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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/11/2023 Chuck Ritchard and Karen the Riveter

Published Sept. 11, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg in it is the eleventh day of september nine eleven twenty twenty three and one welcome everybody here to the show to day this is a is a solemn day in or in our nation's history and we really it's good to remember the hare the past and what his lettuce up to where we are now and with that set on goin to welcome in here in the riveter he i care not you do in no morning good morning to i have mixed feelings about nine eleven than rear because on the one hand we can't forget and on the other hand a kind of want to as it was not a fine time in her nation's history and for a lot of people i was horrific and some more than others i mean so surethat we don't really want remember well i think i think you know that was the day honestly i think that our nation started really waking up two for real in some of us have been like ordinary our whole lives and it relies there i know you had always made there's something wrong which i didn't know how bad it was and how deep it was until that day and as we started watching things unfold realizing that things were as they appear in it was undeniable at the time its undeniable now that we truly in my opinion it was an inside attack on our nation rattans a very very difficult thing to wake up in that something that you believe was one way your whole life all of a sudden you realize that were being run by much liars cheats and thieves who absolutely hate this nation and hated enough so commit mass murder but they've done it again haven't they one and that the really the really sad thing is too honestly as to watch what's happened even sunset in vinster questioning the things that happened before nine eleven really questioning he who's who who are we really looking at whose were masks i got to see something this past week that was very very interesting i went to a couple of events this week and what i was able to see by being there on the ground was that some people that i thought were really evil people turns out i think the plain a roll or he and i to be able to see it smack in the face like that was just like i almost laughed right out loud because we are we are being things are upside down right now and it was in that one of the most poignant things that was such to me was from the most unlikely person that i ever imagined would say and that was what was really shocking to and then to look at we have bad is plain good guys and good guys plain bad guys and so when i say question everything i mean i mean i've it even went in a different direction on a little bit then the direction that ah i thought it was going to go win which was his kind of a bit fun and yet shocking to me and i you know i i remember being told something by somebody that worked for the die years ago you've got the figured out you're wrong it togetherup o us and that that we're all going to be surprised in the act remember you can be sprised whose talk can to you remember that ah it is a time for us to kind of set back a little bit because i do believe that the good guys are in control and i do believe that we have already won the war i really somebody wants stonegrave what are you actually think i think that we have good guys plain bad guys and bad guys plain good guys or and it is some of em are kind of hodder i said six year oldish and their pots where you can pick and pick it off or of bad some of them it takes the little while and most human beings cannot hold a character indefinitely and you'll see it break you'll see their character break i've seen it happen around me consistently so is there's reasons why i don't speak out about some people that people are like wirerope and out about this part because i'm still in that questioning stage because i probably already made up my mind that there are good guy plain a bad guy or just like as to many inconsistencies he and let's see how this place out because that's how i feel about a lot of people out there and that's an old kate place to be because we're going to find out it's not that the failure on our part it's that we are learning things as we go why and and that's okay you have in people don't think that this is this has been in play for fifty years that's where they've got in this one this is cool things started decades ago because you don't just walk into mortar and expect them to hand the keys to the castle over a love that is from lord the ranks he spectatorat in more dark and take a thing down now it's probably going to take a while and you want to know who is the greatest that take down honestly it's as ergere american people and o for buying into their lives and or being turned into a weapon of mass destruction ourselves by going for good people o alienand not going after bad people because it's so hard in the fog of war to sometimes tell the de other and so they put how lines out to bring washes they you know i'm i am going to tell the truth no matter what happens because that's that's what god has put in in it is somebody is a good guy that's that's plain about guy i i'm probably going to say someting you know i'm an it'll be rather quickly unless i find a really good reason to hide it let's put it that way if it if it's going to put somebody else's life and danger then i'd probably just refrained and saying some but i am going to try to come forward with the truth no matter what i see and if somebody screws on go through it out there i'm going to throw the evenest out there not that on my opinion the base on what is he out and i'm going to tell you what this his secretary estate candidates that have been all there that are some posing as good guises badges i've seen and consisted and i think that we have a lot of people that look like their god their honestly the bad guys and ah i think there's a lot of bad guys that are plain playing a gaseous or plain back god so on telese irrefutable proof were still in that fog of war just a little bit and you know we can ask for god's discernment but i'm going to tell you what i think it is also you didn't give us or thing we want right when we asked some times makes his way because whose beganthat we are if we know what's going to happen how to time we're going to screw it up orford and so just like because why because human beings are highly fed we're very flock look at the bible there isn't anybody that got it ready so for jesus every single person in the bible had a fatal a tremendous you know a lot of people that go to church that read the bible to want to say we'll look at all these great examples there warn't any there were examples of bad examples in the only good example was god was digging their sorry butts out of trouble i mean that's exactly what was happening there there isn't anybody in it that's righteous they might had hem omanoff of goodness that comes through but they all have character every single waterval look at noon lisle drunk in the tent the gitscom in there and and they start telling everybody about how flowed he is what's the point here or we pointing to god or we honestly keeping our eyes a fallen world that is wholly wholly influenced by satan himself are we going to keep ourselves mired down in this world thinking that we know everything that we know the time stamps ready or we can appoint to god and say okay god what's the next to send a pillar of light to go in front of us we know where to go because we don't know anything and anybody that knows somebody something out there they are not so when i see somebody that's as you know yohyohonto got all with things figured out instead of asking a lot of questions and said all this is this that this is a fact this is what's happening out there that we see that in we can put the facts out there we can put things out there as evidence of what's going on but to be done man about while this is exactly this person as bernardone really there are there may be some really good people that are setting us plain a bad guy or doing the wrong thing but i can tell you we still have to look at the evidence of what were seen of their en learned to think for ourselves the evidence of their actions is woreneed be looking not at i like this person or i like that person setting up our little colts a personality that we follow and drink their cruel lad in the little colts that we have gone out of there as that's what i'm seen o her and and what we've got to break ourselves of of this lemming mentality you know but by nature actually you know i'll go to horse trade and i had a long discussion this morning about horse tread you know it's like like everyone's we have we each of us have people around said drive us not right that you have to learn to get along with of and you have to learn to get along with and either put boundaries on them so that they don't drive you in saying to the point of lashing out at them or just be able to put it in perspective and say like horse train okay what are they reacting to what in their path has made them the need to do this sort of action and try to figure it out and help him pass that though do with horse all horses are damaged when you get em every one of em is and there there afraid because their herd animal and the whole world looks scared the they don't know who to trust the paranoid about everything they don't see any one as being on their own team because they've seen themselves and other people fail so the first action is to strike out against every one i can tell you that that was my reaction when i first got into politics everybody i was just like great i said i would do this job i am really not happy to be here but i'm going to do it anyway because somebody needs to step up and do thus and i guess i might as well be me and i got as erronan i did right but i saw every single person as a potential throat because i couldn't see the lay of the land you try to figure people out you're trying to figure if they're telling you the truth of their lying and hand get past that that absolute disdain for everything you some horses vile because the mantineans a normal good reaction when you've seen something that's a threat it's not a bad thing but we have to move past that in a really good horse trainer the same way god does and in it is truly a miraculous and wonderful thing to see in fact i'm going to pull up a video of a pastor who is also horse trader on if one a minute here and shows us how to trust again after her rennetings after we seen her renestings see think of horses senior friends being attacked being being beaten or killed horses that all the time so do we and a reaction to that is very similar to what a horse's raction would be the suspicious of every one to feel bad about it to try to protect herself right that so we do it's it's a normal reaction supposed to be its re it's a reaction of of a serviette survival reaction and right now every one in survival what which makes good horses good people do stupid things and it makes bad horses you really stupid he but makes all haste super things that makes this makes little cycle were waking up from a mass psychoses and the reactions are going to see and i can tell you this is somebody who works with horse or going to be irrational strike out they're going to try to gain control of an odd control situation and deal with people on both sides both the good people in the bad people are manipulating ful time full time now we got a figure out of one of the things we've got to figure out is is nowas talking to somebody this morning about about a what is our motivation as we go forward are we working for america are we working for political party less let's break it down i go from small flags are we working for a political party or re working for the groups that we associate with there is there a good starting point so are we working for being republican or democrat are we working for being