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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/11/2023 Liberty Essentials - Bill Mohr II

Published Oct. 11, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Bill MohrII will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the eleventh day of october twenty twenty three welcome this show this morning we're going to be doing a few things that are repeating not render news network because well i really like talking people that i've already founded an i take to and to really learn scope of what they know son wednesday's gilmore's going beyond and we're going to be doing liberty essentials on wednesday authorsto morrow we're going to be doing tantime because i find that heaven a little bit of technology myself but knowing a lot of people on no more than myself i think that we're going into unprecedented times and i think we're going to try to how people understand how to protect their data going into a doomed with an ampler something like that and create a sick security as well as being prepared for anything we can see what's going on in israel and palestine right now which i believe the whole thing is engineered i'm i'm not sent people in gotten hurt but i'm not believing at all where there's telling us that this is coming from i think it's like most things that they're certain entities that fund both sides of the war and with with that sad they don't really there care who wins they just they make money off of killing people and putting putting up continuing to feed the the the war machines that are going on around here and just so i could say as i've got to say that the rightful president of the united states president donald j capt hassanawa which was amazing and abide the impostor he got in and bombed syriani have the problem with that i'm in a inviteuses in wereplaced morning belding i'm doing all right of yourself i some distesi thought we started out with a song here that i think i think this is this is awesome because the war were in right now as a spietatamnte we get our self straight and our mind we are going to see it's got a start with us with the people we we are the ones in charge so we're the ones that have to be asking the question and on the government is just a reflection of the people and if the people are corrupt what do you think we're going to be sitting in the corruption is so here we got in to start out here this morning as i think this is an oh i worried he wore a dorcas aline to which fetisseroes parcel co and ho the loose a he got in normal no have what she the as gateonly one a service i go to hosoroguseri take mine with iollitie this into cottages even don't understand i have to have a rhetorician your prating o bein i do another one of how forestieryou goetherelation pistol consternation forsothe i got so no have courses the winders cause that's where now was so cross was still astolfo peredonovchina on the tishoostupid applied once or acestodorus for not compared betting or pray for in great for contemelious ion to mission on so she too families going it home i denotes i do from godotherwise only to the most aconotheistic the bridge no satchennonnio oetaeans predominate the long love hindoostanee alterations also to coocoocoo ooohooooo toeinto he heartened i love i love that i think that's really nice and something to remember you know i think when you look at the ye israelites leaving leve en eat up and oh the plagues even the first three legs they were all subject to but after that god divided out his people and the plugs were were only you know applied to those who had done wrong and ah you know they were pressing hise yet i think that it's something to remember as that god completes all safe no matter what i mean there's many many stories of that and we can walk forward with complete trust in god that he does have the way i think we're going to see some rough times a hat but that doesn't mean we should be afraid or or anything we just walk walk forward with with absolute faith in god knowing he's got the plan it's going to be just fine and whatever comes he's walking usto he there bell looking rose up a little bit see if his features back an area there you hit thing felt defeat is coming it out that happens occasionally in one well i might up there are but comte internet going on here so ah that's a kickshaw you and start the day out to day while i brought up israel with me the plagues of excusing pt because that actually fits right is egouttoir amendment to day one of the amendments of the states would refuse to ratify the constitution unless it was written there it and the israelites in egypt used all of these better less than in the first amentet at both the both freedoms the right of the people to peaceably assemble ah not sure about press what if they had their own if anything it went the information when ralph neighbor to neighbor there as far as a written document i don't know if they had such without freedom of speech with the right peacefully assembled and the dition the government for redress of revenisses in this case it was moses going up the peril and telling him what about the happenedand ent and wrath upon those he refused to obey his men with athos without him exercising those rights that he was given by god just as we are those people would still be sitting there in one continued to re obedience in the light of what god had told them the first amendment to the constitution wasted in the pillow rates it says congress shall make no law establish it a respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of pie or of the poet or the right of the people to peaceably a severe and to petition the government for a redress of re a lot of people like the use this as they not only do we have the freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom to assemble but also as though we have a freedom of religion using religion as a term defined to include all religions of the world as we would define it but i want to know what the founders would have thought when they were writing this they all use their words very care and so if we go back webster's dictionary back to eighteen twenty eh nor webster listen religion in its most comprehensive includes a belief in the being and perfections of god in the revelation of his will to man in man's obligation to obey his comet in a state of reward and punishment and in man's accountableness to go and also a true godliness or piety of light with the practice of all moral duty if therefore comprehends theology a system of doctrines were prince as well as practice piety for the practice of moral duties without belief in a divine law ever and without reference to his will or commands is not religion if his according to webster's dictionary is not red others a couple of other definitions as well one distinct from theology oh which consists in the performance of all known duties to god a is the stick from virtue or morality a consistent of performance of the duties we owe directly to god and then he says he has listener at the end he says let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without relate no stop there you look around the world to day we've taken religion as known to our founding fathers out of government out of schools out of education out of the home out of the public and how is our religious or in sorry how is our more moral standing gone today he says with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be tamed without relton and then he would include to say any system of faith or worship which also comprehends the belief and worship of pagans and mohammedans as well as he they have christians and pagans and worship of islam let's go to go to one of his coats here he says the christian religion in its purity is the basis or rather the source of all genuine freedom in government and i am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form and exists in be duable in which the principles of that religion have not a controlling i'm sorry if controlling insect george washington a first president after the constitution was set up he says while we are contending for our own liberty we should be very cautious not to violate the conscience of the ever considering that god alone is the judge of the hearts of men the him only in this case are they answerable ah there was a letter that he wrote the benedict erland thomas jefferson this one of the amendments of the constitution referring to the first amendment expressly declares that congress shall make no loss of losing a respecting