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Published Nov. 15, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is in fact tuesday november fifteenth on this beautiful dark missionary we have quite a bit of snow coming down right now which is a lot of fun but we are experiencing a few technical difficulties of morning not exactly sure why but we'll get the figure of john as he had a hard time joining the morning and i think i'm not sure what's going on here but it's a little bit to letters a little bit of of idea here milliken do i think i'm going to come back and hold on to roger very good let's see i can get this thing to work a little but here i'm going to i'm going to better there's a quite a theatre on my side so i'm still waiting for john to get it john was having promised with his computer this morning and so were trying to get things in out and i'm not sure why maybe it's because to day is going to be a interesting day for all of us on me so what i can do here at a hole on almost there and a very at the last agonised on the grab john's one more time nora all right we'll get the figured out one more time would see that works okay so anyhow today is one can choose you november fifteen and to night donald trumper rightful president of the united states is going to be speaking to the nation and excited to see what he says to night but regardless i think what's important is for us all the keep perspective in that perspective is is that god is in fact and control and no matter what no matter which way anything goes or a nation goes or or anything a goddess seicento he's always in control and we could take heart and knowing that that inkosikaas it okay because you know what were americans and were most and there's nothing that's going to knock us down permanently we might have a few monks in a road but that's a gang gods with a entered a post that i did this morning really quickly and good morning to everyone read the oases of kind of interesting only wait for john began at her i'm going to put the subpose this this morning november fifteenth out here comes an he done i do not yet you didn't get a tax that's weird so i just i said to you then on one second i'm going to i'm going to take you off speaker for can you can you tax me and it texan email and i'll see if i can mail it to your epic he detected or email to me as a gonter at italian tater how does it spoils oh let me if i can if i can see to it you three email with that work that's where all right let me let me see okay let me see what i can do here i'll bet i will maria hereabout that everybody saw it is let me see if we can get john in her case john is amazing yet he he taxed me back some reason last week so weird no it's try it from her okay we're going to try it were going to try that route so sometimes i think that when when the technology isn't working so good i just got be a little patient and in little boat figured out to neale's go back i'm going to go back to that post that i put up to day and i think that this is fairly significant i'm going to read it to you and then i'll read what i wrote and look go from there president trump up coming big announcement for maragon my dreams truly november fifteenth twenty twenty two marigolds november seventeen twenty twenty two is the six hundred day o joe bides fragile presidency and it is fraudulent i'm sure the number six six six is like very familiar to everyone because it's the number that represents the anti christ now i'm not seeing in the joannis the anti christ painting that obaa beautification just saying now maybe maybe hillary clinton who knows the kind of all involved it made the bush as they're all involved but what i am saying is that john many other government leaders all over the world have been under the control of this anti christ spirit which as stated himself ladies and gentlemen these people are sick with your about to see discover from here on out wolfshot you beyond belief while i have to agree with that but anyhow i an i'm goin to bring us back to sonor here with understanding that we don't have anything to worry about just show out if you're if you're in jesus is black your good interesting fun fixed start the day out though anyway but unstinted the prayer of that i put on the mariotic that this is that this is significant and no matter what happens around us we can always maintain calm and peace and bring the peaceful resolution into any circumstance we just have to trust god heavenly father we thank you for all your doing for us no matter which way the road bonds we are content because we declare for all to see and hear that we put our trust in you you're always good and worthy of all our praise this mass is our fault for turning away from you as a nation we are sorry please forgive us and help us out of this mess that we allowed to have them we ask but you confuse a plan of the enemy and you raise an army with hearts of a warrior ready to reclaim and make right what the enemy is stolen by your strength may your will be done thank you for giving us to sermons we go forward and lead us into all wisdom as we move into a closer walk with you trust that you are working all things for good to those who love you name me even and i think that that's fairly significant so i know a lot of people get all but outshape and excited about an get all kinds of excited about watching day and watching things happen but pretty astoreth the good guys are in control and the plan is god's plan is its first and its formal god's plan against satan and he should be a little concerned right now and so should every one who has been working with him and following him in selling out to him because god wins every time god always wins and we don't we have nothing be afraid afraid of it all so i think with that said we're going to be able to move into the state with confidence looking at whatever comes is an adventure at this point time just one more thing one more crisis one more one more situation to be able to to to shine shine in the darkness if you are if you're walking in the the right path with jesus and where we're going to continue to do that walking forward helping those who have no voice to finding those who are defenceless and protecting the children that are out there where we're not going to give the somnolent night i had a really nice program with jason alexander on human traffic and this guy is as totally amazing totally amazing he had a bunch of araminta and law enforcement they tracked down missing kids and they also traced on the pantofles and just so that it's out there my normal bride brought guests we have a scourge in an infestation of those who are how shall we say absolutely morally bankrupt and do not protect children i'm disgusted by it i think almost a probably anybody who is here is also and to see some like that who puts everything he has into honestly into a fighting for the good purposes and doing the right thing is really really tone totally and completely amazing that i just want to think than joseph give me shouted over at a stop and think stop and think news and he's on point i think he's going to start brought up ostinato brandenburg news network with a really look forward to his always he always has he always has a lot of good stuff to say so let's go through some news here all were waiting and hopefully john in john kin joined her that we might just do it my son we give a quick column and it i wanted japonette tuesday here so it's the wee got they done i got to the phone you your right to go i don't seem to meeting i should be on the internet aramis he i can't i don't see as soon somewhere there's a disconnection there and i'm not sure i'm not sure what it is what me i'm going to try one more thing here and see what happened a little bit frustrating because i love have any one more mazin let me give it one more shot here and i'll see if i can get john as i love what you have to say so you are in hell can hear you as i'm trying to do this so if you want to go ahead and start we do start talkin anyway and we'll see if you bring you on in an with videra and one we want to go i mean if i can come on with didius do it by telephone i guess ye i've got you right now so every can hear you right now seriouser phone so near and so let me see i dare for some reason now i can't seem to come to you and i was on is heritable finding i didn't get this at all how can i right we'll get a figured out this is working on the fly here okay he was a present interesting appeased i wish looking up a renomination like as not a law based on norton renshaw began and i called at my person that i have marked out that i set out the people and intervention taroom right all right look if we get it through this i ascended back to my maister email and senor morito my son mine too so i don't know inevitable humblethwaite see if i can what's happening with roulette on most men so we just keep chastisement well well they were done well they are jonathan breeder sat at the at the hearing were making up policies on the fly were kind of working the thing out on the fly to give us a little grace but you know the thing it is is that so many people stop doing anything because they want to make sure that its perfect while you know what sometimes just good enough or just getting in their putting your effort as is is what we really need to be doing instead of trying to make a perfect as it in there and give it to it your best shot right eaton they want us to yes as the staff that they played the game as they do in court with us yet for sir so all right so let's see if any mail comes through lesage you connected that way because i love sin yea and see an your anita he can't seem to get my computer but one that i gather then okay well i'm gonna play i'm going to run down a few a few posts here so sainthood so julian's room put something out that we were talking just to look homines go about whatever trump does today is probably a trap so he's he's great at and wholesome table genius that he is president the rightful president of the united states and here's another interesting redruth by president trump says i allessandri now so is going to be an unusual tattooed him a begetter here but i didn't have something to get you it so it says two cups and nellie and lessons and leonato so president trumpeters in re truth by president trump to day for an end to the endless and in that is an go back to the cups which say to cool put an end to the endless and the lies and must war anticipation and was printing a most of oppression and the subjugation anserine who aped and to the abbess taking control next door is on the overwent twenty two who are the silent thieves who are they manipulating why are the manipulating you how are they stealing your well well i'm pretty executant's one small place where their stealing or well i don't know if you saw that but bubberahs loretto monetary manipulation taxation without representation put in and to the analyst nineteen thirteen that would probably be the ah is irises unconstitutional and you know one thing we've learned and in say sidonia it we have learned to be patient we are seriously learning to be the most patient people on whole plan right i can tell you that right now that that patience is critical and in moving forward we should be problem with theirs that abenali us all the oh yes did you see what was happened with attacks i bottiaeans many understand what was going on oh my goodness this is this is the naething these people while the water caught and what they're doing because the people are horrible with their also kind of stupid when you when you get down to brass tacks on it so basically they they took the money and if money wandered at back into themselves as and in this is another thing where things that i found is that atoned the trials cleaning i am mathias ineffective against cobbett i posted the yesterday found found at a sight that there is no arguing the small trials were to a comparatively inexpensive deluge amount of information recovery castles and camillion mills said the budget for together was also to million and it didn't come from the national institute of health but a ramada big drunk confirmation sent i said one of the major founders of the trial so far as the patrico co founder of payments firm straight who forms estimated to have billion fortune new funds come are coming from a charitable foundation at a crypto currency exchange and its mother sam bankment freed who who notified fried who was worth twenty four billion how i hate this kid get that kind of money unless they were mining laundry like like a little bag or dig in a hole in the dirt or money flying that's exactly what they did one of the big questions as where the big players in this whereat foundation and anither shistose the source is states not com and i put the linkinite next the neobule together so basically they were fun being this croton a funny through that and then coming back to find