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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/19/2022 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Dec. 19, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is some now nineteenth of the year twenty twenty two were coming up to christmas ear this week end on realising and then after that a new year twenty twenty three probably as good hold a lot of sure i want a welcome i've got my two guests this morning we're going to jump right into it there is a lot going on is come nashoonon i do out standing do in great do in great and at and checkersand on the phone over here he chuck i you doing once doing great in the happy very happy monday that she the doolittles and lots going on though tatohe week anchors on what comes the not glad that i'm not reminded of her single day right as one joyous christmas that you know i i think about christmas and everybody there's so much bad news going around here they are now erywhere and sometimes it caught up in that kind of nose the reality of it is that that in over celebrating the and i think that doctor parker tempercher would i were talking about it on wednesday at an end redeeming grace as we got her on land church we started on wednesday the reason i think that a plausible reason why we celebrate christmas on the twenty fifth comber which makes a lot of sense to be so ve i've always been a really taught that is more really in the fall probably she in the yacht in the soteriades where came to dwell amongst us in the ten which is really the pitcher has got always gives in the bible right dwelling among men he came to dwell among the and so that's what i was always taught i timberat something up an i didn't i never heard this before and i thought this was really signed of or or that we celebrate jesus's birth on the twenty fifth really it is celebrating his makes a big argument for all of us who are polite that life begins can and whether you believe he is born in december or september makes no difference to me and men were celebrating his birth as so there you go right there's another reason too i don't you know that there's another reason why we celebrate on the twenty fifth of the sum and because he was a pagan richel called is a winter solstice and and so what this was was a counter to that it could it sees his cat light into the world is supposed to doris because they saw great dog and so his reason also lighted the world and closes assensole celebrate than to show them that jesus does bring the light you interestingwhen to read the history well if you look it too and if you look into if you look into a all the significance of scot god doesn't do anything by acts there are no acts so the fact that you know it i just think it's kind of cool if you look at each and every one of these coincidences impossible to have that many coincidence to prove how his birth and that he is head now i think that's kind of cool but i really like the fact that probably look closer to once again for all of us who are pro life prost prosser the fact that life begins to so they got so i've got cannon a line o word is going to be talking back here back and forth her but i wanted to bring something up this morning i thought was fairly signify fbi documents stein for the facts oh there's a big surprise as if none of us knew that that was going on you know is it's pretty interesting it you do set when i got in politics and i you know i kind o look at rocas and i start and i analyseth i i was one called the fans that omensthe fads is the global crimes exactly what it is it's so it's an arm of the global crimes since the globes and when you look at when you look at the people that are in play my estimate this is done as personal as it it somewhere between in ninety five son of the people working for the government right now or probably federal agents and i would say most of people campaigning for office and such they probably fall under those same numbers bad or or or political operatives which means there were in for the and he ochlocracies and extenther which she can do is look on the soffocando or the directly connected family campaign accounts to getting money from the we know that some cases see people got money for the information though the one i want to know about is a guy called steinerian the resisting the chiverton that guy the should give to pesselier he got mentioned in a and the afferdavit no one ever prosecuted the well that's father because he's worked well they're all working together and so when you say political operative i put that in the same category as as a fact as the federal a federal agents some re working for the fete and it's not too hard of such obicisset two you know to make that jump just in case there listening cause i know there is i i no he i know he will see this i know that lissington paleness prologus easethere get on right side or you're going to have a quick trip to hal some poles you realize the concilition time and i the time and their home caused gay reply calls so far he in russia cantos with the four primary place is so far it does a gale with his pen a family others iwas not so that something grown on my head then i thought again i thought waiterial my wife and her poling over his coming up out of brazil no way henshall the time is for going on and then of course you know that i take in pitchers i depart at different times and keep an eye to ailing so cimentre o i'm wondering now why they've pickincotton people who follow or whatever i think is come of comical follow away folks that's all i say wiltshisre telling the truth in that that any anisette ling the truth or getting getting both like ingres flying close to the sun you know we got close to close and there they're going to you know i've been i've been studying in two so when i got into politics i was worn a head i had several people that came and and gave me this gave me the reality of what's going on other it was drill greetings get she was going on as sockabout oh not a count you to turmoil is going on there if you gaswhere that ye i shot saw the lost it i posedisent to men he in to in a wood for decerned for those acorns can is it seen it has to do with the convention in the fact that they weren't following rules to go ahead an the donedecided what be pence were there by the way i did it the sentinal rose oersted if i laws are by lost a rules there not long and those people are misled by their tree their tressamers always quoted by loss well and she once succeed is perspectif and placed out what should be done and his people followed and they made sure was the nose but though the god the people that have by late of the pure ones are in office until december so what's happened is three of the gelines get chosen on these control and haven't checked on one of hers is all the execrations of pikes are so behind his scoring up and causing the problem because it's all going to go down in and fire the law is the law i care about by her or it's the law in this supposed gigas candidateship a new one his son i've known for a sunnite ninety two into what now before that he had sorry maybe six so i think i tell you he is to be the chairman of this king counter republic party by the way he will give us his aim that wouldn't have bonesetter as seems coming even camels good covenenting oh you i think you're going to pin outeducate way he was adviser on my campaign of beckoning i know really well it in to be interesting at the gigantic his cause in all this his keep the older eastertides n't want to be chaeropotamus all de ol the coming out of him and i know that some people like him that's okay the guises the kite was some called with an old trivittato down there and then he became the pitcher and adventurethe chair he is the i think it executive director pro restinction and dishes is my can't be if he entregarse al the deprived possess i don't copiosam what i disse lygon what's going on and and that's what's going to go on herpetotomist you it's all a way so time and have ineconomical with miss although settlers have we gone on two years ago they really wanted to do some but now there are the playing games so stake you to that one i tell you any time i hear the names like christian coalition or this that the other thank any more i'm so done with this ease i think that these people are using god for political or for gain and it really bothers me because there throwing god's name around like there's no to morrow but from what i've seen the the spirit god spirit is testifying to me against what their doing and i have some real questions on all this as there seems to be is to be such an over in such a mines of of of you know will work christian camelious liberation jump on board with us and we should just in you know what i've seen i've seen them so things up as the quasi celebrity states and then nobody's going to question the christian in front of their name even though an i am a christ but you know what we should go after and clean her own houses the same way with police and everything of a few cannot fully as your own ranks what good are you and i i really have some big about the just like i do about theorical hordes and disgustedly this reading to the sick or go right on the as if people were do you stand in if you seen my polish grub saturday you clearly understand why i was going i got names like plumes pain to tell will i ontaskaeken on jock can maisonceile have rolled that freely were the four point of who we are we what were out all the morally those rites that were talking about he came from god we know that if we don't defend em and we don't stand for him on what good is it gave us a ii thought of the parable of the chalice i gave telsthesia one five ten and go and another one in the one what do you with a varied as not wootoni one to use in profusion for the king and rewarded those others acivity but i pointed the liberals are out on the attack the penon the tack prolonged time and his fine that we stood in sandetone and in accounted for our fate and in counted for that for the constitute then when we got back at the republican platform those are the two basic one mental town in isothe republican platform the bible and constitute we don't think so and there's anything stand for the remains we hang it up be oleate pop and a bonchester charters taken his cote and nobody is countered i should take no one but few or country he then god and so he incorporealised loring to what a patriot is a toylike ne to the ale consierge wash when the colonies are of the copper aspiring on honors on or the british of case found out who he was okay and so that's what patriotism is to she in the words also got the ash should behind him and these people put their lives their fortune their families in shepherdy because they believed in america the leaves in in the thecuites all ground of america and the apollo through in the codices in challenge to the well i said i think we then we'd been conditioned to be you know maintainance to gentile jesus with a land senonis fit in the pitchers and and that's not what he was i mean there were times he was very very compassionate and but he was definitely a revolutionary and he he was a provocator to heated way for them to bring the fight to him stock it right in their face and that's why they didn't like him the the religious establishment is what is are the people the killed was orseidis with that you say what i do is okay i'm a provocator in i'm doing this sensethat i greeted the same and not a reality we are answering that yeah you definitely provocatur and i think i am too i poilpot anybody if i think that they either or hiding the truth or that they are not how do i say it there there not the motivations are may be were on opulenti don't care who it is and oh you know because he as the truth and the more we you know how many times i've been asked to denounce in different things with ringodono oh you need denounce it you need to play nice i actually had somebody say that to me it was a mayor of a town around here that i had ill tell you what happened is that that the state set me on a wild goose before i even had the positions going so i i was in a unique position almost as investigative journal stanway to go through this process and see an infestand why it all fell down this person on the state fled out miss led me and so about the patricians he's the one you can just hear oxhooft just as your oxen so i went down to the county and legatees und quite right some one down the counties or on go down in the colony and get to blanketsand you just hand right everything and there is then be more prone to error than giving him red i can already know you know that you were here have a friend so it dotted the colony and there was a lovely young woman there i took her name down after guy behind me in line said don't give her your name don't give her your name and so anyhow i and she i said so we're not supposed to see roxiso and is that all oh she said he to the state of michigan through you under the back so the guide behind me he's pitched on absolute pigeon a fete my daughter was there witness this she she was laughing when she walked away she said i don't think he was re prepared for the ass chewing that he was going to get out of you side is turned round and i said why is the son of your business what as this is not of your residence and mind your own as and then i i finished my finished re was doing there and i got the intake of the galt the counter and he came over to me and he happened to be the mayor the town around which is really intend so i he's come at meges and just in the most condescending arrogant voice i heard in all there's plenty times you hear this but this man was because you know if you want to be in politics you got to be night and in like i didn't get in politics to be i got on it for the tree and write things and he looks as what is true and i sat there on like while i can't help that kind of scapin i'm really sorry and that that launched into a onionand after i enter a conomor a little who i said to my sitiwated do before you got your little government cause she's government oh i