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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/13/2022 - Live - John Tatar and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 13, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg on brandenburg news network it is i see a day that is in september september ten and welcome here to day i wanted to give some updates a little bit where i normally on or i am on every week day at eight o'clock in the morning i decided that i think i'm going to move the time starting to morrow to nine o'clock were in a train o'clock tomorrow and potentially nine thirty where i want to see i want a check and a seenor people get on the life stream because i have a feelin me though i am a farmer and i have a horse and such i'm used to getting up the crackdown here immortalizing that a lot of people are quite as early a riser as i am so i think we're going to try something a little dirt there's a couple of things that i want to talk about to day i'm in a bringin this little clip because this has been the is kenyon to be sheriff week came and law we in the constitution we with the guests that i have on to day and so i wanted to play this i thought this was interesting date from a twenty two report love that guy hockey and that like day by love a and i i just like his orally happy good morning he comes on with all kinds of a fire you know so anyhow listened to the on well come to the exterior imitative returning for as it did in this yesterday after a run the organization threw the boat cardatas able to discover how the election was and exposed to be old she is now working with sheriff well the significant words get out even though it seems to be given me some fit here again the country to protect the vote with their new initiative purtect american vote and i am very okay well we got on it what we needed to there protect the vote or protected america with a sheriff which is to me very significant we have a weave wonderful mechanism for protecting our nation and our elections is that office the sheriff and i think that we're going to see them much more significantly involved in a law enforcement and our nation i absolutely support i think that the sheriff's office is under utilized and under under funded right now the history of it we went through it with darter and i like aretino dar for a while he is his ability to have a grasp on what the sheriff's office the function of it is is just extraordinary as well as the it and all of them all of the duties that are involved with that so i wore my different short to day let's go branded friedberger i think that's kind of a god has a sense of humor so as i go the state today and we see things that are good some things that are bad remember that god is stolen charge and we got this is not a problem some one bring on my next and it's my next guest is john in john is running to be the sheriff in wayne county i'm goin to let him introduce himself fully to you and we're going to go through all things sheriff what's going on in it morning john how you doing good morning i'm doing very well not a thank you for letting me come on and speak with you i want a lienarde yourself a meditatin clue that the pronunciation of your last name because i want to make sure that i get it right i would say it to taras that correc that's been called that many times but it's it okay there is there is a horseplay one of my favorite hockey players his last name was to tar and he i'm a hockey i'm hockey and i like hockey and we we try to go to as many games as we can in the in the winter time and during the season so there's my here's my point of reference well if you want my background first of all i was in the military for thirty one years i served as a lieutenant colonel retired as a lieutenant or in the medical service corps and some medical background not that i was actually as on the face i was mostly in command that was mostly reserved but i did get activated the desert storm so i am a better also i taught school in the city of leon the public school system i taught his onbid houses when we built about fourteen houses in the city a every year i get us group high school students and we hillhouse from the ground up slow and the following year i get another group of schoolin which start over so for years that was doing on construction then i taught american history and government i had background historical science and so on it so and some wood shop and draft so i had various areas expertise in the educational field also partly the reason i ended up in a military and ended up as a lieutenant colonel was because schooling background or actually what they call platform time that i could get in front of people and speak with and get my point across so i did actually teach for a while commanded general staff college in in the military along with that play several instruments played accordion when a little band to some sign we have a family that fairly musical quite heavily on that end of the spectrum the fortins things that were like to do as the family and we do get together trying to get together once a year were scattered all over the united states now just take all everybody up and meet to morrow some plan a place that we go out there and we have a good time anyway i'd be do you gather absolutely as the horse it was my dad's old cabin a ketterford therefore my mind my dear always was a wonderful dancer and he he loved to he loved to poke up so i i remember when i was younger i couldn't keep up with them so he always had he always picked me up nowhere roof the yeoman i also wanted to make a point that i used to shoot rifles so and fourteen for the military for competition and that was going on for about ten years and travel across the united in competition on the fourth army rifle team i have a background even though in the middle coal i have i have a background of shooting rifles which i didn't see high school that's right learned how to shoot to begin with and was in competition so i've had a fairly active life many different kinds of things other than just those activities like that other sports and hobbies kind of my back i been involved in politics see the early eighties back in the tax protest movement i was involved in a and still i am fighting the same battles unfortunately thirty years later but i'm on the wedding and so were seriously on so so john and i are weltering on the us tax payers party and i am completely disgusted though i'm very happy to see the republican the on the ground ah you know restoration you know a couple weeks ago here i am very discouraged with the fact that it's too little too late to make it work for the twenty twenty election and then besides that i am so excited about being on the us tax payers party of michigan which is a constitution party i can honestly tell you that i am for the first time in my life i am proud to stand with his organization i am very proud to stand with the organization and the people in it you know when i was running as a republican i can tell you that i did it because i felt it was a calling from god to to move in that direction but the day that i announced on the tax payers party was the day that i felt i actually came home and i was standing with like minded patriots and friends yesterday i found out that the membership this year has increased yet this seven hundred per tell me that people are jumping off this communist una party we've got out but in it it's not just republicans it's republicans and democrats quite honestly i've heard this nonsense about spitting all brandon's bergons the republican vote will you know what that is stale to dick and the rest of these candidates who were designated loser are the ones that split the vote they have a band and they abandoned their own party and i'm sorry the yesterday on her you know it's like i just want to tell thesmophoriae the hill came out with a nice i think turn your throne down to see it more i'm getting some reader but the more than a hundred and fifty michigan republicans get this understand this everybody out there more than a hundred and fifty michigan republicans launched a new campaign effort to boost the re election prospects of rum democrat gretchen whitmer against geophone man installed designated loser tododaho was backed by former of these my former president trump in the calm president trump as disagree with that republicans for what mark is led by a leadership council of thirty five republicans from michigan including business leaders former lawmakers and staff who served under whom farmers gopalpur er gapoor john engle on rick smiting people at westerners ratisbon on for such a long time that that that we have lived under this this nonsense the spell this whatever you want to call at this deception this has been in this has been going on under engler from this is come from people under engler or inside this is a bunch of crab it is deception it is the republican party is every bit as involved as the democrat party and there a bunch of communist not not the people on the bottom you know of the structure because they don't care about the people at the bottom they don't care about you they don't care about me they don't care about the the people the citizens of michigan or the domicile people in michigan they could care less they're all complicity we johanan about the unbeaten on a pretty heavily then we had the house in the senate for for how long the republicans did and they did nothing every one of them lay down like a bunch of dead dogs during covenant covenant mandate why because they're all involved every one of em and they committed treason against the united states of america and i'm done with it and this little effort right here from the republicans is all any one needs to know of how deep the corruption there you go how about it standing well said thank you this is give me started on this because you know what i am so done with lies from these people and you know people have this you want to talk about hoping we have we have been so sold hope on in so many different directions for so long oh you know this dates going to come through here that dates going to come through when people want to try to protect her or determine when things are going to happen