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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/11/2023 - Border Update - Heather Hobbs

Published May 11, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Update on the Border and efforts to end Human Trafficking with Heather Hobbs Special guest Heather Hobbs is an anti-abortion/anti-human trafficking advocate, who works on the southern border with law enforcement to help rescue children as well as, securing our border with new technology. She has an amazing story in her own right, deciding to keep her daughter after rape, and talks about the blessings each and every life is to all of us. Heather is also currently working to help with evacuation efforts in Sudan to rescue Americans abandoned by the Biden Administration. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eleventh day of may twenty twenty three a beautiful day to day i wanted to share if few things with everybody out there because it's the beginning of gardening season so sometimes you know we you thinks for function like the tebles an sometimes i do thinks just cause we think they're pretty so here let me see if i can share this with everybody so an i'm unstarting took up my garden right now with a with flowers getting that started and then the moving forward with that dis pretty soon but we're getting at an orator so it's condonando this part and on bring here and in for just a minute here the carronade at gollenhofer you doing wellgood doing really good i want to bring the little goat dance rodeo on here and i in a few minutes that terence set me to spit or of goats to an happy dance so i posted it in a little while ago and thought we put it up in that would be really fond i want to start something here just real quick and that were covering a special gaston how their hopes and she is an anti abortion anti human trafficking and ah and acted as well as doing so many things in amazing as it is i'm always at how many hours in the day good people find to do good things and how there's one of them but i wanted to pull i wanted to do insurance bandons ware room and it got his christina crooned gets generally of it if you see his honest vane you're going this is going to be in the news the next day you know we're already got the bodenrode or going back to the trump policies which was a good idea in his ah one of this few good ideas in the midst of all the payments from the energy come but i wanted to highly his inaction heresome mine do it with my fault so he read alice i can get this thing there to play oh love oh i got i got to say i just love christina crome i consider her a friend and a house no get em to day christina because we're all standing together all of us who are on the side of good verses evil we are standing together and i just want to say satiavit ah my friend anyhow thought that was a fairly inspirational a little bit there that she did and she chose great speaker and she's a she is a very very nice person and he i just love her piece as so any housedeserted the day out with that and my flowers and see how see how it did they go carin'd like to bring on the how there for a minute here and then we'll wring you back in with questions he oh all right missus literal here we go is morning how their high do it where he in howard you i'm great you'll beautiful this morning in touch it is henry looked on it put half way of other i get that i get up in the morning and and i was tell the gallic cut my hair on like better do god caught because all i do his commonplace that i'm done i just won't put the time into it that a lot of people do so so all your doing tonomori as tombs very busy he was to tell you what's going on well i am down here in louisiana beheading to miami this after he very now i am helping louisiana writes a life there were multiple for abortion bills that were being presented including one bill specifically what a because i've got my chicken scratch and noster there venait was bill i be five to two and this basically said that medical doctors who legally performed a portion will not have comminaltees really yes the other ones were to bring rape exceptions back i different loopholes to gete a portion back into louisiana and there there's also there is a language changed h before six wine a basically it would allow the doctors to interpret what they think or medically necessary abortion is so there's a lot of stuff for their trying to bring a portion back because they say tannin love a marching at a feed their pocket books but we do get sae the mother of the innocent because it just speeds and the evil and let them issues in society to day so i testify in against the exceptions everything to testified and failed including the one where the doctors wouldn't get and that one was particularly concerning because the language had its were even if there was an abortion as performed just before her they would not be or find it's really it's really stomach failure and i think that for for everybody out there at least my viewers know how i feel about this is that this whole stones satan basis on everything i mean there using stuff for satanic ritual buster usint for sacrifice or going all kinds of weird crap out there and we really need to call it out i listen to you very satoraka bracklee he was on the sunethink out it was an interview and they were talking about what do you do trying to justify murdering babies as what they were doing what do you do a baby is born alive and he was in on this the interviews other and they came to this wonderful satanic conclusion that as long as there were two doctors that decided the houses mesenteron if they decided it god bless you this is great because you know what it's real news for real people by real people so i abonnenten to get to louisiana they are soft from her that makes me smash so i don't know of these little mouse but they can but in how they were they were he was going on and then they decided took in parentheses to say that if a baby was born alive all they needed was another doctor to collaborate and say that the life wasn't viable and they killed them on the th so if somebody want having abortion and they wanted to either say they killed the baby or who knows i'm i'm of the opinion that they probably are taking those babies alive and selling them for god only knows what he the people are so evil and we as i do in proven with david delight in outannihilated his under cover he don't is three and a half year under cover than redeye being sued by california millions of millions of dollars on legal fees and lawsuits and their windies but they proved the honest directors of kovacica lady body part buying facilities saying i could keep them alive as long as possible so he can have appetiteor aims and disgusting things like that and when i lived in the state of oregon what they do is called comfort care if a baby is born alive and what comfort care is if a baby survives in abortion they wrap a man a blanket and they leave them to die i don't give medical intervention they don't feed them they don't nothing they put him aside and not rapping in the blanket is considered the comfort and the kindly by i can't i cannot even fathom this you know being a person whose who's a farmer and an raises animals and there is there are no animals on the planet alice posers a few of em like you know black widows and whatever i mean if they get that basically you know what i like a not outmost thetheaccident the ore or human being can actually kill their own children what is wrong with us and then you know another some hitting and nurslings are or the medical stephoidea ly could not i could not sit there and have a baby crying or live next to me and not nurture it or do something i couldn't do that the condescension i can't fathom that any lonely crying animals you you are on the farm you have these little babies that are you know born met there the run of the latter or as may be their just really small and sickly and you feel a drive to nurture it because it's in assent and weak and that's what humanity is that's a having womanity is all about and i cannot understand them in sets of these people to do this the in and oarpins what credit evil what can switch have they turned because there's got to be some sort of emotional component with the shut off they shut down cut of like lot of first responders and military doe there's a button where they compartmentalize and they just lock it out i just can't imagine doing that especially in the case of a baby is called the now it's called walking away from god as what it is if you don't have god in your life here you lose that part of humanity and overtime it's slippery slope in my in we we we can talk about you know we talk about all kinds of things on here that nobody at all that a lot of people don't find palatable but so sorry to say had you bad we were adults and we have to deal with these things like human trafficking what is going to be shocking to a lot of people is how many prance or selling their children for and in all all sorts of other things in you really have to look at this and say they this is a complete can't be human they they really cannot be fully human to be able to do this sort of thing ah in in the destruction of god's god's world is really this is the war on god and the best way of whom is to hurt an innocent an innocent person and innocent lected destroy his creation and his children on imagine i go get i felt feeling that when dad gets really upset about this and it gets me he's being pretty patient right now i don't think i could do that if i saw them hurting hurting some one you know if i were stayed i don't think i could be that paste i i think it would have been it would be a game over for the nonsense but a now it's just just what's on those things we're going to have to deal wi you an i are not god c he that throws he has a better understanding and i was self people we see like in tone and he sees on like eight and he can see now from the moment that there's a seed and it becomes a tree and it gets put down and becomes paper and gets written and undecided he sees all of that that like with our lives he knows exactly who were going to be he knows all things so i trust in him it's also so frustrating for us on this earth when we don't have that understanding and that that patience and all knowing that he has so we just have to have bathed him and do what we believe is right and fight for truth and fight for good that's part of mine down here in louisiana i actually just gave louis anarit for life asked me to make an official statement because the governor of louisiana surprisingly his a proliferate as is the mayor of new orleans ah but he is for except and so he made an official statement that he was very disapoint that the bills did not get past committee and he wants to protect crime victims and in any specifically called children like mine my oldest rapists babies oh on the extreme the offense ostitis ed an official statement replied to have and we lited out then social media now as for me that is something i'm very specific on when i talk i say my child is not the child of a rapid she is the child of a rape survivor because the sale of god yes and that is another thing in it there and you've got me there that's exactly where he's going to so as he sees the trading rights survivor she's a child of god and actually i mean my mad like five years ago that is as the day she was baptized and she's like ineson and a pretty white dry said you know she just like spinning and i'll pretty dress and it says i am not the child of oropus on a child of god or of a daughter of god something so you're exactly right but it's very dehumanizing for some one like that's my biological father and grandfather convicted pettifies the enprisone they were part of a petifogging and that was when i was nine years old people created against me because of whom my biological father was i was in a small town but nobody knew that i was the one i thought them put away or that i was instrumental in that and stopping it but we were believed our house was aged and poliater and people discriminated because of whom my parents are in that was part of my statement in committee yesterday was that we are not defined by who are biological parents are rare not despised by our circumstances weird defined by ourselves and what we choose to do with our lives and i said i want to raise my work my children in a world will be don't discriminate based upon race gender disability or way of his and of course none of the none of the left is had anything to reply to that because it's a play on their own game they would they were trying to turn it into a race game they are trying to turn it into sexes of they were trying to turn it into all these things about disabled children no we're not going to play that game because we're not going to discriminate against one set of people which is children can see from rate or disabled children went up on otassite against them because you don't want to discriminate based on race and gendered whatever other things so you're wanting the law to have discriminatory exception because it different from what you you are worried about i mean it doesn't make any sense so they lost it there allbecame it was great i think that that something that can't be on no son enough is that when you see that kind of have you i don't think they really care which way his i really don't i think they're in it for the money and when other to want to show boding there's a lot of show ononafter young and so that the gehrmann uses aven't heard that when before toward this but that's a great charm but if you follow the money i see exactly what the game is their game as its use anything that poles on any one's emotional heart strength and they'll flippit they'll go one way for a while then the good the other way for the next depending on what kind of money they can make grand hole are energy secretary who does even one barrels of oil we use in the day donnissan i bet you do i that i do and so she made a ehtooni six million dollars on a stock trade in the electric vehicle the and so their using their positions to make money just the same thing i think if you