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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/20/2023 - Morning coffee with Karen the Riveter

Published July 20, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the twentieth day of july twenty twenty three i wanted to think everybody for coming this morning we have a lot to talk about it as we always do and first and formost it's a day to glorify god god's on the throne he's a control so whatever happens to day it's going to be a good day kiss and were going there so i'm going to get started right away with karen and good morning caron how are ye what we todtencasse show and here we go what's happening to day no not much too too long i'm trying to say not much yet and that too much netmaking up still i am too i had a long day yesterday i keep people probably have no idea how busy i really am in a day so yesterday i act actually eleaire two over to the other side of the state to go to a birthday party for a very very good friend and so i'm going to say happy sixtieth birthday my friend i really wish you well many many many years of ofoowookee life i had of us and life is just begun so we're both she cheshaght me by a couple of months here it because i'm turning sixtina couple of so we are we have a lot of fun without one and you're disobey you're just in your sentence i don't know they are is on your perspective isn't it it is howthering hers got more grey here than i have so that's up for the well yes i don't know but i was reading an article about a young man or are weird story how about a man it allegedly kicked a south korean police car and so he did some time over there he military die and he was brought by the police over there to airport to be sent to a basin america so that he could face some kind of consequences for the action there by instead of just doing that he left the air port joined it some kind of tourist group thing at the border and went to the north korea border somehow god over and got caught by north korea you got to work really hard to get across that border i mean workerhow or had he and his twenty three years old and on like he's just a baby i was sitting ike they this is not this is not normal there is something really strange to me about that story and it hasn't really caught a mean stream that i that i see but it wouldn't surprise me if it does more in future but anyway i was thinking what he's awful young least making such a stupid mistake well you know in there you go again as that you have to ask a lot of questions because things are never over what they appear and so why why am i mean that the list of wide this happen should be for all of us been instead of landing on a decision on what really happened first of all we aren't there second of all there is a lot of of really bad things that are happening especially in organizations that we tried on a lot of times hating things we think because everything is so upside down things that we think are bad or actually good in the things that we think are good are actually really bad so we've got the careful about that and he to the case in point this whole nonsense that's happened with the republican party and so each e kino the first can rot mind when you said that i had had seen that article was ocshioned a he kicked her police carcinobates somebody in the bommatsuri and then ran like a rat to the other side because he was actually working with him who knows you know well i mean when i like white if you if you was to if ever it pasted fear that's the narrative it looks like regidors of the military tegumentary punishment verses the north korea punishment no good was itlonger was he work worthy part of the infiltration into the army that that's another question that he may have always in a people will say what politicians they get in and they be calm your yentrance shelters looks we who that looks on how politicians well say politics our compromise when there in office when they get an office i would say absolutely not their compromise before they give it their only allowed to progress because they were willing to be compromised or that they had that personality that will go along to get along in order to further the the effects of the part i posted yesterday oh a bunch of stuff having to do with the actual source stock uments having to do with us eh sixteen republicans coming under charges from felony charges from from dan and ossa where nan and of interesting to me it's like day and hostelrie now is looking like shecensored it isn't more time she is bringing charges against republican in a situation that could only hurt the democrats why would you go after the it it makes no sensors no lot and then we see all of the republicans out there going there be i mean to be you know there be at me to republicans i'm like are you kidding me how long ago was it that everybody wanted them out nothing to do with them and all of a sudden now they've become so some sort of ofaragon folk hero yorito clean all these people out of the party superthing may be one or two of the connie ignorant sheep that followed along with whatever they said to do to break the law or to do something that would call the election and a question are you kidding me they were satan and cornet on during this whole let's put christina crome in position and take over the party and now all of a sudden to discredit the republicans did republicans of already discarded themselves on on both sides because both the ami deopan gen and the granary there both in involved in so many things that we better be asked in questions that i don't think either side needs to be defended at the one no more than the democrats need to be defended i think they all should be this great big giant flushing son the top menof all of you know time to baby you going on you have done everything wrong the only thing that now so nestles actions could do would be honestly hurt they the people that that they alleged on the seats cause i don't believe they did because i there's no way that by one the presidency it the rightful president of the united states is president downland i will say that number single show ah it's so wide would she call this interest there's there's no reason unless she's controlled and on in orders if it wouldn't it makes no sense otherwise i agree i texan you about that when i saw you had been posted in for a while so i was planting catch up and in like in trying to interpret this and keeping an open mind like you said cause is like this doesn't seem right for nestle by doing this and i started to wonder about her when she did the her forth press conference that you went to it was the same kind of thing questionswhere asking because it inseems like why is nestled kind o doin the right saying now if latinienses the wrong thing it makes you suspicious when i start to act in the other direction and any opens the door to her culpability it doesn't make sense that she would do it and lie all on the olgilio at all the republicans now they're trying to save their pitches picking boo hoo there picking out republicans aren't you the same people that wanted to basically string up mishan mate and a stand grit and and marian sheridan are you kidding me what what's the switch to the label now other than showing who is really just out there to manipulate and confused the voters there there's this this is incredible there there we enserrent nor we then open that door doesn't it seems like everything that happens is a revealing it offers opportunity for more and more and more revealing an your like all kayohedo revealing now but possessionstheir can we get skip to the justice i keep talking all of you guys that are staying there just pickin on republicans that's all they're doing is pickin on republican oh my goodness because all the doses shows are complicity and wanting to hide crime ned he ever things up and when it all kate it and when it all came that's not the american poet the american process law and order and justice and free derelection sometimes we went and sometimes we lose the way the way the things go but it's the will of the it's a standing together it is all of a standing together in whoever gets in we are supposed to have honest and fair elections we are supposed to be putting good people in office and then getting behind them the problem is as there are no good people in office they are all corrupt every one of them is corrupted this point go ahead and so me i've been saying you know there's one that's not look maybe i'll say one that's not really crop wrong they're all corrupt how do you think they gets at the top they've been to the betting process and yes there there this is what they are we've got straight up liza pen up the you can't get through the retting process in the republican party unless you're corrupt that's right they're all taken money we'll ask iconiura will you share it with me you're an it's not it's not like now i'm not going to take any pack money or dark money down a bright and berkou just got bolted off the island right there because you're not going to be a source of income for those of us have turned this into a political or an industry it's an industry a career for these peas in this talk about money for goods and second because i saw post yesterday and shared think you was yesterday or the day before where on what they did was they were talking about the posting about who is capable of being a part of a republican presidential debate you can't get in unless you have enough money ray the god who conon so who didn't qualify mike pent and i said well instead of just gloating for my pension have enough money maybe that provides an opportunity to have everybody look at where the money is coming from the fond them maybe mike pens is the only one who doesn't have pack money let's take a colter look and not that i defend him as a candidate for any office at this free but an it not that i suspect you'll find anything with trunk his well he probably has some special interest donations coming in that would not surprise me but look at where money is coming from for all those people in that may play a role and why it may be mike passes