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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/29/2022 - Live - Frank Westing

Published Sept. 29, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning every one out there this is welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is in fact acted here thursday september twenty nine at nine and four in the morning sir we were having a few technical difficulties so thought finally got him iron out so my guest this morning is frank lasting had a wonderful discussion with him the morning by the way and he and i have some common friends which is really nice because he also is a follower of many many sources discriminate because he does him first among and his study the constitution as well as the nonsense going out of the so background bordered the minnesota who started life in minneapolis and eventually relocated to a rural town they had servien and came back with it she was open eyes initially when william cooper behold a pale horse work construction will be a single parent to going back to college and receiving an accounting degree work now for a family run business that believes in freedom reserved to all of us within and are all our state constitution you know that every state has its own constitution it's not just the united states constitution but every state has one to i was really interested in what frank had to say because he created a mediating easy length to affect get to the state constitution happy to be on the door who was roger and a great representative of in an we were going to talk about many things a man but as soon as he connected i went and he couldn't get on anything in fact looplike everything that i had going on on his computer so that's why that's why it took me a while to get started this morning because they are truly we are truly being censored in so many ways she was to await appears anyhow let's do a little bit of a motivation this morning i actually enjoyed doing this the craniologist years ago we launched the great american commander to report to you to night that our economy is the best it has ever been our military is completely rebuilt how armourers are secure of families are flourishin values are reverie is restored to staunton than ever i weighed to a favourable issue i can proudly announced the night opportunity scholarship has become available it's going to do you ashenputtel watercolour still struggling for civil rights and went on to serve america in korea and enamored celebrated his one hundred bedevil surprise i have tried to form musician he is here with us to night and white we are the parsonage his treeby embracing the eternal god that every one is made to god i became god and my sallaries aye to come i contested i love this man of some so inspiring i love love has to say to any outsider frank on if you can't connect through the internet we're going to do this to the man and have a discussion here let me see if i get him there's more than one way to skin a cat here lactation what i got to homewood on as a phone interview you cataneo so anyhow i let me let me i move my screens around disseminate because i know there is other things that you wanted to talk about so oh think i think were there so anyhow good morning how are you in great onthank you for the rates so can everybody out there here frank i've got tameness if i can't hear donald to jules give heads up here at all get the matheson that a can do right now so yet all owings get hopefully okay perfect who we are we been talking in ebionite gram seawomen different points of time that you love the constitution so decided to bring on and find out that we have some common friends which i love absolutely and appreciate the time that you've had with john peter as well i hope that everything panoramas a careful i like very very brilliant man i wouldn't mind standing him another time this well just brain on her the things that incentive was the acting something which was done by a wonderful individual it's a three part series preface the preface is an actual great information just to just it assasimmon's thoughts are on battalion yes he is he's pretty informative i like the fact that he actually taught the constitution and so he's got he has a better than a race information on you know he that brings to the table which which is is good for all of us you know we can all learn so much for each other absolutely especially when it comes to our constant include all the rights reserved to us re peopled all the power republic everybody class on that one a little bit understand that a lot of what the administration was doing right now was play acting and extremely overstepping the bounds yeah yeah the problems to battenotte also talked about the present trump is coming to town the week ended i love president trump however i am not in love with his endorsement at all and i think i think there is some in anuti was in a green with the endorsement even before he endorsed i thought they were they were a little off base there and antony we're going to talk about that a little bit more but i don't like any of the endorsements that are going on i really i really think that people need to think for themselves rather than be told who to vote for base of based on you know i agree you know i can name the upheaved that endorsement as by not out of arizona and as scholar and has classes and at once a month that will be when the righteous denounced not god and herself as well at one rosanette's was extremely surprising to a lot of us considering his background well well and i think you know if you've got two candidates and both of them i stack and sank yeah i might this one an tell we have somebody that i can actually get behind it i would never get behind someone to because i thought i needed to endorse and i do believe that present trump is a very smart man he played a forty chests and so my my thought one that he in fact may be trained teach every one to go what the hack and then start thinking for themselves and trying to you know think of for themselves an actually drilling down on these endorsements to say yes and i don't agree with you president trump on this when i'm on a mango off the rails one on the woman and boat my conscience rather than i think that may be honestly what he's doing is trying to expose those things and and bright the to the forefront that people actually do their own work the you know any of the boer guides him against lodorians the poles of against any of that because it you can manipulate information in so many different directions there's just the whole the whole election processes have almost wholly manipulation my opinion no i do farther when it comes to a primary is important as important as the masters of as we see it in a sonorous oneida that was running unfortunately he did not at his primary he could step on a man we ended noseing another gentlemen and bear which i wish was better i wish ossulton going as one tigretier than a great talking points also democratic republican words increase as we all know it it seems like regardless of what nabataean we're not seeress that that we people i would i agree with you on that entirely the most of its smoke in mirando know we go back to things it's like you know you can see several people that are out there right now and let's call it target fix so the drill down on mats maman dates and all how how shouldn't allow us but did not get to the core of the issue in the core of the issue as constitute whether any of these actions stand up to scrutiny based on based on do they measure up to what allowable by the constitution the answer is now so what do they do if they go immediately to the symptoms and they never really address with the core problem is because we can stop any these symptoms that's great i want away but until we get back to being a constitutional republic a republic we were going to have problems yea and some of the great teachers of that day osgod wonderful individuals it comes look up oratorical media or burned the congress and as the invitation for the cost studies and once again our race was geelong brown i think and the more information if we can share and regards the bird a lot of rain i emanating as from the over taxation of us the money that's going on with the astonishing back i there's a lot that needs to be changed and i don't believe it's going to happen at either it's going to be a long alora lot of well we a good governor in place i'm pretty sure in michigan it can turn on really quickly because i can tell you what i would do as i would move would move into it just like you would as a coon a company and honestly i'd be shot norgate's it down and find out what we have because they spent so much time hiding you know hiding what's out there we really do need to shut it down a little bit to find out what we slave and like a sudden beginning the last time they shot the government down we were at twenty per cent night and miss any of them i don't i don't you know it erineach they they did some things to make a painful set people thought that they were really doing something i honestly think that you know shutting down the entrances to a few parks and making it you know painful why do they do that i mean there was a million things they could have done but shut down the park they did the same thing with the unconstitutional london as such what are we going to do we're going to reinhold people have and make it hurt on a personal level they could have gone in the million different ostentation but now we want a direction in order to free people out make him afraid that that you know that if they didn't fall in line we were going to just take they were just going to take more of orientation was threatened again by some one who probably involved in the threatening of miscreant he has been followed by different cars and such and then he received reaction which was fairly threatening and and i think it's going to work out too well for those few who are threatening because this person does not back down and i like that about him yea in this here's a lot of ailie that you know you take trachinians was not only a prediction dollars but he associates houses shouted was and as people were upon a very very very bad illness lopepe believe that it was poised and in the gentle had going in a i am seventy week the crapshooters most canals along with radio as well is fighter ovulation the forenoon miracle pony the man tried came out and said that there was more in conscience failed everybody is that those balance were hogwash now that the swinging out very very clear and the sea is climbing are going to the right people as well i have looked in to jeanie he what comes correcting our elections i was he think johannes really nice job i really i think highly of there's a lot of people out there that are involved in it that he hanagawado what they're whether motivation is and is the long there leading us to the same and i really don't care that much with their motivation is but i do keep an eye on those people that i suspect he have a ulterior motives to create a quasi celebrity status out of themselves rather than just to get the job done cause that out there especially with the bays were using for request more often so getting getting to the truth of the matter rather than just her say inchoate people are saying we actually have a people that are suppose positive were enter but at the same time behind colors have been nothing but yes yes all right so i went on a share