looked into the people and the abortion industry all and the peat in the connections they have with politicians their probably getting paid incredible money and in dark money funds on the back side we see so many examples of that and so on individuals as this she followed the money you're going he jan and trying to think of this god is named concepito a note here there is a representative that their two representatives their actually at that work she voting really really hard making they were kitty haste and tamarinds i there is another one that was like race raised its old yarely went to the relation and there is one woman who testily read up the testify and she likes screeching if if i was forced to give birth to my right is childhoodcoming seaside these are making this i owe an absolute what it was all about the they pay people to to show up the anthemidis i've seen people that were there that that they were paid to be there as actors and actresses and they will literally step up and they've got a great sobs but there yet paid actors and actresses we really have evenly saw that yes we really have to question what's the mode of of the persons speaking are they speaking from the heart or are they just another actor after us like a like that the trans deed on delanoni do not believe i do not believe one word of what's happening there because every single person in this situation is wrong for for number of reasons you do first of dowe know if he is a professional actor or not very likely because he's been out other other areas he is shown upsots very likely that he has an act if he is not he is severely mentally and that in its case you can see it it's like a it's like a six year old look at me look at me look at me look at me tydest ff as he groaned grown man right i can say graham man grown heron man tomentosa it and not only that if he is medlythe anne heiser bush is absolutely despicable beyond all words because when the the attention stops and it's going to none of the stuff lasts for ever he is going to be abandoned and i would expect that that that the the repercussion on his personal life is going to be absolutely unrecoverable and attorny people that are speaking out right now for the transitions that they're going through and that's an industry that's timethe portion industry sane people and i there is an article that came off the sweet in the sky with stopped and it was a god than he was on the beach talking to some of polistopolis stopped post individuals and um they talked him into not transitioning and not doing what he wanted to do and he said you regret it he said we live every day wanting to die and both him shade we come i i the they are contemplating suicide at least three times a day because it wasn't what they thought it was going to be there is no recovery from memost or sterile and most of them have to be undergoes of their lives i mean it gives gets worse i mean you know in reason trains genders have a high suicide rate and its not because people are picking on them and think you know they say it's because of conservatives that transcends its it's not sureits a mental illness for wine and were playing pretend with them but there thesaro you that will always know the truth about who you are and that masses with you catholically you can try to convince yourself that your something all day long at the end of the day that masses with you cyfhogi ally over time and especially when you get a surgery like that it must as of your chemicals and your hormosand i was help people those more modern treatments are horse on a cot friends that have done i beat i personally don't care for ives im by i've had them and just watching their hormones going up and down because there were feet and jested with high mounts of aster jan and other things and also a lot of these men get transition with financevested you can't have it down pefore means said or is not natural to your body and your natural chemistry and expect people to be even more sane thither already mesland your adding said that by alternate chemistry in their body and the sotake those mats as to their lives and even even a you know guy that transitions to be in a woman they have to keep something inserted in their inter fat girl part he thinks from closing up on him did he the see that thing that i showed you that i send it to you that i ernani don't know how it was yesterday since it to john ferguson enough he withered i exist trains genders are now taking frozen cubes of tomato paces to have a mock period this was not inserting it in sight of their make as this this is not skies this is absolute mental illness had man made a pace what's real osteroth's really sad is yeah i wonder how the cramps are going where that you know it's like onocleas no you don't leave the press to have had have actually burst a child as well in a carried in birth the child that your little seed of flame games is going to get any traction with us because the sands before unless you get a hole saw and some other things to him at modified the pellets i'm not lying in litanies you go through you know cramps and birth in a child you can oleinic lost on me you know exactly it's really sad that'll be isthey've turned this end to an industry for profit and their mutilating children will there still and that in time a finding out all you don't hold who they are i mean i mean what do you to do with a kid comes up inside a want to be a pirate kailet's take him the hostile chapeleof give him a peg one out and you panniers said when i have the artist i would desire i requiresomething endogen which makes him sterile for the rest of their lives well if the whole thing is not if flutey note is the i want to be a dinosaurian we goin to do like implant scales and he you know given the tyrannosaurus wrecketh i mean this is not hoheiselius last i was showing a various children's hospitals and ages that they romans or the minimum essentially you can't scare transitioning before this age and the ages were two three and four for major children's hospes oh meg this is the craziness just never stop get creating like what's the point of having the standard of two why not start with their first born to her old men histidious two years old most of in canteen verbalize why there having a tanoan on the grocer store for well and and here's something that i mean that we need to talk about to is that a lot of times the male parts the mail bits it sold and put in a cosmetic and that's that's another thing that that there far means ngatitama upon hamythos lotiform in his hell beautiful without make up my gosh you know it's like that it's a far men operation that's happening with whether they live or they kill them and take the organs as is a farming operation and with a weather eating their pickling babies and eating them because they believe the wealthy leads and china oligoria if they eat the brains of a boarded baby or an he i in general that it gives them some sort of powers and in clarity of thought and the others on little erie about essentially the energy of the brain and the organs of babies pacifically while at the one child policy as the sespe now they have two child policy so i am not to day in current on all that but to the one child policy anybody that offended or susy was an offender of that law they would kill their babies or their extra children and babies they would actually put in jars and in john burgeson as seemed this personally by the way i have many friends that have seen this and they would put it in front of the house is so that passerby would see this person violated the law they had more than one child but i'm going to throw this out there at leonardo to caprio he and he's got his little baby in a bottle there and if you scarifying it you'll see the fingers and ever think so this how real stopped in his costabodie but but this is the reality of what we live it in its time for us to face the reality of what these people who are or doing the is ecthesis something that that we are not going to turn our or back on any more because while the son as he dies it is a warning saying this is what will do if you decide to have a child anyways but now their population is at an extinction rate a lot of people then oh sesonkhis so big because of the one child policy and the disparity between their young people in their elderly and the facts that there you know a lot of the you have your one child what if you're one child dies what have your child one child moves on a country you know there's this big issue of elderly older people who have no body and it's been a huge fryinguntil bird and for china and so now they're like okay we have a two child policy you should have two children two children because they saw that issue but it's too late this statistics are there let's part of white china's coming after america because their country is screwed they are at it an extinct extinction level population because of their one child policy and they have changed the culture completely around children and having as babies and jars and forcibly giving women in a worse am i in love to find a document on i watched and it was i believe it was a and amazon prime a few years ago it was about a girl and she made the stockmen intershipment back home to china and talking to their women women that were part of the sespe who were basically general types militarists and her sole job was to go to all the little villages and china seeking out women that had extra babies and forcibly giving abortions and she interviewed this woman who was like gout was my job to go in there and take care of the problem and get rid of the extra children in tie the women down in you now make sure right she said i sterilized them too afterward aahet makes me sick that anaisthaetous hurried i was disesid just here your heart i mean oh you know it just seems like you keep i keep hearing more and more and more and i just just hurts how could a person do that to another human being killed their child and the take away their ability to ever have another tale but look at what they've done here with that which she asked her she intervened this man again she said how could you do this and she goes you just shot something off because he have to do it i didn't do it they would have killed my family i was tossed with a thing and i had to do it i had to do so like the onset that the end and that is sick beyond all reason really it's like so so i am i love it's like it's that lack of seeing the world the way god does that we're all related and beat angles to take our pain and putting it on another person i'm sorry you you that that is so wrong that is so wrong so so you're you know if your life is threatened if somebody wants to do something that's going to hurt you and such an so you have to make a decision so you just go and take ran in purse and to hurt no to save your own skin i don't think is going to look well upon this you know that's what what a incredible what did they not leave the good there is and there is no good choice in those in those situations you know they're just there isn't here thintente i wouldn't i would die i would rather die than do i i would rather die i would rather die too but i mean you know you look at people that that have to even think about that because it's not as themselves it's every one they love this is how they go at that's actually what they do or what saneness will do when they abuse a child it's called a double the and what they will do it they will take a child and they will they will all give it a baby to take care of saventhem the childs atseven years old this is the one of the waste fracture break and ahabthe person's sister there plus his child had taken care of and they'll say you kill the baby or we kill yours in they have to make a choice between death their death no matter which way it goes they say see euro bad person your evil and so i know some people that do a rehabilitation on people who have been capped by satan is like that and that's one of the hardest to readability somebody who has had to either themselves killed or have some one they love kill it's a tear and then they tell em they're like you didn't really have a choice yet was it was going to be it was its coercion you know if it was me i'm like fire away i could care less that's graduation day for me yet and as it that's the accointement iv there but they do not neteas that's what they hoist to because the young boys they'll have their mother and sister there in them make them kill them as part of if one of the initiation you got to kill one of the other and the acontiad to have been killing become rivers spied six seventeen boys and well a fractures their minds so much that they they can't i don't think that they can be normal again i really don't and i think god himself can can rehabilitate somebody that's ben that's ten you know her like that but it's really tough it's like you know i have a a special needs daughter and her mother was killed in a train excedent at her side and there's some real big problems there a man she's she's got about about half of a ahaof her brain is actually not the and through the accident and when you see somebody it's this is not like adopting a baby that you bring home in others so cut in such this is a very complicated issue and an it's one that we really have to poach with great patience discernment and a and a sincerity case when you go down a path like that you you you do not ever fail because these people have had people failed them on every single on every inner us going to be one more in a list of how many and and so you're your commitment has to be tom proof when you when you go down these this kind of path you have to have conviction and it can be bombed proof to the point of your last brought you will never fail the noisiel do believe that well it's just really interesting i love your passion and watching me say that honestly i einseye you love your children and your very dedicated and fiercely battling for them for being a moment bear with me we need more monos like you out there how we protect all of human humanity its or families that are family and in god's eyes extends to every one and we really need be at a respecter of people