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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/25/2023 Liberty Essentials & Southern Border Report

Published Oct. 25, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10:00am Border Report from Jason Ickes and Dr Pete Chambers. Jason Ickes combat veteran and Michigan 3rd Congressional District Candidate was recently down at the Southern Border. Dr. Pete Chambers is the Founder of the Remnant Border Team. Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the twenty fifth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to our show to day we have some amazing in really raising people on to day on wednesdays normally we're going to be always be doing ill more at nine o'clock with liberty essentials the ten o'clock we have jasonand doctor peacham from the border the jason was just down on the border and we were having a discussion the other day it's it's pretty bad according to him but also a doctor peach chambers as a founder of the remnant and they are on the border working to help down there with his humanitarian crisis etc so at any rate this organ to be talking about to day and i've got to go head bring body he velladon your hooton was that as he and yourself and myself i'm goin a little tired to day is i feel like a i actually did get to the gem his morning but you know it's one of those things that's like all we can say is thank god for coffee it is what seems the going right so orbellis the chairman of the sexpartite which is in fact the constitution party in the state in michigan i am the first vice chair and so ah we a feel like it's our duty to educate the nation because there really is not a great place to go right now we always trust for information so were like okay i guess i guess we'll be the news in the education so so what are we talking about to day will the consecution party stands on a promise that judeo christian principles or what help on the only thing the blessings of liberty to our posterity get back to so what do we hear of the news for the three weeks it doesn't matter what new sources you can go to himso and in goethe conservative crack and fox news that's what i like to call as were here in about as or as they call it out israel between and this is nothing new it's been going on for a long time but wherever but it seemed to be now they had the one a new agenda the cause the new desire usually what this all is as we know worser all funded by the big bankers for the most part founded both sides almost every master if you look who's making money in into players and though i want to take a look at typical background i see a lot of people i like the pole stand with israel pray for jes and there are a lot of a lot of good people there there's a lot of christian brothers and not only in israel but in palestine and i ran in a rocket of there over the world and yes we need to be praying for her brothers and not only that the they be kept safe even the strength and stand out stand up and preached boldly in the striations of without further ado i wanted to talk about who is and if you go back through the old testament and we can do this for out if you go back to the old testament you can see how god dealt with the nasty and then in jeremiah three one and i saw for and for all the causes whereby backsliding israel committed adulter adulterate is idolatry a reference to your before god in other ah he said i had put her away given her a bill of the her treacherous judah feared not be wittingly the harlots the old pessimin numerous sins were israel and judah after separate he had gone a whoring is god called it after other gods he refused to o god follow his these go to the newest at twenty one thirty three to one he says here another there was a certain householder which planted a vineyard hedged it round the bolt and dig the wine press and it built the tower and let it out to in practice where they grew a group whatever else he easily they would hire laborers he said he older went into a far on when the time of the fruit drew near for the time senserant to the that they might shine fruits thereof in the husband man took his servant again he sent other servants more than the they did on to them like this is helpfuler was sending servants to give an account and collect the fruits of his own and the day laborers as we could were beating them but last of all he sent one to him they will reverence when the husband man saw the sun they sat among them come let us kill him sons and these day labors looked on this is the god that's going to hear it this if we get rid of him we can take all of this odor he caught him hashimoto the vine when the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh what will he do unto the christ talking through the religious and they replied they said on to him he will miserably destroy those wicked e and will not out his vineyard on the other husband than which a render him the this means been one of the few times with the farisees actually said something c as clear as they they got it right is he sat under the in he never read in the pit the stone which the builders each the same is become the head of the lord's doing and its marvelous therefore say i on the kingdom of god shall be a given to a not the fruit the god was going to run the nation out from the that modern na israel the leaders of modern days and give it to a nation produces the you does god's ah to paul wrote romans nine who are sore i whom pertaineth the adoption the glory and the covenants and the giving of the law the service of god paul's asking the question is whose are the hot and of whom has beset the flesh no price died for the whole world is over all god blessed not as though the word of god have taken one for they are not all israel which are there's more than just for the sudden tappelmine i say that had they stumbled that they should fall but rather that there through their false ovations then then cast away his but rather blindness happened and the rejected the son of god just as the host the message seven he brought to others a gentle he continues in verse night thou wilt say then the branches are broken off that i might be grafted while because of unbelief they were broken on thousands talking to the one being a high minded if god spared not the natural he must he also he had therefore the goodness and severity of god on them which fell severity but otherwise i shall be and they also if they abide still not in they are and believe that christ can be grafted in through the one serving we are merely feet of the mind not the other way for god is able to grasp them in for thou wert cut off from the olive tree his wild by grafton good how much more shall even natural bank it also the latians as even his get even as abraham believed god and it was know ye therefore that they which are are the children of for seeing that god who justified the heathens before the gospel one right abraham heard the something thing in thee shall all nations be blessed then they which be of faith are blessed with then the first many is as or of the works of the law under are under the rees written cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law that no man is justified by the law in the sight of god it is evident the just shall live by and the lawns not he the man that does them shall live shredded us from the curse of the law it is writ every one as abraham on through the gentle that we might receive the brother and i speak after the manner of the i be but a man's if it be in no man this on all for at a third abraham and the saith not as of still only one he belongs this gen this i say that the one one before of god and red the long four hundred and thirty years that it should make the if the inheritance veils the law does no more of god gave it wherefore then serveth the why was the law put in was added the law did not was not written or given the laws it ah it was added because the trine the scene should was ordained by in us as many of you as have been baptized into there is neither jew nor are he is neither bond there is neither male nor fee he alone and are ye abraham are ye stop there we look at israel you can see this all the way back through the ages and it you think things are bad meric regarding the th the tender was though with sodomites gender that don't exist in the donation of children one against christianity in think it's bad here you're to go over there and checked what we political i your nation of israel the entire nation of america not all we cannot only if they are in are they here i mean all all of that time to sound the little bit plan and a little bit negative and i'm not trying to be negative and though it's go back to roman for upon clarify what happens you know why why were they there who are the also for i would not brother in the eve ignorant of this i should be wise and in one blindness in part is happened to israel until the fulness of the gentiles and so all israel shall be saved as it is there shall come out of sin to deliver turn away on godly this is my covenant under them he a water concerning the gospel they are nine into the romans touching the elector they are beloved for gifts and calling of god or without he for as ye in times passed believe not god have now obtained mercy through their one even so have these also now not belie through your mercy they also as we read that little bit earlier that that the gentiles were brought in reel israel jealous of the gods that the for god hath concluded them all and he might the depth and riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of god unsearchable are his his ways for who hath known the mind of the lord who hath been who hath first given to she'll be on of him and through him and to him are all things the glory i hope that kind of clear things up as to who are if anybody else passions you can get hold of him i love docks poets bring up fool sir conan we know what happened israel we know why happened his relates i hope we do looking through the whole old testament the beginning part of the new look at america where does americans god's own chosen people his elect of the old test to this where are we as americans established under god the divine supreme judge of the his divine providence to all reason why begot her there's no way we could have fought the rot largest empire and there army there's no way we could have taken them on without and he read about that or one let's go to bed rome learning questions yet you may question have any come in the no i think people are just processing like annoiati at the cessation of my twenty it this is the end of the book of the law steals with the blessings and cursings of and well in a spate through these minute i'm goin a paraphrase some he is in shalome pass if thou shalt hark in diligently under the voice of the lord thy god to observe and to do all his commandments which recommended the his that the lord thy god will set the and above all nations in all these blessings of come upon me and overtake the if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the lord the o first part of the blessings there's just come this blessed shall he be in the city and blushed felt the being shall be the fruit to body in the frothy ground the fruit of the cattle and the increase of the kind like so be thy basket and i store wastedshe out when he comes stand was shall be with old goes shot of the lord shall cause thine end amused chaise up against thee to be smitten before thy they shall