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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/13/2023 - Scott Aughney Locus Standi Investigation Update

Published April 13, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Scott Aughney Locus Standi Investigation Update - Brief update on Locus Standi Progress and some targets for future investigations. Locus Standi is the criminal investigation into the Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network in fact i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirteenth day of april when a very special scott and i got a lot of respect and i were reminded by right now let me bring americans the scot that our play out wonderful pity o hi o and so morning diananow are you good i see you've got your pop and i have mine okay yes what is it she papier oh kay did he prentice no but but pepe pepe rules so eleanor i my son of the pedanthe est papa happy as my props so you get prop toute yeah i'm more in happy place but yes i have michol star with that's condocori don't get to handle it very much she because of election i give me an opportunity to be honest with to plait and play one cord hose there's an ecod oh i can do that as i that's a step on that's more the most courtshipand probably through he then asked them or play video for every one casino lot of times we had caught up and how neeeeee thing i it doesn't get to me but i know it gets to a lot of people me very often my response to is a you know pull off the words get on my little pony and so but i don't underligt down about things i could because i realize that we're we're fighting a battle where in a war right now and what do we expect how you did yourself out of tyranny it's never comfort and i think people think that it's always been this by what has if we want freedom were going to have to fight and that dissuaded his right absolutely he weren't fight and not ah this kind of in i don't want to call myself that i am working with a from leconte rity force and from from the counties we have fifteen counties currently active and i want to tell you there getting into i bother in the thesis a wonderful group of election integrity and all the words the you've done i'm going to just think you right now on behalf of the united states of marialand every american out there for all the work that you because you are you are totally amazing that grew in the re well it's not just the people directly with an every goes all the way down to the because it's through the individual so connected the key think that is one a very southern pine reels one time the politics i no longer people in the a working i i can't reiterate it enough the courage and determination that they have their arsenals going on in veris counties right now across if we currently are actively and we have about hold right ah while we are if these other ones off the ground in the long horsemen we have reached long horsemen in several old but we've got to die i'm actually finishing up in evidence everything through long forced and hope that's also and this descado had every one this is now you go boss level the crab and in just going to jump in and do it like scotson and it does her yet you said that so well your ese the the individual effort that that is going to change as like ivan sat for a while i claim the kingdom of god and anything else is the kingdom of god is where we stand in where the god almighty and we horses to be like him are we supposed to count do you know emulate him and be here for service and help each other and also leave people to christ a whole wendover calisay something about what you just always as a mere emulating jes in what i am a former and i think something is the word god and here i believe it is standing on the bible many mens one his polite little the other series the traitor and you don't want because i have in criticised by lot of city and others not all of them but many of them they seemed to think scott theme ah when i ran for state a chair of the gopis scott the meaning you know he's not nice and everything else many of these same the share these principles let me take some they would reject christ and the apostles is here yeh i the apostles and if they were a bunch o nice polite little people that were not offensive in any way they never would have beene and i tell you right right and you i won't compare myself he is god he is one i'm a silly just like the apostles were okay like i right exactly but the apostle they never would have been executed a course clinching was tortured and i tell his his until his teth eleven of the thirty they were at they never would have been e had they depend bunch a nice polite litle this investigation this locus standi st i tell you what this this is not about being not okay and i'm riled i am frustration with several of a geophone a process i there still is to day you wouldn't think so but there's still is that the elections really don't matter there's nothing we can do about it the same people the and talking about people like marian's sheridan me shun mad act a the he marlores traders traitors yes not god smith john rutan i crying ruin celle a steam car all these fools the grand new party you i target garden you know what unless we get rid of this election system must be dressed the love needs to be addressed in that the purpose locustines to address lowered no sane fools i show up in the battery plant i ii demonstrations out mccossanny witches in onore yet it's ridiculous i tell you what dana the second joy think descomposicin the local ones up there the low this to go on there potopaco yack is a longing change or moreand they were they on projected hortelano weed the owner and the sensali back or the least these companies they are true les sit i to you aren't hononoreera the ship off to get me all of em talked about royalties woorth take look a chase on wet work and what he did in ascoltanti before he left that's a prime example and his successor i consigli miss lasted go look at those guys contades my guns old well not so about this election of and i tell you what he can call he can call me he knows how to get hold of me he knows the the contact can hold me i'm more in happy to sit down with him at wantedwhat and restles fools and lancing will not do anything about the selections steve car does his grand new party thing the marketing scheme that's what he's what he is the marketer he doesn't have the gods to get in the trenches in this selection at this election investigation he done have the guns neither shoppinhour ten i i carcain rain me son medicari cherry none of em they don't have the guts to get in and deal with his you have craglevin yet you have courageous women and amend but there so many women they have taken a lead role a locust amorosities chase also i do want to say there is one county joe that i said in some fantastic ah changes i think our starting to learn how to think better but that at my old joe he the jackson ootstanding people their starting to king process it is evolving and that was my argument with the one of them the monks many party has in thinking but i tell you what it is so encored see the thought process is going on and counties like isabella jack become and i o grass ochone i didn't even ingression last night and there fantastic he soon we recover this nation with our heart are devoted but also our thinking ability and i tell you what those that go out there to casticani to protest and demonstrate against a battery plant those aren't thinker those are people to want to be on the spot he and with all her that those they want to be in the spot light they don't have the guns they don't have the gods too i am get out get inter joseph and john retainer from ill still county south and you wanted out there was a courageous township clerk named stuffness on went the extra mile stand up for i think for all the snatches in adams township but for all of us for the consent consentand jerked smith showed up at her event lasted but you know what i do more than just showing his face that twenty dollars john smith rotilos goes then all their good for is showing their face in front of the camp roper and buencamino the repose that ground the problem is that people don't cost here some of you come up and say you know let in interpolitical party we're all going to pray and then you look at him and go what's your background and you know it's just as look away happened during the cold shut down the the godless moved by most shot down where do we go into the corner in netherdale the chandwal as a christian when things are wrong we do not we run in their and in telling you what we got to get rid of this gentile jesus was a lamb setne the craft that that his bench there's been taught you sit down the quiet go along to get up no no no no where we have completely and utterly lost our sand and you know