so boweshis don't be a respecter of that means that you have to see every one as the same were the same rights same feelings the same heart and an try every one the way that you would want i always tell people that movement is some of our places to some of the tenants treat the neighbors like you and what your grandma tree so like if you if you want would want to be your you know if you if it was your grandma living next door to you how would you want to them to see you live you know loud and obnoxious that abusive or just just really respectful and trying to be helpful to every one actually early works pretty well when you put it in perspective like that no no that one really good one i adjusting oh just being long and as i excited i would go on my church to and when weekly persecutions you seeme to besanon he oh but yesterday one of the represented is something that he did and again re ontaking about the show boding and bringing up she talked about i do in family be treated and in just brought me back to it said hen because for me it was really impacted in represented in from new orleans he said i like partial shooting in parcelles trying to play on people's emotions he is like if you your daughter was raked our teenage daughter your pausing you're at yours your neighbour your colleague you would be taking him to get in a portion if they were raked and you know you would touching that and i was trying to get people in the mines at bill tell you if my daughter was raved and high pride but never happens to her never ah that she's almost fifteen years old she's ringthe age that they want a use for people's emotions that will on their feeling dining a portion but if she was raved i would get her there ep i would get her medical care i would help her out pray with her a director to god and i would make sure justice was served to whoever the peace of craftwas that race i would punish the right i i think that that's so important thing is to go alongside of them and help them through it because you don't commit one you know the the means are the anson justify the means you don't commit to two things that are destructive in order to try to bury the first one now you got two more on the entry to wathatotarho yet you got to do the right thing every step of the way and you know it's it's you you you've got to do the right thing every step of the way you know it's in and one onething you brought up with your families are families have to kind of be in lockton things when we do and here we've we've talked about that too every single one of us with me running for governor it's like you know i'm at every one in my family said the same thing if it comes down to dine and or something happens to any one of us we we already went through this together you know that the posibility is actually was pretty as pretty actually was pretty high i think taste every one of us and so idle they can't kill us only god can enter liveright and so and when he calls another tried to take me out too and not any time for me maybe it's arrogance and ensure what the word would be a lady has made it is one it makes me the laughs it is the last with the devil cause i like nice tray yet the old and to continue to fail trust in god and realizing that that every one in that around us are in his hands the there being carried along too but if we were to make a choice we would still say you know you don't just you don't do things wrong under any circumstance we think that things are going to go into dock we may be completely wrong you do if if we if we let god if we let god take care of things he will quite often provide really interesting solutions that we didn't even see coming and that winteryou have to stand strong on what you believe and do the right then and even if it comes down to looking like you're going to have great loss or an in any direction whether it's whether it ah some one you love or anything like that god will in fact carry you through this and it's all about your faith and god and knowing that he is going to work things to a beautiful conclusion and also that we have the turnalas one day here ay there you know i'm okay without which whichever way we go you know who the re liver i were going to be with god no it doesn't matter while you know i have a beautiful boy waiting for me on the other side so i'm got children here i got a child there on happy to be reverted once meetin the enters i was right and i really love i don't if you see little quip of tinsel washington where he says put god first and everything you do speech that he gives the whole speech is so powerful but though these words were you may had a lock it had first in everything you do and ever sing the day that's what i'm trying to do is put in good into everything i do and i'll tell you will not talk in one to inherit thing every time give herself some grace when people are going to work all that makes were all in a scrap on something more or onthave in whom i can't tell you how many times i have had the editha's about people even i see every one is my brother and sister and christ ah but i have a lot of times were in my head on thinking what an idiot your infidelitati about and a temindose you know i do have the perspective of that both sides right i've got my man might my natural man's side and then at the side he says well i don't know they're up ringing in their life in the circumstances that made them think the way that they do and you know the influences of the mediapolis schools epistolis at all though he looks at every aspect in detail of that person and why they are the way they are worth that with their hearts surely is is doing because a lot of times will look at some of these left is and until you i have democrat friend o how friends that i left this i'm got a lot of them had in a little help pool over to the right side the where they were at in their beliefs was because of their own personal trials and thomas where they witnessed things or the experienced things and it shifted them to a point of the wrong solutes they were you know when we talk about getting health care and medicaid and all these free things and quarrelling and have idiota because they had adversity and struggles and nothing is a good solution it's not because their wicked and evil people very are wicked and evil people out there that are playing on a lot of these people and manipulating their emotions and tricking them into thinking it a bit thing and that's why we have to be patient and compassionate and loving and try to look at them through god's eyes which is what i tried to do but you you always have that initial thought of what an idiot right so this representative that i keep bringing up i he's a military veteran who served in irak he's a very left in and and i could see when he was being argumented even in talking about petite and train all these other things see that he is in the position that is in and his beliefs because of the pains and he thinks he is doing much and money we have to be good in samples and see and do so boldly with the holy spirit and plant those mustard seeds because the people had genuinely believe their doing much right and have reason for doing it there can be more as to her spots to those messages of truth as opposed to somewhat whose actually in it for wicked agents i did na little ram there sorry isosongai and lo i love that it's it's the decision you don't the decision may keep people have are there's there is severe things that affect people then people are like horse as you know it's most a time were there in survival or the refrain that's that's what her that's yerseif you live with no fear you can usually make good decisions because it's not an emotional reaction you know what there's there's the difference tetgeen horses and mules and is the reason why they use mules in the grand canyon is because if a threat comes over me will they just stop they stop and they look around but they planted and they refused to move which is kind of good stubborn as a mule can be really a good thing a horse and on some in flies over on the lake will ha and they'll jump off the cliff to their death with a rider on without even thing and now it's an important it's an important thing that the threats that we see or that the decisions we make are motivated by irrational thought pat and on the one times when you see somebody make a bad decision it's in a rational fear it's something that's been programmed in and the media has done a spectacular job and and brain washing people to a now run to the next head liner the next have they keep us off base all the time because it's a it's a iialways bring always ring my folk in here fitz generation warfare when my body who general a plan and then to the general and you know amplesso my show of popeek's ago by representative marked bensonhe is like it this book and he held up the exaction i have been doing that every day just just i don't get it don't paid for it i just believe and in putting this is all volunteer there's no might sir if you know the changing henerattach in oiled he think a good man he got me on all my loss serlio the story but it's free of viewers really a night my oldest daughter the one who is conceived in rihtwisan gel your earth she is so so in she sat she does not let men bone in her body and sometimes that scare me because she's so temper nothing good mamma she's got to go home i think i think it's just your spirit she's such a sweet spirit she is a light to everybody but we were in ohio and general front plan was a part of an event that i was doing the and jack planes in the same hotel as made and i were all kind of in the lobby of the hotel and it is contesting as my darocayou go to the protestant robesand pellegrino and he this coming the bloss bottles and they put it in a paper by and she's walking back to me it breaks through out in the bottom of the bag and shattered a over right in the centre of the low bewhere into woods and ornate in righte the middle and she is mortified because there so many people there jes in fairest in as she was fourteen sail for her was like a holy basopodite tion on medingceased she's nerves here comes general flying from her fresh the room he swoops and like a sweet little ground pah and he gets geminations and knees and he sat taking up the glass in his epitome baby collerodo makes the snakes it's and his you know is but multiple security personnel and they're trying to stop and beside paper from hilton the core like you know us that there and then he came and found near the next day and ask the old picture where they were as he wanted to make sure she was of paths at just that moment alone showed me everything hanging it on now about general fled and when people talked negatively about them i immediately immediately shoot them down on mike no eyes sotheran's or i saw it man's heart first hand and exceeded many times and he is an angel and he's trying to get the right thing ethereal deal and ah he's at a can get paid to say that no i know both has paid here on braveries not work where a whateryou teer oriented or gloriously whenever you want to say think olethan i mean just as genuine as you can you can imagine and when i hear somebody shooting or plain or or whatever they do for other people the first thing i think of is all satanstoe through their votes sing that's fine you've just become an agent of satan if you repeat this nonsense basedowi heard bess it's like you know you need go over to the gossiping and repent at that moment in touch tereshiha they had the guns on hats and saw they had i was kind of funny people would go across the gas of fence and talk back and forth for i heard this that i heard that see how they wanted to be in the know the gas advance is strike straight the straight fence the wine is satan him state as it's none and rose with combined the inanem ve might meritorie eral evener the telephone game in school when your young were at now on the gossipings combined with the telephone gave it is amazing hearingthe original a story of somebody a man how it transition two personators on a person and by the time it gets to you its life it is not even close to the same and the northerlie is out there that are feeding the lie at your shops you that so do you got to say of speeding aliveonly the time that you get all the way to the end it's it's like a sad in it to it is completely unrecognizable non satanic in you the clip all the army side ops program that their promoting have commercial for i'm not sharonthe it there sending up longestaffe i holtsaetas the taxing everybody i might i like super in fact on phonolite the sinai can actually and me looking at you in talking and doing to different messages the same time and it makes people like are you taking in my pet i got like a prayer draconite talking and communicating soonany ice as i watched at the advertised or the army is a special forces the vision and the army and its their sipporam and it is a soul creepy yah it live it's a thousand or eight hundred a wet soldiers and their intire job is to implente the media in the world and everything else and it's a very exclusive program i looked at it distanceothers believe it's for as where is that a romescot ordinaries so i believe that's where there were hats but then they have their training facility and califor so name god basically and god esseneis ad it's so creepy let me let me switch over you keep talking and still he you you sure i was there your screen i only thought i was going to send off you see you could share it on your screen because it's a really creepy ad give me give me out in a and the dress of liveranto in im it's on you too you could play it armycipher something like that it's actual advertise it from the us army to specific soldiers others are recruitment of adeo yeh a and i can't see what you're doing right now he goes on the machine sat at a you know you did you did send that once you me maeshowthe you words it is so forurettet dis go a head and throw the supper and sometimes we do this somewhere on line and i'll show it shall people how to and actually how to and a hell for the beers ye us want you to see this because this is what has been shown to soldiers that they believed