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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/7/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Real History

Published Nov. 7, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is seventh day of november twenty twenty three election day across many many precincts in across the state and such todaywhere and mccooke a choice informed choice anyhow welcome to tortosa aneriod miss certator and the crowd goes wild with tender to his sound you have signed prestonian i the i have a song axes i one what do you o yes i excellent blew the dust off of it since tinto the aletians all the time interloan it and said ye can do the i'm ready to go with it that's the one i wanted to tell you that a brother is a plot and what he's got to it on his struck is a full house nothing beats a full house col bona right esq he eenigermate stonepottes very werowocomoco visitanother orenstein luck wonder she angorensis my head my son in law he changed to a very lifeinformation tergiversation othersidon engagementher even the otamatea the father the mother onionslicedwith in lawagainst miletopolitis omitted him my brother ooooooooooooooooooo my presentation the otherand on toysspontaneous minnewater withadanceorasong moreovernothing ondersoekingen cosmoline oratorethe riverotherwise fontinalis is my grandmother then operationthe emotion i had been potestatesmaripotentes originario dovethat's fun your love i love i love all your songs in the morning did you ever go back and look at the of the song that i did go in publicis meet and see if you are our fifth is censored now i don't it will do that i think it's part of could be it could be agenoso him that i think is interesting with an ansonia country i imagine if you will an entire country so ignorant that the people wilfully give billions of dollars in order to relect rich criminals to rule over their lives and the elder money but believe they are free at we are here there were men criedwhere in to start to day john i was going see that brings us to a point that we are who is it responsible for the government that we we are real we have elected him this is what we wanted this is what we get so we can't really blame anybody else we can point fingers that byting call him up a creep and covered in a and a criminal and all that so we would there we know the election we are now the rocks should have been in the art but it let's go back before five let's go to a bushy senior and bushy junior the two gates rats in the world big senior he was the biggest rat is the biggest thoughts see that we ever had in his he was just slonager we do know that his father or yet miss father preska wasco finding the accented there not sucesos o bushes annotatory that thinks pushes wasn't anatis is wrong and anybody that believes that clinton didn't get into power because sorghos put on there is also delusion because bill clinton came out of nowhere in a country in a state that was worse though the worst come state economically and in the nation at that period the time he was the biggest criminal doing drunk feels back and forth and selling guns to the contra this was all an billy boyce clinton to press and if it wouldn't have been for the deal that was struck it camp robinson ah george push would not have put billy clinton position of present yet that's the all big game they're all crime another they there all criminals they voted him and they put him in places its one great big organized crime syndicate and then they said as tom is going on well they're on first little life as in having hovering on there offices as they are not a hundred per cent a clean in their in their way of living that's okay there there characters and then taken to the consideration he oneenters for office that's all then taken to consider a discarico italleone are stupid i hate to say that but for the most part people are not pagamento on what there at once told not so we have the complement a but the men of the and we don't have to stop it at the the crop be be corruption or twenty twenty we can go back and offer go back even to a next lon and sons of porkepick on those guys because they're all come the criminality actually during nixon's time period a nixon and of course so what's the price in the foreign voice slendersendertender accidisse he was obviously there to destroy the country at that point connects the and he wanted the presidency he was pushing and long a fixin to make the the powerful was really that powerful back then all like it is today but his ideas were too yet president has much more power and should exercise much more power which brought into a bunch of somebody took the rock turned as no youryouryourto there john was at all trespassing sir on my gate but people don't get people can read either of proctectorate side third person coming around the last couple of days well he's lost the hide i don't see how any so there request on here is are we by rule of law or by men all right now we're by rule of morons but were supposed to be by rule of law i rule of law or government survived furthermore a republic cannot survive without an educated massepe we cannot rely upon the ignorant who are who have no clue once going on and who just followed the leader on while the promenas the admirander and all of these big orasions that are nothing more than propaganda that is no education going on it is propaganda and it doesn't invest in children's and people's lives all it does is tournament a foot soldiers to push their narrative look at lickwit's happened in the world with with the hioides the chrono the destruction of human being because they feel hopeless and such because they don't know like the power could they don't have the power most people because they don't even know how to wield but you don't have power unless you know how to wield it and that requires education amine annie this rich came to themselves ers taras as the world health organization and all these things that claimed to be one thing in their nothing while they hold they are as just a few letters for and we gather to try to make people who levendale in something but here nothing exactly okay so that takes us to the tenement and guess what we are all sought for that let's take a look at the tenement it is the very very powerful mendment and it is basically puts the government in its so the powers not delegated to the united state by the constitution who delegates power to who gives them the right on the strength and the let's use the word power again and the power to govern we do and we do that through the constitution so if it's not delegated to the united states by the constant if it's not written that it's not in writing in any other constant then the government federal government cannot do it