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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/31/2023 Liz Harris and Gabriel Buehler

Published Aug. 31, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Liz Harris, MBA – Born at Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan, NY. Raised and schooled NJ/NYC. Relocated to AZ in 1999. Mother of 3. Successful small business owner. After losing her AZ state race by less than 1%, Liz Harris discovered that a significant percentage of those on the AZ voter rolls did not match the records in the national database. She consulted with Bobby Piton, an expert in finance, data analysis and mathematics, who stated that voter rolls had suspected “phantom votes” along with dozens of other anomalies. The only way to confirm this was to conduct a statewide door-to-door canvassing operation. Hundreds of concerned citizens in AZ joined forces with Liz and her team coordinated visits to tens of thousands of registered voters. This endeavor spread country wide within a matter of months. Seeing that the findings of the canvas revealed these troubling anomalies Liz Harris connected with like-minded constituents and demanded an Arizona audit! Once this audit came to fruition, Liz remained actively involved in daily operations. Her greatest contribution was connecting key people and constantly trouble shooting to keep the audit running smoothly. For the last 31 months, she has been a key collector of massive amounts of data. To this day, she actively works to ensure the research and evidence gathering continues. Seeing first-hand that REAL election reform has not occurred, Liz recently became an AZ legislator. She believed in doing so she would be part of the team that would be elected to ensure that we drain the Arizona political swamp and continue to hold the Republican majorities in the AZ House and Senate. Instead, they took care of her by an expulsion just three months and three days after her service to the constituents of AZ. 10am Gabriel Buehler Gabriel Buehler is a decorated Marine Corps war veteran having served two tours of duty in Iraq. Gabriel is Journeyman Plumber who was terminated from Portland Public Schools in 2021 for refusing the experimental Sars-Cov-2 vaccine. During his tenure, Gabe collected a mass of evidence implicating Portland Public Schools in negligent water facilities management; exposing children to high lead and other dangerous water contaminates. His calls for action went unanswered by the PPS administration. Gabriel ran for the Oregon State House of Representatives in 2022. He lost his first primary race, but his political career is just getting started. Along with his leadership position at Free Oregon, Gabe is very active in the Washington County Republican Party. He is a PCP, Precinct Captain and Chairman of the Governance Committee. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the last to face believe it the summer has gone by so fast it's just incredible i we've been having some great weather here after we had the incredible storms last week i actually went to the lands in area and if the other day and i could not believe how many olesome with her with the one the one rumbled channel not sure what happened here we're going to move on without it i go ahead and go over to the renseignent work and you'll find us there and to put to that can't believe how many trees had been down and michigan the ah esealt of bucket trucks along or on here too so i would be surprised if we didn't have straight line wins going on so i want to place him inspiration rhticus you don't want this like brings a strolls dosn't it really does but we just get back up there and we just keep conchinine on land those punches of his long as we keep going let's let's hear some inspiration from a president donald j trumped the rightful president of to day and but i've watched grow i watched over the credible i makede i didn't have that drive they didn't have it ability i don't know which inability or if you have it i the world longer they would have been success i seated so much i've seen some of the most brilliant people the other never made it because they were quarters which is quite that would it couldn't take it they couldn't one of the things god loving what you do is not work and therefore you don't quite automatically laeserat to it i never give up you have to also have flexibility you can't necessarily say i'm never giving up bombers to be able to weave and to have your anticothe a country was you can go over it for a rounded or run to horse after always be able to change course a little bit he always with that saying to open there you go oh it's we have to go to the the method of adapt in a just and without i'm going to bring on our former state rugwith heiress and i want introduced to her a minute i'm you got quite a hissin interesting and interesting history here oh and i think this is worth noting sooner knowed liz lies here as born in lexington hoss alexeyovitch then hate new york raised in school in new york new jersey u now you new jersey new york city relocated to arizona in nineteen ninety nine mothers three ses a small business owner after losing her eh arizona state raced by lessonone was discovered that a significant percentage of those on the asor the ears on voters did not match the records in the match national database she is a fighter she consulted with bobby piton and experience state in analysis mathematics who stated at the voters has fantom botes along with dozens of other anomalies she am either this this week of go on for for a long time here because she is really done a lot for last thirty one months she spent it kecollections of mass of amounts of information and he and seen the first hand that real elector form is not incurred should be cant recently became an arizona legislator she believed in doing so she would be part of a team that would be elected to insure that we drain there is on political swamp and continued to hold the republican joys in the arizona house and sent instead they took care of her in expulsion just three months and three days after service to the constituents in arizona this is a shame i am i'm so i'm so sorry to hear of of all that happened there lives there's no there's no explanation for what happened to you and so welcome to the shoulders morning and i'm very sighted to talk to you and here here what happened there your story because every one here knows that i was silenced kicked off the malladale we and any one who makes a defence is going to be a task is going to be silenced and is going to be removed so michael here is to give every one a voice to welcome thank you so much for having me down was a pleasure meeting you i wasn't really aware of you up until a few weeks pleasure meeting you pleasure hearing your story and i actually your story back to errors one if there is one thing that arizona hasn't quite perfected yet o people of the ballot now we've done it in the post oh it doesn't go without quite the challenge so i can only count like a small handful of people where they've kicked him off the ballot as they did with you i'm an it's an expensive challenge and so lot of people just like what trumps said they give up they quit be could not have not seen that about you down a case you did not quit eh what a lot of people are just like all right will try again next but i remember your story you just kept going out it and i were all very proud of you and i do share your story here in arizona think you and you also i was also not aware of your is either so that's how much they've done to shut as down is that they literally will shot us down and and right now i'm having problems with one of my umble channels the therebiforn channeled went down but the tenderest word channel is still up so so anybody that's on brandenburgisch over i hope they can hear it i put it in the cashful hopefully that new news will get out there anyhow it's its vital it is a brutal removal and you think you're going to go in there with all good intentions to change things because you know what's wrong you you have to told what was wrong with can stand enough of this nonsense for the last time you know four or five ten years i mean i mean if you are a little bit o wake even a little but you can you know that this has been going on probably for decades it was screamingly obvious and twenty twenty and it was all so screamingly obvious in twenty twenty two there was a video put out that said that world economic form has basically cancelled our elections in twenty twenty four and i'm going to say it i'm going to be the one to say it if i be only one saying that i'm going to say it there to have done that our elections were already in full our voice was cancelled and last to it to elections and we have evidence of something in bishop panic at this point time if your panic devoted it's just your not awake enough to realize the already done now we're fighting our way back and throwing the stuff out there which i think is a great poet were standing together and we are in fact we are winning because the american people are waking up to the fact that we only have selections in its an allusion a are elections are purely illusion he so if it's okay with you dona alters rung through the time line and a few have any names or photos on going to put up while i run through it and just interrupt you don't interrupt me if you have any question but i will i will put those of the best of my abilities were i now had that it's kind of a weird it's kind of a weird mad thing but i will see what i can do here how's that that sounds so am i did run in twenty twenty didn't win and i said oh all run again in twenty twenty two so if we remember in an arizona even though the election was november eighth there were three verses where they did not announce the winner until december twenty and i was one of them and it was because they demanded that there be a recount of my race i allegedly only one by two hundred seventy votes i don't think that was true i think i won i have some evidence that shows that i won by eight per cent not like point zeros row to but anyway i when they did the recount actually won by two hundred seventy five books those recounts are olesome in just like the original election you know elestine a couple of oats so when i was sworn in on january ninth what i people of arizona was to start on my election integrity bells and so i had twelve dynamite election integrity bills of which i felt would reduce the election for a down to about zero one and that's essentially the one day one boat smaller local priests in person voting hand counts no machine strong bother idee and we'd have the results at the