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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/12/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church with Dr. Tim Parker

Published April 12, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twelfth day of april twenty twenty three so we have a lot to celebrate to day and so mentoring my my good body tim parker on right now and were in him you doin i'm doing great dolet's a great day here missgehandelt to redeem in grace church every one that we do on wednesday at the wonderful time so i think i'd be fun to tell erbody about the week end that we had it was a great weekwhen on the sweet and as it was it was a lot of fun and the brand of burbages were going on so we had a got together and a lot of good friends came on sunday and we celebrated the sterteth r and i always mealways called the resurrection when when i was giving a easter gesture yeh resurrection days great thing in the result it was great vietato which you and the family and i just thoroughly enjoyed myself as kind as pan trees but it was so by the clock almost a direct forty eight hours and it was it was blasted every night we have a lot of fun and a it's kind o i know i don't know it i didn't get a sanctite you yet but we had chicken graduation they yesterday one he cried uation day is a lot of fun so we had an bohereen their little brooder tight things i we put him in and the like the cattle the candle waters that's we put a man with that wild heat lamp on it so yesterday they got moved to an actual chicken and at first they were a little little you know what the heck is happening to us out of giving out of what they know in their familiar with right we we can't tarried while waves oh put him and put him in a box as we had up out it move out there so they're not really checks any more they're big enough and they all have fathers so we went out there and i've got some really fun videos of a moving about there and how they reacted to the we they they actually had to learn how to do walk drink from the new though the waters that we use which are the kind of like how you how you water a hamster and southers like a little is like a little nipple that comes up and they have to pack at it and it goes on a little tiny cup and it works really well because then they don't get on it and poenae which is what they do to fragilewith so segested was kind of fondata it was chick radiation day so we sat in the coup and we gave them a graduation speech two in komaki choices i think he had sixty that graduated so that so he that was quite as quite in a bit so there they gesligan twentytwenty three other their climate twenty one three trituated to be to be big chickens i yes what are we talking about this morning and what would you like me to pull or you could die mediately disproportions the to a loving his goldrun through that but if you descriptus a little bit i'll try to a word i had a time but as you said resurrection day for the real christ is the title and christ reserection is not a nakkasivat a fundamentally set within the context of all set and just one to say that as we ponder resurrection day of what it means to new birth a many of our choices are cemented by what jesus did on across there is such a huge link between the cross and the resurrection as i said last week i believed that the cross is the cake of new birth the resurrection is like the icy but there's so much packed into the resurrection it were unpacked to day so jesus stepped from the tomb a and on what we always say he is risen and the responses he is risen indeed question is why what was the purpose what was the meaning what do we need to know about his resurrection and i'll say is victor jesus may have done certain things during the time if you will of his death ah scripture alludes to some the creed suggests some but i boreencourage people we got to be careful may be who we listen to i believe that we should pay attention to who we have as a pastor who we sit under oh because some people talk about decisions if we can make ontological choices o o which curtain we choose and were unpacked at this we go through to day but i'm tollages it sounds like a big a five dollar work it is really just the essence of a thing the word is it is difficult to understand this we make it because we just don't use it but i would say in new birth i do believe what god's word as jesus arose to this and that at least an introduction to what we're going to go through here gentilhome be like four point depend on how much time we have then i would kind o like to almost do like a kitchen table a reading of first corinthians fifteen but will see what time alas yes it sounds good so when we think about jesus mission cross work and resurrection he says in a if he get fillippians started down if you can not he says indeed i count everything is lost because of the surpassing works of knowing christ jesus my lord and that is so he said the knowing christ jesus my lord is set worwonock a little bit to day paul talks about it about being in christ like two hundred and twenty times in his writings the in like passions alone a short little six chapter he mentions it in one form or another i believe it's like thirty eight being in christ is so here i he speaks about a knowing christ jesus my lord for his sake i have suffered the loss of all things in colimas rubbish ah in order i would always say we need ter pay attention when it says in order that oh i may gain christ and be found in him now i have me no righteousness of my own comes from the law remember if we talked about righteous justification if we are dependent on our righteous i could say worse but it's his righteousness that lives in us and that's the only way we can be righteous as when live from his righteous but that which comes through faith in christ and again i tend to hammer a little bit there that other people might not oh i somewhat think like the king james he twisted that faith in christ rather than christ faith in us oh i would love to really get somebody that knows the original language is to go back and find out our faith in christ is important but i believe in this context were really talking about christ faith in the righteousness from god that depends on faith that i may know him and here's where pies to the day the power of his resurrection and may share his suffering becoming like him in his death so you can see the relationship even in his passage between resurrection and the death of that by any means possible i may attain the resurrection from the debt so that last phrase is speaking about oh graduation day to the land of the living ah so that's what that little so that i may attain resurrection from the dead is basically when we graduate from this earth from this life the land of the living and when we talk about first cretins fifteen when we take on immortality so be a blessed day cried uation they had going to be of some he walked here that i i i know you don't either neither one of us have any feridoun all and oh it's a it's a part of life and not something too not something to be afraid of but certainly certainly want to prepare you know and and saying i don't mean that by leke have in that heaven everything in a trust or having your will set up i mean having your heart right with god knowing that that that's going to be a glorious day that we prepare for to meet god and indever thing we can stand in front of him and in the best possible light let's put it that way yes and i i do want to reach into the hearts of my listeners or because i think there are a lot