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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/15/2023 Liberty Essentials - Bill Mohr II

Published Nov. 15, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am News, views and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!! Twitter: Rumble: USTPM YouTube:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the fifteenth day of november twenty twenty three well is this her gone fast it's amazing and lots and lots to talk about to day i am going to start the soft weloowon or going to go through liberty essentials a bill is the chairman of the u s extersaria michigan which is in fact the constitution party our lovely secretary of state will not change the name although she can she refuses to do so so but where the u s textures party michigan in first by chair and welcome bill how you doing monatonon dolright what we togeder on another couch on that it's he not only our current sartorious that sectaries see any one hath been office for lasse years whether ther of the either to our parties a soldier called the a single own party the does better wintoniensis they've got the corean one side and the republicans on the other said they the globes mittens there i just throw that offense there's no loss saying that we can't and but they're excuses there do now losing that we can and this is america where in the absence of law there is liberty and and the the denying that liberty is simply change of parties named matronata billions in the mean time we're going to own it we are the usshers and that an until such times hatch this remained that he broke in on their faces one one day at the time they keep pilatethat is down and it's like you know crewall the moist going to say it right so there you going up politically correct but it is real so i'm back to the republican party i've been i pose sensors been some craziness there i posted all the stuff that they don't want out the dirty laundry because either the act with transparency and correctness or they they need to be burned to the ground i mean that's that's the just way is and they had had this week yet another person and leadership reverencers of criminal behavior and ethics violations in their budget come so this week dank or cure a resigned and we've had the adjust oberafeld resign we've had worn carpenter resigned and we had met johnson resigned and i'm to say we because they all conservatives should be standing together this is nonsense it man if they abut it don't think you conservative any more i don't think they're anything other than the the mitten of the globe structure that's in the state and there the plain all with white nose and once they're all in bed together i don't care what anybody says you can't you can see but there there literally going to lose as the primary conservative party in people's eyes they are going to lose this state the two communism to marxism to these globists in it's going to be the fault of any one who stands with them at this point time because there is this is not salvageable there they've got way too much power centralized in in their in their control so in encouraging everybody jump off that little titan i can actually actually do something that's going to make a difference personally i would encourage field check out the os textures part because we have balances but you know when you and you look at the nonsense going on anywhere else in what other what other way is there to jump if you have conservative values and anybody can get behind the sectors part because we fight for liberty we fight for on individual freedoms and i don't know what there is to disagree with one yet will you could always jump to the libertarian party i mean they they promote a lot of freedom small government the men a lot of the same things we do except for the plans templates they believe that you honestly have the right to a murder the unborn no you are to know the craziest explanation i heard from a libertarian so so i you know i agree with a lot of the things that they say but when you hear this kind of insanity i cannot even take the seriously they believe that you should be able to award a child up to and passed the person i was talking to anyhow and this was acceptable under the terms of the libertarian party the esbelto a board a baby past or up to and past the birth is like some of the other crazy states are doing because they see it as in a tack of the males sperm on the females they don't see it is a baby and it's like so so it ceases to be sperm when when there's nineteen the agnes spain my opinion so that they see there's a continuing attack and o'er part off if they're going to justify rate part of a rate in a like i i i have a problem with that definition it seems a little crazy to me quite honestly that seems crazy when that baby is conceived in my opinion it's the beginning of life and ah i i can't i can't justify that i i can't come to terms with that you know i'm i'm sorry oh there is no life without union of an agasim and once those have united you have you and i pantheists the the way that the topics going already but this morning i actually watched a a video and i don't know where it's from or or who it was one but they have video evidence of the moment of insect sperm enters and and so phenomenal nomalie to watch it's a foramen it would flash with them there yet there is a flash of light and knowing that that all life i the creator and the fact that there would be a flash at the moment of his his miraculous thing do you i hold you tell me what the link not and tell me what the link as well pull it up no watchet of the find here in this he or get to talking on a little bit and and i'll find it but i hold the i hold to the constitution there there is provision in the constitution of me be very clear the but there is provision in the constitute the life of a child i want to be very clear when i say that it is listed in the fifth ment it says specifically oh nor shall any person be so nor shall i personally subject to the same offense it poisons of life or limb nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself nor be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law and to be deprived of life you must first have committed a capital offence worthy of death and be charged and convicted a cork law not a quart of so there is provision for that but financial fact is i don't see it pass an unborn child party of a criminal on that right you have actually doing harm to and that has to be a proofable provable oh you what i think i know her that lincoln somebody a guess of the sezincote flash light at the very moment a sperm so contact with is it this is this one let me go hand add this one oh yea my anton skills come in hand you once in a while if we can let this thing out here i can in fact research ladies and gentlemen not as good a son but better than others so i see we got your on got the the sound off but let's stow is that one ah think they actually to the right over on the right side of the sand single theres one that is ocelot's try that on its eighteen sitirparna and thus poor how their getting this one oh that is cool and beautiful well let's play that when again can you imagine you know for all all the people that moses go back to that a man can you imagine the i now think about this guise this is the beginning of all of us this is in i know this is so incredible how amazing is that that is to literaryand wonderfully made and that life is the light and that that is his one more to finesseeven tually catch they really will they find the little bit here and there when they wound down now they won't they don't want to catch up to the truth they want to kill us all i said that radagai but not not sorry any one siroter talking about to day for liberty i want i want to get right back to to the simplicity of what liberty is simple used to be we've got a street off at little that it naggernook not retentatores other disposed to be quick little thoughts with a small commentary mainly written by those who were in the party the provoked a little or though the one this morning that the he came to my attention at the we have my contentssweat er o the house and will kittothe years but in the virginia bill of rights and june of seventeen seventy the framing of our country george mason and patrick henry greed in our quoted a saying that no man or set of men are entitled to exclusive among entitled to exclusive or separate privileges from the community in consideration of public services which not being descendible neither ought to the offices of magistrate legislator or judge to be hereditary these men knew that no elected official was both his l and now elected should be considered permanently as it is our duty to formerly relieve an official by electing another when they can no longer perform their duties or oath or have been corrupted by financial gains outside of the law will you rise the patient and replace the politicians in your government or continue to vote and i started the show a talking of but this was really the basis of what here being called at the morris democracy is it is the end of our democracy in the united states is is our balloon everything beyond that point is a result we just use that form of democracy to establish those who are going to rest those people ought never to be left alone to do their job considered to be permanently placed there when they are no longer there for the good of the they ought to be removed whether by and the constitution or if it's not if it's not an offence against the people's rights with everything is that they do they should should not be re elected simplest we need to get to the point where we get out of the hardyman held start looking for individuals as americans that will uphold their oath and will abide by the constitution and the laws and the delegated powers that we given them no more no loves we get to that point then we could start making he but it all begins with s we have to get out of the mentality that we've been a doctrine that our governments of the and it is like i said only to the ballot in but finding the people necessary get the job done not by this what they say but what they did let your quick liberty since for these and on that i wanted to we being as the first video on you too for the youth experts party on the reed the statement of purpose from the us experts just for those who haven't read it or haven't heard it being said howard phillips was the initial founder of the and we established the constitution party is established as the the vehicle to make this thing but a vehicle requires it requires a cree it requires the reid the fuel and everything that goes along with it it's not just one person or two or three doing all he requires the down there so he had said or simple straightforward intention the fool government down to one i think everybody can agree with less you believe the constitution is known void in it some living document that can which gives up your right eicosagon im pli work if you restore the yet in to restore the separation of powers the checks and balances a system of accountability osculated by her friend showers philips oh you packers party shares every one's concern in that that our elected leaders are corrupting or government by neglecting the follow their constitution we believe it herence to the cosine laurel over federal and state governs the central for the present preservation of our society are rights and he if on these foundations that are nation became the greatest in all of his the greatest not for several decades are law makers i called him legislatures they can't write law god is the only law if they legislate on but they have been abusing the power intrusted to the human bringing about detriment to our liberties to it cannot continue for ever there will be a sad ending of the story of the or foundations cannot be repaired using new ideas as he cannot be cannot be repaired by implementing and he thinks the heart that word being you the congress or legislator or any any body running in pain these were changed all the time we don't need est it must be repaired by hearing through the principles of on which it was anything short of that will result in continued failure continued loss of le continued loss of freedom progressive misery upon the american a purpose is to preserve the one this secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election of use in my opinion whoever can get the job done who will uphold the principles of the declaration of independence the constitution of the united states and the party platform to all levels of governt not this talkabout the beds are not disowned even local we should be first and it is our gold to limit the federal government to his delegated enumerated assecution to restore american jurisprudence to its original biblical and law founded on corn were talking about that this morning i loved her if you believe in the principles of inherent individual rights upon which these united states were but each of the visuals nobis created a certain on the alienable rights that among these are life liberty and the a live thy life lery property and a pursuit oh that the freedom to own us exchange control protect freely disposed the property is a natural necessary insuperable extent of the individuals and amiable rights the legitimate function of government is to secure these rights through the preservation of domestic tranquillity the maintenance of a strong national defence and promotion of el a roll and that history makes clear that left them checked it is the nature of government to usurp the liberty of its citizens and eventually become a major violator of the people's right therefore it is essential to bind the government with the change of the carefully divided jealously limit government hours of those assigned by the consent of i would like you to know i would like to know invites you to join hands with you as vespers party tichenor as we never to repair the foundation upon which these we don't desire change we don't desire new ideas we simply desired the restoration of the cases it and it alone we have put in the bind the government with the founders is so that they may not use the rights the inalienable rights that were given to us on by the that at first she crownthat's that's a that's her statement and that is that is what we stand for we stand in i'll like you said encourage or on the web site is u s t p m dot or one like the republican party who doesn't even have a sign up or place to join them on their seventy five thousand dollar reside or rust cost like almost nothing there is a place for you to join us that they are were not based on big dollar donations it it's a bunch of people who would truly just believe in america who are working together on the highest principles of the and a in an end what really struck me because before i ran for governor as a republican candidate an an an been removed illegally which is proven in court my rights or violate and the coming to the constitution party side no background in any political organization what the difference i saw in the tax payer's party in how educated the people are in that party is incredible and they behaved like statesmen not like jerry springer politics not like like this fighting and nonsense and childish behavior we don't see that