would be good for could you look the screen a little bit cleon their full screen inter can you cording son doo ye free so chair now in he and doctor rather malone showed us this fishiness titution party i like to go go staring i the ontoward then amid and this creepy very creepies anything in its touch it is a wet we and the siveuright is led san let the spire the noise he words think about the topsiders they are coining here we come and many for his think we are everywhere there was the colonel there yet a feeling in the dark they have the cunninest der tranileto here where they would like me infeconda beninese hennibul ing i want to be in that program in these hesselius riots and sir what are we siward mass where we are right now more as liberaret hellenised that is an army advertisement its civic soldiers of the fort and that there can creep over heard about the ghost of the the ghost army of the gulf soldiers over and in a in a world war two and some of the things that they did over there this criticee taking a dead guy that was a homeless sky and dressing him up as a soldier and there's some really weird things that happen in war were even then were not in a war that you see balm and artillery flying everywhere within to hold no mere lovel who is that it's a whole and with their after is here after our minds there weaponized the goal is to weaponis as its end and their doing there so far been doing a pretty good job of it on tell say like a a you know a certain intelligence do came out public to see and then then you know you really you really see that that and even that had just sent formation because if if they put everything out there the enemy would know it's all about getting us to think and you are all as if shootings all over texas and suddenly have republicans supporting gun control you and i you know in texas and texas and amantecas where there is the recent he that was just down the street from mild house i'm only lived in my current hospur a year i used to go to that outlet all the time because it was down the street from myth and so the people that were going the press co called france the judge the sheriff of those are my friends or at an i'm not going to specifically name anybody because i don't want to get anybody in trouble but i will tell you there are constitutional sherifs and even in one must made a post that the island shooting is a sigh and that there the trying to come for gods and not a lot of these shootings at are popping up and in you got to think about the psychology of a particular shooting and many of these other ones like you old think about it they build the scenarios where it's you can imagine yourself in your family in that scenario and it's the scar you and control you omnipote you because your shopping on the week end is a beautiful perfect any day you with your fan leved everything's god and we can open ourselves in essendean and a shopping class it on a sounder ay for thirty feet and orson day or whatever it is you're out there just an join time goramli and all the sudden there's there's massoucut put yourself in that scenario and it will make you feel for you fear for your children and when children are killed strike here and everybody just like me all the whenwhen you kids are at school you are imagining there a shingeti an education people can identify with that he is nations that are identifiable said manipulate young put your heart they they do they use things that we loved the mouls to manipulate our behavior and in his law it would we recognize that and say you know god's vigor than this situation or any situation no matter what i'm going to follow god and i don't i'm willing to lose anything doesn't matter because my first and only allegiance is to god almighty no matter what he says i'm to keep my eyes on him were it walk the straight walk we're not we're not going to deviate from that because because the ends don't justify the means you can't deviate from that you have to it's got to be everything has to be locked stop together and living a life that's you know that's full of integrity in justice and in such now but like so we do make me tie and we make me station at you confess to god move on and you know when he sees us as is completely washed not there in aching taking tons aways and the answer to any bitthat is fearful as saowari would rather be one of the bad day with my own vine then waiting on the police to respond fifteen to forty five men isolate people some one breaks in your pass especially in his rural places more enterdite like chicago reading article the other day about a there is a family that was is peopled by interhouse and at oporto five minutes for police respond because they're so much shepard forty five minutes your dead you're done dagoes will have the guns they always wove yeah well the only few letter get o give him of our people that pay attention to the law that libidine said lawabiding citizens will give their guns rot in only the criminals will have them because they're going to get him any way and i was reading some more on the illegal illegal aliens on are coming in to or or nation and i shall be seen all posterity how i have prison i i don't theretothe people also see that the binghis has gone back to the trump policies which which is an important kasungan a god of i'm forty three per cent of all food stamps are given to a legal ninety five per cent of wards issued for more murder and los angeles or for illegals less than two per cent of illegals are picking crops but forty one are unwell are it for son of al berson california are two illegals on mad come person of all hot occupent propos how occupied properties in the us are legal thirty nine per cent of all kill for ne students are illegal seventy five per cent of los angeles most one criminals are illegal the person of all gang members are illegals us taxpayers are footing the bill for all of his you know what we can go back to enhorta a structure was supposed to be for commerce not individual income tax that income tax that we that we have or that we were being fed that this is what we're supposed to be her half to the is a bunch of crack it was supposed to be for four and entities as well as for foreigners that have come in here if they want to become americans and stand with us that's one thing but just to come in here and strips dry you know sorserie down to the bowl and basically is what there in invading army and a let's let's talk about the board or right now because i i know you've done a lot of work and on the border and the things that you've seen and how much of this is actual no is it an invasion is it human trafficking when we got going on down there it's everything and i know that some printing to say but there's human trafficking there's organ harvestin there's the drugs coming through coming right up to michigan and everywhere else there is china funding the cartel because they want us that one destroy us you've got the invasion to destroy economic system or schools it's all about destroying there and get us on a one old agenda one world currency their creating the problems re it's just like with coved and any future by roses that they put out there or any other major problems of their montcuto there their creating a problem so they'll have the only solution and people will gladly comply because they will become so dese they wanted destroy the middle class they wanted to stroy the great classic american red in a most americans they just want to live their lives and have their family and and go to work and live what we see is the american dream they won't take that away because independent minded people who are taken care of them see are going to do what they want and when you have her lion some one and complied with that and you become their slave and that's what they want they lose what people there gan do whatever they said so part of the border crisis really to destroy america destroys economically destroyed morality all of its an intentional who had it pen and placed for de and murder of human beings that's that's a big that's a big business ah fainall the promettont in all we look at the soft southern border but the north west is turning into a hot bed of tatnall coming across the border on pretty sure michigan is giving a lot of it here because of our international their only dating less than two per cent of the containers i would like to know what's in those containers because i got a feeling or moving people with them as well as is the all sorts of meanings westeners weapons planted all over the country and shipping containers their joising companies created in free patroness me big truck king company said on but they are greeting these and planting things all over the country i'll have to have my my very close friend or acacis she is up she's there in michigan alsander she is wonderful wonderful oven and as you know her too sons were killed by fennel up admission that came from the clothes carvoran its unfathomable to think about that to think that something all the way from texas came up to so and killed no while i count forty majors by two of the others and in his wars the north west being of hoped i lived in oregon for longer twelve years in and there is the city that i loved going to with my children you know my son gideon he spent it in another hospital and thirteen surtees of miracle he like the first surviving patient reported medical history from everywhere in it is recommended for late terminal portion in twenty four weeks al they into he came at twenty seven and because he had to go to the hospital so frequently and were talking times of league are of the reaped back and forth five and a half hours from my limbs you can city organ it's a beautiful beautiful resort town it has been taken over by the cartel and misses even the left wing media has she so you can look it up lincoln city organ the i the cartel has pretty much taken over that said and i used to go there on the time that was it i tried to make all these medical tricks in some way found for the kid and i would say okay we're going to go getting on how to surgery when he gets out i'll go over to the beach we'll go to the cheese factory we'll go in i'll go and see the sea holds and i see in and i d make fun little trip out of everything we did to make it a pause of experience so it wasn't negative hospital experiences but that's town of special because it was close to portland a cut like an horn half way on the portales taken over that tone of life of not sureits the to his cook carteloise low cartel but you could easily find it on bogbut london city organ cartel and google and then bill get a bunch of articles that pop up talks about it how it's been taken over and even your eye lived and the most conservative county and oregon which mary very deep read most of organsation very conservative letter knives pretty much controlled by portland and eugene a pale fifty one or fifty two per the rest of the state is a bunch of ranchers and farmers and business and and where i lived this cartel running round in the mountains he know lake just in the middle of nowhere as interstate five bits from mexico alida a and e goes straight through washington oregon california and said there was thinkin trafficking problem there there by looks like we had other have there dropped out here let's see the high i think i declined to call sary o tis the gannorom looking for on looking for a people a sense that all escolhe por tales what is saying and this a a trying to find cartel flooded in or on authorities all promises that if if there flooding in the linforce ment is having its hands the that was an issue i was actually at in portland i was trying to get to the hospital to my side and because as he said he was therefore so i spent most of my time in that time in portland which portly is the only place in organ that has pediatrics to place the tart so i was up in portland and i got stuck in an anteferet to trying to get to my son who was just a few miles away but you have to go through down town to get there and i had my gun my lot because their begging on my vehicle trying to tip the ambulance in front of me over their smashing in the gunterian i called my friend whose constitutional charit and another county an organ and i said i'm trying to figure out because i know portlanders break my window and i shoot somebody what can happen he's like heather and literally master about the die don't do anything because you will go to jail you will go to jail there for defending yourself for a fire or and this is nonsense because we have the right to defend herself and this is his so wrong and so many levels if some he threatens you your home or chile you have the right ah to defend herself and the duty honestly in there yet was comes all over the places we've got all these ridiculous sorrels funded judges out there that are terentina on down let's like when we you know john and i delivered a drain parts up in and chicago or picked up down parts in chicago for the military gradines at mecato the border with he was very awe we literally wait there got there i think that like the midnight we grabbed a hotel it is seen in morning to go to the airport to pick up the shipment and went right back out of there because no we we do not want to be in chicago because it is so antigon you in it so violent there you can't even have a gun in chicago and you wonder why and the appian we wonder why the crime is so high you any time they take ones away from wild by citizens they put us in a position that we cannot that we cannot defend ourselves in their dewy that not pere no saw theirs theirs a ton of stoppin on here see how pretty that tennis pre is pretty onias a grave of all beautiful coastal town and its being destroyed well and i look at when the continooing across the border from the north ah you know we you've got we've got such a tremendous problem there the cerement a tremendous and i don't like i love seaside too i felt there lock so so i did when he of the gun control first of all is the league all its unconstitutional anybody to back it is proving themselves to be a communist and not complicit and taking down the united states as much as any foreign army is that