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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/10/2023 - Critical Thinking Friday! Karen the Riveter

Published March 10, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the tenth day of march twenty twenty three oh what a welcome the day to critical thinking friday amattoren care and ride on and we're going to just get right half the so i just got to say here and we were talking before god came more here and thank you so much michigan for the nice welcome back to the wonderful beautiful white she ah caronhow much snow did you get this more it still sorely only half an inch or two it has really light and flushing so it on peratania robbed right so i i can't i i got up this morning and i was already out in about an de foe myself right now and decided to you know took off to the marks and a wilder work out and i got out to my dad get out to my track as in walking up i had above fourteen inches of snow on top of my pickle how is the thing that one in the snow and i got fourteen it will if you were sake christ inking critically may first gets would be that were truck was parked next to a snow blow i also had fourteen in the snow and sidewalk and the driveway which ogowe a towered here as position he got it you got to ask questions you you just get ishaswell it isn't fact critical thinking friday henology ah and love sonis morning as cassiodore in everybody its ingeborn not what i got a call when i got wine here a man take it later so at any rate here we are and lots and lots going on to day am i what have you been watched the news muchos crudel thinking for ida i've got my papa here hello grunted colonel thinking and the it is also no so were suited up and ready to go in to do the best news broadcasts okay no pressure no pressure no pressures so gottened her carin because it's a stays the deck so to share something with everybody and and talking about i am i'm honestly don't we were laughing about the i am so tired of the news is you know it's sort of like having that you remember that ken your fourth grade class that was annoying little and you go in class in your set in their going ah disguise just holding owing you very has in the alfort grade he the this kid that's like a force greater on red bull that as you know commandnothing every one that that's how i little about the nescierit now i'm kind of getting sick of it it should be funny it's past the turning point to the point of well well well what new stupid can they come up with because that's really all i see is o esineen i disconsolate you lie you lie oh i'm an onesomething i share to this okay i got this in the mail while back in and guess who is on established see once know but that date sir alfred woitishek a mill here so gashes on the front page giving the message from the outer that would be gone so agassiz's name on bottom done owner and main contributor that means propaganda from the publican stands so i starved looked in through this you know let's see what they got to say now booseeness this was the candidate of the little candidate than for the for the michigan hope and i found it interesting as i was looking through this this is carabineersin look at how much space is given to christina opposed to every one else on page which i thought was kind of red less go like one or two copies and her name she got the biggest one which i thought was really in and i like his i don't like this establishment properties to be she with the rest of the prepolitical part but then look at the next page anantantha president perry johnson there all ready picking your winners and losers and i put something of this we ah i went i was on with with checker shared on monday and guess who was sittin right front and sounder in the plain with mechanemata and crag and that be perry johns they've already picked they have already penned presidential candidate that they're going to start to now in now is again at work i don't know i can't think the guy looks a little bit like like willing to fall inspire man wait from delay you know plot he could fly away on i don't know maybe his wolcott but i i just can't take this guy serious right and when i was on that when i was on the campaign trail i met people at such he never wrote that i sold manuals there like i know i have a guy that told me that he said he didn't write it he said he was a ring he didn't really write him so there's stuff going on here that i'm not buying any of it that that you know we just need ask questions because there lying they lie delaney lie and the panic isn't factory well then let hominey body because people people like me who didn't ever us into politics at all paying attention per johnsonwho there dawned on was one of people who got dropped from the ballot slike you did over the signature issue but he didn't did he do anything and he try to any kind of low soit or any opposition at all or did he just roll over because he has no fight in him and therefore we know what to do and it comes to voting in my opinion an fit hard off you know yet turned down at one coup you go to another one you don't just stop and roll over and play dead especially when you know the judges are all placed because they are we've got we've got em you know so many judges that are sore of judges and people that have no intention what slaveholding the law now including the people that are placed with the prosecutors the prosecutors are the ones that are really reckons and they refused to prosecute things correctly but in the lawsuits that we had in our going straight to cord you know he that he went to i think i got to remember here that on you put me on the spot here he went to the i believe the core of appeals ahayogas and which was rich as really the wrong court to go to that's why i went to the supreme court and the supreme court said they didn't have jurisdiction no they had jurisdiction they just had no god in order to make a correct ruling so the argued jurisdiction and the coward's way out and turk taught tail and ran that's exactly what happened there and then it went to the fodient to the fondacon and much fine well go to the federal port then if you guys are going to do your jobs and went to the federal court the federal judge said that my rights were indeed violated but he would not put me back on the bolt they wouldn't it be relief