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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/8/2023 - Liberty Essentials Bill Mohr II

Published Nov. 8, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eighth day of november twenty twenty three welcome to our show today today we have liberty essentials on with bill mohr and i telled that things are really counting gettin kind of crazy in the state of michigan i got a call for mark finchamsted from arizona we ah we got talking and there's a few other people that are involved pelion the layers of corruption evil in the state of michigan and the nation in general and i think things are going to get really interesting so i talked to both mark and cases terday decided that i would sponsor the precinct mapping project for kent county at county and mosquiten county settles to gentlemen are going to be coming out to morrow to talk about what they're finding in the state of michigan with precinct mappy and oh it's very interesting and then i had another call yesterday which is going to probably leads to one of the biggest stories in the new cycle in who knows how long said i i can't talk to you much about right now but let me tell you things are about to get real real quick here miriam my first gas here my only guest oday it's bill more he belladonna yourself out i'm still recovering from this week and i you have four daughters and i'm going to tell you i hope you sleep a lot before the whole wedding thing takes place because it's exhausted i'm still tired from this i'm not catching up on my sleep yet so but i'm i'm working out but he looks take about what happened on the election this this past yesterday because i think this is fairly significant check this south ah in goshen i've been talking about goshen and i've had several people from goshen of the goshen plan of their mcconico ny en branibor news network but a the election of their works six township officials and bigraphies are recalled over support for goshonder plant that's really really good news so i'm in a i think i probably try to bring a few people on here maybe next week and we'll talk about it further and then there is another bit of news that came on to you emilita that or gianini can bring this off because i think this is pretty significant too those who didn't know and god there trying built battery and and the battery planted are all founded well in a inventedthe own at any company and twine is owned by the see not only that but they were sending a chinese nationals dios on line about that as well for they would put them they had to swear an oath to surprising in doing this for we all notes and owners or pelerinage where they would i send are sworn enemies and they would become the head and we so and the people of goshen that area sad enough was not and they did they put everybody up for recall and apparently were he littleton these hordes of check this one up so this is another friend of ours and member of the u s taxpayer's party and misconnection party and it is mark tutsolan he was reporting that word to precinct twenty eight to east lonard is not open because the dominion machine is not working there is also shortage of workers nice were still using dominion so they couldn't even vote his machines were down in that precinct and i think that's that's very fairly significant so once again chinaland we get rid of all machines and go back to hand colicosis just not working so it interestinglyeven peecture other and that is right where he was and the only thing that was on the ballot that i know of was the grand rapid public school finding oh were they claim that approved another three hundred and five million dollars dressing historical and in equity a safety security staffing infrastructure and nutrition but they say that it will not but only hi ho o that compute that doesn't even that is even even make any sense is just all kinds of political nonsense coming out there and another thing mir is running again for i believe sonidich i think is absolutely laughable as i said yesterday a blind deaf i somebody sat down he should run for santa light no i'm not going to be running for santiagothe somebody should and a blind deaf poodle could be mirandy was a slip of out there to take on peter ieri don't think you got much competition i ondosh off and you'll beat this guy is because i don't even think you can out span the he can't even outspan any one at this point time because there's none of money that actually i don't think work for this guy any more of people are done with it so anyhow sockonosset interesting are you was thought paid for when he first announced his campaign and i went around back and twenty twenty tellevery the they were in support of my ssbecause they they had to beat her it wasn't voting for myers nobody voted for my legistature or through our end everybody voted against the democrat party and what are you got you got a democrat he calls home solsibec ef they're all the same here is that too the two party says tom is just two wings the same bird and that's all we have wanted to have got out a little law if i can get it all this is something else that's really really amusing i posted on my channel a ah and aphidavit having to do with robert owens of the of the i am i dope here go the soronosa showered pretty timely hear for what we have gone on in our government check this out imagine if you will an entire country so ignorant that the people will wilfully give billions of dollars in order to elect rich criminals to rule over their lives and steal their money but believe they are free i don't know what myers worth but seems like probably a probably he is he codpeeces considered retch down of brine of orgon the other hand who was told was a brilliant air completely missed that financial statement in his absolutely not true so anselo conceiving the elector but ye kind of kind of a crazy crazy time that we're that we're in here so we really have to look people and know what their passes or because its cresnet me let me see if i can get to this robber ointing or mine befestiget at aseedah on hem from terry on so i believe is his a wife and it looks like you it looks like there is some really strange perhaps questionable expenses that that he was fleeing for consecon page i gather evidence of at least nine escorts through the email account and roberts sulphone records this sason an affidavit that i posted and he has once again a higher by the amigo complete and utter bankrupt failure the of the of the management the and place and he not only that not only we have that that of a little bit of information there's another one that i think is fairly significant ah michigan republican chair christina cromes leadership demas privately discussing trying to sell the gopis former headquarters