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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/28/2023 - Part 2 Imprecatory Psalms - Dr. Tim Parker

Published June 28, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Imprecatory Psalms, Part 2 - Dr. Tim Parker The first of God’s Ten Commandments requires us to love God completely and sincerely in heart, mind, soul and strength. He primarily tells us we do this by not allowing any other god to take an ultimate position in our lives. Equally, we’re commanded to hate the things God hates! Without the Grace of Christ, it’s impossible to do either! In this elliptical command, we struggle to appreciate or empathize with God’s Justice. The Imprecatory Psalms help us with all three bolded doctrines! Remember imprecate means: to pray for or invoke evil, curse, etc. upon a foe. Imprecation means: the act of imprecating evil, etc. on someone. Our upbringing might cause us to repel thoughts, words or prayers at these levels yet the Psalms give voice to this sentiment. With all the evil we hear about today, it’s easier to think in this vein, even as we squirm with notions of how God will do Justice in the world before His Ultimate Judgment begins. Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the twenty eighth day of june we and welcome to redeeming grace we is ever to say an amidogen my body you honorit now you're cameriste to dona ha you see it and here some are i'm on her but you're not picking up okay i can see i can see you and i can see it on four different screens so i've congiis it's if it's your connection or not so let's a yet yet you're on there the lovestein see if we could make this thing work can you see me now ah not yet protected still be suponian done is so don't worry about it ten you are but you can hear me right yeah i can hear you well the house ten doing this morning the beautiful day and a full of smoke and has here in the beautiful state of michigan and i don't know if you saw this thought quite honestly in to see if i can so you what we've got going on here in the lovely state of ste not not roll happy with what hath in here but that of a well well i correcting up because i think this is crazy i don't know if you guys are seeing it but we have so much for on a smoke here it's absolutely shocking and is that from canada or some place else or what will there see there sink canada but i'm i'm trying to curious eh here gaintri share these i don't believe anything i hear any more you know so people cry we'll put something out and like ok well let's see on this works but this is the state of michigan i am right there in the metal you are over here and it's just isn't it that a crazy map i would i got to agree without seeing one nothin's common though still on head and from e oh kay well well hopefully totally you can oh on of garrigan help you with that but but the map is is absolutely crazy to see where the distrust of how do i say it ah ah smoke and air quality how bad it is so i posted a couple of a of a articles or references it seemed to be saying that it to train up determine what the air quality is what its coming from men and it is interesting that he yes it is her sir not just see quality butters lot quality things sidelook at pretty shaky and sheds we go through a few of those previous peacefor ward while for the result is the result of people making and doing bad decisions began i do not believe that any of the fires are natural fires or that most of them are not minutes men drive or ogive that but i do believe that a lot of them we have never seen the amount of fires on the east ah on these inseenuated states the corserie alike this is absolutely unused so it has step leads me to believe that maybe there's some nefarious activities which come from making bad some go to you're not said justin at bad things come from bed choices but really ever since the usurper in supposedly the white house has been there we have had just one disaster after another and i do think don as youse those are all planed started invented and ah the narrative the day running is a very very evil you said a various narrative and i mean i even restin he ther day take when you think about the world war ship we talk about an even just one entity black rod they almost i don know would it be a stretch to say that they control the world raynow i would say then vangard a arbaleste street cap at all but their kind of all inner changing like the they work together as like a pack we yea and so when we even think about well this country there's this country this this country this it's like when you look at the impact of that financial best ah i guess maybe i i have a new vision may be of what beast is where was your vision well i've just said as i've been thinking about that this last week how how vast control things i mean the whole narrative unespied month other destruction the transgender its like there there is a narrative at play that defies all spiritual logic financial logic governmental logic and it seems to me that i do sit back down a recently and just when you look in it that way headlike oh my goodness well you saw that pre i sent you that pride ah event flier for port huron yesterday yes somebody i'll set me that true ah explain i just i wanted to say that ah robert cowper just asked me yesterday to do a letter case he wants to file a grievance against the os posts he said when he's working ah at post office that that is in his face every time he calls up to computer may be the wonder anything in he you know to me that does violate our christian rights and i'm sorry if people don't like me standing up for my rights at the it's become a religion it it is absolutely became a religion or beliefs which there proselytizing to the rustic and as that they would not like us you know will talk freely about it but if if we were in their face every single minute of the day which i discussed the with the correctness of putting out in his right saribut but to have to have this stuff pushed in our faces i think we would see derangements and rome like you have never seen before because the s sodomoni it is also adverse as evil and this isn't this is in distiches subversion of our nation this is a plan subversion using very satanic elements to bring the nation absolutely a virtue and in walking out in public with you know with blow up genitalia there fore feet long and or or had the were the chance you know we're coming for your kids are you coming for your children that good luck with that it's so sort o boon oli mean is this throng to think about what's going on so i don't nowand we're coming for your hints to me any any god the parent to dose say over my dead body at that level ah i do think they're so much delusion and confusion that sometimes people don't know where to go even good people and for is a time that we take our country back if i yes i feel like i only there's no possible way i'm going to be celebrating somebody else a sexuality you do your own thing in your own place with don't expect me to jump on that kind of naughtiness and you know it's like ah i'm not i think that the things that unite us are referred to honour all those things that that we can grab hold of to go to living a more godly life you know more perfect life to live to live through in that message reg orselves down in the dirt that's like that's like king it out with you know it's like when you hang out with bad people