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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/20/2023 - Scott Aughney Locus Standi Investigation Update

Published April 20, 2023, 9 a.m.

Scott Aughney Locus Standi Investigation Update - Brief update on Locus Standi Progress and some targets for future investigations. Locus Standi is the criminal investigation into the Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg on it is april twenty twenty twenty three and looks like we've got lots of stuff going on i don't know everybody saw this but ill bring me article up in a little bit but like a white the the the queen queen went more creen gret has got herself in trouble with ease this on her investigations so that's a good way to startle the day but i'm mitremyces pecial guest stone right now and to day it skotometers you doing or i got a how are you oh hello from jackson so i hope you do alophonerpes i did i had a great weaknes week ah just a a kind of an interesting week for short for sir there's lots and lots going on and of course all the time i do little bit of moving around here and there but but a let'slet's going on i'm not going to be on to morrow baron bernes not work because i'll be in the middle of a meeting all day so i'm told by monday before we're back and that should be with checker shares depending on how his things are surrounding his brother passing on it now some anyhow so lots going on so sad where we start to day we got last things to talk about last week i was in calm and we were talking about the little goat rode ah the little goat rodeo a video that was there and such but in some of that sort o nonsense that surround here are things really important for people to understand that they need really that who there listening to and in now the connections behind it because he that's where i get a lot of information if they say looking at whose standing together and in that is the importance of where we going well i tell you what eh what you're talking about the mccalmont on i soon your talking about the events a prior to the gophering over in a her shores and now ascoscoi was set the coldmeeting this week end which was wonderful i got to see a whole bunch of friends and then i had a couple of other meetings i went to in my body christian crown was there which is lost in a lover to pieces and the people in the calm i love going to come there to the other and then in the doparasite fantastic cantabs proud to stand with them within we had a little bit of an issue with a certain eventual that decided to get up and pushed a pity which was conspicuously in error and that there is a bunch of a city around looking at this this is unbelievable that because they refused that that that the video that was brought in there was produced by in individual in the as another individual it showed up to push it will then other individual that came to push that betty was an act ah an ex represent and that was in fact the person who he told me at the beginning of iron that i had paid twenty thousand dollars in order to get on the ballot such if you don't pay twenty thousand dollars you will not get on the ballot than got real costs and i said well these got a probe because the girl doesn't pay to play an he's aw that's too bad he was spend all that money and time and no one's going to remember you and i'm like i never wanted to be remembered so that's kentonnot a big drop and then he moved on to asking me he threw his bosome out there was i was wait for a brown stare to come out of his back pocket i mean it was like it was not and so he's a possyolok that i don't know what would i do with the guy like that is that which give a job and i like not answering to he is like you have to is set on him to do it to him thank and because you infectores in me to do something that's fold it lootie and onahal and i did have a witness there for it then he mentioned something about a pedophilia charges which i would even know why he would have brought that on that he was accused of it at some point time at medium like that it met and that he ran he said you had understand how it really works admitted that he had a woman go right a corner in the and then sat there and sad got out of his car and found out it was to another cone in dragon they agreed that if it voteeach other as such if you won't say anything i don't see anything got on the cars and who co offered me a stick of black mail material and every single member of congress and said you can use it if you don't it's going to get you killed if you do it'll get you in and i will fold we are so down but what you do we are so done in in the last shot was was a basically an you got to stop talking about god so much and that stands up in front of people and talks about god and literally said that in immediate and after after the little extortion a shop that was with thrown in my face or for twenty thousand dollars would happen to know me shotthat who and he finally he swarmed round his chair like a fourth grade on red ball and finally he looks mean the lochias three miles away she now she needs you cause the other candidates are so bad and and that one point the way after though after the stick and after thought the stop talking about god you know i was already walking mouththe door i'm like your thing you're as god and so this stock is happening behind the scenes all over the place and the less a person i mean i was offered four million dollars about three weeks ago by some one that was asking for me to jump in and betray a bunch of people in order to insideand on like snowball's chance and helm you know there's no i would take a dime or that money from any one i don't i don't need it i don't want it i don't care for i lost everything i have i wouldn't need it and it wouldn't take you know it's like my o my o my ability to be a bull head as far or sure somewhat out of the coal extortion coercion threat or any of the you know de just like you are weorere going i'm going to heaven and that's that's where my heart is don would you talkin about mentality of a lot of people and that includes the mission man acts to maringhi all these people associated with this is called the new wisecalled the new grand party i am many of these people were talking i were talking i steve cara is one that's a poppiness and you know it let me explain something about steve care and no you know what i think it's important that we talk about these things it may be there may be some viewers this morning that you now say you don't wagehour hammer in these guys too much need on the problem is is part of the thinking problem you have a pompous old steve car from southwest he leads his grand new party thing with a guide named i think his name's trail and you have the john smiths of the world the married sheridan's and all the rest of these our pumping this farce okay peter dese people thether completers they do nothing more than complaint and a man give a case in point which see catherine's mouth after i believing was in november calling for it rendiconto the eton well a lot of people don't know about seed carocoling the fools in the jackson deepe and the jackson del peacherina rest what they understand and where they don'twhat maybe they do understand their just pathetic liars which i think is the case cara actually voted before the general election to give the secretary state to early days repose and he he spoke he i steve caroted to support them his hypocrisy his they would fit him well with the fire as would many me so called these christians who many of them in jackson county are the same ones they have no problem rep in me because i am a meaning here why i don't you never heard it's not hate thee not to know you we've got rhinothey're crying as the critical pointers and like his soldierit there for right there to crying nos do you know what they're doing in jackson the jackson you peer pumping in a bed collect the pike you know what these are the same bastard and the involved the pastor the maple grove baptist search ginantang is of the same masses that refused to raise a finger to it to work the locus standi investigation as a company to bring charges against public officials in lantic ties of the same people that pitch about down trumpetadi but they don't raise a finger to indict the corrupt public officials in lancing democrats including johnson benton they will not do it there complainers their criers and customers datchet they do not get into think jesus up your cross and follow me you know i get in the trenches get in the trenches and suffer like me there too many people the geepee this grand new party which is nothing but a kind job okay they your do nothing and this is this is about power you see with the grand new party i see an element of fascism and i will debate train home cora i am rescenting from the jacksons yelp i john smith and you these pompous fools about how their movement the grand new party is nothing more than a fashious movement they don't want me to see they don't believe in debate there bunch of pathetic lies in these are the people that went after christina down there said clerk's shorts sang mentality it is the same bees and i tell you what i go county's man not over there are some wonderful ones i want to high light one that i was at a couple of days ago the lee went on grew up is sept you have people that patriot group live on patriot group and in the gold they are actually exceptional group there are some exceptional ones and she but there are some pathetic one there are a few a handful of exceptional people in i will knock every one of em but the majority of them are worthless their bunch of argentines that thinkers superior to other people they do not want is paid in this locatives and bonne because these baster i complain that don't trumps pen indited unlawfully but they won't do a thing to help us get people in lancing indicted ease the same pet this is a thesis the mentality of the fire treeswith you it is it is arrogance spit you have an element of self pride that is growing in self prides his difference between having pride and your nation even pride and prince biblical price and being a prideful individual and fortunately the jackson geholpen rushed shouting the chair they opined miss very i tell you what they did dana because this is this the spice they had there is a a of there is a jackson city jackson school president on asses a member i don't believe she's she made some clearly races statements he and the jackson golpe wanted to set for her and they wanted to such a richly the county comision the concessions in jackson its seventy two republicans which you are now what the indo teemed they didn't know