in a bed to try to resolve major financial problems or sosone hurdle the party doesn't even on the building sonowlee doing what politicians do which is take and try to sell or profit off of things that are truly not theirs in follow these people who would even who would even entertain sitting in the same room as these people that this not people this is like this is like a stupid sheep women where you you can't ave you cannonade this stuff up an howard and ridiculous this behavior is but what's more ridiculous and observe an absurd is the people that actually filled them and think that they're going to think you're going to change them well we're going to get in we're going to change these like talent ossera rate is oh yes we're going to let him loose again and oh they're going to promise not to do the wrong no i'm intelligit now they're not redeemable at this point time you are the only by god himself could this behaviour be rede but it looks like the same thing that every every politician has ever sat in the seats is ever done take something that thee not theirs and sallet or use it to bail themselves out of financial idiocy lack of planning and kisses matter to them they just take somebody else's stuff to make out for what they spent his crazy absolutely insanity oh look at it from a common sense point of view i mean one of one of the republican point a through the republican party is that they want to regain the reins and control and the federal government especial oh and real and the excess spending right they don't seenexeter own pity are you kitty be that's right i mean they they don't own their buildings and that we saw that kent county and i'm not sure exactly what happened or with the wallingers installed as the chair out here but the democrat party is a i don't i don't know if they leave her if they own i think they leave the building out there on fuller street is south fishing all the old sun rentals other operating out of that and shortly after they took control of that building the republican party building their on michigan a they packed up moved out almost like their just stalling that to a to claim that this is a democrat area specifically we don't want anything to do with him all it is is it a lesion that's all it is there working together i can just see them in the back room there talking to each other you know hey down do that this month and karelian do that next month and nobody will ever know nobody will ever know you didn't see anything that's what they're doing it is not evilsthese of the public i these guys are all all have lunched together and golden together doing all sorts of things together there all thoroughfares ininches and videsee president even i know the last decades of president they all hang out together this is tasseseemed grove out there and they hang out all week and doesn't make any difference or outing it out together they know it and their laughing and every one every one of these people is the laughing at us except for who will do us taxers party which is the constitute they couldn't even get that right they actually put up on their westthis is the party of the constitution no it's not then they will have nothing to do with us that even kicked me out of the meeting while you're not a right real republican really you'll kick me out of the party because i was a real republican and in not a u topart stood and i tell you what the the the real constitution party is us taxpayers hardy michigan why can't we we claim the constitution party the secretary estate absolutely refuses to change ornate put the block and with a like the whole rest of the united states it just about this couple of states that have they have a shell he has secretary state that's plain like the further people and won't let them change or nas but michigan and they kin do it they could do it with a star compound and they decided not to because their tried because they're all in bed together to protect their positions from the governor in a the age the secretary state the board of elections more canisters every single one of them is trying to protect their power structure and so you don't happen bill and i build the chairman of the sexes are made of a first vice chair of the secretary were sent out over here actually doing our stuffining in truth to the table no matter what they said so anyhow ere you got now the constitution to be able to abide by parties they don't know the constitution they know the saddest col enter adam i notice that all is these basins they don't want the republican party claims they don't want to get anything worse democratic party they then you can see what they do and they do it blatantly when you pull back er and actually look at the actions of other one the alto the same and republican party is known for setting up the necessary statutes of the next necessary proclamation so that when the democratic party gets back in power they can go ahead and install what they were trying to do an it's been going on for decades that the democrats of ben the democrat party right now is the sewage to the republican party and the republican parties the stones to the democrat is passack o or a threat and all of it all of its own constitution i even there are no parties i done atoms specifically so that's a greatest evil that he perceived under the constitution was that a they would be divided into two parties each other their great leader and that they would be a promoting measures and opposition that's exactly what we see in the people fell for a look finishing back in the nineteenth himforty eighteenth because they want it it's it's a colt mentality if you look at how cold are ranged calls our reins exactly as the political parties are function you have to have to get into the republican and democrat party they that you if you are not malleable they will get rid of you and i mean quickly and to see what you're willing to do for the party not for america not for the onot for a country but for that party it has become a great big special interest full of full of extortion and racketeering and some you know you you look at the boutonne that's been passed a money laundering that's going on through these packs and dark money funds it is unbelievable and i think cause maybe i have a little knowledge of something that's coming going to come out here fairly shortly on brandenburg news network is that i think very shortly we're going to see exactly how much power antityssus as act blue and such have over our elections perhaps i know that something's coming out here just perhaps self anyhow satanthe brenburg is not word because it's going to get really addressing her in the next couple week it then look at it i mean we be like representatives or anything paid a hundred and seventy four thousand somadals a year and