he hang out with something to do and draws is not like they're growing did nocessero go to what is important to you they're going to try to drag down in the gutter with them that is the sinful at eisteddol that is the i utter now if i could say the perfect sekwebu i since i said and i guess it to the masses and the reality of the imprecatory salt try to have not more so we started last week if you will part one and we we went through some and we're going to go through a few more to day but it's like the imprecatory psalms really are if you will god's people crying out i mean it as we would to day as we talked already god don't you see what's going on are you going to do anything what can we do we feel lost and there's so many things that we could say and i think ah sometimes your steam precatory psalms get a bad race just because people don't understand what's going on and we tried to pack at last week lord people seemed to like it hopefully your alert wobit more to day and oh sons like we have to come a message short to the sweet so we may either like take this two part into parts ah or we're going to maybe i just to a salmonete and i want to get it two next he ate less pray and less get him to the word and in learned some things or heaven father as we come to you we thank you for your word we thank you for your law your gospel is christ and the ability to have freedom in this land even though some people would say otherwise lord we know that we're in a spiritual war on so many fronts just pray for courage for my listeners stay my price okay so we know the first of the ten commandments is to love god completely and sincerely it uses the words in heart mind soul and and he even blows it up says that we should have no other gods before him and if we really looked at our lives in that she we we often let things as and equally were commanded to hate the things that god hates and i think that in some ways that king of what the imprecatory psalms get to because we we tend to be a little shy at going into this area like god or we posterity he thinks are we supposed to cry out against things that violate you and i say yes yes and yes and so we know that without christ greece we can't do what we e ah and i know that commands are always elliptical and dosso people understand if we say that we could take a rubber band and stretch it we've got one and in the other so if god commands is the low the eliptical part of that command is to hate he oh and so we if we are going to love god we must also love his and i think that the imprecatory psalms helpless to understand remember i imprecate is to pray for her invoke evil ere upon a foe imprecation is the act of imprecating evil on some one and as i was your talking or upbringing causes us to kind o repel at that thought that i supposed to actually had some that is supposed to be angry at somethin that i'm supposed to me be ah pray ah imprecatory words against an enemy of christ but i i'm convinced that's what we're supposed to do in and may be the primary example we could see of that is jesus in the temple i think he was angry as he ever was when he was slipping tables cracked in a whip i mean i don't know i might say i wish i reserve save that but we we do have to look at ourselves and so i just kind of one and now done what a people rosswith when we talk about that and i just i throw on some questions may be to get the prime globed do you rustle more with god's commands to sinners his saints government leaders church leaders educators doctors legislators or perpetrators of evil in our world and we just had a a thing here in stark county i don't know you heard about it where there was an equestrian a far and i guess they are pretty well known i didn't know the name but i'm not really into horses but her astea coup of people first pretty ah i know there is pornography and they were violating kids sexually and i know that that hole area is at least at the front of the whole sexual perversion and child trafficking in sex trafficking and here it is right here in our county i think it's in every i think it's in every county right now and i believe that it is in to time now and i could only pray and again i encouraged my people in adult here when i'm saying and as a calling against you we need to learn how to pray god caused these people to be exposed caused them to be arrested caused them to a may be come to their senses but a low parents see and to keep their children from these the and i know sometimes it's so difficult between the lines but it's like go when we think about justice there's no greater area in my mind a practically speaking then the justice against the crimes in her corn on across the their monsters there at their i have a video can show her oh i hate to say it but i've seen some terrible he had for my years of his and when people think about making mistakes and trying to live more of a godly life is as the believer there is a huge difference between us who stumble some on once in a while and we make mistakes but we're trying right and got understand and those people who are absolutely monsters and the the things that their joy that are with them in locks stop with satan himself a difference so when we look about the justice on the outside a and the justice set that is going to be exacted upon those type of head i'm not so sure there's a way to come back from some of that i mean i think it anything's possible with god and i'll throw that when alteris i do believe that but when people make decisions to do the things to children that there capable of will i know like live organ transplants or or harvesting that sort of thing that person has absolutely no plum line whatsoever and i don't know a part god absolutely just doing a completely do that that peniworths as were talking out where there's two types of people here people that are trying the or trying to follow god is such an old there is a people that are absolutely sold out to say he has to make it of differentiation when we talk about that for out the grace for believers and the justice and the the absolute dross to all those who have word who have waged war against god god's yet i think that it's you know some people might say aught to your talking oretical but i think that we could even go so far as to say down on i just i won't say i use this word lightly because i don't but i think there is a reality that some people are irredeemable o no we don't like to talk about it but god and we could lurk at the old testament of particular he wanted some of these sins to be utterly wiped out instead yes and do you know the people in our world i we we sometimes struggled with that and as i said last week even the pope or the catholic church right now is going on all over the world trying to stroy any biblical understanding of capital and he probably guilty of hacks that would lead to it that's the why they want to do that they want to cover at all he saw it now in another one of my questions was when god says that judgment begins in the church of the assembly do we think our leaders adequately the cap was this task if you know me at all you'd pray realize i would say no i think we're we've got on a grade of fidele across the board as his abroad stroke but ah well god calls o men to do justice per micesix eh do you think it we adequately i performed this the oh with god's implicit command for here one to example christ by word and reflection how do we