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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/22/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Feb. 22, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and is the twenty second day of february twenty twenty so late to to day as they were i'm going to welcome me to redeeming grace church and we're going to get right into a right now when body doctor tempare he hemiodon i am done great to day donna ismenes world of insanity guess where we go we go to the bible to go to go to go to christ and go we can't believe anything i've been on this lately about the line that's going on because most were there hneoton of their father which is in a specially in politics and they tell you what you what they think you want to hear to nephelite you and i'm kind o done with it you know it's like that the whole thing the whole nuttyness he's out there with all the factories barney that's not as something i want to bring up this one we can look at this but we still and less run the ground we don't know if any of this is to so we've got we've got another one in the west virginia that's it was re we had one in i think how i got pulled out my sources up here a minute oh there's one end otoo squirrels were fast we must not have any arson unit any more it's amazing how many things have burned and just the last two years and nobody gets infected of anything is that right he or what right in and they're not they're not em the questions the good questions are not being asked he first of all what is really going on here you know we've seen another explosion in ohio smell takes on that after weeks of fire chemicals charmington normal now ah there is fire and a county waist collection sight and dora he would be and now my amideni and then see heather was let fire and doralice though sensitive to air pollution we hear another chemical fire an that is that they pointed out in iowa back in the somber we've got another chemical fire and braintree mass out ah palestine in whatever level water has no plans to close in a train wreck comicals passed here by here's why of it it is goes on and on and on and i'm i'm just not i'm not buying the well when we say when we see the faults flag falls lake doesn't mean that they're not killing people or herding people in their proving that their willing to kill to murder to do whatever i take in order to stay and control and i think it is really a a o a big a big deal here and i the world is so big right now and everybody feels that panic and they've done it by design in order to fix all the problems in the world and you go on to three others a hundred things going on at once you a reed at any of it but i just want a want of cs on the fact that we don't know anything that we're seeing any of the information is actually real we we do not know we do not know how much the we do not know how much of it is samovey or action in norafter or crisis g or silicon masks or double step in i just put out something the other i have actually done a lot of studies like facial recognitions studies on people there's about there's there's a whole bunch of different beings sole that though old thing the real mind his not shown his face and quite a while aunt not that i've detected it's all it's all its it's not the same and their certain things that they can't take if you know how to analyze it oh there's theresa ah there's a lot that that is in question i can post some of it some point time because i've caught three to santos out there to point all was better looking than dissidentes on and and he was too he was he was too far away from two put on to point it was too far away from de santos one point also the me they they switched him out for three point all it's just crazy and so people and things that were set or if you repent attention are even closed the and when we start questioning all of that it takes our stress leveled down and honestly god never intended us to live in the world people had families and i tried to deal with the problem and there's a lot of distraction out there so in order to maintain balance i think it's real important as you go back to the you go back to god you go back to the bible you know what's the take care of these people that god has put in your life and if he asks his step up to do something more than that you'll know it but don't feel compelled to do it because he can do this all without as he doesn't need us to accomplish his graces as sometimes would be in part of that to do this without yet he has created it in such a way that while he does not need us for well uses so that we see his glory and so is glorified seeing his glory and some onsets small steps are a more important than the biggest hanson you could as you were talking i thought tony you couldn't represent kind of the whole mission of paul readiness letter to the colossians to embitter their what you did my withpane well shining cow that is that rigidity said you know they're trying to fix it and seketery to fix it with insanity and absurdity in things that don't make sense and in like a wonder where that it's like you get into the a mess of you know i could say a crap pile year you're going on you're going to end up stinkande way home and that that's the reality of kind of what we see in america to day as the reality of colossal if you get into some great air it's goin to manifest and now conteron in for it cried so i feel afraid or full of anxiety you probably farther away from god than what he had it is anything in its not that we don't all this don't feels a little fear anxiety at times or certain things that might trigger any one of us stephen left word with that wordes he now and or that would motivate us in that direction but when more