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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/21/2023 - Chuck Ritchard and Oregon Pro Se Case

Published Aug. 21, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am - Monday Morning in the Mitten with Chuck Ritchard! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Justice League of Oregon - Pro Se Case Dana Hindman-Allen and Mei Wong Dana Hindman-Allen - During the primary race in Clackamas County 60% of barcodes were unreadable in the primary which spurred many doubts about the security of the election. I was introduced to Mei Wong and was shown her discoveries of the time-stamped screenshots of her votes going down in her race which further solidified the questionable results • Formed the Justice League of Oregon and held a symposium sharing our discoveries • We filed formal complaints to the State and County only to be ran around in circles for over 2 months only to be told if we want to redress our grievances we must file a suit in court • We filed a federal pro se case in court for Civil rights violations and election security concerns November 4th, 2022 Mei Wong - The first time the votes went down was on Memorial Sunday at 4:30am. Calls to question who is updating/changing votes during that time? Along with over 60% of the ballots sent to voters with faulty barcodes, people in the election’s office outside of office hours, the county uploaded wrong numbers to the Oregon SOS website, and the Oregon SOS website was hacked. As candidates, many concerns about the security of the elections was apparent. The state and county denied all queries and complaints by the candidates. Then told us to appeal the decisions in circuit court. • Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network it is the twenty first day of august twenty twenty three waliine how fast this year is gone so so i'm a kind of glad to be back last week i went down to the michael and dolven and that was real interesting i want to start off this morning with a little bit of inspiration from the rightful president of the united states president donald let's go there first in etseastin then he there i can hear her now that and we all know what we all know that president crone yes you are say yea i am i had called carecase he dropped off here was on but now to do about the tone so i lionthe so i think that the tehawas things she does a really good job but i think it's really fond and such king can act her ken ereonora reana tea i get ametiste istologico see i can see you after seebacks age but anyways no matter seconnet connect with your camera microphone before you can add see if you can connect that wake as i think it's got you my chromate demostration do it this way i find i can not i want i want to show i had so chucker it's stuck in doana on monday morning and welcome to as he welcomed everybody to the broadcast this morning or the pacas i get confused with the two of em that am i wanted to show every one what have got going on here with a e went the land eleven and i really i really thought it was an interest i thought it was interesting or kate really really interesting for numbered i've been processing thus so that i can share with everybody when i when i really saw and what what came to mind but in the meantime while i was there i was able to schedule a whole bunch of e for the next three weeks for coming on brandenburg news network now before i say anything i'm going to tell everyone out there who has dividing up teams because that's what i see over over all is the division of team and i kind o have a problem with some of this really do so with that said i whether whether people agree with with gass or not because he oh it doesn't matter we need to talk to everybody at this point time to get to the to day i've got chuck for chardon fantastic he's on and then after takatono clock i've got a a the justice league of oregon dana hindman allen and may was not these two gals started another prose case just like what lo brenson dead and lo lloyd was there the week ended he and i have become friends i really like the sky a lot and what they're doing with this case is really intend oh not only that it just seems like this is the way to go and i will be it my plan is to launch a some prosechesteron the state of michigan and i've got up pretty good not work behind me now to infect ah give me some good advice and people who will have gone through this to his day as john tadorne o'clock town o'clock is sandy bower with thet's returning home and her organization she is taking so many calls and in helping his veterans that are returning home it's amazing very very inspiring wednesday is anistasthai to be on wednesday that should be really really a very very super interesting show and with it said let me run back over here a minute and i'll be able to read the rest of the people this week but i've got mark encinas going to be coming on it's some point i can't give you the exact date i've got em scisseld robinson thursday nine o'clock is ed martin he's an attorney very interesting man enoksen he was on the law suit that i was also on with america's project in his running for office here and michigan very interesting by realising he he's the greenery in the now on a lot of things and interesting then the eleventh is lorischen carolina and what they're doing down in north carolina another patriot friday is pauloihinsa party regional regional chalkeos incredibly interested reason amazing talks over the last year incredibly knowledgeable about the constitution and how the lawful governance should should work and friday at ten o'clock as maryland toss she is up in i believe new hampshire mamma bear exiliences incredible story of what she's done in the school system and such in the like i said we got marked the emerald robinson there's a lot of people going up in actually books for about three weeks soled and i could add more i could add more space as to couple of the days are going to notice that i'm going to go from eleven o'clock to twelve o'clock two but it at any rate lots lots going up you see if you see this on my brand berg for as for governor channel it's aunt brandenburg the number four mi channel on telegram please pass that on with it said also i went a hand a little interaction with phil god loke here in the last few days because i don't like people that scam and also disrespect i'm going to stay in it accordant military general general michael fled and i don't like that kind of disrespect and that's exactly what happened i started going after the sky little bet he has got a little bit quiet over this and i'm glad he's got in quiet because what he did was absolutely stupid beyond all belief he tried to make people think that it was the general plan was given him a shout out in an event that he stand by video on well this is led me down a path to find an incredible amount questionable behavior and i mean incredible i talk to a woman yesterday who was fifteen years old who he had worked as a as a a coach at the school system her boy friend committed suicide and lonewood here comes in as philodina ended up having sex with a skeleton as he's workin in the cool so there is there's about four million people that follow this sky and i i got to say everything that i'm seeing out there so shocking to me that i think i think that he's actually seeing this gal who at fifteen years old in it was there all the evidence was put into her case and you know for slander and i i don't get it i mean this god's working in the school and slept for the student at fifteen years old and in its there and then kind she got scared and pleaded the fifth and whatever but the evidence was submitted the evident stands on its own and i think we should be looking at this because this is shock can and and i'm not going to give this is of at this point time because because i offer for intimidation or whatever because i just i just have a lot of questions about i would love fell to come on and clear this up if i if i that the questions that i am asking and the evidence of is out there is wrong then he should have no problems coming on brandon burdens not work and actually clearing it up but what we'll have to see what's going to happen here i i i'm really super concerned with what i'm hearing there and as much patapedia is going on and as much human trafficking child tracking is going on an inappropriate behavior where the with people are i think every one should be questioned and they should be able to stand up for the questioning without throwing a little temper can thro for starting lawsuits we need to be able to talk stuff through so there you go there is thurston's little micro ran for to day so if you're seeing what's going on on my channel here would be bringing stuff out in a bowl i think it's merited and and i think that we absolutely have to ask questions and people who have half to make sure the there not above questioning especially when when things are red let soc oh then you ask me about the bored flag and the grazing up and standing up however three years i think a pretty much assured that if this something is wrong i wot it saith regardless print portheris i'm going to have it to say it because it needs to be said and he sargon you mentioned are done in interesting you haspiration he ground to governors sheshe i like the things she's as sister of brachen queene we gracieuse the bolt alike and many so wasbeaten hear o hear what they're doing out there and then seen white said he knows about herself that was great its words to red flag and her michigan i always look back and you know this and said you for what have they done for michigan i'm sensitive about this one tocause inglishers as suspects any of us they do said you know i turned our eyes in to stand up we asked you know what's really going on here and all we kin long i can after this second district because they're doing such stop until legal and i call them out on it and i'm not afraid to call about on because the gods on him and his high way his stock to be as this fulkerson what each be gone the gatafan was worked to plan and go after democrats but i do aim when the we have people turner had the will that trefrend i can't say thing a originarias wrong it's wrong what is not what i saw at at the the indolence it that what they did right was they brought all of the information on happened in the twenty twenty election they tied a marvellous petty petty nat together and there was some great videos that came out of it still onseen it all of the political events people are trying to deem anise each other and divide people up into little cults of personality and i don't appreciate that at all i do not want to be told what to think i mean you know bring the information for but at that point in time we have to evaluate the information for what it is and not in oh i like this when i like that when i like this when our like gown because we're human and all human beings are subject to being of to be wrong we're all wrong at certain points of time there's nobody they gets it a hundred per cent right the only one that did and ever has as jesus and and he never picked up the rock and on the rock to know he never threw the stone but that's exactly what i'm seeing and in its very very very disturbing if we bring the facts forward it tells us with the people are doing without going on these these personal which has or personal ah your personal witch hunts because every one has to be has to be scrutinized this point time becos so much criminality going on it is shocking even in patriot of a so boss christine this weekend i quoted it because that's where you find about david don't find about the five stones and you'll see that exactly david corbies stone grettissaga took out one and as what exclaimed both with and that's really what we're talking about too is we really have to also when we throw the stone wall so make sure that we know exactly what we're one target is and regidor has to be a bee in for the right purpose sometimes we we get out there and remained the porto that word at my offinded and arrapahos not to bend concentring the truth always to get to the other gondrin each other on well i married in demand man art there and and i he was not rohenhausen me and said that you and i are seeing lots of mean things about him and his family it's like i personally you know i really don't care what i can look at it is evidence yes colours that things about the mean things and i said mean things in to little we talk were publican party absolutely abandoned me and i you know it's like it's like you know and i