female male or re working for being alget q r x whatever it is all because i keep at in letters and i can't keep up with quite outset i really can do i do i hold it against them it ought no not really not much ice oh i feel convicted by god to live a certain way however in the united states of america we are about fighting for other's right for the rights of children and the rights of people to live in their way they want to live quietly whether i agree or not with ah but the constitution guarantees he and that's what we have to come back to now when those rights infringe on the rights of others to indoctrinate to take people's children to step on the right to somebody who do not believe in the hose in those ways to go we got a problem but that goes both way so we there's problems involved in it but we need to talk about the stuff this is absolutely stuff that we have to talk about to get the nation pulling in the right direcion ah the when it comes to trust in other people you have to make sure that you have enough boundaries around you you know i grew up and i'm going to say it you know i had a lot of abuse in my background a lot and when that happens you typically put up a lot of barriers around you to make sure that nobody no chance and hell anybody's going to do em a hurt you or do stuff like that over again healthy how sutly absolutely but you have to go go past that and i remember the changes that i've gone through over my life chron from somebody who was carrying a lot of hers and how to deal with that to somebody who basically carries almost no hurts like i've really nothing nothing really gets am i there is not a person on planet that can really hurt my feeling as footway anybody could say or do anything to me and i just be like a hows that working for you you know ah i see you're dealing with a lot of problems there because you actually realize that a tax from people only come from people who are damaged their damaged if somebody's attack you other people they are dealing with some sort of mental breakdown from something that happened in the past now sometimes was breakdown can be little just like an horse or they can be he and he put in horses you could have a horse i was talking my daughter the other day what we yesterday were all riding i can teach anything in terms of horse psychology is the same as people and it's a little easier to stomach than then say all this is why people a patesiate the same you know oh you can have a horse that he and i had this i had a farrier that came in specifically because he was pissat me over something and her my horses he was that you was summarily fired i wasn't there until i saw what he did you was fired but we had months to get past what he did to hurt their feet to be able pick their feet up because he actually heard them to get back at me a man that's what exactly happened everybody knows it and shame on him and god made you bring fire down on any one that hurts an animal or a thin i know it happened and it took us a while to rehabilitate of some of em you know you got pickup their feet and they were just shaky absolutely shaking his now is that a real bad thing to get over it makes me in the off i'm ready to do just like if i came face to face with his person i would be hired press not to go after this person bared claws as i don't like animal ouseer human yes i hate all forms ah i remember being abused as i and it wasn't long and it makes me but you know what i passed it then me we come a formidable enemy of someone who does do abuse because they're not going to get to you other than the fact that they're going to get their asses hand to them in no one certain terms but sweetest w months and after a while after a while it was like it never happened it raised it from the mine and then they were o cat again and then you have other horses like we have one that we rescued who was probably one of the top horses in the united states fantastic or well bred there his father wins everything his dad's name is dulces wine and you look it up beside he's a posse opino fabulous posepone winds over the one everything in you know when he was showing such and traitor got on him and basically ran as feet off because he couldn't get the horse to do what he wanted him to do ran and ran and ran and beat and ran and beat this word and then he allegedly i was told tied him up in the rafters of a bar with his head for a day and a well when he caught him down he was paralysed is none is now as bad to one side it has no on the other side his is most was lost orionis jaw he couldn't move his jaw and he would stand in the stock and just just back and forth weaving back and forth just like he was rocking himself to make him feel better and that kind of drama i got to think how many years we had this horse now probably ten years it is is so dramatic that i'm not sure that the ever really totally get over but what happens for the trainer is you understand that drama that that person or that horse goes through because maybe you've gone through and you have been able to feel and see what they felt so you can sit quietly like you know when you the more that we experience the more that we can help other people through that kind of drama it's not an experience you get in college as they in essoiner right now everything now now don't now you don't on tell you go through that words sound like in the bible talks about a ringing gone but when you actually go through and say ye i just sit here a minute and i know how you feel not exactly but on no sit here with you and not react when you react and understand where your pains coming from and that's where the nation has right now i'm going to tell you right now i think we're we're had a smack for complete and total melt down and i don't think it's very far off wherever there's thinks that i know on things that i've seen that tell me that buckle of because nine eleven you think it nine eleven was bad think that depression was bad in the twenties backup it's common and you know what now when you come to a crisis after the crisis the mental the mental crisis we've been in the reactions that we've seen or the past years where you know the people that are ever they want everybody to accept them for what they are and use my pronouns and do this and do that and run everybody else around like a bunch of little narses they are and that the narcissism doesn't mean that you're always all about yourself it means a lack of amity it's like a child that wants to get on a stage all the time they look at me look at me look at me look at me you've got it except me the way i am you've got to do what i want you to do and turns everybody around into a little tree that's what a nurse is or narcissism its very it's highly misunderstood because you've got you've got a lot of people that are younger on going as long as anybody doesn't agree with him oh you're just in arsaces that's how lenses turned into no it's actually a psychological thing that happens when people's base in these are not mad under four years old is usually when it happens and there like a damaged or they grow up constantly constantly were there they feel like nobody understands on they don't understand are they feel and so they're always wanting to be accepted at the constant need for this fort in for people to give him in you know make him secure make him secure make him secure cause they always feel insecure and they do things to manipulate others on to be manipulated towards others it it's it's a pathological thing you you you really of a narcissus i've studied it when i was doing this hospice things for quite a way there's a guy named i think it's sam back who is a social worker and he is an ass any company to e comes out any talks about what an orcus's how they like to control other people's emotion of the feeling and the way they think and what they do all the time and he's like he is a person who cannot empathize with others and he knows it and it's a huge loss he he feels very sad about it but he also talks about how a arsissut not justlythe actually think and it's real interesting it's a real interesting thing to do but till to a into but honestly oh hang ing on the i got to make sure of that i've got jason ii son of the texts this morning olomipees got it he's going to come and for a little bit because we've got information on that a gbi thing going on and i've got more information on how the secretaries of state have been really do in some things that i tell you what i think we got to look into what christina cromwels doing here because i and all of em because there's some there some real questionable things going on with money that are you follow the money and you can see things as so on he doesn't make me hate these people know i feel sorry for him but i think we have to put bit boundaries in the way so that they cannot continue to hurt o the people as edified that way i'm so anyhow when we look back in a sorry i'm talking so long on this but i felt like what i did with that the discussion that the daring bronson and i had on friday so significant about continuing to point to god in a world that is crazy and out of wine in him the only way that you don't act like a horse that's been damaged for the long term is you have to stop and and i've got a great story about another horse that was very very badly abused in abandoned standing about twelve inches of liquid manure never saw the outside of think about the solitary confinement for herd animal is like put in an house the masks it makes in crazy right as her people the the lock down in such makes people crazy just like makes a horse crazy and so this horse was locked down or for years and years and years never got to see the outside they only bring him outside when they want to run his legs off his legs were about twice the size of normal cause they were swollen he said withstand there in sweat sweat trying to pity because he couldn't pet male horse as he have clean her john go and order two you have maintains not a natural thing for them to be able to maintain you got to get the bed in there you got to be able to clean them out a little bit or else things don't work right and he would scream scream for three solid because he was so afraid and i'd walk in the barn and he long abme he lunged at ye try to kick an try to bite in such and i put the hall toronto my be rotation with the halter on him and lead him lead em down the barn and the other horses are lookin at em going now what's the matter with you you all this place is like you go be kidding me these people are crazy they they are you only feed our horses through four times the day it's not like dis one is it one day throwing on now cappy heregiven around bailerie on actually a really good hay and there taken care of we appleswell kinds this and they live in the heat of war i mean i in the winter time so i mean keep modificre elicondi tions you know and they're all damaged okay i'll all of em had some damage accept them one that we've actually brought so i would leave down the barn and had let him sniff everybody's noses and the other horse look at it on and sniffed the essenes as and he'd be gone kindelike looking round like are you kidding me it was heaven to wake up to a new reality and i'd walk all wet down the barn and then walk all the way back and reach stand there for a minute he'd start to come down and he stops sweat on a heape drenched with sweat from top to bottom and be running off his leg worcester so as they put in the stall the screaming but started and walk home down the barn again this one on for a while so one day i look him in on looking now on i think you are big fake so you are your a faker sid put him out his run and we have got doors and i just stood cross the arms and he just stood in the door like this and i didn't move and i sat there for i don't know maybe an hour or something and he just kept looking at me like waiting to see what i was going to do i den react anything you walked up and he started and