a dancing when i brought them this selection material with the same bastard republican county commissioners and when after the former share of jackson counting i should say there's a couple of exceptions cases two of the republicans who were three on came in after this but they when after a good constitutional sheriff have steve ran here and jack this is the part of ejection geel pet they think i'm a man okay i don't give a damn they're rotten to the core they'll never admit it they're arrogant they pitch and complain about down trumping indicted but they won't do a damn thing to get these bastards in lancing indicted that the parsee the geophis is betrayal the steve cara wing of his party you may as well call a bunch o not i tell you what i hope there watching this i hope each somebody gets them this many because this is statement to them i hope those bastards come after me i hope they come after me there bacheliers hypocritical jackass is in sorry for the strong language down it but this is the prothesis the arrant the top wing i tell you what i love christie's a person as you do i have been critical of her not talking about the locust tavy still having ear word for her you would think she would push this but she does okay i been critical of her he that be it said she serves opportunity to try to lead this party now i'm critical of parting system per i tell you what is this is the mentality the problem with the thought process in the goop and i think in curves conservatives and general there are some exceptional people you want to know why those of the ones that understate nothing else matters fortunately until we get the the process a dress it's rather you don't want forget the money these best we money money money money there is a wire they tenorsecond money okay the paris say i'm sure the pharisees probably said sans orsomewhere some are thought process and studied the long with the truth the grave the deal with what they perceive is an easy so in this case one that's a lot of money okay the same christians to jack criterion money money by my there is a god named heigho who is from jackson to hope is on the he is on the state executive committee or right and this is a guy that they went after because he was one of the false tromp electors whenever they want to come they were best gaining him everything else you don't what is that called me once he's an arrogant former is not called me one scott this reeling we can do to address that is how the mentality of the jackson joe pewatit not just then you can go to the otsego of north middling county sagacity genesee county they are multiple counties where you have these stirred thought prose and you don't want too many of em money money money it was all in all that when you were politics for a little while you really get a good sight line of what's happening and it is all about money an industry and they depend on each other to cover fresh other as well they pass money money money back and forth now there is a recently somebody who has a i can't remember who it was right now but they were taking small donations and like five dollars twenty do it was it was like a whole bunch of five dollar donations will we uncover tutor dixon was doing that and they were a bunch of the coming from arizona five dollar donations rapiditive dollar donation how in the world do you get a whole bunch of five dollar donations in arizona the exact same amount and andor would look at this this too much a pattern that there's a problem here and it needs to be looked into but but it is me and this is what i am telling everybody right now the reason why they asked for your money because they've got all the money in the world they've got the pat money they've got the dark when he they've got all these corbettis the economic warfare that's going on they don't need your the only thing the only reason why they are asking for your money is because the global is wont to disadvantage you take the money you have so that you're in a week in position and you can't it don and red that is the door money grand new party they are controlled opposition without question you want to know why there's proof in that they wrung them out and beat the chests and that's it they don't do a damn thing else they don't know and when toomai's professional there's so many desons i went to all the ores professed their setup to be professional bitters clubdefiance professional pichinchas and it's all they do is the best the talmatornis meetings and they the better the meetings and they regurgitate the stuff that we already know but there's no answers then they go up on the bench some more and then running get on get on social media and they get some more and it's like i listened to the debates between in queen gratton and princess tutor at getting up there and i was just at shock it how absolutely idiotic the answers were there they were not talking about anything all they did as they sat there like a cat fight in loving lobbying out accusations that each other you don't like it's like jerry's springer politics as what we have he saw prettier and that's pretty much what it is and then they the they tell people oh don't do you know don't divide we've got to be united we got to be no richer and i sat there in a really so you're so were going to try to unite darkness and light it doesn't work it will on weanedthe came to divide he encontrallas but we've got this gentle jesus with a land sitting on his feet motility instead of what really is and in this is why the whole world is big pretty well gone to hell is christians have turned patrolling eye and most of the time the other cries you know crillonade only to delude to reape the epinonville cried cried cried the cooling the figure with which one knew what they will raise a finger against you and me queer what was the finger when we call them out on the truth you know what jackson i'm more happy than debate anybody there and it's not to send the chigo group i more than happy to to debate anybody in on these other areas married she married chardon be shot maddock i at least of the claim another fraud and and you know what the sathpore that love to be in positions of power they are the same as ceres they're not doors and i tell you what has you know what the whole idea the jesus was a staged passive little the biggest was cigar it really is because i tell you what will you know about the temple i had he and the apostles met the scot poor little peaceful hippies he never lived in excite in every one happened and i tell you what i tired of the paired there are a lot of bad men set i've got him in store here that his critical me because i'm a mean because of my tall ononwhat he's the same he has the same mentality a pass or that would be more than happy to be critical of jesus going into temple kinkenadon in as it what is a centre that's my cop it's assentthen listen people in as if i tell you what i you have a bunch of aletes at loved the idea of considering themselves paid are on the jacksonare there are so there's a few a handful trackswhat because they know sacrifie they now percal sacrifice they know personal i tell you what i did some recent work we did a colbeck foy and red reckon on the rope that worked that they were out stand they were outstanding and i tell you what they were committed to the that is where the locust temeresti ation comes into the people involved with there is a commitment to the truth and i tell you what you cannot be committed are you you cannot be come into jesus christ if you're not committed to the the spot mine because for me okay but so is life and and everything leads the christ if you follow there an i tell you what these people blessed the bikes here i in a sober maria i've been leony township but mischancier here there doing some blessed to bikes how is that not a idolatry you want to go on bless the bike you are to spend time to go in and bless the white the motor she don't blow number on those motor cycles or not life there machinery okay this this is inconsistent with biblical principles and you have a pompous fool of a minister it's gonna blesses motor she okay it is not biblical he is not biblical lets a post and there all about bets the intellections you pet and guess what i got to feel that goes i else shut your mouths about black a blessing the blakes get off your factions and pick up the cross and follow me that's what she's est now they want to go and bless the lakes they dont want pick up the cross in want bless he that jackson joethat's many ministers in so i bless the bassets to all these other pages but let's leave the cross right there because you won't be to want get out of her comfort to me and you want a critical the jackson to you pete his discus far beyond justice this is a persistent pattern people who like to call themselves conservatives i would trumpet they wear the trumpets but not that we got several of em in government here in jackson continere the chop paths tromperoit was fraud and lecointe won't raise a finger to get involved in the selections they won't these a finger but anyhowseven the cotterell political uniforms on and on you know in these go from one little political group to another little political group and there's there's one person that i just laugh every time i and this personation a gonto one of my advents and security guards look canisby you teletaton again and you're going out to black bag cause he he was there for no thetother scoptical person comes in with us his little cake door he can't he short and his little door he tee shirt and political buttons all over the place but it's amazing how he changes his little door he political uniform depending on which party he had sure which or which group he's after the guise complete and otter is a complete not other fraught and he moves between groups and am an an in a way that a person was a delegate for two different parties in fact that i'm talking about i mean this is this is the mentality were talking about it people don't question if they do not do background checks they don't know who their talking to that you know were talking in a group you know you look at how overshoes they are that this this is an organized group of common that the therethere over the place and an ant we start really listening to what you know what they say and find out who they are they there absolutely part of the brain washing in the end the they're not your friend there the night one nosehere you want to treat the problem is this would goniopteris donald for whatever dome reason a line with that is a great danger mat to pernel meshack all these people met down trump will line with the and this is in what far sincecared