means traitor that means treason that means a short drop sun struck sun stop to any one who tries to infringe on the rights of americans and ah it's a real problem my i really believe that everyone has the right and the duty to protect themselves and their family their properties when when somebody that's this criminal on and so now that's that's a that's right there there usurping the constitution there usurping there usurping oh anything that there there also office to protect us and their trying to leave a spare so that they can allow them tallente anon it i mean i believe most of these people were were placed their fads their copies signiorise you know i was though people i proportion is able say well if your self proliferate must be antigod you must be an i deathpenalty must be his i told people an anti portion because i'm against the murder of innocence but if i stumble upon one a man raping a child or herding a woman i will protect i want to do the right thing and if that ends up with them their lives being ended that's what i would do because that's the right thing to do and that's a twist on words still say oh you can't be perlite if so you would do something like that now it's this pro life because you're saving and and there is a difference and that is part of my or finding father's mightinesse the second moment the right to bear arms they wanted us to have that too from tyranny from our own government to have limited on give power to the american people because of what happened overseas so if you if you can't go in yourself in your property and you won't have well in the constitution the founding documents were were created based on a moral population we do not have right now we've got a lot of people that that you know ascribed to those beliefs but even on a small basis i mean people lie are they cheating are they lying while you know what that's the danian and the integrity right there you've got to be bomb proof in what you're doing all these and i you know so so the words that that benton franklin said is that you know we're giving you a republic if you can keep it you always as the republic if you can keep it because they knew that somebody was going to try to overthrow the they knew and these they actually built it in if you read his writings his writings are sobering because he basically says himself that when the people become too strong this is how you take them its very sobering tore the actual words that he wrote so he got a question other thing that we've been taught at this point in time becse you've got to question everything because a lot of times people that we've been trot taught to think our good are not good and people that we've seven taught to think our bad may or may not be bad people you know sometimes disobedient to enact purism look at what they've done to julian as and i guess so the other people that you know that have actually stood up to do the right thing because it was a right thing before god and that comes first in all situations are sometimes that you just do that effect i had a friend that was down and they live in a pass so and he was going the groceries and he saw a young woman danced out next to her she was wearing a dress they pulled the dress of over her head so she couldn't fight and they they that they used her on her own dress and order to to save her and so he said in a forty five in my glove box these that i sat there going ah i'm living in this community what do i do blamable though it was just a real quick thing he said he pulled his forty five out and said dropped the girl he all died and they drowned her jump in her pink jumped in their van and i was really crowd of em you know but that split second that's a human response that's not a response by someone who lives close to god but it is a human response when all these things in our heads but the right and not willing to go to jail for it or die willing to die for this that willing to be injured for he yes life could be changed in that moment and i thought about that sees so many times oh yes i mean it it's it's so it's a human reaction but there the reaction of a person whose walking really close to god is like you bring it you know you can think you're going to stand here and do something wrong no but anyhow he did say that woman's life and this eneas she was so scared he said she no reven stopped to think if she just terror knowing tonoman was happy and dissogony but this is his al passo you know and the sassoonan people need a thing so just like a tornado drill or a fire and drill you have to start condition of my kinsinan your mind ought leterado in this situation what would because if you already thought about it a dozen times and different scenarios and oorolong it'll be a lot faster than the outpoured and so you know what i want some friends the heather you think of some dark scenarios only there's little darkness on the world and i want to be ready for it and i've been that way my whole life my whole life i actually ermember a nine eleven happens he dead bury strictions and on corilas much younger than and believe it is in the ether ether might grade because i remember they had the rolling car to tv and they in a stocked english class and put it on the tv with the second tower falling and then of course all the reste in the next year was one to see my grandmother and florida from nebraska and and at that time i started thinking one of their de terror stolgoland that i want what am i going to do and i had all the things so it might per i always kept a pen a plastic they embody sprayer perfume and my thought was in spring the eyes and stablisheth peddapore morbid thoughts for teenager but i wanted to have some sort of preparation for my own comfort and so that i would be able to have a plan of action at some kind of plan of co and that high in general what we all should be doing i think consent my part of the gas state and and osmium white or snatches me or grabs me think of those scenarios and what you would do and get yourself and jujitsu or get yourself in some sort of self defence cass and practice with your fire around and do you defencefrance with your fire arm a tactical trading and find the time for it because you never know when it's going to be necessary it might not be for you it might be like your friend and i'll pass so where somebody else and you've gold called of god to do something you feel that prompting to do some we had one ready one human family a raptor think of each other that way of protecting to find each other and i know it's it's always for other people we won't we won't take care of ourselves enough as human beings but the motivation that help other people when we when we get our brains right is is it should be should be stronger if we don't think that way then there is something wrong with us we ship all those people off with delitiose sight how there not nothing to make you shoot one mossoor shooters or on cimadoro think the harnessest back here and realized that if there involved in this to the their guilty of it to this is got so deep the mental toughness what would you do in any situation are you ready to face those choice like the doctor that was you know that you started out with your point that did the portion a killed the baby what would you do in that point you need to face these things so that you can say yeh well you know i know where my family's going at i'm not i'm not this is not my home and through and not tied to this so there's no choice here the choice is to a not doe it in the plan the demise of the people that thought that was a good idea to co verse or intimidate me i mean that that's that's the way to look at that and the figure out a way to take them on as also with chopping the school to be a doctor i wanted to be an obedient that was my ambition is to to help deliver babies and i loved i thought of bringing life to the world you know i did my part mine school i was in ihohenami pursuit was going to be nurse practitioner aspect give me doctor and now but i saw a the tyranny of the medical system we before proved the thought of having an antecedent it tell me that i could only do of medical certain way how it be what i if i felt it was wrong it was men i do it but then also they have requirements and a lot of programs now that you have to perform these one abortion to get your doctors yet there is not there that satanic think of making you make a choice over something you really love to do something wrong to get to what you think is the goal the means do not the ants do not justify the means yes he after make that choice and you clearly did that sorry oh i just kept thinking and i have as a lot of frenshe a lot of them ah and it's in wonderful especially when poethelen because as elton work with them to help a lot of people whether openly or not by for me i've seen the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that you take mine and most of the times right when you graduate you signed contracts on your making fifty or sixty granny hear for the first ten years and then you've got two or three hundred thousand dollars of student long gas and so a lot of these doctors people think about doctors like emaked so much money usually the first several years of their career there night there in financial harsh ah and so i was seeing my friends and that that part of life for their going to financial hardship they have their young families and i just thought i no can an go through all this education to get a piece of paper that says i scattereth to help people medically i just for them to billy use it hold it over my head and then now to try to tell me that i have to do on at the pole and a moral to get that stupid piece of paper i nowdealing about i know a lot about medicine and i will still find mateel people god will he feel that for me and i'll be able to serve in some way to help people and i never imagined that it would be in this way but i'm still able to women and helped the babies and hoped that the world in a way that i never imagined in god sought for me but it came with making the choice to say do i really want that degree that bad and that license and in that life it intermeddling to do it by and promising on my morals no i'm not we need people that do that that say and not willing and you know with doctor robert malone and i doctor bryan artisan erectedput in all these wonderful doctors at there who stood up in covetise true i was some crowding them because a lot of them leading to major financial distress contractor erihapeti and probably says last name wrong always do but he's out of his hoof is sorry he was there the even i do him the glasses and you were not this peershore he was the pecooliarly good friends he's not in the antelope person and i wanted to get him on here too i think i'm going i do help you get a man in but he usually has his pet during the time of your show i think well ennewhen i talked to david gilly last night he's a he's amazing he spoke too about the militia and the constitutional right for the militia this is really interested and edward viara whose written many books on on the note the militia and how to were really supposed to be guarding or state are in our state homethats will stay interact with the militia with the militia what a constitutional militia actually is and this he were talking yesterday and i think what i am going to do is to like a series at night may be a couple of times a week and get you know all of these the speakers that were at the constitution party and let people know you know the the constitution party which admission is us textspresso will not schange our name which should be an administered of action his destroying scores of and so i think i'm going to do like a i think i'm going to do like ahootin to just my lagging her little bit i'm a night time series where we do a have have different speakers like archand doctrines being sued for like five minute eight lenders by the federal government for cowiness infomtn oh really well good luck with that i hope they're all in jail and hung by the time they get to the end of that trial because they they are complete in so many crimes so out in a high now you and i talked about a me helping out with with your show and selects a way of love to give to help out the side by someone friends that i help get scolded for an abuse in such and all on the subjects if you do at night show a few times when we got would be amazing for a lot of these people who are working in the morning or busy in the yeah i think i think i doubt it before i've done a few of em at night when i was doing commentary on the debates of pure and michigan and they're not answers and their little camp fight they had gone on cause that's really wanted a montenotte you know dixon and whether it was a cat fight that's thought it was there was nothing of any substance talked about and that really pretty low i horesons to any of the questions and the questions were even oionoisi like ye look at this and you have to ask yourself are the are the kidding me this is something that supposed to rot represent this state to run in night they don't even have a rudimentary amount of knowledge on any subject whatsoever nor did they have any solutions to actually repair what's frol but i would love that if you could help me with that too that be great you know it to folderol tell me what is wrihtlingas for everybody out there give me some ample when would you like us to do this at night we'll do like many series a couple o times we honestly i found that a seven or eight p m his early usually good for a lot of beworshipped well as a lot of people because it's after dinner time people had time to feed their kids get home from work and i get get on line a the ahem would probably be pim central provethat good one for all the way across the country of the asinine o'clock at night at nine eastern years ascogonial that my numbers at night are usually higher between six and midnight so the right in the medal is a good idea and if we had a wonderful film maker that was there and i think we can really do some wonderful things he now to road for this together well maybe the next stuff next month really merely i get some traction at the night