precinct level that day i sealed the ballots send em on to central wherever that might feel the county and on we have all the numbers aggregated by midnight and we'd know who won the election on election day of course it would be provisions for the military airplane pilots or doctor judges whoever that could not get in and both on election day because they had a full a calender and enoch you know and now we go back to the absentee ballot and hopefully some sort of not notesion anyway so that's how i started my career as a legal throttle effort to get as much of the anomalies on the record as i possibly could february twelfth i was presented by colonel van raplin out of virginia his turning with an idea to have a joint of arizona hearing and i was like i'm a freshman i don't know if i could do that well i'm on february thirteenth i was granted approval from the arizona speaker of the house been toma and their izona senate president warned peter sent they approved it skinlike that staples but knows like that was easy i got it to ye on febury fourteenth february twenty third i was in addition to reviewing all the current bills that were coming out out of the hopper on to the ore out of committee on to the in reading the bills you know again i'm a freshman on learning i'm trying to get everything everything that was to what i considered my job to or front and in addition was kind of like on the side i had this joint hearing come up so for again fiery fourteenth of twenty third i was planning um and was working with certain members of the committee and the arizona he that's very important i was working with an arizona house staff member very close on february seventeen i got notification for ivan race in that two of the five national esmay not be available so on the the very teeth i started looking for back upset i really want to go on hunting pole sir i'm but instead i want o gettin sefchen jacklin berg so i had not known tackling burgher prior for any one who doesn't know what happened linberger actually came in and presented the work of herself and a gentleman by the name of john rajonas so on february twentieth i met for the first time a john taylor had a follow up with jack leinberger vis and what i asked them you know it was like what do you have he testified to in regard to election interest and it was ruling portent a fret itjust important freonden february twentieth four short days before the hearing is when i had contact with berger and paler an say i rented them i listened to their story and they wanted to jacqueline very grim whose a constituent of scott's still ergin wantedto redress her core as to the government pretty much it and i will this isn't election integrity hearing please keep it to election integrity and now were two important pieces one was a that john teller's s sosia had seen balloon bonds prior to the twenty twenty econ and john taylor himself witness a back door portal and try in to four of the county reporters a county recorders of the ones who handle our elections so i felt that that was very after i explained why here in arizona when the senate was doing the audit of the twenty election in twenty twenty one if you remember we couldn't get the pilot at the slung clogs or the routers and if there were back door portal entries that would explain why so anyway going back to the planning of this meeting on february twenty ere oh i got em i was having a little bit of pressure on from a couple of the senate members of this on that they weren't going to publish the agenda but we finally got it a published so i'm just going on with you know i'm going through all these like little new onces and i'm just trying to keep everything together and everything on sked ah so now i have in you know and then i have a third and sunny borelli you know gave me call to me an put in on and we got erigan and again there were just so many moving parts and then comes february twenty third the office we've got some says that they're having agowere video problem please let me know yeh the last two days i've been having problems and all i can say is that they must with the ones that i had on yesterday too because any time were talking on anything i'm important seems like it's it's a mess you know messing up with on one of the channels actually stopped working which is where hang out on second only see what's going on here serbian hear us carry this is really weird usually my name that does well i'm going to tell you what it's like it went back to the loop and it is not a longing if this is going at all if a sorry everybody in and see if we can see what's going on here because this is just weird establishment doesn't like me in arizona unit is it is only in his coming here so somesomebody's not getting it but ah i it's coming through for me so on the very twenty third we had a dog of wonderful here one of the speakers was spianamenti one then it was seth and then we had ivan riklin john mills and they had great information on how there was election interference international and national level the hearing was absolutely going at am jacklin brger was our last presenter of the day and when she came in she came in with a heavy box of paper and on my home i guess she has hand outs for every one in the audience cause they asked me how many copies of hand out the need and i said well there seventeen members on the panel and then us you know a few hundred and your soshocoes in with the heavy and what it was was it was an eighty one page winder i'll say dossier or hand ow am i wasn't expecting an at one pecan out and then i i guess a page distributed to every one on the dios normal procedure is at the chair with look at it shake their heads and go ahead and to give it out but somehow this just got automatic ling handed out and then this is on the famous february twenty third simon a basically he did talk about election integrity which he also talked about the reason of this is happening and the reason that a happening is in her and john taylor's opinion corruption in arizona was pretty much through the roof don't know how also and so she you know you can go when you can probably for that testimony above too much of it but in that document she named name so thou pretty much where i got myself in now i did mention to jacqueline brger and john taylor crier don't impugn the legislators and don't antonelliso so not imputing the legislators to house roar and i was familiar with that so don't appolergise and saying don't impugn any religions or forgot that in religion that's like warm wearing my real or cap where we just stopped talk religion there's good and bowed in every religion doesn't matter what religion it is justice as they related to election integrity and she did that but then she just brought in others of as well and that's pretty much what kind of got me in trouble i know there's a lot of other details i'm going to go over them very lightly em you know tecmessa god the arizona house since his fine you know they asked me there was no discovery oh the pretty much asked me are these or boyeand this happened after the complaint was filed against me to the ethics complaint was filed against me by a democrat by the way the democrat was later caught on came stealing bibles in the house members beside the moon migosh ye but i'm she filled the complaint and then i the whole month of march all you know in addition to doing my regular job of being on the house floor reading the bills of proving a more denying or odin yet i nay i was on preparing for the so what was pretty amazing about the ethics hearing on march thirtieth was that i gave them fourteen ex jumping down to march thirtieth fourteen exhibit and the legislative council decided to remove ten of mine exhibits a worn relevant and again these are a bunch of lawyers nobody calls me and said he explained the elements of easily explained how it all fit together and instead they give me a fifth exhibit so the keeping four of my exhibits an he give me a fit which is my text messages might unauthorized so some people say stolen taxes oh and again i say ye use my text as and had i been given what would say a day i could easily explain what every text st and the fact that a staff member you know one of as ben holostomum bers were sitting next to me when i wrote about a fifth of and about another fifth or horder the texts wore what sunny borelli had directed and i was just parting or repent so nothing in my text various however public of the democrats the republicans on the ethics span every text tried to incriminate me and in that no defence there i noted that there is no u couldn't speak about it there is no defence they just basil take your tecs messages and they interpreted what youth said what your intention was without being in part of the conversation correct again if i had had cover and they weren't thrown on me at the beginning of the text the beginning of the hearing i could have easily either done a written response or i could have my presentation time to explain my text passages but i didn't know i was on trial the officer was about my texts i thought it was what happened on gen infebruary twenty third and that's what i was prepared for but they did remove ten of my exhibit so on the spot if you and talk about discombobulation some one and even though they be ghosts they did discombobulate me i did a great job like i don't think i did about job in i mean an end the first thing one the first things i spoke hey we let a constituent in we gave her a platform address the government do you know what and what is wrong or that and linberger or john taylor were defaming people there information was not valid in wirent you sewing them in a quart of law warring inerthat wire you coming after me probably because you are effective and they you know that that's that's what i get out of it as when somebody when somebody gets taken out and they don't go after the end of ideals i got removed from a meeting by christenliches or asked to leave a meeting by christina and as she's a head of the machine the amigo p but i was invited by some one else that was part of it and i had no knowledge of any of their rules or anything as the key i got invited to this and a and e it was ah it was really one of those things i like wire you going after some one who is there to help instead of the person that invited the people that invited me here why don't you go after them all she did go after and a it was kind of it was kind of a big big deal really are you to keep removing people that are there to help or are you going to go after the ones who actually were in possession of the rules and theirs crickets after that absolute are they told the what they were telling me