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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/27/2024 Joshua Lawrence, Terry Newsome, Citizen Journalist Panel

Published June 27, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am New Mexico Governor Candidate - Joshua James Ryan Lawrence - Joshua will be talking about a variety of subjects relating to the lawful operation of the Governor's Office and the Office of Sheriff. 10am Terry Newsome - Terry Newsome is a married father of high school twins and a survivor of Stage Four Prostate and Stage Three Melanoma cancer. Terry lives in a western suburb of Chicago; He’s the IL Chapter President of Parents Involved in Education and is an elected Committeeman. Terry started a Podcast called “Behind Enemy Lines” to represent Parents & Republicans fighting radical leftists, Democrats, and RINOS. While raised on the SW side of Chicago in an Italian/American Democratic Union family, Terry “transitioned” to becoming a registered Republican in 2013. His father was a Chicago Union Plumber, and Terry had previously worked in the film industry in two unions. First, as a Motion Picture Studio Mechanic (Electrician/Grip) and a Screen Actors Guild “SAG” as a stunt performer. Terry Newsome became politically active after learning that his children's school was exposing them to inappropriate material. He confronted the D99 school board and became a target of radical leftists, Democrats, media, ANTIFA, and the SPLC. Frustrated with the lack of courage from the Republican Party, he dedicated himself to fighting against radical leftists who were grooming and indoctrinating children. Terry speaks out against many local "grooming" events, such as Porn in Schools, Children's Drag Bingo, and Drag Santa. Terry formed a alliance with Gays Against Groomers and Log Cabin Republicans to battle the sexualization of his children. Terry was falsely labeled as a domestic terrorist by the FBI, SPLC, and Chicago ANTIFA associates. However, with the help of people like Matt Gaetz and TX Congressman Troy Nehls, he was eventually removed from the unjust watchlist. In June of 2023, Terry met with Congressmen and Senators to discuss the weaponization of the SPLC by the Democratic Party to attack their opponents, which led to investigations into the SPLC and its nonprofit status. An Illinois senator from the Republican party was accused of accepting donations from labor unions associated with the Democratic and Teachers parties. Terry Newsome exposed this information, but the Republican leadership decided to silence him. Establishment ILGOP RINO leadership took offense to Terry exposing their corruption. They attempted to intimidate Terry by sending IL State Police to his home to harass him with false allegations. The IL Police admitted “the higher ups sent us.” Since that stunt backfired the ILGOP RINOS tried to use a 35-year-old drug conviction to “punish” and embarrass Terry and his family for speaking out. In December of 2023 Terry was one of four in the country that filed a petition in IL requesting Biden not allowed on the IL Ballor for violating Amendment 14 section 3. Terry and three others claimed that Biden violated the constitution by providing Comfort and Aid to the Enemy. IL Dems dismissed the petition. 11am BNN Citizen Journalists Panel!! We are doing a weekly recap of what we are working on. This is real news!!! A panel of independant Journalists who have broken the cycle of Fake News, and want to get out the truth because of love for God, Family and Country Voice of the People - Daniel and Hollis Smeriglio The People's Pen - Joel Bevaqua Independant Journalist - Casey Whalen Thought Criminals - Christina Holbrook TT - Nola X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. It's the 27th day of June, 2024. And welcome to our show today. This morning we have, I've got a stacked show today. It's pretty, pretty fun. And I think we're going to continue to do this by having more people on and having them bring more of the people that they know on. So you're probably going to notice that the format's going to change just a little bit, which is a really good thing. First off, I've got New Mexico governor candidate, Joshua James, Ryan Lawrence. And he's backstage and he can hear me right now at nine o'clock at 10 o'clock. It's Terry Newsome. Terry Newsome is a really interesting guy. He does a lot of FOIA work and investigation on many issues. And he has a a show called Behind Enemy Lines. I think you're going to really enjoy this guy. He he's really I interviewed him at Turning Point, got to know him a little bit and really, really an extraordinary fighter. He's he's really fun. And then at 11 o'clock, we have our BNN citizen journalist panel, investigative citizen journalist panel with some some people that I have great respect for. And so so come and join us. We're going to try to highlight a new topic. citizen journalist every week. We have Nola on today, which is going to be fun. So this will be the first time that I'll meet Nola and somebody else decided to bring him on to this and this is going to be a lot of fun. So at any rate, oh, Charlotte says, good morning. I'm on time. Amazing. Yay. So anyhow, let's get right to it. Let's bring on New Mexico governor candidate, Joshua, James, Ryan, Lawrence. How are you doing this morning? Well, I'm doing well. It's a little bit earlier here than you, but all is well. How are you? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm going to tell everybody right now, Joshua's sound is a little bit soft today. And we tried to debug it before we got online and can't figure out why it's soft. So you're going to have to just listen up or turn your speakers up. Love it. I'll talk softer. So what are we talking about today? What are we talking about? Do you have questions? You know what? First off, I was looking for your website. Do you have a governor website active yet? I do not. Okay. What's your current website right now? Because you've got your sheriff's website up. I wouldn't utilize that either. I'd say that every social network I have, you can find me on every social network from Sheriff Joshua James or Gov Joshua James. Okay, well, there you go. Well, we've talked about lots and lots of issues over time here. So we could talk about the governor's race and what's going on in the news in New Mexico, as well as, I mean, we get into all kinds of topics. So I really like what you have to say about the sheriff's office, too. I mean, you have a real good grasp of how the nation is supposed to run. Give everybody a little bit about your background, and then let's peel off into one of these other topics. Sure, absolutely. So I got into politics very young. I grew up in Texas, moved to New Mexico when I was 19, and my grandmother worked for the Democratic Party. And I became a delegate and treasurer for the Democratic Party in 2022. I'm sorry, 2002. And I was heavily involved back then. And after 9-11, Bush was in office, I was traveling the country protesting right in the heart, in the core group of the Democrat protesting groups all over the country. And since then, I had backed away. I realized that nothing we were doing was changing anything, no matter how loud we scream, no matter how big our crowds were. I knew that there was an agenda. Luckily, I grew up being taught all the conspiracies and all the the you know illuminati and freemasons and all those kinds of things so I had a somewhat of a good grasp uh backed out come obama gave up on the parties um ultimately I just I i saw that it was same side of the coin you know or two sides of the coin and um Until Trump came about, because I was heavily involved in Occupy Wall Street stuff, too, here in New Mexico, and thinking that, well, maybe people were ready to wake up. And of course, once again, that didn't happen. We were divided by all the infiltration, the same infiltration that became Antifa and Black Lives Matter. And come Trump, I really believe that Trump was a distraction to get Hillary Clinton in. I wasn't much of a fan of Trump, you know, growing up. And then, but all the military guys that I worked with, all the agency guys that had been around, they were all convinced me that Trump was this great guy. And of course, over time and through his debates with Hillary Clinton, I woke up to all that. I registered as a Republican. I voted down the line Republican. And ultimately, I'm a constitutionalist. I traveled the country teaching the Constitution. I had groups here during the lockdowns teaching the Constitution, teaching candidates the Constitution, because I realized that 99% of the candidates and the people in office are totally unaware of the Constitution, even though they like to believe that they're very aware. Same thing with the sheriff. And then... Come the lockdowns, because I've worked in the film, music, theater industry, event industry for 23 years. I worked in the restaurant industry, and I've tried just about everything I could try. We were building movie studios here in New Mexico. And of course, everything shut down. The movie studios that we built were actually commandeered by the current governor and governor and um usurper let's just call it cheating um cheating lying usurpers absolutely um and so all of our movie studios that we did build 11 of them were sold to netflix netflix was the only film company allowed to work in this state and you had to be jabbed you had to be mad uh and and so the rug was just pulled out from underneath me and my team and and uh So I was actually going to run for governor in 2022, but a friend of mine here was running for governor and I knew her to be a good woman. So I decided to take the second dirtiest job in the state and run for sheriff in Bernalillo County. And Bernalillo County is literally the worst county in America. We're first place in everything bad, last place in everything good. And I've spent a lot of time in the state in many different realms, niche markets and whatnot. And I know the corruption here. So I ran for Bernalillo County Sheriff. I ended up having the third most rigged election in the state, that primary, governor, secretary of state, me. They were not going to allow me to win. They ran 11 people against me, really 10. One of them was on my side. not in total agreeance, but, and the guy that won was the guy that nobody liked, or at least they, they played that game. And, um, when our governor last October decided to take our second amendment away here in Bernalillo County, uh, she was sitting right next to that sheriff. Had that been me, I would have arrested her on the spot for treason. And, um, so I decided once again that I'm going to run for office and go big or go home. I'm going to run for governor and make some huge changes, because no matter what your position is, when you're an elected official, your sole duty is to the prosperity and the well-being of the people. And I don't see any elected officials across this country that is 100% standing under and on top of the Constitution for the prosperity and the well-being of the people. My whole goal is to set the example on what you should be hearing your candidates saying, which is why I love you, Donna, and some of the other candidates I've met across the country that are actually stepping up to the plate to do the right thing. And that's where we stand right now. Well, and to your point, I thank you to your point about what they're supposed to be doing. It's the Constitution's there, you know, and I know you know this for the constraint of government. And that was one of the questions I asked the sheriffs in the state of Michigan is why didn't you arrest Whitmer? And they're like, well, who's going to prosecute her? I'm like, well, that doesn't like get you out of doing your freaking job. You know, you have a job to do regardless of what anybody else does. And I thought the answers were pretty pathetic, quite honestly. And you can really see it when you see the birds of the feather, they're hanging together all over the place, like the governor and their selected candidates as they rig the election and give favor to mainstream media actually giving them a voice and that sort of thing. And it's pretty disgusting. But I think we have to keep fighting it. So what are the biggest challenges you think you're going to have with the governor's race? Just like when I was running for sheriff, they're not going to give me any attention. They're going to fluff me off as a joke. And most likely, just like they did with past people running for governor, they're going to try and attempt to leave me out of the debates. But no matter what, I just want to be a thorn in their butt and make sure that I'm right there spitting the facts and the things that they're absolutely not ever going to say or admit to. And I think that's going to be one of the biggest issues is just getting any attention. You're a disruptor. Oh, no, you're a disruptor. I'm an extremist, white nationalist, Christian constitutionalist, yada, yada. But that's why I started my campaign in February 2023. And really, I just I came right into it out of that sheriff campaign to ensure that I could get all over this nation and be as loud as I possibly could. And it's actually reached international at this point. So the people are hungry, not just here in America, but all over the world. And I believe that when we win this war, the rest of the world will adopt our Constitution and Bill of Rights so that we can all be operating on the same page under God. and that our rights are always protected and put on. What are some of the things that came out that you feel like you would like people to know of what's really going on? Number one, I mean, I want people to educate themselves and learn their rights. If you don't know your rights, you have none. And it's just frank that the majority of people really don't know their rights. So education is very key. Did, um, uh, as far as our, our, uh, the NEA and MEA need to be abolished because they have, they have absolutely violated everything that they should be working for and our trust. Um, and it's what? Well, that's kind of cool. I'm plane obsessed. So, man, I'd be out there all day long with a tracker and see what's up there. Oh, yeah. Kirtland Air Force Base is right down the street, too. So all day long. Oh, that's fun. That's fun. That's not a bad problem to have. Maybe. So when, let's see, it kind of derailed my thought there a minute. With the MEA and NEA, they need to be abolished because they truly have dumbed down this entire, they've had an agenda of dumbing down the United States and just really creating a working class for their It's the Rockefeller stuff, you know, where they really kind of started in on this. And it was to create just basically just worker drones that would do what they were told. And when you see that test to, you know, just test for the answer, not for learning, you've really got a problem there. When you teach the Constitution, what are some of the key elements that you really focus on? Do you have like an outline? Really just. I'm not somebody that's ever been great at quoting everything. Even I have to go back and re-reference so that I can get the exact quotation. But ultimately, it's the preamble and what it affords us and the history of why America is what it is and what the great experiment is. Because the rest of the world at the time of our forefathers were all operating under a dictatorship, fascism, communism, dictatorships of some kind. and they were peasants and chattels. So our forefathers committed treason to ensure that we could be a nation ruled by kings and that we were all kings and queens, not peasants and chattels. The only servants were the servants that served we the people. And so our ultimate authority is above everything. It's above all of these people that are currently in office or even impersonating their offices. Because they believe that they are above us and that we're subject to them. And in fact, if you go to most colleges these days and you talk to the political science professors or anybody that teaches the Constitution, they will tell you in order to become an American, you must give up your sovereignty. I mean, I literally I can't tell you. Seriously. Absolutely. The whole point of America is that we all have sovereignty and we're self-governing. and our Constitution does, and statutes and codes were put in place to govern elected officials, appointed officials, government employees, and law enforcement, not we the people. Our law is common law, which is God's law, and that's just all there is to it. Yeah, the audacity of some of these people is just absolutely maddening. When you listen to how they regard humanity, they don't have any regard for humanity. And they really don't care. It's all about themselves. I was talking to somebody yesterday about the fact that we see other people and they look like us, but they may not really be like us. Because when people serve God, there's a totally different... There's a totally different mindset. And, you know, when we look at people that are criminals, they know what they're doing. They know they're doing it with intention. And the people that are seated in our government, these people are just worthless bastards. They know what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing with cheating our elections and rigging the vote and working with Microsoft and all of these people that left back doors and everything so that they could literally run it like a simulation. You can't look at it any other way once you see the facts, you know. And it's unfortunate, but we really have to remember that not everybody thinks the way that we do. And those people that don't, that have no conscience in hurting others and taking advantage of others, They will not, they cannot rehabilitate without God stepping in. This is truly a spiritual war. And in my opinion, it's just, it's crazy. So what, where else do you want to go with this? There's a million different directions and I'm sure you have a lot of issues and things you want to talk about. So this is your, this is your time just to, just to, let's go, let's go on a Joshua rant. Okay. Well, no, you're right. It's absolutely a spiritual war. It's powers and principalities. And the war that we're fighting, we've been fighting since biblical times. It's God versus Satan. And God's already told us that he wins. So all we have to do is not fear, stress, or worry, put the full armor on, and go full forward with full momentum, with an action plan, and with good intentions. And so long as we do that, God will always take care of us moving And I think a lot of people are really, I mean, I hear it all the time. They couldn't live the life that some of us live every day. They're worried about their bills, their finances, they're worried about every single thing in their life. And I believe that's why this war has come to all of our doorsteps, because we all had to be affected in order to break the brainwashing that's been put upon us for 100 plus years. you know, there's infiltration at every level. You know, here in New Mexico, the current governor, her family, the Lujan family, you know, they've been trafficking humans since the time of the Spanish. And, and it happens to our Native American reservation, to do all the tribes. And the the The corporate status of what our government has become, it just constantly grows. Small government is very key. And I mean, they're always creating new departments, create new budgets, and they spend that first budget, right? Use it or lose it. And then the next year they get bigger budgets and it's just a never ending cycle. So if we the people don't come to that realization and put a stop to it, it's just going to be forever us being thrown further under the rug, just like the old dynasty families and what happened to the world when the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and all these people stepped in and took over everything, took over the banking system and all the corporations. And even when it comes to corporations, they must abide by the US Constitution. And they don't do that. And they tell people that, you know, we're private. We can do whatever we want. And that's just not the case. We the people also have to come to that realization that any of these corporations that are not abiding by the U.S. Constitution, we absolutely have the ability to step in and fight these people and remove them from board and either abolish these corporations or take them over and correct And that goes with the Federal Reserve, the United Nations. Even Israel right now, as of January 2024, is a registered corporation in America. And so are all of our allied countries. And they're all operating as this big corporate conglomerate that is absolutely for themselves. And their main sources of income and business are some of the most evil and sinister things that you could ever imagine in this world. Even right here in New Mexico, we're the abortion capital of the world. We have, if you go to any of these abortion clinics that are making millions of dollars a week, multi-millions of dollars a week, you'll see license plates from all over the country, from all over south of the border even. They're coming here just to get abortion. Do you ever wonder what they're doing with all these aborted babies? And you brought up the human trafficking issue. That's a biggie. And why do you think that New Mexico is such, you know, is so involved? It's not, I don't think it's just the border. I think there's more to it than that. But, you know, I don't have all the answers on that. But what's going on with all the human trafficking? I mean, you're there, you're on the ground. I mean, are there, you know, you always hear about all the tunnels and everything and such. Oh yeah, there's lots of domes and underground. We're the most volcanic state on this continent besides Alaska. Really? Oh yeah, and the Southwest was a very vital place to the entire world, even prior to the United States existence. The entire Southwest was a huge depository. It was like a bank for the aristocrat families and these dynasty families in the ancient past. Every culture on earth has been coming to this continent since way before history says was the case. In fact, all of our native tribes are all spawned, all those cultures. I mean, the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Vikings, the old Chinese dynasty, you name it, they were all here. They were all mining the resources on this continent. And so those resources, when they would mine them, especially gold, was buried right here in the Southwest. And so all over the place, there are ancient treasures all the way up to the Spanish times. And even after the Spanish times, uh, treasures that are buried in the state. Uh, and because we have all those underground bunkers and, and doms and, uh, treasures and whatnot, uh, and, and we've got one of the most protected places on earth and Los Alamos lab, which is also a big giant, uh, underground dump. There's an ancient city for the ancient people that went underground when the flood happened. And there was a lot of that going around on this continent. And which is why the trafficking and whatnot happens. You know, Obama in the Operation Fast and Furious, when they were running guns into Mexico, they weren't just doing it above ground. There's underground highway systems go all the way down into Mexico, into Texas, all the way to California. uh, North and all the way to New York. Uh, there's four lane highways that go from LA to