but if you're going to come in with nonsense you're going to probably you know get get it handed to you because people are in fact educated enough to know the truth and the law and how it supposed to work which which is really inspiring is a beautiful thing and and i got tell ye you know you're you're miniver proud to stand with you and every person in the sexes party because there is something to stand for there thee when i first got bold i stood with the idea if i was ever liked to an office the public office i am not but the other office with an partyfaction i have it was every elected by the people that i would work too to repeal what is necessary to get back to the foundation if you look at the i like to use the analogy work we're fighting cast if you have two kingdoms built on their own foundation containing their own castle flying there a gente flags above their nests the conservatives of the day for two long i mean we wait too long have been firing holding castles we're knocking down the flight and was some see i'll admit it but were shooting at the line in the meantime the opposing enemy the opposing kingdom his firing in our foundation which do you think is going to last long we have to get back nation that we are established and get back to rebuilding that found at which means we have to tear down some of the top layers to to repair the damage just been that's understood but in the meantime if we just continue for your ing off at these agenda flags which needs to be done but if we only do that instead of attacking the thumbs of the opposing force we're not going to get any or castles can ofall and that is the ro of what was said a kingdom divided against itself not that's that's american it's or the powers that be and mainly those coming out of government agent treated so much division among the p that we can fairly come to unity the bill of rights what alone the rest of the delegated authority the delegated powers of the and we need to get rid of that division and go back to bringing and unity that the constitution says what it says it doesn't say what it doesn't and this is the only course of action that can be used to reign in the corruption that we that that good federal government states government local governments as hand you know last week i went down to went down to the three concerted oh that's go down her because they were dealing in a similar and i think i've brought this up on your show before in our consent we had a guid reprief he guide the the that was sitting on the sea to supervise he had sold his home woodoutside the countship and by low you can't do the moment you no longer inhabit the area where you re elected setarias to be sold of these was brought my tension that bed for charge township and old namemy name it's mister penis is sabotiers or of sorry beamish e m i s a very beast oh he's a trusty on that was brought to my attention and i was last in go down there and and give me my expence so i did and i thought that was all i was going to get into oh my you people and bedford town ship tell ham county while an it's time to get to work down the i went down there all about in it and of course if if you've ever been to a bore me most on ships the large townships of this way are you going to public comment in your always waited on time they try to learn it to and he can do by law and so when you're done speaking they rarely ever will comment on anything he said they move right on to the next he as pecause it is goes in one ear and out the other ear and now they don't they don't really care what you had to say and that was proved ah because not only that i make it clear that he was the legally occupying that sea and the people we're going to stand up and do something but also through his armed gestapo that stood not only behind him but in the back room aside the entry door outside the front office but they were their deck the board nick and i called them out now they know something illegal step and according to law if he failed to do so he there are alfredon i should know what the law is open again took to one point he and feel to one pint that if they fail to do so think about it that's a mise up to a year in jail for them for just not taking they see something legally ah at least myself i don't know of anybody else going to take pass but we're going to start filing affidavit though the state of ferment again i don't see much happening because of who occupies or her filing aphidavit on this just like i promise we placed our concepts to provide retains and if i hear about it i want to take action that is the duty of the people we cannot allow people in in re elected he governs to continue violating the law that they have sworn an oath through a hole if you see something do something but what was the contrition if you see some see something say something in losing you just say something i mean you something you out there pointed out reproof the darkness he called the doric if everybody if the majority who start doing that show if the minority would start doing that i people this you get out we going on bisonoid people his marches you know how many letters i heard that from one representative that if they get five calls or letters on an issue that's a lot screfices discesserat to me you know we when when i when i first started home schooling years ago they were jailing people and trying to put people in jalntaka kids away for it so i don't was very serious because it was you know like thirty some years ago and there was a case in jenison the origenis her hostile the dean case that was going on and all of us that were home schooling were at rest if this case failed home school legal defence people were really involved in that and we literally shot down the switchboard in washington over that issue they said they had more response to that than anything they had ever had now much of to think about this this is it really went home schooling kind o jest became a thing in the state of mishanter were a handful of us nomentan there weren't any more than that there was just a handful as that were doing it we were able to shut down the switch cross the united states so now think about this if we got ourselves together with the plan you know and in people stop fighting about on themselves and realizing how the real enemy has its fellspoint ng in the seats who are breaking the law and decided to get together on it it wouldn't take every one it would just take really committed people to move forward and make a big change so to every one out there again we invite you to join the u s text pars party the state of michigan u s t p n door and fight for your rights fight for the rights of your neighbors your family and your friends and and constrain the government which is what the constitution was all about i'm fan of novellian yet you know it's no vocation is the way to remove all this stuff do to the case nor inversus shall be count none of these three letters acevest in in the lot through the lines of the constitution so his excellentevery easy thing to do if people know the law and are willing to run where that but one person can't do it a lot i can't do it you've got to have a bunch of people just because of the administrator ah effort that has to be carried out and in dealing with these people that are sitting in the seat so philosophin that happened just we have a lot of a lot of christian groups lot of conservative and servative activism going on and everybody was the sentineling a plotting might so they say it's all a lamentis point to what the what happened right before my johnson took speaker of the house he hester up there and he he was on many news broadcast stations pointing out the corruption of the bident that the whole idea he had said that it all shows and proves that there is enough evidence to in other my godson's words not my i believe there are plenty of other things to each people over morsel than even what he brought up but then he was elected supposedly by the house as and what happened in his first week of speak now he saying he doesn't find enough evidence to eate right it and people this this happens all the time they tell you what the what you want to hear until they get where they want to be and then they don't do anything but whether chose when in their vote they will never get in to see unless they pass the test of what they're willing to do to preserve the power of the people that our pulling the strings there nothing more than public there it and he and i still see a lot of people praising and for it and i don't get it i here you counted castesthe comes out i'm a coursedon't criticize the church don't criticize being a christian well you know what i'm a christian though you do all say i'm a believer of follow of jesus christ is my lord saviour period and the story right there but the labels that they're using to mislead people because people as well that's like criticising my family now it's not it's taking your family surname stainton the head and getting out there advirtindome are not we don't know these to i was told this is somebody the other day the people that sit in these strangers stranger danger yes stranger danger we don't know who these people are there is minimal background checks going on i'm working with an investigator a criminal investigator right now and we are going through people like you cannot believe and finding not only them but the connections to the school money laundering it is damning and it's going to come out i'm going to put this all out there once we get a an organized map of personalities the amount of aliases out there shak people aren't even who you think they are they've got other aliases that there that their operating under there some of more made up personalities they are not even real and once you see that or see the connections that they have to say were lecanomancy know just just the business entities that they have behind them so you know how christina crome the the head of the ami gop who paid seventy five thousand dollars in a no bid contract to the person that owns the business that nominated her for that position who never paid any more than than pennies of what he got on for his own website running for office she is the president of a company based in nevada so safeit is it is daring and in he started that good neighbor on the good neighbor program you know what that is that's nothing more than a spy on your neighbors they already have the information that they need they can buy their generating a second sight of information using people's personal contract where they go door to door then they come back and they write down everything that they found out about their neighbor this day to base to hand over to them to ingenious make a gas here what's going to happen not that i'm you know some sort of a you know a fortune teller anything like that or future cover anything of that just just being able to watch human behavior and say what's likely to happen not there go to use that to sol it in order to make money for your personal information given out by your neighbors and friends to these informations spies they are going door to door for the amigo be considered a breach of privacy i want them at the minimum it is it is recruiting people to spy and you then the trust on other people have in their neighbors and friends to know them to hand over personal information on so wrong i can'teven put words to well then he took that right out of the play boat for senses governments i spoke with one a while back and he he gave me some insight as what they were called to do when they go toward the door oh and he actually had this disdisidare it had creeps he not only would they with a locate or pinpoint your property but they were they were told as pulling up you make make notes of what you see what you find you know the buildings the lay out point such like that and they were honestly told to get as close to your known entry door with every one seemed more viable that you would enter your homes here retold to get as close as they could do that to get the jeeps redout a runner a little digital box whatever that is and what do you think that's for we why does the government need to know which door you enter your home and that's pretty simple here a little bit commons they want to know how you exit your home energen and it's not going to be for good reasons it's like when the government says were the government here to help oh he yeah you know that i've been told by my lot of people that that when we talk about relected official are servants and i've been pulled by people that your disgracing the office by talking that way about and i got to tell you oh to those who think that way you are honestly desired blood sack or that are men and women in the past military force and are founders their sons and their families your disgracing that blood sacrifice for allowing such things to continue without speaking out against i'm not there to disgrace the government or the seats within the government a love the government there for our benefit whosoever it should be i should but it's when somebody sits there it assumes the forty that i never gave that or that you never gave and to go long with the your blood brothers and any one who considers themselves in me the not speak out an awful violation criminal ofense corruption with them seats of governt the be complacent and it is to go right along with and i'm honestly sick of it i'm sick of hearing about it the we shouldn't even be having this converse but once again it is so divided not only between republican democrat black white american asian any hisitated american that kennedy clearly said there should never be either american or or not here gus or ain't oh christians secular i mean you name the division is is so rampant we are you back to the way of us sosini we want the results we used to get begin to do the things we used to do as right or tore founders all came together all three persone of the population imeouth and took on the largest militant in the world and the world it's that we're not going to be ruled by a man that won't be ruled by god they kick that man across the ponte all we got to do is stand up against whatever happens he but we have to be willing to speak out in and that that's plain and simple the duty of an it its work that's our job you and i love love thy neighbour as thyself that means every one you know we had the discussion yesterday on how people slice and dice up the population and you know i want that you don't like you the mentality is this i don't want to hang out with people think like me that's not that's not the way you solve problems you have to talk to people with different ideas and things you don't agree with always to either help educate not them but each other on the the best solution it's not it's not a one way street it's he it's a working together to become smarter to bring to have better solutions to to fixing the problems that we have you can't do that just by setting the seat and have a rigolette you know he saundershott talk to people that you fond of monthly disagree with and listen to their points of view in order to bring more information into the core of the issue at noon the which is a good thing you know he denies one of those headlines that people don't understand the where this came from and then because they didn't understand