they serve for a couple o couple of years a couple of terms in the end up coming out millionaires to the how does this happen and it's all it's all the money wondering that happens through the super packs and through their campaign and he and through these other organizations outside of it they just take taxpayers dollars and they sudden them somewhere else in the world and then they flopping around so right back through through a through these organizations and give him right back to the people that some money in it looked where i go through it again but you crane was a perfect example of that israel's another perfect perfect example only how many billions of dollars of your money are they sending over there and they distort round and give her right back not all of it but the majority of it they get a big bonus for the they're not living billion dollars to a country they're giving just a small portion ah as a good faith they get paid the bulk of that back to themselves that's how these people become millionaires and its it is this downright he sure as intake this so homois leaders are posted the this morning on a at brandenburg number four am i ah my telegram channel homolies were staggering eleven billion dollars revel in luxury while gases people suffer these are the people that have been ruling the gods of st we've got the same problem going on in god's between gods and israel and there's no heroes than this every single one of these countries is in the wrong and the people suffer so while the people languish in poverty and are treated as human shields the leaders of homosion lies the terre groups three top leaders alone are worth a staggering eleven three people are worth eleven billion dollars between them and enjoy a life of luxury in the sanctuary of the rate now there's something else that that i can that i know about atargatis is located near the one of the largest oil fields in the middle east the one of the biggest ones and the right there ran on waterway there so it's easy for them to two transport that across the world in such so when you look at how this is the leaders are not otherother and gasp they're not with the people they're just letting the there just it's not the hippo of either either i don't approve of what's going on there at all what i'm saying is that the people in israel the people in goothe people all over the world are suffering will these leaders are sitting at the top skimming off the work just like the republican party of michigan the idothea the work of regular people betraying their confidence and taking the money for themselves this was happening have you ever seen the dynamic of what's going to it or what's going on inside arabia over the years arabia now an yeh this is its its really it's really interesting how the different in ecologies for luck for lack of a better word you know the house aside and that sort of thing how they changed and in grabbed land that was base we considered a throwaway land back in history and came to power there very very very interesting so we look at the soryly and the changes that have taken place there i think president trunk relent over there and basemath had a complete change locked him all in the wits over there and told them that basically you give up everything that you have and walk out of here with your life or you don't and the last i believe they they hung him up side down and beat the living how out of oman he finally decided to a to be a little bit more agreeable to the terms and conditions and it was it was one of the princes there that that was responsible for the regime changes i think it would get a little bit of a hope going forward that things are in fact going in the right direction but that happened right after president trunk got in office and he went over to sadarai and he remembered the dance with the swords that was done over there with him and so there was a lot that was going on behind the scenes there and kind of pride of interesting but anyhow look at like was happening here home moses hermas was created by the sea and most they create their own enemies so they've got they've got away too you know they always create the crisis and then provide the answer for it which is all that is always set against the pope so inter go go back to the ear the seventies ne think we pushed on his at line news very oh he reminded rybody that amos was there of our government contract with created a man do away with youse leader over there as her hat became a problem to of israel they had the come solution being one of the biggest disasters they never they've ever put up and so now they get rid of one on the little tyrant over there and they set up a whole group of people now who are controlled and so now they have another problem their own creation become the creator and set up the graces and now everybody is then on it and they drag they try to drag the entire world into this little bitty war over i do know how much land were talking and gossoons square miles but i can't be more more than just a little sliver of is and as your small there's a lot of people there are here millions of people there who like you said or suffering becase and whether not they know how it all started or whether not they see what's happening it is in fact the leaders of the that are creating and finding this to get everybody's affection over there so that we don't pay attention to what's going on in our own back yard hegan was second will you be setting like for the interview with the king out of me i have a ah let's see you mention what the what the other and sourabia and boy would it have been nice do the same thing right here on i won't that's what we we need rerapipe who were willing to bring the wicked that we see all over the ear if you're the leader or an officer with an a government entity you have that duty under god and under a bring such to the people that europe hm he on that you're just another part of the old i'm not much to talk of it it will resolve this omentepec use i think i think i you want to jump in to liberty senses and all be right back on i see couple weeks ago with last time we were on and he and we were talking about blessings listen i will finish that up because and the following chapters is an alto if you need go back and see we left off the stranger forty three the stranger that is within thee shall get up above the very high and thou shalt come down for we just mentioned that brought in by her own only lured the being the liver to that we can the stranger that is with i shall get up about the very high and she but if so the illegal i of land and other he allowed back i think we got i've just like dan like conseave here but yet well here said moreover all these persons shall come upon pursue the and overtake thee till thou beat cause the