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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/3/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published May 3, 2023, 9 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is may third twenty twenty three and welcome to redeeming grace church song we don redeeming grace starts every wednesday with my body doctor comparer he or you don't tone i have done great as good day train him wickets preeday it's the great ethais graduation he so i work out the morning a little bit before i get on and and i've been a using a waitedest so i graduated to day to the next level best sawhad add more weight because the because he was getting too used to us to the the last one saw minette trio increase all his ways and hell you know i cannot fight the good fight as the warriors that always three i would be was of things going on out there and a people i think that i'm hearing more and more the people are just if her wits on they they really are having a little bit hard time coping with us and the changes that were seen around us the failure of our government the chinese and passion of our nation among other things that are dis really disturbing all you you know which talkabout several this morning and and when you brought up was that dillon what was it donovan yea and a ford forges took a complete a complete turn for the worse yesterday i think a couple of days ago too for ford's going to be on the way out and your two because i think we should the i drive for vehicles oh i think that their time is come into the onto because her traders the way that these cercopes are launching economic warfare against this state we still outnumber them so many of us to them it itinpon we just have to get together and say that this plan or for betrayed our sad time you are by by so i think we need a couple of kid rock moments for four like you know he went after the fanlight yeah but i hope i hope that a that what would you say that that dillon said that all of us who don't use his pronouns should be arrested good luck what the jail and in now because you know you're prone on or whatever comes out of my mouth and if the requiring us to to have a pronoun what i think my prooshan be he says that my pronouns going to be you know it is in my prone on is going to be i got to think it's going to be something like a jesus's my sage so they have to use that ever single time that there's my pronoun you nosey say it's right when at lips speak it right out of his their mouths how about it eh you know every every knee will hoobonee thine confess that jesus is our lord has that have great chronon too you know we could amidships that's right on one yet he is old sakes youall right now where were just going to wait is goin to do i were to use their weapons again so many nets what's been going on for a long time so we just got out smart that there not then not all that bright you know they they can't leave your not that a guy as you know a man is a man and a woman is the woman i can't even i'm going to loss there you know it's the tenedos and more time at a farm clearly because there's no confusion there not whatsoever you you you really do understand that there are in fact out so i saw interview with piers morgan just entered in a takiainen a couple trains genders and he was saying in a conical identified as a as a black a lesbian an air like you know but it's like that's the stupidity of this whole thing i know it's like er ye right okay lekatlong only identified something as long as they approve of it that's right that's exactly right he actorof our pronouns too not only be with the after proof there pronouns and their genders but they had to prove our to so you know i don't i don't get to say say you know when i am now not to happen so sorry you lose so anyhow to day's communion to a got in short orebody here pat we're all set here i've got my wine and it is actually a real life his i believe jesus turned water into or wind and it was real line so i'm going with his plan it will learn then i've got the crackers i decided to do unleavened all the grain because that he said he's a great crop of the really great the young right so that's a good reminder we the gets some jews of the vine one woerththe and earache there you go down a great picture one ready for later and we will for the first time at redeeming great participate in the lord's table and no the whole the whole message to day really goes drives at what does that mean so i think it's going to be an interesting yeah i i thought this was a great idea that you had this suspicis going to be the scene to be found in and and you know we're trying to bring as much into an online church as you can without you know with the comedy and honestly i think that when he i say just the fact of some nor malice to to tune into something and it's like a timid one another talk in her or the saint the safest and i know about you but the the the normal boring stuff that we used to take for grand it seems awful nice right what end in the daffodils come up and go yet we've got down odshis pretty ossinine got the tultie fast some love here on this side of the state on the sweet can and holland yeabel normal you know what happens are here there's the psyche here and i i got to say done you put on some great show some of these elections integrity forest people a just incredible credible things and i'm just glad that we get this one day that we can do ah toward christianity and i'm not saying you the christianity of other anything you do cause i know you don't but tissues good do i thank you while i tell you it's amazing how god is bringing people in and render news not work is set to actually very much grow in the very short short near us so this we have got up i've got out a gently coming on to morrow that's talking about oh a radiation and annandale wi five poisoning what radiation poisoned looks like an bodies and help how much that really effects and when you clean your body up from from that sort of interference and he can talk about it it's it's very very interesting the people are just sort of a show in out which is kind of me and then linda ran is going to be coming out and she's got a process for hand colony a head countin ah ballots and now for the boat and you seen in its it's cheaper it's more time efficient and once the clerk see how all this works there it's kind of a not braider because cost and time time to save and that'll be that be on friday so we're here i got to meet em ah doctor malone and a conference that he he's probably going to be coming on their small the people that will be coming on here and and so were kind of poise too to grow branber news network and i tell you what i think that when the problem we have all these news agencies that are out there is there's no one to hold accountable for anything the corporation in a corporation you can jest hide things you just have here it's like if we screw up you know they're going to be coming for me whether torches pitch forks because you know and and don't think that's bad i think people who are doing something or leaders you've got to be able to come out of the shadows and say this is where i take stand good bad otherwise this is the way it is and if i screw up say yet we screwed up on this we know were out here doing our best but just like everybody else we're trying to fix this nation in the state and ah would you in the best we can then i don't want have a stamp a the to brenburg the now the the interviewer the hosts and this is done in ranversed who was running all the the computer screens and and intimit was over there you know trying to keep us on the rails would go out and and but it's all pointer you know and and i think that that's a good thing but i think i think it's going to go and scandgli think pretty so every hold on in and flesselles promote this so little that because this is not about a traditional news ah not work that's out there just to push an errata this is about giving people a voice and i've always said i'd pretty much let just about anybody come on here now so be comes on here wants to pull pull the transcender nonsense the grin to get a down a brand and far behind showing for it or being inappropriate i'll say in a poet and ah you know try to push their mental illness because i i actually do not believe that these people are for real i don't believe that there you know somebody who's really struggling with being transgender most of them i think most of the people were seen especially people the news their actors and actresses trying to convince this is what's going on now do i think that there are people who actually struggled with these yes i do but it's not the ones where and so so in the vice if anybody does get through the crack is not an accurate then that person is being a victimized or taken advantage of to display there the problem out front of the world instead of actual held so both sides of any one there you go there's my pride of her news net work promptly star prayer and he and moved forward oure hevene fathers we come i believe that this topic that we're going to talk about to day is baby the greatest thing we can understand i know it's dear to your heart and you make it plain and is there to your heart and i would just pray that people would open their minds and nere souls your truth and i'm not saying that everything i present to day is your truth but i do i do present it because i believe it and i challenge people to go to the word and study it out and examine our souls in the process glorify you in the greatest way possible in jesus name we pray the men so again even there was some things we did get pull out last week and would talk about a little bit but doubt would jesus told peter a non twenty one in his applies to basically all shepherd under shepherds teachers pastors by extension feed my lambs ten my sheep and feed my oh we know that yet were fed his sheep are fed by biblical teaching about christ reflecting practice from god's written and revealed word oh and i would say significantly and practice of the two ordained sacraments baptism in the lord's table and that's what we we want unpacked it ay and i just as beget excited about this this revolutionized my life in so many ways and i hope that even if it doesn't revolutionize your life you will be challenged to learn more about about this so a intonation of the message to day we're gonna actually partake of the supper together and so this abe the first time for redeeming grace church but i think it's a it's a cornfor ward when we think about christ's words of