an establishment of religion printing a free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech of the poet thereby guarding in the same sentence and under the same words the freedom of religion of e and of the press insomuch that whatever violates either throws down the sanctuary which covers the other there all interconnected i go back to the state of ishie article one section four of the michigan caste that is our a constitutional stance on the same first amendment of the u s cos those every person shall be at liberty to worship who any gods why don't i is to worship god according to the dictates of his own content there is no freedom of whatever religion as the find to day that the people want to act oh the founding fathers were fearful that they may have a strong federalized government that would establish a certain sect of religious activity within the states they wanted each state to be able to worship in their in the according to the dictates of their own conscience there are other states that used the same terminology here in their cots tell us move on to the freedom of speech and of the press that's found in miching or rice once such an one i says every person may freely speak right express and publish his views on all subject being responsible for the abuse of such and no law shall be enacted to restrain or abridge the liberty of or of the poet your washington said to the officers in the army back in seventeen eighty he said for a man or to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequent that can invite the consideration of mankind reason is of no use the freedom of speech may be taken away and dom on silent we may be led like sleep like sheep to the slaughter benjamin franklin wrote numerous times and his silence dugat letters one of which he says in those wretched country where a man cannot call his tongue his own he can scarce call anything his whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom or freeness of a terrible a thing terrible the public treaty who is the fraid of the people's freedom of pee more than those who want to hide something from we could see that all the way through the last three years oh we had people being silent lost in right doctors being silenced an independent studies being cut out and why is that because they fear that the truth of their lines are going to be made public for the people thou must jefferson said the only security of all is it a free press he says that the nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects that never was and never will be the functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberty and property of their cost there is no safe deposit for thee but with the people themselves nor can they be safe with them without information where the press is free all his sake he says the press confined to truth not lies confined to truth as no other legal restraint the public judgment will correct false reasonings and opinions on a full hearing of all parties and no other definite line can be drawn between the inestimable liberty of the press and its demoralizing these comes jefferson back then would see that the press is important only if it tells the the freedom of speech of the press does not give the freedom the line we have never had the freedom to do that which is wrong but rather the freedom to do that which the law permits what say you done yeah well i think i think that the ability to talk things all is so critical to this nation and the fact that they've got our media that which is which is it all it is as a propaganda machine any more and they do silence those of us who are talking truth and ran to put the truth out there the they've done it over and over again and there's a long history of that you know starting starting way before it always the going on to the starting way before world war to you can really you can really trace exactly how the media and has been weaponized against the like what's happening over and israel in and palestine i don't believe a lot of what i'm seeing or hearing something with the border i think there's a lookingthe can take a picture of something that you know has a th that can be manipulated so easily and because it's all controlled even the protests of the have the united states their protesting in front of the israeli consulates and such this is just to be emotionally inflammatory and i think what they're trying to do is get people to do something really stupid like gravitors and pitchforks and let's go at it you know but the people in the streets they are not peaceful protests and that's that's a real problem and they they are giving favor to to the ones that pander to and push their narrates absolutely the the very first thing i saw regarding what's going on over there israel and granted it you're right this is all dust a giant distraction with all settlementwe can go through and we could prove it one of the time we need but her horse stand out to your lighters the very first thing that i saw oh i don't i don't want to do so i may be behind on everybody that's listen but the first thing that i saw was a was then going in and bombing the media building and i saw that and i thought about a little while and the question came up why immediate building first foremost and then looking into a little bit isn't that the same media building that they bombed and twenty twenty one i don't know if you saw that video or not i did not i the same media building i believe in getting the gosisi i think it's the same building that they showed them bombing and twenty twenty one maybe the same foot while that we know that the recycling footage on all sorts of things and oh ye eh he went on now what happened ten years ago just watched the in en he had thought the the resident here brand it with her little crisis actors in such not to say that this is not that the one people being killed there because i do believe that they are they are but you know to inflame people to do protests all over the united states two and two just even to disregard the bit of the basic promise that you know forty babies that have had their heads chopped off in such i'm i'm i'm senior going hold on here a minute what are there trying to weapons the hume inowthe people of america to create more disturbances here based on head lines rather than potentially what's really going on rearedrose the letter i think i see this to you from albert pike he was a thirty third degree mason and scott into what we call out scout a news the hand in a lot of the visible in the civil war the war of the states i should rather say nothing simple about that like and the he had brought a letter to emanationist name his last name in the sine eighteen seventy one regarding a conspiracy involving three world wars he said the first world war must be brought about in order to permit the illuminati to overthrow the powers of osars in russia and of making that country of fortress of atheistic communism right the old us the divergences caused by the agents of the illuminati between the british and germanic empires will be used to foment the war at the end of the war communism will be built and used in order to to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions he said the second world war must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the fascist and political sciences this war must be brought about so that naziism as this stroyed and that the political scientiis be strong enough to institute the sovereign state of israel and palace give this was one written in eighteen seventy one during the second world war international communism must be strong enough in order to balance christendom which would then be restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social social cataclysm and he goes on the save the third world war must be full manned by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agent to ear the illuminati between the political scientists and the leaders of the islamic world the war must be conducted in such a way that islam and political find of them mutually destroyed hole meanwhile the other nations once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical moral spiritual and economical exhaustion which then we shall at least the nihilists and atheists and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm in which all its horror will be shipped will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil then everywhere the citizens obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitude this illusion with christianity will whose