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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/22/2022 - Live - NJ Congressional Candidate Patricia Kline

Published Sept. 22, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

Congressional candidate and former Republican discussing current hostile political climate outsiders face Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is in fact donna brandenburg it is september thursday september twenty two at night the rebate twenty two latitudes and that one which is and we have a big day ahead of us to night i've got a prayed over and freeman and were asking any one that likes would like to join us as welcome to join us and walk with us should be allowed for if you go to my telegram channel you're going to be able to find the details as well as the address you mean to be at the times and we were going to lie up decided that the morning get the sun here i can crowd myself this morning i set the entire the entire stream out by myself this morning and and learn and learn a new learning new things every day can start out with a little more motivation i think this is kind of significant what is it that we stand for why are we doing what we're doing and i think quite honestly a lot of us that were born in the united states take what we have for granite when you see people who have actually become naturalized citizen such a big day for and so i want to play this because this is the oath that they take they become he fantasticating presage oriana i the i notably an entirely renounce and abjure all regions and fidelity are to any more greenpoint for over an hour richard heretofore at ministerial but i want deportment and the laws of oftened states of america all enemy foreign and do i pacified the analyst the name but i will be on the unawaited states when required by the law wonderfontein i therefore toasted when required by and i will perform work and naturally for so for required by law and inconsistencies any man i no oblivious so help me god tootlin a moment that is so so excited about that it's it's such a known supplemental citizen my daughter that we adopted she came into this nation to be an american to be with us in was that mean that means that we all stand together as one nation under god what a proud proud moment that is when we realize that we are all part of god's family and that we can stand together we can put our differences to a side and we can actually do what lawfully or follow process stand together as what americans not political parties not ideologies not any of this nonsense but as human beings who truly care about each other one nation under god into visual with liberty and for all this morning i have a very special gas that's coming out her name is in and she is running for the first congressional district in new jersey i'd like to bring her on letter introduced herself and we got a lot to talk about to day because this lovely woman was also a former republican such as myself who decided to get off the political party crazy train that keeps telling us all how to vote and react in act and how we how we need to be approved by them good morning and how are you gourmandinet that year good morning anna and thank you so much for having me on to day i'm so excited as i said earlier i think that every one should take that oath because i do not understand what it means to be a citizen of the united so as you said i my name is patricia in i am running for congressional district one for congress as an inn so excited because i think this is our opportune people are sick of the paragon i don't know where they are and we are a republic means we represent the people the people we will need some great all forms of government so i'm just excited i'm disordinate person of out of mere born and raised a well born in philadelphia raised this little town called people would say wow where is jessie i said maybe hammonton because hammerton's to the blueberry of the world so people may know we're near to be able to read represent not hard i adelaide with you one hundred per cent is so much nonsense out there and they're distracting every one and in michigan we've got such a goat radio going on here it's not even funny with the amount of threat coercion pay off it is it is incredible how much influence criminal political parties have over the process and i think i think coming from the background that you and i both have with a very negative experience with political parties becoming other you know be a part of their hit last exactly what it is if they can't control you if you actually stand for the people you are in the cross here is the target on your back is incredible and they just the blows on it and i'm pretty sure that you cut from the same cloth that i am that every time i get a threat from somebody it cycle rocket fuel to me it's like you know this it actually motivates me rather than demoralizes i will he the democrats having come after in the republican right that are really throwing of darts i do have a radio program saturday i come on an coffee with and the caller had been the republican horace and it's because they don't have the best can yet in all i shall you had the best candidate that was out there doing what be doing instead of being concerned about patricia crying i be out there a meaning people she's not she's not the bad best can and that's why you are a because i'm going to win i'm not concentrating on the that candidate they had nothing they are not the incumbent is a democrat donald and i'm going after no so i am not concerned about the republican that's why we get in trouble the republicans get in trouble they're not so focused on the people go out and meet the people talk to let them hear your heart and you hear their heart see what you can do to help here their attire now i will i'm kind of in the same spot right now too because it's like donabew don't want to mention bradhurst name i mean god forbid that would be the worst thing you could possibly say that soon a four letter word here in the state of michigan right now when i asked thee and the normal puppet candidate this what they do they blow into an event they say a few scripter words they have their little passion handlers around him and they walk out because they don't they want actually let us speak as they did they probably say something that was actually moroni or they would say something that that is not what is the scripter out for which is really pathetic so i think were relegated to having plastic political action figures to represent us and really lousy candidates i mean look at their backgrounds too and it's like there's not a real strong what resume there hasn't been a stronger asmut there and then you know you see the stealthiness like gruenwiesel failure and she is he's nothing more than a sorrowless