institution basically this do in remembrance of me we have to ask what is that mean and that's as bad challenge for the the church throughout the centuries i was just reminded to day as much as anything that i think this can be should be at the foundation of her christian world and so our i think more than anything on we've talked for forever about just the insanity that we see in the world deference i heard professor tools may be we go that we're never going to return to what we think is normal never if there is anything that we might think as normal i'm goin to say that it is going to be built around a solid christian world if he don't have what a minute people don't i mean they may be new birth day may be genuine believers it's like it is time have a christian world view i remember detached in the true project in a kind of gloomy away years ago but he said this he said that of all the people that profess christ and we grant it there's a lot of people that profess christ that don't possess is but he's put out all christ professors across the board last then nine per cent have a functional christian world while all is it an order that we struggle so much and so i guess that's my challenge that if we don't have a a solid functional christian world view we are going to strong to me i just know that for however i can clean by my finger nails too to the reality in this world i do cling full hardely to christ his gospel and asininities this nation does not work without rightfully one acknowledge gods in which is we are under god and understanding this is his world and i think ah my dear how you say the stories like people that are atheist he said i don't think out more faith than anybody because how can you how can you believe that there is no god when you look around kind of in conflict large and so it's kind of crazy and then you see the you see the downside when people say thirteen when they say that they they deny god and everything goes to at that moment because you have no standard you have no order you have you you can't have society functions people are victimizing each other and trying to push themselves of the ladder round her then putting on first yah i what you just said down in we talked about a couple of weeks ago frank turrick book i don't have enough faith to be an atheist i actually got that right on my cap in my table i ordered it to you said you were going to be you you meant to that it's like it couldn't have been that you took the word try out of the title the heresoon think he is great but my hands and the same thing when we were growing up enestaesan say it's it's no if i tell you i'm going to buy a book you should see the book stacks i've got around here right now and take me like three lifetimes to read him all you know i i can speedtheory fast to get the noget a good bed information so looking forward to the end if you will the conclusion but you know it's one of those do things it's like paul's warning about not taking this in the wrong way you know the warning is against this on believers because can i stop them from taking communion no but if they take it wrongly they may be bringing damnation upon themselves so the reality is the only way that this is truly effective for us is if we're new births so it would be in sanctification that we take the lord's supper properly eh and so communion to me offers and again miss oh out to people may still stumble over this but a hope that if you listen to me enough that salt corbesone day you're going to go up now you won't even blake when i say i'm to logical but that is the essence of some and if there is any doctrine that essence his critical it is the lord's table and you're going you're going to hear that over and over and over again to day and i hope that you can receive it in a good way so i just would start out me one short confession throw out a bunch of questions for just a may be primed to pumpful little bit have we do here in grand bergues not work in her neat redeeming we just like you ought i remember poor water down pompadore and so that's what we're going to do you so i just you don't i would ask people immediately you know have you read any book commentary or otherwise on the lord's table i mean because we all have some idea of ohibelievei that view ah catholics believe in what they call transubstantiation lutherans believe in consistant ation and the evangelical church there memorial view which bassiammi wingle who was one of the three big reformers with luther and calvin and sitiente how and the why youwhy do we come to the table do we ever think about that i mean all suggested were really posto think about that before we come not not fifteen seconds before we part and in i wonder what it would do but say we read even the manuscript that in front of me to day before we went and participated in communion do we research what a sign or a sacrament and if you want to just scroll up down or the questions or there in the second pair of graph oh do you fulfil obedience do we ponder how we come is this some memorial service like it some one's death do we seek mercy or proactive holiness power do you come to please others do you seek answers as you come do we acknowledge death or celebrate life and some of these are not necessarily either or even though i put or there they could be both insistent outward or inward exercise does it really matter what we believe do we think a few quick seconds before he partake or spend hours in life in contemplation you re take some one's word or personally study to show ourselves approved under god where and how does fulfilment occur so all these are good questions and we really need to understand and i'll say a fraught this really did revolutionize my worship to cried and i just i would love his people hear it and see it in that way so i just challenged people to listen deeply ponder what's presented ah now the man i use his teaching for this is probably the most i think vilified in five hundred years of church history ah i find people will often disparage and dismiss him i mean i can say he do you know about a year yea i know what he teaches that serially what where'd you get that from did you get it from the horse's mouth or did you hear it from somebody else and i would say down of probably ninety nine percent plus of the time people say what ye i heard it from somebody else so the man in talking about his john calvin and so i don't know how you hear even that name some people are repulsed by and i'll say up from i used to be ah i used than oh yes a guy he was you know he distorts societist red sincethe had his own doctor here and maybe bolobo but it's like a i'll say this i i cried tears over no ber book more than his institute thence i mean i don't know about how you all read descripture i've cried a lot of tears over script i've cried tears over books but i'll say this said i cried a lot of tears over reading calvin's he just laid me open so many time it literally took me almost a year i mean i can read i can read but it took me almost a year to get through the first volume of the that he wrote at twenty six years old and cause i could read two or three pages and that was it it was like i was just late lord i had to chew on some and so it was a very methodical ready but god trot me a christian world views through john calvin is and and so i i offer what i do because of what god is vested in me and i came away knowing that if there was one thing i could say john calvin knew love and he might have been the greatest systematicians so i often talk about systematic theology and its not an autocrat bout portant are theology into drawers or files its like we have to cease scripture as a hope and when you can see it as a whole pictures so modest so this is why i talk about grace i see grace from genesis one one to the tail end of revelation i see new birth from the beginning to the end i see his church from the beginning to his end he had a in elect people a remnant from the beginning to the end and it's just amazing to see god work and and i can say that calvin did it as much as anybody so when jesus bore his spirit on his apostles and we regarded john twenty nineteen to twenty three i would say that this was a preliminary and a personal pentecost before pencase and i would at least sir just a that's when they were new birth when i blew on them the spirit and ever we see is you see what is that the magic bullet for them it was cause you see before that they always lived we think in minimal faith but i think they it was either confused faith or the dining now what faith was after that they went out and turned the world upside down for the gospel so on here i want to i want to share snippets as we we go and i just want to may be back up cause i think this is important we talk about faith ah as we come to the table remember miss what we said last week faith per se does not and cannot say it now people might be shocked without like tim where do you say in and here's another statement precisely not even faith in jesus christ saves again he may go tim your speak and blaspheme but it's jesus faith save send and so yes because jesus faith comes into our soul we do develop faith so but my point is the saving faith is christ's face in us it is by it is by faith i clarify that because i have to believe what the texts in the bible says it is you know by it is by faith that were saved through and young nancy exact words so we are safe though the one greecehorace be had emigrated beside sir got the geometric aunt but but what your seeing in a thick me a little bit of time to understand exactly what you were saying to you know the action of ye ye cansaban to process is the little bed and before i say anything i'm going to i'm going to him going to have to this is a little bit but the and it is kind of funny as i we all described things a little bit differently sit back don't say anything for and is cross and try to understand it that other persons we may be seen the exact same things but using different words and or they might be points something that we don't know so what what is is it the faith is the faith that is it's not our works it's not or what we do it it was faith he saved us as we can't be faithful if we can do anything for by ourselves we can't love by herself we can't it's all through him and i and i think that that's that's really it's important up to point out that i i it isn't is not this is what i'm struggling how to say this rightnow but it is it is faith that we are saved by faith the andesian t say that we're not fate saved by the because we are but we are saved by faith yes