come out against the one way before the to command the blessing upon me and a store house in all the falsadis fine hand on to an echo bless thee in the land which the lord thy god she saves and holy people upon himself he wore under the shoshokee the commandments of the lord thy god and walk in his and all people the earth shall see our called by the name of the lord and they shall be the lord shall and the lord shall make the plenteous and goods and the fruit of thy body cattle and the ground and the land which the lord swearing thy father's to get the lord shall open under these goods and the heaven to give the rein upon thy land in its season and to bless all the work of thine hand and thou shalt lend unto me at i've heard a lot of people say well that's the reason why americans blessed as we have of the penny rate land lettou merican on having money guys were onetowered excellent that's clarified that america has actually stealing from it said from thus stealing from us in the future with what if they will deeper we don't have the money either that their borrowing there borrowing from our children or grandchildren are great grand generations that the generations their stealing up something that doesn't even right through the socios purity its or think why do we have numbers assigned to people as they don't exist there borrowing from or generations and giving them to that's not what first although her talking about a nation that blessed and is able to give out of the and the lord shall make the head and not the and now shalt be above and thou shalt not be if that thou hearken unto the commonslord thy god which i command thee these i felt not go aside from any of the words which i command to the right hand or to the left to go after other gods to he talked about that jeremiah israel committed i doubt of adultery idolatry before all of these you'll be blessed and as long as you keep and do the commandments of the lord and go not after other gods others just hopes cursings is the entire rest of the one more cursings than there are led for those who is he says if thou wilt not here under the voice of the lord i god to observe to do all his commandments and statutes which i command the all of these curses shall come upon the new he cursed the testy be cursed in the field your basket your store will be oh the fort of your body your land of the increase of your kind or your cattle o lord you'll be cursed when you go somewhere and when you come back oh the lord shall set upon the cursing vexations and rebuke and all that thou sedisti hand to do until thou be until thou perish because of the wickedness of thy one whereby thou hast the lord shall make the pestilence cleave to thee until you have consumed thee from all the land whether the goesthe america's the land that god gave us the worship smite me with a consumption with a fever with information and extreme burning with the sword blasting mildew and they shall pursue until thou pert some of that happening especially with sicknes and even that for most part doesn't even exists the whole plant hemiclaea thee a lot of that was given much more than it actually none the less it is still a disease and i believe o heartedly that that is because of the rebellion supreme judge of the in not random you know it's like when when god talks about it i mean a great discernment i is required in situations like this cause we can look at that insitas planned its end there's there's so much evidence out there that it was created and a biwopen so you're talking about evil people that are this is not talking about every day you know person is just trying to make it through its talking about the evil people that sit in the high place isn't god's talking to them and who is this who is this after it's it's talking to all of us specifically if you know specifically those people that are planning evil against others and put themselves first in a encomi think sometimes people listen to to the sort of thing and they take it on as a discussion about themselves rather than look at the people that have attacked us and that have a tack god's people and people that are just trying to do the right thing make mistakes but that are that our specifically doing this on purpose to harm other people the harm the nations and decrees murder death in all that these people are going to rot and how unless they get themselves turned around because there the wickedness is so great and all you have to do is look at you know look at the the human trafficking and all that sort of thing to say there is a divide and christ came to divide people there's there is a division there between good and evil and that's what artwhat or fight is good and evil the throttle look through the history of the nation and even the old husdent with this early you can see that when god means to for there a the cold he will deliver them up wicked old yet look at that when they were in babylon you can look at that when they were in each you can look at that when they were under the roman or they were given wicked rulers and god used those wicked rulers bring all of these things and yet everybody rulers else roget everybody off their tails and the hand because like if you see something that's wrong and you say nothing and you don't fight for it whence wrong then you're complete that's right and let me put a word here to these wicked rulers that were talking and we all know who they are nowadays then why there still there right both had the word out to that because i'm sure you have some of them listening what's going to happen when all this is done the people that you serve when you are now expendable because they've accomplished what they wanted to do what are they going to do to you they're going to do the same thing to you they're going to get ready if you're up against this kind of thing in your saying well it's my job i'd done just doing my job following order when you get to that point these orders will be charged on not only will god judge the nation but he will judge those worse he put up in cope so she lets let's give us the gifts of specific examples how about the doctors who gave the shots to keep their jobs or the police officers who went after the people just cause orders because we had cocks in this city would be alone was burning it there were told to set stand down and they did instead of following their oath of office how about teachers who are trying to keep their jobs just go along to get along and pushed the pith to the grooming of children with ootheca grooming of children and in kindergarten first grade and that sort of thing are they guilty yes they are you can always walk away god gives us it may not be comfortable but you have an ability the right and the obligation to walk away i don't care if you're in the military on care what you are god's law is its way more portion in those people around you and it's been my experience that when you stand on principles of righteousness god will bless you anyway you know it's like i may go through some tough times we're going to go through some of times in the united states of america cuscarawaoke away from god it is just the way it is when you when you trust god and you walk with him and you stand on what you know is right and you walk away from the worldly system god will bless you and take you through it now you may be wandered in the desert for a little bet until you get on the other side in the promised land but that's okay you don't you still follow god regardless of the consequence he are anybody listening read the rest of you round it is very specific how then why they have met continuin with that because i think it's i think it's important i can't think it wingo though a couple of her act none none thank per doin the right thing people you know what's he do the right thing it doesn't matter i had somebody on this week that was justified the behavior of of a of some huge something wrong and i'm like you cannot justify behavior and will to do it you know something like that you've got to stand on what you know is right between you and god and an he'll he'll lead us through that but come sitting silent is complicity not gained is complicity you you have to stand when it's in front of you think it was james then said he he that knoweth to do good and does that not to him as take that into account why you know what i think that this is important because the because there's been such a moral compass loss the people don't even know what's right and wrong because we've been living under satan isn't my mean it's fled out with this whole world is built on his satanism luciferin is whatever you want to call it and so what is good is labeled as bad an what's bad is labeled is good and they twisted so that so that your disoriented enough that you can't see that it's really the loving path see truth do the right thing it's god stand back he made the rules here and if you get outside of the the natural rules of what he created the destructions going to come he's warning you out of love it's not it's not to tell you what not to do it's like said he you know what you know what i like a parent stand other kids you don't what you step out in that roothere there's some i come in your probably going to get killed trying to save us from from things that we do wrong because we were given individually we were giving were given choice we were given so free will and with free will comes the fact that you gotter know the rules because you you will step out in front of something that's going to lead you to do your disaster and that's that's the side of free well has to be taken into account the first come she was just common set which is which is you know oh he's just being me and you're just being men as now that were trying to help god is trying to help us not harm us with that gift came incredible responsibility to carry it out and do things if you'd in and it's it's a huge responsibility to have free will he could have made us mindless zombies and drones that's what the safeness want that's what the world oceanout it for words but he gave us freedom and liberty and free will and with ten much is given much is required what one thing you won't find the scriptures isly is as free well because when we are dead or trust care will is bound to ours we always have the freedom to do the right but as long as we continue transgression of the law then are we will always be bound to the we cannot we cannot do anything go of ourselves scripter says our worser is filtered anything that we think we can do good if we're living in transgression or works are that is atesto the almighty god that is the way we yet we have we have to get out from under that we have to realize that we are in fact in transgress and we need the turn from that get back to the understanding creator who we are in without that there's nate that the only that the choice that we have to make is to grab god's hand and say that were most so and in he will lead us out of that through the blood of christ i mean that's that was what gave us the right to even talk to him we don't need a high priest we can go right straight to god and say help me and he will he's going and righteous and helping us walk ourselves out of where we got ourselves into cause it's our fault oh the fork of looking a couple more of these cause there's a couple of matter actually re verse verse twenty four i said the lord shall make the reign of thy land powder and dust from heaven shall come down upon the what happened now what a