camp campaign for the democrats but i've got a question and the sisterkin right so we have edified the only talking about forty billion dollars where the hat is the other forty billion dollars i think once we track this do we're going to find out that it wouldn't be too congressman's pockets not just democracies but the pockets of those in government probably republican i want to know i've got some serious questions again the scheme and the famine allows it to haydon's it has been said that gay and some of the other money by bad people are going to be giving their money away the minook like an because they realize that the system is cast i know the and that is not going to be any benefit to ang on to dollars and now that we're going to be forced to cartaret which were not but they think we oh they're going to be while the beyond control because they're going to make all his money from come cried no we apple is going to be some together because we believe because we are falling into the trap of a green energy and the world climate change in it felony so because we're believing in the weiblingen public is going along with this idea a lectica green energy and soon or those that are going to end up having carbon credits and every time we use something and we create a poor we have been credit that we have to deal with that we have to pay off once we paid our carbonaceous on my carpet it were done for the year every year we're going to be getting some one but illegitimate mouth can travel we came to this gandiva inside there ideal of what they think is politically correct he'll just pardon so this will be the tone control process that they're trying to well i'm really concerned about this whole this whole centralized money nonsense too you know any time they we got a track of even bit goin i've been out on bicina all of this crop crampton the beginning because my big problem with us is that whoever controls the portal into or out of your money it's just like our voting system the point of failure is when you let go of it and some be controls that and some controls that not work right that it's it's a big it's a big problem so i i really am a fan of we have to have trades that are untraceable in order to truly be free whether we have and and i am not really know that the country can coin money but why is it that there's the only ones i think this is i think this is absolutely wrong and every level why is it that we can't barter or trade because they're trying to their trying to lack down its all money grates people are all about money on every on every step so they can lack things down and in every direction financially we have no freedom self i really i really don't believe that there's the thirst anything correct in taxing individuals i think the tax structure could hold come from businesses and right now it's backwards where high taxes on individuals and were giving away corporate welfare advantage to these big multinational corporations by the tax structure we basically sold this nation of one piece of the time to these big multinational corporations i a big problem with his huge you know and and quinones as since i have not conceded either of you i think that once we get in because i believe we will because the there evil is not going to continue to toogoolar in any meaningful way i do believe that were going to the both of us will get and because this was as a reed election i was and when we do get in i think the right direction to go is to stop the taxes on and people and let people be free and until we get the figure out we get the anatolian you know gone through and then actually present a workable solution which everybody can feel good about going forward but these multinational corporations as vestiture ones and trelyons of dollars away from the american people and as it's just it's just criminal you know in michigan he think i see you i see all right i'm on the governor all right so perfect and going to bellomont this point time it is moves well the age can you hear me yea i can hear you just perfectly yea we have done well i'm going to do let's see i'm going to do a different form here romanian will put our flag back on against the if this work she there's you and i we can do here ah you know an i'm just going to do it this way you will have will have overtired john for to day but they're not evanthe option i don't think because for some reason the camera that i've got connected i have a no all right all let's aromatic probably going to be dangerous if he is in antoinette's all i'm happy about some good morning john butaritari think he sees more raymonde and if somebody's messin with my computer the second time i've had some mission it he you know what it's entirely possible you know all said off when i'm not on it all i can i can send taxidermist will better about tribute all right yes so so back to the tax structure in the tax structure so illegal and await our with constitution what is actually allowable as well as you know like magato that when when you when we have all of our money in one system and we lacked down a free people in order to just use it a crypto or or some sort of even even some is going to have to really prove to me that the quantifiable works because i question everything because you know you hear about that but somebody else is in control that flow of money traceable its track able and it is dependent on good people being in control and at this point time until we fix the spiritual problem here in the united states they prove that they can't in fact manage that so far the first step is going to have to be cleaning and i don't mean draining the swamp i mean did he read of the swamp i mean taking the swamp and dumping it into hetman having it incinerated because at this point in time we can't go forward with this all were never going to get to the bottom of anything or never goin to fix anything we're just going to continue this serdan give criminals you both ability to fill for the nation i'm so done with it i am so john with it you know so but but i think i think we have the trades i think he will should be able to border i think that i think that individuals should be able to barri think it's the it's the businesses that should be taxed and regulated and as far as the road tax to there's better ways of doing the road tax than the way that we're doing it right now i understand the theory behind the gas tax to pay for the roads but there's a lot of absence out there that we can explore in order to actually pay pay for the roads the first of which if we have we started with a system we have right now would be taking the money and getting out of the general fund and putting it back into a specific fund for the roads and have a specific plan not this well you know will see how we're going to do we're going we're going to a trick out a little bit of equipment here trickle up and barreled everybody spread out across the state and get out one thing done instead of let's let's have a systematic plan with danton move these people together get this stuff on top creating all of this in his hazardous traffic better and move people to bioscope ope to the end of a the job i think that's important if you can act a i i can hear me and your back he just now lootenant the eganites yea there so but but all of those that taxation the taxation structure and everything is going to have to be brought back to almost a new system because the way it's worked right now is nothing more than money an attackin of frontier doing my and i can i can guarantee you there's hundreds probably thousands of those schemes going and many many directions every cent that we put in we wonder why we can't help people any more in this goes down to a humanitarian issue at this point time we're going to almost have to have a humanitarian effort first to solve some of these bigger problems because the hospitals the keen people news flash so the vaccines assuming we tried to warn every one and you know when you've got a machine that's like the the propaganda she merging on your fighting up you'll badly think we should seize all assets from these these people and get rid of a man the way out the door well you brought taxes up and i really should talk about that too let's do that there's a couple of different things we could talk about that one in particular is important the income tax system that is created the slavery mentality of the and the internal revenue and the sixteenth amendment and all in all is a can the amendment according to the buchers preserver's union pacific railroad and i can't give you the sight of totally had but the sheer case you could look it up basil a man a day can cut the line to the totality were you as a bear i would guess oh this is a grass all right well i see i can look at what you're talking go ahead and shaven pacific all right wait on me curious now and basically what the job what the supreme court said is that the sixteenth amendment gave no new taxing powers the federal that means that the federal government has only two tax in powers the one taxing powers of that direct where the government federal government taxes the so they send a calling out to all of the state saying you know we need so much money were going to divide it up amongst the people of practical shall stand a michigan or responsible for a million dollars the state of medicine pays that million dollars to the federal government through taxation that already been in place or through a new through a new head back if they want to use that but they can't but the federal government can come to you and say dig into your pocket and how much money you've made a percentage on how much money you've made for you are life for your for your standard of life another word you go to work you exchanged your time and energy for money that's not taxable under the income tax as the income tax as a profit or gain and when you use your labor to argue or two to make money you are using up your life and therefore they can't act that life they have no authority to do that they never have they'd never have way back when the canon the constitution was the so a federal government can come to you directly in a they can tax you by the second form of taxation which is called an indirect that is the tax on cigars the tax on cigarettes all have to be uniform across the and they have to be the same tax of you boeotian the tax and cigarettes what it's a direct aintree an indirect tax a tax on gasoline attack on they don't tax food in michigan but they may tax food and other states oh anything that they can tax indirectly hidden with the tax behind the product that's an indirect tax tax on fancy cars and so on no in all parts for the car that kind of thing that's an indirect so they have the authority for an indirect tax and they have authority for direct tax but nowhere do they have an authority for a tax on your profit and gain your income that money coming in to that his income that remember i said if you control language you control the narrative saw their saying that all money coming in i arrest as this all money coming in to you i come to you now it's by the definition of the legal definition of the word income because it's not a profit or a you're not gaining anything you're just exchanging your time and labor for something else for a for money for gold for silver for bartering what every one so that's not a profit or gain to you that's just an exchange of labor not use that argument in court you probe how do you define so defined clearly that what is the what is the what is the game that they could take or you if you take your money and you put that money into a stock and that stock earned so much you know you buy it for two dollars and you sell it for four that two dollars as a profit or gain to you based on that you didn't put any time or energy and just for a and so that's where when we go into business ses and we talk about taxing businesses that a yeah business corporations can be taxed operations can be taxed foreigners can be taxed if you're working outside the state of michigan i saw you united states or if you're working inside the united states which are from france foreign people could be after a people that work for the government can be taxed profiter gain because they're there issue is were providing as the government were providing money to you therefore we can act based on how much money we provide but a private individual that doesn't work for the government that doesn't have a corporation because the corporation is taxable based on a being an especial privilege again when you sign up as a corporation can only have so many be so much cutlass or whatever so that is also taxable because it's a privilege or gain or privilege that you gain from the milton the government but as a civilian and the individual or citizen we have no privileges from the oven government provides us nothing then we all them nothing did you ever look him something called citizens united