truely walking with god and it is possible to walk with god on the earth take every one of these things to god and say i can't handle this god i need you is over and when we let it go takes over and when god takes over and handle thinks it can handle it's not like it's not that he's going to handle this like a a you know the way our government handles that he's got to actually handle it and ah and make things right and you know you mentioned fear we we all face fer i guess fear is kind o like a fault line for us if we go away from god we're going to fall into cowards but just as why i love it we talked about just before we came on line the whole understanding the freedom when god invests freedom in our soul we can take that fear and overcome it in his and so we all have heard but we can overcome it because of his grace because of his work of his and that's how we we overcome as how we're victorious and that's what we i just enter open at as massage ah paul seems to shift gears work work concluding the the book of colossians to day and paul moves from all of his salad salad teaching and i'm not saying that what we reached day is not solid but it's almost like a three eight ship's gear and we have to ask i know all we to just now because he's talking about put off put on and talking about christ and then all of a sudden he starts talking about you know what's husband's children fathers slags master where don come so when i folwell who asked me to a holdfast order talk above him well well well to do go i like i like that and i so it's like a de more we go on god's design the writing scripture we we look beyond the obvious to ask why did paul shifter said i think the bread crumbs and some sir reel scenarios that we can and i just want to say that we we often think that bad tiology won't won't show up bed fruit it's like now it's going to bed faltered mes always pre and this is the back side of pulse this why he drives against des and so less pray again an ominous some of the words of paul and heavenly father as we received christ jesus the lord help us to walk in him being rooted built up in established in his perfect as you made us alive with him by his faith and great coles replace erroneous thinking to live boldly and him moves us to make god's word truly known in us and others may we boldly share christ gospel as evil and false narratives bombardes it correctly discerned your truth to live your gospel of greece so when we trotted to cipher the extent of oh the degree to which paul writes and that's why i asked question to begin with is like did he shift gears or is there a reason behind what we see is in that's what i already said so oh we don't know the people in colossi to whom paul writes are one young believers ah we would at least picked out all because of ministry of papers or if their people still in the kingdom of darkness with an address and send canon or even those who tho it ah antinomian approach cosalva tion i know you always ask for what is anti no mean as if that is at least an approach against god's law in his various ah loves of antinomianism but i think that cross the board of had thrown a number of i think that seventy five per cent of the professed church is antinomian in one way or not yet never were they owe it doesn't matter what you do you know you're going to be there going to be okay well you know that the thinking as you know when i think about that way is like you're going to have to face god some day and you really want to have to look in his face and have him look at you in yeah you really never knew me as if you did you that's like slapping god on the fate san livesave anyway i'm going to do whatever i wanted to and it doesn't matter well i think we're kind of mess in the mark with that and are behavior is an out in and out showing out of our sphere on my right with that don't you you exactly right that an one level of the antinomianism is that and this would be were the gnostic element comes into play they would see a disjuncture between what we believe and how we act so the day could say we believe in christ we can act and send for behavior and nurse no disjunction there no gods says sirs a total dishonor and i think it so much that i i have great concern that people with antinomian perspective stoneall into exactly what you talked about john the dilemma of matthew sevenwere tell them depart from me you who have worked lawless oh when i think about this is a man you know is ma'am and apparent if you have a kid that looks at you and says i on dad's going to love me anyway i'm just going to do whatever i wanted to that's how i see it because you know i see not only do i see god is my best friend and saviour and you would never do that to some one who was truly your friend you would never do that to somebody who would truly you truly loved and approve ah i can count for four for god enos contempt for some if what if somebody's kid looked at them in such an doesn't matter what you say mamma dad i'm going to do whatever i wanted to that is not love that's total content using that person despicable to me yes and we see it at several levels in all this is why questioned people too to think about the reality of what christ did he perfectly that is the foundation of our salvation rept and yet people will say is what i've often heard while jesus kept the law so we don't have it's like i would say i kept the law by grace so that we can gracefully keep the law and that is where we are pleasing to our father and so a give it manifests in several different ways now last week i did talk about you asked me about the sentient and so i did some investigation to biblical dictionaries didn't even talk about his so act went to webster's they said that it's from people from it said