worked on the roads i was ower i said o ke i got it said he was working for an end geonese tions when had been telling everybody is happening because i wore no hot and sons he worked on the roads and as function when they gave him a common fee little government job as a miner so that's exactly what was happy in my daughter walked right out cause she was laughing yet he didn't expect to start his day out with an ass tuilik that because i gave it to him for probably oh i'm going to say forty minutes as the end of it he's a you need to come and have a meeting with you just come and we'll talk in my office on im like right so that i can have an opportunity to slander some me up or poison me are you kid me so bloodlike he tried to set you up as her somethin the people are not trustworthy there not at all not at all and they sat you of specifically they'll try to set out by asking some sort of singers so this is another thing there's a bunch of people out there that they keep you know it's like all can anybody that's off there and you monastere in about take the capital by seor oh what a to bed thing tis do not include me in any of these conversations because i'm just going to tell you that you're and in their laughing that you all these rallies around the capital of all none of the people were there they were there just now there i was there friday it's like a ghost told there right there is like two crickets and maybe a beagle stuffed in a back room somewhere there's nobody there and you know except i think i think they've actually got some good guys in their work and to try to make sure he days gathered all the bad people think there were not there and they weren't there then im in is it not don't things are changed you can see i'd a lovely to her the capitals and in a metal you what i'm still going to go with it the non conceicao it when i get to be governor were in to go to in the unbelievable it is his lot good with a terrier on yet i oftener waste gore i really like dry as he trusted i trust harry to terry's good guy tarragon others a whole group of people that were there they're all fred and we had it in a nice to or with his new welcome sinner at the capital and its wonderful and i was in there on when i'm governor i know how to exactly how to use this i'm gettin kind of excited you know cause i don't believe this is not i think we're going to see some mass of changes and we can never we don't have the option to stop fighting now not at all i i i got a couple of things i want to talk about two antilogistae interierunt up to run off came from it just keep go ahead and keep talking second okay is she second i will i go to pot fontenelle the am i copied she hoped i following the ordo we others whole hippo there's a handful of em but reginaldyou many of these people really really understand what the job is number one how many even have the skill we can go through the whole lady of these it is a sad travesty oh am i cheopian now there a few people of here please to think her down and then restructure dishes take a look at these people so far that i see agave no clue he is he recremental he is a criminal investigator i had shot on this oneson my shawl and i like scott as he is pest he is that he's a good guy the and as kildare in organs say getting no how can i say i know easter i've been at lockinge masters in an augustina development of it's an onicolo et doctor quite one apollocrates in my dissertation of it's in organsation development when i look at these people not saying or not but they have no leadership to do understand that you pistoleers ip o management number one but they don't have this skill sent conford oh sure an we give a speech five et can you do consistently overtime can you be true yourself and while i sank at would you go to war with them those of us who were patrons know people don't know how to battle the space you have been to can jesus acanthoporia putting it on rhodes in patience and going about because that's what can take joshua which josh would have you know had to tell how many des had he didn't you walk before the walls came down and then you know and and in what had god tell me do or moses come off the mount as to leadership is about some of these kids were he to go glyptodonhave the tone in the life what have the tony porth also the show up i encouraged it fact atte the one of the wanted do somethin i have the skill stethoscope rossback upon little nobody can i don't know how anybody can ever trust matter colonel to be honesty of which side the finishin to day where was he yesterday ever mimbleton integrity that was his being no that was then this is now and is of on some other change what why all got his crosbiei like my wit my kiss with the ave and anybody knows of your facons he wickettes something something not i know is what's it is is a guy taking pictures of young women in for canaders and then trying to expect any one to take him series i'm sorry i can't and in a wall and shall i call them in esoonians he softenera going on up there not in premigration he with the want of the truth is the truth rothe consistsnot belinda as a running man makes your wonder the doctor rose and ponchos was gone in her campaign behind to the causes not one that i can support because that so on we go to garcilasso tredidon have the skill of his dogs take look at his pekinone off the robbers cruels othes his work in a robber's scrolls for talking about bonniness being like a see so he has the skill such view done and i both of good and how you're the president in the president i can a vice president and here pay so i can tell you that the old have a i don't know the other one i can as for the uncannie and in lapstone even i know a little bit about you ask me right now of all them i might hope leviticus only because of the fact that her family is white she eleusinis that they come portitorem the and but she can round she bit a transport i look at her as if and i got caught in her ee i have all these people i would know with leaning on ladice i care pekin character where are the other people petrostearine while pete is i deevotes anything like a clay this way in his surprise i can work with and i know i pushed the truth every time even though i know your tidewith reynolds but we have to say to this truth was redeemed or tudor glad she didn't and run really glad she did we got to get feastabout there they lost we don't there's a reason why we did so too many of the orphans and i'm i'm just right i into sit right out there who in this organization are fat whose working with a sea whose working with the fbi who is working with some other ante other than just for we the people look at ron wiser he's on the board of the atlantic counts are you canning me he's got gloveless crime syndicate written all over him and an isn'tmarried mark fortinis also running on the king james bible in the same over het hundred canof course anothers have over thousand in the reason is you don't live degrade you can love joe biennis hates that ray ray and le without hour when jason on the bible talks about on god talks that's really what we're talking about leave with the heart and has ever try to do with the truth the same way going back to these people i think the nice people chuck me but i would say that we've got some more soul searching it agent of this republican parties going to continue exist in it can be led by any of these other than may be a pelerine the rest of tattoothe skill sets while mark fort and what do ye what do ye gods go back to that i don't know marchando it oh marget less idle now i would like them too i think i i think he's running isn't he's writing for hare even i not understood while its ocatee left me off every single list it was all there too he carried out in of two downandout harold yet there they let the leave any one whose an actual contender they leave off the less and the sense so this twitter it's every single vane out there on almost all this one kind of actually proud to be doing this whether people like it or not we're going to tell the truth on things and we're going to keep telling the truth and so how my god oh you know in hellinto every last person is awake and we saved every single child that in harm's way these monsters that are out there you know it to god he was on down because therein set people don't have the ability to fundre and even mark i think really doesn't have to billy you helennoon does the only the only people happening money out there is one that are getting paid off by the packs and the docks money which is become one collins without the street you can't help trust you cannot hold relationships in that simple because he so and god and wiser all have died now they were the only ones the hole or down by those by shares a horrible others were a sheer where is very share and then when there's cross rotate nowhere where's periisset all we need unity in withan why were you precounty and why were you to in something about when all these across to these were a cree and she stood you know and she could very silent until now suddenly and then she goes down comed to see crop while sorry now you can be administered i find that all your wants but your faith is not just word your pate is that is something we've got to preach every day these all these wise chairs brother is came colon is trying to come gobioesocid that pitcher or our idiom or or a like david bondois supported tom leonard and we all know about that it's just no character no no honor no integer so they all got to go meaningsi would say ninety seven to ninety nine per cent of the whole thing needs to be they need be fired every single one of one and epithet every night and i don't just mean the state level i mean down the local level when you see the corruption at the local levels it's how in the world did this get so out of hand that the spare he made a very arietate they started up and they started back at the local level tolerance polly out of southerlin was on the orange collyweston with the day to depart you don't have meionite remember i've never been in politics and i really could care less because most of you know some most of em we are talking about this the capital how absolutely stupid they've never called the real job they've never had to write a paycheck they've never had to manage and actual the given everything they set on their little their little white pillows and say the you all that's exactly what he wonnot apart on religious or sides agreat greenish story and be departing was pushed wall builders her owlglass been on so many progress but dey was in lansing glass i e in june i think it was may be made and these soon we've got to see him and chincarini our share collyshog up i don't i know i shan't come on whose is arched turns out he's the same in this case could it metalware he came from he youknow he was part of the orin see what it was in its get in i think is resigned what was forced solomins chad was there should have taken over but honest that doctor nod and that was of sin his case is his comely chris setter this is the guy with plate understands politics very well why they overstepped the idon't know but seamestre got at the orange we got it with the rod i look at what cost came out last week and you see that ah there are money that was paid on different luxury expansion when you see crazy i can i can quote it for you because i did i did pole still let me see here now come back to the chat and men at guy's i'm not ignoring you spotless i footropes of those topics a run on onerace and then she is promoted wait a minorite conpete poisonees to the level he competes for she proved a daderhill i think most of the government is already proved that when i i mean to my goodness is how old there is a failure iaspachates we occurred the listeners if you're the leader all on the sword in short your watch if you don't do anything to clean it up then there's something wrong he i know them situation is still there they were trying to pride but a john tonocote whose serviceparties and epergnes they were trying to criminate on come during her so i were they doing to bribe them they were trying to the characters he i democratico or cloonan change twenty four classes coracias postive the article another word van i think denison to be from the pen lesengeld and another guide that lives in the virginians but his frequent espiscopis jones mentioned in this article has all been part of that demonstratewas down this was last name is what and as lean then o ax in hand where's the article se chenery twenty fourth i can't think of the periodical i've got it i think i know i think i know which oracle you're talking about but but i'm going to ask old nation n tonongo own are any of and so i er we twenty four to nine uncommitted delegates out of the cope was written into the orange rules i could by laws that kicked to the jolly fine to get the bow otherwise i don't have all she why with the view that somebody was set in somebody up to looking down the road so they know that she category to control again another control mere who is john carnegie said he used and of the howe and cargoes in the detail and how you can also look up down you also from the vienna from virgin islands you can see that he got induced some trouble with the affidavits le all are david that article on those as well as colin he goes up the other terreforte one of the news with you said one a year for ramorino write now as can any thing of the truth yeah i know you're to i know what you're talking about with this because it isn't it odd how close they are with worthensis goin on with abstain to criminality and now it just came out that he hesna working with the fates of fat these people are all fed they're all federal i think right now i think the whole system i i really do i believe the whole thing is absolutely i only it and its unbelieving in the mound money in reasons for red state a review found that the amount spent during the twenty twenty two elections cycles seemed to have for the core a or o lord than freethis portions mcdaniels the however and two thousand seventeen startthree point one million on private jesse one point three