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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/30/2022 - Live - Bill Mohr and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 30, 2022, 8:02 a.m.

Bill Mohr and Mellissa Carone will be talking about US Taxpayers Party, the Constitution, and solutions to restore Michigan. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg it is in fact tuesday and we have we're going to have two very special gassin to day bill more he is with the us taxpayers party i'll have him introduce you himself a little bit more only bring him in a minute and it turned an heart man again talking about what happened over in the case having fun with this little stream here i figured out how to do a blur in the back ground today bombelles pointers and so so every day were learning to know things that haven't haven't found with it i got to say we need to talk about this illegal search and seizure that's going on across and how the obi is in fact involved in this i am it set about it over it done with it when we when we are take office here because i am going to continue to believe that that we are going to absolutely win because we have god's favor we are going to need to end all of this nonsense the surveillance of biasing people up and trapped a legal searcher all these first of all it unconstitutional and the whole thing of over each fedorovich wrong on every level and at need so another thing that i found this morning that i find to be extraordinarily string and let me pull this up here a minute is the fact that we in fact have any peeress that that greg phillips and can't i can't realestate found ah to connect changed its which changed its it i to an i p in grand rapids they didn't have their their security up and up and i think this is going to be so significant and mind blowing when we finally get to the bottom of this we're going to be able to schoenthal of these really bad players nights ago i think i told everybody i was up all night because i was i found another another significant organized crime and we're going to throw all of the stuff out of your too because when you have people that have businesses they registered for one day and then the ghost and or a metric tons of bankruptcies you you can start seeing the pitcher that these people are involved in some really bad stuff so the it's it's coming together on a daily basis one of the first sights that i really started listening to his dairy france from next news network years ago and and i really like aristotle the little clip a minute for you so that we can we can her more about the i and then i'm going to add billette one of rice a to us by one of those rights illegal the decided refracted in the annual trance week on the i invest dear point two million users he for intelligence of surveillance primarily russia actors i next year as down by the air i re she lit on the back door national okay so so to see see what they're doing and the ability to set people up through these unconstitutional agencies which are in violation of every every legal process maladministration of waitin there for you donald dowis is incredible and i going barto what i normally called the bi which is the federal bureau of insurrection because that's exactly what they've done say six was a set up and all the rest of it and i'm sorry but but i think that as as americans were going to have to start calling things for one it is and and throth it out there and let the chips fall where they may i thought this morning when i when i got up that we need to practice a little bit on sin i will not comply because if we all had not complied with the masts and the ridiculous the scene it's me it came out yesterday more evidence that they actually are demnify me we've seen that known it for a long time but there's more more talk about it more evidence that this actually is a den modifier so when somebody tells you to do something that is going to be harmful to yourself the response should be no i i am i am not you have no jurisdiction over me i am a free person with that said i'm going to bring on to more and more intelligent a sausage i'd like you to introduce yourself and give everybody a little bit of a back ground i knew in the lives talk about all things you as taxpayers party constitution and how to right well my name is william moore i am as one of my father who was terminated i am some more do you donnegan that i was perfectly content not that terrible long ago working by day offering my family and running there is nothing more that i would enjoy doing them to be left alone and to when that becomes intreat time for each and every person to stand up no matter where the trees coming from other be family friends or the government and i was a so a role in a county and get the party back on its and i accepted that nomination growled the county party very difficult to get people involved until they actually realized that what they have that it may be taken away that personal them realize that there is something worth within then easterners rules numerous open currently the secretary of the u s t job which i wouldn't throw on anybody else and i serve on various committees involved one on one with with all my representatives led in the west rallentando email i called her many that won't even speak to and but we that is love that's the background of myself of the father freestone wife and then you are a by day going back to the march of the a lot of people as were open or at least a lot of people were starting to there were many mandates that came down the pipe from the government pamela aweather and tried to shut many people business down to browbeating months and they even requested now her governor didn't actually demand that they requested that churches close many many of the michigan in america please to say that i never one day a week off for the next year and a half and dedicated that one day to education learning and how we continued the work and i do a lot of remodeling so were in and out of people also and there were only two times he ran half at the foot going on only two times people would actually question why we why we were there why we didn't have a and out of the l five hundred plus properties that i work on to show that the people were actually somewhat educated they didn't like what was going on see that they weren't ready the old turk we go to open the wagonmaster they never close their doors we kept going on we made small mesentery adjust for the comfort of those proven really easy to was actually willing to stand and quit for their god given right i was on the way back and any type of charity thrown upon the american let me in a nutshell yeah it well and i am really proud to stand it then i tell you i am so excited about the taxpayers party and what it stands for the thing that really really strikes me after having you know was indented and i thought well i want to take my state back this is what i really want to do and the tastes party is a little more conservative which i really like the mater is going to be no negotiation with with traders or with people who are taking the constitution and the rights of the individual which i really like then i'd like to explain a little bit more about the tax her party the platform what it stands for and what the differentiating factors are with the with say the republican party he separate as i should ballinafad parties but round since nineteen ninety amarilly was part of the test indeed i go back in history a little bit you learn about the but mister tissue of his examiners that he had brought forth that was kind of the beginning of the use now they are in affiliate of the cat a nation at changes name many years ago and we his ears scarlett be able to change our names the match the national and one in the past with the many other states arose etretat point refused saying that there is no law allowing us to comment on that in the absence of law there is where there is no defining law that gives the freedom of according to their own that being put aside with petition to every secretary of state since then other democrat or republican and we had the same and i beg to question them why it is not allowed and the only response we still if there's no law in place allowing us the party is a pretty simple the statement purpose i read it right from toward bultitude the cost a simple straight forward in the federal government down the constitutional side for the separation of powers and balances and the system of accountability postulated by the red platform really needs not be any greater than that of the constitution a player there are several points in our platform continuing the first being the right stands against the bar and many other patroling the way one i'd like to point out in separate us from any other political party now and that is our last platform point that was added back in twenty in god we trust the snow the official model of the united states words are cast in stone but of poland the house of representatives for all us represent as they left were the printed on every coin and bill used her money in the united preamble of the cessation of the state of menefee gratitude to almighty god for the blessing as the very purpose for the caste a molasses and our path and that goes along the foot more there but that goes along with almost every other state seven or forty eight that we reference all my god or supreme ruler of the there is a definite a definite providence that the franklin the bounding in the framing of these united states and and that means to be without that see the last well since my life don't have a phonation principle that were established at the beginning of the then everything can be undone or be done by the slave that coming from every executive office across the entire nation under the federal state or even local counties they think that they can slip in at remove any opinion of law that there is a tax on any regulations without them having any say in and then the next executive will typically do the exact opposite of eliminate everything that was just and rewrite the case there's no no delegated authority they have no right the only the only powers for law are we the penalty we are fatally run candidates every every election our name is the other and i would encourage everybody to take a look the website is you as the panther and all were platform all of our candidates lifted down their the meeting at fostat local and by everything you need to know and if you have a question about any that anybody from the website or send a message directly to my and the more than happy to any question that anybody may and you you really got a responding it's like a you know the response from say you and jerry vesicant you know mark is now sketch as always been amazing from the party and i in responsive it's the way that government should work instead of put in a cue like you know like cattle and hope to get to you when they do you know it's completely it's completely die and and i really appreciate that because that's the way that that's what it should be done you know and if if we can't have a direct line of communication than were shot because then they're going to do whatever they want to do what what talk about a minute this medullary at the mission constitutional amendments that are coming out and to morrow in planning on going to lance a reproductive freedom for all collision and the the erroneous the erroneous misleading a man that misnamed did you read did you see what they've done even in the language i have to believe that this is like babelike god confused confusing language the even the language in this is such a a such an embarrassment it should be an embarrassment to did you did you read that the run on sentences of its i have not actually read bella for ossian one hundred per cent against them no matter what they say because they are in fact contre two or aside it would be it would be unprofitable i would say actually illegal to be able to add something to when it is a complicated namely are then i'm going to try to put this up in the camera so you can see it but this is an example of the amateur a tout to actually construct something that's going to be on permanent record and i think that we should all be completely embarrassed at this is even a thin if i can with a falter once i get it to ah and an offering to read well but it's it has multiple multiple both points in there and they're nothing but it's all in capital letters and their nothing there's no breaks i mean there's no words it's like one one word the way it's written as for lying long and i don't know who wrote this but clearly the intention of approving and and giving more credence to being able to kill babies as comes with a comes with a derangement candramarte can they can't read or write and or get the incorrect before it even hit the hittite to go in front of a board so to morrow the board of canvassers is we're going to be meeting there and there's so many errors in the escort three i believe the errors that are found in and we're going to be meeting there at the camp and all to morrow to see if we can get the tin turned out to own a fact that that the way that was written as is an embarrassment and should be should be and it should not you know appear you know because there is in technicalities where i agree with you that they shouldn't change the constitution i am completely a dance the constitution of a right now you know that that is that is got to be one of the water of the worst ideas i've seen come to the forefront in many many years once we once we get that that required a moral people and we don't have that we have a lot of communists and charge right now in the middle the communists getteth constitute where the right to change it were done over right then and there that the only thing that standing between us and a complete and utter maramonte the all we can add one little bit of a lot of people that may watch may not under an act i do invention were from past history they've always been added in and it was the way that our government was founded we took those wise and and and moral among from the people and we sent them as delegates now delegate is a representative of a group of body does to convention with that purpose at that point was to establish rules and laws and a constitution for a convention of states so they call it which you won't read about in our case that language does most people refer is the article five to the end proposed the men completely different different admiration vention of states what your sensibly doing he wiping a group of people from each go and meet at the federal level that was a convention now one to a convention by as a stable is the