if this was his he kept me that right well i got i get otrynicans i got a different perspective on that oka he's chessie and a lot of times he does things in order to throw him out to get people and that he is not going to spoon feed people he never has so when you look it more lago being raided i think he helped to range it i really harlotrie and that's some progenitor yet you look at you follow the money trail his tower lists skyrocketing okay but that doesn't change her had not you miss in it the point being is that he did it in order to get bit is sounded up so that vincent and the saint on the tonoight now with with the non son with with a you know with a stormy daniels and the inanities norrisson so that i can carthusiae a hit for something he's a chess player he'll throw a chest piece out there and watch her trotted in set present this is all about sending president in order to go you know to go get em and get bad guisesthese doing arteriotomy daughterindeed through this he smarteth is sarcobatus not mean he said he is exempt picking bad and that is part of my fine with tom i agree with the hundred sent i think he did not see genito think i really do therepeople to to get us to think ye i do i don't i at lipai think he relies on poor adviser okay when he is getting advised by me shun mad akin and somebody has referred him to her and some cape that is very daggers that really it did you listen to him to what he said about miss shand when when they were down in malaga and she had the she had the little perry johnson plain the bit little perry johnson mobile going down there that was filled full of of of these people and he never gave her a compliment it was really kind of funny he's like in this as misshapen very friendly never said he liked her he does said that she had been friendly as sounds like you know if somebody said that i'd be like you can't stand this woman but she's being you know she's being friendly to him friendly it's like you know not that he's done anything wrong i'm not making accusations but it sounds like she's the one that's doing the big suck up there to try to garner favor and is if you listen to his words though i think that it was more like morley's been very friendly to me and yet i testesthe condonantes really do in again i i don't question his chest not like question i question people he has a bad he has a history a picking bad people like tom bold i go on some of the ages some day sees all the ages he had when he was and i tell you what that he just in you what to his in his see most rispects were probably pushed on them by the gopatha the gap gee you don't like it the corrupt entity you i again uncle back to cite i love horses but you know what i ain't i ran trying to be the sledge hammer the drill sergeant candidate well you want get it yet they don't you know what i got a few boats and convention i got moved i'm okay with that and i'm not apologizin fred before ye a few people approach me but i have gotten far more compliments statements i made i am my little red then people critic critical me i had a few people critical the jacks and people were critical me i got a couple o nasty mails from jackson county people and you know what go ahead say what you want i'm cool with it i i've got a thick skin so you can say what the jacksons ope or sense if that was why point that was my point the dope are thencontent dole out and be critical in the consecuntur as long as they have the billy to cancel some way out like me and you so i i make no mistake about it they don't you would i or not well liked by that seed what a bad one that is that like makes my little that you know your otsiningo i am with her and i've got to send any malolacu ing of the fools of the jackson jope the god watches video and i feel free to call me out i don't care i'm good with it but you don't like their coward most from were cowards most of them again they proved that their bunch o liars many not all but many in the tepee there some except seven people the gape the people the involved and lookedstaredthen petri group i spoke to openly long county a couple days those people are out and am i but ah and there are other fine arts throughout the state that i working with but there are many in the elements that are all talk and crying and bithinia that some so here in this this article came out the other day winterand investigation scans what this is a great and so we strolled down her side posted this yesterday but i want to show you what i what i have it is an objection okay here he go we've got we've got queen green grant barsotelli band force and its like michigan state senators you know an end o goes through onotice and adviceand joe belinened lowers and count daily whatever on tuesday or investigating horehound whitmark that's cree are we girls are not we cotonaster with goshen after revealed that the batter mentation has close tied the till then in chinese coming as party you don't what i know this is one of those issues where people have got to the why all of a sudden after all these deals are they coming forward and squeak and because their trying to get press on as they are copper in it to gather this helarctos ball backing for on happenfor nothing gets done in the dorincourt insisted those senators listed there these are all the same bastards that i put that opposed election investigation masses are all the same gepedoios and you want to know what you got coreyou got it a john smith i you have be shown man i give married sheridan who tells people we need to move on from the election investigation anantooeah talking o no that's why these are the same bastards the will not raise a finger in this selection of vestiges it's it's absolutely this is a smoke screen they want people to think that there's an opposition party when they're not it is a one party system and these people they're too many people that will buy him to this be sane people and i'm more in happy for advice proved to call me some time for that never happen ah so i i you know how scottie hosting the don and shows very are there in back now sorry about the rwas listening to you but i had to i had a quick come from one of my attorneys that we had a hearing redhering this week it so i had to quit clarification opereret me tell you educherai right these people its parlethere liars like it they not none of em are telling the truth right here and it's like it's like when when we have we have to and engage our critical thinking brains here because just cause it's in the tithe paper just cause it's in the new miseries and whatever is the same thing with present trump we have to gainst game strategy is if i were playing in a game like that what is the game strategy likely that this other person is going through the games strategy from these people all sudden jumping on it at all this is terrible this is terrible what's happening with gochanant where were they now they were both wanting now about it you that have to prove that they have to the rotten geopelia or ship and lansing you know what christina she myself had i been lifted i would have been in her face i would have been in the face it's not going to happen with christina she doesn't have the personality do that and then you got the jackasses in the grander party oh don't give a dime either they run their mouths and that's it they run their mouths i hope they come after me i won't rest cunnings from the jackson's you'll pe comes after me i hope carados i hoped bibron i linefeeds and pulling their punched a pathological liars you got too many stupid people to make bad united teaches people to buy into the list you know what these men asserts would guide them they would lay a yellow brick road write to the serpent for man there many their flock in their church its slime look had in blow the fine vaticanthe boy or jackson look at how mattamoy yes yes now and it goes back to that money money money nansie and in this is a real problem i mean that is the whole the whole state is one born on lowering or of the old we of one if the power of parties it's the way to states wrong it's the universities that are tied into it you know run a run wiser you know this is what that that a vireo that i was telling you about that we saw them a call meeting that vireo had talked about i know all the organizations conspicuously left out round wiser is on the board of the atlantic counsel and i falter i found out tinahely had a contribution to bide in these also tight in with breezeuntil in ukraine these people it's it's one group they're all tided on nobody wants to talk about it or put in till we talk about these really harness sous and say say look in the it was actually wrought it was run wiser that was the one that torpedoed christina which tells me that she is she is absolutely one hundred per dad on correct and i think i think that i am as standing with her because i think that your portingale she's a really good person and she needs to have people jump in to help her because she understands what's going on and i didn't i admit wether this meronothite cold me she has not called me and made other calls to lection terete for she's got bad edvices to she has bad people advising her and i tell you what i love christine i think she could be excellent lesson to watch she's got bad people behind her we tell you what this goes back to know anybody in an office who were they going to find the good people because the ninety seven per son of that is criminal is our criminals there ins if you've got a wholes that from top to bottom is filled with people that have already engaged and criminal behavior that really should be categories who are you going to choose to try to work through and there's not enough good people to stop off to actually take positions or to run for thinks quite honestly i could tell you i haven't gone through this never been in politics never interested lescot never really interested in it at all his i i really believe that they're all much liars cheats a thing but to step into it with absolutely ah no no no ties to anything ah i think scots come back sorry but what o that caponising as the first somebody like me who really hated every single politician out there cause i knew they're all a bunch of liars cheats and thieves in for i got into it but you know when you step into that arena i'm going to tell you what you got to be prepared for it because because in in you got a thickness they are they they lie they had so many lies out there that were going or on around every one of its unbelievable even if a good person steps they're going to be surrounded by bad people and they're going to have to take their time to sort through it and i honestly think that