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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/13/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Feb. 13, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the thirteenth day of february twenty to day as they are blowing a little miss kencote with checker shareand i've got on the thother song just entering a right in her keeping the hand broadcast the sweet and tell it get out of my on back on the back on the colonies here when i won a back then we'll go to regular regionantes or right now we're to walk about a while or broadcast and hide galloway yell and i'm certain pile up on the tape here some more a check had you do in back up and run in the oh i owe it has a definitely ask a bright that's what it is i'm getting rid of some of my winter came to flies but i'm not a person in an too i'm too high for relief youroots the sun all day long i'll sit there when the shades on for a while and both fifteen minutes in like a ottoline rocks has thrown the water or it's something i can't just say here all day so i poisonit roasting pastors oh oh have you better about this a young year i'm so down with a stupid balloon thing it's not even fining and so you know i i just want everybody to know all there that nor it has the ability the tracks something the size of bird proof out there all right and i mean i just come to do fine about it but but it's this nonsense oh no what ever will happen to us we desponded balloon that's what is over michigan and we didn't know it was going to be there so we're going to scramble guns shoot down a hero with a missile you know unlike i'm so down with us but you know i think that i'm no other play of ideo and will that here because i want to ready see just exactly how confident or are military actually is and so their plan a game there plain thelon game we are in it this is my opinion i think we're in a little bit of a glowing war oui here on de i'm going to say at present pretty good that on it and for some sort of distraction or there or there you know i heard it i've run through a different scenarios one made may be that china is looking for holes in our radars so if we respond they get more information so being quiet throws him off the track just a little bit because the less we respond to it in fact is there but i don't believe that because if it came from from china or guys was he shot this thing down over the over the ocean other scowmen's its absurd the whole thing is absolutely a crazy exercise and how how much cramp are we going to believe from from the glowworm we got going on here torridon as for the old to try the sationery for this military destroo i am the women got there and she and i do warehouses with the tories of the economic basis now god people back to look at previous democratic ministration you can bet on it these all o ye have they sent as they always think it was republican a look take a look of what was going to undhandsome of the pass worse they saw a lot of amorets when they saw an remisethis becaniere say how we now but in what it was it at what price or as he is of oh to get his altereth in they won't see like or the white knight i think solved the propelected they wingreen a problem so that they can solve it to make a book like the the good dogs well look at that enhansest in on it and in ohio right now i'm sorry but they burned up the the final chloride that's there creating another prom and my experience with the pain what i've seen over the years is there the biggest polluter north america hands down and so were a which is our own government right so what are they do these these brain wizards to side you to burn off the the chemical oh a bigger problem and i i am in a run through a run through the chemistry on the solebat later but which produced as hydrochloric asked which is another attack on a fire land over and ohio to a tank or firm leg and the people live in there on gonimon to say right now it's like what are they do and then you can go to nor for norfolk southern there who is that's the rail line that is on who were they owned by vangard major major major major invested so unlike this whole thing this whole things and in every part of it and i hate to say it but i'm just sitting back going i'm not buying of that not any of it right now from so everybody wants to sick oh i know what's going on or i know what's going on i know it's on anybody that really knows what's going on isn't and the rest of us are in conjecture land try to figure out of the globe strategy that's going on you know i do believe the good guys are in control how lover i believe that there's a lot of bad guys out there that they are their drawing out with with theirs by raceby their first came when everly leaves going on out there so so there is there's several things that i see and i just have to shake my hat on it going what i do know it doesn't make any set that's what i can tell you none of it makes any sense what soever tears while his over missing and yet or appears why you create i was rahonador pointing towards something for us to look at or not the other thing isn't that what they did recall we have it treothes they created the fear poplared why would you a police force when the act to the tell you old coquetries her note don't be discontent why is a strain on sheerpole and unknowingly vide hestinanter the fact of what they get everybody up in arms it well there's a reason in ossining that by happens creon comes seneriwat is it then what is the glee that is ten sorolarcida the time or make government very good added or maybe they're trying to teach us to and just in starting just following oh that be it shock is that is that what's a really going on is that the train to take thanks to me look at this and i and we peg and on the sand i called the bull she mederipe in the bolshies and we just con you right there you go you know me over and just that points right off the bat i started the den where the bag o love what a great witsoneday dondon't dr yes and now if they're trying to teach everybody to think because we've been brain washed herself and to wake up red body up all right so so like i said nor a contract things and i imintanout kind of accurate besides of burncoose bird flies cross but then you know his they're goin to know where that and there's total coverage all over the planet it's not like oh my whatever will happen to us heavens here's gets up and now we've got a refueling plane which had it making some to me at all what soever in luster have have deployed a different type of fuel than what we have here while from asti rolfe what what is going on with that i've got questions you know lots as i called groover us dotted with a cold i'll be grosser up there noise and i'm going to guess that you and i are on their hand list of the two craziest people out there to try to figure out what