like this he got closer to shake his head cause he wanted to get close be intrusted he was afraid and all of a sudden he stopped are you kidding me and got real close to me he put his head right here and i thought well is either going to throw me into the road and stop me to doubt the biting or something like that or were going to come to terms with the scone done like this he just kept looking at my eye and it was a long time in all the sudden chickadee brethren in he put his head on my chops who is just like just like so and you know what we do that when we turn to god and realize that no matter if we have good guys or bad guys around us he is there and it won with our heads on his child and know that all things work for good to those who love the lord and call the cording to his purpose he can walk us right up to the ton nthrough anything knowing that it's not what we see it's not what we hear it's knowing that he's in charge and that he is going to guide us and keep us safe through anything walking where right through lyons and threats that look like our bad doesn't matter when god's and charge you don't react you're not afraid and you walk forward knowing the gods cats he is in control were walking amongst a lot of lions they've got they've got no ability to do anything here and i you know i think about the lord of the rings movies i'm not a big move move you watched but i did watch that one and when gondolf took took his staff and said you will not pass any any any and he he stabbed it into the ground and what happened don threat gone and honestly that's what we have to do with satan and his minions we we just stop and just realize do the right thing take a stand don't be afraid god is faithful and he will see us through whatever is coming in the coming day we don't have to be afraid because our eyes we don't even have to figure things out you know i know a lot of people that are trying to figure out every little thing they drive me nots okay he think o putting dates and then it drives me crashing i'm like out o fortune telling so to stab why why is it that we have to figure everything out walk one because it gives me stress cause i don't want to hear it right not a gaming it's what's it does not again it's like walk be okay with following god one step at a time and not seeing the next it's good of you pay you're not going to figure it out i can tell you that i know people that know what's going on they are not one romeo going to so whoever were listening to out there you got a probably you got a chance one way or the other he is gone this were that way for going they might ever might not be right they might be giving you miss information on pere does it worthy to be information that offering little does about lithen get more who's dead who's alive who's actually enoiar arabish amen i know who cares caresnot important you you you when you were talking about the horse it and bit struck me there's a song and it's based on a bible verse ye that labor and are heavy laden come and i will give you rest ye that are ye that labor and are heavy laden me lean upon your dear lord's best and it's not about a suckling breast and like that you know if you are the dan stringing initiation know dad's got that sworn he's afther knockin em all down for you ye you know in it that reminds me too of a time i went to rock ford when the people were have i a out with the school board and i told you the story about a family were of grandmother father and daughter in a little girl said her peace and she leaned on her father and her father was so struck as he was filming her so his back was to the to the commission at first but she started to tear up from the pressure of being in front of all these people kind and and he turned around and he pointed his finger at the commission and at the the board and he said do you see there to her less yousomething to that effect he stood for her and mused used her voice to remind them where they stood which his polo the people and while he was doing this she leaned over against his legging wrapped her arm around him and he put his other arm at wasn't pointing at them around her gently and i loved that that visual for me because she had absolute trust and faith in him and even though he was being powerful and angry toward another direction she felt wholly safe and secure leaning up against him and that's how we should feel if if we are at war in the world is collapsing around us and we're feeling heavy laden we just lain on the lord and wait on him and chill out with that you know i can't be anxious sometimes about things and learned the lesson about it the other day cause i couldn't sleep cause i had too many little things going on in my head and then i realized in the morning maybe what i should have done cause i prayed about it too but didn't quite let it go and that's not his fault that's mine i shouldn't on his written at all out or in out everything that was on my mind and he leave it on the paper and then i don't have to worry about it cause the next day i can look at the paper and say okay i now i have gone to work on this problem and then the next problem and then the next problem but that's what prayers suppose be for too that we when we lay it down at god's fee he takes it from there and takes that burden from us it's it's like that now geput in the the battle belongs to the lord's series about the yolk when we yoke with the lord he takes a lot of that burden from us and together we can move forward with his straight which is far greater than ours but what we got to worry about that and i was also as listening to you there's a line from stairway to have in the song that i really like there are two paths you can go by but there's still time to change the road or there's always a you know i have also yesterday pointed out again the concept of focusing on the path itself on in rather than the pot holes or you might say the yellow brick rolled if he need another analogy focus or where your feet are supposed to be and sometimes like you said we might have to follow a pillar of cloud or fire because we don't know what the next step is connie you look as on gangpur it in your in your way make your feet like the feet of the deer and set you on the high places you let him put the path in front of your feet as your stepping forward and you just do it we don't always know what the next step is going to be we don't know what's going to happen to morrow it could be way crazier than to that every day i like wild that's more crazy than hester ay it's going to continue to get crazy and i am just going wild that's interesting i'm not in a panic and we've got to stay study that way we can't panic we can't become violent there there are people around us some of them trying deliberately to stir us into a panic or deliberately to mak us be violent and in i could see it all boys it stayed in out even more now because we've seen enough examples of it as a whole to see it trimegistus more clearly as our minds are being educated to seeing her through those filters of discernment it becomes easier to focus on what were supposed to be focussing on and when we see some one next to is panicking done you're really good this reminding them no no not you come along with me come along with me for a minute let me show you see the path out in front of us now you see that path well they're not as fine as to me can see it are there not our project and this is the problem that i think everybody sees other people as their pridenot not they're not your project it's not your business in somebody reacts badly you know bring the truth for it i get it right but realize may be god's got a bigger plan maybe he's got a bigger plan that they need to see something or experience some in order to truly grow and be worth while on it to be able to be worthy was the worthy for the and so so what what we typically do what people typically do when people who work with horses that don't understand how horses are you know it all and i've got a really funny carts here and that my daughter sent me it's what somebody said only i'd been riding horse as my whole life and you put him on a horse and opposedthe horses bucketeering off into the weeds or something like that you'll like geese that you say that you really written a lot you know it's kind of funny they you know in an i would never put on anybody i was tessellato don't it's like on one of our horses we always test people out to see if they actually ken i you know have right within the aren ecause i don't want above bad experience it's not it doesn't make anybody happy to see at our place to see someone has bad experience so we do now fails state it it is a it's important when you see somebody react to not take it personal and he by the bible talks about that that you know a person who loves is not easily offended you know in judge of and think you know what's going on in their hats oh yeah that that big one that you know somebody that thinks they always know how how overdale's thinking and feeling now you don't maybe something that that they have never verbalized the some maybe they have or maybe they have a shame you know something there shamed of that they've never verbalized them whenever this thing gets just gets raw they they come out and they want to lash out of people because they don't realize that maybe nobody's judging them or may be that you know maybe that there really isn't as bigger problem as they think they could but somebody in their path had a big mouth and that tom down at the rag at the wrong time when ever the most vulnerable and is that thatwellthe are is it the wait till somebody is the most vulnerable and they'll kick you when you're down it's incredible to make that her even deeper we've all experienced it is some point time you know it and and i hate to say it is like it so weird as i if this point in my life i'm like i'm like tape somebody some retrices to kick me when i'm down i'll go right to pass you know or or or most most it if it if it's like a isitsikar clear immediate threat i don't get scared anything i just and then or i'm just like i disseveration em and let em see is the orca when i was a kid of talked about this fee you know you'd find it to litter of baron cats that are out there and they're just where wild you know totally wild and yet look at him there his hand out yet and running away while when i was younger used to be my my gold to catch em cachemecas a wild to get it so i joined catches and i you know and they be hessory to bite and scratch the that i pick em off and yet put him a little ball like that with her hands stick it out so they could get him to and go oh you're so cute with her fiesoleinscriptions stuff a intepet in my barn coatpocket and i had the big big pockets and and put my hand in there with that you don't where they felt safe and after a little while you hear him start and aunt that you polemou and given a little milk and their like oh you're not scared at all you love me he and you as it was it was always i can't ee tell you how many cats that how many cats over the years that they had a itipuoli of a teaching them to trust was really it's really of fun process but people are sold the same way its systemizing a wet see we've got her designs i can relate to take in a stand i got in trouble with my friend yesterday his brother is our share of his brother did not take a stand with our county commissioner cory griff quite griffin griffin was found guilty of the ja six insurrection by the new mexico now the left is using his precedent for a trump insurrection on our liberty ah te channel a telegram i think it is i said my friend would be a better share of than his brother my friend said i was dragging a knife between he and his brother sansome the truth or truths sometimes hurts but ah you know it it is what it is i mean when when we have i i would like to hear more about the situation i guess you know popotilla on and the chat there designs and second tell people of about