you know it's kind o like trying to be a fortune teller it's kind of nonsense the other thing is the hope of that these people are going to straighten themselves up it is going to happen they're not they're not like us are not like weed the they are we the government they are in it for self enrichment they will lie cheat and steal right to your face they have absolutely no no crumbs about it and they do not you know you know we talked about psychopath on here for a bit and i the founder of grief and loss to day and we did some work and i did quite a bit of work with a social worker putting this program together and we were moving into the area of how to actually help people were victims of social path i hope and the reality is is that you very it is very unlikely that you're going to rehabilitate someone who is a psychopath very unlike it can happen but it's gone generally it's it's by an intervention from god himself this is such a a deep a disease i'm going to call it a disease because they have no empathy zero empathy that's what defines they do not want to it takes in it really takes the extraordinary amount of of intervention from god or not going to change it while the people that are sitting in office right now their social there are victimizer it for their own gain and they have no crumbs about doing it there's no empathy there's no backward glance they are not like us they look like us but they're not while there he goes let's talk about all things wayne county because we touched on that before and the nonsense going on in wayne county right now what's happening here and why did you step up to be that what motivated you well i did run for governor last election and i played through the same system that you're going to probably end up going through not the nonsense that went on i ran on the libertarian ticket this was the first time there was another libertarian candidate so we actually had to go out and get it thousand signatures about eight a thousand signatures and then the primary came the guide that ran against me and in that kind of mention his name alone but the guy that ran against me and myself when into it on the primary and in the primary he beat me by about a hundred volts we're talking about i got six thousand plus an he got six thousand one under and even though i ended up getting eighteen thousand signatures to begin with and he supposedly got twenty three thousand he still was able to the vote was so close that they were able to beat them beat me by one hundred folk and of course we had a stop in the election at nine i understand that that can they receive a homegrown sitting watching the election results come in minook at potation ten eleven so he same thing happened in that happened to me and twenty eighteen same kind of man the soul when i was approached by the taxpayers to run for sheriff because they knew who i was back i agreed to do so i taught the constitution for many many years i do understand it very well i can quote many for articles and things using the constitution i view that in it many different things that many people say when you got a cartoonist tation now you've got a plan the republic when you go in the court when you start to otherwise than you what they call the civil action just by the way the civil action turns fiction was brought on board by the supreme court nineteen thirty it is an unconstitutional act and if anybody has ever read natives shall become which is story decisive or the law that law states that an unconstitutional act not a it confers no right in pontooners no protection it creates no office it is in contemplation as in art as though it had never been and yet the supreme court pulled a fast one on us and pulled us into what is called a civil action just under which the supreme in the which the court in michigan or if you walk in the court you don't know what you're doing and hire a turn that even worse spalatin the court and you don't know what you're doing and you don't plead the republic then you're in the civil action or and the judge can do whatever he wants to because he's in charge of the civil action but in a republic we are we are the remembers for the people by the people or government supposedly and we have the power in the court room to make a difference so with my background and i've been in the courts many many times many courts don't want me in the court room which is very i have not been able to get in and pleases in the federal courts they dispute let me in even then a told by other judges and other courts that they re closed themselves from my case why because i pleaded the republic and i go after the judge of the judges given me a hard time and you can do that people need to do that and not lie down and take what the judge at just doing what they call an opinion and that hated right and that the common law approach to i really i really appreciate and all the work there's so many patriots out there who have done work in the area of educating others on common law i think that the in the land general because certainly they take in civics and taken all his typeean out of our schools dis empowers the people takes the power away because of ignorance of the process the the proper administration and the way to approach all things with our government use it in a right in rightful jurisdiction so i appreciate that i don't really want to correct but i did want to make a comment we have asked to we have constitutional law united it is it is it comes from common law and it should follow common it's constitutional here again spoke with you earlier before we were on the air that it be controlled the language you control the narrative so we want to get out of that controlling using their language for our benefit we want to use our language for our beef then use our line for example politician later an official any one of those labels he put on him there none of them public function they worked in the public perform a function in the that brings us back to norton prosaically the story that was speaking of earlier which basically says that everybody that works in government is a public so that's where we have to go back to the terminology when i was growing up as a kid i remember them they were called public or so they became public officials some altabec me public or leaders none of that stuff there none of those there there to represent in a republic we i love that and i don't mind being corrected if i don't have the right terminology because i tell you what freeford vernor is kind of it's kind of a big job and there is a lot there's the lot to know and that this honestly is the process where we have someone who is willing to run who has some knowledge but it's weekending together in order to you know bring our expertise forward for the good of the state and the nation so go ahead and and i appreciate me and educated with now i don't have always and if if if you see me saying something ill strangles please crack me i appreciate that he got me to run for sheriff there's only one there was only one person running for the democrats we are that's weird all by itself that there's no nobody opposing them and that the whole state when you look at the campaigning and how things are they they choose they select the people that they want to run give us the illusion of two but there is no choice and because they are so lucky candidates let out exactly well this candidate that was selected let me do little history on it i'm hoping i'll have the intimate fairly accurate when we were going through the trauma of people losing their whole there was a person by the name of sheriff even he was the sheriff at that time elected by the people what year was that away pardon he run that time period in the bitterest would make around that time period charitable was in charge being a sheriff and he was coming out publicly saying we're going to stop the foreclose process because there's something wrong with it he didn't even say why it was sir or what was or what was going on but he said that it's not proper the misses them that was developed by he foreclosure mill and mine they were they were being paid fifty dollars for every home that they foreclosed whether whatever the case may be as long as they foreclosed the so sure if evanishing with this process i'm going to but a put a halt on it and till we fix or until we look into at any rate the days weeks later ben in a polonaise is being announced as the new ship bentabole was chief of police the how beanpole got pen to take over a job that was like beyond my understanding there was some rumour going round at evans may be having an affair with one of his one of his underlings and i don't know that rumors rumors were set so any way evans and of being the chief of police at the trot and then napoleon becomes the sheriff away count several months later maybe a year later so evans fire then nor removed from that napoleon remains the sheriff of course runs for election get re elected and so on and so forth the only democrat and the democratic area which is wakinyan he gets in so he stays in office until december seventeen twenty twenty at which time racial washington is chosen to become the interim sheriff because betty apologies period somewhere along the line so who pick this new interim sheriff my chief judge freedom in three for being a judge a lot of people in the group that i sheridan that is a pretty burden on the band and he's not a very honest he makes a lot of money on poor people that are in trouble the husband and wife or the mothers and fathers that are dying or that have a state because he is in probate or was in port and being a probate judge he's got his hands in the tall along with the attorneys that worked for him or that our when one were for him that our that time when they i do good pondered burton as one of the three people that pick we have also the colleague clerk cathy garret but why be really had no run in with a can give you a good or a bad or whether and kenworthy now came worthy as the prosecutor and interesting part about a prosecutor can everything a worthy backed off a lot of stuff foreclosure is and she backed off of a lot of other issues that she should have looked at i know people that a file documents with her to look into