right there you know she's a democrat but she's working with round miseria party because they're all in it together there all of the mexicans unitary at work fighting against we the people and then you've got a few of us crazy people like you and i who are writing stand up and said yea let's give us a do you know i'm a pretty good fighter so i'll see and anyhow doing very well that we're going to take but others only two parties oh no no don't contain so so inanely i ran last year as a i did as i set i ran and the person that i chose to be my i chose the i looked for some one to we like and to simply in the we all run kind of so we have two similes and i chose that individual to run with tied so i was when on the primary well i had the wit i did get enough votes right in to get on the battle for the general what i didn't and i bend i didn't choose to one with the republicans in though i was on the wing public and mine donna i campaign so low and let me tell you why they did not want me one pro like i stood morat all my life to a red twenty some years because of one pro life i believe like i chosen i changed my party to republican and now you go tell me you're not going to run the platform i'm going to one platform so i separated myself from and i still don't more votes even though they did not because i wouldn't play their game and they could not and will never yes and i think that's why we get a target on our back because we believe in standing for the people not for their self and rich scheme that they've got going on out there while i plauderei had we all promise to because i believe that my lieutenant governor candidate which we run together which which and i and i chose her and i still think she is the best person to do the job but she alasnam out and said i think we need to get behind the republican party but when i listen to her words and and the posts that have come out she looks she is absolutely a man who was being threatened coerced and intended in his horrible when you listen to what she said and i have a tax sent me before the face book post came out and it is clear that she was as she was demanding or asking that i renounce an things an say that say that they aren't true and in like nathan how i'm going to do that first of all but second of all she would never have said that to me on her own not a chance so when i look at all of the all of the different aspects of this it's absolutely i am unwell not turn my back on her because i do believe that she is a man she was threatened to have her and she said it to her family and her children were threatened this is how dirty politics gets that they will come after a mother's children in order to in order to changed politics and make money of a politic sir or i've seen some people that are running running who have who abused that tried to use that further advantage and in this is absolutely despicable this is using some one pain in some one's life profit of to to realize again fraud and i like this is and i want to turn my back on her because i realized that this absolutely was threat and corson and i would stand with any man that was in that was in that position you know you've got to do the right thing regardless of the outcome regardless of the outcome while that's why we haven't be they are they want to protect their family and i understand but you know that there are people like you and i that we don't care were inherited but will get into the right thing like a monad the right thing and i am tired of seeing what's happening in government there lying in it all about money if you have the lintel about money the wealthier getting wealthier and the poor poor guess what there will be no middle class if it continues to be like to the middle class or be the going to be wealthy wealthy rich not lower lower end and i'm not etappen i'm well in well those people that are wealthy while he at the top are only going to be those little puppets that will play ball with its global as crime and to get that we have it's not like anybody's goin to have an option at being wealthy it's only those that serve thee the communist as over lords that we have sitting up there the people that are pushing you know it's organized crime and when you're an when you're in politics you can truly see structure that's there and it is absolutely organized crime the houthe way that they behave in the things that they do i want to pull something of the sort that was interesting what did you think about the rational trumps property in marlow illegal never had the ionian moneta i loved donald has an attitude didn't pat care for but i didn't vote for him for his attitude i voted for him to correct some things in goal about ten people when we elect soon we expect the rest gave results and i have a lot of people push back from a patient believe that she supported donald trump will look at the things are economy where are we now i carrington was booming people you can't argue against that so much the historical black colleges in universe i think i gave more than any president had had that i believe if i am correct i came in and i so how are you arguing you were not taking your pastor and his behaviour its president not a passer right and it's like i don't want it necessarily acquire boy that's going to get in there i want some it's going to be a fighter that's going to be they have to be someone who is who is able to stand up to some really evil people they're not going to get in there and a tree like a pillow fight you know it's going to be you know it's going to be getting in there and actually changing things to get this so this is what i think really was going on in maria's i believe that the federal bureau of it of insurrections as what i call the bi soundest on is there not investigate anything the insurrections in their entrapment yet yet this friend of mine is he posts just human he said i'm here a potential charges that dogtrotted the search so the other know trump up charges for anything but i think this is going to go on a good direction scene three is the espionage act eighteen years code to seven one one as cotton one conceal that removal mutilation of records documents items belong to a clerk or official he us government as code fifteen nineteen destruction of alteration falchions of in federal investigations and bankers these potential charges machinations taken by donald a trump do they fit with action taken by a c clinton once you realize that which man locker up it all began so clear well this is what i think is happening here honestly i think that sometimes the donald trump functions as the bat like a bat you know it then and so you know and we've watched the sheep and over and over over the years general lined the same thing he was kind he was kind of the bat in order to he admitted to gutter no charges why