few months ago especially in the state of michigan and prosethe northern states we saw all the all the plain fires up their canada where the relating the forest on the thick set less came across and covered armentires it was greehow smoky and how much how much o the air quality and every thing here was just massoistas bad i itpeople weren't in michigan they may or may not have seen how bad it is i have never seen anything like it in my life yet it was thick enough it was actually creating layers if you like your car said overnight you get up in the morning and they were be lier of this he slept sitting on your it is that you couldn't see more than i then a half mile in a lot of lies i got farther he said the lord socastee to be smitten the fore thine enemies thou shalt go out one way against them and flee suddenly before them just read about that a blessing and shall be removed into all the kingdoms of the we all that happened with israelites see doesn't a carcass shall be meat under the follows of the year and under the beasts of the earth and no man shall smite thee with the bath mr a whereof out the lord shall smite thee with madness and blindness banishment you can look up your going to see on these things be so mazed i have no idea what they are this vow shall grope at noonday as the blind girl is ended i shall not prosper in thy ways i shall be only a frost and spoiled her no man an important we see that day a lot of americans are walking round and and not not a physical blindness but a spiritual blindness complete moral compass break down we see the truth we hear the truth daily and a lot of people don't get it they can't grasp it they're sitting in the sospanish ent of that they don't understand what's along even through all that no man shall there's only one way out we just take as thou shalt betroth the wife and another man shall lie with her i shall tell the house and thou shalt not do all other i shall plant a vineyard and shall not grant at the great was she a lot of this happening as especially with the help and he comes we the people build a house spent all the money and he and living at four for a short time only to have something happened they lose their jobs or or no longer be able to find it right they cant pay the property he in some states they don't have property tax on state of michigan they do they tax is pre the legal got his importunate it is not lawful to act but when you don't pay it right you never on your house in the you understand also you can renegaron tinge from the state the moment you don't pay it they come in at at that some word to or talking about here an application that thou shalt build the house now shall not dole is thine act shall be slain before thine eyes now shall not eat there thy nest shall be violently taken away from before thy face not be restored to sheep shall be given under the hanois to shall have none to rescue what do we see here let's less throw one name out there so the name bill gates of what has he been up through the last several decks his wine of all the farm land land and tons of farm land and not just for crops but cattle thirty two are the only the meat supply turned on the fruit vegetable supplies it's pretty specific here and all of this is going to be taken see happening little by little tis thy sons my daughter shall be given unto another people thine eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all the day long and there shall be no night in thine hand the fruit of this land and all that labor shall nation which thou knowest not and thou shalt be only a press and crushed alway o that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eye which thou shalt there's a large slit thy knees and the legs with the sore both taken up to heal the sole of thy foot under the top of my head at the lord shall bring thee in thy king which thou shalt set over thee ere i we don't have a king here in america under the rangetake tyranny and we kind o do we were allowing it there go a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known and there shalt thou serathe gods would see and thou shall become an astonishment a proverb and a byword among all nations with lord sole they'll show carry much see out of the field and shall gather but little for the locust shows we we had a we had an instant so over the last year oh a lot of the crops seemed to have not taken very well this last year and we we saw the even open hark tomatoes tomatoes were that over to marking about that tomatoes wetherbees year the metals were horrible and a not am not going to get i can't do it in carrying canes my face but the my wife is phenomenal with matos and we're just in a sandy environment up here and tophill right very little water but my wife would grow tomatoes and cherry tomato and abiathar one hand the cherrimans were but wise sometimes through a half time so sizeof what you seem as what we were getting out of ours oh it'll pig romans you know the big tomati just like to go on with old on the roll counterfoot those things were just monstrous men they take up my whole this year very very well he i was that was crossed a lot of the to see ray knows your wife is amazing and ah you did well she is such a a amazing woman she's smart and he she is really a wonderful role model to to your family your daughters and the people around her the latter if i met a lot of mistakes are on and life and the and each one led me to a better where god could use me for something else and he and my wife was that my wife was one of those things that came in one of those so i didn't i didn't have hardly anything figured out back then i kind of just doing my own the but her and i when we got married we never saw each other daring or engagement and we left the state the day after we were married with no friends no family and no help for it we forced ourselves to live the country from everybody drove us to understand nor it is to be able to rely on his a fee of proverbs thirty one woman through and through it you read that in almost every attribute will fall fall on or my wife the and she she is extremely strong with we've got four kinds home schools all of them they've never seen the inside of a public for being able to do how activities outside we had a couple of play basketball and col and i made some other friends that way which is but they never never seen the inside of a public school nor ever been taught by a union and all her they are just darling too you're your daughters are just just adorable there so sweet tenderlike your pitchers they make me they are smart there and we do it we cannot we are cast a trading our children the way the that's our responsibility by god we are to teach our kids we're not supposed to be sending her kids out to indoctrinate to be raised by the same people were calling her or nine and they are they are on eating things that that are not in with our law there feaking or kid sings that are nothing correctith our constante and in the northwest ordinance and in the mission constitution article section on three things are listed for a good governance and happiness of mankind as three things are religion morality and knowledge and it says those are required for good government at nismes because of that schools and the means of shell revering those three things are what we need to be teaching our posterity because without him we will not have goods and we will not be a happy p defiance the breakdown of the morality honor and virtue i mean this is this is a really big deal eh and you know what an if we want to have if we want to have got a government that represents us guess what they do right now they do represent us because our nation is going to have to turn back to god on an individual basis and it be introspective and say would i want to be treated the way i'm treating some one else is somebody else is gone you know heaven a discussion do you want somebody to get your face and yolshin act like an idiot now you know we have to stop the reaction stopped us for a minute let it settle she quit protoga and start talking to god and he will do wot into you how to react to the situation but you can't do that if you're off on your and just ready to fight all the time and being a founded ye if you're founded ye satan's got hold of you all ready and your er reaction is going to be part of the problem you're going to have to stop and at no stop chasing to and fro the things that make you happy and just sit down we have always had everything we needed when we stop and we spend the time with god and all a sudden that piece that passes understanding at we we we are given everything we need a right and he and i say something throw a lot of people and that is in any in don't react right you need that act you need do not react the scriptures so slow to speak or atoms swiftly here slow to speak lo to retard but if if you don't if you're not in the word if you don't have that no all of your your actions are going to become react emotional and physical reactions to everything he he asked the lord our god the god when you listened to somebody is to understand them and we've gone to every time people are listening to somebody else if only listening to speak and to debate them to to defend the position that the currently hold oh what if you're all wrong what if we're all wrong why you know it's you don't know unless you listen without bias to other people and in try to learn from them because i think the thing of it is is that when you do listen you realize were more like than we are different when we don't stand on our ego and have be right all the time you just have to listen and prsectae some time to proceed and were asked if you questions we we don't know how to use this the same words we have different experiences and a lot of tents we could be saying the exact same things but we may use a couple different words that are you know one of those things that sets everybody off and all a sudden it's so fightyou're and all of a sudden what we're saying the same thing we must speak different language and that's one thing that it took me a long time to realize that i didn't actually understand that phil may be two and a half three i always said i i'm not a teacher i cannot teach because the way in the verbage that i use is often times misinterpreted ah tis something that i don't mean and i began to watch that little bit more amusing some plain and words that that are easier to understand in one because of that i have been able to bring forth ideas and and the in some in a very clean fast that is able to discussed without interpreted as a well enyore a great teacher i think you do in rendiconti you know to share the our ideas of it too honestly communicate under length principles as well as complete and no descriptions of your immethodical methodical amthon like in and i mean by that as you go step by step so that people understand if you're you build things like almost the legal case all the scripters as line upon line and precept upon price as nothing had warming one be brotherly eh that that's a better definition so they go eleanor the a few more these i don't think he had but when next week or return in that tune and not next onnest to come to take off because of my daughter's wedding so i she's she's gettin married on saturday and sowing ethei decided next week as though is going to be a break for bein andandi'll be back after after the week after next a to get thing i did i didn't realize this oh i hope you think you're talking to miss and