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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/5/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Real History

Published Dec. 5, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fifth of december twenty twenty three welcome to our show am i oh i'm glad that everybody turned any esterday and it was a very interesting show there was a lot of good comments out there and one appreciate every single comet that was out there it was real interesting see how things can i shook out yesterday but we have more to come on this whole situation and a two day we're going to go into a tator tuesday as well as a wild john tater and then at ten o'clock courtney to her which is real history which i really enjoy so before we go into their i just want to make sure that everybody out there knows i talked to every one whether people approve of whom i taught to or they disapprove of whithton going to talk to people on both sides of the of the land that's the here this is the only way to bring the nation together and also to uncover the so i don't think we should be afraid to run into situations that we are now that maybe there's a problem there because you don't want it the truth comes out you just you just got it you just got to be a little patient and that's a am so any omnibii chanted ernyeit was watching us ternate now exactly what i talking so at any rate a morning down how you doing oh ones my you know what i have done with no hold on lost miss flyn i in a plucky mood this morning because i can't say what i want to say out it but ye teneros i've heard o plotho morons is in communications around for the past couple of days i'm just going to kind of try to put this into situation of being mildly amused stupidity can for dumb questions and or whatever so at any in any rate i'm not at all questions are done but there's there's some that are done that people asked to try to poke out good luck without root it's money i just just get amused by it and just kingiscase soft and stride you know this world this world cannot be taken that seriously and i truly mean that because you know what god is in charge of everything that's going on around as you est in what we think we now clearly everybody thinks we know everything and everybody's the hero of their own story and i ii that's just the way human beings are but the reality is is that we probably don't know one tenth of one million pesos of what is really out there were god's giving us a short window in a short piece of time to see what he wants us to know and in it nobody is anybody else's project is always gods and we're here to support each other and to try to be a help to each other's brothers and sisters one thing we shouldn't be sniping at each other and or even if we disagree we can disagree and say okay we disagree with us both but there's the there's a a a a dynamic going on out there right now shall i say i don't know there's so much fat activity out there it's not even funny we have to kind of you have to kind o let things play out is a little bit some we can all sit there and point of fingers at things that we know to be true we believed to be true which mainenant be true but when people when people talk enough they generally reveal who they really are and so the fine art of listening functions which you cut for two things first of all there is an awesome now about a listening heart that can heal souls you know down to the core and the indian all people have to do with listen i do it with horses all the time i just stand there knackston and they know they're not alone you know that's digestors was it's not eager in there you gons ablazing an action like an idiot you're going to do what i'm telling you to do it's like you just send their quietly and all a sudden or like oh your friend you just willing to sit here with me and the same thing with people sometimes it listening hard as mazie and the other thing that listening dods to people is it gives people a chance to really talk and whether the good or bad they will inevitably out these which is really entered and you can make the decision for yourself and you don't even have to say anything they they will do they will do it they will do it organically and that's a much better way and hopefully at the end of the day people are not our enemies that there the bed choices are clearly with principalities and powers driving that driving the boss on that one when when they when they exposed their true intentions and hearts it's a really it could be a very good thing in a very sad thing when people are exposing things that are negative but it has to have when the only way that we go through that is by talking to people all people whether we agree or disagree with them and sometimes not correcting then to let them go on for a while it's it's a skill in less so with that sad and if the right times you know there's there's no there's a time or place for everything as a season for everything is made fast so anyhow what's the sign to day before we get into the song calking about see my thinking that we may the a world that we live in she the ninety nine per i agree with that that we should be paying attention to and that is people horloon on the one according to my reading and understanding satan a hebrew a word is a time the old that's the opopo sition of who we are and what we do and so the people that of believed that they live in the one per cent and is the one per cent of it means anything or everything there really missing out on what the world is all about we because i enquired ninety nine i'm monstorous something that you're going to find really interesting i might it might take me just a minute to but this was an his pretty pretty amazing and in gotyshe i say in but if you aren't plousane i'll see if i can see if i can try to i see what days on ye hang out of a tree was here and dusted in play for his three on a fine round a low it's going to i'm going to mosseson because i'm actually ah looking through some things on line is real hard for me to pull things up on line real smoothly because sometimes a goin search around just a little bit oh here and what is so you you what president tromp came to face you don't think that satan is operative in this world and you can look it up and westminster we er we have the saneness scrooping west michigan and you know i'm sorry sat is a sure he's an ass on low life cured in his minions or punished for this was in the iowa popinot all to greet president trump will he goes to iowa in and went out one everybody to look at the and say i i think that things are never as we see them in le the smart keep on that are out there like say general plan and mirages present trip i'm sick on the pitching about these guys i really am and they don't do make me real half everyonethe day either they do somethings once i will that i go what the living how kathetostoma that i quequesto shortly the situation but i know your character and that their train is certainly that god is using all of us whether were perfect or reservent around which we quite often do to achieve when one say right now that kim reynolds is a piece of craft that aloud this in the capital to deface that capital of iowa and she should be mishapthese entitledan in one more than what what happened is suppersuch rch and state and now they they put this crap out there here is me is this just only when convened for every one in the lot go further we got far from it here at the end what a grand flag glenrowan rapids good luck with that everybody i think we should start be questioning everything this is not one of those things that you just go oh i guess it's it's just enough what's wrong with there's a lot wrong with and we need be questioning this kind of crop head crinito god go out and pray for him rattles to that the person who allowed that all to her to say he and that though the capital and crywar this is not a joke any more these people are not this is not to there's no game here this is not a linesonly we have kids that are being trapped in all it would hinterbein trafficked they're not they're not going right for the people that really want to see the right thing done in life it's he it's evondering with pure evil and either your own side a good or you're on the side needlesandin le growled so an i had to bring that up to throughemotions comrades should be ashamed o yourself in the state of iowa should move her sorry behind for allowing for not standing up with wines who are putting you in shackle to their setting one the evil a ganda that they've got going on and i mean it give me too smart to see what's going on here quite honestly you know that you could be a dark you be told her which i am at a hot oreglia base in ise what it's like we should be able to see as a child could see that this is the evil where is the outcry from pole where will i you want to hear a story that i want to tell that i could not believe my eyes i went and saw adam sandler a few years ago at the venatoria and i always thought he was pretty funny guy right and so haganellos us but most performers aren't worth aren't worth the air they breathe i'm like eyes for ease's funny guy im going to go see him so i went to see him and he got up there and i hotallowed and i couldn't believe what i was not only did he have the red hood on and some of the things he had the same backdrop that boahed in his poeticalthat talk about symbolism you'd have to be a total idiot not to pick up on this and then he sat as i did you not i heard it with my own ears ye said noise so it's just amazing is so that i watched my my my brother's takes flowers towards twelve years old and i walked the massings up and he's the thesewas in interscribing i'm looking at them and saying say oh don't he raised that you little the gina and i'm sintering what the hell i have a dead would make a calm that and and furthermore have one on the gay than the auditor and didn't get up their and literally beat the shirotahe or kick him out of their opooreanoo you know not that in plain rioters but i know one of guys that if they footwell year old girl began at you like that by her father they they should in horrid did i walked out as poisoned i do oocipital any more not now but i mean people when you hear something wrong you have got to do something you don't just sit there quietly as across the face you either got to get in court and do something or you leave you walk out you do not parts and here are not a not advocating anybody beating how lot of he said it's a maiden to me that no one react it i'm glad they didn't because they shouldn't we should not be provoked that's what they want the fbi ray wants you reluctancethe should have emptied the immediately you're well i'm always monomoisy her his twelve year old daughters and in nobody laughed and i went out i went across the and i i went on i say i i had a bunch of gosson in there on like i'm not listening so after won't got a glass of wine and set there by myself and i know i guess my husband went with me cause i was like no i'm done and so left and went across the no we went and had i had a glass of wine in one of my one of a friends that was there came out she s i can't believe you are an only one in this entire auditory they had the gods the exactly why why why will you of pretend on the soke somehow back to the story we know ella's talk about some well a people understand that the planning we live on is the one per cent what's really going on around one per cent control understand that i holocantha then you have a pot evil everywhere and you can't understand if you're in here worse then you're not going to fit out and it's the bible so we are a peculiar people we will never fit it and that's a good thing that's false right pleher to learn here to overcome the i need a fall in with it with a republican party which is a joke and a disgrace to an then you know what i causeseither sailing you the the selling you the ideals that they say that they are they don't do a thing they don't fight anything they then be crippled their place hold or at st so they got a can give us one operator dingoes off from her onnontaeronnons well i don't care the ransomes s long as i am on plasticities or of incontentation to wereanimation visitorsinvitationshabits conclamations and passanantis nalingaolingao freemonition monastic assotiations onaangenaamheden te o issintaieone arresting assoiler getting there are or the like rolled the dead over one microdeutopus septimaniathe for insanitation porocidaris oleinmore insincerities poliorceticon fearconscience owing transpositions or on thoroneconradeleanor lastingnesse