i've heard that but i don't think i well let me let him pull that out too because that is another case should be concerning and let me let me read this there was there was a consenting at intuited is a an organization and at once a seapiece case not as citizens united verses of swich struck down on constitutional federal agapito hiving cocoanuts from maecenas in connection with the federal elections so it actually if you read the language to my understanding is that it actually created and corporations the standing almost as a person rather than an anti yet when you look at that that case citizeness from court case no citizens united against as i am concerned because if they can make that sort of a while they really don't need you because they've stole the united states through corporations the fastest system you know that we've got going on here corrent going to go down that road because that's the wrong road what i mean rundown it has nothing to do with corporal well i kind of the intent states is given them so many so much a power the power to all land the power do the setting gives you the opportunity to show and i athenian if you ever want to go and see a corporation you don't want to see the corporation you want to see the because corporations have veils protection that you don't that are hard to overcome and in our court system because it cuts tolerant because they truly have immunity because they don't nobody has the unity nobody can be granted judges did not have a uneven though they think may be when they say they do but there is no law on the book believe me i've done the rest oh that gives a judge immunity he thinks he has however if you see one title forty two senate a civil rights they have a vail of immunity that they pull out in front of you now you've got over alison say what i will for it to section a dialogue eighty three on section nineteen eighty three civil rights it's a civil rights violation and it sounds really good title for but if you go in on a title forty two you'll probably lose because the judges going to say the judge that's ruling on the case is going to say that they work for the departments of whatever department of michigan homeland security whatever since they worked for the department you can't sue the department of the state government because then the state government as to dig into their treasury to pay the fee and fines and the courts have said we're not going to go down that road so what that what you see them on his individual for number one treason violating their old oloffe which is men if you swear an oath that you're going to hold the constitute and that we have a republican you come out publicly and say a gonfalonier democracy threatened then your idea number one you don't know that where no republic nodded democrats you shouldn't be in that's gone but i adore in this stupid word democracy right now i talk about talk about exposing people for their lack anode that's that's there is the quickest way to to realize whether you're talking to someone who knows anything that's going out or not that sotaskaer quite maybe a right but they been telling us this overhears they contain not this in schools and everywhere in fact a lot of the fates that i watched old movie the pretty interest because they talk about the democracy in these old movies so they been programming us for years and years and years except you know the light didn't go on in many people's heads and they just took it for granted that yet we have a democracy without looking into it but no we don't have a democracy we never did nowhere in any of the documents that our founding fathers have proud show a democracy anybody that talks democracy and he right is less than first greater than mestayer democracy is the most unstable form of government my opinion that's right and we all know it and that's why the democrats for the most part in a lot of the republican because we're going to talk about democrats and republicans we talk about two wings of the same bird yes he do nothing different than we have corruption and both in their both control and they both attempted to control all right as my theory on the other republicans are actually more more wanders in the democrats because they hide it and so it's kind of like they've got they've set up the democrats as the bookman and then the the republicans drive the gateway car after the tooth high is made and they just they run away laughing together and they split the profits that brings us back to the afternoon it's going on right now that i think if we dig into that i want to know where the other forty billion dollars is going that we gave to you crane and the less i talk about what went through afghanistan where were like it's like moneychanger you know out of the united states a ministry like the throne canadian every single direction and pretty exposure that they sit not there with her buckets going like this catch in the visicom fallen down or it goes right in a panoply right back to the politicians pockets and those that play ball with them is this is this is a global crimes that you get this is definitely organized crime and it functions the same it looks the same way it it's got it uses players in the same direction you will get nonsense with tuticorin proevestenen she decides to lay the republican party out here and she says well i'm going to expose all of them and then all of a sudden the pockets and now she's running to be the chair of the republican party lines like the silence her real quick just offer a job or something i don't know but there was a there was definitely a crazy an intention there i thought the bernas running for that position on the board there all going to run for mayor precedenters just like it's just like white republican party look at this nonsense it is like it's this nonotte out where the how many candidates twelve twelve candidates and if you brought them up into a marketing function you can look at that pace they segmented the market okay we got a ham to grass roads is that that you know like to go out there and flirt with all the women and were going to put that they were going to put her forces over here to flirt with all the women and you know creative mentality for what they're doing then we're going to have you know we're going to have we're going to have pastorate we're going to have a gotama in there and we've got to have i don't know a copernicus in their state police we're going to have the police a place department we're going to have some from the state police and there are you kidding me i'm not believing any of the then they had to throw in a you know a couple of business people and in walks the moon was shall not be masinderan oberon one that was not ever mentioned by them because why i i was not supposed to have it the unmetalled went from one stale electoral to this to that to the other thing i ii mean i'm widukind like like amazing in fact i actually had several people that walked out to me sayther's one got that want not to me at one one meeting i thought was mine he's like i can't stand dicaearchus all over me when she's around he said i'm just like get away you know and you look at you look at the behavior that especially that flirty behaviour out an out in public with least for the candidates i saw it non professional forty behavior on itha's really going on here let's dissection a marketing standpoint who stand in with side while they've got they've got the forepart of it for lipowanians we're goin to jump into a high school tiger beat mentality because you know i populations well am i lost faith in the republican party years and years ago even though they really supported me when i was running for character again so they said while they were passing out my literature from dorador and i did get thirty eight thousand boats but that we don't even know that that now the vote have no idea we were involved in the counting of the votes we can't really tell what the vote and the ethelinda's ago we have no idea what our votes counted as this is like to election that's right wingle bywater was i had a feeling that the they were they were doing some good for i was there several of their meetings i actually spoke at several of the meetings so but that that was just the local groups around here and so i don't know what the rest of the republican party was dealing with but menoetes get back to thee in compassionate if they have a chance merchantman or the real serious issue that we have and property has well the property tax as yet but the point that in making with the income tax that they cannot and lower the the tax as they see far to create a to create the illusion that we don't have an inflation inflationary economy crashed more money and they can take more money out but through the income tax process that has to be to the people as to what that is but most of the people are fearful of the government and if that's the way of the one or two people get burned there's no doubt about it and the airs is evil there's no doubt about that the but if you have the law on your side and you understand the law then you have a good races by which the fight a thereby the name of tommy crier and if you haven't looked up his staff he should look up his stock he's got a hundred and eight a document as to why we do not need to pay an why we're not on montecristo less while you know how to spell time cries see or why her it's not a case and what his book called it's not a book he's actually got a a document that he filed into and he fired and three times and first of all the iris came after him unsaid after he set inhesion and he said i'm not paying any more income tax because i'm not required and so he put this document together underneath a pages and he was going to be on the power or radio broadcast pica oh when joyce rising was the life and illustration the juice rillette religious and do said all tamarind time crookedly and in going to be on monday friday i got beyond monday to explain why we the income tax is not were not as citizens required pain monday rose around and he set i did he didn't die from maybe he did from a little help he was sickly and he said that god has kept him alive long enough to do this work that he was fast document together under a so anyway i take this to the next step i have a deal with the internal revenue there fighting with are there they're trying and on their document they said you will use this is for two thousand sixty so many dollars and if you don't agree with us than you need to send us a written statement as to why you are not required to so that's exactly what i did i sent them and it was called a written a hundred eight page documents of my written now this thing is gone to you to to go to cincinnati on the kentucky it's gone half way around the united and this has happened before but now i believe i have a man a box because if they come after me now i'm going to go to court and i'm going to ask for directed for the completing and they're not going to be able to say what can they say you didn't answer they're not doing their administrative process which says that they have to administratively deal with this and their ignoring my administrative which is answering my written statement saying that this is why you have an income tax to an o and they can't do because the hunter in a page of you read the hunter and eades but light baboon to go on in your head and you're going to say he i'm not required to file based on all the arguments and charles everything every single possible i do in out there he lays out a hundred per cent and there's no repute his arm so anyway he gets picked up by the internal revenue for two counts of criminal alfie and three pounds of something else once and their and any sentence this document in the irish thirty days go by no rest send it again note thirty days go by no rest and then i sensed the third time and the same thing happens no response so all of a sudden kind of and ran my partner what has gone on let's look him up this illusion let's look it up and find out what the judge some we found the car and the two criminal indictments were removed now where does it say on the record that the judge removed the case but the document fire filed prior to the one that removed it said there are two criminal indictments the next document below there are no criminal and they were a man on the record by sight so tommy crier then ends up going to court and facing the man criminal charge and he beats him on all three and so that's when he was going to come on the power hour and talk to us about but his website still there his document is still there in anybody that's interested could pull that document to read it what is website i think you can find it under time he cried to come or something like that red all the good stuff coming out to day my good for people i've had this document for well joyce riles alive got to be a porter fifteen years the amazing how many he will get or consider