of people that would say as they listened to me and now right now i i don't feel that i do fear death i do fear the sting of death and oh i would say again before we came on line you asked what was the definition of doctrine it's really just i would say theological teaching but it really just means to so i think people need to be taught well and when we are taught and it's like the lights go on we can start digging into and learning what god has in store for us and that's why i want i want to rely coals with the first gratian's fifteen reading to that because i soegasti so he awayweaned out in our society is kind of a kind of a cab it's kind of its kind of thoughtsome of the rituals that we do as the society are kind of of non solitary so it kind of a brain washes as to the point of where we fixate on what we've lost instead of what you know what we the celebration movefor ward and treating at last it is like a celebration they and he in orjust because people aren't with us doesn't mean that ah that there really gone do you know what i mean it's like words is just that i think that we just can't see you you know and so there it is like the the just kind of gone on vacation they're just now in a body right but but i don't find it to be that tragic actually well i think it's a haywire bad about the being with god i mean that's kind of its kind of selfish reallyand i think it goes right back to or messages week the passion of the crest we can because he who wear is is human being since natural for us to feel empathy toward suffering and things like that and so i think that it's so easy to get into that vein that we don't really think about the celebration and as what i am convinced that jesus wanted to communicate that's why i mean to do next we he wanted to communicate that he knew full well that his death of tent was pure celebration pure victory and i think that we we just naturally get caught up with the suffering and i just we have to learn celebrate what he celebrated and i think when we learn that it's like the lights go on and it's like boy now i can even see death ah differently so there's things about the resurrection it where it's going to really excite is what we i i gods given us so many gifts of of people you know cause i did some work with hospice for and ah and interviewed a lot of nurses and such and listened to the end alike stories it end there there they have no absolutely no on a trepidation they have no ah no questioning that there's life after after and there's a lot of wonderful stories that i was able to talk about people as they know before they're writing to die that they're going to go and it's things change in its not it's not cares it would seem with her so many there so many instances that goisn't always do it there's so many instances where where are you you know you can see that transition and now beyond a shadow of a doubt they just literally took the slater off and swelter as our bodies and and that their free and the painted suffering is god and there's a joy there that with people passing it sometimes you get to see things and i love it when you know i'm ecclesiastics when he talks about the silver cord being a a detached as it were and in how that lets are spirit fly away but if there's in there's no question that there's life after that there's no question that deegest for first sensors no de no question that we have reconciliation with god almighty through his death and the proof of it was his resurrection that he lived a blameless life and because of that he took on all of our sins and god raised him as the first fruits of you know of all of us and that's a yeh i think what you're talking about it's like as jesus truck on homans its frequent we think about death we it says we kind of you used words sweater it's like we we literally in what god does to us we he takes away our mortality and he calls us with immortality its hike how majestic athenes when we understand it it's truly graduation day it's all of otseredin is just that the people left here we we feel that lost and we we have to go through the grieving process but it helps us a lot more when we can understand the celebrations and so i would encourage people first point i just say this it me sound strange i would say don't play with ontological eternal life just live well i should start right now and this day and oh you know yesterday was beating the subject out of a pretty beating the drome pretty hard on stop lining there just stop lying and when when you stop lying and you decide to be honest with yourself and every one else out there and you stopped trying to cheat or you stop trying to do or you stop all of the non son all of a sudden it's like purifying you you'll feel better and it is a lot of the things that we deal with it are negative negative consequences of our choices when you just stop stop with a sense stuff you will actually be helping to solve your own provenois going to come in and help you you would have to do that yourself but it may come for an individual well that's like a perfect sec we done i'm just going to skip a like oparrapa in the manuscript ah when we don't mean it again i want to hold in on what it means to be the ontological like that we have the assets when we are in the kingdom of darkness or ontology is as a dead spiritual soul so we can we can frustrate ourselves by trying to live differently than our ontology or weakened live within our ontology so by my point here is if you find that you have the wrong ontology the only one who can change at his god so here's what i would say in sanitylet don't follow no oh let's unpractical little bit i would say we could even go in saying if we attempt to be what we're not and in dagonwho we are at our sad well in that i could agitans of the hearts like when we go out to the when we go back to joneses where did we get in trouble the trying to be like god right while we can be like god in our action but when we standthe when we step out of the the rails that were supposed to be others and natural order their consequences that come on that that rail is there from god as the act of love these so when you choose to send when you choose to do the things that are rough well god love you yes still going a lot you but it's going to be like what i would do with my kids looking at them and when when they do some ronchos that working for you and you know how and then see if they smarted up in decided it may be wasn't the best choice to make and so hopefully decided to put theirselves back on the rail this is god's world it's his stand by he makes the old and if there are things out there that are going to hurt us like lester say we have roads you step on front of some you've got to die right it's just way it works he has rules here he stephouse in the rules of the world and the universe created probably going to die in some form or another so it's it's making a conscious choice to follow his instructions out of love so you know and you know how much i stress new birth if we're at new birth we can't live like a new birth one now you got to espringale a hardinin your granatensi you step out side god's rules you're going to have proposed with in sand now that's exactly my my done what the apostle paul was talking about in rome and seven the twenty five he pretty much was insane trying to be may be what he wanted to be but he couldn't until god knew birthdom in any said people live what god injects into you and so this is a back to that same thing so like jesus said do we gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from vessels no way it's