of sweet without one restingresting all on a spoliationagainst got the birds to termestinians to tententententententen hard of octoroons electionsenfranchisement i sought the big water jesus i sat the they've got a couple of big statues around or see one of you crane ate the crane crane has a big one on the top of the hill i now the result has one for so has one thereafter was better than then what they got nigh while you know it's like there you go in yet nanthis is so naughty there's no words to describe it the wood she describes the its evil it's even on were work in his part of our learning less who you and i are why we are here it's our it's our opposite opposing party of us we are good there's pose to be the bad and being in the yang i mandrogenes it's right side sat while we have encreased do the bible says that that i created the weapon fit for distant and a pretty interesting but most people don't get in and really study it to know it really said that is its like the news of that people take like verses on a contact and sound bits it's a good thing you know badness to get in there in study for them knowledge and i read the souredocke ends and then you'll find out what it really said arms so that's exactly what i wanted things to do when you are taped by the evil his government anybody that hasn't figured out his side against the blacks and the whites and the chinese and women and men all that nonsense all her answers it's about the people against the comments always better i in fact washington tellerwas oh how did he ported the fire oh welcome fire that a fearful fire as he was back then he said the government that's why we established the that's why the the seventeen hundred striding at rolf stinaria the whole war over you want people arises they want to be able so after chaos we ought to go then in togoland that's the point is that you know with the jay six the j six fed surrection that was created by the fbi the foe watch what we have around us in a somewhat is trying to provoke you to stupid action instead of a lawful action or correct whether your reacting out of anger and your mouth in it's okay we all get angry at stuff all right and we've got it but you better not honorfriends are too you know it's isochimenal get angry right but all gerere ye do now i have on well he himbut i never read well i will go the times were in annoyed like seriously you know boss level annoyed with but the point being as that you can be angry but that doesn't mean you react and you don't let your emotions drive you if you're emotions are driving your actions or reactions you're on to control and satan got a hold of you which shaking you really good you you have to stay you know you have to stay with the cool head under all situations let it out if you have one if you're here mad about something don't hold it in his good come out one were in the other it's a cold jowl three your fingers he and so but find a productive way to let it out so like if your angry did ye got to go you know out in the car and cuss everybody out you know by yourself go ahead and do that and it come back in and shake it off then and get back to having smiled anythingshe but but there's but there's a or get a plan that they're just quietly and say well well well well well well what are we going to do about this and then get a plant to actually change something or make a defence and sometimes as sinkings are like it or like you know oh together i mean i have i have certainly had some serious discussions with my horses who became my therapy horse at that moment when i'm all kinds of of annoyed at it something stupid somebody did and then then i can you know i can leave i can leave that situation or in driving in the corner something and come back and have the ability to to shake it off and and i get back in the game in approach it with a you know so and i try to be and orgies on wavery but our motions driving us is toxic it's on well it has to do with the universe she do with howe ninety nine per cent of there is responding or or pushing our buttons one where he if we are reactive what's going on on the earth then we have a prompt a negative behaved that reaction causes other negative behavior occur some time in our life somewhere else we want to be rolling to ah i have one to be a head of what's going on so we are in control and not reaction to what there we're not in vere gain were not in their sphere were in the ninety nine per cent spiritual fear where we have a practice attitude and we can handle those to do that then you're you won't be so reactive to the little actions and the rotor what i wanted to talk about to day than to do when the government teched so says okay for example oh somebody gets a thicket what do you do with that ticket do you respond to ye should be responding to a immediately fording it in the drawer and hoping soc the fines are going to get worse not better a few red are proactive with that forward i fixed the problem cor leve be better off than if you let it faster and became a so what happens and i hear pre people call hold i don't know i didn't take it up should i pick it up you don't know what the letters they might be wishing you a happy worthy he does come certified in ever know so you got to pick up the letter and find out what the letters in order for you to be pro acted if your dogs and it happens to be a summons in the court he done so then now you are now they put a bench worn out for you not got two battles got to fight the men toward that's put out for he and then you got to fight when evers on the letter so why wouldn't you take the letter and or that's what a lot of people don't sir fine letter you go in you find out what it says in hand you always letters from the internal revenue out there oh ignored thrown away no every soon answer the latter your number one or you're all there and you're ready to face the generally is probably one phrase one set the big or the little park so you answer it first then you see what you put the ball back in there other one no matter what is you never ignored her revenuewhich from the fbi see in which you always answer the letters and then they can't come back itandyou're doing this in order now i'm out here i'm in the public from a talk to you on the top tome holt and take care those problems other people will what will they do to run out and get in a tone for soom but we now i am i never picked up on that dog on to a friend generally proudly as the wrong advice for you oh don't do anything throw away do that sometimes meanwhile the they don't all yet not you know in people mean well quite often the quite often they mean well but that doesn't mean that they have the right you know is this is something true as that you got to listen to god you've got to trust yourself each one of us is die individual and on people people need to realize that they got to turn to god because people no matter how well intentioned they are quite often interject themselves and they don't have the same vantage point that you have so it's great and easy to give people advice on things but the only one you really should be listening to his god almighty you know some one gives you advises helpthat's there may be a time where you're doing you're you're doing what everybody tells you to to do is wrong when it is the right that and oh that that's important you you you can stand alone it okay cause you never long government higher and i continuamente me last week with that call or two weeks ago i could i could this is appropriate i got a call so i have i have a guardianship of conservatorship on my mom she is a she struggling a little but she's old it and make sure that he well taking care of and such because i actually care sae letter oh i don't know if few months ago the sun and making appointment to see you know to update things and they wanted to do a check a while tish and self irish stranded twice to it and i got no response she i got a letter and i responded to it no response is that whatsoever and so this gown calls me and says why didn't you respond and i said i did and she's like you aunt and she's like well we got it were to get this handle and i said why the how do you care now you didn't respond me and i'm not going to chase you down to do your job and so i've got a life in it's not for me to be out there you know running around making therewouldn't say this way but our idiot governments doing the job when he can't she's like a well athenogenes incisor ization that saithe care about people who are older elder or elder population where are you all these was was empty for a couple of months now and islip signor i can read to believe that you give a damn about any one when the departed in open position and en tell me that you care and and you know what to say to me i'm like i like i am busy right now and if you want to call me that monday the burden is on you at this moment in time because you don't care you never care nobody in the deportment cared because they didn't care to enfiloit on so why are you telling me we goin to do this is like leaving a puppy out of door stop somewhere and telling me that you care in the shop you months later is he fad is he is he this is he that and i'm like you don't do that to you don't do this to people if you actually care were there round the clock every one went over the need arises this is the problem i hang out with our entire social services and mental health organised thinking on a common to from much they cared they do not get a tonogiad for it seen they only show up they got an extortion situation going on because they want money or justify their pathetic jobs and you know it's as soon as as soon as ah you know they can sit there and point their finger at all of us you need to do this you needed me that you need the other thing but whatever they recommend there never there to hold picote pieces of what they read and if i had had a situation here to scold my with my special needs daughter and his person came in in and wanted to do a cecinisse well that's fine but i would have my turn to her because i don't trust any of you people and so she oconees then and she goes to my daughter who was a very manly all and she's like working to walk over here and work in a make your mimster there this is something that we've had care for otreus care for a number of years and threatened me and i own home and so i went i say it i like i can help play your game for a little bit those i knew how this was going to add for a taste and she searched talking to my daughter and my daughter is just terrified she's working at me absolute terrified of this woman who she's not understanding what's going on here at all cook ten minutes for for more daughter to absolutely be so upset that she could even function with domes asked that she gave her and the threatened to me in my home as the little little pathetic you know no no not elected cap that she was and so i just sat there and i watched i'm like you're so smart you created the situation here what you're going to do so my daughter she finally she looked at shiningawa ching the smell out she's looking round i thought you were the expert here she starts looking around witness and she closes all over offense said i've never done this in my life she i'm not giving this one and in like one letettem glad you caught up with this a little binstead of a set of looking appearance like word the enemy of our own frickand and so my daughter gets on my lap and she is just she so upset and crying and i'm just like so and put in the pieces back together house she walked out with in twenty minutes and left me to pick up the pieces of what of what this organization it within our government did to my daughter so i sat there and now i got her come down and such a and i just just put her head in my knock and i just this holder and tell she know probably had not had to sit there and hold her for about you know an hour and a half before she could even open her eyes and look into this world one wonderful expert who came in here to kicks in the face and so in any rate eh she laughed and she's like i will be your best expert witness that you ever had she said i i can't believe what you guys go through on a daily basis take care of another human being because you care so he and in like i'll never quit you know it's like i'm her mother and ah you you kick a omber and e and either sea resort in now the resolve of a man other mounters john quit we protect our cold and that was that was kind of interesting but in a very horrible way but am i a winded up a winded up going in front of a judge because it was just it was of a guardianship thing we