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Election - Published Primary Result and Interview with Merissa Turcotte

Published July 25, 2022, 8:03 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and welcome to brandenburg news network mornin i got the privilege to talk to you about several subjects which i am really excited about this week and i the official nomination for governor of the state of michigan from the us tax payers party it was a wonderful week end and i'd like to encourage every one to join the us tax payers party because truly the the alternative to the unitary corrupt establishment and i i'm so proud to accept that and i'm proud of my running for the next over of michigan and i can talk about it for a long time the weekend was wonderful it was filled with patriot a patriot of we had information that was shared as well as as well as you know good friendship with each other it was just a lot of fun it it's not like normal normal invention in the fact that it feels more like family rather than a competitive type environment hereabout that to day last night also we had some crazy stuff coming out with the results of the the october two primary being published and not one but several new sources i did put it on my telegram channel last night and they were literally calling the election on on these his she he published the election results for for the primary which brings into question all kinds of i'm still working on figuring out how to how to share my screen as i'm talking on this i did get a new monitor in solepa my wings on the side over here soignies trying to do a hackabout pretty so so there was kind of crazy and then also were going to start talking about the there's a lot going on with election integrity right now and i think that the lawsuits are going to start flying fast and furious from for the brand of burton right now because we're going to have to fight we're going to the fight for the integrity of our elections it's not just going to happen we're going to have to get in there and actually put put her back into that it's going to require all of us all of us standing together so hermann my guest here at so another they really come up is this whole thing in ukraine brings up a lot of questions for me the ability of the media to spin the narrative on elections on ukraine on what's happening with with unconstitutional mandates or is just absolutely incredible and so so anyhow that it's it's it's a process that we're going to have to really explore this is such a one effort to bring the nation down it's not even funny so we're going to go through all of that all that day first of what i'd like to do i guess right now is i've got eleanor some fuller into the i want introduced you to her let her do a short introduction but anyhow he eight good morning i'm doing well good morning is so nice to see you as a beautiful day here in michigan and i was excited that you agree to come on the one show because we've been weeping we met and been working together and you know on martin and the maurices perspective on things is really interesting and i really really wanted every one to hear what she had to say can you give everybody a little bit a background on yourself and you are kind of following me for a while then we got to me up and up and it i believe was clear and from that time on i mean it was a wonderful connection as far as two patriot bottom line and of the day to patriots had just want to see our nation restored with the with the proper values and we have very shared values so many different levels i would like you to introduce yourself give him give everybody your background a little bit and then let's talk about how we're going to work this nation back as one nation united under god nothing having the on this morning it an honor to share anything my name's maranatha amaterasuan fisherton descend out the saguntine in tribe corrupt here on the reservation my entire life and i started taking a deep dyed probably in the beginning of election in the politics and down the abhorrer i started to realize that loving this country a traditional value because we love this land american and ends we love this land we love this country we are medicine well teaches humanity and being brothers and sisters and a sturdiness beautiful earth together and so i had a heart to understanding neighbor america's role in the fight for humanity and in the fight for this country and so on that journey some good friends of mine who are also patriots dark telling me about dona running for governor here in michigan and we met it was really wild and ever since then i know that i'm behind her when hunted person and been a wild ride but i'm grateful to be on it and a great poet an ally in there were i think you so much i mean i'm so honored to know you i mean we've had some wonderful discussions and we've had about every subject that we probably could yet in the time we had but i'm pretty sure that we could probably sit and talk for four years and never has the same object and and and to see have a wonderful visit so i got to meet one of your chiefs and i don't remember his name right now but he is very nice i came to one of my advance and the perspective your perspective on being indigenous or native american what does that mean and how does that include everybody else in the what are those values can you i hit three things right there but i'd like to you know continue this conversation in some may be uncomfortable ways for people but we need to talk openly honestly with transparency and all he will my research has taken me to the queensderry nations over on the east they were the ones who greeted who came here to settle and to find freedom for themselves and its heavily in my research has taken me into founding fathers how the american indian he shake democracy and it really made me see that we all were a part of creating this beautiful country and so the air quite confederacy and no one of their chief costigan seventeen forty four the treaty of lancaster is documented that he suggested that the thirteen come together and create a and that is why i been franklin said if the people of the north can create almost a perfect document why can't we create an even more erect the constitution and that is why so beautiful and so sacred because they came together and they created that for all of us to experience sovereignty and freedom and liberty no matter who you are no matter where you come from if you come to these lands in you treat these lands with respect and love and one another with respect in love than we can build a beautiful future for our generation