a lot of that happy where you got people who are sorting through people who are who are really bad people and because where are where the good people there there's good guys workin on give me that but they're having a short through these ah these a political hacks who have in organization and their organized there all standing together in a car all these some the caresome when he first came and came because he who wagwanton that's he that's a reason why workingto meet with r and r and the calls are odd it's like he called me any sudomer the meeting he said well i i came right of his mollities with they do what what oh you know i like to count on you for the maximum donation of seven thousand five hundred dollars i don't even know you just as you sat down here and you know you told me that this is how it works and lands seen you know basically you don't get put on committees and lest you fall in line behind the house be behind speaker the house the most powerful position that was that was sad right out and so unlike so this truly is ignoring the she it is cured that way and so you know we've got in its top to bottle it's really unfortunate but you know who who you know how many people out there are actually willing to run well i for you and done i do here so think you know what i have run for congress in this district on us tepanecs party back then but i ran for county commissioner at the republican i didn't have money per sides i think if i had signs i probably would be corticened in the prime let me tell you there are some good people to run but you want no right you have a dumb tetanicus the gopee and an i don't care which party you have done people did do not educate themselves on the character his people that run for office and the people that run for reelection and you know what there are some good people there but don't get elected and he i tell you what i there are tornabanse and i'm all about the good people running but let me tell you the jackson jap would never support me in a million years they will support the scum and sheriff lying pathological lying here jackson county arryshot they will support the scum bags jones in i there's one in particular i in the jackson county board to comiston they will support i a depecher who has i am i reported him to an agency in lancing i come from ivestigation into him right now but i've also reported the jackson gopegar election there good people that run but you want i know what this compactor fastest what good use people run they want their that will play the a writer veteran a title the thing same thing with may be so called christians if you can recite the bible that's great you know what i call out these christians what have you done to pick up the cross and fall jesus what kind of suffering have you done to day i got into it with the karyosome spiritual good to shade glasser when we run for state chair cory shackleton i thinks i got into it with them about it and i called what you done to pick up the cross to follow jesus i raised money for police case you don't what that's not picking up the cross is that then fonderies here that's not being that's not doing suffering you want to locate people the locust any people many of them have suffered because their having to deal with unco operative county cork there having to deal in many cases on cooperative law enforcement that doesn't want to do their old of office and you have the popes in the jackson helped with the exception of a hand pull people or fantastic but most of us oftiacks on hope many somebody other counties up north they don't give it him okay they don't let us suffer they don't want to get on their comforts this is the proper too many cries i will i might prove one any other words that there is somewhat lowenther is a collectorthe that that honestly are of a really really deceived about then you know just like right to life i'm not a huge fan of right to life and i know people don't want to hear that i am the first odorincense nan i'll tell you why i met i met a gale who was in on writing the heart beat and this should be really disturbing to every one because they she was in on the writing of the incised you know where bigges opposition loss it was right to life and for a thinglike told her that because she said the problem that we have is that if you if you are actually solved the problem there finding goes away in there of a goot the same thing where the cancer and history the cancer and discrete don't want to solve cancer this is something and you know in my husband's from a very rural area and there was there was an old time doctor there when he was younger at hewitt a sum in our in chicago and this was a long long long time to go and he came back and he was telling you know in the the area that my husband's struck you know the every knows every there you know it's like it's like a farm community and sexually wonderful beautiful wonderful people and i really really like friends and family there it's really nice tell he told everybody he said he said there was somebody that got out of the conference as they were so excited about curing cancer at this conference this was a long time ago i think it was probably before we were born but if so the story got to him through it may be parents and they said they sat up we got a stop carrying all these diseases as so quickly or will be out of a job and they were being directed back there through the ama the metalscondition was behind not curing disease because if they did they'd be out of a job on borinage sonthaga magine that you know that i mean that mentality put us out of the job then go home it's just like the polite you should be pushed work in yourself out of a job you know anybody that's doing something for the the world work yourself out of a job and finding other one so many things to that there's no there's no lack of of projects you know but they wanted it so won't you tresoriere can a problem said you can keep the power yes that's why that's what it is and i tell it the grand new party you think they want the problems going way now not because steve car a trail you know the rest of the oaken valves with the grand new part now they get power they get their time and from the camera but of course say to wanted raise a finger to help get them in died in landed it had the rather the jackson golpe itchincope in about all these things do what they did at the last the pet areason meeting last week i met some guy got up there fitting complain about trumpeting indicted but he's the same master that will not help and agents in you know what the locust same does me require them to do a lot is whether not you won't find the criminal complet so we already done most in muscatel but you have the bitters and complainers better not happy unless the retching in complaint i have better to do with my life i had better things to do with my life i have invested two years my life as have several other individuals mostly women and i tell you what you have muchabout ers in fifteen counties right better working the locust ending vestige and i tell you what god blessed them and i have for prayers for that that for me my life's et but i tell you what i have for prayers for them because of the courage they had to come forward unfortunately jackson go pet at sego and gaylord a saggio you don't interestingly enough i was called i was contacted couple days to go by a cone got the permission locust sandy on the last shell we the last time i was on your shelf and he can't acted me and they are trying to set up a meeting and coleseed i want place yes that's very cool and he tried to get it set up and i we've got several counties or trying to get the place and set up and everything else but ah my issue is all to people in the giophore patriots in cor what they'll run their mouths being a plain and benton complain and pinchinge including the path the turk maple grove baptist ere north of jacks the complaining complain complain one but they don't want to pick up that cross to work handpick up the cross since that is the to different to you me between scathe coragious cork from hill stokou the other ones there there are five or six courageous clerks in is that stood up to fraulein i and i tell you what do you think train home or cara or i crying running i am even talked about pretty go running kellyhas do you think these people are going to stick their necks out like he do you aslebee ring kelly i be up ye was after him and was i you know the stupid of these pianists i don't believe it at all crying charlie then had no i don't think he's constantine what i had heard from a pretty good source that the fbi a leged fbi on his histaalene of rest which was actually just in arraignment or something like that that wasn't a that they were changing their clothes and the church parking lot across the street about an hour befo so i have a lot of questions there and then my what am i attorneys was like isles like right into pernales there that quickest couldn't have been there and tell this amount of time is like how in the heck that happen unless there was prior knowledge solders it it was it was odd that he watched the people that were standing there together and it's like not casting crew of of indische at the check at the cape cast and crew people that you out o resinosis about every single water because it i've got a lot of questions and i'm not buying i'm not buying any of it no i don't doubt with the character of these people not with the fact that they are wider and criers criers wires in what does to be honest with you this kind of ring a song in the play it does tosheski you i got i turnierritter he therinne to have a musical moment let's have none o brand of birds musical moment yes and you wanted not some high tritoniidae we we started working on this were going to do a beautiful beautiful song for ring kelly for trail which trails first i leave in noisiest i know you the east he's got the glasses and i i don't know his first name mister tree i guess we called mister traitof trail that going that you okay and there the reason for the barony is because of that clare county meeting i went to where they all held hands and they were doing you know with the tea i love you you love me so and i was like you got to be kidding me i i just about walked away i re only we need we madeirans we need to do this song or all pro crying telle for john smith from ishaunted for marian sheridan pelisson i think she would love to a single all evaperation now i onrespecful leasses and she can sing along with us i cryingnot rainif you want to sing along with us to rankeillor there hideousness everope's watching dagelet the porte we watch you to join us in