and in when it comes to us you know you hear a lot of the claim and frame it nonsense it out there which i see that that's witchcraft when i see that this plain as simple that's witchcraft its trying to hold god to a concontractors you know i say is claim it frevent goin to happen no i don't really think so i'm not buying that none since got old goanese he'll do it in the best in our best and oh but the faith isn't faith in how things turn out faith is in god's so we are faith too but the faith is the belief that he is always good all the time in a handle and we don't need to see what who who or what to morrow holes we don't need to see the plan we don't need to see what's going to happen as he's got figured out in and when we talk about the fruit of the vine there were going to celebrate our faith the fruit of his fate our faith is not the cause of his faith sir he nonexpansion the beautiful our trade so this is what our faith is the fruit of his faith in spatthose thing again because i think this is just absolutely critical because no no the stuff you can eat all this all the pot it's all the part of psychology stuffin clearly it's not working because this country some maps and there because we have turned away from god in its refocus is on him and when we do that we ken that's all we got to do so i may not be olde exactly repeat what i said but what i will say is just like we have the fruit of the vine that we're going to celebrate it in an elargar our faith is the fruit of his fate so if we understand fruit verses cause it's its critical people think that i mean across the board and this is what you said is actually paid eissee demonic would he eat the or faith causes our salvation or our faith is the fruit of his salvation in our soul so it's like his faith produces a fruit in us and we manifest that fate and i don't ever want to tell people know our faith is important but our faith is the fruit of his fate and if we could understand that oh to me that's simple thing and i appreciate you gin done of bringing it out and pushes me maybe say it again i am like to push in to put things in them and to come and terms and to apply it to people's lives to that that's really a you know we can have all the knowledge in the world but if we can apply and be drawn closer to god as well as make sense of this world in the biblical world view it sort of like did understand people people i think it sometimes things are so complicated for for people out articace sometimes you know i'm much more subido read any commentary on anything i reviled that's what i and and so on you know a lot of super you talk about is is even for and to me the terminologies you know that you use so i'm really listening to try to pull out you know what to pull out and really understand and the way that you know god sacked me because he does talk to each of us individually the way that you present things so his accurate but it's back words of what you hear from some it the way that the churches are set up is like politics is a money fast machine they've got to have butsonthe seats to get the air condition on to ford the programs to have all this stuff to build a bigger and bigger and bigger tower of babel because none of it make most of it doesn't make sense and it doesn't stick to what the what the essence of what god's teaching really is and oh that's part of why the world is things are twist and we've got witch craft we've got different a demonic things in the churches and god told us this was going to happen as i shouldn't be a mystery to any one at this point in time we were going to see an apostate he makes though it is only does to be done and i call it out stopped whining and frame it nonsense because its witch creed pray about that a little bit because they made to contract you had got goose held to a contract i'm sorry that's a bad point to arosa you'd be the minority of one per cent of people in the church that will say what you just did so boldly and so i do believe that the name but in claim it and even the idea of created it's like what we understand new births skies me for what it is a sorry but and so when we talked about the lord's table at sight with what what's the context word it where it it comes from and there would be some even theologians great deal of chance that would say there's no connection between john's secs and ofremember what john six was that was the bread of life discourse and in the end jesus said look if you don't eat my body drink my blood you've got no pardon me and i said it many people left him followed him no more and so it was a hard say and and have we get to the lord's table the last supper with his disciples and then then we get the celebration of communion or the lord's table itself and narope and say there is no continuity between those three things i think there exact count knew any between us three things to me they're wantedthese we just haloander stand on the little bit differently in a different light and i think you'll see the thread that goes through them that is a majestic why did god why did jesus dis cause hate why did jesus get missed by almost every one the first that he why are they going to miss his same thing because in her or had sat on what we think is and we could be so wrong because look at the brain washing that's gone on in our society we think we've got a handle on the i don't think we're any work close to having a handle on one because we're still digging through layers of o a manipulation even manipulating our thought out and in until we we say god i know nothing you know everything i'm willing to follow you and walk step by step by step you don't not that not that you you know you walk away from your prince's cor prints will state said a lot of times stock an that's why right now a race's gentle jesus with the lamb on his feet all be nice go along to get along ninion t think you're in the book the book with senorita you know he was not only you know talking than he and he was phewes basically just right just to right across the face of every religious person out there he went after the religious spirit which was leading the people a strike and he made no bones about so yes i i appreciate your kind o seguento an i didn't even have the side try to guessedthe the seminole whether one in talk about it again because i think when you said like what do they miss in an hour i would always say an i've hammered dosseer places but i think that we learn again these are philosophical words epistomological so we learned by its use at my father taught me he talked about being under or attractor putting on a more tosweet i mean we learn by experience we learned by rote learning we learned by books we learned by just touching hot stove finding out he woan't do that so there's a lot of ways we learn i would say that the biggest reason everybody missed christ as they tried to learn epistemologically what it was all about and this is to me a lot of the ways that the gospel is presented we present the gospel epistemologically because we have to to me the essence of the gospel is the ontological new birth in our soul and from the anthology we create the mind of re we can't we can't create the mind of christ and cause or new birth god blepus new birth in our soul our faith really comes out in her christian world view the mind of christ that is the fruit of what goes on down here so i think we have it backwards into me when we understand that and it it got put to in our soul we go a that's the so i asserted chances one second here because my garry put something in her that was good and carry he good morning lab i carry what after and john and the carewoodrig nificent as god is held to a contract god holds him his contract his every covenant contract tis true but we don't get to do that we don't get to say i sat all the words i did the little chanty over and over songs you know over and over and over and over and over and over songs and you know to chance they will have said you know praise god and this many times and so i got to hold in toghconnuc on what i want that's the work that way and he might witeless i'm sick o it is lukewarm and a very and unfortunately very lost who have been led astray by those claiming just like in the policepolice the ones we trusted the most are the ones that have been leading people set yes so in answer to jerry's question the bread of life discords his john three are the upper room discourses from john thirteen seventeen and in john's gospel i would say that the last supper that they celebrate was right in the first couple of verses of john thirteen and so jesus does a lot of teaching after that actually right i believe right after the supper he washes their feet so we think that thirteen starts with washing his feet i think the supper already of cured before that takes place ah and then we see the lord's table a later an an an paltocks about it in first gratian's allowed but it's it's also other places so when we think about a mystery doneyou did talk about it's me the the lord's table is a huge mister and i'm not saying we could ever get to the bottom of it ah and we will get into some of that it's very very interesting but what paul talked about last week that if we didn't really get into his effusion cree and for he talks about that mystery and i think it's really of christ dwelling in us and the union with christ is a huge ah issue ah for communion so i just want to show you a book if i can get this in the picture in the middle of it it is if there's a glare on it be reclaiming calvin's doctrine of the lord's supper given for you by keith mass and i would have never heard this donna cause we're going to talk about a death ah when we think about communion it is the death keith masson wrote that book he worked for leganger ministries and when orchestral read the manuscript of the book he went into his office and he said now you can die if he was like what what did you talk at him in arcesilai you just wrote the classic on the doctrine of the lord's table now and i happened to agree with that so we're going to almost everything i present to day is from this book so if you want to get any let me i read the titles i write it now and here a mitering the calendrine of the lord's supper give him for you is the is the main title in its masterson is the author and i i would i would suggest every pastor of that serious about god's truth would get this and read it i mean i have tried to three times more material than i can present to day and this is why again as we talked about earlier i asked people email me tim parker nineteen fifty three emile