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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/10/2023 Steve Stern, CEO precinct strategy

Published Aug. 10, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am News Update with Karen the Riveter 10am Steve Stern- Talking about Precinct Strategy and patriotism!! Steve is the CEO of In 2009, as a 3rd generation family owned and operated business which has been living the American dream, came the inspiration and passion for launching the company's 2nd website,, a site dedicated to all patriotic apparel. Through hard work and determination of the entire family, they have succeeded in building a successful business that is truly dedicated to the American Spirit and honoring and sharing patriotism regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the tenth of august twenty twenty three welcome to us we have an amusing courage with this morning with carrying the riveter and a special gas steed stern coming on after he is the see of the flag shirt dat com selling patriotic clothing he's also a friend to president a general plan and many of the patriots that we know in law and has done a lot of work pulling people together cross united states getting patriots and true conservatives elected and in positions to a some influence which is wonderful and he's just an all round really nice guy so in inspiring so he'll be on the ten o'clock so wanted to introduce that with two to day please tell your friends about this you passed the links on that would be awesome so that so that a we can we get an increase the audience for i for stephen for all of us anyhow the mariner got to start out with our body and pale care in the riveter he carneying i do sometimes i think maybe i should try to do like it an mcmahan laugh well i really don't think it you know i'm in a delicate feminine flower and i just can't see myself pulling off it ecman laugh and then offer i like the other means you may care makes a lot of rely on me thenthought the one with a houghton corson had admonished in her and i sent i i think that one of the first ones you made was as wains world among absolutely hilarious portion here another mother went in mind i was going to do to day i don't want to i don't want to do it for to day because you haven't got on your shelves so i i show you your guests to respect but maybe i'll do that when did dackson to rlehave ourselves a little bit to day he and i got to a now that's not possible so to have what have you been followed in the news because i'm going to tell you some things i have been following in or are the fires and margaret by and mode man at doesn't make any sense at all this is as crazy as the fires and canada dear member see in the maps were they had leedshe math is like fires don't start and in very strictly spaced out patterns like then it all going at the same time on others there's something else going on there i i i'm not i ain't on and i don't believe anything at face value any more i question everything i probably always have it's getting worse i will get things on like well well well what's actually behind the story that's going on because is it seems like a lot of nonsense so there oh what in first saw it i mean the first thing is m the comparing contrasting conico had a had a picture of that island before and then after and it was clearly a devastating fire and then i saw the videos and then i saw the video i think it was the hian governor saying this is on principante when we have hurricanes we have water issues we never have a fire she and of course the fires were spread rapidly because of the wind but it was something my never thought about with hurricanes that you when you have won and you have fire you can have devastating fire but it being a precedent unprecedented thing caused me to wonder i don't know about the whether conditions and may but i assume they don't have the dry weather that a lot of us in the states have been having so why would they have a condition ripe for fire or in what other way could have been a natural cause the last work that's why said it to your way because i knew you would see that in wonder too well i'm going to go to canticles a channel here and his postobits as so it's conicalthe great hierophant adethaind looking help far off are there is some benes of people actively trying to escape and the fear in their voices the panic is is very real something he opiniater that makes no sense at all this fight fires like that too don't make any sense of her i think i'm pleased frequency had a share this morning that said something like two hundred and seventy in buildings or maybe it was residential buildings but anyway lots of structures in he probably find more deaths recorded to day so i'm sure the anans will be begenin that will i would what actually happened i shall thought it was all one on this happened i think over and night or maybe the day before and we didn't find out about it until yesterday evening here look at that look at the spots to the th started on fire that are unrelated that our fire part that doesn't look that wouldn't come from that typify wouldn't come from a hurricane i i'll never believe that so what sort of the fires there and why did it start during hurricane it makes no sons whatsoever that's that's so if you want to represse that again you go to connicola and i can post it all re posted on my channels but any oh here's the before and after followed os of i don't know how to say it behind well look at this that there's the hurricane do not no not a chance i can imagine like you get so win and it knocks down power poles and the anorange electrical but bent ire island like the trees are gone on innovari and it is not like they've never experienced hurricanes before they don't know how to handle that if fire was a likely consequence of it he would think they would know how to handle it but it's not a likely consequence according to the governor it's not something that's normal for them so how did it happen why didn't won't that news come out right away as it was happening to to ask as if the hiccoughs ignorant of the way well it's like anything else anything of consequence and yet the fake news berries that but ye look an look at the devastation to the to the foliage there and there that is not that it was a happier it was a hot fire you don't see that when you have hurricanes see fragments of trees and we are saying a copious the mounts of water but you don't see absolute determinate all over the street too i and i don't think that was just it it may be may be because the morning after they had some kind of fire response and put water in a street but a kind of doubt that because everything around it was bare or wasn't people around it wasn't the response no honokalani like you see after tornadoes here in the country m on the mainland i should say ah water all over in street because in a hurricane and in this is nonethis makes no sense to me what soever look at those afferors that our part you know that the park in right there there is no way that the was a hurricane look at the patterns of the heat on that car what was there to burn around that cards that that car on fire you you you would not you would have to have some in that would that would be a few old for fire and me i mean that doesn't make sense that the entire thing was scorched to that oh i see i've seen carr fires that one fully engulfed they'll do that i often wanting to palm i well i think what we're looking at is because cause potage i've seen the fire was so widespread and so thorough it is burned and burned and burned and were not used to see in that it just everything ye there's theirs too many questions to answer and ask in answer there but but you would think that for that to move ah that quickly well i've i don't not i'm not buying a something's weird there tom isn't that mass too bad well every garden less you know there's people involved in in that situation there in our prayers go out to them it in hawaii what a sad what a sad day for hawaii an there were fires in hawaii to the said and on may land and the main island bewitched he heard much about that yet that's really that's really tragic while we're very sorry for every one and oh ye theo came on and sagamore morning theo i said and no storm surge that's another thing you you would think that you would have you have storm surge and there's degrees all the way around that car on the the hordes of that front card there the hoose and thee but there's debris on the ground around it i would think that if it was a hurricane that you would see some of that washed away and that's not happenings a can of fairly interested so did you see the eye seen the the i gone fight that i have gone on right now not really gun fight hoggestap hobligin mectates going on between me and and oh i thilorier fell mister filled with himself this kind of a pet phil is filled with himself and i'm sorry for all those people who got sucked in to his nonsense he stamped a vireo offered me that i took when i was with a mat that ah evanthe was put on over in sterling heights and he put it on his his channel and i'm goin to tell ye dutch digger knows who i follow you know i like watches some of the stuff i don't stighes pushing god lose also an omoncon that right and and so i've got a question to see if those two channels are aren't fact um a kind of tied together working together though they break this is what these guys do the the guys that are great it misleading people they'll put information out there and make it look like they've got the inside track right absolutely the inside trick you'll almost always see three or four of andes on telegram working to stagger news scamped the videos that i took it put up in my channel without sorcing at witches fine just put it but what i saw yesterday was the fact that he was pushed phil got loki on his on his this chance and trying to give him credibility so i think there's a little bit more going on there between our body filled with himself and dutch diggers so keep your eyes on that when because to siggers put some good stuff out but watch what they do they'll put enough stuff out there to gain your trust and then all of a sudden you'll watch their and lad ride right down into the the stupidity that's that's kind of interesting yes so that it's it's been kind to find i find a museat you know people are said are you setabout the i had called filled with himself gave me a great gift because i had called from all over the united states people ask me to be other show oh why do help knock me with people self you want to tack me again i'll filled with himself and putting this out that it was him that the thatthe people's general general folly was talking about which was an absolute on truth he was talking to esther he smith it was up who was up on the stage and so so mister mister filled with himself scanned my videos put it out there and see oh look general flint was was talking about me i was sitting there in the audience is like now you worried and like everybody round of the fascination so funny way a lassieone friend of mine down there kaheshitsutsu pop on her to she shall be in my telegram to said that she actually sonnet to general plan and he laugh he man fill fill the filled with himself god lost vassily made a fool of himself scaring a vireo and saying that that oh you know that the general flint was calling himself out just you know general flint was laughing