million of limousines chauffeur service seventeen point one million a donor mentals seventeen million dollars on jontlemen tales are you canny me seventy five thousand some hundred fifty thousand floral regents eighty thousand and alcohol re related expose four hundred thousand in penitent tickets or other entertainment activities including thirty thousand for private basilaeus raiders came thirteen thousand for broadway shells nine thousand four hundred and manasser garden and forty three thousand and top golf locations as indeed any of this to do with being a service industry serve the people of the state of michigan not zero nothing one this is what these people do i i am i have so she and i know your hopeful that it can be set right i don't think so because i don't think i think this whole or in cere public and party thing i think it i think the political parties have got to go away because what even if you were placed unless you get rid of every one with hanging chancelor i always understand you i'm always looking in conte are trying to make it better so that's why one you have to realize that innovation does it is is it cost the practice better one don and i start over it by the way i did that once a coffeecan down off the grave what did he tell for he to town the two grown up the levites in and makdashau thee the people that worse what joshua to have the walls come down by the granton to do to care of it risiccol and so sometimes you any sideropes sing houristhese consens that's my orcanette you know as he has done but listen to this this is something providing my old one meteor with him america's part of a company a large very very very large company restructure every one of their divisions in because of the masters in my background he knew and my background in quality i didn't i re with not lucky too that i be gone i be gone three months out of the after doiriction o to hold a month of working but i be at least all god no that what destroy a marriage for sure we i do i do i took her job as vice president neal's grecian back arose in that way i stayed to say in the area but otherwise i would con gone across i point is stringers and elisinde stand it defies day runs for this which completely restructure with in the law of him shirasurashi h i think his but i would restructured such that it would be a lean men fighting machine responsible to the delegates responsible were transparency that word is overhears it the transgressions thought bout was doctorcall upon the web sites defrees are all whom the democrats might sit i wouldn't care what the democrats see or not we party of ideas or party of innovation party of action we have gone gone to sleep we lowed weeds to grow or garden so to speak this time we started saying no more homeaccounts well what is the right there is really telling and this is the way it is when you say we you know some people say well we don't want the democrats to e this is a bunch of crap guys we are there tended american against american we know to be american not not democrat this is why i am so down on the parties she they become nothing more than a thin you know then it is like a play ground fight the play ground fight of popularity contest i'm so done as an show you this man because i think this is a call i just brought up john akerly and i'm no ingathering oh it's gordonall this is kind of interesting here's a john atherley and he's a john joinville in this cookoose doing a search for cortegada and john and john gornall be jonathelem up an onothera ed or not but i it now rattattat names we spoke the feri posed to the weak based on the article that chokamengro the private this is bad because he what happened as as i researching i can to where i'm off line but if i'm control look at her oh i just auspos o the article i speed has every single one of the names you mentioned in the word is a extorting not bribing they aren't worth were more caftan my asserting rested i really kick some people out last week when in fowlhouse toward one of a genus the someone else could have been used toward cold and he forgot all my tastes as i get no one coverwas if you talk to me in a political context out a cromer i'm going to think of some one is preparing so many prior office so aplothka a crueler and i found out now what it leaves i go in i made ii word evil you need more than the oxford dictionary nowadays he got it and cure pain clue the urban slang and all the other meetings termsjust changed so quick note oh yes i greet my grievous my comment i don't why don't read the open dicte i don't believe it be now ever antipothy would i go an git andersondead oh i don't henicognathus great rises when i sit i i would have got you the dog goorsoon to for the chase a free dogs as was my mind is not a simple i'm not goin is i'm irocosiis but a simple mind on then there's people out grooming a sky trails this time of year too i genitive much to that because i being go there to your right half so on one to super g i took in my sashesher you know i would put the just grow odes school not mate that's fine the air of spice arrow space quality continuous improvement gissibl hid i don't like that for i have these shouldn't because the ye there's a lot more behind or to put the yeh i anotherattraction i haf thirty five also its acreentar a science side extol robin for the industry for the sopranist in oh all his toleration the aforesaid what she done the past his find what you really need to do it what are you going to do in the use are you going hostesses to make a polite better for us all that's what comes down to thessalie chill as every one of these candidates had here after for this am i vow alas it wont do it by give him all that the accessor wanting won in you don't got to have those of candles of characters to be able to leave even people aleriersis like how do we get we need to have more people that are just business people that just decide to step up and take possession in order to take this nation in the state back this is one of the problems that i have to get in that the only people that you talk to that are in the politics in a higher capacity of leaders in industry none of them have had a job we we have gratiole who are at the structure of our government really needs to in it eschange to a limited letsie there should be no money exchanged in campaigns campaigns other information here people go see and listen to it and decide who revolt for i think the bowler guide should be illegal i think the poles should be a legal i don't like an old gods now they're out there out there smashed special interest the other all there of the pick candidate and their special interest in this she who they want into further there some entered so i gess they should all be can so good when an sole is herded up for sothat was a potential deal ye was easeneaves people operational issue is on in his more the organizations ran completely wrong completely rough why would it in these organizations just like cancer the cancer society i don't love bitever ence in this area just sollerets and its like they have no inter curing or helping any one puts you on a a tried milk like a hamster and that's it works going to go and when they've milked all the money out of his out of you or out of the insurance and a street a well it's time for you to die and they know exactly what it is going to go they know that each patient ever worth is like two hundred seventy five million dollars these prohited than that now and the calculate a value on their life and how much money they can make if they do everything right like with his whole nonsense in the hospitals right now i've seen the hashimites the hospitals or healthcare providers if your over fifty years old and they get you under certain track of intervention the hospital is paid or the health care provides up to a hundred thousand dollars for every patient that does not as your check the denegation ye ye see letter doing there be mooast to germinate live asked monks i mean cross retow for bells said being pointed oh dear the dieresis how the figures toledo can die and some sixteenth to do have you paying up out lifefirst till seven deharhatetha was concussion seticornis hemostats ostess yet toogood you see you do you not go dietator mal period most people he then know what the number deal had just if the travises of the look at look at em look at a ah canada with the eugenics program they've got goin on right now they calculated the viol of each life and where you do not produce or you are not a benefit to the system it time to add and they literally or pain in order to remove people from the plan is the way tis but a guise i'm going to have to run i have got some stuff done today i'm orde hours elinor has what do you have big house and under as for six hours we always spend i think raound third i am we however lot i never christmas party the share ah i think so we didn't i don't know if i don't even know what my wife's doing all we cartegirone i'm sure i were played on were just decorating the son is coming home in no chicago unpried and a daughter is one streetthere come in so she don't know don why her interest and abnepoti no idon'tknow if you can have a party if i if i'm available to go i'd go but by a i don't this this here rewetinge by pools so saturday but i was a little bit under the water so decided to postpone not but i think we're going to have one later on as some in time actually i'm not actually not much of a party i i'm kind of a start home shall horse the newer and drink coffee concordes and on a dose double the northbut the minories savelist then which is there is no end to that so you have john securitie both have job security and shovel in a rapt out of the poplitic world because it there's a lot of it it seems like it's never ending i don't even in i don't you know you look at it and go it is going to take an act of god to the bottom rose in india i remember thinking that his verdant the poverty and the starvation and everything we thought unlike oh my god apart from an act of god this is never going to end when you have many people in a inastate horrific you know you know of living and it's the same thing here is here jesus please lead us out of this because intelligat seems like there's no end to the morally bankrupt wood the gorgoleon and i think he arrived but he in italy to one internal of the thisand under a push this thing for the back and i may lose the battle cape but i'm nice you know me i don't like to give up i don't like to uncle i am going to give it the old college cries much as i can well there you go well i i guess i'm to the i'm to the point of i think the whole thing needs to needs to be restructured and start over and i think political party though with their well meaning it's like a lot of things i think that it's it's so corrupted even if even if it what would you do if you were able to take back the michigan geop what's the next step of putting pressure on nathan and unless what an next of tepid yes oocasional right away the whole grievous prospect you've got us respected local every county every county has her till part of the teeth i mean big pies of new pinecones a part of them we have i mean seriously i wouldn't so kicked off that i was then because this helpedst really do a lot for why would the we want to be part of this yoke so that we have the shachoretakka do you know a coach for twenty years you know just to that to wind you better have a plan i ever having a onicrom you to hear i know you have a tactician in of mr tagilet the did you be water ethical plans are strategic oh no why not as no one's force on the noation o man to lie i have a plan for foundations do you want a proof for escape its was the conformitatem why is important if i know what what the pro form escaped as i can see what their brother going or the focus could the people to come in her i'm sure they don't have one yes simply pretty much most of it is just reactionary soonest they just react to the changes like squirrel squirrel squirrel squirreled you know and and they they have they you could never in the private sec accomplish anything the way they do with public under but you know what they've got a limited money they can threaten us with jail if we don't pay them for accomplishing a service should be working for no no no no made up poetpolitician power over so potestal and threatens a supporting their hot oh of the american population so the we covered little betoigne the audience of oh you know it produced the news letter we lost and get him back on her again as to her his hang up see i in one more time no he's gone soon a bagasse maybe ran out of batteries at his fellow or something like that but yet he a ping otomie come back yes so that that's a there go that the great thing is is it there so many of us away right now and understanding are rights and how the how the law is supposed to work and the policies that it's going to be pretty hard for them to continue on the same track that they've been on for too long but i of the complete opinion that all political parties need to be and in all of the poles should be in legal all the gani to be illegal there should be one set one lex information he should be on sacontala webs do you know how much money nation would save if we had an actual voting an actual voting system and i i think the battistero should include some sort of at how much do they know some there should be there should be i a a qualifying the before he wrought not how many signatures she knew yet to win the popularity contest what are we going to do in a tis pioneris is to get the money out of it the money has to be out of it in order to an ah say intelligence stan now and some who are tully has sil and started this sir ah selection process the selecting the candidates and i think i think honestly i think anybody that should run should have to pass heartheyes that in the after life citizen rations to be a test and there needs to be a you know they need to be on the list there in actual experience outside a policy this is a business we should run the government like a how how much do they know what i don't mean just by taking money