it has no authority and people need to get an driven home into the they follow him in line with the nonsense he and the final the other alphabet organizations that were never delegated that power these yes ah just open the constitution and look for it any of those alphabet organizations see there there not there you're not there because they were never delegated that the ford the command do not his wont to create a bigger government while of course we understand what the game i go i don't like people do you do we understand what the game is as cold back to the tent fomented oath the second part of that which is also very import nor from him it is by it to the same our reserved to the states respectively or to people like prohibited by it to the arconce section ten as three of the federal constante he i make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment right there at the prohibition is here not to that state cannot force you to pay and something other than gold and silver coin which does not exist in the market it's very clear ten tamen is very clear and there was hard for the states which of the people that's the point that i wanted to drive home a lot of us are giving monous anfgung this when they are arguing for some sort of a feller some sort of this that some sort of that a statement stature on the federal government trying to push whatsomething forward we tempt the men it stops there is no iris in the united states there is no federal reserve in the united st there are no health of men organizations in the these are all made up and their defective they're not good surely so here again when i'm looking at it and i had ran for sheriff and in this process of running for sheriff i connected somehow with the organization called the election per the reward and the election burials supposedly runs the election who is responsible for the eton we are with the people is not the government the government is not so setorn elections we are well that of but it's not completely true who is responsible for the elections on the last this was proven by pacific state a telephone a telegrapher's organ were very spring corn that a legislature responsible for the election so if the election is in hers to something too point out through the or the brothers had her china tritonomendetans they're going to the wrong venue to get their process the need to go to the legal and has supposedly they did but that's where they need to focus the need to curteto be sowing the legisl that are not though in their chop because the job is to secure the election to prove the election not this organization i we have in mission ah and the exact or of the secretary of state that she doesn't have any authority to do that and then you can't delegate that authority from the legislation to the executive branch captivit her doing it and were letting them do it so that thothe have really wiggled themselves into an untouchable spot in so many ways i mean you we we have the bilitin would do that but when you've got all three branches working together to subvert the people we we have a real problem through and that's what we have we do have one branch of hudibras we have no no no clear course to recourse or to redress grapevines at this point in time so i can ofeel like we're all in the wild west of trying to hold these criminals accountable in a way because there there isn't all of the clear pass that should be there restore dracenas then blocked or they just wakanized another part of the government against that activity i think i can be done but we've got a wee got approach it and on hotooas lawful ways but unusual ways as for freron says we have to create of yes and estelle got that term from freight got to be created when the gods to this geoffrey tiger i kind of miss jeffrey figger you do don't i don't hold a lot of respect for yeah i don't like to like to pie release he had some fire behind him anyway when i come picking out like sandpoint out that in order for us to do what we have to do with the people have to do it and press the number one fold in the right people not told somebody that is unprofro tect or democracy oh you're an you on't even know what you're talking about get out of office or resigning mediately go back and work that's the car on that in question to that they need to dress the teas are going to be a dissertation stossen oh so there's a lot of stuff that they should and how can you be a legislature legislator in opposition to make laws i don't know who ocean so that's a problem that we have we are the only way to republic is going to survive is through the meat of law we have to have re to be everywhere i said i have an legislate and judicial process they all have to follow the room and here one how though garments and were having right now but our dear con con people want a change that they think that they're going to do a better make a better mouse trap fool stretched great to that sent pope the hintthe didn't organize and what enough understand what it is that we the people have to be doing and after the educated hallyate learn the ahweahgood too little schooling on our old a lot of people both through high school and the graduate this day i got it all i don't have to do anything united cook you know what budgets what do you know well i know that we have to use the right pronoun for people that's about it so winning the nonsenses colon school and thus to get started to learn and we should be grasping it knowledge and learning is in the question your charlotte says they have questioned in the second montanart cle thought why are they ratifying gun laws when they have no right to the not paying etichetta i first of all there not gratificans the spring carts beating the hippo every time they bring us cor case and incounters and the again plan of the dee stay of the of the criminals of the nose there gained plan is we're going to pass a law whether it's constitutional or not amer onigin a lot of people are going to listen and follow that law until he gets the supreme court of it struck at so on for for how many i mean for i take a look at thee that same thing and how many people were pressed the you have to take it to patakake lose your job you have to do racingalso and they pressed this on a lot of people who in withthem and locked bunting way out and got the back seat knowing that we should call it the attach ah not knowing that it or knowing that it was an experimental thing but the scared the people so badly and the people didn't have enough brains the star to win a little research this some call planes was so deadening so permanent and soul killing so what every one call it then why didn't and it wouldn't a happened in one day or living in your house hockerty from the fireside after the hollow and you'd have to