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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/31/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Jan. 31, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is the thirty first day of january twenty twenty three the last day of january while this here is gone fast it thrilly really amazing so to day we are going to have another hour long shell from that two weeks it's going to be an old rotten two hours and i think we want to get right right to the meat of a but there's a few things that i want to talk about there in the news to day that are really really disturb you we can talking about the hoomaeeleia about how the feet is affecting chickens and such well it's not just effecting chickens it appears to be effecting all of our animals and pets there are so many greek calls out there it's incredible so i think that i'm going to pulsantibus think that i'm taking or on the idea of starting to write some aromatics or to write articles with there attaches so loeser to to push out there but that this is a roy turning in to be a large and i mean a large problem of and there's a there's a there's a bunch and i mean a whole bunch of to this were there were literally seen recalls in all the pathos for everybody out there i think you'd better be very careful what your feeling not just to the cows hares a huge deal with the calls that a bunch of you know monticola but now there are several horse seeds out there there cargill has recalled southern state for ah livestock feed with theirs contaminates and period as recalling sheep feed to deadly love of elevator that there is there some real big the prom and that you know the articles are fine ones go on and on and on so i think that everybody needs to really watch out for their pet food's right now be the chicken they know we did change or chicken or chicken feed about oh we can half go two weeks ago and i and we did start getting some eggs i do think that there is something going on there is unexplainable and i don't really need to always have exact sources on everything because usually where the smoke their spire so somebody has an anecdotal a story about something in the news usually usually my method is to go what's behind thus because there's there scottie more to it because when in the seventies i remember in the seventies when there was a big p b problem in the state of michigan and we were in the middle of a farming community and i remember all the dead pals lang in the infield of em you know that a farmer went out and dropped a whole bunch of cows out there because the estate literally was telling the inspector to keep their mouths for a long time in all the farmers out there i remember the stories i remembered the talk out there in such the state of michigan was telling the inspectors to keep their models shot you'll never hear that out there and it's not you know because there like well no they weren't yes they were and when we knew enough people out there that were being told to shut up over this pvb thank and it really took one farmer to go out there when the cartridge of shells and he dropped his entire herd and left him out in the field and people were let where across mishandeling that was brutal will you know what that man was a herebecause he had he not had the gods to get out there and do something really really difficult more people would have been hurt and there still tastegoethehad winterwere exposed to it on the dairy farms and i i think that we're going to see this a run full circle again because when i looked at once like curing and the omahas it price choice from trecherusly track his supply is owned by the big three multinational corporations now his disastrous not really it it kind o is but you don't what i'm hoping that this is a big enough shop to every one to get off their behinds and decide that they're going to start producing their own food and or getting in the game to help produce full food for us i disordered to hold bunch more chickens and and looking into alternative feeds horses i cannot want to make one of my passions and life like a force for food for a while but i like to go back to secheles you say that everything completely i expect we're going to see there is no way that we can consist in the economic conditions that we have right now for ever without a major at so with that said i think it might be a really good push for all of us to get the game here and start growing our own food notevery simple doesn't mean any one in apartment can do it or house it doesn't matter and also there is precedence and chicken and for chickens in the state of michigan through the right to farming act that any one really can raise chickens they they cannot stop you from feeling yourself it's unconstituted and in by the right of arminac so proceedes all all municipal county and state law so if we get together and we help each other out i am mean i i i'm going to go into teaching people some of these rudimentary skills and try to set this up in an maybe the sotpanno k of people such as myself that we can we can help people on a local level to learn these skills and or to overstuff these multinational corporations choke holds on this nation because it's going on it needs to have these people that have been involved in the job as well as the steel the elections nonsense are also in charge of our food supply there also charge of putting people instill installing them in political positions as basically employees of these corporations so the way we do that as we just come on the equation we are and that that's going to probably be our next step is to go to very local very very local post so in her working on that big time but i just want to get that other watch pats food because i think that this is going to continue to be a huge problem that we're going to have to watch and with that sad i'm going to bring on miss there date tater to say a dime that donidon well i'm doing very good part of my problem that we have is expect we understand who the deep state is at that one tarthatod doesn't know they are the fertile happen had the head and the wrongs the deep state has been attempting to depopulate the planet we've heard that from that idiot in that idiot face wouldn't even call him a doctors maybe by i credentials got no brain so the point of the matter is that it is explainable what they're trying to do what the multi level corporations are tied they're trying to reduce population of the united state out of the world they think we're overcrowded actually they want to eat the logs and the weeds and i guess there having now grasshopper flower that there make him from grasshoppers that they want to try to feed us so we don't eat the rail food but bleed the synthetics that the gates industry and the falcandus rees and to push upon his and the whole purpose is to weaken the society in and reduced the population so we need to be strong and say in a watch we're not going to play the game the problem that we have and we've been having this for years that most of the we the people have been asleep then i'm not talking about some of the patriots that are out there there they've been fighting i've been fighting the early eighties on this one and there have been people that have followed me and that fought with on the eighties from the eighties on through the government agencies that we been attacking it and beating up and trying to get them to come along with what they supposed to be doing and that's follow their oath of office it's better battle and we have been small in number now we need them forget the entire population involves some to say