found dollars i do have it the i have the pitanate egram though and i'm pretty sure he is no longer with us so he is not losing money on my opening the i don't like to do that to authors i also don't have five thousand dollars for so i want to make the information accessible to others who may not have the five thousand dollars and he had it not in curious here eh he is not with us any more so he sees not losing money on it i'm by having it and i know he would have wanted it get out i the biggest critique of commines he did not his sources by i will to share now this first hand from a very dear friend of mine who accorded a gree book it's very relevant to day and is on the hidden history of wrong but he was also former british intelligence so people who are in and the i love i absolutely love telegram yet hellenised egregii haven't pinned on my telegram on how he to go there will see at and it has that the adites very expensive on and i don't know where else he can find it so you that you go there and just cold through icole of things pen but if you go through my pen document up but yes so make friend who if you are in like if you are intelligence or former intelligent you have access to secret libraries and what happens when you go right the document and three five shistas called countering the warren the di reference to document all the time it was a document of from the cia and they used it to weaponized the term conspiracy he so there anybody who questioned jokes sassination would be labelled as a conspiracy theory and then you would not want to be be saaff now leejune who was questioning things that and the we we see the that of course has been resurfaced with a vengeance now i so in when you you have access to these secret libraries though things like the sea library a the london library however what happens when you have access to be libraries is you then you can't keep picture you can only take tis not like you in checkbook out of library even take notes your own written notes but then as you leave you know kind of like when you leave a casco or send you have to show your receipt and they have to verify all you in no cross reference everything you've caught with the receipt will we now leave these libraries they will look at your nose and they will reach anything they do not want you though therefore allotted these people are relegated to relying on me and these men intelligence and the people who are in intelligence tend to be highly intelligent you shall do have very good memories but you are still depending on now even some dew of the photographic memory may have potential or to be valuable and altofrom with this is true and attacked about this and how they use this as industry captures through regalations is that the people in the legislature congress will go a head in decide to set up a a a regulatory board and they paid them to develop and then the way they get around having this because we pay for all their tax dollars as they they they they register at an end they publish it say like an end in de even though we paid for it you and you can go there you can look at it you can't take anything on that if you want to play ball and say like like the rail industry you've got a higher one of these organizations who has who has been paid to develop it to once again paid them a shanty five thousand dollars a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the millions of dollars to play ball and these in together information that we've already paid for this is so ran this is like its like industrial double taxes and a barrier for entry and its rock totally i'm an you know in the the briganteen he does like medical journals as part of their propaganda di seminations so i don't think we should i don't think it's beyond questioning if that has been done here as well we know it's been pappenheim's like we know that these people in in in the criminal deep state there we know that this is about them verses us and if they keep all this information for us they can keep us running around fightah other being stupid instead of actually looking at what it takes to take them to take the them to task and hold the commonable tolly toeing so you're asking about how we know this and i'll go through this is the difference he ocelotl we got like we got like a titles to have the ten minutes and then will come a leeks o ka okaond the great i could go on and with this for over actually but but i ottadini know it really is it like the train reckon't help but look at it i know ye said this is he talking titiansthe united states again doctor down come i think he is a really great resource the other book that was in on have asofia working on i'm begetter wanted you i don't know if you're familiar with yanamoto it have with bosom i say think it's a pen name but it was the milliner prevencon piracy so what he did was or she i don't really know i but did in extension of carol quickly and anthony soon or both phenomena there research in their work and did a more modern or more a kind of continuation of that and it's a very relevant books really hard to get to day i also really conceive i got one last copies at the moment when i got it out of the and it but in outline how they're going to use the islam islamic invasion in order to fomentations between the east and the west and a lot of what is playing out currently is outlined actually in this book so it has the recommend that but all that to say i'd like to do kind of an extension of their danielsdaniels on tavistock they're not really current and how socks working on a lot of things to day and that i think people should be aware of but then esselen's book is also agreed he goes into a little good more of the tactics and strategy the more of the hollywood in filtration and he he quotes a lot of darton kind of the feet one bestinto the other i but they i guess we can't wrap up i talking about the doctor he drown out sir lower john wrong who became the later the co founder of the world federation mental health and i tenforty eight he was the director of tawstock and