it's kind of a boomerang effect actually he dragged every one into the investigation think you go after southern this morning i heard more information that ooma had like thirty million documents something ridiculous like that if they can so presently my door was there like this like thirty million a classified documents are something is in its crazy crazy amount of things that they say that he took off wilcannia number seems like a lot but that's what the number i read this ormandine if it was thirty or thirty thousand or whatever it is i'm in a dig into this a little bit more but the point being is that if they go after donald trump this way they can now set precedent to go after any other president that walked off with private service private emails both hillary clinton in obaa have done and go after and find out what the high and i thought the lad silenced the other day what makes him now it's gone was not the only all was tom away and they can be classified now i'll sugarcane god says in his word what someone meant evil for you he will turn it around to so here he is not working for his good because they are in their hearts they can't find anything wrong why can't people see the keep digging in the handing in the king because there are afraid this man threw a monkey wrench into their program the hilary clinton had been elected he would be farther along in our co a trap was so they have to get rid of him so that he never comes back not going to happen it's going to be his he wants to win or not you will not be able to they've tried everything and it has a more so donald trump chooses to one and twenty twenty four he will do so it will not be and in this it is i think it's going to uncover a whole bunch of stuff to i mean i believe that you and i probably on the same side of the of the table two on the human trafficking nonsense is going on and the panelled phonography stuff in our schools and everything this this is so much nonsense and i actually saw some some networks underneath underneath what was running i saw a guide and i kind of access thing behind and i think it was behind i got a think of this search engine i'm not going to cortright now because i can't remember what it is i'll have to look it up but he could put in a different words and there was a whole separate area with and within some of these big content providers that where they were trading around child pornography and he showed on a screen how he would get to those and on the rest of us are sitting here doing how can this be going on right under our noses and we don't even know that this is happening but you know i'm pretty erasure you look at abstain and all the other nonsense is going on this is just the tip of the iceberg and and their politics clearly with the amount of arrest we've had in the past few years our part of it there are allowing at their allowing our borders to bury to be breathed and when i look at what's happenin our borders i think it's it's not only are we being flooded with with immigrants i nor refuse refugees is what their calling i see it is an invasion but i also see them using human beings as pons in and there the plants to take down the united states which is very very sick and rancho never use human beings it should be there is a servant especially as a public functionary help one of the avenues someone and i can't they named several in go to a and one is oh yeah yeah one is education and i remember the other another one and that was a metal a metal was another one and look at it it's happening they're going after our kids are educated the domino they are not educated they are teaching them they are decent seizing behavior so when it happens it will be accepted that now you what's the whetteth the university which university did you say that you centeniers only one of the very few the a lot of them probably you would never know that they students are conservative and so we need to be able to do first of the i have liberal if we have conservative we should also have he and i do i can do students there conservative and their very the liberals a prose kind beat them down a little make them feel like they can't say too much and i am roman fat and i let the limp all say what i were wont to say i believe in freedom of i believe it not permanent so i allow the stud say whatever they i may not agree with them but they have the right to have their own opinions some of the fuses i've been told i don't know how true it students of said in concern and a more in the class because of an we've had teachers come on we've been seen it all over the i hate donald trump on the moor or donator something negative about donald trump imitated that about by i went savouring on the board about biting there to rain was them to have by and there in elementary schools they're not there to teach our children how to they are to teach our children how to add her okay read and write you not there the how we and that grooming i mean the whole thing is about grow grooming our children rather than giving them a future and you know it's really i agree with you on that percent that you know there's so far off they and teach it is almost like their teaching a religion rather than rather than an you know they want to say they want to say that we should have got on to our schools but in a way their putting their own former religion in schools which has nothing to do with with armenien with an actual education you know education there was say education is power when you know what you know you it is just like with civic if you know civics you know you're right the if if somebody comes after you a legal in an illegal way you're going to be able to stand this is another problem that i have with our system too is that they've taken our justice besides weapon sing everything as they pretty well hidden our laws so that now you have to go through in a tourney to even have access to the cases or to accomplish this statutory the statutory law and it is so raw it is so wrong what's happening right now that that i can't even i can't even put my hands round and i watched a video last week of somebody that actually knew illegal illegal detainment and they had a whole bunch of concave out to them and they said you can't you can to gain me it is not your right what are the charges what are the charges they couldn't come up without and so about after about ten minutes if you have a strong back in the face as they can to put the chains behind their legs and they walked away which is what they should have done eccleston even done in the first well i'm glad people are right now there in doctrine they're not in i tisingol you change our education system what what are your ideas to all i am one that a table that he should be able to go to whatever school and the and the money she followed the all the men not half