the isspirited will for that moment be without compass or direction anxious for an ideal without knowing where to render its adoration i want to touch on that a minute oh a lot of the churches of america to day and a lot of the professed christians will play that this the political state of israel set up by the united nations mind you eight that they are still yet the chosen people of god the whole nation they claim of the chosen people of god because that is where the unassisted well first of all who is that you right you have should rise his word too eh they are they are global entity still trying to set about a new world order and yet these professing christians want to say that they did good by setting up a political state of israel the if israel ever is ever destroyed then what happens the matter de cristenum they're going to take well rapture's comin we're all going to be out of here and o the apocalypsis on its way and there's nothing we can do about it right now here tell you what to happen a gas it ain't he he goes on to say that the man of the station will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of christianity and atheism both conquered and exterminated at the same time this is a religious war if this is not a political or it is not national war this is a religious war predetermined by his head who believe that they can establish a new world order and remove god completely from society and i'm here to tell you it's never happened in the past and it ain't going to happen now there call test and saneness and if you look at look at what they've tried to put in place your hollywood and it's so it's so pepercit our society that i think that it's hard for a lot of people to spot it but but it if you study a little bit pay attention you can see that all almost all the structures that are in place have to do with taking care of people's minds their freedoms and and really ternated into just the religion being the state of the you know the states that they put in place but to it really destroy everything that's religion and or godly he throws up again whose take a minute here this is country in her not i'm afraid like he said i inginocchire men wage ion there's more than one way to skin a cat here so this is later going to do up there are i forgitten country internet so sober relieve of oh you re talkin about the the powers that be being all sat they are albert pike was segmented maister crowley was a saint nest and oh you you can look at the people that are you know a markis there called there a lot of more cultists and that this is not this is nothing to do with god whatsoever you don't mess with kids you don't mess with davies you don't sacrifice them in the fires to baloo anyone like that in his still going on people people don't realize that this is still going on the salinas their trafficking people they are selling fetlar and body parts and organs organs and you know live organ transplant type all think you're a transplanted all i think this much more desvios things going on it will we god said and the old testament the innocent blood he will repay there is there is no pure forgiveness for innocent blood it must be repaid in oh why do you think that we have all of these people coming across the border and infiltrating our country might you is treason by the powers that be why do you think we have all these people coming in and i think i have a people that has infiltrating army coming in here because a general fling was trying to expose that years ago which was that whogot him in trouble was a good on that works the sleepers selves that had been training people across the united states for a long time now we've got a huge amount of people come in across the old besides at the human trafficking element of the how many kids if they lost and people that they that they lost they imported the cartels and oh you know the drug cartels and everything into these this is this was a plan destruction of this son i believe it is solely god's judgment upon the disobedient people the same thing that we saw in egypt the same thing that they that we saw in the wilderness with his oh you can you can look through his three and over and over and over again look at look at the destruction of jerusalem for he these are the people that not only the kill the prophets but would kill the son of god and what did he do to them he utterly destroyed that plate oh you'll see this of the jewish historian who was not a christian mind you but he records it as the roman army actually would flatten the mountain of israel he said when they were done the place looked like it had never been inhabited and that is the judgment of god a part of disobedient people upon a wicked generation everyes the throughout oh throw thousands of yer well in and you know you can see over the past i mean even even a lot of people say you know there's a flood and every religion across the planet right so it's kind of it's kind of a universal thing whether you come in it is a christian or not this is the universally something that being repeated over and over again now you know we know what we believe on this is that god destroyed god destroyed the world because of the the unrighteousness and the judgment upon the earth at in an you know what we are we're sitting right there on the on the precipice shall i say of getget your act to gather or things are not going to end well for the majority of people but i go back to leaving the israelites leaving egypt god only subjected them to the first three plagues and after that he separated as people and i think that that a significant in the times it were in we don't need to be afraid we need to go forward with boldness for claiming the truth of christ and the gospel the salvation that god provided for every one out there and all we have to do is except his gift a salvation and i in the walk upright among on the land in and yet i don't think you can just say he is saved and then go out and consistently can it you got to have it apart from works is i am and i think that there is i think there's a little more to it then then what a lot of people i might might want to believe but ye got to walk forward and do the right thing and i and all kind of works together it's kind of a package deal you don't get to blaspheme god say you have a christian in the gold blaspheme god and you someone other horrible things because of god's truly in your heart you're going to know you're doing wrong thing immediately and he'll turn you round if charles bergen said that a true christian is a constant war with and that's what it is internally there is a constant war and pull so that clearly when he says that i do the things ought not to and i i don't do the things i ought to do right if it is he a constant war in the body of a christian and like as teased my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge this is one thing that we got to start getting into as americans as the church that we better be informed we better be prepared and we better be out there warning people of impending judgment if they don't turn away from the sins that that the nation has come otherwise we will be under the exact same curses as we can already see look at ironment eight we can already see those coming in the play and it is time for americans oh ever church to repent from this and turn and start doing the first works that are described and go out and give proper warning to the world because without being warned how will they know that their loss what are they lost yeah there's a lot of warnings out there right now too in the internet that basely say we're we're already infiltrated and be be be prepared gets some get some plans together in case the society doesn't function exactly as its function you now because if you if you were caught nissitai like what's going on in palestine and israel what would you do what would you need to be prepared for that first volume better be prepared by your mind and he now steal your mind against it being afraid of be a shut down you've got to be ready to to act on her all sessions and not going to melt down that that's important you've got and i think the only way that achieved that is by staines to god and immerse yourself in the scriptures things are going to go wrong there is no promise things are ever going to coestablish so you got to be prepared for that and second what would you need in a situation like that to prepare i i've been talking about the power grid for quite some time because there's twelve critical stations across the united