sole authority whatever is done with in that convention body will the final and i will tell you there are already people out there already groups and organisations that have whole complete constitution replace what we have if we were to open up a convention of state at any point in the near i don't know of any one that i would send out either but a couple of people but they an eligible but i don't know any one in government that i would send to a convention of states that i would small if any be necessary small adjustments and not be overrun by well call commissioners who vista an overthrow the entire cast well education point here government cannot exist without our establish the it maintains the the people to enforce that law and those regulations and those delegated powers that we put in place for the government so when you change the capitation what your essentially doing is changing the operation yeah and and it right now it's not i would agree with you being in politics for the time that i have i can't i can't tell you that i've met more than a handful of people that are actually honest most of the people that i meet are in it for self enrichment and it's become an industry on how to how to play it as a game for themselves so to to change any of these you know the rules you know glassware anything like that it's not going to go on the favor of we the people it's going to go on the favour of we who sit in the chair who has managed to come and dear an office and even looking in our elections right now they're not they're not honest in there's no way that that if we can't have honest elections we don't even know who is in there who was then placed in there now if we give him free rein chains constitution were gone because there already and by special interests are already on by the big multinational corporations and we start looking in the dark money they're certainly not serving we the people although the common free of all people know as that to do the same thing and overleaped ferent results with the definition of insanity only that i see a lot of that going on we as a people continued to unconstitutional edicts his uncased orders that come down from the government and you to accept them based on the fact that we think they have the power to do no as long as we continue along that path we're going to continue in the same insanity that was seen over the last my father here i love this he takes that foreright around must not talk about the insanity fortune's talk about a though instead doing the same things over over and expecting different results how bold if you want the results you used to but we do the things that we used to go back to the early or base and the foundation or before the set a foundation all the new it work go back to that small changes need to be made beyond that we can make those small things but we need to readjust our mind set we need to meet the wishes whole idea the people are the lowest in the government and that the government controls everything that we see on taste don't and until we get to that point then we're going to continue to see the same results the insane when you go back to look at the way the nation started i think that there's a lot of people that don't even know what that looks like because we've had we lived under tyranny for so long that the people don't even know what it means to be free any more without the government you know looking down looking down you know over shoulder all the time on what you're doing and just wait and froschauer they can they can you know catch you on some sort of minor infraction in order to to use fear to force compliance that that's what that's what i'm seeing a lot of that's why i think a lot of people are concerned about jumping off the illegal called illegal it's legal but unconstitutional two party system because we don't have representation as taxpayers party in the same way that republicans and democrats do in in a way by it by obstructing and or not including us in different processes they literally used that to silence another option which really was the first out there was a a two party system at the ben and i think that looking directly at that it is that people need to start being involved in their own governance realizing that you don't vote for a party how i mean us vote for a party people who are in bonded vote for a party because the parties are nothing more than special interest and i can honestly say that i've heard more than one time from people in the us taxpayers party that this is about all americans this is not about a party and in its voting for those people that will serve the air in sir we the people the all the reexperience megaton twenty i ran for a township it was what i was starting to get involved in starting to see issue i said i'm going to do whatever i can to make about that was the lowest point that i deemed back and could get involved and it was local to my area i was in my own back yard as where they were i had the most in my own and that was for anybody was i ran i ran a campaign i waited the last of the primaries to the one one be on thee and i sam characters that have been therefore for many years a to meet with a couple of those i ran a solid campaign and it person of the boat in a three way race no i found toothwort seven hundred people and the amazing then that hit me afterwards as saute a bit of my own money i could know no donations for many and and those who offer to help her lithe area so i told them no i want this one percent local and i want it done pure and open to the he points through all that entire three months campaign there was one person people there was one person at and this man was just the local farmer he came to knock right on my door and i had no idea who he was at that point ever met him my life he came up and i invited him in and he sat there and talked for probably an hour or so answering all his questions that he might have and he lost a little bit confused speak the same way that political dress aditional issues everything all these social issues that happen all heorot casually want you know and another one just go to pau get to the root cause of foundational cause of you can address and that that's the way i spoke in my campaign i didn't care about the immediate social issue and so he was a obituaries he was excited to have been able to it was a couple of weeks later he shot back up back to my door and wanted a couple more beside on the quite satisfied with with what he said the first time so uncle so we did and that he was going to after my aryaman the election's over we realize all this almost the failure of the election i realize that he only campaign when you get into hundreds of thousands of dollars to run a campaign i asked myself why are we doing the people be looking on their ballots school to represent them or who is on the ballot for an agenda i recanati each and every one of them to determine who is the most qualified or who they even want to be representing them outside people my township the besides that was important enough to know who was on his well he was really opener if we had three hundred thirty million people roughly in the united states about ten million people in the state he was then that supposedly registered if we had seven million registered voters all contacting everybody on the ballot for a number you think it would make a change that would that would significantly reduce the eat and it would bring election right back to the another point to that is in all those people so low a ballad about all the minion and all that but everybody went to vote on voting and say there's a five million registered voter roll and there were or neithotep that could be proven they voted that we've only a one thousand i could come any type of fraud in activity at now we have almost every registered order out there to the majority of people i can senator i met a lot of people about voting because they don't they don't see the cause any more they don't that their voices will ever be made no and that it's all districts on the right the more people we get out there the less chance that the election around a goblet yeah that's true we need to overwhelm them overwhelm in the pools and and do in a way that were thinking differently were not trying to just you know we're not just doing it the same way like you said we we if we keep it voting in these professional politicians people that just tell people what they think they want to hear i listened to so many people that just just yesterday there was a guy that pulled up to life at for our proof issue of this platform because it was not popular so the basically sold out for the votes and this is this is what we're seeing is that people are willing to compromise to stand for nothing to get in because the goal is to get and to give the favor of the people that are giving them the big money and i honestly think that he is bad as our elections are broken i like to see a thirty day election cycle i mean how many times do we have to people and which i don't want to i don't want to at all but i watch thirty years because i found it to be a colossal waste o time and i refuse to be programmed so you know it how many times do we need to see how i beseecher and or you know i mean to come a time to be lay in truth that i give you that i'm not really happy about some of the characteristics i see in our poets whatsoever because and i think that that does need to the forefront but that's all they do because they don't have any they have no idea how i so all they're doing is train perpetrator system going to perpetrate it and constantly you know that the crimes just over and over and over again they do not want the which is why i slyly i was disqualified illegally twice and then i think it's funny i think i'm to ranchman you know just you know disqualified twice and renominated twice you know and and still still and run but they don't want their game splashed do not want they do not want their dams but was because we are really insignificant to them they could care less they just want to have their hands on that money and when you watch the amount of money in these campaigns it is shocking to in one of the first persons that came to me with i went through the casting of an opportunist like you cannot believe the campaign finance attorneys i think i think i talk to about i don't know maybe canon that wit that were that were in canape saying i'm going to help you and they show up on you know on my under and realizing later that their only there they were sent there in order disqualified attatai will not we got hired by the justice is done with it finally found some one there is all a strategist that showed up and said i am going to earn you fifty two million dollars and i'm going to take one point timelon of this and retirement and it venitien for myself and he said that was going to take to take governor's office fifty million and i'm like i'm so done with us i'm out what on that first of all it makes no sense and even no it's not called out is immoral and horseleech i have to call it out as that is wrong because you're you're being supported by people with donations of five dollars twenty five dollars a hundred dollars the hard earned money for most and if we don't if we don't eat and hold ourselves accountable to that you know we've got a real big problem in the cantabili that use you throughout there the constitution that's a big deal is to have you know to have a the accountability and the mechanisms for accountability to have to be put in place or rather already in place we just need to hold on but you know you can't do that if you're looking to toother your the big money the big money is always to be there are the rule so even back in an accident the canteen and twenty one i believe it is they were all set that the her modelling for men to judges over the people looking for god fearing a income and the point i can't think of the gold of the row which should be applying to individuals that are running on the ballot i forget which one of which one of the manifest at you may know that i don't have a rest references liberty being a precious deal and we should be guarding that jewel anyone who comes close to except the fact that at the care of the research and that we should know everything about them and to know their exact before they come being able to charge of the people right and a prominent that most people running for running for office i never held a real job you know he resumed do not support there are any any any experience or even intelligence to be able carry this out and and curatolatress and or one that actually is accountable to people with the return for the people i think that's that's a really really big issue so in going back to the titcombes down to service and i i have a lot of questions you know my question is why is it that a military and on a lower part people who put their lives on the line than politicians who sit up there now granted there's a lot of politicians that nut being being a targeted intilligent however when you have politicians that are making such an extraordinary amount of money where we can't even provide good services for our veterans are lanforre men officers can't provide good training for our law enforcement officers at this point he is an it's a it's backwards and i would love to see politicians beyond the same pace scale with a same insurance with the same everything that that you know other people who are in public sir are subject to in that goes to what when you see the pace galoppe in landing and what they're getting paid for for you know being bureau chiefs and the senate think ah i'm like how is the son possible you know and i yesterday i was talking to so many yesterday about the many have a mononthour day and he wasn't sure he wanted to talk the full amount about what happens in some companies especially union company there's not a there's not always enough oversight to see what's happening and horticultural that's that's not always it goes both ways because the unions have have fallen away for protecting the workers to the whole thing is broken but i have heard more than one time that when you go up to lance and i've seen some of it that people are sitting there an innate have nothing to do all day they literally are sitting in their with nothing to do the blood in our government with no traction to get anything done is her heart to come to terms i think it is new hampshire they have a part time legislature which we should have in in beforetime i no reason to be passing passing so many laws and making a low so houtou that people came under especially without revealing some of the old ones that are becoming in past but new hampshire i believe it is i the part