and i will send the manuscript i think donna composed are not sure how they come through but when we talk about to me he loved the legacy and as part of what arc said you love a legacy for future generations oh and i i want to mention a few people that go a legacy and me one was my father one was john murray robert raymond who i quoted last week ah i love robert raymond john gerster was basically archie's pills mentor arcis brow would be one j packer bob bedford was my doctor professor and i want to say people i'll mention another name devon hoover some might say i've never heard that name he was not a theologian per se but he was my near surgeon he did to infusions and i i just had at most respect for devon hoover and acte my wife knew before last week's message i got home she told me that they had found him shot murdered and hers details but i i watched his funeral on line and he was middle child are the only son of a six daughters and i just i guess i'm still reeling from the thought of that but i know i will see him some day and i guess i always felt like i didn't was reluctant to put him on a pedestal and i i don't even like even talked that way but when i read about his character more than i knew i i was just blown away and i would even encourage anybody if you want to see something majestic just look up you find it on you to be poineven hoover's funeral anything and watch it it relieved for this passage alone i don't remember the full title of the church he was at he grew up men anight with a man a night history but it was something about the blessed hope of the sacrament and i might be engrossed point it might echo down in check that out some day cause i thought well and i wouldn't be surprised at their talking about the eucharist or the lord's table but anywheresay it was as its horrible any rate oh you know is as we are we will all die ah unless you know we're rapturegod takes his home but do i do believe that i will see devon some day and we'll sit and chat a long time but i just want to share that so in the introduction of the book laterpeople don't realize that i know some people don't even relate to the reformation a lot of churches have history in a reformation some people say all known ididn't want to own any of that and i want to say in my mind you togather often gave their lives for the truth that they put forward so i mentioned erhaltene were basically is free or reformers in the time of what we would call the reformation there were people before ah you had like lifejohn hoss that we mentioned last week a john knox was a but some time oh as calvin a but there were some very god the men and actually swingle i would say died relatively young fighting in a war for freedom and i mean he put his fore mothers bonny was her somethin i guess but it's like god you know pa even dietheronto here to me gave his life for the truth of the gospel and so when we think about rome catholics lutherans and calvinist it like they all agreed that the presence was there but the question was how was the presence what happened and they had a a colloquy i can't is there will go marburg and they went through like fourteen point agreed on fourteen points in e couldn't agree on the last one oh still regenbach at last when i think it might be the most pivotal so here's here's the thing arcis talked about in in the forward to the book he said that very often the priest at least in in the catholic heritage stood in front of the altar with his back to the congregation and presented an offering a sacrifice of christ to the father on the behalf of the peak now catholics would say yep yep that's what goes on nets that's what the mass is so the comendable location changed when the reformers rejected that the lord's supper was a propitiatory sacrifice ah so most protestant churches no longer view it as an altar a place for sacrifice but as a table from which a meal can be served so the offering was it from the people to god but the meal is from god and that might sound like the small thing but that is one of the biggest things that we have to understand when we understand that god this feeling as a meal rather than us bringing an offering to it it will change a lot of our understanding so some people would say what what's the sacrament and there a lot of people with pride throw me under the bust and the thought that as a professing reformer i would claim the ideal the sacrament i don't know what a tickler my throat to day allen's paling in the other's lot there right now might be but it's it's more than a tickle i guess but these at any rate very o things bring me water solebut eh there is a great guy i love very what i wanted to say was the sacrament means that grace is given and if people would study what i say about grace you'd understand that i totally belied grace is given in the sacrament of the lord's ah and i think that's at its essence when i think body that is as jesus said this is my body this is this bread is my body so again what does that mean in oregon unpacked that to day so its sacrament lord's table it is a means of grace in christ was really and truly present in the sacred they all believed that ah the believers actually nourished by the risen body and blood of and i think you got to go down we down if you want to find out where we're at states i can't speak here that quick let's track that's the bouwerie there i think old the up so as divided his reformers were it is long as its sulpherous we'll try to run down through cause i know if we're going to run through some of this stuff and then participate in i'm going to have to fly through pedistes i want to tell people again and again get the manuscript so you can read the on it study it out it cuinneain and see what god will do and maybe the next time if people come forward with some of this information in their soul i do believe you're gone participate in its going to the meaning is going to go up a thousand so kelvin pleaded the idea thank you gary of a naked sign so when we talk about a sign ah i'll say this that in my first book i talked about the gospel of john he has what i call seven signs and he'll tell people in the front of the book in the back of the book that i write these signs to you so that you may see them understand him and believe in jesus christ for eternal life ah so we we do have to know what a sign so talks about the memorialists view and basely that means that oh it's a commemoration it's just i mean baby you can almost see the funeral the people just went to a few days ago for devon hoover might have been a memorial people have memorials but its site so a lot of people don't think twice and zwingle was the wonder really put forward to memorial view eh and if we see it bottom of it maybe the next paragraph on that sure what happened didn't have paragraphs herbut talks about the de luther to jesus christ is bodily present in the eucharist swingle thought his present only in the hearts of the believer so i'm going to say there's almost in the middle a i grew up with the idea of a memorial view often and so for me what i learned from this book just it was like while so calvin believed that there was he couldn't make that eloquium at marburg but he felt that he wanted to speak to if you will a solution he saw common ground he signed the augsburg confession the lutheran people we read there says that the nature of science and the relationship to the signified reality so when you think about sign its looking forward to something signified a figure to nature versus literal of the words of institution now the catholics would say they would interpret in a literal way and i think litter struggled with his if they couldn't see that it was figurative and yet real or true so for them they felt that and if you even listen to the catholic side believed that the body of jesus comes down on a heaven and feeds everybody all over the world while it's kind of like insanity that's what so they couldn't at least may be ah believe in something that made sense outside o the way they could explain it and so there sometimes we we literally have to hang on the upmaybe he doesn't have a good explanation because of faith so i guess i understand is a transition so there's a they all believed it an unprofitable nature of unworthy participants in heavenly location of christ's natural body and this is again one of the things that i you know we read god is spirit and yet jesus took on a body and it wasn't it he took on a body and then what the haven without his body he went to heaven with an immortal body an eternal body and he will forever have that body and his lot of people don't even understand that may be believe it may be some one might go to my billy never even heard etherhose it before i quite believe it but its critical so the relationship of the sacraments to est to christ so calvin's brief definition of sacrament is that it's an outward sign by which the lord seals on our conscience the promises of his good will towards us in order to sustain the weakness of our faith and i hope we can all say amen or faith is ulcerous rong it is it's a weak faith that time we in turn a test our piety toward him in the presence of the lord his angels and before men that is our faith rather a briefer version as a testimony of divine grace to ward is confirmed by an outward sign and attested by our piety toward him augustine taught to the sacrament is the visible sign of a sacred thing or a visible form of inward grace all those are i pisa you could use those look at him and she on him ah so in as down i just wanted to make people where there's a difference between a sign and the reality and so if we confuse him or conflate them we kind of destroy what a sign is so the calvin was sand the all believed that the communion the bread and the wine is a sign of a reality so how that reality comes to be is basically what is discussing all the different it ah and so part of the book was that most of the reformed world has gone toward a single approach a memorial view and the thrust of the book was that if we could return to calvin's understanding we would see a huge difference i see on her something like a lot of things i'd like to have a sense that day a sacraments generally accomplish what the word accomplished so there's no confusion between his sign and the word a word and sacrament offers and sets forth christ's to us and in him the treasures of heavenly and i say amen so to even think about that when we come to the table do we think to god feeds us with his body that god feeds us with his blood oh do we do we realize that he feeds us with grace he feeds