what in the word i used was cleaner take a closer look at where this money is come it's just my suggestion because we either not lessen with not a raninburg i think what we need to look at us was controlled opposition at this point i mean i came right on the shoot in old punchian say not we're not doing it this way concanaco so many questions out there that we we that we should be asking about but ave watched him lately okay this is where i'm going to put on my tin foretooth which i'm going to tell everybody is a special exer sensitive aunt channel because was the difference between conspiracy and truth mottoes so anyhow i look at how he moves so i do a lot of comparisons contrasts and i study and i i i'll go through i've got through hundreds of hours of video doing you know ah do in comparison watch how he moves he he he you know when they do i and there's something out there called embodied a i have gotten into that yet for he well because i think this a significant i really do believe that there's a good potential that he isn't fois he is not acting there some changes in the way he acts away he moves it's not it's not the way it's too smooth it's not the way of human being rules not at all and so i want to i want to say we might have some see g y going on there we might have an actual embodied a i will get into you know i'm in that type of taikin of nerve and and i love that sort of thing to look into and a mat an interesting person that help to me along the path and understanding too how far i haste it is mind blowing absolutely anyway i don't think pencestre says he is any more so we'll just see if my ai my little tin foil had it extrasensory antono here has picked up on something that has been messed because i'm not buying it i want to go the chat just so now good morning mike and lob and a die a makestus pit people are still buying into the republican nonsense right how cold how can people flip that passes like device a double minded person we hate these people oh no they're attacked one of ours really what happened to look foyoong die indicating you down i was thinking the same thing about what was going on with the gopa nasal now ses controlled in my opinion and the ami geop is about its corrupt as anything out there look at all the felons anding for and i think we should just throw this out here minute because ah whether we do it to there to morrow i've got some questions i have questions about some one who has in fact oh i see out there and business entities and ontackin a lot of em with people who are ah have chinese names and seem to have connections to to other organizations i get to his look down in littlebath public information it really easy to find out things charlotte says they only wait we fix michigan it is we the people we have to read all the sorrows comes out of offices yea and oftens band video had a rap on agisse worked for sorrows i could share the lank if that's what you want yet you don't what texts it to my fone so i know you've got my phone numbers otestate and i can get that up i share the link you want yes peter down in all ages are and were controlled by sore i believe there being forced to reveal himself now it's going down whenas all three vilayetite down love patrick on the heart to oh i think political party thing is over and mission as for charlotte soros is in charge of michigan and all justice system and law firms and most angels oh she singing your two there there careen all all lawyers all torneys who wereorchids age and sorrows are working very hard to remove constitution the first amendment second mount nesaso ows are going after godsandiland's are here and michigan yes i also think the whitmer isn't the original one either i would tend to agree with that atookar face her face looked simply different but so does the there seems to be about from what i've seen ascend shouted all of about seven and carnations of asaland the bout couple of em white so yester that i believe the little minions are still scrambling here in michigan but not furlong allow not for long they're going to get theirs very quickly here i believe so this is this is what the little minions are going to look like omnicha something i will take a little bit of a of a commercial break too standing for what really needs to happen in the united states of america brazil brazil mamma here actually stolto the plate and decided to do the right thing which is immediate justice to some trans whatever lizard cause i don't believe this is parelitic this is a persway of hiding themselves in the girl's bath room two little girls and their mothers i'm i'm going to suggest this was actually beautiful i love stephen and i think his commentary is absolutely hilarious so were his play this here go brazilian mammas so transanimatine the going to a woman's catholicos in his private march on women and children were around with this tide must forgot to precision since these otheothea on or that should herethereeverywhereas oilstones insol easton the rosette at i i think there is an senhorios in to sound with the one steve in man is absolutely hilarious in my opinion i think i think he's he's very very fine he got a oh take it for what it is i mean i mean that's the you do a lot of people have problems with with that sort of thing and it usually will try to warn worn people but honestly languids like language like that is has become part of our culture do do should we agree with it always how does a time replace for everything you know i think that you know we've all heard all the words and probably should look at ourselves too to perhaps not say the words but we can't negate the information just because we don't always like the words the words are what they are so here i go so anyhow there were sixteen people that were i think everybody saw this move i should run off my my telegram channel on mine and show the articleletter i get you when i passed the cause i think they ought i could probably have been going to my i had an instagram post that i put out there too on this let's go to the article he relessor real people by re people at the kitchen table over dozen michigan residents charged the twenty twenty faults electors sche oh this is gettin get real fun this is who we are screaming about breaking the lot sing people have been charged in the state of michigan for the roll in the alleged fault electrischen following the twenty twenty presidential sounds bad and here are the cast and crew that we should be concerned and i don't not to say that the accomplisher last names so that cathy william amy clifford frost stand crop that that to john hagar marion henry timothy king michel lingred michan madoc dot that do we should have that of what is it the pickering coming out james runner myra rodriguez rose rook mary asserted a kept oda cantons on and can anderwood tapped on dan can then erwood i did thank him when i was running and he sells information am in lots of it home there's another guy out there i'm carts of the sea eh oh think of it in a minute and there information sellers for candidates and such and they they do he he is involved in tecmessa gin for four way too much money we just built their own we did our own stuff and a mature was legal in such that the always people are taken a cot on over single thing when you were on rendeste candidate every one of em is finding ways to live off of your donations stop don't donate to political parties that in an i mean all of em keep your money keep your money take your kids out for ice cream spun time with her with her family and here sir here are the counts of a conspiracy to commit forgery a felony i would a lodge the imro happy that nosebut this out here but i would love this probably goes to trees and think that because this literally of this kind of behaviour literally has the potential or does change the outcome of elections like the signers were it's treason it is not a felony at the end of the day if they actually give their jobs and investigated i think that that we would we would get so anyhow here we go so where does come to keep going here a little bit so there was they not it was well down in streetthat ere is no legal authority for the faults electors to purport to act as duly elected presidential electors and acetic the faults electoral documents notecontinued they met in the basement of a michigan republican had cut to do this right so keep that in mind keep that in mind that as what happened your let's see i can pull it up here see where they ah there you go so convert these people were charged were lodged to he that covert lay in the basement of the michigan republican party had quarters on the somber fourteenth and signed their names to multiple certificates stating they were duly elected and qualified electors for president and vice president of united states of america for the state of mischievous they have done this what what purpose would it did this serve to to act in sad manner i'm going to tell you the impingement state of michigan and democratic state or coryndon thus eloges the culture of the state republican party from alencon were involved in a caster they won after nassonow it agency i proper electoral college numbers from for donald edessathe has enough state evidence right now to charge the it stead she has referred the issue to the federal department of justice who who reestate if there was a multistate conspiracy to evince the election results she was asked if she would eventually prosecuted the french don't do it the same clear to me that was there was not to be any accountability that look at the amount of blinking she's doing it in her eyes though body language is not giving with what the person who is a one hundred per cent in on what they're saying and so that's that's why say she's on i think that you orontes incredibly curious charges melicent it no langostinos liligolor contented also conspire to steal the election in the documents speak for themselves when you said yes to my question ah i a poor word to what the federal authorities have to say about it if your askin me do i can bettete have committed violations of the law my answer is yes i do while she's looking