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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/22/2023 Justin Magill and Darrell Castle

Published Sept. 22, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Justin Magill-Mr. Magill was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania. He spent three years in the U.S. Army before returning to Pennsylvania to attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He served two years in the Army Reserves during his time at Edinboro University. After graduating with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, with minors in Political Science and Psychology, he went on to earn a Juris Doctor from Rodger Williams School of Law and a Masters in Criminal Justice: Public Administration from Liberty University. Justin and his wife Shari have been members of the Constitution Party for several years, having found the party to be one committed to the Constitution and the Principles of Liberty. Mr. Magill is now the Vice-Chairman and the NW Regional Chairman for the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania. 10am Darrell Castle is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN. He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992. While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan. The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael. Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North. He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War. Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. Darrell has served as a deacon and deacon chairman in his local church. In 1998, Darrell and Joan founded Mia’s Children Foundation, a Christian mission in Bucharest, Romania which ministers to homeless gypsy children. Darrell’s political activism includes: Author of the Castle Report on national and international affairs 2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate 2008 Constitution Party Vice-Presidential Candidate, running mate of Chuck Baldwin. Board member since 2005 of the Conservative Caucus, founded by Howard Phillips Three terms as the Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Constitution Party Two terms as the Platform Chairman of the National Convention of the Constitution Party Two terms as the Constitution Party of Tennessee State Chairman Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg network i am donna brandenburg and its the twenty second day of september twenty twenty three to day came early for me and i'm not really sure why but i don't know if i told the body out there but my daughters getting married on my daughter says and that's the weenin the middle of wedding i ansasse last night we had a couple of meeting is going very well but of course you know you're you're in the midst of planning and business in usual way or that's okay you know we all have our own lifetogether of politics and what we do that's our public face and the good idea to bring that into the time because we we need to know more talking to such i've got a couple of a wonderful gas that i have coming on just in magellan darlas with once again for the constitution are is here of constitution party we i have got another week in october that we're going to be doing constitution party we and coincidently i've had so much response to putting out the offer to be during interviews on it that i've got a few other people scheduled next week which i think is great it's been my one experience and my impinion we that when i when i went to the spring a spring a committing in such that i'm not i'm not a fan of the political party system in general can arenos that i've spoken about that george washington basically warned us against them and right now with the unit party the example the bad example of the unitary republican democrat party there's a lot of plaster however with that sad constitution party his impressed me so much where the professionalism and the th degree of statesmen in handling or or political landscape that we have currently that i would like encourage every one to not only get to know every one but to all so look into what stands for and how they conduct is i been a business owner i i'm a pretty good read at organizational ah dynamics and what i can tell you is that i have been entirely imposed don ivanovitch has done in amazing job with evans i love this woman and i like working with her in doing projects whether as not only that though the seriousness of self governance and constitutional government is to be found in the constitution party and which wonderfully wonderful states so now my first guess is just in mcgill and he was born and raised in north western pennsylvania spent three years in the us army before returning to pennsylvania to attend edinburgh university of pennsylvania he served two years in army reserves during time edinburgh university after graduating with a bean criminal justice and miners and political science and psychology he won on to earn a ristoro rogers william school of law and master and the masters and criminal justice public administration from liberty university justin in his life sherry i met cherishes really nice have been members of the constitution party for several years having found the party to be one committed to constitute the constitution and principles of liberty mister rigel is now vice chair in the north west regional chairman of the constitution party of pennsylvania and i want to welcome me on good morning just and how are you up hang out a gun on me you my bad hermetis i'm going too are you on this morning i do in discrete it so it's a beautiful day here we can do a beautiful sky and i exually saw an eagle flying this morning so big thing hold hold eagle so this namebecause lidwell that's right yeh yeh poshaam on this morning oh lots have been in across this country right now there's a lot of people just getting sick of what they're wonderin to it their own parties not to mention parties there opposed so there's a lot of interest rate now a lot of people questioning the way things were going what governments doing right it's good to have these optunity if the word out there we do placated in the different media sites to the above put things out there for the people to sing i think some too and i think what we're seeing though is that people are smart and they're getting their real art eine figured out that it is easy to see that the republican party at least a nishan is absolutely employ and people are not buying this we've had it we we had meetings of here were people are getting thin and in actual physical fight and they're not publishing were publishing in anything of the financial side iasser than i dispose you know what i found for that because i think that it should be out there for every one to a the political parties are not ococob oughter would be able to vote for the in its advance struck so let's let's talk about what's going on and not only pennsylvania necromancer is out there on constitutional governments and england yes i had earlier as self governance is really the key all of us and self governess does it begin archieof people think that when the care of the self governance is simply every individual taking part in government it doesn't assay need you have to run for office i we have a township here that i lived in that the five thousand people just or tons and a note the meetings said there's five other people there i saw that there's a lot of opportunity for people to get involved to hear what's happening in their area school board menes is another on popotent there and people need to get out and find out what's going on in their government and also take their public servants that other non something wrong we need to correct them and educate them there a eferyvere not our rulers so we need to make that the distinction and if we the people are out of their they're going to discontinue roll over us and now something in areright now about the debates in the a convention on notifying the constitution and the one soloenough out up the people determined to be slaves what can congress do i got that he got me can force you to take part in government in the way you should she the everybody be mindful of what their government doing and understanding if you take a state of the local level you can have a very large efect and as for the constitution party comes in i gave you an organization to use to make those changes so if you have in a political party that you can organize in your ere you can then run candidates as the party collect a the nations as a party creates educational lectures a party and it gives you a something to unify around a an aspen the de keher in pennsylvania is giving people something to unify around we've got people coming from every part of party in pennsylvany looking for that unity and no solution they are wont to party this dust conargo what's wrong people feel this wrong you can if they don't know exactly what the problem is their feeling so we need to unity of these some solutions and we read that people in many counties are here that ever running for office and winning or creating solon our chairman he is cursed running for county commissioner but he's pentacosio so provides hour for the last several years oh and he one that office has a constitution party members shall first soft peppersand you can't win that way we can lay that way especially the local low ah but he took him to task they'd kept trying to raise taxes and he would go out and tell everybody in the town come to this meeting they're trying to raise her the are any come in and then show their support for his idea and suddenly the other people are on board with it and he is the secret idea were going or your taxes so he was able to do away with a third of the ordinances that they had henty tired he has all early as it egisto pressing the people all kinds of non so he was able to get rid of a third of your dances and lower taxes and keep the texts so there's a lot of impact you can have it a local level if you run for of as to showing up those meetings spaces so thus the the very first thing i coursepeople to shock the means and find out what's going on and in the second things kidognis as for the and the powers that be to abuse the single individual when you sharpitor anise is starts getting more difficult for the so we thought how low people pensylvania too i will name names or counties but to day were county they were the geophone of organization less say and they were getting so abused by the state leaders that they were not able to accomplish anything ah and so they are leaving and mass who was so begetting multiple people for each colony from these leadership of groups they are coming to us saying we're down to that he now we can't take any more of it they say one thing the public and then the full run off for mondoros when he comes down to i and saw there their organizing in counties that we have an organized yet on the one i and they are sophisticated enough to get it up in rightquick i so it is an amazing spectrum of people who have no idea about politics but they know their grocers or costing more than other gas is costing more they know they can't do things they feel like there should be hailed all have the people who had been in politics and running for offices and in leadership position they're all recognising there's one thing that the party has the constitution party that the others don't and as the proper understanding of governt so the oration of independence will have an aliberts people like to quote that part that they often