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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/18/2024 United Sovereign Americans - Marly Hornik

Published April 18, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Marly Hornik, USA CEO - Marly started United Sovereign Americans (USA) after her team of volunteers in the New York Citizens Audit found massive irregularities in the New York voter rolls. USA is a nationwide all-volunteer organization that includes PhDs, mathematicians, programmers, election experts, and devoted Americans. Her teams have uncovered discrepancies in the vote count, suspected illegal editing of vote records, and indications of apparent algorithmic manipulation of the voter rolls. 10am Sheila Coombes is a volunteer State Chapter Director for United Sovereign Americans (USA) in Texas. She is a wife, mom, and retired military officer. Following the 2020 election and subsequent reporting about broken laws, Sheila looked for a way to ensure valid elections so every American could be certain of the results. In the fall of 2023, she learned about United Sovereign Americans and decided to volunteer her time because, for the first time since 2020, she felt like an organization had a winning strategy. As a military officer, she took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, and she will continue to do so as a nonpartisan USA volunteer for all Americans. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 18th day of April 2024. Thank you for joining us today. We have a lot to go through today. And I want to bring my guests on right away because, you know, no amount of time that we can give people who are actually doing the real work. is ever enough that so so I'm going to be giving people from united sovereign americans a lot of time here and I know you guys see me on with with todd buffington and of course jeff on giorno and some of the really the all-time greats you know if you could line up superheroes and have the superheroes in a row These people are doing the heavy lifting and the amount of work, selfless work that they put into this really needs to be highlighted. So I'm going to bring on my first guest, Marlee Hornick. And we're going to just talk today about the steal, the stolen election, the fraudulent election, maladministration. There's no amount of words we can put to what they did to absolutely subvert the United States election. of America's elections and the attack on the real president, the rightful president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has been under attack mercilessly. And so it's so glad to have you here. Thanks, Donna. Thanks for having me on. I couldn't agree more. You know, when they when they steal the validity of a federal election and they certify something that is not accurate, and doesn't provably reflect the intent and will of the citizen voters who are eligible to participate. They are stealing really the wealth of our country, our will, our vision for who we want to be as a people and a nation. They steal our voice. I mean, when you look at the attack on any one of us, it's an attack on all of us. And when we stop and say, well, you know, this is a problem I have with my view of politics is people are waiting for the next savior to get in the game and save them instead of, you know what? We all need to step up and do something, anything, even if it means take a link to somebody who's been silenced like yourself and and you know all the people out there that have been silenced get out there and post boss level posting and getting this to all we can actually jump around mainstream media and correct it if we use our voice and get loud I'm gonna I'm gonna bring something up I wasn't planning on doing this but this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table so um I want to bring this up because I you know everybody knows out there that I'm friends with general flynn And I think this is so important because his story, and the reason why I'm gonna bring this up, there is a point to this. The reason why I'm gonna bring this up is that The people they are attacking are the ones that are really doing the real work. They're attacking President Trump. They're attacking General Flynn. They're attacking real Americans that are doing things such as yourself and such. So I'm going to just bring this up a minute because I do think this is significant. General Flynn has got the movie out. uh deliver the truth whatever the cost and this has come out and and no the mainstream media is not going to cover it because they've been trying to shut him up through through coercion and such from from day one and I mean that is an example of one brave individual who refused to be silent who refused to sit down and shut up and one of the greatest moments that I will remember of my life view of this world is when he set that jaw and they asked him to change his plea and he was like do you want to do you want to plead guilty and he's like no and he refused to sit down so I'm just gonna I'm just gonna put this out here because there's a tour And everyone needs to realize that you've got a once in a lifetime ability to actually meet General Flynn at one of these events. There's a bunch of them coming up and stand with someone who is a true American, just like President Trump. They're both brave patriots who threw themselves out for the good of all America, refusing to sit down. And it's our responsibility and duty to support these people instead of just going, Well, I don't know. That's not what the media says. The media said, this is ridiculous. We know they're lying. So why would we give them any quarter for having one bit of space in our head instead of saying, you know what, I'm going to think for myself and I'm going to do the right thing. And I know that they've been attacked. Therefore, they're probably over the target. So as you are. So there you go. That's my thing. And that's why I support you and people that are just absolutely amazing like you who selflessly work. And I just want to say on behalf of the United States of America, thank you. Well, you're welcome. And I think one of the points you made is really important to think about, which is each one of us has to take action. And I am certainly well aware that that can be a very daunting concept. What is it that we're supposed to do? What is it that we're capable of? And what I would suggest is that you'll never know until you set out on that path and That's actually the story of United Sovereign Americans. In August of 2021 or July of 2021, I founded New York Citizens Audit with absolutely no idea of what we would discover or achieve and very little experience in this arena, very little idea of what we were even looking for. But the fact I set out on that journey and I set upon it with faith in my heart, the faith that I was being asked to do something that would produce a real tangible benefit for people. I call it a miracle because there's no other reason, there's no other logical way to explain what has unfolded except through divine providence. And I didn't know what it was going to be, but I knew as soon as I started my journey that it was going to be epic. And here we are with United Sovereign Americans now repeating the process that New York Citizens Audit generated in 24 states and already litigation filed in one state and two states with retained attorneys ready to start filing in weeks. That is just totally amazing. And, you know, a success story of somebody who just saw something that needed to get to be addressed and handled and you just stepped up and you did it. And you created the structure instead of having it there. You actually weren't looking for someone else to do it. They didn't exist at that time. So you did it and followed your heart. I think that's amazing. It was challenging. And I know many, many of our volunteers have faced that challenge at many times. You feel like you're jumping off a cliff into an abyss. And you just have no idea why you're going to do something so foolish. But as soon as your feet leave the ground, you sprout wings because our creator doesn't want the people to suffer this way. It doesn't want this kind of disharmony and disunity and imbalance. It's not good for our children and it's not good for our world. Well, God catches you. It's like you jump. I used to tell my kids, jump in the Jordan and watch what happens because there's a great Bible study or a study in the Bible or story that proves that out, that when God tells you to do something, you just jump and he'll stop the water and keep you from drowning. And he'll bring everyone you need to help equip you. God never calls you to do something that he doesn't equip. He's not like trying to catch you or see you fail. He's, he's giving you at wings to exercise so that you can, you can grow and, and, you know, and improve. So I'm going to bring this, your website up a minute, just so everybody knows how to find you. And I really want to hear the story from beginning to end of this, because this is a success story. So who all is standing with you on this team, the core team, and how does this interact? Well, honestly, there are thousands and thousands of people nationwide who have now made material contributions to this investigative effort, starting with New York. So when I founded New York Citizens Audit, we were basically home. The government had told us we were no longer essential and gave us a devil's bargain, right? Participate in a medical experiment and we'll let you come back. guess a group of us didn't find that too appealing and we we got a copy of the new york state voter roll database and started looking into it I guess that was what we thought was the correct response to the circumstance and you know there was a big argument uh right away between analysts and I was very fortunate to have attracted uh the the brain power the brain trust of some of the most extraordinary new york programmers, analysts, legal minds, like these really high caliber people. And so they were having an argument over literally a cell in an Excel spreadsheet downloaded from the New York State Board of Elections. They were arguing over the number of votes certified as the total number of votes counted in the 2020 general election, according to this official document. And when the dust settled, what we came to realize was that 10 months after that election was certified as accurate and legally compliant, they were still changing the numbers. They were editing the counts. So if you downloaded in October of 2021, if you downloaded the certified results of this election on a Tuesday, It was different than if you downloaded them on a Friday, which was absolutely stunning. And we had no idea really what to make of it other than to call this some kind of crazy irregularity. Then we went in, we set up the database and we started scouring the actual New York state rolls to find out, well, how many voters voted. And according to this other official document, which is actually protected as part of our critical national security infrastructure, The statewide voter roll database is an extremely important federally protected document that is required to be accurate as a matter of civil rights. We discovered that there was a discrepancy. There were 338,000 more votes counted than voters who had voted in that election. And, uh, it's just, it's unconscionable 338,000 ballots. No one has any idea where they came from and yet they're counted and they are certified as accurate and legally compliant. So this really, you know, as we progressed with New York citizens audit, and we kept identifying these irregularities of a magnitude that you can't even believe. Um, you know, we didn't know what to make of them and it wasn't until I was invited to speak at the pit by True the Vote. And I presented some information, a research project that New York citizens audit had completed and has since had triple peer reviewed by cyber intelligence experts and published in a scientific cybersecurity journal about manipulation inside of the databases. But what really happened for me at the pit and for america was I sat down at my table and I was sitting across from harry howie and after my presentation he said you know we should really talk because he's an expert in the election law and the procedures themselves and he knew a lot more about my findings than I did at the time so that was saturday and monday morning around 9 00 a.m my phone rings and he says oh it's harry you know is this a good time to talk I said, yeah, sure. Let's talk. So, you know, about two years later, we got off the phone and we had created the structure for doing these audits across the country and setting out these findings side by side with the law, because what New York citizens audit had actually found were not irregularities. We found over 5 million potential registration felonies. And we found over one and a half million potential voting