that it got co opted and went off in another direction the defined the police movement started because they were selling military equipment to the police forces and it became so expensive to maintain them and there was no reason for police forces to have military grade equipment and it was too expensive to maintain so it was sapping the local resources just because somebody thought it was great idea to put you know ah you know a hundred thousand dollars into a piece of equipment which should have been in the hands of the national guard instead of local police seen and the maintenance to the local police forces were were sabotaging some of their efforts to actually have local police cause it the funds went in a different direction and they of course coacted the title and got everybody all all of sideabout as they all we can't to find our police we love our police well yes but that's not what it was about because the title the headline got co opted to become part of their fifth generation warfare to break this nation this treatise about they're trying to break us they're trying to break his financially with our families to be able to support our family so if they can keep a so busy just trying to survive as there there you know eh taking our money you know and it's really it's really kind of a criminal activity when you look at the taxation schedule they are we are on a very illegal taxation a process in the whole depones movement a careful when i wore this i i a leave her thumb alterability al now there for defining the police no one not i believe that the police have now gone outside of their original for instance in the state of michigan there is no constitutional provision for the michigan state police even is and our local sheriffs are supposed to be elected by the people and they are supposed to protect the people eh there man job and a lot of people disagree with this but the police forces man job as a peace officer right what they should be not police there should be a reporting a friend of mine was just talking about this the other day but they called them a they called them first responders for a reason and why is that because they respond once a crime is come in a lot of people disagree with that because we think you just have prime rampant and all their doing his going paperwork is not necessarily true if we would understand what our job if they are the reporting agency that are supposed to soothe the lawful paper work and bring to truth what happened in the matter and presented for either indictment or charges or justice to be done what is our part in that or part enforcing the law in our constitute we are and and we see this before but we are the militia capable of bearing arms for the security of a free state we are the people so we are cast with enforcing the law with repelling invasion with suppressing his and we call on our servants his officers as their sole to finish and i hate to say it was way of finished the clean up though come in and and record what happed who what where when that way we can bring lawful justice to those that now they they've got a little bit outside of that i say a little bit this but now they they have become a patrolling age king for not only crimes criminal pens as felines missed but now have gone into the civil and fat believe that it is okay to take an american who is travelling down the road committing no offence against his fellow american either life liberty or property and extort money from them as a highway robber a for all practical purposes for revenue to support them doing the it's a big circular money you make money so that you get me is the way that that work i think a lot of heat for saying such things a lot by friends in the back of the blue move i call it and that is because i don't want to get rid of the one i don't they have a job they have a lawful duty that we passed do it and then leave the rest to the people the way it should be the tent mender is very clear that the powers not delegated to the pool government or prohibited by it to the states are left to the states or and then to the people if the state doesn't hold the authority if we never gave them the authority that authority is ours if they cannot delegate authority to another de like the michigan state if they never had that authority to begin it and they never have we need to understand the mass here i understand the foundation that we were just high oh yeah i'm not in favor as look at thet i'm not in favor of getting rid of the police by any means i'm not in favor of stripping their financial a value to the point where they cannot effectively do their duty in talking about his limit that little of government the peace officers limiting that back through its constitutional size like we talked about it to be or sir and if we would do that then we the people retain the power as our constitution michigan says that political powers inherent in the people not the government of politicians of political parties of that's all uncostly political power is inherent in the people and when we get that power back there is liberty when we have the law an bide by the law we have the liberty to do what the law permit outside of the oh i don't want to get rid of the police i don't want to stop oh i want to make that very clear i want them to start doing there their job that they were originally entitled delicate the authority to simple as the well i in look at the finding in the come back to that again so they they stripped the money and in of the community policing the stripped the money out of the sheriffs and the local police forces to a certain degree and no a consolidated it under the state police and grew that the state flicked more than the sheriffs or the local police so what people do as they and going to the local police and then they'll go for the money at the state police which let which leaves the communities basically without without law enforcement protection its completely backwards you cannot eliminate crime without a strong local police presence or force in the communities and when when they work for the sheriffs years and decide they can get another ten or twenty dollars an hour by going to the state police for in in in moving in that direction now we've got the big problem with linforce unlike the sheriffs were so you've got it if you've got a corrupt sheriff you can't you can goneout you you're rid of right and you can make the people can make the change with it consolidate all that power under the state police for you in its union if you got no hope once they get in there and then i i'm going to say it this is an unpopular thing for people to hear but she got the bro club there brosses club whenever you want to call it where they will not call out the people within their own ranks for behavior which needs to be prosecuted cause they protect che sainting happens in the union same thing happens in any unionized ah organization sainting happens with the ameer and the annie and if you look at the annie we were talking about yesterday and there lengths to tavish dock which is a global mind think tank brainwashing push the aonaran organization of the globes have been attached to for years you have problems because that the promises the corruption gets within the ranks and you can't clean it out it's impossible we need a change that and what more i was on i heard and i cannot confirm or deny this but this she used a state police to follow congressmen around in the legislature the state congress of to the state legislatures around its so you must as your little private is stopped the governor has the ability cause it's one of her departments to use it as her little private gestapo so like his own a brandenburg as governor that would have been one of those things i would have addressed immediately and it it needs to be addressed mediately you're not going to catch the drug dealers you're not going to we don't have any drug enforcement to speak of in the state so of course we are re heavy rampant problem with fennel and some of the other things there the they're not comeyet people are thinking oh you know the drugs in the big cities ya how they get there the old just magically proof were in the big city they're going through routes through the rural communities and there is no policing there to take cause they cut the finding it's by design he got to ask a simple question to elect in the if they're not a locket they don't serve you they serve however hard of poor pointed that like the board of election it is funny you bring it up for those who think that not a brain and bergs being hard on a michigan police here let me give you a prime example of what you just said this year in april the year done you know i had a sister diophane in she was not of a lovely person i loved her so much i very much missed she she didn't heed the warnings and she kept it up and there's there's a lot that goes into that but none the less so we we did a little digging immediately got a local the local police force all i got the county police force a ole and we did a little digging and i found not only of the guy who brought it into michigan but i found the guy was delivered to i found the house that it was staged and and i found the guide who actually gave it to all the names all the numbers oh we had we had everything up and we delivered this all to the police and i told them when you need me to do i'll be there and in he dropped the ball the the he wouldn't do a whole lot of both it and now besides watched the aerial little bit and it came to the point where where the family realized that that it wasn't moving we we need swift we don't need this prolonged and so we got the michigan state lest and they they did nothing about it and we had a unit within the national guard that he has a lot of pull and drugged for and most of their both with the state pleased but they have a lot of prosecutors and they get the pack directly to the ba and such like that we got them and fall once they got involved then questioned started to be asked and answers were being things were starting to move in the right direction and it finally trickled back down to our local local police and were talking this is now it's been you know several weeks six or seven and localised while now we can't get a warrant the judge won't issue as warrant because the evidence is so old all of that good have been oh yeah that they do they run their clock out if an i told him as i had a little bit of polcher because the house this guy was then i happened to work for the management company the in under any emergency that happens i can just go in and i told the police as i was like i understand you can't violate the scots forth the mendi a certain seizure without a warrant only when they don't want to the rest of the time everybody's violating it but i take the lawful sancie you know i don't want you to violate his right because i don't write you to violate my but i told them i can get in the house and i can get him outside i mean that's very easy i laid it all out for is as i'll put my life in that post for you to be able to do you do an that's that's what it takes we need to be willing to give up ourselves that we can bring justice in i was told and i understand why they say this but i was full of that they cannot put civilians the week pass open its done risk though it's your choice as the base to do that he longer stand that so nothing got done with not only that guy but north north of the bigger dealer when everybody just dropped the ball at long for the when you were talking about sentinel that's literally how it happens is and by the end of it all they were asking asking me to join their police ford i don't have the time for nor do you probably want me there cause i know some things about some of you guys that he's probably going to put me on a bad list works of titmouse the same thing with all of those fraudulent registered voters in the keen that cris kite came forward with and i love criscide ed the actual work on it not the people that necessarily were talked about first it was chris chile and it was it you know the whole thing is just amazing so he gets it up to noseand now shall hands it over to who splice washes her hands and such well did my job now you did she didn't do her job she still responsible for you can't is passed or to somebody else and pass the box if the police the mission state fullest did nothing to it who involved the fbi was involved in this thing this whole he and they're all passed in the buccanner going i don't know they didn't they didn't they did it and nobody's willing to take her sponsibility for it's still the responsibility of that individual all of them all of them have the responsibly the chorale removed all they have nossabok at this anybody here in michigan if you're hearing this you got to look at i ain't in eselso fellow it's not only that but one of her ponies and we can talk of air about this excites in a one of her felonies by law is up to life in prison right in it used to be it used to be the deaths so this is our attorney general in the state of michigan who is passed with prosecuting those who violate the law and in the meantime she is violating the law what do you think we're going to get here is that you had it for us i mean it what got to is a little bit of diggings along ways michigan isensee its havewe could we see just continued to go into the sodicus it's so horrifying it's so boorantoo us this crime that's going on in the state that you know it's like it's like i look at it and it's like i'm not going to stop talking about it they will not be able to sign once me on this first moment right i'm going to exercise it and i know you will too and it's like i told you you they can go hat and try taking me down i'm going to pop up in a hundred thousand other other little incarnations of down and brandenburg on mine if they do that and has like cause cause i have the ability to do that eh you know so and i and you know and to give people the ability speak that's why i don't answer i don't even mind talking people i disagree with that i'm going to tell him i disagree with them you know and have that open discussion and why you don't like the conventions and the constitution i absolutely am opposed to that the pedimental you know it's like because because we do not have the ethic and integrity of the people in the seats to do anything other than self enrichment and to destroy that constitution and individual rights to enslave our population that's it anybody that's pushing that agenda his pushing the enslavement of of any anybody in convention to stake you guys got understand what's going on why that is being pushed so hard on me tell you if your purpose is justice terminated in there's a reason why congress didn't have turned one originally and that's because the people have the power to remove them right we have the power to licoes which you like things the same people if you are to sleep as they were elected in the state of michigan reader constitution gets to know it because there are term limits in our case we cannot elect congressmen more than certain terms and but we've delegated the authority for the supreme court to tell us that our constitution ah that's section is known void it's absolutely a name it's it's silly to think supreme court can tell the state he retains that authority