matters they were never so we have this triad people that washington to be the interim she very interest a light the three stages picking the president of the united states we have three people that are corrupting the system i had not an innocent pick on cateaton know her very well gerrit but the other two i do the other two i had a run in some actual letters some actual by other people that have their party running so these are the three people there so i have to i looked at this and after i looked at washington and looked at his back round we're going down the same path nothing then i asked the question where was benny napoleon at the election during in the till the corruption when i put it to axes on the when they threw out the republican people that were there to count the boat when that truck shot up at four in the morning with a saralthia into the where when the the minion machines were connected to the internet where was bending a pole an the sheriff that was supposed to be protected the he was not ready i was not in the tent at the sheriffs taken control of the site so here were heading to a new election process once again and who do we have in charge or who who sitting in that position right now rough washington that's brought on by the triad and also that has been brought up by bending a something had to be i had to do something i couldn't sit back again in one person that doesn't sit back and let things go by i take action and so my background if you looked into some of the court cases that i've been fighting you'll say that ye involved have in what's going so that's why i jumped on board well we have to the school election integrity this is my is my number one issue because everything rolls down from election if we do not have free and fair elections we get installed puppet whom the global as want to be in charge with no regard for we the people whatsoever were cut out of the lot and at that moment in time were nothing more than this you know we're kind of a word for it that you do know and i'm sure you do know that we are in the middle of a revolt of course osireion is not a bullet revolution where were shooting at but a revolution of information while the attention of people that were that have been harold behind the scenes that i believe that people don't understand how much of this is actually going on it's not open warfare in the street but there have been tipple have lost their lives over this who have been fighting for their kind of like the ensign heroes and you know that that there the names he will never be forgotten because i believe there will be a time where the truth comes out of who took a bullet for this state and it is a bullet we've also had people that have yet been he had hit by the ocular his to that sort of thing so there you can weapons vehicles you can alone many different things but there are people that have died for this we just don't hear it because our news media is conflict so arrowmaker trying to trying to bring the truth forward and and say what i beneath to be sad because we've got to stop dancing around these issues get them out there so people know what's really going on which are new as media complicity is involved in the cover you're absolutely right the revolution that we are facing is a colorable and people that don't any background on color revolutions should be looking battersea what that is what it is is that revelation that take place behind the scenes so to speak where they unismal or get rid of the good people that are there to help public and a better part of the public and install their dictators to power so they could control what's going on in the have you ever heard of president of the united states having his home in a in the light in your lifetime i have never heard or never because they have weapons the have bitten the other organizations against the people and spilling there menon so they could get out in and cause he so i this is like a banana republic if you are you can take over by arresting your opponent and putting him in jail or destroying them and that's what they're trying to do with with president trump noticed i say president because he still still cross president trump has been an an as you said in the past i had gladly take the slings to narrow as the estates not going after him the coming after is in the way and i'm hoping more and more people see that reality as to what's happened this kind of gairdner ever happened years having a department of just by the way these three latter organization the apartment of justice i can do not exist according to norton bersheby you cannot create the fact the fact that means there is nowhere in the constitution that gives a government entity the authority to create the organization so then the sea theirs all of those organizations on the legal side in the republic to not overshoes i say that story decides powerful case and i tell you what judges won't well so it john said or robert sensed some something here that i thought was really good because his talking points he's got nine talking points a norton verses shall be county which i think this is lots you know because i've heard i think that there's not enough people that are may be educated on some of these some of these talking points are what they mean so yesterday dar'ter ain case as in such an we've gone i did this with the adler the other day where we actually went through and read through some some information so people understood the exact language and haltings were so these are extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence the nine most important points read regarding norton versus shall be county so number one and unconstitutional act is not a law if it is not listed in the constitution is the duty or responsibility in the well defined duties of the government it is unconstraint which like to come you know i wrote those and i don't have him in front of me so i would have to do in my memory but i noticed them and they will come and on the one point in the time o call i'll make a comment on the unconstitutional does not a law that so paragraph in norton versus shall become that spells it out very very clear basically it says if it's not in the constant state or federal it doesn't made up is made up by the other in the position of power to make these organizations of for example the energy doesn't westgate secretary of energy know the person they appointed a governor grandham tenderly what a trader she doesn't even know how many barrels of oil we use a day which is not and i invested in the electric vehicle industry made one point six million dollars on a stock trick why are we tolerating these these people have such gross road on foot of interest and in what their charge of their making rule rule policies the in order to get clear i would suspect that a lot of people that are out there the general public have not been paying a ten that's why we're in this but that were in because they have not been paying attention to system to the corruption that's been going on for example i think it was john engle i might be wrong i sold the rights of the water to china she the water out of one of the great lakes taken to china bottle it and send it back to michigan one of our great legs as being such by the chinese and it's because one of our governors decided a this is a good way to make a few not for the state mission for themselves see a link on that so i haven't seen that i've seen the bottling plants that are seen on our quivers and so what what i didn't really i didn't know that so that's that's a new one for me i want to look into that because when we need to watch the water this is why the world economic or sweltering so an unconstitutional act is not a long and that means that people that have said he i'm sitting in the governor's position and i can sell off resource to somebody else for whatever they might consider a benefit it's an unconstitutional not okay poor okay number two in unconscious adefir no right to call it is no does it afford me protection to any public functionaries have added as he serves and violated the us constitution and other state constitution and our local charter and can be removed from off committed such a boom i like that one because i'm telling you what we got to about ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine may be a hunter person of them that are sitting in office at need to be removed i agree with you one per cent and norton does spell that out and that's why i say he turned on to talk about it just and politicians that have gotten these not in perusal be come at like a constant exist buried under the table because coming after them and eventually will become public enough that the people will get it and people start using against these public functions i think that that's education part of it for all it is very very important because if i were tyranny number three only the delegated authority of the citizen and in the new united to constitution and orate constitution in our local carver can therefore and thereby create an office sure for there can be no defect or if there is no provision in unification and a constitution and a local tarasconian factories it is in legal contemplation in an outrageous such an acreage factor office it never then absolutely i want to make another correction there correct no he differentiation people out there that pronounced differently and i've heard it different ways so well there are two other ways and there is one and a not treated with the my point is this that the talk to an attorney he'll call it this sir if you go to cordial collier because this your supper the day and it's not the surest to urias a specific meaning and if you go on to you can go on internet in that word and asked the internet pronounced it's pronounced the sure to give me the other pronounces i used to cry because easy understandable it's best easiest so that's why i use that but you're absolutely correct if it's not the you that means it's not in the constitution then it cannot be created then it becomes a defect of or a usurpation of government creating an office that doesn't exist come after good example of this is the new is six thousand or eight thousand six hundred agents that were born one thousand new ages