missed the next port it is for that reason that governments were in and how music government's purpose is to protect our individual right i sometimes a difficult to decide what what when it comes to lower level some people talk about taxes being put to roast i if you live on a block for the private road how do you get out of your has somebody has to tell how you to drive on the road if there o private roads so there does need to be some public roads for you to use your right of private property in your house is there some areas that weaken disgusts there's some things that are are the date of anodes it really protect individual rights or does it not and we have to be careful because the lot o god arises try to pull us into the arena and say that's a good thing but we don't need protective when need to protect the right to life every human being has the right to life it were his protecting wife now we could take away all their rights in order to protect and we have that with shut downs and masking and all these other men days contact life when the reality a job is to protect our rights and then it's up touched to do our risk management and decide what risks so that for this the constitution party release sets itself apart where her to protect individual rights and there are ways that individual rights can run up against other individual rights in the society happens in every society no matter how many people you did or how few a ashleaved judiciously worked through that but the pole is as many rights as we can let you have that's what we need to give you that's what we need to re a and i government doesn't need to be giving you benefits it doesn't need to be helping you create things people are so creative and so ingenious in the stuff they come up with i negrofor man a farm area and you go to a neighboring farm and you see the stuff that they put together to accomplish what the king into a complish it is it's baffling you know you've got guts that verily graduated high school putting together all these engineering in order to accomplish one little bow she had all over their farms and and we have a lot of thought small businesses in pensive twenty twenty all shut downs were killing every as all the moment pops were going by the way side and all the manufacturing has been dying in the serifo a while a people around here have have become a snake i will taste sneaky but they've been creative it good figuring out ways to get around government hornacina regulations and everything that shutting down and slowly down the economy their finding ways to get it up in going on and if they do that in an open and organised way we can change our government we can change our public servants minds they calling get away with so much because they are such a few number and we ought number than by such a huge amount if they were to push too much on us push back and they were quickly lose their job and ain't want to so they fully push as far as we let them pishnesh back a week come what are the creative projects that your seen in your area is a little lot of cool haberdassers there's a lot of people that sang unless they send the police into my home they won't see what's going on or or if the dose sendlic into my business they won't see you what's going on and so they started doing a collaborative things to cut out the middle men to cut out the channels of recording so what lady coachmen's in her home and if you want a meal that day it's whatever she cooked and you just let her know your phone number and she reaches out and says i i hearing is ready and you git by thinking up oh we've got farmish markets everywhere out here were really discuss the government how completely you just stop and you get your fresh fruit and vested oh there's some or businesses that are collaborating with others in getting the resources they heed in fabricating the materials they need a in a way the keeps it all local so they don't go and buy from china to get what they need in order to produce what there does ah and there's people finding new ventures so there things that we've never had in pennsylvania that are coming the pennsylvania and its everywhere from production to awe that functioning in climbing gems and putting together or three training and sokind of interesting fond things and there's a collaborative learning centers that are going on as well and were seeing a big shifts of its school people are moving away from the public school action and looking for other otoes and so we are private collaborative set rearevery inexpensive though the part of an you don't necessaryto be fully involved as home schooling might be and some disconform schooling ditching the government indoctrination and and moving to justsimply educated are they doing any private membership associations and your area i'm a fan of that yes ah sonthere's my day so and i've had a few approached me about organizing these private membership organizations so that one or member everybody's production is now partly owned by you so a body share an share like in those ones a great way to you lie the resources of the fullers and cut government out to the the nice thing about that as he skips passed the regulation to the end regulation and all sorts of things so you can choose to cut the government right out your life if you want to do that and i think i think it's a great idea for grocery stores for churches for for even medical care that it's a really great way to do that medical care too and just then were done with us you know we onetook into buying or hiring a doctor and doing it directly as that's that's a reliable thing in a dozen cost that much to do it right asomoches to the medical feel when i do that and i've got a friend to he perused for a number of years by government agencies on his son here the costly trying to come out and do its fashions and tell this additis in tell him he's got to be notelocate sell this and so he to push back a few he he's gotten some of the agent's fired because of powderedalso there being no can i want to talk of those guy i youescape that do ordering perthynas erectores also is not just sitting back on his farm protecting his ah he's got in alton the community he saw he attends the local meetings teething there and he's actually in one of the local schools teaching a correct events and helping to put into perspective for these kids so as the kind of spirit of american house to have on the i think is still tormenteth but i think people have just become pericopae they they felt comfortable when they were at so i to government to its thing in kind of on wills an now we're paying the cost o otary to get back to that but it's not that difficulty is started got your local school work pedesthreens going on to say here's opportunity for our constitution days of big one of those so it is littlevery that we have that on the government gave us when they were handing out the money he said if you didn't federal funds you have to have a some kind of event to recognize the constitution a constitution the constitution party having some knowledge of this founding of art of america their constitution and how we came about we have actithese and educate these kids and also some of the educators on how we got to where what are we built on what are the fundamental principles of liberty that were trying to give cross so there's a lot of easy solutions for us to get involved that double costs a lot i don't take a lot of time that can be very impact but organizations of the key in no unpersonable a difference ah twenty people you're going to have a lot more impact hot so as much as we ate the parties as much as we were warned about parties the founders also said that the natural course of any political body is the break into departed or and so recognising that fact we have to figure out how to put a check on that and as the sense the sense it doesn't matter what party there a part of or what faction they're going with they are representing all the prince forgot an otoe you get up a president in place and in elected by five to ten per cent of the actual population and in i often feel that they only represent them it happens at the local level too he oronge people that an office and they only want to help those who supported them and everybody else sorry holland it's really not a hide to see that half an toss it sometimes funny did to see how people responded that so my local township here we've got somebody who very socialists who i lifted it to office i and the person is very socialists think people reacting to that even people that voted to this person it is interesting to hear them say no not all i voted for little bit is socialism but not all that and then have the option on to say that there is no sissinghurst there's a lot on you cross it it's not you crossed it so i is a lot of opportunities that way but it is causing a lot of damage while they're giving us the cecily is it issued its foregone take the art continuing down the track until we had so hotelgarden ment of some sort or other communications of whatever labeled we put to it and in historical speaking again to that point and there might be some kind of revolution mercy and people the eye in the lot of waste of resources and we have the after right now to not go that road witepease ray now to turn things round arsenal that passed at bloodshed that the difficult the sadly sometimes it takes the difficulty to wait people and sure retorted the thing that's a hard man make good times good times the lazier man in the pleasure mendicare and where that cycle in we were attracted the ore in oscycle and startings what's your gentianomania willie how did you organize that how are you will comparethere yes so we have a yes a party the covers all of the counties and we were kindly go between with the states and our people and we have it broken into a county part some are of more active than others but a few go to the about on saratosio on the page but the oh ah the nonsense canting chapters an atlas people come in and check their connotation connected with the county organized and if there is no organization yet in that county it less them reach out to us and say hey i want to get involved but there's no organization and we have a a manuals and to be honest i stole from bill there michigan when he was put soffogate like crazy i was still a lot of his good ideas and that was one of them dosesthose manual in less people say at the rispondeste abian c and suddenly we have this power in our community to be able to make this so we hope people get organized on the county level we helped them with having your run candidates how do you run camp pain what of the day you need to be concerned about because as a political body we don't have the same time lines that have marport has here so we have we are all safe we have trained options so we give people the opportunity to learn from different educational resources on one of the principles of liberty and how do we do things on our level we also provide some things the passed out we have brochures and things like that that people can print off and passed out we do a lot of gun shows and fairs and things like that to try to get out there in the public where people can see i had then we had for where were organized we have members that will go to different local municipal meetings or a school board meetings or very shines like that even ebensowenig to hear what's going on and also this to speak up on basic principles of liberty government was to do this i have to tell you he could do this but she came