they're going to say section controllable does not the p rascal became the alterative they walesthe spies yes we called her for the truth he gave me the afteroperation oh whatever will happen if chuck or short opens is not and speaks the truth and then down to brand of berg also jumps in whatever will we do it won't destroy our entire mainstring meander and the and the cord core and he in a tin foil her because they are different in that we know it's a whereof difference between conspiracy theory and truth is about ten minutes any more i should see if i can call off that they ought or that video i into see if i can coldframe on a norman i think i think the sisterly entered who had taken someone the thing so i just let me let me at me some somatic hertogether but i think that this is really kind of interesting wanpoles or my telegram channel contents were you guys all molecules storthing and i've been i've been beaten out trying to keep everybody keeping there there had a game and sandoces one believes nothing i mean believe nothing that's being set off there somebody is spending it from one direction or the other they are all spinning nets every one is oneida recross the terrified everything verified because the dates no an eastertide because of my foe and i am a new tranporter priusdem of being connected he against the body responses hooded in safe that even closes is interesting the person that responded as the pacha i know it is i think that's funny i think it's funny because what we're doing his work were seen what's going on in a word what the truth out there i did it and is of tewa but there is truth there these people don't know where the pines come from we dogotter but we could say on the costolette here contend we talked well that with the balloon ostreatus in a real blue or is it our boon or is it even of bonita y i'm not buying that we cristene i am not buying any of the nonsense so here i'm going to try to shore the screen a meno and the periosteon here is good as against his i can that's not so i want hang on a monomaniac is it is one wiltshiremen other hottentot continent here there go the taken away too long gittin the point here let me see if i can i'll hoipoipo the like on on my mahony telegram channel and and then well you know well everybody be able to see it it hits talking about i can't i can look at course and probably grab the worn file on but anyhow that nora nora had knows where you know nora knows wherever things and i think the whole thing is so ismenor and began homysomething one i say things that a million differently so that's my problem now that is the right one we we need to o mine to go in and and the ill kind it clicked down so it's not so long right but it basically chalks about the coverage that we have from nord oh and and how how extensive it is what won't will go back on post that later but but it's it's ridiculous to think that no whatever will happen to us let's let's rear hands a little bit more that might help when you think cocke i think with no as i have spied with nora in the week widow known the geneticists always as had been negative so the fodalit of stuff or on government and unconess is as far to go on review what it is he really will cat or what the keep of billies are goethewith the gloom est there they weren't in the front under shaded tracking in hothouses over it over montana or his olivasceus they know it mother when i cleaned when it took off of course they had this is a closer this of the now botwinkos we know we know exactly you don't think we don't win when they want to ihuasko or anting like that over there allerotism stereo whatever should read it has a lot of cooperation toltecos the spoor for that descendantsnot to it on general we know with slight and would reveal the some of the things they may do or the don't don't the mobilities sorter or the expert shellycoat you want to know or what they once get what they would she do or what they want the enemy to know or what the to be do ye be colonelgeneral is seirospore moorward in a different way i witless men available lot of information in i mean it's real time i can see things called up for he could watch it she of togogebiete cavenby home to o thou but you can see the men when sanetomi tale of visiting him piantaceci out but with that might if we can do that we know those little cow we get we know everything you hear your penology to the two what the bird of the pigeon that lately born who held birds got up the inobedience and see a right saloonist's absurd so i want to play something else that me clear up something so i started looking into this nonsense when the with the ah the drill men over in his pale stein right and omitted eminent this is another one that i want to play out there when the capture of this sky and i have your lesson of this one i like the skin cooper i he had over eight hours surprised to celene where one train car in the rivers this crash in ohio has five trains the cars five two hundred thus pounds that's portraying car by train care pounds of sconset a crowd then come i ports really bowed as one i protokolleret in nicholes of burning vital chloride one of teas hydrate cried really unstable and largest squire here in the office in the hydrochloric aspiration cornificias officials from the railroad sing it a higher calling burning off manning so i studied a lot of industrial accents say god o shoalhaven asters across kind or a couple as party so folks on the railway always plays on the reality of salso discrepancies and that is out by so all more serious is castles of parti that's sense and so you know and and so there there not even talking about what really is going on there so i'm pentagono look at the balloons and the distractions all the distractions that are going on in starcedius biting any but sorry and become a very in his riportate i don't know that the harrier was there with a competitor was but he talked about the by products of the aryan the combination with the o with the corionototae with water paper porteiro esteben about that is as well is it were talked about of this coin in the way can do that undecorated himself was the way you see it too is that you circled to not some of the old buildings and don't you start shane were in sorcerots in the outside discoloration of mondaines is is that recurs salvers and other of the poet heteractitis why everybody was worried to pool have in a hive monsoor to get all so silvertonites ideal but as you isomerides to save things but the interesting his proeme this core you know we put in our polls chlorine what do you think happen the staff of the aboral use is cleaner and be i am asherite stuck out there that the thehenites it works like you got her think of it what we're doing i would be interested in knowing how much chlorides how enough earaches joined up in or water supply is samosetene s is a hide chorassan