you look at you look at the back rose i believe there's quite a few of the th have follies and we look we look into that i know i know for a fact i believe it's a rank collieries got his things that you better look into and is that ground and i didn't i did i i did hear from a fariolo source that his little arrassstop that that they being his i don't believe a word of that i don't believe it word was that the they were changing their clothes in a church a rod not for an hour that sounds like a stage play to me that that's not all the bees going to commend they're going to run in there they're not going to any staging there is right and i onionso to me this is like all right guy this is the whole bunch showed an eyes boshet going on here because he in stages very plate and then look at the people came and that were there really quickly with him once and i got to tell you what i'm onesilos or so when i went up to that in the go petting and mac indois land first first one i ever really gone anything poetical you know i was asked to run by by several people and unlike you don't what i'll go ahead and give up my best shot and saw it in no immedistely for mad o you know i know basically one kind o sword of from a couple that i am sure that was that was arranged he could buy me off the paint snowball's chance and so we got to this one of that and it was able hilarious so my husband and i were standing there next to the and i callister with his little with little shoes on and whatever it is he's whipped around and unlit cigar like that he's in now all kinds of theatrical my husband who is a no no nonsense hers is a very very much now sloth is a lot of fun but but he's known nonsense and one never forget this i was having a hard time not laughing to his comment was sold he leans out of anyone i tell you what that ain't artistic enoios kind of was the called it outright for right exactly for what it was and yet you at all this and you watch out you know that involvement of drugs and their bad ground who at their way alestis who met their wife and eh and continuing thing how do you think that they compromise he'll do it nor anderanno its nonoand then i watched the non some political field right and i thought this was really fornices i was actually calling callinson al the bobbsey you'd watch him in advance and these women it's like watching it's like watching in adult version of tiger beat magazine you know they'll sixteen year old yet you know for routine and it was like i like this as they've got like their gropes and it was railed the ropes nathaniel with these two guys instead of figuring all aliciente alike know garret better and on and i only going are you kidding me it is like the four club was in swing on the goliath's all i saw it in like all right women you're in yourself right now and you looked you're sitting there and something that that is a matter of you know national security and running the contrary you do not sit there and act like a bunch of ten year olds running around with no professional ism whatsoever and as you know i can i can get much more graphic but you know it's like it was that it was the floridas that was after them and you could he could watch it and you know they didn't conduct as in any professional and ah then it was it was very concerning and he just as they let me tell you the sack which her talking about i just as much propaganda i goes on within the it does the other circles and i tell you what i have tried to be honest standing about so try i have presented facts i presented a loted i talked about lot of facts when ran horse and you would have thought the other candidates and i'm sorry but i'm not hearing anything to christian chromos camp and again i think this behind her i love christina pick some bad people and anon talkthree old and who is it that she being torpedo and when you look at this the group of boopepe that are in the at the top of the republican party who she got a pet i mean it all as i do then is now off and how the gringos i have not received no i don't mean that of much eagle milk to like met the herner or crying rion or any of the other fools as you see he's ready for prosecutor ah that i don't know i have not heard that confirmed i'm not sure a not saying it's not true but i have not heard that confirmed but i will tell you this i don't think he's a good lawyer i'd only the pearls to good lawyer i read some of his garbage and it is i don't gangetidis to the thinking is we have to be take to overcome and i tell you what the local standing people the people in the county down if i could take a moment i'd like to mention the county because i think it's important to me counties and the efforts of in these counties are making on these locusts we have dickenson delta alpine ah clare isabella grassot on a leper hillsdale is still in works get out that of the good bery and i believe i am missing some in the center round him i believe i have a few here a trying to recall some the other ones please forgive me those to you there there watching if i missed your county i let off leathers so there's another on speaking of leenane to it but the i i got me lo i am actually in meeting with i've got another one i've actually got a uncalcined a later these i actually in the lower conesby in those counties a gain please forgive me a five mister county ah they're doing outstanding job and we've got several that were working in getting established heron of so like tuscola on saint clair a branch line we lenguetas is another were a great meeting there i think i was waking half theol and ah we have several i we have those and there's actually a few more in the northern lower peninsula that were currently exploring getting locus standi westigations but again there's a small standing work being done by the and oh there some diverged out to the men what hundred per cent despicable or going to single out the a county geepee yet sego and ashen prescott proscindere mely disappointed in those recountings and then you come down here we have segments of the jewe have some outstanding segments of even and i'm actually going to the executive committee to night to the talk about this because out of all jackson i believe is it still the top fifteen populated county and is oh we did not have a real a strong turn out i was set dip oh because grass so county we had almost twenty people at the grass she county met last it here were lesson half that at the jackson event the week ah i guess part of what i want emphasize that these collies are doing is number one was will you nice we've heard about these staying up to the federal government where you have with the locustari inal invested i don't hear about this houstonwhere you have this number of coins using the law to stand up state govern and who the asheroth lesser magistrate which she we are the ones that had are best suited to that's how i don't you ihesucrist on of every single one of ours heads to happen every knowother it needs to happen to that so we got this not while you somethingquite people to actually set step of an actually do work insect so you know non stop ah a pitching class a groups that are out there that all they do is the oh you you never got any in they still regard heleonore you have to get in the trench and one the locust stateinvestigations is but getting in the rich there was a group of aving seven individuals from jackson we worked on what's called the col beckford and it is an interesting piece and we took a foe of the day from a patricio and i'm not going to give this on the in terms analysis or what we did on the ten but i think what needs me high lighted is there was seven individuals from from jack we went over to another individual's house and we were ah we worked the project there the evidence analysis and i tell you what we had you want we it was word here with which one do what i think we enjoyed doing it we were committed to doing it we understand also it and hot the importance of and ah we had great results and unfortunately there was an individual fantastic thinker i i only i got permission to this morning by as oh i i will she has she is recovering a bit she was dedicated and i think that's important understand is the delicate this groupactivity pudding is occurring everywhere occurring everywhere while we have these okes the tame later better devoted because in again it seems of vigils the votes and i you don't want the ah the human club that shows up in noocaste county to me berry or steam acarus a grand new party everything else that's to enough it that's right i am to you in his cock it's like the lost they lost to christie and then they shook their marbles and said while a few can't shut us up so what they do they ran off with the globe les wiser and all of his little you know is little bodies of there the funded all this including the world that cannot form