harkins lord the god chapter this commandment which i commanded thee this day is not is it fire like it is now anybody who is once i have set before thee this day life and so that the end of the chap i call heaven earth to record this day that i have set before you life and death blessing therefore choose life of thou and thy see were about that were called to honor our father and that it may be well with us i live on twenty that thou mayst love the lord thy god that thou mayst obey his word thou mayest cleave under he is thy life of the thou mayest well in the land which the lord swear that thy father though of all of these blessings and the they're not some one he as for the people of that time they are her father sat generations generation we don't he turned back to the old ways was the old path like a good way then we're going to keep it on and we talked earlier about to party whose bent set up it and set up by the the cia controlled then with all started and promulgated throgh he continues to be turned on the news and you'll always see the opposition it might have actually been one of the cape who had said the best way to control her the best way to control the opposite the leaded ourself i stated if you want to the the best way to do it is controlled both sides just talk about that with his real one much the best way he created crisis come up with the solution for it the solution will always be an infringement upon the as in an they created a mergency you violate the laws that people set in and as long as they know they referring to government oh anybody in charge law enforcement anybody in charge of legislate as long as they know that they can violate the law in an emergency look to the past three years for the answer they will always create the mergency the do just that until until we put a stop to that mentality there will always be the next crisis when this old deal with israel and mosses over a pernot you news again and you'll see another crisis he i let that wearies you fear i mean it most of most of this the way we stop participating is topmen afraid when we draw a closer to god you don't have fear and the ouse fer the us are motions to manipulate us so you can look at nine eleven and the patriot act and how that came about three days after the towers came down are you kidding me give me break and it was all like weeneth ve you safe in your land and so we're going to create all these policies and proceeds you safe be afraid be afraid be afraid o hope came we're going to give you the job that's going to keep you safe and it's all a lie a threat of the patriot act was passed by a pass by both parties to speak at three of what three flockin the morning i believe it was nobody read a single part of that document it was already in place already to go up but they had to create the graces to put it in there in the majority of that patriot act if you've never read it i take the time to do it it takes the few hours to get through it all but the majority of the patriotic the finds domestic terrorism and it's all aimed at the people every one of the domestic aristonici ons is probably something that you do or have done or will do it's a it's all a lie the same is that it is all i look at the infrastructure bill and for structure building the same thing nobody rohit he said well we have to pay assinoe to interpret it or to read it so they're passing things before they even know what their passing their paths out of very time being directed they're just they're just little puppets that are being told what to do by the globositas and they have no idea and i don't even know the mark enough to read it really annoying sure you've met some of the people and to look at him go it did you you were frolic education that's the one thing i can say he has you don't how to read sound he there pat the there paid there and they accept the position of the majority at times as a jot up you know i did not elect you so that you can have a job if you want a job o work an macdonal they probably won't i i know they won't hire me he if you want a job o work force and get in i like my representatives i'll tell you majority of ones i've ever elected have never been an oft but i like them as a contract between me and them to do is duty that we have laid forth in her constitution and nothing more than that and nothing less than any the outside him that i need to be removed so it's a go where we should be treating our elections as as a job interview that we get them and find out are they qualified do they have the ability to make the hard decisions in our best interests not just to go along gelong political landscape and what what what should we be looking for and canada in an elected fish what position a any any position any position at all what one of the bases besides all offices what is the basis of character that we should well right while never being in politics which we at the top of my list because anybody that's theirs probably already compromised and i think a the wrong one as the oh rather excess beaten twenty one for lives of perfect lay out for the base character of any and that is when they were looking for for people to guide her rulers and just the native israel he says moreover thou shalt provide right elected representative provided out of all people able men such as one fear god two are men of true three hating covetous it means they don't go looking around for stuff they can acquire that other people have ah and place such over them to be rulers of thousands hundred ftes that is a good base character of where we should get started fear god i see that their daily life be men of truth they should ever be caught in a blatant lie and they should hate it filthy gain filthy lucre by all the money that we we just finished arkindale they should despise that with every ounce of their being they should be indignant over it every day and we should hear them talking about it every day for life me i'm not finding these i am sure that we have if you're one of those people you don't want to be involved see the problem you're the person i want to talk if you want if you if somebody wants to be involved in old you know this tone i know this for if you want to be in a position to politics go back to your daily was yet rather than right there you're you're mentally unstable in my might for anybody that would desire to do his such as even dona arrivent whatever one in were the white the tax fairs party and the constitution party nationally that i'm always amazed nobody politics for a job nobody so there and campaigns for a job it's quiet it's set and truly every sitter in looks at each other like like oh oh no don't pick me that kind that kind of thing is he i'll do it if i'm asked but it's not something that any one desires to die it's not like it's