and so that's like the beginning of my research and how i started to just be i'm not american indian patriot that's exactly who i am and i want to encourage other indigenous people to do the research though now that we can heal and bridge the gap of the past that's really beautiful i love with you said about if you're born here your indigenous at thought that was really really unifying so much of what's going on in the name did everyone out because if they can keep us fighting each other then we can't fight the real enemy and the real threat to the nation which is a threat to humanity it's not a threat to you sub groups it's a threat to all of us and we'll go back to where we go on we go all we are all in the fight together and we have to get the figured out in order to not allow them to divide us we've got it we've got to stand together and on another thing he said was you are talking we were talking about family values strong family values that we should all have as you know as americans and and people who live under god that that is our that is our highest calling our highest calling is living as one nation under god and what that means with our family values as we shouldn't be living for ourselves we should be living for the people around us and the people that come after us i think one of my favorite stories in the bible is that you know and i go to my bible for a lot for that's me that's my go to abraham planted a tree and what a lot of people miss now we did study messianic jewish for years and you you kind of get a different perspective of the bible when you when you look at it within the contact of what it was it when it was ready and when abraham planted that tree was missing a most retranslations is it was a tamer tree it was kind of a joke really because he planted the tree for shade the slowest growing trees in the world so what he was really sane is that what he was planting was not for himself he would never see the shade of that tree and it was likely to his children would never see the shade of that tree but it was furrener ation so what was happening there was honestly it was the future generations he now a future generation that he was planning for and that was that the context that it was under and i think that where we are right now let's see i think at last to hear men where we are right now is we are in a post where we're going to have to make some real real strong choice so choose choose this day whom you will serve as been something that i've been put out there it's like we've only got we've only got two choices we either sir south or we serve god and what that means is his creation this is we're out here on his field here and we need to play by his rules and his rules are to love our neighbour as ourself and forgot i look at my screen erotoos keep got a ringleader here wonderful now madeline watsonian tell yeah i guess i'm looking that might be the camera that camera larbi's really cool he had bramble that the service to our families and putting other people such is the you know i do a lot of a lot of women they want to get out and work for i mean i did you know and so but still no matter what we do our highest calling as mothers is to raise up children and he has strong families you know it's god family and country and the kind o like all intermingle you know i'm not sure that that there's always a there is the kind of work together so your your perspective a grey more than nuclear family but not only in but i'd like to say in all communities and i will say all communities at one point people and they had a relationship with the earth and with the creator and they had their own unique way of er their relationship and their loving devotion to the creator and family represents in my eyes and partly a holy i know a holy father hold for a child because they're made in the image and the one and only can so when we get back down to the value and the power that you can see why they want to destroy it so badly because when the family is broken down everyone is just so much easier to influence control and on every level mentally spiritually physical and intellectually i myself really got in down to what to my value and how you my values alliance with conservative values as an i mean when i see this liberal ideology really long and the oliver and i think we have been i have an a little tighter though your peroration that another shot that would be good because we lost most what you were saying there oh no so i was saying that the values the nuclear a it represents the creator you know the image of the creator and as i'm not saying it is the holy trinity but it is a holy trinity the nuclear family it's a holy father a holy mother and a holy child all made in the image of god and that unit that nuclear family is so powerful and that is why they want to break down the because they want to insult they went to subigus on every level mental spiritual physical a intellectually so that they can break us down an put us where they want want us to be which is under their boom and i will say that as i've gone deeper into our traditional values i noticed they just a line with the message of concentration and patriot is one the family and much of what you're spoken by you and many others that are alike so it is concerning to see the liberal ideology being what is running rampant not only indigenous communities but many community is that are minority considered minority and you know we just i'm so back i exactly why the past now so clear clear it he it's all about is about here you're absolutely right in its all about the children look at what they've done to ithaca of our children through through some of the slippers through a school and look other influence in with a cart with anagraph in the schools and such the no value whatsoever to our children for the girl into beautiful it gives them an a future or or give them anything that that is a return all it is as indoctrination into a cultural marketman set in order to have a little to attentater or a tomato that go and do their bedding and this has been repeated over and over and over again the gold is to be the capture of not only our children's hearts and minds to pull them away from the nuclear family the nuclear family but is also a physical reality how many kids are being trafficked right now and we've time to about the human trafficking aspect of this and especially you know you look at you look plan partholan what was the goal of plant purple pagodas founded on the basis getting rid of on caucasian babies that was the state of gold for margaret sanger and so so when we look at that way we don't