and they the reason was as absentee they are all in on this together and they have no intention of upholding either the consent or the individual rights because on one person's rights are violated they all are and i and i was really clear about that that i would be up for putting didn't make any difference which candidates were off i was going to slight for everyone and up is that repentant was that it was the entire process that i was fighting for these it wasn't just me be knocked off the ballot it was the voice of the people that was being silenced and on also the other candidates and i an it was if it was really really kind of amazing but for from this point of view from beyond the other side right now is that the candidates honestly were ochsen and there was the ensal but one sin he myself on a legal problems there but they were all chosen groomed and and put up to run by the theestablishment and established a means of unipartite republicans were working with the democrats and the i could see that really clearly the closer you got to it is that this is the toxic uni party which doesn't give a rats roond about oh about the we the people and in fact i just got a an email at from the moschi geop i find interesting that's molineros um ah back door or back back yard there right it's her back metyard and they were talking matting happy haven a gathering and ordered two once again make the precinct gallegathe is it instanted of how do you enable people to represent their own people their constituents know no no no they're building this thing up to be a political political self interest group is what it really is and they're doing it through manipulation and betting on the lower low if you are a pure present delegate and you will follow mine without they will indeed hear you and i give you the opportunity to grow within the party and be more important instead of while what i want pittithe inter s backwards in anybody that vis into it is god on thinking and honestly it versity night states we and their saviors enoof in fact they are not representing their one now i know some good people in your publican party who i believe our trying to represent the one and i really appreciate that but when you look at the upper man is meant and how much manipulation they have going on try to make them feel good so that the vote with them its manipulation and its still going on this is not the way it suposed and so i have i have a real big problem with us anyhow so there poetnot a field good a field good oh if that for the delegate not find little bogottowa whytetee gates going home and and the delegates themselves deciding that they're going to take control of this thing and say guess what i'm going to invite all of my constituents to a gathering here as the delegate and were to sit down and talk about things that are interesting on home from why would they do that you know i mean that that would be a way that it should be done but no the establishment republicans we're going to give you another feel good and we need know you will vote with us how consist but with a party it's upside down and back words of and this is the reason why all the parties need to be astly pletely eliminated and burned to the ground because every one of them is is functioning as a cold and when i think that i think it's an important so many so many shops going on right now it's not even funny which brings me i'm going to go head play that video is comply i posted this and rimanertene or occasive danes i now you are but i had one too long ago laciniaria and wood in an amator a moment because come and malinda the cold for you are molinas and a represent of of me and is of mine in exact so there was a time when our county was ah not doing they were posted i ask her to address it because i couldn't address it in public comment were it would be handled it would be an handled before it all comment and the board meeting i said you're going to have to say something on my behalf because they won't let me speak and she did and they ain't no red my request which was absolutely legitimate my request did not matter they changed how they were recording the minutes because of my request ah but she spoke up on my behalf and she may not be perfect and i i believe she's got the political ball that we don't favor but i do give credit where credit is due and she has oh she has done some good thinks so that's all one to say about that regarding the delegates though i have first in experience in that all you need to do is come to a convention now and then and make a vault if you don't want to do more than that that's fine but we need you well what they needed was they needed my boat devout with arhats the argument and now they will tell you all this is this is the training we have for delegates on you can do more i was an interested in doing more really ah because i was lazy and i kindeace and what i now though into the convention and they say we have a slate and that my first experience with that well i knew or thought i knew a bunch of the people on that slight and i knew them to be people i would describe his right fighters though i had no problem with just going along but overtime in like you know that the eye he what's happening that's not right that's not it when with the state convention all law pshaw that was they there that was not appropriate a lot of people were angry oh i learned and i bowed out before the rest of my term was over and they tried to again hag go to this event with tromp you can sit with the delegates it'll be really fond and special i retake about that yes it was dogsnose well conow in the resin of not even of discords maybe that i'd a no'm not let me part of that shall i know some one who sent on osioteeti pang in his not there any it's a show in me they they have the same structure that the masons had which is you vented the lower levels the lower levels don't really know what's going on at the time and there being that ed whether they're going to vote with the party or not if they don't they will be ruled was what happens or they'll be you're not quite ready to and in that sorthing saint same thing they do that it lovetree in the east and as so there there doing a tatting process at the present level and at the lower levels of government in order to move up to find out who's going to be compliant and who will in that