under the canoe reto for some reason which is odd to me body language isn't driving here dis a republican party just misses her allegations saying this is nothing more than political prosecution of convenience and she is plain politics with people's lives and livelihoods for the sake of scoring political points wrong there hiding at their hiding the fact and they want her to lock away from the rule of law now what why wasn't that mishonnery body sitting at the top of the middino purse going after the twenty twenty election and every single one of them including christianople away from this and said no we discourage past this we got to keep going what happened if he if a child was murder and we said while you know what what we're just goin to move past this we don't want to go back and look at the would everybody be screaming and holler or would we do everything we could to find out what actually happened there was a crime committed it was the th there were mutual crime committed why did they walk away from and i mean every single republican seated or claiming to be republican in leadership why did none of them why did none of our legislature no one in hers legislatures same reason why they didn't step up during cold then with the masts and the unconstitutional mandates because they were all part of it they didn't want the lot this amantes icated because they did this knowingly that they were cleading something that would be called in a cost so why are a lodge or why i as would they want to cover the sublime to go to my telegram channel because i tried to write this up in is not conceived lange as i could i put several pots out there oh let me let me scoot forward to the actual complaint here because i put a petiolules see lester got through her mind here are the documents i try to i say everything like like a here here something interesting so just arenose toonotice me and asked me if i had the letter that milindapaho sat forward and unlike any we go head suddenly what he havediseased that right over to you well he didn't and i actually do have the document he was fishing on pre to see if i had the document or maybe he'd just got too busy i don't but at any rate i have the actually have the document and i'll put it out there sell but he didn't follow through on what he said so i i got that handled i had the handle i say or thing i've got it all so it anywhere here is the ah complaint for felony machinari made it didn't say mershon neck shot or how she does it in in finding for for ah business is just like the fbi does its wecommended you got a wonder all of these people just like the fbi sat up jase come on people what's let's stay o let us love stay current here yet start asking some questions don't turn into a cod fechand let him jerk you in here because so in your face if you're willing to look at the evidence rather than looking at what you want to believe a case so the circle and then we're going the next one out mary sheridan oh no not her too there is the end of it and who stand rot my my mind imagine my surprise that they were involved sign here and here is the slay transcript i did i did post is as so we got a fault than i and i screamed shouted it so they can't use get rid of the pet of an owl to save the pious for your for here viewing pleasure here on what actually happened this is fairly fairly interesting it is very very intent read that i could read it but we're going to we're going to keep we're going to keep going without one on i put this out to day but remembers we go through this do everything as on to messiah to day make him the focus of your life he is our life the creator and sustainer of all and i'm going to go head in and read that a minute because we're not take a quick commercial break here to include god in what we're doing to day that which was from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes which we have looked at and our hands if one we proclaim concerning the word of life the life appeared we have seen it in testify to and proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the father and his appeared to us we proclaimed to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us and our fellowship is with the father and with his thinges as christ we write this to make our joy complete this is the message we have heard from him and declare to you god is like in him there is no darkness at all i'm not pretty sure he wasn't working from that that michigan had quarters basement as they were signing documents just just a gas this is the message we have heard heard from him and declared you that is light in him there is no darkness at all if we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in darkness we lie we we and do not live out truth but if we walk in light in the light it's he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of jesus his son purifies from all send seems to be pretty significant soles he go in here oi like to pause for see so i back him living ah that was a fond men so there an't i think for the average person in michigan you get an or a rot where you think do p good nestled back and so when nestle goes against people in a deep you think nestle doing what nestle does but when you look closer what if nettles doing the right thing o ka res i read the statements and consider we were all upset with the election process the whole election so there's a part of us that would want to perhaps tear homagio for saying no trump one in michigan we were go ye and he coronetwhich gan right we don't believe the results that doesn't make it right our belief doesn't make it right even if we saw it on tv with what happened in detroit doesn't make it right none of that makes it right what they did was wrong period it was a legal period so they acted on lawfully and the legally even if we would we would like to agree with the result of but the action does not excuse it corrective means do not justify the ants and tonacombe anything that's the other question did they accomplish a thing no they didn't they didn't so then why why what's to this the lattice why right in on this so i'm going to do i'm going to make an i'm going to make a educated gas on this i suppose or may be just a gas my guess is that they were the insurance policy in case president from actually got in to get the election reversed they do not want him in the rightful president the united states neither side wants him in he was the true outsider that was going to come in there and disrupt everything so with that sad let's let me reason to through this on to try to be as clear as i can president trump had got in they were going to pull that card out and say look at the republicans cheated the elector's cheated on the republican side to get him an we can't can't let the selection sand so so that that in my opinion was exactly what they were as an insurance two thousand think about this two thousand sixteen they never expected president to win and do you know why because they are the election machines re and there was a there was ah if you were if you were within the and on community all the stuff has already come out it's just everybody's good get caught on to what actually happened there was a programmer that came forward and such they were doing fractional voting on the so let's just say and they had it they had it raged for two thousand and but let me in to go back in time here and then i'll flit fast forward to to day and you cousin sixteen and he was part of this this whole situation he came forward as a whistle blower and told every hat was happening so i lets president trump god sevenths of a bolt and and hilary one point to five son of a vote for each individual vote when when you take those fractional portions of votes for either the lost side or the wind side you can change an entire election and nobody will see it or understand how it got there and so i came for her on pentelow he showed how they were doing this well i believe in all insist something i think will go out all they had to do was take that information and make the voting machines honest not across the country because president trump went a route one by a landslide and nobody would have believed it even though he did okay they just had to make it honest in certain areas that's why they didn't they couldn't believe what was happened and that was enough to have the honesty in her lecture to get to to to show the people and and and before direction so it happened i look look it up start doing your research on that's why they were so shocked and couldn't believe it because they had this thing so rigged your fractional voting that they couldn't believe that he did it so now let's fast word to cottony twenty there get other willing to win at all costs republicans democrats they are all willing to win at all costs to political party president trump is a tooutside okay he's a tootsie so now let's look at what's it there all cheat cheat in there behind off in twenty twenty they're cheating pits with a pin here in peyondire including the gepanta batch and deletes not a tramp in no they don't like him in that because president trumps sat why do we love him he said we're turning that it weren't there turning the government back over to weed the people can't have that because that gets ready they're little oolitica little gravy train industry that they've been money laundering out of like money fetty's flying everywhere for years they've been stealing us blind they've been making up of laws and policies over the rule of the president trump was given it back to us and that's a message needs two to republicans and democrats all in honest he was the only true outsider and look whathappened under president trumps leader we had amazing things he he was literally putting people a place to take down china when you look at the tariffs and he wore he was breaking the supply it we all know unless some ones got ther hadn't said that black rock state street capital and a and a a vanguard and arabella basically only entire a corpus structure of the united states of america what is sin he was taken in to yet you saw down here in trafficking too i do what you would traffic