fight against us we are at war hypocritically by and into the the disproportionate number of of of children that are not caucasian that are being eliminated and and very very concerning also is the amount of children and people being traffic through this awful godless system that's going on to destroy the hut human life i believe in the insect the of human life from conception to natural death once you move that once you move that line that that and you start determining and trying to play go and where human life starts it will never end and what it leads to is complete you done to whomever who is in charge of feels a valuable human life so in canada for example this week i saw an article about being able to to terminate the lives of people no matter what age they are who have a physical disability that the state disagrees with we've gone into seeing bills across the united states determined that it's a portion not infanticide to have it to kill a baby up to twenty eight days after birth through neglect or abandon me so a mother or or a pertater can literally get rid of it or or just drop you know do anything to a baby after birth of the twenty eight days and it's it's okay with these these people that are writing the rules on this in a name how can you even go to this how can they even go into this airy but their going there and that's what happens when we walk away from from the natural law which which god put in place this his playground and we too you know abide by his rules i care i can't i can't even agree more with you i will say that i celebrate it the overture or that i will also say that you as a liar life began that and you know indigenous people we have the for being so in tune with the spiritual world and how you know everything around us you know the trees and the wax and the soil in and everything but for some reason the indigenous community doesn't want to acknowledge that and you know the five i'm not sure that going around the five were babies that were found they were boarded and they were found behind in new york and they were to survive out of the womb you know it's really gruesome to see a bucket full of and you know i honestly just really been sitting with this for the last few days so i am really grateful you about it up i just been praying about how i can even you know i my background i follow many women who are also you know when robert's wade was overturned you know it was this huge they were having like huge collective outrage and they were intent you know i foresee its traditional you know and and this gets into the whole covenanted you know we had no energy to fit for human rights but many people had no energy to fit for human rights body autonomy or save during competition they wanted everyone to fall in line with the cadgelings mask vaccinate six feet apart lack down right but now all of a sudden every one wants to quit for human rights bodily at and sovereignty we to murdering their own unborn child so just thinking to myself you know might have been something in the past doesn't mean now that is what we have to let go of you know there's many things that our ancestors and that have done you know there's cannibalism in some things that have happened in the past that are not there that we have now involved our consciousness are a relationship with the creator or understanding of of this world and of one another if it has and so there are things that are no longer moral good moral practice to protect our children and like you said the jannisaries of is what plan peppered was all about from the gate that is the of that organization so in a sense from the tidiness perspective they have us aligning with our own genius and you know and i want more minority babies in this world and i went more babies in general i want more families i want more fathers and mothers raising their children and bringing them up knowing that were all but and we are all beautiful creation made by the one true and that were here to love one another and to enjoy this beautiful earth that we were given over the way i hit that was really really significant in the overturning that because another thing that dad is that put that back and to the states and in it a firm states rights which is a constitutional issue right there i left it up to the state so now we're going to have to fight this out on the state in the only way we truly win this fight is to have actual god fearing people in there who do uphold the sanctity of life so we're going to have routineer because you look at whitmarshes as it doesn't matter what what was goodwill it does matter but we have to a people in an office and boteler strongly on the beatifical about this you know defending the rights of the unborn will that child we then tochan our terminology that's a child from consent it's not a child when the part of being a child doesn't start at birth it starts in an which i find as it is something that we have a need to retell how were how are talking about this and the the vaccines and the force vaccines that you know were talking about the the body or when we talk about having our rights which were completely violated with a man with the mandates and i see a back again it is it's crazy and i think we need to call it what it is so now you know doctor mandarin during world war two we've got a manatorian to see what he's done i mean the experiments that were done by you know bhogan he was over you have done roumanian grew some ah ah and experiments and people starting from starting with aids and aids testing and children in the orphanages he had there's one where they were allowing sand flies to beagles are alike he was behind all of this and people in a bearers who rescues animals and horses besides the businesses that i have when when i see a human bein that's willing to willing to her animals and in that gruesome of a man it was its grewsome the things that their involved this is this is not acceptable in any way shape or form he has no no ability to care for ah or should be in charge of anything that is medical medical or health related whatsoever i did you see that the pitchers of the babies or the children and the orphanages that they were experimenting on with as i did not see those poor absolutely horrific and they're all involved in it so why are we listening to these people at all when it comes to anything how related they're all tied in with you know big farm of the whole ten yards it's a profit center for them that's all it is were nothing more than than a cash crop for them from vaccines to everything else to try and to create debt slaves out of us by by putting us in as with