be doing things you didn't float around in the environment all on the stuff that they were saying was much organ and people didn't go into the research of it and figured out and therefore they ran on not comitiavit of them some of them of died already in the lot of the markensen that there could have begins that this is the same thing with the commons they're going to pass a gun law and he always states ah and the fte are the young the at f which really has no authority to make laws the executive branch and executive branca but yet they do make these laws and people following along within because their frail and rode considered a cardinal or monegal that's all at once of mounts people need to say in a lot you're not following the rule of long you don't know what the rule is and therefore i'm not going to lie like i'm not listening to the election board whose telling me that i have to file a quarterly report because i did not dissolve my campaign organization when you prove the election was a lawful election through a forensic it i will then parts until then i am not ratifying your behavior as oh there you go i feel the same way is that we're not i'm not going to dissolve my campaign nor my going to concede the dust illegal election it was the legal the whole thing was was was a sham and i hope nassereit this because because in bacon and whitmore there all listening to this because in your face to them i don't think they're listening because they would be angered yet the yellowthe don't want it oceanischen sometimes you can't fix toupet on pretty sure that that's the case of what were noland bonanca fix stupid especially when somebody's mind is set on breaking the law they're going to break it and there's therethere's no excuse for any of this it's part of a while i don't know about it and therefore i can't do anything well look at what notful did with that with the registering voters nonsense she knew it was happening she knew about the fraud and her her lame her lame excuse was all i turned it over the simplicities absolve her from going after that if somebody she passed it on to that's like that's like a total coward whose moight there now we're going to pass it out of them the wind it out of the northwest we not wasn't you were supposed to carry them the ball into the end one not pass it on to somebody else than just say well you know i i i don't know you know that's that's so that's what happened it's still her responsibility can never delegate authority he no i am i don't know this is novel you know consonant whitmer i i don't know what happened i don't know you i have one my might my broader she had thus so i asked her question and she had the little doll when she was little assistente daughter that just got married and i thiswrites when she'd look at me and she i know and then know that's that's a a signedin her doll and all because that was her foedantes the small child is i know that's bananaland whitterit there it's called possible deny ability it colrain leadership why as to leadership there all there's no leadership of the lame little girl leadership going on that's not that's not not o kesselhakens bility yes there gantline got go back we could take on those three mormons were there but the other morons are deletis and there is worse because they're like a pack of wild animals that you know you prioryto get something through an he just tear everything off and shot it put it in the corner and what we don't see anything legislatures das problem because once again consopiates that the venue for elections is the legs and they can't delicate that to the i don't know when this delegated to the executive branch he could have been way back with johnnie i don't know but it they don't have that authority to delegate it the executive branch to run the electro that is the legislate they're not doing it and they happen come before a long time in that part of the problem that we're having you can't take election issues to a court as the court really doesn't have the authority to rule on an election that has to be doubt with with legs now i care for the bensons are roses are give the bronson grandisson what a credit for running there a stuff to the supreme court the ternovane they are the night of people the ominate you wauseon have a conversation with them there they're so genuine and so nice and and oh really really a pleasant people to talk to it is the responsibility though of the legislature to take care of the election and the executive of the sedition branch is not going to get involved the spring cart is not come get involved because they already ruled on it many many times in the and sold their kind of pockpudding their head up forgainst the pre wall and their not coming do not come up they made me a splash they made a headline but they're not cornered tepocas over overturned or case then were heard by these they don't have the authority to rule on goes back to get to these and that's where we have to that's the bronze bronsons are no different than others that you have to really understand and no thaw because if you don't know a law then than you are doing things that are not going to follow protocol of legally and in our lockinge anywhere like people that are trying to fight tickets or trying to fight case is one way or the other and they kind o signletter to the to the court to tell him that other records of rome but he doesn't take the is not in the proper form and therefore the carts note on a look at if it's not properly doth laid out like a should be and and by set by paragraph by number my paragraph console on the courts aren't going to pay a teston it's not in their form and i know some sense is more important than form of course but if the form for had formed correct if you don't have to then you correct that you onto the jurisdiction i got nothin and so this is the problem that a lot of so called picture it help there are trying to fight the battle but they don't love to lock they haven't said there there shoot from the hip their coming out of their old ideas or if we are going to be rope i torulos law that we have to follow the long well her a word here going to help it's as is not tater and done brandenberger help all right this soligo back to the three branches of government first of all what's the what's the first branch on overgrassed most important branch most legislature the first prince they are eoanthropos nothing put him in a hierarchy they have separate they have suffered functions because the legislature is the closest that's why they're most as in control the legists by electing the appropriate legislator to and make the loss we dummies and morons who don't know the law who are partim sending ned and pot could be part of the crime citycatholic onefor wall in that best some of them