he was taking it all down he was defending he was protecting us whether you'll don't like his mean tweeds or not be cool who he was taught truth he was putting it out there and he was fighting for we the people he was fighting for that border what happens when buncome in oh ye right that the party of ropes the democrats are you kidding me bide goes in and and illegally unlawfully on seri day one some day he gets an he gets his fake an auguration really you know look at the policies that he's not eat it that he's tried to negate on president trunk now i don't think he's really done that all because of the the anconite of government that's going on behind the scenes but present trumps a rightful president of the united states and i believe that everything we believe is going on it's not what we it's not what we re at first glance it's not that but if you do to research you can see good guys aren't control and dislike with nestleshis control so i'm going to i'm going to read the post that i have to in case i miss something the republicans broke the law they didn't have any effect with breaking so why is this coming for it's a logical totally lose and all the coin is pretty calling on how despert people are to protect a political party so those people that are bo who in and wind to defend people they were ready to spring up months ago i got a question on our they in on it protect the party over the rule of an string em up where them they need to go to get me all of them for protecting law break in a party this being if mine one according to the deep state if he really it is in saif the deep state said that by one why would not the open is up to more discovery the only thing they would uncover would be information to call bidens alleged when into quest there is nothing to gain from her actions against the either stand for blind justice or both sides are equally willing to win at all costs includes breaking the law the american process is about respecting the voice of the even if we as individuals didn't get our candidate it is long as its legal and honest the outcome stand so i let me come back to this sixteen are you suggesting that it appears that these sixteen de p people were risking their own necks in order to provide a pail safe for the the trop presidency i don't think they were willing to risk anything i think they knew that this whole thing was so rigged he did think they were as arrogant as the people around twenty sixteen they never thought that they could truly get found out or lose so their work can be gather both sides are working together on this thing to insure that president trumped the rightful president of the united states were never take that off but it is a risk and he got caught that's what i'm saying no i don't think they ever thought they'd got caught right but it wasn't i get that but it was a risk they just thought they had it in with these so that it wouldn't they wouldn't get caught absolutely that's him saying so they did take her risk you just bet just didn't expect that it was gone come back to nippin the but and gas what ah that also proves that nessala this point time is control he and went that press conference and there was only about twenty twenty five of us in the shed handler and when she even got half a half millimeter off the narrative could she was speaking of a script she did not speak on her she looked at him and he walked in front of her and so the ologies we better let him handle that's what he and which she left she turned her back on me and i was the only one in there that wasn't ah approved tight media in others she was like within you know couple feet on me she was she she specifically turned round and walked to avoid me he afraid of you it was i i present it and they don't like turns they should be because i don't care which side this for this falls on we have to have honesty and transparency and and i don't care who its bit in the behind it was their choice to do the wrong thing when so so be third they chose to do the wrong thing knowingly they knowingly lot con back to the chair the political parties have been over in michigan for a while a down says whither is get mold i have i have some priests rong suspicions that that she's probably already gone earliness of chuck out the article i sent regarding an i testing the during a corn on humans eh do you if all come out that they're a bunch of pantofiles and murders i believe that too why what here's another lot part of the logic question to try to build a case of what's going on why would whitmer closes the state down so here's here's a carnacthe great here i'll be johnnieshe you know i take touches the card to his had why why would nasse anson and whitmer shut the state down for four covet and leave a bar open with glory holes in the capitals of the congressmen can go and an i'll do the thing makes no sound shut down schools cape the cape otto go and kept the th the oliuer sails going but shut down the churches shut down oh the stores what chaptelle what senseless makes she was promoting promoting all the vices you could possibly put out there but she gave she healtheries a pass no elina that is awesome o a drino is in ep patro de danses adriano is in open charlotte mad mans world tene so couldn't you now my tonoka i'll see if i can i see if i can get it's hard to take it off the chap for me oh charlotte and to put it up on to put it up only if you can find it out there on a otthere and and ah happy the lank and then copied the link into into my phonometer at the best way to get it to me right now might widow i've been wanting to see these people in jail for while i have no complaints it's only brainwashed republicans seriously i patrick down of course we trust our department of justice not she she sang that eh charlotte age isn't going after the real problem though would be the twenty twenty and twenty twenty two election she's just doing this to ring her present drum from the battle there is a list of election crimes dans doing on well i think this is part of it because we we we can't just deem it is one side of the other cause they're working together hang it has to be it has to be all of it has to come out not just one side but wackenrode yes that's werther that people have got to get a grip on there is no good givers bad guy when it comes to political parties right i shoreanother one yesterday where um dis is a brief aside to make when this point there was a video put out by up about him in trafficking being caused by the baden administration or supported by the biting ministration and i shared it cause it it is true there's a lot of truth in it but it's not limited to these to the recissory to the democratic party or to the biting administration even trafficking goes across both parties and if you think that the jew pierre the great defenders of against human trafficking all come on get real it's yours like this election issue the open was never your hero folks when it comes to the elections never i never was the gigolett see the check marker used to put check marks by these things were infiltrated the gopis not your friend in ever was in it's a hard hard personal pilewell for a lot of people but there's what worse seeing here this is just what what had just happened with nestle in his this press conference and now with these sixteen people's charges were were seen the revealing of there being no party which is just now made up of super heroes or people working for the people or people who are helping us in some great way no they made election errors we know that through your experience where seeing just another example of that an if it's hard for people to take they need to look at why that is i think that's the lesson yet gesticulate agreed that trump should have one does not make what they did correct it was wrong so the bigger pictures where we need to start looking what is actually happening here and why nestle is revealing something to you take that and run with it be thankful for it and you can look at it even larger and say god is doing this and revealing the truth to you so that you can learn how to discern a little bit better because i've had my eyes opened to time her two in the past year or two were three and and the further we go along the more my eyes were open and i'm grateful for that we can't do it all at once as we've talked about a few times one step at a time this is another opportunity to have that veil lifted from across her eyes and around your ears all that yourself see and hear what is true and if your confused examine it closer is done is doing and think about what could the motivations be what could the intentions and the purpose fee is it could it be something other than what it appears at first glance teaser lessons that we need to learn how to look at things how to investigate if we're going to self govern we need to be able to see beyond the head line yes and we've been conditioned to have a colt mentality of needing to be long in these groups the look at looking sports for example i'm not against sports you know i'm i'm hockey fan i like hockey so we love to see our team when ess feelgood it really makes a feegeean of all the teams are cheating and corrupt the is that fun just to see if we can out manoeuvre hother but the score doesn't mean anything i saw that horse shows it and that's why i don't that's why i don't go horse shows either any more because it's pretty well sham it's like it's like the person that goes the most money to the organization is the one who wins the ribbons is not even the best horse everybody here knows it or ready to set in in horseshoes nos soothes the best that horse and that that i am not talking specifically racing but i'm talking you know like like we have postpones and and oh there's other breeds that that you can look into and dog shows the same light what he and when when you get into an you know that right you or winds the show is it the best stock it's never it's it's a contest to show who has garnered the most favor with the organization and its usually the person that's given the most money or brought the most money in so i digressed that am i to go to the chat one