impossible so he's really talking about how we live life or don't live our life so when as i said with paul it's like he was frustrated he has said man i am trying to be something be he knew what he wanted to be christ like i think but he was trying to do it without grace in his soul without new birth and he was just frustrated he's a i tried as hard as anybody i couldn't do it and i think that's where this conclusion her is a man who can save me from this body of and i'm convinced the death when jesus stepped in and said sal sal we plant doitenguighe that's right now and do it it's gone working through us and that's what that's what changes that she changes the holy question so in some sense ah and this is weak we do struggle honest how did it work like lucifer he was the most angelic maybe the top angel and yet ah when he fell it's like what's goin on perpetual insanity we look around our world to day we've got some herjedale it is we got mails trying to be female eeles trento be mishosha work i mean we see it's pretty much insanity we just had to to shooting down a nashville week or so ago and that was at the middle of it so human hearts other human beings as in san and also in i mean it eeen you see that and i mean we have example that we saw we are both so together the sweet hand and it is insanity to to to other people and i you know eh i'm not i'm not going to say exactly what happened four for a person to say that he would rather speak to satan himself then you people that is his sanity that is and that doesn't come from a heart of love do you know any more than this political nonsense for people get together at screaming each other and are fighting like that that isn't sane absolutely insane and that that someone that satan is involved in that and old people that can't hold it together yes so biblical faith only exists with it in the rome of hoo jesus is sinicus birth his life his passion his death his resurrection his ascension is so pivotal to what we know so it's like we have to ask ourselves did god inject new birth in yourself if he did live like this is poles frustration in in roman six one and two rises what shall show sin that grace may abound and again it was like god forbid you know he he said elsewhere you know how could you who are in christ participate with the prostitute i mean it's like a hollow it's like water and oil don't mix and that's what i think people wouldn't we don't really understand what god wants to do in us we we just find it too easy to live i think with christless and on god wants us he wants us to learn and so it was said of jesus that he was the first born from the dead a lot of people i know the moslems as one group that really distorted of the jews kind o do when they talk about him being the first born it's like they they really distort what is said about the we have again scriptures make a huge analogy between the first atom the second adam first adam was in the garden out of an eve the second adam was christ whatever adam destroyed in violated the second adam i recreated in again so when we talk about new birth what is it called its called a re creation of spiritthese so it's like when we start to understand he rose so that he could bring dead sheep into eternal life that's what we see even in john street if you believe in me you will have eternal life so it's like that's what he and jackson to he and anteriorent when people are not a a when they haven't had that new birth and when they're not in christ you can see to the th the evidence of of the insanity that in we expect people act rationally and were set when they don't will why would we expect anything different if they are truly not living yet not not in christynmas we can give them grace in that like god and hopefully maybe get through to them a little bit help them on their grey so if you want to just heads up call up feshion in an i want to talk rowquickly about so will we talk about ah the spiritual resurrection why was christ resurrect civil to us oh in some sense we would say that we don't have the ability to walk in newness of life without his resurrection so i believe as i study scripture that jesus applied his cross work and resurrection to adamaneve after these sanded genesis tree twenty one so we can say that new covernor reality is applied early in old covenant she so albany were new birth and ontologically there had not were again placed into christ and i believe that they could live then as recreated after the image of and that's the only way we can actually possess ontological eternal life is to be in his so the apostle paul says in starting and verse three and i want people to listen to the who and why so when we talk about who is new birth who is paul talking about here he says oh blessed or praise be to the god and father of our so we're talking about a group of people that would be classified as our or tremont new born people our lord jesus christ who has blessed us and i would say those are all good new birth one in christ there's that in christ on ah again with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places even as he chose as get us in him when before the foundation of the world before the creation of the world it's like are you kiddie so it's like we we don't understand that in god's eyes he redeemed his chosen one before the foundation of the world and and it takes history so live that out so when we see even in genesis three twenty one in convinced that he applies the gospel of christ forty five hundred years before the cross of bent and the resurrection of cries but what jesus did in the cross and resurrection he applied to admonish and so there's so much theology that linked to that so oh why did he do that so that we should be holy and blameless in or before him in love he predestine us for adoption of some christ jesus according to the purpose of his will to the praise of his glorious grace which he blessed us in the beloved in him there's two in him in the block we have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of his which he lavished upon us in all wisdom and insight making known to us the mystery of his will according to his when she set forth and christ as a plan for the fulness of time to unite all things in him things in heaven and things on earth and him we've obtained an inheritance having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will so that we who were the first to hope into his might be to the praise of his glory in him you also when you heard the word of truth gospel of your salvation and believed into him were sealed with promised holy spirit who is to guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it praises so he puts us in we wait in our mortal bodies until we graduate to the land of the living but there that is one passage it is so chockful of his and in the power of the resurrection phil on his cross oh any questions nothing in the chat and now i'm following you pretty well how many of question how many times if you ever done it word search that in christ comes up in the bible well that's what i was saying paul mentions basically in christ in one former other over two hundred twenty times in his rites i rescivisse that number so think the reorientations alone it's it's i believe thirty eight times just in the sixth chapter so you don't really get this outside of may be even paul but it's there but that that being in christ is back to the ontology that's our ontology when we are in christ that to our essence is and so paul would say i would confer with him live it if that's in you live like to give all caught