rid ourself as god commands his disciples to reproduce obedient disciples in our going all over the world to all people how would we rate our collective so these are some of the things we need to ask ourselves and it may be that last one down on the the reality of evangelism making disciples around the world the church years to really be known as evangelistic and missionary minded and god's word does talk about that all people go well hear the gospel before the and i don't know if people are aware but last i heard there are about seven thousand he that don't have a bible in their native of and and i i want to may be emphasized and encourages in some ways because it does of all nations will be under his gospel rule when he read to bring a pure hard to heavenly jerusalem and i despite say i know some people would say all this i don't believe that but i'm just going to say that since the world the whole world is yet discipled to obey king i think we have a long way to go rather than be down in the damson sit down on our hands and say all you this is the end i think we have the greatest impetus and the power so graced get out there and get after discipline unto the what do you think myself i say i think i think that there's a lot of things that we don't understand and what what really jumped out to me as under his gospel rule not just it i think that's significant right there so there's there's lots of things that we don't know but what i do know is every day we should be walking in a way that's pleasing to god and he be ready whether it's in five seconds five minutes two weeks two months or thousand years we should not change or doing it i know like i've always thought i told my kids you should never do things in the dark that you couldn't do things in the light it that there's your plum line right there because god sees what you're doing no matter what you're whereto in her where you are so it's kind of it's kind of absurd to think that god's not seeing you and all it you're on the way we live should be above reproach now does that mean that we don't make mistakes so that we don't sometimes you don't times were people you know fail better and we got to get back on that horse and ride it again and that's that's the way it works as the christian are we perfect no it's not about this piety battle or anything like that but it's sad it's in her heart serve god and serve here and he our fellow human beings or you know his creation that's that's the and i i don't know donald and and i said you know i cineas you to maybe on backettit but i sometimes think when i know what piety means and i'll say it to vvulgar sensorielle they ought to anhaunse a square word it's not but de vulgaris just really at the common level understandings this is why a lot of people will talk about piety at a common level or to talk about free will at a common level i kind o understand that but it there's just something in me the all as wants to take it to a god understanding and very often has not the same so i think sometimes that piety is a man driven rather than a grace driven it's be its back by idolatry in my opinion yes when when i say when i say a piety contest i throw out a throughout their virtues over other peaks trying to look and and be more pious more virtuous more this more that instead of given the grace or given the honour to god and in realizing that that of where all were all sinners saved saved by grace save by the substitutionary detineret on i mean that's it we only have well have the right to be there because of what jesus did for us it's not what we do so by my example and i had got a couple of em that i remember when i was for years by some really good in studies that i was that you know when people will say i am praying for you that sometimes is roll comforting or not yet and what not but when somebody says that i'm praying for you i pray for you instead of god be with you and in you know revenuepeter hand your arms around somebody the there's a difference it's like taking credit from god because your prey for the and does that make some son or no dostanians for me i know that you know this personally i have really tried i mean i know that i used to say all pray for you and and i did intend and very often i would and i see the nooaticin i mean it's one of those one but it but i know that what god is me to do as i so often pray with somebody right then right the apron that's what all do too it's like if it something needs prayer i'll just shoot you know dear hamilcar you know help us to understand what is your teaching us and included in the conversation so that it directs it directs the attention to to him and him be in there instead of instead of the son were i've seen so many instances of this in the an i take on other people as their project that's one of those things that is so offensive to me i can't even explain it where her people will will turn persons to a person into a project it's a piety can they want to feel hotter than that person struggling so they point out things of that person struggling with and set off you don't like noah sons walking backwards cover him up and you know help them give back on their feet without parading it out there an i was that a pass over messina passed over years ago and there was gallophere she came out and she brought somebody whether yet she basically such and it was very mortifying for this woman it was so mortified is this such and such and well were prayed and i was like in a woman was mortified and unlike men i went in originpre for me because it's that i don't know about you but i don't have figured out i'm pretty sure you don't either and i'm like you know in a like in a common set at the table with the rest of us or trying to you know live better but it's that kind of thing it's putting people down in very yes of aggressive almost was it is that makes sense thats what i knew when i saw i could do no osgoodites you thrown some explanations out there because you know how much i loved to sit at the table and talk about yet i know that i cannot communicate that more than what i'm setting a table talking to somebody a narrow lot of times not for my benefit but for others i pray dorothea said many many times i wish we had recorded that not not like i say not to build me up one second but just because god has been in the midst of that is and i think that as you have said to me tim we need him stores ah i i think sometimes i fall into cheering them stories by knowing where people are and give me my life experienced to talk into their life and i know they may see it like you said donna as i'm trying to stand over them i that is never my intention my intention is to may be helped them see where there at and how can we overcome at ho what things do you have to fight for to do that and i think that sometimes that is ah what people here as a fence of so sometimes i don't know how to correct that offensiveness i tiopara les and i think that that's the the value of telling stories is it your building a rotondo the i mean i throw a lot of stuff out there that our personal to me too and i feel like well how do you get to know of hers unless you're willing to not package yourself like the spake plastic world we have but just there often excels and if if there's there's a probe people thinking that its for another another reason while i can't help you there but but it is i think that the ten stories are great if it helps