something with her viewers out there because i might have for the sun is somebody somebody made this for me at say three d printing of the finer statue if it gets from the camera here out to be who none other than my favorite guy is that an actually actually it was my son that made that though it was really funny because he knows how much the detail and the hands that came right off the red print easy cleaned up a little bit surprise me with it this morning and i'm like a kimono dispute camera with me because i was told not to talk about this sort of thing so we're just going to double down on it and everything papa is always good well you've got a great theatre principles wouldn't think that thing stops were now in the lock at likenesses is he made me my birthday with his and he made me these oneyman here i've got me a buon background i to move got my peering i think is really funny so anyhow all things come see beside constitution that we're talking about to day so what do you want to go first and i i did pull up i did put my webster's you said you wanted to know my background and qualifications and some of the issues that i have my list is so long i couldn't even put it on a website so so i put i put some of them on there but honestly when people listen to me talk round line they're going to get a much fuller picture because if the list is so long and i think you would get sick of readiness wrong with everything and what we need absolutely as i earn place but i'd like to start her since i am in someone so of course we attentiveness canonisation was paying beheadment some and the superintendent had often come to ballarat and their parents now a you can have to hear straight from you were to astakeelee entry school this is so i ran this so wrong but at least here my son i was standing with my walls corinthian cooperate what was his because i insane it was a transient period probably from marchetto where masterson gooster estate people twenty twenty the alteration at dedicating her even even with the tyrannical you know gratton area finding people sixteen hundred dollars and recommence bless and i say by the end of summer he could barely find a mask was probably twenty per cent and etiennette but it was a secret i must no no it wasn't i there were there was so much there was so much threatened and in intimidation here that the people's reaction in michigan by and large were most i would say that the majority of people were following the mask mandates in fact it was very unusual so i did not i did in one instance with with my mom and dad when my mom and dad worked my mom my mamma i had broken her back and needed and honestly this is what happened because i refused to wear a mask in any point in time and there was a point time where i walked in and i was just like i'm not i'm not dealing with this whatsoever and i started looking at all the nurses and doctors there and they came out summerhaye thus we hate the and i i am honestly at respect for the nurses that were there i put my put a mask on when i was in the hospital and such because i felt so bad for them and i thought you know what these people are our actually staying at their jobs under duress of of wearing the masts and such an end was no another candidate try to beat up on the medical system and i was disgusted by his reaction to it because i said what are you going to do when all these people in the hospitals they there were points in time where were one hospital that i was in they actually were closing floors down in their closing down the emergency room and people people were the emergency room one was weird because people were coming in for cycladean they they it was an actual drama but my reaction was as what he had gone to do when all these people quit your having a heart attack and and either you go in and there's no one there to help now this is the complicated situation in the hospital i do believe that they were killing people in the hospital one of my friends i believe was killed in the hospital my point on that was that she went on walking talking maybe a little loxias and they blew her long out within fifteen minutes and put her in a cardiac rest and she you don't walk into a hospital in minutes later have your lungs blown out in a pardieu they were paying the hospital up to a hundred thousand dollars pepperton over fifty years old who did not walk out alive unfortunately that was coming was that was coming but the getting the words getting to the bottom of this as that is that if any one is being coerced and their livelihood is being threatened in any way shape or form by any action of the the government it is raw as categorically wrong on all levels and that should never have happened never in a million talk about overstepping the boundaries you know but but people here were very very afraid at first i say a very afraid these they didn't know what we really had where i don't know maybe some of us are we spend a little more time being educated ourselves on what we're facing so outside of that i was like natacha and how my worthies masked any point in time for any one and pretty pretty well pretty well stuck with that it's crazy how extreme not as the suspicion would administration from rum i do to look at the time line of everything from the second come as quarries through the mellerstain which we all know that crache by a large hat was as i believe it was and i don't think the charge much in point millions for her role and the russian cousin and that the apaches course you don't mister compositions the unresolved at the moment in some overington to the ukrainian investigation the anemic they now secondary gateway like as well as to the time in a collection that it was the entire thing was a coordinated attack against his nation and it was a combination of you know you can look at it as a color ablution that we have been going through but not just a coloration warfare on every loveliness terrorist tactics in order to make people afraid to change the behavior very incredibly manipulative and i actually tried to get arrested and would to a couple of cats and immigrants islenos because i'm not going to comply i'm not going to lie you're not going to tell me that i must send or not essential so and they just kind of laugh or like a got a try harder to you know to accomplish this sonorous cause but we were we were threatened and our real yard by the up which is wholly owned by black rock and they said that they would not deliver railcars to us unless we're fully vaccinated in like shutterless there like you can't do that i'm like a we can and if you want a job we're going to find some way to do make this work because i will not be part of killing people if they want to get there if somebody wants to get vaccinated that is the ciceronian justness that did comply for being part of their police enforcement but you can go back in and time and say the same thing when we when businesses have to comply with any thing that the state mandates whatsoever no why are they not demanding that there that they compensated for being an enforcement arm of oof our nation stonegate that way he england you don't need to do that if your business and you shouldn't do it now all come down to the to the lack of compliance and said i'm not going to comply and i don't really care what the consequences are but i will not comply with things that i don't believe that specially if it's a violation you know i won't be forced into violating another person's right right and that's something that politicians have forgotten that they are represented in the right not enforce laws on the people we make a lot and this nonsense this nonsense stops when we all beside that we're going to just go ahead got a right to get it on my face that's why we have to collect the correct reelection sisters conformation be everybody's focused right now all is over a correct everybody gets the election but of ossian bring your family bring your friends bison make sure that poisoned red bay the faisait documenting the osirian nora is to monotonous what else was happening people in florida american you know the secatary operation increased for the the common people there of course contrary i think it samaritaine the day but i found in november sure that the note when they did in quantities we have to have him save save revolting if you're going to vote vote in person vote on that that day that that's his critical don't if you can avoid using the absentee ballots i think that's a really bad plan any way theatergoer have proven that they can actually print on a straight ticket ballad they can print on and we all and invalidate the entire belt you know a lot of the machines are a very very little precolonization not another huge problem yes educated ballot one somebody asked that if it goes to an education or whatever we oroolia the embarked on an oval not one that politically judge and decided upon by another and what we saw in insurmountable it was a initiation was for their ballots michigan and that huge i mean usually it's going orace i was percent antechamber by in and county and recall ah unostentation no other than eric yeah we've got some big problems and it just doesn't seem like you can never get to the end of it i could i could make a recommendation to your watches to arouse the one in person bring a blue back alan with you the soul that your eyes on me the various activities and watch the brookes bring your melancholy with you if they tell you that you are devoted contract your show immediately because it breaking the law so he another another attekonse that i have is that though we have a lot of county clerks who are ultimately responsible to clerks their elite responsible for the for the election be an honest and i think we've got a lot of really honest people that are trying to do a good job but i don't know if they understand the gravity of actually accomplishing an honester some of this is some of this the nonsense happened with the software i mean allegations look at connection actions to china the fact that they have one point eight million election workers information sitting over there on a server and china which is just ready and in setting the rice for black male of her people who are working elections including i don't know if you know is that they have information on election workers children settlements yet ingratitude but he threw the gun on maaseh for that could gather as to ellerey amazing to an a lot of people disappointed because they were looking for game to the gothamite for the locations that the muleteer a ball but that was big and herself and and remember that there's a legal case going on can't really go to the public and say these are the specific about the preparations happy approves of all the anoother and loves all the annotated bottom to we can start munching anybody who's in we the media check him out on telegram because they don't they don't a sense so much there and such but all the annals love if i could do a breton an infamous ajatasatru the darling be just i confess not only are they i digress which waters were actually comes on the ground doing a lot of things that are inoculations and as i like many spring good troops and information in a world that well senor and anoint like your truths or you're going against the right and the nice thing about you know the thing about the antiquity the and i have so much respect for that for our whole community for a whole community of pakistan in it's really amazing because they're trying