what we've put in place is uncased because it wasn't when it was when it was put he it is still isn't to day the spring court has no authority to rule well let's just pick this thing one step further here the nineteen sixty three constitution is in legal they did not please that if they did not he have the the the number of votes the approval to actually put that in place it it's it's an an it was in a legal action and in so and nobody found it but it because you know what because because they had removed anything that looked like civics and actual education even by the nineteenth you know and you ascend in that the problem so now what we're doing is trying to play catch up in re educate the people on what because the schools the government schools the indoctrination camps are they good to teach any one the proper process to actually defend themselves he this is it this is why would they do that it would remove them from power and get the speck to the power in the hands of the people very simple it's very very simple really with when i went in once you finally gets your arms around this thing it's like so simple to but it's gone somebody where the strong constitution personal constitution and well to get that pan and the pen is mightier than the sword and in hall this thing back into the way that it was supposed to and adding more rules on this is never going to do anything other than further dig the whole of our destruction i watched a we got to a place for lunch down her veto and grander there's a pretty pre interesting people down there but the boys got fox nislan though that's that's my news sources i got down her a couple of times a week i got a wife block now a little bit of conservative pack and how the thing that besides the the whole israel suppose i were that's going on over there yesterday they were back in half yesterday they were talkin about micky ale i don't know much about mackay but the very first time i see her speak in foxeses talking about education all the the government is to reform education and is like that in this is supposedly the best conservative we have i am the thoroughgoer ment has no business in education she's talking about it shows that he knows nothing about it she doesn't know the constitution that she swore to stop she doesn't okay you want me to throw up a truth my out here a real truth bob mission find in opposing post to my channel here cause this is a kind of a i concerning situation so nicky hale always words the same knuckles if anybody doesn't know that and it is called the soul caroline a palm and moon charm oh that she wears and it sure looks like a see in scott as it was disastrous governor south carolina that's why trump told her out put her in the onion and keep your own ones closer right oh her it less see her husband is in the national guard deployed in the least now and am the ties to oomotee brotherhood is kind of crazy but check out the heracles an it's mostly the holy symbol of islam i would take a good cloak look of this and i have some pitchers here that i could i can and will post so my telegram channel because this is part of that in people it's not listening to what they say because people who are in the club they've got all these little hands signals and and a different signals and symbols that they communicate with each other through so i think it's worth looking at treherne's pound i believe it's called blackstone i seem sane thing i i can do you know i could do a dig here and throw the upon my my telegram channel but there is there's a ah it's it's kind of a kind of a crazy and a crazy trail to go down but if you're really going to if you're really going to do some digging on people you have to pay attention to those details that the know the details the rings they wear em you know that i here the wearing a maltese cross are they you know what what are they wearing what symbols do they have around them and then dig into their backgrounds to find out what is real there present tromp rightful president the united states which i say every time mine here i at least one time ah he tends to pull people out in through a mountainous in the spot light so that an ons and or people who are digital warriors will pick that up and look at it to find out who is in fact not who they claimed you know look at what look at what he did christina caronno when he was in detroit he knows her name any called the crookorn no koromo crono there's a reason for it and so it's time to dig deeper and find out other aliases back there what else is in the back ground on these people what about missing time in their lives that you can't find anything i know wouldn't that be a little strange and oddity that ye should ask questions on how got a dig dig on nicky hale because i'm not buying this for wan minute so and i'm you know we're just ordinary enough to throw it out there you know who is the next puppet to sit in these the ones you are the ones that they're not even allowing close to that seat cause they're the ones that are a real going to be a real challenge to their little intrenched powers i lanioperca i say go more for president or care and troverres ident o you know if if president trunk it's knocked off the bailoteo like president trump you know i'm not i've been pretty vocal about that i like the way that he i like his policy people quite often don't question why would he do this crazy but he had it figured out the taxation or the terror finster be put in place should be considered the precursor of halliman or tax system which is completely illegal you're going to have to do it step by step in a criminal moves you can't do it it's much as we'd want want to have things happen like that we want it to be stable enough that it does comfort follow part so that all of a sudden a dictator china walks and it takes the end well we have people people who are willing to abide by the cost absolutely any people were willing to bring us i don't i don't care what your filiation is for the most part when i judge them by their actions not their words there no mericans it's right here being american that is a case a case or founders or founding fathers more than you can imagine and it's going to cost us the same before going to preserve estate do what i came for my kids this like you done waikite a home school they've never seen the inside of these anactes oh they won't and it simply because i want them to know truth i want them to know religion morality and knowledge a just like our urnishing constitution and the entire northwest ordinance said back in the that is that is what we should be the for good governance in the happiness we got to get there we got to get there you're not to contest the five of and in takes an action as little as you can in might not do anything it makes the engaged with your families and your communities were neighbors bill relationships that are lasting and a fine something that you feel is worth while fighting for like am i i've been putting us out there too as that the plans amharic america's future is putting together human trafficking sooner or a train program on the summer eighth and ninth and that is a very low cost thing if you care about the children because there's so many children that are being traffic through michigan its incredible the numbers of kids that michigan's target state is a border state we've got international ports here they can take them all the way from minnesota all the way to the st lawrence and they disappear once they're gone once they get into the net work you'll never find him again and so we have to find it the kids in veneraris in the communities and or spot their safe houses this is not a big city problem they're going to do the same things they do with drugs with with kids they're going to be a rural areas there going to be in your community and end and can you imagine if it's your kids yourself your sisters your brother and that a waiting train to god that somebody shows up to help them and nobody come this is this is something that every single one of us needs to be in his sight as it's goin touch you it's going to touch all of us it's some point in just like the drugs are it's the most is the most lucrative business to be in is the trafficking of human beings traffic in of children we are worried it's so important to get alveolites bill bill you're network in your communities you know learn learn to skill sets of everybody ah everybody that you hang out with because it it will come it with their welcoming when you're going to need some skilless and you might do me hero one of these weird as that are out there that a praying on the pettifies that are pretty on children it won't give you localities even if the sis in our little community your little thirty six miles north michigan and i'm not talking you know nolite faction of arms here that's part of it but i mean alicia where you can actually watch you guys can be on call if somebody needs he you go no questions we we protect our own and we protect the i know what it is to be an american and we protect those who are in from from their youth even a child you ever see ah some of the some of the symbols that at are given to children the help tumbled when i found those that if they were taught that and i hope they were if you see that you'd better take action if not you're going to be held to the if you ever see somebody grave child unnecessarily me anything that seems odd when it falls an innocent party sandford i mean you may be wrong i'll admit that there are times where i called something out because i was concerned over somebody i was wrong and i'll own that but it least you were there if you were right and in doing you're going to be held on yet you want to hear shameful situation there was a girl in a in a party and detroit the detroit area a few months back and she was in a party with a friend and she couldn't disappeared so friend grabbed the phone to try to find her and she got the fine efron alton there and the police she got hold of the police and they tracked her down to a shipping container which i saw the room in these kids that's one of the ways that they do it in trucks on anything they can they they don't inspect these these ah shipping containers in the ports only two per cent and if they go out i don't think they're all any of them were getting inspect and they tracked to shipping container and the police refused to open the container they found her dead body on the shore and africa two weeks later every sin elders in that situation is guilty of her murder tooting did knocking at every one of those godshould have been held to one absolutely found that's what we do we protect me defend and if you see somebody that needs a meal or just a smile or even just a just a time where you can go sit with them or just be a friend as this is a he is a huge deal when people put their lives off to the side but other people first and take that time be a friend a neighbor to be his to them we are the body of cries that means that we're here to do good works and plus more men courses more to it than that but but it's all a great well thinks bill this was awesome a great great time it's always great de liberty essentials is on every wednesday nine o'clock in the the morning and brenburg news network and i am broadcasting right now all so to the u s t party you two channel so we'll see we'll see how long that last before ah you two's decides to to put us in the in the naughty corner here but a that what will be doing more of that and and putting out the defined so an go to u s t p m dat or and sign op to join us and we were very much love to meet you in appreciate any any oh any one that wants to stand with the strike this nation and to learn the proper process the lawful present the grab torches and pitchforks nonsense now that's not what we're doing here we're learning actual statesmanship and ways that we already have the power take back the nation and restore to it the founding fathers said any last words will we've got to get back what we used to do americans each one of us is responsible for everything we just talked about every one of us is responsible for what is going on the government is just a a miniature reflection of who the people are at large and if we want that change we must first change it in our local communities to get me if you don't know how tarsome body who does you get hold it down o here you get hold of me i do get hold o moses on the one side along with many others a letter said he trying to make a diferenc to get me one way or another a year at the do some he got you are if you want to stay and i know your times sometimes is limited but onprecedented if you want to stay after the discussion you're welcome too and a see organon mute carin i care and i doing i'm no good at it enjoy in this conversation how so the these two people i atitali they ran for anything i would vote for them because i know their integrity they will do the right thing under any circumstances and i do believe that i know them well enough to be able to make that statement late ci both of you kind of struck on something about character it takes people of a strong constitution to protect the constitution and i don't know i've ever heard it said that way but i'm done tumbled on the word constitution and that she had no such had declared what she meant by it i was like no let's actually good happy acontencio its yea and as a bull mentioned of failure to speak against corruption and crime disgraces the sacrifices are founders of made and the many who are still making sacrifices on behalf of our nation and it's not so much about nationality as it is about humanity as well the idea that three per cent and i've heard this does number before three per cent took on the largest military force in the world and come on we still have the courage to do that we are americans and we have been raised to be patriotic of the next generation may be not so much but we have ah when i hear the national anthem and i hear that last line about does this flag still wave o'er the land of the free and the brave that always gives me goose bolsas i'm like yet does but we got a start asking like it because we haven't been showing it for a while or it vengeance the media wants everybody to believe that a few thousand politicians a controlling three three hundred thirty million people here in an and we are well number him gus we have not here no business to do it they're doing in most were lowing in and have disarmed themselves indeed see we're not desired that is not organstheir one all right on entering i better follow get the work here is to have a job to do during the day well awesome things for meninto day really preciate your time and your wisdom and all the all the things you've learned over the year you know everybody has so much to share and i'm i'm really excited about that video that we showed this morning i hope everybody i'm to bring that up again hanging on a minute or in'working every day i had an torontothink in that we i was thinking that the little you know what i played it on like where we might just have played the sovran say you know this is you if you feel bad about yourself everybody guess what this is you this is how you started the moment of conception it is totally amazing it is it's just presly wonderfully we are wonderfully made and a there is no accident no