which are armed against the people of the united states of america weapons our government against the people of the united states of america exactly the sinensis exactly part of that weapon ization and each state control that their trying to come after in a republic so people need to look at this and understand the raven hundred aged eighty seven hundred and eighty seven to satiety or as agents and incredible we've never had this issue but why why what the question why are they doing this i have locked the questions on this issue because i think it could go one way or another and i'm waiting to see how this play out because i think there's more to it than what it appears regardless when do we we weapons our our agencies against the people of in that they were weapons the entire time through covent and through through the unconstitutional lock down with the mandates all of it that none of this was was the properly lawfully carried out so you go to the next one damsel that watching see this information if you don't put a link up i can pull income can get this information sure you give me i'm hearing about thirty million interactions online week it's going up it's going up fast so because i think people understand that we're dealing with the communist invasion of our state with placed pocket puppets who are designated winners and losers and they're getting and there get smart you know we're getting smarter every day when we when we throw the stuff out there so that people can see what is actually happening one of our one of our duties that i believe every single person in the state has which is to tell the truth and to get the truth out there and help educate this is what are our electorate are public functionaries who are in office right now did not do they all laid down no none of them got up and started screaming from the roof top hole a hole this is unconstitutional this is illegal arrest the governor none of them did it and and i have a real problem with so number for offices can only be created desire the the dean for the benefit of the public well that cut out about ninety five per cent of what i see in the inn at one in our government right there because it is not that of when and when can you honestly say that anything the government has done his actually benefited all i know is that it it really hasn't the camp fix the roads that can't seem to accomplish public transportation in any meaningful way they can't they can't seem to all they do as they can they complicate everything we've got more and more administration which as i had it to donald william is its maladministration because they can't even get the administration right as anything or government touches it absolutely screws it up i mean you want to throw anything give it to our government yet this soul to jump in there just for a minute this is the philosophy of and i think i heard it more publicly pronounced by sir public partner partnership the public private part where the government is involved private industry to do something this is what we got rid of in thirty nine forty forty one forty two during the war against the because that's exactly what parasols and we were being by the language the governor of michigan snyder above this public part private part an nobody catches on very few people catch on to buzzards because they're not being attention well i look at it it's republican everybody thinks on the republican side that this is an altruistic platform ideas not and has not been for a long time the playing games with us it's the illusion of a two party system but it's not it's the it's it's two different ways of the same bird like fly away little birds because their lion to so number five there is no immunity for any public functionary who does not act desire are such public functionary by acts of commission or omission can be held personally liable for money money damages and be removed removed removed from office because they are a violation of his or her oath of office yes and i am in using this in court actually against several judges several agents and my cases are still in court or still active and they're going to continue to go forward what i am doing is basically suing them because they violated their oath of understand if you are in a particular office like a department of whatever and you behave a certain way within that of then you have qualified immunity because you are doing what the officer most of these public functionaries ten are in these offices are not following there at the base or their job description they stepped away beyond and so they they can be held personally liable we take it away from the immunity was they would get if they acted the sherwin their office now they are acting as your suppers and they can be they can be got tried and or convicted for their behavior so sounds like another communist communist pay to go ahead and put the puppets in and then give them no accountability whatsoever so let's go you know let's go let's go there it's like this isn't that what they did with it with the vaccine that they allegiances and now look how many people are dying and there's a sight that i posted this morning called died suddenly ebook page and what they're talking about is a trying to normalize the young people especially athletic individuals who are dying suddenly went with the and there's no no recourse far on these agencies and there needs to be this is a premeditated murder that murder absolutely and we are opponents now there can be when somebody uses specifically their position to harm the public game over for them that that there has to be the penalty for that has to be for what they did you number six there can be no office created defect or while the constitution has life and power are so this is something that's a big deal to me because i keep hearing about the convention of states and i think that's the worst idea we could ever have right now because that is honestly you know based on the fact that we have a moral people in place and an integrity which we do not clearly have we touch that constitution and all of our protection given if i can add to that been trying to push this constitutional convention for a long at least twenty years been on board and the different ideas well rowed in to do a balance of budget amendment and will get into or will the term none of that i mean it's all in the constitution president first of all they have no authority money the money in this they have no government has no authority to give that power to a private banking in the create money for the united states and they married be done of course of crimsing that that's already in the constant they can't do that how are you mind to once there already violating that law how you going to so come up with a new law such as turbulent and nor balance of the budget how are you going to enforce that law upon the government that doesn't pay attention if you don't pay attention to the constitution and you violate the constitution that means you violate in your own that means you are now a usurper that means you are either kick that an office you go to jail whatever that's the way it should be and that's the way it should be playing out not coming up with a new idea we're goin to fix this by change in the constitution that i containing by changes they're going to create number one who's in charge of this new confound these people after our guns as they been after our guns for years and years and years are they after freedom of speech in old but they've tried to realise freedom of speech by saying a speech all isothermal and you know that they are they take in the army rifle which is the air and they've called in a sarasate just taken the terminology in a switch and around the little bit he made it in the something that is again if you control the language you control the narrative we the people have to get back to controlling the language people are trying to now look at the lock of the constitutional amendments that are going to be on the ballot for michigan there are there sammy cry from the beginning to the title is misrepresented it exactly opposite of what what we believe that stands for because why their changing terms are changing what things mean and the grafting things in a way that is too specifically mislead the people rather than to inform them so both those down guys that are in it you had to vote but i tell look into them because you are going to find out what they actually stand or which is not what they say they stand number seven the jury the right based on the constitution or law passed in conjunction therewith all right i'm going to do each of these terms by itself so and come the jury basically says lawful that's what that word here interesting that i'd written letters to actually round hundred forty seven letters and a congress to them about noon and all of a sudden there using us ever is the word that i heard the fact on the air waves but i've never heard the word the which is very interesting because that word basically says at all if it's not the jury is not constitutional it it's not a long the defect will effect it was a matter of fact not by law or cost the fact means that you can become for an we had a de facto president you know that the fact or president but in the spot bombay why was adam a defect or press because i could not prove that it was a natural born because he could not prove it was a natural bluiter e was brought on as a defect not a key to have a de facto officer in a surface you can't have a defect or officer in a pack the fact was one but in this particular case as long as a bomb the fact alabama did the job to share would have been okay he would have been following the constitution and yet you didn't fit the requirement may be became president when you were younger than you were spied or you were in a particular position but that supposedly the fact of office would correct itself in time but in this case obama's couldn't correct his prestige rather or a natural born citizen or your not and he said his father was from genius obviously a de facto officer occupying a fishery there's a lot of questions that everybody needs to be asked about that we have you ever heard the term red white and blue spray no i haven't to use