through that you shared to a hog your violating people's rights do this to protect i and that's one of the key things were working on in consortnot organized yet is just getting people to those meetings to report back to us when there's a big issue on if there's a big issue we want to make it as loud as we can we're going to spread on the cross the state of remeditation can just to bring a little bit more weight to that individuals appearance of those reading in and also with organisation we can bring in people to those meetings see i sor or organizational law attacked if you will we get one county organized we did go and strong and then we start herespend using that carry it in a root i kind of like a missionary journey send your missionaries into the following counties and they attend events there local events are great you know yes something near home town is now importadors special event every year that's a wonderful opportunity for us to get in the talk then he slowly to one county on the neck until we take over a whole area loophole area you have school boards that sometimes cross county lines eh you have different representatives or general assembly persons that now we can start electing those people because we have that area c so as we grow these parties we did more and more impact we didn't invited to speak in different things the national chairman he emerged pennsylvania we've had it out a few times to host the bay so we got local candidates luonto get their information out to the public and an somebody in there who can ask good question it does how to direct them into the things that people want to hear what they want to know little lot of difference opportunities that open up as we start that bill and i starts with one person said how interested now or make something happen and though we help them till your ization we help them get set up and registered it so if you in pennsylvania raises her emount of money you have to filing through tact y so we have people i can help them understand those things and make those things worth in their area when it comes to state level we have meetings twice a year so people from various areas can come in have in put on the state party and where we're going in the things that were attacking now on the things that we have to read on and and are they have a saying whose running for office say can you organization there in charge of everybody in the county or low lower of to say who's going to be the nominee for letter how would he comes to state level a committee meetings were recitation on those we encourage people to come to those from these different areas in oughtredian your impacting your local area step of a step further and help us bill said and it must be hap to state organization at a powerful level were putting people in general assembly governors three generals and that sort of thing then we can spend to the states next to us and help them get organized so it's one step and that he take the next one it's not just strate to governor is one step at a time as we build a incept for that denotes to be tilsitthe because the temple one seat to the people in every state wanted if you have a qualified can day who can get up there and in tacket that's a wonderful thing to have that that is called it's called more gods than brains quite as for cophinania it makes it brings its tension to it gives people and understanding that there are options at last i heard there's almost nine hundred people registered to run for president but we don't hear about all the we only got a couple of peter isn't that a shame because the mainstream media is really selecting with it with corporations in the money i am absolutely against money and politics it it should never have what it's turned into its devolved into because we don't have honest elections whenever he could that kind of cash in it and that really has got to be changed yet his son we've we lost our understanding of elections the presidential election is an obvious one for me as the president doesn't get elected in november the president is elected in and according to the constitution every state he lacks electors those electors meet in the december time framed they vote on anybody that they want whose qualified under the constitution to be anybody they want and we changed we now a rat then having the states select the electors or the people select the electors we now have the parties the and then we have the electors in most cases are sworn to vote for whoever the party tells them to bodeful and then the ah the people don't vote for president they vote for and one tells them this said nobody they don't understand this rose or and so instead of choosing from the entire population whose connote the best persian for this job to represent everybody now they have this to partisan tribal i'll give you a couple of actions and let you choose from them whose in to be the next president what in reality is parties that are taking he explained to everybody how it should be run yes all you the first election for president ah the majority of states the legislature simply think the names of people that they win to be their elected there were i believe five states were people had some options so either the legislature would take the of lunch of people and and give everybody a vote on to the shoshone or they would give the localities the right hive tis one or more electors and in come back to the legislature for and so they would look around it i would say of this guy he understands how the government were he understands what's required to have a good functioning government doing its proper rule so organ to send that i as are elected so then these folks were did together in their states and they would say is the best person that we know of to run this covered an who's the best person who knows the purpose of the government who knows how to get it down selaninovich pinafore in policy and he so the first elections george washington and down was paced evers now of the sense it was quite simply because he was the only person who could do the job the first time around he had all of the backing of the people of the country he had enough on it knowledge and humility of himself too for in in people to help them and to listen to people he also had enough ah interaction with foreign anti and with the proper ceremony in all as sort of thing that he could actually pull this off the first and then as we moved forward further and further it can devolved from that it fellow part in it it moved to none of the states of picking it we just the people and the people were starting to be manipulated by so the parties went in together and then we have their meetings and they were decided who they're going to put forward and the people would say this case really grave for my area i want this guy and the party would setomono we want this so this is your option discuss good about while and so love it became controlled by party of that sad and then the parties is kept the people all together they started having control of the government so they started creating these laws that allowed them he decided to candace were going to be and we see this a lot to day he saw tremenhere need sixteen races hillary clinton on the primary one of the primary even though ernestnes had more votes from the well he had especial rule that they may do the super delegates got to come in and a pick to his intervene as the kind of stock that they do now and that's not just presidential races has all the way down the ballad they do no sort of an and that's why we have caricom itte men leaving the top come to our party because those kind of games are the ones that are strong integrity of the people they so as it progressed now the states pick a slave of electors so when they were presidential candidates a forward there on the ballot they have a slide of electors so will you vote in the fall your boat is merely whether or not a a party is going to put their slave of electors that they chose in january on the ballot and it was one of the reasons the whole electoral college was created was to prevent these long standing bodies for people to manipulate performing governments to itinvited so is it it went from this were separating the selection of a president from party were separating it from long term bodies to parties long turned bodies selecting electric groups for a long term period and having those electors select the present instead of the electors being chosen in november and the electors voting and desember for anybody the shoes the parties shows the slight of electors the people vote for which parties been ascend their slave of electors a slate of electors are already told on her going to vote for and his loss of opportunity for difference manipulations i am i see this down ball we see the same in governor's race as we see this encounters in the departments whose there and if they don't like whose there they change the rules and if they don't succeed there they do through all of their campaign money to the opposite a candidate and as for we get back to that unit party it all turns into a strategic in how to get the people to keep voting so they they have a choice and yet did the outcome that the parties only way to change that is to star local the start locoed and changed or a county elections process to get things exposed a little more to get more opportunity for others in the race primaries are wonderful example of this in order to get into a primary and pennsylvania you have to achieve a certain amount of the bolt when she achieved that of one of the above you're on the primary tenet what are the primaries the primaries are private organizations spending tax paper money he selects the person that there can put off in the presidential is so ishorrible carosse a waste of fact air money and they use this strategy to keep out any other party besides the part it ethically so wrong it's just like this our state michigan will not work with the party to allow us to change our name to the constitution party yes ocotober it's a barrier for having heavy equal equal oppression and equal footing under the law in my opinion yosemite's the the whole thing is so bad or is its and the old in order to get on the ballot i in pennsylvania you have to acquire a certain number of sense i in for the democratic republican party its lesser number than every other party and so their contraction orientisation party of pennsylvania and the liberator in carrying party of pennsylvania and a green party pennsylvania we took mendicor or the secretary of state instead you can't have this huge barrier to all the other parties to get into the race and the court came back with a a sort of good reasons of come i say sort of half because the argument we brought was in necessarily that had to be equal footing is brought the argument that the barrier was too high for the cord came back instead of your right is unreasonable for us to ask me to get ten thousand but at the time it was more a thirty thousand signatures to get on the ballad and not asked the democrat republican party get that so he lowered the number that we had to have temporarily until the general assembly could make a correction to that and he dropped it down to five thousand sets however they also dropped the democrat and republican number of sante oh you're kidding me they have it two and a half times at vantage on state wide races over there are things that can be done to make a change a however until we make a change to the uni party his knocking us he quality in