felonies and actually more and more as we go. So there's a problem, a huge problem. And now with repeating this research in all these other states, the problem is consistent. It's not a New York issue. It's a national issue. And using the same approach to analyze the information across states gives us a national voice. It's no longer just about Donna's election. It's not about Diane Sayre's election. It's not about Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It's about the United States of America. And it's about our fundamental system of government by consent that is truly under attack. And it's obvious when you measure the outcomes, when you measure the impact of irregularity, whether you want to call it ignorance of the law, arrogance or outright malfeasance. I don't know. And frankly, I don't care, but we have to get it fixed before 2024. Yeah. And I think that more and more people are waking up to the fact that they weaponized, our elections were weaponized through foreign interference, the programming that happened outside of this nation through the electronic machines, Dominion, There's no way you can't look at what happened and say, this was an attack on America through our rigged elections. And one thing I am aware of is that most warfare is non-ballistic. It's not like they're lobbing bombs. It's through subversive techniques and measures. So this is as serious as or more serious than, well, I'm going to say as serious than if they had dropped a nuclear bomb on the United States, because they gave themselves an in to not only stop our voices, violate the first amendment, but when you have bad people in office, you give them the right to literally kill people at will, which is honestly, It happened during COVID. You have bad people in office. You'll have third-party murders. You'll have all this sort of thing. But they're not going to come out and do it because they're cowards. They're going to do it in a sneaky, snaky way by crawling around the corners and taking out people that have been divided off and weakened. And so this is the most important issue because from the elections, everything else rolls downhill from this, in my opinion. So this is truly a brave, an act of extraordinary bravery and unwavering commitment that you have for this. This is amazing. So what else happened and what else are you working on currently to that that is truly building this organization and how can people help well one of the things that you brought up about these kind of uh you know suspicious activities and uh circumstances where we believe there may have been foreign influence or there may be uh programming influence over our election systems the problem with these issues is that we can't get an investigation our Investigative agencies appear to have abandoned their commitment to the Constitution. Because they're part of it. They've forgotten who they serve. And so what United Sovereign Americans has done is basically sidestep the investigative process and using a single document that the states are required and still do provide to citizen researchers to basically find a way to demonstrate that the voting system itself is broken just based on the numbers so we don't need an investigation and we don't need to prove or disprove potentially any of the theories about what may or may not have happened and I i agree with you and united sovereign americans we completely agree that there's an information war and And that one of the goals of that war is to divide people, to make us hate each other. It's much more effective than outright kinetic warfare because it's lasting and it's devastating to human society. So one of the things that United Sovereign Americans is very concerned with is helping to rebuild unity between political factions. And our approach to demonstrating the invalidity of our federal elections using simple numbers extracted from the state's own official data is key to doing that because it's completely nonpartisan. It's got nothing to do with any candidate. And we have no argument with outcomes, particularly. The problem we've identified is that no one knew the outcome of these elections. Yet they were certified as if they had that certainty. So let's take, for example, Illinois, one of your neighboring states. Our measurements in Illinois show that at the time the Illinois 2022 midterm was certified, it had a 14 percent voting error rate. So our scouring of Illinois state voter registration records, the official list of registered voters that is ostensibly qualified to participate, contains over 4 million registration violations and over 600,000 of these apparently ineligible or invalid registrations on their face cast votes. So you get this insane voting error rate, 14%. Four million. Can you, can you explain this to what, what this means? It's like the 4 million there that are, are they fraudulent or how, how did they happen? Do you know? Well, I can't tell you how each one of them happened. Again, that goes back to are we going to get an investigation of this matter? And at the moment, I would say the answer is no. And are we going to be able to force an investigation if we don't have a ballot election? I would assert the answer is no. So the problems that we're uncovering in the database are not the list maintenance issues that organizations like Judicial Watch and People's Interest Legal Foundation rightly and very competently attacked. Those are very important lawsuits. Our effort is different. We're not talking about whether or not someone who moved had their registration updated in a timely fashion using a process that can take up to eight years to complete. We're talking about data that's just junk. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of people registered to vote on January 1st when all federal and state offices are closed, for example. now you may not realize that if you ever have the opportunity to become an election official you get a new kind of mind you get a special mind and a special set of eyes that looks at a registration record that was registered on january 1st and it understands intrinsically and intuitively that that's a legitimate record so the problem is not with the election officials it's us you know we can't tell that someone registered to vote on January 1st is legitimate. So we need to be dismissed. And as you said about General Flynn, you know, we need to we need to sit down and shut up. Right. Because because we just don't understand why that's legitimate. And we just we're not ever going to be made to understand. So they take this broad brush and they sweep away millions of registration records that have these disqualifying errors. People who are registered to vote before they're born. people whose birth dates change from one version of the database to the next birth dates are immutable so a registration record that is being altered on this basis has to be suspicious it has to be considered suspicious and it has to be investigated it can't be allowed to cast a vote so the question is how did they cast votes how is it that over 600 000 of these uh You know, alleged registrants in Illinois cast votes in the 2022 election. Some of them are probably legitimate, but the only way to know is to actually run the investigation. And that's the task and duty of the election officials. When they certify an election, they are required under law to know that it's accurate. And it couldn't be more important in our system The elections are like the treaty that holds our our intractable system of political factions, natural adversaries in balance and at peace. That's literally what they do. And so then, you know, just dismissing the concerns of the American people about the election process is absolutely unwarranted. And frankly, it's probably illegal. It's amazing to me that when you go and even talk to some of these election workers, you know, like the county, the township clerks and such, they don't even take your concerns seriously. I had one of them hang up on me after denying my FOIA. And then I talked to another one just recently. And I'm like, there's so much evidence that this election, our election process is a train wreck. And it's not in one area. It's just like it never ends. And the responses I keep getting are, no, we did it all right. Everything was fine. It was just fine. We did it right. And I'm like, no, you didn't. Well, you might have in your local area, but the problem is that they didn't necessarily cheat through your processes. But if somebody brings something up to you that there's a problem, you have to take that concern seriously and chase it down. You can't just say, no, I did everything right. I put my stamp on it, blah, blah, blah. because a lot of them were just useful pawns to people that had a much bigger issue from what I can see. And some people flat out broke the law. I know my local township clerk, I'm going to tell you right now, they got rid of all of our election records. And I went down there, my denied FOIA. So if they did it in one area, They did it. It was done everywhere. And that was based on Jonathan Brader sending out a letter from the Board of Elections that said, you may not keep any records. Send them to us. We'll be fine. We'll take care of them. Do not talk to the people in your area about elections. It's outrageous what they've done. But to see the stuff that you guys have pulled up is amazing. And the work you've done, to your point, this is, I had to get a charger here. One of my phones is out of juice, so. Thank you. Thank you for my angel that brought me that charger here. You know, it's just it's just kind of amazing that they've gotten away with this to the extent it is. But I really do think that the American people are ready for this. You know, this this information to be out there and how to bring this forward. Do you think this is important? And I know you guys have done like a resolution and such because Todd brought this up. Do you think this is important and how can people take this information? First of all, they need to join and get plugged into your system because I believe you have organizations in a whole bunch of the states. But there's also needs to be people, and I think I'm getting my hands around this a little bit, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that can take this information and go to their local townships, their counties, and and hopefully find a voice or someone who will listen to this because if they don't they're they're going to be under under uh threat of not only investigation at some point because I know that that we have it all we've got all the information we need and there's going to come a point that that god almighty himself is going to step into this and say all right you know jig is up and whoever's chosen the wrong side is going to be prosecuted and I believe that's going to be from top to bottom. It's not just going to be using a scapegoat like Whitmer Nestle and Benson in Michigan. They're the boogeyman. They got to always have a boogeyman. But it's going to be every single person on down who has refused to perform to their oath of office and their duties and those that have stood with them to subvert the United States. I mean, this is absolutely an insurrection, a coup. Right. Well, at United Sovereign Americans, one of our primary objectives is to help everyone everywhere that we can possibly reach to identify the rock we're standing on. Our country is extraordinary. It's such an incredible achievement of enlightened humans. And we have so many opportunities using the information that our researchers and analysts have documented. to protect our essential founding principles. The idea that we have natural rights, the idea that we belong to our creator and the federal government's job is to protect that right first and foremost. And the abundance that flows from the gifts creator has uniquely granted each one of us. The federal government doesn't get a cut in what we achieve based on our true nature, they're there to protect that. So what does that mean in practice? Well, there's a number of things that United Sovereign Americans offers. We have a Tuesday night class that is open to the public and free. It's a video conference class studying election law, federal election law, Supreme Court precedent regarding election administration and election misconduct. and the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, many documents that we draw upon to inform ourselves at a deeper level about that rock we're standing on and how we have the confidence and the ability to know that this is our job now. There are no experts who are gonna fix this for us. It's fake. It's a lie that election officials have unique eyes and can tell the difference between someone who voted before their registration date that's valid. They just intrinsically know that that's okay. And it's our job to take their expertise at its word. I have scoured the Constitution over