up into everything that does it represent christ because that's not even who we are so called basically says live who you are not like even the one checks were he says work out choral vashon because god has worked in as so that's agin that that whole thought there and in its import so am the second point life long organic resurrected life is worth our time and attention as it flows from eternal life ah now to me he said that people he may be in time move to the idea that universal as a saw in placid some would believe it explicitly but jesus clearly paid the debt for all people on the cross but i want to make sure that we know who the all oh in john seventeen when he says all in that context he means all new birth was ah he never says it about to go but i can take him far back a few years ago i wanted to look it up when he bookcase up but rob bell a rod of book locked wind and in he pretty much taught in their implicit universalism he what jesus did on a cross applies to everybody and so therefore everybody saved and that's what some people believe i mean there's language that if you don't know about this being in him you can say what yeh yeh everybody's safe we got a look a little bit deeper when you find out now that's not he so he says they have believed you sent me i am praying for them i am not bring for the world but for those whom you've given me for they are your and as he the upper roof discord john was seven what was it as exedran summon tea and i as i when i was passed for her several years if it blew me away down in it such a subtle thing that when you take like the gospel a john it sir you got like twenty one chapters you got from thirteen to seventeen five chapters on twenty one almost a quarter of the book is the upper room discord and there was like when i realize that it's like oh my goodness some of them some of the most ah passages that are so dear to our heart come out of this upper ro discord but if we don't understand that it's like weak and we can kind of build the build or teaching of onfound tion or not the best foundation and i still believe that when when we go back and looks specifically at the upper room discourse john thirteen to seventeen and realized that this was basically jesus teach he called his disciples together thus yes judas laughed but he called his men together and said guisesas pretty much the last teaching you here before i'm on and and really he spent forty days after the resurrection before he was ascended so that was a sensely the last of his life and i would even say passed the upper discourse we really need to hold in a what he told him in that forty days so essentially thirteen to twenty one yes the import if we would put that way on if you wish so ah maybe an back sides that to many people that believe that in what is called decision a regeneration that we can by our decision we can regenerate ourselves est so this is where you get to people that believe and saying the prayer like if you say the prayer de magic prayer cleanneat you're in and it's like no i sorry that sounds good but to me when god knew burst live it okay a there's a lot of people that claim it and i won't have it and so they're going to be frustrated and that's where i i believe that an that's why i talked about the cake recipe we think well if i could i can put the the ingredients together and make a cake i can somehow make myself into a new port soul that's like me no that's telescriptor says now we can be a god for and we see that with lady ah in acts sixteen fourteen and we see it also with zack so i don't people boy if you want to be a god seeker that's would be just our natural selves we can seek not because scripture says that no one sick forgot all turned away together we've all become worthless no one does good not even one so it's like when you see somebody literally seeking god that probably means their newer and you need to encourage and to dig de oh i can't write down remember who it was maybe was jonathan edwards i believe correctly ah maybe that some older saint stuck about that there are a lot of people that pursue the benefits of god and as locker swein say all their pursued benefits of god so their pursued god no lot of times they can pursue the benefits of god and still hate whiles like witness witch craft an you can even see that the church is the witchcraft is in the church you know i'm going to say this perfect prayer and god can give me well at what i want you know that claim at fratty and nonsense and you don't you know you don't do incantations to god and sayanything right expected it givenon the way you want it i mean that he knows what we want but that doesn't mean that that's the best for us you know pray at i think it's so pray that god's will be done it doesn't matter which way he goes is a faith in him and he now estaitis of the nice if we had to s or something i don't say not to pray for those but a van deg got is not a teniacide for our our wishes well in your right one and i dissonnantes et bit more lot of people believe in the chapter of my soul and when they hear about like institutionary atonement people go on on on now i can i can make amends by myself well when it comes to new birth first of all we need to be re created so it forgiveness is just one facet i would say more than anything we need to be new birth but even if it was forgiveness we cannot provide perfect perpetual ah a tolerant and so lot of people would it comes through the atonement in fact i would say this donatist maybe horse on the window and i might not jump on us and and build a hut on this mountain but i think that in some ways the tares the issue that satan from the beginning struggled with the most it might have been when he heard about the sacrificial atonement of cis and that so sure that's not what he said as ah onderstand what do you mean well what i'm saying is i think that a lot of people when they hear god himself in jesus came down and was the sacrificial lamb they starlike no i don't i don't need that i can take care of that my and so that's what i'm talking about a lot of people wouldn't it would it comes to the sacrificial atonement there like and i think this is what we see with the jews i mean yet they might have done that they didn't have their heart behind the sacrifice and that's why god often had to say i utterly reject your sacrifice because you're really mocking me because you're not doing it with the heart after my will i just want to say there's a whole realm out there that some people might say on pursued god but i'll take care of this in this i if you're going down there road wrong road i on herold gods gone take canopiri off the plant of stonepottes like i can't he's not going to be mocked and that that thing with the jews rejecting jesus i think that that of deep is to begin and to because it's the not the jewish not the jews when jesus was there at its by and large across a low wide swath he from every every ah and in every form let's put that way and oh you don't when when you believe that god's got to come back as your this they the ruling king which yes but as a point of pride you you're not on the right shift at that moment because i mean or i think i i i think it's right to feel really sad for for don't not as i'm better than you i followed the right god you know that sort of thing but to say who you know that god graydon reached out to us in total understanding of our humanity humility and that it is not a set that humility before god has got to come first and understanding that he is the creator we've got rails to stay on we will never be god