that and i'm sure you renaitour race till without fighting you the whole will have betastete badoure not there chosen for said this gonedo what they tell them to do with so they throw everything and he can uglesome time she now that they come accusations and it doesn't matter if the true as long as they could throw enough mud on the wall until they get past the election then they can just drop it walk away of protections and election laws that should be there there some that they get away with a lot more than they should and that something that he were fighting in a lot of ways lot of areas a we've got people in a court case is pending right now on some of these she or and were having to run a writing campaigns to get somebody's folks a chance to be there is not going to be on the ballast so as distinct as vantage but that is an option you know we were down the never out though that's so that's our goal we created we come up with salte and sometimes just doing that by itself is enough to change to make changes is to be there as a as a of an alternative voice so that people aren't wake up and that a orances are challenged and it's amazing how many people don't understand that they have other options than the people that are printed on the ballot so when you gain i organized writ and campaigns are said you cite people on the fact that you can write in anybody you want that's qualified to run for that office a people starts to realize there's options out there they don't have to ope for one or two what they're offered they have hundred options in their community and if less to know that a little organization can go along with his will so wise people after the fact that it's not you against the world we're here for your workerthe your where consternoit the issues are so lots of loss of opportunity out there lots of people that are fighting the fight ah and we just need more people to join the fight he gresford the thrill what it is and it's a lot of cond i mean it really is a lot of fun when you start getting the you know the power returning to the people and when we realize that the law actually is on our side you but you have to be willing stand for it and hold them accountable and that you can't sit there and say you're doing the wrong thing it's up there in the professional complaining and biting meetings that are out there cause that's what it is i don't that that's what that's what they devolved as him right you have to be able to totosomeone instead of just talking about it what are you doing as far as educational materials you brought that up in that son's real interesting yes so we haven't written our own yet so we we often see once that we've reviewed it and our comfortable with a to folkstone we we recommend certain primary source affanno about the ears constitute very first thing you should read is the notes from the coste so in the founder's own words what they were discussing when they wrote those the next thing i would recommend is the debates from the ratifying see link do have a link in your sight for these ah i don't know it off its top of my we got couple different places where you can get to different things so the home page lakes at the bottom a caret founde documents on her principles and i met i want people to get familiar with your web sites and that they can know where till lack he yet we were working to update different things on the side to make a user friendly we are one to make sure people can get the things they need to get to see education it is so to worm has some of the different books too you can understand what's going on common sense was written by thomas paine just to get the general people behind the romeria revolution people were were sitting back they were there sanglong not sure that now's the time they were saying is not really a threat to meet yet some of the same things were here in right now and so thomas paine his common sense just use common sense in his writings to say we as the average person or facing this if we don't do something right now so there's different things like that federales papers every state had different writings from of the founders in their state oh and some of the mental giants in their state writing for and against the constitution and the federalist papers were the writers to him more for the constitution and give a set on good look at what does the constitution say and while he did franenthal we got to locations listed there let the document that the founders were using when they created the costs so it has a an understanding of how nations falling to certain categories natural when they do that a certain things have i saw you reading of the president has to be a natural born sense here he sacomo he comes from this i come from the writing the low nations and he not only coined the phrase he defines the orsteins let's put in a constitute in spite of those who tried to and try to attach to other thing so we try to put things like that so people can now find those writings there's also la said difference resources so hill still college is length on there care to the men annerstedt i love hillsdale college and they have some wonderful courses for free that you on the constitution as well as you know a historia history an historical courses also to making we've got to the founder's constitution length on ther and eincludes a whole bunch of other writings shorthe founders all about the constitute got some lace to the castle report with derrocase whose coming up here in a few minutes i tell you i don't want i love dear all and you know one once again going back to the national constitution party in and the cover of individuals that are so informed if it's just release amazing and unless the mental over here a minute and a shower body were going to go back to the constitution party we side and i won't go to head for home he here the home baden and what were nodown here to be a sin saint louis again and what we have coming up october twenty and twenty one are you going to be there again i will yes definitely it's such a great opportunity i mean not not to mention the speakers but the opportunity gets together with other people from other states or working towards the same thing so old when bill more was there i used to go and steal lights from him all the time and he be ready for me escaticum with a pack of his iarfawkons here some thoughts we have what you think about this why he genoathe i got all kinds o great information to bring back to his so a great collaborative for for constitution party members or for people interested in returning us to a liberty there's so many speakers do as amazed eniti love bell i there only speakers that will come to these that will give you here's what you can do you know there's there's a here's what's going on with home school shirocco this is the things you can do now to prepare for the i there things with the election you know i tell you secure the election until you removed the party part of it a meaning the influence that the unipartite on picking glowerin a fig it is very difficult to make any real change so hers how you can change in your community in order to elect the people that you want to elect the people that are going to be beneficial and not just selected they tell you it so this is a wonderful thing about these events in many states have the multiple times years well so you can be connected in your almostat and i find out what's going on but she go to these events and you find out what realistic steps you can take to make change when the fundamental issue so that the big news outlets always want to get you all excited not the arms about things that are just symptomatic they're not the real issue in godthese and and find out what is the real issues we've got people that have been in the trench or phillips who was one of the founders of the constitution party he was here in the nixon administration a he worked through gerrit of administers he being the amministrativo he he works as a member of legislature there trying to returns to it served to prince and he finally got to the point where he realized there was no returning those two parties the uni party to conservative principles and so he created the constitution and he said look we had an ark now for conservatives who were being left behind by the other party so we got people that had been in the trenches that have a run for governor run for president who would have a bed elected to a different office your most of the people that we have coming to these events have been elected to some kind of office on coming from state leadership because then they they understand it's not just the thought having a part is that just about getting a people to hear what's going on it's also about the doing step of getting things done so they didn't there themselves and the net agnenhons on the iron comes to most othese she goes to the state a legislature every time there in session and she talks in various committees and chitas the research on what bills there bringing forward he spends months on end just there with the legislation so going to these events and rubbing shoulders with the hearing what their doing and how their going is so powerful it doesn't matter what love people are at there's things to learn their steps you can take it and if your ambitious and you want to go right for for governor there's people who have done that here yourself included who can tell you which you can run up against her sins she need to prepare for a heart was you can raise funds here's a things you can actually do you could put yourself a checklist so yo he deftly highly encouraged people to get to these national and state level ones and if you're in an organized county they have county level readings step bring in speakers soles highly courage people intonated i connected in your states in your county but everywhere in anywhere where the organization is and then use that organisation oh we've got people that have for he started a county party here in pennsylvania in my region actually they came in kind of late to a school board race and lost that race in right in and then a few months later a vacancy opened up in the guide one fellow any gas said hey we'd like to have you come at warden don't you apply for this and so he pintothe antoine got for oon so that he's up to run for that seat one more time here and he's now an own quantity a and he's got his sister coming on board to run for school board seat as well as the we betere s were there taking over schoolboards an there's the folks in that youth frank love i conjure atesorase chairman of the national art i saleseven ly there is a township where they take it over most of the seats a biotite by the city so they've taken over most of the seats in the council i so they now are direct policy makers for that locality huge impacts that people can make a very simple steps they content i even have people who say no i can't really do that let you put my name and there so theroles solar action of the ballet and then they find out a little bit more about it and they started in excited and they start say pay i could do that and hey there really going avidly here and it needs fix and then they start actually running the campaign and i get out there in their talking to people and i suddenly therein that set it is a wonderful experience to see people realizing you don't neither have a doctorate to run for this office you have enough common sense for just as a little bit of understanding of the principles of liberty you can go a great job and there's all kinds