people to know every one and in a story form sometimes what i think people don't get if it's just information information no pros desires now it does donejust i know that it's a delicate issue but i will say and i kind o ran over that it took beginning nothat last paragraphthat we went through that i think he talked about christ's rule ah and i have so many times talk about the antinomian spirit in the church and that is again an anti god's law approach and his comes i'll say in many many flavors and and i i understand that it's really grace is what drives her obedience after were saved the fruit of our salvation not the cause of our salvation we obey from our salvation rather than for our salvation so some of that is just a a correction of maybe focus or perspective but when we become obedient to god's law in christ's gospel under king jes in his kingdom i really believe they are as catology changes and that in hands first general world and we're in a word to get into that somewhat in seven the passages that we look at sounds like getting the next two weeks at least oh so there's a the first point there is you pray get to massage up yes see okay see i can't even see that net so that work but there's a huge difference between belief and god and faith or trust in god and i know if people let you say this was the first time he ever lessened to redeeming grace he say well then how do you understand that faith it laterpeople have faced but i understand that the faith that i believed that is related to new birth is ontological faith not necessarily in epistomological or how we now faith because before were new birth are we do have an epistomological understanding of what faith is but when god knew birth us inside of our soul ontologically a teasin of our being then we can have the mind of christ maybe i should put together finger on the other side there enough for a little bit just glowed in her oh i need a coat oh jerry trying to figure out why my screen star but to her he has attended the world oh so any rate idea to do a book walkith the afridis actually he's my physical therapist and he he i know he's a lethren by a history and so we we've talked about a lot of things and i talked about dethrone for in any stalking about the ides prager commentary series he says one don't you bring in that ponhook and i'll swap you a real each other's books he wanted that and i wanted to read one of dennis praeger's book so i was actually on exodus a little bit of this point is from man dennis prager ah so what is the difference between belief and faith her trust and no fragrous let his foot ah this is the rational bible found macerion acides ah god slavery and freedom so he says does it mean as many people as some that trusting god will help us whenever we're in trouble and i might say well that's kind o like to a genie in the bottle thing that people walked to put god in clear leave that can't be the case oh if god always intervenes as we wished there would be no unjust suffering in this world no disease no evil and no death and one should add no free will and i know the genus prager speaks about death free will in the common or the vulgar sense i reject it not to thy reject people using it because that's just southington but i think that there is a reality that before were new birth we don't really have free will we have freedom of choice but no free will but of course there's an immeasurable amount of unjust suffering ah and i just want to throw this out that from god's view suffering at some level not always even to his sang yes the just effect of and it may be not our personal sin it may be sin in the world that to rost rue i mean rose if you well at our feet so sometimes in this is why the imprecatory salts were you saying god help us so i could be the god i'm sorry that i've sinned i'm sorry the other people have sent a any made the statement i thought it was so good of paint were water the world would draw believers also trust god will at the time of his choosing intervene in this world and i might say that's more like deistic thinking though not necessarily in the lifetime of a specific individual who may beseech god's intervention many people myself included that begin as preger believed god intervened to inspire the founding of the united states of america and how long people the listen to what he says here is i think it is so important he says the country founded by roted in the hebrew bible it's not surprised in their fore lithony verse inscribed on a most iconic symbol of the american revolution the liberty bell is from the torah you shall proclaim liberty throughout the land for all its inhabitants from leviticus twenty five ten and then he says americo became the one troy de o christian and i and i think that's what people don't understand there's never been a country like america in the founding and when we don't understand that i think we slander that founding we slander god we deny the possibility of recovery and corruption and so i do have a couple recommendations here dona ah because sadly there's a lot of people that do not believe that our country was got her dander founded by those who unapologetically believed in god's king jesus and his host as i've mentioned before i highly recommend any of day pardon material excuse me for you can't see this that i'm putting his book up here right now okay yeah the american story yes by and years timber so but i think it's that depart on son but there is so much excellent information they have years ago and i would hardly recommend this book i just called it up on amazon still available it's called the light and the glory by peter marshal and david manuel oh that one or the light and the glory that was one i read a going to guess done almost forty years ago a powerful powerful book about our founding and i just again for my sisters i would encourage i'd just recently lessened to interview by eric attacks ah who interviewed michael med vet i have never heard that name before i just called up one of my sons he sit down i blessed that michael mentitor years but he wrote to books i would like to get and what is called god's hand on america divine providence in the modern era and the american miracle divine providence in the rise of the republic and because i know done that the dethroner standing of our founding is so so necessary to day because it's almost forgotten and i just i got a sheer just one story that he told donna i thought he was so beautiful i think people will chuckle but this guy eric retakes asked him how in the world can you ah somebody that came into our country how is it the you got so many stories that i have never heard in and what his share was that his grandfather and grandmother came from new year crane and this word go back almost to the beginning facti the very beginning of ruler two came into play in his life his grandfather came to america to earn money and send back to his grandmother to bring their thattime six children to america he finally got enough money set it back he was coming with her father and their six children they took a train to the border and that very day they shut down the border and would not let him get out of the so she had to turn round they handed a sick five of the six kids handed up dying and years later she came reunited with her husband what was lycomedes grandfather and so the one son that did live was well i guess it was grandfather but they came to