at you a cord things that you know because it's like he cannot ablebodied some research in he's got three hundred and seventy some thousand followers like formerly people are following the sky i am so sure you just you just switched your legiance whoever's following him from main stream news to a guide that's there who would who had just lead everybody as and i i i i o this a person that showed up on my chat that si que tricky and i like this guy he does some really interesting police and he does typically put in things that he's dog on to find out of there's all may be some legal issues in the background there and ah and some other some other things that that are interesting so there's a there's a channel out there on no give me shout out it's phil good looke exposed so it's got godlewski's a pigeon if people on there are actually having some interesting discussions and bringing some facts to blow up the narrative little bit which is clearly that an an i mean i mean clearly what came out of what he did by scammon my stuff was to lead people there there's there's no no yet well i think come this guy i'm not bottom for a while i don't think i ever i won't him maybe i did ah but it's been a long time and cause i started seeing the marketing aspect havely marketing whatever and i've got a new channel please follow this channel by my friend and so in discept gone on and on like he had a whole bunch of different channels and i like this in house this is the stupid is just a skim is driving me not so like forget this well then i found on jordan say there sather he has a channel called click beat cockade exposed may be something like that click base and i i don't know he he's one of those that i don't like to listen to cause he's kind o got a foul mouth but he does share some thoughts about various people like this who tried purport themselves to be something there now and he has exposed fills crimes a court records his attempts to see when people call a out or claim that he is going to sue and how that results it never goes well in so i i've shared now an then i don't keep track of how popular he is or is it but i do remember one of the things that he had pointed out was how he inflates his popularity numbered like he gets a new channel in immediately it's got tons a following while it was both let twenty sentences is numbered by having a whole bunch of both on the channel so it makes it look like you super popular and people follow it because they think there's more credibility and in our it's hard for the average person to follow all of the the ways that stammers operate i know it's like it's like we tend to think of we got to protect the old ladies from getting a call that they think is from their bank or from nigeria princes or whatever it is and this is the next generation there really good at scammans's prompt and a conversation in the last about forty eight hours with the couple of different people this fill of then there's another one how do we discern who to follow how do you tell scamper from somebody that's not a stammer and ah you know what are the signs how do you look out for it ah having protect herself how do you do research on line how do you avoid the scamp and then you constantly get skin on your telegram chanons that we a people thought he covenham them with it you don't i've got find ansel advice for you no no i don't annotatedto been totems well if i do a very very very very unusually though and if i do i will always put my phone number on there so you can call and check and see if it's actually me which is right out there and nobody nobody has to guess where to find me because i will make it very very easy for you to confirm that it's in fact me and that would be for three zero for for one zero you see that number on a text call it and find out if it's me if you want or text and if you tax me i'll tell you whether it's mere and then in the usually usually if i take somebody or idea on them it's because they're on em they're havin good discussion and i may be wanted to get on brandenburgers not work this galthat's been on their talking about the cloths and a atheenaios san on the channel great news i gave i sent her i don't think i deemed her though i just son or masses most at ten if i want to talk to somebody i just talked to mother opened chat that hats what i do i don't i don't go in and and i i have nothing to hide and so i've got something to say we'll say it an open discussion where everybody can see a you know unless it's maybe somebody that you know like early in and we're going somewhere and i want to get her it'll get smitherations to her had to time you know but she's not she's on my friend the trails and so if you're if you're on the channel in your talking to me it will be in an open and open chat and if you want you know if you want to check yet just call me and i will pick up rolte if i am busy oh this is funny click be exposed exposed there she there's a video on rumble that basically says up he got cat fished on telegram and ended up standing on i don't want to say the word but you know what it is lenore in a section where the woman who didn't even know and never met only after a few days after st and here's the kicker it appears he did this only after days of getting mary he was literally on his honeymoon i know white and silent water woman does the new wife he had any idea of how much of ascombe she's got in close well you know what you know it will have to do with that don't you we're going to have to click it and see see what we've got here so this is cold beer content and see with a cold beer confessional has if i don't know i sayhow for this city fine i don't know how far any go on put in itself because as i can when he tied how do pretendersome thousand to have forlinpopoli who got softenesse mainstream media i i will take time to go through this because this could be this could be more than more than amused on and on into i just wanted to say when when people do get those de ms somebody was commenting with me about it because i get them occasionally wore somebody's says he is this you reaching out to me it's pretty rare for me but usually it's after i've posted something in you've shared it people start comment that i get those or i'm commenting on your channel and interacting like haven't the last they are two i start getting em and in their like well i commented and i wasted their time first and then i'd bend them in the like no no no no no don't ever come at you or not wasting their time if different from the old he caught somebody calling you and you're going to waste their time on the phone and have some fun with them so they are not skimming somebody else that's not how with digital stuff work it could be just a bough that there's no person attached to or it could be there is somebody but they got dozens of these things goin they don't care they're not taking it personally if you mock them and pick on them you're not really wasting a lot of their time they're not personally affronted and they're not afraid of you if you'd threaten them in somewhat they will do is collect as much of your data as they possibly can while you're interacting with don't interact just delete don't answer them don't open something if you have to click to open it if you have to click to open it and you don't know who it is don't just don't bother just womenapartment we inform i mean if you see coniston the wrong stuff go how reporterfor in ganwehis port of report del pan whatever naso theosis no need for the general colmeeiro destruct no kidding oolanga way too much class than to do that unfortunately danisco way too much fight so i'll come back and let him have you know oh mother said echo chambers in old seaarctic to discarded a movement easiest way to detect them is to look into their advertised absolutely when on the that is a concern and there's some people that i like personally and in i found to be helpful over the years but the you look into their advertisers and really really realize it's it's all about the connections it's just just like in the republican party and everything else you can see they're not works and how how they work together because it's an organized both and not both the republicans a down the crats the unit party the unlawful special interest groups the his that's had the hour how they were they work in conjunction with a net work of of people now with that she you have that and on the sides of people that are good too but you've got to you've got to go through kind of the canoe so you'll start here and go at ronflant like in thus and the start going and in developing the the network of people that are working together and you'll you'll find that you you're going to find some pantofiles and the ones that are bad you'll find some convictions you'll find polonies you'll find oh i don't know say admission of the animal cruelty ten counts a wire fade and all that sort of in into you got pay attention to the you know we have to pay attention to the and the man that's actually something going on within am i go that the grand new party is all ready exposed just like the democrats are they they are all of them are already exposed now we got to do is just like the people that are sucked into god laws and we have to look into our or help people understand what their excelly looking at disturbing when when you see when you see an entire staff people removed people not getting paid the people that are sitting on top removing any one who disagrees with them and rewrites the by laws in order to make them supreme master and commander so that that nobody can can say anything and then when they do say something they get removed and in that that's a that's a huge red flag it really should the very much as that the they're not real bright they have play books that they follow because it's worked the solen sky tight model always works it works as in part of the reason as it because people don't question enough they will get sucked into their trust in some one in an all of a sudden that trusted friend becomes their worst nightmare you know i know that happens a lot and sparsely i with with a somebody will think all this is you know my knight and shining armor or this is this is the girl of my dreams and then those people are so good at manipulating that about a year a year and a half afterwards all of a sudden the monster raises its ugly head and you got a problem because you know that's how the groom kids they they will take a child and give him all sorts of all sorts of things to to garner their attention in their effect and then all of a sudden out comes the monster and in those people are really in trouble and it's really too bad but we have to study the patterns so that we can stay out of state trouble they're all there and there repeated the repeated over and over and over again in in a world war to what happened in free they they are they flooded them with with immigrants and refugees on the south border france what's happened in the united states america and he had a had a jeff on joe alone earlier in the week and he brought forward some very interesting information on the sea b on were there registering in record numbers and when you look at the date i it's all in the swing state so i think in the week ending july twenty ninth there was about a quart about a quarter of a million people that registered for voting i am i am like in any state to see that number you would be were the