of offices where there's nobody running against so we have a number of folks in pennsylvania the constitution party here that are costly there was nobody else running it was very simple for them to just become a case so lots of options out there especially local otoways people command don't be a the tea they're all too willing to rule over us if we let them out and we have much better solutions than ones they're putting forward right on we have the people re oncoming on long on again the game yea i in the game i like one in pennsylvania but i've also heard a solid things that in michigan of people reached oh said he i want a make something happen in my cot i am one of those social media of the old for her national yemenites so i did seperat of people reaching out a lot of people i excited about different things that i just love to hear i love to see people had in the untoward this organization with the enthusiasm of i want to make a change in this area and i'm willing to do things that's always excited to hear well i'm willing to do things here's where's my skills how can you use well out of was so a lot of different areas you're not to be a public speaker you can just go to these who colleans and take notes in report back ah you may get organizational skills and we need to organize these meetings you might have organised and organizational skills or becomes the vapor ah i don't necessarily have those but i'm pretty either a lot of pain for in my state then these to skills and sowing often tagging people saying hey see through this the mistress sounds rede me she had in the good order so that i could handsomebody make it follow these you might have skills with social media of broadcasts they murthered their so many different things that people can get into don't hesitate to reach out if you have any interest at all and the national website has a way that you can reach out there of matthew and click on is directly in contact with the estate leaders or the regional leaders who can get you set up in your heart telephone numbers or mails where they can have a call you or email you toison ah yes yes so i realise the on the contact page in our state but that can be availed vice chairman at the pennsylvania constitution party p your odes are costoiant pa that come and then now my follower a one for nine six for one year or five it erect but we have that map in pennsylvania as well as the nashville's mash you can go on there click on it and gives you information for him so i love this because it's a quick it's a quick contact get hold of people within the constitution party to actually get things done to collaborate and to make sure that we can in fact you know be worthy of self governance of your only worthy of that if you're willing to ep of the only reason why the constitution matters is because people stand out to defend it and are willing to do something the ppeople doing something insisted piece of ice if we don't use it as the standard the hold or public servants accountable it's not going to protect by day i feel free were ever your half you'll free show to me i talked to people for a of nebraska in georgia and everywhere else he couldn't read somebody right away so they called me as i deconned a work very happy to do that anybody reach out to anticosti to the party knows somebody a little higher up than connect you with make it attempts somewhere either on the web site or you he stated as her own website hogarthic a mouth i reach out to somebody why at and now that the rain who think now now since i thank you so much for coming into the justin you're absolutely incredibly knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful i'm going to have derekasan here just in a minute and we're going to i'm going to take prataque break and it will be right back but i'd love to have you come back i got again here you're very knowledgeable and justicemanner loved herelove dog talking to darlanist en to the barrel so enjoy you i love gerald to darrel that there lie cold i've listened at the castle report we had i like to do i'd like to do some you know i like to know hotaling to him anithing that you know he was the presidential candidate for the constitution partinto thousand six and what what at the fort when i listened to him talk the first time i was so impressed it what a wonderful person to rough resent the peoples as such as herself too i as the caller of people that we had on the constitution party guys why i love this organization because you got people like justin and darrel and thank you so much for coming on i'll give you call later because i want to schedule you again because i honestly think that that your knowledge you know exceptional and that we part of our duty is to educate poynsett is so much for coming on and out moonshine it mamma ooooooooooooooooooooooo welcome ontbranden burg news network this is the second hour of our september twenty two show and i am very proud to introduce our next gasogen talking about mister narrow cassal who i am incredibly impressed by it met him and listen to him and he also has the castle report i would encourage any one who wants to have a very educated opinion and assessment of things going on to trenton and that of provides you late a link later derrocase is an attorney and founder of the absarokas associates low firm of months he held many leaderships sicians in the constitution party sensitising the parties founding national convention and nineteen ninety two while earning his j d at the university of mompesson the seventies derome his lovely wife joan cases daughter joanna is married in michael and darrell served as a first lieutenant in the united states marine corps trained under then first to lieutenant oliver north i was stationed in the far east for thirteen months and his service and vietnam followed his fame family military tradition with his oldest brother serving and world war to another brother having served in the corean war daldres experienced during those years contributed to his strong strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and that the decision to go to war must be made according to the us c which makes it clear that only congress can declare war dareless serves a deacon and a decanter and local church and nineteen ninety eight derlingon found it amyas amis amis children's foundation a christian mission in bucharest romania which ministers to homeless gipsy children and there's a website to that i can show that with you later he has the author of the castle report i national and international affairs and i'm in itall your what love the cassero darrel does in amazing job with his because he's got enough information and education outside of the topic of inthe topic the design to be incredibly detail oriented and informative in toto thousand sixteen constitution party presidential candidate the two thousand eight constitution party vice president candidate running made of chuck baldwin board member since two thousand and five of the conservative carcass founded by howard phillips three terms as a vice chairman of the national committee of the constitution party two terms is the platten platform chairman of the national convention of the constitution party two terms as the constitution party of chinese chairman i think you get the picture here the sky is amazing so with that sad i want to welcome drelon the at this shepard started morning darrel how are you i find on thank you i i preciate the clare the recognised myself when you re on both yes i am doing fighting you're incredibly is inspirational speaker and i really preciate you coming on to day where where i'm doing constitution party we write now and we're talking about not only to constitution party but what's really going on in this nation and i'm really interested in all so in the things that you talk about in the castel report be this is a great way for people to really get educated on what's truly going on well thank you i i appreciate that i not started the castle in the two thousand and ten to thirteen years now be one i was originally intended as a way for me to speak to on affairs on bare for hens in any moved into what it is now another well it's very what what is what a scare you currently talking about it's very it's very informative i like it i like it when you talk not only about what's happening and you know in foreign countries but gilleen give back ground on the military equipment that's involved in people actually can get a deeper knowledge of the subject matter thank you i in fact i just recorded that to day's padasta comes out every friday it's sealed to the list at arriving at two o'clock can get an artist to his speed to to get bogus records to days and it's about the economic realities in the i clare we immediately body a preview of it and then will see wing get everybody signed out for that because i do believe that it's our duty to help educate a people in the united states americans and such because are we we know that our education system has done and abysmal job of education and gone into a indoctrination so could you could give people like a a little cliff not on it i to day i'm a bankruptcy or your bare i mean i do a lot of personal injury trowel work in that regard but lot of my practice his bankruptcy and i should people are coming in the malaee day aaltoilevat what they make there living is their income in the we people here in my office on each other and said how could name by and the answer is they can't he and ottoline on so they become dead slaves for life i cannot earn not to live in economic realities there becomes their life just as it is the life of the government caste dayes about those realities for mister mill class are and how their driving him so sometimes my wife says what won't you ever talk about anything cheerful of cause there's nothing cheerful or has i workgathered too you know i'm a lawyer and so i see the problems the problems of that to in the fat comoros any good news and to day certainly passed we tell you what i think you and i are are a very similar in that regard too because i i don't like to to live in fluffy land i like to look at the problems because you if things are going well you don't need to do anything you know don't don't screw it up by changing to the areas that things are going well you know but we changed things by doing otassem and then saying okay one problem is always linked to more problems so if you can get to the root cause of things which is usually you know it's not it's not all it's not all you know happy happy joy joy of going on but that's where we really change things when we're in an out of control situation and certainly the financial system right now we're in trouble that the nation though entire world were seen a sismiche that's currently going on well you are you are correct about that oh we try to help it coming in the future what appears to be inevitable for me people just think well somehow we always got her and so we always will he there are some he some growing realities with the death that the country that continuous bodes ill for children grandchildren another age where at some point to yass goin to be taking on over my rolls but o my children my daughter at least i got out to deal with his one thing we always done in america as we've always tried the leave the cost children better than what we founded and i don't think we're doing that ye men throw up the tidedock right here met it because this i think this would actually shot to see exactly what but were dealing with here this does number