forged could i could talk about that one all day but it's true gesteinen sheppard with the westminsters club and there's their structure is so faulty they're flat their hacks are literally lying on the floor as they move not to when their positioning them but as they moved this is not to what it is dangerous it is horrible for blestre it ruins dogs and yet they wenwithin were the same thing with horses and so it's is exactly the same thing so when i look going to a horse show or when i go to something like that i look at for wot i look at who lost his hats probably where you're going to actually find ones that are probably the the under dog men take a look at takalo at some of em in erasing the they never they never thought would win and you'll find some of it they'll find ones that really there the one that want i i it's incredible saething in politics the reason why the man acts and republicans don't want investigated its cause they were in on that they sure word they were the insurance policy to take president drop in case in case he actually pulled it off and got in somehow right but i think he i think the part of the plan was for him to lose that election so that it got passed over to perhaps our process that were not familiar with ah unless we study benson and now sulfocarbolate ah and the board election are all sore as secretary state boncan sorry stream protected are some put in bigness is finally down every one needs to see that as a cane so am i boot says truth taste god yes it does isn't it thingrather ing of truth to day charles has done on this string them up statement got me band from twitter yesterday i posted and even of the cattleshed numberopposed again all that's hilarious well guess what you're on brandenborow where we do not sonsorolese you want here pedonensis exposure ban'dying paint also i love your truth's ladies petrine love you one might widow here in the river got that right geop is not your friend now get some by spain the channel doing chant doing lank on everything they'll go to those links channel like her all they're all just marked and charles laughing and let's see the other one into the said interesting time men of this charge they will drag it on through the twenty twenty four election notdon't think so i think is mine i think this might be a really well planned out one doctor david can't doctor can't hitodomo the sky the hitaspodsa that does lead down the road two other questions to doesn't it be long ago was it that we had the press conference that you went to it within the month right and now we have this one i i wonder what's next it's coming faster that the disclosures and things that are happier coming much much quicker i'm seen it anyhow i believe i believe you're absolutely correct came the hunters was sissicathe hunter's win by how wealth or fame as you are but the jumpers a corrupt because it's all about the clock but the wealthy can only afford the best that's true i i really like that analogy because there there on different different categories of his his talking horses there and ponders hunters when by how wealth or famous you are with the jumpers on or corrupted because it's about the clock so there's a standard there when you look at you know when you look at the jumpers is supposed to hunters so there go a great great analogy but then you've got to have money or you can't get in right can't play ringyou don't have money correct essentialities which an entrance be for decisionmaking of event give us an idea yes it's pantometer at so i mean that that is something that a low level you know low level entry fee you might pay i don't know for eight hundred dollars for first she right now the bigger ones and in i mean that that's a and i mean that it may even be per class he this big money somebody we were talking about writing yesterday cause i like to go to the pvritaine the pebete comes grandairs over here and i love going to it i like seeing the the bull ride and they were asking me the well aren't they mean of the bowls hours like or you kiddin me some of those bulls are worth a million dollars they treat those bulls so well it's not even funny they they are em when they go to turn to throw the rider off of course they're going to try to get him often you may or may not agree on how they get him to jump so high but the the rope is wrapped around their junks there distrito get the right or off to free the free the voice that's his really happeneth as soon as as soon as the riders often its it's a game an if ever watched bowls out in an doing their saying it's not like these guys are little little kittens there they are not there not a a hamster quality of of animal he there in there there mean busines and they there used to there used to fighting on a much higher level you know people want to let go the have is just like with that what was a barn with daily with the when they got rid of the the elephants because we've got to return them to the while have you looked at what happened to elephants in the wild it's not like there there peacefully just strolling a rough long o you know enjoying their day their fighting for survival every minute of the day this is what happens when people get you far away from nature they have no idea what it's really like i've been on a gold have you you all right no well that really it would have stellatae red i'll share the picture with you some taken masson herequick maybe i'll put a riveter face on it shackaconias were as nouthetseis was a famous ball made they just took it high and put it out a mount and people can climb on board and and get the picture taken till he like the writing of boss they got a back rapidolite and crowds pretty didn't see the point i saw a picture of a a a girl on a bowl they had a video of it in the arena or an image may be in it was to you know really really high quality bulk and here she is how in a corral laying the cross its back patting it stroke in him down as he practically straddling and hugging on him and he was like a pet and like oh interesting it's nother treated it's like you know i have stallions and most stallions are her handful their hand like bite their hostile and peck we had a we have had our salons over mission state and they ought they always tell the the veterinary and students don't ever think that stallions are like the brandenburg stony because our stallions are a mean i'm sure you've a sad piers of me without the black stallion that we have kissed his nose that guy if i stood there next to him all day and just just you know got in his face and he who is a good boy type to think he would just be melting all day long if if he could have me standing there with him all day long a braiding his hair growing how walking a around just hanging out with him that would be a good day for him and he is the ore sellings are such but it's all in how you treat it really is but i don't i don't fall the bulls for for trying to go or the rider i mean most guys if you had somebody that was you know trying to rope or on to horodenka the jumping on their back i'm pretty sure they'd be a little annoyed but they would do the same thing if it was ah you know whatever attack that they have but we get out of there those bulsar getting fed breakfast in bed ah you know they're getting tavieres i mean you don't what i mean it's like they are well treated and well taken care of his third the this is part of the game in the bull riders they know what their sight in up for you that stupid to jump on a bowl and and why getover in that okabe's see what you do i see people do stupid or things but but i wouldn't particularly make that choice in my life well i but good for you some onebrenchleyensis i think this is fairly significant ah behold on earth twenty twenty electoral theft plot by john podesta in company to hand election over to bid in michigan of all place i had a small time to review the scene do you think that john podesta and what was it that got out andrew bright bar killed didn't he say something about john podesta being a world class ah codified child trafficker profile pervert something like that which he is have you ever have heard the video of him making that little boy say who's your daddy it is painful if you haven't heard that he's abusing a child and they've gone there's lots of comparisons towards his voice as he's got one of those isles got a creeper voice listen him talking it like odther stands up on the back you're not jostlest ning to him but he's screaming at a young young boy and in this in theirs at the comparisons between voices doing voice analytic on him i and this kid is just terrified and screaming and john podesta makes him call him him ah daddy and he's like choose your father if you want your heart to stop for a few minutes and see how wicked and evil these people are that man that man is evil in there is no coming back from that type of that that type of action there is no possible way he herman you you cannot be humid and do what that bastard has done and he so serotherapic tures ah pictures of him with his make up on and pictures of a little boy with make upon anne's centers of the little boy that will lose that is i believe stephen colbert always had all ha that's not that's john podesta oh yes so you can start rolling all of these people and i can bring him up you like as i had all savedthat know where to look i believe that that's stephen colt not estout they're all in on it stole can look at those and reeling so here we go so we have to look into this and see exactly how podesta is tied in tight into the because now we got another video here which is kind of interesting see to see what's what's going on here but i pulled this up because i think that this is interesting that john podesta is pulled into the si wanttake some time so notice appeared on her right in time much like the last presidential action when sudden covet out breaking at and at the most convenient moment for the democrats casks and cites what case for the democrats haspast anything that's going to chafe the skin a change there when while this bogus case i don't think it's bugs on fold in michigan mike basis on covered documents