associated with obaa that's something that everybody should probably look into and i think that there's probably some truth to this at something that i that i ran into and it has to do with the downtown pilot that perhaps lost his life is absolutely disturbing if the story is true but look look up red white and blue spray i believe that i believe that those were words that came out of his mouth but a point time when he made a very very bad decision if it is in fact true a man keep dropped in little easter eggs here and little nuggets for every one i entered he had it all it's it's it's it's true it's damning its damning beyond anything that we can say all all of us have heard things behind scenes may be that we want to question so good a hiding things but there are things that will come to the forefront at some point time you know if if somebody as had that is a a perhaps a fighter pilot whose hand is fifteen proved somebody's allegiance to a global organization we got a big problem and so it's something to look into an i'm in a keep dropping crumbs here for people to look into because you know little bier i don't i don't even need to say what's going on people his people need to get out there and search for themselves because that way i think will prove it for themselves rather than his if you tell anybody anything nobody believes anything any more so fine galoot up you know i raconteuse but you might want to check that one out a little bit because i think this probably a little bit more truth to that one than what we would all like to like to admit just like a theresanium that came out of the water lap top this is not associated with that but we all know what happened when you've got twelve people that saw that beyond only three of my stove i'm pretty exposure that there is a fire or the smoke in that situation see in parts of it then i think that the shining our eyes things like these deeming the epical unsoothing like that other there is more to the stuff anthat we want to admit with all the attitudes look it up but look up look up radiantly and then then be right be really angry so late we did de facto we're going to do a usurpation wrongful or illegal encroachments freemen on the duty of one's that is probably the most powerful word get somebody either removed from office or get that somebody to end up paying some sort of a fine or whatever to people because usurpation means that you have violated your oath to oldcastle and when you violate that it alone and no longer follow the constant then according to the united states constitution eurotas you are a traitor to the your train is the government and are not government traded to the republic and here we have many many people that are in then at the usurpatory never granite judges attorney you name it a local politicians standing governor you see the thirty never granted he never had the authority to lock people she never had the authority to send people to nursing homes never had that author when any of us that we were santa she had no authority to weapons the health department she had no authority to stand there while she turned our businesses into the low on arm of law enforcement etext what she did she turned businesses into an arm of law enforcement which they had no power to do to deny service and or you know that's a right that i mean the too two this is a long discussion because i've been mad about this for a long time i didn't isuan of our business dominated me who is essential that is essential amatongo ahead and arrest me let's do it right now because i'm not going to be on this this is not so there's no you know i want to go back to this usurpation okay so if the duties of one office can it can i go off on a rabbit rahere a little bit what do we do as they do what do we do when we see the people of america the domicile people in the state of michigan on maneater men we can use citizen there's common terms the different people use it may not be the correct terms but we're going to oregon to go there and say people living in who are living within this who should be stepping up to not live within this system one is the responsibility because not only not having run a running for governor i never intended to do i'm not i'm not a politician i am a business owner when the people of michigan failed to be involved in their own politics failed to step up and fight also along with patriots what do we call that because you know this is the biggest thing that i see everybody wants me to step in and put the check in fly in and fix the entire state and then everybody's cheering me on going go down a go go go give it to one arnaldo antimaterialistic the whole general findon trump combined to fix the age you know what every single person as an obligation in a duet involved and the governor of the representative of the well if i were representative of the people right now i've got you know we've got a bunch of people who really want to see this nation and the state returned to a a republic with you know i des why in a lawful the right now i'm representing those people but for a lot of people who setback in the go down all and if i were to represent them i go group a marguerite on the beach somewhere and i do not think she was that what i would be repressed to a degree understanding in the republic will everything in the republic is voluntary you asked the volunteer to do you cannot be forced to go to jury duty you cannot be forced to bow it is filled does make a problem for the recovery however the republic the whole idea of the republic is that we have put these public functionaries in charge of operating the government so you and i can go sit on the beach and drink our mark the whole purpose of the government was not to run the country but just to take care of the day a day public things that had to be done department whatever whenever he but not to actually force people to do anything because we the people are in that so it's like me hiring a public or a maid in my house can my house and then she decides that she's going to tell me when i got a come back colani he's going to make my decisions well that's what we have turned our country around and tell our public servants and we have given them the power over us that's the problem people may do wake of say wait a minute and part of the education part of it is you know a born into the i don't understand what's going on and why you part of the government and the government does this and says you got to do that as you do that but you don't get the education to understand that you're in charge this is government for the people by the people and no other way in a republic the saint republic were in charge and we just need to get back to that will nobody if nobody steps forward and distant to stand there complain about what the government does complaining about it with donning a pretty lamantin and quite honestly everybody needs to stop me avenida that like a said the holocain american superman and whoever else is going to fly in a fix this mass because we have allowed it to have them by our lack of involvement and so if people don't vote if they don't get involved they lost in my opinion the right to come because it's going it's going to go bad things happen when good people don't get involved i agree with you a hundred per cent and i don't agree with you a goal at the same time say if we got to a situation where you were being forced to do some as the citizen then we are no longer in a republic not one and we don't want to go there but we do and educate the people as to why they should become involved in what they should be doing or how they should be doing or now even a simple as getting out in boating and going to the poll and voting and not sending in your absence balloons in advance so they can rusticate and put who they want to in power but we did notice was gone if rodhaven let tana and you and i were talking to day the government would be doing whatever they wanted to and we would have no idea that they were a crop a lesson in the wheels so no force participation but fort but participation really is is necessary and i think everybody should consider it a duty as is living here but if you're not an if you're not getting involved then you get what you get because people are going to do their best that they can and your ability to complain about it is become very hypocritical and he has in my opinion a really pathetic argument no matter how you got saripul functionary any one working for the government either elected or appointed i think we went through the periquito quite adequately a delegation the people delegate and or give to the public functionaries duties and responsibilities they must perform while occupying such office as part of their job de delegation is one of the most important parts you delegate to a by public functionary to do a specific job i delegate to that police officer to carry a gun and to protect my neighbour i delegate that if i don't delegate it to him he doesn't have that a delegate to a judge to have a certain way on that he doesn't have that power he can't say well i'm in the civil action just now you're not well even a republic can have the civil action or and the republic in power at the same time it's one of the other and it is by constitution and by your old boisson judge whatever you want to call it is by your athletic that you are sitting on a bench and making decision and that also office part of the delegated authority they go so and robert came on and said ask not where republican du for you ask what you can do for your republic so ran sounds like a contented said something like that one of his other good certainly did he ratification formal or informal confirmation of an order law mandate except gratification means government comes up with a lot of some sort or on change the red lights to orange or something i don't just make it some and we don't say no we don't object dawn't want that then we have ratified it and said to the government its acted so we don't have to vote on every single law that comes across the board we can ratify by saying okay we're not going to argue about her not going to go against it we're going to allow it to however ratification can be changed at any if there's a lot that's on the books