i mean what are the actually know about policies procedures what do they know about about in what what creative ideas do they actually have a man i can tell you it an i don't think this another candidate the history of the united state this put out more information than i have if you pretty hard to beat because i talk of the cup i don't scripped out don't scrip things out see with if you look at my note path this is like my now padrigh here full have business i might put a few things on here that i may be monthit this or that or but mostly i'm reacting to what other poles ten i take notes that i can look up later but i've literally come on camera this morning we taught before before we went lie and on like i never know we're going to talk about exactly we'll start out in one direction i might look at you know i look at the news speeds or what i've been studying lately like of course twitter as frosted and i am concerned about this whole thing i said that i honowin to guitar no i got the search that down but i mean that that looks this hole i think it's a lot more of this whole or thing than what we're goin to we're goin of and up stopping now i don't think we're to stop at this point i think it's tip of the iceberg and i think it's going to edify out re right through google space pretty much any of the major platforms there all an arm of this christ your fate continuation of we are pressed in on me started off with newspapers where you hearnianae they were pamphlets that were basically one page stamped it out disseminated to the people so they could get all the people talking party basically have their own press in order to push their perspective in creed even the line in the sand so we can have an argument over this perspective they wanted them i know it progressed the newspaper as eventually de teves the very companies that owned the newspapers were all enters controlled at iters that put out a particular slant eventually became the news osarono seas and b c for they are all basically owned by a political perspective you only get the string candidate for that particular party line be it conservative or liberal and eventually the corporations that are similar which would be here you're now social media were it more generative games for all the people instead of just being told what the news is you get to participate like this sichus your own adventures click on this lincoln you get a different ending and click on this good turn to preach thirty eight to gatherest and it is just a continuation of the very mechanism that's been employed since the first process for altarthat is a tool to manipulate the thinking of the people even plays on art were the same type of thing i mean english royalty a band plays in theatre from within there kingdom because of satire and the cheekiness and the left hand is cheapeyou will he come back condorthe various people with on the forms of arts a social media is just the new artistic way of broadcasting an argument similar to the press of the t while an i think it's a word dead center and right now is the were in an information warfare that's exactly what it is there's the what is it i heard that like ninety per cent or more of our warfare that is play night per cent is psychological and or severs activities it's not like their out their love in bones of such circling after people's minds are trying to make them afraid push men certain directions and when you look at how social medius i a couple of articles i put up over the week end then this is we're dead soner in the middle of it eight million dollars for zero hatch in the night it's like eight million dollars on for the war on my in the nineteen thirties eight alpeter spoke with oysters energy of theatrical gesticulation before tens of thousands of storm troops hitler youth and not the party faith to day to day dictators raised stage has been replaced with twitter face look out ticktock and let's add more to it because it this is they're doing the same thing with his platforms that they've done what the candidates the political candidates that they installed selected and installed to run for governor and all the other seats too don't you don't think for a minute his people were not selected they were and they were backed by these parties that only backed selected candidates she so you do take it anywhere else a half up on light audience can be the visual stimuli then a thrall hitler's crowds are now reproduced with the release of pleasure causing endorses rushing to the brain after every politically correct unlined statement is rewarded with approval from strangers providing instant on light influences it become goose stopping middleman for campaigns of mass propaganda that touch more humans in the day than a decade of hitler's in an age when information has never been more easily accessible to world is a wash in wise now that it comes from an article on zero had i think that this is significant the other thing where they split people out as the gaming commune there is a tremendous amount of information on how subversive and how much information there collecting on the game erst this is how this they call pictures of boorahbayyi their hunter being as he was making transactions one came through the through the camera right on the computer they can activate a time they walked there watching i can tell you what they're doing their watching facial expres their watching their watching with happing behind the scenes when a game is unlike their watching and i'm sorry we have been warned if they show if they owe pinderina if this point time it's going to be a real hard if any ah empty another is a time that people didn't know i can't well wake up the different time is very dangerous waters to be in right now because they are watching and like a assistants my fone only i don't use nice words when i say it but screw all go head and watch away i could care lest you know go hot there they're sat in a people if you are doing anything right they're sitting out there there they're doing the same thing did ja sex it was a sack was it and a the goes to another issue then we go to and minebut here we have ah the concerning here's another thing that was really concerning is that there's an invitation ah for expressing that they set up a they set up a party in desparty for ukrainian forces and the ingoing wall the invitation is declare expression of how the war in ukraine has been good for business as you crane fights o defensive war against russia's brutal invasion which i don't believe in a minute i do not believe that for one minute but this was in the article so unreading ukranians and washington had been pushing for the us assent there not ukranians they are in part of the global crisis and to get let's take these boundaries of companies or countries right off the table because china is here we've got we have china is in the united states operating as an independent fight to the fence of organs rushes brutalisation ukranians and washington been pushing for the us to sun ukraine more ripens so far present joe bides administration his committed as nineteen fit three billion of military february okay so in what is so acisalis just rely concerning when i hear strategic partnership in other words stealing from america depositing into the undeclared country of the global crimes in the and the other thing on this it was so so disturbing is that the event was supported by north throat ethan pratt whitney and lockheed martin his answer by the mittentes onstreaming money and in just like our you kittie here's another little jem that i found is really kind interesting there's a hundred and seventy chinese companies located or with the use o s who refused to be added while doing business in the united states to remember china considers all their sins property of china there refusing to play by the rules of our country and a pretty much donevery walk while claiming that the protecting state secrets of right i'm sure they are because they are literally operated outside lodges like the politicians are of the united states because they are war with the people the rightful owners here they are this nicholas out here are king over the united states i shiver the invading that when they should be kicked out of the united states so fast those hundred and seventy companies that are claiming that they've got all these rights while its goes back to that old nonsense the preme court rolling up in oppositions united give it isn't united giving corporation standing of the rather than a corporation so wrong because it's a usurpation of what it means to obey in american ye have the person thing boy you you had a big subject coming that's naturaliste's been a lot o cor case as on corporate personage making corporations and to persons and then people not wanting to be persons as well mean how how is that where on the monopoly board the to be up against macdonald or coca cola as if your equal when i realised all of them do we are will you mentioned you mentioned india earlier and how destitute it is and how poor eric but there is a time couple thousand years ago where india was the richest place on the planet i mean there was a reason not they had the silk road and everybody was heading to iii he columbus was looking theoretically the wait to get to india india has as deteriorated has been robbed of all of their wealth and if you look back historically on how that happened was about the time again england colander in there and took over and found a way to basil milk every every accent every dollar every stitch of value was milked out of india and yet had never been there no no my team was there but i happen i was you know i thought i was prepared when i went there it and ah you know i'm like okay i feel like i medicated enough and i've looked into it too to understand the the dynamics i don't think you can be i don't think you cannot you can be prepared for what you are going to when you go there this is the it were parents situations will main their child in order to make them better bank and whether it be twisted arm out of socket and give them give him something kiss they get they get more more pity point in their just hoping that they survive or poke an eye out the blind out in order to segitette opportunity to actually survive in india it is really a sin and in it its brute it's very brutal and i was thinkin o come get off the plane and we start going through and through a and and i was in ah if you get things into your guts as your is you're going through there and watching that after while you're like oh my god that the conditions these people live in is one they they have he'll take anything and i put it up against a wall that the elites the crawl under whether its corrugated tin or orbit palm leaves or something like that they just they just they put whatever they can in a sewage runs right out of a channel down the middle of the road and in are not talking of that talking in area to say the size of most of our towns that we live in i'm talk in this goes on for mile upon mile upon mile in the amount per there are in those areas so she in the tell you what it is so shocking and you know you just sit there in his stark pray and going my god the his poor people this is what is what the system is done a short wasn't always that way isisthe system that did it a system that dedit india pretty much that international banking tangles rose and everybody with your you reported mccrea in reasons to transfer the resources from one country over to another and then use the workers there as if everything they generate those towards supporting her the country that's somehow infiltrated invaded and set up their own straw of milk three horses of an aganiscon go back to england was the one who did that to india and near the very one tooth ultimately have been sapping the colonies for these last couple hundred years this much as we like to think we were away from they have their system of law here where they are lawyers basically miller i mean don't your family unaniminity think about even like the basic family court one party brings on the three hundred fifty dollar an hour a tortilla sold us the next one in order to compete otherwise you lose all your standing in possession you got a family unit ponington hundred tollars of hour in two the court system basically the bar of the two lawyers that are working on reaporte bar and that is if you extrapolate that out that's just the family court sight now you've got to see lawyer setting up laws to our people become sinners against those laws of many tell you what the atobatis more and in order to go through a process you pay for lawyers the judge is awayevery thing is support the bar and it's like the bar set up the imposture that basically becomes the moschian peak that's drying the blood right out of the americans this whole country is heading in the direction of india if we can allow to go on for a thousand years like ideated will have as many people and be as destitute with totally worthless oh things have so yet i think i think we're my daughters from there is like a hundred and son a designated slums in the area she was at non i want people to get an understanding of what that has distinct areas that they've designated as an this is one very small and of area in india we we cannot even weaken an even imagine it unless you go there and you see americans cannot even imagine this type of poverty when people here in their late a linethe new snell fold i want to know bonafons mething like that we don't have anything you have no idea what having nothing we have an even the poorest now we've got proms i'm not going to say we don't have old but even the poorest people have because the wealth is distributed among among our population some one that will step up to help even if you get outside of their criminal government a money laundry mechanisms that we have in place there's some one that is willing help there were talking about whole populations and areas of e who are just basically clinging to each other for life digging in the dirt for a scrap of it and we we can't fall are you kidding me it's like it he i fire i read at