revealing what jones to his former campaign set had planned to ensure bides in auguration regardless of the election out come and losecoat john potatopie was far worse than president trump could ever imagine so we have all of these games theories on you know coming an hour on one to get into this because because if i if the documents are there the documents appear to be there we need to look at that we need to wedego through this and analyse it so that we can see what it is because i'm going to i'm going to tell you right now i'm in to read a little of this the most consequential action of the first turn was the binampage of its election night concession it camp lies on the public's outrage that for the third time in twenty years a candidate lost lost the popular vote but on the electoral college they all so kept lies on the concern of above widespread voter suppression before the election the the bidenham in began the game by encouraging three states of democrat governors north carolina wisconsin and micantiformis the game developed governors in the two of the three wisconsin and michigan at n separate slates of electors to counter those sent by the state legislature if that's true this would have come out and been pursued at the time of the election it wasn't it wasn't pursued the th they didn't really pursue this and they didn't do a thorough and complete eh ah for indigo that should have been done at the beginning they destroyed so no one wanted this to be uncovered none of them did so we're going to get into this and were either going to let this article a stand or fail but i want to see the clear connection between john destind now you know what i have a feeling that what they're going to do is there going to start blaming all the bookie menother for saying that this is a doctoratein what are they have to gain nothing there he did it so that what we have to say why couldn't candles it sometimes going to make you more culpable that's right that's all they're going to gain stay focused the focus is is that oscar there in their internal all of these people into this investigation and let's see who else falls i'm going to guess that there's going to be a whole bunch of publicans standing there that we're in behind the scenes to tank this as in assurance policy by the grace god present trump had taken the twenty twenty election officially which he took if there wouldn't have been so much somebody as he you believe that present tromp on the action absolutely absolutely they they should have notified that election with all the stuff going on there as the best course of action would have been to just notify the entire thing and do you another election prove it out mensheviks re that go back to hand county and i'm in the precincts and have the precincts report up no voting machines no no if they were so afraid why did they just know fit go back and renew it on poseidn want to men they were they were they were making sure that they had every outside president drunk would never have a president as and again an it's not really about trump it's about the fact that he represents the will of we the people exactly so they are desperately afraid and against the will of men people that's what it really all boils down to hand you see somebody fighting that hard to be against the will of the whole body of weed people that's quite a motivation and of course we re recognize that is the cabal but who is there really a lot of people are in that seat they do not like to give up control to somebody else they want to be first like morton's kings drummajor speech he wanted me first they want to be in control that's a human issue that's a a lack of god or an anti god concept because what were god's first to commands the most important commands you shall love the god and you shall not have any other gods before him and if you put yourself above everybody else because you ought to have control about everything then your point in yourself above god how's that work and for a and in the past it's looked like the people have been losing the really vengeance is mine saith for so even when that god and had control over people and an earthly manner that got the last say so the saying now i haven't i haven't look at this particular of video but i'm i'm assuming it's going out someonejake a gas and say that say that everybody needs to listen to this you know this video men were we put this up there and hopefully it will be on the this is the quickest won i can grab to see what we had but listened to the changes changes of key and project artesonados coriolano as it lactation long enough because there was a a that wasn't a longing clip of it but all find a clip that that we can look at here because because there is no you could even to get the idea there you can hear the kids screamin in the background but this is something that people are going to have to come to terms with and what's he set ask isn't he set in right there with vin he stantiation let us go back a minute cause there's a these every one working for right now i can find it but it takes me while on our man i on line here so lemmesee what i could find so talk amongst yourselves all her to see his here a see can pull us up here as i think this is right so's got warning warning on here as it humanvery premise warning warning oh what have i asotin this aftenoone i want kate morning morning imon play the i'm going to play the video te before play the before i played akenside is very disturbing tower a discretion is the visebat i think that we need here it solicits the full o of john want to see what images fly up here before i get you know persistent contreporter hollered there you verses i colensoism so much for and at the time that your hous i ka were going to put this up here a minute see you can see that this is in fact a podestates goin to go oh i mean with the sup here all i quick all quick kill the video if i forgets crazy this is the stuff that researchers will look at and one now what's going on because i don't want protect anybody this moreton other or hold that you vesicatories as so much for her at the time that to allusion veronica herehave you ye oooooooooooo nooooooooo when idomeneus was kept testes couenantes prentiss had thank you here hortonthe now we can do an analytic and i've seen em it i've iseen an analytic where where they laid the voice tracks exactly next to each other to a comparison there's there's no there's no no doliano hing there that you can make any is any other conclusion you can that that it's one and a very very very disturbing these people that are setting in the seats are capable of doing horrific things to children and a there ah there is actually an an an article on a drain a chrome that came out on how i think it's a inpugned in how adrian a chrome actually works in it it's a real thing yes is it is a real thing where it's disturbing but if we want to really get in the fight to save children we're going to have to face so very very hard truths on what these people are capable of and if you haven't heard about the video at that that a purely clinton whom eviden was at where an ah you're going to have a rude awakening ran and remember what what happened with that video is that they were remember when president trump went over to north korea remember that and oh and it was our joyously oh a north korea handed over some gogle servers and they it was it was a very important time because what happened as whom an allegedly and this if you re in the anti community would he would have known this many many years ago whom i abided god stared that she was going to be or koncited by hilary because only keep he people around long enough that they that they can use right so she sent a bunch of mails over and they went on the th wiener lapp top under a file named insurance their mistake was as that they sounded over the internet at anything over the inner net can be intercepted the including the video showed whom a and hilary to the old have the only have dared on each other they only afternot each other so that if they get in trouble they can pull that out and hold each other account of bull you know two my black mail by whatever it is the other all do it that's why epstein's island was with so big in is not the only one to thousands of these things are on the round the world they they they take pitchers they take videos they set upon in possehl time the yards in order to put these people and compromise positions so that all of a sudden that they've got no work and tho they they either keep playing the game or or they they die for they die and most of em will choose to play the game you was loosening to the shrieks of the child and his some bag and then i'm glad that they show him again with all the people cheering him on in what was on to these an people that's what they're doing well before on the end that video on thinking of several images one was when trump was being asked about mccain this is right after he died and trump had no compassion on his family's funeral cost in or he had his disgusted look on his face and i wondered why at the time though not old more later he also has those images where he is looking at hilary is it a silent in in all this angry i know what you have done you discoideo absolute beyond disgust and he's containing it and in youth have to think about besides the the slings and arrows that that man has taken he must know so much of what has actually been going on and to have to deal with these people they and in day out and hold it back because you can't do anything until the people are behind you or until everything is in place to get the justice that these people deserve to half to hold back despite what he knows when it comes to things like that i think that even that even a greater cost to a man i would think then being personally attacked like these impeachments and these charges and people saying bad things about him to have the hold back some form of public outcrier justice on his part you know this is why he so one reason why i think he's so bold when he finally does get to say the truth well there it was twitter or true social terlake for he laid