the illinois i can set it up on you can just go with after the the redeliver thirty nine says thou shalt point vineyards and dressed them shalt neither drink of the wine nor gather the grapes for the worms a felt hat aletris throughout all the cost but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the for thine olive of case i shall beget sons and dowters but thou shalt not enjoy them for they shall go in to get hit can also be applied that frae also be applied in war ah we saw that back in the past wars when they had a dry they took our son our god er set them to a war that we should had never been hard it wasn't one we would have never had to send our sons and daughters out there though happen again there talking draft right now they are now wasn't going to get into that but the but yes i have heard a lot of that is this all i trees and fruit of thy land shall locust the stranger that is within thee shall get up very or on sorry to strangerthat is within the do get up above the very high and thou shalt come down very low of recent name came to mind at eve of bob the canyon he is a stranger he's foreign to american soil ah you was not eligible for presidency in all of that aside in discussed that for a long time but he was a stranger and our life set up above us very high that the office of present you can believe that he was relected now use placed there it was god's will and you set up above us very high and we were brought down really low he had to fight our way through eight years and we did the same thing under voisenon and and in older borgonero origanion i mean you peceable on we back into the thirties it's all nothing something he is as he shall lend to the and thou shalt not lend to so now we're flitting now we don't have the money to lend out we don't have the materials to lend out the but were constantly being once from alderney right tinanens i want where some majority of all the electronics of a relyon on a daily basis from overseas he shall be the head and thou shalt be the tale the opposite of the blessings that we saw early now our or stranger are going to be the head of our nation in orgies going to be the tail originally they were the tail we were the head we we are supposed to be the leaders of one political power is here that's our that's our faces as moreover all these curses to come upon the insitutue the in overtake the filleule destroyed because the harkness not unto the voice of the lord thy god his commandments of his they shall be upon thee for a sign and a wonder and upon thy seat for if we don't get this corrected or children will see it our children's children will it will continue on i said he visits the iniquities of the fathers under the third and fourth generation and the only way to break that get right to repent from or sins of our nine the people the power we allow this we need to be active in the fight we need to be doing something against it because of for not saying anything against it were complicit in it mich has been true to his this is gets hot that go along to get along non sensuous there because that's a part of the problem you can't just go along to get along because honestly when you put people's opinions over gods you got a big problem i mean that goes right right back to the core of the issue god's opinion is the only one that should count and doing what he asks you to do even if nobody else does if there there are times where god will ask you to do something here like are you out of your mind you want me to do what pretty much everybody in the bible has said that is some point type you you want me to do what bill an arch ah you know you can you can make the listes low and those people that were willing to step out in a of you know in faith knowing that god called them to do it and he's going to worry about the end gang all you got to do is step out and do he do hit he has to do do do the right thing there is nothing impossible with god here ye he says that with god all things are possible through his that we are able to do what we have done in the past do he because of all of all those things that were an because thou service not the lord thy god with joy with gladness of heart for the opponents of all things therefore shalt thou serve thine the lord shall send against thee and hunger and thirst the nakedness and want of all things spring koinon the he says that the lord should bring a nation against thee from the end of the it is the eagle let in whose tongue thou shalt not anybody look at the border recently which is the great seguendo my next negroes have a big of big problem there i mean it's not like a shadberries over one this is not only is it common sense we god clearly told us what would happen and such a nation of fierce count will shall not regard the person of the old nor short shall favor to the he shall eat the fruit of the cattle the fruit of thy land until he be distroyed which also shall not leave thee either corn wine or oil or the increase of the kind its common throughout scripture here every every time things happen it's not only the people that so it's all of the good these material possessions that we've brought it are flocks or herds of cattle even vineyards right and all of that applicable we can look at our houses and our homes are gardens those who are ranchers their cattle the little more despite an application but all this is very what we have here i want to show you this as you brought out this as they the for foreign aid to to israel and i want to show you this to cause this is twenty this is foreign aid and how this is worked over the years right now israel is the top of the chart but watch what have the blue countries are middleswick do they need our money they got on the prickinglike holding it over us when with us not being energy independent this is absolute stupidity by our government the orators ones are as the red ones are europe and the green ones are latin america but look it where are it is going in anisolotus gets about too many half minute presentand it starts out the new casinowhich watch the money distribution you cageface restoring in legspan breeze not her less time linggirsecond now what in turkey johnson turkeys the first middleas contracosta and you can is going out like any one willing to the sistine in forty sticks now watch what happens over the years for ads on forty sets brace the neritoides were sixty such trapes otherbody saw and everybody saw that forty six were counting both you gave france and thereat here's the seventies hall waterhouse's comes to ebionist rts half and right off and it's pick no no wonther wisseler id declaration and what he happened they were already cut off from the disinterested decoration and sixteen more his vitals socketsstone quick cerkestal there yet nownone town and nicoloso i as nine ninety than israel contest in it his cost town that he not aided doing inter in his egypt coming out while given the aid to sept i got all the crick in oil over there and were one of the disenchant he utterednot you please dropping indiansdoing francis dropping idly cries time pondering the older of on prenderons to rock and gordon in interspacing every one anisocoria the time garantiraient his hail and founded the whole space ciagarette ertention a goat of the oil down south america and the drag craft this finding the dog traction cameother in alliance twenty twenty three the crane is at the bottom it looked a look at where you crane is rite there there's you crane we've got jordan turkey a rach egypt in israel we finded the whole conflict the whole correct whole thing thought that with wondersin ificant so boys and girls there her history lesson of how the united states of funded both sides everything the shame because of the lack of understanding the scriptures and what we should be doing as an ash they sold to morrow we have been holding these horse how and we let im neither while of some well thinks bill i love her i love her liberty is santals on wednesday at nine i love this and your you really are very good teacher i preciate your time and you know you're beautiful family is just amazing so next week we're going to have off and then the following week will be right back on so i guess it's tonetone the second hour bread and bird news network and will be talking later kreemer you always have the freedom to do what's right that is never been taken and the obligation and the duty there is heard of the lord is there is liberty let's get back to that there go all right we will talk to later bell thank you so much now the nonentities good morning welcome to brandenburg news network second hour on the twenty fifth day of october twenty twenty three welcome told one in but i introduced my netseksoak is running for i think the third congressional district in michigan as well as a green bay and a serious warrior and antisclerosin who with down on the border at also depthsand bring these days on her enamouring guys how are you good morning good morning doctor cheeroot here the founder of the ramadan on the border and everybody is really very interested in what's happening down there in the work you guys are doing is just completely amazing and what o thank you for coming on to day well thank you down in her have me an condicionis again with you stehst ed twelve policeman help this out in texas he was moving chairs and table well every wants me to come down to the border and i'm like why would you want me i'd be like the weakest like down there i'm like you know get a bunch of marines down there on a hall tail on these people and and and this and the non sunstone the border you know so that while you you're more than welcome lather or other it's a semly permissive environment but we we know where we can there you go so what's going on down there i who wants to sarason otto started on doctor names i think doc's got a cover and he's a he's bratherton the porter i'd like to wrap up with kind of like a some on the procedure so i going for a higher echelons with congress and impeachments and in the light you think that they'd be good yes so what we have here is a a is a fair or to communicate an lets a famous line from an old movie go and look but he is a very to communicate truth there there are optics and there is reality in in a live in world reality spent the couple of complete years now down in this border a last year i was in uniform doing the job with the texas national guard so as it it offered me on now the access if you will to be on the border on understand it i like nobody's business as crinoidii on that border with my troops alway from brownsville down to about eagle pass which we hear not let in the news spent a lot of time there practicewill which is cancon i happily of tretheves area but we write now discontenteth talk straight we are in a ah when i say so i permits have environment let me explain what that is for all for missive is like back out was when we were kids you can get out the go out and play outside i could go anywhere you want on your bike everything was safe perenne where you were you the ring the vale came running in my permissive this like been in the country next to to rack when there's a war going on next door you still worry about it now permissionto thousand four sellar permission vironment on the border a cartels pretty much on may not overtly be in controlled but they are defiled as clandestinely under control and sometimes covertly so we got a you know understand that picture had set in all the way up in two a the bonito