one is an accident out there it's a beautiful thing the garos of a little but for a moment momentarily yet you interotto with that my bed that okay so will keep going you're stone talking so what what else do you see any time we do anything i don't want us to put out there vi video freeze off its crazy so watch me say watch me save the sea ah word that usually macus ride off the readof the broad so i richesanything you so much but for to talking to you again thank you the shell next wednesday same time same sang a bat channel you are the result to use to get as to be willing to do the thing to use also had a great day bill the dark okay and alphone ringing on secondaire igniting on here on osson think he some all of i can't think it oh interesting so i oh i how do i say this i buy groceries for several houses now be trying now that i do that however em there were alertement a pick up that we have to we have to something scopic for a different house and in the screen child of your face we can make men moment later a few wantthat's you ticonderogan see what happens there the patapatapar nelongo do i look like a a lookin like president charles when he talks he's he gets that lower let go on so does he take scream shots of toloache makes faces at her videos and i settitemahomet neither great me maker too i think they're hilarious some of the ones where you and i look like a you know wan and garth from worldwith world there absolutely funny i don't always publish all of them because i'm not sure that everybody has had these works into humor that he won i have at persefouret see forgon freeze on trees trees on frieze so let me see if i can remove myself and read myself hang out a man beat oh by your glass it that i i'm quick it stuffed like this will see camerostome out can hear me i can i could hear o yes all right solitse okay well keeps keep messing in the is in still got to come back you don't have like a yeowoman keep coming back i'm like i'm like that thing that that will never die like a berth think candle keeps lighting again that's what it is that's great i'm a re lighting candle that's what it is so or player video game you didn't emittentem ntion saturday night live as funny cause there is a moment there and the watching the video where i remember iskitin assanow they used to do with a mackintosh's hers that was dinocrates i watching this and that was thinking you know here's the gonenothin king in my head like a little voice here come the spur of dodonean any swine that to the age me making caesarean just then i like black with a flash of light just like it with sitting on a copiasne ye and in its not a precise copy it's never going to be that you don't get to make an exact copy of two different people you you make a new man or woman out of it i was said first and i tried to lay using that word oh but is there interesting how how god works and there's that flash of light ah spectacular you are really is it it's just just totally amazing and ah i i i think that there's so much more here that we have become how do i say it unaware of callous too ah indoctrinated out of the real life underneath it all if you got sadness running the world they are going to the wars on god you know it's i who who's going to get the power here is what they think which is absolutely absurd how can a created being such as a fallen angel have the stupidity and audacity to think that they're going to best god almighty that created in that relation was true and sanity and stupidity in my opinion and i you know just the the the craziness of it and then you look at the craziness in our society and the way people behave they can't even have a decent conversation because they want to be so right because you know in somebody tries to be that right over an issue all i see is thanks for broadcasting to the world your insecurities cause you really don't believe what you're saying if you believe what you're saying you would have to fight so hard to prove your point you want undertoning hysterics or it's not my favorite mentors or one that admit when they discover something new it and find that they are wrong i had one that was she was one that i really trusted in my field because of her years of experience and ow it to visit her once in she lived in maryland she's gone now unfortunately but ah when she was she was there and i visited her at home there to learn i took a glass from her and i was surprised when she said that she and learned something from me and she meant it not even as a compliment in the moment she was just being objective and to santan ever knew that in i go you'll learn something for me you learned something from me and and i also heard her at one point she made a whole methodology wrote a book and using a particular tool that she later decided was probably not the best way to go and i don't know that she regretted what she had done she was experimenting and trying something new and teaching about how it was working for her but in the long run she returned to her roots and said the roots are better ben that's really cool for me to see that a mentor who was very wise here in an earned that would also take a step back and say you know i could have done things better if i meet some one that doesn't do that ever and argues heartily for a point many others disagree with and they don't listen if you don't listen to the opposing side i don't respect that you have to a weepon to hearing why your argument might be wrong there's a a movie called world word ze with brad pit and in that moving he hears about how a discreet people think it was like ten and then they had on eleventh so they had an odd man out in the eleventh was instructed to take on the the opposite of pinion of what believed to be true at the time man the eleventh man turned out to be right but they were they were chosen to heartily go for an opposite opinion just in case the rest were wrong and i'm i'm typically doing that naturally i've since my youth i was always trying to critically think and challenge authorities i learned that in second grade when my teacher was wrong and she praised me when i told her so i i know and i were just problem children here tearing that we ask of the questions that nobody wanted it to like ah there goes sonicari again well somesham off in there were now we're going to have to answer a question you know we just want you to sit there and shot off and drink the cool lad that's what they want what i get called out for quoquoversus ing the other day my husband sent me a mean that said have you ever have you he forethought about how you could be wrong about over thinking something like that i think it is that all the time some share ochane here that you and i both like and let me let me throw this out here because the nor your go with this is the great channel okay this is a great great channel so as we shake ourselves on louis for a big farm on some of the other brain washing this is on telegram natures apothecary and these lovely idolater i confessed with this channel okay this is a great channel they they post books and all kinds of cool things on how to shut off the the money based health care oh i'm not on alleged health care alleged onwholeaome legend with and go back to go back to the stars i flung one sanomatonta to the casa de hathelswide us on my credit when i got out to my vehicle i checked my pentecon what the hell's going on and now i don't penton so i to bed my chase in my account struensee i mean very very large number date in my first is like old crept this stop your dentbroso ones got to hold my stuff there the thenoh the menomone to mention others no way to chase or what this natural as goes his star but i want to call trash to the rat was go calling strike aspectwere the there's a level my bank account you like the living for which i don't have it one having simple cases open and in it for this much on and there is there hasten nothing that grants the access to detainment which means they could get a living to be an now the dears arete i might octoberyou me without even a cornice she got to have some kind of cork paper work to get a lot so chased his be the number to this united collection agency the united collection agency informs me that the stain of indiana he touched regentesses of india as to let your migratory and don't like for what so i call that they just inform me that the federal government went back to my twenty twenty times we did my tact apollo i lepeintre that they changed to my taxes it did not offer me more my account a copy of these rendered casts returns and now i owe the federal governor had leselle dly of the federal government as estacionados peternot of money i senderson recently touches presenors what is this is what he has deportment revenue in dance this is isn't this special it got to dinendranath meansall the oinseach so estrechado they're going to think he's not going to fight this he doesn't have any money to go to court to fight this so there it is the nature's apothecaries amazing i love for anybody looking elders there's really going holstein to your call because they're almost burning and the is trying to survive others coyotes shottheodolite and keep your pets and s it's a very sad as a very compassionate way to do it you know we've got out there's the pending case in this area of ah for animal of use and i it's going it's going through the share of sheriff's apartment in one of our area near counties and i was asked if i would take a couple of three year old swales who are abused and helper hability them so in waiting to hear were waiting here the that check on that and get these horses out of extreme extreme animal is i have a a video and a of a horse that won my friends took in not too long gonichthys show how bad this horse the bad the last one is she took in horrible horrible shape and how this horse turns out with good carrots it's amazing so we need the rowberrow take care of those animals and such nooan i are both farmerson the farmington animals birds we love all of them and go to he he likes people saw what my horse is the care my horse is get the attheveryleast we can ever hope for and he said too heskani i could rein a carinated it nigh died i'd want to come back as a brand and horse so the cooking was scraps while life is feeling the heat too this is so i've got a little bit i've i've actually got em two or three different places i checked telegram on this is not the this is not one that i check off and so i'm significantly behind on this channel i'll go back and i look at things so re growing your rages from roots and cuttings and scraps there's a book and if you go to the channel till have a pediopsis there for acknowledged but i think this is something worse a worth knowing i mean this is this is it called produce because it produces if you know how to take what you have you can produce more for your family and your friends we don't have to be afraid of this nation falling which it's going to just look at the that you got to be stupid to not look at the financial shape this nation is then as well as the shape of our government to know that it's going to crash there's no choice about it i was told that by reliable source who works in the bank in an destrehan does it's cold to make nineteen twenty nine look like child's lies so we need to if you don't have the resources you'd better get the knowledge in your hat and no how to make something from nothing which i actually like doing i look for it so here's some or aromatic and medicinal plants of dry lands and deserts that is interesting it looks like a having tight bloom they've got on there heard tell she desert plain a secletary levi you should see my book stachtan i have cause i i love all that i forced her food for quite a while and and i do a lot with with the fitments herbs and grass is anything you can find out there you know that dandelion every part of the dandelion is a cancer fighter and you can harvest them but i never i'm always had a since my youth i've always had an interest in animals and i didn't i you been rescuing horses i used to work and wild like free have so i i understand the type of effort that goes into that kind of thing but i was never interested in plant as a biology student i am and a miner in my long with my major i needed to take a bony five hundred class and that to me was like or and it was really funny because in the first class the instructors asking some of the mataiean i is the one in the class that was completely useless you call on me and his three basic question i like i don't know they're all looking at me like white don't you know that you didn't hear you know he did not care dick but my innocuas i cared i had in a minnesota class cause i worked my bun off for it he was surprised he was shocked concasses there boring i remember blowing through a history and and i can't tell you from the class one thing that i learned except for the instructor was the most boring person i could end it was just dayswherever see that one that the one teacher on fearless day of england the front of the class tentacle that he had like we go from one day to the next and you know there's no relevance to it whatsoever that's what my history class oniscos so pretty much you know i learned a lot just by working cause i worked i you know i stared filatrice by the time i was saved i had an i had a worked in restaurants by the time he was fourteen i was working in a restaurant and i was worked always worked at least two jobs usually three on when i was younger and you just learned that way and you learn about other businesses and such see what they say on farmerish really learn and if you want to learn history you know what that the the teacher's way of teaching classically as by just reading well that's great except its oh it's it's too controlled even if the schools were not were not a teaching the way they are which is completely stupidly you've got three different types the learning modelitos you know you've got you've got the visual error the auditory learnin the kinsthetic learner most of us most teachers there are are vigils so they read it there information most of the population however is either auditory or the keniset learners you got to get their hands on thanks and so so that they can they can you now relate to it so i started my kids when i home school my kids mikes were doing algebra and first and ah once you teach them in a tangible way how to find value they'll remember it the rest of their lives and math becomes very very easy at that point to but you really have to have have to have physical physical things in play and you can do it with vireos but you can also do it with physical objects and that's really the better way to do it so there is that there's a part a thing you can look it up called hands on equations it it comes with a paper scale pans and in you learn the legal moves for balancing out in equation to find a value simple it's so simple it stupidly simple but it's its genius simple right but but might my kids knew elderby the time they were first rate so how old is that like six seven years old they could do also and fairly well which m is a well you know one of my kids he ah he when he was fourteen years old he was already in college he start college at twelve honestly and granted we got good jean son oh no my dead side the family is really good jeans for four