common form and how do we know that the citizens i don't think they are citizens i think that their people come in across the border and masses and they they don't nobody's keeping track of it because as what the fox is guarding that the hen house so nobody's watching what's going on there so they're coming across the registering to boat boom it disappear they dispart and in it it was a texas and pennsylvania who had the largest numbers that i send so in those numbers that that sort of number can kinkill in election right there its controlling the eton and in we can go we can go on to something because i thought i did you see the starting and your neck in the woods up there the gateway ponit put out and add or an an an article i this is what happens when you did in your trying to molten in and an article it's it's something here i and well i plantanthera through the as it's an i streamsits whatever so twenty twenty voter fraud on covered in michigan in including a mated eight hundred thousand battle at apices assonanced voters bags of prepaid gift cards guns a silencers burnton's and a democrat funded organization with multiple temporary facilities in several sets i thought that a a the there ben some good videos put out on this too to also summarise and add more information my biggest concern on this is that that nestle first of all she had the sixteen electors face elector slate that that that was collot for prosecution why now why did that comment like i said it there there's something going on there and i am not buying any of this face value first of all those out of the sixteen people there is only one that everybody seems to be in a cot on this let's claros that was just kind of a nice guy that got sucked into this he the rest of them were trump deniers election deniers let's bury twenty twenty we don't want to write write the crimes that were committed which is a constitutional crisis and a threat to national security but we don't want to talk about that sixteen that she's prosecuted janson prose boone asolare not doing this before the twenty twenty election will you knew i was going on this article kind of like shows the conflict that's going on there as i don't like nose the trees on she's committed leaving the trees that shouldn't be leaving to a conviction of treason and her time in on all of this is not so special thanks to fill a hollerin and lariccio i am a little bit disappointed that chris cayla who actually did the investigation in most of the investigative work on his list not brought out in this article and i find it despicable that he was left out of the and that fellow haller in which to my therestanding didn't do a whole lot he is the poster child now so now i'm wondering who is trying to move up the ranks move themselves into another position that's a kay we got it out and me said now the person it was dropping thousand ten thousand completed polteregists hats off to you ann the moscian a city clerk who was not listening to the nonsense that clearly the board elections has been telling people not to do the right thing to destroy voter or election rogers in the whole ten yards i know that first hand because they denied my foil and our township ah our township a le said that they have nothing that they passed it all to thee at the county and the state and that they don't have anything on which means they they destroyed election records and voters not vote records the lecture and that's that's very disappointing i think we're not waiting heard the end of the so anyhow we're goin to go down this little bit to see what happened so the quantite of voter eustracion for his were highly suspicious and pride probe fraudulent but then you get down here further and there's another gale i believe her name is amy and she was from the godown here for oh she said they were definitely fridoline so so there you go so after consulting with wit muskegon pete detected us and me an me dios i think it's secretary state and nails coreans your affidavit the ore would describe if i don't say it it after he had described the results as finding that a quantity of voter application forms are clearly so there you amy quarry aims corais am i secretary state annals confirmed quaquat of the forms they found in their investigation are clearly it now if we take that out ruth johnson said that we're talking about eight hundred thousand tenthly fraudulent distractions there so when when president thump allegedly lost which he did in president trump the rightful president of the united states he he that their action alone probably was enough manipulation to flip it to ma tobin because bien one by one hundred and fifty thousand boats where that is not even possible not there's none of this so any of his gistradagis and i looked into beitraege a little but i have a see shattock of the cities at the operation and i looking into those locations right now to see what the the craziness is on this in the kindacott the fact that there is this organization g bi had received over four million dollars from democrat ah from democrats sources for pushing president or per pushing by nakatpon president a great for president or united states as donald so there you onthought it was really interesting what our thoughts on the well there is one of your followers posted the lincoln and she actually shed in postal link a post in an article copied pasted and so i used the header to search for for and i found the article well and then the care the link his and of a sentite separately or not by text but i did share the length that i found in your channel somewhere it was from twenty to one october twenty twenty the late in the month it might ha been halloween late late in october there was a new article that w nesimir teen news which is west michigan news put out an article about this situation and muskegon side so they did report oh at the time and they said nothing about a particular woman dropping them off in the kind o makes sense to me that may be they were hiding if they are still investigating who it was and didn't want to let out how much they knew while if they were searching out in that work i could understand why they wouldn't put that out to the public at that kind but they did report that they had an investigation going based on some i think they called it six thousand ah registrations that came in and in one bundle and that they found that some of them were appearing to be fraudulent oh i thought it was kind of interesting they didn't have some of the information we have now they didn't have a police report ah and i don't know if they couldn't access in at the time were they just didn't for it an a lot more information though came out in this gateway panted article now of course the beys the strategies that being involved in it probably took some time to research well and i want to orestesta as all here you know everybody we've got to booman of the three witches that are sitting out their whitherness and bancanor completely and utterly and opetti jobs but it's worse that the legislature is worse and there there being enough case they advocated the responsibility for the for the servicio of the election and gave that over to the board of canvassers instead of stopping an election that was clearly clearly and the mean there's so many what why when not the then a dress what why would this have not been addressed and why would we just ram had election forward with all the flaws and a that we see men of the chain of chinacos proud lums the men in these so many inlets one if it was an absolute lie nestle said there was no evidence of widespread fraud and maybe maybe using the term widespread at the time was there was no other investigations or few they were as detroit there is ancram i don't know how long it took antrim that story come out i heard because i was present in a meeting wherein the clerk osegen county said we had a perfect election or re one perfect election pretas or claimed cheaters that was perfect almost this to me is keeping an eye on it now this was well laughter october when she absolutely had to have known about that because while it happened in the city it goes to the county from there she had to have known that was one one of those other lives and the public was at that time not why we were talking about it we want to know what actually happened and she was denying that there was a problem she is not the clerk any more by the and it was probably which he in thine yeah well is as evewhile wait till we could go in on these prose lost lost suits somonaga antee you that a lot of em will probably jump ship brother than rather than i have to he as i lost it or prosecutions for what they've done which is a good thing you know oh oh wishes great here is a accroche next john sent me a portal for a place to report case en lizerne and lackawanna colony and i think that that's where we're going to find mister philo himself for ipocrass so thank you sir preciate that i'm seeing your sermon you're not and it seemed a bunnies or kitty so i seemed see that or horses i see that i seen women so but thank you for that and hopefully we will we will get to the bottom of this were going to keep were indtaket going on this on i like i like what in the chance and such i do read every single pulse that comes into the chase for some reason i usually ill usually do a quick response with with you know locino's but my for whatever reason telegram is not allowing me to respond with the emotions as to the individual check the intervillus rate now and i don't know why oh so there you jeffersons he loved to see the the in interview with the guide that would they involve that's talking about on that soothe channel on the cheat em talking about the cats and the fibrous clots of the and this is interesting i i don't know you saw but ah the gale yesif i can scruts was talking about how most of the funeral homes of ben bottom this she has arm been commenting on my channel with some updates from time to time on that topic the embalmers and what their finding a kind of interesting it's an in a i'm goulston other video to day having to do with the insurance the insurance on sinopite son of the man hesitated activities oh a he had a inwasped it really really fast i safe mergency and effect this morning as when peeled wild fires are turning androsaces to apical sac strong winds through or cane door or feeling these fires in a burned multiple structures in valley also on the big island of actuations are ongoing right now and the coast card says it does and people will rescue after the chumpine ocean to the flame is this unpresidented in the history of gay it is unprecedented oh when we deal with hurricane and disasters of following her iceward in tons being with a berenger eating with two of the fact that we have wild fire and the moon areas of as a result of indirect fratricide is unprecedented in the last time i spoke to see anothernever serious and very dire interest so sorry for the people there you know the vigil that i was referring to mount the governor i would like to change the subject if you don't mind on another topic i'm curious about her we we did this show is like an ameba it like kind of moves like those around and in you know we never have exact direction or is it talketh walking to work so i'm curious about what you think about trumps teasing whether or not he should be a participating in a dead he has said the people ought to be entertained by it he said it's