their all invaginated they really are all of them every thing to one so then they take us so you can look at it stands without and it there all chasing after the money centenary and the cameras in respect the that's why they get the big media you know and it's really really too bad well you know people that are actually working like your son you know the you are totally you are totally silenced and andwertheshoe in totally silenced his sons it was like you know all my gosh don't much and brandenburg's name that's like that's like worse sissante outward on otorrhoea bread a bird or on the one sassenage and you just go on over the thirty words but let me tell you oh yet these he man he man club or be some man acoraria married charondas like full number but i tell you what people want to call me there will get my face let him tell the a crying ruin this is a bore out to them crying rannaja smith john roane rose shot roke i rod pronounced his last night characts esperanto get my face i welcome it please give him my contact information because i tell you what i'm not i'm not packed off these gutless cowards that's what they are you want to why don to because they don't understand et the a which is fine but they have no gods to lorn about it and you know why i cry rain he's a pathetically cigar ice i i'm sorry but you don't what and i hope he takes me to cork for calling him out i hope he does see i why have i run his mouth i mean or any i not afraid or timid i ii got to i cancelled at the geepee and i i have no problem being wooed my whole point of that gopi made three statements and i was a hundred cent right at the over one pisataking problem i wasn't wrong about that number two gothischen not individuals because there some individuals in bepester varying there's a girl i think the copies then skinned which is a hard setright they had no problem cancelling me out i a complaint about the consecuntur but they had no problem canceling me out at the the number three not going to do anything unless you would dress the law breaking in this sector you're not going to do a thing and crying ruin and cora and all these other popes that they just don't get it they'll care they don't give it him that he were think therefore bonesetter not one boheira's that they care about themselves right exactly it is he not in their parasite jane glad for to him in that group too and not a he's another piece of work and i you know what i said it thirty where i'd picked on jane glossogaster day ooscoto can't do that and i i i'm sorry but anybody can quote the bible including you know what is spoken you may then take the bible as a whole i tell you what there is something that gets missed they came and club with mechanicmore sheridan all rustle up the cross and follow me that you know what people worked in the locust payinest gations or in there they have picked up the cross because i tell you what there's some of them there are getting brutalized by public oil and i tell you because her standing up to them with regard to evidence to date that we are legally entitled okay and i can't be specific any more unfortunately because we've entered investigative as while in it has to do with evidence and the public officials are trying to obstruct us but we have people they have gotten in the trenches have picked up that cross the follow in my word true christ there is there there to follow truth that includes or lections the law breaking the going out with it we're not just talking about a crooked system or talking about law breaking that was the purpose behind the locust stavesas addressed the law breaking michigan gorleston secretary state and in my case regeneratine en este who i'm going to try to get charges brought against on and i a you don't what that is that is the difference these people and the men that are working a locus standing vestigation crying ruin i i and roccathe rested throw and rush jennings the cheer of the jackson county goopes i he's so very little in terms of his involvement with the election he and you he complains about the republic i am a township supervisor it leony township and says he's not a republican lion consider us jennings to char the jackson gepedoe he does nothing of this selection still absolutely not a he's more than happy to complain and invite steam car invited steam car to see in jackson's hopeeven but he won't have anything to do with stuff and she a way refused to light stepney scot there to our jackson you pet what he had no problem biting steenporte do his grand new called the grand new party ah even in everything else i'm sorry that doesn't one i have britonette wokindone look at one the republican party is done in state of michigan right now it's literally they went again that that grand old when against and thorpe the candidate that the republican really wanted to place which was christine a chromo and there and they have tried to subvert the process of they didn't win lebenetee everything to palatinate she got in look at what they did they went after her in order to the vow of the republicans which has been their battle cry the time which a bunch of crap all it is as about jeweler they can do to remain and power and whenever i listened well how much money did they raise money money money money money for womanhoodand when you taking it that the voters you know i'm not i'm not you talk of people that are in the political is i'm talking people on the ground they are looking at how much money they raise and well that's going to be a predictor of who's going to win well if we buy in that but soldiers of these these criminals that are platoony i sertillion it's what he is and so so if you're looking at the or endorse smith i i looked at endorsement the like out o think who who gave the endorsement yes oh but i can look at and so but but you look at these endorsements their tall you who i vote for the re building and audience its manipulator in aid to be illegal the endorsements the basin the candidate on how much money they raised you know what all your doing is your sayin that i'm going to vote for somebody who can get in front of the camera hasn't been daredthat he to manage anything that's a separate and also make back room deals with people based on money in order to put themselves in position of port retenoit all costs and overthis perchton how many of these cries he bought into this money in yet you know roger to given money it's coming from the dark money and it's come rottedly so you look on botany and that this is they called out recently a democrat take small donations that you know the people of the genders i can bring to clothe but that small don't donations dickson if you look at her campaigns she had a ton of five dollar donation coming out of were arizona and then it's like or you are in like like rapid fire fight five dollar donation when you look into that sort of thing it's got to make you stop and don't look at the last number no coto analize this hold the fort ear we had a pole and in you know i'm not i'm not buying in i know i'm not buying there too many of em are so apt they are in there are anti they are anti god and this a pot psychology not that is it's the same old i to actually the warriors actors the defenders that we are supposed to be were supposed to be set and a fence and were failing as he grew i agree hirdethette you anybody anybody can call themselves yah anything can do that adorable hand or down to cranborne or whatever you is toisin the hard to in the mind rightto the heart and the mind and i tell you what the whole thing would think can't you don't what you want is interesting when we talk about the at my involvement the locust standing invested because i had been so intense everybody knows me no i don't like the word passion i prefer it in your hand i attitude that i have remontoires lv resolve i carry a fair enough in yet on what i i am finding him having a shift gears for myself is the fact that as i can to as i go out to drive i am and i again i work hand in hand the lection integrity for if they be granted joan has been out stated being my partner i consider her i consider all that my partners i wore i have worked almost and were joined on all this i am i in the county there are such fantastic their exercising the mind ben i've had to i he designed figuration of to allow them and because there are some counties the they got introduced to the evidence by myself and do anelectrode ritford evidence we the evidence to the crime i am his multiple cries with this one man one that was there are individuals within these according her jackson there picking it up and running with it and then i have to say you would so back of then do it let them take then a one you've got the whole state that you're kind of out in about people are the locus standi and again i think i told you what this is it latin in other words the they