the up to the north of the black sea and if you know about were colossi is it's right next to the black sea so scythians would be to the north of the black sea and they were people that were more like and nomadic in our ranian language so paul's reference might be iranian persian ah influence in the teaching of a sinicism believing it one can reach a higher spiritual state by rigorous self discipline and self denied so we often think we offered read about these people that say that the apostles paul wrote many letters and he's writing to people with certain faulty ideals and if we don't maybe not the back story yourselves like what he's just barking at something he does why but escalin out something and so missuggestion is that as we moved forward looking at this next section we typically see the erroneous thing destroys merit destroys the families destroys the thinking of chile destroys the foundation of fatherhood destroys working parodies destroys the paradigms of the masters the bosses or whatever and so this is why i believed he calls writing about this it's kind of his coming into back door saying look and he just gives a little lest doesn't go into great detail he is like if you believe what you believe over here the distortion is here so i want you to see what the god led and then weighed against what you guys poles bassan if you would weigh that do i teach her you're going to find out that your side is well i'm going back to ah you want to others as you have do on to you we can apply that to god to i enrone position of having to an end if you were in the position of of being in charge would you really want people who said that they loved you to slap in the face and say an is goin to i don't want to and i don't think so it's not that there's disconnect there sonnenschein looking at inza and isaiah son to beautiful both seven the major profits really got into showing that anon go save thing may be a severe ones but we we had recently a revival supposing on it asked and i not just said oh i'll say this i do have my opinion on or we talk about it at some point you know they they act like singing songs in worshipping god is evidence of a revival and yet what we see with the biblical revivals which joana which were going to get into next week and with penny cost people come to christ a change their behaviour they lived different and in my mind that's what we have to at least look at it as bert or lives being changed is sir our people being saved we don't hear that i mean i heard from several people that the gospel is i am really glad you brought the soup and we were going to have to stop at ten o'clock to day so we actually may want to just stay on this topic now if you know this is kind of the signs of the time is that i come with lying doctrines to people went on not saying that's happening he but have you ever been involved in a revival that was false i was and it was that it was a big church we we watched i actually watched this followed part when i and the small had nothing to do with it i just go there on logician a toil a tell me what to do i don't want to reliveth horridus come and all pray all deanses are prayer somthing with star he would start arguing most time over the as jack and in heaven which he lost case he as evil and so we decided to go to a big tree and all of a sudden it sounded out of the brownsville revival and it was in grand rapids and i walked in there one day and of course me slow to believe anything and i haven't actually a pretty and bible back round i started looking at this going is none and so so i was i was in the class room with kids at were second fourth grade with one of my what a i kiled and i was just to send her as i never let my hands be under any one's care unless i was there or knew them i stayed in that class st he observed and if they needed any help you know go get creans i would go to something like that you know but anyhow the first day of this revival the pastors went and met some one and the story goes like this one of the guys and this begin miss revival was laid a top of a dresser with his head in a garbage can and they were seen like a blue haze which is evidence of you know shaking like the sudden and some sort of a brain damaged platonist they bring this nonsense back to the church and i'm not kidding the first day they left all the kids in sunday school or whatever was three four in the after there was two workers in my kids class that oh that ortokids about which was not nonsense never told them with a appearance were coming back and if they were coming back or anything as they were pensions there were women that would get up on stage and actually disrobe and they have to cover them with blankets i watched a woman go and they all break into southern axe and okay i'm sorry we're in michigan we do not we leave out letters we talk a little bit different you can tell a michigan act right and all sins the women be out there but oh lord oh lord told me to who like an owl sawsthorpe like an apple and a center going no not by in this and i'm in it from bad to worse in any of us that spoke out about this and i will like where a father would have had water for i would not have left the work and these kind without knowing when the parents to or anything he of course me that you know what i like so of course i started speaking out about this these women that are locked are going down the hall ways who in a scream and whatever their joint are not so as on the way they are pushing children and i'm not buying any of these so myself and quite a few people who i would have to say half sir had a little more study in the bible of course they wrote me a three page letter and said i was to leave the red now the eveningthis property and but i could leave