for telling the truth might have been but even my computer asesino i see but they will not silence me you're that all you government public functionaries that are listening and nesting you can do to silence out there go shall all of you because you know what i do not concede to traders i might you done no more coming after you were comin after you we do we you can say that you need to say it i do not conceive to traders who conceived the transacting yes we are coming after you and it's more antagonism your dam lucky i didn't antyande interior the aeronaut before i ran i said said you might want to have me an office because that means that i've got a state to put back together because if i'm not an office i've got full time to mess with every one of you in a lagoanere other pick which she and you want to get you know when you want to get slapped with this one or that trespassers going to be one of amitabha moment i so here's hospice a tax protestors gaiety cake croatia take crier background the late tommy teeth crier had some fairly good legal credentials including having graduated with honors from alsace as a member of the order of the cat the kind of legal equivalent fanatical or society and it has all his court actions and i'm going to put this line at wicket i don't know if this is the right one or not but here i'm going to send this above the overton a minute here i get like for streams going this is like really savage if you go on as website then there will be a spot over there that ll have his my forelock and up aietes is not it's like every time i go to sun something alien lack up do it again that's all right persistence as one is a gift all right well i'll put it over in the if we can get the steel how many of you in the and the listening audience have ever had to file a document that says our taxes are true and correct to the best of your knowledge or it'll be under penalties of outside of the income i'm looking for anybody to a property tax now no one no other tax except the income and this is again the can that was put upon because you never have to swear anything to the government and in this case you are swearing you know and it's not the white fires the blacks or the lityerses the straight people or the chinese versus the americans are any of that the americans the people the citizens of america versus the go government is our enemy and people need to wake up to that star being very skeptical whenever the government tells him anything when one thing we know about it if the government always gets on at this point time and less we fight with them littleton make em as you know make him a call to accountable but they always vote with themselves more raises more though in the end all the people play ball without all about taking from us and creating an industry or cartel for themselves the right and we the people need to say we've had enough and from a kind of waiting for everybody to wake up we still have a lot of people sleeping there went to a or a club or federigo and unfortunately or fortunately sat next to a demi and we had some relatively heated discussion can agitate and then finally at the end of them the end of the program or the end of the day when he went home he called up not me but the one who operates the program and apologize for losing his temper i didn't lose my temper so the next day i said to him because he was talking about proof proof proof can you prove that the election was stolen can yet i said the jacinto thousand mules no i said if i bring these things to you will you watch him and you know he was surrounded by a lot of people so he and to say yes or whether he will or won't is another is while there some reprove out there that two thousand mules as an strides if they produce it you know now for the twenty twenty two election i mean talk about lousy cheating going on in the lots of it that it's just just expanded its gotten more in your face with the twenty twenty two election when that was the intention of the twenty two twenty twenty two election as to bring out the one or two things that space force i gather outside as all the information you know what yes and here you go salute to admiral rogers so love that i i love that guy i love that guy i want to shake his hand some day i've got to shake a general fontana course but i want to shake and marauders and he is as on my pocket lest right there in i'm not doing right on him i'm solution but he can teach i want to read some some comments in the in the chat here from far from the michael bade course as we live in a constitutional republic high on olinto late from dana and let me go i met hello people agree with i love people agree with us don't you don't you john always manly makes it easy so ideas low amorous so let me see a door bore along the coast the noxious in an mary says good morning don john and all patriots a man where we go on we all good morning we love to hear from you but so one learn me patient harryman he garry garamie donna brandenburg is a stable genius get used to it i have to greet the very same that was it was craniology laughing monomania and that and good morning and mary my brother says because of the algorithms myself my fiance were likely never going to be we're never going to be any more than a fifth or an six place in the school board election here i'd love to see a hand but i want to see now the caon and start over with the proper system because i think the hand count isn't going to even still reflect what we have because i've got those passemier absentee balance that they were trucklin their manure spreaders full of spreading absentee bounce around one maiden wandering that down down by bethrothed construction time for a mixer of snake think the train to lock us in and lawleigh crazy i ah that's exactly what they're doing in the creating danger zones or construction and leaving it up for months with getting no work done because her two spread out their getting nothing done they don't want to get a thing done and or their stupid we could have a combination of all of that or oncomfortable more likely that their use in it to money lender that's so it looks like to and when are they going to fix the water and bet harborites been decades and say because he don't want to fix it because it's just like cancer anything else if they fix us things they're out of a job they can publicizing about this if we actually fix something we could go to a limited legislature sang them home to make money the raid the rest of us do instead of having it be a pull a professional ruling class there is a novel idea here says i persevere versus union pacific yet question now ran so many people i know when down the affidavit holdback in twenty twenty i don't see the remedy from that is this are only recourse for remedy regarding everything i think we've got a couple of the recourses but he and i to emerson the biggest problem that they did with the affidavits for the twenty twenty election was that they all put them together in a to do the land the way to do that is to do an individual so they got a hundred and some male letters mailed to them individually certified and then they have to respond by to throw all in the box and you give them the box he took the box in the closet that young ewell it's just like it the engineer a thing with dealing with the election and twenty twenty we went down the stupid hole right away and in going to farther than going to one matron just one one issue could have certified the whole thing but no they did into an uninitiated was was really stupid and then with the affidavits to go jump them off as a protest to the capital was the process the process should have been to maybe take that to a share of and have the shares you just dumped off a whole bunch of affidavits to the people that you are accusing were in the wrong what do you think they're going to do shred rather point is that if you would assented individual then you can have done follow up letters in if you wanted to right but i you see my point there john why wiring to a share of them that would have investigated this and at that laoutse or sprottle said spread around if you if you hit them and hit somebody else and and but but they delivered these affidavits to the capital what are they going to do with it it's a complaint letter at that point time and they were delivered to the people that were that were guilty of the other crimes i understand what you're saying but my point is that when you send it in a bath like that with you know a hundred in a box they don't look at them they don't do anything with them and now what can you do about so you know it all we did years ago there was a there was a resolution home school resolution so when i started home schooling my kids it was when we say well it's thirty thirty years ago that i ceremony kids right thirty something and they were still lacking trying the lock parents up for home schooling their kids and there was there was a court case the donor case it was going on at the time so when we when we home school are kids of course you know didn't go outside you didn't go out a lot during the day at that time because the case was as active and they were actively train to take kids away from their parents who decided home school so it wasn't like you woke up with a sly i think i'm going to home school to day no no this was something new absolutely you you were going to home the people home school and i started it it was for absolutely crystal clear religious reasons as well as reasons i my whole thing was i will not o my kids in the situation where the cat to heat to have other people and hate god i will not put them into the and when i saw you know all the diversity nonsense it was going on as well as how they were using sixty per cent of the time in classroom management that wasting your kids like why would you do that made no sense so any there was a house resolution that pass and home schoolers david calm and was working for a home school legal defense at the time they were several others that worked there two were very hard on his the whole schoolers got together and said said we're going to go ahead and we are latin and i mean flooding that's exactly what we did we flooded the the ah follies into c so much that i shut down the capital switchboard they said that they had more response from that than anything that they'd ever had in the history of of a of a intuited states and we shut it down they had the warning shot that we were not going to beat down and the resolution was it we had a favorable outcome for it and then they decided oh i guess you know the peasants are rising and we better not we better not go there because things are going to get serious real quick i think that we have to have more of an effort on that instead of training have these little factions is all grass roots factions which have all been infiltrated the little factions were everybody's trying to care boutourline neether trying to if they're trying to get a piece of it because it has a coming down when you watch the thrushes midmost of its about making money i added discussion yesterday that somebody jumped in that is trying to look like a patriotically it's not about being a patriotism ah decentralized ownership of the effort where we said okay every one go and do this and it would be without without yet from from online if we did something like something like that that didn't did put ourselves in jeopardy to have it infiltrate like every tiny go to the capital or something like that they're laughin at us out the windows there absolutely laughing at and also looks like it's a great way to infiltrate just like they did with a sicotte way to doing that with mitigating the risk in my opinion but anyhow there you go down again offhand so i not that the other happens you know so as trotty five set all of this has been known yet it still happened eric says thanks gone monitor the link boswellister okay outwait i got t go back back up her because while we had a really really active chap this morning tomatoes to republic and i don't know i didn't know any is prior to two twenty i didn't even know each state had its own constitution imagine my surprise well you know that's not unusual it really isn't every one is becoming educated at different times and our education system did a wonderful job hamstringed nation with taking on economics civics law i rely think that the lawful process we should be able to walk out of school and be able to represent ourselves and not have to buy in to the bar association in their little membership cartel they've got going bonario she's weak place gobelot was to dixon i've heard that recois brought up off the to go after some situation eades regrater complete extremist ridiculous duties fernanda was mainly founded by devas the demon elections falls on money absolutely it's it's a money laundrymen million dollars seventy that mosolente billion dollars into this last election this is a matter election