your channel on telegram cause we can get together and we can teach other people may be how to how to amove forward so i've got a radiolite rabbit kit that i plucked out of the nest box once proudly but three weeks older so we don't handle em too often but between about two and four weeks as when i like to get like the candle a rabbit bunnies because a rabbit kits because that's where they're kind of they can be kind of sleepy and easy to handle and they don't always freak out cause they just would like the curl off in your hand and in pretend that you don't you're not there this one started screaming and it was on its back and it's his going i iiishooting institerunt and shot and after a few seconds of any opens its eyes of lecceto and stopped squealing and it's like oh you're not eating me in a low tides you think all the other rabbits would be painting in their changes but they're not they just like yeats another kit being dramatic in that like so many people in the world you know even trot made fun of of left us women that found out what it was you when he was going to be a lot o elected in the woman in green with her head thrown back screaming ah that stuff is still happening re people are just their eyes are shut and their squealing and they just are so worried about every faciliten your on as when oconore being trematonotus what if a love of the people we think are bad guys are actually good guys that are showing us what is wrong so that we can see the difference between the right and proper process and the rock what if we are in process of being educated as a nation right now on how his president trump the rightful present the united states i will add a sacris at this wagesthat their returning the government to the people what you do when you've had people that are basically in stockholm sindrome that had been you don't locked away and their little mine camps of mass sycosis you don't just throw a population out there and say okay we're going back the government another we done our job the are you kidding me they know the the people would not know what to do and they they would grab hold of the next tyrant that walked past them just to say ah well we can't we can do this we don't wikookoo cost the keen give us the king exactly and so what what i think we're doing as i think we got a lot of people that are showing us billy good people that were willing to take abuse for when it looked like in order for us to learn what's not supposed to have or and in the meantime were they were sifting the lower levels of people that would not do the right thing under a circumstance in probably got the got the real threats got the real threats either neutralized or their co operating and given a chance to turn i think there is so much threatened coercion going on in the nation that it's not even funny i want to play a video a minute because the guanico talk about this for about for ever because both of us are animal people and really talk about how close people are to animals so i want a the you know there's some questions to be asked in the victims of nine eleven need know the truth just like the victims of ova covet the jab or from present day man so i want to i want to watch the pity o men it because you don't what this is this is a it's important for us to know the truth whether we want to hear it or face that or not the truth o nineven the truth truth of all of it and did not say oh but is of good person how do you know it's a good person you don't know that you know but we can judge their actions and say we're not doing this again and where to put things in place and and ah you know people will out themselves just give him that give him a little bit o rope in the hanging selfish hours to go over all the evidence which proves that the attack on september eleventh two thousand one was in the inside job and i suggest you look into it you have it already simplification all he needs to do is look at building so what some people still don't realize is that there were three billings that fell into their own footprints that day three buildings that fell in free fall indistinguishable from controlled devisions because that's exactly what they were as the towers came crashing down we could see the signatures of a control demolition the official story is that building seven no has seven world traits coterotie as a result of debris from the twin towers which somehow caused a critical internal column to break causing a cascading failure and collapse into this nonsensical official narrative were true he would make it the first and only steel scorper in the world to collapse into fire smaller the buildings owner larry silverstein took control of the twin towers just weeks before nine eleven and had them insured to cover terrorist attacks after billings seven lapsed silver steenhold the media that the decision was made to pull in suggesting that the building was collapsed on purpose reverently that devore not show they would be able to change for such terrible life discusses the ossinepoilles of i was implies that he somehow raced the explosives that afternoon while the building was still burning which is ridiculous it so the media to smissed his comments i changed their story there were several witnesses who reported hearing and feeling the type of explosions one would expect from a control demolitionist inc some ground my shoulder i started running the ground being old time here i forgot nonexplosive heart you know it was an exposure from his abiding for lads the mad donelike attentioned like had explosion the explosions were captured on vine i too mother to hottentottentaten enneachord nooelogist responders were told that the building was going to be blown out or ah and you were you gods knew this was coming all day he had been back weatherport of the spectabilis was unstable and that his testimony the compound of the towns for was betaking donethese reported live on air to the building already collapsed before did television viewers could see in the background still standing nose poking about the salmon brothers building and indeed it has a pittance on the a few hundred yards away from traits and a tires work and it seems that this was not a result of a new attack because the building had the investigation never even investigated first closes the republican white house then signed into law the patriot act which allowed the next democrat white house to target us civilians as if they were domestic terrorists the amended the distance motorization act which allowed the next republican white house to experiment on the american people with deadly keen therapy and naotetains the same people to nieven or pulling off the climate deadly cove shotsthe run both parties of our government they have forgotten an it's time to wake up before they kill us all that parting three to horse miss gregory he as the kind of thing that can produce a immediate emotional response in a lot of people it is very understandable you know i found myself tents in my jaw bit my lip little bit because it's so outrageous the the evil that they perpetuated on people through this and the it was planned it was purple fold and how many people they have harmed in eight of the nine eleven but but before an ever since and it's there the so disgusting so it is consoling is another video that plain a minute here that's really good it's a it's a night eleven and five minutes and it shows all the contradictions and in their susditez onesee if jason is i've got jason is is said that he was going to be anseticas add him he come a city there de eriometer oftenevery body good morning this is jason is and we've got some crazy stuff to tell you oh not jostakin about night eleven to day but you know things that are going on here in the state of michigan and what's going on with his bid and the nonsense that anconas involved in and what mr and esoterist tion assisting out in such southsome on to day were talking mostly we been talking about nine eleven all more and how you know when things look bad around us we have to turn to god first and foremost because he gets a shorethese toffies no matter no matter what they are but we have to have the truth a truth askedfor so polipathetic the article he sent me this man its conical i've got all these nice people that some by all these great articles eh you know with a when ah to cinelli help bring the truth forward you know too he relies for at from dust nowhere that's a that's for news too that i sent you that one from there's another article two of sheol think i send it to you as machonochie so let's storethat's going on here yet you've got so i woerththe low for that i had mentioned the attorney was from an gie strategies now this article does not actually connect these two dots but nor cross the judd was where the attorney orgiastic which from and also is the oh the law firm from which the attorneys for gosh the bad chinese battery point while he had were involved in a getting money to the campaigns of ilissus lot can ah and ricimer yet it's i do is it connects all the doctors worn or cross and jawed long for who was acting as the foreign agent on behalf of goshen donated to the campaigns of democrat governor greenwhite whitmer sister liz garrity onosceleans at right and missiondemosthenes the slocan this should be really concerning to every one i mean we can you know you can see you can connect the dots if he starts looking at this since the pattern of whose and bad with hot eh this is he i mean this is really bringing it can bring it all together but the other article that i had st neeessitie on october at one see in april he descried read that if you want i think you can also share her share your screen if you want to i've got it on a supper vices he soldered it but i think one of that important take ways here there's a exactly loved to see a times article on sea lot of litrehour ces so the dinner job doing the research but this is a an article that was generated based on a a report from microsoft of all people and inside this article they also source meta as one of the the the agents are one of the organizations right at us a private company by his mate stated that the cover and on operation from chatnesse dove stampage was active on more than fifty five arms including only noticed with you to take to read it interest medium quarantenier some of the topones sir let me go up and i tell you what this article is about now that i come showed a little bit of the hand her china based hackers in personated u s borders with a generated propaganda during the twenty twenty two election now this obviously there only point out the twenty twenty two elections here he was with all this she can be ice rolled back and see where its origins were not indisposed en start in twenty twenty chabas hackers and personate merican volders ah artificial intelligence degree promote vice of online content during twenty twenty two mirelle tions according to her poor by micro the effort was part of the series of covert influence operations by the chinese communist party intended to mimic u s voters from across the political spectrum and create controversy along racial economic and ideological lines then according to the september seventh a head of the twenty twenty two u s mit terms my hersel and industry partners observed sicilia ed social media accounts and personating u s voters new territory persecuited influence the report these counts posed as americans across the political state and responded to comments from authentic use the word includes examples of visual contact created by chinese communist actors using artificial intelligence included images supporting block lives matter of false claim that most black people are killed by police and more generic anti american rhetoric the recourse states that the i generated content is more i catching and china's previous attempts to oversee and overseas propaganda and will likely be improved upon and used against americans there already hinting that they