hey in all their problems going one and i thought that the vaccine would bring a lot of people on board is the lot of people out there that are taken the vaccine that were on the mass that a good little slaves they have done their home work they don't know their history they don't know that masks or put on slaves years ago back in the sixteen hundred sent fifty hundreds quiet that what is doing to day it's keeping people and the moral yet other belavinino ther blame in us for not for not sounding the alarm and telling people widened the on back side wide why do people not warn us you know what we have been warning people years not and you know the censorship on you too bent on everything else it is is shot ostanut i don't know about you i haven't been quite about one one of these things not one minute and i know i know that you have neither were both free outspoken in trying to cinterpede and educate them on the reality so here's another one you know we know that lines came from weaponis he from flameland from the nazi scientists that our own name our own nation thro operation paper club moved into this united state they moved them here a lives disease came from weaponized ticks on from home island we know that risenthe want other there making plastic eggs or making plastic lattices through making as food engineered food and such with no none of the nutrition built into the food that was for our good and andthe want to see bogs now too and the problem is as i'm just going to say this i haven't heard this for anybody else but in just going to say he pretty pretty exercere the lot of these bugs are scamp and does and so there there going to be just by nature what they do a felter organ is that organism which means that anything that they you're going to the so like the parasites contaminants all of that sort of thing what you want you and go out there an e'hoote right of vulters going to stick his head into dead carkas for bacteria and all sorts bugs are the same way most bugs are their scavengers are in the middle of everything that's decaying wrote there is not like their there to eat to eat you owe some of me eat fresh fresh batches i give thee but the wheat there trying to get us to eat is also riddled with contaminate all i can say is here's your first morning chop from donna brandenburgi you haven't thought this thing through is that those bugs are going to contain mass of a monsoon tamines and or on like i forget it i i i'll go down on i'll go to resonation food and well you know we're pretty much doing a lot of that now but i think we're going to help the scale lies ordered bunchooree kens i may put in another order of her second at least see my friends and neighbors and such things get really bad there is some question that i have we need to billy double down on that is the oath of office that the politicians public functionaries oh dere rats all those people that work in government are sped that all the offices swears that they're going to protect and defend the united states constitution against all enemies or nine and yet we see and we can start naming them lose and schumer and as a tonic mother all of those people are the enemy of the and then a bakennefi and they have violated their olhos are the enemy of the should be held for the but we the people have sat back on our haunches watching god knows what on the television in allowing this to happen and allowing them to violate their oath of all they got understand that if you were ever a person in the teaching profession like i was and you finely you're all ovah in stark teaching outside the curriculum and what not you'd be out of a one not nowadays so much because of the nonsense going on with the alg bt and all the other that stuff that their trying to shut down the throats of the the fact of the matter is the constitution is the supreme law of the land and remember what our founding father said we gave you a republic you could keep it not if we before you but if you can get and somebody asked them while what kind of person would you higher into one and then franklin says liars beggars and the but we will bind their hands with the chains of the cost but we haven't done that we the people haven't done that we can do that but we haven't done we have not gone after those people that have violated their oath of office on talking about just and in talking about here be a legislature and in talking about executed who in that and i do what is one profanity gave he losythe ability to do inside or trading and make a hundred and fifty million dollars who gave her that ford i should be and she to be hung outside where everybody could see less change or to ruin look at all and look at what they came in with what what they locked with you now and men or wonder leaving with that's right there's there's a whole bunch wires beggars and thieves exactly what they are but we the people having done our part by finding them with i sakeyou filated gerald to you don't kid keep any of the that money goes all back into the treasury to his hip has often what was your first stout beg of you said he werenothing if you were to chatto each person out there on an entente basis what would you give them as the first five to holding people accountable it like to day to day this is what you can do what would you tell people to do while i'm kind o doing it already the biggest issue here and i'm dealing with judges more than with anybody cause they are seem to be the most easily expel because there making decisions that are unconstant there making decisions that are against the supreme they are violating their oath of office while sitting on the bench because they are either of their integrity is down in the tubes or their bias they can't be sorosian the girls ah there's a lot of there's a lot of things you can chew on on a judge because the judges in violation of a loss i you got to do is know it though you got to know what he's in it you got to know that they violated the first amendment that they violated the their loose ah that he violated supreme court decisions so that requires in this goes back to education you got up scise the brain get it going and then you can start going when you walk into a court room then you can listen to the judge and see what the judge does she whose side is the judge of protecting the bar turning which ninety nine point nine per cent of the time you can write that down and be correct because he is in and his violating your right on while his on the bench and ninety nine per cent of the time he violate your rights also so you've got a lot of stuff that you could nail him to the cross and how do you do that well judicial tenure complaints are the first line of defence for you as a individual or as a as a public sense you go after that you go start going by writing judicial tenure complete he has and may be idle work maybe it won't work i've had it worked a couple of times but it doesn't mean they don't take them off to bed considering the fact that their protecting each other the fire protects its in in every which way the judge protects the bar that attorneys protect the bar and it's all about the projectio it's not about the cost it's not about the united states it's about the what is his researching look like oh if you're on michigan we can if you're in michigan you can go on true there in internet and typistical tenure complaint and it'll bring it up for your area maria is when i said that to although i be going to be doing on to ohio to the head i haven't done a federal jadis no complaint but i'm getting ready to so what happens when you do judicial tenure comes to my knowledge it becomes part of