time that he became he was deputy director and that he became the official director in nineteen thirty two and he's he was really the one who and i think i mentioned this last time too how he would really believed in creating a fit columning the psychologist be the fifth some piece quilts were that he wanted to induce controls via psychologically controlled environment controls stress i i gorontolo environment in order to make people give up firmly held beliefs under pure pressure this a lot of like group of searched dynamics i which later he was actually an organization created by buying and then got adopted into this country so they have an offshoot which allot of these organizations topically do the off shoot here is the rice andste a so why reciviesen sixty nine created to the i cannot rises tavistock work and i created here in the united states as in consolashun we talk about is rice university attached to this tonontouan know i did not get a haven't investigated that yet it isn't all sadatoni and the state of michigan who is near the top of the miohippus to have connections to rise universe interesting well i get i will go on i don't see die on his tale has he a lot of me sometimes and a has received government funded funding so one of their big premises was that they would they were independent because they received no funding from the federal pratishtha is actually not true any more are they have received both local and federal funding a governor which mere had said indorsed them and ethereenne ly i think they have been compromised and that is very relevant for people who because they are now trying to do these local charter schools and i think a lot of people who are overwhelmed by the notion of home schooling or deferring to a langostin this is as there so great a doingtoo fontinalace your eyes on a mother on the th chaps that black rifle o they showed the true colors with black lies olive had they sure that so that i think that that talkes and girls to take away for the day it has me oot the control of position and political parties and activist groups and activists e what survenoit they want to is his coin this they say the best way to control the opposition is to leave it oh that's a oftenerin the god to fit one son warfare so yes son i got on my body this sweet yon general fled and he i brought my books i can miss seen getting of signed by him every time i saw him and i getting hot in and by him i eddicatin i got my signed this sweet god and i had i met with in the ai on boone and flinn ah oh very cool so i talked to boone and i working on a inkobo on the compassion trap that they said they want to put into the third on the cold for him that were very nice and vigils much love to them in every one there working you know i that this tamasine individuals that are decided to take this nation back whether without the globists from it yet probably without it and they knew it so put the case on mine and everything they had some something thought big luck to them in every one standing with the minanderies such it really with such a god thing when we match yet we've had some wonderful discussions about where we were and what was going on in such and it was truly truly a god thing that you and i were able to meet sit down and i'm not just so honour to know you too like this is a neat that i mean love my tuesdays with the tender in turn or tuesdays you know so soittokoneita and then he lets so you know i may have my wedding break there to get ready and the wadingfor my daughter and then then we'll come back on the next week and i think we this is such a good thing to help educate people with what we didn't learn because we honestly we're going to have to do this ere and now you know whether it be legally history what really happened how we got to where we are now because if we don't know how we got we're going to they're going to suck us in again that they will suck us in again and i'm sorry i'm sick of him living in stupid and you know i would rather i would rather be led by paris you go ahead and carwithiel parasite guys some day and see what they do gaolerthat i per the antiparasitic when you really face of the parasite and you call the persit their faces are donations the compeers that yes your parasite but i actually i hope to go say i think it's actually kind of the hope because what people don't often think about they don't consider is that they want to put us into a neo feudal society that's run by an iiport mind that they program but the hope the the silver lining in this is that in a new feudality you need the lords need serves to do their work now so therefore we actually a lot of power and the more that we can you know more knowledge we can ascertain the more discernment we can then that we can be resistance where we're not doing the work for them and they have no power and we all these institutions that they created the only work with catheretic on the lie that we buy into if you think about it like the economic i which you know we don't get you by a one of my big had peeresses fall dialectic between a you know the different types of becomeonce ideologies and your look at people like adam smith and then he was pitted against commarcha were they both predicated on their both predicated on man to build who was an open known luciferian and then from there we get a manassite up against a frederick now i get a lot of push back on this and again i really encourage people to adjudicate in formation not sources because i'm not saying that i didn't put forth any valuable information or didn't say anything that was true sinking for you know smith or probably even call marks for that matter i mean you know there still truths that's why it's but intersecant take things with black and white however with still need to acknowledge most of them smiths philosophy was predicated on this very luciferin principle of virtues for sin right capitalism is good because it utilizes human nature like human greed in order to function and propagate capitalistic economy and at this is really the concept