america and she was fifty already there were actually both fifty she got she felt like she was deathly sick and she went to the doctor and he said well ma'am oh you need sit down and she started crying he sisterwho cried she so you're going to tell me i got cancer hohenheiligen you that your pregnant and she was pregnant with michael medve it's so he's got a story to tell ah quite a mess and i think he tells the story in those books he does say that there is a huge movie coming out nineteen i mean o twenty twenty five i could wish it was to morrow but people may want to grab those books and see what michael met ted has to say about america i do thoughts theling at borealior you re talking yes so the second point is the david praise to its lord to save him and so we're going to look at some story five and as i would just say as we look at the imprecatory psalms again remember the david often prayed these prayers and i i got her in and bolted words in the voice of the redeemer so i know that david pray these prayers and yet david was ah the picture of the messiah in a lot of ways and so this there are certain figures in her difficult for us to understand when you pull in the prophetic understanding of the and do so jesus often quoted the psalms in fact he was likely quoting his psalms as he hung on the cross and we can chew deeply on some of these things ah there's a verse before we get to some sort five in ten fifteen break the arm of the wicked and evil doer call his wickedness to account to you find no again people might say tim could we pray that absolutely now are we being vengeful for pranes i say no now you may have a vengeful spirit in your prayer and i would tell you check that examine it but i think we honor the god of justice when we pray things like profits coped with persecution with these words jesus didn't apologize she vigorously overturned tables to pleade his tone apostles oppose christ rejecting so when these souls crying against injustice and for just i just asked my listeners to learn more let these the oh so we went through before a saw himself in eleven of fifty two and just touched one thirty nine to day we're going to go through maybe thirty five and thirty seven next week womack romans and sons one tense will see if we get through those first oh my first thought and a challenge to my listeners is this do you pray like david against the evil and injustice you see and trust me when i say when i asked that to my listeners i got to choke sometimes within my spirit gas sometimes i can complain about a lot of things but i got to ask myself if in my praying to bote in i take in that before christ i mean if anything i should complaining to him now could he hear my complaints yes but i would say have i had the attitude of prayer on no things very often not and and i say that with regret and even doing his message i i really i had to examine my heart and go home an i'm not doing very good to other so oh i like it is in ipateshti it like well down at time of your game and this area as your family and you know it's that is the constant revaluation on pecos yes so when you know even when david did write is the and we're going to hear a nice in these next to psalms their lords in he did write housleke thought righteously and yet evil still came against him so i you know his prayers really encouraged and challenged me and i hope they do he ah so lots never fall into the idea that god's a genie that we ask god you save us from ness and he'll cop because the reality as sometimes he is as i could say he's he's quiet he's almost silent that doesn't mean that he's not there on we may think it and i think that's why dennis prayer sometimes said that ah you know almost got into a deistic thinking he pray wasn't it that love cause i have a respect for him but i think that there's a sense that sometimes we do think god you show off it to big things you really don't care about the little things you don't really intervene in our world no god does and i think more than anything because we talked about the sobat last week when we think about god inhabiting the praise of his pet i think that we need to understand more than anything that he in habits the prayers of so when we pray god where you bring justice would you bring ah resistance against eve of forces at play yes worse bostowed spiritual warfare but i think that we ought to make sure that we take out prayers like that the throne and again as the associated with that tone and so again sometimes seek him you just you mark it as you you make us feel bed ah i know the god has to call in in the mid sometimes of challenging others so nice person i think you're a little hard on yourself as far as when you point out things that are wrong that need a change i think i think you've got a presupposti thank you done i haven't all is heard dot there's a lot of poculenta i'm gilsonite hard case and i will say one years and years ago just he may be put it in perspective sometimes i just i say god i have such in appreciation for what god is done in me so when people talk about all you need to do these spiritual tests you know i remember ontonagon is prone osbeck forty five years to go before we were even considered a to beatrice planer in england we had to do spiritual test and a when it came to mercy i didn't even register on it no i think he and so i think that god has worked mercy into for the last forty five years so am i you don't got hers is all of our good characteristics and bad characteristics things we are a little short on and things that we have you know the trumpet as a beautiful beautiful tapestry of of a different i donno different threads different colors and different different strengths different weaknesses together that makes sobeautiful beautiful tapestry of life and i don't think any one of us has got any of this thing ildown in it of ourselves it's all of us together that that you know sometimes we need somebody that's going to come out and show our tails and get on on the right road to get and then other times we need somebody who's a soft touch his command looks like let's walk together but i i i think all of the all of the gifts should all of our shore coming there are few and i you mention the word done i love the analogy of the test have never done a tapestry so a probably speak well ignorantly about that but if if anybody knows enough about a tapestried the front of it can be gorgeous and and that's kind of our lives as you said it is like a tapster but if you turn the tap o street over you would go what is this it's just not in strings and there's light no picture it's just it's almost like a mass of confusion right unless it's woven by a master a master weaver like god had yeah and but but what i'm saying is our life sometimes worn looking at the back of the tappestere in the we go oh my goodness and i think that's kind of what god's going to do any turn it for for many of us he's going to turn around and show us the front side of the tap o street that has woven and you're right he is he is the master weaver he is the only gets to be he is one that gets to see the and game and he knows where this thing is going there's no mistake he's got it it's like all the good and bad you're learning from the things that we were learning from the things we shew off in sorpassre on her feet again come on what's to this side yes i don't is frustrated a lot however i'm sure he is in me oh dan you