rain you don't simethis of things that that could not ostarliuto this yousought as somebody said to us like whited they burn it rather than contain it then they should have ontothed have contained they would expect the rest of us in industrial site two in fact tenant they would look out for allow us to burn something like that but we'll guess what loan behold the glories and the government get away with it and they don't really care the area that where the one cries all rode it noviter cry and that area there cocomella there is a bunch of fish that died in the water really ye that are nonstrategic he hoped see this bunch of glorythat fall out of the groncourt of skython the ground see how many birds fall out of the out of the sky to the ground too that could be relentest let me will be to thee rather chalmette chackinil get back so we got high good to ye how and i got a wonder and the government is flintfull ones now yet what they want gotown er what the government is in pallastown wit mercenarie profiting four point right sundown below and then his tolly and distraction for might went owego political games charlotte garry got all mightiness going on i'm good with edi pray i'm where he wants me to be in plane oh yeah that's a man that's what we have to do right but also not believe her monsoniana mean that's kind of important esterolargo morning bite madaleine about one of these plans in my pulsimeter goes off right i'm glad everybody's is a mialaret the republican party voted with democrats and whitmers h b for zero zero on is for charlie derive certain that you and chuck are wood on to be at that time thank you completing you garry that's really nice that's just really nice yet there yet there sitting the scene for he had another state of emergency only this time to they think the whole world is stopenough to fall for an unfortunate estill a lot o there's still a lot that will believe it i don't think there's as many i really don't i think people are really getting done with us and that we're going to have a whole bunch of people there that are like you know sitting back going well well well i guess we're just going to be doing our own things since you all have gotten the more honour a word for riding anything the people sitting in office i love people already believed that an alien alien invasion is going to happen charles wondered what the next one she will be the end another night eleven help cover all their hanagarerach play keep your video rolling eyes wide open warriors as these clowns are hog there is this i heathensmeaning it on i saw my yesterday and overhead batouch appreciated his comes because i think what we're doing the artisan here polly too are the isotopic ation or upon the if you will people together and that's wocation we don't want people come in together the exposed as a that is really true they they they want herethe yet if we know what's going on and they can't they can't get us right salcede lady though the creatinine consecrate but i will to take her on over there and gradasso's somebody he vnattainted ashen should it how thethecourage to take me out on my own conionge bring the tototecli that a defender i can not so what we do you've got a great job away aristoteles been times a solonian or just hammered away here right and you on the shore the part to be not like i don't want that message of they want their message he esthesiometer with that they wanted every catherine she you who you are take away your freedom think so just think a look at what's going to roncayolo community after every day a rights there being mistreatment her an i not been the one nonconscious i'm desineret what's goin on all we can talk about that a little bit i'll talk a little bit wise say that the later of siliceo had haranite bit more because she was sitting there with truth scoppelo them in all of these quasidictatorial nonsense groups trying to get people to follow them and it like so had over admitted to having over a hundred groups that volunteering on you there's a full time job i didn't she was moderator i'm not buying any of us and then they started they started hammering on me out of line as if you should talk to ryan calliano should do this and he never said anything bad about your own like really let me just pull up the screen shots here and then i published in a mind then they were all down agronomois been mean to us now as she the year year a screen shots of where you were at absolutely being vile nasty human beings and you could handle it when it was out when it was caught put out there and called together check list not believing in other craft meters page i can hear his new to all she i mean i am critical of wondersrosie afraid to get people compels where they do things right the jack she was warned of peijury ones but he would bladethe thought because she stood up as isjust the margateer altho there's the bedside and the other the day though at the house to do posepone in point the trois and making sure people know what release the truth and let him decide for the that will then about america is ye valour freedom we want people to be free thinkers to people to understand to take up all the see is all the time trust bearefoote case i can horses alitibus i've got information she doesn't have his like that oh i'm tapeinoticon she isn't like a good captain and estepona they go home he's destroying the very people that will he save the country wiljohn rose to waste save the country in one thecocytes ate well he doesn't it's although he is i thought the legaliter hour to have it will be there in a talking about oh how across shouting their county is an conroe's part of that those gold thesse is in those people who have bellywith them the king in copper it isn't that they the strike all believe that by keates i don't think so but they are giving them cover because they're doing exactly what they chose or we accuse others of so all right weltweiser but those people don't work controlled oke her undoing the same onontake why why don't be just be truthful let the chips fall is and made ristigouche like road chain copy it would have begun chelmen the truth is god to come out o compesce when we do that some people will curse you and me then to know that of great esus or in clotheworkers which to say that old solisitor whatever a i don't know i've had a few people say now i'm like i just i just time just tell me that i'm wrong and that's fine hand and give me some proof on it and otherwise you know i think that i think that we need to be grown up enough to have actual grown up discussions and not an like a bunch of the you know a bunch of kids they had you know that we my whose hurt my feet at feeling is on a twitter to day or face back it's like when you don't like it get off of it you know and sick with your opinions to be shot down on they'd not be one to have an honest discussion about things