economic warfare as such that that weak in us so that we cannot we cannot fight back in it and it's on every level and then look at the elections tight into this and and holy on to the power that they have we really have welhaven we sure do it make peacemaking up to fondi think i heard that he's retiring narentine to retire after riddance to be his crime crime human is against humanity that's exactly what it is its crimes against humanity nor work to point one to happen here on a large scale not not just the we've got problems with trees on but there's the crimes humanised to be called out i mean these people are murderers they are and people are going to have to look this up but they is is in with just the experimentation that's been happy i read an article some time ago about how they were abortion clinics were giving feet organs to whatever to labs to experiment and to more them with that alone can even imagine you know people don't want to look at the types of things be take courage took a a lot of big look at what's happening in the societal and don't want to be bothered they are to live their life as normal and just lives there every day american dream but what they're not realizing as there sleep to the gross evil crimes against humanity that are happening right here on this land on antidote for and so we have to inform and inspire people to the and you all and that is why i've decided to go against the current of my own people and say he there's something is not right where you are living in so many ways all spiritually and beyond yeah that's real in and so let's take that out to be election you know what i've heard since since i jumped the user's party and i received the official nomination this week and it was really it was really an incredible experience i'm so proud to see and with the pig patriots who are not playing the game of a theory unparticipant its pretty amazing so when i look at that you know we hear a lot of things that a she split in the party it's like no i'm not the party destroyed itself by playing games and being being a unitary and inflationists intricate unpartaken the it is the established man global ist leadership that is at war with the people in my opinion and what's really funny is it i hear a lot of criticism and you know what happened in this in this state as far as that not one of the none of the congress in order to to put an entities on constitutional mandate one of them stepped up to do that so they want to talk about about you know don't split the party stay with the party i like well that's just go along to get along and we saw that for our legislator so it's like if there if there is i can't criticize the go along get along without deciding yourself instead of you know the political parties are what put me at what created basically put mouiller and sometimes we have to make a break from from what we think and vote contents and will it takes a lot of bravery to depart from the prevailing thought we didn't have any one sitting in an lance that broke from from thee from the goniometer and we're going to have to do that in our election says if we want the nation back otherwise we're just doing the same thing and expectancies of and it's not going to a exactly i had done exactly we got under the broad cassanda things happen around us i get that hearsay one was dying a like turn to get my honour sir i yes exactly that republican party and the democratic party are just a polarity i mean at the end of the day if you go from one side for on the other same side of of the same coin as and that is what creating the unit una party and i mean how i think of it i know i consider myself a pretty spiritual person and you know and everything is energy you know as energy flows like a figure like the beautiful infinity said millwright in the center to me is like the presence of the creator and so everything has to have balance and sometime what were seeing with the republican party in the democrat party because we live in a realm of polar that they're both they both wore their both being revealed as like you said he in a party at the the the bales being left and everyone is like i said what's happening in this societal basement what's happening in their parties on both sides and every one is tired of it and they want to get back they want to get back to their sovereignty they want to get back to raising their families without he trying to hijack their child's that is why people are done their unblithe republican party they're done with the democrat party they want they want a they want a solution and i believe that the solution for michigan and i believe that you're the solution for misamis going to be frank about it and welcome you know when i first met you just being able to go into the depth of about the table i just knew right away i said this is the woman that i've been praying and all of us had been praying for without realizing realizing answer was come in full force for tomorrow and and i think this is important for i'm going to go into a whole series a communication i really think that when we've lost our ability to communicate and we like to pick apart other people's words and i got that but we have to stop or in watching people want to another listening to respond rather than listening for information and that that set up about a bribed process where you get people fighting i like to listen to all people even if we have different perspective on things and i think that's really healthy because then when you listen a lot of times the words we get caught up in the words and words to matter i ate but it's more important for us to to instead of throwing rocks that people list just listen to what they're saying take our time and communicating rather than rather than jumping all over people and just listen for information instead of listening for response and i'm going to put out that out there and i stand by the listened to somebody this week and i didn't agree i didn't agree with everything entirely everything that they said but i listen with respect to their what they have to say without going into a fight mentality because we have to learn to listen to each other and pick out you know pick out the pick out things that we can agree on and work towards the unified and you're not going you're not going to be somebody and get him to come to our you know to get him to come to the side of unifying the entire state and in order to bring the governance back into a in my opinion a biblical world view they will go world view is where we for the you know the essential truth of that god is laid out before switched be decent moments which