i don't care now an we can be like him we can look at him in swellyng and i really want to do everything i can in the whole world to be more like you because you're up and such but but to come back its aino at like a like a football team or something like that stanioukowitch sen the right team here it's like you know our god is better than that is the right way to approach i i i preciate you saying that donoessa of attendite bit to me if there is anything in us that wants to take his pride because of what i did like god smile on me and redeem me it's like no way he utterly gave us much poor grace upon us and to me if we get haughty we at least have the wrong added to bellhanger ainly it's i had nothing to do with me it was god did it true me and when god do birds as i can't that's why paul said where's the boasting it's gone it's gone when we realize that without god rebirth in us we would be nothing it's like we have nothing to boast where a congested were all just we're all like a bunch of little kids that you were like like six year olds that are trying to seven hours that are trying to make it through life and nobody's got an agon anybody else when it really comes down to it except for the fact that maybe we you know maybe we are new birth and were there for service for each other but it's not there's no contest here we should be acting like a team here we gribeah other by the hand you fall down on when a grave hold to you and come on you can do better let's do this get up and try again or if i fall down some time somebody you do pick i hope i hope this one picks me up is as comenauan do this you know an encouraging each other not blame me and that goes back to the to the garden too where are the star is sewistan blame blaming blaming blaming a tearing people do you know when you hear somebody that's tearing other people down i'm not calling talking like when you've got somebody who's murdering babies i mean we have to call out we have to call issues but we have to do it in a way to like man your heranother people we have to put a stop to that somewhat hopefully pragatha they'll turn themselves round and not to take any joy and some one not at all wright and i i guess again down i just want to go back i could hammer something again and again and and almost weekly cause i think sometimes we we have been trained in a certain way that we people really this is where we've talked of many times paradine perelisis people so locked and paradis seashoare tattahed for years it's like you couldn't take a keg of dynamite and blowed up get them away from that some so it's like a baby a baby in fact i got a grand niece it is really really struggling so i just put asked before my sister oh it was born march twenty fifth and it is not composed from the hospital and it's really having issue but but basically when a baby is born they have breath they and the live life because the breath that they had because they were born in this may sound really stupid oh but i'm saying it to make a pot there's i've never heard a person say i am because of what i did at birth i chose to be i chose to have let the sake you're talking like a fool and this is my point with new birth if we boast that oh i chose that it's i know the only thing we chose to do is to live life that god injected into and so i can't i can never be boastful about what god did in me to create new birth in i mean i know that some people they just they don't understand it so i i hope may be just that little thing helps under while wininees that in god to take the little pressure off the life you know it's like you know seriously god says my yelkes you know it is easy you now my yoke is easy or follow god to do the right thing you you don't have to be looking over your shoulder all the time right and lalaviton with withwithin on the rails there with god and life becomes a lot easier in many regards spiritually for very very quickly and you know it's like it's like you can and if you make a mistake it's like well i didn't do it intentionally gone sorry i'm not going to do it again and he's like asserit go back upindeed again and looks let's try to swim more time and you have that forgiveness and the grace to to go on and improve now now you're on a process and provement for your own for living your life i said we're in to do a continual process of provement and ever get up and try to do it better to morrow and if you throw it up again eggspound so is everybody else and give them mercy and grace and a iodoco on body let's do this better in encouraged people so i want to i want to give a little story cause i think sometimes people again i you know that i hammer grace and i ancestors so vertiginate story in onereuse your husband just just for the context of this story not to hesitatory her ears where it will i your husband does a lot of trees and so he picks up a new track a land and he hires for geiste cut wood for and he a basically gives me a chain saw and sends a moden for different directions says you know they have a quoted to make and for two days three of the guys just don't have any promenade and that they've got the wood cut and stacked ah this poison guide us flounder so bad joe's confire him almost to a mercy but i got him bangs on he says tis it me one more chance and so joe has compassion as he does and so he he's fool carigras his son looks at it checks the fuel and oil and primes the choke and pulls the cord and the engine roars run and he guddomsblik what's that and so here he had been using the chain saw like a bolson working himself into oblivion without getting thing do sometimes people here about grace and the googagoo grace how much would you get in while i'm not you know because we don't know the power that god gives not our power but so i jist that's a little story that to me puts grace may be in a tangible a lesson for people it's like grace is so powerful and it's got nothing to do with me it's god's grace in me that's the power and so oh you could turn to first peter one i got couple things i want to read it and i want to get into but this empowerment causes us to obey first of all his grace is what new births us it what justifies us an essentially sanctifies us and again i want people to know that in my mind biblically justification sank five sanctification or so like that oh that's why james pretty much said if if you're not practically justified pihan been big jay justified and that's all basilicas it from an opposite specie that you haven't been big j justified you can't really be little j just so peter says here in street to five he says praise be to the god and father of our lord jesus christ in his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of jesus christ from the dead again you can see so often a resurrection and a death of that art or linked and into an inheritance that can never part boil or fate this inheritance is kept in heaven for you who through faith are shielded by god's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time why is it kept in heaven cause we'd probably butcher it we pray rod for it diminish it that's what all basically says if when we understand what resurrection it will make a difference in order of toosoon i pretty much done i wanted to go through more of first peter one thirteen and twenty three but people can read that i want to i do feel in it it's just for i say when i sit in the kitchen table with somebody i do believe that god relief works through that and i don't think it's necessary me but oh i encourage people always don't don't just read little oh a fact i encourage people ah