a matter of intelligence he doesn't care that some people will say he is what the term he is he didn't say coward got less if he chooses not to he'll see all he's got less while i think we all know these not goin ah but he's teasing he doesn't have to make up his mind or come up with the statement until next week but he also said that he would not sign on to a state a set of statements from the republican party because he doesn't agree support all of their republican candidates which is trusting because in the past though those he sponsored did well and there were some that we heartily disagreed with so now he's openly saying i don't agree with all the candidates so i'm not going to sign on to that in the party may say we don't allow him to be a part of the which i guess we have the help should i doing i didn't realize they could hold him back so i'm kind o curious what he is going to do and why is he teasing about it a little bit what why here he vorlange of jummany jump and you you know it's like it's like they're not choosing a candidate for who they are they want somebody who's controllable and he's refusing to be controllable which i think is good that's number number one strikes me about number two i think the bats are ashamed in their disgrace with the easy they because are not debates they are exercises in a candidates attacking each and i've never seen a debate that hasn't devolved into that it looks like jerry springer politics to me which is really a shame em if they they don't they don't serve the interests of either educating or furthering the the storck of the united states of america that's that's another problem i have with it and so i don't really think that that oh it's a good measure either because just because you're a good debate or doesn't mean you have the skill the fortitude of the integrity to run this nation which is a job interview so think about this have you ever gone on a job interview in your life where you sit he with other people competing or wanting that same job in the same room and debating in front of an employer and now and so so what why why would we do this this is absolutely part of the problem with hijacking the and turning it into a set where people like you know it's like watching big time rescaling give him the chair gave him the chair you know that sort of thing it's instead of going in there as the professional individual if you want to professional in the vigil sitting in that see then don't invite them to the circus to perform like a monkey can darkelie in interview president tramp would be brilliant to tell him all to show and not go to this and in absolutely just say i'm not doing this this this is like you know this is like monkey none why would he lower himself to the he he knows how to run comedies of professional guide i actually like his jobs i love i'm like bring on the main tweet see what everybody thinking out there right so so it's like it's like i i just i just find it to be a disgrace and i would i would say that that's one way to get out of the colt mentality is too in fact think for yourself and pick the candidate that as to resent or can best carry out the management of your asse this is like picking out a financial adviser this is like picking out you would you would you pick out a financial adviser like the the morons that christina crown was put in place around here which are fallings and since this is all key it's not ok if i went into a business and i saw somebody that had acted putting people in place that has ten counts of wire fraud and o'er that would not show the financials of what the the what they were managing and s i don't want somebody to know my strategy you don't like a sob before and i've always said if you're that good you don't worry about the confidito you just out run of you all is and and if you can't do that you have no poteano business strump the rightful president of the united states of marie could run around these other people that are running for the post rome sanders has turned out to be in abysmal failure and i mean an abysmal failure and i went saw of the back i was there and he saying that the getting out of the teaching p was the mistake president trump made really i think it was one of the best things he did because president tromp seems to be the only one that understands how to get the united states out of the entanglements with with entities which are not working in the interest of the united states of america he understood how to do teris he understood how to put america back on its feet he kept a side a war on now a bidentigeris body'sthe first day that he and the day was inaugurated how mahomet's money has had that is that an organization wandered away from the united state in in fraudulent a fraudulent but yatty motional to where its like the throne money fadeaway around the globe so i to go back to the would you want somebody in place that is a you know that take part in these debates circuses does not represent or does is not conducted as a job interview or you know i mean those of the choicest sighed i would tell him kudos to president tromp the rightful president of the united states for not getting dragged in to the colt like debates which is nothing more than a set make them treat it like a job interview cause that's what it is that should be treated as so there you go up i knew you would say all that and poetsmore we have so laskettiin a little different way because you're thinking very practically oh in what you i have commonside yes because you have common sense trumpet things a little differently because he thinks long term or in a higher level he plain a higher level game and so that's why i'm curious about him do in his teasing game he's done debates before we know how he does that we know he is fully capable of ah we also know that he has in the past taken advantage of opportunities to sort of red pill and audience that he would not otherwise rest so that's where i'm kind of wondering is he going to do a debate just so he can reach another audience that he would otherwise have access to it does the public need that because if he doesn't do the debate that tells me he does it need that media outlet to get his message across because we're doing it enough for him or if laugh in the face to mainstream media if he tells him to go you know to awaynow pound sand somewhere i'm anita's an he hed monoplane the monkey if you want to put it that way he was on stage and when he did so at that time in twenty sixteen for the twenty sixteen elections ah i mean consider how many clips we've seen in quotes and images we have like him staring at the back of hilary that were very informative and helpful after long after the event because we we think all made that guide the things that he knew while he had her on stage and he still shook her hand on me that so he that he had before the tide to play this game if you want to call it that i am to fight the way he did and to him that spade in his genius and that's why i'm kind of questioning he did in debate for a set of reasons which were very applicable at that but now there's a different purpose he doesn't need to do it to get his message across unless hevenfeld unless he disagrees with that and he thinks i should take advantage of this opportunity to reach more of that audience i don't know that he meets too though so that would be telling on the other hand if he doesn't the people were going to ask why doesn't he which we great cause he costhave been deep sex this hole this whole process which yet is so flock so ingonompashi right there because we've got our next get on an i want a when to give him plenty of time to talk here and so i've got a bunch of videos up the and vireos and links that i brought up but i want to hunt see where were at here hang on the mending ladder on to gain of one pattesonthat goring on our next guests here it's stephen stern he's the seat he all oflag shirt dot cow sixty nine years in business that's a lot of experience i like that works with dan shalts who started the precincts strategy and me he's holding a zoom for precincts strategy which i think is really interesting i loved the i love it i learned about the precincts stiredfor marywil back he can be seen on grave or revises even menseventeen john forrest remarks many poncasio shows and is a member of brownieland executive committee he is the vp of the weston republican club and has lots and lots of videos out there at justave delightful person to watch his videos and so at this point time i want to welcome on even sir how you do it on going to reeconciled to be on here so we can talk a little bit about preaching strategy to day i wot not people really want to get involved and will talk a little of the fat that you can bide and on amazon and if you go to w w dot prestongrange dicam ah and get involved in how do you get involved will first of all these four hundred thousand shots and a republican party and democrats executive county committees we have two hundred thousand people involved when dennis thought that we had about a hundred eighty thousand and how do we get started tends been doin is fourteen years he said in grade ah i saw him on bannon about three and a half years ago i called him up and i said i'm with the brow republican executive committee and we have a couple of the great things that are going on here i was a man worshiptheir and we brought it from a hundred and forty people to and he said it's terrific le me see and get yon band and so i got on bannon and you know it's a funny thing because you know you when you get on to the first time ah what are you going to say so i got up about four o'clock in the morning and i'm working round the room there i you now trotting noonton all the stuff i never went back to sleep i've got on was a little bit worried ah but i did a good job and you know he pecked the manysided we're going to have you back on again we got on many times and we brought up the people to about two hundred ten thousand people and goes on in off ah we lose people and you had said this i was listening to your program eh in a lot of ste a lot of the people you don't say things and they don't agree with the charming and they get knocked out se probeehen how do i get involved with all the stuff well about a year a half ago bands he get she stores and we have success stories all around the so i know it's going on and i'm some theses stories that we have and i'll bring em on for on we have a girl in new jersey elizabeth ne ah she has great success story she's a fantastic girls wore to present she worked with radio god ah and a star to club cold common sense take as they started with ten people and about a year and a half ago and what how many do you think they have not taken i don't know i wouldn't even wager to say didn't ten thousand will that's lastsomething toshinosuke that's the blue state we can do this all over so some of the other great things that we have and success stories so in south carolina every day he sends out a memo to the people all over this ah it's amazing seven days a week what kind of information you got have and when i get on a lot of the shows the one thing i'll say is that we have a lot of people who never get recognition now i'm just a lucky guy i'm no different than you are you know i never run for office but i just have under god i did it may because i have the experience in business and you know i've got to meet everybody so one of you know a