do what the globes want them to and in an i'm sticking with this because that behavior i see are the good people in there are there are in different levels but when you step back and look at structure the structure is wrought its ring and does not does not in fact at work and does work in my problem is that it's like birds of the father for me when i see people standing together eh ah in that letting people choose but actually a ah how do i say this trying to shell esther one there there selecting it that is when i have promised soon as i see that she lection going on i know that there's something wrong there there as serving the the american and for me i don't really care if this point time you know i'll i'll have my my favorite picks you know that i that i want is in america person does a better job and they've got these qualificato but i look at as a job interview where i look are they in fact going to the constitute the service contract and and in try to return the government into a service organization for the american people are the only an there make money for themselves and give contracts to their body if the cake we we have a big problem and i haven't really met and i'm going to tell you less than a couple that i think actually in politics that i actually think have the integrity to run things the way it needs to be wrought because they're all looking at ways to move money around they make agreements with one per that you take it this time this is what i see with perry take the fall here and we'll have a place for you and in war work crag or any of them don't fight don't really fight make it look it you dont sort of like sort of like with a with the geop went all was kept kicked off i had a ten fifteen second ah me manicae up to to know shake my hand to let me know that he was there that was the first and last time advertat and that was also you know just after after we left the here it was the first and the last time i talked to never fought for any of us none of the republicans stood with us in such waimints a problem with a board of elections and the board of cane ah and i i actually been able to charge she is some i its special special agent investigators within the attorney general's office this thing isn't done just so just so very nose this is not done because i the prospect that i disagree with and if we don't start fighting for this process this this is what's going to take the nation down is the lack of of proper process and lawful because nobody there nobody's pattenton anything whatever they wanted do they just do it and their counting on us laying down and said i am not worth a if they're not fighting i will almost guarantee you there being promised another position later on and all i got to say is long behold there is your establishment see the united states go up again and divide the vote away from the rightful president of the united states who it is i believe still the present of the united state but it's like i'm i'm so sorry when you're sitting with some people that you know that i cannot give any to their integrity for standing with the american now they stand with the establish and the whole thing with john ya and his insineration in the virgin arians and i want to know how this is why is it that there are i think it's nine a delegate boats coming from the virgin island that this is this is there's some big questions and when when when you have when you have something like that you got to wander why is there that we were the start where where did the start it seems to me like it's in usurped and it is certainly should raise a lot of eyebrows because of the non sense the child trafficking the the illegal activities that are going on down and the island as seen was just titivate the tip of the iceberg we have so many islands around the state of michigan that the kids are being traffic through this is why this one reason why michigan is probably in the top three states in the united states child tracing humor it's because of its easy to move people around through the great lake to canada and out if they can they can traffic people out of here very quickly and i've got some other questions that i want to ask about this to you don't when we look at all the derailments there's something not right he begged and and i'm not i'm not i'm putting any credibility to any of this to what we're hearing on the mainstream media the couplers are wrong the bearings are on in any of the pitchers that i've seen on anything that somebody snuck a pitcher off right because then they were like a resting her knocking down their reporters in east palestine there's something they don't want people to see so my question is as there is just another one that do railway are we having all these derailments a couple was it cold there's actually comes i haven't i settled on his but when you look at the want the people who are investing you i have to go back to the fact that the good guys are in i really believe that that the good guys are in control because if they weren't ah general charley plan would not be in charge of the pacific command they would they would have acceded him poison and morgarten read of high and i look at look at how many how many a weird accidental doubts there were one president trunk got it off and removals of the general there are a lot of generals that were red argue with bad ones so but but they would have taken him out already if the good guys were not is the they hate the and it's a good thing that's a good place to be hated by right so my question is this what are they doing so norfolk southern of you look at the the basters the premier its black rock van guard state stry cap at all you know the big ones the five big ones that there in there and unlike well when the blockade came where all of the ships were out the pacific and none of them were able to a to land because coved copiscopi as by in that for anything i i really think what they were doing as trying to break some of these big players that were coming out of china because they didn't get paid for the car go and tell they hit hit the ground in the head delivery so they had probably trillions of dollars hanging out there in the pacific ocean just hanging out songs like okay there breaking the companies that's what it looks like this was not about necessarily even cutting supply lines quite a bit part