were just getting a guardianship as she got to be old or right and and the woman did up and she stepped up in front of the judge and she said i've never seen a better situation for for some one who is so so melie these people are due and amazing job in of course and we didn't have any problems but the predisposition is to see us from within the government is to see us americans as the enemy in these its part of the problem they are and then they go home after they wrecked families they go home and they don't have to deal any of you little social worker justice warriors that are out there you live somebody's life that you're out there to target see how well you do see how well you're willing to say or do you just rocket and then go home you know and never show up again to actually because that sort of government's been doing it's me done for years so now there's a rothesay to those are a cup my ronons i've had for these onlocked idiots and these you know they don't care a y con las will have they understand that you know when you care and that you are not come up therefore when they run on near enos big time there will just say that go to the next i find that doesn't have the how were those in half that knowledge lady let's see i'm all of a thief they looked for the week and they call that's exactly what it is as the thieves mentality the government is all about i haven't figured that are as there government has in here to help you government is our as as there has we have to eat so red second she shall become somebody found a health in your nose so walking my grades please prove your deservesas second the i think your name to a resigned your permission or your job you really don't know what you do and you shouldn't be coming here tell me or when you get up to snuff when you you get the knowledge that any that you can come i don't want her and that will eliminate a lot of the nonsense that's going on now a lot of hot go on it propior in o families in general are not helpful for each they are there all the plighted one gets last nite lot of grammar grounded and they want to have more more dangles an other settlings or other relatives of their families they create a problem probably cognate of these people shouldn't be called a prophet core and fighting over a will for god's sake destroy your whole family rec situation with our sittings battling over a hundred thousand his greedy if you were that good god make it yourself why try to mine off of other people and it stripped the carcass of the dead that's what it comes it's like a grave rob or mental you know as sad part about oissel one or two hundred thousand on even a half a million how long this at last in the process of giving them half a mile you of the stroyed your fan yet the stroyed everything else around without family on his only you can have all the money in the cars in everything in the world what without family i realize that until after and the dragged there but through probate and the problem with proved the people had with probate of the attorneys and the judge anybody can figure out otherwise you need of what your claim the attorneys and to that point i think the next nothing that should be brought into this is who is your fame you know for everybody that's out there who is your family my family is any one on this planet that stands for god's good purposes that are willing to serve serve god and you know sometimes sometimes your family does her spirit family that is you know that is committed to god almighty is much strong girl connection then your othe family you're brought born into but you don't abandon either of them what you're here too were here too and it's not based now who you like your little clubs that we make up you know the little clicks we make up so we can all sit around and agree with us whether you know with our opinions is the people we just gree with as well that sometimes they need us more than the people that agree with us okay for getting back to the summons what do you do with a the concionator is what i do well what he asked people do when i don't have a problem with that help and you you don't know what's in the latter to be oh what the but if you're some minster court what he first of all you got to find out what the and then whenever you go to court before you get to or you always write late the males are nice he is always can be i i didn't get it i miss rendait when in the span a thousand somebody could say they haven't got he never write in the i mean you could say as precursor to your regular letter but you always let the letter can sides fine copy got the letter now you got a document you don't have that if you'll have any mail you mailscot toponas or words because i never had told them and hangrove ment oud care green shot at well all that can work but the negroes well what did you say in the saw the best way to do it is the right he write a letter in response to whatever or a document send the tapping on your shoulder remember god steps and now what you going to do postponed her pointed in the drawers you got a out of your comforts that's the only way of going to learn any one other comforts and i don't mean the scriptitabat it the stand find out what the arguments and conrad the arguments we have there once we are all willing to say charging we will turn this way we have to be willing to stand give our points heard and they are republics otherwise we are one flounder around the half going on around us the ones doesn't bother i'm not that challenged for lo i no wonder i wonder what presenting me i go after i never sat behind and never not answered a letter a girl repertoire every single i wrote every single never in repose i got him in the box they're not bothering me i did father before while in every time they bothered me i fathered so the ball back in the coraline eventually they are realized that there oetting any making any endeth not of our resources that were not going anywhere a whole idea frighten you well go down that road you will get further and further into her shell i will not be able to get sostenre as i answer your life solon sotocot got to find out what the solensis and you got to respond in right to answer their summons answered answer ah ordinance with proper argument with the proper and sold that so that ranges the final conclusion to sparring now learn the post werenowsorter on tater to his days to that from a exactly learn how learned the laws that are on our side loss of for a problem as we learn i told my kids when i taught school backed stephen's high school years ago to government american history told no you're right they're not made up call on the case because you are even now what is eocenethe asked how can you wave in the second amendment if you don't understand what the second amendment is all about the first sent and when you can apply that or african apply all the and its sentiment when says we have the power not to one gives us the what you got on a harlot that's what we do that's what this is all about his worthiness brought me a poor to talk about how do we protect our from evil one per cent of one we know the ninety nine spiritual world and we get a run towards the fire sometimes you know that's that's the way you that you that's the way that you solve problems is you don't run away from em that just makes him stack up oh in bigger problem you got to deal with him and get him out of the way and get him out of the quake quickly so that you can deal with an ex crowdmarin in doesn't serve you for running is not on a running his neck asplemon number two little is resinate the why you cannot learn i'd because i'm a fling all of the you know it's like god all things work together for good fruit to those who have larnacospongus purpose as you cannot run god if you got to tough situation i'm pretty extra sure he's got you boot camp to learn somethin so that the next time something comes up you'll know how to deal with it if the warning cos was not something to be afraid of i as i read where not here have our boat and so sail on the lake do nothing but sail all day long were here to learn we all day long could i i could not i couldn't like oligoclase or all in the tokaido pray at lessons for three mares and i'm like i like the go ahead go also once in a while but i i don't really enjoy it so i'm like i'd rather vantage up a horse to something like that mean everybody's got the thing not that i've got anything against all for not but i couldn't just play all day winneth that's the atter you know anything i need to be doing something i got to be working otherwise i feel no pre used to raise the boat called flying ever heard of the get on the internet arrangements there are heather a two man racing with the one god in the trap he and god it's a very light and very massive seal and i saw how he called city home barnato got solidarit the trapeese bold that i wot i thought a line never said i sailed with white state sailing club squatters so i particle and i went out on the water tell you how many times i can't find oh but i finally got involved in enough that i could raise a little bit so i started as well i excelly won the upside down he it i ethionates ing from racing now and it was a learning you go down the river or the lake you had a learned how to sail when in he against the wind and work was one that was a learning in many times and many times i learned the hard ring caps the thatwhether go now relies to se what you're talking about here i've never heard of it and i'm not in the sailing community neither are the borrington of suppling horsemanor ohio eleanor he had good hanging out on the traces on stancampiano pole keep that hold upright no assistantsecretary you're upside down on ossenefort for the oweratoweriwoe chiristians i serie fasti you sir are savage i love them sister when she was younger and i was one for honor we and go out in and to the or on the lakes for freezing cold that we shouldn't be out were uttered sailing by des somebody found thanks and joy on the ones earth the rule get out of here get out of here a shell sperience fine purpose whatever it may be i mean just cause i may not have the same purpose or or john or anybody doesn't mean that you can't find your happiness in what he is that god put in your heart you know you got to follow out and he'll take you to what you really love so what do you like do when you were seven years old what did i do when i was seven years old lock would you what did you like well you know my dear there was a loss of going on when i was seven but more or less when i was i started playing corn i may be a little earlier i love it my practised heart and there were many days that it was nice outside the sheenlike play baseball or whatever plotinos so that was one of the things boy scouts was another that waupeton ah god my eagle and so oneselfor th and did a whole lot of soft steingass my dear he is always is always through insolescit in a house cleaning house putting cabinets and a pretty young to electrical when i was sixteen years old i wired my own he the family house in oh the electrician city electrician would come over and say do it this way this sweetest when any go away and and i come back on ye look once this is good but this isn't good and i fixed it and change it so that's the kind of stuff so was always in then i have and an and played free years and years now all kinds of occasions we were called the grave and blue and we play banquets and parties for the michigan state police really that's cold he allowed never never go moment my life oh something to do especially when you're saved you can hallways find something to do that's a new love of savagery to so i got to get out your coupons all in order to do that in your sitting home watching follows and all day long or not will be kept in in letting somebody else to there's the time in a place to put the phones down at northers so we ever he is great to a degree in its tol not as an inlet that's that's well said two men in people do the yeah it's like it's it's watching the world live instead of living yourself that also perfect what world you been not a not a participant or right we make wonderful connections with each other but you know what one of the things that i see missing in noncommunication in such case i can talk to him as so many different people on the phone through textor evil and that i am a communicating all the time it's a wondered foldedit why scho sitting with some one in having a real relationship a a cup of coffee listening to the provence talking things back and forth and i want to talk about getting rid of some of the ah the sicra into with the brains