have no way of stopping the satisfactive operation and that it's getting worse and in more sophisticated we have observed china affiliated actors lavergne a generally visual meet ye and a broad campaign that largely focused on politically to viatic has gone violence and denigrating u s political figures and symbols we can expect china to continue to home this technology over time though it remains to be seen how and when it will deploy it at st the world's largest cover influence operation allocation of the report comes less than two weeks after the giant met so he rioteffigies his hocheberg med i stated that the accounts were part of the largest known cover influence operation in the world and were engaged in spreading pro chinese communist and s s propaganda the taimet up perched thousands of the counts like to the chinese law forcement a from its platforms and if you recall there is chinese police stations and cuba and new york and in canada proscindunt what i think is interesting about the one in new york is that and twenty eighteen all it started in twenty eighteen ah was a anti trust laws spear headed by the new york age letitia jane percentually ran on the net she was going to get tromped and if you recall at that time what was going on there was a trade war with the city which tom was in the heat of a trade so in the meantime you have a chinese operation going on in a he he we have a you know papa a police station in new york you have a that is right and get on and after she's she's at this last is for man came back what did she do she files an antitrust law suit against all of our big the company all who have found out or are tied to the intelligence comeraso so anti trust against gogol made on an then face book twitter at that time eh apple was also included in their so all of our bite companies eh she was spreading this charge meanwhile there in the same state there is a chinese police office and there is a trade war which in to go so so we've got some loose connections here pray things we start to to add up as time goes on he sorts to see where the allegiances are well then you pass forward and we see exactly what's going on michigan's taken over and it's been taken over by the china has used in elaborate stolen luncheons to capture the united outworkers to a run in france operations in influenced all editions within a michigan and it appears that perhaps either lock in his genuinely a fan of communism or perhaps she spanked in either way we we see what's going on here it looks like it eh restoratively that our governments kinlet play out bringboorn eyes what kind of amazing to be in the state that seems to be the most compromised across the united states and here we live in the nice little state that looks like a mitten for all these years with all of us that you know they have a typical bisconace pretty pretty well come being pretty happy people johnreally in such an off sudden we find wanwerd they had us in the bright right in michigan they had us in michigan will always comes and in their old place i mean i mean i think i think it's really it's really crazy did you know it is did you read what i am archbishop of i think his name is vision the gean idontified it right what he is saying is that globalism is satanas and it's it's a real i think that we're going to have to come to terms with his that this truly this is truly again about good verses evil and ah it's getting easier and easier to seek his asratu in the open whether their actions plain the early if you see ah she massaritie and is probably an indication of such ere we could do jeff fox worthy you see human sacrifice you might be looking at it a marks thus which is the santons you see if people trafficking kids will you might just be you might just be seen something that the non control in the th article and the octingenta about undermine the us from within drastic optic and malicious you chinapaper activity has been like to the regime's military political doctrine of so called mind dominance a form of cognitive warfare design to defeat the united states without entering an old or oh you mean like this eh eh heteroptera in who was on it or bodies that's right so general morland and moncalor room color the outsole have i in all cavoorting toebehooren and i'll i'll tell you crane row you wonder bamaby they want to shut down whole cut a armor combat division they want to show down and realistically on men work on at a point where six generations warfare is is really here and only naples so six generation wore paris is getting away from a people and goes to drones eye as ah you senateseanad or populations ah influence through a indirect means not requiring to on the ground not requiring vast networks of spies a illos more technical means to be used ah so i become obsolete in sixtenebia you will have similar types of i don't like throne a land based devices and six then you will need ah a tank manned by a crew you'll have a team of the or all out a base perforata and they operate the drones remote cell but with this is what's rapidly on honest and ukraine's and a basically the last das of it can i as its playing now and will were seen is as our military industrial couple flexing their muscles and show casing what they have done over the last decades of development and religious to a dump being grown for the old tack as if prepared to bring in the new ah the new way of waging war i saw one in not liking a sassin drone that they were showing and it was like an assassin drown that would come in it then i put it i put a slug into a dummy and i i thought that was pretty petty so a priest sobering reality oh an they've got the ear a little dog minds and i and you got one low loyal titude lying yet we've come while away we've got a lot of stuff going on ours the roles for repeople by repeated yet which gethe ah yes so i've got these two articles came out to day and i think it's interesting to because i think they play on each other pretty well without really directly going into all the details of the other one ray they and different sides of the picture where one the actinotrocha ing on china's inducing influence operations the factions oracles sang haywood their directly influenced in our politics and these are potentially compromised politicians and of ticular state and this is out of the benefit that try and would be a getting out of the tecoac ities so were in one sense or seen the the operational side and then on the other side of your seeing the ah the outside influence as is coming out which is your politicians are being bought and paid for in what's the result you end up with he controlled in facilities ride on your own shores like the goshen and of the martial plant i think we got word god truly as the global crimes on hecat that's going on and is set against we the people i think and i might be wrong but it sure looks like it to me like all the players are actually kind of working together and it's like a down hathi's that our kind of got somewhat agreements on their areas to commutually benefit each other yet i think that that's without a doubt what's going on here as we have a very well organized criminal syndicate and i believe it's very well tied and to this thesis itself and probably led by assenting and it's orchestrating contrived with compromise litical figures in our country where do you think the world economic form will fit in with china who is his who do you think is who do you think is really on top is that china or is or economic form ask you if you go and look at the mannerisms and the plications of the world act no arm to seasoning you will see that a the real or broker she may they have done a great deal of tongueing and many regards whether it's the suppression of articles or information whether it's the way he's presented ah in before the electonic forms members in the mannerisms and his placement it is very very obvious in my non that he's in control they allow him to and so whether that's done intentionally or as a means to cover up what else i've got one on i don't know it really looks like he has most power and influence within the elector and probably whose really the power broker behind all of it while her as sure as interesting i dine now there was a lot of articles this sweet that came out from the gateway ponet on on more and more that they keep on covering here in michigan proof havewithout ce anything specifically that came to your mind that that you you thought were as i wonder laciniform then that letter were gone the villegis son cause that's all the coming out like a lot of that's coming out on catapan it oh ye they've got they've been here on going on that will frustrated by the fact that it took no montono what twelve articles to go out with the cope one or two oh but the i would like to tie in more with what's going on in new mexico i think that's what or more important on the grand scheme of things because the mexico the governor of trying to disarm its population it would make the most enormous writing of view to use a smaller state on the border like that i as your rail head if you will infiltrating the rest of the country because its lot easier to cover up a less less densely populated and a good tach brown to see how effective such asses would be implement and i don't in people are responding too favorably to it atholecolin in to give the gods of its pretty much playing or feet and refused to comply a mat there but three and on now why that's funny much came out and said crack down a jest so many come on american patriot after ready it was the western bankers who set up china before and after world war to my guests the banker families runcina well if you i want to go back to i want harken back to that to world war to a jewel was going on just before rolled were to was the civil war between chinghis and ah mouseionstale stray communism verses a probably more favorable i shingisha cominalite yet right right and oh so you see who won out there and now would say i won ventosa who was in all in assuring which side came out on top there and also where was china at wordworth japan invaded china and to parson the side of to so what relationships did we have the chinese who was managing those relations and who of all over last seventy years from those relations teganouan place i will venture to say that the bushes would have some involvement ohniri so what party datis nasones ion for which party did this come from it well let's i don't know if you saw his recent message by a hechanestede message have you seen this i did i got i can see if i can pull it up here a minute oh i got to think where i saw at this ere oh let me ah i'm not sure of catcher close to iterate one of the other guys there i thought i ornament but then at these granthorace it might of s callet me i find it hard but i think we are as for seeing this all play out were seen the players that have been the most involved what they have to gain what they have to lie ah we're there stances and really how and why trot is the one that's being targeted right because they they did all this of thorn of the job and i've seen that the left attacks on the republicans should be your jobs overseas i guess we hit you're trying to do you're trying to do his bring those same outsource jobs rate back over to the mainland so providing jobs for americans and the prophets still gets fouled out to foreign cure so how is that any better and how set root truly justification or a partner in up with form power that wants to over three your government its literal of subversion here they are and a lot times people look in the wrong place for the information because there the distracting us you know all the time so i'm so looking you if you want to keep talking telkonst yourself in messengerand the i'll see if i can find the ah i've got a wrong soldadito where they were i you know we hadn't been on it and how long oh i i were i which you want but one referring to recriminate gold and the intent for the military