we can pretty much all agree on the ten commandments in my opinion that you know those that's kind of like the foundation if we can a spectacle commanded and the constitution i think we could probably have a structure that would pull all all people back into right now every one is so lost and fighting it were hurt where last we have been lied to for centuries and the people that have been in charge for a very long time if you will set up the central bank and the tentacles that go into the multinational corporations as such to debase and just basically make us debt slaves for ever there is no way to get out when you have a central bank system i been historically printing our money and renting it back to the people of the united states we have a very large problem because now were pain were for pain ah were paying interest on the money that they are longinus our own money rather than be in charge but i think we've already that present trumpery address that situation and brought that back under control but we're going to see more and more of this exposed and exposure of what's going on around us is very valuable so we know it's actually happy now all we think is happening but what's actually happening and if we don't know that's where we get caught up in being manipulated full time by this people that truly does not have the best interests of the american people in my educate and and i will say that you know traditionally many a they were meeting other cults from other they would come together and they were you know they would sit with each other and they would listen to each other they exchanged knowledge and information all kinds of things and they would just sit and they would commune and they would feast and they would they would listen that take away what they felt was for them and what in wasn't for them they left and i feel like i could get back to some of that you know that's how i try to be when i am going into these different faces are camp i like to call him their people who have these different may be slightly teratology or radical ideology that far away from where i where i am i like to sit and listen and feel the current of of that of those and tried to understand or tried to a commonality back in for one we are all that makes us beautiful that's what makes again moving into the i do have a resource that hidden secrets of money on you tube it will really like you know what's going on with you know it's going on with your so that's worth just everything in a nutshell if you don't understand the federal reserve you understand banking you don't understand he between currency and i suggest that look at that document and so and then you will be a little more too thin and probably a little more pissed off with is actually going on and taking place in our country and what for a long time in what dona means when she says that we are they want to make a whereupon cradle the grave and future generations the in every way possible and we have to not exactly why we're fighting that's why we're unifying and that's why we're coming to and there's going to be people who don't like it because they want to hold on to this that or the other but at the end of the day what matters is our sovereignty are free knowing we're all made by the same creator i start children we're all imperfect and you know in our imperfection is where god is straw on and he chose so we went to my favorite quotes is that the only perfect one was jesus he is the only one they had the right to throw stones and he he didn't he throw stones at people he came to be in his own words full of grace and mercy to listen others and and to be there as a servant to help to help find the lost sheep to help to help the hurting to help those who are struggling and he and two to find to find people that are in need to look actively look for people who need help and then do something instead of just talk about it and in politics i see a lot of that there's a lot of people who talk very few people who have really ever done anything very hualpais is that have ever actually held a real job that's something that shocked me i didn't i didn't realize that till i got into this but there making policies for the rest of us who have actually worked her whole lives or who who have signed paychecks brother people and realized that our greatest resource is this the people around us and i mean that it's not it's not the money it's not the bank it's not everything it's all of us standing together who have a heart for for the values that that we believe in which as you know the values of of a withernsea to take care of this earth not to exploit it and that that i think is i think is a huge thing because it's this is god's creation and were stewards here we passed through were temporary and so what we do here is what we leave as a legacy for those coming after us and that's truly what a leader does a politician exploits a leader leads leads in a direction that's going to be diging to be in the benefit of every one not do have to agree to you know i don't have to agree with every one still her of every one equal equal or as a governor to represent people equally that's how we reach out to people and show them god's love and you know and show the show them may be a better way to live now when you see people who are doing the wrong thing they may know that they're doing the wrong thing they may not know that they're doing you know that they're doing the wrong thing and so that that a part of it as i feel like god the point me as mother a mother every one so it's like people aren't getting a lot i'm going to be like you know that it's going to get real with many her real quick and tell me see better behavior or but it but once but at the end if the end of the day is that we care deeply for every single pere we're not looking for were not out to look for the flaws or to get them were out there to help them in this path in the path god ordain her danger stopped he ordained their life it's not as we were here to help them in and to bring people into salvation through god to to help them become closer and their walk with god and you know the path that i to help them now salvation through christ and that's i i think that all of our oliver duties come you tapioca water that very powerful carrying water you're talking about all the real job in the and chapter as something very sacred about that wood carry water and i will say to all people if you were born here in a far indigenous people are native a turn you are an you did your ancestors may not have been but you so i want to encourage create to build her relationship with the land