go go go it with somebody you really love and just talk with him for a while and you'll be amazed at how much healing there is in that that's why they had shot a dowter heard animals and we need each other the follet doesn't caught it it really doesn't cut it for relationship who is going to come to your aid if you're really in trouble with all these relations in in something goes wrong are they going to be there to pekitano not likely that they might have some but you know if you have relationship with somebody that your good friends would that you see on a regular basis and and you actually spent time i mean a relationship is something that you have to put time into and in an you don't do it to get something back that's kind of despicable right you do it because you actually care either you carry you dolt if you turn those relationships into a monetary value or a value of you know all i might need this person some day that's not a relationship that's the person that's a user a relationship is giving five thousand per cent giving everything you have you care about this person so not that the and there is now there's no there's a string o tech if he's no keeping a cow as for her being proactive the gown every act in governments so so sometimes that's a little bit of getting on the ornery train a little bit refusing elyot know i think they're painted on trying to lock a stone again that's what it looks like and i i posted something recently that showed that the somniation whatever you call it i don't even know the name you've got to a stupid name is intervenethat i posted it cause it's in the adverse reactions report for the vaccination and white long i you know i know of some one who got rid of white long just by open to a vice my don't listen to their levels that they tell you you're supposed to be taken because they understood it because they want as the right they'll tell you ousestate acidified in to see that's the biggest lie on the planet that's this like that's like starvation level vitiense up pervidin you know it's like notions is not medical advice oktogonale doctor that's a don'there that ye don't take don't there you go yah gosinformation the german organization the trite researcher yourself and make a pure mind make up your own mind you you can you can do this but you know just look into the vitamins the love vidence you know i've done where i've taken like i don't know thirty thousand units of ivan seen a bag personally not i think six thousand every day now i'm in wagabone that because i i rocketh all the other straight firemens and the time the form of vivacitate to makes a difference of absorption also being sanasarian of factor factor in all this beats like its letourey you really need to research outside of what is not conical with somebody tells you or they and expert who's the experts what are the experts sand man they got them rope gagged and and down the down the road of a propaganda when her that crap the experts have been wrong i overthing i've seen right there coronet or they did no honestate right words to push our rais buttons it might just be a fight they might just be part of the fbi they might just be part of we can go down there her barbassone se of the the under the internet yet we don't know who were talking to a lot of time angriote and we let them expose themselves for what their actually dey but we don't know you know you know i would i would think that the mount of time that you and i have spent on scripted on camera pretty good indication who we are you know but you know actually sharing that he's a lot of people don't know but anyhow i think to come in to day and an tetartohedral te success enoughaccording it i know what the celestials lest little bechechio ever had so anyhow thanks for renounced and we'll see on next see you have a great week and and and oh i won't be able to be on wednesday night because i'm going to be up in the air i think somewhere or moving around a little bet we ll see an act week and teotoste unto an ah i now brandeberg news network i have a great day to day john not thinkso thank you ooooooooooooooooooooooo good morning welcome back to the second hour brandenburg news network i am done a brandenburg and it's the fifth day of the summer twenty twenty three once again and welcome me in my buddy on scortne tourner euloowayi i greet you're such a such a bright spot in this world it's just come and i love you to pieces i'm always looking forward to and we can talk and landladywhat a sorry we eat we couldn't carry through with last week but i anonaceae do your best follow of unpolished here we sometimes changed just a little bit i get it yet were challenging to be gone next week so we're going to the re waken and then we're going to as i got i was goostoom up at all it will do will do some time of her just visiting being friends someone yeah definitely that will be all some i think we might be actually michigan in june so oneyou know and here i can in willing yet in how he rose something one people and make me tispose balcons the ornery show ever he who yes i don't know i would thinking i know we were in talking about pavestones thinking me be a to you but he can little bit of a break from it i've been doing some research on something that's going on right now that i personally find a little bit concerning and i think so i talk a lot about like hegelian dialectic and how they use you know really these dialectical poles in order to create the etiquettically know the fire all that goes towards the macopin so it's really i think i don't know if i outlined houseless go into this scration o a direction that yooroanthoo on this the segmentis i just as silicate it i chaws just for people who may not have been a not know or have ever fresh air to a lot of times so we talk about the dialectic i think people have a general sense of what that is and a lot of times you've herded people say i am that aching not he of a terminology he reference it as being it colorabout you i can relate to that now i think i always was with the technology is not help me he perseverare scoriaferri got like ever minishment very active on twitter for a long time because i got cancelled and it took me eleven appeal of to onmostly get my handle back and then for a little while my fancy made me like a blue leg hired it he counts it was working on that but i just really wasn't using it that much cause it was kind o ke i was a pirate and handle anyway though i am now back on and he keeps things like this isn't on help thing like your way more to strikingonly a hatink that's true but i yet so gay so he actually used the words the a negative on the term theses enters in the ss was actually picked john got leave pike who was he he he was enduring in the same time frame ah but he had used that as a way of describing one dialect and he goes said that he rejected both count and plato's notion of the dialectic so for the termfamiliar with plato plated talked about the allegory of the key moth probably very familiar to a lot of people you talked about the intelligible realm which would be what's there inside the key and then there's the dividing line and then there's the intelligible realm and he actually said that the intelligible rome was actually even more real the hyper abstract the hyper reel was even more real than what people know tangibly and this cut is going to be very relevant ones they're talking about what i'm talking about to day because i think that what we're seeing really is very reminiscent of that time period of the enlightenment verses the roman a philosopher and i i think we're seeing a bit of earth surgeons of a counter enlightenment movement only its couched in language and a the charging and sensibilities that appeal to a now the dissonant rite cocon servatis people who are in the freedom truth movement and that's why i think it's so dangerous that's why i want to bring awareness to it because i think that that's really whose being targeted i've talked out something that call the eifel like it's the counter and help proof operation mocking bird and i actually really have seen this you know just as an observer it feels like that's what's going on but now i have actually gotten some in tilthall are doing the enemy's cervices said they would do this we cause it's a lot cheaper and actually lie easier to infiltrate the alternative media than it is to go into the big you know meg corporations i had not that they can't be bought and not that obviously we we know all got operation mocking american of new we have the declassified documents that's not a secret a mesconter he what's been proven but i think we're seeing that happen but now it's in the alternative space and of course we had the world economic form with their meeting talking about how the biggest threat to their plans and their ends and there the idea of the sealerman something really needs to be done at though i think we are seeing now that they are trying to do something about it and it's coming from not only the federal apparatus i potentially you know you being in contoise i think very concerning though back to the dialectic so he felt that hegel felt that the cone and pleas notion was too abstract hen like that he thought it was very intellectual it remained kind of hide and that he ten'dance the historicity of and that's really what he was looking to do i so historicity is this notion that man is used and then discarded to advance history which is kind of this collective a body of and of course this goes towards for hegel you know he saw it as a spiral where it would progress really he wanted something that lisa in methodical something that was set system of though so kind of a scientific but hesitates at war because it was really more of a scion to them type of method he know he wasn't really but it was something that could be applied and then you know for those who are familiar with karl marx in you can see how rising of hegel calls work really was i the lot of similarity and marked the huge huge a fan of hegel so he told wanted something that would advance the historicity of man towards what he all the old make a point of the old make a point for him was where god would belet and that was you know the ultimate mingle and so it is i a mission ate like an you know spiral and gets narrow or narrow or you have these dialectical poles so you have you know the the concrete which is the idea that emerges and then you have what he called negative the word he actually used translates docilely and the word he used was a he so in german is ken of it translates to very oxymoronic return it means to lift up and preserve watering down in and this is of course where ah i hate to cultures derived and that is you know what the frankfort school is used a haven to culture is essentially cancelled culture think it any in a mystery to people to day i think ought to people on all sides of the sector and have xperience this certis ah but it's come out of the frankfort and that which is really in a right out of that time period as well for i started in frankfort germany it was born out of a long time coming but it was really a itreally got its long ching after lion had a meeting i believe it was nineteen twenty two a after the common tern and he called this private meeting with antoniamiss who but talkalot about in filtration through and antonio graham she will ansenberg who was one of the fathers of modern day propaganda the credit usually goes to edward bernese rightly is a definitely up there as well megabernes for those doll knows the double nephew segmentoid i he brote the book propaganda he is nephew is the founder of the days in my opinion modern day propaganda machine which is known as nell and they like to keep it in the family he actually a mark ran off for me actually went to hamilton which in my own and don't know it is about this of state new york thing that there are is thosenot of these things seem to be borne out of there i agree left look a finger like up there in the nonsense going on and off hand that area that's right i think we did talk about that yet i now find is in oninheaghhata you know i remember seeing the tsonnontouan back a while back and it's like what kit what would you do this for ooooooow byington over after shellhunter on come to hunted i guess going on i really don't know so you so be so then there is by onsberg and then the other one was george lukash and essentially london called this meeting was he was very frustrated because he said that cormac's promised that after the revolution that it would spread throughout the west of course his talking about the bolshevication and that did not happen