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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/14/2024 Jonathan Cagle - Investigator of the Government

Published March 14, 2024, 9:04 a.m.

9am Jonathan Cagle investigator into criminal activities within our government. He is banned from TwitterX for doxxing the corrupt GA election official threatening citizens with violence..but that was just a convenient excuse for them to run cover on the real operations. Over a span of two days, his team exposed the following: -Global child trafficking (ADI, Blackrock, Clinton Foundation, McCain Institute, Duke, FBI, CIA, Mossad, Goldman Sachs, etc.) -Stolen Arizona 2022 elections (Tal Hanan, DEMOMAN, IDF, CIA, Maracopa County, ERIC/Alpine Consulting Partners, UN, etc.) -Michael Crow, BEHAR family, InQTel, CIA, AND Mossad -Bioweapons research (NIH, GENENTECH, Seagen ELI LILLY, ASU, Duke, 23andMe, NIA, TERO, BMGF, ETC.) -HIAS 9Mayorkas, Shapiro, Pritzker, etc.) Reminder: Alpine Consulting was not only working with our ERIC voter registration data...they were also contracted with the CDC! X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. It's the 14th day of March 2024. And I got to tell you guys, talk about having life take weird twists and turns and such. Today is one of those days. We were, I was communicating with a friend and all of a sudden, a contact, I will call him that right now, dropped into my I don't know, sphere of being able to see what's going on in the world into my purview. And I can tell you right now that along with Ivan Raiklin and some of the other people who are in intelligence or who are investigators, this gentleman has got some stuff that needs to get out there. And I'm going to ask every single one of you out there that he's been censored. He's been banned. He's banned right now off of X, Twitter X. They say they don't censor. But you know what? There is censorship. So this is going to rely on you and I getting this stuff out here. And I can tell you what. I can keep the connection up, okay? We can continue. This is something that I can do. And I have no doubt. that we can keep this connection up short of an EMP, okay? And even then, I think we can keep this thing up because we will jump to another quick connection real quick. For those of you that are out there that know, I think we could go head to head with anybody, including perhaps the criminal element in our government. So, but with that said, I'm going to ask every single one of you out there right now to... to text your friends, to communicate with your friends that they need to get in and listen to this particular broadcast because I'm going to mess up his last name. Jonathan Kaggle, I say that right, is going to be on and he is an independent researcher that I can, I can tell you right now, I am so impressed with him in our conversation we had yesterday that I'm like, it's just going to, we're going to need to blow this up now. To those of you out here who are looking for something to get butthurt over, I'm very sorry. There are going to be no protected classes of individuals because we need to question everything. I don't care if you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish. I don't care if you're female, male. I don't care what gender you assign yourself to or whatever. There can be no protected classes of individuals. It's either good or evil. And that's what we got because criminals like to parade themselves under labels. So we're going to throw some labels out here. It's going to make a few people, I'm sure, pretty upset, especially the ones that are trying to hide the criminality that has been right in front of our face. And with that said, so there's my warning to everyone out there. We're going to talk about some very difficult subjects. It's going to lead to murder. It's going to lead to election rigging. But I'm going to come back to this murder part of it because I think this is going to blow open the fact that we have departments of assassination agents in our government and we need to know about it and who they're working with. Who owns the government? Do we have anybody sitting in the seat for real or are they all puppets? And with that said, I'm going to bring on Jonathan. Morning, Jonathan. How are you? Hey Donna, good morning. I'm doing good. I gotta tell you, there's few people that leave me speechless with the amount of knowledge that they have. but you did it yesterday. I was so thankful all day long because I'm a truth teller. I started out as an Annan researcher and such, and I've got to meet the best, what I thought was the best of the best. I know Ivan Raiklin, I know Tom Speciale, I know a lot of people that are in high places. And I got to tell you, what you started talking about yesterday is something that every single person in the United States needs to be aware of. They need to hear this. They need to know what's going on. And I'm just grateful that you came on today. Yeah, thanks for connecting with me yesterday. For your listeners and your audience, we connected through my friend Stephanie up in Michigan because the work that I do supports Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, a number of states where a lot of nones, a lot of nobodies are really putting everything that they have on the line. They're putting their lives on hold and they're coming out of pocket to, you know, really fight this juggernaut that we have of election integrity and child trafficking and, you know, the border invasion. And so anything that I can do to support my friends in Michigan, I'm going to do it. And, you know, I wasn't expecting her to introduce me to you, but I was, I'm thankful that we've had this opportunity now, so. Yeah, and Stephanie is, I consider Stephanie one of the, bomb-proof, honest people in the state of Michigan. Her aunt traveled around with me. So April, if everybody saw me traveling around with Erlina and April, she traveled around with me. So I know the family and I know the people involved there and they are true patriots. and and it's it's truly amazing so I don't know where to start with this but what I'm going to do is I'm going to put up your true social because you were kicked off and have been kicked off allegedly uh no censorship x and to find out that you are in fact being censored and you put this video up it goes very quickly um it has to do with sedition hunters and k2 and we're going to get into this But I want to just play this a little bit, see if I can get it to play here. There's no sound to it, but you're showing different. I want to go through and screenshot this so that we can show people what is there. K2 Intelligence is now K2 Integrity. Head over and visit our website to learn more, Now, where do you want to start with this? Do you want to start with election integrity or do you want to talk about the assassins within our government? So for context on the video, that's K2 the Sky, one of the sedition hunters. There's a number of them. They call themselves a loosely connected group of internet sleuths. And we know if there's anything that we know about the government, there's nothing that's loosely connected. Everything happens. Everybody's in every position that they're in for a reason that's usually not advantageous to the American people. And so... About, I don't know, probably two or three weeks ago, I had been looking at some things not focused on J6, but just focused purely on election integrity and general corruption stuff. And something made me go back to this Sedition Hunters. I think, you know, hats off to Julie Kelly on TwitterX and True Social. She does a fantastic job. covering the plight of Jay Sixers. And I think it was something on my feed that showed up from her and it made me go back and look at that. And so as I dig deeper into who K2 is and who's behind it, I realized this is the sedition hunters. This is the capital hunters. And you talked about shadow governments in the introduction. our entire government has basically an apparatus in place to operate off the books, like a black ops that doesn't represent the constituency of America. It represents corporatist interests. And that's what organizations like K2 are designed to do. Yeah. There's a little bit of static in our sound here coming, and I'm not sure where it's coming from, but Let's see if we can. Okay, let's try that. I think there's still some static there, but I'm not sure what's coming from. So we're going to keep going and ask people to be patient with us and ignore the static because the message is worth listening to. They're going to attack us. Every time I get on here with people that are actually talking about real stuff, we absolutely will go under some sort of attack. Sometimes I'll lose the feed from the guest, you know, because it's live. And one of the reasons why I do this live is because it's absolute proof that this is what we said. And there's a record of it that They can change it, but we have the original and there's enough people that have viewed this to be able to testify and collaborate that in fact, this was the real feed out there. And just so that, you know, the FBI, CIA, you know, miserable criminals out there that are in our government, that are working with our government. It's like, there's so much redundancy and copies that, you know, want to talk about a dead man switch on the stuff that we have it's incredible and they could look till the end of time and never find it so so well there's your warning shot out there you know screw with any of us and uh and it's gonna get worse real quick so um so at any rate let's let's talk about the sedition hunters they're they're screwing with the rumble feed right now I'm sitting here watching the rumble the live chat, people coming and going on that. So just so everybody knows, if you go to, that so far has been probably the most reliable, as well as the tour nodes. And just so you know, guys, if you understand tour and we're on it, you screw with anything there, guess what? We're going to have 100,000 little venues to get out on, and we can do that. So you can't silence us anymore. So anyhow, so let's, let's go on and keep talking about this and just, just, I'm just going to let you talk and lead wherever you want to go with this. Okay. Yeah. So back in probably 2020, maybe late 2019, you know, I'm sitting there, you know, 30, how old was I? 35, something like that. Never cared about politics. Never, never gave a shit about it. Never had any reason to and never wanted to. And then, you know, obviously COVID made landfall and then lockdowns and then You know, everything from that point onward didn't make sense for whatever reason. And all these quote-unquote organic uprisings seemed a little bit too astroturfed for my taste. And so I was living in Chicago at the time, and it is, let's see, it's either April or May of... 2020 and right after the initial shutdown and then they had brought everybody back out and they said okay it's cool to you know come back out but don't get crazy or whatever and so I'm walking around downtown chicago with a backpack on because george floyd uh whenever that situation had happened there was a peaceful protest that was going down off of um lacquer drive which is a block from where I live and so I was going to pay my respects and say okay I will I'll pay my respects to george floyd and you know everybody's right to peacefully protest and assemble and so I'm halfway there And I noticed that in Chicago, there's seven bridges that cross the Chicago River. And it basically separates, you know, boroughs or neighborhoods of Chicago from each other. But whenever there's an emergency, or there's a ship coming through, they have to raise all of them. So once the ship gets past one or two of the bridges, then they always lower one for emergency purposes. Well, I just crossed the LaSalle Street Bridge, and I'm still walking over towards the George Floyd protest, and I see everybody's peaceful. I see all the bridges are up except one, and then behind me I hear a... Like out of nowhere, it sounded like a bunch of like warriors running onto a battlefield, like screaming at the top of their lungs. And I turned around and I see a swarm. I'm not kidding. It had to have been 500 people all in hoodies and backpacks and ski masks. And, uh, they had baseball bats and like two by fours and cinder blocks and things like that. And, uh, I was like, what the heck is going on? I've never seen anything like this. So I'm standing right in front of this coffee shop watching. I got overtaken by them. They were just like, it wasn't like it was just a Royal Rumble, but people were actively running into the streets and trying to cause chaos. And so I got overtaken by it. So I just stopped and watched for a minute. And then right behind me, I hear a huge crash. And I turn, and somebody had thrown a cinder block through the window of the Girl and the Goat, which is a coffee shop in Chicago. It's pretty popular. And this is on the side of a building that's 60 stories. And so the window probably weighed... The glass probably weighed 200 or 300 pounds. And... But then the glass, like the cinder block goes clean through and then the glass like starts wavering and then it just completely collapses and it's the loudest crash you've ever heard. And I decided, okay, this is not safe. And I got back to my apartment immediately after leaving and I started looking into things and I was like, this feels too forced. Because they were all uniformly abiding by this dress code as, you know, totally organic, you know, I don't know you, you don't know me, militias are want to do. But as I started doing more research and paying more attention, that was really when the light bulb clicked for me that there's an agenda here. And ever since the stolen 2022 election, from that point on to the 2022 elections, everything was black is white, up is down, nothing made sense. Men can have babies, natural immunity isn't a thing. It's safe to protest in a deadly pandemic as long as you're protesting Black Lives Matter, but it's not safe to go to a college football game on the weekends. which a lot of conservatives do and and so nothing nothing made sense and as time went by you realize okay what's the big picture what's the 30 000 foot view what's the agenda oh there's a coordinated takeover