and i actually saw this is said the time for you to pull your big boy pants on because in this area is in a renodation i'd love i do a little piece on that being things ayasal i ain't asked him to come on brandenburg i said if you feel like you've been wrong i sought i'll talk to you or anybody who to come on brandenburg who's not ottensen telling your side of the story and and i in you know what i'm not saying that to be a jerk i'm saying that because i really want it all because he's probably got a lot of information go in the background too in manipulation cause i'm goin to tell you what and i saw this at the lindell osee this everywhere i go there are are almost no heroes that are standing in front of a camera there all pasturing all of them are and so the youkone person that's postrema actually have information that could be helpful in getting to the truth whether is it it doesn't matter who it is you know we have to be thinking salihan beings and able the sister the truth will get what people bring forward and go and do our own freakiness an it took confirm or deny eastdeath with mad because he really cannot love him to come on and love a bill with his customer the stock he had not as your eye the really hurt society what this whole poached at the metics had done served the state of michigan by the number of things we can talk about so many things one would i just don't always my time any more with these guys there either to be part of the solution or part of the problem they have to choose that can what is she so far as for not he but the problem when you points mockable problems with by gonetowhat they are and then we work corsoladies they don't want to do that it will astronomy out where the bath water that's what they're doing he portento two or circumvent any way and done it with this grand old party and so do grinthe save that i guess rossi had i got some i think as he now i've got people in chipping me information all the time and not only are they chipping me information but you know then i jump in and i start looking at this and i want to i want to absolutely let every one know that this whole republican party nonsense it's going on and i mean this is going on with all of it or a loomer got up in front and i am i listened what people say not you know and into to get to the information well anyhow we so she and the overall message from the hemicylinder even too was that the republican party is the problem right now there there more of a problem to the democrats the democrats are straight out their marks but the republican party and people are still following this and it's not so somethin me some information which i think is really interesting because there is a pack called the florida igloo pack sponsoring the recalls based out of tennessee now the recalls let me see pull this up would be called recalling am i is where as is a who is recalling this ah there to their trying to the distracting but what was really interesting and this is that florida elope is sponsoring the recalls and their base on the tennessee and wide because tennessee has no his really loose regulations as well as a it is interesting that they registered in tenessee rather here while they already have a late filling an it's all zeros on the campaign finance report and so to look at it is interesting but it ties in with another group called story tellers elohe too out of tennessee its organized by a game may name again frank slavic and apparently there's a connection between marion sheridan and it looks like it that's what an nineteen to look into this i can't confirm it denote an tiredforgot you know what i really want to throw the south here because i think iverybody needs to if this information comes in i think we need to either confirm it or deny and like to have mary and sheridanshe mad i get on so we can talk about this because it it looks like marishiten and mischance behind it so and what what was interesting is that it appears that they got the total of they got was i know the last side last cycle and that these packs and such were formed when the new administration take took place but in they were they were paid two million four hundred sixty nine dollars and too hot to million four hundred six nine thousand six hundred sixty three dollars it appears and i am cogioba farther corocondametis trict staffisch ir resigned with the telese a negro people going to tell a seal what's going on in sadashite on the nail on the head in homeritis a new chegoimgon there and anisette with her loose the loose laws for streets when i therefore heard shoesanother we got to look at because ochone closed down the hole republicans were to get money go to where did he go sequesterate ask when they closed her down where did the money go to altenech was over the closed it done a cocotte dropstone and to millport about the troemians where i come money don't you i don't know wot i'm told i'm told some things that that money went out a state now it's make me wonder this or not some of the same stock who who is the second district share that went on in tense i wistarias a carlyon on the but herniations last thing i see was the vischer of boothes second district he sheegowish the tones that was two years ago so we've got to tennessee connection and we've got to point ah thefore six nine million dollars that went to the story teller's group and the the the answering for the recalls a group called florida egle and now i started looking at this this recall alforcas i got i get calls all the time getting volved in this kittenhood in this herslike ok wa gentle look into it right well what i found that was really super interesting was in in the recall you had shame trail that was involved in a i mean i can pull this stuff up king out of minutelet me see if i can if i can granary in the stuff of alien ah i was ah let's see if i can pull the up cause that's where we call i when the old meget this up here a minute castitati think this is important recall am i and i thought this is really important because of asif i can gets we recall michigan well i'm going to i'm going to have to see if i can find it in my thin another way just a minute because it's going to take me a minute of course i get so many different in such and mails as such all the time they are can grace well i may connect the dots with this is going to take me a bit to get there but i can do what can really alluding to as a person there's some activity going on that we don't quite understand it but we have every reason to his are great cold i ussorian all of these groups and are tied in with something and in that's that it's just crazy its crop its creasy anteposition as tis that we we've been fighting this prolonged time in michigan this his honesty that exist scooping out what the ties are back to the menaces because somehow some way it just seems like always we torture indecorous this seems like the name kolchianswho we got up protologoi makes her word clear on our flag cause that's what we'd like to do i can get home runs in the singles or doubles right hon so but a anyway what else is going on we need to remind to confide to talk about what's going on and miscegenation kin county for instance in counting those people all stepped down to eat of them the doors and now they're in a panic as to what's going to go on but you got a situation there that's really bad you got a crust who is on the board the treasurer lines not a real cruel republican glass i knew there was a lady he threw out of a meeting because she wasn't here republican dan kelly seems to have hedoesn't matter said them they have real republicans were not so god i'm thinking that you and i ought to go on chasing other or on their easy because they go also have another guy even cuddled a desolate district i can only in district after he signed okay so you and i need to ask ask him if we can go on their fore do you think well i can't do that because i'm solidly on a constitution party were it now because i eslingen this asegurado going on here and the republican party and i mean it's it's really a shameful it is a shameful situation people that resign or seven people resigned because of going on and they i don't blame him i don't blame him because his stupidity i don't really know but at the same time now it on the old ladies be carefully jasper i might discinit well don't the people with the doors the optophone don't do they don't think complain that it stephanogonia i told you that before now there how suddenly the powers turned to what do we give what do we do guys calling exactly it could have been easily done it i say look here is the problem how can we help her and sit down and work it out but that's not what people want to do he bore they don't want to feast the note i don't want to work out solution it's anserino be a money going foreback and some people say that's what we do we we don't begin offer solutions all the time so i get old noise not enough to quit others not as now chance we're not going to quit so what what what alas going on i'm like really only an interested in this and florida igloo pack and what happened at sonasse i mean i'm really interested if this is if this is something where where people are pulling the strings behind the scene you know i am not a fan of right now of any one in the republican party that's in management and i'm to stand like anyone because there's too many things that are going right i'm not fainting the most of the most of the clerks are doing the exact same thing that they did and not de germany that's how they handed over to hiller was tricolor and there listening to the board of elections rather than following the law there getting a timidated and coerced into others in other level of destroying a destroying our access to the electronic poll books now they're all encrypted and so we can't we we can't there their encrypting and their hiding all sorts of things from us we the people so we can have no oversight on what they do well you know what they all work for us and so their in the ruchinamit ready to go back to the declaration of independence and say it's time it's time to just go back to start her he so corrupted god in jesus name please jesus come back and or sonmilitary end to write the thing because all we have sat in the seats right now in my opinion our people who have not stood up to act of usurpation and are guilty as hell of trees it worries scoliosis expose the truth air he can from national or rams a really happy that he had true to the mark which ripostent can not give him all accolades because at a time when they fired them at a time when his own party fired down and in ocellation they fired him because he wouldn't get the job done like sin to them go with though it don't do it back but they did anyways a crushed the fortitude this state alters and course i got nancy waters to resign okay i got a norishing but we got a question there and you got you you got he followed me on this one ask the question why to gilour to resign she guilty of something i'm told there were some they came cut a deal i told the cathode in the scene to lower to resign to lose would git her pension okay okay she had cruel charges there what can do that see this one thing i do understand these are the kind deals that are the good in other being human you have galopent felonies i was seen i think o a quarter what think citadel the colecion as wellington i've got all i go don't know how i benefit but he got a deal she resigned and guttered pension and i she went nothing was ever done christophori cicognas about he's really got a lot more detail on i bid you to bring him on i can christianhis i like chris because they're the ones of what what really disturbed you was when all the articles came out and gateway ponet was that he chris who did it was want to get all the work was not was not there and you know something i feel ofsomething else that is nearly crazy and the election entirety thinks so to lossesthe locust stand lawsuit and the work that leans on by joannes kesland scott any which this has ardoina great jack no one is talking about the anther the only ones that are going after criminal complaints and so that it appears to me that there's a couple other guys tim batter and another guy named fanny there that were working with scott and they canebrake off to the side and at its like i heard no don't i can't conform for miss but from a good source i heard that they started a four prophet i think it's for prophecythis johirhat they started it for prophet and company to sell the information which scott one was the one that and the people that were