that we two years later realized that do we can not we can change the ratification process and say we're not going to go along with that we can end up going to court and during durnation eliminate that law so there are ways that we can fix that if we've ratified in correct but if we do nothing if there's a lot of comes down the books such as you're talking about those and we allow those amendments to go through and we vote for we've ratified those men and now it's more difficult to get down off the then it would be that if we would say no let the very best had you any go to that point at no point if an office of government is not contained in the united states constitution and restate constitution and a local charter that defect to offer is an duration authority by the public functionary that attempted to create that opposite to begin with and the public printer agents of their office are super with no delegated authority whatsoever at best that office is only advisory and has no force of law upon the people functionaries who are usurpers are acting outside of the rule of law and do not and it all very well basically when it saying for those that one a little deeper dive into it that if that law is not in the constitution or in the charters of the colonies or states or the state constantly then that office does not exist we get an example of dealing with one right now and that's the court claims and mission the calais not exist why doesn't it is there's no constitutional authority for to the legislature got together in two thousand he may be a seventeen hour remember the date two thousand seventeen and pack the public creating a office called the crowed called the calico and the purpose of the court eclairs is if you take a public functionary to the court claims they are seeing that you're not selling the public functionary for is to patient of authority you are seeing that state organization that department or when you sing that department not title forty two steps and title forty two nineteen eighty three is a civil rights as or or or a says if they violate your civil rights they can be held liable the problem it is proving a title as strangely the attorneys now that if you are sowing a public functionary and they can get you into the court claims or get you to plead a title forty two case you look point like not going anywhere the court claims was therefore set up i can't remember the day at the top of my head was set up recently i think at two thousand by public so all of the new court cases if you go after a public functionary they try to shift to the court and in the court of claims you i'm example of an organization that has no constitutional authority to now carry that one more step further if it's not in the constitution then it's a made up organization and the carolinas made up basically of a circuit of each in the circuit court judges who all work together try to get the their ruling the way they want or against the people who are trying to so prime example of a the fact of office that doesn't well it's the whole system is basically rigged against us we the people and these be cleaned out it's like a itacoatiara none of the branches of government federal state or local increate a defect of and that is this that is norton a hundred per cent cannot create the fact that you're sitting in an office of the president you cannot create an office of energy unless you want it as it is real mother is it as no power against the he only has it only has his shoes with the government if it can tell the president that got a thing a certain way and that we have to behave a certare they had we have to do things are working to run on energy whatever be the tactical number color that kind of position for advisory only can be created by a department but other than that now as create defects has absolutely no power so this is one of the biggest problems i think we have in all of these non elected none elected or on elected and that don't exist office look at say like the pea look at that that are making policies and then they do treat him as a loss so when with the i know of one that we deal with how they work so not only did they become you know our politicians for these organizations and place they found them so there are being funded with our tax dollars to create policies within an industry appoint regulators and or inspect to make sure that all of these but business fall in line with the rules that they create for the industry then they go ahead and they came right these rules by filling one copy in washington d which you can go look at it can't come and can't really use that so if you want to get into these industries you are you pay and you pay big time so you it may be it may be five hundred dollars it may be seven thousand it may be in the millions of dollars to pall and in the three and then they have the right to shut me down at will if you do not comply with it what they want to to do even if it's the wrong the pa is one of the large disputes in north merica there helped to no standard but all of the industries are kind o sort o held to matanda but you know what what what my experience has been is that there is there so many loopholes to get around the hethertons which are not lost that they basically do what they're doing the politicians they are blowing people exist that they are that they want to give flavor the rest the shout of the somerset when the mean time they are copyrighting or perceived laws by putting them in and c and we off fitly babies clearly by norton versus shall be county none of them exists and or or have any standard what standing whatsoever you are absolutely correct and i some day somebody is going to end up taking that using not rosehall becominer going to shut them down he had like onlike do in lawsuits that looks like a good one for you know for me to jump on and say hey we're going to render life in a way all of this a thessalian felt in our system that is completely and utterly muddied the waters taken our people prisoner to a two are own illegal form of government because it is and and get it get a set back on the pillars of a freedom that it should be which are found fathers put in place the nonsense creating a defect of office they do on a daily basis in michigan and others as well as the federal government so they take that legislature does one ask such a lot so the legislature creates or attempts to create a government body see so the idea can go in and be there within boy do whatever they want and get away with it and say ah this is rules and regulations not got a fix this got taken to or now we got another problem because we're dealing with a court not correct that the illegal court basically tact and accord against the people against the people we got a step so organization porter you want to call trying to regulate our way of life they have no authority to do so this is kind of like a great system for the government to create the it de facto entity how about the sense or the whole or macedonian they create these laws that you can't go out because of the fires that they can't work at rome the virus but doesn't expect show you and we can't scientifically prove that exists or that the masks were nor that the vaccine works but because we are the censor the whom we have the authority baseburner to press this issue and the united states or the people that a government in the united state follow through by these kicking boys i guess what you want to call a boy these enforcers to get out and beat up on the public and there there there hanswer clean legislatures clendon not that it's not them of course i straction so they continued what they want so nobody can and then you know they just hard on anybody that canules but it's an end the two thersites is just kind of crazy you know it's ablaze for a rout something in about present trump senior fighter i've been laughing about that and that's going to be down to brandenburg from from day one within ten minutes i've got the name let hundred and two individuals who will be an your fire all the like petrified among be doing it like president trump does i've been practicing you fired and then then let them move on to some other mother hopefully useful position but we have to clean this out you know opened the last ten they shut down the government we went down to twenty per cent i didn't miss any of em i didn't notice the difference what soul i over and so i don't know what these people are doing but it tossed to have no effect on the rest of us except one thing they did is shut down things that created a perception pain for for example for example we've got it merit now who all of a sudden after four years of sitting sitting on a behind doing nothing whoever who knows where she's been other than trying to pull a boat on a storage in front of me the people right or her husband and in an means there's been no road construction going on whatsoever and then all the sun we get to like three months before the election for months and we got roostin everywhere but it's only on the federal roads and so it's only in my opinion it's a move to buy our influence votes all look at what wierdness nothing happy with a state road as they fall presented roads and it's an we still don't have an answer on where the state monty's gone on the worsest money oh it wouldn't the general for let do that you want to make a rabbit disappear quick put it in the general fun that's going to make that that's going to make anything disappear in there you know i when president from took off first time he was face to his ear with an organization called a senior executive yes and that and they were kind of directing him president to behave in what to now the senior executive service does not the christmas is it is it christmas is involved in the or was i don't know the name i don't know this is the nonsense that in a lot of people i've heard of other people that had gotten into congress and they've been faced with an organization that tells them this is how you have to behave and what you have to do and i can do we're going to break your arms legs or cooked or whatever these organizations don't the problem is troth when he walked in office rumpuses man trumpetin i didn't know or maybe he did maybe he's