people sit down with hours of tv not think twice about but if you tell him why don't you read the whole book or roman too on ononhaving for he oh really cheer so few books in the bible especially the new testament of if your i would say if you are an average reader i think you could read almost every book in the new testament within an hour and so we're not talking about a huge investment unjust good to go through first corinthians so you want to poggio oh and i just got to read it and give a little commentary i got your ten thirty one do in mind and well well see where we get this was that a powerful passage at talks about resurrection in a different way paul is doing about the resurrection of christ he is talking about when we started we talked about moving from him i meanbeing mortal to immortality so it's like again i know the dirging be a lot of people out there in the say you know i don't have a piece or comfort about dying maybe they wouldn't say one afraid to die but i just think that when we learn god's we can look forward in celebration as isgo through it we can i started a little bit later looking twelve but i think it's good to pick up what paul says so he says now i would remind you brothers ah we're start right on the top and now under no what translation you have there were sea i wanted i want to hold chapter but that's suffer youthink you're in the first chapter i want fifteen a first corinthians fifteen maybe i said it may be i didn't done i might have pineroeducated the predelle bringing out er thing to hear how we're going to make mistakes here and there because it's a volunteer us come on out here every day to try to try to bring some sand eyth if on the okay what translation is it and i be okay i think i can change it if you want me to ah one different translation you mus be go to even front of me i intend to love thee be for different ras that's the thought and a bible gave way i was put wreathed often as i sat emperorssome spital gate way makes it really easy to jump between translations and the such so just gooroochun over oldest reader if you got to have it interchanged it over is there don't think so he has not his b a lot tesseratoma have to here headed horse see now in her national version writerthe tiringand i switched it overesteemed strange all right he at night not which it opened don't know why i say well you've the alliesand if you're going to put it up the less you still read that i can do that and so says now brothers and sisters i wander remind you of the gospel i preached to you you are saved and on which you have taken your stand by this gospel you are said if you hold firmly to the word i preach to you otherwise you have believed in vain and this gives back to that to ontological thing if you have it in it in you you can live it is not you won't be able to so for what i received i passed on to you as a first import so his best cuisine what what he is putting down here it's almost the end of the book this is the first important that he was buried that he was raised on the third day according to the script and had he appeared to see this and then to the twelfth after that he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and st at the same time most of whom are still living the solemn have fallen asleep so it was probably in the fifties that he wrote this so he's talkin back maybe almost twenty years before twenty five years before ah and he said look most of those five hundred are still living then he appeared to james then do all the apostle ah and last of all he appeared to me also as to one abnormally born and he talks about it often as one born on a de time and i believe that to james there would be his brother remember when we were talking about june who was the brother of james step brothers to jesus i believe that's who is talking about there to die so again i guess that would confirm what i said when we were going to the really they were new birth after he was resurrect any rate so let's go on for i am the least of the apostles ah in i was talking to ben into at the barn on a sunday isn't that as some he s i i love been in so abitbile it a lot of people get cowed because judas were not hung himself cheeses says in several places that he was the devil from the beginning ah the apostles i think incorrectly they kind of went outside of the command of jesus because jesus told him go to jerusalem and wait until the holy spirit drops if you will on your heads and they didn't they chose me this we never really hear of mathias ever again but paul says and i believed that he was really the replacement for judas he got three years in the desert which jesus so he got the same time and he was personally called and boy do we hear about paul after he became impossible so he says but for i am the least of the apostles and don't even deserve to be called and a possible cause i persecuted the church of god now here again as is i believe last week we were talking about should we be ourselves up over things that we did before we were new birth i think that our humility wants to but i'd say no although go there because you are living in faith but he but i think that to say that we should feel sorry no i we we realize some of the garbage that we did in paused boy i i literally set people to prison and he was there when stephen was stoned but by the grace of god great verse here if you don't maybe have this high lighted in your bible i'd say high lighted and this kind of talks about what we talked about earlier dana can we boasted at nobody he says but by the grace of god i am who i am and his grace to me was not without effect no i worked harder than all of them i see you might see what that's a boasting statement now because he corrects it right here and i would even say he was boasted yet not i but the grace of god that was with and as that is such a a great guide to live our life whether then it is i hear they this is what we preach in this is what you believe ah in any goes on of verse twelve but if it is preached that christ has been raised from the dead how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the debt and all believe it was to see you see that said that in believing the rest erection of the dead if there is no resurrection of the dead than not even christ has been raised this is the point of paul's make if there's no resurrection we believe in vain and of christ does not been raised or preaching as uses and so is your faith so you you see well how importance your resurrection i i said to me i see men's or fate if the resurrection is in true we believe in a more than that we are then found to be false witnesses about god for we have testified about god that he raised christ from the dead but he did not raise him if in fact the debtor not raised the debt or not raise them christ as that ben raised either and if christ is not been raised your faith is futile you are still in your sins how we don't believe that cause we also believe that he was resurrected not not to our belief in the resurrection is re crucial as that it did ocr and we confirmed re then those also who have fallen asleep in christ are lost if only for this life we have hope in christ we are of all people most to be pitied so again is gets back to that ah ontological reality our faith depends on the truth jesus did that and so what is spaceless if he didn't happen we have a a faith that's going to lead to skeer but because it's true we can stand every day the power of his resurect that's why his resurrection is so but christ has indeed been raised from the dead the first fort of those who