sainthonore the second verse and with the i do impressions of people extant half badanola ocharoon boy says for you know my kids and such i've got i've got a i can't hold casting cool voices that i long it's this honesting to be for we're going to do we some plain quivoce on the salt forgive me people i know a boutifull or in this survey you guitars through a peoples one to play along a right if you want to play oracolo with us ah the first three cords are set amstetten the next three or segantang back to see sea and of see so those of the cord progression and this is cooled by you and again the codeword and leering cappanone yeah it's rahallinen a mash you do pernand john smith stole a right i thisillegitimate with me and we go torwoodhead i haven't worked out a lot of to be finding people okail accomplish i the moon and in my oroondates and i go on to my oh love oh my this before so onenineteenth on the of a trying to ever to gother me no go sartin over where we do this what's that where do we start at the beginning of the middle or the end ah we do we made to go the second second one half have leoprechting anforina led to sing this one okay with the schenkenschans or so i get i give a free i'll give a three con and then it some one singing or as other one i'm going to shut my mouth and just played guitar for that so lalesosin i ain't hostile here so forgive me if there is a delay in trying to follow this okanogan till three and ossernenon and here the noonoon amenorrhoea or aloft now an you burned on and oh portended tobias roomornamented and roundleaved i am wonanother oh ooooo and hilarious bersbiration in contract with handsome the disgrace it right off without list for me and so that's got you know this of the lay between you and i so it's like i'm setting your trying to listen and i can't hear it so is you know what's really was really sad about this halting all i got something the chance and rincelles just brought it potatoeson dollar home he was harte so i wonder if that came with cigars yes yes beautiful for cross horion yesothers i call on some days i you see him i see beautiful beautiful man and i have a pretty ryan other days these descrying rain so i am i won't low refer to his pretty run to day so it's all good he's easy he's a beautiful man self well you know my problem with all this is is going back on you watch the procedures and at the thashin mad accolle tion erin a conference up in marineland the first time i was there what was really sad as they had five people five candidates picked on their straw pole and though they all stood to the unaccepted chief the rest of them were all there they picked it from the beginning and it was like all more pictureit from the beginning so it was lectionary it really was a wall i toddled they had the middle state chairmen okay and they worked very hard to put it together they did a straw pole what was a number one she the number one issue gopee people for the new state chair to be dressed middle overwhelmingly voted electione which you want when i finished last in the i really don't give him about that it is it is a factpreminent hindifferent is the fact that these people or process you who remakes make the cornel and christina yonkers tiger talks about head christina brought up some of the things that we have been investigating i make shared the best chance of winning even with with manipulation of the ballet she had the best chance of wanting but christina again her people behind and i'm sorry but there you don't i've got to get criticized for saying these states coosa that by christina's people she's got good people behind now she's got a lot of people the number one issue from her the number one issue should be gentilicio sieben i have not heard word one from her about this at all and i'm sorry but christina she claimed to be the election of tigriti circiter stay candidate you need to practice up as his state chair and you don't hear she's never mentioned locustae in in a public relation to my knowledge she's not mentioning it to these counties she's goin round speaking these counties but she don't talk about it that you know as well as i do country's gone unless the selections and i tell you what we have to get them criminal indicted cause her breaking the law christian had not addressing it is sooperintindin goin tell you right now the first time i walked out to her this week and the first thing out of her mate was i needed i need to get indicated on that the locustan sotaisa col so she she is really i we got to give her a chance here but i think she reisener one issue nothing else matters unless you get this unless they get criminally charged that includes some of the republicans to o that unless you get them crime charged all right she's not addressing it because she's got bad advisers i know in one to give her a path on that is she's kind o had i a dump of nine one remonstrate potesias i'm to give requisite i would like more to let christian and be christina and let her personality rights the people that advising her i think our cepine down that's my personal by i i don't think they're doing her any favors in turn i because tremendously smart woman but you know it i do levotoin believe she has more ere and you do not absorb but you do you do need some intensity to go after these beds same and tonty to go after the grand new party which is big as crock under these your thirds bad as the color warming people they really are how they do different then to goborin people and biscuitsin the jackson joe keep by adit because steam car called for fornicatis now steep car gave them two days the pre process absence ballets the stilts and jackson jope will never admit that they were wrong about or because they're wedding the pants just how great the car and closer in all the other pompous run their mouths and complain people you know what i don't care about being a meaning i don't give it him i don't give in and if everybody in this state hates my gottis long's i'm sticking to the fortunately to mate gopee too many alleged conservatives and these leaders second county filled dailies that involved with the gape you know what they're decolorise your finger to get themselves thirty they're not going to pick up the cross and follow cried oh i don't care about reciting the bible a dozen manner if you don't have your heart and and that's what jesus emphasized its the heart behind it there too many alleged christians i don't want to pick up that cross because they won't get their hands dirty they don't want to do those i know what excesserit now is if i were ever in a target or something and somebody who is transgender tried to come into the bath room if i didn't if i didn't kick the crap out of em in there for being in the wrong place at the wrong totohelp ornas i do believe that that's exact intention is wrong and i i'm sorry i'm not it comes to putting children in danger you know i agree i i didn't if i weren't able to you know like readjusts or attitude right there i would i would love have you standing outside the bath room because all i could say is bring on the times sigmatella toothpaste the nation you know and so i i love your personality i absolutely do i go i get such a charge down ritidian the meaning done i'm the man narohiganset out men tweeds too i don't weekswhat thing i don't do as i don't eat so i can't help you there by i i have no problem being a meaning and you know what a lot of people or understand jesus was a meaning amenotep anybody thinks he a possible where again we're bunch a nice polite little hippys and nice clutch cogiones the bokes let pass the boys you know what now i am blessed the bitters or not to bootboth of machine okay the machine parts aren't do not have a set they do not have a spirit o machine parts on machine parts that's what they are and instead the jackson county gaol p wants to go bless he this is the foolishness and you do like one right to like a all about it although you are right without helming and go don't have antogonists but don't tell me that these motorcycles need to be blessed that's one and they don't need to be blessed you are a wife you want in prose get off your rein pick up that cross so sacrifices put yourself into was a trouble maker solely apostle you have these clerks you want to what the jacksons jope refused one bite a courageous clerk made stepney scot for adam's towns the gopa meeting here in jackson just as big neither does the old still a swift ceretano leggedly we were the real coppon john rotundatis figured by i'm told considering running for hillsto county shire you know what you observed to be sure he went back and forth elections he will not enforce criminal charges i ought against the sectary state is not a surcando he's another guy some in his chest i'm i'm tough and everything else you know what i would rather get in and suffer i would rather i would rather get chewed out and i never problem do i don't need anybody like a jane glasser went crying to me and ejection press in delegate meeting once crying and eaten odgetown you like me he looks stay at why don't you like me you know what that's not a cane inate to be a state chair that's that somebody that shoulde i don't care if i'm unlike i don't need anybody to like me i've worked myself to my mind nothing my life i can live with myself you don't what the gape the complaint about camps occulto day complained they complain about this woman in the jackson school board who made the races on but yet they have no problem doing it out they have no problem doing it out i have no problem ignoring in but inditing working towards indictments against they have no problem ignoring that and they have no propyou know what they did worse is they cut the jocistes off they they avoid it because the commissioners came in and cried we don't deserve to be censored yes you do they ignored the election some they ignored things to land the into ruffle the feathers down there that's why you in their pathetic and the jackson jokelet those counting oisters off the lock that's how despicable terrible leasure ship rushed innings i tell you what it's a sorry i got to go off to because they gratanter a little bit hecause i i mean honestly i think we all know that that oh you know that we've got a big problem here i mean it holding on the hoteland scene is there allotropical up the rancounter house and i'm not fine in somebody's going to throw it out there in the chat we should at least three search to find out his there's another right taleout there and a son one find i want itanybody got a lion that mike michael mike without the can put that out there like to see i'd like to see the link on that because i'm not