of virtues or son again that doesn't mean everything he said was wrong or bad but then you have bongaheli it's one it varied telling yes and to me that after midday latter doctor exactly in the last chapter of on high was about an international world order being the solution so i i guess you know you're you're talking about like the different systems that we have the economic system it works because they have created this lie of the accuracy and if we didn't if we didn't all participate and buy into this lie that they would not have any money or any power if we didn't buy into the lie of the medical system you know so much bettereducated again as i was mentioning before on models he read and models which we have a lot of evidence to indicate or actually not actual and the founding principlethis premise is shaken your whole foundation is shaky and therefore everything built on compositionis likely to potentially in floedeost you look into the origins of the legal system and it was created this wise bringing ease which is essentially its own language is signaled to the initiates you have to be indoctrinated into the system it was not created to empower the people it was created to empower the ltesten class who were familiar back you go on now but this is this is the pattern so we we need to really or ourselves with on so we can step outside the well and i think this is this is really an important fact is that when god created us we had everything in the garden in recent looking for what's going to make us happy and all these treasures and master guess what guys and down in the like everything we needed is right here look at the people you love look at these things in or a virtue not how can i a mass something that gives me a fault security because you know what you don't have any secret that they on one attack from a rider somebody else it's gone on so you you'd better understand what your true treasure is and in a in reality it's such other it's got to ashes beautiful world live on it's eat other it's the beautiful world that god created its being able to walk on this earth with god and the only way you do that is if you if you get rid of the thesefore if you please start clean and things up and actually walk with god in your find out we always had he was always with and it was as she left him he never let and so we can we can go back to you know we can turn our hearts over to him and he he will save us and at that's that's the that's he that's the deal there and you know i'm going to do tell you all right now jesus christ as my saviour and i i ah hold to that i couldn't save myself and so god did all the work for me and that that is ah and he always has so i think i think that's a that's a a a point to make so but but it's it's fun you know we we studied messianic jewish for years and its kind of my dear one said that were reformed jews and so i thought with kind of funny you know you look you look back at going back to the bible and i'm not talking the tall man which is babylonian satanism and i will just address them because a lot of misinformation into i really come to believe a little information is seems to be the most dangerous and just for people to understand the town mootiere conversation so it's essentially mostly rabbis were reading this reading the torah and then they are putting forth in written form there interpreted the analogy would be if i were to have a thread on twitter and you decide every person on twitter is bad because you don't like what one person said one thread you can't point to it and say well this means these are all bad is not the hononoreera bed any don't looks like it's like the people are fine but he have look at so i have a real grip with christian writers that right about the bible like i don't read things about the bible i go to the bible and i ran the book and so that's that's the problem that i have met him where he would odericus it either putting their human nature in the it what what you have the right in the full ability to go directly to god and go to the book why would you read somebody's interpretation there it instead of sit down and pray and ask at what he wants you to know that day and at that he actually very jewish way to stand on on and go to the book it can be in the same burst can being something different the next day based on what can wholly spirits illuminating you don't depenciled word right now but in any other it you know the holy spirit will well tell you how to apply that to your life in the situation that's why it's a living book and it's it's really it's really quite amazing but when people get into writing about the book you're going to have people that are coming at it from a luciferian point because we've all been infiltrated and so as well as some who may have good intention do you really want to take that much time to sort through this and you know or you goin to go right to the source that's i ashes what he had to say you know and if we go right to the source gas what we find out where on the same page pretty much with every one and you know it cut on all this nonsense i that we've been infiltrated and believing the head lines and all this god consent go to the you know don't read that surly bout it go to the constitution or read go to the bible and read and i play how you understand the authentic the original you have to marry as ours there goodleaving this plan you know again you bring up human acreand that the sinful nature of him nature of one of them is laziness right so what happened i remember growing up we had something called the life now people just go to google i'm but in instead of actually reading the book you'd read somebody elses watered down and oftentimes to perner croft i you know version of the actual sources set of reading it i actually had this argument with some in twenty twenty argue about philosophy and i well you know i pointed out something that was actually you know from flossie don't eat you know i can't read them i just read this secondary sources will set you actually have never read you know