with him scott join his sandy were the ones that did the work on it they took it and started a company to profit or two to raise money and profit and so i sat there at the little in dolven and the ones it is the kind of the same thing that i saw what steel halloran are around fell how instanding in front of the camera where larissib given it when it was criscoed all the work and all of a sudden these people swoop in to take the credit none of the people that that did the work on on the locus standi or any of it were at the window you know that were invited to stand on the stage of the londonthat it was he it was he now the other two ponian and a ten patter was were there and the costretto because i know what he did i know what he was doing i can know that you lomellino one of them prononcee if not more and i know what he was at any time in fact i even caution the clerk had mason can was she said with her still proud on the sides gave as tododaho was unselfish wished only is set down honteuse i know what christ had done the lookout with another person i notice it is sad he was doing phenomenal work already and there was n't he can do and that's where he got tocaste sides not protestant just put it out i kateegoose ely vague you don't do that well that's exactly what he is estendidos that it wasn't done you don't he don't put out something i thought to have and i give him all the credit the yeah and and i like it so christian i really would like crossan because he's one that he's been overlooked and or keep it so that the problem that i have with that kind of stuff woman in the watertake credit for other people work and its usually when people do that it's almost always for money power and in and so so that's why i have a problem with it instead of saying you know give give the credit to these to the people where the credits do you know cromwell i i find a lot of interesting information do i do all the work on it you can't it's too there's too much of it but when you can bring together a team a leader isn't necessarily an expert in all the fields have to know enough to be able to put the pieces together but you bring good people together who had their inheres of expert and and be able to ferret out the ones that are or just in it for the glory inhowever were in accompany where there's always that guy you know that guy that's in a company and in a corporate dynamics that wants to the sucking up to the boss all the time that never does anything but that is constantly trying to get in with people to get information so that they could be in charge to take the credit there's one in every organization sometimes these you know and and that's what i see so much about their politics people that i don't know they they don't they're not leaders their stammers the they they feed off of others in order take advantage of people and once they get the attention than they can misdirect people through their trust which is really problem is its huge problem of yet you got to go back to the source and in my opinion crises want i should have been standing frontof that cameras cola in the safe thing that i don't derstand i mean and the leader i can tell you a done it repeatedly give people credit for ward creditis to go the whole folk is now get it the nalatigheid i'll run through hoof the art cotothes because as leader we know that we can give them the the ideas of plan like kemas put this up to them to go on and do the work and finish it and they do then the work under that architecture but they creative enough caven take it to a new level and they do this the goal would get got raise the level of the player for the keeper to hare level then what you are asked the core right do you even and you are yet sets exactly and i want to be the domes one senate table that means that i have you know what we solkhat i hire make me the jamison of the table that means i hire a correctly i you don't and then i go back to shovel and horse he nowhere and you carry on and and carried the ball i mean that's what a true team does a dozen constantly make the heroes in and and i i don't know it's it's backwards so there is one there is a couple of things at the helenawith i said that they did a really good job really good job laying out what happened there were a couple of ideas that were awesome that he put out there and the information that was out on the steel was really really good when he watched as new solution i have a lot of questions and what i didn't appreciate is for two days hearing that we're going to find out whose evil or who's good based on who who accepts this program are not well this is what's got osenton in the first place it's telling people to stop thinking stop asking and just go along and and i i don't appreciate that every one was childit's blind faith and blind allegiance of any one ever says that esteban time thou hell out right then and there because that's what street was taken us down this we've got the an we got to it and we have to say ah i see a few holes in the plan here and say what what is what is this really what am i really seen here and i mean that to every one's one because that's wind and we start talking like that then somebody overhears going to pop up that sees a problem that may be weeding the sea they're going to bring it in to it and this person is going to pop up and see a problem that we can a vala and make the entire thing better that's what we're after not supreme blind loyalty to save the united states of america with the best idea that don't care for it comes from if you're as some one the worm farmer and comes up with an idea then that's the best idea we got to go with it you know he proved man the stand that things are always something to change his oonderstand that the things to be improved of our how good they are cover the better mousetrap by the point is that we look on so cocowe look at with immethodical weepon things to meet them better in not eglinton the blind path if you will we got mine even he was that to welcome that that's free resource do not in anything especial to for that information so why not use that to make a better coat we we don't want any one that's just that's just to you on the blind following crap as is hitler level compliance and and that's that's what's got innocentwould with an i don't care who sat it you know i i really don't care who said what i there's not a person on the planet that i'm willing to follow with blind not one you know i'm very loyal to people and tell they prove themselves wrong you know or that they if if some let's just say that all of a sudden somebody that we absolutely know and love it you know that there is irrefutable evidence of crimes that were committed and in we could look at them i know that it's not manipulated evidence because the havens has to be true we have to be able to change our position you know you you're the loyalty is very important and i mean i am not talking about somebody somebody walked up to us of at the themein this past week end and after five minutes you know em i do not give anybody credibility in a five minute men it's like there i'll listen to em but there's no way that i'm going to sit there and and put on my bets on on that person told me the truth just because new information came for okay well i go through it and we all need to do that we need make make sure the people approve in themselves in their they're willing to stand worthy to stand than strength to stand rugenwalde shapes her all regenthouse perfitnesse the air in and as verified process thought it better be really except hello people exactly lot of people say what we've batteias the criteria he patted him with well greeskeen well that's not good enough to have to anthesis erratic way of doing that yet the onesthat's are the mess we got into right now we we thought people were good we rated at emotional level not one i i thenoperations and that letters to the brown pathway grey there's so much manipulation out there not an tembeling it was it was in creta was really what i take away from most of these political thing is that a people are playing politics truly in order to teem belt it's the same thing it happens in court in a corporas structure you've always got people that are trying to build their teams within an organization for power and control there not out for the best ideas they're not out for for saving our or doing well for companies or for the united states from merica all there doing as he tried to manipulate and inhabit their way because they know not the deriverebbero in a chamber commerce does what he would do as saved the winthont old things his control the grass roots yet controls divide and conquer and the circle was the master at and keep people busy with nonsense it is like the gold the gold into not thinking it like a good neighbor program from the agoall the stones turn people in the little spies to answer information think about this couronnee this pattern repeated again because i sought the we they want you to enter and information because they are information gatherers and tans which he happened drowned at information yet donnow what he got the program i colofones i would ask the question right way when i had tenbyites office cause my doctor was part of her practice i used to ask is how are your controlling how are you control i information and i'm not giving you my screemer and they got mad and nice to look how you control it in that somewhat you'll have to worry about that sent you do holforth's thirty years ago right rathowen years ago but look at it now with the same thing here we're ask it his good name of programmers information how is it coughton i want to have her ready look into this because of it appears accompany popped up a lot as doing research on this there's a company called pantaloons like that might be seen behind things and i colieston an i but i want i would like every one in the republican party to get theirselves going here and to start asking the right questions you're not asking the right questions of the migoto get to the bottom of this torrentright questions is i want to see the and the receipts that you need to look at is a one of em would be for liberty and in stores behind allegiance to all these people in atto a county and mccutchon ever you got to stop the blind allegiance caselaying you a strict and i and on i can tell you what i have seen that in the regards to being like a street there was an elsefind on the twenty third of june and and people are not their stopping thinking because they like that's not good enough that o how they leaves erik asked alec specially concerning for liberty and i think you're going to find out what's actually happening there because i believe that i believe that there is a lot of connections there with a christina and when she's here and how they're getting paid because there not getting paid in the way that you think they're getting paid when when i started finding all kinds of business entities that are filed and laura and connections to its selected dividuals to say perhaps china i think you need to start asking questions and start of this flying this is loving like a legion people just because you like him political organits are grown way and getting you to like he i think also the he also have to how proper protocol i guess i'm seeing is people are being uncivil and that doesn't help you get to what do you want and leslie and people are being threatened i i know that first act i know a couple of people who have been threatened i know i know all people who were blackmailed i know of and and i'm not the only one there's a lot of people out there to magneto bring titlegeneral i wouldn't have to go i got to lie young boy that he of the ben sleep and so i've been tosalop this early the legislative as schools of connectile simon have to run unfortunatei wanted to talk about the second district i want to talk about some of the things i think that will work itself out because a kinleside on men and i've got my next gas coming on and fill cases i was on takenthese on district in this his halting about prosecuting with all authorization any time we do anything we have to be above board and so this whole conflict is going on has been going on all we can about on whether they got off forsation or or not it appears that they get in and the peers that some as going to file please report to day oh because it antichita under ashelford for five points six one the first offense for use in identity identity fraught his twenty five thousand dollars the second offencesand two people's ideas were used they were given off as had they were given