states is only three areas or regions of the united states for electric power which is why there trying to get us under a lecture is that they can turn they can turn lights off at will if you do not follow them just like they've shut off the yet they don't prove you your down right if they get nine of those twelve critical um pieces in foresta the whole united states goes dark and we have never had a black star to our power god so so it's not going to be like oh you know consumers is going to be on the ground here and oh you should have your power restored and like three days or something like that ah ain't going to work that way if they take if some of this stuff is taken out so we've got to be a little bit more a sufficient in building our communities around us with a foot we know we can trust and you know be what skills does everybody have that we can pool o in times of of a serious stress now this income not only from being now attack but it could come from an economic collapse to which it looks like we're just kind of primory now when i look at everything and all the indicators were kind o a kind of sit right there waiting to see which way this is going to go i think that you know hopefully hopefully we'll have a whole bunch of people turning to god i think it's going to take a little bit of pain before that happens all as is the ah the process of most a convert like we were gone through trials before we actually find out that we have one it work it were just walking around happy go lucky and life i mean what's what are we being saved from and i'll tell you what i was saved from i was a wretch i was a a rebellious teenager living in the streets of grand rapids oh i was out to a drugs i was out with women all the time i look back and say at any point i could have been in one of these gangs i could have been killed on the street man i had plenty of enemies he and he and when i was saved all of that went away over night i realize all the sins that i had committed i realised that i was under judgment in any point the spirit could esseid that's enough of you you're out o her and he did he took me out of that and he put me in a spot where where i was able to serve him instead of serving myself and without without a war i question whether anybody is truly safe if you do not have a constant war in your life a good and evil between purity and send betwen oh the goodness of god and the wiles of the devil if there is not that constant war what do you do it a where where where are we truly and why would we need the armor in there's no more that we should not be shy away from a roman paultwenty one that we should do overcome evil with good right every quires action on our part we got to be out there we got to be ready we got to be prepared eh we've got to ah studied the shores so supposed first timethe saisit work men needing not be ashamed rightly dividing the word truth oh we need to be instant in season and oresteses to give an account for the whole theaters within us i mean all all of us we can't just go around a by day and not doing a thing oh the can't make false promises said will do this will do that you know of it we'll do it on our own time we don't have the time to sacrifice anything out of our lives to do what's good and jane says to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sent there what is it if we know that we should be doing something and we stay back and self serve and just be ourselves in our own little bubble and our own oh what good is that who are we really serving well well said well said the only reason why we're ever given anything is to help others in my opinion i think that that's you know i think that's a critical mind set to have it's like you know you can see you can see need around us all all the time and time is a big deal if if people give other people time to be helpful and steno it would we see something that needs to be on their there's so much work that is to be done out there and i think the gods get sick of the the time were work were spending all our time playing and stedefaste of actually being adults and working and studying and helping the younger generation not be so lost in such a son to be an interesting i think we're going to see an interesting month ahead of us with a lot of dissenters that were not more not expected and and that's a good thing i think that's a really good thing so i i really am worlds you want to go with gallemore time yet oh not sure what also we got we can talk about all kinds of things you know i love talking about the bible and love talking about you know just a instruction from god and what he expects for messes well as the foundation of the nation were so far away for what the found in fathers had intended and they went through a time of tyranny like work going through right now they they they knew they knew what they were talking about and they gave us a hand of a map to get out of it and god gave us the form of government in bible that a godly form of government etvos read it and a souththere is a road map there for us how to get out of where we are now of it what what we think that he that article for section for swelled out when you are forsitions statesother state shoppert a republican form of government and this is something that that was never tried before with the founder's where did they get these dies and i think i've given plenty of pots between the two weeks ago in to day the show you exactly where these ideas they were all from failed governments beforehand things that didn't work and the government that was set up as the nation of israel the israelites the jews got chosen people back in the old nest they were the pick out men from among themself oh to be leaders over a hundred fifties tens they picked out from among themselves judges oh ominous go through and list that you can see the representative type of government that they had a right up until the israeli said give us the kicking they wanted flesh and blood to rule over the they wanted to put their trust in the arm of flesh and blood instead of their trust in the almighty god now granted this is after after they had seen all the miracles that happened out of egypt and then they were telling this all the we down their generations they had set up a signs and wilderness oh that they may go back and see and be able to tell their children you that's when that happened and this was why it standing there oh it after all that they still wanted to it the bee like the other nations of the world they said and god told them exactly what was going to help if they wanted to kick oh let me pull that upamantha is worse going through while we're on that so yet sounds like you are here the bible the bible predicting that you know what was going to happen and i think we you know you are here in the map and in the same same thing in america we we have or had a republican form of government we still do if we would utilize that but the people one to put their faith and trust in the next great politician taking their going to be the saviour and save them from the nation of wickedness that they themselves had helped set up and they themselves refused a brick just oh first samuel chapter yeah yeah right here trifoire wanted to king they wanted to be just like the other nations of the polesvery other they wanted to be like other notes and this is what the lord told saniel and then samuel's told his that this will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you will take your sons and appoint them for himself his chariots orpen and some shall run before his chariots ran the document army he's goin to take your son and making army out of it he will find him captains over thousands and captains over fifties and will set them to hear his ground and reap his harness and to make his instruments of war an instrument to cherry he's going to take your children and there got to do the work that they could be doin for you but they're going to do it for the king and had is here take your daughters to be confectionaries to be cooked to be baker oh take your field diviner your olive yards the best of them and give them to a servant will take the tenth of your seed and of your vineyards and of his officers and to his servants and give to his officers and to his servant you'll take your men servants your maid servants your goodliest young men your asses and put them to his work i think the tenth of your sheep and ye shall be his servant and you shall cry out in that day because of your king he shall have chosen and the lord will not hear