what now charter schools and i know one charge i sat down and the owner say they don't get all the same amount of money as why not the public school gets this carter school at early they don't get all the money we need to really said some guidelines these people get rid of one what's driving the behavior the lot of the tech but they are afraid that they cannot so white now in the union the new jersey union right now question the agenda and they want the beechleigh it right agenda a curricle no and i am telling going around to every word a bent men and i you do not have to there correct there is a major de standard and a curriculum new jersey has the standard that by the use of words by he's so and manipulating with their words by the gray by the second grade by the means they can teach it from kingdon on away up to in the like i said i hate to use words that i often in a all there were heavy part in our schools this is so absolutely none so competition is good i'm a marketer she i believe come we in this either the public schools will come up what we i need to learn increase help us with our ranking i mean we're a and babette be to a focus or what is important and once we have competition out there you will either come up are you quite we can no longer come or we can no longer just give in and say oh yes i used to as a it's not there to and for westgate and hands it cressogno ledge of no reason why someone is on the first great learning in the first grade level and then in the fifth grade reading the first great they have not had at all that's what they're supposed to do i don't understand but there are many features are retiring a lot of norwalk in away from the we need to pay our teachers will more some of them i have seen thee not getting much as i think they should be there was a trust with a children saw chokeberries and scold the native with us there will be need to do will buckle down and say this is quite and if they don't i don't care if they belong to a union if they don't do what they're supposed to be doing they need to be fired i tell my sweetie you're goin to mess up you're going to say something until you change your way of thinking in your attic you're going to be served a pang which one and you will deserve it if you're not doing what you do we don't pay you come to we pay you to you're not oh i think that's inability is incredibly important to an fitted to a teacher yesterday and she quit when she really quit when they decided to tell her that that if as some one in the fifth grade came up to her and said said it minus my name is in scorn to say michel and and my name is michel and this is the instant she gave me and if that child comes to the teacher and said but when i'm in school i want to be i want to be more and something like that or or michael or something like that when when the school told the teachers that when the parents command you are to lie to the parents and not tell them yes this happened in west in a school district in west so and it happened there you know it's happening all over all over the happenings we are at aerolite states to where the telling the the to lie to that to be the parents the under the cat and this is where this is i hate to say this but when you see how twisted the entire world as you know right is raised round left is right upside down backwards whatever there is just as there that the the any any primaries away from parent i inconveniences they have the same thing they have a legal name and a name that they would be to be i mean i've never seen this they have upon the rock the man and then there's a name that they will be so this is you know i look at this and the burden of this nonsense on teachers taking them away from teaching anything pander and you know if they want through legal name change and change your name if that's what you want but to have to make every one else accommodate every one all the time a waste of time it doesn't just take away from that student it takes away from the entire class room you know it's just like this pronoun this is nonsense the pronoun is trying to tell other people how to speak and if you don't get it right while your your heads on the chopping block this is nonsense all imitation of one person to call them they are the how that's a proper they are them it's not going to happen then let me give you a scenario that i then in that community and i had a young man come in the class i'm discloses say his name was that was side that half way to the same he wanted to because she he came in the classroom only totally now you look like a girl totally confused that day then i didn't even know what happened i was like i the class told me wanted to be called let's say she it now this happened may be years and down to my den and i sandilli don't know what to said said you are to call the forget it now now they would say you need to call them so things have a for the thirtieth paying teachers that are there to and there rewarding teachers or give him the advantage who are the you know teachers that jump on the marks as the andean in and are not the better and doctor naturing doctor nadine are children the instead of the one at one of the things that you brought up this is giving giving the students in the entire money this there's something that i think there's some merit to ad been trying to think about how to how to do this to were both looking at being an office and i actually think there's some merit leaving some money in the public schools but have most of it and at just i just want to bring this up as a point of discussion because i do think that this is an humanism you may have some wisdom for me on this i think as we as we go through this process were talking with lots of people from different persons to find not to be right but to get the best i'm kind of wondering what your opinion would be on this because i cannot think as you know i looking at it as a an entire state problem we have some inner cities and michigan that they don't even have a p classes of somebody wants to go to college so there's really some disadvantages at the end there's some disparities between the school system so the what my thought on this was as a good way to do it was just say that each student in the state of michigan is worth about nine thousand dollars per so it was as if you if you gave a to go with a student wherever they wanted to go and leave the two thousand in the local school district so i home school my kids i was i was down with the thirty years ago i am kind of a bull had so anne if you left that two thousand dollars in the local school des so that so that the kiss it may be may be or at adiante for whatever reason they may be economically disadvantaged they may not be able to afford say some of the extra curricular like i have friends that have kids and lacrosse and such