have status as residence and voters within their county while either he civil actions or as he comes in a criminal come people in the central government that's what i have had to learn how to do that has been the biggest chance for me at the grass hoevens there was some fantastic thinking i'm always listening to people are asking are they digesting i don't care what age i don't care for two years old or two hundred and seventy he passing your mind seizing their mind is as the idle care what passed and the grass should people as night cervantes there were happening from the grass and there is a there's a woman there i am that is doing aventastes the migration investigative oh and we had a great a sit down with one of the local one eighth and we believe and we talked nothing more than law law and cried criminal action it went very well but she's done a vain taste job but she take its rights and the abler these people these and it is so wonderful for me these for me to have to take back of the i introduced the avenue show her the evidence of the crime as ce back off let them let them run with it at that point and that is what is happening not everywhere i i regret that i i regret that i see that was worthless i wish my time without sego i hope somebody for mantels or somebody can tell them i i i had some conversations with a woman for prescott and that is gone nowhere there a guy and chavoncourt that i he didn't listen and i had offered to come up in that absolute went nowhere so those in going where but a lot of these other people even here jackson county some of the people that have learned this process what is going on the crimes starting to run with it and i able to back off jackson redwater than and out from but it is the fact that these people are taking it running with it that is what's great that is what car rokesmith rohan i am all these other fools i've made shown man i can marry cheriton there on to do this they believe it least cold you have the latest and the open you have a shot anybody doesn't think that steve car rose shop crying ruin smith the routine from hill so counter part of the swamp on there part of the swamp and of the santones dipleidoscope there have no dots they bear not instant thinking their instant being in the lime light it's cos the rushes so i only to the himand let me have you with tell you happen to me i had a having a yancton gressman to me and i had i had a witness there and as said you never going to get on the ballot lestyou twenty thousand a twenty miles townsfor and so i listened to him he threw his rosine out there and he was the story is a little bit long by mean it was it was crazy i had he had a you know oh that i would never spend five more and first noise and so anyhow ah after time for wallesdye would happen on showntowards and he cannot like you know wiggle around his chair like a fourth grater on red bull and then finally look i left three miles away that she now she ees you could the other candidates are so bad and i hope it it's like like he came right out in it admitted to it that that is where the connexion and so you know you look at you look at how they passed money around and then if you get in behind the the lara ah and watch me shot mershon whatever shone is the on their doyouknow under dire spellings that's exactly what james come my dead to hide out in a remittens if they eguidafo james come you never find em because it's our an hour and in a look like an own so he would go see all or an instead of som and you duckunder in under all the foists i think yesterday somebody found something on on the road this whistle blows that are coming out all over the and dropping information at all can say thank you to the rightful president of the united states president donald trump who has basically done a masterful job studying present and thrown himself out their taken a few arrows in order to be able to applied the law across the board that they i don't like go in and and oh you know rad malago gave him the ability to go in and read biding for on is it there is at the ideal way no but our whole thing is as this has to come down and so you know we are in a war right now the biggest thing people like what can i do stop being a stop being a loving and listening till i think people throughout the you want to know your number one thing to do first of all act in accordance of the rules that god set down for proper conduct with integrity and his is to lie stand up and tell the truth even a fount want to hear it you have told always always always and a that and then stopped being a loving stop listening to stop listening to these wires that are nothing more than a doctrine talk to if they've gone through the universe the universities are nothing more than the common aphasias i like your like your term i think you are the one that the commune of those so here which is our university and when you how much money the arnold through these universities into their own pockets it's unbelievable that though you in one direction and it comes back in another you can look into unwiser and how much money he's run through the universe and micina i can't and there right now i would i would ave solutely sack were on with we're so down with his if you if you want to go that's fine but you're going to pay for your own doctrinarian there's no way that i would put one time in because it all making or it's making our younger because we're not teasing the think they're just teaching them to just here this is what because you're better than every one you're part of our university you're specially your better you're better your bet with so odycolone ts you there only manipulating you and i am raised my kids that way is somebody ever gives to a compliment guarantee they want never ever ever listened to just a manipulated and you know you not learn stand on your own feet and all that you did the right thing and that the your kind your own heart with what you do and that goes both way fair people that yet hurl and salts at you or or tablets of why you care about their stand on your own feet now that you're doing the right thing so that you're not being manipulated or pushed one way the other into an emotional and possesses that for exactly what the salt about standing for god got in long that's all you got to worry about worry about his opinion and you don't need anybody to tell you that that comes straight from your heart he'll validated there one i tell you what i go back to something characterised the okay and live people didn't like my she i'm not i'm not a meeting on one you antonio you scat the meaning see my lionsome right right you don't want done i i gave i contact when i started on covering alone of my own a encountering i contacted i animatam who was the gelicere for jackson four times i contact then by falling not one returned then i can't talk to rossshining come and i called him out a couple meetings i'm trying to besides the importance of this line in the date of the evidence the crimes had and i've had my own battles with the long horsemen in the i don't care what anybody says because you were badged does not make you hero i do not do the back the blow ideation because there plenty bad cops felt there is mere fact i their cats don't even know how to write a basic report that's why light the post because is not all of them i'm not singling all them out but there many of them they have troubled laying out an idea on to i in terms of evidence in terms of crimes or things like that and it makes a poet that much hard i think it goes both ways i think the most prosecutors i wish us with a but in lothringen hassenreuter withstood to honor my hope united states right and by that being said i know my own prosecutor jury areca ah he is not taken an election is and i think it's going to be different with this because i am i have smites and aahhotep roach him and we do have legal action if necessary he him to do his job but i am the fact is i want to get involved election seltensten five cases and i know of what before him and he's blown all the off as well as his politics no it's the rule law and now i have spoken with several prosecutors and have had out standing sit i conversations with the several of them and all had gone is talked about the law that's what i set out to do and oh it has been very positive by anoyously taught the law that's a meryon that's think but anyhow i i got a devil bit but what i was saying with and everything ah it in and not just i reached out so many times and ah he won't tell listen they're wont listen because you want to what most i don't understand this technology which is in most of it did i it took me while to learn it be even with my technology background because it's a system different system and the people from geoteliath same thing it took us all time to learn is however we got we stuck our feet in the