know how well and in downeaster greece asia we all need and again i tell people either fact in that last paragraph the throne of grace is stocked about here's for sixteen and it says let us come boldly to the throne of grace for why mercy and grace and time and and you i just down enough to ask when is that the and gone kind o whispers or shouts every second of every day so when he mercy and grace constantly when we're in this world and if i am dependent on anything i on the bastedly say that i am dependent on concrete and so lives here if you can a little bit when member we've gone through like the lord's prayer that christ taught in matthew in fifteen i just i would say maybe if you're confused about ten or what we should be prayingfor listened to some thirty five and maybe ponder anew a new paradise so let's let's get into that that same i ran my may at the you right now is it no go i should be right here in the next paragraph in the in manuscript i mean you to turn to that that's just the man to passages the word sprayer okay yet there regales and on one okay so you you there the son thirty five on three or ah indeed to back up vancouveria i may if did she be like the second page third page third page i'm sorry and sadly down a most times those pages are numbered theses not so at the top of the thick i think i see is a keeps the searching round here but i'm not colemanhad o kay so is he says contend o lord with those who contend with me can't we all say that yeh five thinkingthese who fight against me take hold of shield and buckler and rise for my help and i would i got there make your kingdom rule parent sometimes we say god are you jesus are you really king to day and i i would say done the desolate church that would say no chess isn't king to day he'll be king when he comes back and takes his people home on it crushin and aneebikong now i think i think he is from the cross he still is king and he will be king into eternity i'm not finding that here is keep reading until i get to where i need to be paycosts go right back to the top of the manuscript all right so you got argus twenty six notgordon to the portamonete to next pages coesarum geneseos the rational bible commentary ahharith next page start off yes worse posted just nephew rode one paragraph below that at will be sonshurried and you are going up to your saying i did have it i was looking at the the reference before which was before i was mate okay yes yes yes so yes i probably through your curve there was not it was not did not portmanties there my short coming in like writing for screen ontariah down the door in the thobeisthe endorser were like god in verse rather draw the spear and javelin against my pursuers say to my soul i am your salvation we need to hear that all time let them be put to shame and dishonor o seek after my life let them be turned back and disappointed who devise evil against and i know that when we're in the midst that evil is coming against us either at a personal lovel a corporate lovel oh business love all government lovel a church love will it is tough sometimes and take it it is says like them be like chaff before the wind angel of the lord driving them away and i got dead underline the angel of the lord when we redentine old testament that is almost always what i believe is a pre incarnatis let their way be dark and slippery with the angel of the lord see no and of discord to read one text that's that's two verses right there that talks about pursuing or driving them away pursuers up in verse the everybody is former with psalms twenty three whether they could quoted or not but in verse six it says surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of my life and i shall dwell in the house of a lord for ever and i i remember first time i preached to the servery young and oh i guess maybe as i memorized that it was like surely goodness and mercy but really it surely is for sure but when we talk about following what does that mean to us and what it means is if for summarised there's a bobble behind us a red or red and blue bubble behind us as we drive down the road and if it doesn't pass us go on he is sings and in that sense he is following and so the hebrew ah meaning of that is that oh goodness and mercy so his righteous that's a lot maybe for me it's it's big some people my god thamnistes not that bigger with deal but i i think that really kind of fools that thought up and so here on the other end of this in some sertifie we see that evil first south righteous and as her were seen to day done that we've talked about burst out and for without cause they hid their net for me without cause they dug a pit for my life let destruction come upon him when he doesn't know it and let the net that he hid and snare him let him fall into it to his destruction a worse if not here later another song david really talks about it he when he prays for them he puts on sackcloth if they've got she oh i'd like to like a ply that to whitmore benson and nestle right there as well as bidding the world economic form and all those people have truly laid a trap for all of us that they would fall into the their own destruction of their own making yes and again i am not suggesting ever that god is a genie but my point is done this is what i'm trying to encourage people to understand if we pray those prayers that david prayed let destruction come upon those when we ought now and let the net that they had insnare them let him fall into his to his destruction i just asked might god step forward and do something for his people i mean i i know you might have say that prairies fighting but i think as i challenge god challenges me i think prayer is a fight first of all to do it to do well to do it rightly to do it sisterly but should we pray those things i say absently and i do said to myself earlier i don't do that enough i can complain but i think god says pray it to me pray it to me ask me see if i won't bring my kingdom other be some people see him we we soldanry for god to bring his kingdom to earth then i do say what are you polly hawking at we shall i think me that one while there's a lot i be done i've heard sub christian leaders say that what those that made the epithet this craziness i agreed don i absolutely agreed but but see these are to me the people that do not know are founding i know one pass through that told me that our founders sin against god by creating or our country by by causing a revolution oh ye done i'm tellin see i think that i think there are a lot of people that don't know some of the fundation tenets that are being preached from the pulp now would somebody in the pulpit say that pride boldly i don't know maybe there are some well but there's a lot of pastors that believed that and his gets back to what i was saying i told somebody dear to my heart but think i owe has but that i would do a study on you don't lot of people talk about five to one see three things and i know everybody tends all are worthy of ione in three church well see my point is okay maybe they are and sometimes maybe they are joining the know they are they were ignorant he came in as a passes i mean i found it long pastor thought now that but see what i will ask do they believe that rome thirteen one i teached it were always close to basically submit to godly government see horse there a lot of pass through the otano absolutely goddess pleased when we submit to tyranny i say no