just like you was that in lesterpt of the club you're not welcome he and i didn't fall into that club right so on gramineal eleventh they put out my it's nine patriot on the findings of and the its really funny because the media got this her port at the same time i got so i have media before i even could read it had medicating me as and nine page report which based lasharis is not believe we've descried her essentially said i lied five times during the other which is not true i never lied once i kept asking me were you aware of what jack line burgher was going to present in the matter in which she presented it and he answers no so come in and and i actually had a recording of that soon call in what word john taylor did tell me here's what i'm going to be i sent that to all the legislators now granted i sent it to them too late they had already made up their minds and what the didn't care of their like you think this is going to prove your innocence laws not sorry you got another think comin on april twelfth the day after that i findings report came out of the ethics on the twelfth come in man on the floor there handing out the copy to all ninety members of arizona he that nine page report and i the people who support me as took as the day of the expulsion and i thought they do it at the end of the session but no they did it right away so they didn't even give a chance for my supporters to get down to the but i was called in to the chamber here the house and i kind of had got word that they were advising that i resigned it really so i went in and i saw the sweet he had to get his little salicotto ney a next tom before he could start speaking to and then i said a speaker toma i assume i'm here because you want me to resign and in his hands he said we'll have a resolution expel and i said well people who resign are either quitters and the ore they have done something wrong i'm not a quitter i've done nothing wrong egerton you please explain to me why you are not going after john taylor or jacqueline berg he said with as you and i do not see i to yon the thomething and i said thank you for witnessing the conversation and then i walked out on to the floor to face my he expelled em and then i basically had my boxes back i went home that and when one it's kind of funny because i had a lot of interviews lying up and a lot of them they got word from big names in arizona that was was a liar and so i was not able to get on steve beninso i don't know who to not a steve down in that as a liar but i have money my though not being able to get on the war room not being able to get on a lot of the hadow it hurt me is what the people who expelled me did as they got on the radio here in ours one so they had the airwaves filled with is harris is not a good person she lied she did more to her the republican party than any one she did more to hurt election integrity than any one so understand that when they expelled me then my bills died as well it killed the belt ah so the procedure for replacing me is that your legislative the present committee men bring forth nominations and a bring forward three names so we had and has to be done with his so every one got in emergency meeting together through a hundred put forward nine names and then i came in the top three as the number one vote getter seventy per cent of the vote three names minding the top went to the america to county board of supervisors and may had to pick one name and isotes surprise they did not they will see so you had the vote of the people and they usurped that they found a way to kick you off the island is something somebody else dead and then you had the vote of the people again and the top down management went after you that's what it sounds and its interesting cause even as there were eighteen or publicans who voted to expel me an what even the ones who did not vote to expel me they want some of them went on speaking circuits and had a lot of negative things to say about muse that my election integrity bills weren't really mine they belong to a previous legislator now a lot of his work was a little bit of truth of course i worked with ledge on in eo okay i hear the modifications that i want to this you know i want the general election of state holiday let's make sure we have accessible in all taxpayer funded buildings so there were a lot of other things i also had the legislate and the way the arrows one judges at election integrity challenges so nobody mentions any of that and yes i did work very hard on this but i've got i'll just say represent barbara parker telling people who live really did nothing down there i mean it's just insane or reporter did not vote to expel me she sang that's not the only things she and represented justin he of legislative district or saying horrendous things about me to i'll start off with we were less well i was in the and then they just to to wit me so it's like a little bit of the psychological manipule the hope political the hope political arena is completely and utterly satanic and when you watch how people treat ach other instead of carrying about the united states of america they turn it into a personal silo building teem building when at every cost and only associate with people you agree with and i know that i've seen that over and over again well you know what the best way to do it as you want people you disagree with it they're building and unless people it's almost in isatis overdo its a colt mentality not o cult but a cold and you either you either garner this support from the people on the top or you get voted off the island at some point in time the fact that you got on at all it's kind of shocking and i you know it's in it really it really is a little shocking i when when you listen you when i listen or sorry listen to story the michal and doublethat all is like this is kind of this deserves little more digging into the just sabin you know the way things are and people personal vendat as against some one or you know i don't know that there is so much of a club mentality on our inner politics it's it's a it's criminal it is and that's how they protect themselves with us having no vote is that they get people in that that if somebody wants to try to do something they will just sable that erst now i would expect you to grab some bells from other people im in modify them that we do that with our law all the time me that's what you do when you write a case you write case you go back to exist in law and good ideas that are there and so you know personally yet a person is on it there's no reason to reinvent the wheel of somebody's already done the work and how to be you know you just credit him you give me you consortes and and perhaps you know you're able to work with him on it in a collaborative way but i don't know it wasn't there so to soundless like there's an awful lot they going on there that's really is so then what we found out in the last is that the resolution to expel me it didn't have his pose what it did how four costs cosponsor or all republican there was not a single democrat so it was literally my party that expelled me they made to her the head the democrat boots it made sure they had enough for public and boats to you need a two third spoke and the four names on that coast sponserble i don't know why they could get it through without his pose speaker of the house been told up proto an as ground the majority with the rest martinis and majority leader leo biases the leadership team rapidthe resolution to expel me and that it's just a traves and i would hope that none of the people who voted to expel me on the republican side forget about democrats like irony know the democrats there the platform there thought there the way they think total a crazy but the republican i really hope that they do not hold another elected of in arizona or anywhere else in the country the rest of their lives and i know it sounds like men is not what it is primary purpose for being down there plate of to get our elections in you just want to add when i ran in twenty twenty i didn't realize elections were reason this is one of my propator one of my gods as for the last thirty one thirty two months now what i've been doing every single day of my life looking at what one wrong in elections not just in arizona but around the country in formulating a methodology so that we don't have it ability for well you know the democrat party and itself in the republican party is the unit party is too wings the same bird in my opinion and we were warned to thee in sumption of this nation that political parties will be the downfall of this nation and that's exactly what we're outrage now they're nothing more than special interests bought and paid for and in you you can see it how they move the money around and how they target people who are really standing for america daring to be american and daring to challenge the status quo the the republican party in michigan is is one of the most disgraceful is so disgraceful there's no words to it i mean it's you got christina crone here who've got rid of her oh the her executive director and brought in a guy that's the felonies hen has had ten counts of wire for and in how many fallings are sitting at the top of the party and then you got the grand new party where its wants again you've got you've got the establishment they were in with a with somebody who was on the atlantic counsel gave money to joe biden that said the republicans and was in with briesmann you've got somebody else there that sometimes to china through rice university and they were doing on the specie if in was crossing the blood brain buried with voluminous there this is this is what the republican parties in the problem that we have as we have people that their so used to i have to be portoco that's what they say not me i i i like i don't i don't need to be part of a and in a starts it starts in the lower level and i don't know i told you the sinifie to take i went to the machine man ac electioneering rally over in washington cause that's exactly what it was oh for president trumpet was a shame it was a disgrace that we that we welcomed president trump the rightful president of the united states into this shameful patheticus tation there were it would people were standing in morat by the vanderstein who is now one of pinecone do construction we don't own the pipe we would have been down for the type of of hazards that were at that rally they ran out of water to clock in afternoon we present troops always like he never makes an unstated and so so by the time the people got out of there it was like nine ten o'clock and there was no food or water nobody nobody he had any idea of what was really going on there