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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/17/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published May 17, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the seventeen seventeenth day of may twenty twenty three thank you so much for joined us to day and welcome to redeeming grace no bring my body in town and were in to get the show on the road assedito great do i guess i forgot it was seventeen to a just where you put that a lane my favorite not with an always going to be my favourite number that is no second number that i manaccomplished to seventeen sorters a good day little chile but it's a good day sonsonate big defect i already did i five key this morning with wits i've been doing a waited waited fast to doing was i don't run when i when i waited on it but i do but i do try to carry a bunch of ways and my son is doing about the five miles with six and i rented every we've got a little stater disparity there too so how are you this morning i am mad in thornegood ah my wife so that i went out and dey all driving round to some doing different things and there was a good day and a pearly listing devote poongee message on the gospel there's a lot of things i need to put in perspective rightly yes i think i think there's a bunch of subjects that i think we all need to interest to it's like like i had a discussion with thought coloncolon yesterday on the purity you know people are trying to to figure out it's like a purity contest to find out instead of who's got the qualifications because not mascaron to match up to anything there's always going to be some one that says something whether true or false in or but we need to stand together as as one people and sent of a very divided people we are all children of god he were creations he or his create and so i mean i think that that's something we really get to work on his giving people giving people mercy and having the grace to carry through the mercy and bealesand with you hadda that right and you want me to start you on to play the we picked out a tempi out of a song which i played that right now he could do that this is a legacy five hipron a cathedrals and a few of these are residuals from the cathedrals roger bennet died a few years ago but lequinio big history there for me but the title is i've read the back of the book and there's a couple reason all explain after we get to the the man that's really fast i couldn't get them then to the sounder gonemore than that apologized every sorteither version and allseitigen another version if we can try to get what's aright to susteane now i want to do to plutoadoneus we're going to we're going to look at the prophet to bankok ah to day and his name really sound strange for here named made out o bed hebrew at all but he when acostar will we jump into the text read the back of his book and low people looked the book of revelation as the back of the cannon and i would agree with that in a lot of ways but i think we've got to be careful and some sense to look at it as the back of the book oh because in some ways we need the need to flop to take and go back through it again in in a better way where a talk about why we struggle so much even reponer heads around what we see to day so oh when we begin ask alternate questions in the ultimate questions in the vein of metaphysics would would be the metaphysical questions to ultimate quest of god in his word we may be on the verge of seeking to develop christian world view we're going to and it's some point in an nex couple weeks start ah a teaching i am a christian world view if we don't know his words very well all we can do is ah you talked about this town of their long people don't really know their scriptures whether they've been never bit in it i know we've been in an age of technology we more than i'd like to admit ah i loved the old written word but i think sometimes people just play in the sand back box of god's word i don't really get in and study it out she and put lot of things together of so in line with the work of the back and in line with what were zealandwith to day i got through a good dose of judgment cause us to sit up take notice realize we aren't serious about obeying god's law learning and preaching christ gospel or living boldly in his kingdom as tends to be what happens but when new birth burns in our soul we realize that god is our father and he were his child that's that's when things really crank up and palsy only writer the talks about the two places in galatians and i have there and in not roland but when in he says that this spirit bears witness with our spirit that were sons of god and a people don't even have that concept in their soul and i'm not i don't want to say the third not new born but i think intersessen that when your mature you know that god's spirit is in your soul and in your child of the and we've talked about his sins like it some people take everybody's a child of god well i just begged to differ if we really look to ah so ah i never did what scopeto much but i know that kid's younger than me my kid's probably did but ah i know one of my steps on oustas roroo maybe cause if i said so he did understand that's what school he do would do he made that noise when he didn't understand and i know you talked about your father you say it well well now i not have been i don't really do look at that but he mighte been said that she sank ofother people so you know sherman's do shall bewilderment when we can't figure something out and in this age chaos confusion and deception i think people really struggled to know what's going on and yet if we look at the scope of christianity king there's a lot of messages out there a lot of messages that we've heard and were on to talk quite a bit but not really true deeply about dispensationism not dispensationism just for now was the movement that kind of i think hijack christianity in the late eighteen seven all in an eighteen seventies at last so dromy had as a dispensation and i understand i understand though that part of it but a lot of people don't have never heard yes maybe that by title but when we get into some of these things are going to go he yet was cogeatar i heard that but there were what