and it was antonio ashes who said this because your treating this as an economic problem and that they know you're looking to create economic revolutions and we need to be need to be a cultural phenomenon and it was really shortly after than that they set of shop in frankfort germany they started the frankfort school and then from there they set up shop and a the insuescere each at columbia university in nineteen twenty three and now they have insessorial research all over they have one of michigan they have energetically so they have them all over they've obviously infiltrated all throughout the academic institutions men this point very pre and so that was the frankest school they were very red this cultural type long march to so hegel saw this as he so you would negate it would be you know sullen which with then a man you have the abstract which for him really was so it was a where you then even though it's the concrete a negative abstract the abstract in his senses really were you get everything a sympatized and the the former two are submerged into it is the big really good analogy of you and your audience is probably the ororous his tail keeps a keeps going mass coschy like me i think the visual so i'm you seeing all that is the little bit of a back story too i give you sensitive what it is i'm seeing in a whim winto bring up what i bring to bring up what i have done some research in chow as there is a new and go that has cropped up called ark lions for responsible and this is a doimpersonate a figure head for it if you will i i know he has made hind of like thee a darling of the right and definitely very much a your father figure to a people on the political right and i would say you really world wide because you know he's not american he's canadian he himself did not classify himself as a conservative at all now conservative adolescere different it's really to the left of american conservative is on just to eighty logical according to the ah but he himself gesteven call self a canadian conservative he would say he's a a canadian classical liberal which he american and but he has none the less because of his he was kind of catapult and onto the scene in twenty seventeen ah he was arguing against bill which with where they were insisting that you addressed people with pronouns and he he took a big stand against this and that catapulted him to faint so i somethat a little bit interesting to just personally little backstring me they know where you know researches me sir tritonian twenty twenty i was here you know i was says very late to the party like hectometer long time to wake up really sidedon everything hostoyer so in twenty twenty i was ere and and it was through roger scruton wi things of penon falls for he's really fun because he wore he wrote books on conservative is like the founding of veloso ah but he also wrote like on the philosophy of wine the flossy of beauty like you costemary fond but beautiful writer i an it was a just really kind of a nice reprieve for me and twenty twenty which was a really hard time but started looking for some videos to watch on st and i found some heath with your in peters and i became very fond of jinkerson s work and i went down you know to vasily devours much of jourdan peterson that possibly could and i inkaliten to his map of meaning a corcito of them i listened to his personality course that he did so i know a lot of people are familiar with twelve owls for life and then he wrote the beyond twelve rules and then the tide of the sub title of both of those is pretty interesting right it's like beyond chaos a third yet something too order and beyond chaos that's kind of like his theme i is can venture sancelotte now be history of delanotte they talk about you know worth through charter through chaos but not i was found that kind of interesting that he talks a lot about that eh but those were his more popular box i actually read and i read those for me i didn't enjoy them as much i found them kind of like self help in keene's not sounder mind the work i there's definitely value in it but he wrote another book before that called mass of men with i think a much better book a lot of people will you know are you against thee the tenants in there which are find interesting just in its itself i'm myttanis they took and the fifteen twenty years to write it he wrote a very long span time and from reading it i can see and of his intellectual journey and it's not like he agrees if everything that he wrote early part of the book so it's interesting when somebody has like kind of a belated you know we battled against something that you're like this is the whole body of work it's not like a but that's how i enjoyed that because he really was a journey and i think it's just a much richer bock i don't agree with all of his i don't necessarily even agree with his main deus i think you know he healed the mouth in meaning i think miss submeaning is probably more accurate title i ologiesthe so long winded ben i'm goin to get to why this is really important and why i think that i'm trying to set the steedless less issoncourt ihave these long discuss and make sure that people get everything out of their heads we were talking about this this morning that's how it passed the sound bites and you actually get educated a take antonito listen in work through this so that you understand the subject matter i think it's very valuable you just keep going okay so the ousethat on knowinge on but if you seem kind of oldtime that this canadian professor catapultum to the and what started on a hit me to that and to which start to learn me to that was that the framing him as this all right character this is i gave to the back store of he himself identified that the liberal and connedin liberal which is definitely not a conservative it is definitely not all right and they would do these like gothicus with pepe the frog and him like you know inserted into the picture of to try and paint him as if all right figure which he is definitely not i i thought that was kind of strange oncoul onentar ed to raise for i but of course if the time he's a very difficult time for me personally and i was he was keeping me company so i i kind of you know oh that's interesting but i shoved it aside and then he went to rehab ride he got addicted to benedicens which i also the whole story was a little interesting to me because he if you read mass of meeting and even twelve worlds politeness knowledge of an the this isn't somebody who i even as a psychologist and this is not under my psychology but you know this is somebody who understands pharmacology and neurology ah so it's not somebody who has just like o in a little depress and somebody was like here pops some pills it's odd to me that he would not have had it in a world human world fallible and we all have our own blind spot so you know the that's worth taking into account but it was just interesting he becomes so addicted that he has to be centered or to russia to deithis send her home not a hen apparently he that he couldn't get treatment here or not was during twenty twenty it was an interesting time but yacht he went to russia and you are i know she was in a coma for and i you know there were some very interesting like statements like and probably even find that he talked on long house six months you realize if this was the rightful president of the united states president donald j trop then the whole united states would lose their freeing my oh no president tramples the russia because and in this guy nobody hears about it doesn't adet that should like be the first clue houston we am problem here it was definite i did know this story so this is really kind of like his pastor for me with an okay you know the i did not waste in i i you can't follow everybody that's only you can of course be i candlewaster to the guy you know it's mahogoni don't know the back starsthis is really interesting but he goes to rush for treatment he goes the russian pretreatment he talked the paththere are some quotes from him at this is before he goes in you'll see why servantand mcgill i slip myself in he told us squire magazine in twenty eighteen i peterson got very sick from addiction to benzothiophene and ended up in induced coma he says of this time that he remembers nothing between december twenty nineteen and february twenty one after the treatment he could neither walk nor remember large parts of his life during his illness and treatment he wrote the second book twelve or and then he so this ark conference i don't know he can see this but ah if you can ye can you kind o see that that's his own which again i think is just a very interesting because he talks about that aegeitheo ical weird crop going on there to split that it like a split personality thing exactly when antoinethat little bit of fraid to face from batman oh that's interesting eh they do you sembles don't they they do wow and phoreo listened to his language currently he's always talking about i'm tilting towards heaven away from hell that is his constant duality talked about order and cosacos a binary mentes interesting but is also interesting from some dehesas he split himself in two and twenty eighteen so he goes and he's in tossingnow i can't prove this but my personal theory is that there was some sort of like a colt and programming that because i do feel like he has become some sort of an you know very much ponchatoula to the fore front he's very much become as the singolioitin like the starling of the right and which is interesting cause he's not very conservative you really listened to him he antisocialism isanti totalitarianism which thorisonte know pardon so he says but you now re now yet well i think he i think he is as a general kind of loss of i don't know that he's opposed to being at the head of such an you know kind of fastest te which is what will get you with his and so i but he he does seem to be against those things and you know i suppose that and i like that we have that kind of a figure head and he does so in this is not to say that he has no value i mean i think he does great things for young men in talking about responsibility and i think part of his popularity because they're really craving that i think that with society have you now become so in hidele it's such a convenience wore all the people are so far moved from that i think the ones that it really hurts and tinklerthe because men need to have a sense possibility in order to feel a sense of worth and purpose ay so you and i as two women who are not confused did the right here on this planet is in all the guys we charge you to be the man that god created you to be the one you bring on the tax in masculinity forteret that's what you don't it's like like the never never feel bad about that you know this is what you suppose to downdowndown we need them the man on this planet to be the protectors and the defenders that doesn't mean the bully that means that handle business and that that's a problem with some of the th mine gamesheep with people it is they're trying to take that that masculine oh the masculine energy that god gives guys and in to make a woman i don't want you to be a woman neither does any woman really ill interiously but the god had paved time and do the things you got to do and the women don't want to have to take on that roll i mean i horsing a lot of it but that that's not what women want to do by logically and the theesleeping on ne onmanerly husbands a will a great little mechanic when it got olandese i'm glad because i am not going to do mechanicmore on my car and you adenoaden i know these are traditional that's a very stiff stereotypical oh you don't think to say ah well it's my my words and i want titles but it's like it's like he's he's got to sing that he's great at i'm not going to be all there you know where the chain a chop and down the trees the size that he does and he loves it you know he gets nowheres got chased though he's out there you know or solanorio don a guy with a chain saws amaceours guess i think that he's done some good in that regard and i think it is speaks for more to incommode on our society in our old the fact that he is popularity high as the schoolworking and what we need a but all that they say that is some other things are loveconcerning so he catapulted to fame in this time and then in twenty twenty he comes back and now for me i think where i could no longer ignore that there were some of these signs is comes back and february twenty twenty the first paste does when he comes back you know on the scene or at least the first time aware of there may have been others but was with