cold water try to learn it and my my and my the way i look at russetings of the jacksons see cara rose she john smith john routine crying ran a missing atomthe others i be shown man a and and i i married sheridan all of em they don't care i can they don't care about trying they don't care about trying there too arrogant and two in love with themselves used that's why they go these events because they think they are entitled to be the leaders no getting into trenches is evidence of being a leader the leaders to day they want to float on top you don't want a cochinesses like a six year right the the leaders to day myself i will be the first one to die with ship sank i will be the first one to die okay but to rope rossshining ruin i care all these fools they want to be the first ones of the life o and that's my attitude they can sit or rather miles about gun rights all they want when they get off the fat roans and get involved in these locustan he invests there goes double for jade glasser and spiritual guru from up north i am when they got off the fat roans and married sheridan and me shone they go and get a lot when i hear from christina corown she calls me scott let her more about the locus state shirts this is one might think we christina let her talk about these whole costiveness these are significant she needs to be talking about it he cause she's got bad adviser he has bad edvices and that was my argument would christina i love her i think she's a very bright woman which she has bad people advising her just like tom and you know what we have to think we have to think we have to either now i intend and we have to work so those are two critical things that were taught to me in the food industry when i was in sales of marketing into a great is supervisor mind i am began to great advice on that there's no iote and and i to go works and you know what that's christina i and there's no item that's not the sets but the work more also included the people there advising you you have to get good advising i don't believe she has that's just my opinion on it and i think she is all the capability of being an outstanding leader for the gilt but the problem the gopis so corrupt as a sledge hammer drill sergeant you know what the gape all these military people in it everything they didn't want to drill sergeant that's what i was was re hagopian want scott the meaning okay they have the wit they call i call self mouse with the cold stress carts in the military now that's the diopethes why they eligeret they held up his it's called a different card in by some segments of the military but ye have stressed or get stressed out you hold it up so that's what the golpe did to me if the convention was held up their stress card and bowed me so we just find i don't care i'm okay with it you had womenenvironsst then they call on president trunk oh oh the mean tweets the e dear god all mine what to your love hackish me sweet i love i love so that i got tell you happened actually bought this stupid barney do right to getting replying or i think it's a squeaker the thinkers like a squeaker as you're gerit there and i'm not kidding you i went his countymen and leslie gets up there and i swear to you as god is my witness started holding hands come yasine's all get together with sabots oh i thought we all have to get together we all have to get along the oratoire the redentore what's that i heard that routine before lisa mclean on the number were from how idea almost locked out i lost it was is there a great thing to say we can she come by ah you don't what i would rather take the fee with the guts and stand by them because they're the fighters they are not many quite in the gopher's a bunch of cool by a fool yet the rinovare he was rendered may be jeans and his his flowing robe present delegate a flowing robe can all come out and lead us all in the cool byragee everything else i will say the spot had again anybody can close the bible ay can cause the bible all i hear are problems with may be i roberts rules and parliamentary procedure they did this fifteen years ago with the tea party moved they did same thing and jade when out did his thing and the jackson hope would never invite me to talk about the selections there would never like me but they invited jade and everything else because scotched the mane and the jackson most there some theakston hoping they applaud me okay or donned my eagle milk but they they understand they understand my frustration but there too many of the jackson hope s of nice the bible he talks but all these thicknesses contortis and he wants to to drag me into court lane because i'm an opened the door i'm going to garrot of history gone only entered out a portion of st well let me tell you of the barony rally the bargeman barney rally okay you're that i was sitting that and i could not i literally could not believe such a marked and making a joke out of governance and not only that but the president i think i believe it was as he showed so and thrilled noether is there in which was kind of crazy and so that and then i sat there and only going gloves out of the did you know that the the eighteenth i believe got the entire contract sanders across the united so it you know what if you don't if you don't fall in line with these little communists ah a peritonitis there the comitatus or you're not going to get like with it we ringstetten battering none o the if you don't fall in line with the you're not going to get you're not going to get a lectric you're not going to get power you are not going he and you're not corenmetere jackson or not through that it without noting egenth the hope with the hospitals with his cold bed nonsense you know that that was absolutely all about its numbers and of jesse in the same thing here and jackson and you want inawhat instead state the jackson geopenodon why i the rover was a bunch of people from jackson's what up there to me cassettes or demnstreit at reply for guess what they need to go after consumers energy her and jack why because consumers energies could do the same thing when they cut these two gold plants and two years i talked about this one arrived from spake chair when the one collins two years you have to replace the energy otherwise the prices are going to sky rocket and then they're going to start i there is tarrapinin your legato be allowed so many i kill what a month yes ascoltatemi the hill letting consumers energy and jackson that's what they are setting it up and the jackson geepee is doing nothing they're going on think we cotesworth resharpening right they have some thinker but they need leadership to be able to think to see about these because if anybody needs go after consumers on this it's jackson geo and they don't think about these while ninety per cent of our energy in the state she they are of forest and it needed to be but we still have to centralization with the fact that you can get petrolina oil you get other products i all side of it but going to all this even of the setting ourselves up to absolute right off we need to live at a base level i mean i mean honestly we where we have to start thinking they are literally setting is to actually be able to choke down our very lights where we have noted no money no guns or offence none of that soft so they can roll right through and eliminate those that they think or and there are poenitenti no a man it because a point that that she youthat she's a wonderful person i loved christine i consider then and was open i love her and i think she is this is my this is my you know my shot to everybody and i don't mean slats wit no he gets this is my in this is my motivation for everybody insane that if you really believe in her and you're in the republican party it's going to take every single one of you to be a little bit of a of a mean he sings it noble what he here you're going at half too it's not christina's sena was willing to get off there and said the train of the nanny state that they done to us while we're going to put somebody in places see if they fail and if they fail then we're just going to blame her will you know what you point one finger at christina this is like how the when you're trying to tinker at somebody you got three point back to and she so if any one points to finger christina crony got three figures point back at you cause it's your old i it's every single persons fall out there because we have got ourselves the mines of putting kings and queens and and in the one expectorates all of our problems will you know what every single person he needs to look themselves squarely in the face in the mere look at themselves in the mirror and say is my fault it's all of our faults because we let the scow its night it's my fault your fault is every one so that we left the so far out to control if we would have backed out of this years course were all kinds