New York underground. And so there's so much, just, just imagine what you're seeing on top of the ground. Imagine what you're not seeing that's going on underground and, uh, through the, all the abortions and the drafting is the organ harvest. Uh, you know, a lot of these abortion clinics, they put these girls out, you know, they're not always awake and conscious when these things going on. And so they'll even take your life, baby, and make you think that they just stuck it out with the vacuum cleaner. And, and all these abortion clinics sell all of these leftovers, all these parts after they're done nitpicking what they want so that they can go sell on, on the black market, these wealthy folks that are aren't waiting in line for new organs or whatever it may be. They're selling these things to the university. So right here at the university of New Mexico, they purchased all of these leftovers. from the abortion clinic, they nitpick what they want, and then they've been selling it for many years to Wuhan, China, in those labs over there. We all heard Wuhan with the COVID, right? This is where the bat virus happened. This is where they were creating it, green and purple. Between Epstein Island, between Wuhan and Ukraine, And all those bioweapons labs, they're not just bioweapons labs that are creating things to kill us, which is definitely something they're doing, but they're also creating adrenochrome. And by the time the majority of people that have learned about adrenochrome figured it out, didn't realize, if you go back, there's a point when Trump was doing all his COVID daily briefing where he actually brought up adrenochrome. And he said there were nine patents of Adrena Chrome. At that time, there were two that were still active. And if you don't know what Adrena Chrome is yet, please go look up Yeah, the whole adrenochrome thing. I actually have a friend who was ambushed at a party, and they jabbed him with a needle when he was a kid, and it was adrenochrome. And he explained what happened, and then they tried to kidnap him. And it was very frightening and a horrible thing. This stuff is for real. I'm going to see if I can bring up the quote from President Trump. This is where the entire story and lore of vampires comes from. So many other lores and tales in many different cultures. This is nothing new. It's been going on forever. It will extend your life. It's anti-aging, which is why they put it in makeup and expensive products for women and all kinds of things. Stem cells is nothing new. It's been known about forever, for eons. And it all comes from those same places. It's just a softer form of the dream across. Huh. Well, it's really disturbing, the whole thing. I think, let's see. Oh, yeah, they've got all kinds of things on here. for a conspiracy and such, but when you know somebody that actually had, um, was experiencing, you ever watched some of the stars too, that you can tell when they're, when they've got it cut off and all of a sudden, like Celine Dion, all of a sudden she looks like she's aged like a million years and like six months. Let me, Oh, yeah. During the lockdown, we saw that heavily throughout Hollywood and in the elitist world. And I still believe that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes when it comes to those storage facilities of where they were keeping those things, where they were manufacturing it, and what they were doing. I mean, I heard some things and saw lots of evidence of things during the peak of the lockdown of how the militaries of the world, the good guys, had taken over these facilities they painted all the supplies of adrenochrome and then they they made allowed it to be sent back out to the world and that those that took it they put something in it that they can't take out of their body and once these tribunals happen which I believe tribunals have happened maybe not all of them but some of them they would be able to test them right there in court and you can tell you would know who was taking those. Yeah, I think there's a lot that we don't know that's going on for certain, but I think this is kind of like, you know, she's not the only star that all of a sudden you've got like a dramatic change, you know? And yeah, kind of a disturbing, kind of disturbing, but mm-hmm. So some of these elder actresses and musicians that still look, you know, like they're in their 40s, 30s, look damn good. And they're 60, 70 years old. Yeah. Well, yeah. And I think, you know, I think some people, some people... I think diet is a lot of it too. You can do it, you can do it a couple of different ways, but when they start, when they start stabbing that adrenochrome into them and they walk away from it, there's a big problem and it's really quick, very, very noticeable. And it happens like overnight, um, which is kind of interesting. Um, yeah, the, um, uh, the way the world is changing right now is really absolutely crazy. And I think that this is going to be a real hard thing for a lot of people to get their arms around. You know, I've been talking about, about, uh, I was talking to somebody this weekend about, uh, Biden, the traitor in chief. And I said, how can you possibly look at him and believe that that's the same person? And they didn't see it. And so I ended up putting, putting the, uh, uh, his, his, uh, uh, Biden now and then. And it's kind of crazy. Well, the guy uses his left hand versus his right hand. You go back and you look at when he got the jab, which he didn't really get. But they had his shirt lifted up and he had a tattoo and hairy arm. You go back and look at the younger Biden, the other Biden, the real one, I guess. He didn't have that. There's many, many, many things that you can compare the two and see the total difference. As if there's been a few of these Biden characters that have been put in front of our face. Yeah, there's several of them. We've got all kinds of people playing Biden. I don't know how anybody can look at him and say it's the same person. When you look at this, There's no plastic surgery that can change the ratio between the space between your nose and your mouth. That's a bone change. That's not a quick change. That's a bone change. And so, I mean, I look at the pictures and I'm like, this is almost, it's almost laughable, the departure from, you know, the real Biden and the fake Bidens that are out there. It's kind of funny. Yeah. I mean, look at the difference between even the space between the nose and the mouth on these two. Look at the difference between the space. The structure, the bone structure is even different. So, you know, it's just kind of almost laughable to me. But it's like, okay, whatever. We'll play along. You see when he had the ball chin? Yeah, yeah. Or when his nose was kind of like collapsible. That looks like a silicone mask to me. Oh, yeah. And we know that exists. The CIA has come out and admitted to that. And they were showing, right, I think it was President Nixon, they were showing those masks a long time ago, how good they really were. Oh, they're great. Let's just go there. We'll go into the conspiracy land, which isn't theory. It is criminal conspiracy that I think it's incredible. Let's see. I know there's a couple of really good silicone masks. I don't know. Let's try realistic here. See what goes on. Because the videos of these things are just amazing. Totally amazing. There's one guy that, oh, here you go. The Clark silicone mask metamorphosis. This is kind of cool. See if I can bring it up here. Of course, we're going to have to go through our ads first. Yeah, eugenics has always been the name of the game. The Rockefeller started and the Rothschild started the eugenics program here in America. We know that that's what Hitler was doing. I mean, and it goes all the way back into ancient times through many different cultures. Let's see what we got here. Here you go. Guy comes up. I like it when they take them off. I think that's pretty amazing. Oh, yeah. They totally enhanced the movie industry and what was capable of being done. See if this one works out. We have another ad, of course. In the Mission Impossible movies, the agents wear realistic face masks as disguises to trick their enemies. In real life, mask technology has advanced so much that those made-up storylines aren't so impossible to imagine anymore. Joining us now with more is Rob Jenkins. He's a psychologist and researcher at the University of... Let's move forward so you can see it. Come on. What? Yeah, there's so much that there's a gal that I like to watch. She was a CIA master of disguise type person. And she does some awesome videos on creating masks and being able to get to change while you walk through a store and not have anybody pick up on it that you actually changed into a different person. Really interesting. Absolutely. So you know they're doing it. Absolutely. It's nothing new. It's happened for a long time. And the more that you come to that awakening, you have to now start asking yourself a lot of questions. Who's faked their debt? Who's gone off grid and other people are running these characters that we see all the time? Well, there's an awful lot of actors and actresses out there. I can tell you that, which is really amusing because sometimes you got to show people what's going on and they're not, they're not real quick on the uptake all the time. So it's kind of, it's kind of amusing. So what other, let's see, we've got, we've got Charlotte says adrenochrome, the CYM carrying core is 100 milligrams is like $1 million. It looks like now. one thousand nine hundred twenty dollars they sell it on the website research and knowledgeable guys so interesting I'll see if you can give me a link you know and that's right a direct link there charlotte I'll put it up what's that all ties back to the pizza gate and everything that's you know list broken and so many people discuss um you know they would do these big parties they'd uh could you order this stuff and have it for yourself sure but the the real elitist the ones that really wanted to be cool I mean they'd be going to these parties and they would they'd be doing it live like firsthand isaac caffey got heavily into that uh during the lockdown I was really good friends with isaac uh known him oh were you 2003 2004 I worked on just about every movie that he worked on as well. And he was part of our exploration team doing research and recovery of ancient treasures, lost civilization, all the archaeological work that we do. He was part of our team on that. So I'm praying to God as he talked about the dead man switch. And I know for certain that he never would have committed suicide. He was on his way home to see his family here in Albuquerque. And I'm praying to God that he's still around. Yeah, see, there you go. When you get into that shape and you flip it around, right, it's a rabbit. It's a bunny. White rabbit. That's right. Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix, I mean, you go on and on. Playboy, so many different Yeah, I think there's a lot of us out there that have been studying that for a while. Tell me some about Isaac Cappy, because I was really sad when that event happened. In fact, I had to have a friend who's out there that was so distraught about it that he went and visited the bridge where the alleged accident happened and such. But I used to play I used to play his stuff and I post his stuff. You know, it's like I like let's see if I can. I bet we'll give a shout out to Isaac Cappy here because I liked his brackets and jackets. At the end of that video, he actually is talking to me. Say that again. You're really soft. You're what? I used to go into his live stream and even at the end of that brackets and jackets, he's talking to me at the end of the video. and whenever he starts answering comments and whatnot. You know, Isaac was an interesting fella. And a lot of people here in Albuquerque, I mean, big hippies and whatnot. And I was really surprised when he woke up. I was very proud of him for waking up the way he did. Something special is happening in here. That's right, it's Brackets and Jackets, bringing it back, but Brackets and Jackets, special Epstein Island edition. That's right folks, Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein, the man with the island. which is viciously close to Haiti. That's right. You see this man, Jeffrey Epstein, is funding lots of people. He's funding lots of people on the streets to make sure his shit doesn't get out. That's right. They want the record sealed. They're paying a lot of people. Epstein's paying a lot of people. Oh, boy. I'm going to get like a community strike here if I let this go too long. But I could sit there and listen to him all day long just because when that really came out and he blew up those pictures of the kids in, you know, like the underground, those small girls. He starts dropping all that stuff. His last video he put out there where they were asking him to give a sign and he kind of did that he was being coerced. Were you part of that or did you see that? Do you remember? I remember a lot about what he was doing. Yeah. Well, fill us in on some details we might know, because I know there's a lot of people that really loved Isaac. Yeah, probably still do. I'm not convinced he's dead yet. I don't know. You know, there's really. You know. Isaac became really, really good friends with Seth Green and his wife for a couple of years. They became best friends. He hung out with them all the time at their house and. There was one night where he went to go have dinner with Seth Green. If you don't know Seth Green, childhood actor, red hair, plays in a bunch of comedy movies, Sahara and so many other things. But this one particular night, they decided they wanted to open up to Isaac and show him their secret room behind the bookcase. And when they took him back there, he realized that this was a big giant pornographic pedophilia child studio. And then he had been taken to parties, just like anybody in Hollywood. I worked in Hollywood, mainly here in New Mexico, but I did work in Hollywood as well. And the things that go on, the private parties, interconnections is through the roof and isaac got to witness some of that firsthand and it it takes a lot it's it's hard to be able to go to these things unless these people really trust you so he was able and and isaac was very very smart okay he was very smart very talented uh he's very witty he'd have very good dry sense of humor I could see how he could make these people believe that he's on their side And he was smart enough to know, just like I think Trump and many others, that, you know, you may rub elbows with these people, but you're gaining intelligence, that you're sticking in your back pocket. And I think when he, when it got to the point where they weren't going to let him keep, being involved with them unless they saw him doing things that they were doing. And he didn't wanna cross those boundaries. And of course with the times and what was going on and everything coming out and Trump, he felt safe enough to be able to do that. And whenever you're like any one of us, you're putting yourself out there, your life out there and you're in the spotlight telling truth Um, you've got to be loud. You've got to keep yourself in the spotlight because if you're not, uh, it's just even easier to get rid of you or whatnot. So you gotta, you gotta keep in that spotlight. And he knew that just like Nino Rodriguez and so many others that came out at that time, uh, gave them the perfect stage, uh, and, and feeling of protection to be able to do that. Uh, they, they knew the vitality of this information and, and, the importance of people learning all these things. Yeah, one of our guests on our 11 o'clock show was in Hollywood and talked about, too, what they see. People have no idea how bad the bad guys really are and what they're capable of. And going back to that, they look like us, but they're not. And, you know, I think President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, is really good at keeping his enemies closer because he's exposing people and finding things out. And all the good guys that are working together, I believe together, you know, are finding things out and sharing information. And when President Trump, who is always right, said we've got it all, I believe him that they've got it all. And it's going to be really interesting to watch as more things unfold. I'm really excited about Julian Assange being released. That is a critical move. And, you know, I hate to say it, but I'm going to say it. You know, we looked at him being in prison for a long time, but I'm kind of wondering if he was more in a witness protection program. that makes more sense to me is that he was being protected because, you know, it's like a lot of the people who are out in the public, you're probably not seeing the real them because they can't risk them being out in public because they'll poison them or they'll kill them in some way or another. So it's highly unlikely that you're seeing the heavy hitters out there. And there's lots of ways to keep people protected. I know that. But it is interesting. But that goes back to the fact that we all have to question everything. You should be questioning literally everything out there. Anything we see. The majority, I believe, of what we're seeing is CGI at stages. We don't even know if what we're seeing on the news is even real. So I think this is a great time to tuck in close to God and say, Jesus, take the wheel. and realize that it doesn't matter what we see or even what we hear. It's the faith in God, knowing that he is in fact controlling everything. And he can keep us safe in any and all circumstances. And whether we see it or not, there's things that are going on that are really good. So I always tell people, stay in good spirits and good cheer about this, because in the end, God always wins. And He never abandons his kids, so we can walk through all kinds of things and face really hard realities, and that's okay. But what else did you notice about Cappy? Did he talk about those parties at all? I never got to go deep into depth about a lot of that stuff. Uh, when it came to the point where he was opening up, uh, he just wasn't really having a lot of personal conversations about these things. He really kept to himself. He, he really hid away in, in, in his apartment and, uh, everywhere that he moved a lot, uh, he wasn't being very personable with all his, with his close friends and whatnot. He probably didn't even know who to, who to trust. And if he did tell you something that would probably put all the rest of you at risk too. Oh yeah. And it's been, even before he died, it's been many years since I had seen him in person. So I never got to be real close like that. Just joining his live chats and him recognizing me there and, There was always some kind of inside jokes and things that were thrown out. But I wish that I could have had those conversations with them in depth. With all the treasure work that we do and the archaeological stuff, which I've seen more corruption in that world than I've seen in the political world. Tell us about it. Well, the last thing that the elitists want us to know is our real history. They've been conditioning us for so long. and the English doctrine and indoctrinating us into all that, they want us to seem very insignificant. And they want to keep us under a rock. And because the moment that we know the real history, I mean, anytime you learn anything, you can't go back, right? You see Bigfoot, you can't go back, right? It's there, you saw it. And the archaeological work that we do We're dealing with pre-Diluvian sites right here in the Southwest and all over the country, meaning pre-flood, the biblical flood. Our society goes back a long, long time. As King Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun. We've done all this before. We've gone from pride to technology back to pride to technology again, who knows how many times. Just like New Mexico here, we're the poorest state in America. The poorest state. And I'm telling you, the last treasure dig that we worked on, we pulled 150 tons of gold bars out of the ground. And this was funded by the state and backdoor CIA. And they tried to off us. And they wanted the typical Indiana Jones, I'm going to be greedy, evil things going on. They were doing that. And we had to shut down the whole project and put it right back in the ground. And it's still sitting there today, but it's just, that's a small cat. We're sitting on things that are so big that even just that one cash of 150 tons, if we had pulled that out and made it known to the world, the entire gold market on earth would have crashed. Uh, and there's so much of it that, I mean, that's, that's where I know that every market, I don't care what it is, all of our resources, everything, just like inflation. And it's all fake. It's all manipulated. They convinced us that's part of the indoctrination. They convinced us of something so that they can control us, right? It's order out of chaos. And they control that chaos. So they can't have a society become awake and aware and still operate in the manner that they've always operated in the shadows. It can't happen, which is why they're falling apart right now. Because the more we wake up and the more that they're losing, the darker and dirtier it's going to get. And that takes us back to Sodom and Gomorrah. It will have to get to the point, just like you're seeing now in our schools and right at the White House, drag queens getting naked. You know, it's got to get that dirty because they've got to create Sodom and Gomorrah again. That's the whole objective. So they don't want us to know our real history because then once you know it, you're not going to repeat it. If you don't know it, then you're doomed to repeat it. And that's why they do it. The same power structure has been since biblical times moving from culture to culture. They were trying to move the power structure from here to China. And luckily, they put a stop to that. And even before China was at the top of the list, they were dangling the carrot over India and China. Like, all right, who's going to? Who's going to be the next power of the world, right? We went Rome, we went England, we went America. Where are we going next? Because once everything starts falling apart, wars start happening, people start waking up and revolting, they have to move their operation, which is exactly what Operation Paperclip is and what happened with World War II and Hitler. You know, Trump is the one that put out the documents in February 2017 where the FBI documents said that Hitler died in Argentina in 1957. So you're telling me he didn't die in 1945, 46? No, he died right there. They just moved their operations. They infiltrated our country under the guise of Operation Paperclip. And there was over 100,000 Nazis that were brought into our country and just incorporated right here, right to Steve Szigethy, Van Braun and the creation of NASA now is very good friends with carolyn rosalyn who is bond bronze personal assistant. Steve Szigethy, You know I've been very lucky to in between working in the film music theater and event industry I've also done press it conferences of all kinds from yoga and help the. do UFO and conspiracy and being able to be impressed with these events and have full access and get to know these people on a personal level, see many of them drunk and wasted and act in a pool and learning who was real. Like us, we're boots on the ground. We're there every