absolutely not so it's not now sincerely a five one see three things although that's at least in play but i think it's more the foundation of what they believe of thing if they know that america was segestes jesus was the only unison as the god man i almost believed that america is the most unique that was ever put together and if they knew that i think it would change their theology and maybe their pet so would it be good that we pray those prayers against our evil leaders absolutely a hundred times then i make myself clear yes and and i think like em i tend to pray for confusion for their plans you praesente sankinson hand to the camps of the aldermen that the plans would come to nothing but then i also pray i also will pray that god blessed them bless our enemies because that kind of ah i think opens the door for god to move into their lives and hopefully turned round she would be though thou are on also a great calling but absolutely absolutely yeh and i'm not going to say you need to change what you said down in your saying there's one thing to pray that god might bring repented but when people are doing reprehensible evil and don't think we should pray for god's blessing i know what you're saying and and all i'm just saying his well he is coals on the head when you have blessed when you pretty for people who are evil in a bible talks about that when we thought we pray for them you know to be blasted osgod's presence and its heaping coals upon their head to change the behavior if you ought and i think a lot of that one wouldn't the heap in the cold thing was grilly would somebody whose aureoles you sent them away with a ready fire and that's what they did they had a turbaned basically out and i could keep the coals up there so when they could get home they had an instant fire and i i would you say that sometimes as not necessarily talking about the very evil ones but bullets go on he says then i sangatalah to learn i'll tell you that right now i know and i and in it could be done you're right did he could be learning and i think that this is what my challenges i mean i would like to think that people could see from what i've said to day i'll so learning you know i've heard so many times a youyoucan't newtonthat time and we can all learn and it's a good thing it's a good thing says then lies soul will rejoice in the lord exulting in his salvation all my bones shall say o lord who is like you delivering the poor from him whose too strong for him the poor and needy from him who robs him isn't that what we're looking at they're trying to steal everything we have you got to own nothing and be happy i don't think so because they want to own it all the melissene ses rise up they ask of me things that i don't know they repay me evil for good my soul is brogten they were sick i thought maybe this was a song sorressero when they were sick i wore sackcloth when afflicted i have flicked myself with fast in a prayed with head bowed on my chest i went alone and though i grieved for my friend and my brother as one of the menses brother who is mother i thought down morning now isn't that he's praying that on top of asking god to destroy the so it's like i think that we need to learn a balance can we pray for them on one hand yes but i think at the same time when when he is the god of justice we need justice in our land and what are your things about capital punishment is it brought pretty swift justice and judgment and we don't see that to day so ah but at my stumbling the rejoicing gathered together against me wretches whom i are did know tore at me without ses like profane mockers at a heat they gnashed me with their tea and i could always think of david when i believed that absalom kind o created a coo and david lost jerusalem and i can remember one man in particular just here he with all kinds of slander in i often wondered why didn't david to strike the man down he didn't he wouldn't but he would ask god to do what to be oh so he says how long o lord will you look on rescue me from their destruction my precious life from the lions i will thank you in the great congregation in the mighty throng i will praise you let not those rejoice over me who are wrongfully my foes and let not those who winked the eye who hate me without cause for they don't speak is not what we see to day they don't see they can talk these they don't bring but against those who are quiet in the land they devise words they opened wide their mouths against me they say i ha ha ha our eyes have seen it you've seen o lord be not silent o lord be not far from me awake and rose yourself for my vindication for my cause my god in my lord vindicate me o lord my god according to your righteous and let them not rejoice over me let them not say in her heart to ha our heart's desire let to not say we've swallowed him up let them be put to shame and disappointed who rejoiced at my calamity let there be clothed with shame and dishonour who magnify themselves again let those who delight in my righteousness shout for joy and be glad and say evermore great is the lord who delights in the welfare of his then my tongue shall tell of you righteous and of your praise all the day long i guess we're going to stop here because ah there certain things in time to get done and i can i can only hope that we would allow david's words to challenge our souls to maybe provokes into praying like is it a learning curve sis i'm still on that her ah but be encouraged to pray like the one god said loved him with his whole art ah so i hope people will in this next week maybe senden's questions we're going to finish up the second half next week and were also going to do communion next week so be prepared as we start next week any questions or last comments before we wrap up to day done well less is god himself will at these evil people have series ah ah thank you pastor temper saints things and then the other yea that's the joy of the follicles of moran how explained on stream yard and such so i did come out with his fine and i now the other lace so i think it's on your own that you couldn't see a smithite rusteloos of it went well and beat hessois thankful chantlike i always always learn something new every single week and i think that the i'm your life long study i mean i think that this is such a a verity a theme of your life or focus of your life that we're all getting a chance to benefit for a man i've just really grateful for the time you put into i know what you put a tremendous amount of time preparing the other written the written now sermons that you have provided with us and i disanto thank you for that in behalf of averybody out there i think i think this is such a in such a blessing to me and so many people and i spent o for that and i could only say you're welcome as i understand and i am so thankful for what god is taught me over the years ah so he gives an an i give because he gave way more than i get ever image so let's let's pray in closing remember communion next week ah you what demand your script others some people i sent it out to all the time i got no problem sending that out i can't get it off down as website ah but study it ask question oh so with that let's close her prayer to day and god be with you ah as you go or havendeath er thank you so much for your word without your word without grace without your spirit we would be utterly lost and we can only thank you when we know that new birth lives