become part of the crimes and the captor to inleted but the point is that they are the ones that we are the closest to we can get rid of them pres it swooped number of people comparatively to the rest of the world to the to the other ranch we have a we really have a short fuse on that particular legislator we can control that legislation so so i heard that mieris running for the sonnet in in michigan here and somebody said sid had him should you should run you could be on an setting her going up lying dead poodle could beat him at this point time you know oleoresin but but in less then licenser honest it's not going to work and write now as long as we have the machine in places which are unconstitutional it i don't you know but we still have to run with helter volt we still have to run and we still have to continue to fight you can just back away from us anthropoids and say go smatter cemetery to go watching over football game ignored the contrary and i we got whittington as i have told many many people that have asked me to kepplemechan in a particular fighteth de i said if you quit you look so ananother has the blind deaf pool run in irun or the pendomer and when god i say focussed and you got to stay in the ice no matter what it takes and the longer is the end the more you were the donets everybody has a life everybody's got to make a long everybody's got to have a family or hast everybody had an then begane time off everybody it's not is not an easy but why is battlesthe because the only other war that we could find his supplierent want to do that we can fight this is and we are going we are winning but the pointhe matter is that we have to stay in the fight i can't give up and if you give up don't stop the case got on love the penningewassett on time and energy that you're not going to get in okay so the legislature is the most important branch of government and that is the only branch of that has there duties well the high how many does to they have to perform one there in the leges a many duties do you remember we hear in let somebody else there answer how many bones or people secreted take not contested cafferty one then tententententententen gents in getthatman wering god eighteen eighteen duties that the legislature has worse where those duties there in the first article of the constant and you can read those well the fine cootie sonthat's all they have the power to do they don't have the power to to a make acts to put together organizations such as the beat or or rob the fda he can't do that now think to decide that they want an organization like the bat the bath is going to be set up for one purpose only as for information to the legs they can't be put upon the people to go after the people as the semi police organization can't do that it's not unconstitutional they in that authority are we of course ratified it and gave me charlotte i said i have to vote to night and living to livingston's house city and she says repeat place of forborest there and now in livingstone howel city get out there and vault charlotte tassel ergo charlotte the peratica i everybody needs the hole at this point time being corrupt or non corrupt we want a little now that weird were out there in numbers this is the best way to fight bersonin an honestly i mean you know we can sit here and pick on mire but they're all about the same get out there in vol tobecause you know even most the time is long as there is an altar on an option which is why i am so againharry primarily to party system which i heard of party as long as there's another option there ototototoi who is in office ofanother clean slate and get him all out clean out clean house start over run yourself do something different ride yourself as a great idea everybody so grunter once again o none or wanting to you on an insignes what it is to run for a it's not a this putting your name on the boat if you're going to be somewhat active you have to come up with signes ye hfteclomm eting chesterton to pet yet to get out of your comfort so in a lot of people don't want to do that do right noting the thing you know for some one just do a right and send him a warning shot across the bow that way you know do writerit in campaign print do somethin outer the out of the norm i so looking in to who the twattle background is the other problem that i have in regards calotins is thee the association called the park the bar of seems to be poisoned a cancer every there the legislate there making laws there in the executive branch there ruling a harder the policing the loss and there in the duke judicial point branch they are a adjudicating the loss save got the same organization or party or or club that's what in short and there all following under their clubs philos and that's a prompt we should not have tradition it is torn if your attorney you should never be able to be he can be an impartial if your part of the same group part of same morges and it goes back to the legislature they write the laws and they make it convoluted enough so only attorneys can understand it or i mean we can understand it i have to read in and understand whose writing it wide well i look we can't understand it cause they put so much legal ease at it and and the it's not it's not easy with it's not easy it to navigate a lot of this his goot lawyers speak going on in there and one fit of other speak may refer to another bit of lawyers speak and you would have that you would have to turn unravelling what is in our orinocoin the color most have to have it as a full time job and that's not realistic have consolated this so badly the people who are just frisure as they steal their wealth and money and put it into things that there making money off of for seltichan people won't have the time to unriddle this rat nest of regulation and law that they've created its absolute nonsense and that's why we have to go back to norton forschape coming versesall become and those of the terms yet understand you also have onderstand that ah i pinecovered can never create a the fact of office of onderstand that and you can any red the constitute it's all there it's it's not not that kind of looted hello mister returning is that in a jury law can you show me that the constitution he had the foreign and to do that of course most of the laws hold there are not as he sorted there are not their defector there in place on though the only thing that keeps me in power is fear and the ability for the government his power to keep so we have to go back to norton very chalecoo have to learn the sixth after no letteraction means and deserving means usurpation and not say they overreach their tone they usurp the forty never grated and then we got grand when we collegatary to him we don't ratify it if they come up with some other law that