to label all of us as domestic terror as you know what in your face all that want to say that because i've been i started reading you know we were talking of starting the cups because i was in fact coerced and saying you can't nancanou can't mention this will you know what you know anybody to follow sennar you kidding me you want to talk about a conspiracy theory that would be it right there you know some of the main stream media nonsense out there the fact checked any of it you you got if they got two person of it right i think we'd be on the on the north you know that would be that would be amazing because there they lie in full time all the main stream media is so why why they want to shut down any of the any of the people who are truth seekers and such you know actually i had i had a cane was truth seeker for quite a long time and that kaffrath internet at one point in time but yeah that it's that they want to shut down the truth and they want to shut down anyone who's willing to dig for the truth they will not put it out did you see i think it was in minnesota and back where you are an eighteen year old guy and i and another and another guy crazy crazy man he ran over this eighteen year old because they had a political disagreement north dakota as north dakota and so it is like so so we're going to hide the fact that a crazy a crazy person of clearly having a debate within with an eighteen year old who was a republican conservative decided to run over with the car but that didn't make news because of course he didn't fit the narrative which is that you know that all conservatives are conspiracy there as in their crazy and they don't have a right to their opinion we're going to shut them down they may not in all bosengate and project or a constant routine he the constable amazing i met those i met the sea yea i met the sea veritas and i thought she was very well you know at the time and and the pioneer great people out there really super grate people out there and there's a lot of options and you meant some of the channels owertaen about before i like technology i like twenty two days i love i love palpation kate brain kate probably gave i was down in tennessee brian takes in my opinion gave one of the greatest speeches that i have personally ever heard in my life in fact i started crying i was crying so hard it was so inspiration i do go back to my room and and you know just a make up because it was that inspiration he got talking about andrew bright mare and shock that we all had when when you know when they killed him because they killed him it was a start a tank or so in time her heart tassie or something like that guarantee start looking at the names around on because especially if it's a controversial individual because my not mine at all you don't just have you know a healthy person in all the sudden drunk drop dead walk and cross the street are not buying it that they've got too many ways of taking people in to do a little is look at the arc arkansas lest my people were killed you know how do you die in a canoe accident you or or two kids who saw a drug deal on an trancadillo a sudden those two are taken out on sorry i'm not buying any of the his name was oriented to these things that in another another patriot that was sikonyela had been fortunately that better that may come among the assurance otiose and yourself individually for having ngankin truth be unemployed yes gone we retire absolutely have to go in question everything so like when when i look at question everything i question everything and i mean everything southside were so many crazy crazy things that surrounded surrounded his death the there's there's a lot of questions that need to be asked across the board you know go blodget the canned lily i do not believe most of what i have heard was put out there because you know what they were they were spent in the narrative back then tientsin she was by the via shiraz and you know there boots on the ground you know you've got this the clowns the clouds a ca clowns and then you got the fifth federal bureau of of insurrections and entrapment than most rotisseries right in your boots just so evident that they be losin that is it's really a i mean it's not going to be gotten yeah theodore yeah i like right i'm sorry go ahead just my contaminating are a lot of money into a correcting this for all of us and it is not so i think that we've got a lot of good people out there if you want military you know i'm a fan of general flare fan of general plan admiral mirages i i'd like to shake his hand some day i think that i think that's on my bucket less all of us who have done some study in over overtime and i don't know how long you've been into this i assume it's been quite a while i've been into it for quite a while i think that you know i actually was done with a system you know i turn this year and i was done with a system way back in way back in my so i had a lot of years to be ornery about it i home birth my kids at home school my kids i was done with the medical profession after my first son and i almost died in the hospital and i'm like i'm done with this all die at home before i have somebody killed me hospital which is pretty much was the case and so after that i just kind of trash to do and said i'm going to go off the grade here do what i need to do to live but i'm certainly not going to fall in with her with their death the little death calaban money global istate on taking people down they can they can say that for themselves i guess absolutely you know with the internet page on the way right now you know it was the reply created to it will gather information on us you know whether it was tregothnan we completely turned salonica intonation and the amount good researchers that we have at the telecamera i do believe that were being every day it really sat when the weapons that when weapons against you as the eye and sea and an all bad guys out there really must really sick to realize that you know you get people out there that are the really smart motivated that they just happen to two bineau way tournees right against you and catch all in what you what you've done so i think when they say we we have everything they kindleth in also nothing can stop what's coming pretty much means nothing can stop what's coming is just a matter of time where the crash in the clean up right now in my opinion i think we might have a little bit more but that god comes word like a yeast it's a loitering on because a lot of things if the appeal as gone backwards the previous election laws wisconsin's recorded this recently being the gonococcus tional yosemite we've got so many great fighters in wisconsin michigan as well i like sebastiano he allowed to ungroaning out arizona obviously and catalonia keepee are getting sick of it there getting smart so you you and i talked about to post where were an equestrian now to find out a few is inflicted domestic terrorization here at brandenburg news network sons i was told i shouldn't be i couldn't talk about this and was how hostage if i did i just think we should talk about it a little more and see if in fact a domestic terrorist organization anything having to be with so i'm going to i'm going to skip the first one and will come back to that and we're going to start with a second one here you possum to october twenty eight you know you go to this you know part of the domestic terrorization who actually will decide to exercise the first amendment rights and look at anything to tolerate is that seventeen my favourite number mockingbird avestan not arrested yet whereas who follow whom this has nothing to do with russia in front these why does to insure imself with generals same reason why president trump did that was my own little job what is military intelligence why go around three letter ages in front the sea adonais real cross back to the cups what supreme court here i should do it again without my my commentary in here because i want to stop with quamoclit at ersten now arrested yet where is homopoulo whom there is nothing to this has nothing to do with russia yet why does produce surround himself with generals what is military in death is military intelligence why go around three letter agencies what supreme court case allows for the use of the congressional assembled approved agent who has ultimate authority over branches of military without approval no unless ninety in war time can what is military code where is a daubeney as will not go on t to address nation potamos isolate to prevent negative new removing criminal robe elements as a first step was essential to free and pass legislate who has access to everything be class do you believe he or sorrows olama et cetera have more power than trump that the trump question who controls the office of the president controls the great land they never believed for a moment they democrats and republicans he would lose control this is not an a a r v d all why did sardonically money recently why would he place all his funds in a race mocking bird god bless fellow patriot i wish we had somebody's part of it my superstition tikomirov man but would probably a little bit better than myself you know there's a lot of people out there that really really hard that being the truth and not under the not i not know that under that and an umbrella so i had to say the silent eleonore did you worry as to titles go again guys and so yes so to post number two what it is says republicans and democrats and accused quarantine post number two so no mystery there we all knew it at the time that we've got a communist unitary going on who who is here of a globe trying to take down our nation absolutely there was a deal that goosetree's the speaker nighest bed that nailed this entire oinomaniac amid a clear as day that everything that i was going to happen the taxation of to use the thing we discoloration you and a so so let's let's evaluate this together to post number two does that sound like a terrace organization i say one copas number two from october twenty eight two thousand seventeen i discredit does it sound like a domestic to terrorization i say no what's your i would agree with you okay so cups nor to pass the sniffles go to costumer three sentenced me to talk about this were going to keep copas number three october twenty nine two thousand seventeen open your eyes it finally came out that road there keep players in the uranium scandal don't you think our would be tweeting about removal given clear concoct why did totateeta under cover of a bi her director interview bob is unable to serve as director for the law is tiresome sums gowdy came on came in press history will and that polus has everything not everyone is corrupt fewer than you think follow whom operation mocking bird priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the america first a god many in our government worship say not about publicans be democrats at this stage where is a care why is the and called across twelve it president god bless patriot he postcombe three october twenty nine two thousand seventeen does that sound like a terrorization illicit is not does the strain laid on so the various acts absolutely seniawan they whom i ivan who is tied to the muslim brotherhood maria course and you know we got talking about the trump endorsement before we got on one lingering and an orrego perplexed by by doctor as why in the world you know in the connections with doctor s would you can see him standing there with marina and this is a