and over again, and I just can't find the clause that says, take the government's word for it. I keep looking. It's not there. That's kind of one of those things that ends up in a train wreck every single time. So how do they find it? Yeah, we have to become clear in order to to fight for our country. And I don't mean fight in a kinetic way. I mean to understand how we get this done and to have the rock solid confidence in how to counter this kind of garbage, this nonsense. You know, the third sentence of the United States Constitution says the people of the several states shall choose their representatives, right? So there's we the people, and then that's the first sentence. The second sentence establishes that all legislative authority or power is vested in the U.S. Congress. And the third sentence says it's the people who choose who gets that power in Congress. So before you can even talk about what Congress does, before you get to Article 2 and identify that there's a president or Article 3 and identify a judiciary, The people are placed as the sovereign in the seat of control over the law. And that was no accident, right? Because this is not like a Word document that they could easily edit. This is a piece of parchment written upon with a quill pen, probably by candlelight. You know, they knew what the order was supposed to be. What's my point? My point is that when they deny, like you were talking about, oh, you can't see those records because you wouldn't understand them anyway. And they're correct. You know, just take our word for it. They're correct. They are denying due process to the most central principle of our founding as a nation. They're saying they're contrary to a Supreme Court ruling from 1803, Marbury v. Madison, which established that a right without a remedy is not a right. They're telling us, no, you do not have the right to verify that our process was honest and that your political adversaries didn't inadvertently get their thumb on the scale of any of these election outcomes. So, again, what's the rock we're standing on? It's awesome. It's bedrock. And it's ours, so we have to learn how to use that. And that's one of the things United Sovereign Americans does. And the resolution process you're talking about is another arm of that strategy, which is where once you feel confident and once you feel ready, you take the resolution for a valid 2020, a legally valid 2024 general election, and you bring it to your local officials. You bring it to town boards, county legislatures, state legislatures. You bring it to civic organizations. This is critical. In New York, where we began this process over a year ago, we've done over 550 presentations to town boards of these resolutions, and it has completely shaken the landscape. So areas where there was like political authority that bound people together under the idea that it was really just OK, everything's OK and, you know, Don't pay any attention to the solar farms replacing our dairy farms. Don't worry about the people being let out of prison. Don't worry about anything. Just don't wear a mask and sit down and shut up, right? These issues are so concerning and there's whole regions of New York now that have signed on to our resolution because They want to see this fixed, and it's terrifying the state authorities. It's terrifying the party structure that's trying to hold this in position. Frankly, and let's just say it, it's for their own benefit. It's not for the people, because the people are suffering, and they are turning a blind eye to the havoc, chaos, violence, and destruction they are authorizing when they turn a blind eye. It's horrific, and it's got to be stopped, and it's up to us. We have to know the rock we're standing on, and we have to use it. I would love to see some of those responses that you guys are getting when you go to these meetings. It's got to be almost laughable. The carp look like, oh, they said it. You have any wonderful stories about that? Oh, there's so many of them. Actually, on our website,, Actually, maybe we don't have them up on that one yet. We'll have a page for all of the citizen presentations on the AuditNY page. You can go and watch some of these presentations. They're just brilliant. You can't believe that the incredible courage and that authority, that constitutional authority that people, they bring it into themselves and then they bring it into that place. And it's shaking the foundations of this fraud, this massive fraud. We're not in control of our elections. And I don't know why. And I don't know who's responsible. And I don't know every vector that's impacting the elections. And I don't know how they're being perpetuated. But I know now that when you have a 12% or a 14% voting error rate, and you have congressional elections with a margin of victory that are less than the voting error rate, What you have is a circumstance where they certified an election and they can never prove who won. They have no idea who really won and they can never prove it to you. Right. They can say it. I'm pretty well standing on the rightful President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, because just common sense can tell you that the numbers didn't add up. But we need to have absolute proof in every vote. Even the error margins that they're talking about are absurd. They're so conflated, it's unbelievable. They're, they're not acceptable. And I, I think if you were, this is, this is your New York citizens audit. Do you have a page you'd like me to go to on this? If you go to, uh, hover over volunteer. Yep. And I think citizens in action is the one where you can see a lot of these presentations and New York citizens audit for the first year that we were working, we did presentations asking for, um, an end-to-end audit of the 2022 election. So you'll see a lot of that. But now with United Sovereign Americans, the timeline that we're on, we are demanding a valid, legally valid election in 2024. And the same principles are embedded. The bobblehead is just ridiculous. Did you notice who it is? Of course it's going to come out of the air. That's right. None other than the tired of weak and boring lighters made this incredible fire torch lighter. This lighter is the ultimate survivor. Okay, hold on. Didn't know it was going to go into that, but that's okay. Yeah, so I think that the real stories of real people are just extraordinary. And this is wonderful that you put this out here. Yeah, I love our teams. And now we have resolution teams active in Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Florida, California, and I'm probably forgetting some. Oh, Colorado. Michigan? Michigan. Not yet, because we're still working on our Michigan scorecard. So as soon as that's completed, we'll be able to launch the resolution teams in Michigan as well. These are so it's so I am so honored, honestly, to be able to organize this effort and give people the opportunity to go and speak in a way we call it CAP. It's calm, accurate, and powerful. We don't have to rant and rave, and we don't have to shout about things we can't prove. We can use the clear law and the 150 years of Supreme Court precedent and our very clear evidence gleaned from the state's own official records, and we can make a powerful, accurate, and compelling argument about why our election system should not be used in the 2024 election. It's basically a lemon, Donna. It's like the simplest way to think about it. When you buy a car and the only thing that car is supposed to do is get you from A to B and it doesn't run and it's in the shop all the time, they call it a lemon, right? And there's all these clear and simple laws that you're supposed to follow. First of all, you're not supposed to bring the car back to the dealer because the dealer has a vested interest in you keeping the car, right? Don't bring it back to the person who sold it to you. But follow this procedure and you'll be compensated for your injury. You'll get a new car because that was wrong. What happened? You buy a voting system. The American people have spent probably billions of dollars on our existing voting infrastructure. And the only thing the system has to do is accurately and in full legal compliance measure the intent of eligible, qualified citizen voters and report that intent. And it can't do it. It's broken. It has a 12 to 27% error rate. It's not working. Sorry. Do you believe that, um, that it can be accomplished through the electronic voting machines ever? Or do you think that, that, uh, uh, that there's some hope there? The system could be used. It could, but the problem that we have is that there's so many vulnerabilities, um, And it does grant a tremendous opportunity to people with malice in their hearts, or you could call them self-dealers. Let's just call them self-dealers to influence elections at a scale that was never possible in the past. But I, you know, I do, I like to bring up the example of an international airport. For example, if machines were not capable of operating to the benefit of humanity, then we probably should unplug instantly like JFK International Airport air traffic control tower. But the truth is machines in that instance are able to assist humans, significantly assist people in managing an extremely complex system upon which The economy and, you know, hundreds of thousands on a daily basis of people's lives turn. You have all these airplanes at different altitudes, barometric pressure, humidity, you know, weather, climate conditions, and they're all in the sky and they have to be kept at certain distances, right? They have to socially distance in the air and then they have to make it to their gates in a timely fashion or the economy crumbles. You know, all of this has to be accomplished and no one is allowed to be hurt And machines help with that process. The problem with elections is that it's so tempting to put your thumb on the scale, and machines create that opportunity. So is it possible to use machines wisely? Yes. Is it possible to perfectly control an electronic system with cyber protections? It's a really, really tall ask. And I'm sure when you were talking with Harry, he spoke about this. It's not just the machine, you see. it's the context you have to look at the use context a machine could be certified a machine could say you know people could go and look at that machine and say yes we we've actually met now we've been allowed to examine the source code we know what the machine actually does for example and we've certified that it does a good job with that so fine but if you have people administering an election, taking thumb drives out of the machine, sticking them in their pocket and walking around an unsecured voting location, the system has been breached. And it seems like the control process is no longer certain. To your point, I think that it's really, it would be very, very difficult to control an electronic process because you've got the CISA involvement in it at the international level, honestly, and then all of the connections too, which can be breached along the way in so many points that I don't see how it could be realistically made honest with any electronic um, any electronic means at this point in time and just to replace them all to say, you know, with what we have right now, you would have to wipe out every single machine that's in existence right now, because we already know that they're compromisable, you know, and, uh, you know, use that word for it. And unless you remove them, how could we, you know, and start over? I think probably I'm kind of a fan of, and I, of the, uh, paper ballot hand count method with a camera over the top of it, because I think that there's got to be so much redundancy to know that there's got to be so many checkpoints to check the redundancy. But until we get rid of these absentee ballots and go back to one day voting period, you know, The absentee ballots, you know, if you did it with the military or something like that, but this is one of those uncontrolled, there's no chain of custody in anything that we have going on right now. I think that the entire system has been compromised, and I'm not sure that anybody could, as just a person, you know, not as anybody with any real consequences, right? Just Donna Brandenburg, no real consequence. I don't see how we can make this right through machines. And I think there's a lot of people that are like me out there that believe that the machines, while... It may seem like a good idea. It seems like it's kind of centralizing it rather than decentralizing and having local control. So, I mean, I'd be open to any suggestion or any solution in any direction that would give us a bomb proof machine for cheating, fraud, malfeasance, maladministration. You know, there's so many there's so many corrupt in terms of corruption here. that once again, we could never get to the end of it because they didn't cheat in one direction. They cheated in a