that he build a relationship with the land that your on and when you build a relationship with the land that your on it recant help but bring you closer to the and to have a relationship with the creator in the crater so i will say that all of our responsible care for the land so i am in agreement with you on for sure with that alicant in moline more with you and i it sacred it is beautiful and your secret and your beautiful and we all have responsibility to and all a divine nature flow that we are all in that we've been removed by being put in you know the lot of many of us are in and we don't get the experience the rural areas or nature or the order you know the fort or the water falls but i will say that now you can build a relationship right where you're at and whether that locally getting more more with the land around you that will build in the spiritual help me especially those who struggle with the idea of no in that there is a creator out there or knowing of the creator i'm telling you right now that earth is for you in our relations to warriors and i'm sorry if that was too vulgar the satisfaction the together that again in that you know we go to war over you know people rape and pillage over over the land over the over the land because there's minerals metals money their so many beautiful things in the laniard food for you there's a water the water in so many ways not in the ways that were seeing right now but there's other protecting our water and you know so i just want i just want to take a moment to encourage every one to get back in touch with the earth especially with all these crazy politics that are going on in going round and i can be nerve racking and stress your bare feet on the ground feel the the current of what rarely truly happening because the earth therefore you but like not in the sense like the god or anything like that something that creator created for us to deep in our relationship with the greater so you know people on a demonized that but it's actually so beautiful and so part of a relation the creator trying to get a thing that i think that's it actually it's actually kind of biblical i can look the version have numbered but the fact that we all know that god's law is written in the and that it says it says that so no one is without excuse and i i can provide the verse for that if i look at so i mean we are now do as god and he shows us in so many ways sometimes he sounds as sometimes he sends us difficulties to change your mind or two you know but he will lead us one step at a time and to a closer relationship with him for his glory i mean god a god as our father and he wants a relationship with it with his children and he was so he would he chose to he chose to has only begun sun die in order that he could have a relationship with us for ever that's really significant that the pinnacle of lover there that you know that you give your own only began on that and make a way for us to be with him for ever as he doesn't he he wants he wants to be with us and it's a relationship with him i mean we can hand that relationship with god the father you know it an all we got to do is ask it's amazing he made the way and it's nothing that we do it's not of works it is my faith are we saved through grace not of works that any man should confuse because it comes down to that's what love is all about its giving and disassociate love in it a really beautiful thing unfortunately so many mercuries are passeriano eldon even realize that this is a huge a huge moth a message of love and why we live that way to honor god why we live with in honor of the values that that we know are his and i said and i mean we're in the middle of not only a physical and an information or we're in the middle of a spiritual war and that spiritual war is behind everything that we see and i think that he can be under estimated and the importance of that so that's where we lay down like a don't really i don't really get a founded when i listen to people talk i can listen to what anybody's point of view is and i'm listening for information rather than to prove a point because whether i agree or not i will listen with a very with a different perspective like a sad for renovation rather than to just jump all over people and correct them in in the because you know it's like it's like we might if we take a step back we can learn from every one because god does put something in them that that we might need to be hearing that more it may not look like what we think it should but but we we need to be we need to be listening to god first time an open heart and open heart is what that is what i take especially when you have this spirit within you in your heart you you move if and everything is this is not the same as when you don't have that relation no and yet we do we try it as a spiritual warfare and we do battle so with one another and listening to one another understanding that we're all having the experience together and we are all through our own sure and all of us our own relations the creator and son and that relationship is no one else and as long as you have that relation i don't allow any one else you know take what they say and feel into that and pray about it but there's no reason to allow you know the spirit of religion to your true you my relation the creator and the cat jesus does not a very clear path i mean i think that there is a misconception that we should all be sitting in our churches or just a people that were like minded with which is very important i would give you that because that that is for porton because but but jesus also hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes he was here to work he wasn't here and he was here he was here to work and to provide salvation he was here just to sit in a group of people who all agree all the time he was to bring salvation and the message to the world which you know you don't go to a doctor when your health you go to the doctor when you're sick you know and so so a spiritual you know he's ultimate physician so the apology talking with you i like to talk about roland thanks for i don't know if you got my telegram channel but but i hit upon something yesterday which was kind of hue and you know i'm kind of a researcher a little bit of a research nor so i was able to absolutely save all of the information before they knocked it off of the internet and a scrubbed it and that had to do with publishing the election results for the cromartys primary and on august they actually published the results and i don't know if you saw that or not but i think that this is worthy of jumping into and say if they