which other there was no way i would put my kids in the cross though i admire people that will controlling to do that other idiot many hours to be running my kids all over the united states are and it must samothracians so i did or i played every sport that i could get him bob in some of them overlapped and i couldn't play but i was definitely an athlete i read and i think it's nice to have his option so i guess my point being even though this isn't something that i would necessarily participate think it's a great idea to have those options available to all if you were to decide to live like two thousand in a local school then you could provide all of those teams ports and ban and the extra curricular and weather somebody was our home school or a charter school maybe they want to go in to im all about creating lots of opportunities even if i'm not a person who is inclined to take those i think that every one should have choices and do what god puts in their heart to see and i love wonderful apples that that you know in slow i got a funny story you think this one of my kids and play basketball and he was six feet tall at twelve years old all right said he every estimates just the man to play basketball so after two years of playing basketball and never never making a shot he would take the ball and go here and see it to the person next jump i literally decided to pay him if he would make a fool twenty but for a fowl do something but did in the game here and after a couple of years i like you might enjoy this but you're just not cut out for this lot since money can actually do and i succeed and you know so i think this a pretty funny story causing the reason i said what i said i did it and this is a top notch where ninety and less say that in this say that they were only so there's a way better way to do this but if we look at it and what is it what is the student getting out of this not the schools what are we doing to actually serve the students so if we had competition out there little competition increase the output of the actual the actual benefit to the student and we left so not all but some in the public schools then then you know people that beside the tharkian charter schools are home schools could take part and say all is swords or band or maybe so some automaton for some of the skilled trades that are involved which i think that that those opportunities need to be there like i believe we should be funestes in the i went to a meeting in a town and they are trying to take away funding giving going they're trying to bring the they at this time they do not have the skill equipment to will do this but they were that's all it is as a money grab rather than this is what they're doing so they have decided that they were going to do it now and they work on a cent wanted to go to a trade school they would have to pay for it out of their pocket enough the mother and their parents it they would have to pay for it and they would have to they would have to get their well the courts not they went in a the courts not their trying to appear again but their using the tax money for the legal defend to overtake the aeronaut such a monopoly it's an education monopoly the way that they jump in front of all the funniest of having the parents direct i think the decentralization of it to the parents in the local teachers are more control than than some of the teachers union type things you know and i honestly if you look at how to find it as a business person would i think we can actually find it in fun the teachers better so that the teachers would have to take the cot you take the cat out of the administration so that the actually the teachers you take the layers away a way more money and it would be a better it would be a better scenario for everyone think about this if they got seven thousand dollars to a certified teacher or a teacher there was a bunch of a bunch of parents that decided okay i'm going to get together and were going to put say you know we're going to have a class side or or whatever time seven thousand dollars a year that that could go to that teacher are you kidding me this the public schools the private schools couldn't even compete with that they couldn't come close to competing with that and it would it would it would truly go back to almost a one more room school house my opinion is as that that that truly stays with education and is not a bad model but once again should be lots of the for to decide how they want their children educated well we have a the charter they're more care and the charter schools are very yes the norcross family is involved in while the norcross family in so they are i mean the buying abodes building in creating also what were we have an idea how to leave the inn so we are trying again guidance another alternative to belong to in so the union right now might be because they don't they should be we should be accountable for our i think that's going to happen because more teachers are going to say no we don't want to do this with our students and you're not going to and we're goin to pull out of the this is what's happening so i don't know when you become governor you were looking at union the etcher's union of their miss that is something that needs to be what are they doing and is it in the best of our corinth teachers union should always be serving the kids first and not necessarily use it for themselves but they should be something that puts children first that's what we're paints or pain for as for the future of our children were and and like you said the benefit the benefit in productivity that goes there if they can't do that than they they do need to be gone and it's not just the teachers union though i think that looking at all the unions across the state one of the companies that we and as the union company and it's it's unfortunate because quite honestly a lot of the unions telling the industries that they're in but they're not just killing the industries there not serving the people that are even in ten i met with a postal service union workers not too long ago and the union completely abandoned them to their kind of plain most of them appeared to me to be replanted of of the for there on its like a government agency in a way because they're in it for south and rich men now for serving the people not for serving their purpose or anything it's the people who get bored in have the money and they are the ones that are also taking on taking that money out of offers of their supposed to be there for which makes them kind of a relevant with they can't if they can't manage in our government solitude what their purpose the then in benimaclet cal now once again our congressmen who am wanting an donald no cross is a union member he's an electric and we boast about indians for a union union union union union well