us with ah so it's like i remember the day that first day as a deacon i was asked to pray for the bread and i thought in all were stay would ask me for the food and in the wine or the juice cause everybody condones what that is and i go to say that over the year's last forty years god has caused me to know significant the bread his body is flushed per especially hebrews the ah just blows that up to so god's offer in the sacraments is objective and i would say on to logical but only rise by fate there's no force or power residing inherently in the elements themselves so this almost gets back to what your saying people might say well i took cracker i drink the juice and there's power there now the power is really comes from the holy spirit work so the high lighted pass statement dared this sacraments don't in and of themselves in part grace they present christ to us like gods so his grace given true the body of christ and i even say that so i might say how dare you think that you challenge calvin i don't i might not challenge kelton but i i i love to in my understanding of grace sometimes some of these things makes without her understanding i probably still say to dat know they don't make sense it's like a i colonsays even in the union because we understand that we're in union with christ and so the question is how is it it says the matter must always be distinguished i think you need to run down a little bit run down the page there down on the scroll down the other you go talking about the gustins thinking the man and must always be distinguished from the sign so that we don't transfer to one what belongs to you the christ is the matter or substance of the sacraments in him they have all their firmness and don't promise anything apart from him there is a passage john six let's run down to the neck where i say the key as christ to test himself to be the life giving bread so we could read debt from what we said earlier the teredo life are discourse which our souls find unto true and blessed immortality so only take about first grant and fifteen were our bodies are going to take on the immortal in one sense done we it's almost i won't say we do in the communion of the lord's table but there is a sense that he feeds with his immortal body and that's a very powerful thought so it says the sacrament signs of the bread line represent forest the invisible food that we received from christ's flesh and blood calvin explains this mystery of union and communion with christ is shown through the visible since because the reality itself by its very nature incomprehensible so what is said here is in some ways the mystery is so deep we can't comprehend and so i get that and somebody might ask what time then does it really matter how we print i mean is it let's say if i took it at my church we can go and i learn all this and take it again isn't it the same ah well i'm goin to iollity decided that when you understand and you approach it may be in a different light ah casejust believed that it is so blessed all the christ is and has so when we think about his holiness his obedient his reverence the mercy he displayed pass we we can't visualize getting it any more then in to ah so it says there calvin says a wondrous exchange takes place in this union whereby christ takes upon himself what is ours and transfers to us what is his christ is the believer source of life the spiritual nourishment and mediator of divine i mean it's like i'll say it this way down when jesus said if we believe in we will have eternal life i think sometimes we don't really think much about what that eternal life it's not something in the by and by it something right here right now we possess and there's a sense that in the lord's table i think it it's visible in the sign the reality comes into and so we're going to get love it deeper into what does that mean oh so i would say he he talks about i would say this is where calvo almost shows a little contradiction when i was saying earlier he says though his this power comes from another source than the flesh see how would disagree i think it comes from the flesh here he rested there is no reason why the designations may not actually apply to it so that his flashes a channel conveys to us that life which dwells intrinsically in his and in this sense its cold oh when the source of life begins to abide in our flesh he shows them were to partake of him as he quickens our flight god poor dick power life and grace upon the flesh which he took in ordered that from it participation in life it flow unto ah he sat down in his the manito there also dwells fulness of life so that who whosoever has partaken of his flesh and blood may at the same time enjoy participation in eternal life ah that to me is just so so he ah there's a lot more that calvin says but distance one of the calanchas be garish said the sacrements instruct by means of graphic symbols and are real means of grace by which the thing signified or symbolized is communicated the sides are nothing less than pledges of the real so i guess the question is how do we how do we participate in that in an ontological way through the media through which christ effects his presence how we interpret to meaning of jesus words this is my body fundamentally explains the ah christ calls his body his bread his body so in what sense oh assistantown to the next to their so much the loved unpack he would take several hours even from this here but it says hence the bread is christ's body because it is sure they are surely testifies that the body which it represents is held forth to us because the lord by holding out to his that symbol gives us at the same time his own body the reality is here conjoined with the and i am a wood after the last line there when we received the symbol of the body let us no less surely trust that the body itself is also given to us what do you say in there it's not just we take the body and it's a mental thing he said when we take this his body is being given that's a so there in the next to padua calvin considered real presence to be that christ's body must leave heaven and being closed in the bread he didn't he didn't believe that but so he there are some things he would allow in some things he would so he says he rejected any idea of a local corporal pres but strongly believed in the true so here's here's maybe how i could explain what he was saying there the catholics would believe that christ flashed literally comes down on to heaven and is in wafer or the bread calvin is saying that that would be the local corporal pesos but he does believe that when we take this the true presence of christ is there so again somebody might see him a man you're just talking in circles said something like i can't understand oh so maybe it will help her the body of christ remains in heaven and retains all its human property second point communion with the body of christ is effected through the descent of the holy spirit by whom our souls are lifted to have it so what he really believed it we are in our flesh let's see and a pew were going to be at our desks when we take this in a few men but he says that really the spirit lifts so so heaven whereby we literally partake of supper the table with his and if we could even just picture that i mean you know this is where i talked it may be the last couple of weeks people think that jesus said i will not take this again until i came in but when when we participate in the lord's table really he is coming again but in essence calvin's suggesting the spirit transports us to heaven and we re so the third point he says the partaking of christ's flesh and the supper is a heavenly in which the flesh is eaten in a spiritual maner the presence of christ's body in the supper is also a celestial mode of present and leads to no localization of the body of christ on no inclusion of it in the elements no attachment of to the element so oh again i i don't want to talk in a condescending way to anybody i just i do believe that calvin was really onto something so down into to the next paragraph i say we eat christ's flesh in believing because it's made ours by ft the eating is the result and of so again it's like when they were alone challenge people to examine their heart to think about this in a different way now i think it may be i'll say this early i think some people are talked out of participating in communion for the wrong res i'm not saying that there are some people that shouldn't partake but i think there's may be sometimes less people that should partake than is often set because when we make it about us we might see why an unworthy we're all unworthy all the time and so it's not now sincerely being unworthy it's have we considered what were really doing if we understand that we're going to have an may be spiritually speaking to be in the presence of to receive this meal from him for what we lack i would say there are more people that should participate in then heaven idea about the so i don't want to i don't want to maybe hopper on somebody's concert but if anything i would encourage what i think you change your mind with some of this information i think you will be encouraged to come that's really what jesus is saying do you need this come eat of my body drink of my black and when we understand the spiritual significance in the sign in the reality that it the like what better way to participate so it says he said from the john six thirty five commentary the etenes the effect and frederic rather than faith itself faith causes us to be incorporated with him so to have life in common with him so when we think about union with christ being common communion and in short to become one with him it therefore true that by faith alone we eat christ's provided we also understand in what matter faith unites us faith is the instrument by which we god promises those who eat the bread and drink the one are truly partake of the life giving blood so he says we owe the agency to the spire but we enjoy the presence of now this might be something that people don't think about it's necessary to participate in his humanity in which this goes way back several minutes gold than to one of your last comments jesus didn't just give us his faith but his faith was manifested in obed and this is why challenged people when they when they want to throw up obedience to the law it's like people or salvation was completed cause of his one and so when we participate we participate in his folly obedient so many this is the essence of the table that i think that lot of people he literally says come feed on my flesh so that you too con ve