they decide that their light we not ratified that and when we don't rattle the people say oh and if enough people wake up and say now what's the governor on the back of what we need to we need to get to that point and that that takes time and energy to the learning but partnersha become thirty pages long should not be a big deal to read and if after repent reed for five six times understand it that is the crux of the republic about the so you can have a lot of control over the government just because you want to stand the landward and that's the language said northers all becoming or i could be second brands of government is i don't know your hierarchy here but saw him in to say i'm in to let this to go and say that the executive executed branches correct and what is the duties of these to execute laws made by latelater onesided honored or anisochir yet get a start for interpretation discuss star so if there to execute the laws sterling had right to while shoresman listening a legislature if they pass if this pose to execute the laws of the legisl ibidem make an executive or it is an himtherefore i mean it just that it's unbelievable that we follow an executive order a prose i can do that it doesn't have that authority to do usurping authority never created do you believe that he was actually um ah inaugurated where halseworths so then was that it was a funeral yes cancionero something real quick a minute and let's let's get everybody all rolled up here cause there is going to write a everybody out gonnot it eight as we might as well just do this here well that's a doing it doing chanispero word quest a god who carats the third i don't know to diseconomise like a woman ate all the options on unwonted ah to i'm going to try to try to get john john speak here eh they're duty is too settle settle debates not really their duty is to in recoverbut the spring court now when we get down to the other took on at me have thy information there so keep going spring courts duty primary to the the side where the rain law passed by the okay there i think it involved in the whole bunch of the things and of course when we get to the trial courts which are the district or their function is to try a case brought before them oh to part now the party that can bring kennon who can bring a case in the state of michigan bring the e i guess the person now here answers to the cannot morningsthe go all the time the city of livonia were escorted bring a case of a person for speaking in the volume can they do that now in active correct in actuality they cannot because there was no harm done to the or speedy as the revenue and hansen so they really have no thorny to bring the case but that's going to bring us into another point i find that too yeah just about there when posted on my telegram channel here a minute and then i'll pull that up for a quick this is this is interesting and i thought i had posted it before but when put the up here he having to do with the fake inauguration cause i thought this is really pretty and pressing here that by a colored i got on getting out in quick ye hang out of it let me see i can miss van put this up here on rona jesuitesses cond case i think his spitfires so with the two girls patten to these two girls as what it says here nancy appears were as earls looks like something from the background the changed saws looking at it you know you don't know if it's camera ain't goin what it is but sure does she does so if you know sentolo at that if you even if he look at how they they conducted the military acknowledgement or disacknowledgment it was it something to question ah and i and i'm not really one hundred percent when when you an agreed president do fire three cannons the and when you when it's a funeral o fire to leave it so or in three i gave for in three and so the story goes that though every way pepin giving a signal on a long with ah this is funny carlitos they were masks to cover the smell from gearcondition from okematan what a we have two parallel governments running in in our country right now does anybody have any idea what has see state well we are their part often but that's not one of looking the two parallel comments that we have an in operation at the moment or chosen public we how constitutionally and the civil action theristicus can both governments at the same time now and so with government realised which one is spoleto exist one still herepublic repelled and the civil action jurisdiction is a fraud that's right when when we have reecluse i talked about these when did the civil action he come on he remembered you mere me not i not expect maybe nineteen thirty three nineteen thirty four i hate to say that but that's what i was going to gas that was thirty three and what what brought it on board was in a constitutional amendment now i don't think so oh you can't change you can't chathamensis no he wasn't a constitutional it was the spring cart that gothe and said that their going to create a civil act in the courts to give judges more power to give judges more thorny so they could roll on cases without going through what can you as has requiring well it isn't that special they went a head in voted themselves to rule in their favours so they could have some more power i think that seems to be the amal of every one instead of nullification i mean i mean if somebody got in power that really knew what they were doing all you would need to do is take that paten and start notified olono and colorado what we need we need it to be into a right sorcostic tion itself makes it very government and it's supposed as to take time i take ageand it supposed to be difficult not supposed to be easy oh such as patinamit that they passed on alcohol which was a real problem to get which the dear and once they got had passed they realized the the people told them what i in and half an government was in buying it so they had to change it and from upper the new amendment to overturn the eighteenth can you explain to everybody at once again wide the nineteen sixty three constitution it is illegitimate for michigan because it takes two thirds of the senate or the house two thirds of the house so a man in the constitute suppose i and what did they do and when they put it up for vote against the people it was one tenth selfhood not have been up for the for the people nor for the he didn't the whole process was afraid o process was fred and what we're doing his way we've now made the democracy we had fifty one to fifty forty nine percent one for the constitution and therefore became saw it became a comatose when we voted for it is much people as high elect that's what the job is the job is to go and bid their jet bid what we want to do for government we tell him what to do they go to the cootees lature and they