and i was so ashe that we would bring president tromp in the state of michigan to something that was that poorly run and i heard more than one time while i was there while you know this is really about making the precint delegates and yogis they could bolt what for the ones that they chose to be on top and high light in the rest of us that were there not shoved off to the side because oh we we were we were at the chosen one so all it is as this in allusion that you have a choice in our elections it's already got we already lost it we lost a long time ago and now we're fighting our way back the good news as is that we are fighting our way tackand i do believe that that you know gods in charge he's always in charge and he brings us of to a point where we have to give ourselves up and ore are egos are planed and then he put a son a track to actually win and so like when i hear a story like yours you've got a story with very just like i do and on how you were targeted by the political establishment and you know what the whole damned thing is the political establishment from top to bottom that i don't think there's i can tell you right now the legislature here in michigan i do say all but one keep myself from legal trouble here but guilty of trees and topped bottom all of em they paused the constitution they let this this election be certified in twenty twenty twenty twenty two passed into the board canvassers so they said well we didn't know yah they sure did know and people that are involved in targeting people they know they there knowingly are doing it so are you able to play audio cliffs i profited this out let me see what i can do here about and and a e i this is this is always tell people ah this is as good as it gets the real news for re people by real people at the kitchen table so ye so i don't twelve your able to play it this is what speaker pro tem travis is out telling the precinct committeemen in his legislative district about i mean it's not even why you know well lives made mistake you know it's literally completely vilifying me i can be i could play it okay let let's we can hear this is a good and scanian get it right now let me try that again a young you know that there's a little audio box that you need i did on one of the so can you hear it nonot in one even a get somebody i may take up here to see if they can run this rather swell differently here it if you can hear it if you turn the halloo now i think we're good enterprising out of second i'm going to go had stop camera here and just keep talking i i'll be right back just but just keep on what i'd like to do isn't like to took you every one some breaking news and what's here happening here in arizona as a going to take the last ten minutes but i think we might eat a couple more men in arizona miracle be county republican comet pretty amazing he passed a resolution the saturday morning it was an emergency meeting and what were asking the arizona geo pete please allow us to one day one vote paper ballots pre sings no machines hand for a non statutory election presidential now not all states have a president i believe the reason arizona has it is because our primary is not until age so having the presidential preference let for the republican party and for the democrat party it basically puts forward whom we want the presidential nominee to so that election is in march twenty four americansrichard said he we've got a great idea state run election single i shall issue ballad i don't and we can literally try the one day one vote on a state wide level and like this is a phenomenal idea here jeff to wit of arizona geop if we want to do that we would have to submit by friday september first five the fact that we want to pull the election back to the people let the people run in and not let the government run it to the government would be secretary of state adoring fontes county level it would be stephen richer running the election were saying no let the party run it people of the party and and i cannot begin to tell you how much sliding the arizona geop is they are showing us their true colours their giving us every reason under the sun that we cannot do this including a price tag of thirteen fifteen million dollars no we're going to have volunteers count the ballots were got to get very inexpensive location there is in me a lot of republicans at donate their locations to hold these if we're going to have the ability for an absentee valet for the military or the disabled or you know the airplane pilots or any one whose in a position where they can not vote at their local e there there just giving us so many reasons that this can't have and it's an absolute travesty so many of us gave out the email addresses of the entire or of many of the executive committee on the arizona gopi or names names and email addresses not telephone numbers nodded des of those you need to contact in a body made up of eighty two people that will decide whether or not jest to wit stay where in a run our own election we've got the so we just gave out malades and now cher jest the wit is stating that we've people on the errors on going that is and there again in threats and no nobody's threatening them we just want a one day one vote smaller precinct paper ballet no machine election and because it's a non statutory election the republican party can do it but the republican party does not want to they're fighting with us they don't want to do it and they're making up every reason under the and now there because i'm going on interviews and talking about it there's a new mail chain going out on you know less the good republicans in the bad republicans i never said that i said the good republicans want this and the not so good not so good doesn't mean bad it's just there not so good on this sisto when one collection integrity i'll say what you don't want to say but they are bad okay i'm going to see it right across here because you don't need to say it i'll say a right now and they can come after me and i don't really care that the reality is is that every single institution we have has been infiltrated by marks part of an organized crime syndicate that's globules a global organized crime syndicate all you got to do is look at what they say and what they do and that's exactly what we have here so yet there are good republicans there are good democrats there bad democrats are bad republicans the leadership and they don't want to say that i'll stand for anything it's gold on to get along make sure that they agree with everything that you that they say are you get voted off the island and we're seeing that acrossthere united state and so i think we should get rid of the word good republican bad republican and just say americans or infiltrating marks who want to see the destruction of the united states of america and i don't give a rap what i doubted politics there playing on us cause they're plain identity politics within these corrupt as how political or that's exactly what shape and oh you know it's the i the great thing that i releife like i won by losing because honestly i say whatever i want and i do you know and it's true though in and i think that we are going to have to come to terms with what these labels have made us devolve in there there there separating us by gender male female and whatever he and oh in in race and now in political parties and we after agree on everything dislike wore a bunch of kindergartners on a play ground deciding how to stack rock and and you know what that's not how it works were adults and we all have opinions on things it then my experience that most people want the same thing now you know it we have it with the war that's going on here is with our government and we the pet they hate us we are nothing but in their way to self enrichment and all we got to do is look at the bank accounts i'm goin to go through this chat here many because i've got somebody on your who decided that he wants to see now take me on for what over because ah this is this is an it's absurd it's anyhow fagotto says good morning and yea less the only thing worse than democrat is a ride an air of someone is infested with a let's just call what they are the part of the global craigside the remarks and there probably rob and shoulders with a word like an out men come ante an says here we go here this is going to be interesting rino don't get in the way of my donors the jana and my ability to make money and get reelected nothing else matters yet except for i don't really have any daughters i was the only one out thateither money or pack money just remember that donneraient about ninety nine nine per cent of her campaign and so so we might have to have a discussion and then a tortorino fellas i have no auditories anybody else have from it discomfortor me and other people said so that it was okefort am sorry for thee if there were any technical difficulties on it any time he gets somebody on its far reole as i always have problems and i had prepossessed i really did we were talking about it with marked ventureand mark ventin was bringing forward information also and we had terrible promise soon as he got off him ah they they try to keep as fight vast essays other than my chinese may dull computer locking up a couple o times everything else is working out my hand to day and it's working out romeo from sunshine susie pass my gope is a cult and he stomachica the geopenian is a cold i experienced at big time when i supported you down over thunder dickson who was a designated loser in might and changed my whole outlook ah molly would i thank you for this clarity all arizona's please contact jeffy wit to give elections back to the people and we the people have more in common we the people have more in common than are differences we absolutely do it it is as against a very very very corrupt establish and they they absolutely hate us there's there's no two ways about it that this is a oh this is a everybody getting the game all hands on deck situation or we're going to lose more than we've already lost i but i have a feeling that the amount of exposure that we've gotten through the rightful president of the united states president donald trumpetand more for this nation that any one from the beginning of the nation we had traitors that signed that the constitution and the declaration of independence in there is nothing in this world that's totally in you're a year people are flat that the systems are flat we have to think for ourselves and choose the way and it starts with each one of us as an individual person who makes decisions to do the right thing regardless what anybody around us to you you have to stand up you have to tell the truth and it doesn't