douglasshis british and of the marsonton his recent books is called madness of crowds the great common harry on the ootheca stuff that were the cultural wakeness it was written for douglas murray is he's a gay guys you know coming from him i think he he back he talked a lot about in his very much talking against a lot of this sad a type of stuff that is permeated the old and i think coming from him you know it had some credibilities like even he's not in paper but he and gordon do this poncas and most of it was just a bashing american particularly the conservative talking about how i they just trunks supporters are just sore losers and they need to get over the fact that there was no fraud first i was just buried like i mean this really had but is pica and i don't i was number like a huge douglas morning fan a kind of surprised from him but it was really upset with a dropeen and this he they so they have the whole conversation now first of all here they brit and a canadian who are now ragionamento yea and a hare like other on problems to deep it's like what in what what bisness is that of bears and where do they get to the grounds to be and at your even brought up in this high cast how his wife tommy had so you know you you repeatedly said that the stemonite states is very corrupt you think that that could be a play here and he's just like snap and he like that was so ludicrous i don't know how she could even think that at that's not what's going on here and they're just sought shore looters loser and they need to get over that there so i mean this park on i think it is almost two hours long so obviously they discussed a lot more a lot more throughout this conversation but a lot of it was just kind of rhetoric and it was very apt so this give me another kind ov to is another marker of where things were and so i started to think okay maybe he really is primed ground for something and again this is speculative i can't prove that i but i have done a lot of research on him keltra age had as you know a lot about how those studies work and how they used as set i during that time and i don't like longthought in look i want to hear everything you have to say but about the seelencult stuff because i it's it's for real and very real in tetimararoa talk about have a stock in why want people understand case they think have a stock laid the ground work for and kilcradan really think him calecoulam end without the research that was done it and a lot of that research was done through a thumbeline controls as other the shell shock therapy clinic that they developed at hassophereth the and have a clinic came from was the donation of this building pacifically designated for sheshethe research and of course i you know led to insolent therapy research a man of course later we touched the little bit of on this last time with the a psychedelic so pictures where they were in a lot of the on that and we know that leads right into the m calternach elise and other whose incense to see the effects of mingoose mind control possible blurring of boundaries and what impact that would have and how he could then use that to manipulating control so and you know it's my estimation that they have taken this on individuals of the chested and of course there are individuals that we know have become a known assets of the know they installed tigers whether it be a entrambas a kind of triggers or they or liberal drug induced tooth ah but then i think they also he git out to the mosses weaponed no larger he so i again i can't prove it but that is kind of my theory with him and especially since he was have come laugh for her six months is the what he says so it does seem that and then he come back under the scene so getting to this it's called or which is a line to her possible citizenship the name itself joins a little strange to me when there supposedly promoting individual liberty and conservative value it seemed almost like an oxymoron why would you have a this international and geo that that that seems like kind of a kinetoscope all of them right now because people are so that the assets and the people the bad guys are so good it infiltrating all these organizations you know that it's like the red cross all of them need to be as all of them the foundations the organizations and to look how they move money back and forth crazy the an individual basis in how how individuals will get money from them in the move from one entity to the other in now the poster child industry for this spot i ain't what you know you can you can clearly see that in and also the compromise you know and i don't know what it is that flips people around so quickly they'll be going see like they got pretty well for a while and then all sudden they're off the rails completely you know oh that there there is no you know i'm not i'm not a believer in the ongentheow talk about i can't insisted this is not not the rome that i go and i'll let people talk and see what southington agree there is we have choice as between good and evil that we make all the time we are being tested but there is no there is no way that darkness can exist in the life now what the lightest poles the darkness were as supposed to necessarily have that necessary balance were spectacle to god and that aniou have to and and the there's choice as that every one of us are called to make as we live our life god gave us so bility of free will not this not notesabout it but you can't play the line on this there's no no there is no walking a tight rope on this one don't do it you have to jump one way or the other in an issue absolutely so these why did they go jump off and there is the proverbial quest why is so effective on some people but not old why is what so effective in the ultra in some of the stuff that they do cause it's not effective on all people oh why don't know that the you're trying not when they do a white scale like monopolio why some of us woke up quicker right on to us did not in some of us are still not awake and areas you know why is it that a mind compartmentalize or wire their tactics working at some and not the i i mean my theory on that has to do with a divergent personalities so there's actually like section of the population who cannot be hypnotized so when i actually first graduated from holocenethe and i i helped a lot of people with mostly habit for me their sleep but in nutrition gols or helped some people so smoking or biting their nails that sort he i noted for bonnie months but i couldn't personally be hypnotized and so i felt like a fraud and i quit but it does seem that there are divers in personalities are much table i no good wood the definition of that edifice that for us of a diversion personally at melidectes i try i tried i decided to try that when i was younger and he couldn't happen hantise me neither i thought okwat it was at the stage to trialmost outer thing just to see what it is experience that and i like i was like in all the one that's how i felt about it in like i'm in now an i just to you know what i'm sitting there doing i i'm not with this not working port yes now i never been one that with easily like fall in line with things ticques tion everything he in contererent or diver to the thinking is unstructured reformed g way problem solving i'm also very as not a linear i'm in which participants produced many innovated ideas solutions to a pressing problem divergent thinkers are often independent curious rest even thinkers of his not like a definition let me see picentinis on the tissisch rates a case so that the characteristics can divine though yet the sothe divergent thinkers can quickly and ancaios produced many ideas by multiple wespremi think ideas most people may not develop improve their ideas used peep back from proved by deathtoo ogy creatively implement better solutions or collaboratively with other unchallenged abbots not really like a definition and of finewith went to find it is somebody who is who thinks for themselves and who thinks of themselves and is not just some one who takes everything hook line and sinker were yet it's a critical and social thinker that he never really liked that makes that makes him go so the definition of divergent is tending to be different or develop in different directions and in mathematics its increasing infinite infinitely as more of its terms are added to her the other this is a mere miriam dictionary moving or extending in different directions from a common point diverging from each other differing from each other or from a standard on people outside sander deviation essentially but i think that they are less set to hypnos so an a lot of the lot of the tactics that are used for mind control are hypnotic i there be fall under like the hermetic principles of lament alism and he the other ones i member one mentalism and if their seven of them but oh i have to go on onontio good sheep how's that whitejacketed not is not cheap when i do so this is architecte what about themselves they are the lines for anticipiren ship the an international community with the vision for a better world where every citizen can cost in tribute and flourish we are inviting you to join in developing a better narrative in response to life most fundamentals social economic his we reject the inevitability of decline and instead are seeking solutions which to draw on humanity's highest virtues and extraordinary capacity for innovations it sounds in however it a little bit curious why would you do elemin international organization to do or where the telling you what thing to begin with you know that's what i always wanders like some one strain to tell you how to think or how are you should how you should live your life it's like first of all who hack or they too did you go to god first that should be the first question no nan i want none in yourself i mean it's like it i do want to bring this up because you bring up your shoot first so what i really think is happening here i'll just tell you my theses i essentially think this is the right hand dialectical arm for the world economic form the funding for this is essentially vary very much to the world economic forms of their financial backers are the same one and so that is ten itself is very concerning the people involved in this a very much billionaires ah but the reason i wanted to interject there when you bring up you need go to god first as the there joints in a way that is very appealing to conservative particularly social conservative and their couching it very much under the umbrella of it being a christian forward to organize i am the reason why i think that's very important is because i know the lot of time things can be very deceptive and not to say that these people aren't necessarily christians they very mild may well be however i do think this is a counter in like men type of the movement durned peterson himself only like less than a week ago did cast for he talked about how we are in a counter and light mentioned you the link to that it's in my work he is he is a christian i think the christian church right now is absolute and this is talked about it you know it's like when i say go to god i don't mean going to church is still a ireghenaten i'm talking about you should get you should get real quiet and e you know and just talk to him not and having all these outside influences because the christian church has been in its been infiltrated and jesus said i my men not on we knew that this was going to happen if you didn't know that this was going to happen yet bidden your bible nothingyou know to the point benning is that is that a in god said that the first to be judged is going to be the church and if it is going to be weighed and found wanting tremendously because of its its completely my opinion it's completely prostrate now there may be some some packets of of real believers and people who colorsbut omental i haven't seen it a long time and an it's like i'm not drinking the cool late on this one and in neither should he be else you have to critically think and say you know this is my promogeniture i spent whole time going that is make sense to me tis not true their bandy their bright bending the bible to there will to increace the butt on the sea to pay for their sense of air condition last time i checked jesus went to people's homes and actually sore there's a disconnect there and in modesty and you could really see it during during the coetlogons this in those churches that that lock down they should be abolished of course absolutely should be abolished because they didn't seriesat the scene of one of hate so is the soul i'm a pretense of there is a post indcile with tomlinson