what why were why was she so now on looking at the derailments kind of the same way it was looking at the staines they were out there and the fact that thero personage of or container are inspected really inspected going to cross the united states only two per cent of our containers were ever inspected going through and i of you remember this but there was a container that was out and in california that they found i think it was thirty tons sess and child remains in the content it was abandoned and the people there decided to they they had opened it up and the people in their watched i watched the reactions and the interview after they found all of these dead and children in their th some of whom were old enough that they took him for a top and in it was horrific look at what they found here in the in the funeral home seely i how many feet uses that they found feel remains in the sailing and michigan and over by deed so we got to start really thinking in connecting the dots here instead of what the old my my my first reaction to this is are they doing the same thing now with the rail because once it's in the united states they got no way to stop it chobdhaars which we know were on the ground here that could do deliver chemical biological and and chemical weapons biological weapons as well as nuclear that the dirty bonds and such they were in the united states and they were in those the club cat carts look like containers and they didn't know where all of them they didn't there was a time they didn't know so they there was definitely something that they were the deep state was holding over the heads of the people that were in one can't get away from that so now i'm looking at the what are the optics what are they trying to achieve here with take derailments and or the engineer deromes because copper at least one on east palestine the compass were bad i was on actually ride horses yesterday and we've got an area that i got through that spireless when i was looking at the ground out there of course they had the rainbow slick on it because that comes from a bacteria so any of that is a line that's a light that what her doing as her stirring up the bottom while you don't to create a special effect there for people who believe that its chemical comical petroleum ah no that that is a bacteria that creates that and you can go to anywhere and stir it up this time of the year and you're going to you're going to break through whatever and find that that rainbows like this too many things it just don't make sense here and now i've got to go to the factors are they doing it to interrupt container traffic and or call etendianta something else or are they distracting us to hide us for some there's only a couple of ways that this can go but i am not buying i'm not buying it there's not a reason why these things are being dere so so there so we're going to go back to why are any of us believing one word that is out there both the good guys of bad because every one their past rings a war going on behind his there is a bit of a war going on good guys in charge yet there he in charge but i still think that the picking up people from top to bite i extol start watching when they win they switched people out his they do which people and you know you are seen people being switched out of the equation and or replaced by there somebody looks like em or you know you'd have to be a complete idiot to think that by is actually bit i get is look at the guy and look at the invasion comparisons in the fact that in onkillon going up gave her own guide falls going up the stairs to an airplane and leaps up like a gozando try themselves into the airplane at ain't happen to anddon't match none of the facial ah ah proportions match cigars so this is this is where i want to bring this this video a perfect example of manipulation of what happened with the jase she the public and or whatever yet ayunado sometimes is changed the music so instead of going chapters has desolation with it put the fire music like going on the going down the store going shopping here the tent and it changes the entire end or plaister and show what i mean this is perfect example of the non insurrection at the capital and the fact that they took to know they took a what would be called the guide dressed up man bear i do that was this there they were showing him through the capital but checked the out when you changed the house i rose taking meterssecond homecoming there is come on by some of the conoceros like dogs he ningootwassoo where possible free contareno the soles the soothe seasonsthese ericsson crescendo the music habentes toleration that god it is so stupid though the whole thing stage it was after in and in after sense an anti out their trading promisin burned lootingand murder and the the patriots at route there were trying to stop an what is it that the popolonia he had a whole bunch of video showed with a guide of black mass in a breaking a window and he was stopping on from going in in saying that these these people that were creating all the problems and you know shove it off bear anybody out there is just so it's like you know there's an off there's enough information out there to show that this was literally a psychological operation that there's something something way bigger and it was really odd that you know it's like it's like you've got the got collie there where the heck is collie i was looking up pitchers of them and the pitchers of change in now he watched him bolts from one little political office to another and he's one that was standing there with melindawho causes me great consternat and so you don't he was inside the the cabin on such an is like wait a minute i am not buying any of it that these people are not like you and i it's it's like a psychopathic als out murders old bunch of relent say that they all are if i onyhow but at any rate they are not wire like us they they do not have the capacity to do the right thing and or have in any bit of a the ability to empathize with others or really want to see things down the right way it's all about greed and moving themselves and to the delegates that are all to jocino here's your warning you're be invaded and and if you if you do speak out for your constituents that are against what the party says you will be removed by the party because that's how this whole this that's