make those schools of one for us that's the function of his right and of course we have elegant where did the republics and republicans and democrats they have delegates then are supposed to be running the legislate then the second step you know we call our deliquescere tors are delicates what we want to legislators to do they talk because their simple exples be the telfunkin tion between the people and the legs we're not close to goes individuals through the legislators and arguerint we called the delegates who put them in office that a post be doing that for us unpolluted and delegates are well and that old thing is it's all about paid for system so they get in there and they do not what we the people want but where the money comes from so they can get elected again that's right and again as be hard is he in power that so it's all about so going back to the civil action justice wire it's a totally different set laws and rules where they can make the states vi tons where they made a speaking and an ordinances and all of those things i and they say why you're your victimising with your victim i think right for because you are growing your grass to tall and therefore were going to come by and cut it were on charge you were fine fine you up see for having told grasses all that stuff is in violation of the constitute and it's all in the selection so when you go in the cord and the sibillation jurisdiction lot of people do because they don't know and you don't fight for republic then you are opening yourself up to fair to the rule of men not the rule of the law the rule of law again it was set up under the one and under the amendments of so we the people have the vigilant and understand that i i believe it is a lot of people that don't have a cold that we have a civil action jurisdiction that may really live in the i learn the republic i luminously oh so what does it mean to be to serve where does it mean to be de jure ewen a when i say the word the sorry what is that men will defects how is easy that defined effect o is in place it works but it's not lawful that's okay i then you by that one desireof the law i do long iansonii consent the theconstellation by eleven like there's another star john commoditas body or second stage sir the amity three for that one here good deal so the desire form of government that we have as to be constant that's why we go back to norton is which brings out the word is not interesting that i had listened some people talking on the news a long time ago i heard the word usurpation used to come now i'm hearing the fact to use the but i still have one heard the word to shore i suspected because nobody in office is to jury and solvent one fontabout that but they could talk about the fact itbecause all that means that your put in there is a matter of fact not fine that your under her the government or that your enrule the government because because here there that's that you but you're not bishop so we got a pushed these terms and get people to understand that between all of the terms in norton rose shall become and presses terms specially what we're talking politics or to public what's your function in government mister legisl what are you supposed to do what is your child is a very aspect of them anybody asked the legislature what is your and the cat answered i but the then you can ask him what will how can you be a de jure officer i confine it to curious if you don't know what your function so it can be no could you can really twist some on the round and embarrass the few women that's what we got to do it in hers the running for high office we got to make sure that they and the people that we want the pain not loathe so the last question i have are we what are we going to go on another hour it's if in o'clock and a courteney was supposed to be on after this would real news which she was under the weather to day saleihin we're going to oh she's she'll resumed next week tuesday sure we got on a little after you go cuisine is the cantata little bit short when going to lie it longer but we're going to cut a little bit short i'm still i'm sorry covering actually when she said she wasn't feeling good to day i was like oh i'm so covering from wading you said your house is the order my house is not i'm going to tell you that right now i goodnessnever things yesterday but it's still a process right now i look at my house right now and go ye it needs a little attention so i guess the land question that i have met i want everybody to be very much aware of do we have freedom or do we have we should have liberty another step on notice the say we have liberty in our country we all have freedom is the fine as you know yet the right to do anything he could rob your neighbor could be upon your do you could dare kick your sign or whatever you want to do that's freedom you can do whatever you want and that's liberty a constrained freedoms by the rule of law you can do everything within the rule of law that's the we have liberty and you here our politicians or are public functionaries the anatome up with the event because they don't function in covent i'll think about that ah the point i'm making here is that you have when they when they come up on on on their camp a trilling the cock about freedom ah they really don't understand it either they don't know what that there using terminology that they had been brought up with and they really have no grasp of the significance of what they like they say we have womanpro tect or democracy they have no i dingowan to talk those people should not be an office we should be growling we should be out of the row we should be asking them used and if they don't have those questions of sense we should not be broken and as he say clean slate severethe garment one of these and put new people at the new peopleeager than the old pet he there on to be slightly smarter because we're we got we have here better people in office and not only that you know the things that we do with our kids and and to take care of our kids at a friend came yesterday that's so that her sisters i think he's for his three or four years old was at a day a child care sonner and he came home to old his mom mom my teacher told me that i can be a girl and this is this is am i place in jenison michigan which is little town with little its little better community really and that's a nonsense that is going on there and if you put your kids and child care something like you do ye you don't know you don't know what their cheating or kids when you're not there you have to get educated you have to be involved passing the government of passing our kids off to other entities to raise the is got his got tom is got their consequences if if you don't know what's going on there which we have not in one with going on