the oh wailed he is what i should do but he had none he norreese gotosleep man come and who for oh much there you go oh well you may have ever watched that no oh yet the okay so are you to do is go to the movies and such an watch but there are checked this out look at look at this because if you go to disney and you go to all of the movies that are out there in the cartoons it's not just in one here's home on the range here is a antithesisthe is one in there's there's a hypnosis in almost all the disneys and so i'll go back here because you're going to see it in the cartoons and i'm going to tell you what you you guys you're going to need to start turning your teves off and watch with your kids are watching because there's only lot this is what i see a lot of i i see this kind of so as i don't watch tv you know there's mother there's another here you go here is so have power power of girls i think that's what that is i i don't know i don't know whatever thing i'm looking at but this isn't a wan off here guys look at this is not a one off it by an imagination souther's there's amenoit something out and i'm i'm going to i'm in to hang somebody just a little bit here that i like oka but on one on wanted blow the warning for every one out there because there are some of us that may be see the world a little differently right is so i watched and i love this show why file because it gets you to think about things and they laugh about lizard people but if you ever watched that be very careful because there is they do a poll a very quick pulse rapid rapid on a change in lighting i i like the flicker of a flicker i won't want like i'll listen but when they start that flicker crop i put my eyes down so i'm listening but i'm not watched right there anemone control tact in mind golassi like listening to you all things but you've got to be aware of some of these mind control things of edwin's on and if you know when i as i like to watch it all turn into that once in a while i you know just to see he's talking about the different things and there's something in their to which two to listen and i like istiti don't think creatoure portoise por nowlook into whatever is out there like somebody asked me about the flatterer than and in like i'm not got even a way and to this opinion in tesnon sense because we're losing our freaking contrary and people are wandering about flat earth give ye are you kidding me why is this important at this moment in time right now this is laceface big time as were watching at the destruction of our nation and it's like will had the discussion over and i'm not going to play beer upon i've never played beer pon printlike this is a bear pond is okoshi is not a discussion that contributes one in to the senior and right now go play or beer poling and deal with it if you not and to be in serious about rightness go head on but don't expect you to jump into her upon and it's it's like his i don't really care he inherits so be we've got people that are committed suicide we've got our our currency a breaking part we've got on for land being brought up we are right where the bolts should make revolution was when they were destroying the fire land and they walked ten million people exterminated right and i were going to be talking to me about the flat earth the i is it it's like if you do that's great i don't want her oringado this to front and games is just like i don't like to get into bible prophecy too much though i know a decent mi won't of it its bible fund in games of this they are it's great study it shows off for i get it but if you're trying to get into the fortune telling to to figure out what's going on cause that's what it is now it's mother word of god this fortune telling but all this stuff to bring in to the knowledge of trying to figure out exactly what it means you're missin point of serving god here now instead of trying to save your tail by figuring out the prophecy itself sincesincemother variation of imitation of the satanities and there people on both sides or use it you rat they do and and it's like it's like oh this is great god told us it's going to happen i loved that i started yet i want i read it i read or and i believed that i believe the the word of god is inspired by god and that it is the unchangeable word god i do believe and so the that's in so it's living document when you read when you read the bible god's hacks to you as your reading at your situations right now that's very jewish at the very jewish principle now but but you know it's like i know he talks to us as we are asking him in going to him he will he will tell us what's going on but going to say oh look i'm seen what this person is doing here and that's in the bible you know really that's great you're trying to fortune tell the try to save your own behind instead of just being present and serving out now rahatonta gentianose people cause the degollado and down my pocasset really neselo the latter theory i mean i've looked at a little bit but i was like a ophioninae why is it so important to the right will because you know we've been lied to about everything like that pretty obvious i don't need to explore flattery and mercimoniis like a mills and topics you could get on to be light yet wyenhoven group is actually my torothee like their horror flethers if anybody like addresses any if they didn't think low like their trigger and they they say well you know flatter at this bivigliano doesn't dress that is just you know their lying and the ungoated your religious beliefs in your your relationship with god is that kayanis just like just like so because they're so ready to program you in laddering in with their truth out in the brentings out anybody should be able to research in a that's great we need to do that but he doesn't run that i have to go lock stop with what you believe cause god puts other things in me and i you toowith and so don't don't try to get us no divergent thinkers to jump on it man wagandians going to work even i don't know what the answer is on the vendours on it my periostitis it we're going to find out when we find out just how you do it christians will get us on the one creation and o ka here i'll go ahead through a bomerie into the room right there and that's great first of all yes i do believe that god created there's no way that we couldn't be here without creak how did that look please someone tell me latterday of creation how do you have that when he sat in the night on the moon weren't created told the third day to mark the days okay so what's the day before that let's have a discussion on that dead you don't so it's like a god says that a day and in the endecott's like a thousand years he stonesrise there how do we know before the third day if there weren't billions of years we do not know even if you want to go down that the when it's like so like only i don't know i'm like how like i got too much to do right now here in our view finer points when we can't even talk about the thing that our critical to dealing with the people that were supposed to be here to serve why so hot where you go there's there's a down aborit there ah ingenio well i don't know i mean this i you know this fogo on for a while but i do i encourage people to go looking to or and i just want them to put on a critical lens because i the warning is that it is bent be couched in a lot of language that sounds very open conservatives through donagan are its ark a lion's hirresponsible citizens and i on mine concern in the end the right way in the search as two men they want you can look for anything spence sixteen nine or sixty million elevenseven interesting that when you go to look at the company record the former name for it was prosperity ouk twenty seventeen which was piled in twenty sixteen when did your peterson come on to the sea so have you not they got a pyramid in here god check it out oh ye take this out this is this is like going to the washington monument then looking at from bad hesterson sec see in crazy so so let's to see moral universe is long and it bends towards justice there you go there's supermenwith there and don't see the pyramid what watch or keel i'll see i can stop it i don't know if it stated the fenestrate see this here attention its comet oh like the buildings on the building comes forward once with there oh yeh yeh i interesting why did he take the shock the way that they did it right here you got asked that question it is such a mean were you look at the financing this comes out of legatum we got him seems to be legational martial seemed to be the primary backed i got marshal was very connected to jeb news which also looks like kind of a youknow controldeposition tiber of conservative news outlet and ah but legato is a inthey've got like tons of the to the end find the freedom find the luminous fund elentherolacones manicure rite there the luminous and luminous fond and they've got this imitationhis center where their teaching women like weeping and not really sure why am i he is one spending a fortune women and why do we the here all the child poured on the amite servers that that you know a arrancharse found anjangaon which resulted in the globeless traffickers of these the tepong raphe and these horrific these child poring stuff they are on the atseres while no after body needs to ask questions about all this in checktise in an age of permerti which they create it now they're going to be the answer they are going to be the answer will and then telhado look at the world the canonic forms i just did it was a three and a half hour emersonwhich ganimed more and we talked racesinner and of course you know kissinger or was a mentor of sorts to close recruited cloaca fondard program that kissed and then it was him and hermann and canwho recruited clostat the europeans sposin form and then of course i became the world economic forum and then years later i he meant toward a close again to start the young global leader and there are many young global leaders in this and i bring up his bring up kissinges because the world economic form does look like ishabhas not necessarily picked a successor and at that i don't know that we screw what we just haven't seen that emerge quite yet although it's entirely possible that he did i working on that it be other possibility is that this stylestill right arm will a subsume the world economic or though it's essentially to me just looks like an interesting these wearing this side by forecited sot right because it just looks like this is going to be the right hand ha that will push forward towards the same gonda and there's a lot of evidence indicate that just when you look at the funding i mean the gothamites the world the canonic forms of the haverington there we have a loss of you nembers were part of this a grownperson himself worked on a document of it was around the climate narrative but for the men a he claims to be very against the climate change and a lot of these people claim to be however what it sounds like they're just not in favor of the story that's being and even that what you're in peterson filiast albarone stroud whose also seems to be the sea o of the arian also a very much a cove a kind of france fore you know front woman for this organization to evince the intactthe narrative around it and bought they both keep saying as we need a better story what is that sound like you it sounds a lot like losyngere narrative we need a great narrative which is ressentoit the post modernist met onarati and it sounds like he's just saying that we need a better narrative not the one in the one most being told and be all of them keeps saying this so i very concerning to me i highly encouraged people go and look into it you know beware used to serment is really all i'm going to say not to boast collataque an so i'm in to bring up the air of this son eric eranshahr if you guys want to look at something and honestly checked this out he died is twenty six years old with a red scar for red tironis neck to a door knob i hope nobody is dominoterie that somebody commits suicide by hanging from a door knob although there so many stories of that wholdiah in it's like it's like you've got him you've got anthony ordain the sister of the queen of the nut of the netherlands that died on that on believed the same day and all of them with the red knackered things its it'sit'sassault the background of errands i see what he did as he was a contractor for it and he got in behind the scenes and ended up finding a whole bunch of the child mornthat was on there and this isn't this is it's a bit on our or computers and the pentagon is that this is a big deal it really isn't it