going on of a certain elite you know small, non-representative class that wants to basically strip our constitutionally protected rights. And once you know, you know, I think it's... The wise approach to go from a standpoint of once you know the destination where they want us to get to, which is the complete erosion and destruction of the middle class, the creation of a perpetual two class caste system where they have their exclusivity and their 1% of the 1%. And everybody else is basically the proletariat that's dependent upon them for universal basic income, for energy needs, for food and water, for housing. And once they get us to that point, then it's over. Like, there's nothing that we can do. And there's also this coordinated push to remove our guns, and that's what's – that's one of those things that's just supporting everything that they're doing. They want to disarm population. The Second Amendment is the only reason that they haven't already taken over the entire globe in my opinion. But – When you look at 2020 going into that November election and you go to bed at night at 11 o'clock and you think, all right, Trump's got a pretty safe lead and I'll just call it and I'll pick back up tomorrow and then – you hear at two o'clock the night before they stopped counting and all of a sudden these massive batches of ballots came in and the next thing you know you wake up in the morning and joe biden has flipped like impossible to flip races and so and you're like oh um yeah this this makes sense because everything else sucks this has to suck too so of course this would happen and then Obviously, people had questions, and I'm a math guy, I'm a numbers guy, and I knew that statistics is still a thing, folks. Regardless of what make-believe fairytale universe you want to create for us, like math and probability and statistics and outcomes and things like that, we can still determine what the... odds are of a random organic result like the one that you had and they're not mathematically possible and that fast forward to 2022 stolen election is how I got involved so I haven't been in this political space for long I got into it because it finally ended up on my doorstep you know when we always talk about you know I don't want to get involved or I don't get out of cities. We got to retreat to rural areas and homeschool your kids. Those are defensive plays because no matter where you go, wherever you go and retreat, they will eventually gain ground and they will end up. There's nowhere to hide. Correct. There's nowhere to hide. If you leave one area, this is a global crime syndicate. So we can, we can delude ourselves and say there's a safe place, but there isn't. it's a you know this is a stand and fight yeah and then the the summer love protests like were a big red flag for me because everybody was all uniformly masked up and they really leveraged the pandemic as the excuse to non-suspiciously you know wear masks all over the place but in addition to that, you also had these groups that were showing up in major metros and black block that were actively like assaulting civilians with like batons and like, you know, makeshift weaponry that, you know, looked like it came from, you know, the, the back room at the FBI, you know, armory or something. I'm like this, what the hell is going on? And, and, You know, when 2022 happened and we saw January six go down and it made no sense either because we know Trump supporters have. That's not how they roll. We don't just go and wreck people's shit unprovokedly. Like, the left is completely absurd now. It's not tenable for any society. The left is clearly committed to this hostile takeover, like, socialist, communist, Marxist revolution. It's another Bolshevik revolution to a T. And... you know the dishonesty behind it like you can even tell in their language in their conversations that they have with you when you're debating a topic it's never intellectually honest or or or logically consistent and that's a huge red flag that you're dealing with somebody who is truly a communist and um they're not operating in good faith and so when fast forward 2022 happened I said okay I know what they did and we watched it transpire in in real time and as soon as people went out to vote all the you know had Republican heavy areas the vote centers had machine malfunctions almost uniformly and so I ran the numbers on that and we determined that Of the, I think it was 64 places that from our research, we had identified having polling center or vote center malfunctions in the machines, whether it be tabulators, poll books, or printers, or what have you. Out of those 64, total in Maricopa County and in Arizona on election day, There were 223 total vote centers, 64 of them had problems, and of those 64, 59 were in Republican heavy areas, which is a 93.7%. result which is not at all organic and it's like flipping it's it's just shy of flipping a quarter you know 20 times and getting heads 19 times is so the likelihood that that happened organically is not possible it's not mathematically possible um and they I saw the contempt with which they treated anybody who asked questions about it and I said to myself no we're not doing this again We saw him do it in 2020. And that's when I, my first thread on Twitter wasn't until I think November, like, I don't know, 13. And it was not about elections or anything like that. But my second thread ever was about what happened on Election Day on Maricopa County. And I almost didn't post it because I knew what kind of hornet's nest I was stepping into and what kind of bullseye I was putting on myself. Because I'm calling out the people, the bad actors, and arguably the most incestuous, politically corrupt people. area in the country outside washington dc uh but when I did uh I felt this relief like okay you did what you know you could do you did what you should have done and whatever comes from that comes from that for a reason and it got me connected to a bunch of great people I'm very fortunate um you know I've had the privilege to work with some of the true like patriots, the unsung like Anons that give themselves for their country. And it's felt kind of like a divine providence thing because I could have been connected with anybody. Like here I am with like 1100 followers on social media, Knowing nobody I've never had a big social media presence. I don't have any connections like I don't have any you know financial backers behind the scenes with writing me big checks so that my account can just show up out of nowhere and I can go to a hundred thousand followers that wasn't me I was truly like grassroots and For some reason I got connected to some of the best forensic researchers some of the best current and former intelligence officers and professionals and Army intelligence, Navy intelligence, three-letter agencies that aren't the FBI. I've been surrounded by people that are incredibly talented, have taught me intrinsically just more than I can ever express, and truly care about America. since that point, I can't imagine not doing anything because the only reason I got involved, Donna, is because I was looking around in November after the election and waiting on White Night, you know, somebody to come and save us and say, okay, that's enough. This election is clearly bullshit. Like, everything that you guys did is clear sabotage. And when that person never showed up, you realize, like, okay, I guess I'll have to do it then. And thankfully, our country is fighting back because a lot of people had the same revelation and the same epiphany. And, you know, people like you and Steph and, you know, my friends like Peter over in Wisconsin, Kevin in Georgia, and, you know, so many to name in Arizona. Peter is amazing. I've had him on What an amazing guy. He's filing lawsuits and they're winning. If you base it on the law and the legal process, you can win. Going to all of the nonsense protests and that sort of thing, you're never going to win. They're looking out the windows laughing at us. You have to do it in a legal way and it can be done. Yeah, and getting connected with Peter was... You know, I had to be intentional about it because he kind of – he had an obscure account. I had an obscure account, no major following. And you just – you were lucky if you saw either of our posts on your feed because we didn't get any kind of reach whatsoever. But I happened to see one of his tweets one day that was – breaking down things at a non-surface level way and it was talking about the fraud like the the things that mainstream con inc media won't talk about that happened in wisconsin those are the things that he talked about and I realized okay all right my meter you'll learn about me is prop is probably my best talent is being able to have a well-calibrated meter and I can tell when somebody's full of it and I can tell when somebody's genuine almost instantly. I don't know. I knew that Peter was on our side. And so when we finally connected, it's been a blessing. We've been able to share incredible amounts of information. And it really kind of changed the game for me as far as like a sense of purpose in this, because most people don't know this, but Wisconsin was the first state that the evidence that I and one of my associates, Chris, had put together for Peter Wisconsin was the first state where it was actually presented, you know, under oath in, you know, a Senate, I think it was the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Election Integrity, something like that. And Peter used several of our exhibits as evidence. And, you know, it really changed it for me because it made you realize like these things wouldn't exist if somebody just, some nobody hadn't just said, okay, enough. All right, this has got to stop. And it's not the, and once you realize Donna, that the big names, the people whose names we all knew before COVID aren't coming to save us, the ones that have all the limitless resources, the ones that have the big productions and get invited to speak at CPAC and you know, All these other big conservative events. Those people aren't coming to save us. And nothing against them. It's just they have their lane. And I'm assuming that the people that are backing them like the lane that they're in. And so it's going to be up to us. I can actually agree with you on that because there's a lot of people that I've had on BNN as well as meeting them. And you learn pretty quick who's just there to be in front of a camera or who's there to actually do work and tell the truth. There's a lot of them that are just trying to build their little silos. And like you said, it's a lot of the people that we've seen in front of the camera's They have large donors and large backers. So they're a mouthpiece. And they're not doing the work. The ones that do the work like you, you find people like you out there, but you really have to try. Or God has to drop them in your lap like he did to connect you and I yesterday. Because I believe that there's so many good people out there doing work, but you never hear of them. Or if you do, they'll come under, you know, they'll come under some sort of an avatar or name because they don't want to be known, you know. And those are the ones that I want to talk to, quite honestly. And I just think this is extraordinary. Yeah. And like I said, Peter is one of the rare breeds that I've been fortunate to connect with and call him a friend and a colleague. And he's doing fantastic work. for people up in Michigan and Chris Gleason as well. Huge shout-outs to them. And shout-outs to Stephanie Lambert and Stephanie Beltnick who connected us as well in Michigan. And Kevin in Georgia, Melissa in Texas, Clay right over here in Huntsville, Alabama, right around the corner from me. And then so many in Arizona, so many great people. Rachel and Jen and Shelby, I love you guys. We've got Chris Kyla in Michigan and Stephanie works with an incredible amount of people with Scott Ogden, Michael Butts, Clarissa Filbert, and so many other amazing patriots who are just working behind the scenes tirelessly. And there's going to be a day when every one of these people who have thrown their entire life into writing our elections, they're going to be called out, and history will remember them. For certain, we will, because we the people that know what's really going on, not them, the government, okay, we the people, we understand. I think we understand who the true heroes out there are, and they will never be forgotten. The amount of time they put into this stuff, is just incredible. Yeah. And what people don't realize is that when you realize that you're up against an enemy that is a huge juggernaut with limitless resources, limitless financial backing and control of not only federal law enforcement, but the entire intelligence apparatus and the black ops apparatus, then you're gonna make the least money you've ever made if you decide to get in this space and you're gonna pay your bills. out-of-pocket based on the good graces and the kindness and generosity of the other Adans out there who see what you're doing. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of them because there's not going to be some guy who shows up two weeks into it and says, hey, here's $100,000 or here's a million-dollar check to go build out your platform or anything like that. No, I mean those people are already occupied with their people they've established. So you got to know that you're going to go broke, which we clearly have. You're going to eat a lot of peanut butter and Ritz crackers, which – or maybe that's just me. And you're going to become bitter at times because you're going to think to yourself, is this – doing anything like is this making a difference and I'm lit like when I say you realize you're up against an infinite juggernaut my thought process becomes okay I'm gonna work seven days a week I'm gonna work 16 to 18 20 hours a day and I'll only take days off when my enemy takes days off and so since november of 2020 to rather 2022 it's been seven days a week. I haven't not done something every single day. And the reason for that is I was late to this game. I was late to dip my toes into the political sphere. And I had never cared about election integrity. My background's finance. I knew numbers. I knew how to, you know, do fraud prevention and anti-money laundering protocols and things like that. And I knew how to calculate the relative risk and the absolute risk on investments. And so this isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up. And unfortunately, I knew I had a hell of a learning curve. And so I had to commit to it. And a blessing that I know has... It initially seemed like a huge setback, but it's become probably the most important thing that's happened to me in a long time. Back in May of 2022, I got my first and only DUI. I was ashamed. I don't even have a cool story. I fell asleep in the Taco Bell parking lot in Alabama and thought I was doing the right thing. And then when you wake up and the cops are knocking on your driver's side window, you realize, yeah, I probably shouldn't have admitted that I also had three to four beers. I mean, it was over a long period, but still, that's irrelevant. What they did was put me, because I had just moved back from Chicago and now was in Alabama, they put me on this pretrial intervention program, which is designed to, you basically agree to plead guilty, quote-unquote, and the judge sets aside the conviction as long as you agree do their coursework, and then you submit to color code. Color code is a thing where every morning at 8 o'clock, you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you call in to the city, and they call out a list of colors that have to come in and submit to a random drug screen. and test for marijuana and alcohol. And marijuana was never really a big issue for me, but with a background in finance, like I'm used to alcohol being involved in like discourse and networking events and happy hours and social life. And so that one was a little bit of a challenge. And I knew that based on how lucky I've been in my life, I said, the moment that I decide during the week that I'm gonna drink today, The next morning, my caller is going to get called. So I had a decision to make where I was like, all right, you can either fuck up again, pardon my French, and let this spiral into a much bigger and worse situation for you. Or you can just say enough's enough and go completely stone sober and not have to worry about that. So that's what I did. And in August, they put me into the program. That's when I went completely stone sober after the first three days. So the first three days were tough. After that, I didn't think about it. I didn't miss it. I didn't yearn for it. And then about a month later, I started noticing more mental clarity, more an increase in retention in my life. short-term and long-term and pattern recognition memory. I've always been high-level EQ and pattern recognition, but every month that passed, it became more and more apparent. Like, my brain was... becoming something that's never been before. And so fast forward to today and my brain has become a cheat code and it's given me the ability to see things at a level of discernment that I've never seen them at. And I realize every day that passes that I was given this gift and this blessing for a purpose. It happened so I'm obligated to fulfill that purpose and I'm thankful for it, but I also don't take it for granted to say it has anything to do with me. It doesn't. It's just something that was handed to me. And so out of respect for the gift and what was given to me that I didn't deserve, I'm obligated to use it for this moment, for this exact situation. And I think there's a lot of us out there that are exactly where they're supposed to be at exactly this time to do exactly the role that they're doing. And we can't explain it when it happens or don't understand it as it's happening. But then you look around one day and you realize, yeah, this is my element. I don't plan on doing this forever, but I can't imagine not doing this now. And I think back to November of 2022, when I almost didn't post that Maricopa thread. I could be out there in the world lying to myself every day, working with financial clients and telling them where to invest their money, knowing in the back of my mind, like, this is rigged and this is rigged and this is going on and this is going on. And am I gonna look at myself in the mirror in the future and say, I had the chance to do something and didn't? No. And so that's where I got into kind of this commitment to doing this because this is the most important election in our lifetimes. Might be the last election in our, country's history if we're not careful. And I know that's cliche. Everybody always says that. But we're talking about a clear attack. Our borders are wide open. Criminals are not prosecuted. There is a clear ethnocentric attack against white people. And there's a reason for that. yeah and it's and it's horrifying when you when you think about the gravity of that and when you realize you're dealing with our government and they're off the books black ops people you know there are no accidents there are no coincidences things don't just happen uh or just fall into place um you know unless unless they're pushed towards that direction. And so you can see, look no further than any of the rulings on these elections, lawsuits, cases. So we had the privilege of getting to help Carrie Lake and her legal team and the good people that are killing themselves to try to get justice. Because Carrie Lake, let's be clear, is the duly elected governor of Arizona. hands down, no question, probably by between 150 and 250,000 votes. Katie Hobbs was installed. She is illegitimate. And so with that said, you're just thinking to yourself, okay, all these unsung people, like a Shelby or a Kurt or a Brian or a... agenda right or you know rachel alexander like these people that have been incredibly influential but I can speak to how committed they are because I've seen it first hand I've been fortunate enough to work with them directly and get to know them you know and like again bullshit meters really well calibrated and uh... I've seen how much they put in how much they've sacrificed how demoralizing it can be when you have all of the facts on your side You have video evidence showing illegalities and conduct that is unlawful on behalf of the elections officials tasked with stewardship over elections administration in Arizona. And you can even have outright fraud, whether it's a forged logic and accuracy test that we later find they all signed off on it, but they actually didn't do it. And we find that out later. But that doesn't matter. Or Stephen Richard gets on the stand in the signature verification hearing back in September and says, don't let them see signatures, judge. It'll threaten Jews. And the judge goes, OK, good enough for me. And I wish this was fiction. I wish this wasn't real life. But it's become so absurd that you realize, okay, this is being pushed. This whole... This whole upside down reality that we're forced to live in right now, it is being fostered by somebody. And our intelligence apparatus that we have, I feel so bad for the American people. I think it's the worst it's ever been. There's so many intelligence officials that we know of that I feel bad for the american people because they don't even realize how many we don't know of but groups like what we were talking about at the beginning you know uh sedition hunters and capital hunters there's the push to make them seem organic and ryan riley is the guy who wrote uh he literally wrote the book on sedition hunters he's he's like the face of the franchise for pushing you know how patriotic these loose network of a non-Tsar. But since the time that I first started digging into them, I've realized, okay, they were using Pegasus, which is Israeli tech from NSO Group, which NSO Group is basically the private version of IDF Unit 8200, Israel's NSA. The FBI was using Pegasus against protesters. They were using Clearview AI, which is Peter Thiel, Charles Johnson, which is basically the Google of facial recognition. And they were also using Pegasus, let me make this clear, to extract exonerating evidence from J6ers or to extract incriminating evidence that they might have from January 6th on their phones where Antifa or Capitol Police or others are Clearly dressed in their uniforms with their typical garb and then changing clothes to look like Trump supporters They have used that and we know this now they've used both of those technologies against Anybody who was guilty of being a conservative in Washington DC on Election Day with out of water and That's when I really committed into digging into these people because they are waging war on American people and they're breaking up families and they're laughing about it and they're loving every minute of the conditions that these people are being subjected to in these gulags in DC and wherever the hell else they're sending them. Because we don't really know. We have no idea what they're really doing because there's no oversight there. They're operating independently and there's no accountability anywhere in our government. None whatsoever. It's really disturbing, though, to think about the laws that they put in place in order to set up Americans for entrapment and so that they can blackmail and coerce them. a lot of the rules and the laws that they put in like possession laws, possession laws need to change because if they want to set up anybody with drugs, they're going to take them on the bottom of your car and, and, or throw a bag in an open window or the porn that they can put on your computers and such. They can get into your computers and phones. They can, as you said, you know, remove, remove things and they can add them, which is, should be sobering to everyone out there. You're absolutely right, and we're waged in two wars simultaneously right now, an informational war and a psychological war. And the intelligence apparatus and their Praetorian media certainly have a heavy focus on not only censorship but also – you know, this psychological demoralization with bad info. And I liken it, you know, back to Winston in 1984 when they, you know, the society had gotten so far gone towards the dystopian, you know, socialist hell that they had taken words out of the language so that even if you wanted to criticize Big Brother, no words existed for you to even be able to do that. And this protected speech and protected classes and things like that, and hate speech, like you mentioned earlier, those are just apparatuses that provide special groups, usually with an agenda, coverage for their misdeeds. It's the criminalization of noticing what they're up to. And that's why the whole, you know, anti, you know, this anti-trans, anti-Semitic, anti, you know, or racist or bigoted, like all of these groups that basically includes everybody except white Christians, it feels like at this point are considered protected classes. And it's imperative that we reclaim the language because as I mentioned, the criminals know the protected classes and the things that you can't even ask questions about. And they intentionally structure their crimes and their actions to hide behind that as an additional ancillary layer. And so that's why it's imperative that it has to be completely destroyed. But then we sit here, you know, in March of 2024 and People have at this point been sitting in gulags, some of them for 39 months now, and Congress has done not a fucking thing. Pardon my French. And I don't care to read Speaker Johnson's Twitter feed about anything that they did or any – obviously, close the border or close the government. But I don't want to hear anything other than we're getting justice. We're getting these people out of these – Situations where they've had their entire due process rights, it's civil rights violations, completely shat on. Some of them are not even charged yet. And they're still just sitting there. And so I put myself in those shoes, like imagine myself sitting in, you know, solitary confinement. Like, and my family, my wife and my kids, it's... I'm sitting there feeling worthless and like a criminal and treated like a criminal for over three years now. And this also happens to drive a wedge through my happily ever after with my spouse and my children and ripping families apart. Yeah, that has to stop. And somebody's got to do something about it. That's where the focus, again, the last month or so on identifying who these people are. Sun Tzu says, know thy enemy. That's where that focus has come from. Again, we talked about divine providence. I don't know where it came from for me to come back to this or that. but I did and then I asked a friend of mine about have you heard of this organization and then they're like oh yeah that's x y and z and it just was like a light bulb went off and so to to give your viewership um a little context of who sedition hunters and capital hunters are or They are not at all who they pervade themselves to be. They're not loosely connected. They're not Anons other than their Twitter accounts. They're not amateurs. They are clearly professionals. And to give you some background on who K2 is, uh k2 is an organization full name is k2 integrity it was founded by jules kroll back in 1972 and it was called jay kroll associates back then his first client that he ever worked with was the parent company of marvel comics if you can believe that it all it almost makes me believe it's you know that the establishment of the firm itself was not organic but Well, it sounds like the same thing, you know, the CIA and everybody else has been involved in, you know, you can put CIA and Mossad in there together. They've been working to create all of these entities for how many years? They're indiscernible at this point. Yeah, it's the same thing. I mean, they created Hamas, Hezbollah, Antifa, BLM. I mean, they're behind all of these foreign and domestic terrorist organizations. And quite honestly, I think they're behind most of the grassroots organizations are the ones that claim to be grassroots because these people are way too organized. And, you know, you can see things like exact color matches even between their logos, which is kind of crazy, you know. Well, when you see Patriot Front. like marching around like idiots and they're all wearing like cargo khakis. Oh my gosh. There's a guy, there's a guy here in Michigan and he changes his little uniform, puts a different hat on, puts the different buttons on, wave his