day. We're doing it. And there's so many of the grifters that pretend to be boots on the ground and they're not. It's the same thing in every one of these niche markets. Some of the people that I really like, you know, ancient aliens or whatever it may be, some of those guys end up being the biggest fakes of all. Just authors, just adding in a new twist and changing the narrative a little bit. And then the ones that I thought weren't going to be cool at all ended up being my favorite. Same thing with actors, you know. I mean, I've worked with Kevin Spacey and so many of those people. I loved Kevin Spacey growing up. I loved his movies. biggest a-holes that I'd ever worked with besides Tommy Lee Jones and some others where I thought Christopher Walken would be just this crazy mean dude man he was one of the coolest guys I've ever worked with you know so uh and until you're actually there uh firsthand seeing something you really just don't know and that's where a big part of our populace that's now waking up you know they're sitting in front of the screen they're still living in their in their box they're not boots on the ground they're not there meeting these people so at that point you know discernment is very key because when you start going down the rabbit hole you and then you start waking up to new things and these false realities start getting flushed down the toilet uh now now you're fighting ego and pride which is what the bible tells us because you think you know it all man that rabbit hole never ends as you know um And you've got to constantly keep an open mind and open heart and realize that you don't know everything. And you can never know everything. Some of us have lots of information that could go on so many topics and talk about a lot of things, and we still don't know everything. So this is where we're at, which is why I believe this war has come to our doorstep, because we have to go through that, right? What is it? Good times, hard times create, well, Like I said, I'm not good at quoting things, but you know what I'm talking about. Yeah. We got to go through the hard times to come back to the good times. And so that's where we're at right now. We gain so much by going through difficulties. We learn to get stronger. And the more stresses we have in life, it either is going to break you down or you just say, well, I didn't expect things to go this way, but it's going to be okay. And I'm not going to waste the effort by feeling self-pity. I'm going to learn from it. pick up and move on. And I think that's a really important thing to your point that we don't know everything. It's just like the fear that they wrote rule everyone where they constantly have people run up here, there, here, there, be afraid, be afraid, be afraid of this, that there's always something to be afraid of. And that's how they truly push us in and manipulate us is by that emotion of fear. And we don't, we don't really need to have that or even buy into it. So One of the best things is if people start feeling afraid about things is just stop, plant your feet, take a few minutes to be peaceful, walk around the house. I don't mean like literally, but you walk around the subject a few times and see where it shakes out. Because usually you're going to find... a lot of misleading, things that are misleading, because what they do is they try to get you moving by activating that fear in you. And you can just walk away from as soon as I see something that looks like it's fear mongering, I'm kind of done about it, you know, and like, okay, what are they really doing? They're saying, look here, be afraid. But what's really happening is somewhere off to the side of that underneath it, above it or somewhere else, you know, but it's just like the gas and oil industry blows people's mind. You know, what, what have you heard for years that, that gas and oil is fossil fuel, right? They called it a fossil fuel. They actually had to have a conference to have it labeled fossil fuel. And the reason being was to, to convince people of the, the principle of scarcity. The only way they make money is if, if it, if they make people believe that it's scarce and the, and the, The price goes up, just to your point with the gold bars and such. And so people think, oh, no, we're going to run out of oil by next year, the following year, the year after that. I mean, how many times have they moved the bar on this, people, actually? And when you actually think about having, you know, the dinosaurs and vegetation being compressed – How many dinosaurs and how much vegetation would have to die at the same time, people, in order to have millions and millions and millions of barrels of oil being pulled off of one country, let alone all of them, per day? It's absurd. It's ridiculous. It defies anything that looks like common sense. We're never going to run out of gas and oil. It's a naturally occurring substance. What's that? It's a renewable resource. It's a renewable resource. And you can prove that out. If you look where we get gas and oil from, it's under bedrock. Nothing, if this earth was billions and billions of years old, nothing has ever walked under bedrock. That's just the way it is. But they find it underneath the bedrock at 25,000 feet or something like that, five miles underground. Think about this. They say the crust is two miles underground. It's not what they're telling you. They're not accurately telling people. what's actually going on. And so, you know, they capped off a bunch of wells over in Colorado. I remember this and, oh, they're all empty. We've emptied the wells. Well, come on. A few years later, they had to go back and remove the wax seals. And oh my goodness, who would have guessed? All the wells are full again. And so we don't have to walk around being afraid of the things that we think we need to be comfortable. And I really think that most of the things we think we need, we don't need them at all. And if we... walked away from a lot of it and lived a much simpler life. Get yourself a few chickens and, you know, cow with your neighbors and grow some stuff and walk right out of their little money system to take us hostage. I don't think that would be such a bad thing. Oh, yeah. They love us to believe that we went to Iraq and Afghanistan for oil. It's a renewable resource. Why would we go to Afghanistan for it? We've got it right here. It is. Thank you. All these wells in Texas and all over the place, like you said, man, they come back to life. And that's another reason why they make you think the scarcity, because then when those wells go dry and people believe that, now they sell them for dirt cheap. They can't sell them for the value that they had when they were pumping oil. And because those people know they're going to come back to life. You know, which makes another point. You know, we didn't go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, or any of these places for oil, for gold, for any sort of resource. And if you go digging through the Hillary Clinton files, emails and whatnot, I mean, she straight up said it. We were looking for, they were looking for Nephilim DNA, right? This is going to be biblical, right? They want to use eugenics and bring back those ancient people, which I believe that a lot of those still exist. You know, what we've learned here in New Mexico is that, I mean, just on this con in general, all the history that you see around the world, all the symbolism, all the things, and they want us to also believe that that life began in Africa and we were monkeys that evolutionized into the people that we are now and that we walked across the Bering Strait to get to America. None of that is true. Man has always existed as we are right now. In fact, the Bible and many different cultures, they had to create seven different forms of man because they were trying to create man dumb enough to be able to mine gold and all these things. And that's once again, God put his light in us, which is why they could never totally forever keep us dumb and ignorant because of God's light. We can always find the truth. You know, just like when you meet somebody after being around all kinds of people all the time talking, you gain that discernment. You can just feel truth. know and I think the masses are getting to that point where they can just feel it they know it they've learned enough they were able to flush enough information down the toilet that it only makes sense right it becomes logical um but you know life didn't begin in africa uh and there's just so much so much that we don't know that uh that that's my passion and there's all this nature history and and all that stuff um you know anyway It's just like, you know, look at the pyramids. We don't have the ability to move those rocks around now. And Solomon's Temple. We don't have the ability to move it. And it's like when I was in Washington, D.C., If you think that farmers that had plows and horses and such built Washington, D.C. 200 years ago, I got a bridge to sell you. I wouldn't even know where to quarry the marble from. It's like there's a lot of questions that need to be answered on all of this stuff because there were some, they found settlements in Indiana of Welsh-speaking, red-headed, blue-eyed, people that were here. There's evidence of ships from Italy that predated the Mayflower in Brazil. There's all sorts of stuff like that that shows that our history needs to be questioned on every level. Even what happened, and not only in Ukraine, I mean, they've been selling us a bridge for a long time on this Ukraine crap, because the ones that are in charge right now They're liars. Their father is the chief of all liars. They serve Satan himself. And they have no place in God. And you can't exist with good and evil. I think we're having trouble getting Terry on this morning. You know what? Can you talk for just a minute? I'm going to stop this and teach everybody about the Constitution. I'm going to let you do this by yourself here for a minute, okay? Well, I'll talk about my campaign a little bit. And some of the things I like to see happen here in New Mexico, and these are the same things that you should be hearing your governor candidates and whatnot talk about. The very first thing I'll do when I get into office is by executive order, all laws that are repugnant to the Constitution are now null and void. Now, the state of New Mexico, if you go read the preamble of your state constitution, it tells you what the name of your state is. And it says the name of your state is New Mexico. The name of your state is Tennessee or whatever it may be. At some point in your state's history, the state became the state of New Mexico, the state of Tennessee. And the state of New Mexico, see most states, a lot of states, the state ofs were created in the 1800s, the early 1900s. But the state of New Mexico did not come about until 1987. Okay, so when it comes to that, we don't have to go back very far to eliminate all the BS repugnant laws that were created, which, by the way, statutes are not law. They have a rule by the Supreme Court many times. The only law is the law of the land, our Constitution and common law. And then, as well, I want to remove all the three-lettered agencies from the state. take away the Bureau of Land Management, take back all that land. We're the fifth largest state in America with just 2 million people in it. So there's a lot of land here and a lot of resources, a lot of things that we can do. And then I want to start giving away land. I want people to come here and ranch and farm and manufacture and create industry and all of those things. You know, we have a huge water shortage. Right now, we have Rio Doso, New Mexico that's still on fire. Families just now got to go back to their homes if they had them. There's over a thousand homes have burned to the ground. They have nothing left. And this is not national news. Alto, New Mexico is basically not in existence anymore. And you're not hearing anything about it. In fact, they just passed some things over the last couple of days where you can't fly over it, not a drone, not an airplane, over these burned scar areas. And what we've all been learning about all the fires, whether it be Hawaii or California or wherever, as people were able to fly over them, whether it be drones or planes, we were seeing the hot spots, the blue roofs, right? the, the, the steel that was melting and, and blowing down the street. They don't want us to see those things because all of these fires have been on purpose. And if you really look at all the resources in the area, uh, although like there's plenty of resources that they don't have on maps anymore, they've changed all those things. You don't even know what exists everywhere, but a lot of these heavy, um, fire areas, there are either a, uh, Craft loads of lithium, helium, platinum, uranium, whatever it may be. Or there are ancient treasures underground in those areas. And some of these treasures, like I said, are beyond anything that we could ever comprehend. So they're clearing these areas out so that whatever their final agenda is about wiping us out, sticking us in the smart cities, and getting us away from the rural areas, they want to start mining all those things again for themselves. Yeah, they want people farms. That's right. Farming people. That's what they're into for either to do their, you know, unimportant work, that sort of thing. But they still need us, so they can't wipe all of us out because they need enough of us to do the work for them. And I don't think it's going to work out for them real well. I just don't. no no they're failing in history evil is stupid okay evil is stupid they they is if you really stop and think and listen is to what, how evil talks. It's stupid. I mean, let's look at, let's look at the electric bikes that we got all over grand Rapids. These things are stupid. And I'll tell you why. So we've got electronic by the electric bikes with lithium batteries sitting out in the sun, degrading every day that they have to go around with a gas or diesel, uh, uh, run truck and or vehicle to pick them up and put them back in the stations where they need to be. So there's still all of it to mine the lithium, to make the batteries, to watch them decompose in front of your eyes under the sun. To have to run the whole thing with either gas or diesel to bring them back to the start while they're all subsidized is about as stupid as all of the corn subsidies for ethanol we have going on. There's so many better ways. And like I said, evil isn't real smart. You just watch the actions a little bit and such. Oh, I see Terry backstage. Hey, Terry. I'll bring you on in just a minute here. So, well, what else do we want to talk about today? If you want to jump back on any time, you know, I just really think very highly of you. And, you know, whenever I hear you speak about the sheriff's office and your knowledge about things and your open-mindedness to look at things that are outside of the box just a little bit and actually... actually do some investigation on it and being involved in those areas to find out what the truth is. I have respect for anyone that is willing to stand and look into things, not for their own gain, but for the truth. Yeah. You know, one of the things, too, that I'd like to do, which needs to be repeated for the rest of the country, I believe I will get there. God did put us physicians fight this fight for nothing but uh we're gonna we're gonna make all badges I don't care if you're state police police sheriff constitutional law enforcement again their sole duty will be to enforce the constitution and because right now there's no fight that we can win because we don't have anybody to enforce anything we don't have anybody to go make arrests or judges to sign warrants Um, so we have to bring that back to the table so that we can put these tyrants away for the only way that we can ever get to a place of transparency and reality and, and seeing things for what, what it really is and what they are, um, is to have that enforcement and go read the preamble of the constitution. Veterans go read the Lieber code. If those things were created, they tell us right there that we are that authority. we can't let the tyrant police themselves quit depending on the sheriffs or the police force or to do anything legitimate because they're not in control of themselves and they're not enforcing the the maximum of the law and the common law whatsoever so we have to get back to that point but I'd be happy to come back anytime uh go through the long list of things that uh that I will implement and do, not just me, but the people. My whole plan is literally to live in a bus in all 33 counties of New Mexico over the next two years. And then when I win governor, I'll still live in the bus in all 33 counties with the people as the true servant. And I want to put the power of the people back into their hand. So this isn't my campaign. This isn't me doing these things. This is going to be us and we doing it. And whatever The full plan isn't there yet. So we need the people to come to the table. I want to bring town halls into every one of these counties so that we can bring people from every industry to come together and figure out exactly how we want this state to be ran, how we want industry to be ran, what hindrances need to disappear, what needs to be added and created. That sounds great, Walt. Thank you for coming on today. This is wonderful. I always love talking with you. I like getting into the weeds on some of these subjects, too, because it's kind of fun, because I do acknowledge that we don't know everything. There's a lot we don't know, and we have to be willing to do it. Thank you for coming on today. I'm going to jump off here a minute. I'll be right back on with Terry Newsome behind enemy lines. Good morning and welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 27th day of June 2024 and welcome to our show. And you know what? We're going to get right to Terry. Hey, Terry, how you doing? Hi, how are you? Can you hear me okay? Yeah, you've got great sound. That's awesome. And I'm glad we finally were able to make that connection work. That's great. So I'd like you to introduce yourself to everyone and have an introduction so they know who you are and some of your background so that they know that Terry is like for real. He's one of the superstars that I met. And when I say superstars, the people who are actually doing the work at Turning Point Action. And got a chance to interview him. I'm going to put his interview from Turning Point up tomorrow with the rest of our citizen journalists. And I'm looking forward to you seeing that. But I'd like you to tell everybody who you are. Sure, thanks. Crazy, crazy story. So Terry Newsome, I was born and raised in the southwest side of Chicago. My dad worked for the city of Chicago, Italian-American, Union, Democrat family. Not anymore. There's a couple of goofy cousins that we don't talk to, but pretty much everyone, including my 85-year-old parents, my father, the city worker, are all Republicans now. And so that's all we knew was being a Democrat, right? I knew nothing. I mean, that's all we knew, our friends, our family, everybody. so as I got older um and wiser I transitioned not the liberal transition but the transition to being a republican and um I started uh paying attention more and I became a registered republican I think in 2011 my mom was actually upset at that time and then I've never been involved in politics until um I i got remarried I have uh twins that are juniors in high school So three years ago, when they had the forced masking, which is common sense, I think we're all proved right now, right, about how bad it was for our kids. I went to my first school board meeting, and that's where I learned how radical leftist Marxists are running our kids' schools and the way they're treating the parents. And they're kicking them out. One woman ran over her three minutes. They kicked them out. Lack of respect. You could see through the masks, the disdain they have for people just voicing their concerns for their own children, as if we don't have a right to express our concerns. and I told these parents I said I'm going to teach you how to fight like an ex south side democrat union member I'm still in I'm still I i switch careers but I'm still in I worked in the film business in chicago two you know la uh film radical unions right I mean in that industry So I started pushing back that I learned about genderqueer. I think most of the country knows what genderqueer is, that book, Genderqueer, right? Are you familiar with it, Donna? I've heard it, and I've heard it. I've seen a few screenshots of it, but I'm not tremendously familiar with it. This is what put me on the stage. I cleansed it for your show. You don't really have to do that here, quite honestly, because you know what? You can do the uncleansed version because we don't censor. Oh, well, yeah. So I had it cleansed because I take it to like events where children are. I had it when Tom Holland was in town and stuff and there was kids there. So I, this is in my kid's book. When I first saw, I was like shocked. And the school board is telling us this isn't pornography. And this is just one of many. And I had these blown up into big posters, right? And I was yelling at the school board and the news was there. And then it kind of took off. And the radical leftists, like they do with everything, they lie, right? So because we don't want porn in our kids' school, that means we hate gay people. You know, that's not true. It's not true. You know, they could do whatever they want, but you don't force this down my children's. It's in all these books. I mean, it's crazy, crazy. That was in the beginning. Three years ago, it got worse and worse and worse, especially in Illinois when when Governor Pritzker. uh said there you put in a law last summer there's no book banning so say if we take over the school board like we're supposed to right at the local level and we say oh wow we don't want pornographic books you want to have books that help support the lgbtq kids you know what they're what the challenges they have as children right that's fine but we don't want the porn out so you know what did pritzker do he put in a law saying that if we decide to do that at our own school he's going to withhold the the funds from the state of illinois for our own children's funds So now they're more emboldened, right? They're rubbing our noses in it. I mean, it's crazy. It's ridiculous. That's what first got me in aggressively. And then I got a snapshot of how crazy things are in Illinois and throughout our country. We are at a super minority in Illinois, right? And they're at super historic majorities, the left. So we're just being pummeled here. We really don't have a voice. It's like speaking to yourself. And We have to aggressively fight back. I don't know if Michigan is as bad as us or not. Michigan sucks. It sucks on so many levels right now because they're going after all of the rights given by God and assured by the Constitution one at a time. And going back to your point on Pritzker. Pritzker's family is one of the, is one of the largest owners of the, of the genital mutilation clinics. I refuse to call them trans because they're, they're not, they're not what they say they are. Just like most of the laws they put on the books, they're liars. It's all about the money. And when you see like the maps of they've got an agenda and it's to butcher our children, to change them, to mutilate them. And they're making money at it, trying to convince us that this is okay. Yeah. Yeah. They're nuts. They're Marxist. You know, just like, you know, against porn. You know, then they lie and say we are against gay kids. We want legal immigration. Then they say we're racist. Right. They can't even describe what a woman is. And I can't believe how anyone, even a couple of my family members, are still Democrats in this day and age because. I view there's two types of Democrats, right? There's the ones that are purposefully trying to ruin our country, right? The Marxist, the crazy ones. And then there's the ones, you know, my 85 year old mom, a lot of her friends are, you know, from the Southwest side are still Democrats and she argues with them. And those are the people that are either ignorant or, not involved or disinterested right so it doesn't matter if it's purposeful or ignorance the outcome for us our children our country is the same you're destroying america and you're my enemy that's how I look at them I know we're supposed to try to embrace them but if they're still democrats now they are destroying america and everything we represent everything people fought for and died for in our country Right. And and it's like, I don't want to you know, I don't go out of my way, but I don't I treat them when I confront congressmen and stuff. I bring that poster to their events. I sit right in front of them and totally throw them off the same guys that say that's not porn. But when the people see it. And even even, you know, some of the Democrats are mostly in penance are like, wow, it's it's kind of bad. But they don't know that because the media, Terry Newsom's against LGBTQ materials. No, I'm against porn. Right. So why? Why is this even a thing in our schools? You know, it's like it's like, why is it that they're so focused on sexuality in our schools? And kids can't balance a checkbook. They don't have skills. They can't they don't even know. Trust me, I own a bunch of income property and I do have students in there. And our average average tenant is 40 years old at this point in time. There's a lot of students that are that are out there. And the amount of. The amount of them who have no life skills whatsoever is literally shocking. It is absolutely shocking. When you talk about not being able to change a light bulb, I'm not kidding you. We have people that don't even know how to use a toilet properly. And they'll they'll like flush toilet paper towels with their dog crap in it and think that that's going to go down. They don't even know the difference between what you can and can't put down a toilet. I mean, something simple is that let let alone, you know, cleaning, keeping things clean. And or, you know, it's it's kind of it's kind of shocking, quite honestly. I could write books on this. Yeah, my oldest daughter, her fiance, who I love dearly, love the kid, had to hire someone to come change his flat. I mean, that's, you know, great kid, great kid, great kid. Yeah, where's all the men that know that, you know, it's like my husband's like a man's man's man. And, you know, just crawl under any car or something, figure something out. And I'm always thankful for that. I'm very, very thankful for you to have that skill. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I guess you might create, I know it's a long introduction, but it's so crazy. And I was never involved in politics until this, never. And then when I started seeing this and started to your point, why do they need this at school? I'm like, there's more than just wanting this for the gay kids. This has nothing to do with them. This has with the vision and separation of our children, the parents creating lemmings so that these kids don't fight back like we do, right? That's what the whole purpose is. They took over the colleges as Charlie Kirk is fighting his way to try to maintain some normality with these radicals running the colleges which destroyed like our generation stuff were brainwashed severely now those are the people that are running the corporations the radical leftists and it used to be the other way around I remember my mom telling me how oh how bad the republicans are that dirty money from the corporations well flip-flop now they've all been brainwashed I don't even call them Democrats. I call them like it's the parasite class of Marxists that infiltrate every single organization. Anything you believe that is good, they will come in there and try to infiltrate it, take it over, poison it. And the only way to really fix this is decentralization and the strength of the family. We have to go back to that. These parents are going to put up with this. They're not going to put up with this. They're going to protect their children. Yes. One of my biggest concerns is when I first got into this. Right. I saw this. I'm like, oh, my gosh, you know, I need an army to come stand up to the to the school boards. Right. Yeah. We get anyone to hold these pictures up. I don't get that. Oh, I walked up and down the bleachers when my kids were freshmen. We didn't really know anyone, you know, because we moved from a different area here. And I'm showing on my phone that picture and I'm showing the fathers. I wouldn't even go up and show a mom. Then the husband's like, oh my God, this is in the schools. I'm like, yeah, we need help. Only one or two guys showed up once. And then when I blew these up, nobody wanted to hold the posters. So what did I do? I have another friend, father that lives in a suburb right next to mine who happened to be a proud boy. I said, hey, would you be able to get some guys to come hold these posters? Nobody wants to hold them for me, but I want you to come as fathers. And they're fathers, right? They're not racist. They're none of that stuff that they claim that they do on the left. You know, the left, by the way, that supports BLM, Hamas, and Antifa, right? So they own the media and they pretty much destroyed their reputations of something they are not. just like they did us, right? So this guy came with 10 or 12 of them, and they held my posters while I was managing the school board, you know? You're doing the dad thing. Yeah, and then Sun-Times was there, and WGN, and then front page of Chicago Sun-Times, front full page, and two other full pages, Proud Boys Come to Disrupt School Board Meeting. They didn't even they came in. I told them, I go, listen, I don't want you guys coming as proud boys. I don't want you dressed up or anything because I don't want you to draw away from the tension of the pornography. And they did. And they came respectful. Who was disrespectful? The leftist. Right. They're yelling. One of the mothers was an Antifa member. And this came out later, so that's where these pictures were coming out. And they sent them to all these Antifa scumbags from Chicago, and they're putting my picture on there, other fathers' pictures. Other parents got threatening letters in the end of their driveway from them. And what does the left focus on? probably show just because an antifa woman said it they didn't say anything right so they took away the whole thunder of parents standing up right and they tried to attack us and and and you know anti-gay and none of it's true I even held up a book it says the time I knew I was gay and I said all of us on the right and the parents on the right we support these types of books that help a child cope with their sexuality right these are children just like my children And my children don't have to see, my boy and girl don't need to see pornography. And if they don't see pornography, they won't feel included in the high school. If they don't see pornography, they might commit suicide. That's what the left is telling us. That's what they're telling us about these books here. If they don't see these books, they're not going to feel included. And the suicide rate is so much higher. And that's, you know, they try to blame us for kids committing suicide because we don't want to oral sex BJ pictures in our kids' books. It's crazy. It just makes zero sense, just like the rest of the Democratic Party that's in place. And the suicides go up dramatically with the genital mutilation because they're not dealing with the problem. They're not dealing with it at all. And it's like that's a no-go-back situation. I listened to a video when I was at a conference one time of a gal that had – she was detransitioning back to a woman and she just sobbed. She said, I just should have waited. She said, she said, I have nothing. She said, I can't have children. I can't, you know, they, they did both, um, uh, uh, top and bottom surgery on her and she had scars on her arm of where they took, where they took the skin off to try to make a penis out of it. And it was just like, it was like, you know, to listen to her talk. And she just, she's like, I wish, I wish I could die every single day. She said, and all I had to do was just wait. And then they're not putting that stuff out there and saying, you know, and I, and I really think that this goes back to the insanity of these fricking parents. It's like, it's like they want to parade their kids out there to make sure everybody knows how unbelievably progressive and in they are. And, and this, and I think it's like, you guys are sick. Bastards is what you are. Bastards to use your children to do any type of, of social awareness or acceptance. Yeah. Yeah, you know what's funny is all these radical leftist women, white suburban women in the city as well, but they all look the same. They walked out of a Salvation Army. They're dumpy, frumpy, nasty-looking women, and they all look the same. And it's a bunch of women with a couple of... Feminine men, they're definitely a little bit out of whack, especially for the types of things that they're trying to normalize within their schools. If the kid is gay or whatever, that's fine, right? So this progressively gets worse, right? So my community, Downers Grove, used to be one of the reddest of the red, the whole Midwest, right? And all this cancer from Chicago moved out and the cancer spread. Now it's mostly Democrat, right? And then we call it Little San Francisco. So after this, the next thing I encountered was at our library. And they were having children's drag bingo. What? Children's drag bingo in our library. Aurora Divine, a transvestite from Chicago, an Italian transvestite with a beard, tons of makeup, heels, was going to sing Katy Perry songs and play bingo with the children in the library. So we had a big protest. I was up front calling them out on the different news medias and stuff. And people were upset. There was three incidences of which somebody from Idaho said they should be shot or something on social media that was investigated. Somebody outside the city left a threatening young kid that was deemed not valid. And then somebody sent a bullet to the... sheriff's office with a like a bullshit mega you know confederate it was obviously a leftist right we got these radical leftists that try to dress up as they dress up look at j6 the feds erection it was the feds that were dressing up as that yeah planet operatives Yeah, we'll get there as well. I was there. And so this person, Aurora Devine, when I found out about it, I Google searched him. So we have Boys Town on the North Side of Chicago. It's all a gay town. And the guy's advertising himself in the bars as the most raunchiest, raunchy, nastiest performer in Boys Town. So this man was being hired by these Marxists to come and dance with children in our library. Destroying their innocence, it's like a mental intrusion of their innocence is to destroy their innocence and mess them up for life. Yeah. So here's the next thing that, you know, again, this is my early on. This is my transitioning to being far right, saying the things are really messed up. Right. And you want to call me far. I don't care. Call me whatever you want. You know, I'm an American. They can go screw themselves because whatever I am, I'm Donna Brandenburg, an American, and I have lots of opinions on lots of things, just like everybody does. Yeah, we're in war for our children, our country and the people in this country. And we're in a war and it's time to act like we're in a war. So the next event was the Methodist Church in downtown Downers Grove. So keep in mind the same scumbags from Downers Grove High School, same scumbags from Downers Grove Library, the same scumbags at the Methodist Church. They're all the same, right? They're all working together. and that's what they had at christmas drag transvestite santa claus at at the church not my church but it's just another ridiculous sexualization of children that's unnecessary right it's grooming because most of them are a bunch of pedophiles that that want access to your kids And and to mess them up. And, you know, all you got to do is look at all the kids that have been have been kidnapped and have been lost through, you know, because they'll come in through CPS, the largest human trafficking organization on the planet. Grab these kids. And I mean, this is messed up. Yeah, so I got to say, you know, you probably experience the same. It seems like it's the same group of parents that are defending our kids, right? We need to expand that. It's always the same people showing up. I'm grateful of that, right? But it's like your show, my show, it's our job to get more people to show up. It's the biggest thing I think we need to do and part of what our shows are representing. So the night of Drag Santa, we knew HBO was going to be there. You know, they're filming. That's for real. Yeah, so I had all the parents, you know, from D99 and the library parents. We met at a bar in downtown Downers Grove. I called my old friend, the Proud Boy guy, right? I said, hey, I go, they got to drag Santa Claus for these kids. So we all met at the bar. We had drinks, you know, beforehand, and they had it at the church. And I brought my Santa outfit that I've been using for my 31-year-old daughter since she's a baby and for the twins. It's like a real Santa outfit, right? Right. threw it in the car and then went and met the parents there we had some drinks you know and then uh um um so we go to the uh the drag santa event and the proud boys guys went there first I had to put my outfit on and then the parents went on the they were in the front of the church and hbo's there and as I come walking up Actually, oh, I'm sorry, I didn't put my outfit on until I drove the car there. I walk up, I see a van with these undercover cops in there. And I see the Proud Boys there. And they actually brought presents for the kids. They brought stuff with them. They didn't come radical. They weren't even near, not even near the kids. Actually, the parents on the front were louder. They were by the kids yelling, stop, this is wrong, you know. grandparents they were like it's kind of funny I'll send you the clip I should have thought of that you'll you'll crack up because it was aired on hbo and um so I come walking up I look in the car I'm like hey officers and they look you know I'm like what's going on oh we're just making sure everything's I go listen these guys are not bad guys all right they I mean they brought gifts they're not gonna do anything they're nothing like what they say right Yeah, just, you know, make sure you stand on the sidewalk and don't go up there. And the one guy was the passenger cop was looking really mean. I'm like, wow. I go, you're scaring me. I was being sarcastic, right? I talked to the guys. I'm like, hey, I got my sand outfit in the trunk. You know, so I go, I'm like putting it on. You know, I had a few beers. I'm like, oh, shit, where's my mask? I mean, my beard. I didn't have my beard. I dropped it in the driveway. I later found out. Plus, I knew it was going to be on HBO, right? So I didn't really want to have my face fully shown because the left is how they lie, right? I mean, it was more so about the left, the attacks, the fake narratives. And I'm like, damn. So then I had because this was during masking. It was a few years ago. Right. So I had the I used to wear all these sarcastic masks, the mesh mask where you could see through. I had this mask with a big goatee and a cigar and broken teeth. And that's what I had in my car, which was perfect because it matched. Remember that movie Bad Santa? Yeah. It's like, wow, this is not that bad. You know? So I come walking up with my bells and the cops. I look in there, even the nasty cops started laughing. You know, I go, so I go, listen, there's not going to be any trouble. They go, no, just, just stay in the sidewalk. So I walk up HBO guy comes with the boom and the director. And, and, you know, they were, it was, it was, there's like Santa, that's how he talked. Santa, why are you here? And I said, I'm here because you guys are here. And I did a long, I made a long statement, but they edited it out. And I said, the only thing they put in there is because I said, I go, you're here because you're indoctrinating our children. What I went on to say, I said, you're not doing this for these kids that you think may or may not be gay, right? Because these children are so young, these children that are so innocent that really believe in Santa Claus just like I did, just like my children did, the last thing that these kids, gay, not gay, or whatever, as children, they believe in an imaginary Santa Claus. The last thing they think of is, does Santa have a penis, or does he wish he has a vagina? You guys are doing this to sexualize, indoctrinate, and rub our noses in it. This has nothing to do with helping a gay child feel inclusive. This is all about you, right? And then... And then they go, Proud Boys, why are you here? They go, oh, we're here with our boss, Santa Claus. I'm like, what? That is hilarious. I'll send you the clip maybe in the future. You'll get a good kick out of it. And it did air on HBO's all over the place, you know. And then my leftist radical Antifa nuts who follow us, right? And I'll get to January 6th as well. You know, they do just like we do. We use facial scanning. We could identify, you know, so they could tell from my eyes. They knew Terry Newsome goes to Santa to disrupt gay children. I didn't even get caught. I couldn't even see the gay children. I couldn't even see Santa, right? But they do all their BS and lies and stuff, right? And I was clearly there to send a message that this is being done to sexualize and indoctrinate the children. It wasn't there to try to harass or intimidate. We couldn't even see because it was in the center of the church in the parking lot, right? We didn't go on the property. But during the HBO clip, you could hear the parents yell, This is wrong. You can hear the parents, the grandparents yelling. Well, you know, so that was the that was the third thing of the sexualization of our children. You know, got me more and more involved. I go, these people are nuts. Right. I mean, they're really, really nuts. I also attended January 6th with my friend, a retired sheriff. And we went for two things. One, because we saw what happened in November and December. Even though we're sick, I'm 62 now, we were 60 or whatever back then. My friend's a year older than me, just retired as like a sheriff and SWAT team guy. And we saw that people, you know, our age or older or families that were being attacked, harassed, tables thrown over. If you remember in November and December, do you remember that? Or like it's, you know, the Antifa and the BLM. So we went down there to help people, right? January 5th, I was at University of Chicago. I was on IV. I had stage 3 melanoma cancer. I was in the middle of immunotherapy. I shouldn't even have went. My friend begged me. My wife was upset. But as soon as I got off the IV, I met my friend there. We drove straight through. And... So we were there. I got clips. Again, we could do another show. I was behind Ray Epps. I got the same stuff, you know. And I mean, Rob, before this all came out, I'm like, that guy is kind of up to something. We saw him whispering. You know, who whispers in the middle of an event like this, right, to somebody else? Fad does. That would be a fad. Yeah. It's like, what is he trying to, you know, he's going like this. It's like, what is he, what is he whispering that he's trying to keep other people in this very loud, noisy, you know, environment that we're in. And then, um, so we, we got videos all the way through, you know, my friends from Antifa found my face. Right. And they're putting it all over. Terry Newsome tries to overthrow the government. Oh, you know what? That's exactly the same words that that that Scotty McMahon used on me when he tried to when he tried to when he taped me. Scotty, Scotty, our boy, you're trying to overthrow the government. Like, don't you put those words in my mouth? Because they do. They like to put words in our mouth and tell us what we think and what we're attention is. Screw you people. Yeah, yeah. So we had pictures of the Buffalo guy, Jason, walking past us. We have a picture of a guy wrapped up head to toe, baseball hat, scarf around his hat, gloves, glasses. His hat pulled down like this, yelling on a megaphone as people were approaching at 131. And I'll send that to you as well. Yeah, I see it. He's yelling, people take pictures, show everyone, show the world. You hear it right there in the video. It's like, okay, wait, this is before all the approaching folks that came from the Washington Miami. He's telling them before they get there by himself. Who goes to an event by themselves like that? Carefully wraps your face up. I don't think he was Antifa. Antifa has this kind of dingy blood. The guy was definitely an informant or something tied into the feds. I'm surprised it's like it is like children who have worked out a lot and or such. They're like children that are throwing a temper tantrum. Oh my God, I can't, they got a couple of punks here in Chicago that, you know, threaten, I show up and then they get mouthy in front of the cops. Even at my age, I'm like, I tell them, I could, I could, I said, I could fart and knock three of you guys over. They're like little pencil necks, right? I call them white pencil necks that dwell, basement dwellers. And their women are like purple haired and are bigger than the men. And, um, Yeah, it's kind of funny, and they have this stigma that they're tough, and they're not tough. They're a bunch of punks. The only time they come out when they think there's more of them and they could do something, or when we confront them with the police in Chicago many times, they go up to the cops, and I got it on tape, right? You know, You got your body camera on a cop, got your body camera. The reason they're doing that is to know that they're safe. Right. Because I want to go after one time. Three cops got in front. I had a mask on. I had a Chewbacca mask on in the wintertime. It was my son's when he was like eight and it was wintertime. And again, he could see by my eyes. I got the old man eyes because I was like, you know, one of the oldest dads out there confronting him. And the head guy's like, I know that's you, Terry Newsome. I'm like, ah, screw it. I took my mask off. I went running. Three cops get in front of me. Dude, it's not worth it, they said. And they're on megaphones yelling, calling the cops pigs, us Marxists, racists. Like in Chicago, they just need to be pummeled. I mean, really, they need to be pummeled and get what they deserve because they're punks, they're bullies, they're scumbags, they're creeps, they're nothings. And