how about the other boarders how about other people that on a part of the are you gonna help them find a job this is what we should be working for all not for just the union or you've let we sent entire cannot just and that's why genially feel like i have an excellent and i'm going after it i'm giving it all that i have i'm very involved community i want to know people because we need to be need to dress the everybody doesn't think the same way and may their values and the moral are different we need to be able to sit down at a round table and discuss and have and come up with great that's i want to do that i'm sure done that you yeah i just want my country back and take it back from the commentator here too to pillage or nation which has clearly been going on so i received this ye other day which i think is it and it's very significant for for those of us like yourself and myself who are not on the two major criminal political unitary the politics special interest groups that's really what they both are in ohio there are seven point million registered voters six point one million of them are independent in this new phenomenon over the last couple of years that there's been a mass accidents from both parties in ohio while i'm pretty acid that is honestly across the board yesterday i was talking to a supporter he works in a company that has four hundred workers in it and he said he's been talking about you know he's been even talking about politics everybody's talking about politics now one thing that's greatest having this much failure in politics and seeing how policies matter you know people would get in laughter or votes matter policies matter and if we have bad people in office who don't write good policies will guess what it affects us on a daily basis everybody's talking about it now which is really great and he said yesterday he said just see you now he said you have the majority of the votes in this they are so sick of cities as usual and you know any one that says he i'm sure you heard this there are split in the botheration word not that atheistic have failed so spectacularly that their trying to tell every one how to vote because that's her only chance of getting in because how how do they get back in such a dismal failure when out in the train to us her little manipulation programming indoctrination to us and say there are split in the boat is like no you're for failure you can't get a good candidate to run all they want is puppets they can't have anything that looks like good policies or i don't know if you saw this but there's a there's a tote call its reproductive freedom brightest iona amendment for michigan i read this you ranadar there is forty three mistakes in this thing it is like a run on it's like living on a podium gathered all with that's exactly what the verbiage and their looks like an like who was the low i cumorah that wrote this and and i got up and i talked to the board of canvassers and i'm like i'm like any one that passes this is a moral because this goes on permanent record for our and in any one who taught looks like a moral here to right a michigan constitutional amendment first of all thus subject matter is is actually for a low to what use you got a kid who was red go to a baron clinic and never tell their parents that they were rated as what we wanted to we wanted the stride the family that's their goal is to destroy the family alienate parents and what kids you know be absolutely open season by petrifies and grapes and all that so the mason so and intrusion the state of you have to have to have an abortion i i i do not believe that you do currently but when you look at the constitutional amendment how they wrote that they wrote that in a way that honestly it alienates even if there's a crime committed they don't have to tell the parents there making our children open seas and i can tell you where this is going because you know i'm on apologetically i believe the same to be of life in the reason and there is a long discussion they always want us to have a one word answer on this and i'm so against his this is how they divide us so this but this whole amendment let's go back to this i believe in the sanctity of life from conception to national natural birth and the reason bein is that there is so much sewing of human organs and tissues going on that they use it to mask the trade in human beings they've got how many states now that are allowing their allowing them all babies after birth the murder murder not late term abortion this is that baby is actually demurred he states on allowance in abortion up to twenty eight days after that any neglect or abandonment they can call it a bore than this is this is what this is all about and it's it's about a ducking the right or the responsibility or any punishment for killing a child and trafficking the parts and are selling the babies this is what it's all about and in it it's under the guise of anything else and the titles of these amendments are clearly deceptive but it was kind of funny at almost a god like a confused or speech or maybe the maybe i just stupid i don't know but whoever wrote this forty three a mistake i i should send this to you because it's if it were such a serious issue it would be laughable yet you you would and and don't know maybe they went through her education system and they got down down to the point that they can't but they can't function as a normal human being i don't know but but the whole thing is a theseid is great guess what this week the saturday at nine or cruise i am talking about the loss laws so i'm going to have some one from south jersey pro life coal go over the law so every one understands because i remember being in a board of and a pastor stood up and asked if my child came pregnant and she wanted to have an air what would you they have encamped in this they had the ham and no one gave an ante i raised my hand and i was and i said i'm going to answer that it's obvious no one wants to what they would do they would take her she would have the more and you would never know unless she died he cousinenry is new jersey is do not need parental to have an someone nine years old danny know we know individuals that could get pregnant get pregnant at nine and go have an air the parent never know no and not the rule really sad thing is though that in in this is also an opinion i have is that the laws don't matter because they're going to find loopholes get around the law and just here so many people that would break those laws in order to kill a child and and a comtat you know that it's it's adoniram are they paying these women for these parts these body parts are undone i don't know i don't i don't know that i can't i can't say that one way or the other but i do know that there is a company that that was put on i think it's called