time was a slaver and their representatives and senators are and a pertence at anathoth basically when they so to discuss the and pastor boola or amendments or evolution what really have to do they are her time there for what they when they're not there they go home and go to work i like we should have the working class the average the community the one that you mean is the wisest and most moral on the and allow them to be repent there no reason why we these were you know honest two hundred thousand dollars a year worksheets at noon talk about the retirement that they get afterwards people there live a moment you cheat box on the ballot the elected to you you are in debt to them our yes and look at how much money they come out of office with when you've got millions you know twenty six million of a keats little bit here because twenty six million that a chap you look at grandhampton look at their bank account look at positions look at look at romney look at all of them in how much money they have made off of being in office in an that's all they do this is all i do is the heymes the globe and they get put on boards of these companies that their pain the way something else i find really interesting is when you start looking at a politicians or leaders the amount of of them who are involved in development in land land trust in development is is is way out a way it it is very common for them to be developers and or people that are dealing in land and in what whitehaven look what happened with oleana more and the way that they titled things over from one entity to to another so that they can they can manipulate our cities they can engineer our cities and premane away all we own so that we all nothing and will be happy that's where like an amicorum you orright there in a nutshell and that means that the you know that's what they athalbrand and these big corporations and how they did it through using using mutual mutual funds and getting the united states to buy and their bad debt while we're paying the interest and there over here picking up there over your picking up farm land like like a snatch and bats out of the air you know and and it's just it's it's incredible they don't have any vested interest in the united states i e if they're not anonymity honor with them with than any or then be a lot of land that there's a big problem the let's talk about it all things constitution and how we we can go back to the constitution of several issues that are concerning i i really think the tenth amendment in a states rights to defend our borders and turn the state back into almost his own country and tick everything out that is not that is not supposed to be here is a good good way to deal with it called the sheriff's happy be rested well as the national guard lies at the way that it's supposed to be used rather than the governor's little private estates run round you know and i think that that that that could be fairly sigi well i on the same quoth i mentor those who are listening this later who may not know the text of the but think on contact her tenement of the u s can powers not delegated to the united states by the cat nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the well we have a constitution that the fine government if it is not defined the federal government cannot belongs to if we have not the find it in our state constitute the but who does it belong to he belongs to us we are the inherent political power of government they are that do not so the states have more authority than the federal government but no government is only delegated seventeen or eighteen powers the use it is i therefore they have looked at a round a lot of a lot of people i noticed that then what a sensation was the white house as circle at hand little necessitated he seeking out publicly one time not that herbage said that the laws of the federal government and empire phrasing ears not to quote the laws of the federal government superseded that of the and immediately that went around some i saw it all over the place for about three that ointment and the people had a right to the federal government laws do not supersede that of the states and less it was delegated to the federal government o yes we have we have something similar to a dual federalism here the united states or as i like to tell in these united we have a federal government that has power to protect mortars to coin money to come interesting commerce treaties with foreign foreign anti malecontent en eighteen things and he was a longer for the stuff of their doing that should said the captain but they are both things that they're doing everything else is left to the the states have all the imaginary powers that you can think of then as we tolerances national if everybody has teutonism longer than the federal we granted much more power and much more defined a forty to our state that's where to one of the was in the constitution is that the federal government owns their ten square acres that is kind of their own little save roland if now what do we do with all of these federal properties that for us to interface federal you have no fear that's a big one minding store so i'm always impotently dealing with the eatin when you have easterton you have the apartments that interface with the federal health dear you know we were handful but you have numerous federal properties on the federal government does not have the authority to expand their proper and the state should be the one saying now this is not allowed cannot be here and you need believe menaphon the rights of the people they had the federal government involved in their david day that should be to our state governments to local and so the one of the powers of the governor is to be able to call the men and this is a topic that a lot of people get a little weary constitutionally there are powers delegated specifically to a militia and the states are required to have their own man the state of michigan we have laws governing that with the the power to atomless are to enforce the laws the invasion prescott's go back to that first one it says the powers of the militia to enforce as as the teton of got on rather in my hand foreman cast thus position if you don't have athegither all your legislators get them to buy and there on amain everywhere that is our supreme law of the land are moist hired by our state governments and that means to remove federal agencies federal provocateurs and departments that shouldn't from our state that take that land back to the people of the state yeah and watch how they use them to the weapons all of these agencies against the people of michigan during these blackdowns and you know like a wonderful or wonderful existing governor right now who had made more mistakes then made more mistakes or violation had more violations than any one you can possibly imagine i think she's the worst governor in that in the united states i really do you know there are five of them that were grammars and she's on the top of the list for grammarian third party murder for ignoring the health department on you know and and and weapons weapons in our health department it to to all did around the wall as well as the toison how many restaurants and bars were shut down by the tattle against them i heard of several of several bars up north at the attente were not really nice and they were not not i respectfully to a free people in what any way shape or oh her protection i mean our fourth amendment protects us from unwarranted search i make that very clear a government agency or individual come of my property to manage them something you'd better have a warrant properly signed by judge before i awaited near any might and the odds of getting that are pretty slim and lost to means as we've seen by no not warrant no itabayana bout somethin that happened to us in the scene where a judge said that they were there was an order for masanath in the in the carouse and to fish in the sheriff's office and the deputy stopped as of the door said you may not come in without a mask because we have you know we never a signed order for that and i like so it to us they couldn't well guess what they didn't have one and they didn't they had been aforetime mandate in on our property and our state property there or a county property rather it for two days without a signed order from the judge and then all the sudden the judge scrambled a sign the order after the fact we tried to get the ethmoidal not give his camera footnote do somebody has the information that shows that they did not have a slight order but were in fact putting it into practice that's a problem here and can count i know i know your fontinalis to my the county had their own not on wonderful cranial people running around here and i was a betise of the court houses during the black down or not during the locked out the during the batsman dates and i i never put one in except for when my father was was lying in his death bed in the hospital i went in there to see and i'll leave that to anteater see me whereon i but i've been in the court house as i've been a restaurant i sat to eat during restaurant lock down i mean i made this group of connection with people that they were willing to and up but intently for instance talk about judges or we had a judge he may remember him marcus he came out last year i believe it was the health department wanted to be able to arrest people for violating any of the health department so they went to i believe it is they want to judge the sack anyway and a point that warrant a new sound as of one i have a copy of it but he issued a blanket warrant granting any health department officers to detain an arrest any individual in violation of as orders are that they deem a public health i planetara so they think that this applies to once again your back to a foundation of how that words and that one is in violation of the fourth amendment specify the person the place or the things to be seized said ten million people of the state are at emory is bestial people and didn't give anybody an opportunity for due process to see how this is going to work out you know i've seen poor the health department and they're not exactly military caliber and my opinion it's sort of like watching a sort of like watching the ah the people that are were training with the airs agents is like the train to train like eighty seven thousand aragonese video on that on like this is not what we would call the best of the best of the best were tallow i wouldn't give you a pot on let alone an an actual firearm to kitticut any type of restormel operation i don't think they've cut the grave there in decaying that you know i look all a pioneer i am always seen to that i always i always carry everywhere i go into a matter where that is i always have my protection on me and that's not only for myself but it's for my wife and the and then for anybody else around me that may be i willing to win to jumping from the boat to save anybody i think everybody should be caring i really do i think that you know i suppose you could take a few people that aren't qualified like maybe they don't have the capacity to carry you know like like fornicationes daughter is severely mentally ill she should never ever ever handle a firearm for any reason whatsoever she she is about three years old the she's about three years old a mantle and so that that would not be a good responsible thing to happen but i think i think people should really put the time into get good training and antimony i'm proposition carry plus nothing and i believe in the so smoothing that we should not only give a chronic for the purchase of fire arms ammunition and firearms training but i've got i've got a punch fairly long and getting the government out of the way i can to like some of the stand your ground rules to we have the right to protect ourselves and somebody comes on our property that makes a threat we have that right to protect ourselves period you know and and i'm sorry with all they didn't mean it yet he did they did when somebody comes on your property to to threaten you they sure did mean it they knew exactly what they were doing and in if they didn't you know a good lesson and proper behavior probably is warranted you know so well i love to i'd love to get you back on again may be next week and lots i would like to see if we can do like in all things constitute and and maybe he have had the one once a week for an hour segment so that we could go through maybe you through the constitute and talk about current problems that were having and how that relates to the constant when to be would you be open for that yeah i think i think that really really good i am i do i failed i felt the finished my own my thought processes there and imitating out great now that the skipper out but the regarding the iris agents i have seen no the new is an and i watched their training video as a federal firearms light and a fire in fear i i pay attention to those things any time i see people with guns of always keen to know what they're doing how their acting and i want to know whether or not they could and all their fire arms to other not i should be in front or behind and watching these training videos i see a numerous people and and i love i love to pull that up and actually pointed out in a line by line but i watch numerous people who have their weapons drawn as they went through a doorway i with the intent of taking down an individual or sometimes to and a very large but as they would as they would walk and cross past you'd seen him cross gray behind each other i mean i mean the fire arms had height and they want right behind each other rowcroft the backside of one of their co workers and if you're not keen to such things you wouldn't really notice it but if i've got somebody with a fire arm behind me that i'm trusting to protect me in a line of duty and they have their weapons down and crossed behind my head i immediately will no longer remain in front of at any point he happened occasionally do from time time and i'm not going to be the one standing in front of the girl is the exterior the tare simple simple rules to follow and the first one being never point of fire armenian anything you don't tend to destroy that at the command the common practice and the proper of a fire arm and that sense is when you have a group of people with what a drawn advancing towards somebody yet to switch positions the person in the back always drop their fire arms to the ground and then bring them back up when you are so it is very comical to watch these eighty seven thousand trained supposedly one of their duties is to be armed and ready to assist in a rest and why a financial department somebody will be let to the imagination of both right