having like photographic memories in that sort of thing is helpful when he was when he was fourteen i found his atotonilco the seeseree were oreheare screncan perfect score and tragacanth and such and so shadows on the right track but anyhow you want a home school telling you what you don't have to try too hard to be better than that then the government doctor nation can live world and you the constitution party this exalacions in the state who are working on actively on providing home school sources we may tackle that for michigan because of the two the three people sitting at the top four people this is city at the top of the steerswomanshe school so and in the oldest one in the group so anyhow granadina here i ka so let's listen what the he shot eating with their shallow he thought this you're not being with her shall you i tell you not eating with her sally you and a solesfellow you food in commercial pass of food you probably don't want to eat there's a little chanler singing that's a fool you probably don't want to eat food value is in first sleep proportional to the amount of marketing in stedenthal is in first see proportional to the amount of marketing the step on that food they don't work it procyon mark it brusselsprouts i don't want it to his good for you the market foods highly cross asked the profanarchitektur crackers on predisposition because when you buy box a fear alfree which your basically by is a blossom air offensiones of is repulsive titanates companies in the world like philip morris on the cigarette copies in nowise they own and the pantisocrats in the ontonagon paieraient sin and i'm all given rybody give me i made apple sauces ter day and i'm going to do some some a jams and jellies and some other things you know i know how to canipers are food i think you do to don't you care no i don't actually oh so i never can in my husband i don't want to because he said is too much for excellent yet not so so oh i can you you clearly need to have a mentor to help you servicesone i've canned everything i can meet a cant soup of can spaghetti sauce homines begottest somariis salsoda jolly's fruits tachetes pretty much overthing i caned at some point time in my life and so all these things are so easy to do and i just bought a freezer so i'm going to start freeze dorian eggs and a using my freese driver to put them in mason jars an turned the vacuum pan on an and can things that way is that all you really need do is the really the heat processes forcing the air out of the bottles and lest you got a a you know if you got a high asked food like tomatoes or fruits and he is also his sugar you don't need to em you don't need to have the pressure canning that on most of that but if you have anything that has to have the anschein order to preserve it than you have to do you use pressing to pressure you know pres that the base process we can in mister foresee are out in order to suck the seal down on to the jars to have a good deal so when you de hat when you freeze her ah you don't really need to do it if you do it on my arbagis your subject to the plaster sizers in the pack jean and saw i'm going to do it all with mason jars turn of acmonenses tight on s i think that's interesting besides he sinifere three strive so we should do i should class on this i could do class on this and show people the process of making jams and jellies and you know what if they economy falls apart think about this soevery go out and buy a couple of jars of jams or jollies in the store because if the if the economy falls apart one of the first things to go as food and people get really dissatisfied quickly i don't have something that tastes got only somebody like me i could you know pick something off the ground and eat it and i be okay with it i don't i'm not a fan of eating really i don't i don't have to get to eat to live not i don't live to eat right but most people aren't like that and ah so the first thing that people get really depressed and and they lose their mental stability and situations of crisis if some of the race needs are match and one of that is sweet and good tasting fruit so with a with a lens of that things are going to melt down ground by a few jars a jams or jellies to day and be prepared in the event of something happy cause you know you can use you can use jams or jollies i'll say you want to make a cake throw through the jambs and isre sweetener and cutter cut your liquid part of the cake take down in an that's making from scratch if you gallito sugar and in the house no flower sugar a little bit of a baking so of a baking powder or just taking so in a little bit of a vinegar of creating a leavening agents sir you're not making like a pig iron brick kind of a cake and you make your cake fluff even with all to agreed you can do it but there's all there all turnedwas of doing this all his staffpeople just men the people just we people just need to realize that there is other options to hit the goal here inferior restaurants selling live grow neatenesse that they're doing in canada the file ceccony feturiers bridged genetically modified fiester uce lapommeraye never heard of taterfields but they are to supply over sixty companies in twenty countries with this recommenant animal proteins the companies need the flies for their signaling all ices that he used to the velopes for the ladrones the company claims that this is more sustainable in castoeci than heating real mieses his partedthe find technology under the name and to enginethis is an alternative to feel full binderwhich other logomacos in by slaughtering and pregnant town earlier this year coteries racing the ditional eleven points to million dollars to further ruin scale is strongly opposed to it groweth the linenothing and the comments she loved this channel who great so so here something i'm looking at starting to new company eh with a friend of mine a very good friend of mine what am i an on bodies and a to look at a chicken food a chicken food supplement additive you based on insects no one to have a pretty knoll there is a natural order to think insects harry parasites yawl should not be eating insects a pig i don't care how the girl it is it is not the way it is not a smart way to however when you chickens birds all your poultry their natural diet is to eat inside ay that's what they do they eat grass they'll eat food clippings you know scraps and all that kind of stuff but part of the diet to get the protein of to eat against sacks and there's also enzymes that that they can't synthesize which come from insects naturally and so on this is something that that i am not so strongly considering but actively working on a moving forward with us and i kind of excited about the process honestly and so to set all leggis know how this goes i've got a couple of new companies that excellencenot three of em right now cause i like to build i hate money i like to build money dost make peoples so here he gallate what we have you think the industry that makes its money of a six sick people is going to give you free shot that's going to make you super healthy yet right siding hand or how to cut grass mold models and harvest green with side ah wei actually when i was a kid we actually you know we were superposant actually when i was a kid i used you know we were subject intervertere young age et to things that i would never let my children do not oddenino to the conclusion that my mom and dad hated me you know if the ritaristy know i remember one it was i i can't remember the name of the schamo the tool but to do that in her own and so it was all hand it was all hand on use day little asshers a hand scissors which killed my hands in order to trim with and they were they were spring loaded and they were dull and it was a really horrible experience to tonitrui if you are in a dolt and you have the strength to do that not like a four or five year old probably would be a very positive experience to cut grass mow lawns harvest screens so things melt down guess what guys we do have options bigness how you were hardened at in your house ostentano whitherward then the law yet i'm not kidding you i am serious i am dead serious if i could find that peer of oh it was one piece it didn't have a hinge it was built it was like a piece of metal that got was to get turned and a pound on a pond itself the spring was in the back end of the handle and you had just you know squeezed the spring to gather to bring the blades together that's what that's how he trimmed the lot and a and a man he be out to for hours doing that man if you wanted to eat you got two at right so nobody at too know why i'm a little bit of a tough individual all i could tell you stories besides you know in it's like you know soyou're right white privilege right up here right and so eyondikoni a manure pile to get worms when i was a teenage or i mean that there is i'm not sure what a taking that you have to declare i know what you read tosoutou it beforestanding the words now if he'd worms and insects to fish and and ah chickens and the process purifies it they need it they have the process to purify the things out their bodies purify those things and it's what they need to live were not built to eat the same thing the chickens we don't have a kisser we got it he ginetheron forgot sakes they eat stones and rocks that's how they die just the the grossheaded have to cut open again art and see what it looks like inside yeah i've i ondressed out chickens if you oh eh when you go are and he denied i did like a one lessing but fifteen probably this year two batches we do about two dozen each well i'm a vegetarian and i helped the friend to active gearian so i am just because of how the reasons you know it's like a i can't i can't proses ah the different meats because it's too close the the the animal proteins and this is actually true from most people animal proteins are too close to our own proteins some people can overcome that but there are some of us who can and so i i fish i'm not against eating me i just don't need it i cook it for other people but i just don't i just don't need it so the herb apothecary a hunderd arletins and how to use them some making teas tinctures sol saves and he holsatica i see look at this is why we're obsessed with this channel guys this is interest your yard is universe yes it is no toxins unless you're donnaught put him down round up plant natives leaves les did you know that our insect population heard the slightly is down thirty per two thirty per cent of what it was in some and you know i most of that is round up no it's excelly because of the nicotinic otene oids nicotines that or put down as as a broad spectrum pesce and a such the nicotine its colonnato is i think it's called i pronounce it and it's because the provements of nicotine used an ah and ah and ah insecto looks natural but the too much of it and it's too much a broad spectrum there's other other ways to deal with this people spiking of sherpoles ah you know we don't have goats any more so we don't need the goat fence in the back so i decided i would like to be able to cross over from that portion of the art to the other portion of the art without having to go round the long way because the facts there some some aspects to that fence that beget difficult without the right to i still haven't figured it out again to get my husband too has the tools to figure out what to do us to finish the job but i got most of it done all by myself i didn't find a mix of tools that i had to learn myself how to unwire this fence and he is usually he's fed sky so i did end up with some sore hands for i can pull how does the found geta little hard work outside oh no tollgateship crackdown seventy million acres of trees to fight global warming that not job needs to be removed from society and you know it all of the acres that he's bought under you know the the the guise of doing anything right is ah is it a a tack against this nation and economic attack in companies especially foreign entities which all of these corporations at this point time ah so like like a ah yet all of these all of these corporations are foreign or foreign old they pass around so they should not be allowed to own american land period and of story decentralized the food chain everybody grow your own food and and become less dependent upon the system but this is fun to day talking with you i miss it when you're not on every week you know something oroonoko that hathe news in different directions you know that they had sometimes they don't but i love having you want to mean it is talking to somebody who you know well well it is a friend and a dig down through information that that is just interesting i miss it one i'm not on here i am casere your schedule will change and i noticed that you were going to be gone this thursday those like nohomatangi now now i know that you have all their more important things to do than to talk to me for an hour or two on thursday morning but still iii really miss it it throws me all off and of that really more important but i got to catch a plain and the soonthat's that's the point there is that i'm going to wash it in c the ah now thursday through saturday and so should be very interesting i will be taking lots and lots of pitchers you know i take selfes some people go into really narcissistic now you know why because nobody believes that actually there and open pitcher because they're like all yes sure you're there on all they put you the same character as phil god louky i'm going to cut it out there who scamped one of my videos and is said he was there in that general flint whom he owed an apology to was calling him out no he wasn't in anybody that listens to this guy should know and actually that and look into the information to see what what is talking about you know i can tell you from personal experience he stand on my videos and i lost complete respect for this man and so so they go but yes that's why actually do i take selves cause nobody believes it actually going to meet that i am actually meeting this people and it's true this is going to be this is going to be a really interesting trip m a let everybody know how it's going along the way and ah just so ready now as you know i'm moving forward and with with all kinds of legal action you won't hear about it on the news and i'm going to tell you this is why i keep saying anybody that knows what's going on there not talking in an tell you that right now and anything that's happening that actually is is doing something to move the bar you're not going to hear about this in mainstream media fished there they're complicit you're going to have to find some obscure little pod castor broadcaster like brander news network you know people who aren't afraid to say the truth and throw it out there i say on coming to rest in your that's fine but i'm not going to stop talking about these uncomfortable subjects because we're going to throw the truth out there whether they like it or not i'm not asking and so you know that's the way that the truth spreads and i would like to ask every one out there please pass on his information you know i like the liberty centrals that that bill and i are going on on wednesday morning at night or what can and i dig up or anybody that's on this channel if if the brave enough to come on here you know not the energon to tell the truth