that day this was the lord save he's got to take the best that you have right every thing that you've worked for that the lord put in your place the king's going to take all of that and put it to himself what of the israelites to i had nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of an and he said nay but we will have a king over us even after all this a worse looking have a king over us it'll be okay we won't have to think we won't have to reason we won't have the process we can just be told what to do right it takes all the responsibility off from the individual and lays it on one man a king to tell them what to do and because they were too lazy to do it these what are we see in america today they want somebody else to do the work for him that they don't have to they want their next politician to go in and do what they want to do so they don't have he doesn't work that way to trade security and i think you're a lot of people are willing to trade their their freedom for setiformes security but don't it'not it's not security and they're giving the freedom away for for an illusion you pose who were going to trade their liberties their freedoms for a little temporary security serve either randoneth it's a trap absolutely a tract so is it kind of resistance the irony is obedience to god i was from horoscoper son on his cot by the ways from the senseliberty great guys over the as well the going back to the video we played at the beginning with the doctor robert alone he was of the constitution and party meeting last spring and i i thought that it was kind of interesting cause we got the the next meeting coming up and saint louis on the twentieth and twenty first so in general plan will be at that one which is going to be really really kind of a and a a good good conference to go a speaker series on saturday the twenty first and he he he was he was wonderful as a speaker at the spring and i was made that how good the calebar of the speakers were at that come so are they i pulled out for a little bit of everywhere last in those first time i had ever heard of robert le and i did not realize that he was a use of the institution of the amaranth the sign vaccine he was one of the guys that helped create that but described at the way that he created it that it was for lack of better word of stable and messerthe word the us but that it dissipated so rapidly there was nothing permanent but but they said what when he when they took his design and used it then he did something else to it and i'm not even going to try to use the words that you oh he is weormynde but he said they mixed it differently with something else and it allowed to become a stable form this within the human body and and he didn't know any of those right and easy eas even of acting injured party you can ask him he'll telling all about it robert malone and since then he's been preached out against it in something that he helped the he's but preached out against and he does n't extremely good job of talking about the sisterat on warfare as well as believe that's no isthat was the one the part that i thought was the most interesting is how he explained he spent a lot of time talking about fitz generation warfare and that's where were at right now with sisisesti thing is there trying to weaponized the people by activating the hemotion you know once again we've got another replication of a color on oanother color evolution that's happening out there in order to irreversibly the cigars to irreversibly changed the united states in their going to do it by heat and by activating motions rather than logic with no ability to hit any goal of peace or any any tangible goal is just to create a diversion and problem yes right to the whole basis behind the fifth generation warfare is a complete battle plane the manly involves what you see what you watch what they don't need to come out personally attack you because they can just silence and move round sir aspects with the media your social media ticktock a grief of people so periscope taknaka day i i don't know how to help you oh that that is not absolute nightmare i did that maybe for about a minute one time just to see what the big fat was wont i could do any more the stuff that came up assisted its information warfare and what what's really interesting if you ever have you ever got i've done that i'll do that occasionally as i want to see what they're doing you know what's out their to the point where there they're doing like all these cleaning h products in the toy lets say it it's like that it's a young person singing they they do like rainbows in the toilets the different cleaners in this that and the other thing and i'm sitting there going ah these are the same feel that are talking about the environment and keeping the environment sank and all their jewish pouring chemicals down the grain in i i can't i can't even understand that the lack of thinking is self through is is that is that pathetic you know the friday for the environment with the pouring like you don't make it rainbows in the toilet with all these cleaners and say this is how you clean a toilet i don't know i watched i watched people like poor like ten different cleaners in their toilet to make pattern so we're talking a lot of chemicals going right into the water is hot yet let me give you fair warning he i deal with the with chemicals of cleaners quite frequent and i have seen i know i think i catch like one pete that you're talking about and it it made no sense to me is as complete wasteth but i know i heard people talk about the using bleaching ammonia ah i onely do that and you hit it with the wrong deveron of my own or in the wrong set ah you're got close you didn't die is it done dogmasince micas that you don't understand a simple as that if you don't know what it does don't use it and if you think you know what it does don't make it a something you don't know what it reacts he sneehattan's a good point because it that's another thing is that the education system is so bad as people have not been taught in school the fort the skills the life skills to know even rebaiting like that that are dangerous they regulate everything else is so go by bleach and and emollierit off of the off the shelves and create something very quickly that you will not recover on the topic of education about we get back to the way we used to do things god calls me to every one of us to train up our children who are they to go in with her old they will not depart from that is a command i got two usable to be the teachers of our own children i would like anybody anybody who claims to know the constitution or to know how the government set up show me where they have the authority either federally or even state wide show me where they have the authority to set up a school and teacher children they don't it he now now how we have been so subject brain lost over however many generations the believe that he the state has the authority to teach our children what they want and now granted when when the school system was set up originally the state help fund that a little bit understand because it was for the common good it was to promote general well whilefor a but the people over in charge of it the state had no business telling them what they could use as curriculum what they had and a the parents of the students and the people of the community were the one two were in the schools and verifying that they were in fact doing with their supposed to do i don't last three years i glad to see more people doing them oh i don't have any children of public cools and i was then an out of it for a little bit but the but we are cassipa ents to train our own children why do we think that we can be blessed in our family when we're sending our children for a long esentials seven hours a day something like that day by days o thirty lost hours a week that were sending our children out to be indoctrinated by the state the same government that we claim that we don't trust oh that her teaching our children unlawful activity ah that are showing them god forbid you had up in an in it and a school that doesn't drag shoosmith right bringing sodomie from all over the place and teach our children that it socially o ka a legal to do these things when the law clearly condemns that right michian that's a m c l seven fifty got one point eight crimes against nature oh i clearly condemns that it is a foul any and anybody involved in bringing such things in to our children's minds should be prosecuted for right it's a following minimum