matter if they if people agree with you or not we have to be open to with a no back down attitude i bring bringing the truth for it not bring to gather this this web site you have here a minute and i'd like to have you back on again because i want to go through this again two in fine grained because i i i like listening to any one who has been persecuted and in targeted when i listened to that i don't know you as could hear it but i could hear pretty good be the the audio that you have i in to see if i can cure these things up and see if i can get it to feed the computer jeffrey says the other day said that he probably could help me figure out how to get it going through the computer have to see if i can get that work and or and somehow but i nugget working cause i think people should hear the victor in this man's voice and it is extraordinarily stage is one thing i like about getting on talking to people here if we don't always know exactly what we're going to talk there is no script it's from the heart and it is what it is did people got it to deal with it it's very imperfect but it's real it is real what's going on so tommy about this website here crime in these so i am pretty sure that i myself and my group we called a crime of the century before president donald trotted we couldn't get the domain name crime of the century so we got primed the century twenty twenty dog can and this is a website that it's it's a people website and it's updated dolly i don't really run it but it gives you a lot of current news what's happening and it talks about everything that's happening not just in arizona around the world and i'm very proud of this website again it's pivots i do come i can't tell you how much security we have on it if they're trying to hack it on so ah but then people want to reach out to me i don't know we at that part yet just i am alas harrison faced social and a telegram and on twitter i'm loose harris and be but that's how they keep am i of course shadow man all the time a back in the day when we were doing the audit i had over a hundred holes scribes on out to literally eighteen channels on me oh and then i think i was a monetized a few hundred dollars and they took that way for he too it was so funny so funny but i wisethose resent the same man or group here because you know they keep trying to take me to i just read i treated his like video game they i'll just re incarnate in a different area but i don't raninburg brandenburg news not work i do not sons and on you know it's like i created that because i was kicked off of you too and we needed to do something mollissima menasha get all private companies out of our elections absolutely and molly would please look up david what is the un telegram to get to know your state constitution the power is with you less we are oldgave or carbon hall when we asked him why he voted to expel and was the keep telling us you lied and that's why they expelled you why did they give you a lie detector will they they can say whatever they want and that's the that's the problem is a people can say whatever they want to say and they go after good people to destroy them and i'm going to tell you what happens happens all the time constantly there's guy on the hat this morning that's don't get the way on my yonderyonder s a johndories you know there's just there's just there's just a laughter of a tax on good people and the only thing as as you are yet the gods to stand up and stand forward and try to stand in the way of this and they expel i want to come back on to get me when odostemon weeks there's so much information to go through down there and in it the fact that they stepped in front of we the people to expel you should be incredibly concerning to all whether we like people are not its we the people's voice that needs to be heard not not a little private club that wanted to kick you out for something that you have clearly documented you did so anyhow thank you so much for coming on and i i really i really appreciate oh you know i really appreciate your time and such a and a very very much appreciated that so soetkin wore when we're on lying later thank you so much down i have a great thank you but he goes maticara short break here an i'll be right back with gabriel beeler ooooooooooooooooooooooo morny good morning welcome back to the second hour of brandenberg news network this morning i am done and brandon burgendas the thirty first day of august twenty my next gasp is gabriel grobler and is a decorated marine corps war veteran having served two tours of duty in erech gabriel is journeyman plumber who was terminated from the portland public schools in twenty twenty one other youwerewere all interminated here for refusing the experimental stars to vaccine will dis call it alleged back durius ten year gave collected a mass of evidence implicating port portland public schools in negligent water facilities management exposing children to high latin other dangers water contaminants his calls for action went on answered by the peeps administration gave ran for the organ state house of representatives of twenty twenty two he lost his first primary race but his political career is just getting started a great fighters of their do along with his leadership position at free oregon a gave is very active in the washington county republican party he is a piece p precint captain and chairman of the government's committee and a lot of welcome gave honest morning how you doing i'm actually here of washington county now and not the government affairs charan more okay then in the chair the year so you're here the one at the top that's taken all the hits every day every day it is really incredible how to the political climate is and i really am an bring your website of it here a minute i think the average person is much crab as we see out there in the media cannot even relate to how hostile political i it is for those of us who have decided to get involved yes on the communitate of oregon that i live in i it's pretty bad he you know it i grow up here my whole life though however laughed was when it adjoined the marine or and i've got to release a slow ah deggeredation of he not so that we left and now were that's a real product of a for both by mail had got by mill since and ever since nineteen ninety said your decline of servative value for left his ideal can't win anything haven't had a governor republicans in no long house portland portland doing i mean poor land was the topic of conversation with the anti of marks essentiatus for a long time and i think that it was it was so disturbing for the rest of the country but it can't even probably hold a candle to what you guys went through and how is it now so we had a bill a measure was it a bill was a maser and the voters spotteten it was called major one had the criminalizes his happiest and now antenn holes asses are leaving the downtown area right and left right now a lot of business being told by entrance come we can no longer endure in portland proper in and so even more of an exodus from the downtown area not god in his not getting any better i read gateway panted article the other day a bow a people an organ repeal that now that measure one end they make it all proved other stuffs when they tell you something in this state and then when it gets past is so horrible in the people the voters listen and understand what is actually gone to do bodin and they think democrat i you know and more you know bigger government or quires more from the its punissable there's no offense these people had keep on boat in these policies that more government going to as in in eventual and working your come to make it better is not a bigger government more money more takes deciding that they want to have it the way that they want to have the one have a certain way i have he you all have government well that's truly were at into your point local action equals national impact what what are you guys working on right now the organ go okay so we're about ready to have or platform on in october and so were gen i write that i will be one of the plank chairs for limited government is what i want to be the point chair for so i yagona lot of that in the ah in washington as citizens and itratives here in the state of his you no get something on the ballot you can get enough signatures and then you can i refer it to the voter if you want to do it state why usually around two hundred to but they liked to throw orsini away usually we need about two hundred and fifty thousand on their you know there's a lot o there's a lot of things going on right now i forgathered that there say harry petition going round there is also a tolls on the free ways where it would have to be referred to the bother if you wanted to put tools on the free ways cause right now they can just do it ah there is also a school choice petition that's goin around where i the money falls the cad and open and roll ment which allowed because they really rested scotistic you can't get out because they don't want your to go away ten thousand six hundred dollars and so i want to get some of that money and give it to the parents and let them be able to do that but it gave me a great idea being the chairman for the washington can do ah initiative petition in the county requires a whole lot less and the thresholds on that or a number of bones that bowed in the last governatorial elected per cent of that number so lost a governor trisection for us was in washing a county which i acheron two hundred and fifty five thousand per cent of that it like two thousand two thousand something on their initiative process so so i think in more what could i do to be able to get something on the county that would have a lasting and we of both by mail the problems that we have it the machine you know we don't have a polling place there are the county elections they combine closed doors you don't cosey so is like what kind of tool can i take away from them so then while that that locraz so that that way were her savalette better to lag there sorry no words were having a little bit of a la between you and i say what i thought of the tabulated you know so how do i take that old well if i do missive process where i say ok wol used tabulators you know that i find some so is like all right how about the we do insanitariness that said only the boat shall count he and were in the process of doing that right now and gathered hoping that we can give it in the main primary and have enough in the may primary here in oregon and twenty twenty so that that way we can actually have an effect on the november election when of making them hand calk the ballot i just feel that if you tried to so i want to tell