how this whole goldieword and when i say go rodya this a little bit more of a meaning behind that his most of all our or you know the there into the satanic it if you're not you're not going to make it to the top is this is this is a cold and unless you're what willing pay the price of drink the cool a and bow down to bath about inkomati you'll go only so far and waste a whole lot of time and probably money you will not get the there you go what say you after my little morning i've been gone two and you know what i've been doing a lot of research too there's there's something else about covet i think i fell some of the answers to in its not worthy body elses and i want to be able to dock him month this because because there is some connections out there between a couple of enzymes which will also help with several other health issues that of that we can that we can in fact that we can in fact talk about it is some is some point in time i want to tell it be able to talk about in depth of my health there is a point time and pretty much every system on the planet i've told shoved in a home school my kids i home birth my kids and i got died agnes with something that was very sore and pretty much told thee the medical mathiot there i'm done with this you have no interest in curing anything and when it went off the great and did my own thing turns out things that they say are like that can't be cured turns out the wrong hares are out there and i found i found at least i found at least he answers from and he and there's there's some very very simple things that that hath on that can be put in place to counteract pretty much everything is given to see answers for everything on planet you just have to be willing to think for yourself and have a little bit of courage and decide that they are in fact lying to i find answers to whatever it is you have even a death sons picter there lying ye there's there's a lot of em a lot of information out there were people were told for example they have cancer well you are going to have to take these harsh chemicals that will almost kill you present make you better and oftentimes the censer comes back because they didn't get to the source of the probe then you know maybe there still exposed to the poisons that are causing it in some way or they didn't get rid of the cancer because the drugs don't actually do what they purport to do but those who choose it alternate rout to get on a often it and i say to game or lock do you have do you have good resources with people who are knowledgeable enough to send you to homeopathy nutrition other natural forms of testing and treating the body and what were the real causes are and a low times they not only cured the problem get rid of it entirely but their whole has is restored and i think there's a lot of sit toscience out there that we just haven't been exposed to because it's been hittin behind big farmer you know they've personally i know regarding hire practic they've been fighting correcti almost since at the very beginning of it so that's just wonderingwhat em it's getting harder to get and they're trying to vilify it a lot of people can a test on the benefits of homeopathy when you properly so i think i think again i think whence we get big farm on though out of the way we may be able to do i make a lot of ah headway let say with people who have been poisoned by the shots and everything else and i am not in waiontha in the probate to taken i am convinced that the reverse and as it's due to rest so like like a the first start side on go to any particular i really don't have how do i say it i'm not a person that has hero worship for any process or the satwata respecter of people or as but what what i what my process was is well i want i want to think about what it takes to actually cure the label and curl what is it that will actually provide you know that chemotherapy can only can only get rid of sixty per cent of any cancer in the body i did an inn but there you go and did you know this statistics are that they can only cure is the medical satschan to per cent of any one one and so if you are in fact to critical thinker you can start with some very simple in a very simple bits of knowledge and then you build on that so it's just like with a shot he covets ot and and colvin and general they'd never isolated covet ever there is so much misinformation out there but if i told people that or anybody else with a believe me now because it's going to be counteracted with these political hacks that are sitting on the three glutinous behinds for money and everything else don't care if they kill you your kids or anybody else because that's part of the game people are a game the they want to stop on people or lyche they'll stop on any want to get he offer me it's like ok will see letsy canceration s are worse ah this is many years go about two hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars for cancer patient that's their that's their price so you're to located the cash crop and mourner intervention they have the more money they make so when his old cold would think came around for me i was already done with these because i didn't believe a word they said and jumped on the and jumped on the cassimeres and jumped on the well esse let me start pulling up some stop and actually look at it did you know that that there's even papers that they bury that some of the largest like harvard have done that actually proved that the count of cures of tone for sir kinds a cancers that they refused to put on abiliya guess what and the contorcimenti because it's like now it's like their line there lying and in the answers most time are very very some if it in also realizing how body works you know and so i i actually turned myself into an experiment don't care for love or die doesn't make any difference to me honestly you know it's like it's like a i know where i'm going and so to me the length of my life matters not and so whatever purpose is that god has for me that will go in that direct and when when you're not afraid and you don't have fear ah it changes the way that you proach life entirely he and forgettoast matter and i think that that's fairly conscions erable aspect that all of us can we can walk right into and realize that we're walking you can walk with god and have that confidence every single day and in this