and do an i shook as i really think that i need to expand this a little bet because we will at least put out real you know if you have some that tax are named to something just like andrew bright he tacked his name to that accountability right there when you have an indiscriminate anybody can say anything there's no accountability it doesn't go to a person in it's not necessarily for a notoriety is much as it is that you have to have some one he can't pass the some one that you can hold a countable in that person is going to hold the whole hold of organization a people have i think or misconception of it it has nothing to do with not right who wants to sit in a spot where he's looking at you that's it yes onnot a comfortable place to be but it's something that's necessary and people need have to gods in order to do that genfindes that president trump did that that that they there sitting themselves in platonician to take a lot of attacks and it's all about accountability that's what is early is round exactly in all a lot of people i think believe for myself for other people that are in the public eye and this area adele do it for attention but i will tell you when god called me ten years ago to start speaking how and in being in the public eye my first thought was no i don't interveningthe spot lice or the center of attention or on stage i'm not fallopit and also my first that was the opposition about how much hate and scrutiny of goinge and you know the fake news stories on the attacks and highway could be put in a family at risk and putting the people i care about it risk it could embarrass the people i love or whatever those sides kent but god pushed it on a hare over and over and over again and every single time i i testify or go on stage or any of those scenes or to interviews is prayer first because i want to be doing what god manswe to do it's not a comfortable place to be like you said it goes not comfortable to put yourself out there well when i first started general plan said to me oh he said come on down an you've got to do some videos and i'm like oh i'm going to die i'm just going to die i would i'd rather work and honestly behind we can and you know what i did i went to one of my horses and on like oke body you're going to have to help me with this to that and pedetentous the first time for two hours i sat there with my folks and as soon as the camera went on i couldn't talk i i feel like for two hours i got no use in filing like a failure i can do this again and what literally walked away and i did that a few days in a row and i couldn't talk as soon as the camera was i was here and then i finally decided to set it off on a tripod and on like cake just going to do this just and hit record and i his son and i never watched the and i did that i do i don't watch my own foster i did that the next day and after a while i became so comfortable in an area that i was so uncomfortable with amy it was it was crazy and now in this like understood whatever comes my mind i'm going to say it and i you know it's like if i made a mistake i'll say i mean mistake here and apologise for for not getting right would the amount of disinformation and this information and malinformation it's a process sorting through it so we got a bring everything to the table and complete transparency and this this is what i found the check this out and it does it mean that that's not going to change when you get more information that's a healthy process we don't go back i'm got on the planet here we are like him just like you were sorry through things trying to get to the truth and were doing our best as long as there's integrity that were trying and our errant tensions are good that's the only process that work so like wise people in the media and they got there they've got their act together man they got to make perfect they got there they got their lighting perfect the out their make a perfect they've got all of the waitohi they got twenty nine thirty people behind it okere going to kill you on this and then were told to bring this in and this in thisand they look polish because its yet in their pushing a message that has nothing to do with truth it's a narrative so don't come which so much time to we had left case there was subject i just felt inspired to talk on what be you talk as long as she wotnot carnset in the background i might bring her in cos she's over wonderful quitseles ens and then kindsome arises and also comes up with good questions sometimes you know when you're just talking in a very fluid way and i'm running with poor screens at the time you know and i am in fact the producer director technical research and the host right and so help soothe people that are helping but yet he is much time as you want will just keep camerarii think i think think i'm spells to show somewhere eh italean but but i can can be little after that botanologie a super land thing it has something i felt inspired to talk with the viewers about if you want to bring your hand too she can come on too they have to carringer i have do if i've to leave i can i did the sick here and last week and she was a trooper here i said i said that i this is when i was going on your show and i sent holme out here him sos to be on at night i saw it is good to do a little bit of a pivot here and move over to have her shotim like gothamite and telefonista coverelli got hackadorne that they too looked you ever hideoutthe listen to that show and an schedid i knew you would do spectacularly so it's like kansas i consider a very good fred high integrity and one of the smartest people i've met long time who can actually analyse and the and look through its being said on what's really beaten said so this sylke her help with analysing the i think it goes to show how much she trusts me that she never did oh watch that show to see exactly what that its i did not as to that witnessesfor i and here this is real news by real people for real people at well i i lifting to bettin on watching a long in taking some notes and i love the fact that you've been talking about some very deep very hard true in realities that we can very quickly get bogged down in fear and sadness and despair but at the same time you're also turning it around and saying i trust in god and of to go outside of my comfort so and do something about it in the way that god has sent me to do because i was the consequence yea this is this is how he removed the fear and you looked at not everybody is going to do with show or or have a witness to tech the five for but we all have rolled the play is something to care the riper always says ah it were talking about these things that are globe problems to tend to think of things as only happening here or only happening there and nothing is now under the sun you were talking about these terrible things that people are doing the torture and murder children and i've made reviewing its story a biblical story a lot lately of about kangosi and from there i got to verse of disconnectors i don't have it right in front of me but it's its leviticus eighteen twenty one and in that talks about how am they would beat a small drum to cover the cries of children burned and sacrifice to moloch so you have this valley out there that they would they had this being statue and they would put these babies out there at bornhem alive and they had a wevenhoe their cries and mean this stuff has been going on for a long long time your saints yes and when you think about how if something is better out a long time it's not now and therefore i think it races some of the fear because god knows about it i think when people like the scamp emicas i like the call it people thought it was something new and therefore it became one of and it was it was it was definitely scaring because they said well we've never seen this before what we do well takes you out of your comfort some but his well within god's comfort so in the handle it so if you focus side what god what's he to do in all situations as you were pointing out earlier then it takes away that fear and it helps us to focus on her faith and when you can focus on your face you're good to go yet i want to go ahead and switch to heather here a man a caring she has the subject she wanted to go go through seletse a she came raining on the death hasonybody agog two calls on the roaders might feed so refreshed it how don't worries so anyhow what was that was said the successwent hit so eronusis subject that i am very passionate about i will first in this area and it's just something for the powers that i would encourage every one to start doing it you're not already doing it i know probably all of us here are going some form of it but i want to talk about long term food storage medicals and lies i having clean rice and and lo and even alcohol for bartering and all those sane and stocking up if you're not already i've been doing it for twelve years i have enough food and all these other resources for six people for three and that i now seems really expensive lot of people think oh i can afford to go to all that but what i do is every time i'm nothing rocereto or as some sort of a hungers market reebok things or whatever i get a little bit i get a little bit of amiatine i go said the god store oregon a little bit of this every single time so you implement it into your regular grocery get restrictions or long tarentumites like rice or beans or for example i have freeze dried chatteries tried heavy cream free stride eggs and if you can afford to freeze dry ergreat due to your own priest drying they honitonat those i love that so hard to stray as not excellent i free try and they have not besides machines gettyhedra or if you can and dehydrate your makes him a anachis makes him you don tried uppercross whatever whatever foods you like and start building if your storage get a back in selerite the little the little piatosthe oxygen pocketsthat will keep it for a fresh longer it your mile or bags get those things in place and start making it a part of the regular weekly shores or task and do it i usually in once a month like two bitings and bulk and i will make a bunch of means to make a bunch of snooks unconciliar s or scratch choosing local raw honey now organic oats whatever do it whatever was best for you and start preparing nohow and also making it if you have children making a regular agenda to have free strike meals for i know a couple a couple of nights a month or once so that there used to the taste of it a lot of american children their palaces unfortunately have been conformed to onochonos and macentes and onlyseems that are bad for you not have ratnot foods and a red lot of studies that said the arts if there is a eucourage which oh a lot of them children america would die because they won't spring to be available because they're not in use to isle i do a lot of things with my children where we make free stride meals together as a family i always rotate having as so shod animal make tastes devils out a free stride these in a lot of people like priestrid is gross usually it is but if you make it right is good cause see an freeze dry or be hydrate your herbs and season is i have a hydroponic ern guard so i am callistan i have besoingne and all these saves and get lots of salt lots of honey those things are going to last for ever in her going to be great for you and start in making those meals with your family getting accustomed to the taste modifying and make him recipes that you enjoy we actually like free stride meals and all have make it for our friends so they can see that it's not a secure in all one people can get ammores and the camping kits and how disgusting they are but you can make them merely reallygood and make things that are healthy and you tricious and be prepared for those times because they are now it talked about the feed side of this and if anybody a were once information i contended i could there are calculations and chorethanal have documents of where it's like him much rice you'll need for this many people honey pounds of this you'll need different ways to store it much honey only how much salt you'll need it you want to harm beans and in foods like we were you don't have glutinous family so that a lot of people get lots of flour or wheat there are good things to stock up on supply on every time you go to the store and the parting i don't know if you've seen that i'm not exactly sure when exactly it was in the last year or so but they're trying to make it a legal for you to have a moertens much food said so it shall be a really big indication of what they have planned for not only do you want to have water he supplies when it be boldwater coby life straws if you don't know what a life straw is it is a ring freelike this it's very small and compact is great for a go bag and its great for camping her high king and essentially alive ten thousand gallons that you can drink through it welters and purifies the water you're going to andhave water options because right now we already see their contaminating the public water there there finding abortion pills in california abortion pills that are in the water mental health medications in michigan i in the water and poisoning the people so you want to have water solutions john ferguson and i also we have a lot of machine that is totally off cred it draws water from the air and you can actually connect a solar attachment to it if the electricity goes out so then this also many other types of machines and options you can do a well but you want to have water actions i had also you went out for medical supplies and guys cobioni aspiring to an all you want to have the sites dock up and there all fordable if you're getting them ever simlatine you go to the store and implement into your regular groceries that's a really great subject i've covered i i've been really had that on my heart from god from years ago i used to forage for food and i've been farmer's car in an ire or kind of hub into that sort of things to this is a really good that's a really good reminder ah no oonawleh books and now is there is this also any one no matter what size of a dwelling you live in mothersentiment or house has enough to grow food for themselves right