byloland they are pining for women's breasts mouth as well as breast in order to culture milk for new boards so this is my concern here is what do you do if you have your inner situation where you impoverish situation and you know as we look at their bad policies which are set to a poverty in powers people in the united states what is the man going to do she there she got a celebrated shop and or what happened if somebody else decides i actually know someone who ought who has an ambassador's daughter and she was in indonesia and she told me about a time when she was six years old and her monteleon look up they go to the stores aratoff she said i was six years old she said i looked up and she said and she just sobbing as she's telling me that she said i looked up in a parking lot there was a bunch of men that were with that were cutting off a woman's and she saw at six years old this is in another country and its when you give criminals the ability to do bad things they have they have the ability to do things that we would not even imagine our possible you know and honestly this scientism really dark stuff but it's going on you know when you look at the blighted areas in the cities and grandma i can tell you that looking at the tax a tax courage bladed areas it does not serve the people living across the state and actually encourages activities which create the blight abandoning properties as well as who buys them and who has the ability to buy the whole thing is so backwards it's not even and you know i am you think about the inflation reduction not so a comet was the inflation let's make it worse act and you know and poor gasoline on the fire to see how bad we can make this the steel for heat a bunch of nonsense it's all backwards anything they tell us is one way is always going to be opposite the congressman that i'm running against nor cross supports all this not and it has done zero the i will believe all this that's happening is to help yet it's not to help us so i don't understand why people keep voting these people in expect something you must make a and i believe dunwoodie white direction you yourself and i am i should say and i am moving in the right to action i know we are we will not just comply we're not going to comply with this not i believe this is our time am i excited about it i expect to win and i come visit the governor of michigan yes and his problems together here and and i get together with the people and listened to their problems and see what we can do to actually serve rather than than victimized you know we're here to serve were not there to to make matters worse and and i think that this is a critical difference some one who is approved by the parties as keeping the party's going as opposed to somebody who is either independent or you know i'm on the taxpayers party which is the constitution party which is all about bringing the back to what worked in you know some seventy six style the is going back to what worked at the beginning of our country what the founding fathers really had in vision because they live with tyranny they lived they lived with the situation every single prove that we had they lived with that in their time yes they and we were to lose focus i remember watching a program and i believe it was i'm not sure and they said okay standing in your window and you looking out what do you see you're in a high building and i look and down your in new york and you looking down what do you oh i see all these buildings but person said and it was so prone and now what do i see what would god and ever see people people we have to stay every one or wait people that's why you can see on my literature and i don't know people behind me i have it that i'm an independent not to penton any putting that's what it all should be and people should be voting for candidates not a party agenda correct and to do that it takes a takes a lot of bravery and and i know i know you and i are people of faith we were you know i'm a christian and an apologetic in and in order to stand when the you know the fiery the flaming arrows you have to have that faith that that and in the armor of god yet the arm of god it was hateful to faith yet he levered this the armour of god finally be strong in the lord and in his mighty power put on the full armor of god so that you can take your stand against the devil for a struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against authority against our principalities and powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil and have round therefore put on the full armor of god so that when the day of macombe able to stand your ground and after you've done everything to stay stand firm then with a belt of truth buckled around your waist late of righteousness and with your feet faded when the rottenness that comes from the gospel of in addition to all this take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil take the helmet of salvation so the spirit which is the word of god and pray in the spirit on all occasions and with all kinds of prayers and with this in mind be alert and always keep out pray for the lord's peace have faith in humanity a faith in yourself and god and i think that honestly this is where we are with the great awakening on moving away from these absolutely corrupt globeless political structures o for the destruction the demoralization of humanity that as this is what we're here for to stand in the gap and those without a voice that's why we're here and that's what we are amiss to accomplish and that is all people were here is a servant of god for all while one read my i am not behold i am not the servant of any i will only be an the first congressional i want i feel i want to be i want to be your voice so i mean those who are in the first question to go out and vote i i really look forward to taking you more to an education because i think you know bringing us altogether specially talkin about it having you know there having goes on what are we trying to accomplish an education certainly is not a doctor how do we serve families how do we best children how do we the bell is strong work force going forward and all these things work together in it's a pleasure to talk to you so with that said i always pray at the end would you abuse the writing on ready dear heavenly father thank you so much for patricia and her heart for children and for people serve you and to serve this nation with honor when we're so thankful for all the people that are willing to stand side by side patriotically together your ram that in order to take back things which the enemy has stolen your blessing on this nation in every one whose hearts are broken out there because we have a lot to be broken hearted over right now there's many many things it seemed to be going in the wrong direction but as long as we