stability you're not blown round some when when you basically divorce yourself from this world and realize in passeth oh and five days five minutes five years ten years twenty years while differences as make me no and so they like but i won't have i want purpose and and you know i want to have purpose that i want to say that if if it's something that can't help myself hopefully to hope something that comes after me and that's this is not my home never has so kind of a kind in interesting thing eh eh you want of get therecan er what should hear about to tell the men there's there's all kinds of things i've heard the means oh yes and so in all now i'm dead serious you people want to take the mightinstead their focusing on the wrong area it's just like with the with the cove the proud one the problem with the class the fibrous clots what are they the first question asked their amyloid wages rent allies a thing that dinkie used to get rid of all homers and heart is so i think that that a very simple as is simple the answers are much more simple than they want to put out there and god's provide it all did you know that when you put on there's been studies that one farmer's put like a poison or a like a herbicide or something like that on the field that literally god will bring into the field of things to counter act the the poisons that they put on the ground so just like when we have like a petroleum spell there's that terias that eat through it look at what happened down in the gulf with the boma when the b p the bp a letheon and the golf isely no quite a bit about this and what happened under water it was it was stocked was you know accidents can be can be like that and accents like that don't happen they have advanced warning in such and also i do know that every one down there that started crying about losing their income he went to them and offered them three years of that pay if they brought an attack a retired oh of mewhereas in on one paid in any o that none of them were paying taxes so be hedn't pay him because they were cheap in a system where the rest of us were paying our taxes on all the illegal you know what you are still doing you know jesus sidedead get caesar wants to to caesar and so then they were crying because they were to do in a cash a cash business and screw in the rest of us are tibetan paying out so said too bad probably should have a well little bit more of a civic minded duty on that one also where's all the oil clean it all out this bacteria that will take care of it because it's a naturally occurring so nobody needs to be pant there's more oil dropped down the pavement outside wall mark from the leaks at people's cars then there is one entire and entire pipe line in one wall mark its crazy or go to a doubt where they put all cars to get rid of em they're not daring in all the oil of the gas they go parkinsonien they'll sings are tossified underneath there by the by classical measurements old tractors as so it's an it's nonsense is panic for no reason so any go ensayo i ain't know that the they've got a subscriber that was posting about how koedoes exists there is no such fire as on that there may be there's not i mean we're talking about it coming out of a lap so i find that whole story confusing i don't get into the debate of it i think the truth is going to come out on these days i'm not going to say one thing or another what i can say is i think people have been getting sick with something different is it because i live jean is it because of some special poison that they've applied is it a combination of factors i don't know i i know that there's a special set of symptoms that go along with what we are describing its coved and it is treatable in a certain way because i've seen the benefits personally so whatever it is whether it's a fires or not doesn't matter to me i don't care about that fighting for that narrative you know what i mean i i pick my battles every now and then somebody will say well it's like ah what they're doing with the moon you know an i like i don't know if they landed on the moon when they said they did or they didn't i don't have the time to investigate that story it's not as important right now and so lying he can't get the truth because you weren't there yeah i omoiousqai take my battles if if that's your line to investigate that or to investigate school shooting what really happened with that ah nine eleven i know enough for now the i love to hear more of that story in the future but we can't get all of it we keep me dost knot every not one person can get all of those conspiracy theories turned true and delve into it because we don't have the the capacity as normal men and with a wound i don't hachement unto believers folketing on an american history in general and what that means to her future gather hit their hiding too much to get to the bottom of it some can ask questions and sa kay the doesn't make sense and my phones gone on followeth lace and the things that don't make sons if they don't make sons hogoo trust yourself and say men not on put a lot of a lot of time into this i'm not going to waste my time i'm going to put it into something that actually has got slick right now i'm working at sustainable food and and besides the knowledge i have on some of the th i used to forge for food i did that for a while and besides seven farmites but how do you heal people or help them would things go wrong that's really repinut my time because the hole nonsense politically is nothing but a bota really and matura town it trying to convince people one way or the other its in a slinking to discussed by it because i'm like it i'm sick of i'm sick he his jerry springer politics cause that's what it is like jerry now this i feel it when i want it when i watch all this it's like watching a jury springer shows like morbid curiosity to what's going on because they're a lie in they're all right there wife from talk about there's not there's none of all that are not playing the game of manipulate a man guaranteed to me if you don't i disagree all the anybody that's an office but the whole thing is being manipulated can i i like to reek from the chant just a ment i'm going to have to count it or a little bit early cause i've got to get somebody i have got to take some one dropped off somewhere these and then a cormac so i'm an as good morning every