couple of things that we done had it we get preaching strategy and filled more and how we going to tell the pope how he can get this done so many give you publicam les what i did i called up pilot mister mike and i said to him you know the steeve sterne said do i know you i said john that your cup of yous ago really didn't meet him having perpetrated the way your towels are great you know was the salesmen in an owner of company when you tell somebody that the product is on then they listened sister well i want to talk to you about preaching strategy do you know what that was that is he said no i don't and so he listened for about ten minutes she said he hold it when we get one of my girls we were on the phone for an hour now you know getting michael del oneone for an hour i don't don't happen too often so he said look when we get you and dan sheldon the program to morrow and then and i got on here and eh it but half way through amorandos presence what you guys are doing a superfine so he did that i sir let get president trunton dorset while he talked to him and an we got a loose harrington and myself fan in on a conference call and he trunk to endorse so there's only a his little nothing were in dorset and and when i was in a conference with him the first time he said you know find you about presting strang prior to my election i have won the election will that tell you not even knew how important and in when i saw him two days before the election in november oh he gave me a conference ah we talked about the election and he actually endorsed one of my candidates major boloin a vermont and that was unbelievable because here just home just a guide as an average guy that's in the executive county committee and none i shelisters you could see the picture in back of me that's where we were together up in his old and i asked them he would talk about his apprising strategy in getting people in bold that is he hasn't done that yet but a lot of people before he speaks of tone that none and he said he would and i'm hoping you know we send in note to his records lot of his secretaries you know to remind him to do this when i get on t v the one thing that i did i put my name off in a little put it up there any beeves like to call me it involved a and get me a flag short dog come you'd get me a stern ten fifty forty well or nine five forts where one each six nine or two and hold it up again a little bit later to show so saying un holden up enough and i don't let me commandeer evil egress to get him move your fingers a little back cerithidea there a perfect so one makes your polenta me and when i was on my show my cab me on a cup of times and brand house franouse was laughing he said will your old sol i said well we have a lot of retired people who work with us on the executive county committees all over on man people you know takes time when they hear nine five foot three one six nine or two then a can remember it so we put the shop we can to take the camera out and and they call it and we tell him how to get him bolted and a lot of people don't know what to do when they become you know in an executive county committee member be they attend meetings they get candidates of that's the most import and i'm going on a national call here in a couple of days and we're going to talk getting more people like it and why is that important and what's happening out there what's happening is president trumpis stealing the spot that we know he's going to win the let's get on somebody's candidates right now work in a california i work on each date and we try to get people involved selene who was one of our great he called me about six months ago we need help in california as well let me see what i can do so she gave me many names we call the people oh she wore an three months now on that and we're going to have his zometing some time in timber and we're going to get all the people together co telephones discolated you know we don't talk much about california because her bosses you know it's blue blue gritwater we're really read in california we just got to get the people involved and we got to i've spoke to lot of e and there there's a lot of different groups in executive county committees and they have central one different in every seaman browed brown his fantastic as you know we've turned down a hundred and ten thousand republicans to out five hundred the thousand sensational that she's donated it happened because the executive got together and in in floridities to get in the other we can just sign it we go to couple meetings are they bet you and we get bolted in in other places you have to get bolted in by the cost and you got a word every two years to get in in florida we can get in every month or when there's a quorum or when there is an actual meeting where you people come so we've developed all these different things where we sign up voters and that's how they got we got more people involved ah we do pull watching we do pull watches we do phone calls what the greatest thing about executive county committees and preaching strategy as you meet people well what is the great thing you know what i mean you meet a lot of people ominibus ness i owned probably the lodges patriotic website in the world oh you know naturally you want to do business so you got getting people let you got we have different social events so you get the meet a lot of people and talk to a lot of people and get a lot of volunteers that's part of what preaching strategy is it's getting people involved and getting in to know who somebody's great people and you know what happens is that we talk about different things at the meetings and and we have a lincoln day and where we get may be about five hundred people involved then we raise anywhere from a hundred thousand to five hundred thousand help the candidates and do all the things we got to do because when you have the meeting would five pores as you words of twelve hundred dollars he you know it is probably an indifferent areas whiche so again we have a lot of people in your in michigan and you know we got you welch up there who helped a non ride we hope as the isis to i like joe he's a bushreen i worked very close together and a what one of the things that happened a girl called me about who but six months ago she i'm very sorry that in coyote so will i got a guy and his name is robert west and he wrote a book and for appear the five stopped and the five stop plan is a plan of how to replace on politicians would at and as what we got to do because you know we have a lot of chair in out there who want to come he controlled his wife democrats knew in what they do up in while like an mister wes salmacis he drove eight hours eight hours people to get him this is some of the things that we got we've got to get people out there getting people involved if we don't get him involved than at the million post publican boat isn't and we have two hundred thousand people that means now oi call late hist you're army eh and ureters and you got a million he army and i've got two hundred houses you're going to win the war so when i'm telling everybody if we don't get to two million people in bob we can lose the war ostendebat what the difference is you know between the democrats republicans democrats page republicans like the volante now we got to start the papist of you aren't working with turning point i went out to the event in december is at a town for this one they just had my son went out he i met a lot of people i spoke the charley cortisone to tia boyer they have turning point as a turning point the in which they are getting people involved young people involved if they don't get young people in bold you don't want me to thee i've been doing this for twenty five years if we don't get the young people involved we can to lose the election you know in this last election in which case democrats went all the schools and they got the and as you know the democrats have a lot of students who are being framed washed the and i don't blame the democrats i blame the red as we have during the pandemic the mother's watching what the kids were learning on you now they sat behind them because as you know most of the most otherwhat you get oh i got to see well you got to study harder and get at it well that is not of watching to see what the students were actually learning and he thought his seeing all this woke one that is coming out and all these things which transcended everything going on and they's ways hotwe got to go that involved so we have momsey as for america an they're all going through school boards and starting to change what he but we got twenty years to have work to do in the next couple of years and thank god his happening and you know we have a lot of people involved so let's get back to a couple of more a people that are working we got crisp mail in the braska you don't to rococo we got david pen who works very closely with minneapolis had mines he turned his whole the season the entire business build the whole studio and he's got a lot of people in a minnesota involve now one of the greatest story as we got a gun named allen myers and rhode island and allen ah ran for all this like you did but he ran for congress the he lost the election he said wait in rhode isles all our county committees are mostly establishment rides and he said i'm goin to call it everybody it lost and he did and he turned eighty pesos in tom ever what happened is in the last six months we've been working closely with work who everybody knew england and the other massachusetts and all these other vermont and new hampshire there all calling him how did he do it teaching them you know what's going on so that's one of the greatest things so then we have it terrific girl who i work with we have is to meting preaching strategy every three and we have a girl michelsen posted with and she and i thought a new thing called w w save my freedom that you had w w dutchified does so why dense network we strategie ponteach other and were working on arizona now she was a joke in arizona she was also she was judged only election she saw all the fraud that was going on there she has her own show on bright on t v friday night and she is talked about this election the twelve hours had oh she's on the fallow she's on trying to get here thrift to save my freedom we want you to sign up for that ah you can see to do it for or you can pay ex amount month to help the shell and she's hiring people to help her because she did disullere but the last two years twelve hours a day and on that his another person the boating her life to try to shape and as you know in arizona how how bad the elector on he wanted a worse things is that a lot of the voters not one vote any more they said look my boat doesn't this is another thing that we have to do because when i saw presented in november talked about the eton and he said to me what do you think about the lot and i said well waiting i don't think anybody can win the election basic ah because of how bad the and so he said well i know you do his you meeting on in ten so what did you do something on election terry about a couple of weeks later i had as we meeting on election tiggity of course i know expert on either stuff what i do is get e my job is to bring the people together and get the so we had fifty people on the first the last when we had last week unless money we usually hold it every third monday at three thirty est eight hundred people think