my kids he oh yeah why you not ah that's going to happen i'm sure that's going to happen and of cold this thing died out and all the people that allegedly were were saved and had these great expert they go it was an persiens and wanderers and that was it you and at that is not revival and sadly down a lot of people don't realize his we came out of many many churches many denominations came out of revivalism oh kay yo onso that they were trained to have revivals while if we look at the biblical reality of revival spirit sends revival oh we can't manufacture it but that is what i think often happens now or say this i don't know i would like to finish up briefly but while what's acabouse little bit to free people exciting its empire i e l is the one does the wretched show now you've ever seen him he had a post yesterday it's probably only eight minutes and he gives sopending insured him about this asbury revival had encouraged it anybody to look up titferthes and listened to yesterday's post on the asbury revival corso people are getting new birth i don't believe that we could call that a biblical revival and you talk about the bronze ah back ground and there's so many things it's like we we have to look at if we're looking for signs of wonders and again back to the classic people that's what they were doing ever looking to the angels and news probably demons rather than angels and so any time you get into that sphere you're going to see activity that betrays the gospel of christ be carry the word of cries and and some people would say ter yore dost trying to squash a good thing i do know i'm just trying to get people to look at scripture an ax him sold to christ of the crop so if we get into a mean this is where you look at pennicote i mean now did they have a strange thing yes they all spoke in one to begin with and people looked at it but see what we fail to realize it said that people heard the gospel in their own tongue three thousand were redeemed that day they were new birth that day that's god's revival and if we look at scripture there's only two or three times of revival do we want to see revival in america absolutely but i don't want to see false revived old brown's the one i saw one guy crawling around on the ground with the dog collar on as they sang where he leads me i will follow and in like ah yah i'm i'm so out on this nonsense that goosikins and things and like no more look at you as in the lord told me to do by an owl donsayso this and when the word eyes in church there's a gallant thence arte years ago i went to grand ramon's first they had a calling to come down in fronte when they laid hands on me they tried very hard to push me down like i had the holy gost moment and on like a ecause that's where i was at of the church she i were there the same time and i jest iof course me this is messanger full to my arms going i is going to have to see womenmore in than this body and that the dog collar things as was the the the last nail in the coffin for me for this i i'm i'm with you i hope then that is absolutely of god i hope it is thought and time will tell and i or woriyin on god works very generally very quietly in person he sedentes and wanted to save the whole world in that moment that he stood there on the earth he could have done he went to individuals any tot to keep individually on the road and that that individual contact would god is how we walk with god it's not necessarily a committee thing all the time an individual walking with gods well in his presence and our life whether were at home in a prayer closet you know on a walk or whatever it's not necessarily for the the fredicus is that a lot of the entered on nothing more people your grew up in the area on the shore we again to talk about revivalism oh one of the great greatest revivalists was i i just caution people to hang on to your hat don't go off the rails when i say this but was billy gramp i made it he followed billy sunday and so we we remember the revival so we i'd sit in front of the tv and listened to him so he was a revitalise they would bring people forward or ned say the sinner's prayer and then made sayle got people saved and yet statistics were that in one year less than one per cent of those people were in a church or were following there's a problem with the back side of what people look at go call men at a so good let's re produced let's pack a jet and manufacture but dens what i think it is it's manufactured we actually emotionalized the message while these motion in the truth of christ new birth is something that you cannot you cannot o cried long as what is what is vital say too about casting out demons and if you cast them out you know and you don't replace in our passionthere doing it for the indwelling of the holy spirit if that does not get accomplished you're going to have six how many demons to say how many you nosological to heavenplace samwill come back and replace in that person's going to be worse often they were the he knew madge it necessitated what happened in that revival that sad revival that was not a revival and there were some wonderful older on christians and there that that were saying the same thing there like this is a demon and and then to watch how many people that that that revival flat lined after afterwards and all of a sudden all these cars that were deliuer miles in miles and miles to get i can't even imagine spiritual ban crops he would have after the signs and wonders set and they were just the plain old bible and just sit down with god without all of the without the the packaging around it and an you know it now i got to say i i flat out even though i am learning about the assembly and common on things like that i classically and i believe christ i also you