keep our eyes on you and knowing that you can turn anything around anything that's not for evil you will take it in turn it around to something good and beautiful we thank you for that so much we thank you for your faith we thank you for what you accomplished on the cross and we give our lives to and any way you see fit in service to you in your good purpose thank you for the beautiful day we love you so much precious and drawn up close and bite now there so much about i mean my gesso much talk about you know what education to day but we can work on a job and a bad policies and i mean i think pretty much we can we could sit here and talk not stop for weeks so absolute a thing the other day and got busy was so here are the time the show again go to my website they remain brandenburg for governor or dot com i'm trying to raise the money right now quite honestly because we're trying to get us into the home stretch in our people that we need to reach that that it's helpful if i can if we can reach them in a annotation was please go to my website and and donati you can it doesn't mean if everybody donated a little it's like anything in government if we all stand together we can lift once again i write every single word on telegram and i do all the posting you can an fat communicate with me there when i do i do all the posting i do i do to answer at the post there and i like orientation lovesome people such as some of the some of the shells that are out there like to bite people are calame on my channel and when i see that i immediately block so your show out there you might just minding somewhere else cause i'm not going to put up with that nonsense you can go across trouble but we're here to actually take this nation back not to sit here and so so bad things and discontent and all that sort of non i would i think i might do a separate broad cast off of the rule here on talkies more formation that came out concerning melisande like i said before i will stand with mothers that make the right choice to defend their children to your highest calling no matter no matter what and i will i am standing strong with you with people i agree with ann with foulest for the best answer for this nation and to protect individual rights a mother has been threatened course and intimidated we will be standing with that man to protect that family so thin with the dead if a day as he had i've heard many stories especially over in oakland county of her several of them were the police and our law enforcement was weaponed against families but we see that all over the state not that i am very proverb pro law enforcement but a better be lawful not the nonsense that were seen with the federal bureau of of insurrections and and stuffing on but that's a i do believe that the good guys are in control some of this is that we just have to we have to stand firm and become wake and become educated moving forward in the future realizing that this government is supposed to be run by us that means involvement that means every single person needs to be involved we need to hammurabi's her whether whether you're the only one standing up and saying truth in speaking truth you you have that responsibility that's what gods in trouble with the political parties the noted political parties sitting up there in landing as every single one of them laid down like a dog dog during the whole coutances i didn't see any one fighting for our people for the rights of wapple they just they were in a dire and in philosophy be maybe sit you know they were going for butts in the seat something like that somebody who has a place moderately somebody who was noted in effective and was easily easily boofer or told to stand down threatened course i don't know but there are some of us who who it isn't possible to threaten our courses into a point of turning away from being patriot or stun one who is in fact standing on what we believe it when when the bad guys have people who are willing to stand under all circle without backing down they lose they lose so i would encourage you to day to take a and and what you believe it take that old again i played the beginning of this broadcast take that old no what you stand for no dentists means no no what you believe now what your living for and what you under god that that is going to give you the ability to stand in all circumstance put on that armour of god every single day because evil when you when you stand up against evil it flees it has and you have nothing to we have going forward no fear no back down no no no failing tis not not an option on this point so jessie i want to let you know i want to go into a long broad cast and i was going to do to day but i had the opportunity to him patriots i decided to put this way but we're going to go into a broad cast with goes into very difficult subjects and i think i might go into some of it to morrow on beyond with jason jones again tomorrow i think we need to get into all of this piracy they suffer things have been labeled this conspiracy theory and lay it out there and find out in fact or the so called conspiracies actual conspiracy some truth and some of the the reading that i read earlier not only is it from the bible from an alleged conspiracy that they're trying to shut down and why are they trying to shut down trying to shut down the truth of god and what we stand for and all things that are good and brings nation back as one nation under god i can tell you right now that there is a there is a invading entity in this nation i tried to shut down god take bibles away kill people for their beliefs across them to the west of us across the and that's what the trying to do here because why because can't have to control when they actually have people faith that are willing to stand on their faith willing to serve with her faith and willing to die for their beliefs and their faith in order in service to god and man they have a real problem because i think that's exactly what they've run off again we will not be back in you know we love you there's so many of us out there fighting for you we love you we love all those things that are poor to you and we actually care your not standing alone you have many many people who are willing to fight for you fight a long side you and i ask that you would join us standing for the name god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless america we've got this organ to do this in any thing that the enemy throws against to use it for good just watch how this gets turned round it's going to be glorious this is biblical and in we got this have a great day i'll be back on to morrow and every day from nine until you know usually a monition to demand a cut a little bit short i have another interview to go to on the radio the afternoon and i want to be prepared for this but anyhow they love to