and i think you do we can have civilized but once somebody lies to me i am pretty well done with it and you know it's like it's like i'm still out on that on the other it pretty much everything i've seen callabale in a moon all that he moved round and that the thing that really fried me with him and and i was out on him from day one he had too many too many characteristics as somebody who was absolutely plane and i didn't buy his take a rest because i know that the fbi people that were involved in their clothes and church parking lot across the street an hour before and there were other things in just one at a and then when he bowed out you know when he bowed out he went right to the next beg for money effort never shown up at you know anything that he said he was stowed for which was the needed a dickson not of him dead and you and i were there at the word of a miser none of them showed up and just was a time begging for money and i saw him you know him on and peon an where it was so blatantly there is a little club going on there and then you have to wander and i'm sorry but people are like oh they got co opted when they got in nonsense they were through they were placed they were placed and they were corrupted before they got into it you you know it's a but they there and and so an i'm not buying it meters and the then he wrote to one wisp i already that way they were that way way back with when they forget started hirson not about we the people and be his expanded farther more more power and he used that word more power and it is exactly cosolacoe got guy of the adagiarono over there and he got caught finally and the file wheels or coming of the waggons those but that of these people do what was it that my just broke about power eglinton what of what a actinoceras about the castle power corrupts absolutely but just you as she would further so about how it is even the motor fred so called it all telescoped into aniou and the name of which in under power under this cover ground that to people do that she would not know but we've got to pitch speckle is ecologically waiolani don't know what i be godes thiscoterie bet but polite the lotion for the next and ride home to the next one of the latter why are the true that who don't you worry about doing a good job the first time he question i dies and sorry that i'm out and all that because i shan't think there's too much for criminal organization going on there and so that's my problem is that that all politics from what i've seen it's all about is an industry of which they created for self enrichment and they place in the low people to play who will protect their interests and oh you know it it looks to me like organized crime the whole thing and then if it is organized for elsethe whole thing is organized crime from top to bottom and a and the there is there's no one out there that that i would you know there's the nowthere's no one that gets pstiques you know i might like people but that doesn't mean that i don't question her motives and i think that everybody we should do that you know as well as question everything that come to you i mean the bible talks about the people that have had the sweetest tongue that comes to you and tells you what you want to hear guarantee that's a tone of a serpent right there collge may not like one dies and a rosencroneske here on you know the song he played what was it it was a a he might not know as yet what so you want that you get what you need and that that was so towing because that's the only way to write this affliction or as iron instant gratification nonsense instead of looking at the things they're going to kill us as it is humanity i mean that's a renedo oh overcompression for is to home i coronation no deadening may be a all right no one now were it i do get a second laponeout so we see in going right into the grand ceres money shifted one ordering whatever only call it good in and we said when i served in best under russian of eccelino the college ideanever we saw there and his was tireless they gave no rethondes to the doing keenly o yet they showed no money coming in his it had no body that she gave a thousand dollars everiewhere now she ooonow i'm like i'm like a zero and a intrinsico anything portcullis are you never put me on your team cause it won't it will be absolutely a grand failure well i was very good in taken in a round it till he saw the pattern i took a wild from the seat eriebut i'm seen any knocking real if we look at he killed shellback was on and in denison and then we see the strong upon so pidenesse me confers no mashed well the govern to cobiseconte here up was were in some yet we saw that as an of beatrick that's what come did corny i know you just let you miss so and as to me she had been in anything in he is serbian i have under groveled here and does people who doubt that were on the sere well when he and the three guests we have over a way good yeivery shellback finally in a cave of publicly for tiny private documents maybe choppers or was the pronator all she brought us she brought us here gilloteur carney hiddessen i retouched and that is so true that is enough affirmation for me i don't need a pole capacity but the point of make is the we bring a truth in the sweeper a lot along the way but when near you and you are doing what the lord has created you if i to harsanyi tocabase you put it or run i got essingham escapethis for game if you now then what are you doing you don't feel like i suffer for calling the truth it's like it's just like you know it's to sort of part of who i know who you are and who i am and if somebody doesn't like it won't go listen to see in an and and listen to the lies he that's okay amicit that's all every iste to go ever they wanted to but in as we also there have i you don't the world as we see it and as somebody can walk away with a non nugget a truth from anything that we say while then gorby got that's great right and so so but we should not regard man over and monsammartino you know you should not regard regard people over god ever i shore more concern everyone should more concerned but what he says or what he thinks and when anybody else does and sometimes that put you on with people but that's so pic hate now i want i want you to get into talking what what happened at mccall and the connections over there you know we talked about while back here and where things are going because this is kind of real interest was really going on behind these where who who who else but mister grown again now as making means about him i made a few means about him as i thought it was that was funny it was like he no stand the grot and i put a job the hot on there in sight we got on to interincorporated croton the word of the war so consultation to no we were we take hoofs then too much mo behaviour did his wife his wife just some papers for him or something like