concern is that not the devils as well it is absolutely concerned i think anybody was on one is it some way but people red now would say that regardless of who it is if it's a resident to get the renoncen primary or on with that it's very very difficult it is he said that i said we should get the in hopes something greater that you're not saying having say that again he said that you that you believe we should get the iris and there are a superior regardless of who the individual as if they had one primary on art side that's all part of that is we have a cement understanding that people aren't we want to represent us press that we are the people that had won the primary so the question is in a the planters something bigger had been cancionero let's say for instance people that had turned example of that and i'm hoping the goobers part of the young goose or which is the superior subsidiary of the she has been very very based on a belief and trails for people's rights in the recently it initiates just her tie to you as if you did i should be for any candidate just like so i would absolutely disagree with you on on voting for the republicans be as a as the push idaean saying that they are in fact who they say there because i do think that we have a lot of really good options going off the republican and democrat ticket if there's an option to go in a different direction we need to we go in a different direction for someone who actually supports the people rather than just saying well i'm going you know i'm going the brownies that have been made with you know half dog too i'm going to go had eat them anyway when you can chenonceau it's like you republicans right now the republicans like it's like it's like having grown ismay say oh that's okay we're going to make brousonetia figures and were going to throw and dogtooth know you're not going you're not going to have a problem here so so go ahead and eat the bones with dog cooperation right next to that may not have the brand name on it right next to actually has a good baronet no don popinot enter i go for the good brown with no dog popinjay please do coronation go off to a publican party because that's like browning pokes anyhow that as my two sons were at deefficult to do with only one point that i have at all cost that is the unction professorish now as that any love on a i gotta i guess you know into our election system is is right and to certain very difficult to at their jobbernoul have cost when it comes to constitute first all the way not force unfortunately so hard was the waterways giving a nod this primary so that season conscience previously the bombast ran into the same situation would in arizona was carriage an american again i believe it was more than the spiritual bottom to he rail like primary men and bindloose than he should have been every everybody on her this we promised lake it was very close and a the darndest this lake but at the end of the day reaching to deepen this cookie jar and we've been not duties of all eyes all the paper his eyes that were contending that primary i think we can overwhelm with numbers we just get the numbers out there to rot or to vote for good candidates and we can we can take this thing because they still can't cheat the apres dent trump did the first time around he overwhelmed with numbers and he was an outsider i want him in any way shape or form but we still it still the vote of the people that changes elections and if everybody shows up and sides to vote without proof in the brownies i think that we could take us sound like it right now an i don't know if i told to the right now i'm over thirty million interactions on line a which is huge and i'm about double i'm about double the number of us of scriber salicifolia media than the republican proving the brownies candidate that is there so i still i think that the supports out there and i think we can win it so let yore i heard the call it was poother way it was demolished dick more than that you know it's like tigerish means it is while it's dixon with what modest matter ever one you vote for the other interstitia really talk in a sane people you know you look at the republican party and the connections that say the manatoulin party has there all tied in it they're all tied in with old lection there all tied with a global assimilate look at raised of the party he is on the board for the atlantic counsel he gave money to bidentata republican is somebody who is who is you know part of this bird that has its the same bird also there's tied to borrisokane they are all of them tied it so you know we got watches to be heroes as patriots and stand up against whatever comes and makes the right susan rather than in the brownies who dog poeniteat sat so that alberico you know i mean you know quite eyes with his open it was on a fish no really to in watching what liquidation had gone there are semitones treat it was so blatant you everything i mean especially wotobank noted you know twenty twenty now i might anoint understand the school the overseer public and what's goin to a great reference active initiation this is a year operation that they've been on an on compromise hereby one time the work in stores the compensation i intend he was such a in their entire plan and they yestate couldn't they couldn't constellating america i was told the shiny light on the hill i mean no holes baronetted everything the absolutely could any way they could and away overplayed their hand which is fantastical must because with loulou a lot of what we're doing with no her bellyaches granadillas in color or but we realize that all the money out to weston's going on or timekeepers closer anything to come for that one gayeties a holy will see a gold standard return elections i well i'm sure elections ago straightened await our elections to the straight now at coralie on everybody's got to get out and bought a goat and masklike or you know it's going to be one of those things that our freedom that we have right now are grandchildren on even i owe ye yelled what was going on recooperate and i do appreciate you going on line and conciliatory self or you know one americans out it is special firman five the slenderness we see in level is higher than his temperature can without following with their main street mediation absolutely worthless as going down the grain as lowest numbers of equestrians turned against the contrite restore later and probably before well this was but republican station reservation in the part was a thing so let's talk about caps because you brought up steps and i've been rolling on that we can talk about that and then the other thing is you wanted to talk about my resection and sub and the issues so and where do you want to go first day to you or be know it is bravery informative oiled during a lebanon with mister deposed to content to depose i think that his numbers the giving children out of epsomitis because i do he started rallying for as for the people and monsieur not to takenouchi den that would displace the potentates system were in upon no tunantins occidentalism that person every year will in their being pantatorium place as there being paid for legal kidnapping absolutely not so dave and godwinssons be obtain but in that i gave lillyston interminable find one to the social telegram under the story amazing bascom people about was in the rites resort to us with an accusing it withers portion of it they operate under it was a title for ten and that's where they lie that they get all their power from aware shot down in our legislation was not odeon anything that is not agreed on by we of people is as no teeth in a very similar to supreme court and the other i reach her i believe about four months ago or so we have a lot of big wings this year in twenty twenty two has been great the people in my opinion you know the shadows of course really come on away that her from on rights you know of course is fremecourt ruling older it is a really really amazing year whitbury to others imagine this time line on being removed from others and then just go in the shadows and not being the comments were not making too social but not doing rallies rallies or are absolutely amazing and they have such a huge mass of turnout and energy there is great i imagine a time when life now if if trunk had gundalows an the common galahad after the champollion yea i have the piece is but like i said in michigan there's a lot of people who are really perplexed about his endorsement and so you know there's a lot of stuff going on a lot of forthright now absolutely i don't really have too much to add to the pepperton of it i will say that it was a singular sound as three now i am full custody of them when he was three years old i took s court appearances to do so so it's possible and never did have cups involved but i do understand that they work under a massive average and powers that were not going to come by with poland at the huge thing to remember is that as long as we're doing no harm government has no use being in our business well one thing one thing i know about it that as some legislation that clinton passed in the nineties actually in sonoyta gain of the over moving children from their families so there is definitely a paid a play type than going on there or not paid play was just outright paying me for removing children from their families that was enacted by the quinn i've heard some outrageous numbers of how much how much money they get per child that they remove but there's a financial incentive to remove children from family time ability to bring up to the under a scream or reprobated no the idiot lambert no not with you not with you and on that one doing the interview the way a cause i can pull it up one way or the other but not a sophisticated right now i'm sinnamenta talking to you so that you can i eliminate myself my dear he is yet the only thing as is that you're missing a great papist so that you know so he sat or more in there you go well i'm going to go down here and i put up my priorities a little bet from my website we can go through them about the will that have a lot of them really and you know my qualifications as well as how i think we're going to going to have to construct the damage at the marks of down in the state because that's really what it needs to have number one is in fact reflections election integrity and i've had a bunch of attorneys as well criminal investigators on here who have we all been talking about and fighting for election and tiger from men at one because our elections were in fact maladministration you can say that it should have been notified there was one issue and i set the raton that there was one issue that could have disedified or no i that election and on day one and that was a fact that he had a a number disparity of over fifteen per cent just with the amount of register voters as opposed or compared to how many boats are cast there was a plusieurs aramaean if we would have just stayed right there we would have been in a good we would have been a good shape but with that set i do think that going through the process and seen how much how much a failure was done in or or how much how much to unlawful process he happened during this whole nonsense of the twenty twenty election it was probably a good process to go through and see the amount of failure in our election fraud but they went rite to fraud ride away and there is the if he spend any time in a court system which i know i have spent quite a bit of time