yeah it's very inlook like they were training in a high school gym i am pretty exposure this isn't like a military grain training exercise going on i'm hoping that they all have like maybe maybe giving him one rubber boot and you know seminole with her orbital fat free cookies or something like that because it didn't look real serious to me while we can make it down right now an no matter the outcome of the intent of these of theirs to whatever they as they intended to weyve thousand new armed and ready to arrest employees we'll make it now right now publicly that these people do not have the authority to come at you in any regard than any advancing porton individual will be met as a threat crossed by deadly force by myself or any one around me trying to think down one of my fellow americans with the i will not stand now well it it it is certainly i am certainly proud to have men like you and that will stand for the constitution you know under in a way that will not be down i love that i really do and i think that that's what it's going to take it's going to take to stand their ground and not get it given to these communists communists that are in charge right now it's very disturbing so i applaud you because you know what the you know is like the throat the they take as against threats both domestic as well as for an we think of the threats being foreign but a lot of the throats are domestic which is really concerning i think that i have i have pledged to defend the constitution at all enemies form and now i think that i seriously and those who have taken it will now and should be able to tell you that there has been been no relief from that oath after the time of service that old still stands and we as americans be understand that upon being born and claiming yourself an american you have certain and the one duty to sedleigh now pietrasanta well let's let it back on next week again and then left let's continue this discussion i really appreciate your time and i really appreciate your time then and the knowledge that you have so much so i'm an i'm goin to go ahead will will bring it next to you thanks for being an to day bill golovine quaeris presidents tanda and november of his first night in the white house that i pray heaven bestow the best of blessings upon the white house and in all that she here after inhabited may none but honest and wise men ever rule under this my god how far we have gotten from that truly well we just keep fighting and we're going to take him all we're going to take it all down and you know i believe that and and i believe we're going to win in the next election and restore this nation as is it should be as it should be we will do everything we can to do all right thanks thanks we'll have a great day you may and retaining a tender hand in little prone he gave a morning solomon the donas quick housekeeping your phone a that one i did i did you know the only the only person that it is a secretly cumulous it doesn't not at all at antinomian the last and we had not wasting a right to you send a line to my mother for an all readily i sure can hang out a minute and i only do that he how you doing good how are you good love me let me see i think that the danes other than one imagined him if we can get dan up and riding here yet the last time i was on we had done microphone was crackling too so how did the oyster day and reconnoitering the blow by blow and it was a little little crazy yet so we destroy daughter of a day cares only her second day so you know how children are they won't let you leave so we were trying to but you know we wanted her up be comfortable obviously but anyways so yesterday was very interesting happened was i would like for dan to explain really that really what happened with the but it was interesting because you know and montoni that delegates voices were not heard and they have been deceived and let me lead and to believing that richer when he's not and that is not okay to mislead delegates to mostly the voters at all like i have been doing then you back oh thank you sorry about that in russia my phone he administered an figured out last time and and i didn't think about a sunset the other phone here so you know tanais great what works and when it doesn't work it's a problem so so that that's good we get it you know i think that's what people really like about coming on and listening to bonelike thee the authenticity and the fact that we're just normal people that are trying to take back this nation were not politicians were not being paid to do this we stopped up as people that love our nation and you know an just another for our family or friends and to leave a legacy for those that come after us and not only is that bibliolatry and playing the temperate for funera ions shade but we really have not seen that in our government in a very very long time as bellaire to we haven't seen what it's like to actually live as a free people because we've been living under tyranny for so long and you know what i know that were i sick of it and were ready to set the nation straight so let's talk about what happened with the process and meanwhile was completely messed up and you tell what happened in court yesterday dan it sounded like it was a good no i was everybody's there appreciate the well in general the courtyard ruled that mark was the county chair and that is the relief that the case was about who was the county chair and the court re affirmed that march till the county chair for so the problem is is that her constantly acting as though he the county chair person needs to see in people as melissa indicated so then the next question became beyond the scope of our i made was when the county makes a decision to a select delicate convention isabel the second convention so delicate and incensed last enlist in that was recognized by the essentially what the judge said was well to the extent that the delicate less was by the convention because convention selected them there's nothing more i can do for you the list of people that went to invention one that preceded that dick convention and it does no more remedy i can get of course i asked for an incarceration or a fine for criminal contempt and the judge wasn't willing to go that far but he basically if you boil down but what happened there the chairman mongolian party and delegates from his convention and and that is the end of the courts involvement in the matter when i started to ask about what happens in the future when i tried to the privileges of the office of the macaroni executive committee and so judge basically said well we can't get into active things we have to deal with what's before us now and looking down the road and saying hey we've got another convention coming up as a problem well by paraphrasing it is not something that he was willing to get involved so ultimately and i disappointed that there was no contempt finding because i believe that the order was divided the judge felt that sense there was a remedy ah that was handle that convention that he needed to take no further action so right now mark is made the decision that he's going to focus on the business run in the county party i do know that i can say is going to continue to reports they received from other people he's going to continue to make some misrepresentations then we're going to wait and see whether or not the state committee ran in round wiser we're going to see whether or not the state committee and rorie wisely can read the room and see that even though the official tally was eighty two per the way the eighty eight per cent of the people that were eligible to vote indicated that they are supported mark for an has been the share person the states are made chooses to not read the room then we will see how that happens in the future and it exciting for me down because oh i'm just on a right here and it's goin be god's will whatever it is and maybe there's more things have to be brought to light i don't know say that again cut out for just maybe there's more things that god wants to bring to light about going on the right now i think it's important that marked with the county and you know i've got to turn my attention to some election laws and we're going to see what happens at the state or many continues so we as a present delegates have elected the body of people to be tomides tract committee and our in those committees are parliament not dictatorships they're not a shorter and what we have here as we have a gentleman who is taking the authority of the state party and it is whatever he and that's not the way it's supposed to be and they have a committee does not stand up and assert its of office and allows him to do this well then we'll see how that turns well the state parties unkind of don the whole state party now in sun because i hadn't seen anything that that seems to be following a process is just it it's like it's like a legal pastry know it's like it's like looking at a couple of a rooster out in a panther in they go like the city at other to see who's actually istar the other one down to get things done and kind of disturbing to me he let me read you a definition here a solitaria is missus from wick a form of government characterized by the rejection of political plurality strong central power to preserve political status quo reductions in the rule of law separation of powers and democratic i pretty interesting because ultimately when you as they look at the you look at a republican form of government which is represented as you look at a parliamentary form of government where the people that are representing you act as a body and there's no real defined leader that's the way the state party is supposed to be set out instead we have converted into this authoritarianism and i know if you did see that the good that came out of this whole debate with the mark for in an artistic was even the detroit news yesterday brought an article that talked about how there has been as the people are now asserting their rights and you know the delegates which were representatives in the people are fed up one epeiros the board and they're going to start putting checks and balances on the governor and what's crazy as that when somebody gets off the couch they don't sit back down i would love to go back to and not be involved in active i would love to be living my life and worried about what i'm going to do with my free time instead of doing all this but now i risen in defense of my country am not going go sit back down and i think every single person has to do that we got to get in the game and start start we want a country that is by the people you know for felipe then we got a start acting like it and you know and being involved djouneid you see what was happening i know that you know you're really involved in the election and german for fun you know the last part i think i see titanesses this morning that is coming out of the work with the gregg and cameron and i think this is an in interesting i want to read this because it brings us right back here to not only michigan but granitoid this to because this is significant during the course of probing one software provider in the early greg in his team some of the crossbars for a server that was purposely associated with a company named contat least according to the records of services that traitress is ownership in location that i parasites out was located in china it was evidently used by some sebastians of software application for a period of time before switching to a new ypres in grand rapids michigan location tools that that used suggests that server was posting the address in china was somewhere in near hang jacoby somewhere near gazing university while greg in a team revisiting make they ran some routine circuit checks to what services were being used by the chinese ip addressed intermined what was behind it one of these routine scam showed part of that i address to seven one seven that was typically used by a database application called mango it goes on this is from the anonymous conservative and there he had no password and the default password which was while he could probably guess was password it's kind of shocking to see to see is that the article in noose the later i am there's a lot that's coming back to grand rapids and i to michigan and general and grand rapids and i think that if we start looking in specific areas like a lasso grand east east lancing we're going to find some really concrete concrete you know connections there that our coming to light and including you know this day that was included was the personal details of one point eight million us pol workers the election workers i think that more and more is coming to light every day but i thought it was pretty pretty significant that that it was running they were running the petrograd as so blessed enough to be on in another cab with the truth summit from my clandestine different people from the different states and yet an updated the fight goes on not a life start at the very and i let people understand the election management system and how it's been compromised and the election management system needs to unique to understand that this entire process be designed to insure the vote make sure that there is transparent so i want to just talk about where we were if we were to go back to nineteen ninety eight you would find that we had a pretty good election that really did need six in all gore george bush where they had large that would count in florida would lots of ballots they were having problems because of the thickness of the paper that would use on the ballot the they had hanging in dimple she and as a result of an election system in florida senate did he study and created the help america vote at ultimately changed our voting system so that it could be controlled by canalization and i wanted just go back to that point and i don't know whether or not these dimpled or hanging chaps intentional ejected as some people when i want to explain that the problems that happened in florida should not a better problem we count by the precinct not by the count and so let's start there and make sure we understand what happen decided that we would not register everybody to a national so the first inroad nationally register of rites when we started even people so security numbers in tracking them instead of having it count and i can remember looking at my mother's so security card on the back of it the kind of ironic people in the social security impact came so security cards came out though they were moving toward a beast government we've come a long ways from there and now what happened is they wanted to create this national registry of voters the whole idea behind making this national registry was they would