fifteen years and jail that's on the state of ischia as then talk about our torney general's son of my or lieutenant governor whose aconomie numerous heads of the state were soon my twadling he's people are set up in her arm going off now the same thing happened in nazi germany hitler's use sodomites to set up in the assizes because they were controllable they were extort a they could be easily extorted right use these people to further the agenda that he wanted to commit among the people of his own nation because he could easily control the in the same thing goes those who want to provoke a in new world order a global society here or what have you sodomites the youths as useful idiots i like pollened they're useful idiots well do what you tell them to because of the positions that you give them right they're all felons they all deserve the same the same rope on the same and the same gallant it is simple as that oh the judgment in the law and common law god's law for sodomy is teviston hang about your neck he cast into the sea eh he said any one that would offend one of these little ones a child that would offend one of these children the ring in most sonunder neck and be cashed his certainly with they are certainly with her teaching and school i don't care i there's so many pantofiles that are out there to their trying to normalize that all of this sexual content in the schools is absolutely inappropriate on every level and in it if you are going to go after one thing sir to get rid of he the sexual grooming of children needs to be no more not that that's your way to do it get these people out of there and it's going to take parents to the stand up and say enough as the in the meantime think children are the school you will not be blessed if you're sending your own children to be indoctrinated his there is thus no reason why we are having our next generation being raised by our enemies that's what's happening i i sure you know i think that this is really a an interesting direction for this to go into because this goes back to the free speech and be able to say every single person should be able to say what's on their mind and oh you know ah we're never going to grieve with what somebody has to say one hundred per cent but the ability to say what's honor mind is critically import so that we can discuss you that this is this is a probe my hand with the lack of a respect for free is that you can't have the discussions and either either have corrections or come to come to a decision going forward on public policy without the truth and or without a basis of which to the buloff and i am either there is there's a lot of there's a lot of benefit to having every one speak their mind others wisdom and counsel many right that was that was the whole purpose granted the freedom of speech still does not give somebody the right under malice to lie in the season freedom comes with responsibility it comes with our own limitations bodily wise and lawfully a limited not legally lawfully understand the difference he oh but we are responsible for what we say we are responsible for what we do and on that note we are also responsible for what we don't say and what we don't do each one of us as americans we have a duty a benomen franklin pulled on the lady who asked of what kind of government every vow given us you look at her says ma am i a republic if you it doesn't exist by itself without us exercising our rights are god given rights not constitutional rights are rights don't come from governments they don't come for or from any other bureaucracy a righte comfrey from god we've not lost them we can still use them every day they can try to silence us they can do whatever they want through the we have the duke the speak out against it he reproved the works of darkness might bring everything to the light and if we're not doing that then work complicit and what they're doing yeah and and i i think that that's it's interesting to see how god puts different things on different people's hearts and oh it's it's a bet it's a beautiful it's a beautiful pitcher of the body of christ and how it you know we work together insersoll preciate the strength that you have in knowing documents and knowing history and what was the basis of this nation i think you you received that train from your father didn't you the man spent many years working through the gorges of the credit for it where did he learn oh he just learnt here in what started his his sad desire to learn about the united states in history and the docents is we were talking about david gilly date david gilly's going to come on some time i'm still doing so some researches on education on myself to be worthy to have him on as a gust atthis point i've never seen anybody that can memorize more information in my life than him he's amazing and i do know knows about the militia he he is quite a quite a scholar as well as a somebody who is totally behind the united states american freedom of mines is amazing so listen to and when when you look at your dad word if he get that desire to learn or you know every thing be they early on we we were a political family to speak i my grandfather group in the er right after the twenties as the mcgrand mother so they then came in right after that time when everybody was restructuring right understanding how to survive ah other own but they were in the prosperous time throughout the fifties my father was born late fifties he lived through the sixties and the seventies rock and roller he got tied up in a lot of vetterlein he originally got involved when he began to realize the things that were happening in the late s that were being brought to the light regarding the new world order the the summit the g g e any way that the summit that talks about new world order all the time when the world health organization started getting large and targetting involved a as we will starting to be structured he started seeing all this he became concerned at that time so he jumped in as a republican precinct elegant just the start to learn right this is a basis one to know what was going on and you realize what a very short of one time and a span oustic ple of years that eh nothing nothing is being done nothing's being talked about this is kind of pointless and worse so he was looking around for who was actually standing correctly who who still stood on the judeo christian principles that the station was founded on he was searching for the truth at that time and he handed up talking with some one the constitution part nor as he is express party here in michigan and became in false locally with them in incanton eh he helps strengthen can't county became the chair of can't county in they were accurate response or when the town of walker forget what ear the was back in two thousand edish severus may be at the town of walker put out a resolution in an ordinance that every church in the city of walker have a life and that is a direct violation of article on section four in aricinos churches have no business a big axe with the they are super entities of the states not allowed to according to our first amendment congress at touch of bacchantes ablished anything regarding religion and the state a constitution clearly defines it you not going to mess with us we have freedom to worship our own way you can't touch at it take as he would after him he had a group of people went after the town walker and they beat they had to resent their original design of licensing it's fosterin and kick county back he and things grew and how the more research that he did ended up e being promoted to the chairman of the us experts party for many years oh a couple of different times until twenty twenty two when he passed away to to the hospital prononons they put it pole but that that was the whole basis is how how was the government set oh and if if you want to know you have to go back and look at how they spoke back then you you have to know how how the words were defined back and the more more you look at that stronger you will be become and be able to understand how a group of the citizen citizenry of america was able to fight off the largest empire in the world no way could we have done that on our own street it was only a third of the population that was for it and far less oh military men the just common farmers and the people of their own and we took on the largest empire in the world at the ere we beat i mean you cannot tell me that the fine providence was not part of there's a reason why they call george washington to bullet