you don't know this losophy like you to read it from the horses now don't tell me so and so said exalted for yourself and yet we may have different interpretations or understanding you you still the game tell one gets much worse when you are by the twentieth person that it does if it's you know separate if you have five people hearing the fill racing and on on something that may be completely parasitic at that infiltrate in parasitic you got like antipathiso now you know the the human nature of fallibility i mean sometimes we just make innocent mistakes right so and and a in there you go so how about we prayers the day and i am really heinfelt hat you're here i mean i love i love talking to everybody i like talking i mean i i love talking to an we had learned howsomuch must not not listening to respond but listening for informin and then let it settle for a minute you know instead of if it is you get at first blush on all sometimes you don't we hear something and we got and not really i'm not really there you know there's no not there's a lot of stuff that comes out in its liking to i'm not really there you know just listen and you'll let it saddle in an all a sudden you may even find something that's off to the side that wasn't even part of that is oh that makes the lot of sons now and in it might just it might just stitch a couple of unrelated pieces of information a great profitable way to spend your time oh you know i found studying studying messianic was was incredibly insight i thought i thetis really really awesome to go he the shot a lot of light and to what western christianity teaches that is doesn't really understand culture the time or how it was put together like one of things at that was really interesting if you study not as a western a western person's thought process but soon from the eastern thought process which is worth bible was written its in the eastern philosophical mines as christians we will say god is glorious god is you know oh it's all these intangible properties which could mean a million things to mont willingif fence where from a jewish respected its god is like a mountain o let me think about that for a minute we have physical properties here that we can take or in our experience to and god said that he says that he ain't in the tory talk about using the physical in order to understand the intangible young nackley exactly in that gets miss peck it's miss and istical thesmothet so honestly into honestly broadened the way that we started in that doesn't mean it were abandoned in or core principle it leads that may be worse shutting light on it maybe we went back to the beginning and end which is which is where we're all coming from and loring from every day which i think is extraordinarily poet he studied the whole thing and then no study the whole thing before you decide to discount any or part of it which i think is so that side ready for prayers there evenly father thank you so very much for john courtney hon or turner and a tater in turner tuesday here at all the things were learning about that you've given us the opportunity to in fact really fighting out how we got here and where we came from and the walk with you that we that we are on every single day we're just so think fulford that i ask your blessings on both courtney and john in the work they do and every one standing with them i ask your blessing i general flanboiant donald jumperful president the united state admiral rogers all these people that have fought for the united states so valiantly and brilliantly to in fact not let us fall into this world system of parasitic varians and such which have been trying to take astound held from the beginning we thank you so very much for the guidance of given us every day we asked you would lead us into knowledge of the direction you want us to and to our walk with you that we could talk with you and walk with you every single day and you'll give us the answers to all the problems in life and that you lead us out of the captivity that we've been under the spell of their caste and all these other the other nouns and set souther tis so let woodtick that what's bad as good and good is that god's good that's all there is to it and we know that you are the author of good everything you do is good and our faith is in you not in the things we see and hear but knowing that you got things under control we love you and we trust you to walk his path and whatever does it were supposed to help with learn it and such wherein were in it for ever with you we love you so very much your great friend to us and we want to be a friend with you locking on this earth with ss namely there you his so at any rate that's on hesyehius as wonderful as always of it and it withhands elope that you my have hoconacho in other and now here he anyhow god bless you all god bless all the same he love and god bless the hermit great city it starts or hadingtonn things spensonie learning what courtney's teaching because i find her to be incredibly informative reconciliatory anti parasiticides have good ideas you gettin rid of the parasitic thanking and all the parasitic on manipulation and the doctor nation in this soodit spend a little time there so i anyhow any last words corne i will just conversations on your nonfading and having a meeting time ah where were trying to figure out when horses going to be but it might be pretty soon so that's coongarrie but we don't know it we're going to do just like the ceremony and the new party later could that taste was too much time resources to to plan so but we wanted make it official sonorileto what you know i'm i'm not ordained minister oh okadae as feetmay them so one thing that if you want the cheap shore some good ones on patouillet em now go think you will have any idle time and a blessing the bound yet all good things so anyhow have a wonderful day every one and a courtly will be a back on not necktiebut the following week because i might on full time wetting next have a great day and thank you so much for coming on to day love you to pieces you too i