them how and i want the voters to vote on it were gone lad of a we get a lot of signatures were about half way he on really good at some of the things that the the organ republican party is so anon we've got backing from the state on this in southern gives on de ans this awesome i think that hand counting is the way to go paper ballads i cannot like saying the voting with an you know no no absentee ballots unless your military because a untilwe get this thing you know i know there can be some people that are like well i can't make it it and for a week you know we've all heard that kind of e and i'm sorry this is our civic duty that this is our duty to show up and to actually have our voice heard and it should be a high priority there is nothing that needs to step in front of a vote and a i very much letanias believe that we need to be have reporting precint lovel reporting not over the internet of haveacross so that so that we can call him an i mean that's the only we were going to have honest elections in my pen yet you know we're we're kind in the because the boers actually voted in on themselves male in ballads when we did it in ninety six so it's part of our case a man yes so it's not something that he change i some effort i had you know thirty of voting at your that's how astekischen table with their little synopsis of all the people that are on i know and they they vote i can't colton numbers on now being the chair watching a county i get poncas livefor who is this person you know he need to be more involved the way government were you aren't going to expect a good product simple isn't dear dear find it to be a kind of amusing that you get asked who devote for because in the fact when they ask somebody else who devote for that of the person is actually voting they're not voting themselves they're just going to the motions that they'd be great of ivo's honest but unfortunately we've got so many people that are involved in special interest and you know really rigging the election for unjust gain or in such that that's kind of like disturbing like very dose disturbing i i try people who are they confined out information about the candidate you don't don't tell them you know i can tell them who i am voting for but nominate them that but for this person why because this i clint's really tough you know one of the talking points to the left that i love to destroy all the is the fact that they say that this so bad you know only half the country this country was so bad it's so good i sit and lackadaisical and they don't care enough gage in the civic post so that means it's really good it's not really bad because if it was really bad ninety per cent of the public in a like bill like goin i bring the well it were my hat my issue is is that most of imintanoot head and say it because i'm not a fan of political parties at all right now will because there so corrupt and i think there's a few people in it that you know that or really trying to do a good job in such an i applaud every one that does but but the political party system right now is behind the fall of the nation be because of of or in a way just that is the people will will call somebody and have them tell em what their opinion is rather than have an individual after there is a way too much money in the elections there should an it's my opinion that there should be zero money in elections and i mean zero not just the packs not the dark money but that we should ah you know centralize all of our elections into you know like a an open platform or people can post candidates composed whatever they want and people can go there to actually look at it but that i was told when i ran for governor that i would have to raise fifty two million dollars in a state of misery as to be considered in in the game and only are you kidding me and the only way to get to that is to take the dark money the the pack money and to be bought off by the corporations or somebody else is looking for a favor or a kick and when you look at that to have to put that kind of money into a race for a job in michigan that i think it's a hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars a year it is it is it is so shocking i mean and the entire system is built for corruption and so what a when you guys goin to your meetings what what i find a youyouto like workmen oh we don't make and what does that look like so like a right now we're have the ability and arched on age in both her the democrats so one of the things that we are trying to the tools that we have we're going to roll that out twenty four to be able to we couldn't get it together in the one election to harness ah we come to figure out it's not go get a a republican ballot from as sir thateither just to get i give it to you at all in so have more non affiliated organ than anything else than both political so you know targeting those that are like a number to you know where they usually vote in the bigger elections and being able to ask them if they would like i have a stake their ballad in or they could not write now and take their ballads and cause everybody's got their bowed at their house doesn't agree on it nobody likes it can't change it till people awake that so just turn the blind eye to his there only i explained how the vote harvest scene how restin works in or in or and how are they doing it so an go ter you can go ask anybody for their ballot turned in to an official ballot drop also set up your own a noise let drop and i oh you have to do is put a background and sing an unofficial drop box in its cot a certain size the lettering and all the other stuff like that that they put in the law anybody like you can put it out and you don't have to even monte hurried on the now of those ballads are legal or honest or anything they could fill it up with all kinds of bolts there is no election in oregon now it's it's really bad i mean there are multiple levels of how bad we cannot clear our one and so take anybody off there twenty twenty two in washington county alone we had twenty two hundred people both some of them been dead ten little man like in their voters statistics before the election canright after the so in an you can't go to the states or the lections he you go to the elections of his when you bring that up to them and say he looks and there like wool buck the lock are you kidding me no no i'm not getting you at all i am not at all the oaf you were talking to the evers person in oregon did they understand what is actually happened to the state that there are no elections in oregon that's not in election the thing is is there are so bring by he is a republican tried to talk to them about that an they won't even listen to me and the first if i was a known a foliated border i will in have political affiliates and i tried to talk to him about it oh that's of dear so to reconcile with the fact it's not it can't just but they rather you know the austrich and put her head with sand belike lololand nothing's happening i everything's fine hope it's not an so you know i really wonder take this you know with these methods that have been implemented over de how even now we can switch it at how much are they goin to preserved the status you agoin to have to get in there and remove like an everybody and start over again that's the only way to do it yea you base with the state was given away i can tell you i'm not feeling really good over here in michigan voting with oregon in our national elections right now because oh there there is no there's no chain to custodees no there is no guarantee that i mean any that people while this ballot have seen and there's people it can put a ballotbox on phillip with whatever they popoff and sounds like high probability of fraud there because there's no oversight whatsoever so whoever wants to do it when we just like you know flood flood it with as many as men balances we can and say up this way it works that's exactly what they do we see a lotty he regularities organ with the wet voting every year you ain't larities its institutional cheating is another it's really bad i mean it's instantly bad old how bad and the bower trying were trying to make a difference here were not given up i made a vow to god a long time ago ah when i got fired from portland public school i was going to stay and fight i wasn't going to let them push me out of my home my home is swa grew up he i was in not a lot of wind you know with the polinis in no what i used to work there i worked in my capacity as being a journeyman plumber and they gave us criticus on classes and all kinds of as aplomber come wild etonthey force you to do anything and take part in their the flire education camps that's what our schools and are its likegive you don't agree with that they're going to throw you in a re education camp your bunch of notes i blow up for seven asking all kinds as like my wife of america the land in knowledge the not stand it he and ridiculous sooner and some those equity and inclosing classes like luck i raised my hand and there they they say what you have questionings is it all man to ben owned by somebody else at some point and been taken by somebody else and some point and in their life well and i like so we feel it from the dinosaurs then oh they want to keep me out of the class that i i got i got i got a lot of speed but now they would they the governor in the in twenty twenty one october eighteen those oh and if you did it then your this charge so i asked her when i did ask me for more information about my faith and i cried and how can i ask you about that as we live in socialist organ nobody's going to say no you know so i provide the information and then to bring me into a hard i don't believe in god as to other telling you what you think you have a thought cried yes so that's that's there's tim sitting there and i like so i raised my hand cause you know working first strictures on my hand what are you raising a hand for it my love question and like we of fraser had it i thought it was a poet you know i get and i said so how all the separation possibly be a religious authority on what i believe in and they just look at me like a wide eyed like a and there like we spilled to believe you know i fought in the in that i worked for the nothing to help me out oh mersheden they're only about the money exactly and so i ain't a gettin a new job the great thing about being a plummer is ah you always have work people aren't going to stop going to the end it's never a there's never going to be a not have fresh drinking water or to be let go use the toilet so i got drops these are so well her i've got i've got advice for you the next time that something like that happens throw on a like one of