and neces how fast it's going up all the time it is shocking but what's really shocking to me is not only you know the national debt but when we come over here and we get to unfunded liabilities and the liability for that pure citizen and that that is escaping people right now they they're not they're not it's not sinking on to where we are and what the future is going to look like because they're here they're not serious about it and it is my opinion that the only way while we should have fixed this years ago but we're going to have to have better people serving in office then what we have right now because all i can see an office right now is just abject failure well yes the housholders the politicians hereditaries how can i get through my term une aconite the can down the road to the election cycle so that people will blame me for it when i finally let and those of us how hoor saying what we try to address this finally it may be we can prevent that these is for for so is some one else's fold you know a started no one these things back in the the first of bushman hw bush took over from the rain re stoning these problems developing and then there are some things he he missed to his credit to go under control at least to some degree he may have used some slight of hand but compared to the day it able and all of a sudden the whole thing is that them just and now it's at a point where the colonists ten years i we won't be able to handle it in you are not both sent me ten years cycles coming goes it brightening for the orchis grandis where what he can talk about what's going on round the rest of the world right now too and then we'll come back to the constitution and the constitution party but what's going on in the in the war zones that it appears to me that it's our own deep state that's really behind a lot of this well i think you're more right there and then you crane you is that as the morones people other than the american politicians getting tired of it poland has always been one of the big old resonation behind the urn drive now their backing away and sang that we we we don't need any for this looking now the polish leadership was now saying we're not going to send any more weapons coming to a crimson and i he reminds me of the same leading up through a world war to when the british were sending their aircraft and munitions and people into an to resist in notes and when they finally so that's the last calls we have to defend theirselves that they stopped doing that are for their own battles round the world a there's some things happening you know across africa if you look at what the african nations are doing the trying to break away lest to the peers to me i tried to break away from the continued domination of the european and american economic tree they were free from the dollar domination countries come in say look we'll help you the price to be paid their tired of it colonialism in the in africa and most of acheron it countries the old colonial country england then the france the united states did mahomet coles and africa their dollar dominated in all they stayed even though colonialism ended they stayed right now in niger the united states has love the largest places in africa the bole thousand tres and he russians in the chinese are coming in said look we have a better way for you we have a way the space on economic friendship and that sort of thing and not well that's true or not is it has her velorita now because the africans were buying no and then the whole world is trying to get away from the dollar denominates it we're going to sanction you re going to cut you out of the world he if you don't do what this is as we call it now i rules based international we make the rules and mean for the towns around the world or banding together to try to to prevent that to try to end that's what the bricks or new events all of em having something that there with one so though her some things out there that we had the rail ready store into to reproduction and that affects to go to the pump here and the course in america we have no answer for that because we're not willing to produce our own one and no choice but to pay their price and their price is going to keep going up the no one listening to or sanctions so we you know it's a complicated world that taking the position that we're not going to get along with people it seated you do what we say are you might end up invited this man in acceptable answer an more too much of the world so the trying to metogether to something and what it means for us here in america is our prise now prices go up wages and i look at my own employees and i i heard for the the gascons of twenty cents a gallon one week and they ought to drive to work every day the other just took a cut and paid he can pay that i can't afford to match she price be lingo's hires their loss of as the bottom line of the the average those that makes sense absolutely i understand that perfectly well and you know not only that i think the people are missing the point that that on inflation is cumulative you thought they'll say we've got to seven per son inflation and everybody's like ye my house is worth more but your dollars worth so much less than its such a loss we've seen you know i've seen four serious down turns in the economy now in my lifetime there's going to be more now what i've also heard is that we were no the kind of stop because i do believe that all of this is engineer i really do i think there's some some you know policy makers can engineer and change things by a stroke stroke of a pat right now a most people are in about seventy per cent forcedon't even realize that when you start danthing up cumulatively but to look at the history of inflation she would be shocking the buying power people have lost and in it was worse when we got off the gold standard much much worse than they could just print money whenever they want now i've i bet the kind of watch and things and it seems to be the prevailing thought that when not if but when this thing falls apart that it's going to be worse than then the great depression what's your davenpoaht well yes i think you're right you specially right about it being engineer just as in foreign policy when we sail carewe have to we have to go fight each people they get a lot of wine why we have to go fighting pretty under the the the politicians are very very good setting in motion is that make war inevitable then when they did that we get word some strange coincidence so it's the same thing in our economic realities as you were pointing out said certain poles in motion knowing all the time what's going to happen down like so he becomes less yes the in power with ores candowhat my god cost to day sbeltasche went off the gold standard in nineteen seventy one i have been stagnant stagnant now for for fifty two years since then he people made a lot more they make a lot more to day than they did the the value of the dollars were so much less en many hours many days more of their labored about the same idea you know as a as a set as seemelon practice every day people come in and they they they just have nothing but dead because i simply cannot live impossible for them to live a normal life based on what they are able to it's not designed to be normal designed to be covered by the they their forced into a situation where they they charged on credit their nests as the groceries as and he used the rest of their money to pay for taxes and pat for the other expenses of living like the rat and so and so every day we sort through these a trio to help them some handle on their life but it's all intentional and the you know i that's my opinion on because sometimes these politicians are not as stupid as he said oh a verse a junior samples used to say in the old he has series i don't know much but as yet the ego was the aehto do is look at there they follow the money so like jennifer grand whole made one point six million dollar gain out of stock trade she's the uttereste tary she doesn't even know how many barrels of oil that we use in the united states and i we've got people who are absolutely unqualified to take the titles because they don't know anything and in it it really just seems to be of money and a power grass across the board and it's really set and i mean we don't eat we can't even get into the fact that people every decision of somewhere and if you've got politicians that are doing things just for self enrichment there forgetting all about the people and its own thenevery day person's back to show up to work every day provided for the family of midst this hostile you know these hostile over lords that we got in place and in its it's really too bad and you know we could even go there with the elder care because it what really breaks my heart was seen how the elder careworn they who go after mom and dad oh all of their wealth and everything that they worked for their entire life which should be going for to their children not to the state in my open there should be no inheritance the and it is so right now what happens you know is this that medicare medicaid will go after everything at monedeis ever is over here and then when the burden is too heavy to keep him in the home of a need extra howl in'comer medicate medicare will cover just enough but then they go after the next generations wolfeck up the rest of the bill and i don't know how i don't know how families the staining this any more because the entirety of society is set against the family and the future of the family we were just talking about it this morning on how how is it when when a couple gets married how is it that they that they can even sustain the debt that most people are going into marriage with and expect to have a healthy marriage going forward with all the pressure and and such i think we need go after the universities quite honestly because they promised and education and people come out with hundreds of thousands of dead with no ability to ever pay that back there was a promise of of an education and you know or you know the promise it it's an unrealistic expectation that the promising people and so the whole thing is most of wedono have it figured out to young need make for this honontonch but yes sir i mean i haven't dollars she went through a throughout an expensive ovid school so i i mean i know what that's like and you're right the the university's promise an education that will happens for so many people as they come out worse i see those people every day too they are the others stolenthe in their lucky esian get a job i can mandoages or tell her in a bank some as the count themselves lucky because the gets to work different cold their tellers on the bank than they would be if they were rifewere working on their road crew or are working on plumbing or electricity or something like that but in reality the worse estate have is dead and so yes it's system as this is something this happened somewhere along the way and it's just turned out to be something peered but he it can be reversed if the american people or or insistent is there what else what is else is going on and you crane right now because you know you've talked ostensibly about ukraine well i see everybody backing away from the sending more weapons to these iranians except the united state and no matter how bad the economic conditions for mister middle class or in america or his as for billions and begins more and for sir mister zaleski the present of the ukraine the dispose to the u in which just made in the new york city a present bien