in... At the convention. They're lawbreakers. They are lawbreakers is what they are. And they should be prosecuted instead of these pandering, weak cowards sitting in the seats and letting them continue to run amok, which is every single one of them has committed treason, in my opinion, because they've let this country fall into lawlessness. Yeah, yeah. And this convention is going to be worse than 1968 for many reasons, right? Number one, we don't have Mayor Daley as the mayor. Democrat or not, he beat the shit out of him in 68. Now we have Brandon Johnson and we got Pritzker, right? So Pritzker gave $100 million to this a while ago because he wants it in his backyard because of his presidential aspirations, right? He wants to be the big shot. It's in Milwaukee, right? Yeah. The RNC, the DNC is in the... The DNC, got it, got it. The DNC is going to be crazy. I'm telling you, it's going to be worse than 1968. I'm telling you, it will. So because, number one, we don't have Mayor Daley as the mayor, right? Remember how those guys brutalized, even though he's a Democrat? They beat the shit out of people. These cops are scared to touch people now. They even tried to get DuPage County, the second biggest county in Illinois. The sheriff was a Republican. I don't like him, but he's a Republican. They asked them to provide 300 deputies. And you're like, hell no. I mean, think about it. You want to send you, first of all, guys to put them in a risky situation. And then secondly, you're in the city of Chicago, you're in Cook County. They will prosecute you if you try to do your job right. Right. And someone complains racism or whatever. Right. So number one, you're going to put them in a losing situation. Number two, if they have to defend themselves, they put themselves at risk and their family at risk of getting put in jail. so they're not getting the support that they're expecting right um the radical marxist antifa scumbags who you see my it's called behind enemy lines so they have a instagram site and they're coordinated they're even saying about violence and what they're going to do I can't believe it's still up guess what they're guess what these chicago punks have is their uh instagram site enemy lines is the name of it Oh, for real? Yeah, and then their website is behind hyphen enemy hyphen lines. When it first popped up, I go, Tara, were you... My friends are like, were you downtown burning a flag? I'm like, what are you talking about? So I guess it's a compliment that these little pencil necks are trying to use that to, you know, to... They copy us all the time. Yeah, so I think that's funny. So you're going to have the anarchists. They're expecting 40,000 people here, you know, plus. You're going to have the anarchists, which, again, was different than 1968, right? Because they're more organized. They're funded by Soros. You have the Hamas terrorist lovers who are working with them together, hand in hand, right? Right. They're going to be there. You're going to have the African-American community, which is going to make it even more interesting. They're fed up. They hate Biden. They're coming together big time in the city of Chicago. They said they're going to show up to show their dislike for Biden, how they're turning their their backs on the minorities and spending fortune on the illegal Venezuelans. So these people are all going to, you know. I don't know what's going to happen, but you know what I mean? It's going to be crazy. Mark my word, it's going to be crazy. And then there was rumors they were going to stop it and they were going to do it remotely. They're not. And I knew they're not going to because Pritzker's ego is so huge and that's his baby to be center stage, right? And so now, and I think it tied back to Ohio. They said that, you know, like when they announced their candidate, Biden comes out and it's supposed to be a big thing at the United Center, right? I guess they're doing it virtually. I'm sure you heard about it, right? I did not. But that's kind of funny because it's like they probably can't get two people in a cricket in the room to support him because he's such a complete, you know, the traitor in chief that's sitting up there. The real president of the United States is President Donald J. Trump. Yes. And he's just, Biden's just a traitor sitting in there, a usurper. He's a foreign agent because he's been working with all of the countries all over the globe and funding their attack on the United States of America. Yep. Yes. Yeah, he's... So during the daytime, the DNC convention is going to host all their events at the McCormick Place. I don't know if you've ever been there or anyone. It's on Lake Michigan. So I'm actually working with other Republicans to put together a Florida Trump boat parade to go up and down in front of the McCormick Place on Lake Michigan. And hopefully we can see the burning of buildings and stuff. You know, so we're working on it. As you're drinking your sangria out there just floating around and such. Good luck with the terrorist activities going on in McCormick Place. Yeah, because I think when we were up in Detroit where we met, I think there was something similar that was going on from Detroit, a bull parade. I don't know if you saw that. I saw that. Yeah, it was, I think it was an America First type thing. I don't remember. It was something like that. They were, you know, there's so many different names that these organizations are under, and they change names. And it's just, it's kind of like obnoxiously, cartoon-esquely weird. Yeah. Yeah. so so um let me see here oh so so my friends from antifa you know I peacefully attended january 6. um we left before people went in the last barrier was the barrier of police officers um between the scaffolding and we left because I told my friend I go I'm exhausted because I had my treatment I was exhausted I had a knee replacement that year I go come on rob I got you know so we left before people got past the barrier let alone inside the capitol And we didn't even know until we got back to the hotel that people got in. I mean, I'm sitting on the couch. I'm like, I put on Fox News. I'm like, holy cow, Rob, people are inside, you know. And I had to lay in the grass to rest. I was so exhausted before we got back to the hotel. And so, of course, the little scumbags, Antifa guys, you know, they have a site called Sedition Hunters. I don't know if you're familiar with that. And they collaborated with the feds. Yes, I am familiar with it. Gone through it with Jonathan Kegel. And it's like, wow. Yeah, look me up on there. You'll laugh. They got like three or four pages of me on there. They call me Big Pouches. And that was my nickname. Oh, my gosh. That's hilarious. And then the Southern Poverty and Loss. Yeah, there you go. Where do I find the... You do a Google search, Terry Newsome, Sedition Hunters, Big Pouches. Oh, this is funny. Yeah, you'll have to go. There's so many. If you do the Google search, just do Terry Newsome Sedition Hunters Big Pouches. I got to do this, guys. I just have to do this. This is hilarious. Oh, yeah. Here we go. For someone that didn't get arrested or going inside, they certainly spent a lot of time on me there. That's funny. I'll go give Terry a follow on his X account. I can't call it X. It's Twitter. I'm sorry. That's my police officer buddy. See, he's got a Cook County Sheriff hat on. Three weeks after we were there, he just retired. The FBI showed up at the sheriff's office with pictures of us. That's me. The guy in the far left got three years. His flagpole hit somebody in the shoulder. They don't even know who he hit, but it was on video from the Sedition Hunters. So that kid who was 23 that had two-year-old twins, a 21-year-old went to prison. That's my friend. He's the cop, the Police Lives banner. I'm behind him because I'm like the hyper one of the two. I'm so exhausted. I couldn't even keep up with my little buddy because I was so tired. And then there's Epson right up front. and this is this is all the sedition hunters any little sliver they found and they put it up there thinking the fbi was going to arrest me I i didn't do anything you know I just had my flag pull out I took pictures I didn't even yell it's me in the little circle there you know these stupid scumbags thinking you know look at him look at the guy behind you totally deranged the face that's hilarious That is hilarious. So your big pouches, huh? Okay, I'm loving this. This is great. Go, Terry, go. Harass the crap out of them. If you go up, you could keep going to the top. You'll see the Southern Poverty and Law Center. And an Antifa associate writes in Chicago, the parents, the Democratic parents from my kid's school, got this scumbag from Oak Park to come after me to write a bogus hit piece. There you go. Click on that. Racist, hate women, I hate everybody. Click on that link. Illinois radical parent activist. Uh, this one. Yeah. This is, you know, Southern poverty and loss center. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They're, they're, they're probably, uh, I'm probably on the one of their list too. So see that. Okay. Sign. I was, I was with my cop buddy at Mount prospect. The police had a police lives matter banner and I was standing next to, uh, the proud boy group and I'm like smiling. And then he did the old case and I'm 60 years old. I did it laughing. Not, you know, This is Foggiato Blow. He's a Christian rapper. So they're trying to make me look bad because I was with him. You don't even swear. Huh. You guys know who Alex Stein is, the comedian? Yeah. Yes, he's in here with me, too. They're trying to use this stupid crap to discredit me. It's kind of funny. That's how much they got to dig. It's like, okay. That's about the depth of it. I put a funny meme of Dennis Rodman, who's a piece of crap, on a post. when he was trying to negotiate with Putin to get that woman out. And then this scumbag who wrote this story says, Terry Newsome puts racist meme of 1880 slave trade stuff. I'm like, give me a break. Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I love your ability to know back down and just go after these people. This is hilarious. We have to, right? I mean, not enough people are kind of in their face. So they use that to try to say, I hate you, I hate my mom, I hate women, I hate everybody. It's like, they're nuts, you know? And they use that to, they thought that was going to scare me off, right? When they came out, all it did was piss me off more. It got me more involved, you know? And then, so the next thing after that, If you remember, all the radical states, blue states, were going after Donald Trump to keep him off the ballot. Yeah. So guess who was the only one in the country that put a petition to keep Joe Biden off the ballot? That would be you, sir. So it was me and three other people. And so what did they say? It was Amendment 14, Section 3 for Trump about treason, right? They said, you know, because of insurrection, which is bullshit. they used their justification and their their evidence was that j6 committee was their reasoning to justify he's guilty of insurrection which was a lie so they had these six people from illinois that were fighting to keep them off the ballot and the petition then they had us me and another guy it was like a paralegal and I was like kind of the mouthpiece to speak out you know and then so when we had to go and present to the illinois election board It was full. CNN, all these cameras were there. CNN, you know, packed. I was nervous. And they first went first with Donald Trump, right? And these radical leftists. Oh, he was responsible for the insurrection, the violence, this and that. And so the election committee, which only has two Republicans, which are not Republicans, they're Marxist scumbags too, right? Infiltrators, usurpers. Yeah, both of them. So they decided not to... uh not to remove him from the ballot and and by the way when we filed this we were hoping the supreme court would do the right thing some from the right it's like oh you're as bad as them like oh you know what this is just kind of an fu to them right I hope the supreme court you know it was more like you know nobody from our side the whole america did anything so it was kind of like you know fu so when they presented Against Trump. And his insurrection. And I'm sitting there thinking. I was there. You're liars. There was no insurrection. And I knew that would have set off a firestorm. It was a fedsurrection. They set the whole thing up. So the two supposed Republicans. Both said. Well, I'll go along with everybody else. But if this was to go forward, I agree that Donald Trump did start an insurrection. I agree Donald Trump was responsible for all the violence that occurred, everything that day, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm sitting, you scumbag. It's a Republican, right? So they allowed to keep him on. And so then it was our turn. And, you know, the paralegal guy is more serious. I'm more like myself. And then we had Joe Biden's attorney sitting next to us. And then his attorney goes, oh, this is frivolous and this is hearsay and this is all bullshit. And there's no evidence to prove, you know, because we said Joe Biden was guilty for providing aid and comfort. You know, so in the same paragraph, you got insurrection that was done after the Civil War and then are providing aid and comfort to the enemy. And I said, unlike what you guys just said about Donald Trump, that we're politically motivated, it's false. I go, ours is the opposite. I go, that committee was politically motivated. That committee was partisan. I go, look at what he did to provide comfort and aid to our enemies. The Supreme Court, who's not supposed to be partisan, right, the left, of course, they say they are, but the Supreme Court said that he was allowed to use Remain in Mexico, right, to save our country. What does he do? He ignores it. He lets all these drug dealers and our enemies, as we see now, right, are coming in, flooding America. What was the next thing that showed he provided comfort and aid to the enemies? He went to the Supreme Court to force the state of Texas to not protect their own sovereign borders, right? That was him. Who does that help? That provides aid and comfort to the enemies, not us. And then lastly, he left $83 billion in weapons and military equipment back in Afghanistan for the Taliban, right? And they're using those weapons, right? And of course, what do they say? Oh, this is, this is not true. Hearsay part, you know, bullshit. I mean, if anyone had a valid reason to keep them off the balance, our side, because it was providing aid and comfort, you know, so they, so they threw it out. You know, I knew they were going to throw it out. I just wanted to have somebody have a voice to like give them the middle finger. Right. You know, just to, just to do it. That's all. Well, we can't stop fighting and, you know, you can't just lay down and, And let this thing roll over the top of us because this is a real, it's going to take every single person to stand up and to say something and be awake enough to see what's actually going on and take action with it without backing down. It's going to take all of us. So I'd love for you to stay on into the next hour. Do you have time to do that? Sure. Sure. I'll I will text you Ben Bergwam and myself confronting Venezuelan drug dealers. I forgot to send that to you. You're going to like that. They had like almost two million views. Well, you know what? You know what you can do if you pull it up. You can actually share your screen if you want. I'll send it to you if it's OK. It's easier because I'm like. Yes. You know where else you could put it? Do you look on the interface or there's a sign or there's a number or a button that says private chat on right there? You see private chat? It's where you click on that and put it in there. That makes it easier for me. Otherwise, I got to go to a million different places because I always have at least four screens going at a time. So this is like I'm like this multitasking, you know, dancing around everything like crazy. Sure. Sure. Are you doing a commercial now? I'm sorry. Yeah, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to my scene so I can take a quick break and stand up and move around just a little bit, and then I'll bring everybody back on in a minute here. So I tell you, let's go to the next hour of Brandenburg News Network with our investigative citizen journalist panel. And this is going to be fun. We're going to do this every week. And we're going to do it on Fridays. But my problem is I've got to go to a funeral for a young officer who was murdered by some thugs last week. And so I'm going to his funeral and such tomorrow. So I'm not going to be on here live tomorrow. But I am going to play... All the interviews that I did with everybody at Turning Point Media Row, including yourself, the interviews that we did, I'm going to be playing that tomorrow morning. So hang on, guys. I'll be right back with the crew. We'll be right back. Excellent. Good morning, and welcome to the third hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 27th day of June 2024. And I'm going to welcome everybody on. I'm going to see if Terry's going to come back or not. Terry, are you there? Terry? OK, hang on morning, guys. How are you guys doing? I'm doing good. How are you doing? Awesome. Awesome. Welcome. Welcome back again, guys. I am absolutely loving this independent investigative citizen journalist panel right now. And this I think I had so much fun last week. Tomorrow, I'm going to be showing everybody's videos that I did at Turning Point because I won't be here tomorrow. So but for now, welcome. What are we talking about, boys and girls? I mean, I got a lot to talk about. I'm extremely aggravated right now. Let's go around the room here. Let's start out with Christina and then go to Casey, then Hollis and Dan. Hi, guys. My name is Christina Holbrook. My handle is Thought Criminal on most of these platforms. So what I am upset about is I'm sure you guys are all familiar with TikTok. I am a large TikTok creator. And after SCOTUS's Ruling yesterday where they essentially agreed with the Biden administration that these private companies can police and then determine what misinformation is. A lot of large content creators on TikTok, conservative content creators, our accounts got permanently banned. So I did some investigation and found out that it's a large number of people. And not only are they doing it on TikTok, they are doing it on Facebook. and Instagram as well. So at this point, our freedom of speech is gone. It doesn't exist. It's a facade. And everyone gives me the argument, well, they're private companies. Well, our government should not have any dealings with private companies influencing what is put out to the people, because then it's only one-sided. And you know how programs happen when things are one-sided. So that's my gripe for today. It's unlawful. It's against the Constitution. They have no right to reach into companies and their little private, public-private partnership nonsense going on where they're trying to, they're through coercion like that, nationalizing all of our businesses. That's what they're doing. Casey, what's up? well uh what isn't up is would be faster to answer um I got all kinds of things going on my name is casey whalen I'm an independent journalist here in north idaho started out as an activist and I can actually talk a little bit about that today I have some a couple things I can share I have a ton of content since I've done hundreds of thousands of records requests in my area and a little bit nationally But yeah, I turned into an independent journalist and been working with people in my area organically. And it seems like we're planning and contriving to do all these things. And we're just organically working together with other like minded people. And we're having a huge impact and we're running circles around the lamestream media here. So I look forward to chatting with you all today. Allison, Dan. Hey, guys. Morning. Morning. You take it. I got to take it. So hello, everybody. Thank you, Donna. What's up, Terry? Hey. Hey, what's up? Terry, hi. How are you guys doing? Good, good, good. So we're still on the road since Detroit, obviously. You know, we're still working our way back home. We'll be home in the next couple of days. Obviously, we're Voice of the People USA Radio, Voice of the People USA Radio Network, activist group, all that good stuff. I would implore you to check out or But the Free Speech Project is something that we launched last year, last summer. and it entwines with what Christina, I could speak, with what Christina is talking about because believe me, as somebody who got banned and censored the first time in 2007, 2008, 2009, and beyond, beyond, beyond, I hate every social media network. I think they are all evil. They are the antithesis of big government control. And that's why we created our own system within their system to kind of use it and abuse. And we are completely independent, free. So we'll talk about that. There's a whole bunch of things, more events, more activism. I'll let the important one take it away, though. Oh, no, that's okay. But yeah, just a good, I talked to you briefly, Christina, today, you told me a little bit about it. But to hear about that, yeah, we, I mean, obviously, all of us know, we saw this coming a long time ago, it was last, we haven't really done that much with the Free Speech Project, but it's there. And it kind of tells our journey together. And again, why Dan had built this, like started the voice of the people radio network, like 15 years ago, because to, so thank God, because of what's happening. And we, he saw that coming and that's why it's so important what Donna's doing, what everyone's doing, because we're creating our own out of, we have to, because they're shutting it down. So at least with Dan, I know that he, he has special security things he did so they can't take him down. So yeah, that, and like I said, we've just been on the road. We were, we can't we're getting our interviews together so when we get back we could really put them up and start you know pushing them and everything we've done and we have a platform wherever christina what meant to say that to you earlier more than welcome come on our show do show and we're here with donna like we got to help each other because we all have our own things which is great but we help each other and that's how we can build something to combat that like something we could do our part right You know, Hollis, I'm looking at it like this is God doing for me what I couldn't do for myself because I was complacent at TikTok. And now I see why it's very important to move away from those type of apps. I can't. p I can't preach free speech and then continue to get down with an app that censors me in so many ways yeah and it's so unfair because I know I mean I haven't cracked the code how to get all these followers and stuff we have loads of content but I don't know how to do all that so you haven't talked i know how much work it takes to get that many followers and people following you it's a big deal that's like you know we're paying for a lot of that so that's a lot of time and effort and like that gone which is infuriating because they don't realize that's you know your livelihood your your reach and everything I have a friend from Illinois, Shane Beauvais, and he became national news. His father had cancer. Donald Trump, I don't