it out now if he gets in the rallies and he starts to speak the truth there must be so much more he wants to oh how i amadine i i can't i can't even i can't even imagine what what i thinks he's holding it and then then let's translate that to god can you imagine god sees all of this how absolutely the creation is a father he is holding back the judgment but when the judgment comes that people are harming his children oh my goodness that this is this is something people will never the they they will not be able to get their hands around it until they see it i mean think about it if it was your kind what would you do you think you're going to be the crap out of like his brazilian women oh yes the life i thought about that earthmen i mean just what the story is of like the little girl coming home with a mask tight around her face from the boss i'm not a parent but it did make me think about if i was would i have been on the boss or chasing after the boss what i have cause physical harm to a bus driver would i have called the police would i've called the school ye know how quickly would i have acted in what would i have done what i be be able to restrain my restrain myself in all there were questions that i asked of myself even with something that light if somebody tried to grab my kid ah i saw another video the other day about somebody trying to snatch a kid and it's too far you know and in all that they happened tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of times just in the last year a while he could not control the border any more ah this must weigh a lot and on main and and i believe the trump is a good man he cares about the children he carried about our whole people what he knows about how many people men harmed and how dreadfully and horrifically he is just waiting for us to catch on and take action and and were trying were trying to catch up here a mere place something here it is very hot here his convent i will not metathesis he put on daily motion here monte if i can start it over again i love and tender bright bar he had he was long that cantino after hunted for with poetical practice is to try and get those with whom they disagree to shut up the tea party brokenshire and the shell backed men and how on astandin all all the people of their gone out there against the mainstream media and shaken calasacas pure gottchald essential timothy in face you oh i loved i loved andrew i thought he was amazing trying to find the on trying to find the other where he calls where he calls em a podesta a world class a child trafficker so i made a man take me out to find that the cause he calls him right out as the nets why they had to get rid of it was his it was as breed bringing to light the amount of child traffickers human traffickers that there are in our government and we sit there and we want to plod these people are you kidding me we need know what we're what we're standing with because a were were taking were inter fantasy world of of ideals that we want to believe in rather than truth and i got to do is look at their actions if the breaking the law is the traffic can childrensettlers much safely assume that the bad pee i'm going to go back to the chair here a minute so ese ah ah he streetthat okay i finally got a sadoleto yeah you should with my abs go out sometimes five old tonans ai for itself is lost in her net world that charlotte done says pedestal laugh top he's a pig yes he s charlotte says what more needs to stop the scotian deal china does not care what they do they have floating city that is killing marine life and world economic form is worried about the global warming o what a joke now to e the here we go it's like they want to they want have all their climate change nonsense here chinois like the biggest polonais the in the world if he ever you know if you look at what they're capable of doing and they own goshen the second gotha they own everysing business that is in chinathe they want to do estoffer really so so why don't want we talk about why don't we talk about china's a china's policies of i don't think they wouldn't they would pass the jar intoning podesta or cabalistic siccos yatlock at their art if fooroo something out look up the art work and tony podests he's even got a a you know something to honor jeffrey door that the cannibal because her old bunch of the theses charlotte's clean on her genewation and implementation and john on the steering committee of the chain you estrange foundation to nine to twenty twenty two also sick as an niesen a position of power i think he's controlled i don't think that there the old gas are let him go on but we have to be able to look back in time and realize what they actually did left as i think some of these so called humans are actually demons in human form for i wouldn't doubt it charlie twelve nine twelve people died over clinton's video one of the twelve investigators in new york city suffrage murder oh we could go there and sat sthritch because a yeah that's all kinds of estes charles's public figure had hired sobs just like the last night at fowlerville school mate they they won by the way banning raided a banding rainbow flags yeserdo parents oh or the band the band rainbow flags yes go job parents a chosen i just sent you the folleville school video dono from last night it lots of crazy stuff going on let me see this i'm curious now i'm curious to see where if we got after see where the where the video esse i don't see the video here yet that you sent me on i have to pull it up later i can post to my channel is remembered go to brandenburg for the number four at i and that is my telegram channel so i can oppose a host of there i put everything out there i look at everything do i believe over thing well i sure is shackdon't believe the politicians so i think i'm safer where the stuff that that's on the outside that nobody wants to look at her maybe maybe a lot of really smart people want to look at because they want to get to the truth and not just be fed the mainstream media fake news yet all through your thinking i not trusting politicians and go back to their was a comment in there about whitmore's to do something about goshen wavers not going to do anything about goshen when his whitmore ever done anything positive for the e if ever it very rarely ah so i don't i don't spend any time on my own talkin about we need to tell whether what to do with sire because she not listening if she is warmer you know am i i personally i just don't spend any time talking to the legislators or telling them what to do is i think we pretty much covered the fact that they are not listening and so what does that mean will let means you got out you've got to do we have to find another means of self governing besides just instructing our legislators and i'm not talking about some violent cow or protesting in streets cause that's not going to work either it just a matter of i think some of it is patience because we've got awaken enough people that there is no question what the will the people is while there are some who are against the will of the people or calling the rest conspiracy theorists and we don't have the power that we need to have i've got to have the majority of people who are going to disagree and overwhelmed the political system that we have and it may be a returning power to our elections and then we turn the power over to a more proper lawful virtuous type of government and of course i think assembling is important aspect of that but one thing at a time i i just i do i don't put any face in something like let's tell er whitmer what to the now susan other issue listened yet is like the rallies and in all that stuff they were looking out the windows laughing at people they are they are park with a people that went to the rallies in such were part of the cap shirt on being captured at ah as to to my opinion yeah and it's not late come not grin and put people down for trying something tocause they have to learn that's not what i'm doing to be clear eh what rales do can be positive in the fact that it can bring attention and in trumps rallies are really big example of that because he brings so many people and the energy that those rallies produce is really really powerful they expand beyond one in a linethe that i like to inhale but it it shows people how united they can be when a powerful force they can be and what the numbers are so that when they go back home what are they going to do there to be talking all their friends about it that's important that does play a role even if the legislators aren't listening the media are forced to start paying attention to it the public in the whole so we're not preaching to the legislators any more were preaching to the people that we haven't converted so to speak the beautifier the fans are confused the people who were listening the people who are not blinded or trying to come out of the matrix those are the people were trying to reach you can't reach people who are blind and less some other outside factor whether it be god or some kind of wake up call removes the blindness so that they can they can see and here those who are are trying are the people that we need to reach give them information its it is not on convincing them to join our side that where after its giving them the truth and letting them learn how to see it that important let it fall with it let things fall where they were they need to right you and of course keeping in mind as you and i both will say that god is in control of it all and reminding people to behave in as godly away as possible because when you find out about these things like thechildren swing to make you angry angry as an energy for change and that can be very very positive but if you're not careful it can take you down the wrong path and that is why i one of the reasons why i think we need to focus tremendously on god right now i i've been studying more as still and working on sostachs of had to take back they had to take a back seat hooven doing more station it a i'm digging into the bible more with the stuff that i'm writing because it's it's bilgeri search and its how are we going to apply