know that i am so critical of because we are so bankrupt a prose things of price yes pantomine of postage that's the word used in revelations as at yes so i ther people that a really hurt and to day yes do they have opportunity to realise bible called i'd say for the most part i hate increased my soul to even suggest that but i think the church i've never seen the church precarious state like distant in my lifetime he seen and revelations talked about that that it would be our house the the actually is that are being sifted right now as well as as the yes sir every have all the answers i mean i'm not seeing that i have all the answers on it but i've i've got a little discs with some of the stuff that i send and i know what i'm willing to tolerate in you know and things that personally i think that's the god calls is to follow him on a very personal base as he held and you know he he may call us in different directions which is one oh you know that's that's walking with god is walking with him and you don't but it's it's the day to day minute to minute one and you know not just the sunday go to church and everything's going to be fine you know that's not havin a relationship with god and i guess i'm concerned about it and and i am too because it seems like the truth of the gospel and christ came lost ah a nat goes back to the for the turning vous several weeks ago i just see so many people that really don't have a good grasp the gospel and i think he's long false gospels out there this is white poll was and he went straight to the heart now i'll say this oh about the gospel itself at his disposal plie to this revival is it of god or not and so when when i hear the serious no gospel really been taught explained there i struggled with that so i got to say this that i have listened done you know that my my experience of my understanding is very very broad and i hear a lot of people that will will question what i say about no birth about spiritual resurrection about an ontological reality that god makes us come a lot and i got to say this that as i look at a doctrine and denominational truth across the board i would say if we can take the ingredient of new birth out of biblical reality they would all may be be on equal footing but i don't know how we can take out the reality new birth about spiritual resurrection god making us alive from the biblical os such to me this is not tom parker's gospel i believe christ gospel that paul expounds over and over and over again and so i just told people if you take out god make it is alive and spiritual resurrection from the gospel you have you have distorted the gospel and this is what i think that paul i was talking about so you know in my last book god's war for like souls galatians revisited without sin canon bondage i believe that we are born in sedan and we think about christ calling i mean we can't put on night we can't we can't put a knife between the sheep and the goats generally but the reality is god in christ redeems we see from scripture he doesn't redeem gods now there are lost sheep that come to him and our sheep to come to him this is why we preached the gospel to bring loss he of the fold now do we preach babe to gods will they be redeemed cording to what i understand about scripture now they won't because they are they are vessels of wrath and this is why we've talked about the evilness of what we see to day i think you're just some people that endear i say the dire unredeemable they have wrath in them god's wrath in town and they hate gonebut we all before god redeems us we hate some was and i just think that that's what we've got to understand so paul's put off and put on she gets him too and i follow you've called the passage again let your seed oh i saw three eighteen to four one but i i want to say what i just talked about oh i mentioned at last week but i wanted to get into a low bitter oh it was really about election predestination people being chosen and people cringed with some of these words pittisare biblical work and that was what i was saying last week that when we understand it grace and new birth and god's word and christ's faith come together for redempion it is for god's elect one and that was where i said that paul was the author of twenty nine of the thirty two references new testament references that i re about that and that that's why i and to follow what paul and i think it helps us so just eighteen were disconto read down through a couple of passages repast you are to read that sure i will oh was she wife submit to your husbands as is fitting and the lord as overwise and do not be harsh with shoulder and obey her parents and everything the lord do not provoke your children lest they become discord servants obey and everything those who are your earthly masters not by way of yer sincerity of heart fearing the lord whatever you do work heartily as for the lord and not for mine knowing that from the lord your receive the inheritance as your red are serving the lord christ for the wrong doer will be paid back for the wrong he has done and there is no partiality so again this is just a real fast sp in paul gets into all of these with more detail and other places but i am convinced again just so we understand i think that paul this because he looks at their hair and says that our hero he started the so he's just given a picture of the poor of portonares the pot on and he doesn't go into a lot but we know that a lot of these these wrong teachings they had temples in some of these cities worth a prostitute worship ah all manner of evil things and i'm just saying i believe that paul gives this information exhortation as he even says a nerve for children don't perforto children lest they become set i think they're a lot of people