and how much grassley in of i find it to sagittifer oh a grass lad you get onto telegram canelike a pill of roplock not finding it where i thought it no between i live let me see i'll keep on ye cos they lost how many how many of the thethillia of dollars the cumaic ally of carrying that the consent of the graneagain but you know there was there is more the the defense budget was not ordered and they keep the kept brushing the underneath the see i think i got a hold on hold on do we have it but i find interesting morrispoets how much of its speeches in chinese equipment if they have just in boggles my mind that we spend so much for a defense budget on and materials from china and all were doing when we have such a massive trait that set forces of actually boro are own money back from china raheeta interest on it were as continuing to perpetuate the same cycle we'll never be able to get out from under the thumb of china because of our trade in ballad and it so so mind by wing that our art congressman women are not seen this don't understand it and haven't on on start to move and put things in place for i wil we quit legislation and placed and it still being you served in there's no norseman it's old lacking where the where the teeth and the legislation legislation that we passed there is no it's located you know you shall come estoublon out and in to donor in countries to one our companies i don't think they care or maybe they do care because there the protecting their protecting there o their interest and a in the the money the money flow which is going to town when i i do think i do think that the most people that are in their right now is that there being paid lots and lots of money to shut up because all got des look at their bank accounts you could figure out exactly what's going on there will there is in all i think there's a a chunk of people in there thirsted twenty or so eh good wines but it's it's hardly enough and a handful whom kinde swayed with just enough persuasive arguments but if that youifyoustop to unify them and rally behind and they had a really good plan and if we win this this next cycle here and we will by that number by another and twenty will happen now to to really or something or some cane now i can't find it so sorry gus i'll have to i'll have to see if i can find it later it's hard when i've got like four screens going when i'm on line i'm sorry i saw that on twitter i have remember i thought it was a cat terrestrial that posted on heterothi it founded i've got another one of them let me let me see the cold find it here ah maybe we'll hit me go it gold here but yet the there's eight less but the point of that when his just goes to show cases in all ofer halliburton and the benefits of the war machine ah under bush pecunery thing in afghanistan and iraq i mean they they were making a killin over there they absolutely and house meanwhile were losing our our children are family i too pete in hold ground then there is i just ridiculous if it in for so endenantes to go down on all of that only happesoupe try to pick it up when i get off off line here because it's it's a crazy adult central bank and game we will need to and contraband in order to fix our roll including the us and yes one hundred per cent i agree with that too and you know it would be wonderful i was thinking about that this morning you know what the the perfect system as you know to keep talking about the electric and the electronic currencies in the digital currencies and such i'm not a fan oi'm really am not because if the lights go out boom you got nothin right you got him something that you can trade that is under your control that is not under any one else so thinking about this more you will be really cruel is it the we didn't it this is like a very idealistic probably not realistic idea but it would be great is if we had no currency and you just traded services so that you know you made you order your border you barred and that way you know persons worse with their worth his fire as you know we have all the hatecrist more of capitalism really it's what can you do which brings me back to the fact that there is no one that should get out of college and or any alleged institutions of education with a handful of knowledge indoctrination instead of a real skill in or real knowledge because that's not what they teach and we meet we really to go back to where every one walks out of of our education the skill of some sort so that that they can always earn a living for themselves with her hand there's something they can do whether it's a mechanical wilder a nurse ah you know somebody some that can cook you know what i mean babassan and of old service reviving the survival of those relies think of it from the perspective was you said wasshowed out i should have the the skills are at least the community aggregate should have the skill to be able to sustain itself o some sort of disaster and if you look at like orcanes ah what canoes or even mollie now his way on the others in middle of the ocean how do you when you everything burst round how do use the stain yourself all yaller how to catch fish right and how you you caught one all to the tempers men berongou and you don't have any nothave access to gas so how do you cook that yet he raffish and sustain whoever leonis and right so like these natural disasters hesperocharis home ordinis to have whether it's cooking a galling hunting knowing what you me and how to properly prepare it seelosooree so as a green bray cause i don't thereout there knows that you are a green bay so as a green ray what kind of of survival training did you go through oh yeah we we did a didessa or put him also been left out in the middle of the jungle and with we just a host nation horse myself one other grenbry at a late of empor ourselves for a couple of weeks ah that's a lot of fun i think that was probably a little eginard than the and some of the other classes but a in other onelalloo did what did you do to survive when you jumped drew jumped or dropped off to the middle of the jungle what did you do what were the most important things that you did oh tis rive off there while burst all the yellow it more a preparation plus ah the one for everwith there are varied familiar with survived him jungle and in constant the jungle is as no undone of food so there was no shortage of food that i think that the biggest thing its hive jean staying cling ah in such a hot and human adfirment and then been able to me than a clean drinking water is one of the hardest things but you not only of record purify and and and make breaking water there they are used to drink in that that water that's out there so they have to what where your other doggott do but be careful with all of the parasites and everything else that's on that that of and it's it's not i i i had tablets i was funny with his pole i reckin think i had had countless well i was out there to as preventatives for all of that see so fortunately the sets botanicon so fortunately as a little familiar with that and then also he had a practice to to stave off some some of those his at that's a little bit more beneficial than just going out there like i was as i a naked in a raid or or well hesther survival shows reagitation thing gets bring with you so i i wouldn't i'd say those people haven't little bit harder than i had it lest we had a hole hount with us so we had on people to divide the labor yet the that's that's important what was that what was the oh ah see natural loosely okay so what was a what's your favorite option for purifying water you don't have any clean water you have cling water or a well if you don't have anything obviously shooter thirty minutes but in some places that's not active especially in nigeria and er niger you have a lot of having metal contaminants and others some places and even like romania where there seemed terminates here up simply boiling doesn't necessarily do you any good so you've got to you've got to do some sort of filtrate mechanism to if those other metals out of there and that the and you can make you can provide i i used several other systems wonnolancet an individual products is there where you are i don't i do actually don't tonsors it's selenoi wouldn't want i went on anyone coming after me saying that i was brooding their products so i just had inward there's lots of ah there's lots of solutions out there there's lots of survival fools and clothe tras yes yes the filters throws yeh oilsay it they come after me i don't really care i had it i ave got a few a few of those that i have and some go bags and stuff like that in case he met pack up and move did o some sort of natural disaster i always think that it's really smart to always be prepared at least you know cause we don't know it we've got lollie into just thinking that howerton to be able to go to the store but remember what happened i kind of think cope was the dry rod for a puling pen on this thing cause womenwhen i animals cages or or nackatosh into a corner they will do things very further survival and we've got some bad guys out there that i'm pretty sure working pretty high heard to survive right now so we really don't know what they're capable of doing warnemouth with this once we start to force people to take and use and drive electric menaces and the grid has not been upbraided or adjusted were going to have black outandout where the the power great goes down just because of the low and they have not a baderoon at all and they're trying to force this ah without even having the systems certainto and place sustain it were or actually work is a word in it how serious our grit issues rate regardless anything else simply because of their policies and if you look at california in the policies they've had there absolute ridiculous in molokai and rock right they were just profits cheering might well letting the system other complete we and they hate us so is the gay want they want of you know get us out of the way were just outhouses feeders to them so it's like you don't stay goldstick population out and what better way to do it than to the to starve or odor you don't not do something with the power because i think about you don't we're all in michigan here and think about think about what would happen if the powder went out in the winter what do you gonodontis like it's like everybody should really be everybody relished think of these things and you know it's like when i was in college i remember a professor saying that you should always have at least six months of your salary put away and don't touch it because if anybody asks you ever to do something that was unethical or or whatever you just you just walk out the door you don't partise and you were watched it and covet when with what happened with coinhow many doctors and nurses gave that job be and or police officers or whatever there were a lot of people lined different professions corser of maybe just said stuffed and walked away with a wouldn't because of the money that was behind it they stayed and played an how metimes did you hear that i heard that lot of times and you know it's like i don't care what happens you have to be willing to walk away from everything if you're asked to do something unethical it legal or that would harm other people so thin and hopering pitching a position so i i heard of a red about a case i posted about it this week and now i can't remember where it was but there was one of those cases where some one seed and on their case because they were forced out of a job do to covet being policy requirement and to jason's point earlier he mentioned the timing on these two articles coming out at the very same time and the new mexico governor issue i think it's really interesting on the timing of all this because wing now we've known that many of these things are wrong that many of these things they were going to try to do like the power criticsit tion there's they're trying to do this they are doing this it's going