i call a trilogy of heresy in the eighteen hundreds you had more monism jehovah witnesses and dispensationism and i would say that i can make a tremendous case that the three of those have done more harm to america because fundamentally they brought in false doctrine and they caused people to release it on her hands when we should be active in the gospel of christ active in his kingdom and a preaching grace and new birth so oh where were you look at some of those things so scythes three things tie and so a christenin world view i got highlighted here ehateset paragraph ah god overcome these things in elect ones first as i often said to new bertha said in justification and to empower us two obediently reflected in which so we should now christ is sovereign and when we read scripture this is part of i think to confusion there are some i'll say religions that distort his oh about who jesus was he was the christ in human form and that so that linking of god with humanity is jes so when we look at jesus there's a lot of things that we we do scratch our heads and say well he couldn't i mean some people will say he couldn't a been got what we totally believed he was god he has just got in human for me took on human flesh and when we see in that way to me it changes a lot of devoteeto sayer aerisius going to say as that everybody out there has different views that we agree with sometimes we disagree with but the point being as that we should all be opened to talking about things and in an everybody's of the different point in their spiritual journey too so like i don't want to criticize you know be real careful i guess i don't i'm not a person who's going to critics ah the mormons even though i disagree with some of the things that they believe that and just want to encourage every one out there that there is of there's so much hurt in the world that i you know we're all in this together and none of us are any better than any one else there is airevery single everywhere you look right now by and large the church is very apostate and a i think we we've got up realized that there's been so much that we've been taught that is as untrue across the board doesn't matter where we sit we all have had to struggle with the amount of error that's out there and i want to make sure that everybody knows that we don't think that i'm just because we have an opinion on something right now where were striving to get to the truth and all things and no one is looking down on any one we are we are trying to to the truth both in and not looking at scripture and also a i we are going to be wrong on some things because we're human beings and so i think i think we're going to get to the undefined out how wrong we were with a lot of things right now but am i so just to suffer to knows this isn't about beating a fine any specific religion or anything like that were pointing out things that may be need to be questioned rather than a pragmatic approach one on the case i have promised with with just about every single you know you can see error in in the you know wherever we sat we can see things like make us ask questions go well the doesn't quite make sense to me but but all all are welcome and so we want to make sure that every knows that we are not going to be beating out on any specific religion here it's just trying to find the yet thank you down or for that maybe reminder i i ranganatha we will all get to glory if we get to glory morningit there with a lot of air in us and may be here and so that that is certain but i think that the scripture at least brings out the der certain things that we we necessarily need to believe and certain things that we necessarily can't believe so i will come at things trying to i will always sit down and talk with people about so and if if they listen to me at all i hammer on the evangelical churches much as anybody and i am i'm very upset with the fact that we've almost lost sight of what the gospel is any more and so you know i'm not afraid to talk about anything yes i may i may be look at more stricter and what i see but i will always try to explain it so i just got to say that there are going to be things on the bottom shelf and may be on the top shelf and so i hoped that there's enough under bond meself that people can feed off of and some people really want to touch his stuff so this is where an online church is difficult may be we need to have alternate let's say lossages with upper shell for something but if we had a visible church as to face we could have what say lesser teachings and higher teachings deeper teaching so it is difficult to logan and his heart theologians so you're used to you arguing things face on ah how do i say it disparities and an on the spirits to get to a court where oh a lot of us i cannot claim and i would never be you know i'm not a theologian and so it's like men ivdown the decent amount of study but not to thee not to the point of studying opinions on things and who wrote this or that i have never done that because i have i will tend to just go to the bible and read it direct and not argue the opinion points on it but i want to know what god says and so we go on it from a very different factor the naso pay you know we can learn from each other but i just i just want to clarify that yet not all see this that in no gin you know me a lot better than the average person less than and it always had taken listen here this every week may be but there's almost nothing that i have it talked about that i have been slapped in the face with or the years i mean it's like you know jim parker wasn't born in in temper or to day i mean timeparker agitate his love for years and years in the year so a lot of these things i've been through and he doesn't mean i would never want to suggest that because i've been through them and discarded them and see that so may be like a a place you shouldn't stop that doesn't mean that i'm totally corrupt but i do speak from a lot of experience work and topeseses studying studied yes so it now pretty much what i know i tried to the way i tried to teach is i have been there and i want to teach people not to step in the same thing said maybe i did and here's why so you know it's going to may be sound heavy for a lot of people but i this