in our government we don't know what's goin on their schools most of the time you know and and now you know child care setters in that sorthing this is the a lack of being involved in education and were going to if were not involved were going to get what we deserve we have to be involved because things like that things that are evil will find their way in to corrupt their after our kids were absolutely after our kinetophone one thing out here and a well that's what hitler said remember we take the kids and we teach them the nosesand they won't become our river on stopped his secondshow you one that i posted this morning because i think this is fairly significant pure michigan your trip begins at mission not or there truly out there or those of pistolets the men saw but at any rate though human trafficking component of what's happened into the state of meshigan needs to be out there and people have to understand that there are after our kids they want to corrupt them they want to corrupt their innocence they've got so much written in one thing i want everybody should be apthomas question what is happening with all these baby and all these comitatenses we we need to act we needs accountability we need to know what's actually happening i i i've got a pretty good idea what's happening but the whole state in took out and now what has happened when truly happening how her why is it the proposing this transgender this grooming boshet in our child cared thunders in and our schools to children why are they putting with so hard as setyoung because they are trying to normalize in the world and why would they do that because the predator go were kids are there the predators are the predators now it's just becoming pale as one time and on to people in our being arrested that or for pedophilia in office a lot not enough not to harassed but there's a lot of em in office that are petaties look eviting the sniffer you know visitanother people's kids all my gosh i'm waiting for some some dad you know absolutely that he i know it's like or or secret service you know somebody should like lithastericus stand here with like a piece of plexiglass any time he colonelcies cascoes up block on right what a what a what a piece of cod wiesner so the problem that we have if we go after all the penafiel that are in washington i think the cuplike yes careless he think about how much timesas we would have re pay if we have to support these these sad dejenerates you know what's yer back to the text oh we're not supporting them work paying the interest on the loan to the firstor we've been escorted their extorting otocystic store shonin racketeer is set taxes it dreiphasenmotor video here because this came out now want to get people riled up a little but we might as well might as well throw a few other things out there get people motivated riled up guess what gods were we go hand play this something is going on sharpset stonesfling on time to expand your thinking you in need to re set everything you thought you knew all the world about the people you trust histrios let me tell you porpora very long time our world has been into the growing and forsothe vast trans generational romanes able to rise up to the highest levels of our did no because they talked and cousin five or posthorses ticated speedwell eucation now and through a system of trans blackmail bribery they were come to occupy the highest levels of power in government corporations to education he may know them as the deep state were got on most dangerously long the chief almost to our consul the media their primary manooverin the good maple of the world on which was trying to get on the living the use this power to slowly on in suscriber the problem that we were stretcheh other the house was entering religion oceupare and we wrote history de valid in these false points they founded both sides of wars just to crush our potential to prosperante as a peace loving creators of good in the world now with their firm grasp on the media we drank in their entertainment and lines sustentetur their final trace the total take down of america we were the prices remaining being efrem inhumanities last so they knew that if they could take america the rest of the worn was followed they cut deals little let us to hand over total control of the money system to a private central bank the final resort this made it possible to influence washington dc and most of our presents soonto the criminal in one way or another thanks to corelli back turned when they concreted last hour into the wooing intelligent even these were of the world they setwhether to protect instead the agencies were catastrophically weaponized to bostonand human trafficking cartels assassinate political opponents undermined the military and change regimes of foreign governments screen not going to adopt the centralists tom of money control you might think they would show simply to remain in the shadows running their criminal activities while we carried on with our lodges but as long as there was freedom for the people to prosper the the brownwells of risk of the discovered and shut down there was no way to continue without a plan to eliminate ts to their survival even if it may be posing a single world government under their jurisdiction where no national identity lest force or military could stop they called it globalism exploiting our motions at our instance of compassion they found a way to justifying his mantling colters forest and astonied in the under the guise of social justice creating false harridans of races of colonialism capitalism to disable his and ultimately collapse asideans they were no longer secure enough to retain this dock plan for the world where there was no history to distort it would use wars to force the castrating mass migration of peoples cross boards to the stabilizing weak and cultural identity when we didn't accept this they hold us in tolerant and shamed us the silence of my two thousand and eight america was in advantage as on the canonic decline if disastrous trade deals lying to widespread loss of jobs nervian ial crisis coal and now with shoreanother expense of criminal empire that was a line with entwisted and raniformia be realizing the competition on threatened their goals they decided to cooperate and agreed to mutual terms now hostile foreign enemy was able to insert a subordinate in the u s political system who would become the president sounding princeling founded upon his harborage cation and took poleipomen while buying vast quantities of control in a largest mediate companies in western faction of the coplas different it was another kind of sealetters ethelwitha strong reliance on symbolism in neurology with levels of alcyon imaginable to all right thinking people the reaching scale the secret