massive coordinated attack. I think what you're saying is true. And that's part of the elegance of how United Sovereign Americans is arguing this, because there are so many vectors that indicate or it appears that they are allowing breaches of the control process. Can I say something funny here too? I think this is really funny that the resolution that you guys came up with, when I was going through that resolution with Todd and I was reading over this resolution, I'm like, this is almost beautiful enough to be a great sting on people because if they sign this and they fail to deliver, and it's like a secondary oath of office in a way, because If this thing goes through and they sign this, their tails are on the line. And I kind of like this because as somebody who runs companies, you want to have something that is going to have follow-up and holding people accountable for their actions. That's why I like your resolution. Because with the equipment we have right now, they cannot possibly... come clean with an honest election. I know that I'll hear some criticisms on the fact that, no, we only believe in paper ballots and hand counts and that sort of thing, which, okay, I'm kind of that person, but we've got other things that are involved in this. They signed that resolution. There's no way that they can make this thing or shove it under the rug. We've got one more piece of paper that shows their complicity in the cheat. Well, yeah, I think it's difficult to say yes. And it's very difficult for them to argue against supporting a legally valid election. And we've done so much research. You're laying out that you expect them, no matter what they do, whether it's machines or whatever, that you're expecting them to deliver an absolutely perfect, honest, free and fair election. And so it's quite a challenge that you put out there. And I love the strategy that you guys have employed with this. I really do. Because it's definitely an important step. Yeah. And again, the asks in the resolution are very important. And they do highlight areas, specific areas we know where the breaches are most significant. But the measurement of the system from starting at registration and ending with certification demonstrating that no, the voter rolls were not accurate at the time the election was administered. No, the votes were not all provably counted from eligible citizen voters. No, the number of votes counted doesn't have anything to do. It's not even in the same room sometimes with the number of voters who voted. So where does that discrepancy come from? And by the way, There's an accuracy requirement in tabulating ballots and the tabulators are apparently massively in errors. There's some, something is causing a gigantic error above and beyond what's legally allowable. So I agree. It's hard to argue with that when you look at it from end to end as a holistic system, instead of just trying to be, you know, we're yeah. A lot of people are angry about the mail-in ballots. A lot of people are angry about the machine. But what you have to do is create a measurement that demonstrates materiality. And the Maryland lawsuit, for example, that is already filed and is live and active in federal court now with United Sovereign Americans joining as plaintiffs with Maryland Election Integrity, the ask is an injunction against the use of the existing voting system in 2024 because it's broken. Because it's not going to give us an accurate result. And it's our civil right to have an accurate result. When Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act, and they said one of the four purposes for passing this act is to ensure accurate and current voter registration lists are maintained, they're telling you, you have a civil right to an accurate voter registration list. That's what that means, because they passed that under the power of the necessary and proper clause. It's a protection of Article 1, Section 2, the fundamental right to choose representatives. So if they don't have an accurate registration list when the election is certified, your rights have been violated. And then we go and take a look and we say, well, gosh, you know, three quarters of a million of these registration records voted. in, you know, in Ohio, in New York, in all these different states, hundreds of thousands and state after state. And she was going to show, you know, in a little bit, she was going to come on with the Texas information and she's going to show you exactly what that looks like in Texas. Hundreds of thousands of registrations that are unprovable voting in elections. The Supreme Court says dilution of the vote is an equal abridgment to denial of the vote. It's a crime. It's a civil rights crime. And when the officials certify that outcome as accurate, meaning it represents the will of the American people in that state, that's not true. They can't prove it. I like how you're explaining this as a civil rights violation. I've never heard somebody else say that before, but that's a very good point. So let's bring Sheila on a minute and we can talk with her too. Morning, Sheila. How you doing? Good morning, Donna. How are you? Great. Doing great. Time for coffee time here, sitting and talking about how we fix the United States because, you know, it's like there's so many things that we can take action on. And I think this has been going on for many, many decades. I don't think this is like a new rodeo going on here. And the great thing is, is that we're just seeing what they've been doing for a very long time. So now we can fix it. And I just want to thank you and everybody that's working with you guys, too, for all the work that you put into this. So where do you guys want to go from here? I'm going to kick that out there and let you guys drive the bus here, which direction you want to go in and talk about. Well, if it's OK, I would love to talk about Texas because that's where I am and that's where I chose to land after I retired from the military. And so the elections in Texas mean a lot to me. So if I can share our scorecard, I would I would love to do that. That that'd be just outstanding. So and I think it's really important to hear how you got involved in this, too, because, you know, what was the impetus that really touched your heart to say, hey, Sheila, this is your time. We you know, I'm talking to yourself, you know, but you know, what what did you say that really motivated you? Can you share your scorecard? Yes. OK, I'll put it up right now. People going to want to see the work you guys did. So that's awesome. So I got involved, are you seeing my scorecard? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I got involved, I retired from the military in 2018. And honestly, I was looking forward to being a wife and a mom. That's what I thought was in my future. And in 2019, we moved to the Dallas area and then COVID happened. And from there, everything that was on the news was just outrage and hysteria. And I didn't know what to believe. COVID to vaccines to what was going on in the schools, I was confused because 20 years before that, I joined the military and I thought I was living in one America and I came out of the bubble of the military and it seemed like everything had been turned on its head. And then the 2020 election happened. So I was watching everything. I was trying to figure out what was true and what wasn't. And I couldn't discern anything. And as far as the elections were concerned, it's like you were talking about earlier. There were so many different vectors, apparent vectors for attacking the elections that it was overwhelming. And there were so many different groups doing good work. And I just I couldn't figure out what was going to work. whose strategy was going to succeed. And I have a good friend here in my neighborhood who knew I was interested in the elections and she invited me to be an election worker. And at one point I was a poll watcher, all of this since 2020. And then she found out about United Sovereign Americans and and asked me to look into it. And that's how I'm here. So I signed up last fall and I got to know the Texas team. A couple of weeks ago, they asked me to kind of step into a bigger role as a leader. I'm still a volunteer. I'm not an official spokesperson, but I'm trying to take on a leadership role here in Texas. I'm brand new to this and I'm just going to do the best I can. It's like you said at the beginning, I'm going to take that plunge with faith. It's a little bit scary, but here I am. You know what? That's a great point because we're in uncharted waters here. We are. When you look at the elections and the amount of coordinated attacks that they used on our system, on the United States of America, We are in totally uncharted waters and they're using weapons that we have not yet become familiar with. You know, you can fight an enemy, you can see. We're fighting enemies we can't see. This is irregular warfare that was launched upon the United States and we're fighting back with irregular warfare. Not grab your torches and pitchforks kind of stuff, but actually having to get smart and outsmart these people in an information war. So I think that your point and your explanation of this is outstanding because it's jump in and see what the terrain is around you and be able to adapt and adjust so that if something new comes to light, that will add to or augment to something you've already vetted for truth, you go in that direction and just take it and run with it and do the best you can. I think that's because nobody's going to jump on the scene and going to have all the answers because they've got too many different weapons and they may pull one out over here so that you don't see coming that you're going to have to address without being afraid. So it's true. So we're going to bring, I'm going to bring that up online here again. And do you want to go through this with us? Sometimes the numbers are real small in people's monitors and such, but I don't know if you can increase the increase the footprint of that within your, within the page, or if you can hit a plus sign, you might be able to make it a little larger. Down at the bottom right there, you should have a plus sign. Bottom right of the screen. There's a little magnifying glass with a plus. On the screen that we're using or in my Adobe? On your screen. Yeah, on your screen in your Adobe. If you go down to the bottom right, I can see it. There should be a plus. Just hit that a couple of times. There you go. Now we can see it. Okay. Is that better? Now people can see it. So that's perfect. Wonderful. All right. Well, good. So, so this is the Texas scorecard and this is the, this is the result of all of the work Marley has been talking about across multiple states, but this is it specifically for Texas. And it is our demonstration of the extent to which we think the state of Texas has failed to comply with federal and state law regarding federal elections. There are hundreds of hours of volunteer work in this, and it is the state's own data. So we followed very rigorous procedures to make sure that none of the data was compromised. And our goal here, you'll see there are four questions on this scorecard. So our goal is to answer four key questions. And the first one is something that Marlee has been talking about, the National Voter Registration Act. And according to that law, the voter rolls have to be accurate. But you can see that they're not. They're absolutely not. Even in Texas, people say it's a red state, but It doesn't matter. Everywhere we go, we found the same thing. So I hope I want to show you two things with this scorecard today. One, the voter registration records in Texas are terribly flawed. And two, there's no reconciliation. So that means that any election that's conducted in this manner is not valid. It's not certifiable. And yet they did. These are the results from the 2022 general election. And while I don't want to bore your listeners with precise numbers, I will just so right across the top, you'll see exact duplicates by full name and birth date. to the tune of 166,000 people. Now, Texas is a state of about 30 million, and that's a lot of people, 166,000 with exact duplicates by name and birth date. It doesn't mean some of them aren't valid, but certainly it does require some additional investigation because we're supposed to live in a system with one person and one vote. So if there are duplicates in the system, we should fix that. Absolutely. That's kind of a chip shot, isn't it? If you even put this into terms of if your bank statement was offered, you had duplicate records on a bank statement for withdrawals, wouldn't everybody would be up in arms over this? Well, yes. If I took $3,000 to the bank and the clerk told me I only had $2,000, I would be upset about that. I would wonder where my money went. So we don't know if... if these are legitimate registrations or not, but that's kind of the whole point. We don't