miles a hundred miles north of the border as far as as concerns for citizens that was going on at the tactical love what's going on at the more operational as we raised up into the now really operationally how they're doing it the control is over money ah there's a lot of money being thrown at the border problem on but again the optics of it don't match to reality and i heard your previous guests talking about how the expenditures going on around the world that the federal government is sister with a lot of that stuff in it being listenunder ing scheme i'm just going to talk straight here you i've seen it from both sides i've been down raged i've run operations and programs that i was charged with a lot of pecuniary wherewithal to conduct operations lot of money and it didn't seem like our taxpayers were getting to bank for the buck that's why i pate people like jason or on to come in there and get to the top to the people it right the check so we can fix that from that's that's my that's my forty thousand feet foot view and i'm willing to dive in beiyan of i in love to because i think people really need to know exactly what's going on there so much misinformation and disinformation out there that right now nobody knows really who to believe what's real what siwashed we fix this mass well i know how to fix the matinian we all do we got to get all these criminals sitting in the seats out because none of em in my opinion were elected and it's all selected their place in the prophets and placeshave a blank check to write any where they want to thereresting out there round the world right right that's that's perfect way to say that who had as of her now that was the those little bit feedback there eh isjust reading some stuff on that the herochshe comprend ahondironons he and you said the tjidani just as sure i was looking at some news articles were there actually sayingthe fallacy of the open order is it was the title of the article it you're yourslight we've got a lot of this information in our own media about what's going on and we can just go back and look at the policies of honoria the rest of it the puppets of the bienseances the thehewen forder so how all the sudden is it the palace of open borders it sees so peter sold us out and you know a part of us the promise with us creating these cults of personality oh i like this person that person we stopped looking at the facts that are out the regardless whose there because it it doesn't take a lot of commons as even that much to figure out that we got a problem in there all involved in that they've all their traitors we have traitors sitting in the seat then it senta's a great sagwant this particular story alike using truth bold based upon stories things that i've seen parsely first hand a last year about a year and a half ago now ah del rio which is the kind of the mid weightman across it to the border of texas on the rio grande del rio leaders met eglatere seventeen thousand seventeen thousand haitian showed up in less than twenty four hours specific point one i i couldn't do cross the bridge they cut across the room in it was our job to secure that portion of the border we had fifty national guardsmen there old just happened to be at that point that night a help in my guys out because based upon information i had received coming from the soul coming from we called a mike side of mexico's always from the darian gap we had been warned by michael yow his bedone reporting another green pray friend of mine i hate dock this is come there we get there we pre po our troops we preposition or troops i was standing too on the wall and here's the reality of it seventeen thousand showed up eh and we had about four hundred department of public safety trippers show up to help us on our side and about eighty or ninety border patrol so well under man ah this was when you if you recall the horse the guy riding the horse and there was the split reins and then they said he was whipping people walden he was four hundred meters from me he was doing his job and that was just a picture that is used as an optical derisive were defined in the border kasim not made me i'm on to say the unpopular you know opinion here but this is defending or the united states i thought heliconideous attacked personally by numerous i had a working dog with me so i know was able to keep off on me but you know they weren't armed weapons then in different places where we had we had weapons the but just that particular instance now for is for the next forty hours we handled seventeen thousand how estimated another six to eight thousand didn't end around such a wonderful round this we never counted them under that point of entry as we corralled them into offence are the city of dario literally tripled in so are the people of del rio recalling it bienville this is what they are dealing with the hospital was overwhelmed with women that were pregnant said there were sent there to get in a godoliver there now citizen than has the part hospital systems with their multlpies math and the neothelea you know the smotheration men came across with that with carrying you know drop drop shipments so because in that in that mass of formation if that's chaos right hard to the figure out who's got what and how i may may orchis came out and said well we're going to send them to hate well now they didn't send them to hide the first plan they got flown out they ended up with a ainswere then there was a fight on board before the plane took off and so they did not take off then they had two basically handcuffed the individuals that were in there the plan was flowing towards kate however it turned around and came back because they were were concerned another bless left they overpowered the bus driver and those fifty years sixty people took off the ran into the entrances and then the rest of them were taken to low fenefer space not the rest of many of them lowlanenot forced face in rio put on a centre plain marked plans and sent into the interior nited states orgies followed it weekeetateesh were born at night and not last night we paid attention was on and this is what happened that's that's just one incident however the border is secure that was spoken that week people went back to hate knelt they did not that is one ah the borders secure for them to to protect their little invasion going on right now you know i'm sorry but if somebody if somebody is going to be attacking enforcement officers like that and i'll stenopora thing somebody comes after me and i'm not a horse like that i'm going to run their sorry but right down and then put a boot in her face and never leached be doing that without this you knowing the sobbing oh these poor people really just wait just wait snake's goin to bite and then then they'll get it figured out i mean in how is it that we even how is it that we justify people come in in there and he menodoros are people repeople are would have to be stupid to let these people through and to realize that when you got that many tons in the common daring uses their fighting on plains and such this is not bray is iodoci sisterthe roof go head takes how about a plot to we should probably bring up a bat whole organisation and the money a change in hands there in the pier by eldership of the banking institution down in mexico that is profiteering off of this open border worwere payments are coming back through that bank for all these people that are coming into this country ah illegally and naddyr own government so not only is there by ownership in that bank but their profiting of of the open border and collaboration with the cartels this is a man this is trees i mean they had no how this is treason this is rico there are so many different ways that you can prosecute this and when we see the united nations oh onisciform at the south side handing out money he knowing the form of debit cards ah through taxpayer funded illegal illegally funded programs ah as well as buying selones that this is a pissalin invasion when i questioned her as to when i talked to you pesthai talked to somebody on the cienegra there and then a masking how they get there they show me their what'sthat with their map and how to get to the united states all the stopping points and all the places that they need to othersfor money too before they get rolled up by this car teller that hearteat endo to contact so that they can get a bus ride from you know the southern mexican border to the northern mexican this the plant invasion and so all these things are part of that like a sad kind of museturm lushly money laundering scheme it's it's a way to to move money and large amounts embezzlement admit what's that isn't the proper term embezzlement there would be in bellman achenbach why here's elders another thing you brought up just now that the angos are involved in this so like when you look at some one i will get catholic services look then services about any christen and i use the term loosely because i did a nine ninety break down of their finances and you don't have to be too much of a seat he owed to be able to figure this out and i told him felt laid out as to this is mountainland ring people and it's worse than that because they're all so involved and human trafficking when you get paid the big dollars at these egos are getting paid to under the guise of doing a humanitarian offer now it's not they're the ones that have caused this humanitarian or in their profiting of it ray latheman tarian crisis is is the term they like to use but there's nothing humanitarian about bodies floating down the river or be finding bloated up bodies in the middle of that chalande ert a stepped on fences been dead for three weeks animals taken him apart there's nothing humanitarian about that when those coyotes that are leading these groups across if somebody stays behind their dead that there lay out their dead there's others melting humanitarian about this america it's a stop that hegelianic ic right now yes ridiculous is stupid in its nave and so it's like when you hear about kids you know little girls that have a seamen from sixty different men in their bedad bodies this is happening and we know what's happening and two to justify this without without running all these politicians out and prosecuted all the angosturine in this because every single person not not just prosecuting the organizations but the people involved this this is going to have to be a large clean up prosecution and i'm just going back to sudden to get and let's handle this thing because it is going to were going to have to clean him out from the politicians for the trees as well as the invading armies that are thine within our borders just a matter of time regret we know that the hezbolla and hamas has sells excited ni states as bel ticularly as a unit caught nine ten nine one zero which has been in this country for years had vensmana i center for immigration say and michigan had a discussion about this the other day and these are elements within our rank within our borders a that archopening free and clear of any screen now then the claim that their raising money were who they raising money for muslim brotherhood raising money for who in a word this going this is a we've got the start get little you know tighten it up or shot group if you will now which we got this sir dispassion were going to take it up yes they are the musselborough brotherhood if people don't really have a handle on the sisitote hood this is in this a terrorist organization and you know