little flag and walks around. But it is, it's the cargo shorts, the khaki cargo. It's, it's, it's, I'm going to laugh the rest of the day over that. It's like the, it's like the most insultingly AstroTurf. glowy thing you've ever seen. No kidding. It's insulting, but humorous at the same time if it weren't so sad. Yeah, but when you get... When it comes down to it, the... The initial or the normal reaction or response is to just laugh at it, mock it, and then never think about it again. Don't let it influence your life. But once you realize everything that's happening and has been happening is happening for a reason. and it's being coordinated by somebody, then you realize, okay, it's not just enough to know it exists. We have to realize why it exists. What purpose does it serve? What agenda does it serve? And you're seeing bills be proposed in legislation now leveraging Patriot Front and Blood Tribe and whatever else, you know, stupid ass thing Rick Wilson, you know, and Steve Schmidt want to come up with at the fucking Lincoln Project and the Aspen Institute. Like, They're using those quote-unquote militias to legislate against and to passively strip your First Amendment rights to assemble and obviously your Second Amendment rights to form militias with your Second Amendment, which is the reason that we have the Second Amendment and the command, not the... not the opinion but the command of not only thomas jefferson and ben franklin but john adams and thomas payne that it's your responsibility to overthrow a tyrannical government it's not a do I have the right it's not a you know we think it's a good idea to no it's a every person who is able has an obligation to the country and to the Constitution and the preservation of the Republic. And so they are trying to make militias illegal with their stupid fucking, you know, glowy parade groups. But they exist for a reason, and that's the key central theme. Like, why does this exist? Sedition hunters and Capitol hunters was the same thing. I'm looking on my Twitter feed, and I'm seeing all of these Anon accounts that are basically just bragging about how they're helping getting these families ripped apart. And they're posting videos of people literally breaking down in tears and getting subjected to some of the most unbelievable, egregious bullshit you've ever seen, and they're just sitting there laughing about it. And I'm like, okay, we know they're part of the psychological operation, because that's designed to demoralize you. But... What's their role in the informational and the actual open warfare side of this? And then you realize, okay, K2 founded by a guy, like I said, Jules Kroll and his son, Jeremy. It's actually Nick Kroll's dad. So that's a fun fact for all the viewership. People who watch the league will know who that is. And he's been in... Parks and Rec. But anyway, in 1972 founded J. Kroll Associates. First client was Marvel Comics, parent company. He took that money and then started Kroll Inc. And Kroll Inc. over the next several years became known as the preeminent detective agency in the world. Private. Preeminent detective agency. And so There was something that I was looking at that, you know, one thing led me to look at this article. I think it was like just in the, you know, a ways down, maybe the sixth or seventh result on Google, I saw this article that was called The Secret Keeper, and it was about Jules Kroll, and it was written by The New Yorker back in 2009. And I wanted... was drawn to it because um it wasn't recent so it wasn't just an astroturf contrived thing to justify uh everything that's happened currently it gives insight as to who they were and who they've always been before all of this nonsense and so you go through it and you see okay In the article – and this is something that I posted on Truth yesterday, and people have actually shared it on Twitter. They are the organization that you send in when the FBI isn't comfortable getting involved. So they'll send K2 people in. to basically mingle in uh amongst these you know groups organizations you talked about infiltration by you know any group of you know patriots so to speak gets infiltrated by you know feds and whatnot and spooks well that's what they do and they go in and they gather evidence and they gather intel and information and then they go back to the fbi to get the FBI interested enough to get involved and investigate. And if you're familiar with how they've operated and how the FBI has admitted that they've operated in tandem with this group, then you know that is exactly their MO. That is exactly how they're operating. And so later down in the article, you see that they are, according to them, the CIA's stalking horse. And I thought, where do I know that from? Oh, Harvey Weinstein. Because right when he was first accused and convicted, a bunch of his accusers started getting harassed. And it wasn't by just regular people. It turns out that Harvey Weinstein actually hired Kroll and Black Cube to harass his victims. and Boy Schiller and Flexner was certainly involved in that process. But I'm thinking to myself, these are people who have been sexually assaulted and raped and subjected to some of the just most terrible things ever. And now you're gonna hire a private version of the CIA. They call themselves the corporations CIA. So all these mega corporations that are ruining the country and trying to control what we eat, what we consume, what we learn, what we see, everything. Those are the people that this organization that Harvey Weinstein hired. Those are the people they serve. Not the constituency. Not the normies like us. That elite faction. And Sure enough, hired by Harvey Weinstein with Black Cube to harass victims. And then I found out later, during the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme situation, K2 was called in to do data analytics. for the victims to increase or maximize their recovery proceeds that they could get from Bernie Madoff. Okay, so we have a huge problem with this. It sounds like I'm the government and I'm here to help, which is when we should all be running, right? Correct. Here's where it gets really bad. So one of the organizations that was involved was Hadassah, and that is the women's Zionist organization of America. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democrat from Florida, is actively involved in Hadassah and has been. I say that relative to January 6th for context because she was the one who threatened the head of Capitol Police in that hearing that happened two months ago and was saying like, Why did you guys do that? Oh, well, that might lead to some consequences for you. Like, it was not so thinly veiled. And I thought to myself, why does she feel so emboldened to say that? Well, turns out the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme involves Bernie Madoff, obviously. The CFO of Hadassah, who was in a 20 years long adulterous relationship with Bernie Madoff, while Hadassah had invested money and profited immensely off of the Ponzi scheme itself, including the entire time while Hadassah was invested. And the CFO of Fadas, I can't remember her name. It escapes me. And Bernie were in an adulterous relationship. They were both married to other people. And yet, lo and behold, they happened to be the firm that was just chosen randomly, completely out of the blue, to help out the victims. When in actuality, when you understand the facts, it seems like they were there to mitigate the financial losses of the people who defrauded Bernie. regular people and I'm reading that article yesterday and I realize I already had the Bernie Madoff thing in the back of my head but there's another one in Texas a guy with the last Texas billionaire last name is Stanford had a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme based in Antigua and Kroll he had Crowl, how would I say? So Crowl represented him. He was a client of Crowl's for a long time, years and years, since before the inception of his Ponzi scheme. And in fact, when he got his Ponzi scheme up and running, Crowl then went to other clients of theirs and made fraudulent reports to buff up or prop up the financial stability of this billionaire in Texas. And so they took one of their clients fraudulent schemes and then defrauded another of their own clients. And sure enough, when the fund went belly up, the client that they defrauded lost shit tons of money. And I thought to myself, how could these people even operate like this? But there's a history. There's a very big history. So a dark history. It's a real mistake to think that we all think the same because there are so many psychopaths and evildoers out there that have no concern for anyone else but themselves. And so just because they look like us doesn't mean they are. And I think it takes a little bit of questioning, some discernment, as well as not jumping to conclusions that people are either good people or bad people, but letting time tell a little bit and then doing some research to find out who are you actually talking to? Yeah. Never in a million years would I have thought that there's the level of degeneracy or indecency that certain people have where they, like you said, they just don't care about Anyone? Oh, we lost Jonathan. Let's see if he comes back up here a minute. Sorry, my pharmacy called when I was saying that just now. I apologize. No worries, but you're absolutely right. When you're dealing with somebody that's a true psychopath, and we have a lot of them in our society, we really do. People like to talk about narcissists, this, that, and the other thing, but that's a clinical diagnosis. And people that are truly psychopaths, it's kind of the same thing, really. They have no ability to empathize. They don't care what anybody feels like because they can't. They're wired wrong. And so when you're dealing with somebody who's a true psychopath, they will rape. They will murder. They will rape. Lie, cheat and steal. And they don't see that as wrong. They see that as their right because they're more special than the rest of us. The rest of us are not are inconsequential. We're not as special as they are. So they have the right to treat the rest of us like they're little underlings and run us around like a bunch of little toy trucks to serve them. Yeah. And it's, it's unbelievable. I, I grew up not even knowing people like that existed. And the last just five years alone has completely changed my outlook on, you know, is everybody like Anne Frank said in her diary, you know, at the end, at the end of everything that's happened, I still think people are genuinely or generally good at heart. I remember that quote is burned into my brain. And then now I, I, I don't know that I believe that anymore. I know that I don't believe that. There are some people who are just literal demons. I agree with that. I mentioned that I'm a Christian. Jesus calls a lot of people who say they are Jews, but they are the synagogue of Satan. I think that doesn't just apply to Jews who are secularists or just you know, weaponize their ethnicities under the guise of protecting the entire ethnic population, but mostly themselves. I don't think that just applies to Jews. I think that applies to other Christians. I think it also applies to Muslims and, you know, any other religion, Catholics. There's good and bad in any organization. It's just like pedophiles, they're going to go to where kids are. They're going to go to child care centers. They're going to go to these humanitarian organizations where people don't expect them to be. So they let their guard down. And then now all of a sudden you have some sort of relationship with these people. And then that relationship supersedes good judgment. We have that in the political parties. I mean, that's That's another poster child for it. People want to say that I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat, like they're virtue signaling it. And it's like, I don't know what you are, whatever label you have. I still don't know what or who you are because the labels are what's misleading us, whether it be Christian or Jewish, like you said, or Muslim or anything. We have a battle between good and evil that's going on. And evil is going to find its way into anything that was created for a good purpose to either destroy it or to hijack it and use it for its own purposes. So, for example, I I'm completely disgusted with the Chinese government. Right. And what they've done to infiltrate. But I have no qualms with the Chinese people. I have. You know, I have no qualms with, you know, with people that sit in a political party that are trying to do their best. I have a big issue with the leadership in these parties who say like, you know, the state of Michigan just appointed somebody in the MIGOP who committed treason. And they want to sit there and justify this and say, you know, say, try to justify this because he's a good fundraiser, whatever it is. No, he committed treason. And I don't want to hear he signed the Patriot Act, not once, but twice. I don't want to hear one word out of that man's mouth until he says, comes clean and says, I broke the law. I signed something. It was treason. And this is what I'm going to do to fix that. Other than that, I have no reason to believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Right. Or anybody else that voted him in at this point in time, because either they were they turned a blind eye. For the sake of the party. for the sake of the organization, for the sake of whatever, or they're in on it. And that's the only two ways that we can go is that they're either part of this crime syndicate that has elevated people in order to mislead the population instead of coming clean. That's what I have to say on this. And it's the same goes for, I'm a Christian, I'm a very committed Christian. I am the hardest out there to criticize the Christian church. What was done during COVID for them to take the dollars to close down their churches is absolutely a shameful disgrace. And don't even talk to me about being a Christian. When you ran tail and you hid in the corner like a gutless coward and you used you, you went for the money like the Judas as you are instead of standing there with the people under all circumstances. And I'll say the same thing to the Jewish organizations. Here