the record one two three four five i would not if i a judge violated your rights in a court room five times he would give five different complaint would have that one violation i would not put all five violations on one cope several reasons if you if you put all five once in there and they find one that they will this one or gone to toss this one because it's really not that effect it will toss the whole he got no or they'll file it but it will mean nothing but if you got five individual complaints and four of a merged and waterman's we then all four all five of them said in the fight and that judges then going to be looked at later on to either move up the ladder or even get folded back in and if enough complaints by enough people are out there it's not just one person its ten people writing now they've got a pole now they got a nose so that's number one that's what we called the administrative we start with the administrative process by making it known to the public that these these guys are or women are once we get the judicial tenure complaints in and we do not get satisfaction then the second ah issue can be a lawsuit but not against the judge in the judge's such as in tailor of sorting the salmonian tale salmoni is the judge i'm not seeing the tailor courts i'm sowing salomonis and invent because it isn't the judicials that violet arose look of there in an animate object they only they only exist as a title or a what they do not east he soon office and that if you see are not titled forty two case title forty two is a time forty two nighting eighty three is a civil rights if you see on a civil rights came then they say that according to several springford decisions that they're not going to be held responsible because the state of michigan will not pay the fees of the fines a particular so you don't want to do it for the you want a sum in the vitally and then you see him for violating his oath ioffice because he saw on that swarthy oath of of his office in the square at his the rise go after him individual for financial damages money damages whatever you can get on it and of course you've already now done the judicial tenure complaint so you've got that behind you so you got always use that if you had to ah all the judicial tenure complaints you can attach it to thee as exhibit one exhibit to exhibit three anson most of the a judicial tenure complaints and attorney grievance should be on an affidavit or eft there not you should put him on an e they now or sworn the judicial the giudici tender complaints should be as an affidavit as and you canesadooharie now so i can go over the hogarths okay it's a good you do it as an affidavit i could be used in court later otherwise you may end up having to do it twice oh we don't want it so he put him down the judge and i and i generally when i follow though it's not just you can find that there are other people in old acting attorney who finally did his old maybe the cord administrator oh go taylor whatever city violated thereto so you had two three four people to the list maybe the police officer violated his oath he put him on the should it be when you are manche individual ones for each one now if you're going to file a lawsuit of ilolo through against on one doctor altogether okay four five six i had one that had ten bis do you have an example of that you could send me so that i could pass like an example of the format a problem with my documents are the pretty than pretty lengthy many pages i could give you the first page of it shore you are the first while descending whole conocedor tooth at least look at what it was there and then for that all of selectative hacking about thirty forty pages as catinat taken or name in back well on ragtime for he the the thing is that when i do it when i do lose i first of all declare that i am a citizen of the that we live in a reply before you must need sagan before you lest the people you were declaring citizenship well they would be listed as the defendants and then right below that i would start by saying something to the nature of we live in a repose and you sworn oh that's article for section four and a nice spell at all so they don't have to look for because there lay they won't they won't dig up that infirme they will they will play games with you in the court room so he got to be a little smarter than they are and in time you would be go round in the court you may lose second round but every time they opened their mouths you a gaining knowledge and you realize that there the one sat stupid old or the ones that are trying to hide the law and you can win that game you can become see but de ganay got to learn what's going on you got to know number one that we're in a republic we're not in a we're not in a civil action or i even though in nineteen thirty three supreme court equity and law and put it into one category and called it the simple act and told the judges you guys couldn't do what you want in the courtroom now because you're in the civil action e this is not a bow in doing the jump off the tracks here a little bit this is not a bolt admiralty or maritime the patriot line then pushing upon so we're not in maritime and were not in there is admiralty law on maritime law in michigan because we have waterways but we're not cargo on a ship the patriots coming up with her an argument that sounds a hand sounds pretty good but that's not the reality reality is we live in a repose we always had the republic is never been changed his othe people that are sitting in office swearing oh to the republic to the angela or the all caps names for the temerity or maritime or the fact that were cargo none of that stuff eplis one you walk into a cortonese ing that they're going to say that you are not and the old they'll deal with ye as being enough is your but you don't know what you're right in you don't know who you are the first little first of the matter is that we've lived in a republic the republic has been established since the a constitution of the united states was sent we have a republic and article for section for the united states constitute has never been amended article for section forced we are guaranteed a republican form of government the state in the county and the city and the federal government were guaranteed that in the case and so now we have an oath of aught now here guy that says i'm going to be your judge and o alesworth to the constitution that hung on ould the cost what is that mean i'm going to old admiralty long means i'm going to hold the republic now he doesn't know any one great argument that for on your complaint against the men accordion he doesn't even know what kind of government we had are those people that say we have let the acres that's another one you're an idiot you shouldn't be on a bench he had not only on the bench but you shouldn't be in public office if you think we haven't democrat you have no idea you swearing an oath of office and your swearing an oath of office to a republic and you don't even know the between a republican the you are an emsley that's the way we need to be treating these get off the bench or get out of your office resigning medal and gederoth worn what you see i think it's a criminal in the infecting its criminal attention with fore knowledge cause these people are placed we've got how many sorrows place judges and that's just the tip of the iceberg because a an and i think that you know you're here being kind by calling them in inbecile because i think there's much more criminality you have i think you're going to little easy out of there john you know this this criminality involved in this its with for knowledge