and with lawsuits and that sort of thing i'm not an attorney but then then a responsible and or part of many many lawsuits fighting for things that were unjust to deep you know two are exposed and to turn them around and what i do know about fraternity or battle it is a very difficult thing to prove we had thousands of people involved in this state so that this was this was a fit that we were never ever ever going to win that way if we would a stock with the fact that there was that type of an aratoff the benefit percent aroon issue and sitsinit the selection and red it that was a windbeaten rarified ately was what derailed theft i think that's and that you need and a lotta was all the standing we needed and we were led down the primrose path by my attorney i wonder which turns were a welcome mine i had a couple of minor i have a couple of men my also and the theme of the attorneys that is in fact many of the attorneys that have abandoned writing the twenty twenty election who might also be can the we need them very difficult questions on that because why would you start out in that direction and then change your mind and abandon it only reason i could see us because there was either either threat corson or pay that and so in my opinion anybody that that abandoned that twenty twenty election you get a thumbs down from down brandenburg and you know there's no possible way that i would ever think that that would be a qualified person to to hold office at all they didn't stick with her convictions and it wasn't because more information came out because of other reasons and then take should not but presently saying that he would have certified the intellection again primaners on twitch as of course everybody's bowed a lot of us it off there in you a muscatelle back in for we can back at the sixteen eliciting it was millions of or there with companionable completing sandyford on in the books where binstead these eighty men in which as to the somewhere around there which that lone and noose is the pecos the ground scooters especially in all these the jordan i susette botanique illegally takes the election laws not during twenty and crook so limited government in holding the constitution i think we should have a limited legislature with already do right now they're not around half the time and so we treat it as such but i kind o like you know when you see what tatanemance every two years why are we who are we encouraging this government overreached by having a bunch of people of turned this into a political industry with you know we can take torments all we want but you know what if you limit their time to do damage will or sitting in there and sitting down and making deals with our bodies behind closed doors and such as they go home gomsoo don't need to be here this is not as absolutely nuts and limited limit the government honiton i think that's a really good start right there you know and i want to say the constitution every single article in amendment that contained therein you know we we need to we need to go back to to a constitutional republic and i don't know about you but i haven't talked to anyone who is happy with his whole goriot there we have twenty per cent of the people are jumping off the political parties so quite honestly they are agreeing with critter which is interesting the not just not just a democrat republican this is this is both parties that their jumping off and sixty nine per cent of the people are not happy with either party they realize this is one the as one began a brownie the dog crinito you vote for one yet you know you're going to eat that brownie on a etati from both sides to it both of us so i think that's important and limited government when you look at i don't know where i've written as in her but the bills the way that they're doing billinsgate to have absolute bill and to you know we need haverfordwest thousand bill's a year they go in front of the michigan legislature so that tells me that they are not reading it there is no possible way that the reading two thousand bills a year you know not possible and the amount of money that goes into runneth frivolous bills through his amazing so the title of the boldest do with what the bill is is addresseth number one number two we need to short in the billowing we should require every one who is bonington through an entire reading if you get up go to the bathroom and disqualified break them in there we are going to sit through this entire berating and i think we should post for thirty days for public comment there should also be a preamble for every single bill out there which includes a stated goal and a date of completion if we don't have a day completion for it and the net doesn't doesn't accomplish the state of gold boyhood and let so it's got a sunset cloud that that makes that bill go away i think we should have a complete review of all the laws in the books if they are in fact they stand up to constitute and i think we should do it through a grand jury process rather than the process of using our corrupt judicial system which is completely out of control because of course are going to prove at all because the approved in the first place so that's not we people that we the government who have been who have been voted in in through a corrupted election prose so there you go there's my that's my short version it gets much longer but i really believe that we're going to have to shout it down we're going to have to shut it down to find out we what we have so that monster and to government accountability we talk about they talk about the i don't know government accountability you know we talk about the budget budget budget all the time it doesn't make any difference because they don't keep a budget anyway they've never hit a budget once so why are we talking about it is highly de i think we should print the accounting system every department the entirety of a county and every every department from down to the last and then at that we the people that go through go through that entire the entire kind process because i want to tell you what i'll have the greatest detective agency in the whole plan at looking through it going through every between financial people out there for an angel planners who've got a countess we've got book keeper we have business owners that will go through those areas which they are probably the most interested in heatherstones and include their findings in a report then by by doing that we can roll down on who really is involved with the of the state and astrans plans need to be going full time to get mad for those people who have committed treason against the united states with no no apology so and then also will go back to the bills we're going to tie that in when you when you post the bills because i mean this is all tied it you don't just start in one pot you go to all of it i atall in as a as a that's a problem in that that's in ergonomic that a minute but going back got on a rabbit trail here going going back to the bells and holding people accountable few published the bills for thirty days and taking information from we the people you can now score our politicians as to how well did they represent the people did they hold their old of office and how well are they actually representing or are they in the good old boys club we're going to find out requickened take away their privileges to start making policies and then let people know so that we the people can act remove the important where can we find all this in this is all under website i have i have some points on there but i mean i think what i'm going to do what been answered to you is to go down and a time and talk about the actual implementation of each of these and and i wouldn't say something that i didn't have an implementation behind it because that's that's like the emetica unicorn flying over flying over michigan which all the uncandid ates are doing is that they all sit there and talk about the medical unicorn with no way to back it up and no way implanted on one right and and you listen to him talk about these talking points and its target fixation a lot of these prime of already right in itself and we haven't gone back to the to the actual impetus or that the or origin of the problem because all they can talk a symptom because the symptom is is a lot easier to talk about is her people have paid but not through a problem has nothing to do with fixing it in a district i'm going to go to the next another second amendment though i didn't i put the constitution of bob it is specifically called a second amendment and the reason why i did that is because the second amount protectress we have to have a well regulated militia i am absolutely for tax credit for the purchase of what let's go back to number one i absolutely for constitutional carry plus plus nothing because some of these regulations are actually the create cartels within the state so we need get rid of this cartel building nonsense going on which which the regulation is absolutely in its favor but second amendment i think we should have ten credits for the purchase of fire arms ammunition as well as firearms strain i would love to see we go back to you i remember when i was in school we had a hundred safety in her high school in enabling the population to be the well regulated militia which i supposed to be is not only to encourage it but you know is to encourage it in get out of the way and actually help that our people can actually protect and defend themselves i like some of the stand your ground laws and such i think that that's not a bad plan you have to be able to defend yourself i am a cephaloptera i am a life time and arenberg that's one of the only room associations that i that i actually a member of it and the other has problems and it i'll give you that but everything does and so he got you got to get in there and engage in a system that you may be don't tirely agree with but that you back the direction that they go like all so then i've got repairing the education system because we don't have an education system we have an indoctrination system and the politicians are dominion and it like theirs no tomorrow when you look at what's happening in our public in our private universities you look at what bensonian sent reinstate university went over to china you look at ranier dumping a hundred and fifty million dollars and to you o them you know what we're why is this something that only somebody who is a researcher and anon is going to actually drill down and find out you know so medical freedom infrastructure and roads i've got a worry orange barrels right now and actually looked up the company who the state by orange barrels from and they did at one point time make a eighteenth speculation and added the anadale tive tape which attenion dollars to the by the head of the company that we bought it from actually said this is nonsense does no good but the state when hadn't been any way because because who who the agnoli don't know you know it's just it's nonsense all of it is there's no there's no rhyme aristos of this and you know my background in my resume is so extensive in different industries that i pick up on things that may be would be because of my experience and that i don't need him somebody turpin my ear to say this is nonsense and this is why this is nonsense and this is what the really train ocampos here rather than what they state they are accomplishing because those two almost never match up well i'm looking forward to your summary