comes the Anti-Defamation League, right? I have no problem. I have a lot of friends who are Jewish. I have a big problem with the structure. And the people, the puppet masters that are pulling the strings and people that have have dual citizenship in our government with the United States and with Israel. Look at how many people in their positions of power there. So here comes the Anti-Defamation League. Well, I'm sorry, you don't get protected status. Neither do, neither does, you know, look at what Black Lives Matters did. They could care less about the minority populations. They burned the neighborhoods down to the ground and they were a corporation that did $2 billion of damage. So we have to get real here and say, who are the enemies of our people? Is it somebody that is Jewish? No. Is it somebody that is Christian? No. This is the organizations that are using labels to mislead everyone out there. That was Peter Berger that called me just now. I'm sorry. If you want to come on, I'll send him a link to it later. But yes, I'd be all about that. But big love, Peter. I love you. And I want you to come back on again because you you are one of the unsung heroes out there. And I can you know, I will do my best to give you a voice, not sensory. You can you can drop any any cuss bombs you want on here and people are going to have to suck it up because our country is going to hell. And because we want to use all the pretty words, we want to pretty it up. We want to stay in these organizations and not hurt anybody's feelings. That's the problem that's happening here. Yeah, I think that. When I think about what my non-negotiables are as far as somebody's politics and what I would say are mine, I think it just comes down to something as simple as, do you give a shit about protecting children more so than anything? Because a society that will not protect its most vulnerable is not a society. if the answer is no, then we are not going to ever get along. And I'm probably going to go out of my way to destroy you. And then secondly, the, the border invasion, like it's clear that this is a coordinated anti European ethno cultural and hegemonical attack on eroding European nations, because it's not unique to America. It's happening in, traditionally white cultured nations across the world. And they say, follow the money. And you realize, okay, well, who's behind these subsidized journeys that these people aren't just taking from Mexico city from war as where they can basically look across the, you know, water and see San Diego. We're talking about like, People are coming from Central America and from the Caribbean and from China. And so who's subsidizing it? Well, it just so happens that we're talking about K2 and sedition hunters and things like that. Well, I mentioned Jules Kroll and his son, Jeremy, who's the CEO and co-founder of It turns out that Jeremy is part of something called the Partnership for New York City. And do you remember seeing a few days, I think it was about three or four weeks ago where New York City Mayor Eric Adams got up, gave a huge speech in defense of Israel's right to defend himself and self-determination, the usual talking points. And he also mentions that they were giving these illegal immigrants or as he called them, undocumented migrants, they were giving these illegal immigrants $10,000 prepaid debit cards up in New York City. And we have strong reason to believe that a lot of those $10,000, if not all of those $10,000 prepaid debit cards are being funded by tax dollars. And so I looked into it and the company that is behind those debit cards is called Mobility Capital Finance. Mobility Capital Finance, their major investor, their primary investor is the Partnership Fund for New York City. And the Partnership Fund for New York City is an investment arm of Partnership for New York City, where our friend, Jeremy Kroll, The CEO of K2 Integrity today is in business leadership for that organization. And they actually have something called David Rockefeller Fellows at Partnership for New York City. I'd be curious to know what qualifies somebody to be a David Rockefeller Fellow. Do you have to be like completely Bolshevik communist or can you just like... you know, really support, you know, mass coordinated illegal immigration. But yeah, it's once you understand the overall agenda, the bigger the racket and the the corruption and the conspiracy gets ironically, the smaller it gets because you start seeing the same people recycle over and over and over because the interest that they have on massive migration, um, coordinated illegal, uh, immigration and immigrant invasion of European countries is protected by stealing elections like stealing elections isn't their objective stealing elections is to ensure that they are never held accountable and so that we end up with you know 400 dual citizens in our congress out of what 500 and how many is it um I can't even remember 540 or something like that like The reason that the elections are stolen is to just prevent accountability for all these other things that serve the larger agenda. It's an ancillary piece, but it's certainly a piece. And on top of that, January 6th was the, I mean, and it's still an issue today because these people are still locked up, but they've made such a spectacle of it and they've made it, their springboard to build out all these new NGOs and nonprofits that are designed to protect, you know, American democracy from dis and misinformation and from the far right. And it's all bullshit. Literally all of it is bullshit. And anybody who is telling you like it's anything less or that the, the J six was an insurrection. The insurrection happened on November 3rd. J6 was an entrapment operation that was designed to be a perpetual don't even think about getting out of line message to anybody who might fight back in the future. And I'm here to tell you we're fighting fucking back. You're going to lose. And you think that, yeah, I'll grant you, you have... a huge resources advantage. You have a huge financial advantage and you have the protection of the FBI, which works for the ADL and not for the American people and will be implicated in the child trafficking racket going on and will be implicated with the sedition hunters and will be implicated in a lot of the school shootings, perhaps all of the school shootings that have been used as a springboard to revoke our second amendment. You will be held accountable. Your organization will be burned to the ground. Just to be clear, ADL is the Anti-Defamation League, just so that everybody out there knows what we're talking about here. Every FBI agent, I don't know how many people would know this, I certainly didn't know it, but every FBI agent that ever comes through and is brought up out of Quantico and through their system is trained by the ADL. Both organizations admit to it. They tweeted about it. And, you know, Jonathan Greenblatt's big thing is, you know, getting director Ray, uh, to focus on these far right white Christian nationalists because of the rise in anti-Semitic incidents. And as it turns out, Jonathan Greenblatt was one of the people that on January 6th, before the day it even finished, he's sending out emails calling for Donald Trump to be physically removed from office. We didn't know anything about the situation yet. All we knew was this doesn't seem like Trump supporters. We're typically peaceful people. We're not the ones that have been in this coordinated chaos racket the whole time. Well, in my research, Donna, I've also found this... group called the american iron front and all your listeners need to be intimately aware of this organization it's a collection of splc aclu and the adl mixed in with antifa okay give me into their website what's it called again american iron front we'll just go ahead and give them the recognition that they're so looking for and deserving Since we were talking about the ADL and you're up there in Michigan and you have this lady by the name of Jocelyn Benson, who's your terrible secretary of state. Jocelyn Benson comes from the SPLC universe. All right. And look at that right there, front and center, stamp out the alt-right. Like you're going to fucking stamp us out like hell you will. The old Nazi posters too. Look at the graphics. If you look on ADL's website right now, their list of anti-Semitic tropes, I swear to God, and I'll show this to you after we finish up. They have anti-Antifa. So if you have the Antifa logo, like the three flags diagonally going down like that. and you have like a no smoking sign red circle with a line through it over that, that is an anti-Semitic trope according to the ADL. Well, this group, the ADL, the SPLC, the ACLU, and Antifa are responsible for subsidizing the terrorism and chaos groups that basically helped to burn down cities during the summer love riots, during the BLM protests. they're going after the pregnancy centers. It's, it's insane. Even the trans hate shootings and the push for that. That's the same group. And our friends, the sedition hunters and K2 were actively recruiting when the trans shooter incident happened. And the trans hate thing was the, was all the rage. K2 had its own people recruiting for Antifa and recruiting trans activists to get involved and make sure that the right never forgets their place. people like if there's anything that people take away from this, uh, today, it's that you need to understand the urgency of the moment. We are engaged in war. We are not engaged in normal political differences or ideological, you know, distinctions or things like that. We are under attack and they are on the offensive aggressively. This is open warfare. Um, And so when you have a society like America and you can't have an organization like the CIA or the FBI openly get caught shooting down, gunning down peaceful conservative Americans because then you'd have just bloodshed in the streets. you bring in organizations that are off the books. You bring in defense intelligence agency personnel. You bring in basically private intelligence apparatuses like a K2. And so we know from the article that I posted yesterday, I can't remember the guy's name who wrote it, but we know that they've hired CIA, GCHQ, which is the UK's version of our Central Intelligence Agency, and Mossad. They actively recruit and hire from those three agencies, as well as probably a number of IDF agencies like Unit 8200 and like our own DIA and DHS. But as it relates to Michigan, I mentioned Jocelyn Benson and the SPLC. Well, here's how K2 is especially important relevant to you Michiganders. Stephen D'Antuono, on the election day in November of 2020, was the director of the Detroit FBI field office, all right? And then on January 6th, so sometime between November 3rd of 2020 and January 6th of 21, he was promoted to be the director of the Washington DC field office. So he was the FBI director in D.C. on the day that January six that happened. And so a lot of people have seen in the, you know, in the news and who basically paid any kind of attention know about the the Gretchen Whitmer like fed napping you know, entrapment operation where they tried to use conservative extremism as a predicate on which to censor conservatives under the guise of, you know, being a threat to American democracy by planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan, who did not beat Tudor Dixon, by the way. But that's neither here nor there. The fed napping situation and once you look deeper into it you realize there's like 20 people involved and 14 of them are feds and the other six are basically broke like loners who have mental issues what is this like this is not these are not people who have been radicalized that have been you know just adamantly, disdainfully plotting this elaborate plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan. No, this is your own MK fucking ultra program that you're using to get these people convinced to use the free shit that you give them and go generate whatever, you know, good show that you need to serve your message. All right? And... It turns out Steven D'Antuono comes from the same cast of characters that basically make up the entire K2 and Kroll employee roster. So a lot of the personnel, especially the executives, are a bunch of first-generation FinCEN investigators and regulators post 9-11 and the implementation of the Patriot Act. Why is that important to know? Well, everything that's happening right now is to protect Israel, China, the UK, and to a lesser extent, the Iranians and our own government. for their culpability in not only the September 11th attacks, which Israel was chiefly behind. Israel is 100% who was responsible ultimately for the September 11th attacks. Lesser extent would be our own CIA, but Mossad and CIA, I said earlier, they're basically interchangeable at this point. You also had GCHQ MI6 and MI5 involved. And then you had the Ayatollah and the Iranians. The Ayatollah and the Iranians and the Israelis went behind the United States back working through Marcel Rich and Mossad agents to circumvent Iranian sanctions that we had placed right after the September 11th attacks. And you think to yourself, well, how did that honeypot setup come about? Well, the former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, actually went to Bill Clinton and he said, will you please let your last pardon on your way out the door be this guy over here by the name of Marcel Rich. Marcel Rich is an Ashkenazi Jew who was living in Switzerland that did a lot of backroom wheeling and dealing for off the books operations. And so You think to yourself, okay, in the fallout, after the attack, what happened? Well, the Iranians, the Israelis, and the Ayatollah made shit tons of money just off the money they saved by circumventing U.S. 