that oh yeah an falsified document i mean this is organized crime that's how it works comes on other i waited to see come out and now if the st no in collated we know that they met eternest and they are a counsel to or the of the beef senile third when he did then persons trying to bring a white on i said it worried there played a game be you've got a other coming they're covered angatonistic to ladies or horneback achte out in those this comer i suppose so and he gave a more that i solivertiator that on friday and sold some information it was given i greely obeyed that the lawyer would be that because reality should be shared any of the there in others to delatores in stuff going on for sure is but anyway to anice oh neander or tanorocon because i think the movies devoured to the roll freestones effect were cold in adoption of people it's nothing otricoli all that that rod did you well chapter disorganising and all that rot in valsequa so you served the sea the we could a big prop of norfolks wellnye in looloo at the beadle institute in grain or happens and then i mean and then like on the conic in that in the voting stuff i mean this is so is so broad and in the then machineand spongin doesn't get a pass entered as travers city cotherstone going on all over the state and base sitting with that's like the nest of the globe lessines at of michigan or they have the harbor that the city they harbor go on off here if you want any crawling around without with a millionaire is that's where they are he answered he had the men did mean or interruption in sore pease he so he was that was always yes so he got the coin and what has more like geepoor ride because he's so lot and going on the poorest what happens to the cold is going to be recovery revealing ease the people involved now came aproceeding news or yesterday was the excellent article talking about the connection easter he finds at the end of the book the question the orphacines whose involved whose connected with the anthocerote who was he could have with me there the guides the tonniotoo sensorial in may trilineata is noorpoor cocococold sotyable this is a coyoteros the sea and of or connected in the people visiters no doubt the crossings he operates and over there i think these leases i think his ladies patonin her duty exposing even more because nor when you predicated forward repulsive cankerlike discovery one to which you do so this here laneout i guess mister bride i don't think it's to be favorable to in all and like i said i where is the interrogatory he was ventidio a david of cool court with pitheciin the prison for contractors he was he was forced in forhanlinger the tree or two that these were the end interrogated mottowill and yet where is it and all alignement one it why did he mention that i don't know because it doesn't exist unhurt is the thin oover talked about so with the roca it so i said is this the be interesting his she what happened and see she's all we don't know what he's going doing maybe if aboletur out ispedinte try to cut cockatoo plea he knows some kind of luster of but in so keepingsfor so fill on the oceangoing for i don't know eherwhat is it old sand out on oh what tangled webs we were peewee first to deceive when we first stone a man conspire to to see i think no dear yet as i take so it's not i ween but was so with her going right well it's kind o great away because you can take the whole that down if you if you constant do and i find to think that's the going on right now is that there be drawing people out of their little their little trap door spider holes that are all over the place and asinipour heads up will get em you know military go there and get him or somebody's getting him in hetoemocles evidence against these people because honestly how do you take down on a death called that his last and for how many how many sons i mean it and i like thousands and thousands of years this is in going on it's not like you just decide we're going to take two or three people out you know we let biden we let bide you know take by now but in the whole structure behind it these can of irrelevant this point in time is his holy orders so waterloo ravens there yes so so ye al youknowwhat because if we don't take every single one of these people out from cap to batum they're going to come back again and and i i i i think cannot discount the number of people that are involved and automatical level on the love of our schools on the local boards on the zoning boards on the commit on the planning words cause they move around just like bumsteadville you know though they move from one area to the next to the at the third that's not the third even our neighbors are taken of the in so much or if they got sucked in by these criminals that have promised them self enrichment or whatever if they play long and this is a death cult in the political parties are as the then absolutely the same psychological make up and in a lot of the organizations that are out there are called you know just even that the the grass roots a lot of the grass roots organs and it was funny when i first got into this i'd put something out there in sudden i think i shot something or marry planand i said i didn't think figured out these are all all of these grass roots are the same groups that cut down the tea so these pet players had they reincarnate in some other i my political an insider the distracting moralized waste people's time away from the things that actually we work and take back the age and we use you all be woof those that take it there one or take down a ah yes let the boss letteverein one they do them when started to political party when it was in fact than the cool removed and i did not walk away from a thing in fact i kept swinging and kept going with a low suits and the fighting and the explosion is like i never walked away from the public in part the republican party abandoned the the lawful or or they should and i was standing when every one of the candies it wasn't as about me it was about the procedure that i was going after and i talked to mark he about it i thought too i taught to crag i talked marks but i was willing to stand with every single candidate said put them all on put every one on because i was right then they didn't follow the lawful process it was now in no station was a failure to the election in the a lawful way and most of what their tactics are is wrong the clock out so you can't at pocket me run the clock outwardly anded over over again eh that's her that's her amawas run to clock out an old whatever should we do we can't do this now even though our rights we have rights were violated we can't possibly make it right now because because theo and healed can't rig that can't read the election of they followed a lawful process exactly what they did public and parties of and the democrat parties is disgrace they are all as and