i mean if we would have backed out of this then we would a had a lot better he people oh they've got the beautiful words will satan comes as an angel like you're going to have to start it really having discernment to figure up are they just little snake tongue talk in it giving you what you want to hear where the will snake because that's exactly what's happening and even as some sesonchis tion in like him while with the other's place out be or i'm a republican home really now this place out i don't believe the word bet any more can do hold your hopes yet both most republicans don't even know what the word they do right but if i can be in no what my old thing my issues would christine you know i have received i have not heard her mention the locust aning investigation i know she knows i haven't heard a menteshe sent me kind you don't support of email why i tell you what as the pope as a woman no something about the corruption in this section bring up the locust having and and and as because she has banded visers she has bared people behind her condenses very there trying keep her head above water to youtherethat's paired advisers she has some poor thinking advisers behind her and i tell you what i you don't want nothing is insurmountable nothing is insurmountable i i know that from childers min wife for me when i thought my life i would never be able to have a mine that i have to day i will never go back to being a mental a isoliert hoam to day then when there was to be i'm going to be a fifty eight in ipso i worked very hard your baby scot yes i worked very hard to find my mind dinah and i am grateful to have it and and no i'm grateful portly for my face why again i am a meaning and there too many depend this flowing roll scenario jesus went into the home and cut okay and those apostles you what i'll say again if they can a bunch of nice polite little hippies they never would have been e the time for being nice is over okay i am nice when i go in and talk to people or it but when you talk in hide because you think i'm an idiot that's coming mostly from public is the gopis one dark and high because you think i'm an idea you lie brace debate i embraced the bat john smith john roca a haratin rout i rotan cara crying run i am shown in marion any those fools wanted to make me i'm more happy to do it i'm more in happy to in public that when hold the gun to my head while i debate them a lot of free made me more what dividion won't abate me we had word from the tv stolenwhat it was actually tuerdico that was stopping me for being on the debate they want they wouldn't bate me either not at all and unlike okay or no vegetation with you haven't heard from her word one the old thing but that was a son of mortimore she quit before thee and hand the bulk counterand gonoides or that's what rot happen there and it was chosen and the sheep of the lorings just said all we got to home for a renowned you ain't exactly the sessile yeah you settling some acclaim you said lee so mcclain and i tell you what i have met some wonderful saint clare county people recently and wondered caroline were trying to get a locus standi sardonic clerk hony and am i hareheadwood people there too if you want if you want me to near gives well i tell you what done i'm going to i'm going to give it a listenthere public on your shawl before we stopped we need people get hold of us to get locust and investigation started in their county if they want to i not tried to cover anybody or anything else to godanother right if you want to participate a criminal investigation to bring care sentlove not the state i get hold me but that getting back to saint clair there's some wonderful wonderful people there that i have met wise we shall claim in contoshes another i'm entitled and there too many lessons yea i am echoed i think they're entitled and if we come you whenwhen she use in a cochesie he joined together we need to be unified you know what no jesus came to crown right exactly he simperingly bardie doll and happennot let's get out and sink whom by a i'll learn it on guitar you would dottedthe next time i'm on your show i'm goin to learn commyssyon i can sing it together i onorato i can sing it to root to john smith on brutan crying ruin i am carelessom what o'fihel to join in and sank whaowhina and a denisoniana married shirlies all single by a together and now at least the acle o we can recasing horisons to iological i'm going to write it fell right now the cords to cool by a so we're going to have to get the livers were yet to get the larks together portolan for going to do i for going to do why cord come my and we're going to sing it together next shall i be half of our good friends we some acclaim he shone medicined charland john ross a john slid on route and crying ristampare let's throw in let's call jason well words and mike shore and night i i want worse successor a cold i look let's get him all in it in combalet s get cafe smalts the phoning from jackson county let's let's call her to sink combalet the call sankhoniathon had forgotten contraforte country discordance in to sink comicit's like or watching the titanic think and have the band play on that's what we're oloarte diocles iocositate voi dont to be wonderful co o your weedon macasto county we can go in at the battery plate we could see commorationis wonderful we could not the coroner and sinkyone holbein there tother oh okonorote outcasts to fomentations i'm so glad i am so thankful are handled i could inanimation to read something from the chair here a lot o good morning and i care antholite ah papa with karin the riveter on it so i will seeke how do i youyou and i discodale clearly his pulling the age card on assalah lapses ran to copious crept so sold out for money eh onthe as the globe less in the annonoient to call the vaccine as p in it the newest i seven out blocks spot that come i can't be refined that ah that link right now but that was put in the chassis oh my one looked at it and the enterigis out my name and number for locusts so i don't thatthat's the scary and innoltrato right down his name and number oh i know gary gary was here last week and sawedged i wouldn't send crap people so the whole of three cords one foreign five a sow all practise it on face or cattle steel there you go we're goin have a hole croonian word bonito coroner has organ a gaol and then you know my have tasogare word cut out of these globes to have stand up the you know we have a cardboard cut out of mcclean will have a cardboard cut out of some of the other wonderful people out his brittonoro and roof you know roestones one may have cause rotenhamer sheriff fields to county course he doesn't care about lecture law or lot of enforcing law hester out hill stokovitch with here is a rumor these playing to run again for sure i butyouseeuncle olotorian people ran away from the twenty twenty lection and abandoned pen look at the look of the candidates that are agnotocastor up ben carson from michigan it was the only one that stood by him from beginning from beginning to end then carson from it was the only one that by him but everybody else the fool from me i the fool from a grand rapids petiolos i know the danger he subjects right there yet i i a bad aspect and i i yes i got no use for the divorce clan i don't call it there's badshah i see george bush's picking some of his ah his shells strung i ii scott in that category is of these a pushed there to throw against trunk and not a release he's in an exploratory phase reknowledge see it like that but he's connected to the bush clan and not condensation at people difference so we can have the popularity clubbed the tiger beat club that will go after one you know that we'll go after one candidate or after the other instead of looking passional way i can run the who can get this country back to the who has the gods get in there and cut weringetone of the stone oh i was just given some information this morning down an out invasion she shagreen is it making the rounds and giving speeches about fundraising and everything all ashes ben alone gueyatasta o give me your money to your money fixed it all for a right and that's bad and greenly that is greenly working pan angle away from christina and working at that the gopinis raised money no oh you i yeah exacting on what i was worth a few candidates it said that spoke against the money we need to find out was to win elections without the money there's urge said it right from the bed and i tell you what nobody you what very few people so and the one that listened to me were the tinker i got the support from thinkers and people that's deck were electrophone except in middling county that's another bad geo middling hole is and there's one good woman i know of it sonhave n't even heard from her since the age pitcher candidate ten herefor many of them because i was very outspoken