seventeen billion dollars poured into their that the corporations are buying favor their buying their way and their getting a this is not sister and no idea why didn't they do something than in that she's got a a rumble linoleum ble ah what the factory say i'll have to look at that later and then tom cried from eric leisure than tom crier assertions about taxation on thank you bones mama going to we need that we need to get that one liquidum tom caritas off not here it bonnie you to call me when we're on air if you can i linotype number on their because i want to talk to you if you would to day that would be great adroiter sixty five we knew at lachine at the fix was on we knew before the first ukraine a check was caught at the fix was on the coin people knew laundering was occurring through their conduit of taxable all of this is the known yet it still happened think arising going motor the lank i don't negotiate with them either absolutely no negotiation with criminals traitors short had and as she dassen't nego site with them either at the now because i was i don't negotiate with traitors absolutely not traitors money lenders short stop short drop un stop asked roger you cannot tell me that abortion stance as were a candidate's downfall am i deepened to absolutely be gone thank you you are so correct in over the target because both political parties are leading every one down the criminal proposal to self enrich you you arthur a correct genius level posting to eric white every one might want to start reading the federal court rules and procedures now you get that boat if you're going to go in a federal court you got to have a background to operate dear goose for that i'm sorry you have a good source for that length you can buy the book actually can look it up on the internet no seneca all general rules of civil procedure federals as several or you can buy the text text book from and snow all right or maybe ericas a video made of arcis is that video posting seven there the way too much information well in the talayot a place to start and i'm going to tell you what richies a posting savage on brandreth's guy is put up so many videos in love a piece sheridan a great job continued to post and an educated and for marion thank you so much for all the hard work for doing i know this guy stays up all night or misfitting these videos together and it's an inspiring its aspiring just absolutely inspiring hold out akinish up your ismenian away behind we is mama is the black laborin book the one to go with with the what is is he a law for edition law book the one to go with oh a black long and several logicians i actually a on the purpose of the black slow dictionaries to define and so if any one will work you can use the very first one or the very latest so and then bones amasis death pack versus them there all the same entity boom genius level it there by bonds mamma you're right there all the same entity they just make buganda other riquet said you ask cartouches and current is practiced procedure could you tex that to me an that your direct links to me because i see in the charities or for me to just pull off my phone so many it's got my phone number just tax me the links and well well able to post them and a nunited tax and my phone numbers are cold six one six four three zero four four one zero o that's the way government means to work people actually talking not not the stupid phone trees i says a remedy is to sit constitutional law and federal bosom they won't look at the proof and marie i agree with that no occasion and read you absolutely charlotte says don is your party the tapers hearty yes that's who am riding under as the taxpayers party i says you can download black tickery seven the addition from online really hold white by you right where do you find it then i suspect you could just take in black labicana not bring are arcadias you to tote that to me too and then i'll post telegram anybody that post anything this morning tax me i'll put the phone number there the link and your helping me because i'm i am a little busy but trinitas the on your statement of the century but you know what what what sleeping and eating it a highly overrated so there there's my phone number everybody on the chap takes me whatever you have and i will do the best way that we can deal with corrupt government is to i do whenever you have an opportunity and to stop doing what they're telling you refused to submit that your job and i just don't back down any of this to say no not going to do it i mean that asta's what i did in costard i would not to a couple of cats and i just femininities me now because i am not going to submit to to any of this i will not close my business as you will not tell me that that any or any one that any one is essential because i have decided that i am in fact a sunchild not be shutting down for what happened they laughed and walked away at exactly correct because i was like her potatoes on staff so if we're going to do this let's just do it right now where your own almost don't need an attorney on staff you just need to know the law and you need to know that they don't have to yet neither back at him and mittens say an unlawful detention yeah while they will not if they realize that their outside their authority there's push back it's like it's like a common thing condego towards easy politicians are lazy they're going to go into whereas we push back on on because they are an criminals liars and cheats they're going to go to the person who plays the victim they are not going to to to go after somebody who is actually a force to be reckoned with so and coincidentally jack's and i and treatment can and if downgrade not of wind on a branco governor we're going to wager on these sick bastards and break everybody out of that prison and be done with us because the governor can actually wage war so any of charlotte all states are our constitution all states are our constitution all of them and look at the hungry and homeless something very wrong with a system and i understand that one of you clarify charlotte began doctor david at this is amazing guy let me pieces date erasing did anyone out experiences when voting i put my ballot in the machine and i kicked it out like when you put in a crinkled dollar into a bennachie in spite then tried again i heard that again an i took it i hear other people where dunsinane same experience donais this part of the cheek why i can tell you that my my bellowed the guy nicaso's goin to pop up you live a successful completion or successful something or other so i was watching it i watched nothing zero exponent and dropped it into the transit i didn't wish that success on the machine so how do i know because it didn't follow what you said it should we think that if something is at a process it's going to actually show up in that process just usages especially with elections is always in its fine soon like the atherton twenty ah fallecio maladministration for donald battlecry once again charlotte as yet it must be for the chief do will i twenty seven the group that is doing notices and antitypes proper properly half had numerous victories on this good i might to hear it might to hear about that go hodieque my phone number out their police go ahead and take that to and you will too twenty seven charlotte is the faith the sages addition for as a good one they have changed definition in the later addition so charles is the fifth edition and he says a fourth is a good edition charlie i've learned to state i learn i have to learn or study roberts rules this week arthur oh i had a really interesting thing with roberts electly something that depopulate talked about how to overtake convention it's in his words and how to use roberts rules to make it look like your taking over the competitor put that out there but i do how that out there now because i actually have an original copy of this suburb of technique in the conventions which faces how to take over a convention and make it look like you know robert rules without actually knowing that so two thumbs down on maternal one out strongly press your joanie had an excellent cut the crop on gathered we have gone after these theaters all wrong yes and but my honor six and six four three zero for for one zero dave dave has on his side none and then bonnemain well five minutes sorry i a super active chatter how is a problem to poke chatting it makes my job easier here it's better than talking myself i guess do you really david was as been teaching remedy very effectively it somebody give me a a lank tax me owing to that phone number cannot we real law on telegram gave jose detected my phone it would be better erysipelatous black modish some of the dishes and the chat and he also taxed it to me i think he so much err the david was eager of his ensuing the trap for the nefarious one from bones mamma you as court courts do goneril's policies current practice awesome go in text the timeless reserved heaven i think i'm a a grabber from way back i adore just keep tax an i don't care how many people take on her giving the chechessee within out there love a guy my belt montalle with a red light from siena charlotte jonadab had worked in forms the ready and they work you print coffee sundown out on structions on a side light please take away to my fond doctor david can't watch my last video play list on eric restoring a constitutional republic that will answer your question on that david can watch last bogallalas on eric restoring in a constitution republic that answer questions and where are you find that a brandenburg news network bottom dining meriting a magellan on their one took about five or ten seconds and they finally boiled a green light came on saint successful never had happened before well i gave hoseason a law not startle gunsmithing arable downright for sure disco to where brandenburg news not work not come and you will find all of aristides as well as mine and passed that passed a episodes of brandenburg news network and the tattoos wisdom from john tuder david that gave can archie i don't understand maybe you mean mean david whose i think he's me meaning go ahead and watch the vireos that eric white put out a dendrite were storing constitution on what brandenburg news network dotcom under arches thought look at it for recanter you'll find her quite channel and he'll be able to to you'll be able to see us videos there the passion every one returned to grow them so on a grander is not work and the something that actual real news where we can share and chance such a guess what i only connection and nothing so good luck anybody takes anything down it's going to be yours truly and you may talk to me because guastalla my phone number so that is accountability accessibility and responsibility so he says all confusion go together we can use any one of them from any state and court like kentucky constitution could be used in michigan any of them bones mamma like posters are the best i love that anyone summe links to my son the big big love to you today he hello doctor kent donator keeps in something about how she approved something and more concise she got over one or some of the vote what personage did we get for you like almost non existent quite honestly i think i had sixteen i don't even know how this is possible i had sixteen thousand votes which is less than what you got done and waiting pony i don't get that you or cross the country across the state of miss and you got half will even less than affinition just out of wantonly oh this is so not to seven fatha's what even people from party said they said i have campaign harder than any one has ever campaign in the us taxpayers party can it for candor any candidate this your everywhere this and you got less than with ever seen for that for that there's no possible way there's no way none of this adds up so i reject all totals in anything even do with any there's nothing on pottleton is not possible it is allowed to go i also even the morning that ran against the libertarian got more votes than i did and i was never anywhere now who had nobody knows he the indian knew the literal right exactly as not so lonesome about five minutes behind a thin estate yesterday he always got kicked down my son's doctors appointment yestereen time i told her a needed legislation to when this was written into yepantcha through for my computer all i was trying to voice i got that you said you can you can watch it on the air than one man because what you're doing is discrimination against the nineteen sixty four civil rights act and you will have to have me arrested because i'm not leaving all that she said to the doctor yesterday and not words it won't let me sound the david jose want your telegram i sent to my faisant to my tone i'll post it again for easier friends and do so for future reference anyone like poetaster and had i can handle about twenty tosses time where phone call takes little more effort but you're welcome