there afforestings the rothesay and even the minor parties are all infiltrated and it was kind of interesting to be able to have an actual to have an actual front to see what's going on i will not stand with any organization if they do not follow the proper procedure or avowal pass all of them burn mull to the ground if they can if they can't play by the rules and their hiding information they all need to be gone you got to quakers manydown of brofessor and i say well rose applied to you for diotper there what do you think of the half the overtone the game is good to go out of control for con have chaos how would we see it now she has by happens because the rules have i been enforced in these people are making them up as they go look at the lock of the imaginewere goito conventions the makeupthe rules he is make of the rules solano el or making up holes she think that's how the they enjoined beginning teleostean that gain so in enemethe the reality has as any men that place you don't you you just got to stop i think one of the when the biggest responsibilities we have whether it be in politics or anything else even the military if you disagree with the disagree with something resigned there is an individual masses if you know something is wrong the greatest weapon we have is through is to resign as it people think that they're going to change things from the inside of this political monster they are they've already been taken captive by the people that are manipulating i know his possident things wishin i antiope those dodo well prodesse to horse the years of shores igned yet was he she saving reviews over oh good him guy he was explaining to a weavin do that the fact that this guise discodea i don't know i was never in an informed report of that because i was so discisso disgusted with politics that i worked more in looking at what's going on out there rather than the party casetogether ies are fairly have made themselves irrelevant and here the enemy of the state how man is to all kinds of friends here but there are cut they are called and the enemies about goniacodon this greenacres so eric i got to feelin i'm seeing that this tonically two i take my name off of bet you know it was like like when i can't see simnam off but i stopped from odin it because it's been in file and so the medicinesand it's an infiltre so things that star of good even you we have to be willing to change when things turn bad and it's like when you're on a battle field and in you and you have the the things around you get out of the target fixes of where your en look in a sasser surroundings when it changes and of something is something you have to be willing to when in america first i started out as a great thing in then all of a sudden everybody jumps on this thing and in all of a sudden all of a sudden it gets infiltrated and almost every one i the vangas no word to go he will take our good intent seaman and cook what's going on and then destroy and divide it that that i and beating his individual effort the people have to be willing to do an individual effort without and i mean without being told what to do because because that the you can't collucyoun yourself you're not going to be able to call often because stand before god for god what do you want me to do marching orders so that day i changed directions on you a little bit in a battle field that's that's rode with minds and and in that i think that's really important though i i i like the the tenants of america first i very much doe what i do not like about it right now is how much infiltration i see it you know everybody said it's just like republic and domenica cried in the cold say to republican doesn't mean the republican now we already we've already proven that and people that are down across are they are they all done acres i think that there's a lot of people in the democrat party that really are humanitarians this is to what they believe and so people will pick and issue and say i identify with this because of this one issue the people i know or they want to be part of a club which to occult which it would deishal you know i stand with i'll tell you who i stand with and i stand with individuals who i know and or i've watched them and i've made an individual assessment of the behavior people like general flint people like admiral rogers who you know have it made incredible personal sacrifice and in his patent not one on have not have not done those that behavior you know and so i think that the that's where we that's where you you know i made i mean a valuation i know you're good guy and i wouldn't be talking to you here if i didn't think you were and you know that would have burned out a long time ago and seeing people that are willing to stand for what they believe it and that's an individual basis but every single association party clock they are all targets for infiltration because the enemy is within and its extensive they're going to target at their renegado know there's a bunch of edifices and on ononha tricking out of these people will not stop that there's no depth that they will not be willing to go to others drugs or weapons or whatever it is you know and so you can look at the individuals and making assassin of whether you want to be hanging out with that person that i am highly suspected any organ as the clock in his going on so and honorawere with you and then he milledious it beseno because three omissions there's two of the groups and mosotone posiesand to the republicans of black eyes exactly right it's but uncle treated you got a wonderful poise the woods behind the oporotheca's will come agealways to the monster were looking hills dales and i did you think what the judge did down there in helston the boy a judge ruled that of because the gold is vacation was not correct oh parties of the convent to the can only send what the mate for the family is but before the between the th interesting how it is interesting well here i mean that's a little bit more the fair but i got again ideological of credit it now you know we do that we do credit where credit is due where all this thing is to he on three dedications they rolled i don't see i agree with all the consatedest safe they were rolled in all when we had a problem with in the second is were they and with what was run we can better weethered a letter the torney said the letter suspense letter you will of an egotist i never responded here we have three here they did very reasonable thing i can in all i may find i have a difference in opinion but i can't find all with what they coleorton ed in the time when a manner i got to get the credit for that yeah there's there's so much going on right now and it's just kind of crazy so you'd be in looking at the dissenters of the dissenter thing down here in florida i think this kind of interestin came kanmakan inobservation on this because the scars entered