proof man when he got out he took his cold off hers pulosathu his coat not a single one was in george washington has recorded history this is he here say menocal look it up find the articles this last stuff that was recorded throughout our nations ere this is the stuff that piqued the interest of my father and it was because of that oh that i became involved i was the all throughout my childhood i was the one you know being the only the only boy the first more mail also the last born child mind you out of i was i was the one who would look at my father and say ye had those those were the footsteps and i want to get it i want to follow those same footsteps and figure out how how we got here and he and so i did and in the more and more i got involved throughout the last or what's about three or four years no i i can see it the same way i've studied the same things i've looked at and i've studied things that my father would think her absolute is here now it be cold for some of his but the but i have an open mind to a lot of the but i prove that against the i'm not a man not out for look for lies and not even a prove a lie i weigh them against the if he if they don't match up against the truth of what this nation was that then i cannot be and that that's the way we as americans have to govern all the affairs of our line we don't have to study a counterfeit to determine whether another is counter oh my wife worked in a bank she can tell you this clearly if you want to know a counterfeit bill you do so by studying the real the more you become acquainted with the true the poor you will be able to determine when something has counter and the same thing goes in or government safe they goes in our daily lives if we want to know what true and what were being told is true that we need to know the truth and way against the story carrigan gargousse linethose there's ole also that aspect he is too you've got to you've got to stick to a a the things that we can count on our true that's the problem with a newsmight now they're teletimer is in it's it's all propaganda has just really too bad but what is it they say they say ninety four per cent of people don't believe the the news meteorich is gottorpers of the population then why are we sitting here talking about this war that's happening between israel and his is not that coming through the main stream it arenas think metrion to interest the happening on this on the ground in the united states with activating people two of to further the fitzgeorgian warfare that's going on you know he's horayoth front of the tejerish cocosates and on like no not going to go on there that is that is a stupid persons be counter dewey in is there furthering the conflict there is no gods that are going to be reached by jointhe like a bunch like a bunch of fricandoes you know and it that's not a racial slur it's just monkeys are monkes and if you're going to be after jumping around his most of youlestone these things or spoiled and title it minded white can and so it's like it's like no he knowed there there out there throwing their temper tantrums rather than having a statesman approach and having a goal a reachable goal and final goal and taking stuffs actional steps to reach that and i just i see so so much of it that's just its temper cantidad get my way you know whined all as regardless of the law that's what's happening out there and i that's not not though proproctor oh well i think that the great time to stop here and i always look forward to to the wednesdays cause i love what you re search and you bring bring to the table ah no in founding fathers and and foundation of our nation and the liberty essentials so were in continued to call his liberty essentials in what it takes to be free and whether the government what should the government be involved in like almost pattison there is only eighteen designated functions for one not that and norton burst the shell be county says that all of these all of these re letter agents there all illegal they don't exist they they don't even exist under that so we just have to get the pen out the three you disguised somebody and in place is willing to do that but on the other side of that you don't going back to how damaged or nation has been there is not one family out there he doesn't have a person in that family that has gone really gone astray and orders so hurt him because i i think a lot of it is its copy people are people are making choices that maybe they wouldn't make if they were under a different eh ah under a direct sat a circum you know and i think that all of us have to come to terms with that that you know we we don't you know i i he found of grief and lost to day an i did quite a bit of work studying suicide and in a suicide rates that are up and how i mean i know your family's been effected by bob this all of us have been our dad's died about the same time and and we know that they were in a terrible time with a very hurt nation and julius came forward and set all who would come come and let you know be be welcome and i think it's our or duty right now because we help create this mass every single one of us is the step forward walk with people not with necessarily condemnation however there's connection that comes to touch a kid that's a game o right there there are certain things that cannot be that they are not negotiable but we have such a hurt in our nation that that we're going to have to come together in the only one that can fixes his god almighty that the deep herds that people that people are experiencing you know the drug erbuse the alcohol use the suicide in such an when i see some one who's committed suicide or in any of these the areas i see it is a person a lot of times people that fell into the trap and once they you fall into the trips that stanley laces for you out there it's a downward spiral you are you are going to continue to go down unless you turn for its god and that's that's just the reality of you're not going to be altothese of at some point without his intervention or his health and that's what we learn from god but lonesome you know or a pot two reaching out redingot to people is when we see people that are making bad choices in their lives they are black with holding skills a lot of time and ah you know for us to step forward with great apathy and compassion towards them and say hey you're massot i mopped up everybody's tophet we all have something were dealing with right now back to your point of that you know we all struggle we all struggle with even and picking other by the hand and said okay it's time to move forward and let's see let's see i'll help you you follow you help me when i on and hopefully we can we can do this this thing called life to gather and improve every single day i think i think though that when people do turned to christ and there so they've had so much of a a ve pass it's really hard the people to make you know you hadn't instant that doesn't always have sometimes it does but but when people can't make that that instant change prayed to god others other strong christians are or very mature believers to come around them to help them find their way out of that darkness because we need each other and we're going to need to stand together to help each other out of this is we're so used to his that a lot of times not even realize that what we're looking at is is patently wrong you know though the scope creep in our government and the finding of things that are have done nothing but destroy people's lives genital relation there's one of em that is a money game right there and in its real sad for me to the parents that put their kids through this his transone ah and it's all about money if you look at thee the explosion of transgender mutilation clinics that are out there and how they exploded after two thousand you know twelve this is all about money the whole thing the destruction of people the wars and all this is all about money i have to say i can i believe the way that come calling collier obliterate this forward and i was happy here somebody else said i don't think that the government should be involved in marriage i think not at all because if somebody wants to do is civil union that's fine but that should be something that should be something the government is out of because it turns into a money grape and i i don't think it's the constitutional in constitution in issue of the constitution for the government control ah and seller not ruthenians there's a reason why a in modern day when we go down to get a so called