i pendower and i enjoy talking to every one so david nigger meyer says on their way to war with a question mark it yeah read it and the documents of a governor has the right to in fact wagoner war so we what's that are you can read it in the documents now i say declared more un who if you are able for those that are involved in treason activities against the people that i would be swearing an old to protect but you're not really were waging a war or just bringing the law to bear upon the correct that you can also wage wars the governor two against tom that's what i'm trying to find out what do you mean well it's like somebody is attacking your state to protect your state of the people there in the other a or the chinese depends on who is waging war against the state i suppose while against the state of michigan if the chinese were waging war the united states that's their responsibility to deal with foreign and entities but if your protecting the state in your asserting the tenacities rights and protecting the border somebody comes across that border and or violates the rights of the people in a tite i have to look into that on a more legal standing because the way the government is set up the governments are responsible for their own particular state but the federal government is responsible to take care of any matters that are beyond the united yes the president a domestic enters a domestic enemy states have the right to protect themselves why i understand but herefrom the wrong term no i think he's right term i bear against them i don't think it appropriate term a thin for violations of their oeffner that's a recruiting that we can wait to war against entities have heard it to general pleasant i'm pretty extra super talking about the legal aspect of the first a conversation now i estimate that i will wage war against somebody but that's not a legal aspect of what the way the government and were distinct overestimate constitution of the united salmantinos permit that waging war against whoever it's not in the state constitution it's got to be in the constitution in article an artificial and the federal government has the ability to wage war and that's in the and they don't the federal government when in use in that term and talking about the legs i'm going to stand on at the governor's and the right to wage war and and oh i wolstan on that and i think what we should do as all pull together the documentation on that so that we can have an iron clad discussion on this and be able to present this to you in my reasoning on why this is became can when if we if we move these move the states and go back into a more state power so that were decentralizing from the federal government because the federal government has a way way way way too much power to note everything that from government his wage war on the state i understand all that i understand all of that but the we are supposedly the good people and we are supposedly doing things appropriately in according to the rule of which we are and if we break out of that rule of law is and we start doing things because all unlike a good thing to do it but it's not with the rule of law and were no different than the evil people that were fighting i'm not seeing in doing it an unlawful way i think that the president and the depressed is already there we just have used it just like with a power of weaving we can stop the federal government but we have to clean up our house and it because the earl are playing ball with the federal government absolutely emitting nonsense continues the good old boy network that set off and we don't destroy the good old boy network and and i think that's coming i think that the sentiment that there are that the federal government and the state government have waged war against the people of michigan i don't think they waged war i think they have how brought the people into submission no engraving we had a growth policies and the procedures in a lawful way that doesn't mean that we're going to pull our guns out go fighting that's not what i'm talking about we had a cold war going on with we've had a cold war going on with it many entities across the globe man rushes i suppose or child for it but you know there is therein say hartigan that then was roseate bees ever since wave before the cold war right these thibetian our federal government needed an enemy in order to create internet or the congressional a war power powers business and the in a congressional industrial war complex all that was necessary in order to create a allusion that we have that we have an enemy and that's the russians and there our enemy and it still in el still not a true enemy that we have put in not a who knows what's going on he is part of the seance to get rid of the international banking cartel just like trumps prefontaine of the people an arrow government is the true enemy of the people that's true that's correct that but a mortfontaine dance because there they committed treason they have acted that that lame trees so therefore i believe that a governor can wage war i well we got to get off that subject until you can come up with some background history or whatever he has he can we can we can just like the people that believed that this because a corporation that we are in the boat were not has nothing to do a corporation can prove that in any battle that they've ever had had that they've ever been successful it or better yet can prove that by documents over his that doesn't that has no bearing on anything and the one and one for i read next time this is a long discussion and wormeaten end of that but at any rate governors do have the right to a to declare war anyhow bones my i thought the stream was over my phone blocked me out a lace me all the way out arionelli's rumble they've been screwing with me a lot also he were working on programming for brandenburg news network brandenburg news no work to be able to go live and i think i think that that's a going to be in place shortly so government is instituted and for the benefit of the people by the people correct maybe the mass migration from mute at eric could be to tumble there's no democrat versus republican there is only us against them the labels we used fighting at in a case arises you shot down right off the bat you don't follow precedes absolutely but i believe that there is a procedure therefore that for the governor and eric they've taken advantage of as not knowing the rules and procedure absolutely bonsoir the constitution of the united states absolutely seems like that's a declaration word me charlotte cosmics i messer his side david who was a ismene house me out to share his igharghar time doing that for some reason i need coffee seriously it is the elixir of life i and my first copy the suite going to the bed on to the german the morning and walking did did two miles this morning yet i'm sure boys heard that my one son is his behaviour and one of these political i call them i call in poitiers people that or that or in politics that are kind of moroni i think the correct word i made the simile go as politic one of this one of these poetic was like always on a son's got a mysterious illness i am sure he is gay and he's got as well actually my son is the pater and his years ago in his system is a little little nest up so he gets sick and then i tried to go out with a man and keep him moving a little bit so we've been walking a couple of miles every morning which is really nice to dispense some time together i didn't mean in fine a lassan that day if then it may become in a got all the proof and then then mister polytechnical operative decides to pull out a forty five and unloaded and a and a gun reinstall every went on the rat and is a throat just made me mad didn't really threaten me to make confirmed that my suspicion that m begetting more than a little little nanette that thinks he's got to push things around and then accuse my son of him as he put it out there and said oh i'm sure he's gay any has as unlike what a retired he needs to be so elishama that may yet happen but i'm not sure what i assume for i don't think he's got a potato what are you going to get for even if he doesn't take that bottle yeah while we'll see that that may come you know i got past the howe got past the election mister political operative hack bones mamma sat pegasus on oiling o pegasus and donald says one trusted there granted authority that could be removed by the people my people have now that people have to be away well i got a national severed on a way bonshommes on an the people filiation against the media for war crimes against the citizens in the world there he got your getting what i'm saying and governor can and fact prosecute all that good stuff one's mama now okay okay that's what's going on shore now bad lands media sad good platform seems i don't know ramble from charlotte would you want to see prosecution for election that's the rumble link bless you surely keep posting links your you find valuable absolutely everybody keep posting the length that's how we really this is how we really do it is that we share what we know and i think this is so important damasippus overvaluation this is really an then she said putnamites good man can like puttin a word how i would be blown up the villaba be in night states and fat funded and built on the ukrainian russian border also indian we founded on there they said there's a lobenstein or whatever the number seems changing i know for a fact that we have more than three hundred forty across the globe that we found it should the gotten got added before coverham out maybe a bondsman life lessons take that take that partake the hereditaments please call me bones not when we're off the when we're off the air your funny so do as yet were fighting our own of the i o yah you can wait toronto oh yeah edentata attorneys up to make sure that we can defend ourselves to remember i talked about norton at the very beginning yet and warton says basil you cannot create a defect of i the bar the food and drug all the albigenses are de facto organizing how do we know that because there's no constitutional authority for any weedon according to norton bury shall become nineteen eighty six stories nine to zero that case is very extremely powerful and i used it many times in court and the judges do everything they can besides my action this is an action against me they don't want to talk about it because once it becomes revealed that you cannot create the fact organization the bear got i dare dispute comments i'm in a betided horse to scold at moreau i know that that this is possible garrisoned my governor to declare war against any one who commits acts of erosion or use upraised usurpation against the people of the state of michigan citizens declared terms of surrender absolutely donald said you rock charlotte charles thank you eric as i was listening to insinuation speech for the first time yesterday and he declared war on us at least three times in a sea but there you go what see he has no authority to do no legitimate authority as his luncheon is not to the people the we got to go back to what the law said and bring this country back to a rule of that's the only way we're going to reestablish the republic if we go out on tangents and do things in our own direction we will not return to the republic we will return to something if we end up in a war and we find a civil war the state people are great at that they want confusion and then they come in and offer so we don't want that we want the rule of law brought back to america if we bring the rule of law back all of those people that had violated their oath of office and i have said we haven't democracy they are all committing trees the final result of treason and that's the way we've got to go we got to follow the constitution and bring our country tatulo then we will win we have to have to consider a lace into this place of charles they're going to get out guns people and as a joke bonmoulins refused montagnaise now listen they're going to get out guns people a gunnin understand that can you retrace that again charlatan and as a joke i got that the going to get out sometimes you know people read things in the through their fans and i think she said at ariake and i eat even though i member no misnomer so while anyhow alice dances were were fighting our own at the you can wait to ordinary ye're goin t we're goin to keep eating a smile little bit because i think that's true the declarator onawataquto were the governor of michigan yet you say just like i would as the county certain anybody from the f b the friend omichand they will be arrested craft and the look wanchancy the same if i was the way commisar anybody stepping in the way comedy that oenotrian better clear it with me twill be a corrected to deal with these lucas the die the bond as the door declaration war was proclaimed begins to citizens of the chosen our voice in our affidavits and whoever reasons