plain and i you know i think trump's pretty intelligent trumps doing what has to be done to the system from his point of view but we the people have to fix michigan with the people in michigan have to correct our problem and if we sit back and wait for somebody else to do it it's never going to happen the system is to entrance to day and they have too many of the oh offices that do not exist he is against they used that the weapons and they do against us to try to keep and bring me back to the is and they are the arming them what's the purpose we've never had that situation in happened before why why why why why nobody's asking nobody i mean we're asking those questions but the general public should be asking those questions and should be very very joy in yeah i absolutely i mean the crazy amply crazy and you know with the amount of entrapment that ben sat up by fat the federal bureau of insurrection that's what i call them because that's what they are i mean who started january six on a guarantee you that it was our own government same thing with nine eleven and all that we just need to call it out for one it is you know all you got to do is look at things like you know able danger and all his other stuff it out there that it is right out there in front of our eyes all we have to do is there onlook at it and it's not it wiener there's so many things that we can confirm this to look at instead of you know turning our corner are eyes away from the truth the truth is right front of us and we discolor for it nor look at it and not believe it were told because these people are like wire and that brings me back to my running for because i believe that until we can control county wantonly and went out totally and when we can control in county and when there's a share of a power that understands the constitution which i do at three years years and years to you want to be understand the subject matter will you teach because otherwise it come up with quest you don't have answers and you don't want to look like he don't know what you talkin so i studied it for years and years and years i swore an oath to it as a lieutenant colonel tortoise and i am one hundred per cent believing that this is the document we need to return to the crows cathedrals can be corrected but money problem can be because inconscient article one specimen and make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment so the state can't force you to pay in something other than gold and silver coin and on the federal prison also we have sir or mc michigan compiled owenton point one five three one five four that spell out the five species money six pieces of money the government can force you to pay silver go and silver certificate several reserve bank note federal reserve treasury lose the only sick that do not exist in the market so we have the law on our side we can shut the banking system now to morrow we could read the entire which is the biggest problem that we have is our banking because surintendante industry the well that's part of the whole scandalization the funny money is then they couldn't buy off politics they couldn't they couldn't create wars they couldn't create havoc against the people that their creating and they couldn't can't get the minions out there such as the iris to cause problems for the we have to gain control of the constant and the sheriff presently in power that will be voted in if people don't look at the us taxpayer and pulled the lever for me will end up with the same system that they've been fighting all these years of a lackey who follows the people that he won or that that put him in office because he's compromised or he would be he would have had done something now about the twenty twenty et investigations because that's his power he would have the rested people he would have rested there or or he would have taken the dominion machines under his control because he has that power in way did this personate sitting in a position right now has done anything so if we don't put somebody in power to control to take over a way county and to protect the people from this sort of thing it's not going to change the same thing with the governor's office you've got me when you go with more potentates the olancho leave right now where we political that we can communicate that her that's what it is and it is loathsome look at how the growth in the us taxpayers party which is in fact a constitution party which as the constraint of government it's not now this is another thing when we talk about words but you know you hear the difference oh i'm a liberal limacon service i'm i'm i'm better now it means half the people you know somebody who is a a constitutional conservative or constitution is one that says the government is strain the government it is the it is conservative amount of government liberal is not that we accept agreeable palace on a planet interpreter of government and adding more and more and more government taking the all the rights and responsibilities away from the people and basically having a mania what i see it as were as a conservative as someone who says you know what anointed me what to do i know the right given by god to you know a life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to live my life the way that i believe god wants me to live in and and i don't want the government providing for me i don't want them to be deciding where i live how i what i do for work or or any of the non it is and we are the rightful owners of the united states of america of michigan the pelican are the owners of how that government is fire fearful master he understood back then that we needed to control the government people and that's why government was very tiny in size but we've allowed it over the years to grow partially because the international banking cartel got us involved in wars world war in world war two korea and epaminondas for these are bankers or an all purpose of was so they could make money on us and they could control the population the way they so these are the kinds of things that we the people need to understand that these wars were lord one were lord to hunted hither come to power from from nothing how did how did olenin come to power and rush from nothing considered trained in the new york our government created these enemy not the government itself a part of the government but in speaking of the banking cartel and making the baker's horse now the banks are so we are a total fatsister where there they can print all they want as much as they want create as much a platonist want and inflation we you know and nine sure anemone the being taken confiscated as she was not being confiscated from us is being taken from us through inflation so we are put in a position where we are constantly chasing our tails try to stay above water to try to provide for our families and the government is in total control over what's going up its changing but it's going to take time to change and people need to wake up and understand what's going well and i talked to group this week end and they were it was a group of of women that are that are rehabilitating from from dragon and it was it was a really interesting it was an interesting conversation we had my stance honest and i told him flat at a said if you think the government wants your best interest or completely wrong we they this is stupidity our families to try us on a personal level joergen is antically involved with a drug trafficking weapons trafficking in human traits the ports itinerant it provides the protection you get it now prosecute now you get a dustman it's only going to be fixed eytinge before person decides that the thorwald and to say you know what no more destruction of my family my life because we are feeling it from the loudest been going on for some very personal level and say say is gooreman work for my best good gortatlea going to stop forward and manhattan the bull employes moriano noted there are so many people in our system who are absolutely to committing purplest the people here it's not going to it's not going to turn around i don't believe in it is a quick quick time i mean we can turn around some of it i mean we had this discussion before and in fact so we've got people within caps which is the one of the biggest child trafficking organizations in the world we've had how many kids disappear from this you look at how the dollars incentive through clinton in the nineties to pay for the removal of legal legal kidnapping from family this is a very serious situation how do you shut something like this down when there's that many kids in the we're going to have to have something in place in order to actually rescue rescue individuals who are there through what legal kidnap understand that spades an exist right correct not a desire it's a de facto they can't create and so i'm not saying people need to fight this but people like to understand this and if they are having a situation where their child is being under fire by the system then they need to go into court and they need the which is bad place to be but better than no place and start yelling norton versus shall be counted the top of their lungs this organization does not from york to share they can't and there i do not so as we start as we start going in there and cutting bees these you know on lawful organizations now we have people who is livestock so we do have to have something that a transition time my part in my opinion to know to resume that first and foremost first and foremost or responsibility right now is to is to protect and defend those without a voice had been victimized by this unlawful system we need to get rid of it but we also in the process need to stand there as very brave and unwavering warriors to protect the fun those without a voice we need to do that through whatever help we can offer people and i'm in a challenge as an apologetic christian i'm going to challenge the churches i'm gonna challenge any one who professes to be a person of fate step forward and realize this is a large problem and is going to require all of us to not not just live by faith which we do but that you know the bible says that works with you know faith without works is dead in its time to get ourselves move in and start working