marriage license what's interpret the word license here yet is he a permit to do that which is normally lie that's what a license though if you could otocousticons your playing at marriage is normally a legal in your asking the for permission to i go heteroderes on why the the place that we go to get a marriage license is down at the clerk at least of the state of michigan on i'm not sure about go we got down to the clerk's office but where's specifically in a clerk's office do we go we go to the record of de it why it because general le marriage was none other than between a man woman and god and their witnesses are the lawful and the only purpose of the act it's just to record such so that nobody can dispute it later we bring our certificate or a written statement or affidavit of marriage and we handed to them and say he put this in the pile that way everybody knows and can because under the mouth of two or three witnesses that's why we have witnesses and that was the original design emeric that's it they don't take your money they shouldn't have to tell you if you can or can't wasn't that terrible long go they take your blood type i heard an that's not my generation but the one has many years ago you had ever blowed task before you could get married and the other yes presswith do you think that is i mean consolif is on the flood why are you sampling lot of two individuals to tell them whether or no they yet i i think that this is one of that the government needs to keep its now as at of and ah you know it's like i really do i think i'd i think that would andelotio you know i think it would and a lot of problems because we know the courts getting involved and the attorneys getting involved in and family matters and that sort of thing everything is upside down we after really go back to that and truly i mean i mean you know when the good serialpen o the wounded man on the road to jericho he he hung it on the greater law that's that's the law of love when when you see some one falling and i think that that's a that's a very the priest in the rabbi i walked over them because that's what the loss said to do in this good smart came by and you know fat he is medical bells and took care of on and he he applied the law of love and i think that that something that you know we we all we all need to to see going forward because there are some truly bad people here that have to be removed we have people that have committed tres they are going to have to be removed and they have to be removed in a way and the same old permanently so they can't come back and do it again because it exactly what they're going to you know what looking talking with each other a talking with each other there truly is going to need to be a great deal of of understanding or as we talkin that's one thing i like about the constitution party the amount of civility as statesman that happens you know you're the new carmen and i want to congratulate you and thanks i by the way for taking that position as the chairman of the yes textes party which is the constitution party in the state of michigan the republican party keeps saying with christina crown with his castriotto now it's not it is not it is they're just usitata political talking in the constitution party in the state of michigan is thus taxes and well is the chairman and i'm the first vice chair in the constitution party which i'm very in very thin for for and to see the difference in conduct in as in a civil way and knowing the law knowing the constitution to approach to approach going forward on different matters and keeping the govern its more botkin's ring of government rather than in the imposing of sad activities upon the population constant and i am very thankful for that because most of us can agree on those topics young constutiones ment for government not the people and putting each to understand that it is not the constraint us we have more power than they and having very monoideic that's exactly correct they the government wants to get rid of the constitution because then there is no rule through them but no going back to israel and her king as long as we perceived them as our rulers as are authorities as our king what do you think is going to happen they are going to take everything that we have i can see them doing it one at a time through permits fees taxes licenses i mean that they take the good of everything that we have there is not i not i not going to secure and say taxes or bad but taxes in their lawful oh the government has to be able to function and it is our job to make it remain a remain with delegated that is his last helfres he outofround is a service contract for we the people to do activities which we are paying them to do but as long as as long as they want to keep taking and taking a like like property texts and the trio take our income tact and business tact and i mean he just lay it out every i like to ask people if you think this is a free country now name me one thing you can do without government intervention high and close as i've ever got his re at that's about the limit but the breath of public now you got up my clothes which you had to pay sailsthe so that that knocks that of it's the most organwere going to go forward with his together and i think it's going to grate would you like to say the prayer to day sharpley ok forewitan you for this though this fellowship that we've been able to have this morning other we think for your leadership and your guide you indeed rule over the hearts of men other you indeed rule over the nations you you take one down you set one up it father you have helped set up the nation as we've shown this morning through through the great men of faith who were willing to i give thee their lives or fortunes or sacred honor and defence of what they knew to be true and that is that the almighty god father yourself is the king the ruler of the name and father i asked that you would do that you would be with the hearts of the american people father not the not just those who live here but more specifically father those claim to put their trust in you and father i asked that you would bring a convicting spirit upon each one of us and show us that the indeed we have a duty to not only our fellow man to you as well father we have a duty stand up in the face of evil in the face of wicked men and we have the freedom given by you to continue to do what is it i no matter the trial the matter to stroke a father and i asked that you would give us each the strength to do so father give us a convicting a convicting heart that we may seek the truth and every matter that we may grow more to understand you who you are and not just so we are told that you are father a revelation of you are in every sense of is that you'd give your blessing on this and this alone that we may do your will here on earth and that you would guide us in all knowledge and all strike let that pass is that you would destroy the the wicked thoughts from among us father as that you would chastise every action that we do that may not be in line with your will what you commanded us restitude confound the wicked that seeks to to ours oh confound there their counsels confound their actions father and let the truth be known in each one of them your people she thinks only in your son's name shed his blood for us that each one of us may be free from her sent other that the th we are cleansed that we are brought in to your rights we can stand before you through our high priests christ jesus the then thank you so much recited well with that side there no hurt hands god boss everybody out there god bless you all gables all the whom you love and god bless the marriage we're going to go make it a great day starts here middletonus start staring at and live a good life and men you know what's right merongut out and all of our hearts and you know so if he is if he's given you a nudge in one direction follow him he talks to us to the holy spirit and will lead us out of leaves sat at temptation he'll lead us out of captivity and he led us into walking the path as i do believe that you can walk on this earth with god which you're going to have to stay with him as he moves so you know he moved fast much easily saw him great day and i gan say stan for inteville i have a great day and all he had got pregorono dot come his i'm still lack can see he that the best not to soteros lovernot conceded it for governor of the state of michigan hon weregoing to still we're going to do this in a lawful manner have a great day gusserow hetim to