one of the faith faced ministers produced a book and holes gatacre tegmeni stri including influensive seas programs to feed people of stuff like that he talked about how poor they were those other countries andhowever the book that we purchased for sixteen ninety nine to read of the pastor is enough to feed somebody over there for a month and proc orlandino sequential expense of sixteen ninety ninth for you that that amount which here it seems again in consequence opisthosphendon in on a book or licosa yourself home which you know thousand dollars nowadays a year of self phone here is a year from one of those people i did it it we eisurely of the we we we cannot unless you go and you actually experience something like that we cannot relate to this as were quibbling about prono you know and in other stuff that's absolutely ridiculous while we prayed our kids against in front of men wearing negligee you know it or or or in low long ere men wearing fringed long ere in a retreating or kids and front of these this is like a freak show are you kidding me and we in you go to other parts of her people are just hanging on for dear life and what are we doing well i'm sorry i introd you're not for we got all these resources to play our free shell in other countries are starving and we got the one in to waste on longer way go on you don't have to concern yourself with the corps essence of life which is getting up a bite of food in your vain which is we really what they suffer the roof and the house the secondary to even finding bread for the very and here we've got money to waste on clothing for some man who wants to take dress up this old and i then as all that as i'm sorry i'm so done with this i am in fact a woman and i am really insulted i'm going to be a founded by this now they've been founded while i've founded by i'm founded by any guy that wants to pretend he's a woman just so you're not he you are not a woman and don't tell me and it's to like you know to know the difference and no you now try to pretend when he had always a pretend what is it like a child that's never grown of for and that's all it is on there's a video of that lady that's going around right now to where she went to the school board meeting in her cold cat soon i don't know if you saw that he did in one leg exactly it can get there and you can dress up like it and as she pointed out you can stay at all you want what it doesn't make yourself the itself to sit there i consider her a to usurped again a cat just because she says he just makes the people that would contemplate her asia it will in you remind me of a sector old trying to jump up on the stage and go look at me look at me look at me that's all it's about it's all a look at me i'm on the stage here herowhat do you this what a dull too i don't was comocercoides give me some likes herliterally the looker on he really compounded now social media because if you can get a bite out to go via which was looking people think that the game have there their moment of faith to but but name what willie of horse star from the fireweed five years oh it all it's all you can the change direction changed direction morocain ever get a lock on it and have the bonepitted anybody now it's all just pulling all of his attention to their self they have never grown grown up become terms of the fact that the world needs each one of us we need to put our wisdom and our talents to when we see somebody that's struggling whose fault is it probably our it's not we can't blame everybody else we can blame ourselves and say well there wasn't enough of we can have is much as he can do and i'm not saying that in that any one has save you know can save the world like the only one that i have ever known that couldn't truly say humanly as jesus as but the rest of us are supposed to be helping and up you know it's like there's not enough hands and bible talks about not being enough hands to work and ah and it's like your opinions don't matter at all we all have and we all know what that means about opinions you know it a pretty well known saying and so you know the fact that the matter is is what have you actually don if we reckon you know have you actually done some have ever gone on her decisum on social media through an opinion or an isle or whatever that this other thing in poplitic that really bothered me tension of the people have to instead of listening to understand you can listen anybody without agreeing with them you can it doesn't make any difference you can listen in any information i don't have to jump on you don't have to go out there and and you now try to rope that person to shreds its like thee they got their own problems were about your own you've got enough to do in that regard and it's o cato disagree the talking we can come to the truth i've noticed this wild like i agree with what you just said all the way through and so in a response i would want to work on a refinement a little bit more here here's the way that i take what you said and accept what use this is the way i would refine it by adding myself when inserting my perspective the facts that i know into and i thought is nowadays that its people are actually hearing each other even when they do hear each other and they offer a refined which you couldn't refine if you didn't understand in the first place that riedmatten on topic if you weren't discussing the new wants es of the subject the dounderstand the subject you wouldn't even be close to the new as and i've noticed that even as we begin to discuss the new ones as within the same topics and categories it's as if what you didn't agree a hundred per cent only with my assertion you've tried to add more or adrenine mac which somehow is taking his on a fence to the first your working with as if you didn't understand and then come back no no no you did understand it as you didn't just fully accept it my way and throw out all of your experiences and your understandings and just take it my way it's a dollar it really is i doubt tree if we can't listen in its unteachability if we can't listen to people without having to agree or or forcing in a forcing our opinions necessarily i mean that you that discussion we can have an opinion over as a right to an opinion that's not it but it's like so does the other person that were talking to and if we if we talk back and forth we can probably help each other learn more obducat each other but but that a blind unquestioning loyalty or or inability to ask questions or but on the flipside of that the wind when people are attacking others that they going into the holidaysthe about does ochino conflict mitigation here coming up on the christmas season because that's fairly that's fairly a big problem within a lot of families a lot of families have a tremendous problem with communication in how to communicate and not be inflammatory sit there and go you can be right in that do it like you could be right you know that snarky but say well you could be right tell me more statement right there tell me more is one of the most healing statements that you can ever say to another human being cause you're actually showing love you're giving undivided attention which is what love looks like it is when you are you have undivided attention to that is showing that is one way to show love tell me when i think that wonderful what you just touched on attention it is a way of showing love was what and in again to get further and refining cassius touched on the area that steered to my heart again it would be a refinement because i again i agree with what echoes which one delincate ship or you're giving somebody at that's all a view that's all your energy that's all your folks you're waiting to receive when you're paying one in that allows the other person to give you their two sons there consideration and in so onso body's allowed to give you what they think what they have abolendo received that then you take what they've given and you begin to consider it to work it through and eventually it forms thoughts within her mind something you've consider and in the net consideration can be given back consideration is the two parts of a contract and so when you do an actual exchange were you consider each other properly when you receive the consideration you contemplate it you consider it and that you give that consideration back truly have an actual and so your attention ultimately you're only consideration that you have i mean if you think about the time you spend doing a job many people will trade say an hour for twenty dollars but during that hour they want your full underminded ate and that attention is your consideration that you are time your effort your hope your characteristics in your trade and and signed well where we spend our tent where we put our consideration poor transoun and the groves and garner something and gives us back for that consideration if you grow house plants and you spend all your time tending to your plants and talking to him and loving him you get better house plants if you tend to your children and your family that way whatever you put your attention into that your consideration that your value that your folk ashore energy your skills in your trade in wherever he put that hocus on attention there's a return for that consideration that comes back when you put it into a it into time with another person trying to give them the consideration that you have and then receiving from them then you actually become the winner to to some degree in fact i think it's need that you brought up communication i have the little stick right here that i put together for my friends i saw the meetings that we have in it my now nose and and it's it's a communication to when one person is eke and their telling what they know their actually giving and giving and giving so that would be the concept of loss where the other first edom the other hand is sitting there all turned on because they are learning there received in a lot of people nowadays thinks there the winter there the giver there lift in now that the superior part of because their giving what they know to somebody else ah when because i know but the winter is actually the one who recked gets all of the consideration and that grows from that not the one who is running his mouthful and so this will stick goes and as kind of a tool if you will that we can spin back and forth was right now i spoke for a long enough on what i know now it's time for you to give me what you know i think i like your stick i think that's true as that when we're quiet were receiving and i think it goes back to a lot of times i think people want that spot light is a problem it turns into a competition so the minute somebody has to come for that attention they already put themselves in a position of honestly and relations sir he to the one that their challenging his its challenge that it is so so as i've always said that the person in the room that a quietist usually the one that's really in charge because their watching you got you go into a situation like a corporate situation and the person that's really in charge the quiet so every time i'm always looking to see who is quiet is in the room because that's the that i'm going to really want to talk to you their smart enough to be quiet and there their smart enough to be quiet and there listening to what everybody saying their watching all these little micro communications that are going on that is the smartest person in the room generally in the ones that are constantly having argue or or you know have their mouths you know always being the loudest prothasy that you know people that speak or not there's the time and place for the relies however when you see those hostile situations and even in a family and if family when people are are ah how i said for attention competing to be right it's like it's like a little kid sang on the see see i know something i know something i don't something and they won't that they want to be validated while they need to be validated they re not inhale their dust showing how how on a that they are of their own their own so other protesting a little but too much they really don't even believe what's coming out of the mouth this and so i think that getting really good at dissecting that then the communication process in port especially coming into these its ocahalob be they was on the rhine is okay to london be wrong i could not find it i find it better and again using this stick and alter the to example now i've giving what i know it's to switch into the other side in to allow other people to spew and give an given give again matresbut me in the situation of resin and we can spin it back and forth and we could become arguing over no no no you're wrong no no no i right no the one thing about the stick is there's another side the people don't even contemplate and that's the so if you are the one telling me everything you know and you were telling me you were telling me rather than coming back and going no let me tell you no let me tell you instead why not just slipped the thing over and asked the quest you are low and the person to continue in telling what they know and then you can stay in the position again with the silent did on the room who's been picking up all of the data at all to the petals there the ones who actually did getting the most consideration because they allow every one else to give all the consideration that got and withers the piece that missing they merely flipped the stick over asked the question it says it give me some more gadianton it right back over to gain being the person with their ears on receiving more and more from everybody else that's really and get back to paying atention being turned years aside to her your allowing how the people to give to us i love your stick i think it's a great illustration yes i'd love to be able to to turn it into something and let people keep their home upon this was one i drew on and the various things seemed to me which he shows you the spinning it back and forth between those turned turned off which is full lesson or coward things but it also shows his giving and losing that giving his nowgetting energy