the cosino the nattiness of what we see and having a question everything including the crisis i don't really i i like ren to san the palaces i like his pose however there's some things that you had to stop and question right you have that you half stopping question were and so might my whole thing when i was like wait a minute is on the same day all of a sudden pompey on de sant a show off in the ballingrane sixty pounds in their looking all kinds of boffin on like in one day i start questioning that like really crescentini don't know who is talking to us this in the discantists or oseneie for let the original guys okay i unkind enough by in this in and i'm not do well now i'm like look at the physicality all of a sudden we've got bucko and as the upstander on well i'd rather look at that his two point all then to santos that was original because it sixty pounds in whatever in one day now i in it right you have to tend to wonder about this if they're all kind of control and were really watching kind of a movie all the sun think about this if what how we know the republican party in all of these political operatives were they stacked in the deck where the bottom brazilian people were anningford an office everybody so that all of a sudden they get the candidate and they always wanted anyway and it seems more close plausible because of how the bold is broken up or so anyhow anyhow so so you santos's down here and they've got the ethic battle between descansas and present trump and such success is there an epic battle or is the saletes things where a descent is either working with or controlled the president in order to stop the powers that be out there from all of a sun and serving another candidate from the globe less to work against all of them and i i am kind of just ajust got to tell you i got some rule be questions here hugh questions his knocking assesses please do the joyous we know that there was a cry privat terence before the casino we know that there was no other deprived squirrels had noted on shall we know there was a private ease and is called the guiding jonah okay in it involved char or or decker acle and thetis there is livingstone upon listenlisten to virginians we know that john the office it also from the virginians and english in all and was put in a january of twenty for january of twenty twenty one article and in that he indicated that of the tried driving this kind name john carneades the head of the virgin islands piece hasty will house have relinquishes this is related to the old corruption what they were planning had it in the quercus came up on the stove levels so i think it does night there night telling us to to the next noctovistor states personales i was set should be allowed to vote but the canine in the primaries of rule in the ole youpeople in her totem losengerie dollies the delegate for ventilation just like stateafter the cocotte doing this out of the gussoree entosiphon trolled by well it's like the control by working cried to be controlled by john there were looking as then a head and i don't know those were favor of bee farewell is the andes are godheadwas but there is no doubt they were looking at play thogass we don't know how they're going to use but those were podoconus progresssocial on this high ordeals where they will control them that nominees and and here we go and words that were they from his ferialis from hisperia up there chacachabo and here one pressures sirocco of the oh this retired about bulinda here you talk to hesanonehihna right on the head of there you go domchurches he comes right outside with and so we all need to be concerned about this this only with the virgin islands it's like like you know we all know the epstein was down there we know that you've got you got shootin down there you've got all kinds of people that are playing games down there divorces are down there lucius look at the hard or of their end seehow many of e are sitting there within about what hundred miles on each other i am sorry i am not buying the nansen and i you know it's a cool and both sons submarines and all that sort of thing were there is no check these not no nobody should be buying these and this whole and at this he delegate volts for the president coming from the virgin islands is is everybody else here like i am right now with the absolute you got to be had you know i mean we've been watching this for a long time and that's been my response to the the whole way along she are you that that this is this is how republican party is plain they stop some brain wiser their decisive vols down the virgin islands were all the globes billionaires are set now in the great the the atoll the whole thing is why why is it cenotherae as to oneida haven't explored but it be interesting to some of these forks i'll be begenin the to the iron c rules yes hesitated yeh because that's got to end then then oh it's hopefully make them sing like a canary because they didn't stand alone doing this he hostand alone i knew exactly what they were doing that they were playing it to the help yet self among go back i know illread some things from the chad of second oh i senses there said to see for another state merges this timethe whole world is stupid enough to fall for it and unfortunately the still a lot one believe it might go to as part of the problem is allowed people love says people already believe that alien invasions can have an august overgrown that ah me right down after the ryan he smarty he made my skin crawl and met him bed a brand and festverschlossenen with me i literally had to get my follow and i would of my purse jack it is in the interest of tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice for they cannot live in any country where virtue knowledge and knowledge prevail samuel adams that from garden might podolica parties as a way to gain power you are absolute right mike garten for this reason is always observable that those who are combined is combined to destroy the peoples liberties practised every art to position their morals samuel an our constitution was made only for a moral and rate religiously it is wholly an adequate the government for any other john as charlotte scandal and icgan going on why sir that of oleo that is hanging on benasai bent benezeti muller voting democrats her father the deforest bometimes tesanonron it wrong and steinopolis slopings of fair lots of cover up in michigan as charles is thinking when they reported you of falls lying five there was right gas line gone it was my thought as the whole time still waiting to see what goes down there is maastricht on and were using them to play a whack on game or play political back rollright now porcariis show yourself sir who you are and cowardout there political conversion odes on we're going to walk he only i smell i heard the sagena you emulate a calm and charlotte says yes that's why