never been on a check list is oh you know i want to be the chairman or oh i want to be devised chair oh i want to be the tester that it's like were all sitting in the room and and it's quiet and and usually somebody will finally speak up there's no politickin there is no advertising there is no vote for me but for me nonsense it's just sitting there respectfully and somebody will usually say i nominate this person for this position because in has a reason why that person should be either qualified or they feel that their qualified for the position and the person has to decide whether there even god accepted or not because it is something that the approach to where the huge amount of solemn consideration and whether the person can think that they can actually carry that job out in a selfless way for the other people who are involved for americans and and i find that to be very very endearing its heart warming you you don't see to the shooting or anything like that it's it's less of a i don't know it's just just a lot it's very pleasant process it's very humbling to have hungering group of people it whether before or or just publicly and say that we we want you that you are either the only one capable of the most qualified it relies yes sir only it out there remember the u s takers party it's a worse small group of merry men out there that that arthat are trying to make a difference because we believe we truly believe in in america not that to party america system but we truly believe in america and how it was found and and selflessly serving as no money in it there's no money in it if need money if you then go somewhere else but if you're willing to come in and help work to restore this nation in a state of michigan the only option that i see out there that's even got a shot at this to do it with with integrity and honesty as a tax espardy right now and will at my both such the minute that we see this going south or becoming all about money will probably leave because neither one of us are willing to stand with criminals we will wed you know were not willing to do that were not willing to compromise our beliefs in just pure service to god family in country perstrictus they sure now and that's all of them we need just bring that right back and no money is to work like jury duty honestly you you get paid for when you show off in that when you're not there go back home and work a real job like the rest of us that's right three no pensions no suverins pay no as sure it not by hesperean these these more on for better insurance and better better oh you know everything that they have is better than what we the people have why are they why are politicians getting paid more than say first responders our police or police officers are large force the real ones not the ones that are in bad with the criminal politicians but the real ones or or fire fighters or you know the list goes on and on and on and and they're getting paid for doing what for sitting there in creating laws against the people that our hiring them to do over not were not doing either because we don't have free and fair elections so there is a problem in my opinion if i manelected oh you i'll even go as far as giving him a laptop nowadays is for the most part i want to give you a pencil on a dead and in you proved to me what you talked about bernice and believe me every every candidate out there you are willing the outside of the norman politics and you are willing to show that you will bring justice that america so neat you have to worry about money you're community is going to stand up and give you anything in the japonette ask for that's the way it works the right now or elersheim begin battista weather much of beggars there absolutely right and on depot it's a shame you don't want to my first things that i want to see come out of somebody's mouth which is what came out of my mouth is that eighty five per cent of what is sitting there on the books to be now if i all you need is a path and you start nullify go now if i know of and a good good group of people that can do your legal work as far as to put it in place to nullify nullify most of what's out there certainly all of the three letter for letter agencies they have no right to exist and under the law they don't exist the only it only exists because we we get we capitulate to it we we agree to it by just not saying no i mean you know i tried to get arrested for the stupid mass nonsense and shutting things down and they would even arrest me so i mean if you stand for what you believe in most of them know that this is illegal most of them will not challenge you even even in when you're in a in a meeting and they tell you only got two minutes to speak they don't have the right to tell you cause you're the boss they can't shut you down and it's like think it's it's a soldaness new york times gives you as much as that time as you want it's a personal filibuster actually so you just got to know that come down close have no longimana cup cake or something to manchon until you're you're done talking oh thor able some a little more a little more local here you and i discussed it oh i've got a friend down in the charter at fort charter town all its found co southern central michigan jackson area he found in that way oh i'm going to be down here thursday they have a poor me agatha they're going to have a board meeting thursday and this is not something new that's been going on for a while i hope he but it was brought to my attention most people that that have heard me speak in the past a given example of how things can be done in my own countship in northern can't county here we had a supervisor who right after the twenty twenty election sold his house moved outside the township to the other side of the was living out there and still climbing to be the township super in the per that there there numerous laws and to break this up here to minute there's numerous laws actually if you want to look him up you can bring him up eh forty one at fifty seven is the first one and two of one dot three is another but then i'm not that quick i think give me give him all give me a shot here to make it right okay so it is at all i can sure my just as erring you should be able to holmes op the skirit here and if you can share or screen with a i don't noneshould be able to i dissent at it okay they go oh look at the worse that night i want a round knowing that there was something not right about that and common sense tells you this don't also went around this bit quick search looked up a michigan michigan statues regarding that all the way back and eighteen forty six and there isn't a newer one as well a but if the old laws on the book it takes precedence over anything you put that contradict ah so in forty one to fifty seven it talks about