those ansias animal jotan anses and sidon if as a pink fox now get me a letter box and i do some aforetiine i got to see that in portionwe did i not it's rangitanira pot mental illness that comes their way they have a sob story for but if if something has come inside we're going to go strake in in there and you know as the i i've been like honoranta delinitae for boligh ah i have a real problem with that conversely this guy is out there you know in the state he's in he looks like to me like somebody who has it needs a desperate cry for he and on and up happening as if this is in fact the case they took advantage of him in as soon as that money has done what's going to happen cause that's what they do they victimize people who are really in trouble just like the transgender not and the yacht the john emulation of the they thought those kids i had watched videos where were kids are adults sobbing after they had like the bottom surgery or the double mesostomes sabin said i wished i would wait and prince or hacking off parts of children's bodies they will never ever have a full life by going into the what have you got wakes up one morning is as i want to be a dinosaur his edicts do i'm going to be a you know this or that or firemen and and you know or a pirate great pokes i out give me peg leg this is none it's absolons nse all of it i sat just had a in this last legislative had house built to zero or to through by the democrats it that's what it is it's generating needle mutilation as kids now and go her school get the taking get the process started for reassignment sir drink altars right o italy started he get it a portion at any but then they the orobians walked out and they ended up bumping it up to twelve years my son is so like a twelve year old nets and the worst open contact you know like being involved eaton to make sure there's not any abuse going on or we viewing this so that that way they can cover it up is that the underlining why they want to make this a law which they there endored there were grooming our kids cause the majority of em there come in for our kids they in this is what they're thesis what this is all about because we have so many patifie sitting in these the year these people are sick beyond in these patapatoos that are so lord it's it is so sick when you start researching and in you know when and we're seeing more and more of it coming to the coacervare here it's incredible that they pacifies and victimizers go where those kids are which is going to be the schools thought disney world i all i mean all of it you're going to your going to see people that go where children are playgrounds that's and and they drew it to grow in wild michigan we passed out proposals i don't believe they were honestly past i don't think they had the sense supposedly out proposition three passed here which now we hear all these people across the state of michigan i didn't know it would end my parental rights will that's what happens when you're a lazy voter because they put these headlines and in order to mislead people and now they can come in and a teacher or any of these thick old marks that are in our schools can sick let you know he's he's clean with dowels now we're going to go chop part of his body up aginst we really think he's we know at we really know best and parents thank you so much for having children to be owned by these that's exactly what's happening act with like i told you before we have scored i measure her in oregon where we give seventeen thousand six hundred dollars public schools first student to go there and in what other two parts to have because you earn adoring the town of money he the two parts in a constitutional amendment to the organ or i have two things at one time in singular item others two parts set one of them is of that a seventeen thousand given to the parents and we wouldn't be doing the school voucher what we are it's kind o like school it would be done a third part non pot the parent can sing and then the parent first men from that third party non point the reason why we did it like this in so do col give money to taxes by going through a third party on post then they can school that you shall dollars goes to that third party not profit apparent the where they're goin and at school copies whatever or even old the other great thing about it is in the in the measure its written that the government i make you change your creed religion thinking any this and so out if they came after homes which i am homes we got out and went he is not serious rout of school i mean or can kept her so for old and it's have i to marched honor i we are bottom of the barrel legislation couple years ago that menaced there's no graduation requirements everybody graduated you know you don't have to do anything to graduate or on first participation awards for every one they got there's no there's no letter grades any more everybody passes they did that in twenty they knew what they were drew into those kids by keeping a mount school for a whole year they knew that on lines i was not going to help them and also we got our kip me and my wife gothere that thing is is what we realized is our oldest fourteen at the she was almost two years behind in man and we had no idea they were just kicking the can down the road she spent the first year catching back to excel and now she's in her third year college love of courses can you know or what i home schooled and when i can see and i'm an i'm old i'll be sixty this year so it was like thirty some years ago that that i was so now their almost almost thirty four thirty six years ago that i started home school and i i'm in to tell you what they want to see our kids fail in her education and in the educational is part of this whole of destroying our children is kicking him out in the streets with no education so that their they just make a better and i'm in use the word better slave to these where were all de slaves at this point into and it is getting worse is getting much worse they want those kids on educated unable to critically his unable to take care of themselves so they become dependent on the system so that they'll do in order to have food or eat or have anything they will sit there and grovel for scraps of for this nation and that at what that of his bought any known every single teacher of there that says that one a good teacher i'm doing as that's great we have some really good teachers it may just be time for everybody to walk out on all this the annie the amie they need to be absolutely leveled they they they should not exist they should be abolish you know one of the things we were hoping with this for choice a petition the second part of that is is that with his distal and that with the can keep the funds in that cold we want to make it so that you can send your kid wherever you in so that that the second part about that in what were really hope in the resthanded that in there let's say in in the voters passed it in seventy six hundred dollars for the parents every year here's another caveat that's really important that the democrats absolutely cannot see selecting you did it does it take seventy six hundred dollars a year to get we know this you can bank the money and then they can for cold it was ice you didn't spend a those taxpayer dollars left it in that act they would have over ninety thousand so women acting student loan that will most of the way you pitoge it that more depending on where you were got none that was want to cancel the people have taken on and responsibility and say oh will you you're not you're not you don't have to do don't worry about it well will justine you know whatever happens that economy what is whatever happen that no so two parts right there torrence being able to go where the parents want to send them when new schools open up we don't want him to be restricted and that school district that they live in and the parents can send them there and kind o what we're hoping he he does as over the next five one schools so we nothing happen yet which is really bad here so when they closed down and they consolidate you're going to have it going to sell off and then private other schools come in by those mild and provide other than government and doctrine i agree that nation the same thing and world war too you had indoctrination camps and on that'sthat's really all it's come down to when you have pornography in the schools being taught to first craters and that sort of thing you you have the there starting the destruction of our children and that then its merciless and groom you know our children and needs it needs to absolutely stop and what what cockyness you is a cricketer kids are a theory i would tell you what it is but my wife does stomates time she is a rock at as she is very involved in the republican party also here in origin a parliamentarian she's very roberts rose order and and all that stuff conocidos our house like that that is looking ahead for the minds and start home on the cow flowoff it's a much harder job than what i do living i'll tell you that right well in i appreciate that i love that i think stay at home momorrow the tithonos or mons everywhere are just here a sore dad said just go to work every day and i'm going to make i've been to ask your question kasisto way too much time in college and it doesn't make you smart or make you dommarien more working working when i was a kid cause i started working oh my gosh when i was seven years old i was filling and now you know so i i'm kind o i've always had conelike traditional role i never fit any of them right and i'm going to ask you a homage a comment that i would expect that somebody who is a plumber we could compare a balance sheet between you and some one who went through full and doctrinatis and the colleges for say like onosander studies or some of the other other types of studies that are out there you come you start work and you're making money and you have no doubt were a lot of his people get out of school and they have two hundred three hundred thousand dollars worth of debt in a job that the universities in such tell them oh you know you're going to have a great life of how to you when they realise that they might be lucky to make forty thousand dollars a year or fifty thousand dollars a year with three hundred thousand dollars worth of detroit is insanity we we should have in my opinion all children should come out of school of oscilla if they want to go on to higher it learning that's fine but they should at least have a skill of some sort they could feed themselves with instead of you know well i see i think i'm just going to run to know whyidon't want to lick her nobody's feelings here i'm going to run to