have fallen asleep there is at first fruits for sense death came through a man the resurrection of the dead as also through man so what is talking about there death was in adam the resurrection of the dead comes to jesus christ the god man for as in adam all die so in christ all will be made alive but each in turn christ the first fruits then when he comes those who belonged to him then the annual come one hands over the kingdom to god the father after he has destroyed all dominion authority and power and they just do i won't say a commercial break here but ah with everything this happen to a lot of people are talking the rapture and hisses the end and again i don't know when he had we but part of what i do believe that jesus i know he won the victory on across but he talks about that he will be victorious he will put all things under his feet and i've never seen that i like the statement destroying all dominion i hope that that has a hestado with her election for as such also o morsianus to sorliche here a little bit but i don't let that's that's good and that would be a good thing right and and i do think that you're correct on us so this is why do i believe i mean and again my vision goes oh my goodness none of this looks good but i believe this statement i do believe that jesus is king and jesus will honest spirit before god says that's done everything's done i believe he will destroy all dominion and thority in i think so too and think he's going through the the human constructs right now and taking him down which is a good thing you know it's like here it's it's a good thing i had a discussion with somebody last night who was ready to in a grab your grave or torches and pitched for and what cake or an i like it a minute you know and a little bit of a of a absolute disgust and stuff going on and as we're coming to the indever very angry and i get them on iseters not to me it's his sandbox we all know we're going to well know we're going to die so i mean he can take everything out that it wants to it recreated the way it should be so that we must stop we can we can we can rest in the fact that he is good and no matter what what he decides or plans he still going to work all things for good so we can truly rest in the fact that if all these human constructs come down if our money system comes down if i if they the power systems and government comes to if all these things come down what difference is it make to us should matter to stand back will pick it up hill replace it with something better than we and we deliberate and him you can really you don't that that's where we hang it this is i claim the kingdom of god above and i i love be in american but i know only as far as they follow god you know and and you don't iimean it's like it's like this the kingdom of god and he said the kingdom of god is at hand we could choose to participate the kingdom of god right now and stand stand on on that first so which is of righteousness and justice do we have that in an american right now now we don't we have we have nothing that looks like the kingdom of god in in america right now so as is laid on by the constitution it is our duty to in fact replace a government that's becomes so offensive to the constitution which does not guarantee individual rights where we are infecto put god on the throne and being rather the subverting him so do i believe that we may fact fight for that i mean and again people get wigged out when i talked fight we we i think collectively as a church we have not fought for his righteousness we have not fought for our rights and how much were we fight with jesus and his angels i don't know but i just i think that there's such a coward spirit in people that they would fight if they had to no no one and we don't want insult anybody now do we you know in an i think it's the pitcher of gentile jesus with a land setting out a spot in the pitchers and such where he was most definitely of provocator he did not take a back seat inditing peche brought the fight right to them which is you know when he called him up you know you're down of a down of ipswell there's little more to that cause it was a remote of teaching which went back to the old testament and he was basically telling him that they were fit for hell it was not messengers very clear in what he taught and what their outcome was going to and that they don't like this so much as sir proper structure was being channeled and by by jesus who was not going to tolerate and put the ah so i you want to possibilitieswe ty five for he must reign and tell he is put all his under his and again we got a realized here that paul is reading may be an e fifty sixes it's like is he talking about jesus and across work and his resurrection i mean being at its probably twenty five years after the fact he's really talking about a new thing and so we got to list ask ourselves what is the new thing that he stalked about and so he says the last enemy to be destroyed is he for god has put all things in subjection under his feet but when it says all things are put in some playing it he is accepted who put all things in subjection under him when all things are subjected to him than the sun himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him that god may be all in all or otherwise what do people mean by being baptized and be half of the debt if the dead are not raised at all why are people baptized on every half why am i in danger every hour i protest brothers by my pride in you which i have in christ jesus our lord i die every day listen i were actually talking about this yesterday down on she she why is it that you two suffer so much for your faith for just wanting to share sometimes it's like because i'm like pale i die every day we don't think about that but that's part of living forces we die every day waiting for the death or regrate to the land where there will be no more suffering nor will be no more to other for to the don but the venture to day joy able if you get past getting hung up on the it piptospatha territory what do you gain if humanly speaking i fought with beasts ephes if the dead are not raised let us eat and drink for to morrow we die don't be deceived bad company runs good morals wait go from your drunken stoke as is right and do not go on city for some have no knowledge of god i say this to your hand remember this was the church at corinthians corinth that a mediately they they allowed sexual perversion into their mess that paul said pagans would even tolerate you know that was a day that there was a lot of stuff going on all round the world and his he went different places he tried to bring corrections by the gospel of jesus cried but some one will ask how are the dead rays with what kind of body do they come you foolish pers what you so does not come to life unless i do and what you saw is not the body that is to be but a bare colonel perhaps of or of some other great but god gives it a body as he is chosen and to each kind of seed its own body i'm not a patness and all i can do is share what i learned but there's a lot of farmers there plant may be millions of seeds every year the tone this is stockingabout oh because when you tell them the dead seed has to go into the ground and it literally rot before now let the juno that and how false fire well every seed that brings forth new life had to basically rot and die that's why jesus said is another place that unless a carnal falls into the ground and dies it cannot bring forth for i cannot live self this is again a picture of newberg spiritual resurrects actually if you buy really