township vacancies that says every township office shall become vacant upon the happening of any of the events versified in section three of chapter fifty other vice that toes being section two of one to three of the michigan cool laws creating a vacant all school back i think he on point three once again same same gold revise that shuts of eighteen or it says every office shall become vacant on the happening of any of the following events before the expiration of the term of such office which means if they are currently an incumbent and sitting in these if any of these things happen that seat is now vacant they don't need to resign you don't have to kick them out they are vacant there there illegally if they thread everything that the one is the death of someone or his resignation his removal from office or for his unceasing to be a hissing to be an inhabitant of the or if the office be local of the district county township city or village for which he shall have been appointed or within which the duties of his office are required to be dished the moment you cease to be an inhabitant of the township the office shall become vacant but we got the happenedhowsoever out here oh and it wasn't after thought his house was for sailed before the election and after the election was if he wasn't an after thought it wasn't a mite ah i called them out on it and pulled him it wasn't right the moment he said went back and i took i took the laws this one an another one but i can't i can't remember i had to look it up then i took les my emil it to the whole board i set this was wrong the supervisor seat is now vacant and less he corrects the he immediately i'm not giving a time frame here a corrected immediately and i had one other person on the board agree with that i or o five supervisor clerk treasurer in two trustees one of the trustees agreed with that the rest i never heard from they never even replied to the young outbroke the law ye healththey wouldn't address it and there's another part actually in the michigan statutes as regarding more for please but it says any body who is passed with long forcement eh that's also like the officials if you have a duty and you find that a crime is being committed and you don't address it you are failing to bring an enforcement and in michigan that's that's a misdemeanor it's a thousand dollars fine up to a year in jail if you refuse to do that which you know is right that's noseover the place with what happened up in moskita where she passes it down to the michigan he now state place goes i don't know i passed it on you know it's a classic little girl moved to pass it on and well i did what i was supposed to you are you were supposed to go after this regardless of who you passed that it doesn't absolve obsolve her of the responsibility this vessel the criminal why we could do a whole show on that ahithophel three or four shows but you can do we youdo that with all the setting out on the top anyway i bind it with his trusty a little bit and we ended up i don't i don't know how he pulled it off that we ended up calling for a special meeting just to hear this i had to be out of town at the time so he actually brought me in on soon which was kind of cool i've never i've never known any board member to do that for the they brought me an ansom i was able to talk and i told the supervisors like you are not supervisor and you are here a legally i don't need your resignation but at least if you set a resignation of joe little bit a character on or oh the very next meeting of the next month's general meeting was brought up again and then very shortly after that before the next meeting ever happened he had resigned he walked out and it was only the two of us that kept the pressure on even want the leave he had every set of moving of purchasing more land and moving back in the town but that's not the point he did it woefully and violated the law and once you know the law you can no longer be ignorant of and i demanded that he leaped simples that so i bring this the local news down in the bedford charter at fort charter on we have the same issue going on but even more slow ah my friend has been down there calling this out for months i believe as all the evidence they have a trustee that doesn't live in the tone who is with been elected there several times now and the low still stands he holds an office he doesn't inhabit that township therefore his seat is make not only that the board refuses has been a refusing to address and so there's a meeting to morrow at seven down a bed for charter township and they are going not only will the board not not here this right my friends been arrested for bringing this up in the past a reaffiliation it up i'm not kid you he's been arrested several times out of these board me tomodon her help arenicolor guilty too for obstructing justice absolutely absolutely one hundred per cent i got a call that out to morow i might not be on the show one day we'll see along the term sense well longorio need to be bail aloud oh but anyway thought not only are they refusing to address the matter and bring bring once again awful justice just like kicking about and filling the seat by election oh what they're going to try to appoint him as supervisor come more as the supervisor seat is vacant they done i don't know if they chase the other guy out i do know he was involved in several lost tout from his own action involving several lawsuits through the county though no he's gone the two risorses baking there even tried to appoint this illegally occupied trusty to the supervisor can anybody say that's a name definition of a nat is like silly thisso far out there as i could was laugh about it because they don't they don't see it and i don't know why they don't see it they are no concretely ignorant of the fact that refused to address it so if you're anywhere near the area to morrow eh seven o'clock come down there i do a little bit of research look at the laws of not going to try to guide you to a position here the doe little research and then come voisenon because this all starts local guys we're not going to be able to fix the federal government there they're so far gone they don't even know they exist oh if in a highly doubtwere going to do anything state white here and the legislature judicial branch or definitely not the executive right that's he's off the but this local stuff we can take care of we just read read about that gosh ah you know they successfully recalled the entire board oh to my now that on herd of i've never seen that happening may be one or two but they got rid of the whole for by elector it can be done but we have to get involved locally in our own counties and our own townships in your own city word district ah we are to take this back from the ground up the whole grass