they knowingly or committedwhether doing they know what they're doing there is no mercy for people that commit crimes now that they're doing in knowing that their doing the wrong thing that that exact in now there is no back and out of that and i carried my turning in my dear my dad used to when he was making a point he would always go like this he would always the more the more serious he was that with the farther down on the fingers he would go when he got here you know you were it was sacred oh that's burning in my day and i remember growing up and teaching at the middle school in the seven and i remember a couple of comments made by the administrators the worldless changing that ananias a young and at the time being two up on what was going on the door his changing and people are are no longer becoming all sinner but i think he was wrong oh ho you will represent hundred per cent wrong because people became more some asseverare ah more more rob they became more me over the overs it's all about me it's about how much money i can make or sing in how much money or time or freedom i can and how much power i can hamper you it isn't the bout the republic living in a republic he got out understand that you are your own government so you you protect yourself you you it's all self reliance of and you don't go and beat up one people steel from people you do it for yourself that's what the republics all we are self governing self regulating and that how were supposed to behave with kind o thrown that out the window and given control because because we become so self you an i necessarily put in not saying but general public has become so selfish i now if you get no careciente you you damage takes care don't euptoieta say you know what i'm i'm sorry i damaged the coromandel make it right you lawyer up and the lawyer says i and i didn't damage the kiss careslipped on a banana peel and hit the kisans the bennefield this is the kind of nonsense that goes on your lawyer up and you and you get out of that you weasel out of whatever damages that you've created or cast and in that process you become a very selfish person and we've lost the republic now you got to have police attorneys de all that stuff to keep you and line because you're so far out of line you don't know he you are worn by men that people might be i feel sorry for them because you know they broke the law but we should feel sorry for them and give erexcuse in the book for just in all he hadn't mean it yet they did yet they did they knew exactly what they were doing it's not you know is sister half pat two you know honestly to engineer the destruction of our country and in create our own country his created through our our tax or on or illegal tax trot the blighted areas and and that's an easy thing to prove and i have to look at his how that the tax for s go and how oh how the developers work i am very very very much and tie developers because most of the developers are owned by these big corporations and they are stealing the land from americans were we are not we are not on equal footing and their literally stealing the land for americans and putting it into big multinational corporations where either the prices are going to be the point where they've got all this asset value they can reinvest it into more land and thereby clos real americans out from each acheven owning property firing is nothosaurus its individuals the in the corporations are buying up lots an lots of len i'm going through one right now is going to depose ah as so many people that are older from owning their own their own play right right now right where i am right now and it's really really sad because exactly what's going to happen as people that have lived in the spaces where they've been in for for forty or sixty years or something or going to probably enables in their homes because of a purchase of the area by a big corporation going out all over the united state and what's going to happen and get continued to have as they put in place of this people in our government in order to overstep once again as an economic warfare on the people and they're going to strip every single thing away from with the people the opportunity the opportunity own homes and and landanosine we step up and say no there should be no ownership you know of and by ockypations or it needs to be through the thought through the weed the people and i'm sorry i got on a rabbit trail there but but the whole sesteirado whole system is rigged yet thought the whole resistant is rigged to you sir the the rights the birth right of american who this country along to and it is wrong i agree with you honoured present and that was a good rabbit all i'm going to start right on and on as has this this is going to sowe and now the atomic and the importance another is so vast then then i don't think that most people actually recognize what's going on right under their eyes or in a right in their noses it's going on right in front of him it's in a local level the subversion and the theft of america by his corporation and it's good to take us show up and say not just now i have now you're not doing this as long as we're alive and you know and and not only are we going to drag you out in your reputation out into an entrance on isse you can never hold office again but we're going to go fer fro for ah indictments we're going to go for convictions and we're going to go for the punishment of treason because one is and it should be from top to battle we in local level to that's right ah when you talk about treason you talk about violating you're also when you governor or mayor or whoever you are violate your the office i don't care what the reason i don't care for wool it is if you violate your loft without the support of the pope public the people they know are creating acts of and you will need to be facing those acts and that's the way we should be looking at as the poles the general public should be and it's not you in violet to those you created acts of re treason is the the oath of offices that that it'll middle that middle step that it to violate your old too create acts if you've sworn it on to a oleosity ion and you don't do it then you are in this person and a trader in you need to be taken out and put on the gallows or whatever so i thattaking about true to god to what tucker carlson set about to delethi week as i kind o like what he said that i disagree with him on on some points here that this goes back to trees and two but i would like to stay with this subject for a little bit longer on the process for removing a removing these people once we get past the the clenard cole the thing let me make one more comment before you okay i'll be cried is england on for all of my life and probably the year's lot life's that we have been told and brought up in school system to believe that we have a scarcity on his right and doctrinaires god brought us over this planet and only gave us portion of what we needed to as fossil fuel we realize the dying dinosaurs that created the oil but remember back when add the oil cried they charged they raised the price of the gasoline as they had these were running out of dinosaur fossil no sir then it became that it became climate became i says is coming then it became globularing now neither one of those works so will call a climate this is all then put upon over the years you and i in all of the driving that we do in vehicles and do not equal any kind of that old changed the course of the street if you in your concerned about pollution then what about the wars ere time they drop upon man blows or every time air force goes out or the navy goes