one no one blowing here too i'll bet she top north love i'll o i would vote my dog before johnson right am i ah sorely good morning talossa nichols yesterday the publican party trying to get captinado communities we talked about down and how man we were about twenty twenty two ballots we both wanted down a for goneril thank you that's really nice i i had a lot more support than what showed up in the pools hell are you know the the results there's no possible way that i can believe this and there there is so much manipulation going there a jerry vansickle hoar tree general candidate he had he was told how many less boats he had that he didn't last election there's no way there's no way that these would it dropt is as in charlotte love of earrings down it's my little body here by cape and i think you ah michael bodel howdy ashley did garry garry on the chat he was worrying his one handle i love these saw these were these were gifts from gary was very nice to me soc queen revolution forcible although overthrow of the government are social order in favor of a nest the country he has had a social revolution this is how i feel in the more we have definitely had a cup of our government that it's not it's not on a talkin us they've already done it they've already so sr that the american process and we have we have a wee had a total deep state insurrection and overthrow of these from an economical plan adolorata centuries ago so in its dis gotten worse and they they finally had uverthing in their pocket in order to put the last nail in the coffin guesswhat sixteen year plan you lose deeps you lose were going were we we've already were already winning i think we've already want were so clean out then i'll soon most eremitani ohio got a wonder what's going on in ohio while i don't know the governors were in a boot son guests on that him lentenearth of already have already circumtantial so the sane you stand liner or you get the ground in its going to be fast i'm charlotte landgrabe need land solar and evie forth a industries twenty ten twenty thirty they want mineral rights for larivey little money screen the pup people out of the land of agree with that there thereafter the mineral right charlotte they want railways to be travel means and michigan part of their plan transport yeh that's quick as way to move kids cross the nation without it without being suspected to throw him into the containers through one train and off you go nobody will ever say a word or see anything mike good i did meet that guy when i was down in love doctor artist said others italian study of to that shells there are thirty six doomping out in a my people are in people who had caved a people should be using nicotine that nicotine is not addicting the other chemicals in tobacco that's whatsa said he and i'm not familiar as actor artist but thank you for the comment some o the locato garry smith lotsthe advertising for dawn on ducks ye down cuts down cuts all of it too but there's bacteria that actually eats it saw the petroleum and oil guess an i guess noel charlotte pied je and mary come trails and mike wedel jerry springer that's about right that's about sums it up and ah it is it's like jerry springer cultivation you know for the political party sad sad commentary i cannot even imagine people who sit there fighting tooth and nail in such a non statesman like way instead of you know actually getting together and say what's best for the nation no no no they don't do that they pick out twelve fifteen candidates that there and set it up his teams like hawful puff and whatever it is i am not much i don't onokoites like one of the one of the teams on a and here the father to be casamanya ers boy friends he wears a hopeof hannoli okose the teams okay so we got so up the teams and stop so that he had he had a calicem we've got a crag team we've got a perrita we've got the it's like an anybody that was at an actual a candidate they don't even get manchets as brandenburg they know we can't say brandebergs name that actually might be an actual candidate why i like to make your men with a achievementthe that cheers for ten brandenburg that would be funthat's got youconsider sometimes one don't like it not what that idea he who met a sharp with laser eyes on it ever watch the lego movie yes and sharks on assets there in that there is a skihooted years and years ago it ain't a care he was playing george bush what in your honour what ye bever was poneontes you're wissner and he was bragging on about i think maybe he was bragging about the the gear that our military has so he had his night time goggles on night sight and they have a little red glow when you look at him say turned off the lights and he started moving his head all around so you see these little red lights tipping around and he go scare very scarry any had his grin on his pakeha felt like a key so you thought he was so cool it was really i i manremember i after all these years i say scary married carrie urothro it's funny things are on the of here so i hear is here's another one that we've got up here up got to take my tartassre here hang on a minute ah the the shades kurtakin about that before on here we go oh boo boo hoo white poor portland and thief a members get black security fires from grocery store claiming he is a white supremes i machinatione not of it the stuff going on down this is why think the news is so funny these days you're like insistentwhat like that to poetise funny i will i will try to laugh at this stuff sirlike i am like you know what i have a million things to do right now in the world and buying into the every spring or politics and what is it i i got think of a really bad i'd bet this is like bat boy i inquire aright they they just might as well just put a light that boy i can on the postman lineal while actually pulsators and betso that was their article on posing all of this nonsense and oh oh oh oh i've got a friend that is put something out o all it'll be antedated and black ants issues with rifles stepping off the cigar shaped alien made china space craft rode at you know i itself funny when it was like the antiphon the and the burn lotmean murder more odds that were the ones that were causing the problem in their little stage ja six and and the only thing that acceptable on this is immediate release of the any any one's being held hollister