know because the process for getting into the voter registration list appears to be flawed. And I can show you too, you see a number of entries here regarding addresses. Now, Texas has a rather unique law, probably having to do with the fact that there are great swaths of rural areas that say that an address just has to provide a concise location. So you can define something as being at the end of White River Road. behind the red barn. And if they could, if the postman can find that, then that's fine. It's considered deliverable, but there are a number of addresses in the database that are just things like highway 67 or Francis road, and it's undeliverable. So, you know, the thing about that is if a voter is assigned a voting location based on their residential address, So how can they assign a proper ballot? Right across the street from me, my neighbor could be voting in a different school board election or in a different county or in a different precinct. And so we would have a different ballot. So there's no way the state can know what ballot to send to these people. It's not possible for them to know based on these invalid or incomplete or imprecise residential addresses. That's a pretty unique point because I haven't heard that brought up before. And districting is something that the primary factions, political factions in our country, the Republican and Democratic parties spend millions of dollars litigating. So if you believe that your address is not material in terms of election outcomes, you're sorely mistaken and that That investment by the parties proves it. And it's black letter law, just like the duplicate registrations. I mean, the Help America Vote Act says each legally registered voter in a state shall be assigned a unique statewide identifier. That's what Sheila means when she says they're just not following the law. If they were following the law, there wouldn't be 166,000 violations of the law, no matter how they happened or whether or not there's some kind of explanation. How come they happened in the first place when the law prohibits that? Well, or it's gross negligence or malfeasance. There's no other answer for why there would be that type of and that large of a failure in that category. It's a breach. That's what that represents. And the Department of Justice prosecution guidelines for election fraud call it, they identify it as a breach. They say we have to presume malintent when we see something like this because the ability of a fictitious registrant or a false registration to get the opportunity to participate in elections on an equal basis with qualified citizen voters is illegal. It's got to be protected. Okay. So what do you want to cover next, Sheila? So under the residential address category, there's one thing that I personally find particularly egregious, and that is the commercial mail handlers, the residential addresses at places like UPS and postal office locations. And the reason that is so concerning is because After the 2020 election in Texas, the Secretary of State conducted an audit. And the audit was of just the four largest counties, which is probably 14 or 15% of the vote here in Texas. And this is one of the areas they identified as a problem. It was called out in the 2020 audit. And in those four counties, I think they had 1,371 addresses at commercial mail handlers. Now the scorecard you see in front of you is for 2022. And across the state, there are 10,000 registrants at commercial mail handling facilities. So they didn't learn anything from their own audit. They didn't learn anything and they left them in place for the 2022 election. I find that that is particularly egregious and it's one that bothers me a lot because they called it out. I think we should like turn the IRS around on them and see if they could find it in the audit. Like they would audit us, you know, how about that? There doesn't seem to be any steps to fix anything, even when they do have the information, which means they don't want to fix it. Can you imagine filing your taxes this way? I can't imagine it. We'd all be sitting our sorry butts in jail for having this kind of failure. And this is this is just this is theft of our our nation, not not just our bank accounts. It's theft of our nation. This is incredible. So what's next? Well, so let's talk about birthdays. People make fun of of some some people for talking about dead people voting. Right. Yeah. But how is it possible that there are people on the voter rolls who are older than 115 years old? Now, maybe they're valid registrants with a mistyped birth date. But the registration information is wrong. And some of these records have been on the voter rolls for tens of years. The oldest living person that we know of in the United States is 115. So that was our cutoff. And there are people on the voter rolls who are older than that. The other thing is there are people on the voter rolls who were registered before they were born Yes, it is true. And there are people who were registered before they were eligible to vote. So that doesn't mean they're not eligible to vote today. But the record shows that they were registered to vote before they were 17 years and 10 months old. And that's when you're allowed to register in Texas. And then you vote at age 18. So all of this goes to show that they're just not following the law. There are so many holes in the system. that we can't trust the system because each one of these entrants in the database is a key to a vote. That person can either request a Malin ballot or they can show up during early voting or on election day and they can vote. So it can't be valid from the beginning if the entire database is invalid. So I had a question. What do these people say to you when you bring out that you have 6,477 people registered who are over 115 years old? What's the response? I can't possibly even have one, but what do they say? Well, I've never personally said that to someone, but... I think we should. I mean, it's like, where's the fountain of youth? We need to bottle this because we could pay off the national debt with this kind of crap. It's like, gotta be a rock somewhere where this is or produce something. You know, it's like, bring them in front of us. Convince us that there's somebody over 115 years old because I want to know what they're drinking. I talk about that in New York. We have over 10,000 people registered to vote whose birthday is January 1st, 1850. And I think, wow, they're so lucky. You know, they had the opportunity to vote for Lincoln too, right? What a life. Yeah. What a healthy diet. But what they tell us a lot of the time is just basically what I was talking about before. You're just not smart enough to understand why that's valid. The problem is you're not an election official. So If you were an election official, you would understand how that's valid. But again, that's a denial of due process. The election officials are not allowed to maintain processes and procedures that deny citizens the ability to verify that their political adversaries didn't overcome the system through fraud. That's what their job is. It's holding the peace between factions. So how do you hold the peace between factions under the principle of just take our word for it? That's ridiculous. I think we have to have like a whole bunch of people out there who take their smart aleck responses out on social media and jump in on this and go face off with these people in the absurdity and put it into words. You got to use small words, short sentences and speak very slowly because these people aren't real intelligent. And so and go in there and lay this stuff out there in clear, concise manner. And, you know, with this, this a monkey could understand this. Right. I'm thinking a monkey should be able to understand these numbers. So I don't know. We need we need a whole bunch of people joining in on this. Put your put your creative genius to work here, guys, because this is a chip shot. Yeah, people are intimidated to get involved. Sorry, Sheila, just one quick thing. You know, Sheila had this amazing military career, right? This career, this life of service to our country. You know, my expertise, I'm a homeschool mom. So I have like a, you know, an encyclopedia of stupid excuses. I know what they look like. That's what this is. It's not technical. You can do it. You just got to be willing to do it. And then you have a little fun with it too. So, yeah. So, okay. What's next? Well, you said a monkey could understand this. I usually say a second grader because that's about the time my son came home and started being able to count and realize that I actually, I wasn't 25 anymore. And my point with that is you can see that the county in the last line on this first section, the county and state voter roll numbers don't match, but a second grader could tell you that that should be the case. They should match. Why don't they match? Why is their data so out of sync? I don't know the answer to that, but I know it's not right. Well, I know we have fraud in Michigan. So if they lied in one area and they committed absolute fraud because Nestle was illegal with the GBI strategies, a liar is going to always be a liar. You can't trust them once they do. It's like a dog that bites. Dog that's going to bite, going to bite again. They're not going to stop. You're not going to teach the dog or a serial rapist. You're not going to teach that person again because they knew what they were doing. They did it with intention. They meant it and they don't care. And so, you know, with this situation, we've got the same thing here. The people that perpetrated this crime, they knew what they were doing. They don't care. And they're going to do it again unless they're stopped or removed. So and I think that's from top to bottom. That's, you know, that's my opinion. You're not going to break them of it. You have to remove them, which means good people have to stop up. and take those positions once they're removed. You can't just remove them without saying, okay, we removed them. Now I'm willing to step in and do something, but we're not going to stop them. Removal is the only way. So anyhow, I digress though, but human behavior is predictable. So, but anyhow, where do you want to go from here? Well, I'll just conclude this section by saying that even in the red state of Texas, like I said, it's it's everywhere. Even in Texas, there are over two hundred and ninety thousand apparent registration violations in the voter rolls. And we try to be very conservative about the way we queried the data. So is not to assume anything that we shouldn't. So over 290,000. And the next logical question is, did these people vote? Well, actually, yes, many of them did. And you can see that in the second question there, which is, were the votes counted from eligible voters? Well, no, they weren't because apparently hundreds of thousands of these registrants could have been illegal registrants. So you see the same questions that were answered in question one are answered in question two, the difference being they actually voted. They were on the voter database and they voted. Now, many of them were probably valid, but how do we know? We don't know. So 37,000 people with an exact name and birthday duplicate in the system voted. 