about it they have a terrible elected geopend the county norito stand up to the counties that we're working the locus standi our people the individuals are working at investigations are not afraid the stand out and i tell you what that is the difference between them and the fools and the the geepee there went out to im casticani on the battery dons that that's the difference between them and the people worked in the locust standing its the locust state people they love this what this country is they're not afraid and i to what their exercising their minds the people the go of the demonstrations are talk about it or send emails about it there there the gutless people that and i'm goin to get a bunch of nasty he mails i guarantee you done and you're probably getting nasty things about me right now onethe man hornemann and i welcome it i welcome age the man you want to get my face and call me whatever sake you want to slip my throat go ahead i don't care i'm going to say my mind on this i've got to speak is what i understand and and i tell you what gheiago back to jane glasser okay jeanie glasser hadetenos background and monsoonal come on so called valley came out to california the yeh i i have had deep concerned or janiero day one i tell you what is got technology background his son i was told that he didn't a little bit of work and charlecote helping to gather some is a design okay he's not to get in the trenches the there goes for a i goes for him and spiritual goro core from northern isle i i got into an argument with him i got into arguable with him rwalpind corry i can remember his last name i'm sure some of your listeners don't want talking about i got into to it with him over pickup the cross and follow me he tried to acquate raising money for prolate cases the picking up the cross and following christ no it isn't there's no compares you have to be willing to give in the trenches to be tortured many christians to have the guts to do this they don't want to gather come i am critical just like this was critical oh the cossaeans so he was very critical of that and you wonder what there they're very few cries scald yourself their very few they have the guts as it takes the foe cried and there too many christians it just one if prices my cookies i have no problem dying forces i no problem given up my life for this cosey and i tell you what our battle against the commies ompassionate overseas now entering this cost in the copier not help thus the home it right here it's infinitethe people they are trying to do the right thing sotilicarios mabelthe parties encouraged they ask where iceicle there you know consistories the boy and i guarantee the knight i am going to the jacksons you pepecito committee men and somebody there's got to lampas i don't care how well they inheritors too though is that we've got we've got right now and we're going to have to work through with it with what we have sometimes you have to work like i know some wonderful people in the very very good keep in or on some wonderment in i heard what i have and so when you've got good people in the that realizes the flaws you can actually make a cage that way which is got to iranian the taxes and i'm going to tell you what i'm working like a little badger over there hope i'm hold the taxers party is the constitution parting but bensonian let us change our name why because she so to stop the ear fires with their low monopoly they have on on poles as there bissiness there is about forty alearites ne that are basically buying and pain for our elector and in that case the structure what we really have here it has nothing to do with i cut right out of the however i know a bunch of people with and the republican part that i believe are very very godly people very good or they are trying to do what they can to write the system and i i'm going to give em a i'm never going to say that there's only one past though except for the one path as the claiming claim the kingdom of god serving god first but we're all going to be called in so many different and in a way in a way scott one of the things that i heard this morning that i wanted courage you is you literally you have literally decentralized this political thing and you don't even though you would like to have christina come over to your side which would probably be held into you do to help you is so coming over your he lock arms the you have just done this on your own and with lettrature force in decentralized his post and on one the right now i think it's a beautiful thing i really really do you do you tell and you have done whatever single other person in the state of so des satrize there go after what you think me and get in their interfitting fight like a plan like general flynn would you get in there and you fight like a flint and then no you as like you and i know each other and were working together like as far as i'm trying to do whatever i can you know to be to you but i also have my own fights on my own side so you know we can fighting together even if were separate in our inner main force of or of or in no of or of our upper and you you truly have distantly process and i i think that i rarely really do and and i think i think it's in amaze yet the the locus standi investigated centralized in the townsites right the counties standing up to so before i forget i want to run by some s and your listeners right now about ten minutes and i'm getting have to have moved on here cause i've got to i got a jump in the car and start moving here gorrionero these counties of requicken just the list and were people these colts get all the participate in these locusting vested were trying to get locustan going in these it's loddington charleboy ros com and alcona huron sand electare sci as i ask all to be a real significance branch calhoun chepo bergaleos iron machination montcalm kalkaska and benson so if we could if any of your views electors from those counties are you sobett would best spain as a complaint in a critical complaint against a public officials in the i please contact i guess you you've got my contact of formation but the i begin contact i get hold me through election integrity for stock come i there are website you get all of them through there again that's a lection integrity for stock come i'm i'm going to have my lesison i i don't fully by next time we said when we sink who by all have that informs available but i did want to make a point to rouse for those of us that involved in the election of vestigate were we wrung a limited resort i am for the most part de volunteer i am a volunteer behind getting donations survived and to be able to as all over the state and nasomonian particular things that i need in my work in investigative process i tell you do nations can be made to election of terry force directly through their website or anybody in wei did have a kind woman from the company started it gives song i for my soul if you like to make a direct contribution to me i go to give son go i think it's forward slash voting he so it gives an go a decomposing record his where you can go to make a direct to my efforts but again i we're makin a lot of tremendous strides and continued to enter more laforce ment as we moved forward in limited now about what i can talk about so evidence but i again i will reach out to the man's club a misthrow me sonatori sheridan le soccam on the man's but the routes a car coats wentworth i am crying ryan broke i i i'm sure i missing somebody ill to hopefully somebody will see me the next to time we're on some other names i can add to the to the keen geo so any how but they want to get off their fate rounds and call me and say any we'd like to us do what we can jaeger we need to throw him in that oh we'd like to do what we can to help out with the locust standing vesty i what we do and that's all i got to do but they won't because they're too praefueris lf prizes to said and they're not going to do that because just hawkers i want to get into the they rather i the rather glorify themselves with the geperic any of talessuch others thank you aviplane a quick video a minute because i ah you know everybody gets is the tough go out there right now and we just have to get to when when the going is it gets we discard got to her and that's where we're out right now but i want to i want to put this out there so that ever be can think about daily activities and how you open whether you're willing to step in and get out of your combers is there a people that are truly evil that need to be aptly called that you're not going to he a psychopath is somewhat who is there wired on you will not be able to rehabilitate a psycho that they have to want unusually that constant on intervention by god is it's generally not likely and so they can they can lie through they can lie in it just like a nice your water and in their good at it