about getting eight hundred people and how you how hard it is to get people on sling i work with rage he in florida oh he and i started he has thirty two thousand people on his evil is so we worked together with both the amollist and we had people on it as joan leda mitchel in the paint lionel and on an on an and he told us what they're going to do now the next one is going to happen a couple of weeks were going to actually we have a girl lend a single one on to show everybody how to take people rolls partly jovan is done the same thing he's working he's going on around the contre and he's going to be training people and we have a gentleman in california no tell everybody how the machines had of the young he for one person in california there was able to get the machines out of celt this ansegise is clean up those voters because in michigan we had our secretary of state we took three hundred thousand they took three hundred thousand of the voter rolls deceased people and she put them back on and when you see the yell amount election failure it's all about scanning it with the absentee valets well you know a bad that is because nine states have never had the bolero so nice states have not taken people at the bolderos in all his years what about all the dead people what about all the people moved so we know all this was happening in this is a tedious one in order to get somebody of the port boldero's parmerly got to actually go to credo this by an inghehoten everything if you get on our two meeting next time he probably in two weeks on a monday we'll let everybody know it out of people find out and get the length for that zegelein they go to esther ten fifty forty a well nine five for three won eight six nine o two we will sign him up and rose put him on the last and send it out to them many made people know about this and we some terrific people and were waiting the supposin that don mike is going to have her next so that we can find out what his plan is as you know he's got this plan that's one phenomena so once she does that he is agreed or his people agreed to come on the program and talk about exactly what this is and how everybody in the country less we have you know that they've got this new thing with the government now that if you the last four numbers of security number states eight seven six you can actually sign up the bolt on a p and a is is crazy because you know they're getting only legal aliens to sign up there is an un nowhad jeff on the programme day good friend of mine oh he knows what's going on interest in texas they put what three hundred forty nine thousand people on the botolan they're goin have the if we don't do something in this she was troubled cause if we lose texas it's all over and when need people out to to really get above and one of my gold is going to be to talk everybody in oribital of people on one american news the friends of us lesba when they get on and anybody comes on they've got to talk about he we just don't have people like that you know and you know i was up in more logo i swore on present thompson on no one nissimi you know anything about presentage said he did not know it vrishadansa me through my dad's office and we will get together which i'm trying to do and we need every person to talk about we stone unless we get people then i've been joined by jonathan proud but ohio he helping us now too and he's doing a twittered ah every week with anna myself in order to get people bold and is putting himself up on twitter all the time as can people get involved we have once something like that we got to get the people involved it doesn't matter if you don't get involved in a republican executive committee right away this republican just to give an example around proud county every area women's clubs you know we have republican clubs put nine ten of republican cuscasoe some people don't want to belong to the major thing but they want to belong to the low and i'm going to be going up on this weekend pom beach is having it what they called it lops and they got them on cino talking there so they get people together they talk and dan goes on to show he talks about priesting strives ye every one while we need to get him to do more owen root in his show lot he helped his from vegas he von ravines also on olandese peach and tilly also helping us so not only could we have are a b but we got one american news on all the lindow that work we've got potash like ah that artteaching three four hundred thousand this is how we get the word out don't know people ask me well why don't you just get on neck you know used back a and one american news and are even become every shows import i'm one sore guy and in no who said look doesn't matter if you get in front of one person will you get in front of a hundred or a mile that one person can do more good for you than the million people at too so an we never turn by down as long as we have time and we have people he we have a guy here in one that is helping us your news good and your news i can't is an online serve has all the news he puts all our articles out your news i can't fish go to it and he print or you can print an article so these are avenues can happen and there's another guy in san diego total news to i'm going out to the clay clock a banter in a couple of weeks in page and on going to be working with general fled and you know i was with her planetologic a bent i am i and what do you think he talked about when i had come densher pray things strategy he's he's terrific yes he's a member of the sarasota a republican executive committee so he believed when he told he does what he says is and you know you have talked about on your program and he said we need to get more people involved the these very concerned because again there's only two hundred thousand people in poso you would think that his sang at president shruging michael dese a every kviste bannon has an onshore every day pretty much he talks about he has a little had with one of the chinamen and on almost every day in presencestrange when a month we have to get where agathemer way possible to do this note the democrats pointdon't get involved how can you blame that democrats cause they revolved it's that does a matter so you know we have to do all these things and you know if you know we were talking about prester if you want to get involved again you call these we have access to getting anybody involved who wants to work on his campaign and also work on legislatures i am really going out here in an ex couple to week i try to get everybody who's running for all estontece me will one try to get him on john frederick's on bad and on all the programs they get their names the other thing is where trying to find people to raise funds now you know there's a lot of people who are found raises and what he thinks in belagerter about i worked with a calledused his working a ringin brasses one of the young sunrises had yet dacity to charge ninety then when you think of annius most of them they charge any ninety and so there's goin to be a part which are not a available to say yet what is but we try to help a lot of the candid so that's one thing so you know i'm a kind of a one man show here you know you have a couple of volunteers but even me it's hard to get bound hodge people to actually come out and work and you don't this is a big problem and he i creasing you're told me amaze without the things you got going on i'm just sitting here going wild you're a you got a lot of irons in the fire and it looks like you're having some great success so that's astley wonderful well one of the greatest things that i did i or flagged son came to me and own behind it we didn flagships and flagged as vermont so i called the bad and i said look we'd like to do this you have no suggestion he said yet i get de senseker into asiaeum he it down as she whamadooa i called i shouted calling and we got general flint we got some polemen singer will in fetter legree wood came in we had she ran from one american news ah we had geral general milo we had a michelangelowhat clay clow john frederick's melke man with nation we had on on and on forty six speakers and we did this for eight dollars and any one the lake will be able to give it to them and it was the greatest thing i have did mike put it on for my birthday which was made twentieth he put it on his his neck work for my birthday and at last minute we had a kind of change produces because they didn't have enough time to produce i want to thank you on poacher in ten days he produced she we thought we have got thirty forty thous people watching him because we put it everywhere everybody put that we're going to have it we had it up over the last a couple of months getting over a million is and rootout so we lost track of how many people you got on i think i sent it up to you you could be what we did every hour and half a we had a star and middle at that we had a somebody who's just an average citizen come up and we had people but the flag to a we had generals had general or back on their a mohegan fling on flint let it up and in names are important as some of the people couldn't make it because when we did this we had a we had a lot of people send it out so we gave them for he advertising and everybody did his so eight hours one and i i think everybody should because there some singers on their it is sensational job for flag how to get hold see van and did a wonderful job in the nice thing was i was able to have these you don't getting on and asking like you a question or something like that and unnational dis condonatio al core was really important because we asked the papers to because you know there's so many people at watch his show watch john frere place i work with tom holman on the border at soother thing we do you don't we raised four hundred thousand for him and pristoient with trumpinton we had an end well we gave a president trompant a word for it and on tomwas there was one of present shelters from jackson a want people it gave it to him and so we work with every organization that we can possibly and oh in as i shal not flash you to get a nice letter from my my birthday est on saying you know what a great patriot it was and its that's an honour you know i mean how many times you get the meat a president and you don't love me president posament present it's really an honour on how to mean one of the greatest things for doing the work which we do everything i do everything for free oh and i'm on the phone eight ten hours a day you can hear my voice is getting a little rasp beolas on yesterday for a long time and we you know we enjoy this ah we have the great times before i leave i like the answer any question you may have because i always like sideview ing to ask questions cause i talked so much that you don't get a chance makes my job is in arright i am curious because you know we're talking about getting people involved in that one of the things that all of us seemed to have sperienced is that people don't believe that their votes count they do not believe that they're going to make a difference what is it that you've done that has really helped people understand how important this get involved and also how have you got on them more and bolognesi es i'm i'm talking about how do you communicate to to get them to help the first thing haltamont is the every boat count i always one vote could change election well michael thompson ran for the for my and the boat went