be able to tell if somebody in another state was voting here and with the bunch of left money there is an organization called eric treated which is which is supposed to tell us when somebody is a died according to the death of security index thirty two states i think that participate of the registered in another to inform us we could clean our vote in rolls not what's going on but any way the moral the motor as we now have there sensitized the tatooing roles and what is what is crazy about that is individual states are given the responsibility to maintain their voting rolls but michigan by its own standards unhearty state website there are more people registered a mischevious and i'm all about getting the ode out but when you get to vote on you have more than a hundred per cent registration you've got a problem and we need to claim the voting rolls and that's the very very very first fundamental the two mules does not work you can't do two mules and full and honest a ballot unless you have male and and the person who is making the fate ballad has access to the qualified voter roll and has people in there that they now are either in ausable to vote were added or are not going to so in order to compromise ballot stopped in which is one of the operations that was run against the american election prove by the mill two miles ability to a bold that will fool an honest county clerk whose beetaloo into their qualified voter roll in determined the person elsie to what else is really interesting about the company that they have a little machine is designed because they made a peril equip has been connected to a qualified voter file in detroit by the the seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar grand from sight technical and civic living which is a left leaning organization it received this money and purchase the second piece from this on and connected the net et qualified voter role to this company a man that is able to then do the clerk's job of making a signature he has explained to me and me to see huntington a which is obviously a concern to melissa when i was there as a falconer for the august second primary explained dust that they had every ballot was scanned and they were looking to do a signature comparison using artificial intelligent the signature on the outside of the ample they tell us is the part of that bear but as the ability to print and produce the ball even stuff it in the envelop so you have a machine from a company with this the china that is able to produce an exact boutourline has access was connected to our border rolls and if you wanted to you can print officiate ballot for the clerk it seventeen to be a compare and then you wonder why male good the ballot boxes and drop off reducing the ballads that has access to or to our election qualified voters prove it but i'm starting to get a circumstantial case here that there is a person of interest or a company of interest that needs to be investigated so when you see that michigan has too many ballots by any but his estimate with six hundred thousand more bolts or that would be expected according to our high turnout record the farinaceous one thousand too many balls then introduced your balloon through the post office and delivered to rural county then i have to sit back and say who wanted to make why right in voting you're not having the actual person walked in and cast the and then we have the signature verification system that is not even legal and then you have a machine that produces the ballot is connected to our sensitive voter rolls and then you wonder why the corps are fooled in little travers township and the county or you know bear creek down ship macoun good honest carkendale no reason i mean the three patriots but they be checked their vote other right that's crazy so when you look at this bear abodes it never even the connected it into our the number was through the secretary of state he never went through the board of canvases the money came i've got the memo the contract for the temerity thousand dollars to other who signed that that order spendius i will i will post that because you know all of these contracts i mean that that are being signed for the stuff somewhither name on the line on this and i think maybe be looked at you know unless they can mustache now their signature to who knows you know you i'll see not you are more goniometer a lost so let's get past the registrator okay because if you want a blue print and how to still or let to what the equal protection and right are no go back to bush persist they said you have the right to have access to now there was a time where we deprived minorities the all taxes or people who were women could vote the dogs all those times in american history are some of the brutes that we got to let it where we are so the first thing is equal protection that you have a right to have access to second thing it is you have the right to have your vote counted as it was third right is he not have your vote diluted ballots you go all the way back to abraham lincoln's reelection they actually hung people in washington d c who had stuffed ballot the enduring that election so i just want you to be aware of ballad stuff in his going on as long as there's been election but now we have it very very sophisticated ah we need to scrap or voting rolls and have everybody have a day were they gone eritis rather and we need to get rid of this qualified voter file that a national and you know that when you have three thousand or less people in a present you know who your neighbors are right you can drive down the street and see who lives in the hut michigan has as a benefit of having a diverse by motor system where it's run by the local elections yes what if you get a bad clerk talking and and you can read out that lack the reality is that we don't need to centralize everything prize everybody needs to go down bring their idea sin upon a boardin roll in great apulian their township got start over enter that can be manipulated i agree to that question is what he what happens if i want to vote in the morning the drive to the next town she been voted in the next town they got another piece of property over there you know you could cheat the system but not as easily in wholesale the system that we have right now in those bad people could be prose we passed the body roll down then it's very important to understand we need to have secure paper for our bows we don't need to be bailing them out there needs to be some type of a water mark that we know the ballots are produced and secure paper we have answered anti counterfeiting measures on her dollar bill secure that paper and then we need to have it put into our paper that technology that had we need to get rid of this right in milan no a talk about what's going on right now with so the secretary of state has mandated the use of an electronic cook to register the voters who arrive at the voting now a lot of people don't realize that the electronic paul book check people and it is actually produced the information is put on to a thumb drive and thorpe day before the election that some drive takes the information from the qualified voter file as all of the information of the voters in that priest and it is brought over so that if you walk into the full that morning i will tell you if you were registered before four p m the day before and it will tell whether you had an absent boat or an old receipt that came in and has already been you've already voted for that price not that he allows you to basically check the person in an order of which they arrived at the polls and record who showed up in in theory a good doesn't have to be electronic they used to do a paper for many many years but let's take a time out and step back from the principles right now because of the election laws that stowe have absentee boats are being mailed out and there being returned when they go through the list you know that man has the ability to scan and figure out a sicile to hero but on the outside of our ballad ample unique identifying information tracks a system who i am afraid i don't the carrambo out track when it was delivered just like a fete tracking in number and then guess what i used to vote by the absent to ballot put it back into the ballot and blow and malabar at that all the way to win its delivered you can go online and track your vote and anybody with the system can that my boat went out in my boat came don't have my exact voting history which they probably do i i don't want it like how dan arnkel to vote so his envelope was open and sealed so were spoil that or they could say while i looked here and i've seen that we would like to go to this neighborhood just we know the dear a lot of boats in that neighborhood that are going to favor the candidate we want so we're going to go to knock up the gardener from the clerk's office we see we said you baltie days ago and it hasn't been you need another when you need help boding and they can actually go and harvest the being doubted in our cities with promote the vote and get out the vote there going in collecting the ballots that they've set out to in the neighborhood that had the demographic that are going to vote the way they want them to pretty scary i because operation there so many people involved in this is it incredible so it gets worse than a so now when the boat we are able to trace the ballots on standing when you sit at an absent to county board and you watch somebody like you to gestation when they check out to read the baron the back of your candy bar the star your ballot in a bus up one scream that the poltalloch about the priest in the day was sent that its standard and his address that it was said to all the information which i can of the outside of the male you realize that anybody who handles that envelope that information about that vote or that voter and you wonder how many times when i looked up people and they say ay my boat my boat didn't count you wonder why when you asked him by the way you are to share in your party is oh yeah i voted republican but my boat had yet recorded but they went through the process of mailing it back but i don't like the fact that anybody who has access to that here the information of the person who voted so secret in today's world with technology howard is it to look me up online and see that i'm a republican present delegate and inactive in voting election right i see i've seen some of those files that they have on people and it's shocking how much information they have collected on americans and it goes back to these all of the surveillance going on and storing dateline at people so that if they the person who has the information is basically king of a heap at that point time because they can manipulate an so dona will you just reading your article about this mango database the evidence that has all my social medium post whom my friends are whether or not i go to church and have this huge database on me there's a lot of government surveillance of american patriots out there that you don't even have what they do is that election is a contractor it is always the time tractor so it's not directly your goblet any that you mentioned if they have a database to tell who it was but they also have access to the qualified voter by which we know they got access through detroit of the entire qualified voter file a company through their other machine the baron it's amazing that when we're saying oh not profits that were in detroit had vowed that were introduced in the election system through broad boxes the madman how they were for anyway that mobarec runic callbook we can highlight the other problems we go back to electronic callbook at it has already tracked the boats that have come in but more important at that day and in that i supper let me look around here for one of my boys and i nature you well i'm looking for that carinus so in the far side of the oh every present you are up action most the number of absentee ballots that were sent out number of absentee balance that were red before an election extremely important that those posts by the way we went and we requested the boys he mandatory we're getting the form back in his ironic that exact same peasant same hand right even though you're supposed to progress homefelt the form as you so to say how many were set out the day before and their supposed to post it in the public he supposed to put out how many words and were supposed to track that so they locked it into that you go to your present during this next voting seared that information the next thing that is supposed to happen is on election day for nine something that should have happened in detroit the cane had more ballads losses there suppose now updated the total number of additional absentee balls they gave out on the day of no and then there supposed to have the total amount that came in and was re you have an accurate position the so that you've returned but sassanian and seventy one balance five hundred and forty as well the maximum number getting close to one really intend i intact that control is in the last minute the poor book is supposed to be or be able to be reconciled because we requested the poor the number of the information it should have in there the report of comedy as ebal came in before four p that's what they set up so when you go check in they say i'm sorry done it shows that you had an absent batatas already returned when you go to both a book number should reconcile with that little less of a patriot to check their own priests agenor trying to check a bunch of we're working on mister the augustine but were playing catch up because we had to learn how we can use the current system for inter so i wanted to say that any present person for callahan go and get this mandatory posting and i can give you the statutes you can post in your line and then they should get a copy of the talbot see how many absentee ballots were registered before four p in those numbers should reconcile if they find it out after the fact that during the day as people come in and person and both here's the advice that would give your vote hadn't use a black bloom of linpapa why you know it to bleed i wanted completely still in the circle anybody still got a lot of ticket out of feeling anybody is still out of standard in the fifth grade in school most hateful in the circle making a chap or an actor called outside of the circle that that's not accepted fell in the boat but the reason i say a blue fan is especially concerned about this significant number of straight party republican straight party third party votes all then control the election and overrides the strength you need to fill in every bubble for every race that you want to vote cannagosta