know how they got connected and stuff. He gave $250,000 silently to help his father with his cancer treatment, and then it got out, and he became a big figure, and they're buddies now. And he's got 750,000 followers on TikTok. The week that Trump went up on TikTok... He came down. They took him down. And he said, yeah, because he's working. He's a prison guard. He hasn't even posted anything. He's all upset because they just took me down. Didn't even tell me why. Because he's connected with Trump, I guess. I don't know. They told me mine was for community guidelines, but I don't have any community guidelines. My friend Nola, who will be here next week, he had an emergency. They took him down but restored his account and then took off 40 videos having anything to do with Donald Trump. But I apologize, guys, if you guys hear a little noise in the background. I'm going to try to stay muted when I'm not talking. I am on a job site, so we're going to work this out together. Well, you know, the first when all the Flins got nuked off of Twitter way back when, I was nuked off that with them. And I still don't have my original ex-account back or Twitter account. And I had a lot of friends on there. And it was kind of an annoyance and a painful thing. And I found a lot of them. But it's still, once they kick you off, every time they do that, we have to run around trying to find each other again. Yeah. people that have known or worked together for a long time. And it does interrupt our networks of supporters and friends and those we know and we've developed relationships with. Today's Supreme Court decision is not going to help our cause at all. You know, the Supreme Court was supporting Biden. Yep. Well, I tell you what, Brandenburg News Network, we kept it up and running when all the other carriers were down there a month or so ago, you know, when the big carriers were down. We were able to keep everything up. And they attack us all the time, but we're pretty good at cybersecurity. So we watch where all the attacks come from and how many they have. And I warned everybody. I said, you might be smarter to leave us alone because y'all are going to be playing whack-a-mole with Donna Brandenburg because we know how to put 100,000 little Donna Brandenburgs up everywhere. So the next week we put up two Tor nodes and the attacks stopped dead. It's like it's like I'm not screwing with you people. And, you know, it's like we can we can find other ways to get around it. And in every time they hit us, it's like we're going to multiply. It's going to be exponential. And so I'm just letting them drive this. If they're going to be dumb enough to hit us, then then we're going to be good enough to not not have nine different ways to get out. We'll go to 18 next time. That's what you need to do. I would like to say that I've been banned from YouTube. I had actually two YouTube accounts. They were both banned. The last one was my main one, North Idaho Exposed. And my last video was with... I constantly had a strike. I usually had two strikes and if you get three, you're done. So I was always teetering on the edge of two to three strikes, almost getting the third strike. The last video I put out was an interview with Trevor Loudon outside of our local Human Rights Education Institute. That probably hit a little bit too close to home and that took care of that YouTube channel. I had about 20,000 subscribers and it was never about clicks or getting subscribers really. It was just about investing in my local community and helping expose what's going on. I think you definitely have to diversify. I have three platforms. I use Twitter, I use Substack, I use Rumble. And I use them in different ways to promote each other. And so you just have to do that. You just have to, you know, maybe start writing a little bit. You're obviously, Christine, you're a very smart person. And, you know, I don't know if you're doing much writing, but you should definitely do that. When you do a podcast, you can make that and, you know, put out podcasts, put out audio on Spotify. Just try to diversify. I know it's a lot of work, but if you just, like, I only pick three platforms and that's generally it. And I just try to stay in those lanes and just... bulk those up without exhausting myself using all these other things. I'm a little bit old school. We're kind of new at this. It was like the same week that we started getting whacked by YouTube and Facebook at the same time. YouTube came back and took down videos from two months ago. which I thought was kind of odd, you know, and then Facebook, you know, says we got one more shot and we're down. So we're like, so tonight we have a taped interview with Dr. Robert Malone and we're just going out, it's going out on X, Rumble and Getter. So I think those are going to be okay. We'll see. Can you guys see me still? Yeah. Okay. Robert Malone, wasn't that the guy of the video I just sent you, Miss Donna, that said we need to talk to that guy? Yeah. And I actually met him. I've got his contact. And I was talking to, I think, Terry about it last night. And I'm going to give him a call and get him on here because he was really interesting. And I don't know if you guys picked up on this too much, but I'm a nerd. I'm like a serious nerd. So we were able to meet him and started asking him about different questions. I think he was kind of surprised at the questions that we asked him because we We asked him questions about reverse transcription and what the implications were from that. And he kind of like cocked his head like, how do you know this? You know, and it's like, because they're nerds, okay? And it was kind of funny, but good guy, good speaker. He talked about the ghost army. Actually, a lot of his presentation included the ghost army, which I am really interested in the ghost army. Have you guys looked into that much? Oh, yeah. I have not. That's the first time I've heard that. But I think a lot of people are waking up and doing their own independent research. And that's why we have the ability to ask these questions now. Because there's some of us that aren't willing to be fooled anymore. Yeah, here's a, there's a bunch of different questions. I'll just put my little Google search here on it. And the Ghost Army was a United States Army Tactical Deception Unit in World War II, officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. And they were given here, I'll just pull up a wiki. That's the symbol. When you see that, that's the Ghost Army. And you'll see that different people. And when they bring that up, they're trying to tell you something. It was a 1,100-man unit was given a unique mission to deceive Hitler's forces and mislead them as to the size and location of Allied forces while giving actual units elsewhere time to maneuver. I kind of think that they're probably working quite a bit with Space Force right now. And so when you think of deceptive unit, they can do it cyber now, where at the time they actually – one of the most famous stories is they took a dead guy and they dressed him up in a uniform – It's kind of like a very macabre story, but it was pretty creative. They used inflatable dummy tanks. They had all sorts of things to lead the enemy astray and throw off their reconnaissance. So when you think about that, you know, you can think of radio deception, atmosphere, and all the other things that they've done. If you can look it up and find out the one that they did with the army officer, it's Actually, it's really, it's crazy and it is very funny. And they're involved in Signal Corps, which Signal Corps is, that's another whole animal of itself and very interesting. I think Josh is having a little trouble getting in, Miss Donna. Yeah, he did earlier today, too. And so I think somebody else, it was Terry that had a hard time getting in. Just keep trying, Josh. You'll get in. I don't know why today a couple of you had trouble with it. It's the same link I always put out there. And I think there's like two little titles you could click on. But that's the way the link comes up. And then just try it again. You'll get in. Don, I don't know if it now is too late or not, that Gateway story, if you click on it, there's the video of me and Ben Berquam confronting Venezuelan drug dealers, which is... See, now, everybody go to the private chat and check out the links because this is the easiest way for me to pull things up. And, yeah, I can absolutely click on anything. Anything you drop there, I can click on and put in the... it's embedded in the story the video link it's embedded in the story the video link it's embedded in the story the video link that's them giving me and bend the that's them giving me and bend the that's them giving me and bend the finger too funny there's there's there it is there's too funny there's there's there it is there's too funny there's there's there it is there's the link the link the link venezuela oh they lied they're venezuelan venezuela oh they lied they're venezuelan venezuela oh they lied they're venezuelan okay so Terry, you were filming the license plate. What happened? Yeah, they told me that. No problem. No problem. What's wrong? Say what? It's America. It's America. It's a free country, guys. It's a free country. Gang shit. Yeah. So this is interesting. I turned my hand around. I held my hands up. You didn't see that. Okay, guys. Nope. I've seen this. Mexico or Venezuela? Huh? Okay, Venezuela or Mexico? No? Okay. So they're selling drugs out here, doing drugs out here. This is the America. This is the America the Democrats want. There you go. There you go. Hey, all right. Say it again. Again. That's what they think of you, America. That's what they think of you. F you. That's what they think of you. No? Come on. Be proud of it. Another drug deal going on right there. It's crossed from your shelter. There's the license plate, guys. Remember that and grab it and vlog it. in audi right yeah so this is the america democrats want it's all illegal you got now the drug dealers out here they don't want to be on camera of course they don't want their license plate on camera of course they flip us off of course yeah it's uh that's what you're inviting in you're inviting in the criminal element from third world countries what do you think is going to happen guys it's not going to be good they're telling american citizens not to film after they invaded our country and they're selling drugs on the streets of america that's democrats america right there that's joe biden's america right there So, Pastor, you're here watching this. These guys over here, what do you say? They're throwing gang signs up, man, as if they own the country. But, you know, just like I'm sitting here, we're not worried about that, okay? We're just going to do what we got to. Whatever happens, happens. But I'm going to make sure that you're all right and that we're okay as well. Yeah, that's it. American people got to rise up. Man, we got to get Trump in 2024. It's unquestionably, that's all the Democratic Party stuff, man. This is what they brought our country to, and we gotta stop it. Join us, Trump, get in. It needs to be a mass deportation, and watch them head for the boy. That's it. Yep. This guy, one of the guys in there. So they went in there. We're dealing with gang members. We're dealing with thugs from other countries. They don't care. You're coming from a climate, a culture of death. They don't care. But that's what you're doing. And that's why it's so important that we got, you know, the American people, everybody, doesn't matter, white, black, brown, doesn't matter. We got to come together as American citizens against this. It's the American people now. We have to be one. We got to watch each other's backs. We got to promote each other because the illegals have come to replace all of us. The big business. Trump 2024. Trump 2024. That's the only way that we're going to get our country back and make this country great again. Pastor Dave used to be NAACP chapter president. And he's, you know, I work with him a lot. You know, it's funny, after they left, he goes, don't worry, Brother Terry, I had you covered. He opened up his jacket. There's a 9mm. They weren't going to shoot you and get away with it. So did you guys hear about the... The driver that caught the human trafficking operation in a budget truck, it was breaking news yesterday. It says, watch as a driver on a highway in Atlanta, Georgia, notices something odd after discovering a hand or some kind of body part dangling out of the back of a budget rental truck. The driver immediately called law enforcement, reported the situation, recorded the entire incident, and, yeah, they found a bunch of... human trafficking victims. So we don't realize how all this stuff is happening right in front of our face, like right in front of your face. And I had seen that video prior. I want, Ms. Donna, if you don't mind, I just want to say I appreciate everything you do. I appreciate the Brandenburg News Network for allowing... for allowing us to have a voice because a lot of people don't have the networking right now to have a voice. So I think what you're doing is great, especially with the citizens, you know, panelists. It's just all great. But I want you guys to meet this female that I know. Her name is Melissa. Josh knows her really well. You may know her, Miss Donna. but she actually is working with some venezuelan children that um they were stranded I believe it was in um texas the rare reserve of texas and they were meant to go up to michigan and she was going to get them a ride up there once it all shook out they was going to some islamic school that the kids were just disappearing from so she's actually created a relationship with this family who is now in georgia and they are telling us all kinds of stuff all kinds of stuff can we get her on we can get her on um whenever you want anytime as well she's amazing she's an orthodox christian she's amazing yeah I'd love I'd look I think this is it right here let me put this up see if this is if you can drop it if you can drop the links in the private chat that'd be great is that what we're talking about here yeah Do you know what's aggravating about this? And again, it's so nice to see people talking about it, but as somebody who started his activism right out of the army and started it because of illegal immigration and what they were doing in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I went down to the border approximately 19 times and took videos of the rape trees, the smuggling caravans, the various things that were happening in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. And first off, one of the biggest incursions, and that's what it is, an illegal alien crossing our border is actually an incursion and should be treated as such. You want to set a precedent? I hate all this crap in this legislation. Like even what Lou Barletta was trying to do back when I was really fighting was we're going to find businesses and landlords. Don't find them. Charge them. Keep going, I'm sorry, I'm clicking. No, no, no. I'm irresponsibly clicking right now. It's okay. You know, people want to charge businesses and fine businesses and fine landlords for renting and hiring. No, charge them with aiding and abetting federal fugitives from the law and charge them with an act of treason for knowingly subverting American law. Treat it as an incursion because any illegal crossing of our border is considered by military law, by our law, an incursion, an act of war on this country. You're absolutely right. Treat it the correct way once, you set the precedent, they won't come again. The biggest amount of illegal immigration came in this country under the piece of shit, sorry, George W. Bush, who I used to support, who then I learned was just nothing more than a globalist piece of trash scumbag. He actually let the most in. And we were talking about 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in 2007 while the media was reporting 7 million illegal aliens. So imagine what the real numbers are. The real numbers today are somewhere upwards of 60 to 70 to 80 million illegals in this country, with maybe about a quarter of them actually being from South America. But I digress. But in 2008, I had my friend Carmen, Carmen Mercer. I'll get her on if you want to. Yeah, I think it'd be great. She's a Puerto Rican from New Jersey. We went next to the police substation in Hazleton, Pennsylvania at a pawn shop. And she went in with a camera. We were doing Veritas stuff before we even knew what Veritas was. And she went in and she literally spoke Spanish and she purchased a Social Security card, a birth certificate, food stamp card, everything in Pennsylvania right next to the police substation right there. We had it all within 45 minutes. We have the video. And we did that collectively in 11 other states. And that was in 2008. So everybody's outrage now is great, but it has been going on forever. For decades and decades, it is aided and abetted by politicians on both sides. They fund it. They make money off of it. They traffic humans. They traffic. They harvest organs. The things that they do are disgusting. And that's why I guess I'm the old angry man, I guess. But it pisses me off because... All these years wasted by our fakes in the Tea Party and all these worthless people pushing for all this wonderful bullshit got us nowhere while our country was being desecrated from within. We were allowing it to rot and die and these elected officials were doing it and they were killing us. Well, everybody turns a blind eye. Oh, taxed enough already. And look what's happening. They're replacing your towns. They're bringing in their Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 Great Reset stuff. Blight enforcement officers saying your property is blight. We're taking it from you. Where's my rights? You don't have rights. We get rid of cops. We bring in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 agents. These things have happened all around us and nobody paid attention. So that's why I love you all because you're actually active. But it's sick. It's high time to not just call it out. It's time to get goddamn near freaking not militant, but be bold and be blunt and say and call it out for what it is. Call it out for the fact that Glenn Becks of the world helped aid and abet this shit. The Ted Cruz's helped aid and abet it. On both sides of the aisle, no side is innocent. Yes, Trump did do more than any president in the history of our country. And I thank God. And let's call it what it actually is. When he comes back in, if he reinstitutes Project Wetback, which has nothing to do as a racial slander, it's what President Eisenhower called it in the 50s when he did it. I will thank God every second of every day. But that's one part of the problem. That's why he knew that in targeted ms-13 and targeted the traffickers and the smugglers but there's so much people don't even know about what's going on truly it is so bad it is so entrenched and both parties make ass loads of money off of it and I'm gonna I'm gonna sound the alarm on this though too I'm sorry to interrupt you but I'm gonna sound the alarm on these grassroots groups too because when I'm When I got into running for governor, I'm going to tell you what. What I saw in the grassroots group was really, really alarming. You can see them. They move from one to the next to the next. There's a lot of them out there that are filled with political operatives just like everything else out there. They're meant as a distraction, and they put these ridiculous petitions out up there, and the politicians are laughing at them. I mean, we had 12 petitions being circulated at the same corner, and they were going to people to get them to sign the petitions. The only ones that really counted was to get really good people in office at that time because they were just wasting people's time and disenfranchising. I'm going to play this a minute. I made the call for them. I made the call for them. Who they calling for? Who they calling for? Unbelievable. Hey, Don, I want to show you this one. Hang on a minute. I want to show you this one. I know you have it, but I blew these up. I hosted Tom Holman in Chicago a few weeks ago, so I blew up some of these foyers. I sent those with you so you don't have to bother looking up, though. This is just some of them. Let's see here. There we go. This one right here. And above it, it says the Vortex phone. The Vortex phone is the old Obama phone. So they're giving them to the Venezuelans. And this is the police officer. The cell phone was found. It was human sex trafficking material on it. And this is at the Pilsner Center, the one that me and Ben were at, right across the street from where we were confronting those drug dealers. It's in a woman's rest area. It's probably got a phony name and stuff, right? Handwritten note, how they found the phone. Locate the owner. Let's see. Sale of sexual acts for money. They include at times, locations, descriptions of sexual acts provided using condoms. They talk about using the WhatsApp, and they talked about the website that it was at as well. And then there was another phone, using the Vortex phone, where they were grooming inside the facility an 11-year-old girl to become a prostitute for them. So this is going on with our tax-funded phones, right, within the shelters, and they're doing it right under our nose. And the city knows about it. So I have to go do my. Look at this is one of the that's one of the ones that you sent me. Yeah. is that the correct one yeah it's the domestic battery so I i have hundreds of these hundreds of them right including because we ran out of time catholic charities their involvement that's the girl that girl I'm just talking about that's where the venezuelans was coming from she has a whole thing on catholic chair societies and how they're kicking people out and how you have you have taxis and people that just show up and take these people off the side of the road or behind the catholic charities Yeah, Donna, I have to jump off, but Donna, you have some of the FOIAs from just a little sliver of them, right? Because that could overwhelm you with so much information. We could always do this later. Well, let's do it again next week. And so, I mean, we can do this again next week and dig through them. I mean, I've got slots open next week. So like if you guys want to come back and we'll talk about another day and we'll just keep doing this because I love the fact that that you guys bring so much to the table and it's amazing. And this is this is really, you know, really what I see with a lot of influencers out there is they're trying to build an audience instead of get to the truth. And what I see in all of you guys is you just want the truth. And, you know, we're willing to work together together. And nobody's trying to nobody's trying to you know what I mean? I don't know how to say it, but it's not self-serving. Nobody's trying to say I'm in charge of this movement. When I ran into for all those years, so many people taking so much money from people saying, well, we know how best to represent and go out there and do things. We just need to take people's money. And they did shit with it. While some of us were out there in the fields, you know, actually holding these events on the border, getting threatened face to face by MS-13, fighting with these people, doing the work because we care, try to expose evil. So that's what you're that's your point. And it's perfect. We're in this for the right