can of load information like they did yesterday and it will if it was one sight it would be one thing but it wasn't it was multiple sight across michigan and different media values you have to look at that and i know you've seen the talking points where the men get together four o'clock in the morning and every single one of em parietina ion while if they proved they proved to me that not only are they doing that but they're doing this in such a subversive way there actually able to input numbers there were a warlike they would have had to put it over a million ballots to run the thing as they came as a there's no possible way that this this was a task he was absolutely improving numbers so base otherwise how could they possibly have run a million plus ballast series the system to see if it works even if they were sanballats so they came out with tuaricks four hundred and forty five thousand three hundred and sixty eight votes coming in she was coming at forty seven per cent raincoat two hundred thousand two hundred eighteen thousand at twenty three calandrinia a hundred and twenty two thousand thirteen per cent of free brand and a reprimand at ninety four thousand percent in sedan is said thousand seven per cent in the godown the rest of the race the house district republican molinera and tom norton molinari entity five per cent town norton at forty five peter my asunder sent john give twenty five so not only is the problem with them being impugners but this is an election interference by the publishing information potentially harm the perception of other candidates so i'm against all poles because i think pools are absolutely rigging the election by by people like to vote with who they perceive as winners and they both the winter because they want be on winning team rather than voting for food the actual best candidate as this was saying a certain to day into but there is so much more i've got i've got feelers out many direction and i believe we're going to be launching several lads are several low in the coming weeks one to fight actually fight not talk about fighting for election integer they actually fighting for my last suit and federal court is still going on right now in a word fighting to set precedent when i think i extraordinarily important too to have precedent going forward with a we're going to have to we're going to have to throw our backs into this if we want to take the state and the nation back because it's all right been infiltrated so the whole thing was really pretty interesting to me it was on callisto then there was another there was another for i think it let me find it here i'll get better at this being able to share screens and but it is up north lived at camp it was a channel three doncaster patriot screen shot because i was i was screeching the whole man and having often in by mailing and documenting in multiple ways all of the stuff as it was coming through so i was i was a little bit overwhelmed but i was i was just my fingers were going like like like this on the one computer trying to get all this the same before the conscript so another patriot was able to grab the t v a how would that information they came across so you've got competing networks that our trethowen the stuff across the internet i've got a lot of questions with us because he seems to me to be to be like incredibly you know an incredibly manipulated and we need to look in more butomilea channel it whenever thing on the telegram channel slip he got actually what was going on there and i think it's worthy of looking into because his sister in my opinion is that they're only giving us an allusion of choice we don't really have choice because there installing there there absolutely installing candidates and their installing them there the pushing them forward and i'm not sure how far this goes but i would wait to say its top to bottom so this is just another another picture and that in the puzzle there's a huge truth vomitin we're going to drop her in that orson to continue to drop for it many many directions here in the next in the next few weeks to yepifan to go my telegram channel it will probably come out their first because i write every single word on telegram that's there and i do all the posting it just me in telegrams nobody else is doing it i do i do think that that's fairly significant and then where were just going to keep were destinee pointin the ground until we we get to the bottom of this corruption because it is told to bottom in the media is corrupt with now that for a while now and the project more there on that out there we know that there's people that have been put in the media and then so why what a put a piece both why would they do that you're trying to take over a people if you're trying to subjugate you know you're going to get them the illusion of choice you're going to treat them as free range slaves and that's what it is they distract us they want us to be consumers their distracting us the next new thing that the cutting on the television the tale lies and they so that you never wake up and that you never you continue to stay asleep in the american you know they've really perverted the american into something that it was never it was never meant to be we are of the american and be able to worship freely and live freely in living let in no way you know and so just to experience the sovereignty the bodily at and the great land and to bear arms and all of the wonderful things that we've been granted and gifted being here all the people experience freedom and liberty and so you know and so there sinister very sinister a jonah that sir you know people try to come the powers that be to me they don't have the power and all of us coming together are the powerful and so that is why i'm chosen do the research into fat and tore the not only for my community but for all o tired of putting salt in the same old i'm ready to put the medicine into a plot apply the medicine the if you're in a people group that feel like you cannot aline with the with this movement or a line with donna i am encouraging you do your research on on a level that you know that you never have because i guarantee you that things have been a race just like all of this information you're talking about done that they they were race so much history they raised they have they have been the narrative every level and manipulate and so we have to come back to all of i'm to join my research and he listening to other people who are different from the hardier of i am going to just really going that wanting to know the truth being and when you decide i want the truth even if the truth