there as he's not a window and that that's an important thing to remember we don't have to be afraid of this but we do have to prepare just like mental preparedness present really important and that an i'm glad you brought that up because that's it that's the fugindo you know that a half an acre of ground for garden are two goats his eschecker will feed night tom see and its it something people don't and now in as even posed in the reason i brought up books is there is several studies of there they have been done by think tanks you know and of the old type people how level security people it said that most americans were then the power grade could shut down most americans would die in the first year because they don't know how to survive they don't understand the primitive survival skills they don't know about a bowdrill or fairer rode they don't know how to identify what's edible outside just in their local area they don't want to fish they don't under catch anything and so he'll die from that but also the reason i brought up backs as a society we have become so reliant on goble the people have decided to let the other and i have probably worth thousand books i intention in always getting a little bit here there not only the classics of a direct ascending marked plain whose actually samuel clemens in and he has a lot of great books so i have noticed like a timescan and entertainment reading but it's more important medical book obediene that and local edible plant was in primitive medical care book primitive survival scalplocks and how to billows alters if you have to get away from your home having small compact quick like that secured the bag those books are going to be a life sore for those that actually have them a society is now too i mean what we all do i'm guilty of it too if i didn't want to know something i can go to google or you to brokelike in people and got out of the habit of looking at a book and my children it drives them crazy because bulk asked me something in like the granteceta ia one of the prentishode howls in the said what's in encyclopedia of the former all the that moment in time you know we have a great in we have here when i was cold rmy parents spend the body in that was not chief but they spend a money and had a whole set iiforgot to that that's what's what i used for my research for school that's that's what i did for school and i am not at all everybody i promised by its school i was i was in school in the transition of to technology so actually did it touch of computer and so i and believed my junior year price in the ecotone highestgod computers and it was just typing pack yes i have that book i have the whole senses four of her and so through this is like four of em an they and then a note thanking farmers is i've been talking a lot about companion planting so that you know cause you can do a third inch roll and have more space if you know how to do it like plant plant you don't like lettice next to everything you can sow lettuce and honor neath your other plants or or you know there's the three plants that go really well together like like a beans and corn and you know you can put some other things in and i just thought this when i thought this was intent if he ocotlan with vinegar yet if you an enters another one of my long term items i know central big things of the so i like to know base processes and chemical make go by me i am the ultimate nerved with this sort of thing there's also was you can camp into the other alterno supply and when my kids were younger see i was i've been like a a i don't know off the grand person i home school my kids i home birth my kids i was done with this whole thing so many years ago so anyhow all this stuff is so important to know how to even think about this one what about so what what happens i did a talk about all we can half ago about what do you do in the lights go out what do you need to do and had i i was up in mount pleasant for that talk and it was really really contingent neat group that we had up there and teaching them you know how do you preserve food what do you do with the micron how do you grow mi cro green this is a huge alike progress he well you know there's there's somebody that cause i went into that for quite a while and there's somebody right now that's making a quarter of million dollars of a space that's twelve by tone i do in my progress if you have an apartment and you have c you don't even need plant for you need water in the fat seeds you don't want the little scrawny nassades together like ce if you want you don't chickens girl you know in the egg as there's not nutrients and there if you have the big fat good seeds or enough nutrients to sprawl and to get it up to actually crop within seven days in pegaway that's another thing that's in my long term food store gatensis i had times of those owning buckets the long term food stores in gardens as a good thing too you agonisticae a exchanged in a like or are lest something someone know your books on and everything out there beforesome i would give you i'd have an entire bed an entire bag room and has its own bath room and that is my mentor of our own cos then in my store building is where it is have boxes and boxes and boxes and is better seed are another thing that i added to my regular agenorean ce and on agesnamely has a really good kiss its mondino and you can order a porson the buckets super easy i think it usually runs about forty to forty five dollars minutes on sail it's ossetines to a young as on august on farms their bastedo utah i you know latterday saints are huge and to the long tenfold in regency go to a bishop's store house by desert industries in any city you don't have to be a member and they had for super cheap lantern food store it was like powdered milk pattern eggs all his things and they do him in number ten cans or pockets because latterday saints really truly believed it in the hard times that were coming and so they tea the public not just there on members they teach the public about these long torpid sore to august and farms i is on by laternamely i believe and there in utah but if you go into the search there he should be able to take seeds or something said is that vegetable its i there there's a hole like basically garden i can and i forget how many hundreds of seeds it is there you go hers there oh now it's seventy six ninety nine when my gosh look at that better than doubled in a few months i'm sure you can find something comparable for cheaper if you look at it you see how much food you're getting in that can just from your seat he preserved she aippears beings the keene a butter squash you come here out of these things are pretty easy to grow well in an another thing is is that you can grow thanks from almost nothing to soliman you know if you got potatoes or carrots and you know don't throw anything away because you can re spratthe the top of a carrot neath the green you can grow potatoes in incontinens i mean there's all sorts of things that that you can do with that you can do with what most people throw away and a pretty pretty interesting as regress this is one of my go to his because they regularly have sails but i do have also ready wise is another long term food storage brand my patriots supply amsitting her turnething in god a mountain holes sell for me i try to have sport and that's acting what i do for christmas i found that two of her my kids where a given them a whole a whole box of nangis this coocoo why i tell you what god brings us together like minded people isn't it i think you think oh identidem my cousin and georgia she's a a middle school high school teacher and her husband is in construction and there is such a sweet couple and but it was funny because last year i shipped them one of the long term food storage kits that as like the six hundred meals or something worth in its intact and they had hurricane over there do shortly after that all the power was out and they didn't use it then what she was like initially thought that christmas present was a little weird but when everything was shut off and in crazy here and gorge my first thought was like all we've got this pluck it that my cousin just sent me the stinginess that from that was an august informed oh it was noised and so what would it be what would become an if you if you go on here they have samples of dielytra fast pockets they have all day pockets the had a naturally at walmer which i don't go to lamar but my friends if so show me there they of its twenty dollar bucket at long here which is like three days of food and stops so they'll keep that in their car i also keep a thing on my car by the way a bucket in long term food items it might be a go in case i break down her stranded or st need something his usually all you have to do is add water to the one hereafter in a someonerig his back so in the question yet parent so for people who are like one gosh i've never done any of this and don't see tolinobo fifty different things that i need to be doing and i don't know how to grow things and i don't know how to raise animals and i don't know how to ah by a per storage that you were saying they could do a little at a time but if fear is the primary emotion he didn't let her evident are one that's nineteen ninety nine old thisselton over to the right the thirty nine ninety nine so not that long art and in many other stores were about twenty continue caring if there was one resource or one book or one sort of guide i could simplify things and help somebody like check off boxes what can i do stuff on you know what i mean like because it's overwhelming like we were talking about last week with em as oh my gosh what do i do if my whole house on my whole life you sidonie illerate end of the sissonnethe chairs going off on the brand of her household yes what would you all have the knowledge and so for you looking at it it's like i could get a book or in vinegar that's something else that i'd like to learn more about but for people he even myself like a i was in more i was not raised in this way i i am raised the city girl okay and my mom never taught me any of these things i grew up on might hamper or helper and asked food and cool lad and soda so i understand be lost and not knowing where to start i really do and i going to say that there's just one thing because really i guess the first step for me would be and permitting some basic supplies and to your regular shops see whether that be in at the store of one man orabant thirty five baggage again that is a step rises hard breach it feeds lot of people it'll fill your belly that is something that you can add to your regular berries that's knocking a break the if you need to like of your soda or in light go of your candy or chips or whatever to get that item because it's going to be off in the long run also grabbing extra asprent grabbing extra band days or medical split if you need the light go of something to do that do you want to get this basic supplies i i always grave a little bit extra plating supplies as well like i said i've stopped up on vinegarishly four dollars for you go dianthine of light than he that be used for a lot of your cleaning a lot of disinfected i did bring up alcohol earlier because not only can it be used in a trial for bartering purposes you're in one of have stuffed and border with you go to think about what other watermotie other people so that you can trade with them and you guys can swap jams and jellies and food items and whatever will people were going oenocho but it's good also for if you have what say you hurt yourself and you don't have aspendor talent all that can take a shot at bocuit take the edge off lawyer dealing with the medical romethere you can use it to clean with you can pour in a wood and a lot of people just they don't think like that and i wouldn't say there's any one specific book there's multiple books i don't there you can look up primitive survival skill books ashore that we really cruel because i believe in these haters personal belief that they're going to shut down the power god binet it not fontacchiotti that i can you sidonian shot down the power redthere going too and try to force us all into the cities and their own to try to make us rely upon the government so that they can control us and they'll end up coming after people's rural homes they're going to cut my they're going to start in the cities but they will expect then you may be a time not but there's been be a time that i believe that they are going to be pushing people out of their homes and taking over their homes i would really start reading books about being able to survive off the land its local to you had known original so the first thing i did when i moved to texas from organ obviously the pacific not less is often in and edible everything you've got berries everywhere you've got apples and pears and things that are recognized a bole and easy for a regular person to say oh i can eat that i know what that is but then moving to texas as an entirely different region its as abundant and those recognizable resources so the first thing i did was i ordered a book that was texas edible in texas long life so i would know in the texas oklahoma region what i could eat and i showed it to my kids and i took it with us on and i actually took them and there's a thing called prickly pear is very good and prepared a but it has tiny little spikes all over it and it's a little cactus were and but i was like oh hey there's a quickly part that's edible we can eat that people make self so than james out of it and deserts and it's very nutritions and my son goes to reach fort on like nevodtsikof getting poked by that is simiand trying to pull the little cactus pieces out with my teeth and then get the italian i like this as might we don't just touch it then you have to educate yourself on your local region so it's not just any one book it's making for decision do i want to be prepared for a catastrophic event whether it be an imp or or power grade gets hat because unfortunately you guys are on the national paragraphes the only state and the nation but is not attached to the national power vertreter three areas in the intention tastiest side and the west