reasons versus in it trying to get rich. yeah there's so many people with their little paid speakers and you know all their little hoity-toity limos and their freaking parties and their bullshit like that you know this is about yeah granted we make we make connections we make family we make new family we make real patriots real people out there and we make connections that matter but these connections lead to something more leads to people fighting back standing up for the right reasons versus this network of of elitist trash that just psyops everybody saying that they're all about them give us your money we need your money we need your money well they're already rich and let's face it 95 of them weren't a damn thing before donald trump came in they wrote his coattails they weren't oh we were woken up by him no they weren't they just saw something they latched on like a goddamn leech and they suck it dry and they suck people's money dry and act like they're your friend and they have your best interest they don't give a damn about you or I they only give a damn about how much money they make and then when it's convenient we're victims we're victims we're victims you know what we're not victims we're fighters shit happens to us we get pissed off we we just we have redundancies we have backup plans we keep fighting we go harder whereas them well something happened to me let me go cry on social media and take more money from people It's time to expose it all and I don't give a damn. That's why I'm so hated because I was the one who didn't take the money, didn't sell out. I was offered a million dollars at 24 years old, a million dollars, a million dollars a year. And I didn't take the money and they hate me because I say things that are way too close to over the target or beyond over the target. They don't like that. And then you go into the fact that I have clearances, God forbid, right? You have to be brave and be bold, because if you're willing to die for what you believe and the fight that's just, then you're dying for something that's worth dying for. And as somebody who did take that oath and served, and honestly, I would be proud to die for my country, but I wasn't there for my country. I was there at the self-serving interest of the global elite for this. I'm ready to fight, die, sacrifice, whatever, but for doing the right thing and going after these bastards on all sides and not showing any favoritism or blind loyalty to the frauds out there. We need to round them out, expose them, destroy them and continue. Not because you want to take their money or fill the void. No, we want to give people realistic hope and show them that you are something, too. You don't need an influencer to tell you that you're something. We had to donate or pay a membership to them to magically be something. We're all something. Sorry, I'm sorry, Donna. I'm pontificating. That's okay. We're Americans. And to your point is that we're Americans and we're supposed to be functioning like a family, not like this little 16-year-old pom-pom popularity club that's going on in our politics because that's what it looks like. We had Michigan. I called them the Bobsy Twins. We had Saldano and Kelly who were out there flirting with all the women. Tudor Dixon was flirting with all the guys out there. And, you know, I heard I heard a lot of reports from guys that were like, I don't even want to be around her because, you know, she's hanging on me all the time when we're at these events. And it's like, why are we even considering these people for a political office if they don't even know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner? We're going to get what we want if we have this sort of pandering out there. It's horrible. Casey, what you got to say? Hey, I'm going to drop off. It was nice meeting you guys. It was great. Thank you for being on the show and look forward to connecting in the future. Talk to you soon, Terry. Yeah, you too. Bye-bye. Bye. I'm just enjoying the conversation. Honestly, I don't have a lot to add. I just I'm just enjoying this. I'm not I don't really follow the we suspect there's some trafficking going on where I'm at, but we're still trying to ferret that out a bit. So we're working with the local sheriff and, you know, we're kind of investigating things as we There's been some incidents more recently of migrants here. And so it's getting more heated and people are definitely paying more attention. The community is. But there's nothing really super definitive. We suspect things and heard things. But, yeah, obviously it's going on in some capacity. I think it's going on in a lot of like the middle class type neighborhoods and such where I think that that's actually the majority of them because people won't won't question things in those areas. And so I was working with a private investigator for a little bit and we were looking at different sites and different things like like that, how there was one place down in Tennessee And it opened up to a river. But on the backside, they had literally built a semi-capacity basement where they could drive in a semi. And then, you know, they were unloading kids from the river to go into this little nothing house. The basement was three times the size of the house, but the house looked like a three-bedroom ranch. It was inconspicuous. And what they were doing is back in the trucks and underneath this house and taking kids out that way. And it was really, really crazy. But the really good thing is to know that there's enough eyes on this stuff to see what's happening. When I was up at Camp Grayling a few weeks ago, I'm going to tell you what I saw. The DNR, DK security and such, I got some big questions as there was no military on that base. Everything was the DNR and their security on that camp. It was all state, right? DK security was actually providing the gate security for both the camp as well as the airfield. And I'm like, what the living hell is going on here with this? So I started looking it up. Look into their funding. Well, it wasn't even that. I started looking into it. DK Security, the head guy has got some sort of an Indian type name. It's based about six miles away from where I live. But they had 30 some odd satellite offices across the United States. So I started doing aerials on them to see where the heck they were. And it was shocking. You have a security company that's out in the middle of, I'm telling you, BFE, I mean, nowhere, right? On like dirt roads on two tracks that back up to rivers and canyons and such. What in the living hell is a security company doing out in the middle of nowhere, a satellite office? And the crazy thing is they do security for thousands. Camp Grayling, Van Andel Arena, which ties right back to the oligarchs in Michigan, such as Amway, DeVos and Van Andels. And I'm really I'm going to tell you what, I'm going to I'm going to wager a guess here and let you know that I think Michigan is the head of the snake of a lot of it because the funding is from here because, you know, they start. Hey, Josh, how you doing? See if you can hear us. Hi. Hi. So I think the funding is from here. When you look at the funding and the millions of dollars and how they're buying our elections and such, and then you can track Betsy DeVos right back to J6 and her resignation on J7. And all of a sudden, Pence gets $22 million thrown at him, the traitor that he is. and on and on and on. These parasites are all connected. And you look at what's happened with the Van Andel Institute. They have a couple of scientists there that were docked in the millions of dollars for transporting Chinese viruses and such. I mean, it's all tied in. And when you look at the DNR is in charge of 4.6 million acres in Michigan. They've got all the mineral rights and logging rights. And I'm going to show you this. I'm going to try to pull it up because if you're not asking questions about this, you should be. I'm going to bring up a satellite map. Wasn't that what we was just talking about the other day, Miss Sona? I think the DNR, I think they have a large amount of influence in moving people everywhere. They do. There's no two ways about it. They're funded too much. And when you look at the only people at Camp Grayling that had a big presence was the DNR. And they were clear-cutting. So in protecting our natural resources, hell no, they're not doing that. They're absolutely pandering this state and clear cutting the state of Michigan. I'm going to see if I can bring this up so you can see this, because I think this is going to show you what I'm talking about here. All you got to do is look at a Google map of Michigan and you can see, you know, 3D map. Let me see if I can zoom in on this a little bit. Now, I want you to look at Michigan. All of a sudden, you're going to notice a discoloration. Check this discoloration, because I looked at this for a long time, and I couldn't figure out what the discoloration is. Those bastards are clear-cutting the state of Michigan. Bam, there's your proof right there. Just check this out because look at what's happened here. They're freaking clear-cutting the state of Michigan. If you don't think they're doing it, I saw it with my own eyes. They're lying. It's just like when you look at the ones that are set to protect us, they're the ones that are killing this nation. Here's Camp Grayling. There's Lake Marguerite. And check this out. Look at this. This is not farm ground, people. What is going on up here? It's not all farm ground. Why the discoloration? Why the clear cutting that's going on up there? I thought they were supposed to protect our natural resources and stuff. No, there's a discoloration because the land is bare. Well, they're doing a lot with spraying the chemicals and we're putting that stuff in our body. You guys remember the viral videos that just went around with the fruit where it was all rubbery? Yeah, I just saw that. Just saw that yesterday. That's Bill Gates. spraying some chemical. The company's called Apeel, A-P-E-E-L. And when the fruit starts to get rotten, they spray this on there to prolong the life of it. But it has so many cancer, you know, cancer, was that carcinogen? Yes. It has so many of that in it. And it's like all of the what they use to get this passed. One of the agencies was like, well, it could cause cancer to your organs to with prolonged use. And I'm like, how is this even legal? They are killing us off. They are taking us out. And they're also putting the mRNA and everything. So you have soylent green mRNA being spread everywhere and mod RNA. Nobody talks about the mod RNA. They're always talking about the mRNA because that's the easy, that's the shell game, if you will. So basically they're force feeding the vax on everybody, whether you want it or not. They've been doing it for a while. Yes. Green is real. Nobody questioned when the COVID patients died and they literally liquefied the bodies and poured them into the waterways and soils. Calcium from the bones. They use it for food. Yep. Done all done deliberately. So, and this has been going on for quite some time, but this is what, this is how they're doing. That's why they're pushing. They push veganism because they want to really get you in the veggies because the veggies have been their latest experiment the last 15, 20 years and, you know oh soy is good for you well soy is fun because that's been you know genetically modified forever you know and then well now and this is a shame because I think I would fall more into this route carnivore eat more meat eat more meat of course because now look at my chicken breast that's as big that I got from Purdue that's totally natural because you see chickens that weigh 300 pounds walking around right see they're getting you no matter which way because it's all about population control and reduction you know all this everything has to do with going back to the Georgia Guidestones the climate you know hoax all that BS but it's all about killing you but in the meantime they're having their fun via paperclip and they're doing their lifetime chemical experiments on all of us our medical experiments we are all the lab rats and And they like when you run towards what's safe, right? What's safe? Well, I'm going to drink water and only water and I'm not going to eat anything and I'm going to live off supplements. Great. Well, they got the water poisoned. I work for the water companies providing high level security. I've seen what they do too. It's sick. Every level that's supposed to have your best interest. It's contaminated. It's destroyed. And then you look at the natural resources, Donna, where we moved to in Maine, that part, that northern part, sky's clear, water's clear. Well, we need to take it over. So we have trafficking. We have sex trafficking. We have drugs. Murder, drugs, everything. Being pumped into this part where it's still America, like the UP and Michigan. All this beautiful land, but less people, beautiful land. Or like New Mexico. They need to take over all that's natural. Nobody cares about the flyover states or the flyover areas. Yes, they do. Because they're having a field day running amok. Because northern Maine has one of the largest mineral deposits in the country. Right up there under the mountains, under the water, everything else. so much so that Silicon Valley wanted to move there, but no, no, no, they kept it away. Why? Because they want to harvest that money for themselves, mining. I'm sorry, I could go down so many different paths and expose it all, but this is what they do. The places nobody looks. Michigan, who cares about Michigan? Maine, who the hell cares about Maine? Who cares about New Mexico? You know, all these different, Nebraska, who talks about it? Just because it's not spoken about, that's what they want. They want you distracted because that's where they're focused. What they don't talk about is what you need to focus on because everything else is them telling you what they're doing while they're doing it to you and keeping you dumbed down, distracted, and MKUltra'd in real time. No more secret experiments. They do it via our computers and our phones. They have everybody controlled. So it is just it's demonic. It's evil, but it's real. And you don't back down. You don't sit there and pray for God to come and save us. You fight back and you don't pray for your enemies. Fuck your enemies. And you help God take them out. Take out the trash. That's how I view it. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Fuck the CIA. so big pharma swoops in after they make you sick and then they profit on that the medical community is the devil I mean look at their look at their little two snake things and it goes it goes as far as covid those people that took covid You done opened yourself up for so much shit. So I'm going to create something because it's only three ingredients to get that spike protein out of your body. So I'm thinking about creating some kind of, cause I already make like the CMOS gel and that sort of thing, because we've got to get these spike proteins out of people's bodies. They're talking about, uh, you know, putting the, the nano, um, chips in man this shit is crazy this is shit back in the day you thought wow is that that's never gonna be a thing this can't possibly be happening and now everything they said that we were stupid for even considering those things are true now I mean they're all true darpa yeah yeah We could go all day with DARPA. And then you have those people that sit there and they celebrate like, oh, look, Netflix is putting out documentaries like The Social Dilemma. They're putting out documentaries now on what's going on in Hollywood. And they're finally, they're seeing the light. No, they're not. They're literally, they're throwing you the bone. So you sit there and you, you, you sink in and they'll give you little grains of truth. That's the tip of the iceberg about what they're doing. And again, the social dilemma is an interesting one. Nobody talks about it anymore, but you really focus on what that is. They tell you how they know if you're having a bad day, you know, they know if you're sad, if you're happy, they know if you're horny, they know if you're hungry, they're literally controlling you and they sell your emotions. They sell advertising. They sell you. You are the product of these social media companies, aka DARPA. It's always been DARPA. It's always been funded by the government. So we sit there and we put everything on social media. We want likes. We want love. They want that shit. They know all about your life. Where you're in, where you're going, who your family is, and the fucked up part about it is we are the ones that gave them all that information. Yes. Yes. scroll through maybe five of my videos and you'll know exactly where I live I mean I wouldn't advise coming to the front door but we've given them all of that information and now with what scotus just did with um you know agreeing with the body administration and that misinformation man they're they're trying to take us take us down one at a time. And the industry of selling information is when you look at what they're actually doing is the data is where the big money is. So if they can, the last census that they sent out, I have a friend who was telling me what was on the census when they opened it up. When do you leave to go to work in the morning? Personal habits, not the things that are supposed to be there to determine representation in the government. No, they have way, way usurped their authority and they're asking for personal information on you. And if you guys didn't know this, but the MIGOP started this nonsense trash program called Good Neighbor Program, where they were literally trying to get people to spy on their neighbor's family and friends and put in information into their database, like dogs, what's their pet's names, and on and on and on. It never ended. So they, anybody that jumped on with that literally committed treason in the United States, a violation of the constitution because they turned them into spies to spy on other Americans and, and create a database because there's so much money in it. So when you look at these petition gatherers and that sort of thing, ask yourself a question, is somebody paying, who is paying the top bill and what are they trying to achieve? Not that all, um, when when you're looking at like the uh the uh uh every part of that can be hacked as evidenced by what happened to me with the petition hacking in in michigan but it's more it's more than that it's the it's the issues it's just that they don't really care about your signature because they're cheating on it anyway that's what I had to find out the hard way in michigan they're cheating they're ever living asses off that's what's happening but they're doing it to sell personal information And when I was at the Board of Canvassers meeting one time and I couldn't believe what I heard. This guy that was doing signature comparisons, he sat up there in front of the Board of Canvassers and these guys sat there like a bunch of carp with their mouths, you know, just like trying to remember to breathe, right? And he brings up the fact that he was doing signature verification. Jonathan Brader let him walk out of the Board of Elections, who is also the chairman of the Board of Eric, with the entire – he was able to take all of the petitions and scan them all and take up signatures, addresses, and all of that. Walk out the door – this is just a guy that does signature verification and such – And he said and he shipped it to Bangladesh for verification to the signatures that they already had on file. They've been doing this for decades. And not one person except me in that room just about fell flat on the floor going, Are you totally shitting me? This is total foreign involvement in our elections, even on this level. They say they've got signatures for things. How do you know? We can't audit it. Nobody can get in there except for their little complicit puppets that make up their rings of deception. That's right. It's all working together. Every one of them. Every one of them needs to be tried as traitors from top to bottom. All these people that have done stuff to manipulate the nonsense in our water. What happened here with the Flint water and the Benton Harbor water in the state of Michigan. This was intentional. I do not believe that there were accidents. I was going to say, Christina, someone you should check out. I found this talk about like an attack on our health and our bodies. I found this one woman. I mean, talk about someone who is not doing as an influencer. I don't know if she's there anymore. Her name is like Sabrina Wallace. I don't know. She's she talks about something called the WB on the Wide Body Network and all about how even like the health in the future that they can do things from far to far away from us. Like, you know what I mean? With Dan would say with the people who got the vaccine one day, they made all just. start getting sicker and even dropping dead. And she explains it. I mean, I'm not doing it justice at all. You just have to look her up because I've tried to understand it, but she was, her name is Sabrina Wallace. I think she did something called like the synergist it's on Twitter. And I think, I don't even think she's on it anymore. She might be on it, but like the way she's explained, I was so freaked out when I heard what she was saying. Cause I don't, I kind of understand it, but she's very, very technical and obviously not doing it for followers, influencers. And she's got, she got shut down everywhere. She might still be there. But it's so scary what they're doing with the 5G and how they can actually control it. If they want to give you a heart attack, I feel like they can do stuff in the future, right? I mean, you know even more about it. Of course. Yeah, there she is. She's awesome. Oh, my God. She's a badass. But it's very in-depth stuff she's talking about. I don't understand half of it. But she tries to give techniques and stuff to protect yourself about what they're doing. And she talks about how they can hack the body. Yeah, they can hack the body and everything. Explanation. tailored specifically for those of you from radio frequency information technology in other words the people that for the last year and a half I've been stitching at going how do you guys not know and okay so that's who she is Yeah, that's her. She gets really into the science of it. I mean, she was, I don't know, chemistry in the military. She was an intelligence analyst, white hat, who basically broke free. And she works with Tori a lot, notoriously, Millie Weaver, people like that. But yeah, she gets into some deep stuff. But it's all very accurate. And it's all important to know because we are all hackable. The body part. She keeps talking about the body part that they can hack into. Did you? Did you guys see the video where there was in another country, there was a priest that was doing an exorcist. And, you know, when you when you talk to a demon or someone that has possessed someone's body, you know, under Jesus Christ authority, they have to tell you the truth. Well, they was talking about the covid virus. Oh, guys, I got a black hawk right over my house right now. And that once you take that vaccination, you open up your soul. I'll find the video. It was scrubbed from the internet, but I found it like two days ago. I literally have a black hawk flying over my house right now. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I pulled it up because I can always hear them. So there's two videos like that. Maybe Miss Anna may be able to find them. And the devil was telling them what the plan was and that Big Pharma was doing the devil's work and that the doctors were doing the devil's work and that most doctors know and they're complacent. So, I mean, I think that this is so big, we can't even fathom. Literally, it's a war. This is why the Bible talks about... Yeah, it really is. That helicopter came from Camp Grayling. I've seen that. That helicopter literally came from Camp Grayling. I can't hear Donna. Let's see. Check this out. I'm going to put it in front. Oh. Hmm. Over the target, Donna. Yeah, I guess so. I'm over something. Yeah, they're watching. Yeah. Hey, guys. Can anybody else not hear her? I think they're buddies. That's what I'm going to say. I'm going to go out and come back in. Yeah. I don't know why I can't hear her, but at any rate, yeah, it's crazy. I watch the planes and such, and the reality is that the aircraft is, we've got a lot of helicopters up all the time around here, and it's real interesting. A lot of the time they have the transponders off, but you can hear a Black Hawk or a Chinook miles away. It's not like the little guys. They're pretty impressive. I'm just like, land here, land here, right? So you have contingency plans in place, Donna. Always. Yes. So I like to hear. Yes, I am. I am the the world's best pivoter when things go to hell because you just kind of got to do that once in a while. I can't wait till we hang out more. We could we could just expand our, you know, our empire and protection methods. Yes. Yes. I think that's good. Yeah, well, it's 12 o'clock, guys. I don't know if you want to keep going for a little bit, but we can stay on for a little bit. You know, the great thing is, is because the only one that can shut this off is me. Only one that can censor it is me, and I'm not going to censor it. Good feeling. Okay, and now Josh has got plane overhead. Josh, they're coming for you. So you can hear me? Yeah. Okay. Well, that's what I was going to say about, you know, the Bible talks about keeping the body pure. Naturally, we are a conduit because we're electric. We're a battery. That's why dowsing works and things of that nature. And a good friend of mine who was murdered actually saving his wife's kid from a pedophile ring in Florida during the lockdown. He had 14 quantum patents. He died. He won an IQ of the Year award through the DOD and the DOE. I mean, the guy was amazing. Retired NASA, worked for the Secret Space Program. And he was telling me that 5G, 6G, whatever it may be, none of that stuff actually affects us. Our body takes in all kinds of gammas and rays and all kinds of things all the time. Right. We're part of the whole system. But through the food, through the water, through the products we put on our bodies, through the pharmaceuticals, through the alcohol, through all these things, we're polluting our body. In fact, that's the only reason we get sunburned is all those toxins coming out of our pores in the sun. uh is is burning it just like uh putting oil crisco on your skin and going out in the sun so skin cancer all those things it's all from the things that are coming out of our out of our board so that's part of why the mrna is what it is because they had to put those antennas those that metal inside of us to be able to to affect us especially those that might actually be healthy so All of our goals should absolutely be detox and it would probably take us anywhere from five to 10 years to detox all those heavy metals and free radicals and chemicals and things out of our body. You know, you were talking about the water. John F. Kennedy had passed the Clean Water Act and Nixon did something to like shut it off, but ultimately it was never allowed to be shut off. It was totally unconstitutional what he did. and I think he was forced to do that right through all the things that were going on at that time but every candidate every elected official every government employee is supposed to respect the clean water act and at this point and you hear everybody talking about fluoride uh fluoride tends to be one of those first things like the freemasons the overmighty and things that go down the rabbit hole in but if you look at every municipality's um list of everything that's in the water uh Fluoride is like anywhere from eighth to 15th down the list. You have thallium. You have all kinds of other toxins and chemicals that none of us should ever come in contact with. Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, a whole buttload of them. And when you get into the research of those chemicals, I mean, like we should never even be in contact with them. So they're doing everything to keep our bodies polluted so that those things can affect us that way. So we absolutely have to take control of our food system, our water, and we have all the technology and all the abilities to be able to do all these things right. This is where it comes into those of us that are running for office, that are running for governor, the sheriffs, and the things that they can literally do to arrest people because they're causing harm to us. And so we definitely have to unite and put a stop to all those things and purify our temples. One tip Dan told me, because he used to work in a water, if you are going to get some water, because you don't know what to get, right? He said Poland Springs is better than a lot at Deer Park. Just a tip for your listeners. Dasani, Aquafina, Walmart water, oddly enough, is actually one of the good ones, too. Anything made by Coke and Pepsi. I mean, we're talking treacherous. And yes, I signed NDAs. I don't give a shit. I will violate them all day. They made me sign it. I didn't know what I was signing. The things that I've seen and what they do, there is the eight levels of water filtration, and they pull it out at level two and say, call it natural spring water. It is disgusting. It is horrific. Just watch your water. Poland's spring is... Deer Park, Walmart Water. What else? Fiji? Fiji. These are the bigger names. There's so many water companies. They're the better ones. So, but like... I remember at the expo they were selling a water. I didn't see what it was, but a water filtration system and stuff. I mean, they're expensive. But what Josh is saying, that's the problem. Now, I'm talking about what you brought up is the safest out of the names, but realistically, they've already doused the water so hardcore. Most of the water that people drink has no value whatsoever. It's going to go right through your liver. You're going to see it right out. So I always have trace minerals, liquid trace minerals that I add to my water. And then you have all the high pH water. And if you were actually to drink those high pH waters fresh, it's totally poisonous for the body. And what they're doing with the bottled water that they do sell is anywhere from 9 to 13 pH, in reality, The water does not stay at that pH as it sits in those bottles. And most of the bottles we find in your stores have probably been sitting in the warehouse somewhere for six months, a year, if not longer. In reality, the pH is not that high at all. So it's total fraud. And those companies should absolutely be sued for all that. But we have to be drinking good water. I try to stick to spring water of some kind just to be able to get those minerals and have some value. We were talking about with the fluoride, and I don't know if everybody knows that, but the aluminum industry was tasked with getting rid of a waste product. And that's where the fluoride in our water came from. And it was from one study that they based the entire fluoride narrative from. And that's what they did, but it was actually to get rid of an industrial waste product from the aluminum industry. And so they're like, well, hey, we'll put it in the water. And they hung it on a fraudulent study, one fraudulent study that was highly misleading. And once again, there's nothing new under the sun. If you go back to Rome and take out their piping systems, their aquifers, their, not their aquifers, the, anyway, it's, You'll find fluoride in those systems. Aqueducts. Aqueducts, thank you. You'll find fluoride contamination in those systems as well. Nothing new. They obviously always want to dump the foxwoods down. Well, guys, let's start with something that's going to bring some joy into the room. Watch it freeze up. That's kind of funny. They're jamming you. Yeah, it's funny, but that's okay. We can find ways around things. They can't stop what's coming. Nothing can stop what's coming, guys. Just keep screwing with us. It's going to be fun. But I guess the point being is that as we move forward in looking at all these hard issues, everybody needs to remember, don't be afraid. And don't let it freak you out or feel depressed on it, because no matter what we can see, God can restore, rejuvenate, redeem and refresh and bring life into anything that has not. And he's been spending eternity here trying to get it through our heads that, yes, we should be doing our part. But when things go awry, he can redeem anyone in any situation. All we have to do is stay close to him and keep our eyes on him. We don't have to be afraid of these things, but we do need to look at them in order to make sure it never happens again. and also that we can address the problems that have been caused by this parasite class of worthless individuals who have crept into every part of our society. And they have to be held accountable. This is one of those things that we cannot walk away from this and say, oh, they didn't mean it. We're just going to go to the next election. It doesn't matter. We're going to let this go. They're going to learn by our good deeds. No. They aren't going to learn by our good deeds because they did this for knowledge. They knew what they were doing. They know what they're doing. They're murderers, liars, cheats, thieves, and in total service to Satan himself in their war because their war really isn't on us. Their war is on God himself. They want to erase God. So every day that we walk out there and we claim the glory of God and we... We say it. Our speech can be, you know, talking in song. We can give glory to God in everything that we do and be able to speak things into changing all the situations around us. But we've got to continue. Speak the truth. Give the glory to God. Realize that anything you see, any problem that you have is not too big for God and he likes odds that are against him. If the odds are against things being righted, he's like the happiest because he's going to turn it around and we're going to see miracles pour into this and things that people have wanted to see for millennia. And it's happening already. I am so thankful to be chosen to be here right now. I can't even tell you. If you're here, you were chosen to be here at this time. There's no mistakes. There's no coincidences. Trust the plan. The plan is God's plan. No matter what anybody says, it's always been about God's plan. He's with you every minute of the day. He will never leave nor forsake you. So don't feel bad when we go through these things and think, oh, no, whatever shall we do? And run to your own demise. That's kind of stupid, really. stand there and realize, run to God and watch the miracles flow. It's amazing. So do you guys have anything, any last words you want to say today? And then I'm going to say a prayer and we're going to go off to our, our little disruptor day and go disrupt the plans of bad guys. I will say, Don, I love what you just said. That was beautiful. Well said. And it's true because it is hard to you when you get bogged down with all the negative and it's hard, but we have to be the light in the world. And I love that. You know, like the, one of the most important things is to it may not seem like a lot to laugh at but to have find those joyous moments in the day listen to music it's all about your vibe and your you know we have to be the light and to be that we have to be like the higher vibe kind of thing by doing things and keeping god with us he does have a plan and to protect us and like I i play music I always say we are my song that I came I wrote was called bringers of the dawn we really are the chose like everyone you know but we are fighting this fight and in that we have to keep ourselves you know happy in ways in the little ways that we can so to praise god and love him and to sing and to whatever listen to music do something that makes you feel good because that is contagious and that helps us get through the difficult issues that people don't want to talk about but we're doing both and it's important so that's my two cents amen and the hard times because you know we We've gone through it. We've all gone through numerous hard times and had to suffer and sacrifice. And again, you know, I don't I don't even like beating a dead horse. But, yeah, I've been going through a rough a rough spell these last couple of weeks and it's been terrible and it's been painful. But, you know, God blessed me with a rock and with with somebody of light to sit here and, you know, enter my world and reignite everything that was in me and bring hope. But through the darkness and through the bad times, we find inspiration in each other, in the fight, in the mission, in the cause and in God. And we put our faith in him and we continue to press forward and don't allow the negative to distract and the demons to take over because we're fighting the darkness. You know, we're bigger than that. We just keep pressing forward and everything. This is all for a reason. Like you said, there's no coincidences. This is all for a reason. We're at this spot right now because we were meant to be here. For all our paths intersect, and we're here now. And this is gearing up to something bigger and better. And we're going to keep going. And we're not going to stop, regardless of our rough days. And all the billions of souls on Earth, we all, one, two, three, four, six of us here, right? Can I do that? Three, four, five, six. you we were like it's not a coincidence that we're here all of us you know it's it's really cool and I love when you think about the mystery of life it's really awesome like we get bogged down with the negative but to be here like donna said at this time all all six of us here is pretty amazing that we met each other. There's no coincidences. We're here for a powerful mission, you know? What amazes me is I met Josh at Take Our Border Back, and he came up and just started talking to me, right? And since I have met Josh, I have met so many wonderful people. And this was in February. So it just goes to show that we're all just—we're supposed to be in this group together. And how it all worked out with the Freedom—or the People's Convention, if you can't see God in that, then you are blind. I mean, it's just what it is. So I am thankful. I am just thankful for all of you because— You know, God puts people in your life. I mean, me and Josh have talked about this before. He puts those people in your life because he's created a path for you. And we are all random people that came together. There is no... coincidence to that. We are the warriors of the truth and all the other people out there, they can do what they want and be programmed however they want. And they, if they don't choose to see it, then they don't choose to see it because God is going to put whoever we need in our paths. And that is what he is doing right now. Yeah, absolutely. We made the choice to walk that walk. We made the choice to put the full armor on. And God's always separating the wheat from the chaff, and I think it's moving at rapid speed right now because as the collective consciousness comes to one place, we're coming together and uniting, and God's going to put all the right people in our path because you made that choice. Amen. I've got to go, guys. I'm on a job site. I love you all. Can you stay for prayers? I can stay for prayers, always for prayers. All right. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for bringing us all together today. What a wonderful thing to see you bring your children together. There's always a remnant. There's always the ones that you call to step forward. bravely. And you give us that bravery. You give us that strength. It has nothing to do with us. And anything that you ask us to do, we're willing to do that. Just show us what you want us to do. We lay our life down for you at your feet. And even all of our accomplishments, our gifts, our talents, they're only from you. And We acknowledge that you can give things to us, but you can also take them away from us. And that's okay. Whatever it is that you think is best for your good purposes, we're okay with that. We just want to follow you because you are our treasure. Our relationship with you is our highest priority. treasure just being to spend time with you to be with you and that you would give us the opportunity to do good things because doing good things is the reward in of itself just having that opportunity to make a difference and and be significant and have a purpose. It's just wonderful. And it's so nice that you lead us with strength and bravery and discernment and wisdom. And you bring everything to us that we need to accomplish the tasks you call us to do. Thank you so much. I ask your favor mightily upon every single one of these people that are here with me today. Hollis and Dan and Christina and Joshua and Terry and Casey and Joel, who's not here today, but we We hold them in our heart. And with all of their efforts, I ask that you give them your favor on what they're doing. Bring people to them to help them. And in every part of their life and everyone who's listening out there, let them know that you care and that you're just waiting for them to turn to you and you have the answers for any difficulties in their lives. You love everyone and you love them. And they're precious beyond all belief. Thank you so much for being a great friend to us. We love you and we want to be a friend to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. Talk to you guys soon. All right. See you later. Thank you so much. I'm off to an event. If you guys want to check it out, it's called the JP Conference. It's being held somewhere on the planet. I can't say where, but we're having some really great speakers. This is probably a bit of a taboo subject for some people, but... um so suck it up buttercup go ahead and restream it if you want it's a live stream this sunday june 30th from 10 a.m to 6 p.m eastern time uh people can get more information by going to I'm part of the production team so it's we have speakers such as Dr. Michael Schur, Dr. E. Michael Jones, Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Jermar Rudolph, Ayo Kamathi, Dave Gahari, and then we have some special guests, Lucas Gage, Sam Parker, Gentile News Network, and ProThink. And so if people want to get updates, they can go to The last host, we were getting... service from, they confiscated about 450 emails. So if people sign up at the website,, just make sure you verify that you want to receive updates through your email once you sign up for that. So it should be a really good event and it'll be like an eight hour, seven hour live stream. So there'll be questions that people can ask the panel. And so it should be a really, really interesting event. This is never, actually this is the first ever event like this that I'm aware of. So It should be pretty good. I love Cynthia McKinney. I was shocked years ago. She was one of my heroes. And it was very many, many years ago when she stood up and she started bringing forth truth and they tried to silence her and inspiring woman right there. That's kind of exciting that she's going to be there. Yeah, there's going to be, this is obviously, this is somewhat of a taboo subject. You're going to be talking about Israel. So specifically, so these are people that are very, you know, very learned on their, on their subjects. And so people have any questions during the live stream, you're more than welcome to ask that. And then we're asking people to also restream the live stream. So we just want it to get out there. We're expecting this to get probably shut down in some way, shape or form, but we've got a really great team of people and you know, nothing's going to stop us. You know what? And this is one of those things that we have no problems. I know that the Anti-Defamation League is going to be losing their minds right now. Too bad. So sad. We cannot protect the truth because Hamas and Hezbollah are part of U.S. and Israeli intelligence. They were created by that, and they killed their own damn people. And it's like we have no issues with the Jewish people. We don't have any issues with the American people. We don't have any issues with people anywhere. We've got a big bitch in a fight with the governments that are willing to kill their own people like they did in the United States, in Israel, the Gaza Strip. It's the governments that have been killing their own people, and they've been doing it for years. And screw you guys. You don't like it. Too bad. Get the hell out. You need to be able to question all of these organizations. I'm Christian. I'm disgusted with the Christian church right now. I'm absolutely disgusted. And people need to roll in there and jerk these people out of their positions, you know, and prosecute them for what they've done. And because they're complicit, when you look at the the 12 mountains of people, these 12 mountains that are in with the DeVos who are murdering people because they've got Graham in Grand Rapids for facilities producing the Vax, Mr. and Miss Nature Boy. Give me a break. They got Peter's Island right down there by Epstein Island. They're all tied in together. They're in every organization. And we got to get over this butthurt. Oh, don't talk about this or that. Boo hoo. Those are the people that are going to come to kill you. It's not the people that are questioning them. It doesn't pass the sniff test. I will literally listen to anything out there. I don't care what label they're under because we got to get to the truth. And that's the only way to do it. So with that said, here we go, boys and girls, go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who's ever not conceded in the history of the United States of America. And we're taking this country back and we're not asking permission. We don't even care if you like us. It's like truth is more important than being liked. And I'd rather be respected for having the guts to jump in and knock things apart so that we know what we have. And that's the truth. So God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America and make it a great day. It's a gift. God gave us this day as a gift. Make the most of it and realize that if you were given another day on this earth, it's a treasure and there's no coincidences. God loves you. He planned for this. and go out there and be that force that won't sit down and shut up and piss a few people off. That's okay. That's what Jesus did. He was a provocateur. He wasn't little Gentile Jesus with a lamb on his foot. I'm going to tell you that right now. He didn't wait for the fight to come. He went through it right in their face and there was no apologies. And I think that everyone here is in that same that same camp have a great day stay on the line guys and I'm going to end this and we will thank you thanks guys but all these guys interviews up tomorrow so we'll be we'll be back later sounds good