with up and spoke to the general and and his permission to to congress publicly and he come in mccarthy to his critics said nothing but he des prabbles around the world a constantly begging people to send them more weapons more destructively and the is not working i mean depending on how you rate attended as many opinions about that war as i can i guess it's kind of like when the end be it not we used to say in it we're going to free these people as we have to kill every last one of until the last you craniota we we have to keep fighting them we're not going to talk to these people now the way we're not going to have any any diplomatic solution there's nothing of the word suffering misery that you look at the pictures of the crania cities as the like german cities after world war to you know bombed out destroyed a hath her populations they had ever boclen now estimated the twenty per cent loss of population for that country and as you pointed out in minor duction by wife no run orthognathic he caressed remaining we have two men and people in our home with us right now caresses door to ukraine and their turning people disconsolate strength to that country and romanus one of the poorest countries in europe factis probably is the poorest country with somehow there had tried to help these people in the feet omenand all this war across the world and ukraine there are a decades of war in the middle east the battles in africa that leave these people nothing but misery and suffering and so they flee and we wonder why we have a refuge you know a millions of left ukraine to avoid the war streaming into other parts of our it's really a string to strain the ability to deal and you know the time when countries admired in death themselves the needy thing as to push him over the edge out to gracious oh for so have never been the ukraine but from what i read from what i understand a russian victory there is an evil why we won't talk to these people i suppose the answer is obvious but the you know that our going in this war to begin with was to weaken and bleed russia dry wet he hasn't were it's bad as dry and the so these people behind it cable and they get more despicable every day in this way for people here in america through understand that in the stop listening but they don't some day i i don't i don't think i don't think the the the guy in the white house is set in the sea there is doing a very good job of not abiding fan because he he failed on every single level even even do you know afghanistan he bombed seria day one that the hinotito or supposedly took office i mean that so it's it's really it's really something well let's talk about the constitution party you were there at the beginning and you probably extraordinarily knowledgeable about the founding of the constitution party which is a wonderful option to the failed unipartite now we're going to have the work with some structures we have in place and ordered to write this nation in my opinion though not a real big fan of of the party system right now because it's so corrupted but i'm totally totally impressed with the constitution party so could you give us some background and help educate every one well just in that you had on before me i was listening to a view that a pretty good job explaining the early days of it but i had personally i had an investment of count with the i know our phillips quite well and he asked me one day who you won't go for in your selection she in ninety and he said well i'm most probably said this one out he said we have considered my friend how it felt to his trying to start a third party so i contacted our then we got to get ah there is a handful of people there all did tho some butyes i went to the first convention and was reproof so say joan or but he was started with the idea as just in pointed out the two party system is going to as howard put at god's going to send judgment on the mere when it does when the flood comes we will be well this is raining you know what it's an people over the years i have not turned to us as i hope they howard always thought the parties with bedad we get so bad that people to turn back to as think he under estimated the ability stations of both parties to share power to all those original found i guess the closest to people to the original people the men jim climber but everybody else original range leadership that connect that had an intimate connection with the country he they're all gone i mean they left these other parties i saw inside that they were and so now he who experienced so things are oregon how explain he makes histories days i was present the student bodies he was present party a bold one thing led to another and once he actually got inside the republican he sold after rupted way these two parties power although the democrats seemed to be a bit more aggressively majority now the there both of similar that the party is a stayed together somehow sometimes in the intense as well as nationally a sonata about someone so goes on in we always go man some his messages good together in the always people out there every every time there's always people who will come in and say yes we see what's happening were concerned and we like to sing and run with it o gods always provided a remnant sometimes down pretty slow but we just hang on there and had people come in people people come in the one thing about the constitution or on tell you you know you're you're a milanese lewis who molarthe last me and i your your carasmac and intelligent and people come in all the time i see the party in the they wanted meat the leadership and they make the late sometimes i can be disappointed because the leadership is made up a board nary the men there aren't any movie star and some people there aren't any a big time so there that you see on television all the time just ordinary the kind of people that that were there when the country was founded the coppe roseline on their now with their blood and their sweet her tears for so many years those who people that the run this if that's what somebody is willing to to set constitution for it might be the this not the party of celebrities so ordinary people most of whom are really bright and their very concerned about what in their willing to give what they have to give an alert to try to help it's a very impressive group of people quite honestly it is said that all long is the i was so shocked at the fact that the parties made up of statesmen and conducts itself in an educated discussions not what i've seen and in the republican party certainly where it devolved into fighting at the meanings and i mean literally fist fighting and that sort of it is absolutely absurd you know and some of the wonderful discussions that that we have and how to come up with solutions for the troubles it like as you know to your point earlier sometimes you have to go through a process to revaluate the problems so that you can get a set a solution that is actually workable and sustainable but i dislove it we're going to be in st louis on october twenty and twenty one general flint's going to be there on very excited about that and to see everybody again great of there's a wonderful speaker lissak set up general pinions one of em susan vanilis talking about home school john john ferguson i love him he's former marine a wonderful knowledge daroes with icelandland she's got the hand county method to bring up solutions to all these problems that are otherwise is going to be there and he's the candidate for governor and werenothing some some strand telligent people who really put some time and effort and and into study helping educate and also willing to willing to go the extra mile two to help others around them its nations about themselves it's about the nation and and o in the love for this country that god gave us so i'm looking forward to have you going to be there this are you going to be there this fall oh you gentlemen that will cortibe there no he no doubt about that oh you know god willing he nothing else happened yes we we will be there he ospakar you you didn't matchthat an excited about his joke miller tell meller yes i'm sorry i missed me the old friend and a very bright he was a canon republican inside appeases beneficial judges the west point very bright man always good to hear him and to hear from him so i'm glad he's yet i'm not i'm not as familiar with joe miller so you know there's there's a that that's a an a new one for me so i'm i you know i know he's coming here but i've never listened to him and i look for red to him also there several others i didn't matinals there's a gale speaking on back scenes and then the danger is there and and so it's it's going to be it's going to be a great it'sgone a great i think it's an issues conferences what were calling that so that that'll be a lot of fun so if you had some time to talk to people about the founding of the nation in the constitution which you know from your perspective in your education what would you if you were to do of many class would you would you help educate people those ah those founding well why i would say that people that in a very brief time in just a few minutes that now for six thousand years man has recorded his time on these and there's only an islesof time and all that time this american experiment that is that in the that that is a government based on an individual he not on centralised and that in america individuals have a i was in my gem the other day dressed in the locker room to gentlemen and they were talking about how uses this term but what they were talking about was the electoral and they were of the opinion that were passed that said we don't we don't need that in more were past because they did not understand that their idea of majority woe there happy about that because i thought they were in the major bossewelle to john menboth black and so i adjusted myself in her constitutional sense conversation of the scalastros right now think majority should rule as that right well yes that makes sense has so well one of the majority they wanted to re enact the th june i came with that ah said now because in america that's not not legally possible because individuals have rights each ah you know each individual person has wisacan be taken legally by the majority under any any sore you know just at a majority of one so itathanis a very unique american ah it's a concept that existing the forrough two hundred and fifty years old of all recorded his in it something that is worth preserving that over the centuries of health to trade preserve he you know the late that run the world may have had some under added reason for the in their minds they were fighting for their families for that individual freedom that here in america never that's what this country is about and those are some of the things that we need to keep on it's not the collective that makes it its each one of us in the yet and it's a very it is very unique system and its end as to your point it's worth fighting for but in order to do that we have to get involved do you have other sources besides the castle report that you would recommend people look into to be educated on what's going on in the united states as well as on the now you can read the federalist papers and such to have other sources also that would help educate people about the american press theseless all out and is well there are there are publications now that that to talk some about the about current events that the little more trustworthy than the new york times i still oi've had a subscription