of they're going to be called out for and in that position it's just the way it is you know and i'm not going to apologize for so in the s this and let me let me pull this upper menomini tried to pull up since my camera stopped working thank you very little for whoever was behind that eh let me go ahead and i'm going to move to the ah i love that channel the nature apothecar the nature of pottery rumor that name that's great name oh i love pull up the yet i did not i've never seen that channel but i thought you were going to go somewhere else when you said you were sharing something cause of what we talked about before the show if i can pull up the oh my goodness of god lot of tabs open aladdin a dog of your own said miss work tackles at me and says please please take the computer away from her because she's apreton up all the tabs and get it all working and oh my gosh she needs another computer because she's make out the ones that shall be as every single time to seal the canthaves crazy so he probably see it if you look at the top of the browser here check this apple or a police don't even have all up there check her soles like shootthe taps and too oothoon browser and i've got three brothers are formed on moony so this is for quick reference to her ego here is getting the fight mishinimakinong help and child like wheaton and trafficking if you don't have a purpose guess what i'm handin you want right here is some eight the night my body general michael flinn and more lo get in all these people jason jones i love this guy he gave one of the by his presentations that human trafficking in have ever seen my life and that was the one that fell god loke scamped the philaid off was at that meet which i was that if he was and then here is a train program schedule you have to sign it for each of these in on independently the jingo here and see who the concurrent programs going on and honestly just go out inside out for thus the oh they're going to show the end to the light move and having a discussion on artificial intelligence i boncarte a book with general plan to books three two or three of em and mike smith is a director so just goin sign up there's one two three four concurrent programs going on at the same time and in sight on saintfor one set it for all of em is because i'm there to support the effortto deep sixes in this human trafficking crapped it's going on in the state so i'm going to courage or red go there you go there they go it's america's future dot that get and the fight michigan let's turn the state into a boxing glove and get over you know i don't i think that what i love to see as i like to see ten peeple to day in the state of michigan in not asking much side of for this thing and say you know what i'm in i'm going to get in the getting the fight here and then and or if you don't sit up i'd like to see twenty people pass this information to your networks and groups because i know you're all in one you know we're all in that work and gross you could go post it if you go to my hanging all you've make it easy for you here watch this so easy it's going to be frightened here you go to dana's telegram channel oh my gosh with the latest ones a produces the scout low the pathetic she mitout there and i will spare you all of this pathetic ness but in my channel which is brandenburg for am i a telegram here on goodmake it release for you just go here you can even do the little scan for the little the will scan dosin up gather flier you can forward on my post to the sun going to do another one to day to make it real super easy and here you go there's the flyer passed the flier i pass my post son you can you can pass the web site on at em you know marco's future doneand help at least help us if you're not going to go please just at least help get the word out there so that we can get more people involved out on a local level to fight this human trafficking through this state which is a sieve for kids the states is for children and i'm not talking sixteen year olds i'm talking infant or rapping intent and then the count em up and chop them up as a chop shop to sell the organ so or not all people not not to people that are like norman people like us i said these people are so he pole who her children are monsters monsters are a remembered that the grooms fairy tales and such from the black forest of which the rothchilds head of fourteen thousand acres state which here forced to sell thank you to president on present tromp the rightful president of the united states executor on human trafficking as crimes insumant he forced that one he did more for human trafficking against i should say against human trafficking she clarified then any other president ever in the history of the nation as she and i don't hear what we're talking about human trafficking i'm just singing now now you don't hear benson talking about it you don't hear nestle talking about it you don't hear congesta in about it i don't hear but who will gionetta king about it they're not doing anything i don't hear i don't see my resolutions may be they have one and i never heard about it because it didn't get publicized well enough i haven't heard our share of talking about it not brought up at county meetings and i know of there you know you don't hear anybody talking about it but the u s tax fears party be constitution party talks about it and you know we're putting this out there too and i'm going to tell you any one we can all agree on this we need to protect our children and other people's children and children that are in the system we all can stand on protecting children so there he goes so there's my think so any last words you're carin at wore into say prayer and move on to our day oh no he goes back again to the idea of what can americans do if you claim to be a patriot start acting like it if you haven't yet every one has a role to play you you're not sure what it is looking to that if you and trafficking is not your forte it's not your lane so to speak and find one get on it and start acting on it and i there is there's written a i remember talking to his mother who was like a weshould do what you could do and i said look you find your line my ma was recently telling me about how she felt badly that she couldn't participate in an activity that the church was doing because of her physical imitation and then she went on to tell me about how she was she's crowshayin because it helps her or straightness and she has been doing this for years said she she would make scarce give them away to a woman's shelter locally was she had moved so she is trinfre o how she could give these crochet items way and i said mom that is your service you are you're all is just changing that's okay that's perfectly normal and okay god won't change your roll from time to time you have given a life time of service you're just doing it in a different way now and that's okay fine your role to play and do it and don't be fraid to change you know don't be exactly don't be afraid to change it when another opportunity comes along if you have an opportunity to attend this conference and your curious about it then may be this is something that you can jump on because you might find out it's perfect for you right now and maybe that maybe they just need some help like stuffing on gloves if you have an administrative gil you know all of us have different gifts some people can talk some people are too shy to talk is okay does matter everything everything in an organization or a group of people or even just as an individual you have remembered that that video with a spark at the moment of cos comes back to that god created you examine many he wants you to be there's never been any one like you there never will be you're not a mistake i don't care if your parents can land it and i've i've always told people this on matter did your parents plan you or to god well god plans both of em but we want to hang it on our parents plan to small who cares i'd rather have god planned me and and make that the faces that he plan me with all the things that i do right and wrong my flows the things are gifts and each one of us can say the same thing we all have floss we all have gifts and have ever heard the story of the crack pot i don't know while there the resolve casselis is like a parable type story in otherindependent a pot and they dropped it that's all they had was clypod they dropped it in the pot cracked and they they were crying you know they were very sad crying because they they couldn't water they couldn't carry water the way that they thought they should be carrying water and so they used their crack pot and realize the through the cracks they were watering plant and so sometimes the designated or what we think were supposed to be here for the real purpose is being that cracked pot and the work that's done not just because we're perfect but because of our flaws when when i see some one who is very flat i'm very very not very often in my friends with somebody who who he has a perfect life you know nobody does i'll give you that but that pretends to have a perfect light but those people that have had a lot of hardship in their lives those of the people i want to be friends with because they they have typically a deeper character and little less judge made a little more a depth to them and i think we can all look at that she embraced the cracks in your pot because those are wants god planned and we don't know how he's going to use that he's as all things all things worked together forget good to those who love the lord and are called the cording to his purposes if we think or remorum you know not having a perfect life i remember point in my life that i felt that way you know ah my did not have an ideal up bring in any way shape perform and i don't talk about it much but i i really for while there are really more that loss and as he got older i realized thought that the god puts us in situations though in us chastises those he loves and he builds their character through good and bad situation and i i am not sorry for one minute of my life i don't mourn it i don't think about any losses i'm thankful cause they were gifts of god they created they created things that would never have learned had i had a perfectly and and i guess i guess that's a great good great way to leave it you know as god knows what he's doing spark of life when that sperm met that pure magic in every single one of our history we have the same history every single one of us has that history a spark of life was given by god almighty and as something to be revered tacked and realize how the show each and every one of us are and how god ordained our lives were an it's it's a beautiful thing i might display that every single day just to drive this point home that that if people feel despair loneliness depression go back to that spare yet this is a that the issue or the attitude that the woman who questioned me was and in way my mom too with her i wish i she felt bad she felt guilty is it you can a lay that behind you because that is not true that is not right no you are not less than because your talents or your skills are different and some one else find what god gave you to do you are not less than anybody else righteous you are different god made you different for a reason i tend to wear my emotions on his on my sleeve and and i am i am also because of my past history in training i am not afraid to get in front of an audience and speak and sometimes those shows things run together and it could be easily acogieron of the room and crying and it works because that's how god made me and i'm not ashamed of it i've seen one to rifle there was a time when i would be like go i'm sorry you know like if i cry cry weird things some it was but i stopped apologizing for that is you know i'll pologize for the hesitation or the or the people can't hear me for a moment while blubbering or whatever it is but now god made me that way for a reason i think it those chose us sincerity that i have it causes people to pay attention to what i'm saying in the the heart felt nature of it and that's a blessing too that's a statsment in a way that god gave me it surprises me i don't always know when that's going to happen it's not natural i mean it's not it's not it's not in him pollipet it that way it just happens that how god made me i'm not less then because i'm an emotional woman well nobody is less than because you feel a certain way ah no erdoes it makes people faith thrown humanity and they're just uncomfortable cause they can't coin that's what this is all about its centre you know it's like like i get courtesied because i'm not a motion but i tell you what in a crisis that's the kind of people you need athlete because they will put all their it's not that they don't feel the emotions and i had one of the guys that he actually taxed me last night i consider him a brother that worked for us for many years and is to a wonderful man wonderful wife wonderful family right can i tell me stories about watching of horrific accidents that he was in choisyas on cruise and seen some horrific and i mean horrific accidents and he went right into the crisis mode you later emotions to the side so that you can deal with crisis at hand it's not that you don't feel on im you do you don't feel him at the moment but you can't be effective if you're being driven by your emotion you set him aside and then notethe later when you can't win you can process in when you're out of the dangers it's in the quantrill the have i'm going to tell you what but you don't mean that without going through crisis you don't just automatically have it that's an earnest yet you can get trained for it and they always say like first responders or military you you can be trained for that moment but she never know ah i remember when i was going through first day training i went through first and see brad and pet first day training and then i went through the instructor training to be certified to teach those things we were trained we were told about the type of in testing that could be done and the instructors set up a scene and a fake scene a couple o times one was down the hallway and into another room and she had a sheet representing water on the floor this was a test to see if you noticed safety first the water on the floor and some one is lain in it you'd better look around to make sure you're not going to get electrocuted if you step in that room that was the test and i found myself in a middle of people and all the sudden at the head of the group of people moving not on the howe because everybody else hesitated they were when put to the test they were frightened and they didn't know what to do and they hesitated and i've been in real life situations a number of time coming on on careciente where i was one who chose not to hesitate and examine the situation first safety first and then act and now i was in a scene on an o friend of mine who was a a firefighter m t showed up and i could not get it was a a person who appeared to be drunk maybe he had got in an accident and i could not get them to say anything intelligible and i'm i'm trying to hold their heads still there flowed the mass and my friend comes along she's trained and she's experienced and she she walks up and she says what's your day to birth and the guy starts rolling it out there is telling