411 people who were registered before they were old enough to register voted. The commercial mail handlers kills me. Again, over 2200 people with residential addresses at commercial mail handlers actually voted. Now, what ballot did they get? Did they get a ballot for a precinct and a district where that commercial mail handler is located? They don't live in that postal box. They live somewhere else. And we need to vote where we live because your children's school board is where you live. Your representatives are where you live. Not at your commercial mail handler, which might be on your way home from work. That's not where you should be voting. And it's not where you should want to vote. Well, it's like the cheating, like one day voting, the slippery slope there. We definitely have a process that says one day voting. And if there's a process that's in place, we can't just say, well, this doesn't really apply to me. I'm going to register a PO box or I'm going to do some, you know, have it come in at a non-residential area. I mean, there's our check and balance right there that's violated. Yep. So, yep. So are the post offices or these other locations, have they been questioned about their complicity in this or that they were, I've kind of wondered about the complicity of the post office in the stealing of the elections, because I think if we investigated there, we're probably going to find out that that there were some, you know, there were some issues because if you have issues with, and I'm not going to allege that there was mail fraud committed, but I would like to know. And so I'm kind of wondering if any of these locations, if anybody's run that down to see if there's some complicity in the locations, the commercial locations. Well, I can tell you that what we did in Texas is we kind of canvassed these locations digitally. So somebody went through and queried each of these addresses and kind of looked at like a map of Google Earth to be sure that these were actual commercial mail handler locations. I don't think anyone went into the post office to ask the supervisor, you know, if they were complicit in a fraud. I don't know about that. Okay. Yeah. I know a couple of people that are postal carriers and they have brought up to my attention some anomalies at that level, which should be really concerning. Super, super concerning. Indeed. So see if we can get, oh, Marley's having some trouble. Let's see if we can get Marley back on here again. Let's see. Having trouble with connection. Okay. Join when you can. So she'll see if she comes back, but we can continue on here. So this is awesome. So another line in here is each voter, the 135 unique voter registrations voted more than once. So the law requires that each voter has a unique voter registration. And then of course, one person gets one vote. But if 135 unique voter registrations voted more than once, How is that lawful? It's not. Now, does 135 votes matter? I don't know. It depends on the race, but it doesn't matter because a unique voter registration voting more than once is blatantly illegal. So again, it points to the fact that whether these things are intentional instances of fraud or not is not really the case, or it is not really the issue. The issue is that the state is mismanaging the voter rolls to such an extent that we can't rely on the data and we can't rely on it being a valid election. Male administration at the highest level right there. What is next on your report? Um, so no number three is kind of back to that, that second grade math. The question is, this is common sense where the number of votes counted equal to the number of voters who voted. no they weren't clearly not and none of the three official records match so we have if you will three stacks of records we have a state certified result from the election results webpage we have the state voter roll count and we have a county voter roll count and that's it's like three distinct stacks of votes and they should be the same they should be the same but they're not you can see that each of them is different But these are all official records from the 2022 election. So at every level and across multiple areas at the state level, they're not matching. This is back to your checkbook not balancing. Yeah. You can't. So we just can't count on it. And this may seem like, OK, we have large numbers and there's some there's some variation here. But realize every single one of those votes that were miscounted, not counted or or or multiple ones counted is a is a violation of society. And really, one of our greatest, I'm going to say our greatest right is the right to free speech, the ability to have our voices heard. So I don't know. I mean, back to your point, Marlee, that this is a civil rights issue right here is talk about taking people's voice and absolutely throttling that. This is unacceptable. In my opinion, even if one vote was not counted, everyone has the right. And I think you guys are on the same page that I am that honestly, I really, if, if an election were held a free and fair and someone got voted for that, I didn't that I hadn't supported, I would still support the election because it was a will of the people. Yes, exactly. Right now we don't know if the will of people of the will of people is being honored. We have no way to know. They can't reconcile the checkbook. And because of that, we're not obliged to believe the results. The certification is not valid. Right. And the way you said it, to your point, we have a lack of reconciliation in the checkbook right here on votes. If the votes counted as a dollar amount, each vote an equal dollar value, we have a completely unreconcilable checkbook. We don't know what we have. We don't know if our elections workers and the election process, we don't know who withdrew. We don't know who made wrong entries. We don't know anything about this except for there's no performance standard here. Well, I think there's a standard. They're just not meeting it. Well, standard of cheating. But I mean, yeah, there's no performance standard that's been accomplished here whatsoever. There's a complete failure of performance on every level. So the system is very simple. Actually, there are voters. There are votes. there are the counts and marley says that all the time that's all it is the number of voters the number of votes or people who cast votes and the count and it all should match and it starts with the voters entering the voter registration database the law requires that that database is accurate and it's not which means that you can't rely on the fact that the people who voted were legitimate votes. And then when they count those votes, those don't reconcile. Yeah, I think that's the most important point. Is there anything else that you want to go through on this scorecard right now? So the last part is just about an error rate that Marley was talking about. And of course, Texas's error rate exceeds what is allowed by law. There should have been no more than 65 ballots in error during that election, and there were over 196,000. And that's the last thing that's on the scorecard just to kind of put the final point on it. The error rate exceeds what is allowed by law. Okay, can I ask a really dumb question here? Who determined that there's an allowable machine error rate of one in 125,000 ballots? It's written into the law. I think the law is the Help America Vote Act that Harry helped to write. But yeah, it's written into the law. I even have a problem with that. I'm no expert on the machines. I think it had to do with a machine accuracy requirement, but that's probably a better question for Marlee if she can manage to get back on. I don't want to misspeak. Right. I guess, I mean, I'm still kind of like baffled by the fact that there's actually an allowable machine error rate. And, you know, even to that level here, not to say that it's anybody's fault or anything, it just makes me, it's one of those things that makes you go, hmm, you know, where did the error rate come from? Why do we have an error rate that's acceptable? Because that's still one vote that's not being tabulated or counted for one voice. But, you know, I digress on that one. It's not, you know, I understand it. And I think that what it shows is it should be shocking to everyone how badly out of sync this is with even a stated allowable machine error rate. It's a huge disparity there. But I've got one more question. It's like, why is there even an allowable machine error rate? Where did that come from? I'm just curious about that. Do you mind if we go to the chat now? We've got a few people that have asked some questions. I'll do my best. Yeah. You're doing great. You're really doing wonderful today. Very articulate. And you clearly understand the subject matter. And you've put it into wonderful terms that all of us who haven't been sitting right next to you can truly understand. Charlotte says, Michigan got their Democrat majority back in Lansing yesterday, 52 to 54. Mail-in ballots took care of the scheme in person here. Oh, Marley's back here. Hey, Marley. Oh, good. I'm rescued. You're doing just fine. You're doing amazing. Yeah, you are. You're doing an outstanding job. So I'm going to run to the chat here and just read some questions. And if they come up or comments, you guys can maybe talk back to the people who are commenting. Charlotte says, Michigan got their Democrat majority back in Lansing yesterday. 52 to 54, mail-in ballots took care of the scheme. In-person voting, Republicans were up. 2024, looking paved for the Democrat Party. So we had something happen here. I'm going to have to look into that a little bit, Charlotte. Not that it makes any difference with the Uniparty in Michigan. They sell us out any way they can to benefit themselves with our tax dollars. Antichrist is one world government. Global Governance asked to find rhinos in Michigan that voted for open border and FISA. They want the Western states to buckle to communism. Look at Ann Arbor and Dearborn. Public functionaries that think we are a democracy can't be true and swear an oath to the Republic form of government. Democracy is we, the people, granting them the right to govern under the principles that they obey, their constituents and constitutions and laws. Democracy is nowhere in 50 constitutions, nowhere. Political economy socialism is taking over elections and their manipulation of community-like censorship suppression of speech and communications, total tyranny in Michigan. I'm just ranting on, okay? This is funny because people put things out there and I think their voices need to be heard, you know? In Texas, nursing homes, a 100% turnout there also like in Michigan. That was another big problem. Heck, you can't do check and balances on the tax dollars they give to NGOs de facto lobbyists that give to cults protesting in our cities with our tax dollars, chanting death to Americans. Good morning from Am, let's see, Amdra Beck. Good morning. We are so grateful for you having United Sovereign America's CEO, Marlee Hornick, on the website. Thank you so much. Also, Grandma Grouch, thanks for bringing this information to America's attention and thanks for the hard work the volunteers are doing. So lots of thanks out there and comments, you know, that their voices are actually being heard by your actions. That's what I take away from this is that they're acknowledging that you are actually working to have their voices heard and great, great appreciation. I read a sample, but that's great appreciation for what's going on out there for what you're doing. Yeah, I want to address some of those concerns also, because honestly, it's easy to accuse. It's easy to draw conclusions and it's easy to make accusations. It is really hard to do a forensic meticulous measurement and audit of the records that gives us the opportunity to set all of our, you know, our rants and our raves aside and say, boy, it looks like this voting system is a lemon. We measured it and it sure looks like a lemon because all of a sudden, instead of being kind of easy to discredit or easy to defame by our political adversaries or those who don't want this system to be fair and accurate, they don't want the American people to choose their representative because they're the beneficiaries of the current system. So they don't want it to change. And it makes it easy to defame us When we make accusations, we can't substantiate, or we make assumptions that we can't prove. But this opportunity is so unique because here we are, we measured it. This is what we found. We can calm down. We can come to the table with that cap on, calm, accurate, powerful, standing on our rock of our rights, the bedrock of this country, government by consent. I really encourage all the people who are frustrated and seeing the injustice to join United Sovereign Americans and help to bring these resolutions in Michigan or wherever you are. Bring them to the attention of your officials because they're going to have to deal with this. This is a reckoning that the American people are the only ones who want to have happen. And mastery of the subject materials. You know, I think that we can take those frustrations because I believe that God gives us all of the emotions to experience. And sometimes anger and outrage, there's a righteous anger that exists. And that anger and that outrage and that gives us the motivation and the passion to go forward and get in a fight that's worthy of our time and stand there unwavering to back down on this because of what we see. And so we can take that, I guess, and move that into a very positive, a positive direction, you know, all the anger and pent up, you know, resentment over what they've done for our nation and pick it up and go forward with it. So I think that's important. So do you want to read through the resolution that you guys have? Do you want to look at that a minute? And talk about it? Sure. Because I think we can read through this resolution. And even, you know, I'd like to hear your points on this. I can bring it up here, too, because I have that. Okay. Hang on here a minute. Let me throw this guy up here. Got to be loaded for bear when you're talking about stuff, right? So let me see if I can. I don't know if I can make this bigger or not. We've just started giving these resolution presentations here in Texas in front of town councils. We've done three so far. How'd they go? So I think I wasn't at the first two. The first one I'm told was they weren't necessarily warmly received because it was a place where the group that gave the presentation was known