there's the so many of out there they come under different names oh to try to suck people into their little little pathetic plight but the point is as there well founded terrestris tions look at bella look at ante a look at the muslim brotherhood and and this is this is just the sarmishtha's finding it probably the united states is a good portion of the punningest our politicians this sanoessaan the whole tears these globisme syndicate that's finer devised through a lot of this now these organisations i jest ter actually posted something about this particular situation here in i ran with the saying trans right we allow china to purchase oil from iran on this count ah the chinese oil company or the energy companionship of the bistecche cheap oil go to china and maintaining the sanctions on i ran thither profiting from so many perdirent angles on all of these policies insane it to think that we we even have the inkling of any push back and how corrupt the biting regime is a the the gas on the oil and gas out of brush up and into a europe eh the heels with the moscow a mayor's wife this it is there's no end to the amount of corruption in ukraine of all places when are you to have any one with enough and testore tode to toss on the especial on the democrats did because i don't see how they can this this is ridiculous so in your face laten we need now in each man's but we probably need to go back to some serious ah treason charges and yoop we have here tried unles and their needs to be executions for treason there's not there's no way out because the minute they get out just like saying somebody letting a rate tassothese a rate for south anybody that thinks that they're not going to do it again is is beyond help because they're going to get out they're going to do it again and there they know what they're doing is slikery donor said he said if you let me out to day i will go back and i'll do it i'll do even more damage than what i did before that they know it you don't for us to think that we're so good that we're going to readilie these people is is not even realistic it actually shows quite a lack of a lack of understanding of mental illness as well as cosperon that does those kind of crimes there not there not healthy mental led they are men mentally their ill and you can say that you know criminalitythe are not going to stop they know that it's wrong and they're going to do it anyway because it brings him some sick pleasure to to hear other people and and you're not going to change that i'm not going to change it theseabout the that's going to change it god almighty could change it pretty extra sure that's highly unlikely right now you know that were this attack on us is not just this border as we get me no word were discussing all these other things obviously is not just the border and now clottring in like your last the last person on a scripture that's a ball peer in it is second cronicles a seven thirteen not fourteen everybody knows for it might people humbled himselfe in during their face towards me i will yield their lamp and i'm paraphrasing it i'm seventeen says if i stopped the reins if he owed the rains it allowed tack upon their food or a plague upon their land then if they humble themselves do that so that the answers in the field man you i call that the violets there the answer is there it's just we've got to turn that truly is and in this thing thank that i work in and and you know it injested she it that is that's where the astralized but faith without works is dead so is begettor that's where my remanentem i got kicked off to come down to the border and actually a come down and do what we can as citizens but also as an entity now a system is to tell truth and here's here's quickly the methodology for this same explaining it's it's method jason bully fully aware of its three were edessathe eighties the hole then all her at other of marathonthough magnatenineteen algernon try again ah for diabono i figgered i'd ever so after edifie this finish exploit analysed seminate now as millions and were working in a in a model ricant finish i can't actually go on finish the deal but i can find in fix a location and i get it to longforever that i trust and i can get it to a constitutional sheriff let's say and it gets then i can't really exploit that the scare word to many people but i can expose come on give example how this works i could expose expose he ate analysing the disseminate now this is how we get people to do things at the upper level right upper management if you will i'm at the federal level and speak even at the state level for us its and when i go to michael yawn and a vanderstel i said he look and they found this but we helped to expose it ah forty square miles of land with the largest trailer park itexactly which should be the eighteenth largest city in texas a beegas or he called it what it is we got forty square miles this everaert that that begeistert thousand in the right now there'll be two hundred thousand there when this thing is complete expose it we realize a expose it and then now what's happening it's embarrassing to the governor it's embarrassing so that he turned a general paxton he's going to go down and he's going to legally shut this thing down but it took that exposure and we stayed quiet about it it be going on still to day who is boldness in whose who's on whose gonepresented he is a dog a contractor a developer and ojistoh ppen to give one point to main dollars a campaign punster to a governor bitever the past several campans with that societary a oeines hat one of my hat topicsthe is i think developers should be it should be a legal to be a developer because there the parisette eating up all of our lands and it should go through the people this is a very wrong situation and a lot of our city councils and oniwar are filled with developers and realtors solerman laws that are for irresponsible development and their dudit for money the same thing with the hotels that took eight hundred dollars a night for it legal to house them they they should really all of em shut down and charged for their part of the treason and this because it's what it is retreat when you want to find something else find nothing out followed in money at congo followed money it sides and that's what we did now it's exposed and he's goin to have to deal with because back packson is going to shut it down retorsisse name she hears tree tree tree heres she on you body whatever life yet gives you it's never going to pay you back for your evil enough now the old code commissioners at liberty county texas they there makinson shady deals as well allegedly i can't come confirm that now we have i have chased that rabbit thrill yet but we'll get one while into them too anybody it sitting in the seat whenever it whenever you get you deserved it and more because they were part of this invasion and into our nation rice morganmore stories i like your stories because i think that really helps people to know your jesus taught in parables these are stories so i think res work let me talk a little bit about the human trafficking side of things so when we is as a grain suitor is a military guide down there when we found something we would pass it up because we didn't have a thirtythree things in the united states which but you can't un see something when you see it right i mean you see something you follow it ah and you you follow a lead and it gets to a point where a there are agencies involved in possibly important people important places in the state of texas and important families in the state of x oh that her somehow tied to human trafficking oh you you can't vestigate but you had it off to the investigators that of which went nowhere so rest why now it's so portant now it cape basically i'm working as an investigative journalist as well as a humanitarian humanitarians coomfort provider but also of to providedfor mation low horsemen so exact capacity i can because in the state of texas coralie that the under under exigent circumstances that i witness the felony i can do a citizen's arrest and so that's what i will do should i run across those same things that we ran as before what i was uniform so these are things that do not as me the remnant is his chokefull of people like jason and myself better am i growing in size i put out a call to action across the nation and begetting more and more help we had a fund raiser we know you need funding to keep operations going the pleaded a lot of funds but work at there and this is what's the we the people that's why when you hear general flindall action and oblimat that's what that is that's how it looks it's what rocky boisais he's a thick that's how winning is done a throw out her niggah as sages what other without the things are you seen down on the border that you know that's pretty heart wrenching story you know the what's actuating opening to people yet you will typically you know for us at the attack blood to ground level with you see the kids that are coming across and so sometimes you have to we call interposed step in the gap ah and you and you can just get doesn't take a genius looked somebody say that's not that persons the way the purshooers a particular one point one place one night to little girls that and seven years old sisters ah wicked up you know it thus in his is a group of nine hundred people come across the board you got realized this and needlenosed stack three in the morning and you don't waiting across the rio grande at a low poet and ah disrecognized hates not their parents bring him over here two guys pushing these two little girls and i separated he got the story and you know that the the look in the eyes that's what got me he their eyes like i say right now like i'm safe right now knowing that i'm going to hand them to a department of homeland security place again put him in holding facility for seven two hours and they're going to go with a sponsor family somewhere let me tell you about sponsor family so recently there was a whistle blower her name was terra i don't know her first name one she was on capitol hill speaking about that she was whistler from inside those camps and she gave us some information on a hundred and nine kids that were in ostentes boys there were being held up by five sponsored families that were taking care of them in this apartment copies we went down there and looked at that apartment complex while right in there this went in dislike locals to hang it out and that there are is controlled by a gang called los choles most tallices the gang of boys those kids were now indoctrinated into that game skins those hundred nine kids that cambacrs that this point the little girls i don't know what happened to that i know that they were taken away from those people those kids and there are being utilized to go out and do nefarious acts out the committee smashing grabs and cars who knows what else probably learn how to hunt were cars or how to roll them up what that part of austin has become and ah it's right under the nose of our state cap so we're exposing that now too and that we've got that address me in that up to the attorney general of that's how this has to work there supposed to be child protective service there are the petticoats is the biggest scotchman tracking organization in the united states of america or the responsible for this they put him in these houses oh my goodness well to honiton how he raised wherein it on in the falsers cursythe with the children coming across the border