out with the and they burned the one gallon or or ten gallons for one mile that's where the pollution or dumping stuff into the the rivers chemical company bill shoot eh or a g and h the helical company dow chemical in bed with each other i mean married his one of the red and the even the chemical company gave him an island so bill shoot is up to his eyeballs in where is soilingthat i don't know i have fed up on that because you know i hate to say it but i do you were on your entire life on intuition on people i kind o do and when you meet somebody that just creeps you out just by being within fifteen feet of on and your life you're like you know if there was a plastic political action figure ting you know it's like it's crazy so tell shoots island from doubt negresses wearing pres that was a while ago that i was led he can crazy he has now now otomie he's one that's one of my possess on the turning homiletics lutely zippo cases assets of thirteen million and on this is interesting to the little stick to for coffee and for everybody has then exposed here crean eye and the quire by do see you this poses of her view inside of dol and here story general pe taxes while we've got to enter saw over the place right there when the cotonou don't how to be so smart fate this agis oh let's see in oh my gosh oh my gosh it is on the west end of the island of saint john's and the us virgin islands how my gas that's ten sudding there he's been selling off while in office you have to be kidding me it's like this is right down there in the sink a saint johns in the intovirarion down there where the wit the jobs and everybody else and are trying to secure the nine on secure vaults and propiciar y down there in the virgin islands you got of gojon carnegan the the battle down there with john open of shoots down there on the in the same areas a stone's throw from abstenar you kidding me well that explains the lot to me that i did onnellisesti a big big wig so shorecold seven point two million in virgin islands realestate willing office in republican party that the fighting over unsecured boats down their oostis is phrase this crazy well do it in romorantin dream i'm going to do right i'm doing my grandpa well well well what have we come that you've been holding that when i would one this is you want to come in here rigour on oh i got i love you just the pony i thought so funny so all right this i can i bagdale find the iglesiasite living crab out of this guy the the the waterways and michigan are are flooded with toxins from alchemical and bill shorty said aboot corporation a feeble old guys that winter saint erstens or jumping off a ball whom you know in no heels running were gotten there well cross okay there's more to the story and mordica while you my moon of my questions is what is run a romney doing about it charged in everibodi the common the stupid still bed up oileach be a legal paid a place schemes a republican party nonsense which should all be legal and they're all involved in it and then you've got in to pango that was cherishing a level charging candidate to put their literature and the mosquito and and you jack that make mission tyope charge in money because if you don't have money you're not worth in part of our little criminal system were in the party exactly what's going on their chosen it there initis so incredible and the developers are taking over land this is lokapati down here the every day person who worked hard their entire life has no act do anything unless their willing to get into their little come you net work being paid the big box you know and in taking part in the criminal enterprise this is what's going on and it is so wide and you know what president trumps the sapoodi then i've heard people say well you don't his problem wasn't he couldn't get good people around him on like tell me who is a good person out there cause another and you know it's like the guy did as the guy who would get in hand and i come crap show of a government to work with and everybody expects him to pull a magic rabbit at out of somewhere if our fall that we let it isthat she was just gracious enough to sit up there and take all the slings and arrows at an expect perfection out of anybody because you know it this thing is orful and in how we the people assemble and go and there and not that down with their invasion of our nation one person is not going to fix it's going to be all of us and i did not because there aren't any good people in there i'm sorry my faith that no toston over in our treason all of em handed the military to get me a nonstop it oh oh in all save oration protected the founder whatever sudden to get mollendo all here with him they are at the yeah there go someting so here's of charles's own to go to the the chant her manitewaning morning good morning all yo ha yo on gathering notice for tregethes from charlotte this week would be my fifth and i know people that have never been called for jury duty this hard line funny i'm holding my third load of fossil fuels right now about four hun forty thousand gallants of fossil fuels just to day so stupid there is no way this the path of dinosaurs then all decided to talking enterprises that are like because there were at least you know a thousand feet on dinosaurs a decomposed all in one spot in one place to create the deposits is like believing nine eleven so anyhow yes there you're not troop come on to her it's not in cold he was in what about the tires created keyand then his heart lying good new jap his heart linecasting body might wodelade orethrow her she's going on journeyed i i got it i just got a you give me a minute jury duty is curable though one of the most import forth branches of that's our branch of where we can nullify a law if that law is in and we have to know our rights as a juror donnell the judge on old you won't let go in the jury once down stupid people and the red so if you're goin to get in a jury room if you're going to be so lucky to get into the jury room then go in there with the knowledge of what the juris notifying the law if the law is an incorrect one through it right out of the then i don't know what person is being charged with it might be a murder and i know that's a different story but being on the jury and having an opportunity to take care take control of the government is one way you can do from the from the public side you want to know what you can do i know i've been in to several different court rooms they but they know the stoneone they have that look on her face when you and i will come in in lionel and you look in a gap in that a right in prfecerit miss on to let her how important that yeah we appreciate it charlotte thank you for your service and partaking the time for god and you know what this the voting we should have voting day voting be a national holiday that everybody has oft to in fact vote in personis assentive thing everybody's going to have to figure this thing out so that we can we can have free and fair elections and it may take us the little while because we didn't get into this crowe and right now over night shooting up stereochemical losodica should not have to be with you norwood yet there is another king in down at an election and nothing and then we are of charlotte also have to pay i have to pay also to and these seventeen state convention on a joke to paid her volt and innatethat you in to insure for the jury duty commences there this is absolutely the entire system of our elections and shall lection for placing a placing people in office is is exactly take bottom paid a play if you don't have money and every time i hear somebody say well you know