questioning you is just that i want to make sure that we are in fact truthful and tartans were lagroin wrinkles a good deal i've never seen him dance i don't know i wonder if he's a good dancer don't go beautiful shoes yet beautiful shoes and you would think that with old beautiful shoots he should be able to dan i have no idea all i can tell you as he went after me and i screened shouted at and they thought i was kind of meaning for screen shotting things that he said after you know it wasn't going to put up with his optic so to be had from them you know you don't want you don't want it put out there you probably and you want to call her your criminality you probably shouldn't put it out there because i went on not at all solo and trainand train to see if i can actually substantiate the as seen ah see a lot others suffer i'm not seen anything out there resorption of the guises alice makes as you take what ran hallengas i'm not ran celleci ar alone once when i was looking at candidates to govern that guy is an idiot the story i could tell you he held pigrees toolowest that you know i did just lives go back to the electioneering rally because our open mac an island i've such from the beginning that whole thing was basically it should a been categorized as the legal and because ah the people involved in her even on small things like that should have such make this thing legal or get me off your illegal electioneering straw pole and none of them did that should have been the first key to everybody else that so many people they don't want to make anybody mad because they don't want it you don't colono get along we don't want to lose the favor of the party because we really want to be somebody some day while he should be somebody in your communities not not voting with i not well i would really like to see if the the something that substantiates the so and tell me so shellwell have to have to look into that little he and a unless to see let's see cause it would be it would be kind of kind of an odd thing you know cause i know he was over in an landale and i in a you know average trying hose and so o that would be quite a joke from somebody that was running for in politics solid for two years artois as well as in jumping to the next new issue which he never showed up with the word canvassers idea without with proposals he was not there in issues to be dolorously right never showed up and the thatre you know i was kind of interesting here it's me and christina we were the only ones in excesshath up there that was state wide candidates there are a few local people that showed out there were on the ballot but we were none state white candidates showed up which really shocked me becase went from one begging for money hand to another bagarone be hand of the other people that were running that's all i saw and i and i and i did not beg some now then or there's too many people that love money and i tell you what the love of money is the strongest it is money possession of money is not the sin it is love one and a lot of people don't understand that there is a difference between possession of money and love one and he was one of promisedwhat housemove we have spoken of this before with turned the political a the political landscape and it is these party become nothing more than a money a stern money laundering you can use the term i it's a cat the colt near all right it is the ollyoolas the things that that yon looking here on seeing it in seeing other people that are not seen that with so if we find it will put it out there but i'm not seeing that right now i think it's a good thing to look up suthers and other ran collie that's in a nahum ryan calli michigan wicky arrested age biography parentsseeing here i hold out a minute i could find something yet it's just well this is not like a lot wholly moses scallot of o adsonat how and not an not seen certainly something that needs he yea it is a kind of a you know it's like a interesting you know i didn't i i i don't know i caught him not necessarily and exactly one he said one thing in an he say another thing on hand i screened shot at it his people are like owing to chuchoran colle on hees like i've never talked on a brand in person that i profit screened shots helped ends his his groupes were like she's being me indolent like hal i'm just being on st row so that's that said i so you know i've got it all saved in such soft any made wants to see it you go back to the arch basantee i could like bettini didn't they put it out there interesting well what else do we have talked about here to day scotus i mean i think you and i could go on and talk for me on one aren't you to explain your audience why i'm not really talking a lot about the locust standing specifics right now because i anywhere at a like step e o may be to step over that right now is causewaying on behind a yooleday don't want we are on odense are an evidence of morland i have to restrain some of the public discussion about some of the evidence and he talking about so that's why i'm not to talking a lot about it is it's more i have to be respectful of the investigative post not i have to back off so if anybody here is calling for his i wish ye talkin about it it's cause i have to back off i am more than happy again we are so looking for people in other counties to inhowever scot that you could just put out their right now that you anstarren mail you are sure way that they can't take you you you know i have a problem with that i my full numbers five ones seven five eight one once seven five seven i have one seven five eight one or one seven ports if you like to type that into your mouth right now and thomethin that's a did you see something else the week that was out there the ononteeyo male too antedated i'm not that quick hold on a minute this is down a red so and host and staff so i don't have staff here i am so i and o so and then with werrelesse he is in atgorsant always knocked the pus offers and fred then the numeral seven not spelled out a just a numeral seven to jail that come seegmiller i am going to be getting a website up soon i i can and everysin to that address bounces josiah that's after ever conoloathe provechoso i love in your way sane this morning google decided that one that i sent you this morning they flagged it as spam an orison mail and so i had cuckooing on like quickening at the so as scott and there like all the google decided to your dronkart now and like you kiddin me so now anything that's going to cross that you know the the google the ole a big in a is the a problem out there don't ii of ingeniose the dandy you have a great voice well that's nice i thought you want to read it here ythene have a lot of litorius people that across the state that are working election invested no i i we would be there doing it you know what they're doing on behalf of their families in behalf the but i think i'd be half of all of us and not again i would like prayers for the i there there in the upper peninsula there in the lower peninsula and their going to water for interfui and i'm only i'm only part of it we have a woman named joan for election integrity force and several others who i might i myself will be nowhere to my investigate process without her and without lecture but i we will continue to pursue the truth on this i can't go in a lot of details any more alieubi shot ah the fact remains that we need to continue to grow the investigation so anybody in a county that doesn't have an inactive investigation or risenot even aware i maybe they have one with their lot to get in contact with somebody they can contact we by that full number and that even and i that is that is a we haven't we have our line on the vestigation all lying down invests as people willing to file the criminal col the big point or to love what locks but toni want to show you something here metammin to try to get on the link here there is a detailed dived down on on this the so american campus communities there he had a i found opoopooa in the southern oh i think this is significant because i don't know if you saw the students in other group of guys that are working on guises michigan now it's to a gender we're the first of gender neutral pro everybody's guy right so am i going to the it is mentally we don't we don't believe people perceive us as being nothing more than a bunch of red and i ah they don't they they see they talk about equality and they talk about diversity will you can't have it some time if you have equality you're not going to be divers and if you're going to be diverse should not go discovered source founded certosa as inventors yes i you know what i recognized that i recognize that came out that exactly its a lie that i know i'm not saying it's not something i positively ah there is a truth about with regard to the fact that oh that kind of a common sense okay to well i think it's one of those things that there's enough people fighting in different areas i'm pretty i'm pretty encouraged to see this and a what i did on this let me see if i can well i got up what i'd like to say about this is you have to be very cautious and there are issues with data that the mission irrelation has that's part of i am several i am investigations were doing right now it is important to be careful about i'm not i am not saying but we know the secretary of state there's nothing accurate about what she does she sits there and says claims how great the elections were everything else and the evidence just otherwise and forget the tabulators were lot people understand election are more than just the tabulate when you walk in check yourself in they have a little laugh top there at that first desk when you go in to vote it's called the electronic old you are now what that is a critical component which the state canvassing board doesn't recognize you do then understand when you certifying election your surfing all the public record but they don't they don't they rubber stamp everything because tony down the head of the misconceauing board is a pompous and i i'm bedon't understand you are fortifying more than just what goes through those tabulated certifying all the records i want to show you something a minute and let me scriveners who own so it started out with landmark properties and then i started looking around into exactly what we had so landmark properties is owned by campus communities cowed by blackstone is owned by tell they go so you can if you go to my iden about i did a whole bunch of posts on this where i just started digging of so lanark owned by cataonians cecinit ons which is all by black stone which is only by black rock vanguards street capital in such so you've got this ingleton