goes back the child trafficking he spent eight hours downloading it to prove what he found ontologist locked it out that means there were tons and tons of video on there then he he he trahedavet to several people down stream from him and it up with james do and who was also killed in the same way you've got james got john perry blow that was in this in the thing and no edward snowed that was other than there's all haste if you want to find out what happened there you've got to go through arnswers james don't dolan john peribola snowdon to see to see exactly what happened there and what they couldn't say in what they wanted to say and what they were killed for in commission right now what i might see is where they created that of like quantum down pon in financial technology which i think is very connected to the see there's there's a lot of weird stuff they happens and these organizations that we were taught to to revere that they were on the leading agonothets how they hide stuff for exactly you crinigeros for us to follow and you got to be willing to think you know i had a perfect example of this the cannon the last few days for me on and i mean every day we should be introspective and check ourselves in the godigod himself and so what do you want me to learn from this situation where a learned too critically think through the bland minds that are being put in front of us and they may not all be bad they may just be teaching as something something that we needed to know to go forward into whatever it is a god called semiserious got a run towards the fighter sometimes exactly what his really wish is really good men this is a very informative so for me the ohatooah you always propalit of things that i don't have experience and but i love learning for me oh thank you i repeat that ye or you really are amazing you're amazing person and i think this is something to you know really i i bring this back on again her we went down the errands red battle winner which is a great and godown home i mean go covertsthe or and go through the board of advisory i mean the gotham comes up a lot and you'll see there bringing john and passio as a big figure in this as they said this is really couched in christianity a lot of them you know or talking about bringing a you know religion and faith back into the fold and while on the surface i i know i support that i like king or people need to know that you know there's mystics on all sides there's a christian his ism is well and that his kind of got a lot of this langenhoo like yet these characters are really stan when you share going down these rabbit holes i mean you know again like was your enlarger who talks about mother you go this world that cannot but for him dan cranshaws yep renshaw is the world that can not form guy young gold he was a young leader young globethen there was the she's not on her but the eve of anderlini don't how to bounce her last name i pologize for that it is a dutch economist who has seen noseing out about the dutch farmer she was at this conference and she did a saying how she so proud to be one of their young leader and then of course you backehouse the optics did not look very well and a lot of people actually commented they could see through it and she said i'm not i'm not right with you organization so tactless this i like consent writing thought leo the house and did anybody know who he was before i think i i think they had halted him as well my johnson a vive grimace wailin like any of these guys when they came out of anywhere i'm sitting there going you got to be kidding me who's the next little little i can they're going to throw at us to see we're going to bite on this and be stupid and followedample you wait till they prove who they are exactly on this this is this is pretty i'm glad you brought us here because it lets it and i do in you i have polyneuritis there because i ole eingehen you go back down to the bottom you look at palmariae needs to look into armaria he's the you know meg tycoon business guy a medium oblate had mentioned with the jib news you'd part a part of them on her news had but he's found like seed money is so i've ibsenism conflicting reports but it does look like got a start at black rock and his seat moneymarsh waste yet this is pariahthe left and dooranother on when he first started twenty five million dollars i came from george sonwani wanted to go back to what you said about the netherlands there there is a connection here and grin rapids and i'm going to blow this thing out pretty good big time and i've started in i've started putting it out there but the device hamley and the veneno family in grand rapids here they are running around talking about how natural and clean and blackthese people he founded for facilities in the grand rapids area that prove that that have produced the johnson and johnson vaccination the top and out of gold sides of their mouths and it goes right back to the netherlands and it you know a yeah i mean everybody in westmanian's part dutch somehow yes so it was a i mean find it ever may note on this thing or just crazy bettor anise it and me good ham string mind i had his good twitter or prolified there he never he did a whole kind of like apology which had just thought with it just looked like back tracking in my opinion an okay yes so she did it post she said her and it do we lose repeter up again to your own the show by yourself i kaya i know bring stowe am still on in all right now o ka being able to get on let's cry the when that my trouble unstable internection action no is not and it is happened outre time you and i have got where all sudden i of youre on their by yourself if you not in and the the but look at look at these the young seisho circling my screen and so like he found in that he heard my voice his so it be only see i'm going to help them here a minute amatis gointo in target about names that are on her as on her and i i wondered about that like you see all these people that are canthopleura on whom i got to questions where did they come from why do they all the like people are looking for the new savior yes i'm sorry but see i posted something to day that was to the seat henning ah alter that they had at a and the eye we capital to welcome the rightful president of the united states jack of donald c crope an it was a shape olhaman should be ashamed of herself to gain he and they they fly these people in in its incredible knowanything that then heofonbeorht if the secresies thing but you know what i tell you what one we go hand in hand it here short yes and in sing out for our marcos oodn't believe us he was going on here it is nonsense sonia wothorpe an old a free of people like camerons as for people who are who are in this his club he not work to get that moves to the top it has the blessings of you know say the global monthyon escondon the golchis send to cut cases what we're saying here guys and and was sometimes discover running fire to just keep going solids care and my father take yourself very very much from sathans from giving us a billy to have little or allerwegen that they brought it back on his athetodes well let's try this ol cap back on it immediately i start prenant starts resolving in writing it because why let's just do this again because they haven't worked that they're going to get their tails one wearing or another she here go the advisory board good luck with that guise the acting me have in a come up in a hotter thousand little incarnations cause i can do that oregon cranshaw we have well here they are create a created crisis put in these actors god as an everything just cause they say oh we're christian were christian you got to jump on the political parties got to be it's like three you'll hit yeah i'm just seeing their i think there's a lot of si of going on within a in these christian groups and i think there people get bury it that when i bring you up i bring up things like christian nationalism i think you know just the caption and capture of several of various churches and people get very upset with me but i see it i mean i'm watching it i am i who hadn't it what they don't understand is i'm not attacking christianity i am saying that they are using it to overthrow only that is the goal i'm in it there there trying to create thee love movements that will ultimately discredit and creeds is and and i think the sublation is the goal of it so i do thought i kekaha had people really talk men like and like your misunderstanding i'm not trying to attack her chanty at all i'm saying that i think that's their old it's he de los you in or eight well i guess we should and here since that seems to be whereat you're off again slither using judeiscan sander i have no quarrel with people who are truly believers than hers and now of fright i tritheiti the bed after is in any organization don't cure watt he is said on the top that of him pultre that her model lies he heterocont christianity judaism you know all of everything they think infiltrate oppresses totally we've got to be critically thinking and not just follow in solesfellow the cool aid in these and these cold thereout there cosensation so we got and casey now sagan this is an these the so very very we ask that you would bring truth and i don't mean you know the who in the pure here were her i would ask this day and aridatha she would lead us that he would guide us that you would help us in every thing that we do from now on to you come back because you know your kine were fighting for here to serve you in all things and we love you so very much you know thank you so much for corefor john for for the beautiful world that you made and a reposewore here serve world your world under your term sotheron and were thankful for every good thing that you'd given us and if i am that your continued blessingall those people who stand for you cool stands to protect and defend those without a voice and who was in to your voice that still small voice that always sometimes big boys had always talks to us if we see you we shake and you you will open the doors that we may a fishery well well okay looks like i'm back on i just had to wear a trash the thing a little bit but i'm here and i'm just going to say dear only father thank you for your many blessings let every one know how much they loved that word not going to be silenced in your good purpose is thank you so much for the beautiful day everybody out there i'm in to say jesus name we pray we are thankful and we ask that you continue to bring uslots one nation under you to defend and protect and that you would guide us step the way and though all of us would would walking a closer walk with you as you reveal yourself to us in the truth the truth of your son jesus christ our lord and save who came punishment for anything that we've ever done wrong so that we could be with you for so thankful and ah we love you very much in jehoshaphat a mad there got in and a screw the internet saw there you go and then in the corney said that she tried calling back again and they wouldn't even let our phones cannot she wouldn't even let they wouldn't even let her phones connect led along knocked this up when we brought back arkor she formed at home watched the can take it down again for the great and its like keep trianero to just keep coming back doesn't matter were not discouraged you just give him is right if he so with that sad god bless you god bless all those whom you will be gobblessme make it a great day as the choice when they come at you when the world comes that you get back up and you you run right into that fire even harder now that doesn't mean to do anything stupid it doesn't mean to go in and and with the guns of blade blazing with the torches and pitch forks and all that kind of nonsense it means you get in there and you love harder you you you try harder you get in the game you play a game with all your might and in every way and you refuse to let them put you down and that's where is where we all come together and we're going to stand i know for god under all situations and and kisses out there that are trying to take the town you time's short pretty much time short the scots war and i keep trying an arcesilas serasin silence thus in on work so i hope you'll have a great day i'll be praying for all of you both of good guys in the bad guys to day and we will see you on to morrow with liberty as santhals and i have liberty essentials on to morrow he smith the gem owner the clothes his gemmed on to try to support and hlieein in their event that's coming out so please go and join they really need just sign up to day and i will talk to you sent have a great day