's sanctions on Iran with the help of Marcel Rich and Mossad. Well, okay, let's back up. Who investigated September 11th? A guy by the name of Michael Chertoff, and you had mentioned the Patriot Act. Michael Chertoff was the principal investigator. He was eventually appointed the second secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He is a second-generation Mossad asset. He's the son of... a rabbi, I think a Chabad rabbi, but I'm not 100% certain. And his mother was a Mossad agent, like literally a Mossad agent. And it just so happens that Michael Chertoff also sits on the board of directors of Ehud Barak, who has an energy company, who's the former Israeli prime minister who asked Bill Clinton to make this last pardon of this guy who helped get these deals for the Iranians and the Israelis in the Ayatollah. Michael Chertoff sits on the board of directors for his company, for his energy company. And I'm like, holy shit. And oh, by the way, with all the new TSA scanners that were installed in airports all over the country, guess who had the inside track on that deal? Michael Chertoff's family. I'm sure that's just one hell of a coincidence. And then you look at the Trade Center. Larry Silverstein had acquired ownership of the Trade Center six weeks before the September 11th attacks. And in that six weeks time period, he somehow got a terrorism insurance policy fully underwritten and put in force. Isn't that just amazing? How amazing is that? And it just so happens that from 1994 to 1997, Larry Silverstein was the chairman of UJA Federation, which stands for United Jewish Appeal Federation. That's going to be important because the guy that followed after him, James Tisch, He was the chairman of UJA Federation from 1998 to 2001 when the attacks happened. His niece today is a director for the Aspen Institute. And the chairman of the UJA Federation today is part of something called Civil Society Fellowship. This guy's name is Mark Rowland. The Civil Society Fellowship is basically a mashup of the Aspen Institute and the ADL. And for those who aren't familiar who the Aspen Institute is, that's the Pritzkers. Margo Pritzker is the chairman of the board. The vice chairman is basically the money manager who manages the Pritzker family's assets. Tom Pritzker, the oldest brother, who is chairman of Hyatt Hotels, certainly a frequented guest on Epstein's Island. Well, what I find really interesting with you bringing up that reference and to your point, I believe that the Pritzkers are behind a lot of the transgender clinics and the explosion in the genital mutilation clinics across the United States, which really absolutely exploded after 2012. yeah so jennifer pritzker the trans sister is in joe biden's jennifer pritzker is in joe biden's cabinet by the way since you mentioned that um penny pritzker was appointed uh by joe biden to be the um us's special Assistant Representative for Ukrainian Economic Recovery. The Pritzkers have tons and tons of money invested into what's going on in Ukraine and what's going on in Israel. You could argue they're chiefly responsible for oversight of that massive money laundering operation that's going on. But when we're tying it back to 9-11 and the Bushes and the Cheneys and the Rumsfelds and CIA, Mossad and GCHQ and the Iranians, what you have to understand is there's an island that exists in the Caribbean called Little St. James that exists expressly for the purposes of gaining political influence and leverage over leaders of... second and first world nations around the world so that they will do the bidding of a select few nations, chiefly Israel, but certainly our own nation as well. But when we look at our lobby, our Israeli lobby and AI PAC and see how many of our leadership are dual citizens, and then we see AI PAC on its Twitter account bragging that 99% of the candidates who were supported and endorsed by AIPAC won their races, then you realize what's really going on here. Who is in our election systems? Who is responsible? Oh, Michael Chertoff is hugely involved with our elections administration processes. Oh, Merrill Chertoff, Michael's wife, is an executive director at the Aspen Institute. working right there in tandem with the Pritzkers. Oh, Penny Pritzker, who operates the Ukraine money laundering apparatus, also happens to be the top dog at Harvard University. And when Claudine Gay, we all found out that her resume was basically completely fraudulent because she plagiarized every damn thing that she wrote up there. She was the one that stood in the doorstep and said, I'm not going to resign despite her calls for her resignation. She's not designed – like she's not in that role to be any kind of semblance of a typical like Ivy League president. She's not the president, but she's the chairman of the Harvard Fellows and president kind of whatever they call it, something super like old money-ish sounding. But it's the top – it's the top – executive role for Harvard University. Yeah, whatever titles they want to give people, that's what they do to mislead. Yeah. And then we find out that Harvard's student-run hedge fund is called Black Diamond Capital, I think, Management. Don't quote me on this. But it just so happens Steven Decoff, who bought Epstein's Island last year in, I think, October, maybe even September, His firm is called Black Diamond Capital Investors. And I'm sure that's completely unrelated to the Black Diamond Capital Management Group that is fully run by Harvard students. And it's an elite, you know, hard to get into a fund, but that whole apparatus, everything that's happening, is meant to serve this like you said the trans agenda the open borders agenda the erosion of america's sovereignty and their their ethnic and cultural hegemony and the same with other european nations but they're also bringing in their own voters it's going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy unless we get this nipped in the bud because they fully intend on many of these illegal immigrants coming in and voting and we don't have to know anything else about the situation to know that's the case, other than looking at who the head of our Department of Homeland Security is. Alejandro Mayorkas is a guy who has a history. This isn't his first rodeo. He used to work for Barack Obama, and when he was in charge of the border for Barack Obama, him and Terry Rodham, who is Hillary Clinton's brother, and Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, they had a pay for play green card scheme going on where they said, if you come across the border and you invest at least $500,000 into one of our companies, we'll give you and your family all green cards expedited. And then when CBP blew the whistle on it and people were making a huge deal about this racket that they were clearly running, Alejandro Mayorkas got his ass down there and made sure that they got it done even faster. He didn't try to nix the problem that he had oversight of. He actually wanted to make sure the racket got even more racketized. It was more efficient. And when he was appointed or nominated for DHS chief, He was sitting on the board of directors of HIAS. HIAS is one of the chief organizations responsible for subsidizing our open border situation, for caravanning people all the way from Central America and the Caribbean. He's on the board of directors of HIAS. At the same time, he's on the board of directors with FirstNet. That is also a Pritzker's project. So your country is really being run by... A very key select few public-private partnerships, like the Pritzker families, like Mayorkas', like, you know, obviously, I mean, we don't have to go down the list, but there's a reason that Joe Biden's cabinet, first 10 positions, they were all Jewish. 10 of 10. And certainly within that group, Jennifer Pritzker. certainly within that group is that Admiral who pretends that she's a man or pretends that he's a woman as our health secretary. Like it's designed to not make sense. It's designed to be demoralizing and insulting to you. It's designed to rub your nose in the absurdity. They're not trying to hide it. Not only they're not trying to hide it, but they're shoving it in our faces. Yeah, and they're black ops and off-the-books operations and shadow government, as you mentioned earlier. Organizations like Kroll and K2 exist to fill those roles. And going back as far back as 9-11, K2 was involved in World Trade Center security before the attack. After the attack, they acquired Thatcher Associates, which is the company that cleaned up World Trade Center Plaza after the attacks. You couldn't even make this stuff up. You could not make this up. They are 100% a fixer organization, and they are 100%. actively involved in what's going on to January Sixers and the bullshit that they're dealing with. And I've sent everything that I've sent to you, I've sent to Julie Kelly, and I know that she's swamped. And that's the problem is that like the challenge that normies and the nobodies like us, we have to wade through this avalanche of well-funded, well-platformed, you know, con-inc acceptable voices and time and attention. And this is what's important, not that. We have to navigate all of that to get through the cracks to even get somebody's ear who's doing something. And there's a reason for that. They want to occupy those positions of influence in that sphere so that people like you and I don't have to or can't. Absolutely. Absolutely. And you've got to ask questions. Why are these certain people on some of these networks that we consider patriot networks over and over again in in you know the connections it's not just mainstream media it's alternative media too that is not covering stuff I had I actually had someone that's very well known said to me when I was running well what are your polling numbers and how much money have you raised wouldn't even talk and I'm like I I'm not playing that game and uh they they they are still a lot of those people are still in the game they they're there to make us think they're on our side but they're They're not. And we really need to talk about that because I mean, I, I love talking to you and I love listening to what you have to teach us because it's extraordinary. I mean, clearly you have put so much time into this. And I think right now we've only scratched the surface of, of this topic. Um, I'd like to get into things on Dana Nessel a little bit, and I'm going to tell you why. Um, So I've been in contact with the Attorney General's office here, and I testified in front of a judge about a couple months ago. But I'm going to go back. I had the first investigator into the fraud that surrounded the petition signatures. He point blank told me that they had evidence and written testimony from some of the signature gatherers that pointed in... the direction they're not now going. And then the second investigator that came forward, because somehow the first one got removed. And I have some real questions about that. And all of a sudden, the information or the evidence that they told me they had, all of a sudden is now missing. And I know this is within the attorney general's office. And I know somebody that's been trying to get me online for BNN because his wife had a case. And he told me flat out, the attorney general's office destroyed evidence in his wife's case. And that's two that I know the information changed. And now they're going after the signature gatherers. And we've got three people with 27 felonies. You know, that are that are being prosecuted. You can't find that on the news anywhere. You know, I'm up close and personal. I'm involved in this. And I've been in the attorney general's office. I have talked to people. There are good people and bad people there. I'm going to tell you that it's a mix. And and I think there's some people that are cooperating, but there are some good people working behind the scenes in that. However, with that said, there has been a lot of law breaking that happened within the Attorney General's office. She knew all about the voter registration fraud, and she passed it on trying to pass the buck and said nothing. I know that there was evidence that was destroyed based on what I was told and the people involved in it. I know another gentleman that had evidence destroyed within the Attorney General's office. That's what I was told. Anyhow, that's the that's I believe him to be true. And so we need to have an investigation. But I think we need to talk further because we've got more crooks and criminals to uncover that are there. And I just want to say, President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, I've got to say at least once in every show. And I usually say it more just to make sure people know and understand what happened. We have got to investigate every single one of them. They cannot hide under labels of Republican, Democrat, Jew, Christian, Muslim or whatever it is. You know, minority, black, Latino, whatever. I don't want to hear about it and find out who has been breaking the law and throw it out in the light so that we can deal with these problems and allow no one. to I think the clerks were all involved in it in the county the township clerk the township clerk where I am broke four election laws and denied a foia I'm telling you this is a large large operation they are well staffed as you said well funded they and they're all in bed together to steal the elections to hide these criminal networks and and we should have Not one place for any one of these people to hide. They deserve to go to get to get more. They deserve to be tried for treason. I'm going to talk about my orcas. Everybody talking about impeachment. Why are we talking impeachment? Why aren't we going right straight for the for the the core of the problem? And I want to say the juggler here and nobody out there gets stupid and start, you know, screaming and get stupid because I always talk about the lawful process. We have got to go to the core of this problem. and out the whole damn thing from top to bottom and prosecute anyone who's had a little finger of involvement in this. Not the big dogs. It's got to be top to bottom. If they touched it with their little finger, they're out of here. And, you know, if they don't get executed for treason, which is what the outcome of that is, Because there are people that I know that were blackmailed. And so there's going to have to be a very surgical evaluation of this. But at the least, they should all be stripped of citizenship. They should never be able to vote again. They should never be able to hold property. The property should be seized and redistributed amongst the population of actual Americans, not illegal aliens that have come in here or anybody else. We're going to put it back in the hands of we, the people, and they have to be put in a position where they can never, ever, ever