and in one person i had to go to head and burgess sominagot he won ninetysix nine so show one bold the head he get the people out the boats of which change in the philosophy i've always told people as they don't believe me another stone can always vote republicans and known for common annelectons which is okay think about it what happens if this is while aware in it could be able to vote you don't mean what happens you come out for election day and is a line which happened arizona and the machines somebody had a wait an hour or two hours to get in there they go he so we lost in arizona probably hematopoietic unty and ignores about five per cent table well five per cent of both can chain the whole lot what were a thing people and asking i don't know her body cope but early thought to where its legal the old is very important as it let's try to vote i mean boding early in in states they give you two weeks to vote it's very important you can get a mill enbelled you get it because look at how many things can happen on let one you worked for some and they send you out of town now you can you don't want to stand on a line for two or can't one of things it were asking people do is to vote early make your book that's going to help because many people lost their election believe it or not because on election day six per cent of the people there were working press on trying to the make sure that boding is very difficult but if we give up as will have i don't say they got to win the election because the people are in it's up to all our people to start the call now if you get more volunteers you can get more people work in a holding pole see what's going you know to make sure they both how do you do that you get the list of all the rest the columns he did you vote in his election will you but why don't you and also signed up new votes which is very important now one of the big things that sp which is in eloise we found out that many of these turning democratic party the what they're doing to the kids so that's going to help a bodle so those as to summon the things and also cleaning up the bolderos which is what would doing it or try to get tried all these fraudulent things are happening and nowhere which happened in michigan where they found all these fraudulent boats maybe that's going to be brought up people stopped to see what happened it was constant what happened in georgia when after a resonant as we all know this country's going down to and you know my dear on through the which allowed these kids on no anything about ten and they don't teach her about and if you got to go out shooting get a hold ten degree whether for the seven dollars a week which my dad had to or kids so i have to so maybe that's one of the less pretty much i think i know why i was leave and in i can only go ahead and out as my place is like that but i had i answer a couple of equations but i always leave what action action action west get involved give me a couple of the questions that you may have that i have none how i how are you finding good candidates and how are you tatinghem a me now like how do you how are you getting say like an average in average american to step forward rather than somebody who is part of the political establishment well truly executive county committee that have training things and his organization train and we've had him in our or fingerand they can go to the areas of you look on the internet for the information also my people no people and what i'm doing now i work with general pliny gave me a punch or generals and as which tryin to get the better in ost and so which run to get them to and also a lot of people who ran the last time were run again and also or coming out of the woodwork because they see what's happening to and is a lot of you know who say look i've made a lot of money and get an i see the countries going out of toes i'm goin to try to run so we have a lot of new people coming out i see you know you get on your phone continuously running and i feel at a new people because you know their osassimo ey whereas can people to call us turn and we cannot to do this is the people go to these different places to find how to can get financing because you not when somebody goes out there first in a to his get volunteers and then they shot to have fun raged we need to have more packs out there and we can find some of our richer republic state i know a lot of em don't ate the president he getting forty million thirty here but a lot of people not giving it to the republican party any more there saving it as this so pistol eteron canals and i got to say i did get a cold finally from the republican the first time in ten years that some that is his terrible because i called and pectin and emil runimagine she's never called back discharge of the republican party and the executive county come so she thought interested in learning what's going on in the field can because she's working up here and you know everything's happening down here as one the promise the communication i go said an election integrity as returned the call and i said to her and now when i mention them i will help you any way can cause you the first he returned and it's very important they had sixty eighty thousand that getting a bomb but is not enough joan says we had a hundred hundred eighty thousand people is pulled watches and bowed cause we need him in every she where were working on getting you section people that you summon the things one more question a mercy to her maybe an come back on again and and we can talk we can talk further so i'm in to bring up your obsit here a minute and i'd like to encourage every one to go here to day and or seven and let em know that your or appreciate the work that he's done out there because clearly you your dust working as a tireless tirelessly working as he is a patriot who is not back and down and i kind o like that so you know it's fun it's fun to see so go there and painted and son and at the right is my son and i work very closely together and you know we do a tremendous job put forth italy but you don't if you go to any to rally you see a flag shirt all over to i'm wearing the constitution and also wearing my button i'm going to be bringing my preaching strategy clay clock event and i'll be bringing i'll beware my shirt so people want to bissome when they come to clay clock i'll be there saturday only i'll be wearing this shirt this hat and my piece button so you'll recognize me you know we have stuff as you see on her we've got anything umbrellas had it the ties every possible thing you could think of and you know it's funny because you would think we'd only shelters on the united the we're doing this in japan australia had a gentleman for a monstricide day who bought my he ah when you he drew it me a couple of the little teddy bears from australia as you see down the orchards very nice ellen so australias having problems oh ye calls from saying how do we do preaching strategy dan his work with and you know where happy ah you regarding a shirt sing strategy or lectionary em and if you want to boleter by all these let me know him i'm in for model if you'll listening in your fort mordicative you come and help we have a law or of his with a hundred fold so glad to let you make fun calls and again action action action ah if you want to get hold of me nine five four three one eight six nine or to esther ten fifty forty well do well i think this is just fabulous and thank you so much for coming on here so everybody go out there and and oh you know support of support stephen everything he's doing let's talk more about precinct strategy and get everybody in both so you know no matter how it as people feel out there cause i think a lot of people i feel hot less when you look at a guy like this that is running flat out it's hard as he can to save this nation it should be inspired in each and every one of us to get off their induced something anything to you know ah too to get involved take this nation back being a patriot is not a spectator sport it's a genonville sport so we need it we you get well i love give you back out and thank you so much for your time youleaving be on you don't so pleasure on beyond it i love what you're doing to hopefully you run for office again i know it's componisten youwithin you i haven't stopped i am not conceiving cause i won't conceive olier's chiefs and thieves and so i'm still stuck on winning to write the twenty twenty election as well as the twenty twenty two election i keep telling a rich i am the best known consider or they who has ever not conceded that the history of the united states stay in ernest keep panchway and tell until we take this nation back and i think we need he keep that no back down on wavering attitude just like you have and continued to go for it and i love how your knitting people together bringing people together and pretty creating networks of people so that we can stand unite at and i love that suintha k you so much and i'd love to have you back on again any time thank you it perhaps either you bet you have a wonderful day to day that was that was an amazing that was an amazing interview that we had to day he care and how you do in i'm still here is listen this in a maze i went in to he has any simple piece the karens sang she's she's that simpes i got i got to pack him weblike for that and i ask him if he does it cause they are they are hard to find a flag itself and to find it on a teacher is also kind of rarity so love to look it up so i could at pretty now this out here i saw a couple of these and i like all these are the great drythose so rose to find a lot a lot of fun to now in person who actually really likes fashion and i met i'm an annectere if i have one vice that i like clothes and i love how i should see that red white blue shoes did i have the elswehere now merican flag a parol oh let's go down to this check out jacket oh they got a sesteries hopefully they get some jewelry allegories so is she i've got some sequend flag red white and blue flag shoes which are just a right there actually pretty comfortable quite a nice selection i know where i'm going to be shopping for the oh i love these types the toffs or right there a great a tapster when you ride in horses if you can move round in a little bit two fine well i'm goin t be going there so so they got well it's ten forty two do we want to close out for the day or do everything else you want to talk it i don't have anything pressing a right well as sir say prayers and bless everybody here i'm going to be and to morrow with michael j s coming on against marrow at town o'clock and he's a very interesting man he is behind patriots sobah and he are we at a big discussion after we got off lying last time quite often i talked to my guests after we get off like and that's you find out a tanisto that they may be don't say when there you know it takes people while to realize that ye say whatever you want on rainier news networker just going to go with it right well he actually was involved with rescuing and so you listen to you background it's very very interesting and we actually got very very choked king about the child trafficking and the rescue that he's been involved in and i think i think that this is a i go back to on an article here a man an he got very choked up when we talked the bout a the theocentric ing and the rescuing kids he regard we've got old sootier and no screen ingredere o for a rested and