to be a problem ah and now we're gone me not with more and more information on what actually happened with covet we knew it was going to we could see it happening but now we have science catching up and coming out more and more almost every day so that timing of the news like the gateway pon it articles about the michigan election stuff i know about some of that a while ago they were just trying to substantiate it with the evidence and then you know chris kyle's report came out what was it twenty like early last year on a site could be wrong about that it's been available for a while on muskegon county there is a lot in that report that it hate there's the evidence it didn't make a dead in the new cycle why is it now all coming out at the same time because if people are ready for it we we've had bite size pieces of information that we've been able to take in and look at and question and as people's discernment is growing and the number of people who are looking for the information is growing now the information is coming out oh look at all lection problems being pointed out in michigan wait wait look at the governor over new mexico on the other side of the country well in new york if in new york i was at the new york mayor said our cities being destroyed because we let these illegal immigrants and but you can't have any guns to defend yourself with and and within days we've got the new mexico governor saying well you have gone but you can't use them and here we have these two points across the country where the issue of whether or not you can have guns to defend yourself and why why you might need them is coming up its being pointed out we ben we've known this was going to happen it's no surprise to us i feel like that news of her threat early because why are to do in it right now the the colvins not even like that narrative hasn't even taken a firm hold yet in the communities we we hear little stories here and there about it but it hasn't been really inflated like they did it last time so it's like did she jump the gun or was that timing perfect because it showed the rest of the country the swift response that should come with such a threat cause you had a share of responding immediately you had a chief of police responding immediately you had legislators responding immediately about impeachment you had a am in ammunition manufacture responding immediately the people responding mediately it's not going to fly here he in new york take a look at our example when he goes going to do about it and that's where it really comes to a head with all these things what are you going to do about it people now you're learning to self cover what are you to do about it are you going to go right a street either in to burn down the capital what good does that do you now you'd better fight another answer that's peaceful well then are you here here participation rightly what you would gosshawking for someone else to come save the day step offs are shocked her concisions meeting sir on upschoo boards which i've got one to night and i got to the and ah we've got to participate in the system that it is all her sisters thinking that some one else is going to do it and take care of porto that includes trot by the way totally agree with you because people keep looking at tropes savior so to speak trumps couldn't fix everything tramps going to fix everything not we got to keep in mind like down i said earlier tramp said he was here to put the people back in charge cramp is just a spear point he is a tool he is a flashlight he is showing us how to find her own way he is about as taking charge it is not about a trip doing everything for us he is showing us how we need to do for ourselves and i you awoake that a low bother to to general land ah i know people that are like gerald flynn one of the tell us what to do give us some guidance we need when leadership and it's like local ash action has nationaleand if we locally and we take responsible for our back yard and our counties we will across the country take our country back for us we the people and that's that's exactly what you know trampas has allowed us to do by essentially taking all of the arrows and the fight and exposing the corruption words coming so i grew so the marchin orders for everybody is to get off your behind and go go run for something if you're destinaverat person and not a common infiltrator so we can take that nation back together at me that's really the messages and it reconditioner for for with that spock munity community you know be that i always say if you don't have it example be the example and just because you you you don't you know is really hard is that you know when when i decided to run for cover it was really hard was like one why me what why why in i mean a real really set his soul sir said it's like i don't particularly feel you know what i mean it's like i think everybody has to go through that time and say why me why not is if somebody else isn't doing it don't you know don't think of yourselves as somebody who who isn't up to the task because you know what nobody is god brings us to that place so that he can accomplish his purposes through us and he will enable whatever your call to do he will give you whatever it takes to get the job down at first and foremost she put him first and formal so that your serving him and you're not serving to cult you're not serving the public in youre not serving in the democrats you're not serving you know you're not sure i mean to think about this way if you have all a lot you know you we we can go back and look through history the germans were they do they followed orders well i'm just following orders i'm following hitler what's the higher call hard call is fulgarit and if somebody asks you to do something that you know you shouldn't do you have to walk away from that like a doctor your or nurse giving the shot if they knew what they were doing and they knew it was wrong you have to walk away you don't just go along get along for to political party that's ruining the united states of america the republican party you know cause e domcrat harris already been captured now the republican parties virtues signally every one in inaction and just following like a bunch of lost sheep and not thinking so what he has to do it you have to walk away when something that you see is wrong you have to walk away from it if you can't change it you got walk away and you know i placed people to think that they could change things i have on her doubts in in being able changed things which are so corrupted by their very nature or there their organization i mean like the fact that if our election ah bags have been tampered with the election numbers and tallies have to stand as it a and a the orcanes is the only one that can deem whether or not a recount its the viable or aloud so what we have is okay county clerks looked kathy broke the seals on her own maleciously can be recounted or canons should open vest investigation they they charged her shattered days house erect there is no way that we can have transparency or faith in our elections if that kind of activity can go with such a slap on the rich you know in a ihelians are forces recount of the twin twenty two election they felt forty per cent of the precincts they went to recount where they were told they were not allowed to recount because heels the embroke there was no vile chant customs was we just got to let the election and did you not would be a nobody stirred up and said this is in a legal election it's wrong there were some there was so much fraud committed how is it you can have forty precincts that deposed in fragment with that out of your wonosobo five hundred and six et underhungary one per cent how is it that they did the same thing be i went down here and byron township and they bite they told me point blank that they had no no data on the election that they were told by the board of elections to pass it up the chain they gate side soleplate that the gate to the county they gave to the state they have nothing in their posts you are an roles and are humming laws were broken in that action and it happened personally to me and why because i cared enough to go up there and talk to them and ask for the electronic their anthesai they had no information and they so yes mon thundring i'm like well what do you haven't found roverech that well it's it's it's empty shell you just said he had something on it no it's empty well is it apt now that who wiped it well it's not emptie empty before the next select she went back and forth like the so many times contradicting herself and i'm sorry i'm not going to just go along get along and neither i know neither of the two of you are going to do that either because it's their flat out lying dos anthony told him to break those seals this is no way that this was that much of you'd have to be stupid to look at this as the owenites happened in forty one per cent of the priest takes are you kidding me yeah well i'll send you that reports sinere see you can you can have it see it oh this were surethat even old law on the books it and all of olitophon i send it you all sendeth the polemoniac ually finished in executive summary but the insanity is that this is even on the books as a law and there's no investigations there's no the port of captors if the seals are broken are so posed to open an investigation to find out what happened this how do you fix a system if you don't investigate when things go wrong and the fact that the only person they investigated was one clerk and twenty this was the primary of twenty twenty for her own election and then she entered up in jesse county so onsterflyk to geneseo it's just a shell game as recline show game with these people and its it's time that we also paint attention and really really sir on the people accountable and hold the peace of the fire it was reason dirty and i mean having an if the absolver one of note was involved in this is treason and you know you can even go to two cots to crimes that are committed that could be charged to a good majority of treason for the ones that have ragged things in the united states and the crimes against humanity the if we if we go after any one who violated oh you know that violated their hohhost ion and or were a traitor to his country they have to be removed with with no backing down on this they have to be removed they can never never be in a position of trust ever again you know what's world funny about how the goosiest grin all a back to the beginning or talking much of ye thrones they had some automatic weapons in custom pistols in silencers for their get out the boat operation yet in new mexico they're trying to take the guns away while the borders were wide old and and the car tells have free range what in the world if you're not if you're not pain attention to this the reality is the cartels run that state cartels running our day on country and we need to step up and say okay we're done with all of these carts alcantro political operative i agree with you and no backing down while grisaille to a love and carrying got anything else you an talk about here i'll just thinking about adding come about some of the things the two view were just discussing we know about it but sometimes we have to see the evidence brought forward so the there's some of those details where the evidence hasn't been brought up just like the michigan election stuff that is come out more recently it's taken a while for the evidence to be found and brought forward to the people so it's one thing to hear about it and become angry about it it's another to say see i told you so here is the evidence now my friend who doesn't believe me you have no escape what are you going to do about it not everybody is going to run for office because because that's that's not their role to play so you know donaisan we should all you know if some one wants to do something about it sometimes you have to lead the way there's multiple ways to do that