going on which is so typical when we look at when we look at economicare going on out there this is this is what's going on behind the scenes you can keep you can keep going with us let me let me run run through these and show you where that also leads because it leads right back to hillary clinton and a kind of interesting the bounder so its convenient so the guide that stared at blackstone it is a a is name is even schwartz and we're going to will just run through this really quick which i think is super important because it's the connections i look at and so when when these connections are you got to look at you got to look at the one so they stephen's swordsmen who also had had a lot of a lot of other connections forthgo in like he so he was involved with harvard business school and also found a job at laman brothers whether at that time was full of interesting characters asia agents ex military strategist for our strays from the oil industry family friends and random so at landres made himself for murders acquisitions and became a managing director by thirty one that is not a managing director by thirty one that is some one who is late you don't you don't get that kind of acts is unless you gain favour by doing things that they asked for to she no wit no o believe no way that i will believe so you can go to peter gee personfor mer a lavabo set ye hed breefely served as you have secretary and palmer's honored nixons colorable rakitin there and so then i went further in this which i think is kind of interesting because it all all roads start leading to the one place here and will start here it's kind of convenient oh how this to be i think less there we go three reasons be worried about black stone group in their front i'll recant yes the latter reasons to be to be in looked podestas standing right there ah cousin up with blackstone executive buried on the thousands of john pedestals and i believe it was so andrew bright marny did polishes too the called him a world class child sex trafficker if so here he got clinton and podestas standing there together which anybody who was even margin only oh you know informed will understand those concon very well especially if you go down easter thinking about the hem the movie which i actually saw videos of that point the there you go post and i unoriginal in their non sans we can go further down that little rabbit hole very quickly in fact i like to research i loved you in this kind of stuff a fact i could go down and dig up stuff like that full time and then i only did part of this go get a man drew i love that guy and her bright bard and taken him out ah you know how i know they took him out same way they do as people sesally like a and ice needle or of military grade poison or something like that he dropped train on these and yes last week and i was hanging out with christie so we had a great time and she did in fact why to talk to you so there you go we'll get get something talking about a nonodora you protegee hold an so i'm not you know what ah there's a lot of people that talk the talk but you got to walk the walk and i hear it any great time helpin and hunderithe if this country is to recover there cannot be any any i am any project or any any foe other than the election this election process all they have to do is control a few states they don't have to control ohio or indiana oriels at controlled misshapen arizona georgia maybe was come may be met isota maybe i colorado may be no ami'm here any all thought i'm sure in any body to stand on this nation i'm cheerin on and so that's what we're doing we're going to get a patent do not and i tell you what if you don't want because i am critical of her absence of responding at the elections that doesn't mean i i a hard sent against the indians in the grand new party because there bunch of fasces they'll never admit to it so called christian here the ones that did drop you the republican that torpedo christina a dread the runnin ran on he yonohonte people who to the grand new party support that the colonel jane glasser okay a couple of jade closer is from the west coast of the united states is rooted silicon valley we i do we uncovered some things about him and i'm hoping that we get some more information out about but saimscon gives his assertion on his you know and held hocart let me tell you bring up in instinct thing the banked brandlighters soonbegone a miracle where these idle here what i reached out to john gibbs alle times to come and talk to the idle county commissioners about this election not one return called from the gun now helen and i tell you what i extremely disappointed in him because of i don't live in interesii couldn't vote for him i supported him and i tell you what i his actions have clearly settled vice forts on conserned in anything radical of no absolutely not but you won't know what i will say to get and viscose for those alconti cost you want the they were the big turn around and everything and you would think were you going there show the stuff peonico y comision and get them to go after the set sicherste as well but no toanywhere i keep the outcounting people he my guts and and not on or many of them i went representat there are some fine fine people out on the ordenaciones con there are good people every county the polemist bad bad leadership in many of these copies and then you have basically a bunches jackson county you have a bunch of hees you have a pastor that will go bless the motorcycles but he all raise a finger help get the secretary stated that that's not a pastor that's somebody trying to get money and his church looks like he's accomplished that ties on pastures going out blessing motor she over the and i tell you what i can send email to the jackson joe pie may be some of them are watching now i really don't care i now care how he did i am why there are many they were happy to make sure i knew that some whose people exegete and firearm with them when i had i when i called out stevethe go preening last week i could care less you want to prop me up to your round the back of my school ahead i'm not afraid to be murdered and that's the difference between me and loves phoned you know what they are wont get out of the comforts on don that there are christians are long to do it but most christians don't want to get out of the old and that is about a line that's why you want know why this countries in shape you blamed the jelpigoree the democrats you can a hollywood you blame the professional athletes nell because it church is weak on that's why it is weak and one so i there individuals in her strong and courageous the church as a whole in church so there you go i tell you what it's like i don't sense or any one and they can't you can say anything you want here on my son absolutely i had i had a somebody tried to set a sun serto other of my friends which is marked and lisa on the east of the state i on lotteries out there so you do sternomanteis and how many somebody sensored to and i'm going to say kind of made him a little angry right answer any one in so i like to get people out o sortileges me dayswere that i should say well then i think everybody in that little situation got sense i don't send dorion and so it's like people you know i hate to say it but when you've tonito branber news network it's going to be a mixed bag of of stobeaus i will not some and i will let them i will long at betale can say without their mind you not a man at your age or that you are here realisticnot i uphold his ability to have his opinion and say whatever comes in his mind because in order does it starts comes sessioner telling me you know i called all kinds of things because i researched all sources and unlike in sorry i didn't realize this as kindergarten where we all had to be plain with the same old gampola here and it's like you know that's not what we do is the dolls we go and we we listened all opinions and then we sort through them for you know for so i you know i don't have a problem with the you know what there's something aside just so have a problem without the people have a problem when i just and in its like it's okay it's your ability and you're right to have that you don't have that that opinion no matter what it is because it dat i definitely starts conversation and sometimes it's really healthy to sit down with somebody that you absolutely disagree with because it challenges how you look at the or maybe i have been looking at the thing wrong i think o you know i been able to say say you know i don't you know as i ha said my grandfather you stowage only say well well well you know and now that it that was his his process time of it was either eh don't really agree with you but i'll least ponder it or he would it would be more like this time you brought something new to the table that i have not yet considered and i am going to gracious enough to consider it so that's what my grave which he was very nice man he worked with horse and he had the horse person at horse person personality in all that is a horse or sorcerer per se are we going out of that i had no homaeopathic how how it yet no no like people who had horsothehop people hanger on horses are like an entirely different it's like it's like it you usually have a women that are very into i really think that every one that wants to save their daughters from craze the craziness of the teenage years get him a horse because you know what for the like my daughter we we got her a horse when she was younger you know i've always had horses most my life i've been around and where i have owned of and in that somethingwe got her own horse he actually brought her horse represses idea i went and i wanted to get her something to crossing when i got to get her right and a decided by her horse so at any rate she was she was in relationship that that point time which his turn out to be a very good relationship at the time it wasn't you know ideal but but one thing about one thing about it is if you have you give your daughters horse are you have round horses they learn to be a little bit and dependent the characteristics of being one more horse and such and they have absolutely no interest in so like it all the day had out there you want not you might want to you know ah what it would he call it so as the a whole hole husband owner and something i have to look it up but it's somebody who has horses and they become they become widowed by their horses to a certain extent but honestly if you really want to stabilize our daughters out there get him a horse because horses have the ability to fulfill a lot of the nursery needs that younger women ah really crave and it it honestly there not interested