tis my fair adonis p as a distraction populous revolt may be charlotte not what i meant to say they're going to try to take our guns they been doing that for a long time to be trying haven't made an ollyoola they have made war on number one the supreme cordial ready said in new york several different gates that the rulings of mayor are not going to be used against the people amount of bulletin a magazine the not allowing people with weapons to go to certain locations they shot them all down the supreme court on our side on the first of unseconded there's no way in the world they're going to get the they been cannot come into the united states first of all the un doesn't exist as a nation not a nation number one we cannot create a tree unless it's a nation so there's a big tumbling black there too done it already if they can get away with they can't get away with it he went no authority in the united and the constitution never bent under any circumstances always so he had a ericsson's right in the civil rules and procedures tells right near the beginning how we do it lonesome only position of the executive brantford left the legislation right that our past to congress and of an keep i think godmother using boisrobert er very overemotional really established rules of engagement we were passing seawater passing that red flag bill she's a clown absolutely here the use later being drones from bones mamma so i've got something a united states a governor threatened to declare invasion here hang out on a read this from milliard trust he even squirrels keep workin here put up to it you know asatagon threatens to declare the invasion of immigrants and plans to mobilize the army that is again if somebody epitome ah borders of michigan the governor has the authority to arrest another sheriff have the authority to this thing about allowing immigrants to come into the is because we have criminals within our state in our allowing that to happen and are being in a good example of the one of the problems cities where they don't or they were their free or that were they with their more they can come and they can be not arrested thank you if they can declare a sanctuary city than the governor could declare michigan is the sanctuary state and no federal authority has any any right to come into the united into now became you can't create a century city or a sanctuary state can do it but we do have criminals in office that our doing it and those are the people that we need to focus on the long as we have criminals in the positions of power all the way to let and we do have criminals and and till we can get the criminals out of there were going to have these problems and they're all breakin the law no rule of law so we have the power to do it we have to be able to push forth that power to do it well i'm not under recoinage in my coal my yodel said this and i have to agree with him one on tisander going to go erbarme truncation security adviser general michael flynn said during a recent about that set governors candy clear war and that were going to probably see that i get but will get off at tillman pull together all the documentation on that and prostrating you john taters tater emerites dona dagoes so you anointer is such as there are such rules and regulations and in history that show that this can be done then we need to bring that forward i think poor because i did i did read i did read on this road upon the sawtooth so that we can do it in an a good way now at conversation way which is exactly what a trouble shouldn't have done so many bonassot write in the wentilation that is a direct violation of any constitutional right from what i understand donald i thought that about a year and a half ago was still out of our a messenian the point understand what she's trying to drive at she seeing that i well we can't legislation they can't ride into legislation anything that's in direct violation the constitution what crottat's correct and then are said they do write on constitutional laws as our duty to have them stricken on one of the problems though is that that i see with the lot of us is that that we honestly you know we can sit here and talk about it all day long but nothing we've done thus far his work nothing because i talked to him the sheriffs in the state i like not when i question was as why don't you arrest whither you had the duty and the obligations to arrest her though the only office in the state that actually has the ability to arrest the governor why didn't you in the like o you know there's no one to prosecute so i just i do the best i could in my county and unlike are you kidding me are we going to just keep saying the same thing over again expecting different results and watch him walk away let me ask you a question and dear and to the audience what would happen let's cram the clock back to two thousand nineteen what would have happened that i were in if lansing ah what more what i said we're goin to close down on essential business and the unessential businesses in all forget you are not going to do anything like your saying we're going to ignore her behavior what would they have done they don't have even if they brought out the guard the national guard and thus the police they would have not had enough to go after everybody they would maybe or tried to do one or two make examples of them but they would have lost the argument they were lost the battle this is exactly what happened on the eighteenth amendment when they declared alcohol to be illegal in stop the alcohol no people said the hack with you or going to drink or we may not drink and were going to or may not drink in public and we may hide it but we're going to do that anyway and so they had to come up with a new amendment to overturn the eighteenth amendment and that would have been the same thing that would have happened here if the people in this what he had the number one knowed that is the executive branch of landing cannot make law under any circs they are not lawmakers they carry out the laws of biology legs and the legislature did not have such a and so whether would have been out of business they were to shut her down the weaker soul she wouldn't said no they're not listening to me no kidding because your violating the levitating your own that would have all came out but the problem is we have people that i saw lots of witnesses on people's lands i not remembering that of of the process that she was going to fix the dam roads four years ago and she just decided to do it the last week or two before election people don't get it there the insured her memories they don't care they're not paying attention and i have no idea what some of these people i thinking in their minds other than that i'm a democrat i don't have to think about who's running they picked up in that office and therefore is a good person among abtruse hedemora hattie or republican doesn't matter there are two public and democratic doesn't go to bed upon the democrats any more castrelins are just as they had waistcoats on said i know but not enough people know to care or they don't want to care he says we are and only take three happersett make a difference absolutely sidonius we can vote or whatever the rest of our lives how are we ever going to get the deep state out that is in fact a big problem is it is right rules on the fly and then were supposed to listen to their unconstitutional procedures and rules and disinter and go go where interior hands now or when you get him out anyhow charlot the allegiance or bonds to share do not think i do think we have at least many a we have a lot of people i think there's more there's more of us that are really awake not woke but away soon as i still say my roping samland my last so here says iron pig and gaylord still going to court case refuse to show on his mustang literature bone says none of constitutional sheriffs absolutely what's up with that the ones who are are attacked viciously through mockingbird mediates very frustrated so i'm going to go to in the sidnacester one nine three eleven let's go there at and like the whole thing with a with the chance i'm enjoying reading the comments of the chancery doing a few days ago where i would read it said just answer them i think the more artificial that nobody's nobody's taste meat so that's good okay luke twenty one nine through love when you hear warning don't be frightened these things must happen first but the end will not come right away then he sendeth nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom there will be great earthquakes famines pestilences and various places and fearful of bouncing great signs from habit but before all this they will seize you and persecute you that will hand you over to synagogue and put you in prison and you will be brought before kings and governors all in my intent of my name and you will bear testimony to me but make up your mind do not worry beforehand how you will defend yourself for i will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist you contradict you will be betrayed even by parents brothers and sisters relatives and friends and they will put some of you to death every one will hate you because of me but not a hair of your head in paris stand firm and you will win life when you see jerusalem beans sounded by armies you will know that its desolation is near then let those who are in judaea flee the mountains like those in the city get out and let those in the country not enter the city for this is the time of punishment in fulfilment of all that had been written how dreadful it will be as dacor pregnant women and nursing mothers they will be a great distress in the land and raphanus people they will fall by the sword be taken as prisoners to all nations desireable on by the gentiles until the times of the gentiles or fulfilled there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars on the earth nations will be in anguish and perplexity of the roaring antoinette aforementioned coming on the world for the honeybee shaken at that time they will see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory when these things begin to take place stand up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drier i believe that entirely no matter what we see out there it doesn't matter god's goin to carry us through this and some of this cleaning out and and nonsense needs come to an end an i'm pretty well sickles to the excuses of a why we're going erelong all of this nonsense or children are being killed and tortured and in such i mean this is coming to the end of our patients with just her excuses letting the stuff ride on it i think this is truly coming to the end of the excuse michael badlesmere and republicans are like sheep a lot of people folks on the party not the candidate that's the problem line up three i look at the details with the inflation reduction of its disgusting there are afraid i handsomeness it says we are to direct our representatives are not seen and often enough now i need to continually instruct him because they're not represented a coroneting and they don't care and not taking directives down it would be a real blessing if we could get you on dave's life rumble donna isotta a call you got more over we can help to make the connection and dave's li is one fifteen unrobed to day it has now to be you should come over to brandenburg news network and posts very then be as dave has for you to be honest a stop following him seem sketchy after a year or so especially when he asked him questions all you know it's it's hard to tell you know everybody you know everybody has something to give in and such a and people usually play out on what's happening but i give people the benefit of the doubt until they fail might compensates is our governor go down i am going i'm not back down pretty well sick of all these stinking excuses and oh let's just let's go ahead and play fair worthy psychopaths that or that or destroying our nation i am i'm pretty exposure we need to throw him hard not to write on their tails not dorian that to that he go and cut you as a great says we need a mount but the dixon who had he but the digentia now we need you yowell mixon was part of it from beginning now there you go what expect actually talked to so repeople who was families were left destitute by that family's business that not the dixons family on one giotto with thirty five thousand dollars in debt another one at ten thousand dollars and that they stuck a bolitician of pain now in that kind of interesting i should get them on and they can talk about the back store there what happened and not the steel industry the founder industry and how they destroyed it in addition past past woods obvious and then you kind of get to the get to the bottom of it but i just a cashiered don't be like desert darlin that decided to take on the cat one day she put one of my business allegedly up there couldn't even spell it ridentem out something that has government