not what i thought if i realize that everything i wore though or believed to be true or was told is a lie still yearn for the truth i want the truth and that is how my journey began i am courage people to be truth seekers and to know they scrub the internet they are censuring everything there taking people down who are speaking the they want us to be like they awe already are were already on that railroad train and we at the break so much is being withheld from the people and on its evil and that's why rather that's why we're on here to day you know i might be you know and i guess on the showily because you know people are waking up and their ready to rise up and do something about it and again going against the in my own community i'm just grateful i am grateful that i would be a decided to be a true yeah it's very important i don't know if we went through this but i've been i've been going down the rabble here on the surveillance and how they are also you know we think that china has got more surveillance than we do with her with all of their you know social credit scores and all that sort we've already got it here the mechanisms here it's just not in full display yet it's more hidden and in solitary got a private contractors who a renting or bridges in order to put cameronians laurence as such so they can track cars and they know exactly where we are at all points in time an what's really sad as that law enforcement contain these styles now they're not they're not padahoon do it with private contractor in an access of those files now they did the same thing with with fine eyes the five eyes lancastrian and that is the tattoo hatter's the political people that that was that were already in power that we believe were okay republicans were involved in it and thus in what they did as they used other nations by the american people legally they can't spy on the american people but if they have another nation do it they can camp into their files and some unwind at work around to get around the law will that's what we're doing out of very personal level here with cellphone cellphone data with with cameras under bridges so but the good news is that these weapons that were for armageddon now in using the catch the bad guys as his evidence the two thousand mules with the twenty twenty election so whatever weapons that they or are going to be used against them you know that they use against us are going to bounce back and overagainst them which is kind it's kind of a funny thing to watch this process but it's a good process to watch so have hereafter and and now that now that things are going in the right direction even though we're seein things that are uncomfortable a wrong and we feel like the nation lelsing everything i really believe that god and control i believe the good guys that are in control and if the plan that were following that trust the plan is in fact god's plan and he is going before us are stute way which is a wonderful wonderful thing too to acknowledge so i really appreciate you being out of like to have you on again i'm sure sure we could hear a whole bunch much more subjects because you're very educated on what's actually happening in the world your way and i love talking to people that have actually gone down that rabble and have seen and taken the time to actually research and see what's going on behind the scenes now what they was who is actually happy and i really thank you for this so can we only anderson preciuse i'm so blessed by you and and i like to pray for you and every one out there her navy father we are so grateful that come before you to day and to be put in a position to a t for you trust with a job to do or to be part of your your plan that you have going on right now to reach out to those who are hurting who are hungry who are in need who are who feel alone you know all who are burdened heavy laden come and i will do this together this is not overwhelming and there's nothing out there that we can't overcome because we have your stay in your power and your your presence which is leading us out of the dark an end to the gloriousness your presence and all we have to do as we just have to reach out to and want to go in that direct so grateful that you care about us and that you are with us in all things and we put our faith in our trust in you knowing that you are good all the time we love you we will honor you with the work of our hands with everything that we do in in life and we we just we just love you i ask your blessings over this beautiful this beautiful child of yours to day that you would bless her in in everything that she does with her mind she does her hands and that the people whom she meets are blessed by her in that they hear your voice talking through her not her own that we soothe way and that we need that we allow you to talk through us that your will be done because all your purposes are good blesser at everywhere with protection with provision and a closer walk with you in the name jesus christ we pray we pray that over every one listeneth all would be blessed knowing and having the peace that passes understanding that you are always good and you are with us that your favor is upon us and that we can rest in the knowledge that that you've got the in the name of jesus christ we pray but how much will you have a great day out i'll give you a call when we're off of air here a little bit and wellestablished is girlfriends and any one is interested in following my work in my research on the the role and the spite frumenty find me a quantum quince everyone his black hand no just that my handle all other if you tax it to me i'll put it up on a putup on mine because i think you're just delightful your delightful every one to day thank you so much for being on and we'll talk a here we go where we have had a wonderful visit with with mercutian i'm just so i am so grateful for the time that everybody puts into restoring this nation it's such a blessing to be together and godless allotted will be out with more and hopefully i'll be able to screen sherry so that we can we can get to the bottom of all of truth in what the happening out there with elections were the with politics of human traffic in with just how he put the nation back to gather as one nation under god with what opportunity and freedom for all feel so in the sidonian bird i am and favoring for governor of the state of michigan and will be on the ballot and november and i hope that you and trust me with the privilege of being governor of michigan as a servant servant to the people and to the beautiful world that got his creed have a great day and gables you