and they were called election deniers. And in the second case, they tried... the council tried hard to limit the amount of time, but they managed to get through it. And then two nights ago we were in Frisco, Texas, and we actually found that the council was very generous with the amount of time they gave us. They gave each speaker five minutes, which was more than we needed. And, um, they didn't completely ignore this. I mean, sometimes they actually made eye contact or somebody thanked me for my service. So it, you know, the reception is different from place to place. I'm going to pull something up here a minute. That's a tool you can use. New York times versus Sullivan. This is something that you can throw in your back pocket here because it's a standing law, stare decisis. And you can, in fact, pull that out because based on this standing law, you can use it as a personal filibuster and they cannot tell you or shorten the amount of time that you speak. So you can pull this one out and assert that based on the decision on New York Times versus Sullivan, you may not truncate, stop or limit my time that I may speak under any circumstances or you are in violation of the law and I will be speaking until I am done. And if they call a cop in here to try to remove you, you can also say, and now for you removing me, you will also be in violation of the law and guaranteed this is not going to end well. Just saying. Yeah. There's, there's some interesting information there in the primary holding that applies here. Speaking of being called election deniers, it's hard to read on your screen, but I caught some stuff about defamation and libel that you, the person has to be, you know, they have to be aware that they're making a false statement to be able to have a sustained claim of defamation or libel. And of course, who is denying an election? The administrative process is denying the American people a valid election. So the idea that we're not allowed to challenge that and that makes us intimidators of election officials is outrageous. Well, the, now I lost my screen here that I was going to put up, the resolution, let me see where it went to. Hang on a second. I think I just tanked my resolution I had up. Yeah, if I had a little bit of time, I would go back and I'd pull the exact language out because there is language in there that says that they do not have the right to determine how much time you have to talk. So that's the point of that whole law. So you can use that as a, you can't tell me that. I've got as much time as I want and you're going to have to sit until I'm finished because you're not in charge. As a point of record, this is my time to talk until I'm done. You don't get to give me a shortened version of that. So I can pull that language out for you later so that you can see the exact section of where it says it within that case. But that's a pretty good one to have in your back pocket. Okay, and where did I go with the, let me see here. Get to it this way. All roads lead to Rome. We'll figure it out. While you're pulling that up, I'll let you know that I just got a message. From our Florida team, they did, let's see, where was this message? They did a presentation in the Naples area. The commissioner went ahead and sent it to the secretary of elections. And this person has sent a lengthy rebuttal. probably written by the secretary of elections attorney saying among other things that the asks and the resolution would violate state law. Nevermind the fact that state law right now in many instances stands in direct violation of federal law and federal law in some cases stands in direct violation of the principles in the constitution and the 14th amendment. So honestly, it's a, it's a tangled web we are waiting into. It's what they call in Supreme court parlance, a political thicket. However, what's our choice? So that's why this clean argument about the error rate in our elections, nothing to do with party, nothing to do with candidate, and irrelevant of outcomes, the error rate indicates that elections are being certified without certainty. And that's an un-American concept that can't be allowed. So the Secretary of Elections has written some rebuttal saying, Oh, you know, we're asking them to violate state law, and this is harassment of the office. So how is it harassment to insist upon the principle of the American founding being upheld? I'm sorry, that's not harassment. Grow up. You took a job in the middle, right in the center of all of the adversarial factions in the United States of America. It's a tough job. I don't envy the job, but that's what it is. Just got to follow the law. And I think that that's another point is that they've, they've created so many convoluted laws that you're in violation of the law, no matter what you do half the time, just being a person alive and they use it for harassment. So that's it, but that's a whole nother subject. So let's go ahead and go through this, the resolution here. So people know what we're talking about because, and then discuss the, we can do point counterpoint to this or just discuss why, why you guys went in this direction. So do you want to read it or do you want to summarize each of the paragraphs? I can't read it on my screen. I'd have to pull up my own copy. OK, let's see if I can get it a little bit bigger here and see if we can. I think it's useful at any rate. So the first part is really what we were talking about. We can even just stick to this if you'd like, is the fact that this is a civil rights violation. And you clearly call this out in the first paragraph. This is a stealing of the voice of Americans whose votes were diluted or outright cheated away. Yes, and it's an important principle because a lot of Americans are not aware of this Supreme Court ruling identifying dilution of the vote as an equal abridgment to denial of the vote. So when you get into these civil rights debates, a lot of the civil rights arguments are based on denial of the vote, you know, because of racial bias, right? And that is certainly a part of our history. We can't deny that that's a part of our history. But it's not the only story that's unfolding now in this time, which is why we start with Reynolds-Basem. It's got to be understood everywhere that that's an equal crime. Okay, and then the next one is about the election officials guaranteeing that the elections are accurate and free from distortion or manipulation. Yeah, that's their job. Elections are a zero-trust system. That's fundamentally what we're dealing with. because you have natural political adversaries. And that concept is intrinsic to the United States. If you read Federalist 10, Madison's brilliant essay on the possible solutions for factions, you know, one of the solutions to having intractable political factions is just that everyone thinks the same way, right? And I believe that the current faction that has taken more authority over our country than is warranted based on their representation wants everyone to think the same way. I think that's pretty clear at this point. But we don't agree. We don't want to think that way. And in America, we still don't have to. So the job of the election official is to walk a tightrope between all of these adversaries. They have to walk this tightrope so that at the end of the election process, everyone trusts in the outcome. And the tightrope is defined strictly and exclusively by the law. If they can't prove to us that the election outcome was accurate, then we have a right to be suspicious. We don't have to be suspicious of them. The election officials are not my adversary, at least they may not be, but I'm concerned about the other factions. Did they get their thumb on the scale? Is it possible that someone with a private interest outside of the authority or the interest of the American people is actually leveraging the system for a personal benefit or a private benefit, a con man, let's say, a self-dealer, using and abusing the system for privilege. I think that the suspicion is probably pretty warranted. It seems like there's an awful lot of evidence of it out there. I actually think that's a great place to stop on this because that's the bottom line right there. So is there anything else that you want to talk to people about and what they can do to help you and get involved? You can say it again and give yourself another plug again. Well, I'll go, I'll just say that, you know, hopefully you understood from looking at the Texas voter rolls that they're flawed. and that they don't reconcile. And that's a problem in Texas. It's a problem in everywhere. But everywhere I look, people are exhausted. They're tired of this fight. They don't feel like they can win. And all I would say to people is that we have to have faith and we have to have hope and we have to jump in and do something because our very freedom to choose our representatives is at risk. And in America, the citizens are supposed to be at the top of that hierarchy. not at the bottom and we'll be treated like we're at the bottom right now. So if you aren't sure where you fit in, but you're interested, um, we have options. We have a menu of options at United Sovereign Americans from people who want to do something very small that takes a limited amount of time to bigger roles. We have options for, you know, how you can contribute. If you have extra resources and you want to donate, you can, you can donate to the cause you can donate to specific States. So, You guys have attorneys that you're having to fund right now for the legal, the legal fight, aren't you? Correct. We have three attorneys now that we are actively working with three retained attorneys in Maryland and in Pennsylvania and Ohio. And the litigation is not cheap. Let's just say a United sovereign Americans has done millions of dollars worth as volunteers, millions of dollars worth of computer programming, analytics and legal research to put this together for the american people so we really need your help at this point we've taken it about as far as we can and we need these attorneys funded we need attorneys in your state and we need to fund the attorneys in your state a a fundamental aspect of our litigation strategy is to challenge the voting system across federal circuits so that if we get a an affirmative outcome in one Federal Circuit and a negative outcome in another that actually forces the matter on an emergency basis to the Supreme Court. And we believe that that's where this ruling should be made. We believe this is an equity issue based on civil rights. Again, it's not personal, and it's nothing to do with any outcome. But if we're going to be governed by consent, it's got to be provable. So Our litigation strategy is uniquely designed based on proven law, based on the state's own official records, and based on 150 years of Supreme Court precedent to get us in front of the Supreme Court before 2024 if we all act. There's no time to waste. So I really want to say that about contributing, about volunteering, helping with the resolution process. or pitching in with your skills and your abilities in, you know, internally to the organization in some fashion, all of this is needed and there's no time to waste. Well, and I think everybody out there can also take your information and repost this and get it into your groups, you know, by text, email, social media, carrier pigeon, who knows, you know, get it out there. However, you can throw it up in the air and let the wind take it, you know, Uh, so, and I, you know, somebody's going to say, they're like, oh, Donna told everybody to litter. Don't go to stupid. It's like, it's like, you know what I mean? It's like, we can all get out there and we can do our part and, and, uh, really bring this forward and not even telling people what to think so much is bringing the, the, it, stuff out there. And once they're confronted, once people are confronted to the truth, I've got great faith that people are pretty smart, you know, and that they're going to look at these figures and go, yeah, you're right. We did get cheated out of this. And even the people that are that are trying to hide it, if you put it out there and they have to answer for themselves, they typically they're cowards. And all of a sudden you're going to see the tail between their legs and they're going to be trying to find a corner of the room somewhere to get away from the accountability that they had to face. So, you know, there's no fear here. It's just absolutely everybody jumping on and doing what you can do. And sometimes it's baby steps, you know, just going to the website and reaching out to one of these people. Do you have phone numbers for this organization that they could actually talk to a real person? Because I know that I put my phone number out there. Anybody can call me that wants it to call me. And I actually pick the phone up. And that way. You know, it's actually walking forward as friends, not just a