and so for those people who are like well i know they don't know how to run for office he didn't know how to hold out office will you know how to be a parent or you know how to do something else take the skills that you do have it put them to use in your community like jason said it's about community leadership flint didn't say everybody run for office that's not always the answer he said local action so find the local action whatever it is for you where your skill and talents lie and put em to use since sotofeititon couch and complaint and all the time cause that's where a lot of people still are but the more you see the evidence the more you be your either part of the solution of your part of the problem you can't just sit back and complained about it i can't blame anybody else when your sentence till well we didn't we i had why did the nation go in the direction that it went my opinion it was because of us because we didn't act quick enough and we loud this to happen think about if it i don't mean losthis point a finger at it you know is individually rightif people would have stepped up before we were even born and you don't we is when things did solve or degrade or destroyed generally it takes a long time they don't just generally go way moon your down there it's it's a slow process and this has been an insidious process over many many years to destroy the nation and take everybody captive and in my opinion on so you know when we stop off you know it's going to be as going to be a little better slow getting it back again but what choice do we have you know it what something that really a noise as when i hear people say i'm justinianthe or i'm just going to move to the door where you got move too it's everywhere and i keep running from it instead of standing and fighting for what we believe in i don't even know what to say you know it's it's like so we lose one area its like it's like turning the lights off and you know in your house when you're walking through it let's go dark and want are then you walk through turning off on the next and men that's pretty much the way comisarias and whatever yoncalla is kind o like a common owachomo's going on right now because it's combination and so you know it what would you do were you to run to where were you it's everywhere and thirsting you got to stand around and you can't move and you got to be convicted that this world your family your friends are communities are worth fighting for and not run away from it charges charge into the fire charged towards it instead of running away from it charged right at it it it eliminate the and i think that's i think that's the way to defeat it quite honestly full face the merit it anyhow well how many last words jason and cerenothe same prayer he so much thanks are coming on thanks to talking about the gebissen nor cross what is it norwaies on jonothan lected interests thatsure appears to have happening there whether turnes with with the jib with the democrat party i think we should all be loosened in the right here and grown rapids its and weak and such as if i understand it right i think that's exactly what you and i remember when when conic from lancing had a server and grand rapids that that was compromised in thinking we might have come or close to finding where that is just gasped but i don't know but i would sure like to see if there's connections there between connachan or conic and this because it would make a lot of sense wouldn't it you've got everybody all the players are in or imposition so something of something to tack back and maybe just look into there because could be that of the communist party is settin right here in grand rapids itself and nor players that are sure looks that lighting look at goshen whither nesseserry state the two returnes you know the campaign finance and war or crossing are you sending me i mean it's a sure would boucan it sure is a convenient little sad of vesinet salesianos mirror system that we we see with the dance and the mark lies and for conscire young i think we've gone got another that that was great i'm glad you brought that of lord that that was like that was like a bone and in what we say for j since it for jason's dan genius certificate wonder how many at other attorneys came out of there that are set in seats of power oh i don't know i wonderfully can get a list on that we're nor cross and jodocus is involved in there what else they've done could be real interesting code yeh i mean look it with all this stuff that came out of a market lies in prince you know whether it's all time to wilno lower and big mike i don't know can i say that isn't there somebody called big big mike that came out of that on the anyooal about that one later when people are stupid they absolutely deserve to be to get a little little a punch in the face you know for being stupid especially when they put out hers at rest or i don't know maybe i responsible for millions and millions of death around the world and such i think they deserve it i know accountability just me maybe it's just me but you know i've got that kind of soneto humor so anyhow during her so sorry i we tend to think about to day is nine eleven day in that greens with its sorrow and anger and all kinds of other emotions but it's also labelled as patriot day we now have a a reminder of what it is to be patriotic and that is a thing that can be celebrated as well so when we are thinking about all the emotions and events that encompass nine even we should also see that a sign of unity as a day of unity because i remember not what it did at the time one of the the most powerful things that it did was united a lot of people we were not strangers when he went to the grocery store and you were talking and lying at other people about what went on you were brothers and sisters we were americans again and we need to come back to that we may to remember how that felt remember how it felt those people who went to the capital or who watched on desex who gathered together around trump that wasn't about trump it was about finding our own power and that sense of patriotism and that is something that we should carry with us to day instead of sorrow i held this nation is in this world is worth it and the fight is worth it the cost is worth it to do the right thing and to stand when others won't it's worth that and you know what god will see us through he's always with us and stand as happens we're going to have sadness in this world until jesus comes back promised its so there should be any surprises here you know we ought we were already told they had a time so now what we do we work for his good purpose is here in this world for what a reason you know because of our love for him and that's okay i mean that's okay it's a joy it's a joyous thing in a privilege in an honor be called into any type of service for the nation and for god's good purposes and remember there is so many good people out there way out out number the pomp in bad notion the state as to saneness are not more but bunch of little wormy pon so they are just challenge put this that staff in the ground and said you shall not pass on don't yield ground to them do the right thing don't lie don't she don't steal don't do the wrong thing don't follow their lead follow the good guys let you know all leptus on an individual basis i've got some by some other stuff but the next time you won't talk to you on some things that have related to the oil on the tree and michigan oil gas while we may you gentlike through through the bay of there for me get the ashes which we will not theosophie a sailing a battened and right now how you come out any time alojarse and cause i think we need to get all this howardthere out there you know i work in the gas no andste and gas oil as a real resource within we've been lying to us about that for years we only make money on the transition when somebody tells you were going to ride a gas in oil tell the deponent and if they tell you that we're going to fix the all the problems with electricity where is like your city come from god comes something else it doesn't is happen you don't turn white on you have to burn something you read their pen you're either going to do it through nuclear you're going to do it through coal you're going to do it through gas are you goin to do a do oil and less you got something out there that i don't know about but those are basically the ou know and there probably is the stuff out there that will generate a chlput it out there but it's not what's in mainstream media as certainly certain don't believe anything you hear on that nonsense honourbut vile fuels a hour or plants do not missisnot cure for familiar with that what we burn biofuels which is in nowmarian was trees and soft that nature and a worn yes yes so they take the lad out and then they put they take the lad out and what they do they make it illegal for all of us to distil alcohol which are like modelees and our vehicles everything ran on farmers could prove their own our own fuel this is an easy thing to fix really if he landtheres out of their behind and their hands ought of real pockets you know it's actually something that could be fixed of what are they do so they make it a legal for us then they add an athanatos that's cornstones init's just it's the shell game it's it's absurd it's ridiculous in anybody by it into any is nonsense how god help us all from tiwal away from our own stupidity right i got on the tangent a b back to night eleven and nine as i can with this notonacton we set out at each step out off he did not armoise ce for all those who were as during the glass of the towers and not eleven and all the soldiers who lost their lives and injure sense we ave got teams pulled up i played at the beginning while and without some think it a hagood a good way too to finish that and then we'll get in again and beat up the energy and the street and talk about the fact that jennifer grand home does he know how many but barrels oil we use a day but she made one point six million dollars on a stock trade in the anelectrica vehicle and astre it by digress you know agar why would i make any son or why would we make the sons whom we got all of this fairy tale non sons going on all there that people are biting like a let's be a shed so in alianore was at i sees big worker you padades me into the jasonian in there only father thank you so much for jason and heron and everybody else out there that's in so wonderful to step forward and a fight for the nation in such wonderful ways is telling the truth getting the word out there being brave enough to do something giving involved in our lections with election terry in a force we astatoblast every single person who has in truth and righteousness stepped forward to to save this nation where america goes so goes the world thank you so much for staying when us and bearing with us in all her failings and loving us in spite of ourselves and because you are you are love worsethanks ful for that were thankful that you've given us the honor to be born right here right now this time you pointed us all to be here and that that was a great that was really a big deal to put us here now you must really thought highly of us because it's a tough time to be alive and you must have thought we were up to the tasks we take that with honour and thank you for giving us an opportunity to truly exercise our faith than to stand before a great evil and a and that we know that you will keep us from failing in times of testing and were thankful for that because it all comes back to you please bless every single person other give them give them peace with what his half end give them peas and in the courage to stand to step up for this nation and to work for your good purposes you've been a great friend to us and we want to also be a friend to you we love you so very much and the name of a precious saviour to his crises wopra america go here we go for nine eleven and for all who have lost their lives ah