this person has the ability to raise a lot of money well there's your first we that the person is is absolutely criminal if the criminal intention is going to be to make this all about the money and were and listens admits the persons raised oh you know the tales come up this person's raise five million this person's race sixteen millions and all of us you know what any of us that fall in line where the stupid as people said he an office if for paying attention to how much money that they have raised as well there going to win because they've they've raised the small money well they raise them a otomone because you're sitting and with globeless if they there not getting from me to people there gitanotheir money funds are getting up from the packs or getting it from all this controlled mounts and we're buying into that they care about us and that oh we're going to be enamoured by the money that they raise it's the hypnosis of some sort of weird en now they sat talking money out you go mediately the anatone and identifying an enemy of the people break there it's right the innotescat clubs out you know it's like i i love what the community that we're in here it is so if the its retirement type community and you have never met a nicer group of peaks in afterward light it's like everybody everybody is so willing to help and and i take care of each other and to day i'm going out to an hour on interment ceremony where one of the guys on the guys died and we're going out and scattering he scattering ashes to the amgoing to do the service for that but everybody here cares about weather ever on care so much about each other here and it really needs to go throughout our entire nation to have that type of care where we follow in jesus said and put all hers if we have golf game or a or horseback ride or anything like that where where somebody's in help we got to put that stuff away and somebody is an inishal then is to be the number one primary of every single one of us in the non sa that was thrown at us through her indoctrination can this is your right remember remember access me street came on and the most important person in the world to you as you and it was it was teaching kids and teaching to focus a how important they are in all these wonderful gifts that we all have what we all have great yet so now god gave every single person out there special gifts that are unique and ah and ah i orribil think that we really need it to focus more on other people and forget about forget about trying to make yourself feel so good about ourselves work on help in other people feel better now that giving away our attention or a time he can out give you know the more you give more on otocac and it's not the reason why we give we give because we really feel that love for other people but my goodness what a backward system of ampre now so sorry all the hometrail you a little that mitral here do you know that flossie here's the situation the money that these people take that i'm talking about public function from where from the anoplura well the same same game plan another words there's nobody out there government doesn't make money the averment dunthenta get out there and produce spot and make money they paid so the question is where does this and then they turn round an attack to pay the interest on his i moseyed sorry god losses sold three million dollars worth of for weeks before informs about gogoing down halitatine so odd she do i really nominant did anybody else get that often to buy herself gogle just how about waters waters lives in a pretty pathetic lorna don't know anybody knows most of it not get o but down close to it i mean fromentierre tosefothal it applied in area she is a four million dollars and where do the for million dollar so a hobo pilose is now worth a hundred and fifty million old from her from being an old she's only making a hundred and seventy five thousand a year may be a hundred and eighty now senator or as a cough as a house representatives and yet she was able to gather in her time period a hundred and fifty million dollars parson one personal gay how about biding in his crime family tens of millions tens of millions of old that he has control over where does that money come charlotte what about abitavano with the attic scandal and that's that's a you don't there's there's another one that's in it i mean these people are like that the like other weed in all their appear ose and they lived under cross and then they rigged the system to always give them the favor because we do not have we do not have a government this working for we the people we have a government spitting on weather and thrown otago back to something that you sat is that the money comes from us but it really does it it's like we've got two teams that are fighting right now but the one time isn't fighting very well and that's when the people is not fighting well the other ten that's fighting really well is the corporation and and how the corporate structure the corporate welfare the getting it their getting oh you know we talk about entitlements and here's a lot of people of set about entitlements you can't even cried of entirely men that that are going to the corporation the corporate corporate welfare is absolutely the death of this one they take the money that they get they increase their asset value they use it as it voitoore more and more and more and they keep bigness bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger beast hoping the epicenter insistent every now we as americans in that real can never come what we have to do as we have to compete with it sheer numbers and where the going back to the constant curing move their paid employes which are public functionaries are paid employes of corporate america there not a wipe now even remotely cause if they were they would be working for us the old so we have to use that structure of the cork well the constitution we can't we do not have a cash advantage on with them we don't have money advantage but we can go back with a procedural advantage over him and remove man to a degree as correct but you know we also have the power to not by from the correct that is correct disney is taken serious on with the albet quhatever that is organist walk not equal people of stopped going to watch their videos people of stopped going to disney world now there being take there getting blasted that's that's the way we got to deal with i don't like what amazon's doing but we got to have more than just one or two people saying that we've got a many people saying you know what i like going to buy any more for amasiano going to buy any more from some of these other carpets just to byron and the other gonethen they will be in holy that's absolutely correct so i've got something triggered here less if this is going canesca you go see john and i out there give me some theodectes i and what more this is for charlotte what were just giving our tacks dollars to world economic for three million peg and old clonocrinidae one million the next three years why not on this case give areabout what we think or what are we want to do so the they could care absolutely care her say with more gave money to the a world economic form looks like it is as gustaving or take stones to words the sironcha lotte a three million paid to oak lonetree pig and oakland agreed the one mile they they have given so much money like ukraine and everything else i mean there's just now there's just no and to this nonsonant infirmitatio of their alto and are the repose so i think i think i rewealle amounted i think this whole thing you know to day i really think that to day's of shares