and how our own tax per dollars or were burdening our own system with these children and how how do we do we need to get in a way one to protect kid to adequately and in what is that even looked like that's thassilo than we need that he having on national level is all dese kostroma in this country and not all these people that are alternare good and some of them are strigatricem those children first shot whether its sex or work traffic the throne things that need to be vestiges don't have anybody look it doesn't seem like it may be ollereco how do faster going to go where the kids are and because we have not taken care of that business of making sure that patipas are removed you know i got to us look at a map there you know it's pretty easy too for them to go wherever kids are whether it be a playground or or something else like that or in an organization what was it oh with a centfunto they were down the inhuman traffic came like like you know kitty down there and that loristan in the censent down there to bail her sorry stuck up and i to hold in front of in charge of the er the effectively their amber let that this is this is what's going on they put people in place so they've got access to the kids sebasses we shot down perhaps holtogether that's irresponsibility to covet those parents you know for of the five families that are sponsoring these particular kids are us citizens the panthon is not is there here illegally himself and runs a coffee plantation in guatimala this is you can't make the stuff up right i can't make that when i heard that i was like a case i'm on this person on to go down there to morrow and i did i we've had a meeting that night with whistleblower michel yaanana der still got lists of man not just those under knight i'm talking about twenty thirty thousand kids eighty six thousand kids are missing right now that we know it is probably more like a hundred and ten hundred and fifty thousand thrones loiter there missing that nebertcher what they got lost in the system that they claim that he being now department home to security claimed that while they're des not answering their one they're not really is well i guarantee you if she hes wanted to come after me they'd have some law enforcement kicked my door now you've got the letter there lots of lin bastards as what they are trafficking kids you know it's like it's like honestly when when you hear that with her legal kidnapping the wildest going to call legal kidnapping they're getting about a thousand about a million dollars per when you start adding stuff up and when you look at the amount of money that some of these places like like catholic services looser and services boththey get poked it is on liebenow much money they're getting paid for for trafficking is kidshuan traffic he pats nothat's why i'm excited about people like a mister is here jason he this is the kind of people we need to go up to the top i wouldn't you know i always said i would never go back to de ce would never run for anything but in this case when you receive people like this when up there they understand exact we had this conversation at a table down here in texas i mean don't hear when he came down the people like us right now because we're in a more this is a war and you got to understand what war looks like this invasion a fit generation multi dimensional whenever one to call it you got to have these people have this knowledge because i've spent enough time in the sea to know that probably about ninety per cent age people are nathesthai up methods i know i'm talking about about some people but that's a fact it latitavit your on brandenburg news network and irthing here is permissible when i don't censor anything and if you don't that i probably will or have tapageuse to say how de do can you be so you can't open it that gate get that cow through there i mean that's these people that's these people the camp on out poor of pipe out of a boot with a destructions on the heel haberepoize like there like little stupid fonteno something's pull on their pullingthe strings as they go round and it's like other probable pinon their own boots when they go into the bath room you know onethey look good in their polished but that's about it i don't i think it will like like i always laugh about me plastic political action figures cause that's what they are you know i hate to say but look at polessie i don't come so with that but yet they liked the recruit people who can just so you don't let look gainnot do anything yet well that's mestisos what what did you see down there jason and what what's your what's your way out of this well when i saw was bearing couraging which is everything that dock has been organizing down there and put together with his rennentem ah his plan and strange ah she notthethe edison on to think tank ah what their plan and how their organizing and that's really encouraging its note now that we have we've got people that are taking this seriously they're taking it the ah the chore totas and they're getting a done him push really encouraged by the fact that he's it youin the last three years spent a lot of time receiving people with plans and asking for money with her hands out of with no real track record being able to execute and this is the first time i've sat down i said you know where is this worse this order at oh it's it's going to be delivered and next day days that that is extremely encouraging to know that we're the have an operation i think tankand an operation combined that is actually able to exercise operational operationally and that's so in urging because people are like where is everybody doing so and we already know that the national guards all regolato guards in protostega as they come in herlething them across the water is on noaccount they're all comiserate national guard actually assisting them to break the law all that sir i don't see that across the board i see most of my national guard guys that i was with down there this is their backyard they don't want this has why are they holding these people account of all when they see that happened i mean we we do that within our ranks if we see somebody within a rank that breaking the law and assisting come across the border white why aren't they like coffin these guys and shipping him somewhere else all woman's moral the federal side of the portofolio national guard or so the the national guard of their orders come directly from their sector chiefs so that would be a sector chief problem because their responsible for everything that happens or failed to happen period i don't care if they didn't know about it that's the responsibility okay that's what i did that's to oriole the feet to the fire with then this is why it's so important for us to be able to go down there and hold his people accountable ah whether it's a long horseman are elected officials you name it we need the ice on the situation in order to find who it is that is either an bought and paid for by the cartel or is getting kicked back in some form in shape or manner and it requires awareness so what the dosing tank is doing is raising awareness the rathe eighteen is doing the action and it really presenteroit which i work for his is supporting tochanan getting this a message on as well as a their operations oh we're honored to be for with with donenever thing is accomplished in down there that's that's awesome we had i did a human traffic came to i investigation expose a few months ago and there's a few organizations down there which are highly questionable and we actually a made one of the girl friends mad because i exposed things i'm sure i'm going to hear about it to day because of his gootther that's like or in a talk to bannerstone good luck with that so but at any rate one of the girl friend's got mad and gave him a gave us all the gogleddiad such showed what they did but there was a little girl that was coming out of the one of the trailers were the other pans buttoned and look scared out of her mind but some of these organizations that are down there are just down or so now smoke pot doing cook and their part of the problem so you have to get some of these border organizations because they're not necessarily always who they say they are and you want to do your back ground on some of agissons guys down there i can give you the names of some of the people down there because you know i've been threatened enough times a couple of them and i'm like behoting to go fifty connections out from you and will catch all down there too if you want yes it's it's a real resanitation yet he even had a file on me on their goggles while doesn't surprise me now i was actually very happy to hear when i got a phone call and we were trying to raise some money on the border before we had in an even the discussion with the america project even before but the jason jones whose prenomen from the border he reports from down the former he is a mantineaowed worked for a couple of years together down there he got a firm call from tom home and who was involved with american project tom said i whose peachams god before we you know helped these guys out the kokosani i like that because i expect that i expect to be better than that so that's an important cross as i would do the same thing on i go waste my money or time with somebody this is going to go down there and like you say smokes hot and party i and i've seen him down there out of these disney being hotel rooms you know we were sleeping out on the ground i know they're back in town you know enjoying in his nothing wrong to happen mestigot that it then when you are when you're not doing anything and you're getting paid way more than we are to do this i'm glad that mister man called mersey and said all right i just was going to be a difficult conversation but jason jones said you're good to go all right why and i think i think that the great and the greed i'm not good to see an implied in door smit by tom holman and i and jason jones i think those guys are there therethere pretty pretty impressive imeros i'm a press i'm oppressed by them i i onwards talking about as santamarta i think that that something the people in e dono how how the cartels work and what were really talking about you know i saw a young woman that was dismembered at some at one point time and people do not understand ah the it's this is not this is the the amount of absolute inhumanity and cruelty by these drug cartels and the fact that that of in this is the colt i mean straight out is called the started with like twelve thousand people and is gone to millions and there across our border these people are so evil because they it sacrifices to the saint of murder and they they dismember they will cut out organs you know what people are alive there is in its just to create pain and torture people don't understand the depth of what's going on with these people because when we say they're sick the sickness is its incredibly sadistic and an horrific yet well i sent the martha is it they were on their evils on their neck it's on their vehicles they their proud of it and saw that time now when i'm driving behind a cartel a typically for that region's delores stay the northeastern cartel or the nouagenri tion the new generation those are the two that we primarily dealt with on borders their ceriornis tons and the xeronate designated by our government i don't know why they are not there not designating them as stoppani's just like shoot on shoot on sight because they're not you know that's that's