to the new york times for decades the publication that tells us what the elite of this worlde thing and the like to know that lectered the he if you take a publication like the at times and it's very good telling us sir to me about current events and telling people as coming on the you know there websites out there some most of em are he confined those on their own some of the website the idea that you can you can you whatever your thinking no matter what the losses so rare a lost one it has as to the castle report i keep waiting it cancelled by the ever does it but i guess i'm just not relied the tenement i was told by somebody the other day that if i got enough of lister's i'd become the favor started turning into a thussuppose i consoled me but so far there don't see it well if you get cancelled you can come on the upper end emerges not work and i'll make sure that you're up in running well you have a very sophisticated system there down i was really impress you got quite a bit the thing going on well thank you you know i got kicked out of i've been kicked off a pretty much every thing and so one of the company i think it's a bad diviner you know it's like you're not you're not doing something if you're not taken flack but i think you know i i ah i think that we have to support each other and get that information out and i won't sensepeople and so i think it's important for people have a voice and that's exactly why we created nonnenworth i do offer free this is all just volunteer i feel like it's an important part of our duty is to support the voice says the voices of other americans who are fighting for this nation so you you get kicked off you just give me a call and you'll be up within ten minutes and i always say we see if they try to take me down oh yeah i have it's like rock it you'll for me and they they will see every incarnation in the digitals face of donebringing about a hundred thousand other directions so they might want to leave me alone in this little one right now because it's to itjust it would just up the antiforeign do you have a website for hortense constitution party ah yes he is just kind of her poof tennessee think he and the resegone my wife was here she oh that's awesome yet this is the other thing i like about the constitution part is that yet the ego is that oh oh she is a nice job he agelas she knows a lot more about technology than i do the easy thing to accomplish because i know i must nothing but the calico in the old days i don't know how to read by have people here could read it up you know is it the the side i have is is under construction so in we the constantian party of tennessee is to know people coming in some new ship coming in so were outdating it were yeah that's very cool well and i love the professionalism that you always bring to the to the table and you know your lovely wife can such men it really preciate all the work that you've got in on behalf edited states of america thank you for running for president in two thousand sixteen because you you know we need to have people like you who are wonderful candidates who are who understand what's going on in the world and are what are ready to step forward because it's a it's quite a deal to manage a large campaign and two to be willing to step forward put yourself out in front of people you know if if you're standin front of people for the right reason you're going to be attacked that there's no two ways about it you just ihiereth it's a badge of honor when they go after you quite honestly i think it's well i prussiathat oi think you for what you do you are certainly the bright faces has come in their party and recent er seth you do in his thankless and in ah but you know to stay in the fight and do what we can that way of well i think we're supposed to pledge our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor and i think if i everybody stepped forward into this or even a personage we could write this nation very very very quickly i don't i don't know if you you've seen this or not but am i put together a a h in intorthe constitution party and going back in wool will add at this a little bit so that we can we can put this up for her just just branded for the constitution party trying to raise the awareness of this out there and i really would like to invite every one who is out there nas please come and join us and saint louis let me let me grab the the website horometer going to go back to this again because i think this is important and a nice website e donovanides men worked on a lot of stuff for the web site is nice i think paul down a bulwarks on this and he's another oh paul paul another one of the speakers and and he no i don't know if he has the speaker the share is he his wife spent like as susan divillity and so am anyhow but paul works on the web site and he has also one of my favor people to listen to incredibly compelling testimony of his life as well as his knowledge and grasp of things i like paula so any general michael flinn friend of a friend of mine is going to be a keen speaker there and talk about a person who has served this nation with absolute lack of a or with absolute selfless selfless him in his family there just wonderful people and we've got a there's joe miller who you are talking about joe miller's going to be and i look forward to to hearing him see the joshaghan you will you like i'm sure i have to get her on brennabor news network too sootable she's talkin what home schooling i hope schooled my kids by by i the way o john ferguson he's been on he is a former us marine and he's working on the border with a dronswou lindarana i love leashes got the hand county mouth of of denounciations which i cheepinge with the fact that we have got such a problem with selection of people that are in office we don't have a true election that's from the people and there's so many constitutional violations ah violations to the constitution for this we've got john afer and barker who's talking about childhood vaccine and a esmarch wilson and i'm going to be talking about getting the money out of politics people have to realize that if we want self governments we're going to have to treat it as with the duty that it it requires an that means that serving the nation as a duty i mean you certainly did it when your military career which is impressed of your military career is so impressive and the way you've served this nation with you know within making changes a lawful changes and also the constitution and i really appreciate that so much is there it is there anything that you can tell people give them any information that how to get hold of you and tennessee so that they can join in the constitution party in the state constitution party down there or how can they help you how can people be helpful to you and to the people around you well they can he reach me personally a my personal evil des a narrow castle not ah and he notes said we absolution to either my wife and i am both of us chairman i in at one time or another he concurred along over the i wish me about it they can try that emil he could get me to my through my the nine on one three to seven twenty one he and i would be happy to direct them then along he is that absolutely wonderful well i appreciate coming on you just so a tremendous individual and i thank you so much for for your knowledge and your wisdom and sharing things every much this is where we're going to go to this sum a wisely and the end the broadcast with with a prayer so to pray for this nation so if you would dear hevinly father thank you so very much for the wonderful wonderful people who have stepped forward for this nation for dresserfor just and by ill and for the people in the constitution party who really believed in one nation under you he asked that you would continue to guide and direct our nation that you would bless us give us your favor and walking out of captivity to this his horrible globes marks a crimes in the kit that that you know is set itself against you first and foremost are happily father and against your children the people and your creation we are so thankful that you are walking as through this that there's great hope going forward and all we have to do is unite under you and he moved forward at your direction and things will be fine and i do believe that things will be okay because you are always good you're in charge and we have nothing to fear walking forward in your presence doing what it is that you ask please help us open our eyes to the people round us the opportunities to help others first and foremost we are here to do your good purposes and were just very thankful for that opportunity each and every day that you give us help us to see those opportunities and step forward without without a thought to the consequences to ourselves just doing what you ask us to do knowing that that oh you you're going to worry about the rest ontake care of the what rest and we think we're thankful please bless general admiral rogers president and of all the patriots that are the brief patriots at are standing for the nation where just so thankful even a wonderful friend to us and we want to be a friend to you in the name of jesus christ's rosario we pray amon the man so there you go so this is where part of the show we godinnen go to brand a bird for governor not come because i have the best non conceder who was ever not conceited in his history of the united states caseinogin to conceive until we write the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty one or a lection are ententy twenty to election and probably back decades they've been cheating their tails off and till we get an honest election we will never have true self governance we have to have the will of the people and our voices heard and an tell you know i'm not going to concede because i am going tell you what i have great faith that we're going to turn this nation around and bring it back to what it was intended by the founding fathers one nation under god that's organ to do so with that said her handstones you bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we're going to take this nation back it's going to take brave people like you and dare and just in and all of us standing together realizing that they can't kill america they can't kill the american it spirit they can't do they they have no ability to do this because we walk forward with with an true purpose not not not their little manufactured headlines and the therefromthe indoctrination we actually have true purpose in the law is on our side we just have to be willing to stand unwavering no fear no backing down from this challenge and it's it's going to be it's going to be going forward in astonishingthe constitution party i get hold the darel get hold o jossinho get hold of me and the vice of the first vice chair of the tax is party which is the constitution in michigan the national party every thing is there to make it as easy as we can and ask you to join us you'll find a wonderful gooseman and friends who care about you care about your family who are not into politics but into self governance as being statesmen with a duty take care of business you have a great week and we will see you next week eh i'm not i'm not going to be on tuesday i think i'll jump on for a little while on monday and then the rest of the week will be normal schedule and we have wonderful people coming on next week again so i invite your friends and family and telling to come on and let's get educated take the nation back and we'll see later see anne