everything about himself what she needs to know and like why i have lastingwhat to be wagspere which she didn't hesitate either that's that training that kicks she wasn't she wasn't it in a renlist te like i was concealing for just a minute i'll be right back remote myself so that as in the state of adrenalin some people freeze up some people fly some people determined to fight and it's it can be really really hard to use your common sense i was hearing recently about some people that had gotten into a a couple of different scenarios at two different people and it might have been two different vireosa but in both circumstances they said when you were in the state of panic and you think you're going to die you don't think intelligently like ah train to wash hands while there is a large wound ah year not taking about stopping the bleeding you're thinking about washing the blood off your hands that doesn't make any common sense can you keep a cool head if you train yourself as donna has talked about before on the shelf about things like em if in it if there were to be an invader coming into your house or if there were to be a fire starting in your house do you have a plan of defence do you know which windows you can escape from and how which exits you can take how ah if if it's in winter do you have your all your exits cleared every time you shovel so that you could get out in an emergency are you trained if you have a hand gone o'er a rifle that you can use in your home or elsewhere do you know how to use it do you know well how to use it because if you don't and you're in that scenario you may panic and use it in appropriately you could harm a loved one or miss when you need do not miss a grand bad all of those things required training and at least clear thinking and you have to practice to be able to get into those scenarios well not everybody can that's okay but you use your skills where god gives you your talents were god gives you them and prepared to protect your family prepared to protect your community or state your country prepared to protect the children that it being trafficked whatever your roll the play as we hope you find it because your people need you in your god den you to step up in do what you can to help his people we need you we need at each every person to be the reste and ah that looks different for every one so there you go and god consent taking control of that you know a minute the people put themselves in insert themselves in other people's process you know doesn't me not to help but thinking that thinking that they're going to you know run this person around it it's a real problem so with that set hole we go to prayer and we go to her day i love the same this is always great thaws great now when hot talk to you i i don't i was over time together really do look it's so real that's what i like about it it's real it's athenic and i i you don't like only talking good people in your eies since you have only found her think of so very very very much for bill when karen and all the people that are willing to step forward to fight for this nation to fight for our good purpose as and to put every minute of their day into keeping other people in mind it's kind of a bound is to be your body here on this earth and do good works so do you be processes and are you know to achieve your gals it's not about us whatever it is to day we want to put our goals aside and as to think like you just to focus on one it is that you want us to do put things in front of us so that we learn to be less relying on self and more relying on you your guidance your direction you are good all the time and we just want to be a blessing to you as you have so blessed us you been such a great friend to us we asked that your favour would be upon all those who fight for the nation that you had blessed general fled mary flynn his oh admiral rogers president throthrough president are the rightful president of the united states and all those who fight for law and order who fight for the rights and of others who fight for individual freedoms that you've given us that you know you have given us as a nation and guaranteed by our constitution we are grateful for everything you do for us for the provision of food for the beautiful sun to day forth they were having your in westwinch for everything for pets were so grateful and we want to be a friend to you as you have been to us you create such a beautiful world for us a wonderful place to be i love the video of watching that moment that you were you literally put the spark of life into that sperm in that agate the moment of conception what a glorious beautiful thing to celebrate and we are celebrating the day the life that you have poured out upon this art and we we love you we love everything you've created and we're willing to follow you and do whatever it is that you ask us to do it because it's all you anyway this is we we we love you and thank you thank you for everything in the name of jesus christ we pray a man in an as some serenitate the stay apart westcote or into it yeah i an't to get outside to day my husband contain like a lot of people i need to get outside and i'm sure i can find some church and do trying to get ready for winter s going to be cold next week and it's it's time to do all those preparations and nokeron for a while he still got a dig or potatoes up yacht so to day i to day i think what what i'm going to do is the sweet getting ready to leave to morrow and the next week i'm going to come back when i get back i think it's time to dig potatoes cause we have a totem intertenerla taters shop i think i'm on trefrize drying them and see what i can do with that are put that thing to work and then oh oh so next week is going to be a canning canning and freeze drying and all kinds of things so that that's that's a plan well hotel see how well i can hold that when together and oh i didn't tell you this i ah i got my sewing machine i love to sell and i learned so one was a kid honom this i met person that kinniconick learner that anything i can do with my hands is a good day i don't care his wood carmen i don't care it's framing in a wall i don't care one it is if i'm working with my hands i'm happy i got my my sewing machine out i was able to i helped a do some alterations on my my daughter's wedding dress she got married you know all that's cool and it would it was so cool and i'm like i loved doing this and so i have been looking at a videos of robbers and how to make shoes and make shoots and i think i need just give this a shot so we'll see just just to see if i can do it god takes not new every day right yeah i was sick in i don't have any cowboy boots i'm not a cowboy a tight boots and a long long time some time i need to get some complyments all right said then it was like i don't know what anything about cobsnow i know like as much as the person can know about cowboy boots and i've got a beef with ryotit now because i've always worn are in extulistis is one of my the impetus of me looking at how to build a good pair of shoes is because rothom i found the phone with multiple times cause they stopped building the sheridan model boat which is the best boot they've ever made and it's one i always wear right so every one to think this is funny this is so down ought to be this obsessed about a stupid para couthon was but this is a something that is near and dear to any one who has horses so area sorts making these stupid boots these tall roof whether he zipero the inside of the leg which didn't i yet which nobody who ever who has horses would ever really want to wear you know you will with itlike a dress boot or shoe bloodan englishstyle both but you don't do then or western cowboy boot for god's sake so so i called them in unlike all right so i get it your cutting down the the height of the boot save yourselves money and i like but i like this book is this little taller he protect your legs better on the stir up and i'm not going to be wearing your stupid fashion boots that have the zipper on the inside of the boot soles i diligentemente line we go for it is my lad have experience tell you this so are the name are at comes from secretariat are gilhooly walked away from the horse market and everybody other please call them and tell them to make the share in and boot again so that they don't walk away from the market which is the horse market that actually put them on the map and so i sat there alicefirst guy that he's like wall it we still have it it's just not production right now and i called back later he's gone they fired in self are you kidding so then i get on with the gallon she's like colonel gondi know i done the water hillerton the water and then the next guy i get in and i did on their chat and i searched hatinoneska and escapes what i need i wanted traditional western heel and a narrow square tall or a snip to that's what i wanted don't want to wear it on to i don't want to wear a square toe i want either there snipped tell because the tool if i have to get to a corner to you know with withoot i can use the corner as you know wat to kick something out of a corner right there's lots o ringthis a work at the top right so anyhow ah the the guy on the chap finally gave up cause he kept her own boots out there and like not this was not a good boot for women you're making working boots for mine and you're totally abandoned women the whole female market a horse and yes i am in fact a woman and i've never been confuse so this is how this wild with area on like it you can have but build crap boots now and abandon all of us who have been loyal customers for years and not gives the booth that we want to wear and cater to the fashion market and build a lousy version of what you used to build i'm going to figure out how to build cowboy boots and i'm goin to elocabant so that's that's donas thing that was where this whole cobbler came forward and i started by watching somebody who onoida pair of shoes which is kind of cool because it teaches you pattern making which i've made my own patents for sewing clothes when i was younger some licoo in dis configure how to make a really good pat for a boot and hate to say that screamy own boot you can try for me but i got bunyan she less tricky no it's that actually in it's so much easier once i learned the process demise and make a mould for the foot you can make a mule for the foot and that it's easy to make the pattern after that so rudimentary tools you got you got this and saw him like if i can't find a manufacture that's going to that i can invest and to develop a line of boots and actually works since areas fall in completely off the map then you know i'll figure how to make myself ain't dey need a leather guy no i don't eat a lot of the guy i need something that man over there is boot manufactures all over china but to find one of the united states cause they've destroyed our manufactory or textile industries all of these interestes have been destroyed the united states we need a bromback home right if i could find a boatman to finish her in the united states that would manufacture a decent freaking cowboy boot that's going to hold up which i don't more anywhere in port like you know two months and they're going to fall apart as there so low as he built from china you know if i can find somebody in the night says that would manufacture him i will not be on a mission to put all the boot manufacturers out of business the camp build the good boat you know so that's that's the one rand of the day which are sure everything's absolutising but i actually have a sewing machine that can in fact throw so through leather so with i can't do by hand that what there's deathwas my question because i'm on picturing like bootleather a net that takes you can't do that with an ordinary like my gen o may which i don't use it's been upstairs gathering some dogs and she it's been a while since i've used it i do like to sew occasionally but i have to be really invested in it to get it gone ye you can you can sue through you know so i have the ability to infect so through leather and if it you know it's like when you look at when you look at how the shower boot leathers are made a good sewingmachine with right needle can so through that the coolest thing was to find out how to make a patter out of an existing shoeboat be able to say well that's kind of cool i can take some leather here and form for this as well as for in a good soul i mean there's so many ways you can cast a foot make a really good a really good soul that's cosmato a foot just ioneer oonossoora things with alternative products for quite a while actually so that would be too hard to do but if he didn't do that you could make it out of just plain lathenee if you can get an insertion remainsthat which fit your boot moroni it just at the odontocete able to give crannach if you need to and if you can't get something figurerait yourself it's not that hard people think there's all these big mysteries out there for making stuff there really isn't you it might take your little time but what a cool thing to be able to you know stomake your own shoes or boots especially can't find a good one which are out has failed me so there you go innovation comes from dissatisfaction or seen a problems one night very old so i figured out i can make one to fit your pony an hoche and then her money could figure out how to get me one of your horse now passionsof the best horse to ride if you have that problems cause you don't pull st and i got another front who he had one terrible back provisins she can ride a possevino and when she got off the last if she went home and she said i can't believe how good my back feels on like yet just it's a real gentle motion it's not of onoway be jarring but i would never put some of those beginning write her on a horse that's that hyper anyhow now young looking for success always you know in his living a good quiet life and and ah that that's it some anyhow have a great day can't do heart hands because of course my camera stopped don't know why i but it did so that's okay so it any rain of got her hands up visualized thus and god bleacher and her hands so god bless you all god bless you god bless all those whom you love in god bless the maria god is with as he seen us through this a lot less to do with us than it does with god and he's he's given us a little little law in motivation to move into how he wants us to live which is have those rights to have those cries exercise our wings and make good choice as you want a good day to day makes some good choice is get manly though don't shy away from things that are difice if something's difficult that's exactly where you should be cause that's where you're going and getting stronger you're learning things you can't learn in other ways and a and i you might have a lot of fun on the adventor making a boat or something like that it is not for penhow have a great day and we'll see you maybe maybe to morrow i'll be some remote broadcasting it may not marry me not be on to be an animal sif i can do that but i certainly will be on my telegram channel at brandeberg for am i still not conceding the in the governor's race thattwenty twenty two governors rise i will not concede the lighter's chiefs and thieves are going to keep telling the truth he will be back full time next week neredes not work we'll talk to late