this onwindan hour job because that's really all in qualified on it it's really it's really sad it's so said of an a reeds alet seates couple of comments here one person set amazing when even jimmy carter and others said malans were fraudulent and i also pretty much is green with us and sunshine shustice set i pulled my two sons out from public schools forty five years ago and never regretted it i was a pioneer in the home school because there wasn't a home school iclumben around her i was i was kind o there with you where we were in the beginning when we home school we were being threatened with puddingburn jail there was a huge case up here michigan and a few home school that wasn't just because you were flaking off and to sit well i now it was serious and my my oldest son i'll tell us kind of interesting my oldest graduated from high school he was high school equivalent at ten years old started college at twelve i went to classes with him because i didn't want the craziness in our honor institutions getting him off base so which to classes together so we went back and took industrial robotics engineerand computer programming and he was for pointing at twelve years old he had almost a perfect acute fore and so as i said well i guess you should at least take it as the test and see where you're at her you know but mom's and dads are you neely qualified to educate their children and i would encourage any one if you think i in the last two days i had called some people about homes and my thing is there's lots of ways to get it done okay there's not one perfect way you know your children trust your instincts trust what you can do because god went when we get to the end of ourselves and we say you know what i may not have all the answers are all all that god will bring to you every single thing that you need and in it beinglowe goes to god at that point in time and you succeed in spite of yourselves not because you so because god is the one that actually doing the work an there's some great cracklins out there i usually tell people i would not recommend going with things that try to duplicate what our failed col there's many options out there i was i piece things together i wrote some crackling but there's a lot of real creative ways of doing it because the schools are in business to teach children how to hate learning to follow instructions without cost to answer the questions the way they want them answer which may not be the right answer at all it is actually shutting down the brains rather than in an overall now there's some that are doing a good job but in general the public schools because of legislation are ruining they are you know there's one thing that i hear from a lot of parents say why just can't do it you know like i can't i don't think i can you know ontell you right now you can teach you know what's at he and especially if you start when they're on no as you get up into the middle school and the high school here you guys of both men learned the whole so so he and once you do it do him like education at first second third grade in a b a mazed about how much need they really need then how long what are they and it really opens up your eyes to the that they are in doctrine is what they are doing that's why they want them there so they can influence them and mold them in you don't i look at it like this especially in the poirot now there go come home if you're not going to know who they are and that's a gold they have the the family gathered one of destroyed that he courage all paris you have the means to do it either whether or not that sending them to another in for herself you only get one screw it up as to their like slantly screwed up the sacrifice your kids are everything the sacred is it done you can think entire life right i tell you i have great re great relationship with my kids there in their thirties and it doesn't and i mean we we have we have a great time together and you know the relations changes like it does you know they grow up and now you're more like friends when they're older and i think that that's i think that you know the the goal it's not to have children to hand him over the state so they can be part of these you know robin robisons that they've got walking around flame you foundered or society is foundered look at the amount of anti deprs that this the nation is a were broken the nation is broke and you know what it's going to take some people such as yourself myself the listeners out there was it at most felt lesnoy channel uh or probably that saint category if if they were they probably would listen what we have to say they say all these guys are cracked pots and they'd be book into the quick that the closest marks as to them to listen to things that they they just that make them feel good you know this isn't about feeling good this is about about having a good analysis of thing making making good decisions and having critical thinking so that your emotions do not run at you around and blow you round like a leaf in a star the nation is in in war right now where in the midst of a war and the war is the war is absolutely and information were i'm going to go ahead with the book out you don't get paid to do this by the way but citizens guide shoith generation warfare by whom my body right there general michael flynn and boon cutler so we are on ocopa for any this by the way this is all volunteer and i bring people on that i think have a worthy story to tell earnestly hopefully we can repair in this entire nation and bring good things forward that people need to know that we can evaluate we can talk about but i'm not feeling really good right now with having to have an organ and our national elections right now with the complete and utter free for all out there i i would encourage anybody out there to start finding some some petitions and law suits prose lost in against your elected officials of likeness because you've got standing you have standing to do it the standing is as that there there violating their oath of office they are they are absolutely in conflict with the constant and ah i think you've got a pretty good case to start full and peoples a people's ability to stand we haven't here michigan too i'm workin down through that process jananese absolutely violated her oath of so did whiter sorted banchettando sowed every single legislator sitting in the sea they all violated their oath of office every one of getonia em slapped their sorry butts on plains and shoot them right down there to get moonhaven tried for re because this is this is gotten serious were were handing our country to our children what are we leaving behind what is our legacy are they going to look back in us and say oh you know what this generation was a bunch of cowards that stood for nothing and just went along to go on get along you know with with a because we didn't want to we won't hurt some he you know we didn't stand the great thing is though is that as we go through this were actually finding that remnant that remnant that god always leaves of brave people like yourself that you know that can stand under many titles you know you're working with a go there and you're willing to stand for things that need to be stowed for it like i said there's people in every every area of our society and god talked about it in the bible said the intimes come there will be two working in a field one will be taken and one won't be left behind that the there's always there's always some one there and we have to think for selves c worth the one here ah let's end with the prayer brought i like to hear or any last words you have don't give up we give up then we and i live in a very socialist i expect all you the fight something about saving her no excuses no back down no fear no wavery we have a country that's worth fighting for and you don't work on to come together as friends and family and writing what the enemy is destroyed and you know god uses everything you know all things work for good for those who love the lord and are called corney to his we have to hang on the hang on the fact that god will never leave us or abandons even through some tough times every one who has ever stood for god has gone through rough times and in steel yourself get mentally strong and be ready when they when they hit that arm of yours back you know if they give you a punch they're just cock in the punch coming back to comin when when we when we go forward with restoring this nation let's say a prayer and move on and then well we have gone back to our day here but but let's say a prayer to gather if you're if you're okay with that and i bless the nation dearely father thank you so much for gabe and and for less and everything that they're doing to day we ask your blessings and your favor out every single part of their life and for those that stand with a pleased bless the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump were so thankful that you put him in place that he was ordained and chosen for this then he stands proud and strong we have not seen any wavering from him any any despair or anything he's common cool as a cucumber and that's exactly what we're going to do thank you for admiral rogers and general flint and for all those that stand with them for all the baitbreak patriots in americans everywhere god bless america bless our nation give us your favor we are going where willing to do anything you ask us to do we are lies our fortunes and our sacred honors at your feet and are willing to do whatever it is you ask so to stand in the way to stand in the gap to defend those without a voice and to treat this world with care that you would give it and a be be your body the body of christ here on world thank you so much for loving us and be a friend your great french us we want to be a friend to you in jesus christ or precious saviour's name we pray so there you go well i'm going to go head and say this is far the star ridethe eveningplease go to brenburg for governor dat com i am still not conceiving the twenty twenty two election we cannot go forward until we write the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty two election is there were cheap in their rear and off the whole thing was a ship there was no election there was no election if solution and we have to go back and we have to write the unwavering break get yourself manly tough and get ready to move forward because we're going to win this battle they just kicked his sleeping giant that they can't win anyhow i've god bless all of you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make a great day he don't have an example to you want sand lifeless gave an will talk a second marie and the broadcast will see it to morrow