you know the other thing we in what we've talked about is that oh out of people think that statement isn't a i know that sounds weird but i just made that as a statement a lot of people think that a statement is in question but now when he would put those words out and sharing my consideration with you whether i formed does a question in her not you don't now stop receiving that when i just said and here now considering it he contemplated and so the two sons that i thus throughout there is now being considered by everybody that hearing and whether it was formed as a question and not some people are going now no no you're wrong in some people are going yes yes yes you're right it's almost like every word that you put out there everything that all consideration is that come together to form your word that we put out there still ultimately for everybody else to consider and if you're goin to put it out there you're goin to get if you're going to put your consideration out there you're two sets and we know especially if social media to day you're going to get two cents back from everybody who's paying any attention even if it wasn't a question as we put it out there it's for everybody else to csar and will i ever ready thinks that the norris tosto debate baked basewhose going in who's going to win this debate and that that is like a bunch of little kids it's like going to debate you on every thing as i want to be right i mean that's what i itthat'sthat's how it comes off i start off instead of his very much in adult noncoperation where is well i don't have the same experience telling more now i've never i've never experienced which you have told me more because you get an exercitien talk about gaining your gaining next set eyes on all the other sons is from that other persons which she now you can help so together in our own in our own minds as is really important to look at the people that are getting new positions like all of son you're a township clerk sure in nowyou're in a roll you've never been in before there's no way you can have like like a sheriff right you haven't been the share of before even if you worked it on and so when all of a sudden you gain that the position of the sheriff have all of the knowledge already there has to be a learning curve i mean from the computer systems that have been implemented in order to even on the department we could now all to all the new ounces and in all that the job betake and so the people that are capable of receiving and lithe a are able to turn what there receiving into viable past and so for those people that are so visitating you no no no this is how it is this is how it is let me show you what i know you're going to learn from me with people really don't have the ears that allowed them to keep the knowledge to take on their new role and so as we look at people that might choose a political office we probably ought to be looking at not that's so much of holotype and tell us what's going on but how will they actually listen because we're going to be in a roll where the good i have a learning curter going to be exposed to things they didn't know before and if they think they already know it all intercourse telling us well then they certainly are not taking in and gaining the knowledge of them that which is not there in after grows to otesiphon the allgemeiner to and in the political round my looking a lot of actors and actresses that are putting up posts i communicate on what did they communicating from that there reading off and there good in delivery that oseman of the qualified to run any it means it means absolutely nothing they have one skill such just like de baby debating is a skill inferno company or the run o state country has its nothing to do in debashes of can debate is purely good at debate that is one skill and at what i saw it was every ever political more on on the plan at wanted me to debate everybody when i first got into this and i'm like no i'm not in worcestershire wants then do an i got him a good reason to do it i'm not going to do it this is and i guess to be a little bit of a revolutionary means to go against the grain not a lot of criticisms we first of all bunched not jobs wanted all of us to the bat while while we were running for the go pepiry before anybody even had their qualified orson this is not and so they had these debates do you know how much these debates to put out in where the money comes from there's a cost to all this and on like other invettive know who i am going to be running because we don't even know who's going to be able to put the quarrel fiers so why would i waste my time and money i heapin on something that that absolutely to i am like no i'm going to make a statement here when los or draw i am going to do this the way that it needs to be done and i will absolutely be able to communicate people what is wrong with the system and if they really want to change it not one person can change it by themselves it's gone take all of us but unless somebody's willing to put things out there and show people what needs to be done or why it's not working where the money going and in what what's really behind all this they're going to be living in and sheep world for ever and not you know just being a sheep will just goethe the motion don't make any difference don't have a purpose don't put your feet down on any she used to come used to do anything other than what fits in to my lot i'm not going to do it because it doesn't fit in to my lot i have other things well just see you know to day is my anniversary and my husband is all working and i am over here we had our conversation this morning i've still seen em maybe forty five days since the beginning of the year we put our time into making this work my husband is very good man and ah and so it's like i i listen to people complain about how much time they have put into things and monny i'm like hold my beer and let me tell you what sacrifice you know that in and i'm sure in all the military families out there they know exactly what i'm talking at spoiled little non sense people that want to sit their self righteous behind to have never done anything in a coffee shop all they but they know everything never done a thing never done other than the opinion it's all opinion is of the same way never done a thing but they can tell you every they they've never done a sacrifice is i donno look at the bit look at the boosted that there that their city on from the money they extorted from the american people it's really it's really a sin but it's like it's like i i just can't believe that the lack of committeesupper ers that i've had the ones that have stuck with me i'm going to tell you what they are absolutely true americans and patriots not cause they stuck his stock with never because i know them personally and i know what they stand for they there willing to do whatever it takes this nation back into a rightful rightful jurisdicion and she worked for we the instead of being the global crime syndicat we've got going on in their smart enough to realize that that's exactly what's happening we have a global crime soogit going on and the robbing us blind their killing us and on and on not i mean it's it's unbelievable for the rest of the people that are out there like well you know i got one on i came on mister there it's like what kind of time have you put into this if you flipped the kilt computer on i decided on going to have an opinion doesn't count that's not work everybody has opinions and you know what they say you know opinion is like a red we all have one number the years the nice words is like an we all have one in their awful sotelo with that rather all malodorous and sincere there was set at night will say the nice lapises and the kids out there but that's exactly it and the reality is is that is that that doesn't come you know there are people on the east side of the state that put on rallies every single week and by the by the highways that they put themselves into the it doesn't have to be on phonometer having a great time over there where they were where they were doing these allies they formed a nice little group and they go out to dinner together in such a buthad the pleasure of being able to get over there because i've got a lot of territory to cover it it was nice not to have to baby said these groups start and they would absolutely he started it and they kept going this was on their own steam they weren't waiting for somebody to tell them what to do they just i have had in some keeps coming on line said well what's the solution and they get angry cause i'm not telling him what the solution is unlike he dud i ran for governor i have put out a ton of information of the i've tried to rally people i tried to get him going in in the right direction in such and we have a lot of support out there a ton of it and people are waking up but my my response to people that say that kind of foolishness well what are your ideas what are you throw something in the kitty instead of being a professional pitcher who just wants to bitch about things that are wrong it offers no solutions and criticises everyone or gets in the fight and just wants to fight with everybody felt oh that persons in this or that persons that what do you do when loses good i'm not continuate there some portion but if that's all you're doing ah you're you're kind o lame and that doesn't qualify any one as a pane you know i think i think lisa lisa man encheson so many times it's like it's great call yourself a pinetree and tell it's time to do you know at theresas people that the callenses patriot and the to do and then they run like a bunch of ghosts and i don't know the plain gold for what they're doing but on wetstein's won you what you might call yourself is not nearly as valuable as what other people other people here can say hey that's patre then you might be doing something patriotic but if you're running around saying i'm a patriot i wil patriot others a tractator not doing anything patriotic his old eberbody in i enredothe chair here and read so i go on polansko morning for travers city garish exciting times jesus is king in so much as happening thankful to be here to live it oh marie good morning love good morning love god more charlotte good morning charlotte sit soriman and i agreed of kind of sick to get involved might who allgood morning lots o good mornings and high yells sorrows spended clum word the world they sure have the bones mamma like model none of them got a plan why the parties must go that's right none of these parties have a plan and when you listen to their little poppet candidates all they do as they offer a nice little package of talking points it makes everybody feel good but they're not going to their so plan to back out of it it's just telling people what they want to her oh charlotte says age nestles and not a donaldson nestless criminal he says whitmer is also benson sorrel in hundreds might model the whole political process needs to be torn apart and restructured absolutely down old williams the people have the authority to reform or government by right and when well a man to that charlotte asked the ex conic whit merge three hundred and fifty thousand to day stabilised in at did give money to stamp it out charlotte myers departmentales me out when there security check out oh amory universary to you down a blind up sad marriage takes commitment it sure does is he peutevery thou the boston for the state was like to an afore the political party like seventeen thousand while we know somebody over in iowa that said that they were they were chalking up about eight thousand dollars a month bosville the third delivery so i think these these numbers are grossly off the the the the numb the number the numbers in the money these people are money laundering away from our tax dollar coffer suppose me benefiting people of michigan are going right into their pockets for these land i sought all the time i couldn't believe that i really could you know as some some of the stuff is just you know i got in i got into it to wind to be governor that's it cause i want my state back to write these but going through the processes then very eye opening and i would tell anybody out there you should run for an office at some point in time and a wendewe need to replace these people but i'm going to tell you what you'd better get it worked out real quick on how to have thick sand and i realized that some of the things that you're seeing you don't i wouldn't recommend buying into the it all because i think that most of it really truly could be considered criminal you rather happy anniversary wishes of their guys has happy anniversary i i've been waiting for the chance to get in through our glad everybody said it it is it isn't a port mile stone my parents are still varied the unmarried a year longer than i am alive so i have a lot of respect for people make that journey on that graduations to both feeling here thank you even you do it does matter how one people are married i mean it's it does take takes a lot of work to to keep any relationship going together in one and its it's a i think that we should be that way to each other it's such a blessing to have such a parent a divine parent i entered divorce for infidelity and i don't have to that that companion like you have see those like my mom and dad with benefits so well from o wonderful me heavenly match it's hard work but it's also a tremendous blessing as such a gift from the most in i know you believe that whether by your husband here were where part a lot where were part a lot but that's part of our life style and i have no cost you know it's like very very em and i we do things now i we do things differently just to make sure that each other feels and secure a minewhich you find when you really have have you know when you really find true love and it sometimes takes some of us while to get through this some you know some times we will find it the first time ron sometimes it takes a second time round before you find a true labor the third or whatever you know it's a process that we're all going through and i think we can all be really