that are discouraged that are de ended o god's re so if you would turn to a thence after get a new section for one iniection here this is this kind of work on on bigaradia just not know how to run this properly but i like bible gave way but i also am i also a little and then on the dust cap versions and yes and in an cole talked about blind servants there he he literas talking about really it could be slaves but it could be indentures to ah i could just been people hiring people we can remember that the man that hire people to come work in his vineyard nisas a strange story if you will become there was a couple he at the end of the day he secured there any love these people would have been waiting all day and they came in and worked for the last hour he paid him before day's wages in the people were like what what you talking about well they waited all day and so he paid him for the whole day in so oh again we tire obobserver s and masters it can be employers yessecond be a servant slave think ah but i think it was more just talking about a people who employed people so their certain as a bone where we look for one is examy mind part of that section so whoever created the chapters probably messopfer a little bit but masters treat our bond servants justly and fairly knowing that you also have a master in he so i got to say that two to he's pretty much the end of the chapter or the book and everything else we're going to run through everything else but that's kind of just final green post ah there's not really much teaching so it says continuous steadfastly in prayer being watchful in it with thanks at the same time pray also for us that god may open to us a door for the word to declare the mystery on account of which i am in prison i guess that's to be one comment back to the revival are we are the people and asberry praying that god would open a door for the word if they're not preaching the word of the gospel i think that their prayers are a little clare the miser of christ the mystery of christ as paul is unpacked in colossians is epitome of the gospel and what's the result of paul as asking his people to pray for him to give him what has put him in prison and i think that christians are kind of kick to the back forty put in the reservation the cultural runs oration to day and this is part of where were confused that i may make it clear which is how i ought to walk in wisdom toward outsiders making the best the time and this is one down a wire i i don't quibble much with the ease standard version the king james i would put in a better talkabout redeeming the time in that last re and and i think there's a lot of people that under how do we redeem the time we can be so discouraged so frustrated are leaders we don't see godless godliness we don't see constant government but do we make do we redeem the time in front of us and this part why i still love you and what you do i believe that all of your effort toward redeeming the time even as still chicken coops and different things like that you try to redeem the time ness in front and i just want to make mention of that not to glorify you but this is what paul was talking about or we redeeming the time do we caspe do we try to bring people to and to me if we're not doing that we're not redeeming the time we mentioned before we came on of derbent and i would tell anybody if you want to hear good sermon a good message about stopping abortion lesson to sojourn the sermon it was actually posted sermon i do not you shall not pervert he preached his last one for nominal message he has an effort that he calls and abortion now and he really talks about presenting the gospel to the people that are guilty but he is looking her for different things that he before different legislatures across america and he's in fourteen states right now in any case the more open not all the time ten have really come along was and it's taken a lot of effort so i would encourage people to get on find out what he's doing what is happening how could we duplicate something like that because to me he is redeeming the time i see his effort something like a and somebody might help me who was the man that was basically responsible he was from nine ah i cannot think of his name right now but may be somebody knows that name but a sensually america was the first country that literally stopped late we can't escorias london there's been forsweotole yon pointing other pointed in the united states is the only slave nation will guess what yet it was the different tribes that were in africa that were capering all the other tribes and selling them to the foreigners that were coming to the shore the sino american a corrupt he that would try to to dominate or put any one else in in into a tyrannously that is a completely corrupt bankrupt and idol and a soulless individual evil is the irish were i mean you look at me look at all all the nations you know that this is nothing this is not the new slavery actually you know people can get so set about america slavery actually active in about a hundred thirty yes it voices have seen there is appointedness how can you conociera but yet they don't they won't criticise anything other country so i just versesi down i don't have of what i would call a great thei can pull that off and king james r on six is fine in the ears be but i don't have what i would call life persons but i would say the desperate be if i did have a list of life persensissent be in one of the top five oh but verse six says let your pet always gr or i would say or filled ah and if you remember how i have defined grace grace is always i believe and i can show people again and again and again and grace be be calling brings graceful obedience to god's law and so when we talk about let