so you have to really think he things in order to on the flipside of the the majority of the people that you see every day just trying to they make a lot of mistakes s were human we all do and we the stand the other and reach out try to help them along the way in some things or or actually survive as somebody who works the people are a lot like seen a lot of fear i fear your see ah panic trust and it's going to take all of us standing together to add with each other and do it with one because we're like a one to six year olds running around out there trying to figure this thing out this thing called life and it's going to take us standing gather in some of us into st put all this old charles foolishness behind us stop running at emotions and look at every one around you somewhat that's kind of loss and really stability and you're going to have to get out of your comforts on in order to do that to real outreach to you don't weaken moneywe want we want people in place to fix all her promise that isn't going to happen the problems are too big it's go it's going to take all of us you know we have a homeless prop i'm problem eh well i tell you nobody in the ende governments because they created the problem and they did it in order to destabilize we're going to have to get really smart and not by into the stuff that they put there to destabilize us like the boarders stop in a sad is absolutely human trace is he an ter thou o i helped to the same thing and whirled word too you know you you invade the border in its an invasion in order to weaken the country so that when they want to roll through the roll right though his monotone it had i stopped see about and in being unrealistic about the the green to you all these green deals of windmills all of it are basically the crack and there to two actually put to put you me and everybody else was at an average american in a pig pen for slaughter and so think about this when you see people around you see time to look in people's time to knowles in your family and the people in your community and he and help them some one i want to put this video arises a beautiful betty and i think this is on this is the church that i don't know the church i don't even know the person involved it was he it was he a poet custer on his but it's a great to think about and a value yourself it it comes to valuate ourselves on a personal level and how we conductors and what we are willing to do he is not going to matter at some point we are all going to do and this will pass away god said this earth is going to pay champers but what is for ever spirit is the spirit of god is god led and what we take with us is only each other and in an hour in eternity with god and how that plays out you may not even realize how sin you are to every single person on depressed you get rid of depression go find somebody has to and how that if you have if you have see so if if your hungry go somewhere where you can help the people and you will be it's a way it works there won't pendleton to get off your rear on and go out and not feelingthose stat rotatory for yourself and realize there's always people that they haven't worse off than you do it's the cobalt mines that have been horribly horribly treated the people in the congo you know in such when you look at the every single one of us eve very plant no and not just now but all hollow and so because slicer being impacted people around you stand up get loud refused to be he held these and in i make some noise or or some one who is really hurt come you can find examples of this every single day at the aniaday stopped who did i help who they help to help my hat myself saccrometer you help yourself that's not a very a very lofty goal either by piling up money or just set did you help who did you join or any route out to some endplates steadynone the great last the shops it's amazing to tonale amazing when you when you see something like that and some one who has actually willing to step out of their comforts and you know what there's so many college kids i'll do that are so how does he easily you know gave his life to redeem us and now he sends us the holy spirit to live with nos he with us and within a set white always wanted he don't want to build em he never wanted the temple he never wanted the big he wanted to dwell man with us in her heart he wanted to live with us we can listen to him then we can go forward and we can we can be the the light of christ to this work if you know some some kids that are struggling come on grandpa's and grandma's we know how to do this gravethese kids by the hand and let's go place in baseball with em you'll get a hot way for the this god forsaken every organ isolation he absolutely programming and go teach them like then the time without an end because i'll bet you the thereside rate is so high after this coin it's going to take us to reach out to the people round us boyhood and in an just pass for it and listened while you're listening think how can i help his what do i need to do to lighten their burden or to walk with him or just be a friend all somebody every day that you know astrid col offer to pray from the strangers i want to pray for he i feel like god's leaving me to pray for you are you o ka located do that risk it's okay to risk and it is i think you're crazy good the world is up to us to bring some one end with the prayer here a minute scotto of cournoyer heavenly father thank you so very much in to gather people who are brave and and willing to reach out their comforts one and to two honestly being be your light in this world share that with each other one person in all of a sad we have a wonderful family that's one to unite together in the kingdom of god we claim your kingdom the we claim your is your king this nation is as one nation invisible liberty one nation under god one nation under you or so thankful for the please let every single person other that they are loved beyond anything that words could ever they are not alone that our and turn their hearts of the hearts of you these the only sovereign above as any worse sovereign under america but you are the sovereign over life and and creation and we humbly come before you and are willing to to do what you ask is to do everything we have is yours are lives are our possessions our family is and we entrust everything that we think is as back into your hands because it's all you're as any way and we thank you for the opportune you and re out to other pens and to show them that we care let them know we care that your family here true we love you so much and i ask your blessing to scott and everything he's doing bring him many many people that will come and work alongside o i ask your blessing i christ so many many people to work alongside of her and too to help people out that are willing to step forward and take please help these two brave and ventrals and and others that are like the truly said for you in this or he sat the count on yet real quick i i think i forgot to mention helping the county is part of the locust stand in there doing a ban tastic job and eli to some this everybody this is where we go tinamotin go to brander for governor not count because i have not conceding the willnot concede the lighters where to work were overrun without its like their like cockroaches even more of a more well you know we're not content any any ground any ground to these criminals i'm not conceive stone and o'er the the i wont conceivance taniathe either i were you it in different ways the the so you know what everybody just know that your lot don't settle long he afraid or be immobilized or feel like nobody's with you thou we will stand together in that last day by the grace of god his his honor gives when if he appoints your chosen to bet you were chosen to live here now to be born here now this is not at and whatever god he will enable you he will give you everything you need to polish whatever it is that he asks you to do don't ever be afraid of that and don't ate don't ever don't ever be afraid you're in good hand one o here i go god blesse god bless all those whom you love and god based having last word scatter we got to go no you have a blessed week end coming up donorthe you meanothers just to fight in was going to be a great wendesday knows oh i'm not going to be on smeerig got a very very is a son or friday i will be off monday i probably will be off also if i probably won't be and so on but realize that there's a lot going on and we are we are fighting to one and i know you're fighting with us to keep her eyes open and no matter what happened on to be got to be in the ape enjoy your families fight were you know that you need to do not hope the narrative that out he so all right got have a great week and it will be talking or seenthough time you need help let me know i'm a girl help yelled okay very god to all of you