party and miss and not run the risk yes what a beautiful little tabulator bailliere say that a ginerality to white and cut out desperate there the canal color in the aloft somebody has control of for not out for everybody and that way printed black angel so that's one of the ways that you can make a determination so when we are looking at baloo because we just got access to ballot so gay were whether it was done by hand or whether it was done by whether it was done by machine it does really matter seeing a suspicious alarming number of motes that have an indication they voted for statistically not so when you got your electronic cetinje information it's supposed to be a gap down in the reason that is important not know your voting order connected to the internet and they say they move everything with their little thumb drive because if you are able to have that information the tabulator which order people checked in you know how exactly how they voted in the annamite of a boat goes away for highly now that the tabulator are about ebook is connected to the internet well we have lots of circumstantial evidence but during the election we actually had like chronicler he called the secretary of state that are electronic cook not work state tells the two witnesses that we have aided that guess what we did that on our don't worry upwards they were in the electronic flooding the election in a northern town which they say is not an so there goes the sanity the illusion of an anonymous you have access to the electronic or in real time you know and you can match that because you already know we have access to the tabulator so now we know exactly how dan hartman boded so the next time we have a chance to lose his ballad in the post whereever yet we know exactly how he got in the last he decide whether or not we're going to let him vote the bride access to the ballot and also the sanity of the ball the machines have what is the tabulator not i hope i'm not to now i just keep going i love it you addition i love it so tabulator tabulator in his assessment and essential form a tale but what it does reads an optical stan and the baal bert just like a petard but it converts it from the optical oh patient a table that says volume one over here i now went the tabulator and that it has each race as you go across the indicate how that person but was it makes a table in the last tabulator is at the very bottom and of the result we called this black box you look at the mission administrative rules roll one sixty eight point seven the one one of the three administrative rules that have been promulgated the process of executive branch process rules through the administrative procedures that you go look that up in those rules said we were first going to compute is voting because even dated the roles computer code within the program oranmore was open and not only were we supposed to bring it to your county and filet all had the ability that see what that can set now during the mikado truth some recently we heard that confession of a gentleman who was a white hat had who never expected him he would destroyed the elections white had hacked means that the guy was trying to the vulnerability to the take precautions again he ran a fifteen line god that's able to so we had to flippancy and yet what he says antony was human hair and it was on one of situations never happened and i had to do your home work of this before it happened to cheriton can grotto happened in the capponi was brought on the county chats another issue the slipping of the vote the machine is able to do this guy by the way swiss of the votes and the outcome that he was seeing around the reporters changing our elections with the computer but we have the serve and turncoats the man is an ass and heart interactive in and they say guess what i hope secret its proprietary people the citizens citizens that are engineers and computer scientists the right no lameness the tabulation software shouldn't be that proprietary making a meal be able to see that it reads the ballad and convert it to a table getting the contracted making sure work having that open transparent no secret they were not allowed to when our legislator entered into that agreement in our previous governor signed off on that that it's all i settling the black book voting toronto go on read that if they want to be informed about now we have a sick where defeat ballad and out comes the tabulated results into a table to tell his or see what goes on behind the car and we know that it can make and by the way to demand rent you'll be able to get recounted our laws are written to prevent a recounting presume it to be valid you will most like to get the machinery count where they feed the bolts in in the hearse a very unusual for and by the way when their ben hanrahan that's how we've been able to prove the machine is all dream how wide spread don't know to many where now we look at this tabulator and we look at the fact that these ballots can stand in to and one of the best voting controls to make sure that we know what the voters in an the tabulator is unable to read your ballot the border confection the spot and put it in disenfranchised a lot of over up the balance did i watched ballatella cording to the system of rules would be avoided okay the ballot would not count people had voted both in the democratic column and the republican and that is automatically cancelled out their now they were voting in purse and they made a mistake the ball would come back to them because the men corinthian their ballot now we have two other people who get to decide what that ballot we got to electronic poor which is a computer checking a cent is connected to the secretary of state by their own later so to stand about in converted to a table however our own thing right read a high speed optical scanner and a softer and the ballot engorgement process have hearing of it technical quest not that it worked to save us from the tabulator but they skipped that old press go out and get a grand and these other organizations i speak standards and they used the software and now lafitte problem what happens when somebody's bold gets because they did a right to decide what the webers and we'll fix the bolt which created new process is not in our stars it's not in our brief let's do what is called determine what the voters in ten and then you wonder why we are problems the votings no one that once i got up and i got hold of a caliver file one and i said you know what i've just come to look at where i've lived in and the property that i owe for registered voters that shouldn't have been registered at a property on impulse one of them which claims to vote in person who nobody saw because i know it nobody seen her up in ten years and the shoutings i haven't my mother whose again in the voting rob but he unfortunately loved michigan landeth the tenor ever sick at your unfilled thirty years ago before the secretary of state started capturing signatures and starting do brothers ever in the boarding roll they weren't allowed to vote there considered active but verified to why aren't they allowed to vote they left the state thirty years ago before the signatures were but i'm an tell you anybody that secretary of state was able to pull out of their files that had about he came an active voter even if they were no longer in the state of miss and at six hundred thousand names for the election the population of michigan decline we went i mean it's odious look around and you see what's going on we've got a big problem on her hands down need to have everybody returned just like in the days of bespatter priest tuiyo answers major neighbors nor your paleface is and by the way you not interested in doing that one or you go down there later and check i saw that you thenardier be to your local neighbour clerk where you live get out a paper potidaeans maintained in the clerk's office then we can tabulate roads by hand again on it before we did it we don't need to tabulate and by a computer that connected and then by the way once the present is tabulated devote call and reported you can add an acidulated the present can always go and check to make sure that the official results matched what their official resulted the election sexaering in those early as occurring before it's getting reported up that's why we're not seeing the problem with the ballots not matching the number of the total unmetalled we need to fix our recalls and there's a lot of different things right now we have we have our most significant population detroit which had more bold dispute during the last election when i look at it is the fact that there is bolderos outside the pure of the pacha were they can sort out the ballots the outside they don't want to even let down a godown there be counted from the outside that taboo but signatures are bare by the signature is in the same machine that can that manufacture about to be corrupted enough to do that that's all done outside the pacha and then we go in and we count the ballots the process and that we have this policeman process the outside the purview we need to get the machine outside of our lake around the world the country and another country of just got away from machine county of our votes you know that i know that they are using rotomahana well in the philippines and there's there's many come countries around the globe that the machines were in use and same machines and so they were rigging that this this group of privacy yet this is this is incredible that this group of global have literally stolen the election from globally from this many and and thank god that these people here that are actually working working on this to it not only expose it but to correct because i think you know if you were going to be an evil scientist and you wanted to take over the world a great way to start is by putting people in place in elections and then commanding elections so all of your people who are running the countries are in charge of creating laws appointing people through constitutional entities like the by and such and in no turnin a police state where only those who agree with you get to live at work her so what i want you to understand this is not a republican issue this is not a us taxpayer not a democrat is you for many many years the democrats were talking about the compromises of and what we have right now here the people that the unitary the establishment the global would ever you want to call i arrested they're using programs that have now informations from enormities called hammer and scarce were were able to fix the election managements and were able to control the outcome of election and if you think that you have freedom if you can't control who your government is we cannot fix there is no other roland i have an honest election we're going to get abortion law michigan that allows them yet caroline absolution have honest elections were good as dad i mean that's what happened yet you know you've got political parties who are corrupt running a nation it is i you know we've got to go back to be americans you you're just as good as what happened it with mallets he mollenhauer and other dictators across the world you know that people think that their following something for good purposes but what they don't understand is all of these organizations as such can be co opted so easy and and i watched a country go right down the two so on one of the things that a lot of people are struggling with right now about this election that's coming up here on the governor's were you run in as a third party here being accused of plotting a party to make sure that weariness one of the things that's very interest with menon that there's any such thing as election fraud or that we even need to have people like me scrutinizing the and shocking things and then we were while republican a lot of people are very concerned that election integrity has fallen off the lips of man the penal when he lanugo that's one of the things that he raised in a scream i read carried around red boxing and now we're not seeing him engaged in the fight for election he worried about yet he elected so now we go to our organs i'm certain that the number one in twenty twenty two is the election to in a ungracious there talking about it we're going to see whether or not fernanda's and tutor the base is watch and right now the only good material candidate that's out there talkin about it like and i don't know if the people understand that without election every other thing the fact that they have a voice or in an doesn't matter the people that they want that represent them in a lawful in fair pro what i see is that the politicians like to tell people what they want to hear or the things that cause them pain right at that moment time they address symptoms but they never go to the thing that really creates those symptoms they don't get down to the real issue and the real issue that that you know but both going back to the constitution and having free and ferocious but the process of our elections this is this is the biggest the biggest issue i agree that we have to deal with because if we don't have free and fair elections and they put their little common puppets in there not only do we lose the issue of of of the sanctity of life we lose the issue on first amendment the second amendment the rather you know to write to you now carry guns you know the fire arms and such i mean we lose all of our protest we lose the protection of of you know every single article in an amount that we have and we i think that people don't understand all of a sudden you watch this protection just be impaled off and were like sitting ducks to people who don't give a rip about us and you been was it you and i will be but lord the god lono we're going to be on the first bus you know and screaming the whole way there you know i told that i told my kids when when i started running i such a ontell you what you might watch me get shot out in the street and i wouldn't change a thing it's like absolutely the hill to dion because reconnoitered reather other by the way i am of countries that they've done this now what you're going to see here as we come forward doisty not only for many many of my friends and colleagues is bothering and mirobolant queens in the classroom and now they're calling us i know that that was the flyer from the parnas these other issues that unified the i tell you so a very very concerned about election integrity because that how every one of these controls okay and when you watch people starting to make a make may know they start they start compromising they start in to make compromising like they remove issues like sanctifieth were something that just remove that from their platform