down the line nature if you can do a beating for haverford to the tooth i appreciate that i think that i also think that having people be able to do their own research is a real valuable process so to research what i say i've been a ragout there on all of this i mean from the point of calling people the board canisters a bunch of more as for passing i was the only one that was at the berceuse board of elections who was a candidate besides anyhow a who was a supporter and who honestly they were hid him and another or supporter were tracked leaving an event and hit my four vehicles rolled three times and and put in the hospital of the investigator that was there so that was definitely a hit it was not an accident he was there all pretty shocking isn't it are there to hear me he insolent we've got you know i've got a say of life but once again you know they want to ask you one question but there is there is there is an expanded form of this that i think is really important i believe the safety of life from from conception to natural death but with that side we are going to have to work a little harder and supporting people who are an unfortunate situation and if we were actually actually forcing the law i'm pretty exposure that the issue of rape and incest would go away fairly quickly if the if the if the consequences of it were what they should be instead of a lamp on the risk oh i'm so sorry you were raped honey you know we're going we're going to give this guy slap on the risks and let him out within three months at can go and rap somebody else stupid as the spirit of stupid it's a joke so anyhow that demeter questions i mean i don't know i know you ask what my resume was a little but i think people out there some of them heard it but i'm wailing to put it out their gun you know i think your foundation is a respectable and appreciate you poseidon to what constitution you know the republic by for the people not for the government it's got to be it's going to be a hard lesson learned forsook you said everybody out in old or was it the election that cross woolhorton the heights of congress all meantime said clark previous everybody's got to be held accountable for what what they weather when they were you know brainwashed by main stream media or just aloysius and that costantina into in stories well and we can talk about fares for days when i send harding yes let let me go down on my priorities man and i'm just going to read this so okay so free here election election integrity number one number two women and government of holding a constitute three government accountability for second amendment rights even though its support all of them i find it to be the one that protects the rest repairing a six more parmesian education system medical freedom infrastructure and roads legislation burford michigan as a protector and defender of sanctity of life sanctuary state for the first amendment freedom of speech and what that looks like and i think that that's one that we should truly dive into whether somebody is a publisher content creator is going to change that when it has to do with big in order states rights i will go back to honor of a half about half of the sheriffs in the state as well as some police and i did talk to chief cried in tattoo her people along the way just trying to get the nonsense out right decentralization portend protecting our border that all goes and hangs on the tenth amendment and how do to put that into play michigan the leader of economic prosperity it talked to many a innocent people across the state as well as having created many jobs and businesses there's some cut good quick answer building trades as part aberration we need to find trade schools as well as the police academies and at have good training michigan is a bit small business incubation state michigan is the center hope for our elder population and their families rebuilding the mental health services building real economic prosperity for her strong future which would be a way yet people back to work instead of manuela protecting michigan asnarl resources for tourism sportsmen and all to enjoy and i think that that there's the several that i could probably add to this that the list just keeps growing with these these are military very long this is this is a short less because i can to put out more content than what people can cross it's not going to get it a lot i really enjoyed listening to it all i look forward to some one i just brought up your preamble previsions the constitution when my heroic we people of the state of michigan once again they got so far away from understanding makes rule here people that make the rules here we people who state of mission grateful to almighty god for the poorest blessings of freedom delaying to secure these blessings undiminished ourselves and our posterity to ornamental shed this constitution she lamberton again a lot of combing out that our federation doesn't then she got like that year those first reader we do people as that of grateful to all my dead godless in boredom and realising to secure the lasting undiminished he ewe are easiest natural light is what it is yes it ringing in a sire by the constitution the constitution is a structure our government is supposed to work with them we and everybody should know it he's that he is a crazy fact i actually had the preamble of the constitution memorized so that is at once in a while i'll work that out at something because i've known that from the time i was a chile it is beautiful computer opening a studied all the boat lest major probably the strongest or it is a great one nation under god which i love you know and on apologetically a christian and i believe that we have to hold ourselves first to those standards you know that's that's how we as christians are supposed to live as hold ourselves to the standards and then work as a person of service in our desolate as life down you know for others and to so that we may be with god for ever as substitutionary death for to cover up soon and give us give us a road to you know what boldly to the throne of grace and two to address god without any intermediary and i think that that's important kololo of people want to know well what do i have to do to be to be saved or to be right with god and i say well just start talking to him i mean that's your first stop right there it's not like yes he's not sitting right next to all the time anyway so you know start talking to your home then and realize that we've all followed short of the glory of god we've all we all of us have the only right we have to go into heaven as because god loves us in his forgiveness i forgive us and we accept his gift to salvation he was willing to die for for us because he would rather be with us rather than to be without us and he was he was willing to lay his life down for the and in his perfection fulfilled the things that we could not i like some with confidence yes i think i think this is i think this is the best analogy that i can that i've ever heard about what it means to be a christian it's like it's like being a little kid and may be throwing the window and breaking the window while the only one as will kid you could not possibly pay for what you did you don't have the resources you don't have the ability so mamma did have to come in and and say all right you know i will pay will pay for that and you know if if you're stupid you fight against mamadoo you're not going to pay my bill on this but if you're smart you go all right i screwed up i'm really sorry i won't do it again and you know and and thank you for for a for what i what i done and so greatly and now we have to do is exempt say you know and then then you fall in under a got the love which is unconditional love and we know we're going to scrap again we know we know that it's not that christians are perfect is that were forgiven he whose name and yesterday you know some rosalie going off of the preamble really quickly i arose one of our michigan constitution as all colours and here in the people oh political power is inherent the people you know and i know i'm preaching the query i want to reiterate how important understanding a constitution because more plans extremely important i agree with that name tatastha the communists of tatastha very document that's there to to honestly to save this nation which is constituted they've tried to make people say no this is bad missus conservative will conservative means less government you know they've chancing a definition of that you know limited government but if we you know if we we've been taught to hate those structures to hate what the founding fathers are put in place and its unfortunate because that's the theothen that standing between us and a communist take over this nation is we the people who are not going to put up with it but also hanging everything on that constitution as the structure which insures are freedom given by god very well very well said more in your a solidescibilitas especially i once began to stir in the assembly course which would make algernon what the crowd you have a and the people are dry in people got a bit kidnaping when you had it and out of stonington the federal budgero entrapment and so rising as amazing yet all you bientot there we get do with a game here get rid of these deer own house clean clean clean these clean meschines out of that organization of your all going to be thrown thrown in together as complicities if you stand there silent then you're just as guilty as they are absolutely sincere person as rich keep and bear arms but the fences there is no question there is no question in armies your state i actually know a little bit more about that about that investigation to and it's like i i they should be ashamed of themselves oh absolutely heaping with because you know of course as you know the little darling and the sun the girl yes tantot only and his physical role he probably getting a team together of uncle the real real problem behind that it was a trap now it was an it was absolutely entrapment the whole thing was entrapment and anybody that was encouraging people to go inside that capital that was in trap did you ever see bobby powers the portals ye be ever moscon some one go ahead and said yea that was complete and utter nonsense an entrapment and if you haven't seen bobby powell bobby popinot a video where he was showing extra he was showing extra forage of january and he was there and they they pretty well hid that hid that video footage but but his footage is pretty pretty crazy i probably could find it if i will terminate i can he waiting for the come back on let me see what i can do here to see if i can find mister roby paul a very it's pretty pretty crazy and he has a holy ben ten pretty well silence the thing which is really said he he actually had extraviado and i'm shot it helped poorly he was treated how long the video is here he's got he's got some longer ones of these gets shorter ones too which actually showed the actual video and the horsewoman speech here thank you my window he at my time motto find it but that's all right and his life was threatened he had his life threatened by really would like to see this by no other than who run wiser estate of miago really shocking so if these are you back with a strange yeah well here is here here's an article on monacher this one a man because i think missus fairly crazy boy pasubio on wiser and how he was given a bribe to onate is most by dierich congressmen carried matabayo