have a position of power. They should know property. They're done. They are done. They knew what they were doing. And to think that they didn't know, I'm sorry. There's no excuse for this. I agree. I'm terribly hard-lined on this. I'm done with it. I'm over it. I had somebody say, we just have to let them as Christians say they're sorry and accept them back in. Bullshit. Absolutely not. This has gotten to the point where, and I hate to say it, there's some people that I think they might be trying to do the right thing. I'm done with it. We cannot give them one inch of leeway nor quarter or listen to their lies because they're going to come back and they're going to come back with friends. You know, this is like a bunch of cockroaches. They're parasites. Jesus himself built a whip and chased the Pharisees out of the temple for desecration. And it was the religious leaders that led them astray. Yeah, so I'm chomping at the bit to bring all of what we've talked about home to Michigan and the situation that you're facing. So I'm going to touch on a couple of things. Can I come back on tomorrow at 10? I've got a guest on at 9 o'clock in the morning. He's another anon friend of mine, a very good friend, an incredible writer, researcher. He was actually involved in an outing of Connect. Who is your friend? So we've done a lot of work on Kinect. Who is it? If you don't mind me asking. Cognitive Carbon. Okay. I don't know Cognitive Carbon. I don't know him. I know him very well. and and his fiance and their family I mean they they come to our barn and we're very good friends and one of the few people that I would there's probably less than five people that I would put all the money on being absolutely honest true, full of integrity and honor. That guy is going to be on at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. And if you want to come on, I know he's got an hour there. And after that, would you come back on at 10 o'clock and we're going to tear this thing up some more. And then I've got, I've got Michael Flynn Jr. coming on Monday. Professor Clements, David Clements is coming on next week also. And I got a feeling that all of a sudden a whole bunch of information is going to come, you know, absolutely like an A-bomb of information that's going to come out there. It's going to come out as a flood. And I think I'd like to come back on that until we get all of this thrown out in the open. I don't think we should stop. I think we should keep going and go after these bastards. And anybody that's willing to say that and say there is no, there's going to be no mercy given, blind mercy given to these people that broke the law. They did it. They they're murderers, they're liars or cheats and they're, they're thieves. And I think, and it goes to the highest level of government in the state of Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer committed third party murder in the nursing homes. And he wasn't alone. Dana Nessel possibly committed first degree murder of Samantha Wohl. I believe that. This is the last thing I want to say before. I want to make sure I get this into your viewers before we wrap for the day. So in Michigan. two things that were paramount one of which came out just maybe five or six days ago the dominion emails uh from paulus and the serbian involvement in serving correct and then the you mentioned the fraudulent voter registrations with dana nestle so the day before Dana Nessel conceded those, okay, it was probably between 8,000 and 10,000, which we know whenever they concede, it's 10 times worse than what the reality is. So expect probably north of 100,000 or more fraudulent registrations. And we know this from what we've seen in other states on a consistent basis, especially for states that use third-party voter registration platforms like Eric. But She conceded that the day after a group of people that I work with, so our team, put out a network forensics report showing not only vulnerabilities in Michigan's elections network, but exploitations that have been taken care of and taken advantage of, I should say. And they weren't any kind of like, worried about being covert, it seems, because through a platform called Motigo, we can basically capture all of the relevant data points of a domain, a domain name server, an IP address, a VPN, ASN, basically the entire universe where your network exists, okay? Who's been into the system? Who's been out of the system? What were they looking at? What were they taking? What were they putting in? So on and so forth. Well, two of the exploits that we found through a platform called Alien Vault were tis the season to hack Michigan elections and am I voter hack? And then another one was auto backdoor uh, no, it was auto discover backdoors into dominion through smartmatic. And so what an auto discover program does, it's basically like AI, where you can tell a system, okay, find where the vulnerabilities are and exploit them. Okay, so that's an auto discover platform. And we found all three of those things. All right, we put that out on on Twitter, because I'm a believer in like, if you have information that's necessary for the national security of America and saving our country, don't be the person that's like, I've got information you don't, and I'm going to go hole up in my remote cabin, waiting for the Clintons to show up and, you know, make me irrelevant. So the best and the safest strategy, ironically is if you've got compromising information, you immediately, devalue your relative importance to that information by putting it out amongst the masses where thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands or millions of people can see it and they lose chain of custody. The bad guys lose chain of custody of however many eyes saw that because they can never account for how many people looked at the information saved it to cold storage and then shared it with other people to cold storage and so now there's landmines out there for them that'll be out there forever regardless of whether they never erase anything digital it's always there Correct. Regardless of how well they do a job of scraping the Internet, there are going to be people that have it in their possession offline forever. And that's bad news. I can tell you something funny. So I have I've done quite a bit of research and talk to people and made relations with people, including Troy Smacks, who is suing the government for kidnapping him out of out of Texas to go to D.C., the Gulag. And there was a recent pickup in Michigan here that happened over in St. Clair where they came in, the FBI came in and should not have been allowed into the state, came in and kidnapped somebody else from J6, taped over the cameras because God knows we don't want to have anybody see what we're doing here. I have somebody that I know that the FBI came to remove evidence and screw all of you out there. He's smarter than all y'all and had a second copy of it. And it's still there. I've pushed some of it out, but there is no possible way. that it's one of those things. They try to grab evidence from any of us. Some of us are anal enough, and I'm just going to say it, to go and have enough copies of something. Good luck with that. And, you know, they come and try to take any of us out. We have a lot of friends, and they're good patriot friends too, who will make sure that that information gets out. But there's more. There's more raw footage out there from J6. That's awesome. And, and, and I'm going to tell you what, it's like, it's just like the, the guy that was dressed up, I can't think of his name, Jason. Jacob Chansley. Jacob Chansley. Yeah. And, and him and he was, he was exonerated on Tucker because it was, it's clear he had video where they, where he was telling people to go home after president Trump said to go home. And, that he was backing the police. So everything that happened to him is a lie. What happened to most of these people, all of them, I'm going to say all of them, they just unlawfully imprisoned Americans. They are prisoners of war of a foreign government at this point in time because they don't even have Americans guarding the gulag. It's all foreigners that are guarding this. This is straight up in our face. Screw you, America, by an unlawful government that is taking over the United States with the help of the CIA and Mossad, with agents within our nation. Make no mistake. This is what's happened here. And I've got something. You'll think this is pretty funny. I don't usually put this on camera, but I think somebody made something. There you go. You want to talk about it? There's the... Unicorn. I love that. Unicorn. And just to all of them out there that have broken the law and that have imprisoned Americans that have literally waged war upon America from within. And they're guilty as hell. And every one of them needs to be tried for treason and hung. I agree. And the last thing that I want to put out there that kind of like ties all of this with a bow. So, you know, we talked about these private shadow governments, you know, K2 and Kroll and other fixer organizations. Well, on the emails that were just released, five days ago from John Paulos, the Dominion CEO. The context on those emails ties everything in and further corroborates what I'm saying. So you mentioned Serbia Broadband. There's another organization that you and your viewers need to become incredibly familiar with for everything, for J6 and for the stolen election, and that's KKR. So KKR, all right? So the context for the email. So Dominion operatives in Serbia are infiltrating the Michigan network and flipping votes and fucking with the election's results. And white hat operatives in the United States and abroad not only figured out They were doing this. They figured out who they were. They figured out their names. They looked them up and they found their pictures. And they began posting the pictures of these people who were hacking into your systems in Michigan. And those Serbian operatives were freaking out. like out and losing their shit saying like, help us. Like we're not, we don't feel comfortable now. Like, yeah, we're happy to still an election if that's what you want us to do. Like, but they know who we are. They're putting our faces out there. They, so that's what Goran Obradovich conveys to John Paulos about the situation. John Paulos in his reply says in the interest of security, Mike McGee, is handling this with K2. And I'm thinking to myself, no way did he just make a K2 reference. And to wrap it all up, copied on that email was dominion at And for those who don't know who is, that is Hamilton Place Strategies. And it just so happens through a coincidence that are no coincidences it just so happens through a huge coincidence that nancy pelosi's top aide and personal assistant is a partner at hamilton place strategies and then how I just mentioned kkr and the mouthpieces kkr owns the serbian broadband or they did they acquired it from union group and then oh by the way cassidy hutchinson who wants us to believe that trump reached across from the the back seat of the beast and grabbed the fucking steering wheel on January 6th, Cassie Hutchinson got a sweet book deal from Simon & Schuster. Probably made gazillions of dollars to go up there in front of the January 6th committee, perpetuate all their bullshit, and gets a book deal on the back end of it. And it just so happens... Simon & Schuster is wholly owned by KKR. So when this all shakes out, what you're going to realize is that the whole J6, the Stephen D. Antwano, Michigan Fed napping, and the stolen elections in 2020 and 2022 are going to come down to the organizations that you've never heard of. The KKRs, the K2s, the Krolls. the defense intelligence agencies, the Israeli operatives that are embedded in damn near every lever of our government. those are the people that are the reason why J sixers are still in their, in their situations today. And I'm telling you now, if I have to do it myself, I am going to burn down the entire January six, like racket that has been weaponized against conservatives. I think you're going to have a lot of people that will stand with you on this. And I'm all in on that too, because this is wrong. These, we, we, this, everything that happened around J6, and I had a bunch of friends that were terribly hurt by it. They, it was, it, you know, up close and personal, this was wrong. And, you know, we look at Yogananda Pittman and some of the other people that were involved in this. This is a definitely, talk about a repeat. She's over in, and I think she's at Berkeley when they had the the attacks against the Jewish students there. I wonder why that is what, you know, it's like, yeah, I mean, I mean, look at all the connected, all the connected people. And I mean, we can go through this. I'm going to, I'm going to throw some bugs in your ears here when we get off, because I've got some more questions. I've got questions about Betsy DeVos. She resigns the day after J six and gives, gives Pence $22 million in, you know, Republican Pence. We'll talk about that tomorrow. I mean, we can go down all of these rabbit trails and figure this all out and then demand justice for Americans. And I hope everybody out there takes this very seriously because I'm going to charge you all with the duty. Please get this stuff, all of the stuff that Jonathan's talking about. Don't try to create your own your own little brand out there and take his work and steal it and try to further divide the effort so that somebody else is going to hijack you. You know, that's what's going to happen because we've watched that method happen over and over again. Somebody decides they want to be the new guru, so they grab somebody else's information and they leave that person out. I know it's happened to Peter. I know it's happened to Chris Kyla. I know it's happened to Scott Ogney with Locust Standing and some of the people there that people try to muscle in it. and destroy the efforts. Don't do it because we're gonna call you out. But I'm gonna tell you what, this stuff with Jonathan needs to get out there and I am committed to whatever it is to make sure that you get in front of as many people as possible to hear the work that you've done and that we can run forward together writing these things that are wrong. You need