off position the center even authorisation for what chkorochionch their names in their names to the tergaunte process has a totoposte have to prove the genoese the identity and onfor what reason who was there he was so that those identicus and in intodisappointed and doing a gosawski in i won't say because we don't know boss why we want investigation do we think we know yes we think we do but when you think you know and you don't have hindmostin a back it up that's why the police reports eryfile because there's there's some some ah um he mails that went back and forth so does it matter let's please do it let him as gilolo at what went on because the second district not coming clean go when i questioned them on the budgets linquest on for the second mamma they won't give we don't have to give that to you i thought we enthought we're talking about transparency they should or consulted a legal household says we don't have to give it to you i said that's why i hope you got your bond insurance up because when it gets stuck to sad and down go will show exactly what happened we know what happened we know who i want investigators to find it out in a true and show it because these people are not being honest their hiding and then i did told them of one member shut down her face who paid last night whether it or not idle now the common i mean it's just got an old thing in in in in this so lerede logger canoes on the second district now a kind of guy uses larry the longer in your professional you use in that cotoname i can jokesit all this more like clary the logger head don't mean ah did you lanthoniell keep yes lots of different weird names than an iverything you but not in the professional cousin as he represented of the koranist on including the seething is herdeeren are you know that come few have to differentiate as people in don't know what boys your bringing forward right personal opinion or or as organization had turns out hereabouts for the organization that means for liable that means their total liable night i think somebody saw that as also discovery in accord a law that's also ever good of this discovery including the things that we say are the integram shells at altorient nolentes vesaniente there's nothing in propotatione like you guys in discovery does of the great schools of the ones to day to find out what the truth is in and by myosinoses of wai tell you what i like i think it's reimported for us to all put to put out information and say say things i need to look into this because it's not it's not an indictment on anybody's character or anything like that looking at things that don't make sense in we have to trust ourselves when we see something that looks wrong like like at a base level do you think it's a key for some one who is a coach in high school to say to a fifteen year old after her after her a boy friendmine suicide suck my balls and the startled lachish and that's that's what happened and i mean well if that's what i saw happen and so on you see that do you not think that this is time to start questioning thanks and came he we need a quis it okay for coach on a high school to sleep with a fifteen year old under any circumstance the answer that is now and so of nethinah and in sootheth all the truth readersfor the truth and we questioned things when he questioned on a problem but his how we do it and grieves that is i once of the second distantly of cacongo peace it was more the mechanism they were using it with just tolius respectful not only during the meeting but after the meaning including glasserton i last on nightshade is we've got to remain civil and all things simeuse if not we were running out of mob mentality that doesn't work anywhere not for society not certainly not for our mentation solication people is to be doing the way aris patogenesi told stepney bond do it like your child is in the audience because she is the sea ward herself on a post i can't believe it i cannot believe it people esmen you say what does it matter if posimatter incarcerated or commanders who care god only use the word i'll say see word i do that because you don't know who is reading it you don't know who seeing it is the fence of his son offensefor in sheer be used and by use of gines in this sightseeing by a woman a professional woman had presently sense i wish one of them she wanted to buy the way she will have me privately i may publicly the senate set up that way i will sorosian on the air i wanted out in the some people to see it because i just know so these people are purely devious there pure able and i distention forgo that i want people as her derfirst hand where you can alletooning it it's is what it is and by miss bake something i must speak it agin there's no question about what happens is seen with me with you don mendo's what the nice nice he is that we come out when those green much of opeope and he agree or disagree with us as we go there so right and then you do you make a mistake and you you get more information that's part of being human and learn the learning prose then you're you're able to go back and say why wait a minute i got more information here we've talked about this because it's okay to change a right you know that's not as the people have to be book with an if you get more information to it to be ok with the fact that you didn't have enough information doesn't mean that you were you might have been you might have been wrong but that doesn't mean that you are over all wrong it means that you just one changer change or point when you find more information and go forward and all all i would like as i like people to come on and explain themselves and can if there's more information that's going to come forward the point being as were losing our nation and we have to be able to come forward and talk about things people have to be able to be scrutinized in that means every one nobody gets a shot pass any more because it went what we have learned if we have learned nothing else from this last last few years it's the fact that we have a we have a war going on it's an information more it's really easy to see right there booccaneer michael noldoke it it's a great book and in the fact that we are in an information warfare there's no justice in our justice system whatsoever with all its cedes and all the political perisophical parties the political parties are disgrace they stand teotenancas down in a character so we have to be able to see invest in his wife she rebellessitis people i don't have a little compass in fact i even said i or compass of picter one to other the larger the sweet hope cause they need it they need them on compass because help direct them because their loss though like lost sheep for sure but that's what the elsetake about with that with the with the stone and neck in them the same way resists or because i am told his shed something is owerover too or tools one kid's got a london go to for shells and his sound was like she had a hook some problems there is elergent him promise because guess what they do what they got to do is say what is our mission why are we really trying to cheat the wise with was my goal objective as freely what would come down to are we here makes society better are we trying to tear it down you hhansen copythe problem what what's the number one thing the constraint of the government of is a usurpation of the united states american getting dinner our nation back and so number one is that it the election integrity and it's also antipathies well as a human trafficking child sextain which is moderately those are my top issues right there and you know sovereigntyof government is going backaction its assessments for men on checker wonderful and i preciate your time and your loyalty to the united states of the mechanician catch no what should indiget go to school and next monday so this of the last weeks or grandfaher to day with them how can't go that's going to be a while jagget gonigonan to there something you can take a fresh akontistes the grape thing to do right now that's the grandpa to grandison to take flushes and give back to your kids and the leven jump off the walls with a sugar right eye that sight ye are right fittibilit passion thinks i can't agree day another rousing a another rousing a hateswith chuck there on tobring my neck guests son and i'm really interested to talk to these gals because i'll younowhere friends with librose i'm really a fan of the prose cases right now so like introduce them to you i've got dinaindoon alan and me was i got to tell you i met dan attendolo at the sweet yet i was really inspired by what these two brave ladies are doing up there in wereand i know it's a very early time there right now one of really thanked him for coming out sister derivations amount of time so nahienaena was is a real estate broker for the last eleven years currently serve on the cakes county parks ordenador three years in political acted as a free oregon and prior to that restore organ now state delegate for clackson republican party ran for the clack of his county i hope i'm saying this right commissioner and may twenty twenty two primary election works on the seat sen it campaign during the primary race in the county sixty per cent of the bar codes were unreadable in the primary which spurred many doubts about the security of the election i of shows involved or introduced to me wang and was shown her discoveries of the time stand screen shots of her votes going down in a race which furthest solidified the questionable results formed the justice league of oregon and held a symbolism sharing their discoveries they followed formal complaints to the state county only to be ran around in circles for over two months only retold that if they wanted to redress the grievances he must file suit and court why we know about that don't mean michigan here i filed the federal prosecutor several rights violations and elections security concerns may for twenty twenty two ah may wing is a business owner imports exports of wines she's my girl and think i like her already slashing the logistics were worked where then helps seniors and patrons for eight years may has experienced a background working with the government experienced with not profits ran for office during the primaries in the twenty twenty two election metro concolor disc two votes in horace went down on three occasions by over six thousand that this is this is seestolic corruption throughout the united states in our fraudulent and rigged elections i love these galls his and on one occasion by over three thousand boats the first time the votes went down was on memorial sunday at four thirty am calls to question who has obtaining and changing the vote story that time along with over the sixty per cent of the ballot centibedes of footfall deport barcoe people in the elections office outside of office hours the county of loaded wrong numbers to the organ secretary state website and the oregon secretaries state website was had as candidates many concerned about the security of the election was apparent the state and county denied all queries what's happening here is what happened in my challenge of her by renton shop and complaints by the candidates then told them to appeal the decisions and circuit or so any asfollows suit with dana had men on the men all alenon to four twenty twenty two sustained thing over and over on his happening all over the united states but what a really interested in right now is the whole process of prosaics being fought and i think this is going it's going on all over the place and this is my intention here senigo another lost suit kicked off kicked out of the corps system by a crop judging dismissed it no reason they don't want to talk about it why probably because sores is deep and now their deep in a sorus this pockets and so i i love this and we're going to learn more about prose that's the goal here is to learn more about the toy so wonted welcome them and here god werenow are you not one godefrido see how and think you so much for having his son your shell in watatotahlo hearing all that as where were out we were and the weeds of trying to solve this problem and homer grievances redress machine that a man in that can oenomai that that might that might actually be something that we should all do you know in the thing the craziest among totry to pull of your website here a minute i had it up eh say with god ergo a motor bring love set up so people can see see exactly what you gals are doing here because i do think that this is as important a man in your case is is here an i pulled it up this morning and and ah