delivered macedonia jonsboda the rib shack and base city stop talking about the video you recorded and c or in jor you could be killed the sales people behave that that is this is exactly what we have going on here and the state of michigan that coercion and yet he was the one that was threatened by a rap of wiser and that was over a lunch with congressmen carrie tonometer that name remember all of their names because if anything happens to any one ah those people should be the first on the list to question right there all all of them in all of their contact question then all the you were joint rejouit hear part of this absolutely mintstick and aviaries on january sickest about two o'clock in the afternoon when at the capitol steps followed crowd i have some as i got up there he recorded a young man by name hunter empty from gondolieri breaking at dontrien in a senator i watched tailpiece to rest and eat which they absolutely should have and helen a cook is driver's lives it's all been out of which is exactly what they ellerton the minutes in front of that window making sure that nobody else was going to go in because you propose going to go in there you just heard it when they were arresting any we're going to go in there you can't stop us from going in there i aeternitatis did barter what a sense of free and a radio transmission comes over their air the first on the other and ask how many officers do you have to go this canon the very right where the blue man sold them at the eight officers to bore that window i went up to the officer i told him there are nine densher i told him i am a united states very nobody is going into a capital through a broken window on my watch if you need help i'm there for your imagine my surprise when i hear another radio transmit this and now to just place from that window leaving it completely undefended that's what caused me to turn my camera on i would have had a rolling the whole time that i lost a came earlier on the second mister toad a capital and it was later picked up by a capacity thought certified as the hooter story will get into here but this important part right here the officers were ordered to leave that broken window and the the iconoclast you know i don't know what was going on but i wanted to to take the super i was thinking of last and this fellow they had come up the with dressed all the military right radio popovers he asininities the window go in so i replied that probably be illiterate some back to picking up the last but my and now you're loud crunching from behind i swing my cameron just in time to catch this man pulling that broken window entirely from its he steps aside so that people go into the capitol through their senatorial a young man by a woman say a man could he ask me not to but i asked the same gabitalist abut he rushed in towards the end thought he was going to go inside so i moved to intercept the lonesomeness in a misstatement that make you really want ask a whole lot of questions ah she onlookers as a moment sarasate the six committees putting off by now it is a sustainer you go you got all these people that are massowah balaclava on what a bunch of nonsense you know the two who in the world are these people who were they who are they why we apolitical prisoners from day six in the united states of america i want answers at all of this i think we all deserve them and you know our government is supposed to you know serve serve our us and we have the right to ask those they have the right keep us to keep anything for us zero tell you what you know sort no i mean just he's not talking about the the problem and look resistance to it if people if people think she standin next to good people i got another thought and anybody anybody that's running right now they're not talking about this the proper we're not talking about election to talk about you know the wanton of the the reason i mean not at by the people they have no control over this period with me because that was very very frustrating beetle i i hadn't seen that before you have hateeta's name for me again he i've got a name i actually anselme islets amaponda who is mentioned in this is carrie tenable and ron wiser but there's more to it and a very interesting so if anything happens anywhere remember the names that are mentioned because those names should probably be questions the two i mean you know and i soon one thing to how the copestone and saw somebody you know it's the obvious like they had its aaanthor to effect good red blooded american life had had every free right of world capital right not economic and then lorelei lives to swithin facades that is going to go down in history as a as they are installed in ministration yea and political present going to be time it's not a we have the proof at and it's coming out and i know what was in it we have in space it i know we were on know that that just the sort in one form ernother about the family that it the solicitor sat up and treatment is this not much is not much in the world that gets me boiling he sat up in separate and please everybody out there do not tell me that you believe that this was was john without the help of some organization these are twenty thousand pound magnetic doors there is no way no possible way that they were not that they were opened from the outside with a bunch of people that i decided to storm the castle is that that to believe the whole story is the spirit of stupid to a level in a degree that there is no description of it you know and whose ancient was he a reservist with content for hours or so now who was also the face of a six i think i may should be the face in the face of jay six remember that quite look that went up and that all that should bring a whole bunch of things to the forefront phoenicians those hereabouts that no emanation to porto he amasement the call yet and there's somebody else that claimed to be the face of a sex there was a different person i am the face of jason look it up in the that's another that's another one that i call foul on massively and think me to be looked into in a in a to a to a very large degree as the things that are not adding erudition million americans right now that we people of the socinian to you as as as legally as we possibly can to bolt and unmanliness one purple and there they are so standpoint may be choices they made their choice why do you think the train is silence me i have been the like you know god forbid to you mention brandenburg's name or include her in debate or or have to party actually talk about her let's leave her after electioneering rallies let's let's try to knock off the ballot twice i was knocked off twice and renominated why would that be i wonder maybe it's because his igarape you literature he takes is of dollars to on the run against these establishments ayesha i said we've got to get away from that door was a contented one as well i know i know base and i know babyhood the unforeseen as i can and keep around mary he smartly amazingly smart special income mathematics away that constantine he follows i had really began as epithets when it comes beautrelet the man at so course and we have a touch bacon eric which i don't know if i hanabusa yea were arter to i thought it was a pretty interesting post that a president trump put out talking about eric coming to mosque will end in come tasks done janet came to squinted eric for a while and it was all capital letters which tells me that that post had way more to do as something else rather than face value which i loove i love what you know to look at what they say palliates capitalization matters when he put on erinyes more comes going on there rather than talking about his son the big problem of course you know everybody's everybody's favorite somerville i was the founding of eric and edication states and the problem the control or elections yet as they just came out of this tramp always talks about things that have double meanings he sure does so we can't you know i never take anything at face value as and lots of them and never she never let anyone shot you down if you have questions you have the right to ask them if any one i tell people all the time you know ask me ask me the hard questions as any one you have the right to do that and you know and i'll answer it you know best my ability always may not always have answers but but i will answer truthfully to what i know what can michiganders do to help you minister well right now you know like our numbers are or actually were doing extraordinarily well by the numbers quite honestly but we need more help because it i wish i had fifteen hundred campaign managers body she i'm going to take this area for gougou know take anything i pose you know so post every i do all my own writing and i post everything that i posed to telegram i actually write research and right i like to write of had several blows over the years where i research probably six to eight hours a day and i do a lot of financial breakdown i do follow the money i'll try to connect people and i gratings with that other and ants are doing and bringing to the forefront all out put put their work out there too like technologists another a you know the one he brought up forward to an infamous good one i like i like a tile from from a just human i love my clandestine i love all of these people that put things on i mean there's too many of them to mention all of them that i have respect for and i bounced her one research that many hours you're not only looking at ronda and such you also looking at it on other people of the researchers are other annonaria they approved so for anybody who had so interesting and i must to have a five parts hordes of the i believe the forepart right now he is going to substitute an i should be now really interesting he had seen present and prussia from me goes he goes back as i was reading on one of these substances the other day and he got into the gold the covering things of gold and that sort of thing i believe and very informative so i am well aware of him and and so many so many digital warriors out there that are that's the true news we are the new so if people grab whatever i put out there the videos the the post they are you know anything and and passed on to your not works the people that you know called tax email talk whatever posted to groups that your in out there to get the word i'll because that they have mainstream media has tried to black censor and lack down anything i have to say which means i probably over the target because if i weren't effective or fewer talking the truth they'd let me go you know they let me do exactly what they've done where the other candidates they give mankind a press right now me and factually had as somebody called bananes channel war room and and say say trade me on her publicists trying to get me on you know the first question that was asked how much money did she raise the nosepaint to facetiarum and i have had a bloodless it at dannemora dot com that i have i have a popery of video on there and i think what i'll do is take these little video that i put out there and on subjects such as splitting the vote non sonance of nonsense somebody telling you how to vote in their just doing it within the mind prison of voting for the criminal party which is the unity which is working together which has done nothing for the nation or the state the republicans and democrats it's all one party and so i talk about that and and i go through amenothes astaroth my principles you know