an army of digital soldiers behind you. So there's your homework for the day, everybody. Get this stuff out there and let's get this information in people's hands so they know how criminal how absolutely rogue our government is right now and the people involved in it who have torn down and are in the process of tearing down the United States of America. And, you know, it's like I want to see Jonathan's name, Peter's name, Chris Kyla's name, you know, Steph's name, Scott Ogney's name, Clarissa's name, all these people that are working behind the scenes, Sandy Kiesel, Joanne Bacali in Michigan, because there's a lot of good ones. There's a lot of bad ones that are really close to them too. But we need to have discernment and help them, not try to usurp them and make money off of them or whatever it is. Just stop it. We've seen enough of that. Certainly, everyone who's an Anon has seen this for, I don't know, at least seven or eight years or 20 years or 50 years or whatever it is. And so just stop it. This is not where we make money. This is our duty before God in this country to put the country back and right it. No fear, no backing down and giving no one any leeway who is part of this because they're all they're all attached. I can't wait to see Nestle. I can't wait to see Nestle and Whitmer. Whitmer is, she's in it. She's in it big time and Benson. But it goes further. The entire legislature is in on it because they were the ones that had to approve And or they use their excuse to pass it on to, in Michigan, Jonathan Brader, Director of Board of Elections, who told all the clerks to destroy evidence, passed it on to, you know, pass the buck. It's always pass the buck. And then they clean up after each other and manipulate the data. Yeah, it's a clearly coordinated racket, and we're going to have to leverage other crimes that they've committed to get them to – It's real. Like a murder of Samantha Wohl that I, in my opinion, Dane and Nessa will be implicated in. Samantha Wohl, for those who don't know, was the president of the synagogue in Detroit, was one of the senior campaign staffers for Dana Nessel's 2022 campaign, was stabbed to death just steps from her front door. Wrapping up, we also have identified the pie bomber. We know who that is. I have some great people that I get the privilege of working with. That information has been passed up the chain. I think you mentioned Ivan Raiklin earlier. I love Ivan. The deep state marauder. He's amazing. Yeah, we sent that. One of our people sent that information to him. And so I would immediately give them a shout out and name them had they not requested anonymity. But that's coming very soon as well. It was a woman. I saw the video. You know, I don't have hips and booty that was that's shaped like that. I don't care if they're trans. They don't have that kind of a physique. It could be. It could be. I don't know. I'm going to tell you what. I can tell the difference between a man or a woman. I've never been confused, not one minute in my life. And I don't think most of us out there have ever been confused. I think most of us are sane enough, normal enough to be able to tell the difference between a man and a woman. That was a chick. You could look at her. It was a chick. Just look at the video. So there you go. So, well, wonderful. Well, I'm going to look forward to having you back on tomorrow. And we're going to talk when we get offline. And so everybody is going to be going out there going, ah, Dan, I can't get the camera rolling. You know what? No, because now you have the responsibility to get people to come on tomorrow. Nine o'clock is Cognitive Carbon, who is involved in busting the whole system with Connick. in Michigan here and the servers that they hit. And, oh, I don't know, say Grand Rapids, Michigan, and some of the connections with, say, a law firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Oh, I don't know. Perhaps, I don't know if it was Warner Norcross and Judd or something like that. But you know what? All the names are going to get thrown out there because we have to go after them. I don't know. I'd like to hear from Warner Norcross and Judd. Switch data center in Grand Rapids. That's a hint for you Michiganders. Switch data centers. There you go. There you go. So this is going to be fun. And I want to stay with us until we're done with this. This is going to be awesome. So with that said, we're going to end this with a prayer. We always end it with a prayer because I really firmly believe that it's God Almighty who is walking us out of captivity. by some very evil people. And you know what? God is a good father. He is going to defend his children. And somebody, somebody starts messing with his, with children. It's, it's going to be, it's going to not have a good ending for them. And God's not going to, he's not going to put up with this forever. And those of us that are truly care that are, you know, that, that care about humanity, that, that, realize that people, that we have people behind us and I'm not, you know, this is another thing. They want to use these groups to destroy us. I've heard, you know, we got to have this enemy, we got to have that enemy or whatever. No, no, no, no. These groups are not enemies of anybody. Maybe there's people in it that are, but we have people in different groups that are certainly hurting that we need to reach out to that are trying their best. And so We're going to get down to the brass tacks here and figure out who the criminals are. And they're not going to be able to hide behind any labels. And I'm going to pretty much guarantee you they're not going to be able to walk the streets at some point in time because normal, God-fearing, red-blooded Americans are sick of their shit. And it's not going to go well for them. And so we're going to keep going until we get every last one of them, guys, top to bottom. Nobody gets through. So let's give glory to God here and pray for the safety of Jonathan. And all the people working with him in order to take this nation back. Dear Heavenly Father, I'm so grateful that you have brought, that you put this passion to find the truth inside of Jonathan into the point where he's given every minute of his time, his efforts. into bringing the truth forward. And I ask that your favor would rest mightily upon him and every single person he's working with, with Peter, with all the unsung heroes, with Ivan, with Tom Speciale, with all these people that are truly working with absolute selflessness for this nation, for your world. It's not about the money. It's about taking the nation back. And I thank you so much. forgiving us, these brave patriots, these warriors, these children and men and women of God who serve you with every minute, every day of their lives, with every breath that they take to defend, to protect, and to certainly leave a legacy for the children of this nation in this world, no matter who they are or where they are, we will defend and we will protect. And we we're thankful that you're bringing this whole God forsaken, I'm going to say it that way, group of people, the Satanists that are alive right now that have truly turned their back on you, who have installed this system in order to hurt, to torture, to steal from your children. And We're thankful. You will never abandon us nor forsake us. It's them that is going to have the business end of doing the wrong side to you. And we're thankful for that. We're thankful for your mercy, but we're also thankful for your justice. And we look forward to the... the justice that comes from your hands, which is right, righteous in all things. Thank you so much for leading us, for being with us, for loving us, for giving us hope, for sending us all good things and for protecting us. No matter what we see with our eyes, we trust you. We don't trust what we see or hear out there. We trust you and your goodness and all things. And we have faith in you and, and, uh, that you, that you're walking us through this every step of the way. Thank you so very much. Confuse the plans of the enemy. We ask and, uh, Help people to realize out there that they need to get in this fight and do their part to support people like Jonathan with their time and their effort, passing information on, talking to people, not being afraid and not backing down. You've been a wonderful friend to us. We want to be a friend to you. We love you. And we just can't say thank you enough for everything you've done for us and that you're doing for us. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. There you go. I don't always have the right words. I just You know, like you, I just jump in and do what I can, you know, to be helpful. So thank you so much for being on here. You're on Truth Social because X, though they say they don't censor, they are. They're censoring, aren't they? Yeah, unfortunately. Big time. I've got some good people around me that are gracious enough to take the things that I'm posting on truth and then copy and paste them and give me a shout out on Twitter X because at the end of the day, it's about getting the information as much reach as necessary to get it in front of the right eyes so that it'll not only wake up the masses, but it'll also get in front of those who are within reach of believers of power that can actually help us take action because that's what this is all about. If I see anybody, and I'm going to ask everybody out there, if you see anybody stealing Jonathan's information and not giving him credit for what he does, come unglued on them, okay? And tell them to make it right. Now, some people make mistakes, and I can't say that I've always been perfect with sourcing things. I try to, and then I'm always thankful when somebody says, hey, you forgot the source on there, because sometimes I'm posting so quickly, and I know some people do that. that they post so quickly that they forget to give the sources out on it. But make sure that you give the source back because the new information is going to come from Jonathan. People like myself and everybody else out there, we're talking to so many people trying to get them out and get the truth out there that we may not be the... have the first knowledge or the first posting or the first new bit of information out there. We can try, but that doesn't mean that we're going to hit it a hundred percent. So go to Jonathan's channel on, on a true social. It's decent at D E C E N T. capital F I capital J C and give him a, give him a follow, go, go and interact with him, help him what he's getting out there. Just like everybody else, help them to the researchers and the investigators, help them to get their information out there. And, uh, and get it in as many people's hands as possible. Thank you so very much. I appreciate you coming on today. And so this is part of the show. Go to because I'm the only one who has not conceded the 2022 election. Tudor Dixon, she was placed by Governor Whitmer. That's exactly how that went. Governor Whitmer called the Democrats to install install tutor dixon her father is in a globalist that was behind a globalist company they're all a bunch of globalists I'm not kidding you and so she was just another installation and a designated loser to win to lose that election So there you go. Go there and pass the information because we're not going to stop fighting. Nobody here is going to lay down and just take it from these people. We are absolutely going to fight back and take this nation back. We're not asking for permission. We're going to do that. So with that said, don't lose heart. The minute you lose heart, is when they're starting to get their meat hooks into you. You've got to decide, make a decision today that there is no backing out. There's no stop to this fight. We are in this until we win. And that's the only path forward for any of us. There's no fear. There's no cowering. There's no, okay, I feel a little down today. Sometimes that happens, but you're going to have to make it up in your mind and get tough here and say, if they hit me, I am going to come back a thousand times harder hitting back. It's not that you're, it's not that we're going to stop. Not only are we not going to stop, we're going to come back a thousand times harder and hit them harder. And one of these days we're going to, we're going to land the, the, we're going to land the blow to these criminal organizations that they're not going to be able to get back up again. And that's the way it is. As long as we keep fighting, we fight together. We stand together. We are a family. We are the American. We are the American family. And we're the family of God. There's no getting out of this. This is why we're here. He never promised us an easy life. That's not part of the deal. Part of the deal is that he chooses the toughest to be put in the toughest situation. You were born here at this time. Tag, you're it. So we're going to keep going forward together. And it's going to be a glorious journey. We'll meet people like Jonathan. Becoming friends with people. that it feels like you've known all your life because we're on the same path to do the right thing. It's in our hearts. So with that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. It starts here with mental toughness, our connection with God Almighty. He can do anything. We just got to follow him in our hearts. Never lose your heart. and your love for people, because it can become real easy to become cynical and hard. That's not the point. You go in and you just be a beast warrior to the people that have broken the law and have victimized people you love, our nation, God's children. Go in there with a steel resolve. But then when you see our family Pick them up, put an arm around them, let them know that you care. Sit down and pray with people. Look for those opportunities to help the people around you to stay. They're all over the place. You can't get away from them. There's so many. And let's go ahead and take this nation back. not only in a legal perspective, but with our hearts and our love. You have a great day and we'll be back on tomorrow. Stand the line, Jonathan. I'm going to end this and then we'll see you guys tomorrow. Spread the news. There's your homework. Spread it to every single person you know so that tomorrow we even have a bigger audience. Have a great day.