checked it also this is this is real nest for real people by real people at the kitchen table so sometimes there's lags on such but we're going to do our best that we can so anyhow here's or web site just isle of oregon election integrity and there's this lot on here you can't you can go in here but what i thought was awesome was seats go into the cases and you can go here and it brings up the case right there and i pulled the case up right here so that we gave him go through that if you liked you but i'd like to hear voltarete ience and what's going on what the world is going on across the united states and out oregon well we actually filed the cases and it was very interesting so every state can they have a guide lines in the circuit so it depends on which court you want to file in and we decided to file them federal court what i feel that we can get farther so you can go and look up how you can file as prose and they do have a guides and and directions as to what to need to do oh it once you do that you ah confilieties to dicoon to the circuit court ourselves the first time because we didn't know how so we printed up everything took it over and eroded the cover patois everything that required and then after that the said oh you have the cover to do the summons so we went actually to the local library in which is close by hilduin the printed out and he took back over the hat of so we got it all down baroudi but this is actually what we wanted to we want to make sure that we filed and everything was good on an action wasn't that hard to especially if you net work and you asked different people for information and then you look you can look up a lot on blind as well wataitee and lotteries so dear have give a bunch of people out there that are the kind do you meet with them or in such and go through the case and what exactly the basis of the case what are you asking them for we're asking them for a full recount of the original not duplicated ballets and we went a full forensic investigation den screened shots of votes going down it by a thousand which none of them could answer okay and that's the twenty twenty two election yet not are tell me exactly what you thought happening there with that motivated you to go forward without well i essentially there were so many mistakes that we went we've gone through so much in oregon as somebody things have been asked and then the election came we've just seen a lot of things unfolding a you know we went through all the stuff and poor land all the rites the fires and not then the lection came and we were just everybody was keen keen and watching things her in close and the way that they handled that election they could have just hand recounted that lection they didn't need to hand duplicate the balance on to another an onto another fresh bold so they gave a bunch as how his more effectible in wasn't a cook a month and they brought tons of people in and paid them you know eight hours a day and they could have just had counted the whole thingwith so that was the first thing that made in shots a we finally came together we looked at this and we just did all the precederlo as to get our to try to explain it we felt formal complaints through two months of communication without we have between the statement count and the host at the end were hostile but they gave us the optic that they were going to a into it and give us a cup and ken and then at the end they just strung us out frankly might armeninians that they thought they'd get rid of us so they really cut it not to do when we were hanging in there she and they still don't ten monthly yet they don't know what to do when they hit then they get hit it square between the eyes with somebody who is actually a fighter that cares for this nation and doesn't just want to sit around in the ante call in the political or the professional bitching clubs people sit around and they they just want to complain about what's going on but they don't get a plan of action there's nothing action of all that they talk about the just complaint and they go home the complaints more n the goetheplatz more that's not changing anything we have to get a plan of co so what next with your case you want to go through your case a little bit i can pull it out here yonnondio it too as the civil rights if we had an can't redress our grievance we have no real carcaseless let's go through that civil recites a complaint it's number one conspiracy against rights to deprivation of rights under the color of law i like that when it was really good conspiracy to interfere with civil rights for discrimination five deprivation of due process supervisory liability deprivation of due process in egle protection failure to prevent deprivation of constitutional rights nine deprivation of substantive due process ten derivation of free exercise of religion and jury trial demanded bob goin there this you have to actually put on as many as you can out there the violation is there going to try to now all or most of but if we get some through then we can have dry tried that's what we want and we went discovery because we have more things than we want to get uncovered you know as we proceed through the case through all the research and what's going on at the state level and things have omitted and not done and taken care to secure up our elections we'd like to have more ice what is that look like what have you found so far that caught that or called in question cause i'm curious i no oh i was going to say so there there serious and were going by the law they organs so they are serious and the arrow security violations that they are by all the different things that refilling the security issues which is a what is the basis for a great election of free and fair election and if you are don't have a security in place then how can you believe that there is free and fair so when using the security violations and then after they deny everything then we have a civil rights finalities that they they went and a violated sir were you seeing organ law o there is all these different statutes or as five to four that face to nigoroto or as two five eight one so all of these things every single state has in election lock you can look it up so if you as a candidate feel that you at your rights have been violated you can look up statutes in your state that relates to election law and you can check around there is that you can talk to different people too and then once you asked them to open a complaint or doing investigation of most likely that probably will i know of and you keep keep at it and you had he followed through and then once you follow through and you picked the wall the finally they come back and they say so so sorry you can't we talk to anything for you then they violated your civil rights at the and some of the discoveries some of them will be reserved for a jury trial but just to say there not following their own statutes there not following their own procedural a requirements so some of those things he now regarding shanes regarding you know were allowed to have recounts and as a candidate you have a right to to request a recount and get a quittor it and they're not following their own statutes a lot of those things of people look into going on in the within their own statutes and compare it to their actions i probably revealing in each actually so i really didn't isis to somebody that i match at the conference he's already looking up his manual in the breast so let's go to lose some violations at a running for high so this is this is really spreading across the united states right now rapidly one i think when you find out that the whole system is rigged top to bottom to protect itself and to insure that the industry the people that are in place are the it's an industry in that it exists to further its own goals not ours not for with the people i find that really in really exciting eh what oh i had a question there i can go off track but keep keep going on what's going on here and loves go through as i got the facts up now and i think that's good to share her with people cause maybe that'll help them remember or think about those things that happen to them and if you want to share screen shots may go ride ahead i think you can share it from your unto ah let me actually it's at the very bottom in there's evidence that resubmitted i believe it has the screen shots i am but i can't yet let me see i can share it eripere something is set down at when you are speaking to the other gentlemen that when you see things that are wrong you see things that are not right you know it we have to just trust our own intuition and our own eyes this case was really formed for o you know mas screen shots the things are telling us do not resonate the procedures they put in place do not seem right so when all those things come by you know in your heart of hard she can't keep you have to do you have to get to the bottom of it god at this point we just want to get to the bottom of it and we're not going to let go until he gets to the bottom of the we want them to explain we they owe it to us i mean the amount of fine on col input from to canada the energy the time we have but to arcens i we we owe it to the united states of america and my opinion to fight without erything we have been us to bring this each forward other wants to hear it or not that's what i think i i nitetis to her the screen there may hictical have to lock up my i wasn't compared for the hero and this is kind of a yonderly wanted to do this i let people know what's going on donesome help as far as the people in your area i mean what would be helpful for people to jump on and help you guys with well in a grandiose we actually do i need em the next phase additional whewel that theirs they're going to want ah to an is through more evidence or or different things before a or a trial and where could a probably need some additional funding for shore to to the very end work a pay for god willing we get into a jury trial we'd been out his november for and may that november fourth official filling if we get into a jury trial then will have to pay for a jury we've actually been running on very little money that prose has that then effect that you can wait it out and keep going without being financially drained so we've been very very fresh on that way we raised money for our simples homefirst is and but it is some point we will need some financial support and you know just people they can go on to our websites and we can keep him updated really moral support and financial at the the latter part of he turns out when it worthiman's requirements of this at this point time i mean i know like defile prose and michigan as five hundred and five dollars for that finally after you go through the etheopian letter process it is not the a tory trial will we have to pay per a juror so i can't remember what they were saying but ah we have to pay for stay the juror is going to be there i think and maybe coneours pether is so that that adds up for in there for to lie it is really amazing how this how the whole system is stacked against we the people that you you have to have money generally to play the game on every level in its really unfortunate when i started running for governor i was told i was going to have to raise fifty two million dollars to even be considered serious in the game and i think it's really it's really wrong that the entire system is based on the fact that that you have to have big dollars behind you to get anything done because if the point time the only thing he gets done as the interests of saylike the big corporations like black rock and in that sort of work were funny these big as unfortunate so there be costs on the jury essentially so people keep an eye on the case and it breaks through and goes to a jury trial you know we would definitely need some support there there's you now cost me incur a working on it researching omen there's just associated its not exorbitant until we get into like an hour a trial so with that's the best the beauty of it that were able to continual i mean they may try to negotiate with a hand recounts we just don't know what'll come up so we've tried to get some of that i had a time some hand recount we have a legislature asking for it i haven't come through with it yet but they put a cost of associated with that i think is refreshed me this just came through was it three three thousand from the legislature that what he requested something that he's going to challenge its position on to give as to record with the original valet images of originals all across the board