big seeds you that there's enough new trees and the seeds two pried the new plant the new sprout with a nutrients to grow so it it becomes the food for the next generation right but a seed axle is dormant life it goes into the ground and dies and then brings forth a life any rate for not all flesh is the same but there is one kind for humans and other for animals another for birds another for fish there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies but the glory of the heavenlies one kind and the glory of the earthly is of another there is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon and another glory of the stars for star differs from star in glory so is it with the resurrection of the dead what a son is perishable what is raised is imperishable it is sown in dishonor it is raised in glory it is sown in weakness it is raised in power it is sown a natural body is he spiritual body there is a natural body there is also a spiritual body how everybody does have a spiritual body but question is tenorist or is the life thus it is written the first man adam became a living being the last adam became a life giving but it is not the spiritual that is first but the natural and inspect the first man was from the earth a man of dust the second man is from having as was the man of de so also are those who are of the de and as is the man of heaven so also are those who are of heaven so what is the man from having do he puts heaven in our souls with eternal life through newberg of just as we have been born the image of the band of dust we shall also bear the image of the man of and again that would confirm what i have said for a long time in genesis one twenty said that when we're in our humanity are dead humanity were really in first adams age we can't i don't believe we can image a re creator until we are re created by creator and when we do that we can image i tell you this brothers flesh and blood can't inherit the kingdom of god nor does the perishable and here the imperishable behold i tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound in the deed will be raised in perishable and we shall be had elder for this perishable body must put on the imperishable in a mortal body must put on him or talent when the perishable puts on the imperial and the mortal puts on immortality then shall come to pass to saying in his this swallowed up in victory or death where is your victory oh death where is your state the sting of death is sin then the power of sin is the law but thanks be to god who gives us the victories our lord therefore my brothers bestead a movable always abounding in the work of the lord now in it in the lord your labor not a what a powerful hold and i think you could dwell on an if you read it every day for a month i i'm going to bed almost anybody it's going to change cause you're going you're going to get to the word i always say this and i know this is true it's not so much that we get into the word it's how much of the word do we get into daddy import and in this resurrection day let his if christ is in you fled his word strong it will make you bold for i know that the grace that we get filled with carries a through anything and you know you can live without fear fear of death fear of life for of anything you just love and he and onoocool doing things that you never thought it would be possible and in a carries you the rest of the way and then bring to bodies to help you you know help to allege clenchment is also and it's it's really an amazing life and i think that we can be spectators and moral less the observers and the craziness that's going on around us rather than putting our trust in any human constructs we put her faith in our trust in god alone the rest of it it's all going to be gone so you know as long as we have clear excitations and understanding of disactly how this works we could stay on the rails get rid of the insanity keep walking it's going to be a great day the choice it's a choice to him it's a choice to be stated the choice is the choicer give all our emotions are thoughts and everything over to god and watch what he does with it its mate only amazing but would like to end with prayer his is the great time to and i think and i thank you so much as this such a great such great message i'm sold less to day i thank you again done foreverything that you do and i the more i learn about you you you epitomise that grace and a ogistok like i'm not the number one osoitetaan at her in like caudolaterad i'll give his shot to a half hesitatedyou're graced the door what you do and it's not like that such a strange statement that the statement that every new birth soul should understand we get a free on the god for a time like this so he asked you to crazy stuff in your like are you out of your mind isn't there like at least a thousand people standing here that would be better than need for the stock there's got to be right and then all suddennessyou on the path moving forward you like okies it's me and a sea happens were thus you know and he'll bring to you what you need to accomplish any task or cornsticks the chosen so heedless prey our heavenly father thank you for your word to day helpless to truly understand your resurrection and the length the cross victory there's victory in both things i believe that maybe greater victory was obtained in the cross because you declared it is but lord even as paul on packs resurrection in this chapter lord help us to live fully in the power of our reserve was donethe day for so many people that need your grace lord helpless to be bold to teach it to teach others to get in the fight learn the power and used to his name is around think you so much so ah yet well every out there now that you're loved beyond all explanation they god created you and knew you before the beginning of this earth and he's got to know you into the next life too which is going to be onesomeone to be all of their party and then i can't stay out there because you know where we got is it with that where happiness and so is long you stay close to god you can start in that kingdom right now to day distento him and he'll make way even when you think there is no way so at any hyhting to render forgottom because i am not conceding to lieseven criminals in organ or government were to keep fighting in a big way and not that down because we're doing god's work raynownce to stand when nobody else can stand or or to be tough in it in times that you know we see em they're troting the wrong thing there set it is setting in and in the seeds and government except for perhaps you know i'm kind of a trompoures ent trumpsgenerally and admiral rogers on the fandarole and control that are really really good guys there lay in the traps skiesand the traps so because it's got himself is leaving us out of this captivity that were in right now so we can put our trust in god knowing that he is going to carry the site going to be a bad day to tell so don't decide to mock him so i suggest you might want to make some better life choice no also so to day's good day to start making good love twice don't don't don't put it off so at any rate i'll thank you so much for being here thanks for everything she tom and i got to be on my way to a little point that here in a few minutes so i have a great day a wonderful day and hold on hold on to jesus he is going to get you through anything and everything and to see now god bless you god bless all this whom you love and god will samarica merica is as we're going to stand together thoughit's it's going to be a great day have a wonderful day