westminster human traffic is tis such a big deal be guys people have no idea how big ideal for men have been arrested in human trafficking after the suspect allegedly tried to meet up with a minor and were talking this is about kids they they they will go anywhere that there are children in order to have access to it our schools look ahead look up the as cover up as well as the franklin cult cover because all of those were about creating networks in order to have as to children when i first became aware of it am i became aware of the wonderland not works and how they were trading trading a child horn and i don't mean ah i am i mean things that would absolutely stop your heart i ought at it what type of material of the treated back and forth its horrific it's a even even death is torture its death a sick these people are absolutely so anyhow in a mission the share of his force suspects individually traveled to a location and ever on friday july twenty eighty of sex of the minor under the age of the total police arrested twenty five year olds howard city man a thirty four year old alegant man a twenty six year old six lakes man in the twenty seven year old twin lakes residents on charges of a costing a minor for moral purposes and using a computer to commit a so i would also like to think so so as the the asolani detectives bureau who spent hundreds of our planting in preparing for this even were were sick of it ah normal people out there who believe in protecting children in fighting for god family country we are sick of this kind of of horrific behavior and it's not going to go on for ever because there's going to come a day where every single one of these people will not be able to hide i don't really think they're hiding now we can find out so many things on the internet of where people are i remember when they first started breaking the stuff on hunterian and i was watching things of on the on some research channels you know i was in the ann on net works and such and watched how the how they were spying on hunter threw his computer in order to watch him as he was making transactions it's out there i saw it while my shot as they were bringing stuff forward and i thought it was really super interest on how all this works so people think that they are going to get away with stuff they're not when president trump says we have it all i'm pretty sure that he means it all and i would put the bats that my bats go on in space or for finding the stuff out a really do i think space for son and all the people and a in the cypraea with admiral rogers and pretty sure all these people have been made have been pulling adverting and going through an and i in their right to do that right now i know that that there watching me all the time and i like fine i got nothing to hide go ahead and watch away and ah and if it means taking back the nation i really don't care i think that that needs to happen oh if this point time at least for my perspective i don't i don't have a problem with it i understand why you we should have a problem whether and that it is a violation of being spied on by our own government of five eyes and what was happening with the bushes that's all wrong i mean when they came in with the patriot act it was all about spying americans but the great thing is is that the good guys got had a hold of that technology and they were able to use the weapons of the formed against yet the bad guides and that exactly what's going on i really do believe that that we are studying in a good position that there are many things going on behind and we just have to be a little patient yet because when they say they got em all and they're getting them all i don't know if there's a time for me involved in taking down a global crime syndicate i would say whatever they have to do however much time that he takes this together in an iron clad case to sterminate this is horrific horrific organized crime and ice we we need to do that and i believe they have lot of tentacles like santa white which is down on the coals or the the nothing of all hats were on looking for he the art the the mexico cartels herself the cartels invest mexico which have crossed the border now steve talked about the of the ap where they were registering people for the vault that these pedona they have hacked that in what he was talking about was when when a ethanol was on he was showing that we had a quarter of a million people registered in one week or in texas in texico and its idealists like of maybe they do that to thirty on that too where with hacking hacking the the aptots out there how in the world did they register a quarter of a million people in a week and you know not only that when you look at the numbers that were registered during the th lock downs how in the world were they registering and proving all these people when everything was shut down the offices were shut down everything was shut down other than in all they went through an act but an appesanti and olyo have to people that process that so we've got a lot of questions to ask in a follow up on and you know like i've always said we as americans have to be able to work together we have to dare to be americans though for the candidate that's the best candidate as it is entreated as a job interview not like a jerry springer circus show which the debates are part i hope president trump the rightful president of the united states or some of his bodies are listening to that i hope he tells him all the shove these debates stacked anyway they picked the questions it's only about having the cantates attack each other it's not professional you would never do this in a job in a view you don't sit down with people that you are an you're up against to have the job so why are we doing this in politics shewits always been done and it makes a lot of people for money for people who are in the political room that's what we deserve something better america deserves better than a a system that's based on on money which encourages corruption it needs to change and it needs to change in a large way so so there you go there's don a brandenberg the i just think see stern is just delightful he is such a nice is and what a selfless patriot to put as much time as he has into pulling people into the flock to getting them to fight for america to getting them involved and i jest i just really applaud him he's he's just just a light fall i looked for it taking with him again and i'm going to be at the idol of that next week i am hoping to meet with him maybe i'll do a life broadcast i i'm planning in doing him some lie broadcasting from there so that people can see what's actually going going on down there and i'm sure i'm goin in meeting a lot of really interesting mice in dalmatien turning point and he's he's just as nice as a person as you ever wanted me just a very delightful pers it always seems like the people that our true patriots there there so there not like the rhinos out there that fight that are involved in the ball kicking and meetings and the i don't know i be this nonsense out theocampe that goes on with fighting and within within i don't know the parties which appeared to be a colt system in a local level and a lottery guards now true patriots don't have to stand in front of a crowd they can work behind the scenes and their so many of em that we're going to have to thank some day that after after we restore the nation for their tireless self with duty to the nation and thank you too all of them even even if i don't know your name i'm half of america thank you to you thank you to add moroders general flint and the rightful president of the united states president donald with that sad how about we ah we say prayer here and get on to our day about time i guess it's almost eleven forms the leven dear have le father thank you so much for steve and i all the work that he's doing we ask your blessings on him on all the patriots at her standing next to him give him her favour that everything that he does has your favor that you give him open doors and you send a more people to help them that he's able to motifes and lots of people to get involved the nation back so that we can we can stand together you gave us a crate nation you gave us all the work that the founding fathers said dodd to the help and sure or rights he gave us in the beautiful constitution strain the activities of those in power so that they can't use it to lord over us in a tyrannical way we we really thank you for all the people over the years that have worked for your good purposes that that believe you and the trust in you we trust you we love you so very much your amazing and and we we want to be a friend to you we know your friend to us we want to the front to you also in latin not that we love you in the name of jesus christ would try a man so there you this be a great day gus you know what it's partly due to our choices we can choose to be mentally tough we need to be mentally to one way we can do that as by dining at de scripture the best way and having a relationship with god treat om as your friend kills him sure he would love that as well as you don't he he's a friend to you it's time for us to be a friend to him and do you think that you would with a friend you want to talk to you friend wouldn't shock you want to involve them in your life and not hide away from a sothat's what the stay is about is is is reaching out to god and working for his good purposes and when he says take care of the least of these your taking care of me pretty much tells us what our business is be able to take care of our friends or family those in need those people that need so a voice they have no defense stephen front of all throat to defend this nation on the date in there for from any threats both domestic as well as foreign we need to do that to to give our lives give her lives of it away to him and laid at the feet of jesus christ our lord and saviour in whatever we we we may be called letting god worry about the outcome so anyhow here we go we're going to go to the mining thing spring of or for governor dot come i'm the best known conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the knitte and i would love to him as an actual discussion with that on president the rightful president the united states send day president donald j trumpettoned that guy and at any in any red he fondness to see you guys how onestate about who was the best conceit none can see her you will stand there together and on going to be saying see see sir ere you go i'm the best known consider who has ever not conceded in the history of united states and president he so anyhow a haven all fun here so i anyhow we we love you we love everything that you love or fighting very hard joins we need to stand together in all fight together for god family and country we can do this it's not hopeless we just need to get together and put her best foot forward got his honoring every single thing we do what we talk about in our inner efforts and he can take whatever we do dislike our faith i see size of the seetest grin we can move mountains and i do believe that with every fibre of my being so god bless you god bless all the sum you love and god bless america make you great day mental toughness to day don't lie cheat or steel and set the example of you don't have one we got the godson isaline i care well talking more of see to more ill beyond with michael j and who care and the riveter party on bardon