it's whatever they want to to to charges for originally sixteen nine hundred was the to get the case records on and then we we knew that somevot the cassock the general election that was fifteen hundred and won a why or is sixteen nine hundred and then we asked him by the else a legislator to go in and then now of their voting him three thousand so fonerden any one for the stuff that we all and the prapancha ing for acts to those things which we pay for but we got billions going to you crane but they're killing us by a thousand cuts financially this are uses connect weston too oh absolutely and he's supposed to get it for fresale is lature asking for it so i had my suspicions that may be my connect the gods say now that we're doing the keys and then people are asking that the county we just want to collect as much into we can so what we are presenting to a jury that we can to show him all the different ways in which don't add up we also wanted to try to do a you know an a friesic analysis with people on the castroverde to you don't what matches up with the registrations s were trying to every angle we can too and more to so can you go through what happened that night as i read you know part of your story here but i'd like to hear it from your perspective that you know if you tilatos canophis together because it was it was kind of amazing may go ahead three with his pure comminister and add that here's the extreme shot i did actually find it on pets because the jennies are or the they didn't he and show on a scream so i did save this one on pet endostome the time stance on their vines memorial sunday at four thirty six eight m if you scroll down you can see the frenchsquaring you have to scrolled down on it because i don't emersonised the scringeing control of what happens so you can see this one where a at her her most were ah well i am only seen part of this here oenides we ah her notes are thirty one thousand and my in thirteen thousand then and at four forty four i don't see her okement six thousand and mines twel to go now there's the six thousand swing em on there i've had weiensee them the notes on the side on the first price ah the conseet the compare i did understand o came within eight minutes there was a decrease of six thousand three hundred and seventy one folks who that thesis crazy there manipulating their manipulating it through the machine yes and then at night ah i took his prensat of the county west and it had an increase of eighty nine a hundred bolts a thousand nine hundred and eighteen from the the last green shot so it's all up and down were just to whathappened here then at the eschewest website it's a different number as well sothertons webs ah we is an increase of five thousand sixty three the county levitas i nine hundred so then ah you first we've got another one here where a herd botsaris sous wine is fourteen thousand and it went back up again eh and then they went up and within the from five five twenty nine five forty four in the morning then you can in no one's working and they don't do anything at the state website according to their own words then it would to forty two thousand and sixteen thousand and then at five forty five in went to thirty six thousand and fifteen thousand so these numbers were jumping all over the place open it's so it's it's all over the place and i mean and how can it go forty two thousand thirty six thousand plenties six thousand here you name it it's like why how how come at these numbers are all over the something's not add up there as a no one leemerthe the state doesn't do anything that the county up loads through the back system of the state and state just refreshes every day so the cat the chatelet nobody's in their calling and in changing with the state just to give the back story we had a lot of patriotic fall people there ran we had nineteen people ran for governor everybody that had a heart for our state and country and we have been through a lot in the working hitherto walked down on speaking as his roscol for two years in people were like no so there established establishment people that were in the positions of power were pretty nerve has been i every level we had true authentic people that wanted to make a difference running and they didn't ought to do that's all the you know this is my speculation in what i'd seen that there was some great trepidation on getting doing a power shift because we had changed over in the republican party seventeen leader in the county parties is changed over our county party in clackamas all the leadership's changed over a majolica all of them made a house cape salt things were changed and we almost got this close to win the governors forty years in my mind to st he doesn't seem possible to not have republican governor so that was coming back story on how what was leading up to the election there serious security violations there when the number of scollop and down like that even it's okay if it goes up and in your hat well i don't know if it's okay if it goes up in four thirty in the morning anyway ah to portico down by over six thousand and within minutes apart at four thirty in the morning on a holiday week and honest sunday got whose doing the that asentose unity violation security is the time was key because nobody's working at four thirty in the morning on sunday more when everybody's not pain attention all the lections over and i don't know if you're aware but we're all male in voting here out in surely i didn't know that the man then subject to one hundred per cent manipulation because it's all up to who counts them how their counted and then the reporting that that's a that's kind o disturbing really and with you don't need to have a postage set i need to be pulsemaker days after he are you kidding me i'm not caring some higher yet if its meter an there's no stamp use hot so there's no time stampers no date stamp there's no there's no boundaries to anything a sound like it sounds like it's just a free for all their i know in michigan we had we had reporting several days before the election on the outcome of the election and it came through several of our news media and the the the primary mass what they had in the news so how could they have those results before they came out unless they were in putting it in the th and yeswhen this show is that there's a machine manipulation here for you know via that the internet there's earlythat it would change and that at that time in the morning who whose changing who's gonna go to the election office and go and in put it afford thirty in the morning ye who think only in sir i wanted the i was so we hope the secretary states office on the west on the lost some pagan we've got the clackamis county elections of and then we thought their legal counsel this listed personally on the case who refused to do anything and and then one of their elections direct and we've had two elections directors a under the youknow for clocks and the excuse me the secretaries the resigned and our secretary of state resigned to the corruption she was taking thisfrom consulting the assizes for consulting fee for a company the dishonors cannabis comes in were again on when they had owned one of money like or talking in the million in bad taxes as she was basically taking money for consulting of a company that also side job and when she asserted ostade and then also they owed he is just cents words nondeception the case a corruption of that office is obviously rampant is it so shocking and every day you find out more and more and more about what's going on and they seem like they just do whatever they want to do and we don't have a voice the tree us like objects rounder than now we the people who are in fact outrange and i do want to make it that is interesting in correspondence with the council there objections or their motions to as silly things such as near fraud does not invalidate an elect what are they say say them again for etoonoo for one does not invalidate an election a mere fraud but mere lactobator roofe henri have garden variety well there's garden by a variety of ah irregularities do not rise to the level of two prodooces although it may control the outcome of the last we now that's what the amistad who had tootemperamental ruric of allowable fraud in any given election psyche which will be in the suberbesses and could you please show us those organs scots proudly the ones that are benefitting off the fraud that will be my guess i hoteltout as streetattended i don't understand why they actually say that because when you put that in writing in your court fillings he now opened to the public people as and the rat essay this kind of things to be other were pressed to people to candidates on you this outrageous yes and they actually shown that their naughty then cordinating the evidence in court because we've submitted evidence that we find all the complaints within their own lowable days after the election and they even came back and said that we did not follow on time will its clear from their legal department they've got the letters and got the dates they got everything is within the time so it's like the i like there not following the their own case when the writing responses so we've had to keep reinserting the fact that please see evidence oh you know stating that we filed on times honestly and feel like they don't know where to go with us because we have legitimate claims they even last week put the attorney general thus on the estate side a arcadetwo happened with that how did that how it thoplai out just appear chipper that she's of erring on the kings we have some strange things that happened on our case too originally a magistrate judge is a sign to a portassent move forward efficiently so they're not really supposed to make any rollings em but we submitted a judicial notice and she soon strike it and it's like oh okay and then we pollinisation to that and then this judge a magically appeared although he was not introduced to the docket magically appeared instead i don't think that you did anything wrong so i i prove that and then the next day we called and asked so is this as circuit judge on arches and the end the he is not under gates not really a finish le the right hand where oh but then you magically appeared and he made his ruling and the disappearedpoisoned in her body system of judge is gone out there you know i get troublesome once you come take tea me for a minute and then we're just going to have you you know disappeared like a trap door spider otoole so help you artilleryin fight with this ourselves to know halted asterias completely you know we know the stakes are super high that's why we're doing it but if we can have some you know levity on listening to a people who were lying trying to let the way out of a box you know it's light sunderidge can no grafter that judge for failure of oath of office he actually that's a point a hanger was never one very closely yes and i think there i actually they don't know what to do with us because sneakingly at some polite if they violate their oath of and we did look up what the red there was the case the president where a magistrate jugeribus horse so she can't strike a motion okay then it is in the discipline does that whiston in that so so with the last a motion to his mess that they wanted to put in there i'm it's still going the circuit judge did not it reappear to go make any ruling but their last motion the added the attorney gentled the hoostices we've got the whole entire to go jeewhillikins us so inclere like maybe we put the attorney general these calls you know rid themselves of their conscience of in no care for the country and you know it's really it's dad actually is really sad that there there behaving this way that they have no regard they have an even come forward to try to talk about doing hand recount we we tried to confer with them we set on special special meters we had will confer with you special permeters like one to answer our original complaint this was the you know months ago we several do that once you answer you know respite they did and then they tried to use that we went confer with them when we said no he did at once you answer the claim you have so now where what ready to come so there counting with the procede they think that were not kind the craft they think that we don't see what they're doing and that is the biggest mistake of the government when they go corrupt as they don't realize there a lot of smart people out there all over the country at the lindell i mean they're brilliant people working on and there they really are going to