in this direction for a foreigner godly form of government which is first in most a workin an answering allegretto god almighty i think if we bring god back into more country and we do the appropriate praying and the appropriate were shaping then we will have the strength to carry forward and make the change god for god is going to win but we got to bring him in and say he went support we need your help rather than turn our backs on him like very interesting a cabinet that are resident in dese i don't know you see those clouds as on buyable unbelievable he showing everybody that he is the evil and of course his red background speech a couple we baserite was explaining you know that i'm a unmanicured here people need to have people need to figure that out people need to see that the opera out transition in children is by all and every definition it is it is that is absolutely in egregious human violation crimes against humanity children should not be transition if somebody wants to do this as an adult by all means to push your mental illness on children because that's what it is let's call it one is and in rich and in an industry which did not exist at one point i watched a man where there are only one there was one facility that did transition and then that you watch how many more popover time this is all about money it's all about you know mentally ill parents that wantit in with a group that go ahead and deprive their children of the not only the abilities to to be what god created them to be you know think about this even the pleasures of that god created us to have and then a profusion overleaps wrong it's so wrong and for for what opacousness up cushat's what it amounts to if somebody wants to do that as an adult that's fine but for children this is not okay not okay to mutilate sexually mutilate a child and a percentage he went from the there's no there's no place for this in society and you know what we get back to god and you know the nation under one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice call that would be undergoing first and you know all of us working towards that and so in the most clamantis is being intimately wonderful discussion and i think i'd like to have you on here on astorga basis would would you be up to you to the constitution sure got a man at the time we do stately retired the so they say they say i think you designed up for non retirement just now so did not hesitate you go so yes so let's mateless let's maybe have a day a week he is it to think that this is really important to be able to and maybe what we should do is say we're going to pick we're going to pick a day a week and actually go through the constitute and go through it read it so that there is a reference point and use us this time also to educate people to inform them on an you know the right under the color of law a sort of thing that that never been taught to all right well we can talk further about that when that happens on everybody understand that lection time is coming both don and myself are on the us taxpayer ticket so if you're looking at the tax your looking at the vote for that you need to not straight party line but vote for people i never use the vote i never voted party never ever voted because you don't know who those people are you just voting for somebody that son that that this system put in power he got a fine out who that person does that person resonate if he does or she does then you need to vote for that my point is that you need the jump off party platform and you need to pick the individual and told for the individual also i recommend even those of you that are voting absentee that you physically take your ballad to the polling place the day to take a picture of yourself dropping it off to that what they were doing when the absentee baldoraba or take it off the crocketed it which is dropped on all you've got documented them that really good for a poor absentee had been steel morita all the reason i'm saying to it the day off is because if you do it weakened then they have an opportunity to she at the last minute right on the spot it makes him a lot more difficult they don't know how many people voted for somebody they say they can stop the election to readjust the votes to make it more like it are closely so those of you that are going to be doing absentee ballads balloting it may take a few minutes might have to get up and walk to wherever it is two that a voting place but you know that your balance was brought in at the appropriate time and probably propriety well one thing that if he had an heart man one who is my attorney and one thing that that they prove in a that they can read the outside of the envelope and basically no how you're going to vote soteridas straight like it they huancane jointure balloonatics straight ticket if they don't if they see that it's not going the way that they want to go innumerous way so do not vote straight this year it is your big deal and person voting no straight ticket and i'm throwing my support behind john as thus the sheriff the sheriff of lincoln i think he is the most qualified person for the job its base as if i were conducting this is a job interviewed john john gets against the so so he and we're going to continue to have you on john and i'm going to ask everyone out there and wayne county it jo behind move in and get this guy and place because we need to have more share of which are knowledgeable on the constitute to protect you what this is about you voting in corn is voting someone in to protect there you go so i find i am in say a prayer and then then i'm in and out dear heavenly father we thank you so much for this wonderful day that you put in front of us thank you for john and for his willingness to step forward and defend the people in wanton we ask that your favour would be upon him that she would send many people to support him and and the lawful processes to have lawful processes in place because i know he's going to fight for that thank you so much for every single person out there let them know that they are loved beyond measure that you are with him that there never alone that you walk with us that you know what our future is you know what our past is in that you've accomplished everything on the cross you does price to provide a way for us every latians with you thank you for guiding and directing us thank you for everything that you've given us in this united states these united states of america for the state of michigan and the beauty that you've you've you've created here thank you for every single person that you created because we know that they're created in your image and the treasures the beauty that you've created in each every person are without measure thank you so much for our ability to talk to people to educate we as you giddier stops that we would do all things to your honor and glory that's not of ourselves but it's for you to take care of you of your purposes to be involved in your purposes that your will would always be done thank you so much we love you so much god we love you what you've done for us in our very grateful in the name of schrieber a man may i make a comment that i have a so on wednesday night i can drop a link in your to you you can send it out to them to your people if they're interested in joining us from the wednesday nights we cover all kinds of antenor golden horse track friday and that what you do in the war what what's going on there i guess it's a meeting i didn't set it up a couple of the robert set it up with joy to others and i've never been to the doubts and experience for me wafers i don't have race horses but i have seventeen horses seventeen is in fact my favorite number and so oh yes oh there you go so well let her be let her know that is friday and i thank you so much for running i thank you very much for everything you shared here to day to graciously help educate a because honestly the there every one is so lost in the hope and anything that can educate the people of michigan to give them some directions on how to use that power of we the people is is very important so he egotists everyone go to my website it is spelled this way brandenburg brandenburg for governor not com go to my telegram channel that brandenburg the number for may i write every single word on their antidote posting nobody else contributes to to that channel you can you can communicate with me there you can ask questions and i do respond to that everything else is a little bit spotty for me because i am one person i can't be in a million different mutton time that i could certainly be atmaram so that's my choice to oratorical that you are not alone as many in fighting for you and fighting for the things that you love we care about you we care about those people that you love the people in your family your friends and and realize that we care about this nation and that we function as one nation under god one people matabele not not not pray renegade or or anything like this weather as american we do not stand for martine political parties were an invention they really are in invention and we really in my opinion need to get rid of all but all this nonsense and go back we will never have a unified america until the political parties benches all right and we all have that right to make our decisions without coercion threat or intimidation which has been going on for a long time and therefore sense we can't manage that power that we have taken and we never should have taken it as political parties they need to go away and we need go back you know and the special interest and go back to american standing together fighting for each other or plunges are our fortune and our sacred honor as sad in the declaration for each other so we just let you know that we love you we love all those whom you know god bless you god bless all those whom you know and god bless america go bless you down thank you so much for coming on to day and i we will we put him together a scedule of one to get out redcastle put together a schedule to have you on a regular basis i am so impressed by you i really so much respect thank you so much very well have a great day to day every one in both the sky an we need also the way secrettementally have a great day every one