there is the east red and their sewestan the prominent we have in the i think that is war worth knowing we have never gone from a hard blackstarts and so she started up from nothing you got to have power to create power you don't just you know you can't not to gossip a switch on there's got to be something that powers if we ended up getting hit with an ape it could be it could be non recoverable ever like we may have come up with the alternative forms of energy which i'm okay with because there is not an i don't mean the green energy nonsense of the knowingwhich i actually have a solar baseness that i i have not been active in it for a while i still have it and a lot of people would be like asked me the hippidion so like to care about any of that i'm about getting off great away from government control in the national system so is actually called the patriot's power and my fellows to get people away from the power gradations like you can do hydro electorate you can do other forms of energy you can get a well on your property you can have a life creek you can do all these different rain collections yes i be independent because if there's an even pet or if they shot down the system or any of these things screw if you don't know what to do exactly at least now somebody that does have an ole yes and that was my next point that i wanted to touch base on carolino address your question because done and i i think her both cond of eighty eight de types where we have fifty thoughts in her head all at once histrinis like i never laid at one spot on the time of suppositious yes i am going on coming back to a thought here also get into your community it onneighbourly make a clean their neighbors how have little meetings when sononteeonon they now have a little pot like come together and talked about a right joe jossmit evehere you goes are going to work on jams and jellies sadly over her you're going to work on having the medical supplies i you're going to have education a tosinhan plan and place with your local community and now our neighbors because that's one of the first things i did when i'm going to detect his people pride though it was not a being in my hertis i'm sitting here i baked a bunch of cookies and pies and crop and i went and often every neighbor's door on my street and we delivered trees and is a high and had the proposerais where her enterneighbour nice to meet you and you made really great friends but i'll tell you that so the people were like what doincing on my door because here society is to topoin wherever they don't latiscutatus i don't want its having friendships than inismore in technology of media and in their purpose for that right the reason is to disconnect us so when things go crazy were not united so get toneleur neighbors motazileh perfect i love this i see and another way that you and i can go off of because clearly that we've been involved in this for over long time and so much that can be done it's just wonderful and careen has too you know carin that the girls if you if you then if you want her telegram can we post and the essenic is a good way to end this to day absolutely so i'm going to do this karen i'm doing it i'm going to do the polistes i'm a good ohnothingnothing go get me nothing so i actually posted this this morning i picked this solarius thinks the hat make that made my outoffices there really think we get in is the goat shoves the other one off but it's like cohesive off as he shoved off a whiter he halloo go with whipped till in oonossoora i got to started over again to give me a little little grace her dystewi i love goes i really like watching the bites of fainting goats is cut of incision only by the companion oh a long one i love he has seen yet wit maremore time that was awesome snowshoe got three of those right now that it was tellinghis morning that yesterday we had some guests come out the bee people coming out just to see the goats and we tell all about the goats cause we had them for less than a year is our first time is someones three three babies and they are just like that they are in the bounty stage and we let them in an area they don't normally have access to and they relate they were danceindian to we've got foeliciter thickens right now and i keep increasing my chicken production and just saved knows i have so many eggs and i give em all away sometimes our neighbors will say here he is to go on on the unpractised gone start will confine its like i've got to get my freeze drier i had picked out a last year and i disendowedthat le bas you know but i think that would be great i heard you can't do better but i heard you can do everything else you can gain butteraces have to adjust the temperature and you can freeze drives do you have do you have a free state yourself i had one i don't have no right now i can do governo my enlistment laws have not because i'm travelling so much so there they prepared lots of items but i docilely recommend it so you can freeze stride fremont by the way that was actually eh you know when my son passed away had all the breastmilk and it was like the that's when the formula was being contaminated and engelehart thought was i did research how conuaye women consort for estrangeres smoke and help these other mothers at all and have a whole community to do that and so basically late people like you can't do it but actually i worked with all these moans and satistified do it at old lower temperature you can preserve tintypes of the nutrient quality in the anti bodies and such their ingress oh all this kind of cool you know my grandma or of that side of the of the family is is jochen so pretty you don't pretty well endowed and when cleanesse had a wentmy dad was born there was a lady in town that couldn't rushed so she had two of em she was sesarasii another woman's i kids an that typewutta that is serious community but that's the way it used to work i mean then went home well people got together if you have a choice between your child dying and another moselli got more than enough here you know let's see who can work together when when the lights go out there are a lot of things that we can do that if this point time we with idover do that well you know what you might have and i do sinamay that wasn't my own because a friend ah was in the hospital getting surgery and the father could not get the baby to take a bottle and she called me and said he i know your nursing and i am as super producer and she's like this might be congress and reared but could you feed my baby and i kept the baby for the day and i nursed the baby and one of my friends like oh it's some rose we had milk maids for ever ray nor even intellect generations that that was not heated at it babies cometary yet been the baby may and i just got costello because that's love man you tearin me up ah betsy how would i would feed all the babies if i paid in it actually had this might be a little bit for the audience all too much but since i had my first baby i've always been in a state of lockasaw king cow that's that's a great thing oh we well know if we have a baby that needs to be fed were going to call you all theerhistory that is what if my saycegoes in inoculating and how i don't think it for granted i when my son gideon was lachosita pro that time he wasn't allowed to take anything by mouth for six we so he was an ivy nutrition to keep him alive on life's sport and i had so much milk like i almost always get my sides after my babies because some which comes and and i was able to feed six other babies in the neck with dondonyan my best and it is not wonderful to know that it was being used and that i was able to help him that way but again a lot of people think it's so gross and have you edson one else's baby and i saw a wonderful and another was a border patrol officer or a police officer there is an article in recent years there is traffic kids and maget his rescue and founded a baby and the desert and is this border officer or a police officer woman theresa picture of her own annotees breast speeding a baby case baby was hungry and endedesthai s dehydrated and i thought it was so beautiful and it orsellic was falling grossest sayingittoo how they brainwashed us into that or reascendeseno you don't melosomes or an otter choose where you're going to get it from you either going to get it from a human being or you're going to get from another animal or you're going to have the artificial stuff that has god knows what's in and god makes things in pre that it is mother's breast mouth is everything a baby ever needs and this these are discussions that we need to have to start this ruinous you know these are all these two subjects why why have they become taboo we in we should be able to talk about an old to lotharios transgender in the library shaken and braginton of kids yet we have seen ocain off weenest we can't talk about breast feeding babies how crazy is that that isn't ireland it's really coe i mean there's a video going round of a great dane that nursed little chiwawa thathanabaing and so they had to be really careful that she didn't squash on me mean they were so tiny compared to her and everybody goes oh that's so keen and so press and but they're not doing the same and in your case i mean that's and we recognize it still i think a lot of people find it easier to think that mother's em who abandoned their babies who were drunk users or inprison whatever um babies that had up in the hospital in the nick now that ned breast milk well those don't ee in mothers or heroes you know because they donated to save those babies but i nicotianin them on some one else's breast that's just impossible to imagine you can't remember how many as his sexualize on it is then sexualized this is nateral people this is not as sexual activity its being a morandini it sad i have to go because i've got to go rescue somebody right now and so but i would love to have you back on any time how there you cooncan and i and on thursday ocarinas here on thursdays are most and golsowins of subjects is this is these are all good things to chocolate we can even do it book club yet will you both weinand then i won won talk more noctanebo breath smote when you talked about the sexualised thing that was that was she likes saying i don't i don't like sintering but for me it's triggering because i was formulated because my arm had been the eighties when formulas better and healthier and everybody was brained watched by marketing i had my eldest daughter in germany which is very breastes best formulas almost never hes you know into that's what i was taught and it made sense to me and i thought back to america first thing my mom basically compared me to was a petrified oh my colorbecause breast feeding is so lasting and that the sexual body part and deeply hurt me but i saw rested and i pressed all of my children well that tells you how they think it doesn't tell you reality it tells you what a a sipo they've done on human singing being a parent is natural it is not a sexual a thing at all and if it turns into that it's it's a real it's a problem a problem and its prompt even think that that being a mother for a fee having every baby like a set i shal i home burst ye and now and it was like it was like i was now if we don't have to turn all these things into one a medical intervention or a non natural process god gave us everything we need and and after re think what what we think he is so issatier to drink holessmall for goats milk than human milk for humans it so i want to go to prairie now cause i do have to go i have to go rescue soon moseilema for hal and people call i don't my fan is going contentionnothing up that let's lespar and then we're going to go off to our day hanging on to sick all i discontented on all tell him of good to be there in just olive action of venn yes it is the suspectthe everyhere sisters may conchance the wendigo dance or in to talk about breast meaning were going to talk about politics were going to talk about foverint when it every thing you know even even to an uncomfortable situation it's all on the table on down as ratiocination of every coiner there he got dear happily father thank you so much for the joy that we have of being the gather oh with heather and with care and and every single person of their talk it is a joy to come to backgate it's human beings as brothers as as your body the body of christ talking about all these wonderful things that we can do to help our neighbors and help our community stand together against this horrible tyranny that has that has come against our nation we are willing to stand we are willing to to absolutely follow your leading or step of the way just tell us what to do we lay our lives down to you whenever it is whatever you ask us to do we are willing whether we have to give this or we have to go in a different direction we are willing to go in the direction that you bring us even if it's in the desert for a while it is a blessing to follow you it is a blessing the of the joy that passes i in peace that passes all understanding and we know that it is possible in the name of jesus christ our lord and saviour to walk on this earth with you we can walk with god every day and that's our gold that's wanted to let her read know how much sir love out there and then he had come and join the party your party the party were with celebrate you your creation we each other to meekness that you built in it every single person and every day we love you very much having my father we love you in the name of jesus christ we pray a man never may here have a great day it's a choice it is a choice to make it a great day so remember he regaling the man thinking to go to branford for governor not com branderburg for domino dog cop bekase i'm the best known conceder who has ever not conceived in the history of it and we just wanted letter reveno hart hansen we've an god bless you god was all those whom you love and god bless america were going to make it a great day stand that sand the fight here is also we stand together we stand together as one american family is one human family and we will never never give that up for any reason whatsoever have a great day do the go dance and will see it some