your speech always be gracious we should in in view of redeeming the time we can be ere behold teach them what they no oh because the gospel is so often he stored do we keep the law to be saved absolutely not misses were gin i blew this up in my book on golah but we new birth souls we keep the law because we have been red cause christ power lives in us keep the law and this is to me one of the greatest verses if we understand it biblically weak and always graciously seasoned with salt so we may know how we ought to oh and i'll say this i would ask me pot you want to read the rest the chapter de i know dan said you wanted to this short but i want to encourage people to read the book of jonah this week bashfully chapter and i do want to we will won't move over next week and will move on to the testing in anything oh no no i i mean i i to me it's not i don't believe it's critical but i would just courage people if you want to read the rest of chapter there do but i want people to ask questions would there after two of jonah oh how have you heard the story before and ask what really happened to joan after he was thrown overboard they be once she was in the water when you think i think he was picked up by the whale or the great fish when the deacon lastly is it possible that john had died once he was strong over so read the text and we're going to give in to that next week and i think many of you bess surprised at what you hear the implications to our life and exactly this message of grace applied to the cost because again ah just as a back side of what we talked about with that asberry revival jonah was in the middle of a revival in a very pagan and god basically yes we know it's hyperbole but essentially the whole city repented and i'm convinced it if you read the message from the king he axed the better gospel messance the joel but it's like jonah was so confused he got up on a mountain and he like lord i'm i'm going to wait till you said down your your bolts from heaven to these people a sicolo they they repented we what happened i didn't play it on that side is like well we got word look so ah any rate just read specially chapter assesser were going to have a lot of fun back in its if as some well ah that's that's a good time to end that guess for the day i have i had to vent very special meeting so that's why this another reason why we be castle bit short today is a sooleeman ter this going on down here now this is a actually more superscript than that one now it's contingono howardyour say oh maybe we can close in prayer may be without revealing that you could pray for the situation that we know is going on down there were her at the lot going on and there's a lot going on in america and i was just help people turn your eyes dig into what live boldly in him and if you don't know what that means paul explains it very very clearly and so many let his both in you is the freedom in your soul i i believe just sorino's i believe we are going to a tremendous crash and the united states are they were going to see more of these disasters and burnings and the food the food a lines and such a supply lines being caught and when i'd like to tell every one is were we brilliard or strike if we're going to stand firm and be unmoved without fear going forward because i can tell you what god always provided and we can walk forward even through good in good times in advantages and it doesn't matter to does matter to me good times bad time the you know it's it's all the same it's one here for a very short period a time and he the tone institute with your time help is many people as you can and do not be afraid because in the midst of all kinds of trouble god shows up if we ever seek him he will always show up and be there for us and that's something to really look forward to you know that is erect this nation not go on the way that it has gone on in the same for we have been not only partakers of evil we've been the driving force across the school because of money child traffic drug trafficking weapons the money laundering criminal and a crime syndicate running not only the nation but the world and you know whatever it means to happen to pull that bandit off to get rid of these demonic satan worship you know worth let people or entities and this planet they are murdering children they are they are i mean you don't we were talking beforehand that they've been telling us what they're doing look at monsters and the soccer balls it's the molecule for a dread acro and the sun is so real you know and so it's like to look at all this stuff i guess this time just throw it right out there the murder at torch people has been going on under our noses sanitized the information in the amount of criminal activity coming from this nation this has been one of my biggest province within border the open borders because they are trafficking in and out the united states america people will pay more for children here for pedophilia for for torture and for the ritual of use of children that anywhere on the planet have to stop this and it can go on no more any one a portion is one part of it it abortion is part of their rich and that's thess just reality there's a satanic church that basely had it had it put off to the side as a as a religious choice they are part of the religion is his child sacrifice therefore abortion had been and we are going to have to face the facts is unpleasant it it's not going to do us any good turn is oh i don't want to see while gas what that's how we got into this situation is lack of being able to deal with reality and wanting it just a fit within what what we want it to not what it is but what we want it to look and that's not reality san i i wanted to say that you know looking back at her foundation