be up against some very very osmotic intelligent talented people and they just need to start acting like it because it's louise exactly what they're doing they think that we're well they'll just go away now because we did that yes i feel that if more people a run for office the ascarides and then i find whatever if there is some problems issues with the election to question it and then if they don't answer your questions to be able to file a a lawsuit a complaint and if you if it no people do that they have there's going to be cases that will be laden and that will set ps for other cases though he forward as well they tried to say because we haven't claimed that we're running for office even though in planning on running for office and may his pondering ready for office they subject the we don't have a vested and in thinking him whether we rather off for officer not has nothing to do with what's right or wrong but the things is going now you are you are above them and your standing because you are we if people and a candid whether you re on or not so like i have state wiestace wide ah ah standing here in the state of fischingen cause as in the governor candidate for twenty twenty two who as has not and will not conceived a liar's chiefs anti because not exactly what we had gone on here too just just because just because i ran anybody could do this and promise should do this in order to take the state back i think that there's many angles to go at this from to we just have to be willing to get in there learn and its steep learning here you know none of us when we got into this none of us knew what we were to theonilla sudden it was like it was like you know you see those people that teacher kids to swim by throw on the kid's right in the pool homotolenton toandoah but they get the nose above water and they get it figured out well i think that's kind of whatshallido us figuring out that this is the globalisation edication therein the people that are sitting in the seeds they have in all we are is just feeders to them in order to get us out of the way are you a assentire up there by the way very well sir yes sir some pies in southern organ we actually have erracity ah alertand everything that's and an nightthats i feels like it studying another round of i think last year we had something similar happened tanning twenty marble we had to ejaculate for as others like annually every year we have some is this artist is and by guy's right now yes it is so i just in the town from missouri and the smoke is in the air to day so fortunately i like please no i do not want to be a actuating cause i went up towards the mountains have been well so i'm as far as lake were eraso they've tried to do a motion to twice with objected and the latest one they did your love this they objected the object goodaction where did ye that that so now he and probably go after every single one of all for in violation of all the offices of acting on what you want done and the procedural things that we would like changes the way there is some of the written in or that they are promoting and propogating a unconstitutional behaviour within their administrative and their elected officials and something that we are writing in our next move is that with thee the elected and the administrative the need to be held to the same standard because they are acting underneath in it so we want to or really ate administrators are not of the if the creating a culture unconstitutional behaviour to the public we want to get that iron on so were bringing that fort in our case in a forward to the gerontes we want them to know that we do not now think that they get to have cover underneath the elected yes there aftermentioned the cold sorry i'm sorry on hand all law yes god waiting under querela which like to explain that to every one and then you say color of law basically they are doing whatever they want to do and it may not be legal it is the color of law there using it under their own interpret the so they go i was told years ago that we should all be carrying the our rights under the color of law with us any point in time and can he also use that to the fond ourselves and to show people down letter trying to to intimidate us and such so they can i can go both ways even all the way up into legislature when they're making laws if really discovered in court could be interpreted of color of law because it does violate other people's rights and they are taking our elections in a direction that is making it less transparent secure so when you get deep into it you do really look at the way they're doing their crosiers and the legislature and that's happening all over the country changing loss to to give them more cover more time to count i mean this counting for a month in our state whoever thought you know what was done in a knight i mean you know that feels like here you know what if if any of us operated a business or anything else like that they have our sorry but sitting in jail for that amount of time to to get stuff back to the youknows cially something that's of it this kind of importance i mean this is the national security as she and they can just bumble along for a whole month getting this down i don't understand this lovel of incompetent it's he it's either gross negligence or it is absolute incompetence or its its knowingly defrauding other i i know which camp i man i know i believe that were in a situation where it's no only defrauding the united states of america of free and fair elections you you couldn't have that much much failure i mean i mean you you you could not have as much failure as received systemically cross the united states and be able to chalk it up to incompetence because it would be the entire united states is completely income in confident you know you know we make them back to the bestiology alone the concretely comes out of the u s word you know leaders and vedastinos and we can't count on election and we ran all its pine to maker they are trying to use her and that's really what it comes down to and everybody you know listening in courage people to go and i'm getting all with your election off his take notes unpeople call people you know having be accountable call him ask questions you now document your queston and in one look for the unblessed and obvious of things that are going i got to tell you about one situation that i saw so i went to the board of canvassers meeting which that the director of worleston jonathan prator who is not my favourite pers who lost ten thousand of my signatures during the process and only found them when i stood in the supreme court that's got to tell you something right there but there's more to that so i went to the board of canvassers meeting this is why it's important to go to these meetings and there was a guy dear that shot up his name was mark such as he was a he was a person who did signature in the state normal back a little bit because after we had the promise of the signature gathering here in ten thousand my signatures was lost i was denied access to the board of elections to look at or inspect the other candidates signatures they set its already been denied i couldn't go in and see and it was closed up so this who has shown us up at the board of canvassers meeting later in he was hired by other candidates to go into the board election he got ace he was able to scan and scan every single petition in their on them to wrangle a dash to have to do signature verification and verified it against signatures that they already had an a possession previous now you come how in how this can be happening in the venena republic united states of america where they can take an unfaded guy whose protecting his industry and he was there to protect his industry of singers or gathering as well as having access that none of the candidates could have to the cube of for anything else like and he tramps and self right in there and not saying that that is president trod the right for president and night states he walks himself right in there has complete access to all these stanset sonetto bangle a dash thinglook house fire before compressed that the who is is that if this any question on signatures it supposed to go back to the local precincts a local the local one clerks for comparison they cut them right out in the jonathan braider son of a satamassa up all the clerks to get rid of and not to talk anybody questioning it they sent all their information to the counties went up to the state and my election clerk are our clerk in this township told me that they had nothing in their possession which means they had to destroy records it not only they send them off but that they have nothing there's nothing that they hold in and house and that means that they destroyed records and they were told to do so by the directors ought the director of elections for the one for the board of leo this is so serious i mean to it it there keeping records back to the eighteen hundreds a lot of these these places here in marriage marriage records and such but they can't even keep it by the law for the amount of time they were supposed to keep it in house they didn't do it they just listened to the board elections which means that the are also guilty of trees and they did not follow the law they followed the commandants orders from the top and the weather they were intimidated or whatever i may i know that there's people here that are have been blackened and that have been intimidated i was offered a stick of black mail material on every member of congress and was told you had invested a get you in or will get you kill i it's incredible i'm like theirs and proved to the i have not i done talking with you this by a former member crazy as einhard core there is hard core crime syndicate crab going on in this nation and his grantae brave people like you guys who bronson all these patriots who are who will not be shot down by the crime boss as that get sent to tell us to be quiet intimidate and try to pay us of seton to think i was offered four million dollars to be delivered into my account within forty eight hours hence is not a snowball's chance and how who he i had watched the during the governor's race i tell you fivesomething n i'd be on your campaign nothing ne yet it and found with her god help the mistake of michigan who what it's coming out more and more because now worse seeing in the the colony of of a oscitancy all of the fraud there that happen they were paying people their people that were paid to submit to registration the point of and they were just like i'm sure to hand right mouth this what it looks like but but if you stripelike these six to eight thousand the there claiming in maskegan of fraudulently registered a voters that goes to eight hundred thousand if that number is accurate for the entire state which is enough to flip in election that allegedly donald tremolos by a hundred and fifty thousand it is absolutely absolutely entire election was absolutely fraudulent and it did change the election in all these little bits and pieces that were all bringing together that everybody's finding a mount to a long hard large organised what is time could he i am not to make men and the nice sense as certified mail on to salem oregon prior to the twenty twenty two ah the primaries and oh no the twenty twenty election that's right i sent a certified mounts to salem or again prior to the election in november and it ended that when i was tracking it because it was certified it ended up in michigan oh for we they never send it back oh my goodness yet all michigan seems to be the ape setter of evil right now i'm goosetooth shoe not surprised that they sucked in anything they can here into their black hole of evil and corruption and i was as one how it coleoptera eh then the bottom line is you know we know so high i mean the sacrifice that it takes to do like a crash course in legal terminology and pies hot you know we get together we we rightly process we do our do deligens we research on de onoor times a week we talk we meet we try to meet one away and go over everything we find the strategized you don't really put her hands together and honestly we understand the sacs are so high in this is art this is a piece of you know penetrate this wall in our state weekly hope that in all we can shut some light and start crack in the door open and so he more people can start coming in and start a you don't really getting to the bottom of this and cleaning it up and we're trying to get people elected in the legislature that constant claiming that election here's the crock we've got to get the elections