faceless, nameless thing. Because they've done a bang-up job at dividing us into being alone. Because the system we have is definitely a system based on predators. It's a predator system. And what a predator does is, you know, I'm a horse person. I have horses and I train horses. And they're a herd animal like we are. But what a predator does is wants to peel the weak off from the side or isolate individuals. And they will go after, they won't take on a hurt, but they'll take on an individual to hurt, demoralize, and ultimately kill them. And this is what we have. We've seen it throughout history. We've seen it in the Bolshevik Revolution. We've seen it in World War II. We've watched predators in this world for how many times? The lesson's there. We've learned it already. So we need to stick together. So if they can get ahold of you and we can walk forward together in this process, I think it's a great avenue. Yeah. And as soon as someone decides to come on our mailing list, stay informed or to join as a volunteer, you immediately get invited to one of our meetings. So If you stay informed, you'll get the link, the invitation to our Tuesday night class on election law and the Constitution. Do you do that by email then when you sign up? Then you're on the list that they email you. So, OK, I just need to know the process here of exactly how, you know, how to do that and and to be able to get back to you guys. Yeah, that's how they get the link and that meeting is open. So there's a, there's a portion of the class, you know, that's really a study session and then there's an open discussion. So you're allowed to, you know, to raise your hand and bring up an issue you want to discuss relative to the subject that we're covering. And on Monday nights, we have our orientation meeting, our onboarding meeting for new volunteers. So within a week, you're going to have an opportunity to come in and speak to people who are volunteering with United Sovereign Americans, get more information about the organization, check us out, you know, have your questions answered and addressed and have a conversation with a real human being or sometimes several, depending on how many of us make it to that meeting that week. But But I agree with you. We have to get to know each other. We have to shake hands. We have to become neighbors. We can't solve this on a partisan basis. We have to solve it on an American basis. So so I'm going to I'm going to ask you guys questions on a personal level here just for a minute. What are the things that make you happy in life? What do you like to do? You like to cook. You like to do things that that what's what's your hobby set? Walking away from my phone and taking a walk with my husband and my dog. I wish our kids would join us, but, you know, they get to a certain age and they don't want to hang around you anymore. Yes, there is that part of it, isn't there? Got to have their wings spread a little bit. How about you, Marlee? I love to be in nature. I'm a homesteader, homeschooler. We have dairy goats here on our farm. I don't have a lot of opportunity right now to be with our animals or to be out on our land, but that's what makes my heart sing. That's awesome. So we've got a lot in common here, really, because, you know, I've got horses and I just picked up my new hives because I had bees before. So I got my new hives the other day. So this is the bee update for anybody that's listening because this is what we do. We go in all sorts of directions, right? And so I'm getting my bees on May 13th, my new bees. And I think this is great. So we all need to remember that we're all people that are behind these stories and that have things that we love to do and the sacrifices that people make of the things that they really enjoy doing in order to step forward and save this nation is extraordinary. This election stuff is none of our happy spots. Nobody wanted this to happen this way. Nobody wanted to have to get in and swim for our lives. to save this nation with every minute, spare minute we have. We just want to work so we can go back to being people again and having our goats, our bees, our horses, our dogs. And it's amazing how much of that surrounds animals and such. I was a homeschool mom too, but my kids are all older. I'm old. So I'm in the grandma stage now at 60 years old and wouldn't go back for a moment of the rest of it because I actually like being this age. It's great. You know, and so the whole goat thing, I'm obsessed with sheep right now, too, because I've made up my mind that I need to get some sheep, much to my husband's mild horror right now. Sheep are going to happen. And, uh, and, uh, you know, I see all these wonderful things as decentralizing our processes and having that knowledge in these areas, not just on elections, but just in life as we get older. I mean, it's just extraordinary. So what curriculum do you use? Do you use a curriculum? For homeschooling? Um, we, we use a combination of tutors and skills that my other principles it's it's not a straight line around here that's like the best answer because you know what I homeschooled my kids and and I've got way too much college behind me okay just saying that so I know where stupid comes from because I came from stupid right going through the indoctrination camps and you got to get off the farm here the brain farm right everybody does and go back to just doing things the way that god puts it in your heart But I think a lot of the unschooling methods and such, and I never saw the point to the curriculum, quite honestly, because you have somebody that, how many pages of the same problem do you need to do before the boredom sets into the point that they don't even like learning anymore? It becomes, they become disengaged. So that's awesome. Yeah, we definitely, they do some very rigorous intellectual work. It's not a complete unschooling system over here at our farm, but. i do agree that it should be guided a lot by interest that that gives children a foundation of self-confidence above all actually it gives them confidence in their ideas because again going back to the the principles of our founding the idea is to acknowledge that we're created beings and that each of us is equally significant in the eyes of our creator and each of us has a unique set of skills and gifts and a unique way to engage with creation. And so it's a balance, right? Educating children is a balance between nurturing that seed within them and also giving them tools that they will need. Absolutely. They'll need those skills. I might have used the wrong term for unschooling, but what my term is unschooling is like, you know, trashing the modern day indoctrination process and figuring out a better way. So, you know, I think that that's, that's all, all amazing. So, and you know, the greatest thing is moms and dads, just moms and dads that want to get in, because I know you guys are doing this for your posterity, for your children, because we want to make sure that we give our world a better place to be in than what, than what we were at this point in time handed. And as adults, we're going to deal with these problems and it ends here. This election nonsense ends right here. There's the line. And we're going to hold that line and write this so that our kids have a legacy that is safe, then that they can be proud of and say, you know what? You guys really faced something tough and you showed up and you stayed in the fight and you didn't back down from the cause. And I'm just proud to stand with you ladies so much. You're amazing. So let's end this with a prayer. Would you guys like to pray or would you like me to? I would love to hear you pray, Donna. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, we are so very grateful for the wonderful time that you've given us, that you chose to have us be born in right now. There's nothing to be afraid of because we know that you are with us, walking with us every day. And we're grateful that we can, in fact, walk on this earth with you and that I know you're not really concerned as much with our comfort or with how much money we have in the bank or that you're interested in the eternal things that you see in us and to grow us in our maturity and our service and getting away from self and actually laying down our lives for each other. And that even means those things that we enjoy. And even for a season to teach us something, to grow our to grow ourselves and to truly increase, help us to increase in our capacity to love because we don't know how to love. You had to love us first for us to even know how to love. And as your children, we're thankful for that step in this process, every step of the way. And we trust you. We don't trust the things that we see or hear. We trust you because you're good all the time. And I'm going to acknowledge it right now. You are amazing. And what an honor it is that you would think enough of us to walk with us, to be willing to die, to send your only begotten son to die for us, that we were that valuable, that you wanted to have a relationship with us. It's just truly amazing. And I'm so thankful. I'm so thankful for Sheila and for Marley and all the people that are walking with them and everything that they do in their daily lives, the sacrifices that they make, the obedience to the calling that you put in their hearts. and the trust in you to provide. Not that they have the answers, not that I have the answers, but that you do. And that you equip us every step of the way. And you are so good. And the miracles that you give us every day that just show us your leading, your confirmation, the love that comes from you, the guidance, your direction, and everything. We don't have to be perfect. You are. And we rest on that. and that you literally will never abandon us or forsake us. What a glorious day this is today to go forward in that knowledge. Thank you so much. And let your favor rest mightily upon Sheila and Marlee and everything that they do. Open doors, help people to hear what they're saying. Send them an army of people that are willing to step up and help them in the effort that you put in front of them with support, with love, and with workers that are willing to do the work that needs to be done right now. And we just thank you so much. You're a great friend to us, and we love you so much. We want to be a friend to you in your purposes, serving this world, your creation, putting others first, laying down our lives, and giving you glory above all for all things. In Jesus Christ's precious name, we pray. Our Savior's name, we pray. Amen. So you guys have an awesome day today. Are there any last words that you want to add to this? I just want to say thank you for the opportunity, Donna. I appreciate it. Oh, you're welcome. Anytime, you know, you can always call me and say, hey, flip the cameras on. And we've got something that we need to go forward with and that, you know, we have something that we need to say and put out there. And I think Marley's screen locked up a little bit, but she's in prayer. So that's good. So, you know, you're always welcome to come back. And if any other people want to come on here, you know, we're going to get in this and we're going to pray our way through this thing and, you know, stay in sync with God's with God's stuff. And I think that's an amazing, amazing press. He's going to honor this. I know he's going to honor this going forward. and continue on opening doors for you. I just know that. So with that said, it's that part of the show, boys and girls, go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And I would love to have a discussion with the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump about this. But I want to have a discussion with him. We'll just see who's a better non-conceder. So we'll see about that. So I take that challenge. So but at any rate, everybody out there, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Make God proud of you and what you do. It starts here. Make those choices. If you don't see somebody who's a good example, be one. And you're the example that he's tapping you to be that example. If there is anyone he's tapping you to be that strong fighter. the voice of reason, the person who unifies, whatever it is, or the person that brings things to justice. All you got to do is ask him, but he's tapping you right now. So it's your job, your turn to step up and we'll see you tomorrow. We've got Dr. David Kent on again tomorrow. We're going to go off the grid again. That's my subject. I love talking about that and doing things that are off the grid. So we'll be off the grid first aid, as well as all those things that we can do in our own right, you know, to get off the system, to not be dependent and to be a help to our neighbors. It's another issue of service. So we'll see you tomorrow. Stand in line. I'm going to go ahead and end this. Sheila will talk. Okay. So have a great day. You're all loved.