he i i just for me that was she so he says spiritual eating is opposed to carnal so even as we partake we put it in her mouth it goes to our stomach he say i look yes we do that but the higher reality is the spiritual over just dissipated in a couple the colonel is meant that by which some supposed very substance of christ is transfused into us in the same way as broad as but he said the body of christ is given to us in the supper spiritually the secret virtue of the spirit makes things which are widely separated and space to be united with each other and accordingly causes life from the flesh of christ to reach us from he any questions or comments ah what me go down here as it dearesting the spirit of division or being through the church and the and then can't stop demeanour as chelonatas tender is nwotion an ancient hellanic practices others sister some jumped on their have no idea what this is so there you and others lincoln that chat on yes wareerat going there right now so so here it at any rate you know it's kind of a hit that's pretty much i think i boys just sent trying to digest this the little bit because there's there's lot there and you know i think too you know i'm every one is in a different place in understanding and god talks to all all differently at it different types i was that a catholic church a few weeks ago and it was beautiful we had a really nice service there in such i had take communion all was there because i know that a outerspace for every one there who merely studies thus i didn't i didn't do communion that the church it wasn't that i was opposed to it it was out of respect for the and oh in such and so i think that you don't we are all on this journey to learned more about god and to walk closer with him and there's so much there's so much to unpack on on different levels that in oshiheyo been in this for so long that there are saying there's a very complete description about ethnischen don't understand exactly everything were hearing and it may be new to us as such but just even tho i think there's some profit into listening to every one's point of view on this and take time the crew through it a little bit as just ponder ponder what's been said here because they they couldn't they the people did that her being quoted here didn't agree on things in there was thought there was a lot of disagreement even even with it with a different points of view brought forward from these different people that have written on the subject and if everybody out there seeing that the it's like like we're going to have it we're going to have disagreements on things god's grace is his faith that's going to get us through the even if we disagree even if we celebrate to know the thakousin in different ways god is leading you personally where it were he wants you to be an that's okay he creates us all differently and and hill hill hills show you what he wants you to know in his time so so feel feel a lot of peace of all that that there's always going to be discussions on on how we interpret things from god and it's really a wonderful thing when we take time to go through things that may be we don't understand or is come for different point of view because it's either going to stand up to uptrill fail based on whether's to or not but there there's a letter's a lot of ah there's the ears a lot of discussion between these these historical church figures and they did not agree they soldiering on the interpreted and so an i were thy men as sunrit now that we probably got a fifty fifty per that can chance up of anybody agree and on anything that was set out there either because as i were talking were talking understandings of what god himself has done for canada may mean something different to every one out there and i think i think it's worth though worth the pondering and try to understand for each other's point of view because we might learn something but certainly we learn about each other and how we worked thought there is a there is a lot of importance and being able to have discussions where we don't agree with people almost more than when we do agree it and it doesn't mean just just a sit back and it's occisus sit back and ponder things i think that's the important part of it but i i i love i really loved the he there came up and said it's so simple that a child can understand it the very the very simple thing is a god has given us everything and i think you said it to your point at the end however he does it he has given us everything we need to have a relationship with him and make things right so that we can all go into eternity for ever with and it was through through the death the resurrection of jesus christ our lord is he teachin coming to earth and living a perfect like dewy he does everything that we can do to make it right and i i think that that's the corps point that we're going to disagree with each other because we human beings in lots of and they couldn't agree with each other on the you know none of these people could agree with each other so and that's fun in some people like to really debate all all the finer points and sold to try to get closer and that's one way to deal with it and so i just just wanted to bring that off there but it just comes down to the fact that that that god has done it all for ye can you plug back in where we were in the manuscripts some things i wanted to bring out right there and i foedantur being gracious to help us under saw no wholesome i understand that this could be like a mind blowing thing for people i hit that and so some down just a little bit and i'll work and he will back up i want to come back up to that hesekiah rite there ah go on just to hear more calvin said there said and as me help people to understand and i i'll say one of the things an analogy that john calvin i hope there's can help people may be relaxed but at the same time encouraged them to study gaper he said what i do what i did in writing the institutes of and this is a coffee cup but what he said as i go to the ocean of god's truth and take out my teacup full of truth and try to explain it to the best of my ability and i thought that that was such a good analogy so what he says here although mine mine can think beyond what my tongue can hotter and i i chuckle with that cause i know what he's talking about my mind is conquered and overwhelmed by the greatness of the therefore nothing remains but to break forth in awe and wonder at this mystery plainly neither the mind is able to co nor the tongue expert so you're right there's differences vigie see differences in an okay because he gets us past those differences and brings us together so if you are of your catholic out there and you know i i love going to catholic church and seeing that the beautiful ceremony that happens at mass i really do very much enjoy going there and you know meeting with her brothers and sisters in christ and catholic churches you know it's saitsutoshi it's very beautiful thing and so don't let any of these discussions because they couldn't come together with what they were talking about either you know don't let them divide don't let anything to find us in who are believers and christ because we we need each other and we can we can get past some of these understandings as long as we listen to each other and ponder things and be willing to grow as god talks to that's the key right there being thorowe should all be thinking about moving upward and bad her and more complete in her understanding and so yes i'm not trying to bet anybody i'm just saying that you know it took me years to come to this and i just the majesty of this understanding i think sometimes it like even the complexity when we can take out of our understanding certain contradictions or i might even call bring parts when when we say soon we put up orderenergy goodness i shouldn't said that cause that doesn't make sense in hers why here's why so i understand that theology is so complex and so deep and i hope may be like i said you were encouraged by what calvin said that sometimes his mind could conceive more than he could and that's what even now scripture talks about the holy spirit comes in to us and proclaims what we can't even utter and so i know yes are these all the answers now but i just a fit says they're the christ physical body doesn't descend its the efficacy of his flesh that descends by the agency of the holy see so i think that any genuine believer would want to understand maybe in a higher way we would call it a better way dat might be one thing eh so it's like a how do we view it he's he's given us a table at which not an altar upon which to offer a victim he hasn't consecrated priest to offer sacrifice ministers distribute the sacred banquet because it was in yes because it was better sitting in so that's where i think that i would challenge my catholic friends to look a little bit her sacrifice was finished and essentially there mass sacrifices again and again his sacrifice was done and so therefore it's a celebration and that's a dobedecer says the lord's supper is a sacrifice of thanksgiving so there's any sacrifice at de table it's thanksgiving oh so he ah calvin said downer later maybe in an expanse i hang on he calabasful explains i says the lord intended to supper to be a kind of exhortation for us which can more forcefully than other mining quicken and inspire as to purity and holiness of life and to love peace and concord for the lord's so communicates his body to us there in the lord's table that he is made completely one with us and we with him since he has only one body of which he makes his all participate i is necessary that all of us be made one body by such participate in it and this is where calvin really believed that the unity of believers in christ was under girding of the lord's table so this gets back to to garry's comment do we want division no we want unity but it better be unity around and he believed that the supper was the heart of christian work oh i sometimes worse we celebrated communion every time we gathered oh but it's like if we if we understood some of these things in some ways i might ah i might almost say that maybe this understanding and some people would would have calms about that if we understood i think the mystery of the lord's table more fully this almost almost could replace everything that and so it's just run to her some points sired the sacraments are subordinate to the word they should be observed in a simple and close adherence to the original form of institution and i think that's where everybody had had a problem with the day disagreed with how