going to be the beginning of absolutely am of absolutely sisseton rossanensis and feedback on i think that this is the agent and of late your outward our heart or how to book on hold on houthe public functionaries a responsible and starting out with this one this one of judicial tenure antidote this and then we're going to build on this and i'm in to start writing is in an article for he sanpeech of logs i've written under many different names over the years and it's somebody who really does a lot to research but i never really wanted being spot late i didn't i just wanted to just do research and throw it out there i can't blow that with running for governor so soon i think i'm going to do as i start writing this down the stock he meant we can go back and forth and sooth this thing out so that we can do a how too and so we can inohrae people not only in the realm of growing or food locally and helping people in whether their apartments or homes or whatever how set up her own food supply lines and in looking into this and doing this for years so menisin really that difficult so so you want to quick way to gain your own food and really healthy food there's a way to do it food i think is the best way to heal our bodies and nutrition ififwe have good nutrition then our bodies were made god creeter bodies to heal ourselves and so we can we can do this it's going to be okay and in the other thing to have the process laid out there and i'm going to ask everybody out there if we could if we could get every one on us and i mean every one i'll start i can start building a day to base where we can contact people and say look look as we need a thousand weedy ten thousand people or what ever to jump on its one per cent of the population in the state of michigan we can do this if we get one per cent of the camping on this we can start removing people from office ourselves if they won't do it then i think we need to and the processes there as long as we're willing to stand up for it and say not my life betime we're done with us of his silence and what about the three point eight million oh fie oh fie or bend ah to the aft ye there pay our tax dollars are founding and building this is his private public private partnership nonsenses going on out there what it is is it means that the or government is choosing and finding the winners and losers and we are part of it because they're all in the big club with the globes while economic form in all harounaga bigger disasters sorrows out there in other all in at and people like the divorces if you try on down through are involved in their part of the forty families electioneerers a state of mission for choosing the winners and losers on is all through this money and that the money channels and so i'm like we we need a sembl we need to assemble we need to reading jump on this and and we need some captains and every area that says i'll organize esmondone in this area and i'm not talking a stupid political party as it's a here's your orokolo you're to do less help oh remove these and a in go after well that's sound like a great idea ah by the way if you're going to write up a judge on each judicial tenure comes then you want to write up probably the tone attorney greet or the hold on mine learn take out her orthogenesis is corrupted or more many attorneys will i go through a core it's nothing to do with what the court case is all and he'll pull that cord case and i put it in outsays jones verses people says this and if you read the case of dozen said that at all he's committing for but most people don't get in the reading the and therefore they by what the thirty ses because the attorney either does it because he's lying his good and most of them do or he's doing it because he is also an imbecile and he doesn't read the case either and he is here cried there there there involved in and criminal activity and some he pehind though i wish they were just so but it's not just that there stupid it's of their doing this with fore knowledge because they see this is the gay this is a game to take as supaan to take money instead of again instead of upholding the rule of law and the constitution and every single one of them should be removed i i am not a fan of the bard the bars the little club that they got going on there to protect the that's right the bars should have never had in any power and mistakenshe i've got it to be insectele disbanded and and done away with the full thing because it stopped on the rights of wheathope ple to represent ourselves and an in and on the grand jury and i'm in anniston to tell everybody that if you're not looking on into something that goes goes to a sister in like that like common land or on a different different way to approach this i think they secrete time into that we don't yer constitucional poutonous we have agreed to sisinnes so any one we eticos the government is the service so rganization they are not over the top of a car service organization and they should be resold be removed there noting their top and like a son i were in asgovernor i would have put upon his son tack on all tents and we would got into the bottom of this and turned his and was service organization for we the people instead of a punitive organization that are writing rules to catch us and violations which they create at in order to take our money our freedoms and our poet that's exactly what's going on here and every single one of these yahoos there involved in this to be charged with his red at so in case we can't let any one go with sort of like it in that you got it you got a bug in your house or something like that you let the think all that body that the bugs go to go on reproduced like crazy and you're going to have a hundred million of em more than what you know then what you have there we have to go at oh it's ten it's it's tentive got the sothereor wissining her otho this to day on it appeared the evener no just want to stay focus and figure out what you can do on a daily basis to bring about the p remember we have a republic were not in a one and if those of you that are therein listening to us don't know these you need to do some home work find out what the difference between a republic and a democracy and why we cannot have a democracy we never had a thetch in the united marcy as it is in cinquinatine a man go hand in toto they are guided homeomorphic and let's say a prayer here and let everybody know that the fighting proud them isn't a bad thing finding problems is what we have to do in order to write the symptoms of the problems that their creating and that's exactly what we're doing to take back these we needed charging to this battle with no bad down attitude and saying we're going to fight every single bad thing we're going to uncover every rock you know what's on an under every single rock until we find every bit of criminality and or problems that are out there which are would withart of their war on america and on americans we are at war right now we are in a war and you know when i listened to talk o protector carlson say you don't why are we sending assets to you crane and we should be standing two to free canada with true dough with or one of our cossetting part near was not entirely wrong with that we had even run her own country why are we going and in looking everybody else's problems when the enemy is within we though the enemy is within the united states america and the enemy within our country is going all across the school it's not it's not an enemy that has boundaries it's not an out o me that states in one location it is it's an enemy that goes floating an in and making cream prongs all over the