compassionate to each other but so so ah you know the the thing of it is she is that i know there's a lot of things that i just don't do because i would never want my husband to ever have anything i i i rarely i rarely meet with anybody unless i have somebody with me in no matter whether it's mail or feme rare rarely well unless i have a trusted a trusted and or one of my kids or something like that i just don't do that i do not go to bars i don't go to fires at night i mean i'm idle i'm home body you know i neither home were in the barn anyway it's like i don't like the noise in the non son i don't like that atmosphere i just don't don't enjoy it i'd rather i'd rather do pretty much anything than then that sort of socializing you know and it's like i'll go to gone to some political political things but there's a lot of people there in such a i just i just don't really enjoy that i mean not not always the case as there's been a few times after you get to know people a little bit but that doesn't that doesn't you know that's not the norm for me what would your talking about is paying attention to his feelings now you never want her to say holingshead you give consideration towards his feelings said he now i think of that line in the scriptures i don't put a stumbling block in front of your old they astatically them problems and so for people that one turn around and go out extraneous relationships even though it causes spouse a difficulty in a problem that's not giving the kind of attention and consideration that blooms of fruitful merge again where we put our attention where we focus our consideration us back the return of that consideration of that attention and when he put it to the to the heart of the one that he loved and you you care for that hard measuring your own actions your own considerations of then he began to to help comfort that other person by not creating an environment or the that causes the well don't even i don't even go girls night out i've got one friend that i'll go hand glass of wine with once in a while if we're the baronet's you know work or in our homes or something like that we'll do that it's some one i've known for many years but other than that i don't go do girls night out with the girls and you know some of the stuff wet that don't people enjoy doing as as something i enjoy now i'd rather do something that has some productivity involved in it and on a visit with one or two people it seems like it's more of a significant relationship to me side is kind of boy its as it seems like a waste time but the other the other thing i've noticed to day is that while you guys do have time together you put your attentions and considerations there our men i hear of you regularly eager and talking about it when he comes home this is what we got planned this is what we got to do better that the forces of taking a rondino the time she drew have together forecasts like i'm just isgiven heads up to everybody else it's like he he's comin home sominamente do and don't bother me here sir you know we've got we've got some you know a limited amount of time so i went out more you're not my priority that moment time it he wore my priority as everything else can it gets put on hold for a little better if i go wherever he has a rover i am cause we both move round it it it's like that i try to we try to make sure that that time that we get as the priority and and it's amazing how much how how how much fun we have just talked scene tremendous amount of him talking and that really surprises i think it really surprises a lot of people you know the monicion that we do have and you know but of course that to that then you know teaching each other how to pestilitate that conversation and you do that by saying tell me more help me to understand more i don't understand this and i continued in to take in more information that you have a clearer pitcher and then the other persfield's like the head why then i have no lot of people who don't have the kind of their own life you you certainly have a pass on the track and for schedule if you will that he creates those situations where you guys can spend twenty four supper together i am a very very busy purse then was he but then i think that the good thing in that that i see compared to those people that don't have those things going on as you actually have something to share with each other when you give back together for those people that spend twenty four hours a day seven days a week when each other they go the grocery store together they watched the v together they all they eat together they got the doctor visits together and you pretty soon because you're there with the other person all the time there is no conversation to have because ye dear i know i was with you of course i was there the doctor said that i was i was there i was there a creeds no dialogue faciebat get an opportunity and give each other an opportune the yourselves and carry on what's here to your heart something come back and sheer othat we both of us like two there's there's adders one commonality in in our family is that we all like to research and we all we don't spend a lot of time talking about other pepe and ah that to me is just a really that's a really negative thing to do because whether you say some something of i had a dear friend years ago that i'm not an say her name but she spent all over time talking about what was going on in adele's life and i like i can't do this all right just see you know because even if you said something nice about that person or talked about what they were doing would they really want you to say anything about what's going on in their life i'm pretty exstat none of us really like to be talked you know honored an ore core and honestly it's a balaclava perspective to have of not talking about people around you and it is kind of evil it really is and so when we spend a lot of time talking about all others we are injury then whether we whether we think we are not how do you know that they want that talk even if it's going to the grocery store they may not in this is a bad habit that a lot of christians have got themselves into i'm going to tell you it's going on because crane for he no you're not here cost you are gossiping about that person don't give me that a bunch of bunch of beasts pure and simple its and that is all you are just spreading information about another person whether it's good man or otherwise and you know you can ask yourself the question would i want to have somebody that's a session my life to the point of just talking about me no there's better things to talk about so like our family one of the things that all in all the hare wire to this then relatively little time talking about other a friend o mine brother committed suicide a few years and in on a she she was in she was in one of the offices and she is she did work for us in the satanthe thing and and all of a sudden the office manager called men said why didn't you tell me that her brother committed suicide and likes not my story to tell that's her story the and it may be something that she wants you to know it may be too painful for anybody else to know it may be something that she just would rather not have so when we waste our time on that sort of thing i had somebody asked a question about you the other day i'm like i don't know ask him yourself whether i know or not i'm not going to sit there and in comment to something like that that's as it is a personal you know the choices that we make in our life is personal of our family focuses on things like we're buchanners we read we re search we research were search and i mean a lot i've got piles on different things that we've researched the in over talking to is ever bees ever there's a lot of sickness going around a great now here there are no reward well i've i'm not a doctor so like it there was a period of time were probably men nine years before i went to a doctor for any reason whatsoever and then after that point in time i probably i probably less than less than a handful i ton't got don't go there's too many things and you know i used to forge for food a little bed and and i've been through all the you know natural remedy type things and look for alternative here and there's a lot of cure out there and they are when you look at hanswer chance they can only cure like two present any kind of cans and i would like to challenge any because i've done a lot of research on this topic a lot for very good we and what works and what doesn't work and as this morning i was thinking okay well minister you know died second that we have gone on right now and one thing that i do know is that there is a listerine carhas a a disinfectant alcohol in a call fie on the notecase call it a call in alcohol assets of the distillit in there right thymol well if you look at five all thine all comes from the arms tisinondrosa at this morning i'd like em like i kin i already knew this stuff but if what we found a video to explain the the some of some more mechanisms of why this it they've got an endless if you ever sore throat or if you have anything with you he star and i had actually the doctor years ago tell me this gargle with listerine like four times a day get in your mouth and i don't mean just like quick and sped it out hold there for about twenty seconds get it off all around and you know back in your throat in my burn a little bit so's whisky my dad believed it was take shadow whisky gargle with it and you feel but anyhow it is thy all and it will do the origin of thy all is from the herb the all essential oils have about seventy per cent of it thy more so you can make a tea out of time get it the same way and that gets into it thickens the three year old body at any rate there's so many different ways of attacking things alternative alternative of a remedies as such such turn for years i turned my body cause i'm not afraid to die i turned my body into a living expert and i experimented on with lots and lots and lots of and i would go into an alternative doctor and they wrote down every single thing that i sat and sometimes i meetings were two hours long and i just conducted experiments because i want to find out i want to find out it if we can if we can get rid of certain thing naturally i would try darner anything if there was any there was any bit of true to anything i would try it i'd look up in this was my own proneomenia advice in telling you what i get peritrichous get in there in figure it out and and it's amazing what you can figure out when you do stuff like this in the document to pass it on i could i could write volumes on the stuff that i that i experimented on pretty good ways of getting rid of all kinds the ah you know it's like it's like i know tis right away when taking it of mace taking out a machine some a basal spots on my not is then they disappear pretty quick in the only thing i changed was the ingona so you have to wonder if it's actually a parasitic in that infection and as quoted to me by a doctor i'm not making the up this came to me as that basil sells the same thing as long cancer differently in the news mucous membranes of your love when when we start thinking about that i mean that is that and i deal type of the ant donelson is very very valuable to look at in chase on so anyhow thi a thin all which is then listerine and also in time you can combine it also with ginger his ginger has hassalo of healing properties and it is both of em are anse and ah anti microbe and start chucking the stuff on and then i've i've got some crazy stuff too like getting ready kidney stones and it works i do stuff works she no and he came from keene from a a a person who is a mamamascalico madison woman and a very very interesting how they took care of all of the issues with a female issues in lateranensi or infection it opens your ducks up and behind it or if it kinestone can be passed this will and ah in a work in a work on others so let's lots of good stuff in there the god made i mean god gave us everything we need and we were we are content violent rockefellers appointed to tell us that we the petroleum oil base is eight fossil fuel which it is not his one how they how they convince us of the low scarcity only make money through the transportation on the oil patrolling that the only way they could make money frostathing we're going to run out of it oh no no it's renewable and it renews itself and i and we were we were duped and so a something with fire gasworkers had their hands in the pie there they had by up a bear which was in comical in the fore world war two mustered mustard gas and and i think its master gasless from bear and they had to figure out something else to do to you know screw with us so they bought up there turned it into a pharmaceutical company and start of a poison gas or poison company which is a poison company and guess who they merged with sancho how i the gloves sat of peridicos an is an evil group of and then i've i've heard i've heard him shutting farmers down that monsanese the men in black in black to people's doors if any of these move on to other people's property to put on thee i poke everybody because i'm sick all of em and i guess we all know you don't most of us most of us write now i believe no what's going that we should be we should be to be kicking all these multinational corporations right to the going back on self sufficiency we have all that we need we can do that hyder parnesis about the easiest way in any one can do this it's cheaper than what you spend not for in the store why wouldn't why when we start saving ourselves money on this no sense to be honest vertical growth for space is changing things quite a bit to burglaring orthogonal uno using all his classics when he starterng it is now a tow or you can use the light better the resources better everyone then the old prototheria stuff is she after a palmettes pass of theirs pass of ways of doing it where are you don't have to have a pump to re you know to two recirculate the water and so i think that the simpler that the simpler we can do it with less dependence on any other to the better off we are and look a little bit it is zero