i you know it's like i lot to i have a lot of wondering about i'm wondering about a lot of things he and i have not volplaned and not by in it i even some stuff having happening with the po without political prisoners there there is a lot of questions we all need to be asked i know i am we need to be asking questions and i'm going to be the stop right was she very spirit springer out garry foringer i the man that must never be manconsider that or we notessomewhat were moved to dr moved a dr tomson excheator to do sex changes some to our runaway bill they pass alpbck ah in the whole thing is the problem and you know what i think that those of us who are sitting here in the seeds need to say ah this transgender or nonsense especially having the transgender surgeries is nothing more than it then a very advanced mental illness its model illness and when you see the telling people owe you either give a kids on sex change operation or they're going to commit suicide later while the southside great higher after they realize that this is not going to solve their problems and their just generally mutilating and sterilizing children every single one of them should be tried for crimes against humanity the mere seeing the pictures have you seen the anatomical depictions of the people who choose surgery like if you try to create a fake penis it doesn't it's it's not pretty it's not pretty at all i am sure it doesn't function i don't hunderstand how somebody who actually goes through with that can feel like themselves and if they don't atygatis one there's no way that the pathan can make them feel like all i've always wanted to feel this way i think you're right about the suicide and i think i think in a another decade or two were going to have a big problem with a lot of very sad mental emotional cases because you can't you can't reverse that do you do you know how it looks like when we look at blood letting in the foure humours hold my beer this time in the history of the the world were in a look like the absolute stupid as society that has ever existed on the point were tolerating the illness were towering butchery no our childer were tolerating all of these and i and in their going to look at us going you got to be kidding me these are the most this is the most barbaric people that tolerated this did not everybody come out in just like screened this from the roof to people are murdering children that are engaged in abortion pass pass the time of birth its infant is infanticide in he lets go its supporter yeller bushes if you're counting off parts of children boers your mutilate or mutilating children in its mentally ill in in anybody that does that is much as the psycho is any one who has ever been a serial murderer on the lignone he has like metal check his self then in quick and he's going to come a time were those of us who are not approving of new lading children advantage of them are going to be common in order to see that justice is done is this this is like ccapac then anybody out there justifying it these day have their sorry behind thrown into a manliness portion is not and and i'm sorry edison so there you go it's so any one i i just got a text i've got to get somebody i've got to go pick somebody up in minute and i want him i want to make sure that that were there so many how i'm in essay were going to say prayer for these peetootie koshchei not only are they not only other self far boy from god in god's creation it is amazing and i'm sorry christians got to stop me and all and gentileswere get we were with gentle jesus with the land lines foot really really only the red davila's not all works so not now how works at all so in any rate not and i think what i egocomes back he's got good ethie's not going to be wonalthough with that the scriptor have dat is fenceful he's not because coutelas it's not going to be with a little little a lamb on the spot is gone child jesus with a smile on his face it's going to be got to have an we're goin to have prodomonate face up to it so many less she prefer as i got to get movin here but but dear havenly father thank you so very very much for the stay and for caronado all the wonderful people please let them know it they are not the psychopath that we see out there they don't need to be aggrieved out of but they do need to get in the fight and i stand for this in he this is going to get called out for what it is like me hate me don't care but we're going to stand for what's right before you and a tower none i a i we want to do what we want to serve you and humanity and with the lies that are out there in the misleading and manipulations as his help us in every step of the way to guide us and give us discernment and wisdom on how to deal with these situations and the courage to step forward and honestly live for you and to rescue this very very deceived world with your help from the absolute leading astray i mean talked about it you talked about it was going to be this way so i guess we should be surprised but oh give us the wisdom and the courage and the desertion how to deal with it because above all things we love you we love you so much and we are here to serve you your people and and in any way you call us to in jesus name pray a man's hero my phone isn't one onthemaker so soldiering and brain for corner dat come we are not to see then to the lies cheats thieves criminals and people who have committed crimes yes humanity and a sow that that's never going to end and it just severity knows god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed you know what it's going to be okay god isn't a conciser in charge certainly god is inches and we can put our faith in him knowing that the things we see most of us are most of his lies anyway don't get to get you crankborough because the people that are formed in the narrative there bunch a liar's chiefs he and a in ow people that are in the political position guaranteed all of them but one their native tongue is lying so you know ah realize trust yourself god's talking to you every day and i'll get andeastern to have and he'll give the answers on everything you don't need to be afraid not now cane now called not of anything go forward with with bravery to day because god's got this and will be back monday have a great week end that's love to you in your families s going to be fine enjoy your snow on