boys at all everybody that i see that it's the round horses that is like the primaries the yet the horses are beautiful animals oh go down like your dating worries for your daughters because they will be in the barn hang and out with their best body their horse and of the rest of it will will probably wait till their actually ready to have a rub real relationship when they're older and i think that's a that's a wonderful way to do that i'm excelling to be writing a curriculum oh no on rehabilitating people with horses because you know i do horse ray have and a and also working with people who are afraid of horses or or that or have never ridden before that's a lot of fun if you had a bad experience horses out there you didn't have a bad horse experience you had a bad horse purse on experience some people really think it's funny to make people afraid of you ought to make him afraid to make the self wood tougher and that's wrong in every level you should never you should never ever give somebody bad experience with horses or anything else and just a glowed over them that happens what so concomitanter sting that he or yittering the size of horses as nan and the really kind of vulnerable and the herd and older source of food yet well it's a propre billy there's a vulnerability about horses i think why human beings can and oh it's i would love to have a horse but they are a high man animal to retain her it is not cheap and not ah i would love to have when i love to have a pet i regardless but i'm right on considering a hermit crab so i thought his hilarious there's every hour or in a horse's con see through your soul it's amazed ostraea ul animal and in what in many ways the epitomized what the perception of freedom and i thought i would love to have a horse and go and ride a horse across grass land you know and play in no stopping the playing my guitar and you doing some song writing and letting the horse grazes in the field there by i i think you be great date your horse riding i think that's an excellent the horse is there wonderful it's like that like gold as bentwood riding horses i love the fine fine to woman to go horse riding with me so hot i olivet maybe i'd be my net my date suggestion when i know i know a lot of em so maybe i can be a mass maker for you and find somebody cause actually know i actually know some ladies that are single that that armorers loveought now i am open myself without going into my life i tell you what don itto day i am fifty eight and it's not a good day to be cheery with all fiddler cossington's oilskin to cool i peters old to day but i have orosaywhile for youvery much it is all so a the adversary collinsby ah by i again i you know what we go back to colindian i don't need to tell them to something dark but my whole argument these schools where are the armed teachers where are the armed i so disappointed oxford happen these the fact that there wasn't a teacher there the poppet little master and in what we can superable the parental we what but you don't what the solution is not to control our fire arms control of the people what they want they want these shootings because it gives them be excuse to confiscate the guns as his canny rising he got on his pensees this was this is a one my horse as i wore and on right now he's got bad feed yet he is a pretty nice he's a stallion so that's a producing that's a reproducing mail he hasn't a gallet he's that he's pretty nice horse but he's got bad feet and so i got to see if i can show you another one here this isn't this is me in the winter time in my state puff marselot and a as we carolside to dress for it right stay i look like the state of marshmallow man you know like was said on ah no in goalkeeping up this to that's down a walking around in the winter time i've got to sell hand signed and you know how sixteen layers of anything it's like if i were on the asterisms story in the kitfolding in the snow when he's like help that's meinen i think we should think scott happy birthday a real quick let me ask you as i got somebody asked him but he mail i can they go to the same line to watch it cause it's show will be on grumbled for while won't oh yah or i can jest eat on what i can do here i got a great idea i'll screen shot i can screen shut the seminoles second draw on long is green shopafter wards made ill to sit right here hold on saggs goschen shot up out of some look you here my smile and then i'll set so about two minutes delay here set where the screen shade i'm going to have it in my noooooooo photo era and not a good photographic subjects so there i discite shoohing on men and then a there he got on and of even to take one of those two and i'll put that i'll put that up on this one the myrtle gram channel and i'll put your number as well as your email there and the people can get out sold to sepulture click nor shore woolnoth the left is when i get their phone calls know we were yes you know what it is i can't have enjoy i kind of enjoy a when i get these calls i had a few of all men you know you get the calls and it's like a ontario i i own that of waste my time too much you know it's like like coated but what let me tell you the love the left us give me more time than the jackson golpes roscommon last any more it's not even left and right it's the its evil against us earcongotha thus communicates eratosthenes anossofi think we should sink on oh i'm in pleasing that have you are listened to you i doberians ome one a birthday sin i know now is this soterian out rat now o cake as we had we had we we have some nice time to end the broad casks with good feelings she and of this i love this one she's a jazz hardest rangriver song a ah i saw her a concert this wonder here we go it's going to be i haven't seen the like on aslesha pens i'm goin to go ahead put the thing up here and then oretes's going to be great for scott to day and for all of us old doffers out there you can love this for so garstein metals oversensitiveness to the inwentories when troubles wonolanset one he talapoin he notes no matter one day when oonomoo she then now you got a birthday song to remember and here's the candle lotte candle and there ye go heavy birthday scolecodont the government had to take me out yet i wasn't shrugged makingengin up yoritomo yes they they may be successful to sheer to a to get rid of me so we'll see what happens i made that i insist on meeting can be taken out by the government or a lightning strike during the store polonaise a herealoneat was the last week beginning lasted we are first tornado watch in jackson county and not a few years so we hadn't had one not pres tornadoes early last week are gone i have to unfortunately you goin but i see i see perinthian it out for dindonnette you don't what i've made a lot of sacrifices i in my life including in my personal work with my dry wall business by we have a kind woman from a colcotha started a side to help raise she saw over this state i do a lot of work and i bracciule time and salaried election investigated o does dry wall on the side by a anisreinette nay when we talk he was like could hear him scratiotata she started a web site for recalled a it's a christian si comparable to a goonbell gives son a gold dacca but it's called gives an go and then there is a psychologic records which is mine if anybody would like to make a contrite i can see i can't see scott doing the same thing lot of people do with the money and sexual one look pararonse and poverty through this i don't mind it because nobody i only usually by right now i can do you necessarily what i do and i have a tremendous working relationship he electricityor ah i have i have been blessed very very wonderful people through the whole process stomachin i tell you how much that these are my these in my family these like we have again with this selection and she blessed peggy any contribution o it's i give one godinet's forward or back slashed voting rock and we erobern the gives an go voting records in the ship hold me up any contributions would be greatly appreciated there relative pre do hanyfites thank you so very much for the day i asked you a blessed scot with a wonderful wonderful birthday to night where he just knows your presence that you're there with them that he was planned from the beginning a time to like everybody else was and that you were walking with him through this thank you so much for president trom for christina coronel for scott for all the people in election integrity force for those people who are brave like general plan and admiral rogers and dance cobino elegans am in bless him to day he your presence your leading and your discernment wisdom because everything we have is it it comes from you and it will go back to you as we let go what we have and laid at your feet you the sane way that you and then too a or that you desire to were willing to go in whatever direction it is that you want us to go in to deserve you in your kingdom that it may be honoured it is in heaven protect the children that are althora's way to day if there is any one considering having an abortion in to stop and cause and turned to you and find out that there are other options and that you will be with them every step of the way that they don't need to go down this path and i and others like it any anything that be that divides she penyfather please re please open our eyes so that we can see those things that do in fact separate us from us so that we may walk me return away from that and turn back to you that we may in fact walk on this earth with you which so thankful it is possible and it is say anderthank that you do walk with us and show us every step of the way and think you we love you so very much having my father we just love you jesus name we pray there go yet you take care yourself down in thanks for having me on this morning and not we will not we will try to touch basil soon okay at sounds awesome so i look for to see this after the week and have a great week and and have a good mekhadema realized that here is time go to brand berford down at governor do come because i am not conceding the selection and i am the best known consider whoever not conceded or did not one and at any rate i this lot of people out there that care about each and every one of you don't lose heart don't be depressed to day things are going on a good direction and it's going to be okay sometimes we just got to take the trash out and clean out the things that are wrong and that's where doing right now don't don't let it get you down it's it's going to get dr god bless you god bless all this whom you love and god bless the mark i have a great week at every one and we'll see a monday or my dana