i do have a daughter whose very special needs that we had involuntarily what they is designed to do is to take money away from families away from a away from individuals first they pilfered worked their entire life lives to create i'm pretty sure they would want to leave for the families but they held for that and then they go after the wealth of the children to impoverish every one from taproom our mental health system is not where pain about twenty thousand dollars a year out of pocket for man's alone for my daughter and i you know besides having a full time care for her i i believe we need to do a serious retelling of that whole system because we we part of our homeless population as because of the failings of that and that started back in the s when they defended mental help we used to have have mental health huge amounts of mental health assistance in every single colony well we cut that from the budget which was a great idea from somebody's you know he had was a brain wizard on that and now look at how much of a prometheus ness of that he the greedy terrible and even either in the abandoned they abandoned those that need the most help and and i do believe that you know that we are before god told to help those around us it's not it's not about the money it's about it's about being there is as americans standing for each other not caponniere and warded state who is actively involved in killing people through our billabong the or weapons tramping a drug trafficking that we have gone on our country arconati we we have declared war on the world it somebody that bribed certain individuals with a billion dollars if they didn't find it userhat was contesting as bidden reconcile understood i would say so and kaseem the big problem to me a little bit especially considering how many billions in sending for the right out at a and where's he going is like the gay the reason why they i metallic or pilot that was sitting on the tower maintaining benghazi and they were told to stand down just like our caps were told to stand in the stairwells with bellows looting grand rapids i know a cotherstone stand out well were that come from that came from above now why is anybody asking his quest where this ere this be where are these orders coming from that our attack on our own people while the gaze was a problem because the state department under hillary clinton was trafficking weapons to syria through libya but if we were if we were gone in there they would shut her own troops down with stinger missiles and it would be all over herself yes who got sacrificed for hours and at the at this point what difference does it make what a stupid response i mean talk about the spirit of stupid that you can't even put you can't even put words to you know it is so perthes people are absolutely there absolutely evil beyond pure evil and what they do to children what they do what they do to humanity they do not care they look like us but they're not like us at all they are their brains or something wrong with them to trelyon with only with a silken thing by the other high their hard wire brown and that a mistake that i think a lot of people make is thinking that just that somebody looks like you you know we're all algernon upright and we all look like or human beings doesn't mean that they are or at all you know so so suatocopius all of that in internal in eternal misfiring hard wiring and quite honestly i think a lot of its demonic it's absolutely devoid of god their god haters they want remove god because it gives them the right to victimize any one every one and do whatever they want you know as i think it was albert pike this suit do do whatever thou will and like a very good policy to me and so rapid old that a tough godown i've been down that reinhart and one a one lighter note on the place that we have in such an tuonetar heartiest stars all that but i've got to give such personal things i want latoolibooloo are uncreated lassie i santissima others like him in so coursenstrasse i don't think there's anything more powerful right now everett no man of mentally more police do you spend a lot of time laughing at means you know we've got a great alliance people on our side and that something had gartside does not have the nave the creativity that the old then i was sent a humour either yet they have no sense of humour not zero you know i have i'm in a group and that's all we do in this one group of sun means back and forth and sometimes i'll be sitting there rearisen and unliterary a tears are just coming down my eyes in laughing so hard because they're so bilian it wants to sunny means please do so because that they made me they made me laugh very hard i love them and he's so base you know so many of them are just but on the confines you know the writing ortogrul said are being creator they do such a wonderful job dorothea some of the women come in and like me can my men can as good the rampage for sure haamdaanee i individuals i think this i can as overwritten solomon you know the view often workhouse to them for once proved all the reasonable manner i usually has a bunch of a hill have a post and put it out say everybody put me here and what get the best needs for the day and i love have lives matter i love you know all rapaciously actually know you know i've talked to him and stand all these people that the digital soldiers that are mean and making us laugh though this journey i mean if you can laugh about half of this you beside corner in the fetal position crying right because it is so crazy so it does it does help help a dear of a favorite mean are means you know the so many great ones no way that i could think you know you costumery day together at creativity avaritiae a fire like he right my consul like you know many others and i not find undiminishing but and one was well whether it's cash patois winterhalter and as i martius crass but i love it any way i said that one class but i love it anyway resentment is gone an elephant and donkeys grown as she it is i think it's pretty funny now i got to stay my hand and renowned he means that comment on scipio spinosa a monotony know what i do i always tell my like octon's just entered my ramelton program of excellence i think is in so i'm looking i've got betune so will i tell you what why don't we and anon madonna has it i would tell actually i should tell anybody how a boat but all the more highly misleading read on and you'll find out how bad they are yet this is the misdemeanant on the shore a arguing here he had the ballot propositions are all alone are misleading so i was over the board came in speaking out on the religious or the right to reproductive rights which is basically there really going to be able to kill babies on the table because while they give him a great case crop to sell as that's what thereafter and that's been documented that too is a solitude the shade i listened to a conversation when bomas that mama was talking about and that was deciding what to do when a baby is born alive what do you do with it in the middle of a more as a kind of like bone chilling conversation to listen to and how they are evaluating what do you do how do you kill that child brave that was when he was in illinois and crazy well i i tell you what one and the great here we've been on for a couple of hours and it's been a wonderful discussion he thinks her bringing soup and also also know bringing to let things that made people want to hear from me talk about because you know i could i'll go and be a bunch of little videos to day i've got some time to do that to day and morrow maybe a little sob or many series that that people can go i would go right down the line on and talk about talk about all this sort of thing great and review that the man concealed to on the insatiate they was an dodonaean time washingtonians a lot of fine talking to one i so much time i have to thank you so atelier here did mere we go always always had it the same way okay oh dear haythen thank you so very very much to stay at how to us to day once again you have given us another day another new start in life things to learn new ways to serve uncovering truth and standing together as your children were so thankful you're such a good father to us new leather you leave us through any and all circumstances in life and we can step forward with courage with bravery knowing that ultimately you are the one who is in control it is your plan and we trust plan the plan is your plan in all things we give only a wance to you dear father god we know that human beings are highly flowed even those that meanwhile their stone were still flowed but you still guide athrough all things thank you so much for your provision thank you for people who are brave enough to stand up thank you for all the people that are often the digital soldiers who've been creating means and bringing truth forward as well as annandale of americans who are standing together to fight the fight against the pure evil which truly that we seem to be surrounded by but we know were not were surrounded by you thank you so much and we lay we i ask your blessing to day on frank and his his family his life we ask your blessing that everybody who's to indite that you would give everyone peace a peace in the face of any storm that may be upon the end of the day god winds you win you always so much for a thing in the name of us cried we pray donacona with you thank you for having me on your welcome and will be talking i'll give you call after her affair thank you so with these lots and lots of a soul there fighting for you every day and here we go they may be mine please to my website which is brandenburg for governor dot com i write everywhere on telegram and i do all the post you can all so communicate with me there and that is at brandenburg the number four grandall the other other social media outlets also if you want to get involved the best you can do is past information forward to your friends or not works and call call tact email whatever it takes get into groups repossest repose character share share in repose more that's that's a wonderful way to make up signs take your area go walk and talk to people you can walk or the door of poperinghe also have them we also have a yard signs of we have ways of getting information out there also and i put my number right out there to put a number of naked easy to contact us so you can get plugged at that actually the best way to contact us though if you want to you want to get something done content me directly which six months six four three zero four four one i generally took up the phone people are usually surprised at that but that's the way that it should work so anyhow at any rate you are absolutely not alone as so many of us out there that are fighting and and a boarder born for this time to fight to defend you the nation to defend the constitution in its as one nation under god not above god not debating with god but as one nation under god understanding that he is a good father and he put the rules he made up the rules as his sand box and he didn't order protect us not to stapleton doing things but to protect us for being her at any rate we love you we love every one that you love in our concern about we really are so god bless you god bless all those whom he loved and god bless america see it too i got larger bedmouth for we were going to go through some of these a trump endorsements together and and a start really thinking through them and what's really going on out have a great day