they viewed and so i understand there's going to be disagreed and then through pay i mean gods can lead each person to where they need to be in the proper time and in the you know into all truth in me that's it the bible says he'll lead us into all truth in the sometimes they take the scene of good getting there but a but we we all we all make that ere yeh in again a couple of things not even in the notes i wanted to say that i don't believe calvin and luther ever got together after that colloquy but luther did say at the end of his life when he heard what calvin taught on these things he said all how i wish we had got to and yet there they helped something that very very i think very ah he is that we're going to have things we disagree on and at the end at the end of our life when god makes everything right you know based on on his redeeming grace is that we're going to find out that the lot of things we disagree on don't matter and it's there they are not going to matter we're going to look in his face we're going to see his love in his grace and in i didn't realise that were ok he's okay with that's why he came to divers it yet we were yet sene he's okay with you he's o king with us and he's goin to he's going to get it you know he's going to make everything right in our disagreements are going to melt away and i'm pretty sure in it seem pretty absurd at some point time we'll look at each other girl why why dost execketer did why did we disagree on this it didn't matter and you know it's like is here it's all him that's what i like and so we are winging a downward to be moving as soon into the celebration itself but i wanted to kindly do around about go down on on the pages are done oh so you find like a benjamin breckinridge warfield and robert raymond do actable its last page but i keep going to think all the hardriding picolet i wanted to say is a challenge to people cause i i heard of in interview i came over the gods name but is from o can one think of his sight rate now but it was a great interview never talking about different people and dug well son came up and what the conclusion of the two people there were talking was that people have thrown blood darts it at wilson over the ears but they said he is always stood and taken the attacks in the course of time is still standing faithfully and they said thus they said calvin was known for me beleven asked i don't to put you in a spot but what was what was the town that calvinist known for i don't know because i never studied calvin or i don't i don't study these writers i just read the bible and wolsowas geneva switzerland and even the day five hundred years after he was there it is he is known to have the and in that was what was said of of de wilson that he may be known for changing the culture moscow either hope and they said what if every pastor so that as his is he changed his tone two as much as they can o god in an hour of these that what i wanted to just throw on her but bedwarfed was wont to greatest greatest teachers he said to sacrificial feast does it repeat the sacrifice it has more than commemoration particularly application to perpetual sacrificial feast is it a sacrifice in the sense of an active offering it's sacrifice in the sense of the thing offered that is again robert raymond i love him he said calvin doesn't teach by the spirits empowering christ's human nature although in heaven and not endowed with you bequite meaning it can't go all over the world a minute pieces is not the last brought to us or perhaps better by faith or lifted up to it and that we re derived spiritual life from feeding pacifically upon it by faith of so first grint ans a lovin twenty seven to thirty two i am near were on or read it never had a back up but it says he who this is actually after ah but he says whoever therefore eats the bread or drinks the cup but of the lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the blood the body and blood of the lord let us let a person examine himself then and so eat of the brine drink of the cup for any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body it's an drinks judgment on himself that is why many of you are weak and ill and some of died but if we judged ourselves truly we would not be judged but when we are judged by the lord where discipline so that we may not be condemned along with the world a that's the warning but again i talked about going here but that i can train find it here oh that wasn't i didn't put that there not here is not an into go in i and unfailing bad here i move your crop anteferens is right there first grandinside two i dissired that by what i what i wanted again people to understand again somebody you may say you know what i i my mind isn't really were it should be i'm i'm just going to encourage people to think a little bit differently this is not necessarily about us it is about it's not us even maybe bringing our sin to him or acknowledging it it's about him feeling us with his holy body and with his blood and if if we can understand that i would encourage participated ness and i just i still believe the more we understand about his the more we will find majesty in this and we can unpack it now to eternity and don't think we're ever going to get to the bottom of it but the more we learned the more i think we find worship in our souls for what christ in this sacred so with that if you have the elements before you the fruit of the vine ah in whether it's juice or wine or careerin i believe it was literally wine but oh he came he did talk about the fruit of the vine if in that it says that oh and paul packs as i think we see it really in so many other places but he said the lord jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread and when he had given thanks he broke it and said this is my body which is for do rescinderem erds of me yet if the way they did they broke it passed it around you can break it so let's pray lord we pray that we would always be learning more mother and i i do believe that when we participate in we partake of your flock as we ate this blood helpless to learn that it's a spiritual that if you will were raised to heaven or the spirit brings heaven down to us to feed us and lord i prayed that people were to receive it in that way to her glory his name and we know the bread inness is long to calvin's teachings as he taught the broadest made up of all these little elements of and flowers but when it's all put together we don't know what's what and that's the way we should be as the with unity so he continued in the same way he also took the cup after supper in this cat is the new covenant in my blood and again this is why say the new covenant started at his death potis was just before his son so this compassed the newcomen in my blood do this as often as soda in remembrance for as often as ye eat this bread drink this proclaim the lord's death until he lord jesus as we drink this cup i honor your blood we ask you to fill his with whom you are what you he so that we can refer your lordship so according to paul and jesus to know and do the celebration is a great way his cross he says that by doing that we proclaim the lord's and i just find again back to several weeks ago when we had good friday and again i'm not no way do i die the resurrection but it's amazing that in this celebration he says that we cl and so again i just i want people to understand that not only is there death there but it is a celebrity he and i would just pray that we would learn more so that when we celebrate the lord's tae we would find all in our set at what christ invest i hope that you are in greatly encourage is what we have and a unexcited i'm happy for this end i would encourage people again you may never understand as i do like i said that's that's not my responsibility but i put it out there i asked people read through this let god's and its like again i dealt people it's like unless the spirit changes are paradises were likely i just to be there something about teaching really really impacted it has for a share so i think you preciate you oh you know all that you do in the the work he put into the cistuses to pull this all together in and give us may be different ways of looking at things that maybe we haven't heard before and i i really enjoy this type of a discussion as far as disliking it looking at things from all all angles so change our hands around his and every single person out there has a perspective to share and things that they that god's told them and i wish every single person could get on here and say wow this is what god this is what god is taught me to day to bees we get more of a complete picture i think when we come together and and i love that it's nice to hear this and a different perspectives one thing to help increase in our understanding that on gad i will throw out one thing or donatus encouraged you mentioned it early it was amazing how many people were in some of those where they developed some of the confession o faith there were a lot of godly men c to the table and i guess i throw this out as a challenge and an encouragement and if you're one of those i to me if there were anybody if there's anybody in the world that should sit down and talk about truth and yet i find to day that it's almost i i just it it blows me away i guess i sometimes the i wish i could have been a fly on the wall to sup or those discussions that those men had and i i think we could have those to day and i think if we're going to recover culture or world and arete under got to have my challenge and in don't let cause a week in come together divided the we are in a certain in her hopefully we could learn from each other find out will never thought about that yet that's significant i need to what i believe well i i think i think of another thing to be said with that is coming together realizing that god has done everything for us and is continually give us his grace and giving us his son his blessings he here he's a provider he's our banner he he goes before us he does it all and what is what is he asks it's very simple very very semele he asked us to do and others as we would you know and have it done on to us and then he also asks for him a very simple and when when we follow him and follow his leading he will just outside of the wisdom of men he will walk with us every step of the way we will have amazing clarity when we when we listen to god and i believe that we can rely that we can walk on the earth with him i really do and i believe that there were two rabbis so like i come i come from background that's different than yours and and the