rich movement in its mentality is correct however the grass roots movements of the sea a lot to day once again are all here all bought by the same money that the parties the one led by the same kind of people who are installed there and then they talk about the problems but don't have whole lot of solutions this was just one slot and if you've never been to a board meeting in the great place against starting because bedford pounds ship or meetings get kind of especially with with a handful of people that he speak out against oh it's great place to get started to see how easy it is just open your mouth when you see a problem if you be involved in other townships or school boards and your voice your opinion about things you see going on then come down we need i was on the other's nationher side of state at im what hour and a half wave but i was asked to come down so we go where were needed to a beatin somewhere i'm not to go there i do everything i can to help you guys will that's what being in american is all about helping those around you we can't do it ourselves it happened and we don't eat em majority we just need a dedicated minority right like samoans said willing to set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men lungs we can keep the fires burning were making progress i'm not going to expect the like whole force note a week could make little progress in the minds of men as we go so here you go bringing this with you now your times verses soliman and it is a protection of a gang the the the public functionaries are public officials ability to limit length of p so if you pull this in out this is that this is the standing long for intensity four and they may not tell you you got two minutes you can speak as long as you like and you can pull this out if the cops jump in a hat of it you are you you need to inform them that they are also breaking the law to tell them if a citizen of the republic not the civil action jurisdiction that you have the ability to in fact speak as long as you like in the right holcome from government people if you have a right to freedom of speech and you an exercise it when you have the floor and being you have that for and unless you contracted the time before he oh you have but floor until you're done speak there there's a reason why the senate filibuster still exists yet this methat's the whole point of it i will not stop until i have said everything that i'm going to say and i don't do it out of out of pride and i don't do it out of i thought that i do it because it needs to be said and once once what needs to be said is done and i'll step down from the elsinore so there you stick that when any back pocket every one your times versesone een s old this was not this was not something small this is not something that you know is just isolate now this happened all over the state all over the country you'll find found ships with the same type of things going on and it's hard drop to correct because obviously they're not going to they get a patent well i'm in which if you approach it as instructing them yet you know you don't have to go in their hostile at the beginning you now you can go in there with the with the a in the mind you're going to instruct them on what we're supposed to instruct them so if we go in to instruct them and things that they may or may not know some of em may may just be an ignorant of the law or ignorant of the position which i think most improbably are because there enoughthey were placed in some of them do it intentionally but it either way if you instruct them on the lock could you know the law then then you've got to you've got a leg up for an advantage on the site you now plead the republic your citizen of your republic personfor moles and then say what needs to be said and that lay it up a lot of times when i go and speak i tell them exactly what the terms of and conditions you have of one job and that's to defend the citizens of this jurisdicion that's it they're not there to defend the rights of the of the developers no matter how much they throw their little developer temper tantrums as the parasites that they are cause they do they the their parasites he so in the throat will we're going to sell you were going to see you so as for what because we don't want you to be building in the community and putting more burden on the tactics stranger so we have to raise taxes to pay for your little your little pool party over there stopped in one you want to see me go and i'll give you my name and address you go oh are you ooolook forward to it yet we'll put petiisse die you can call as you any any time you want that's fine oligocene work intimidation isn't going to work as right as the long were why her not giving the spirit of fear but of power of a solemn mine yet in the loss on our side was always that onourside he always been if we know how to use it and you know pete i think that's the thing we keep hearing is that when as somebody come going to come to save us you know what they already have now it's our hero turned to pick up the pick pick up the you know not only pick of the cross but pick up the the game here pick of the ball and run with it we itogon hit the ball is you got on the game as she castaeteando put some time into it and and i can tell it if you know like i know you weren't something every day i learned something everydayevery sigillarian something new and it's a beautiful it's a really beautiful thing to have that type of power you know i don't know why the kids coming out of school i didn't i don't know if you did deinodontid to be able to do a prose has in in the court system why is it that all of this is off limits to read the people we shouldn't have to have an end we we should be able to represent ourselves but the but it so convoluted because he turnes got in there with a bar which in illegal entity quite honestly should be and oh in mock it all up so that we the people are or set aside only then let us speak they only live as it up menpost on this when they deem us worthy because we will capitulate to their unconstitutional laws rules and mandate so he desired night which was paid no knocando it not to day now dined not in this not in his life time and if there were twenty more lifetimes not in the next one you know and oh ye wend go as ridiculous as we want to go on this come on ossification will never never educate you and how to overthrow a gas that's commons when they when they have put up put up so much at stake oh they can no longer the generation are posterity how to do what's right fear that they would actually do it that's that's the difference here that's why i home school my kit it's lannigan's they know exactly what it cost oh i wanted to end with that youththe fifty six signers of the declaration of independence i like