contracts on like dear he searched orleanese do your research because this has nothing to do with me and i don't know where he domitian to check the spelling if you're going to do your research at least you polack so anything else to talk about here well maybe next week i would talk about dealing with the state and the cities regarding these and i like that man can but it would be away too long to cover it today we wouldn't be able to scratch the after one what go back to the intention what's the intention of of government and an you know you can establish a standard right right there the proper standard and the more a humanitarian way is if the government is there too what to robesart the people in order to do that you have to you have to change everything in the way that we think about government because we have a punitive situation or the writing the rules in order to trumpeter to money grab that's that's the essence of it if if the government was there to actually serve the people that should be the first goal and in valuation is to see how while the government actually help the people instead of writing rules to trip them up to make bigger government it should be the first words out of anybody's mouth in any government is any government of public functionary should be how can i help you and antoinette and do the quickest way possible that some most efficient to help he and that that has to get accomplished and i've never seen that happen have you no because we have given up our logic in our understanding of what the laws and that's why i say i got to go back to what the loss and deal with it as i pointed out from you overseas and nor downwards in bidwell which was a spring cart tie and it said sovereignty itself of course is not subject for it is the author and the source of law but in our system while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government sovereignty itself remains with the by whom and for whom all governments exist and that and the law is the definition and limitation there our not our we are sure of the law we both laws that we have on the books do not apply to us and that's two different supreme court decisions yet obsessed downwards bid while yet we was eighteen eighty downs were tenawas nineteen one so we have the power is within us but when you can stop and you get a speeding ticket what do you do you don't challenge it you pay to find and so we end up in the in the civil action jurisdiction of of paying a fine for something that first of all how can the state be half how can the state be viola how can we violate the state i can violate your rights by running my car into your car or hurting you in some way stealing or breaking your property then you are a victim but how can the state of michigan be victim of an the city of redford where i live be afflicted i can't so we have to go back to the rule of law which makes it gives us the law we have the power but we have overtime even that our up so next week well talk about how to deal with that if you end up with a how you can fight that ticket if you want to fight i tooshalli around the south field area were having a meeting tonight at nicholas which is on telegraph north ten mile you all invited were there at five to nine and we talk about these various kinds of things and so you can come out there and be part of our group and see what's happening we'd love to have you that again that's a nicholas it's northen miles on colored and it's not that difficult to find you can come out there and be part of our group from five to nine were only there once a month that this is our only meeting that we will be physically there other than that we're on so on what is the night every one's nitetis one day because were at nicholas but we will be as every other wednesday night and we discuss these various kinds of things to bring people up of the day now the began most important point is that you don't wait until you are being in by the law but rather than to learn the law now so you feel comfortable and you can deal with the law if they come after you the otherwise you know you wait until the last minute then you find i got a court datto weeks and you need to get preparation for it you can't do two difficult gone school and trying to study for your toucant do that in one day or two days or a week that to take time over your life time prepare yourself for that particular while this is the same kind of thing in your onprepared yourself for judges that are already evil criminals and they have their horns on and you've got to know how to deal with them but if you know the law they don't want to deal with so the embonpoint to come by and be part of our group on an on entendait at nicholas or shop and so on wednesday night and get more background more information more love and we can talk about some of the such as the time he cried then and i resent people that have been dealing with that now people are dealing in probate a lot of people that are fighting the probate battle which is very ugly situation since the judge and the prosecuting attorney or the other attorneys all in favor of stealing all your money anything that's in the in the or that hasn't been probated properly protect all of it and before you get the final result the endureth no money or no press in you from your estate from your family so that battle is going on with several people in our group right now and of course we've asked our public functionaries to look into it but they won't look into it because they're all attorneys and attorneys don't fight a turn it's like doctor fighting back you can get the wrong leg cut off in the hospital but you will not get the another doctor to be bare witness that was the wrong like that was cut off so we have the same problem with attorneys they all worked together they all worked together to fleece the public and you have to get the knowledge about all of that now to deal with it though it's all in there it's all education process and an army ourselves because it will ugo back to that knowledge is power i'm sorry but it really is and and honestly we really we really need to spend time indicating another also show each other some grace as we go through this process because what you know what the people in the canoes and every one we combine that all in weimar a good solution truly so anyhow i guess you know what what's the good and the adherents to and half hours while that you you were late to the party to day to i'll try to figure out what the heck i going on here he would get a grace for that this this time down so but we need to don't do it don't what they happen to get her become a become a lifelong i got everlasting blandoine hawaryat i'm watching but i have ever gentleman work on the laptop i don't will they go so anyhow well i say literatures the substitute mottling concave much for every single person that that commanded in the chaeroneia our entire nation our nation is in such a turmoil right now we have a servers and place that have espion our constitution that has been on the right you give us and and we and we've let it happen we stop back and we watch this nation slip away from us to the point where now we need to step in and do the required maintenance is necessary to bring it back to constitutional rule and especially we want a godly we want it to be godly rule as one nation under you were sorry if we if we failed along the way we ask for your forgiveness and i ve guidance and direction as we go forward and once again please get every give every one the heart of a warrior some one who is in the same to wend to take this nation back no more excuses no more cowardly side stopping issues no more we're going to sit home and let somebody else fight the battle how best to all weak a hold of this by your power in your might and marched forward together to restore this nation to the constitution a republic and protecting the rights of all and finding those who were without a voice first and foremost we we want to serve you and your creation this is your sandbags your world you made the rules and we openly declare that they stand and that we will adhere to them going forward and to what how wherever you lead us it also whatever you ask us to do we are willing thank you so much for the food you'd given us for people who are willing to fight to restore the nation and even if we have some disagreements on things please bring us all together so that we can walk forward in a unified front with an iron clad plan to eliminate evil that's so probable here and that we can weaken redlintie of the spurgeon or land in it is a were done with it were over it and we ask for your help in the name of jesus please give everyone to day p comfort knowing that your control that we have nothing to worry about because you are in control all we got to do is turn the torturing the brains over to you and say what do you want us to do and we're doing that to day thank you so much for this time that we can be together and that we can talk about these high topics and please help us to give grace to each other and here her each other out worse in all so he grace to each other and not feel we need to fight her way through but we need to discuss our way through it to find the direction you want to go in all things it's your direction that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven and jesus christ precious name would pray so there you go so here it is that time of the show every one go to digging in the thing brandenburg for governor not as i have not conceded and i will not concede to traders still in the race still going to be governed standwich were going in that direction and still waiting for election integrity and getting the truth out there and will not be silent and in mister john tater he's got his meeting tonight there herself a plug there please again so not to know then it's to day to day to day no one and was going to be at nicholas at what time between five and nine looking that's to night to me you can make it that be great love to see if you can't then next tuesday or next wednesday we will have our some and if you need to want to get into that you can tax me or not test me by email me a john a tater at yatton and i'll send you that that sounds the sounds great so i forbore out there i write every single word on telegram and i do ah respond to people on toleration at my telegraph parsee posters out there but you can go to my website brandenburger and get the real link sometimes i put it out there on the chat to so come and talk to me amalaswintha going on in us great iverybody out there has got my phone number of keeps on me a lenaean broaden his discretion so that we can come to the best his you know i go and dominion i may have a great resonant certainly don't know everything nobody does i think that that's one thing to keep in mind is that we all need each other i'm going to need your help too as governor of the state of michigan in order to help educate me on what you know we need a jump an help educate each other so that we can move forward together and truth and just so that we can restore this nation to gather so please reach out participate get involved and you know if if the involvement to you means sunny meant fantastic that's great that's helpful love loveland really really appreciate all of this so much a really appreciate all of you there so many there so many wonderful people out there and we the people is where everything is truly where we need to be as mean to kick the criminal politicians out prosecute them off for trees and stand together as we the people defending each other we pledge our what our lives are fortune are sacred honour that we moved together forward together as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all with opportunity with the carrying with each other a very few manatorian way that that is not what we have been used to so we see the government as this punitive overlord tyrannical entity it doesn't have to be that way we can move forward in a very humanitarian way and i think i think it's going to change everything it's going to be wonderful so anyhow we love you we love you all and all the people that you care about this is really the and goal of what we're trying to get to is serving god and serving serving his creation in his peace it's not out to get the mass the most amount of money it's out to serve and i think we need to keep our keep her mind and in her eyes on on that goal that has to be accomplished before we before we go one step further if we can accomplish that we fail so anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom men love and god bless america thanks johnnie he last words your little her hand no are you ocotal solely an totateeta every single tuesday we have tattooed so thinks john hemicrania he carefully all right god bless you i embody give me a call that that put the number of there bonnemain sidono please come and anybody else that wants to call it i call a tax takes later