greenly is running for he cheney's body john carry bells shooty run flags well well well the plot thickens michigan continues to broaden its scope of of nonsense that the trying to ye i've got eyes really funny stories out there about some of those people that shoreline interactions perhaps i can like a mister potfolio and wiser not that wiser than of old hill ominously that that one the and perhaps connection to mishan mershon what are the hackeris on whatever documents a siding there a little bit of a connection he happening there is some great stories is going to make a great book some day you know i get ready down or get ready to write i think we into a store seventeenfold up before writes to day seven thirty two or something like that he might be might be ye well my maybemaybe a good thing to do is you done a cremation writing i think that some of it is naming names and it's not to politically or not to do a personal a personal assassination on but may be just telling the truth all the crack that came out of their mouths like maybe a twenty thousand dollar trump indoors or you know em a thackeray thing too that was that was all that was galleting of when you sposed also be coanenepilli who get on he sometimes to both negative i don't in otopuosis we could how do you einoshedhe yes wicked we can say while you know you should kill it pence but after a while he forgive where you came from you forget that you begin sheepstorhe sheep astrothesiam the truth what is trueno so in reviewed not no soccer pile to ruin in the political call that without that was just a little bit of fowl towelettes stridencies a little hostelites sold after while yet no call anything you might look a call in called the game and say in going hold ye either as ordisaster because once when she moved that line there there's no end erwondsrin else you want to talk about this morning we just we went over over and entered ionisation acquit anyway because i've got a lot on so i say you're runnin you're running for office we've got an sure the everybody out there now at your running for off as like the boss to or i love it toronto's roll now after her i i my fault so i said we talk too much you know the truth he breadother i rode in against the fraid there we rose and cope and those yogis have gone down on the oftenest of come commaranderies people that look rosebery these kids are not thought after your interests it's about self i have no one to climb in the latter by by days of latter cinder over ellen of the people closed the latter i don't be these guys will do and they don't want to do it all the plot if you're doing his honoratiorem but if you do it is expensive others that is a problem if you're doing for yourself interest that's a problem yes because we need people than are the care about every one of us i care about our community were community means of like mine that like everything but similar minds disguises now leave it taffetans overmoisture rodfisher of the second district which he composes twenty only different allies it is a sardonic but this one port in this state folks value understands this time that we if together united take a poet and stop this insanity being led by people it was townvictory do trying to shape a new party we don't be to parting don't need to throw the baby on with bethwacke need other speaking we need truth be ned opened this thonotosassa systole tents of one works short working for the heart a little bit i'll get there i'll do set all right checks marked eckstein i had a pack which i can't because i'm not part of the republican party but they ain't your other republican party i am if you're not reported part of it of betelthe hand me out while the need to keep petalostemons to anotherand the money were to get fiegenspann party to be the one doing that if you go to do it why do we need a pan there's sometimes sir pack and sometimes they're not with this whose temeritdine whatever name is i got ter what genders but i guess that doesn't matter now the piscological too but oh no he just said something that horse some one's feelings well you know what those two bad if i step a father repeated by old epoisse well i tell it i tell you what it's like you know i don't i don't have any problems against my fellow americans when whichever party they choose to be at and it would not hold any body's right passerini on no matter what it is oh and stand together mericans and that's where i landon this i you know i stand with every one is an american and recessed refused to fracture myself or my belief system pilate to an unlawful organization or any law for izations i stand on americans and that is an before god in itseethed same prayer minute and then ah then we're going to get off and then well i get off lying here and then we'll talk she next monday i ka songs to have my father thank you so much for every single person here to day and the beautiful day that you put out of us thank you that we can come together in learning how to self govern again and stand with each other as americans and unfast and unfractured manner without having a without being told what to think or how what how we have to act or what we have to say to be approved by any organization or any any any organisation whatsoever because we stand before you in truth for truth and just that you are well we will be done on earth as it is in heaven we love you so very much and we commit the day to following you were whenever you ask to do wherever he asked is to go that you had made the pass straight ahead of us so that we know and we keep our eyes solely and only on you questioning everything and looking to you for the ants oh we love you and jesus name pray man so here we go so a so everybody here here to go orontobates hard to hands so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america go to the mine branger governor not com or brandenburg news network we got tons of videos out there now please share that with with every one you know we need to have a decentralized news source where were just talk and his people i mean this is real people this is real news by real people for real people are for real people by real people that's what it is we're we're all thorter we're just doing this because we love our nation and we love we love you we love or we love our people that we stand for the americans in this nation and and what we stand for you know to do god's will for god family one so have wonderful day to make go find something positive to do for some somato for it you know i whether it's helping somebody crossed the street taking out garbage montalon rakeineen smiling and in the grosse story smile over every step of your life just bring back to live in the darkest stay and stay and be christ to this world smile sometimes can change or have a wonderful day to day you are loved i will see to morrow as stator test so it is so a great day