because you know it wasn't popular hurt somebody's feelings or if they back away from the election integrity in order to stay in these symptomatic problems of our culture in order to get the vote or they don't contest in election that they know you know we talked about the other day and i've been pretty pretty out there it is why didn't tally take some of this campaign funds and go and contest the elections in areas where he got more donations than there were votes for him now you would expect that that you would have more votes than donations coming in from sea that would be a logical conclusion but the other way round is not logical which means that those areas should have been contested and use that money to instead of all of a sudden a few days later alice vote for less you know already get me into errand her man as we do not want to split the party is like are you kidding me what is behind that papremis the quick osorio away so down the usual i understand the use of campaign money you know you would think that it would be used to either whether people vote for you actually counted or a return that's not the way the system is currently set out so late move on to the next rule issue in real issue in concern for me is destruction of that itinerant and then i have to hoof so now we have the citizens want to find out what happened in their elections we sent out train secretary of state has trained the clerks to ask her what the response at some response from all of our election clerk and we're trying to gather information to find out what's going on with their voting how dare they in an open free society not share the information of our election and then we get this we have this twenty two months when there were the required to retain the information it's being treated as that the day that the required to destroy it as natural if you are hearing this and you are an election corporation can say that information for after a penalty destroyed before twenty two months but there's no requirement to destroy saying this because this is an interesting time in her can you imagine if you went back to do he defeats truman and you have some of the original election material to look at that constraint do not destroy do not lead our democracy that's my unarmed even though we're republic by not it sounds don't bother i state issued an illegal order down election to the auditory logs on the thumb drive of the machine you know that she said to me that man damaetas i sent a letter to the clerk at your gotta be very careful check with your lawyer all the diverse she's told you to commit a state and a federal felony doing sandwort that she is able to instruct them to do caesar going to have to check on that make their own passions but i'm going to tell you i posed the question in my two letters is why do we want to security locks now do i stand drive men how much of the ithacans oroondates like a yeah we're goin to do this because we're gonna you know it's a financial or sponsible youkahainen financially the sponsible cities so why do they care about a you know at the matinee right i mean to the lies never and love me to talk about with their also saying is only to compromise the security the election will you everlastin commission which is the government agency that came out of papa corrupt our late whether tarnation they opened the doorway to move everything toward a centralized be style over when we talk about this election so they insisted standards that had some older standards but they have standard one point one point one in two point out when you go look back at the standards for the election management to tell us how to run a sassoferrato they tell you that these are lives do not have any voter in form in their supposed to be public right in their standards for a running an election we we have a secretary of state same blendon let election integrity for she will be we got up these tabulator as security logs an audio what we have and there's a lot of informing there are ballads found in every i haven't checked them all i've been told that abject the not to see that there's balldress and when i will just tell you is is that society of a problem in the what happened in and it also has a transmission log showing that it transmits so there goes the mastodon connected with a notable to connect my secular wireless technology and by the way you want to go talk to christian markets to hear from i commissioner there he'll tell you that when they actually opened the system and looked at it tabatiere that's got around the internet of a chinese inside botanist he everybody in the government knows that your your hardware is just as important as your software in your internet conductivity if your heart was compromise it's unbelievable supply can finally made the diversion to point of making sure that the supply can now let's get into the big question here done why is our government not transparent why won't i share the records whether try and do believe why they try to hide it same time i just want to go back to the whole i happened in arizona everybody came out and said the machines were not connected to the internet and so then we start looking round america and after they were able to get access to the machines there improved they were connected to the internet the dominion guy he's been back checked and everybody said that they connected the inner internet said he was a liar the sooloo it up right now it's still available on the wet he admits the machines have the capabilities after first claim and they didn't have the cap then little but while more evidence came out and then he says some machines are connected to the interment so you have this gradual whose i find out more informed society is a transparent elect and once again i'm an advocate for this one means to have a recount of every ballot you can get two races at a time you put a camera for his strain down and challenge runners about there's no more than three thousand enterprises you put the bow you got a white one that's on another came that lie streaming side by side but you say for presently got one for it for personal over for president we got one for drum we got one for james pulled an ex valet in their tabulating and real time when you're done doesn't matter to send it into a computer at that point there's an actual election video record of what happened and watch the boat from it from their own lanoline and we can watch the boats come in and real and by the way not tired the morning to count re thousand bounding the city times with the pertinacity conington yeah i think i think the benevolence need to be no more and maybe for the military only but other than military service i think there's got to be absolutely no more absentee ballots i mean i'm sorry but just just in such a minimal service to this to the united states and to our country to actually show a are you kidding me i mean how i mean how how much of the minimal commitment can you make to have an honest reparation to have our country be free the other than show up to vote oh yes so we asked to shop to go to service was just to show up to the court house the requirements to be in society one should be shown up to the foot if you want to have a talk about the overseas in the military they lumped them to do you realize that your next party don't even live in this country you can mail a ballot in in an when we look at the overseas boat only thirty eight percent of its military the military should have the ability to have them vote through their and the military should be able to collect the votes and reported to the secure manner it doesn't need to go through the civilian internet system and beheld in and then a duplicate ballot made an far as i am concerned if you're over should be able to go in and sit out an absentee ballot in your care of us in person and both at some point up to the she limited very few and far between where you're not going to be here for the election our citizens primary residences in the county or you are stationed over for your government and in your service that lived for seven years in self preaching english really should be motor local elections as your not informed of the notorious i agree i was so in some the scorned to happen and what to be literal so what about the people that can actually house machines why don't we like talk about that i mean why is it that the only two companies that can one these machines point and another actually our brother companies and part of dominion heart anesthetist you can't do that to come well when you get into the ownership structure and you get into the escolta they won't allow us to ah and looking at the back information it's just a total total poem all i now we cannot have a fair election with the machines are the ability to centralize we need to decentralize or government we need to have local government where you can go and look your share of in the eye not a ereabouts anatina police with armed irgens coming to deal with you you need local law enforcement you need local people that are tenable it is the lady who sits next you insure short counting the ballots down the street or the lady that works at the flower shop as is the as a county clerk you don't need you don't need i'll just tap down where come in and take over the and as we begin to centralize in streamline or were we were getting destroyed here so in one historical a little situation there you're talking about gun control and i just want to weigh in an that for second because you treat my interest to i i watched a very angry man at the convention during open concatenation is got loses temper to retire and i was thinking that if he was angry enough i was actually watching him at one ah if he decided to pull that gun was to reside with me in a crowd of people of forty cornopean the convention and i do absolutely agree with open carrying and i do believe that everybody should be loved to have a six shooter on the and i'm in favor of that but on the other hand i'm ontell you there are a lot of really irresponsible people out there on that i'm one of these people whose made to south checked to realize that i have a hard time keeping my car between two lanes so i don't want to be a pilot because then i have to watch three accesses instead of two as i'm driving as it distracted driver you got this way this way in this way i like one of these people that says he i'm not one of these people that should have that also we're going to have open carried their needs to be some minimum training and safety requirements in should have to pass a gun safety you should be able to understand that when somebody walks in front of you you got a point you done at the ground things like that so i will just say that it scares me that there are people that are running around should have done and what i would like to see as mandatory gun educated when i was a kid every kid that i knew when deer hunting and had access to you know said the gray you should be allowed to i'll be trained on proper guns safety and once you're eighteen you should be allowed to care but only the people are gone through the training and shown that they have the complement dispose and there needs to be some some slight regulation but anybody should be law to all the gun but those are my thoughts in the feeling and i just think that more education is better but gunhild be something that people are familiar with in israel what they do is they have everybody does a toodles and females with the military and they get their training that way in nigeria everybody goes into the military they don't handle guns ever goes in the military service with their country and as secular service and and and they do those things for their government but what i just want us to remember that in america or land of the free and the land of milk and honey and all the blessings that we have been towed in america basically in two reasons number one is a nation founded number god in number two we stood with israel and that's the duration promise was we stood with israel and were headed in some dark time and i don't know god is going to i was just reading the second peter today donabo how it is god's mercy that his delay his he allows us not only to have more people get an opportunity to no god but we get to know him better the more time to spend in your bible the more you read the more you fellowship more you listen the more you'll get to understand who got in our creators were prepared and if you go back and you look at joel don't pray for them the end of the time to come don't hurry out to it's going to be an awful day for a lot of pep he loosened lost the art prepared not ready and i'm one of these i heard a pass with his week end now one of the things i was listening to it as driving back and forth to the convention down and he said i don't know whether to grabbing out the boat or beginning not life the reality is is here i am fighting election integrity and trying bagot repent restore land so another crop of christians has the ability to reach and get to know god and push back malthas kind of like i see balnette at the same time you know i want to remind the other people the bey need to get the life preserver that means i need to accept christ in their life they need to read their bible and need to have an understand when you've got that platform and i know that you and i prayed together and i just feel like that that needs to be part of our message that other thing that separates you from the other politicians does that you have faith in god and you know who your creator you're welcome i have been told multiple times that you should be talking about god so much and i'm like well that's kind o not remotely possible you know i'm going to be talking about god so are that that is a defining that is what defined character when you see somebody in my opinion when there there allegiance is to god first to serve him and in his creation and you know i get yourself right and hold yourself that standard first you know before you before even start you know it jesus talked about that he said he had taken the plank out of your own eye you know before his start running around telling other people what to do so i mean we need to be you know walking with god blocks to make sure that we are a good representation here you know first of all come salvation and then then the walk starts and that lock can be a very difficult thing at time but for for all of us because in every day that were alive i mean we're going to struggle with us i mean peter or paul talked about it that the struggle is going to be there and how we go home to have it and i think it gets easier the longer your christian and that you that you walk it definitely gets easier in the closer you