the the messianic way of doing things are you know i wish to invite church for quite a while when i was younger and then the messianic way is a somebody comes up and they give the scripture and they read it and then they sit down and give their realizing that work people were humans this is not this is not when we expound on things this is not the word of god this is from asondre put ourselves and so the main thing is to remember that everything that we do do it in law and reach out to each other and realize that we are all so so similar we are as children and we are supposed to be here for each other to help each other on this stone if i fall down please somebody of their going pick me up and help me get back on my feet again and i'll do the same for her for others and treat them the way that we would want to be treated realizing that as lookdown and has gone good father gone o the so my love of thee the genet the weeds here a little at once in a while but you don't but i just rode and i love him enough to send my only begotten son to die for the cause i want to be with them for and the word is going to do this some going to send me you know my only begot sign to do go things that they probably can't accomplish on their own so i'm going to help em i'm going to go ahead and things they screw up on i'm going to pay that at because there my kit and so on all that's a god does i'm an pay that debt castemy kids and i loved them and they're going to scrup because they're learning and we got some problems here and he gives us that that assurance that see this through to the end that he will never leave you nor will he abandon you his grace is always there he forgives over and over and over again if we turn to him yeah i screwed up again so i'm sorry i'm learning and and he will give us that grace and that peace and then the next time we get up he's going to say okay remind remind remember that in works of good let's see if we can find a different way to do the as he walks with us as a pair of his holy spirit is pared that's a a a friend that we walk forward together so that you're never alone and when we walk it up into something that we struggle with that's okay he understands that and he's going to say i know you starve with us i don't struggle with it of course god says andbecause he's perfect but we are not but he is like i understand it and so he understands every struggle you've had he understands every tear that you've ever cried in fact he catches all youre he remembers that this will never be forgotten those things that you have lost in like really really hurt your heart he understands that holding that and you will not only hold that but he will bring that circle to a beautiful conclusion he takes all those things that are negative and our bad that the senescate mount for bad and he'll say oh you think you're so smart you think you've got this no no no no we're going to take all of those things and we're going to roll it up into something beautiful as i hold you in my hands i hold your heart my hand he told your hurts and my hands as we give them to him take that and gives us something beautiful that we can offer each it's never for s this is what i see out there is a lot of times people want to fill the holes in their hearts by taking take take take you never fill the holes in your heart that way or your hurt it's always take a god's given you doesn't mean if it if it's a lot or a little take it and give it to others and we help each other repeat each other repick each other up we move through this life together if somebody is hurting or is in need we give them what we have and sometimes that's words that we may be don't even understand or that you know that you know that this will come back in time even listening to when god it's it's amazing i had times in my life were where i don't a group may be i don't agree with what somebody said and then all of a sudden because i try to flood my mind with scripture he'll bring that back in that perfect time and i like oh i understand it now now i get it if he gave us everything in one shot of understanding we could handle it we don't have a pass it we we don't have the capacity to understand things too much of it we are afraid it we are finite and his body we are spiritual beings of a living and a in any body but we're spirit or but it were then the constraint that god gave us here or as here to keep as that's why he set he gives us rules not to be met there are some really bad things out and i think that we are coming to a point time in the history of this earth and in our in the state on earth the worker see some things that we may be never thought were posed and maybe the realities of the spirit world are going to come forward where they become very real to us in a very near and it's going to be hard to be able to understand those has what you do organ to do we're going to say you know all all denominations all people that are trying to serve god we're going to come to gather as one church one body of christ put her hands out say how can i help you this is what god given me and what i ever i can do to help you so you not alone and you're not you're not struggling that's we're going to do we're going to take care of each other like brothers as and that's what god calls us and it's really a beautiful so take heart to day every one it's going to be a beautiful day look in people's eyes look at their smiles give gifts god given them listen to what people have to say like tom and just ponder it he shared so much of himself to day in what god has taught him and that's important because stone you and we share that by being respectful of that and that's where we come to even greater understanding its really a beautiful as and so agreed disagree sometimes he just sit back thank you down an i just enclose just a little bit i do made her feel like you rab is but i i have never been never seen myself as a preacher per se always a shepherd here you're theolog and you know your theologians so when i listen to you it's like a college level class because here there's a lot of information that were unpacked and there's very few places that you can go and listen to that kind of annals it's important to go through that process and try to understand and it takes a while you know work were you know redeeming grace church you know i try to be the color commentator he on the football game where it's like oke this as he's called the plays and it's very tactical and it's very very technical and i'll like it is as what it means to me that god loves us and in order of the yoke we stand here together in such so i think that in the same way hold on to those very simple truths as we hasten to very complete and the complex truths the point the game play or important to because at that time that you think you didn't you didn't quite understand something all of a sudden and god's time he's going to go boom and you're going to go well i remember hearing that and he'll bring it back to you in the proper don't force it stress s conabill and rely on him because it's going to be just he gets cold yet on one last thought no wellicome baby of her i remember richard baxter pray had about a a congregation may be of eight hundred he got around to each of those families at least once sit down to a now i mean not build to do that but i do know that over the years i sometimes worth i had recordings of all my table to because to me that's where god really really comes down and i would throw out to the people if there is ever a time i could sit down at table with you oh i think we'd both ehlose do know as an online church we don't get that opportunity has but i guess i tried to i've tried to make this like a table talk in our present and and and what's amazing as were friends and you know i can tell every one out there i have never met a more of a shepherd pastor and my life than tim is praying for people he's pre praise rusticalls or taxes like you don't thinking about you how's your husband how you kids doing how is he is intimately concern with the details of people's lives as he tried as he leads us as shepherd asked and so he carries the burns for ever single person out there in ways that that you cannot possibly imagine mean you look in his heart on having to deal in now having dealing with the talking about down in homerton oh it's to finer devon devon divine divine hoover to i mean the amoor tears and concern he carries the people around him or ab is absolutely amazing you know he absolutely cares a sheep the from the flock and i don't know if i've ever met a pastor in my life who will actually follow up with people who who they you know who are in their congregation he does and and i i if if there's something there tim shows up he show she hereshes a he doesn't just say he cares he shows up and it's a great example for us being involved in each other's life for being there to show up when go wrong or when they're there celebrate things go right in such an as istorias thing to say and i just really want to thank you for he this view thank you so do anaclasin per now do you want to quit to her is not here on one so close an try to day then we get our heavenly father again as we've come to your word lord i know that we got more outside of your word if you will by commentaries but lord you you give the church with gifted with grace and lord to me the more we understand about your grace the more you want to fill is to be like you and i prayed the debts what we would do in the things that we do we would keep always in mind to be like you to honour you to obey you to follow you to teach your truth to make disciples who love you and obey you i do thank you for this opportunity i think for the opportunity to partake of the lord's table on a present you teach us more to be like you as we learn thank you so much i early preciate it you're welcome and got howell yet can he rosemarini nesses where we got here on solenodon because i'm not conceited and i do send an every episode so there you go graineterie or not come because i have not conceded to lies cheats and ere goedhart hands for so god bless you god god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we got the gods leaving us every step of the way and we got nothing to worry about there's no fear can be an adventure for sure obedecelle there's going to be a surprise and banter and it's not too far round the corner but you know what that's okay we just keep her eyes on god and take care of each other that's that's our job take care of the and i will make it through in have a great day to the as can be wonderful days bless you