point out her start people immediately go into star track on that the zero point out orgy and oh you know this is the accepted ninepin energy from most people as that ere trying energy for another dimension and it's got a ruin that dimension now that i don't think that's what it's about that the kind of nonsense you know there are there are other things out there which merit looking into and would you see the amount of people that have been in any different area to silence the messages that their pointing out there guaranteed that they were right over the target saw again guess on the say that right now often body ever takes me out for any reason what seleberi have not suicidal i have a i have no penning health crisis i have my myelasthenia my classtries like a long time ago because it's always so stable i've never seen anybody with blood raised shows like yours ever for for the good fats over bad the secret is eat lots of she is walnuts and such in a bring your god your good fats in your blood up like cree you want to get those good fats and avocados net sort of thing you will have no issues and that's not where it comes from any way the promise in her veins and are comes from sugar the sugar scratches the inside of your veins and youbody pits of the plant striped so no it's not not at issue but at any rate you know so i am not in any way she if if something happens to me is probably because i'm over the target i won't stop speaking about it and i'm going to tell the true and i don't really care what the outcome as i've to stand before god almighty as a temporary resting place and i get to go at that point time i get to go home my home is in having with jesus so whether i live or with lord at so is there singulto one to talk about right now on it he covered a fantastic for not having anything to start with we did pretty good the i never know what i'm to say i really don't go off in different directions well inclind the bag we have we have a square or an we haven't not a squid squid is like the deep say we have likened but going on here in no kind of out moves and changes shape and moves around a little bet and and choreographic talk about a chocoloats he popped in his part of the body for the little wit gave us something to digest of an gave us some direction and again he comments the kind enough to say hello and give well wishes and we get a lot of these there as your sisterit avoid even the appearance of impropriety michael says i more asthore person myself no smoking no drinking never have never well tis a good good dog good a poseuse and i actually like a shot of whiskey once and while i'm a whisky scotch drinker on a case where i smoke and drink with the best of and i can also abstain from it to again i like you said earlier i'm not afraid to die like was to the one i'm going to enjoy it when a more boltsprit al like than i am a physical one so i don't go to doctors either i really don't give a rat to ask about my cholesterol and i'll enjoy sugar to so i know i'm here while i'm here and i until i'm not that's how i feel to my man and osaid it you know whether i have his cocoa if i or have one oconor not i think my man kind of said it is you know i shouldn't have this cococo of the weather a handles cocacola or not it's not going to change when god besides for me to come back home will i ever ever ever look it when they tell some whose eighty so motors all this is in smoke or all their life and they come in and say or nine years all you can't smoke any more okay they probably shore made the decision a long long time ago but leave aloneand eighty nine years old did you whatever they want is an adult you know get out of their faces ha their choices are their choice as adults get to make those choices we do not get to dictate that choice is that other people do you know unless they're herding another pet cochonette bet but i duction is not forged by you imagine but if you were ninety years old you've been smoking for seventy years or eighty years that in years of habit and routine and the body is become accustomed to that for that person at that age cut them almost cruel and unusual high and like eight you're here now now you can't do that which your body's bed hastening for ninety years i have two friends with that our witless one long here and they died in their thirties because when they finally quit all the dumb thinks all the drugs and the drink and an all those and they went totally clinging within two months of being totally cleaned their hearts we stopped in the died for what you call natural case what's the average life of a doctor like fifty seven years old not less as people the seven years old is the average life span of a doctor are you kidding me i go i'm uneasiness why they call it practice case so relentless in to him well at any rate well why don't we union lisciure is getting close second i love i love really listening to and in in the word o god okay looks like one seventy set seventy eight and you my child will be called a prophet of the most high for you will go on before the lord prepare his way for him his people the knowledge of salvation the forgiveness of their son are tender merce of the tender mercy of our god by which the rising sun will come to from haven he that's amazing were preparing its advent in many ways of variants that dare a a as the other day and i had a a bunch of episodes on at from in in the lessees i got to think about her made the look it up here men but it was by a ra vanderlin and he does i can't believe i can't remember the name of the the other looked after the notes really well the world that the world may know that the world may know serious and really good and really really is a lot of on what was really happening at in jesus's time in the holy land as well as what what was really being sod there so much there so much as taken on a contest no only relief figured out he git in there study and your real you really have to study it for us some some of the stuff you know you listen and you have dialogue on other people in such pecurially just got to get in there and study its like the best people that are providing horses are always says he god have bought these cannot learn by theory the more time you spend in that he the the batter of a rider you're going to be same thing gatebut these and a and so critical i can post the link to those videos are very very good talking about some of the holidays the jewish holidays as such and why they were they coincidentally they did all the holidays matched up to a significant event significant event fulfilled in jesus which i think is just really amazing when you really see lamb selection day and you know that's an what happened on each one of the day significant jesus's life and holde actually were completely lockstep with the jewish holidays in that it is amazing that's a great that's a great path to go down for any one it is so intent so hadn't in monocles with prayer as almost to an half hours here sighnepost beyond that logs hdistos dear holy father thank you so very very much the day ahead of us a rover single person that harold there we lay all of those things that we have may be our holy in her heart against people that we lay them yet your and we forgive all for any imagined slights for any slight that we feel that somebody has done just or fences we lay them at your feet and we forgive we wanted declare forgiveness for every one and i think that's important that we we approach he sees in common had of us with gratitude gratitude you and to all those people that are in our life in worth thankful were we forgiving and were also thankful were thankful for what in every person brings brings with him in the gifts of their heart their mind their thoughts their ideas those things that you put inside of them because they are and you put them you you made them the way you wanted them to be for specific reasons there isn't there are no coincident every single person is a work of art which you've made an we're just very thankful to see those people around us with your eyes to list tod argue or create an et do those things which create peace around us to help those around us reach their full potential to let them titicut to be the best that they can possibly be for the kingdom of god the king of god is at hand it's all round us the kingdom is all round us you're with us and were so thankful for that thank you for every single thing that you've done we declare that you are the king of all you are the king of all creation you are our saviour a protector or provider or banner you you have done everything for us and we are grateful were looking forward to celebrating the bird of your only begotten son jesus in the salvation the great gift salvation that you gave us in that beautiful beautiful act of love that you you did for us because you want to be with us you want to reside with us if he is of tabernacles you wanted to reside and we thank you for giving us your holy spirit that you live with in our hearts you guide you direct us i asked that you had read out to every single person out there and draw them closer in this season to you that they know that you are with them that they that they get a material world in that they gain an eternal perspective of you walking with them every single day that even the smallest detail in their lives that you know about in your walking them through thank you so very much we love you so much we thank you for what you're doing in the united states of america and we are willing to do what you ask us to thy will be done in the name of jesus christ would pray and there go there is a joy of the day okay so here got wan here dinging me leading go to brain ebert for governor not come i do not concede to the last election and i am contesting the last elect so bernefeuer dot come and no brandenburg news network lads and lasso gideonite and and and their piledup so that's so that's going to be if i kicked off every other every other than you're going to be able to find me there brandenburgers not work that cub or bendotes we want a letter body know that you're not alone even if things change and now this is the first year that my bed hasn't been here for christmas all of us i had a lot of low we all have through to the sentence and i hate to say it wore on see more there there's no way with the rats that were seen in the trans erseen out there it were knocking see more panopaeans even when people passed on adenauer this we i spoke in a and a funeral as i did through soon because i wasn't feeling great naden't want to get everybody but the reality is is we all move out it's some one thing that we can guarantee we are all going to move on out of next in an even though we miss the doesn't matter as from the bodies present the lord there would god they will live for ever god all the our loved one and ah i i think that that's a you know those of us who expects crises are lord saviour that's a slam down crit there he pays the penalty he redeems us for those things that we can't make right ourselves he makes everything right he redeems it he covers our son and accept this into heaven as through jesus christ with open or and so we don't have anything to be said about really you know it's like teverone on occasion for me and you know where the poor saps that are still down here dealing with with all the nonsense the sand and all the other no other craft its down er they're up there have a great town i can see my dead out there plain euconon in he was a great runner scoutlike to run i think think that good things might be different so you're never ever alone there's so many of us out here who are maybe not your blood family but you know what the blood of christ is deeper than any family bond that you can ever have i'm closer with people that are true believers then i am with some of my my blood relation has our hearts of the same and we have the same father so it's is amazing but you're never ever alone there's a lot of us out there that are fighting for you there were in a spiritual battle it's not a physical bond the spiritual always comes before the natural if we don't get the spiritual vallone we will never win it in the natural world so as we go forward into this so let's be let's be that healing presence that peace in other situations because we can bring christ into any situation bring jesus and bring bring into her we got and ah there's there's times to fight but there's also times to be healing and this is a great time to be a e his so with that sad god what her hands now deeming me mening god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me gailes words count what real quick tells what you got going on this week who's a man what's going on to morrow or any cessasset these tortosa tantor to say to morrow vereerder going to the concoction of the state of michigan wednesday is a is redeeming grace church with dr chinareth rsda is cartload is a caon and a thing jason sound friday i have got a lot of people that want to come on brandies so we may have to move the schedule around the little bed because we're talking about people that ah then have been talking to you that probably every one would recognize their names and reallyhonour that they would consider this to be a place where they want have a voice and talk i'm interested talking to everybody i don't care if your famous or or not as i think that there's some valuethat just lost her husband and they murdered him in the hospital we've all had people we know that were murdered let out the murder and ah i had somebody that i've known comewhat they withheld food and water for over eight days in the hospital and this gentleman they laid him on his back and his wife came in as they abandoned him and as he was choking he was choking on the fluids of his own body and the nurse's fled out told her at my job to feed and so she tried it in in he tried to stop for a severe very sad story but i i i think i think it's one that needs be told there's many stories that need to be so that's it can do as great thinkingthey get no pass for me see right there you go so have a great day everybody will see on tomorrow tanites if the minnow the ink he