are with a holy spirit the thatch more easy easy i guess and your ability to compromise on bad things becomes non existent as some point i was talking to some what about that that that there comes a point and in your life when he and i think testimony it doesn't happen right away but the compromise to do something wrong it's not possible you you you know what i mean it's it's almost not possible because because god first of all he'll he'll taffety hard on the shoulder and say a body this is the wrong thing to do and that you'll know it immediately and i think that the you know that's where he keeps us on the rails to and we ask him to keep his on the rails and two you know to bless us with good behavior and things that would only honor him and he'll help you know he helped yet but it's not an overnight success for most people to talk that way but that is that is so important that that is that is our goal you know that is in fact our supreme goal is or is salvation and and and service to god yes so you know my i was looking through today was studying the first chapter second peter and his kind of interesting an talks about once you have reached faith in it restore other virtues to have been safe and it began i mean i actually runs through began to scooter progress closer and walk so i want to just say miss i'm sorry i talked the whole time thank you for now no thank you no it was not gratified as we fight on all fronts for pushpaka tyranny and do returned the voice of the people and we just need more more people engaged like the two of you and i just thank you and unfortunately i have to run and taeniotes i think this is this is really insignificant isisi consequently you are no longer foreigners and strangers but fellow citizens with god's people and also members of his household for all those people out there who feel alone and that they are they are truly alone we have so many people are a suicide rate have gone through the roof through you know in recent years and it's really unfortunate that that people feel that that's the only only way to deal with with when when you realize that you surrounded by so many people such as ourselves who are finding for them they never have to be alone because there are people out there all around you all the time people faith who care who truly care who will sit with you who will talk with you who will who will welcome you into the family that this very large family gods gods actual family and no one ever needs to feel despairing because there is going to be some one there that will be therefore a man god catch you if you fall ill he will catch you and and how could background your feet again and start the walk start the walk again and i think that can't be a stated enough that that people are not alone we are here we think about every one every day the people that that markelov the things they hold dear this is dear to us too and we are willing to fight the thing out to to restore what the enemy has taken truly been of godly people don't stop up the you know sanitation and all the things that come with it which is the spare destruction prussian it's a lot of the de words that come with drugs that's right drugs finding there you go it's the de words that that seemed to fill that gap in their most of em are not good would you like to pray for us to day dan and then well well well thank everybody for being here and if you say the percentage you actually father right just come before you and i thank you for the opportunities you given us in america and lord put our trust in you and we recognise that as man and woman this is a problem we have to get our live straight and then we start returning with courage to speak about you in the workplace and the government in the politics and crime affairs and we start trying to live in a body the principles that you have said for regardant your and we followed the teachings of jesus christ that we will be able to turn back what has happened in our land a lord you promised throughout the bible that when people which is your sure begins to recognize that we have drifted and we become casual at weenen repaired we can come back to you or now right now we repent on behalf of church in america and the other people that we have been casual that we've been outside of praise into the market place of ideas and into the schools and that we are going to stand for the principles and the teachings that you have taught us they were going to treat others with love or brotherly love in her hopefully lord that we would achieve that a copy low for we love people like you do we just ask if we would all be drawn closer to you on that everybody here is this who would want to or understanding get to know you better just have the opportunity to be called out and began to make decisions and began to read their bible and understand that these teachings are relevant for to day and more would just thank you for the example that you provided for us for the other men and women and i had to meet that our concern and coming forward we pray for distances as would continue to bless them in the mission that you have set their mind and how we thank you for mark and leave many of macaroni or we just as you would that be with people and that you would be present or life in that your will would be and he only upset back lord help strengthen our faith and grow and keep our faith in you and understand that you have a greater purpose even when no mark lost his convention situation i went to those dark despairing he chose to follow you here you gave the ability for him to have that beautiful convention where the people are able to stand by and you saw that lord you saw how even something that looked bad for man or narrow human i made for your greater good we give you the glory ladarelle able to stir the hearts and minds of people and men you said our rulers before our lord and that it is it is our heart as americans that have directed for me that is resolved in in the decline of our country or bribes have people come to know you and to love your dear his name feathertop question i came upon the chart and it has that from dunkirk and i was wondering if i could give those to you and he will write response in both that on telegram so ever you know so that how does make wendell's purchased the software told patriots can someone please explain a cubist's possible to look at it and this only can go on to election integrity force in michigan and you can get a copy to cubina can be broken out into excels you was an excess and not even if not if it's not automatically posted there read the six get a qualified voter file to get it from the state and get it by the county he did it in that commiserated format alfred she just sat looking at it as far as my linda's purchase of that software our gooseberries things like government surveillance always does it through a contract they avoid all of our protection of our government which is supposed to have oversight regulations so we have this outside contractor that was by an american and during that spine had observed what was going on with in our elections and somebody had retired so miranda bought that and now he's in a lawsuit as to whether or not he can reveal and they're not that americans can handle understanding how much surveillance is really going on and what their ability is to monitor your daily life and when that stuff has i i an you find out about this hammer and scargate are going to be waking i i would those were to those questions down widened a lot see the date majority that majority appear little bit so jubilantly buying that company he was able to accept what he called the i was able to verify that the real i have talked to the expert goffredo personally many times and when he whose a godfearing person tells me he's looked at these peccability i believe him i know milanese a pillow sails but just a danser quiet ah american patriot who has no reason to lie to me or be deep i like my window i think he's a very nice he's a copper i'm sorry on was his purchase as some company was the artist a while over a year ago or was i am not certain of the answer to an want to give a mistake in answer i don't think it was that long ago that was my impression but it's good to find out thank you so much god bless you and thank you for all the work here doing and everybody on the election integrity force i really preciate that i'd love to have jardiniere and have him talk also because i think a more people talking about it the better and i meant amelia a downgrade for governor if if i get in this governor there's goin to be transparency and we're going to throw all this stuff out on the table and people are going to have to deal with it whether they they know it it's like it's like this you can be you can be diagnosed with a medical problem doesn't make any difference by the time you diagnose you already have the protest when the prostate right and so you're just uncovering it was there i think right now meenister thing out on the table left the american people see what we have their gun to have to deal with it just close in her eyes and sticking her head in the sand is going to be the going to be our death if we don't start dealing with some of this stuff to whether their riding to deal with it or not you know buckle up butter cups because we're going to have you in and there's no back and round i mean leiningen the corner go right ahead to restless who are actual adults need to jump in there and we want to see it we demand to see it it is our right to it is or it is our duty to and it is their duty to get out of the way because it's repeople that are in charge to the natatory all of these the wings are being her glamorous grow up and let's get over this i deal with actual rises so do i for i am off i just i am a strong friend of his but i'm not officially affiliated with them they are they share information with me i share information with them i love the people there other great paris but i just want to be clear that i'm not a spokesman for he is that website moti have to run i once you gain is always a pleasure to talk to you and you too brutal dad drive three thirty in the morning i got home late samantha desk trying to get some work down here on the street more coffee than anyone on the plan and every time i taught to you your running around the state like a savage there inheritance of unfortunate continence self all right thanks and have great day thank you dan that to you and i hear melissa i think let's tell everybody right now one of the means that we have as we need some we have some needs for donations to get to people across please go to my website door brandenburg and once again there it is daniel brandenburg for governor dot com and go to the donation page i'll take it a nation builder remake a direct donation there please drive to your family and friends about what we are doing and what we accomplished we are getting way over in just two of the tithings that we measure thirty million interactions on line a week and which is which is pretty it's more than respectable is pretty impressive than in my opinion to get that many ditto us sitiation tables and an mirandolina but we need some donations in order to reach people who are in locations that may not we may not be able to reach by my being on the ground there to morrow let me see more i'm going to be in love for you to come to this milesian it would be a real it is i have a when an answer and a cure pull it up so i get a reading the address is not and up there and telegram yesterday are posted to day this is tuesday i mean we are inviting or having a town hall question and answer at christchurch twenty four hundred forest hills avenue south outward michigan four nine five four six from three thirty until eight and i will repose that again to the intelligam so people can go to my website and see see information there or telegram which is at brandenburg for i telegram channel and i do i write every single word on telegram i do the posting and such thin communicate with me there at at brandenburg for i number four i and a lot information yesterday i put up two pedicel can pull off and print to disturb you that he has that makes it easy i know a bunch of people ask me to do that that's on telegram a polypheme website to that people are able to to reprint and distribute to people if they can talk you know talk you can also go on there and find the direct line to our donations padoie a satanta to be deep bettors but right now if you if you say you want country back it's time to it to put out or shut off at this point in time we have no we've got what nine weeks lad now nine half weeks and it's it's it's it's got time wendenstein getting serious about taking this nation back and a service to god family and country i think that any volunteers volunteers and so i think that i think that's where we're at so to morrow moister tomorrow night and yes i put it on my banner and i'm an put on my saddle i mean to look up i don't iholomoni i'm sorry it's to night it's not to morrow night but to day tuesday door tuesday to night yet that grace radchurch creatures that are so that we sorry i got my day you know they run into each other so tomorrow tomorrow morning on one land in lands to discuss garboard bill that was written i can't well that any one right something that has that many errors in abel is that in the proposed it's not bilaican even believe that that got so far as to be taken seriously and they have that in the board i think it's a bore of causes that are deciding this if they loved the same as we can safely say that the whole bunch of them are a bunch of communes that want to shame the estate and and an all about sacrificing babies there's no two ways about it as is so any an we love everybody out there were thinking about you every day you're in thoughts and prayers and we will continue to fight for you and all those whom you love will see it to millsboro i'll be to my way will be in and lancinating to do it remoras from lancing when i get there until this the little session stars other other reproductive amendment was that the title of it caleducts freedom for all i read of a witches not reproductive feet freedom for all he is just the right light then and so yes and well will be there to morrow to night to night all resteth again because it was not to monida to night i will be at christminster from six thirty and till eight o'clock i usually therewithal so to be able to see people answer questions and for you to communicate directly to me so god bless every one god bless all those whom you love and god bless margaret day will be here every week day on brandenburg news not work and that we were were life streaming to rumble twitter you tube and face so seasonable