it is really amazes me even as there is much researches i've done on blow away that in the decoration of independence i think we just think that within a couple of years we signed her constitution and everything was it was thirteen years before i revolutionary war was done even though we signed her a constant before it was actually fined so i don't think that we understand won't we're talking about wordiness war against me as you say we do it for thirteen years are we ready for that we want to snap our fingers and tickets going to be over to day and placemoral yah it's like i hononoreera ashore evil is so neat and unrest you bring in no things so do you want to pray or do you want me to praying close how about you pray to day o or have father our souls do grieve with and i think that there a lot of people i do not know the reality of how much so evident and alive i know what our founders would think i know what true sometimes lord i think people have their heads in the sand and they are unwilling to look at the realities lord we plead for revival we know that revival comes from you and people will be new birth we will see culture oh lord we haven't seen we want to be with those who fight your fight of jefferei can think of donna i know there are things going on all the time we look at eristales tine order is so much plant de we fight our fight in your name and in your power yet this quite a time to be alive and i know when when some one around us a struggling we need to stop it in and even called them every day make sure that their own key it's not just you don't somebody going to church and say it i've got saved and then walking away from this where are where are the that are willing to stand with them and build this community and help them through this tract help him through the struggles in life because you don't what as we held them were there going to probably have to help us some day it's it we we all struggle at times there is not one of us is perfect only jesus he chose not to throw these he walked he didn't go back and said oh there's another tally ten in my chalk work look what i did no it's out what we do it's what god does a god alone and that one of us can claim the glory of any of it it's all god's word and he is allowing us to hart and sometimes us and use to accomplish his gangs to help but it's nothing that we brag about we have to lay that down and realize that every person that we help may some day you don't hopefully be able to help us when we fall and show us the grace in the love and say come on let's go do this again and walk forward to gather in not one of us as any hotter to the me and then the other were here help i guess to day i'd like everybody knowing i should i read that read the channel at this just a few comments ah love's manhatas term churches are chasing the money not god's truth that is true and you could see it in the colven reaction they were after the money rather than telling all of em you know go pound sand really we're going to were keeping the doors open and any one is welcome he you do not tell us what and that's what needs to happen now and for evermore whether it's gone is rotten you do not tell us what to do we listen a god and you come against any of us and we're going to call call down got into the situation and it's going to get real real quick so any hot loves to think we're going to crash and a big local church in permanently in my chinese it's a very old church and i worried what kind of church will take over that belding will i don't know i'm kind o for home church is going honestly i think anybody can have a home church anger people actually know each other are committed to each other and i find that to be really nice nice way to accomplish that so maybe you all should start your down church getting the binoen it up you don't need to get any in a you don't need to have any special train get in there and god will leave you god has always led people in the wilderness and that's what he's going to do again and he's going to continue to do it if we say it's all gone so anyhow ah here we go calicoprinters forgone to come because i have not conceded will not cause people liars he and politicians who are again set against caddigans people and i also tassinonow to every one out here this pagoda doors he adored he doesn't just like he adores and all the corky things that you or i or tim or anybody does sit back there just giggling because when we do things that just make us human and funny he's got to just be laughing his head off as people are funny and go orthe and such so to day we're going to live a day to bring to bring a to bring a smile to gods he loves us in what we did he can look at us and go to goshen you know i'm sure i'm sure he said out there when when the the people that have gone on before us and and the angels and and there delighting in your good choice and your choice to help others and its amazing amazing process to walk with god in his post so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america could not beyond to morrow i think dan hartman's going to be on to morrow to talk about the the hour christina crown one republican conventions such i'm still kind of suspect about this whole party system at this moment time because i think that they're all corrupt i i i plod any one who steps forward to his godly individual to help and and i think he for part of our walk to help others enable others to walk the walk that god has called them to now what we want them to but what god respect what god calls them and a godly a godly choice so anyhow every one have a wonderful day to day i believe in you to day tim believes in you and i and henry we just want to let you know that you are loved beyond all all expend have a great day