strong in our set lord de vie with the listeners challenged them encouraged them teach them from our word his name we i thank you oh what see here the saddles there you lemon think everybody for joy on us to day for redeeming grace there and we're going to do close it up here with go to divine brenburg governor do come i had the best not concede who has ever not conceded and the astree all the united states and well i know we've got a hurt hands here tasked all see get my headset we love you we love all those whom you love and that god bless you god bless all those whom you love a god bless america have a great day make it one and being courage the justice that he is coming is save for those people who are committing grave agreed as crimes than her happy be god's mercy and grace are reset for you as in an eye as we turn our hearts and our our focus to god almighty his savior jesus christ our lord said as i would like you to have one of the things i'd like you to do is to also teach or to give that solmes sage of salvation to and i don't if you want to do it now or later but i really wouldn't love for you to do almost an altar cold okay at all like i mean and again you're going to hear a different gospel i believe in the gospel that the righteousness of christ that he lay down on the cross yes the eternal foundation for our salvation i i always presented to an i just talked to young man on sunday that to me the reality of the birth of a baby the biological birth of a baby greatly parallels the spiritual birth of a new soul and ah so it's it's like wounded baby comes out they breathed because they have life and that is the big divide in the church there are a lot of people think that in my sinfulness i can create faith on two salvation that's like asking the baby to breathe before its born when god unto longhope new verses our soul we breathed faith guarantee guarantee and so it's only after new birth can we repent so i would say this as far as as you say may be an alter call if you know that your redeemed and you are not living the way that you should didyes cry out to god you need to read pet the best way you know and seek to do what he wants is to oh if you don't have new birth in your soul i believed it god gives us enough bread cost that weak and cry out god would you knew birth my sole can i create that in you can you create at in yourself no but his spirit as why jesus said in john the ah he said that we see the wind but we don't know where it comes from he said that's the same thing with the spirit and i would say in new birth we don't know when the spirit falls on somebody to new birth and were to talk about that down i appreciate you at least ask in about that because we're going to get into romans any thenwe and understand what that really mean because paul is the only a possible does it twice in galatians and romans that he says the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are sons of god and we call out oh be father so on i think it's some of your thoughts will be answered next week in that context to me it's my beautiful passage to understand that's coissinet everybody know that god is there right there whether you right now and you can turn to him right now and he will help you and every part of your life not only not only ultimate salvation but he's our saviour every single day and as we walked to the so turned to hang his good he he will come and help you when you reach out to him and accepted his gift of loving you of his son for salvation for you and a and a your you'll find out that he's always been there just waiting he's just waiting for so there you go on and i'll say one more thing nor dona when we think about what god does as i taught from gallatin god will move heaven earth and hell to bring people to new so people should a sorcerette more pray for others pray for us round you for sundays god god will god has set so he seeing he once to relationships he wants to help us through this life as it gets incredibly easier and in most ways some ways to get tireder but other ways he gets much easy you've got him walking with you and he has locked the so thank you for a portion at that window nor done appreciate that soon push any window out here that we otohime i'll say just man anything and i not not afraid to say either so if things these beshoor you to say it face that like like you do repose i would like to encourage people i did potaverit aldwin and maybe i should do this right now i did want to i wanted to think about doing it oh i put on my telegrams a video in its its verily brooded it's a little bit of a brutal bettybut when people find that there putting themselves as a well i'm not really a center i'm not oswell you know what we all are so you can have to get over that but you know we're we're i put a ioupe is because i wanted people to have to come to terms of the fact that what we're seeing and pure evil in this world is things that most of us can't even relate to so when we're talking about a vow you know sending our legs or trying to get rid of two live more like like god that's a process but there is such sure evil out there that we're going to have to confront and and so there's no there's no negotiating room in some and i want flees video ometepec use i think this will all honestly then taken down so many times saisons people mad to see and i'm just then on ofernod warning right now if you don't want to see something that may be will leave you with some images that might be a mole disturbing with you then you might want of just selected week but if you want to know what we're talking about pure evil and this is about the children we are fighting because of god's old the children it's god's and so on enplacements so people know kind of what we're talking about this is a in the anthers a child is brought in to having their organs this is what we're talking about in is so rampant then that we don't we are going to have come why is that pony i wish god itself this happens because we are silent ye done i will say i couldn't see it but i you have shown me things in the past we even think about when back in the old testament a through their babies into the fire for moloch oh it's like this is worse and people got to understand that when we are doing this to people babies and otherwise that is just horrendus so this is what we're talking about about the divide between people who are cleaning it out of our lives and those you know better letting out clean and on our life and those that are absolute monster and awe they exist because we are we are are running gentile jesus with a pot culture and psychologyin rather than going after these who are locked up his stand no long there you come now or more this lot more out there ocean the dechofour and not done up people need to see that oh the depth of the hole is so intent we stand together as is ah we are standing together against the screenland you know what god's winning and in god god always went we just have to hold the line speak up refused to give in to evil and even on our small things tell the truth do the right thing do the right thing every single time whether any one is looking or not put down greed and envy and all of those things and realize we are in a fight for the children for the nation for the children for god's and that's an that's a fight we will never back down and so anyhow ah have a great day no your pre and never fear and never back on what