to read through that once in a while just to know what these guys went of the history behind they all pledged their lives oh honor or sacred honor and fore and defence of what they knew was right and many of them they had their homes and properties burn and their families murdered ah they gave their lives literally for us we are there posterity and they bled and died on the battle field not only them but our brothers and sisters that came before us they bleded died on the battlefield fighting to give us the what we claim that we have in my question is what are we doing about it what are you doing about it because they were willing to give up everything and modern day it's hard to get people off their couch way from their tv more than an hour to go out o borde men in long i'm a happy when some brings the bag of cookies or something to the meeting you know i mean to put in any effort was or even even the show of and such but in the defence you don't most of the meanings are nothing more than bit sessions were they siderone and then they go home the bits some more and nothing it's none and steunende goal and what are the actionable steps to reach that goal and and werenot were not seeing it you know i think i think that's okay you know where were at least people are shown off but i think we need to see some leaders that actually have some action all steps to and be willing to put the time enter in honest another thing that i know you and i am in common it's great when every shows up but what's really worth really bad as when somebody shows up in his great ideas but aren't willing to do anything to push him forward and pushes them off on ever beheld who is all ready working at the mass for deitee that are willing to come in and take control and actually this is what i think we should do when i'm willing to do this in the gonegot a pin a pin that i wear on my formal suits as no whining as winding with a with a cross to and now a lot of people laugh when they see that so's all you must have kids and i was like no my kids don't whine that that man that may last just a couple of the first years and then and then that doesn't happen so much anyone i told them i were that to remind the adults to quit whining because what is whining by definition this is my definition on oxford but whining is merely complaining about a problem without proposing a solution if you want to complain about it if you see that there's a problem find us solution for because if not you're just allowing it to exist in your your complacent and it your complicit in the problem that your winding about knock it off americans if you see the problem figure out how to get around it figure out how to get rid of it figure out how to solve it and take the necessary steps to get it not i don't lay it out on the plain and a big pen page formal document handed to somebody ascargota or solution just do it snowlined by example here put up your time put up your effort and the people will come following a guarantee in there there looking for resolve everybody is here looking for how to deal with so let's get to work and just do it it's a of the things for as the handful yet actionable stops so while the sad awesome ah do you want to say the prayer o and e to day for astely right less so that ronove bills in say that at the prayer here gus a pallet we thank you for the s this time and this feliship that we've had this morning and we thank you that you are in fact that the ruler of the nation's father you put up a you will and you take down who you won't bother you direct the heads and a and as we have read a three or blessings and cursings father the that you do in fact i've just been against those who refused to hearken to you who refuse to do your commandments father and bring judgment we are not to bring us reminder upon american people father essenced that that we would finally the distraction able steps to to bring forth the law to bring forth the statutes of judgments that are so required that helped frame and foulness nation that we that we claim is so blessed by you all we ask now that you would do so would give each one of us it was to strength and courage to stand up in the fire other not just in the midst of trials but in the fire we know that the youth protected those who wilfully served you in the past father and we we know that you will continue to this do the same destroy the idolatry that we see not only in the nation but in the state other and not only political but eat an each one of our lives for their astute put the stumbling blocks there to get rid of that and i asked that you give us each the strength and courage do your will equips all for that purpose alone father in jesus name a praising seenthin you she well everybody ah well go to brenburg for her donedoctors i'm the best non concedere who has or not consented in electric as i won't give up to liars cheats and thieves we're going to keep going fight in the thing fightnothing out and a john taters he's not conceiving either where i can conceive no no way no how not tell the twenty twenty two election and the twenty twenty election is righted and the new law suit on the twenty the twenty twenty two election is is still waiting to be filed here attacked jason yesterday but we have a that the was going to go forward to and were iskeep swing it in telluntil we get some somers so that we need to do as we need to do things so against one results such as see now we love either so many of us that our fighting for you and please look up the us taxpayers party ah the which is a constitution party and the state of michigan and a coming get to know as all because we truly are trying to fight a good fight from the physician that that we are in and we do believe in what in what we stand for there and there's no money involved that it sime in i can hear people begging for cash or anything like that it's like what we will say is what what can you know this is what we'd like to do are you willing to help let's waste time in to it and so anyhow if you see anything that were possest on our channels and and take that and spread that out help us to spread the word and what's going on take out this episode in such and please sounded off all your family and friends you can find it on my two rumbled channels for renard news network as well as nerovens our brenburg news network that come so that's that's just in the regular browser you can put that one'll find it there and i will be trying to post the soul also on the text tarsport you two channel so we're getting things moving around there pretty pretty substantially well and so you're going to see and hear more of us this time goes on but anyhow have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day starts here get milites in action will steps and let's do this thing