a tough way to say it but it's like if somebody's involved in one of these organizations are nor clear and present that ray and i the thing is as we you know i don't like to complain about things that don't get done but i got to complaints sometimes if you know two years ago we said you need have designate these efts and then declare evasion however it has been done recently in the state of to we're talking about the constitution of the state of which is great however when we see you know ah the action that comes in so par okawe have national guard sister in texas we have a title thirty two authorities and statement thorities under the costate constitution as well as the federals to interdict or to a cow actmore an invasion as the verbose of but there is ways to do this thing where we could get real deep into their into their pocket and shut them down on an i could require some direct action that's that's the ugly side of this sis that's where that that's a gain is how winning is done and this is this is more than just about winning this is about securing the sovereignty and he and national defence of this nation because his domino this texas domino is the first one should it fall for the fly over state oh yes i just the way it is we're all borderstate now and you know when you when you realize that that it's our children that could be subject to this no matter where they are this is a clear and present throat this is not this is not a well you know we're going to just bring him in here on incarcerate and pro wile and paper all the meals and make sure they have a good cushy life in prison and given to b and self ones that he learned to learn to be better and they won't and you know it's it's an unfortunate sometimes you know we have to face face really an unhappy choice as that we have to do to secure our nation but i just wish somebody had he got to handle the handle business cause it wouldn't have to get to that necessarily ought a if if it were being handled corectly men look at president trump he kept his side of all wars and what his biding the impostor do you know the the usurper he goes in and the bobbsey the day he was an augury that an he sincerioris then brave yes it's a ietteront rol ah like a sad my hope is in the future always and the children of this country are our future and h yogis like jason whether going up there to get those kind of people up there but i it's the awareness thing and that's the peace for working on now and i agree with him on that there you go so or anything else gets round to talk about to day he well ah you for me it'll be just getting back down in a line last night was a long night we did a little i looking at game trails we call it sortes penitent on to work people a companeros oscillators right now is where i poke i don't operate on the public space just because it don't have authorities but when the land owner asks to help that's what i'm doing so that's kind of her going to be the next up through the week end and then i'll go back up to central texas refit and then oh hell that from there ah i do get to go out every once mainpeak was there in arizona the day before we had that event thursday friday last week with peter closing at the ears on a senate on now medical freedom different different hats of which was awesome to watch those state senators accompained with ah the us senators from arizona on two to be on the committee together which i love seeing so that she a recommendation for a and i'm sure jasonville walk in that because at that ties in the federal anastate which i always believed should should be for going to give states so states rights o interferin fatherly finding a lot of these programs we need to have oversight on where the dollarsall going i don't know that i trust every state to wisely spend that the allegations that they're given and we need to hold some accountability there hers definitely some game oppacation of the systems especially through the senses pro and completing the populations for or larger portions of utterlie a so the scottes accountability held there and there stadtsilhouette what's gone on over at the census persone of the manipulations within the cetrarates in wayverne oversight and transparency and countability so this one the reasons why running for congress to i don't feel like we have people doing these things in actively and until we get people were serious about it and have enough where with all and as actually action things and follow through eh we're going to continue getting sane broke insists on the week currently were currently endure while in the nice ingis of the laws are there if we follow the law we have a leave legal a lawful process to remedy all this some we just have to have you know people in places that are willing to young bled to ronny and i think you are good guy so i am glad that you are running on and i any time you want to come on here and talk about self we can do that because we do any people like you and office and i'm still not conceiving the governor's race for twenty twenty two not can to concede that until we fixed twenty twenty and twenty twenty two because we've got out you know we've got turned the ship around the little bed and tolerance for nonsense has got to be done you done speaking of that i i just saw that there was a carcasonne it was only accepted but they were talking yesterday that it was accepted by clarence thomas were eseredatine the twenty twenty twenty twenty two elections he resurgentes ing sewerage oh dear god please please please is hortatione heroes yes of if i raicommend you for her going after the federal level of tokio jason's real de i spent a lot of time together when i met him i spent a lot of time with legislators i used to know about fifteen twenty on the hill that i trusted i think i've got about that many right now wait thereabout that many rencontre and so if any completely trust and so days would fall that category cause i know mon up now but also an if i ever run for anything and i said this i would i would cause i'm an executive kind of guy can't be a state so that the state but i will run for the governor of the state of texas whenever this is all over and now that is something weighed on the line you know it when i get hold while her right notameshcan i ran for governor and miss jane got kicked out twice illegally got removed twice from the ballet put back on it still was on the ball at nome the only was not conceded and i will not conceive the lighters to the probot it up cause i rode to our back crowd and i know that until that that's what i would do were do that because i think that for me it's always been states rights i've ever spect the job of the federal government what they have to do then can it a little bit stepped over bounds to little wit but away he thanked holesome we need to pull that back and when he outweave to estates have to stand up in the gap and interpose we yonohonte or lesser magistrates starts at the county level and it works its way up and that's why i'm i'm a firelivesi probably going to do a share of job first and then work into that oh then that's get your smarter than i was i went right to the governor and i never ran for anything equal opportunity political hater into sea yoke of course i'll do it and now feared things out but i think i really want my losing so there's lotiform tion that comes when you when you know run the race and you can see the next time you can see exactly how it really needs you done his into theirs some really easy was to write the united states the really as if he will just wind to be willing to make those cuts a cutter back about ninety six per cent of the government that snares to be cut back and firstbefore must we have to humanitarian after because we don't even know how to self govern any more because none of us isn't lived under a time of self governance is self reliance that's going to be real scare for a lot of people so we're going to try have to try to help each other out of this nonsense it we've got ourselves into in a very compassion it way and that is bring the hammer down on those that would hurt hurt those without a voice who need protection that are the most vulnerable that's really what needs to happen let takes a lot of discernment to do that i think you know and really good people like you guys stopped osanore you to both you know jason's riding your neckyou noted of i get this mistanother way then maybe he'd a sheriff to and he will think about that about ten years that's great whatwhati i don't to meet in person sometimes you know some time i know you know jason and i get to work from the same marius so we get to talk and such and talk chickensand and all like he brought me seventeen egg cartons the week sell seventeens my favourite numbers so that was a good thing too rongethere too was that miseranda miss candor spunnon we were sitting down here in texas and the lady walked up to the place we were at tintacker was a glass door there was a hole hostage walked in and he he i could see that look on his face like all really that's coming in here i have a werehidden and even texas gives michigan is the great estate in nations so the coroneria where anyhow i will thank you so much german i always start a prayer so i love to do that right now and then then we'll move on to her days the how of der havenly father thank you so very much for bringing on a doctor chambers and jason as well as halloran we ask your blessing and your favor on them their families and everything of their involved that you would that you would make their paths safe ahead of them and give their voices a larger audience so the tomcats can get out to others to help heal this nice nation were so thankful that you've given us otto and we need to be stepping forward and ginnies ask for all your help down on the border that you would turn all hearts towards you and that you would protect specifically the children and those who are in harm's way this is a very very complicated situation between people who are absolutely evil and those that are the victims of seole use for shields and that sort of thing we ask for your help we soutern the hearts of the people that are in office around turn them to you so that they would make good decisions that you would bless them with the inability to make a bad decision so that they can only do good all the time for the people that they represent this nation we eskeleses on this nation in general annamese the rightful president of the united states and all those who stand for your purposes the good purposes on this nation please help us so limited state away you would want us to do let us be the example you've been a great friend to us and we want to be a front to you in the name of jesus christ our lord savior we pray am a man merksrather you go guys well thank you so much heremother hands times there so foreboding out the roof tells woldego so many people all bother that loved you and better than a fighting for you and have a good sense to humorous to thanks god anyhow he confortede all those whom you love and god bless the marica if you don't have a good example be one make a good choice to day don't lie cheat orstead the things that will make god prone of you in all things and step up to the challenge because nobody gets away with it would land down on the job we all the job to do let's get at it nationshave a great day he goes on stand the lineman know that you're loved beyond all all explanation god loves you and i its confet's going to be on