society had achieved what is said to stabilizing shawncross the world were never to be publicly exposed they were highly skilled in living just below the surface as they worked their way into the united states presidency with both factions of cophantro are you ready to hear what they had planned make sure your sitting down he stalled role operators and government they opened back doors to ly hide classified military into and top secret special access brokers they caught military funding and weakened the commands of generals when he rational you runs of engagement they worked so smashed assan and our supremacy in space painful trade in an exposed to pensivity intelligence programs to produced orbilii to detect foreignest c tracks they used our trusted agencies to dorgan we can political ones there relaxed or borders on the napo posito millions of a legal and viorica the wolfington cultivators resulting of pike isis moving to capture last territories throughout the world twenty sixteen the companies had a to retain our into were not yet chilled to the bone by picturethis forming about their intentions for us all let me tell it was to come thence wholesomethe national climate changed sandewici ingeniorem ng wealth eliminate the last good guides had government and was drawn to finding on the us military and over the responsibility of our deperate to the united nations or revised constitution in eternities of firearms to liven in ourselves in short the people into the spine courts the little college system to oratorio then totally ominaturi medio the shield her from a spot they instigated convertie to move large quantities of arguri into their captured station north eleanora to build up a ecclesiolae threatened the world for this nebrissa the growing force upon phisician to marinvasion on popocotl by sinasengi of the collegeneither had planned the devastating new won warbetween americansas one exhausted the last two of anelectrode an receives become inevitable the cabal miraculously lost hour into sixteen what a brave operation we by us notary lines in their long epargner were able to return pollinctor to lightthey had a plan of their very on one that was many decades in the making with don consolationthe roll parson the people of america was slowly awakened to the reality of the world a living with so much hidden in line about in the media channels we had come to crosscrowned the saline or could sardinesin a sophisticated strategy of dismantling the vast level of corruption had had almost completely overcome every level of government industry and the legal system magneticals of the land is in originaland otherwise they themselves otootitis and though in which is trying to free us from the silence strange tyranny that we have got to accept this note and i can keep state used as seminole they had left that save themselves each day for two years was a careful and meticulously placeowing on between public reception on the job that made to be done more to fastuosos and scarifying publics to living in the prison of the mind that was created for them but after all this it appears now that not only are we winning ejector of the street storm is now rated now we will for to their future thanks to the brave patriots who risk everything to save our woe this time for good and perissoteron life who has experienced one world for not constreinit wonderworker frontfour sartines tother fossil field and only falsificum tactas in legally college to pay cinchicona taken from the coaltrain system the least hearts were on most deadly diseases espectacolos to open frontiers we never been as on technology creating these chops and yielding a global human renascence the like which we have never seen the fellow erics or citizens of the woolloomooloo the content of ostracized worthies to tires to their wilderness masterself and they got lessoneric and the world i loved joan your teresenhohe secolo many comments i did at this point time casesall potshordis good to re business of this so but i still think we need to be a lot more people than asked we have to get them to listen to it and follow along and understand what's going on because i still think a lot of people that have the clue and that includes gittin all co out there and vote to day and find out who your voting for the the betelin means get in the game and get active don't don't sit back in just you know it's like that there big the drowning man who who was that no topfergasse heredoes up isphocanis said i praegnationis got to rescue me the whitethroat masses is known no no i pray to god to rest any one sit heretico right god rocky's me and so thirdethidene getting hanwood save he said no no i pray for gotto rescue me waters come up he horologe from the olentangy he goes wide and so ruskiego go the sudoriferous speed an hour but there you go any one else pardon and i'll get into her adoring afford thank you so much for john and we statyou bless courtney and help her feel better to day as we go for a bredforth truth to take one helping to educate our nation and a arthitecture people get involved with i asked that you would please reach out to every one and give them give him a special message sent for them that they know what to do to get involved in where the strength are most useful thank you so much as beautiful country old given us if ye brave patented have gone out there put themselves in front of ours to defend and protect us we princeyour protection and you blessings on general inmoritur president of the united states president told her to answer smetanathe men and women and the us military that are fighting for good purposes and we ask for trefoiled ranchito this world and that we would turn all of us turn towards you we thank you so much for everything you do for us your great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you in the name of jesus christ to an they go the heroes and of credited on the three branches of government i hope you did well in the task i got to writers good yet yet you really earned with john if you're going to get gold stars to join you in arnhem sonoroso anyhow god politikisto son roof and god bless the marichale great day they could follow mettoient to get you down this wanished if some takes his they inoculate back and you for hareemat what it is you fight harder you get in the game and figure out what to the bay to help make america greece it's our choice we're going to wordiness all on our shoulders is our choice and i'm still now opstead i've got some plan monsoonthe made put a little bit more presseroient you a lossesmostly tosoon as is the lossthat i aristoboulos like now because we're in just keep going at go and tell we take the nation back on criminals in the seat so have a great wool might too later the moreensfor with liberassent