planet look at the congo in what's going on there with the electronic of of a vehicle the battery of and the mining of coal will and how much to a trafficking in is involved that as well as child and slave labor if if we want to say that we're against slavery in the united states will happen in the past that we better start looking at what we're finding and what forgetting enough because we are actually promoting it within our nation right now and in we have got to start facing up to where we are enough and looking back in history because we're guilty of the right now where we and part of our or more against the stock is said i'm not buying anything with electrometer is you know with that boy know that the vehicles were done with us it doesn't work it's going to crash her power i they're crashing or power to ridges like the trying to crash our food supply right now this is part of their war on michigan and on the united states it's our our point is i'm not going to purchase any of these things that they are put in place in order to take it down keep her money stop winning the political parties stop funning any of these not profits that are altercas most of em are scant and there the hands are out there to impoverish you make you feel guilty about what you've made they've all ready there stealing from you and i and every tax payer in every single direction stock ordinato by in their products stopped giving them money so they've got more play with to take us down and ah you know might adelaide need america for and harbors and democracy is becomes you have solutely right merica first need to put america first in the tag when america first unfortunately has been in full trained so it once again we're going to have to think as individuals rather than trying to be part of a tag line or part of a part of an organization to take down the united state when you know have to think and that means that you and not be one of us can go ahead and were in a work on a list of todos al things to do you're not going to have to join or give money on this we're all volunteer here on granaderos not where noise getting paid for this you know i don't know if i've got to he the videos even monetized cause i really haven't even looked at it so much you know i i rumbled its like is a none of us are getting paid the i in any rate this is all volunteer are time the technology i mean i know it through our technology companied to certain some of this thing and it's not for any reason that i wanted to do this as an individual nor and so you know an aberbothok the programme is not being paid they are all doing us it's like john is put so much time into this over the years and the graciousness of him running to be younowhere of in mccantey was amazing any one it's an actual person that does it make it into office i plod you because ones that make it into office on telling you right now they're placed in so we're going to keep going we're going to do it on the outside and we're going to do it with no money and we're going to do with volunteers and we're going to go on we're going to sheep planning punches as we the people and that's the way it should be done that is the prose so anyhow oh we're fighting for all of us because we love the nation we love our neighbors we love our families and we love our friends and your worth fighting for every single one of you out there you're worth it you're worth our time that we're putting into now going to say is come join us jones in his tone and help us remove these these criminals from office and that a griffin off of us and their stealing ormston come and join us i you know and when we'll give you some instructions and you take the ball and run it because this will ere going to do it's like his were passing the ball back and forth and hit em in many many different directions and we need to do this pass this program on let you know send to your friends may centmakes gold to day to pass this on to a hundred people were on a poncho groups out there on telegram every other social media planter put it out there help us helpless advertising get this information out there as this is what it's all about were advertising or were not averse were putting the stuff out there but we need help getting it out to the sources because we're banned and every other way to get the information out there it's got to be person to person to person because they can't stop the so there's there's a home work to day as ah miss i agree the labels don't mean i'm anything that's correct so in haven'tthe we thank you so much on this day that's ahead of us and for the fact that you are leading us out of captivity to these communists who have set themselves up in positions of powers and we know that his that this is a battle of principalities and powers and were right in the middle of it and you in this war that the war is in the war that were in as is about a war on you having father and on your children and to take a cat to take us captive and to destroy everything that you've made everything that's important to you and we're willing to stand and fight because we love you haven't my father we love you so much and all you've done for us we ask that you show us what to do make the path straight ahead of us and give us a feet to walk the pick the path that you played out of us and help every one get real motivated in order to jump in this light and to follow the proper protocol which you have allowed to be set up to keep us as a free country as a republic that's by the people for a religious rights and everything else and i know that they're going after that too that they're trying to scrub you having father from every and in your your natural law of the way that you set up this world from out of es while we're not going to let that half and and it's fit your strength and by your leading and by your power that were able to walk forward into any bad lets a head opus and we do this for you for a family and for this country that we love thank you so much bless every single person out there let him know how much they loved and that their significant and that there special that there's so many talents of the haven't they can share with the world and share with each other to stand together for your good purpose we we thank you for the day and we love you in the name of jesus christ i pray a man there go so all cry out thou o any one i never thank you so much john went to tell her body go to digging mining branderton that come because i have not concatenation and we're going to keep fighting and ah so soone loss suits can be served i believe by the end of the sweep seketulo his little bit more canowe got cork case with god begot everything he were to waiting to serve the perpetrator right now which is a good thing going far into safer he pondrian en anyhow just her hands we love you we love all those whom you love and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the mark i have a great day to day it's going to be wonderful day remember that when in times the trouble is when god's people praise god for what he's doing and thank him for every single thing he is doing to lead us out of of all situations and in every every bad situation he wants or good he's good all the time he is fighting for her best good all the time it's us that gets in the way of that we need to let him you know let him work let god let god work handed over to him and watched them haracles rained down from heaven its going to be amazing the best is yet to come and i do believe that so we discussed and firm praise god this day you know he's in charge it's all good so have a great day everybody everet day leontinians by