it is the root where fighting all this stuff up here all the results of all you know the crooked you know elections going on but we have to get down to the th the root of and i believe the root of it is the election of so i feel and may i know feels the same way that this is really getting to the heart of the matter if we can get our lections or control i think a lot of things will start to remedy because we'll have true represent as a matter whosoever on you're going to help for represent things will have and flow in the way there exeter all the people around the doing right i'm i'm i'm i'm a rejecting all labels in titles right now be it grassroots republic in adorotatos are using that to make us feel like or part of a group that's for real and that's exactly how they are taken us down at this point in time we have to be willing to stand under one label and that's americans and that at no matter what you think you are you in america sinchi of god first and foremost we need to stand as children of god and not be free sings something there is a notice that came out for michigan that their planning to lock a stone again and october so here's the question everybody's going to have to start a cause they know there's a new string coming out one that they're going to release in his probably on their biological fricandeaus and whatever it is it is coming down to this are you are you not you guys but my everybodythere willing to say this is enough of this time nonsense it's going on down there we are not going to comply we are not going to be silent we are not going to be told we have to stand into our houses we are not going to love the constitution to be sped on and we sure as hacker not going to be silenced with her with their illegal unjust immoral disgusting conduct oh absolutely i'm i'm sure they're not done they put a lot of effort into what they did with everything around the country with a mean the calinite everything and all but her randosatis annistons right there with all that of the mandates were hideous i don't think most americans are going to stand for i can i hope to god most americans decided to bring that formed i know he wouldn't in oregon we would be i know a lot of people say no way i think the first thing that comes to mind to most of us that when we're thinking about oregon as the antipa non sonsand portland and you know is that that pretty well as a come down now i'm assuming that things got got a little bit more normalized i'm hoping they were so in cork no i got the smiths for of course because there working for the judges there's a lot of citizens that have groups to restore or again and holding on the political classic countable there a lot of people that have been in long standing businesses are putting huge amounts of pressure i think everybody turned a corner and said does a matter in all or americans were oregonians this is lord town you're destroying it and i neither get out or organisator putting money to run against you like i mean really put efforts and brassicae grass rots sitooation derosier is there's a lot of that going on if you we have that when we ran for it fosters rights men it was a really precarious time there were rightsoon there was the threat of intercoming to our you know champeen of and some in it was pretty pretty crazy there were a lot of courageous people that ran at that time said i don't care what's going on oh if we don't stand then who will and that's what it was that was the energy in our state that i hope that everybody of all put political affiliation looks into their elections we have to have true representation on all hands ere so that's why it's gotten so polarized as in our elections are compromised that's a mechanism and to keep things divided so that people keep believing that those people both voted for that those people believe this way and that those people over here believe this way in it is kind of a baconism to polarize from looking out on a deeper one it is feeble be little that lazy too as in their reliance somebody else to do all the work for them so they don't have to they don't have to research they don't have to actually think their way through on you know what may be misleading in such agreed we all have to do here on research well i'm going to i usually on the broad cast here on the processit e where the prayer as one is or are you going to run for governor again could stop so i have not conceded the twenty twenty two lovedoes i'm not going to concede to the layers chiefs and thieves until we picketwire and twenty twenty two election we cannot go forward i donaleen donald trump is the rightful president of the united states we we can ignore this and just pretend like this is going to go away because we'll go into the next election in it's going to be the same rodeo again it's not going to change and tell we put a word on with over and and right the crimes that have been permitted because there's crimes that had been committed and so to say that a untiluntil we get this corruption clean out and and we we write those elections i don't see what good it's going to do to run for office at this point at time you know in another you know fraudulent election we have to fix the ones that are already there and go to knowlton in my opinion we need a nullify at least a to the fourteenth of mendment and probably back to the constitution of the original constitution and nullify the rest of it that's what needs to happen and in order to get rid of these unconstitutional goethe's the fbi it needs to be abolished the amends to be abolished the aneanst be abolished the sea estoval of these entities need to be abolished they don't under law they don't ee the court case out there called norton verses shall be county and it is shared decisis and so they under the law do not exist in the indicate rid of a they were all weaponized against pelletan the the eighteenth was heathen human services we were under threat coercion we were under all sorts of things and my opinion is they have they have a oh absolutely trust with america they have not done the right thing most of its treason and these be treated as a and then we go back that's what i really think needs to happen and i don't see a storing for word in any anywise it formed the dog without writing crimes that were come remedy whinnied the remedy first to petty were fighting hopefully to get some remedy here and and i i could ossoriense revesino love it so inioyned that want to come on at any point in time you can always come on brainherd news out work and we'll try to give you a coreyou can take the betio and use it in however you would like to unsocial media tell your friends to watch it and breed post and all that sort of thing that we can get your message out there to the world because i do believe the world needs to hear what you're to green and much you have to say herewith the interview its pen lovely is really in you guys are just beautiful human beings and i'm so proud to stand with you as americans especially during the amount of work and diligently fighting thus and not not allowing to be not down in difficult situations you just get kicked and he kicked in here after burners and you just keep go on tonocotes that you as well in your fight over there in michigan thank you let's let's see prayer together then it before we and then i'm goin to give you a last a last of you any words here and then we'll go on to our day dear homely father thank you so very very much for these beautiful beautiful people that are willing step forward for dana and for me and for all that their doing we ask for your favour on their work to their doing in an oregon their cases that you would open doors for them that you would send them people that would be there to help them in their fight to help restore the beatiful nation that you'd given us he gave us a wonderful gift and it requires maintenance and recall before you with humility and humbleness asking for you to help us and when what in the tasks that you sought before us we thank you so much for the rights that you've given us here for the ability to turn things around for having our voices to be heard and now we just have to believe you we have to go forward boldness and knowing that you're going to glass us every step we take out and fate moving forward and refusing to back down but to stand for you first we want you to be we want the nation to be one nation under you indivisible for your good purposes in war just rest love you thank you so much for being our friend we want to be your friend guide our words or actions help us to live without backing down in boldness and we see corruption and evil and also in love for our fellow contrahere and are humanity ever simple person you created your family let us continue to look for the lost lands and to be here defending those without a voice so that so that you are always at the fore front of everything we do and in that we're checking in with you constantly to know that we were on the path that you have set before us we love you so very much and why be a blessing to you to day in the name of jesus christ we pray a man so the or so this now and the show go to dingle down how a brand brand and bird for governor do come you can go to my telegram channel which is at brandenburg the number four am i because i am not conceding the twenty twenty two fraudulent election i will not concede to lir's cheats of these in order to discendere here are doing the same thing give me give me shout out i'd like to see you invite you to go to their website a justice league of oregon let me bring it up permanet marie can you take your periodone that i and i want make sure that we get your your web side up here a minute i want to make sure these these gales have how that you have in everybody's full attention of what you're doing keep your eyes on this when just like you're the broncos and he had further home page that in its justice league of oregon dot or please go check out with these gales are doing son of a message otanethi that her encouraging them and that you are a standing with them and fighting for america they had that and ask him what they need if they need some funds or something go ahead and this is one place you can get involved to help if you need if they need some help writing ladders or contacting people the jump in and ask him what they need to be done and be good support for these girls the lovely their wonderful and i think the gods certainly his sonipes to do good works so there you go to have any last words ladies i have one thing to say we need to be our own advocates everybody out there if you're rights are violated don't wait for somebody else to do it do what you mean to do to be your bon best advocate in for all doing this country wide we're going to get on the right track and was an use that's my final words and i'm grateful to all those people out there we are standing in the gap trying to make changes and doing what's right i feel this is the final front that i mean that we're going to try to pursue legally all of our avenues the that am to avoid and physical conflicts that there would be the best you know that to be tested for can find a way to do this in the piece the manor in a lot of always should be in a lawful manner and a peaceful manner to take the nation back from liars cheats thieves communist sashes that had been baited our nation so crossesare we certainly are and for the mounted children that are being traffic through the united states of america in all goes away when we have free and fair elections and we have true representation so we can so we can get this beast from how that raised it had in the united states of america so i see and the lang ladies i'm going to go had wareside off here and let her body know that a to morrow let's look it let's look it who's son smart brought it up earlier we have a tear to his day with john tator moody there and we also have his answer a sandy bower from patron's returning hauled that returning home laura lomeros on wednesday with janstins at martin john then ices and worsher for thursday called batable and mariel and todd for friday and then i believe next week we've got a old robinson mark vench in peters is going to be on to skip your eyes open because we have lots of wonderful patriots fighting for this nation so you have a great by thinkheaven godanimated too god bless you possession god bless em er can make it a great day every one is the choice don't like cheaters steel do the right thing under god always look for reasons to be a blessing to god is he's a blessing to us and we'll see it's more than you in