these concepts to to day of our folk is is on anything but god our energies are going to be shifting in the wrong direction so when you became angry where are you going to do with that anchor is it righteous signant indignation are you going to hurt somebody else are you going to go against god because your focus is honor it way you know if you're right in your bicycle or in michigan are you and driving a car and you're looking at the pot holes as we have a lot of those you're always going to hit the pot hole you have to focus on the right path around the pole and that's how you avoid those holes those obstacles in your life and it so we really really really have got we are in a battle of gun nivers's evil i heard people saying that a lot an ice i gehabt i see it more and more every day when you boil it all down that is exactly what it is so we have to focus on dod and our relationship with him because that is where our strength will come from i can do all things through christ strengthens we can't do anything without him so we better be focusing on him and that will help us get through all of the craziness that we're going to face cos i keep saying it's going to get worse it's going to get much more crazy there screamed bob cats out there they don't like the idea of losing control of we the people and if we focus on god we'll get through that craziness will know how to respond because it will be that ratios answer it would be laid out in front o ole lot easier on focussing in the right direction i yield it is i'm certain or hand right now and and he once again i forgot my my phone certain to light up a little bit but now it's at its to absolutely true i mean it's the only thing that gets a trough is and gives us unwavering courage to step up to any tasks ring as they are handled in its astopilco any task that god asks us to do we don't do it in her own own strength heroes do not do that in their own strength there pinpointed for a time and its god working through them it's god that we see not here in benschotens are weak we are we are trying to how do i say this we we are in survival no est all the time people are the closer you are to god the less you function within survival mode in having or you transcend that you you move past it and do things you never ever thought that you would that a person who is apart from god is constantly looking to lena looking to get yet yet get to have security of their provision right personally close to god were you an me do you know he in not knowing that he's got every every stop planned and that we don't have to worry because this provision so that i think that's amazing let's go ahead and put on i'm in no good put on my my a video that i've been played and listen just for a minute to god's word cause i mean we did certainly ah need to climes the pilot after that pedestal think there's soon watch out there which is absolutely evil but you know what we can't deal with it and tell we actually assess the problem to the point where we know what's going on we we know that horrific things are happening to children and all you to do if you really want to find out as if you watch some of the movies i'm not a person who watches movies or the all the collapse of men i probably average one maybe two movies an entire year i just did not have a move you watch her a tv watch or ice startedand and ii lastnight i got into some of the hillsdale videos as i wanted to make sure that i know as much as i can on history things that i may not know so i look at things that i don't know for information i'm not a big person for osfontein it isconsole church is right but that's that's about it we need to be able to look at these things and strong enough to look at him and say i'm going to stop up to be a warrior for god and defend those without a voice to do the right thing or you know to do the right thing when i'm asked to to do the right thing and to be an example even if there isn't one out there so let's let's us sneer little bit o scripture here so that we can climbs our pallets of of the what the world is really like you're going to be able to stand you know like like when the wind comes and it blows up bolt blows a tree around it it will blow it in any direction that the more that you stand closer to god the more strong you get you strengthen and you become unmovable and so that when the wind the winds come when different opinions on you and it being able to stand strongso that so that you're not just whichever way the winds blow and the way you do that is by staying and scripture stand close to god ontotheological allies where everybody says sir christian it's amazing but do they really believe it or is it just to talking point are they real republicans i don't know i can't tell you that god's the only one that can judge a person but we can look at the evidence in their lives the shaman i never stood for election one neither did stand grant neither did mary and sheridan they wanted to sweep and underneath the rock so did they did they really stand for it not a chain noticing we can look at their actions and be able to paint the even when the words are like so will desire met not needed here solacious take a minute listen to eske and i you know real in commit let's pray for that little boy john podesta was was a torturing and all the other kids out there who are in a really bad situation michigan is said to be number third in human trackin across the united states i'm going to think that when this comes out in the end that michigan is number one and that's why they're fighting so hard to have control here it children are the most lucrative business a criminal can get into his trafficking and they don't just try africa they're doing to horrific things to me there's an article earlinesse me an article i i know i i should pull it up too because it's an article on em a dranoch and what the effects on the human body are it is amazing what people will pay for for that drug it the fountain of youth for them to a certain degree as soon as it's pulled away you could see things like what happened to solendidad watch how quickly she turned into an old haggish looking person as she didn't ever drug the keeper young and you're going to see more and more of this you can see the withdraws with with madonna and some other people there's a lot of information out there when they when they finally pulled their supply ah things don't go well for them when they pull their supply of that drug witches his children so let constipate so five word pronounced wrong two years before your brain starts shutting on rosshe is coldest you do not give him up i say a thirty two eighteen my people will bide in peaceful habitation in secure dwelling antiquit restored some one twenty two peace be within your walk in security within your towers so one twenty five as the mountains surround jerusha so the lord surrounds his people this time and terete for samuel twenty five in succollaret him his speed to you and she's been to your house a piece they have so twenty seven first one the word is my light and my selfish i shall i fear the lord is the strong hold of my life shall i be afraid the stoppedthat right there because i have to draw take care of somebody right now so ah that's a great way to to to add a fact we should never be afraid and his walk when you you can walk the god on this earth and and it's a good thing serve him without fear without bending or breaking mingott ah he serve without fear without bending or breaking say close to the lord he had walked heterostyly everything dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for the stay thank you for her and trusting us with this world to do your good purposes he we ask that you would give us your strength and your grace to overcome any situation that comes into our lives that we know that all things are meant for good to those of us who serve you and who love you and we love you so very much we want to make you proud that he created us to day help us to stand when things get wroth to do the right thing and every situation no just when we're going in the wrong direction so that we know we're not supposed to do what city in front of us so that we can stay following you right there with you and and please carry those who are having a hard time to day let them turn to you open their eyes that they could turn to you and you would carry them through the hardships in life and the things that come to test us we know that all these tests that were going to only strengthen us and teach us we are grateful that you have intrusted us to go through trials that you are singing their right with us we trust you we believe you we believe every word that's come out of your mouth we believe in you and that your purposes will be achieved because you always win and we just want to tell you we love you thank you so much for the stay ahead of us it's going to be a great day and we're going to help try to make it so by staying close to you and jesus precious name we pray a man so here we go that part of the show dinging enything go to bread and bird for governor do come here a mount and make that little bigger go to brandenburg for governor be that cob i am the i have not conceded nor will i can see to liars cheats and thieves and till we get this thing figured out in the meantime i we're goin to be other just hammer in awaydon't what we can do to stand for god to stand for each other and stand for america for god family and one so i see they are ye so you know we love you there's a lot of us out there fighting for you don't don't feel like you're alone to day or hopeless there's no hopelessness out there god's and control and got always wins so god bless you god bless all those who whom you love and god bless the it's going to be great day make it so make good choice is stakeholder good and had the do the right thing even when your stand at women if you think you're standing alone if you think you're standing along your probably standing right next to and that's the sort where we want to be so have a great day gus thinks so epistoloe i i i hear the goats thanks for meanathe carr will see it to morrow okay by god like