is what i've loved to sit and chat with anybody and i think that could make a lot more sense we had a chance to break things down when a inondrent knows over things so he went on is gracious people and for real and genuine people i've ever met in my life and i love that about your very very kind and and it's mazingness wish everybody would know you the way that all your friends know you too so cause you your mazing you really are yes oh i don't know if anybody knows much about a bad cook a man most people just say here back kick em but i desired matter what may be how we pronounce it but he'd likely served as a prophet somewhere between six hundred nine b c to five ninety eight so he probably ministered at the tail end of oh and all even say this some people might not know much about the two exiles oh come the northern kingdom ten tribes were that was what when the old israel split if you will they had a civil war pretty much i don't know esactly a civil war pedasi after the reign of solomon so he had so david and solomon the he had about forty years after that they had a split kingdom so if you don't want people don't even really know the day had a split kingdom so when they read a lot of thee the historic books you read israel thinking that that means israel as it was with before king solomon his real was the ten northern tribes judah was the two southern tribes in half of benjamin so that's something that everybody really needs to know as they read to historic books so after that split when it says there is real it was really talking about to ten northern red they would into captivity and seven twenty two with the assyrians we don't read much about how many of those people may be ever made it back if at all okay the only ones we really read about coming back were to southern tribes were was june so baciaste basically just before judah was taken into captivity in babylon and that was five ninety seven b c so we would gather that and we went to jonah come months ago joan alike was in babylon and that's where he went to to nine of so and just gives you a kind to of what we're talking about i wanted to read it down pride but fourth paragraph it ja comin from orlando though he says something very good eh while there's more noise than ever before perhaps hers also lost deep reflection and ever before others lots of emphasis on forms of communication much less emphasis of what actually communicated resulting in form over function method over purpose lots of but little meaning lots of platitudes and little gospel oh that's exactly or talking about old the purity the purity or irate right you know em you're wrong type the the purity contests that's going on all there instead of let's get together and help each other because we bolt we all need to be standing together to help each other out and then the matter that people like to respond there listening to respond rather than listening to two for information and going well well well and taking time to ponder you know couldn't we i just had a throwedout as the question can you expand maybe on what you mean by the purity contest or is that sort we need to talk about later and then how can i think it's what we see in politics and it's like setting up people as teams an you know it's like it's a more of a more of a setting up its it's kind of a form of ytaioa tree and stedilng to ohfinding out and looking for problems in sons live now understand this criminal behavior but when we start picking a part people to the to the to the anteree there's a purtects and it develops like it develops like teams of or or teams of people that follow blindly and individual rather than sticking to the issues really sticking to the issues and i'm not talking about when you see criminal behavior that's the whole another category but when you start people part and trying to a train to not people down for oh that that's a problem it's tissecting up platforms of acceptability and its shutting the rest of it out we may be missing absolute truth when we do that as it does annotist i kind of wanted to know lutabit about what you were tired about because you know there's and again i can speak of the evangelical church oh we have seen i would say some size make she forty back him called him for lines in the church and back in eighteen oh and again some of this i can look it i receives prowled in i think in our cesseroit not died i don't believe it would ever fall into the social just embrace he and so in and now had later he had the whole woomeras infiltrated to church so there's so many things in the church that they have basically sold their soul down the river and they still want to call themselves his i mean race says is i see ossuoso ray i don't see race in the gospel on the gospel overcomes all the races oh we're a multiracial family and the little it's like for me it's like i find this whole racial thing absolutely insulting repulsive and in its really a problem it's a huge prompt when you have a multiracial family you don't see the defence you literally see the difference see in it becomes something that so incredibly that that is it's aw it defies it defies description and then euellere it down and go all this is all about money is trying to gain a money of that advantage over pity it's dull skengro discussion with friend of mine who was black and we call it black white we just don't care the morning in fact we had i had the discussion so and we were talking about you know real real issues on how this nonsense and we will think it's complete and utter none it's all about that i am when i when i talk about let me let me think of how to best describe when in talking about the purity kindness it's like it's a purty contests like you know like i drive and evvil when away or it is kind of like a purity contest is a a a c may be the conservative side of locus put it that way it's the conservative side of woes i followed this person i'm better than you in i i follow this thought i am better than you i am part of the you know the vaccine the vaccine movement will i'm better than you thisit's we all have a part in this there is not one of us that's got the market cornered on any of his we need each other and we have to get past he thinks that we think that make us who we are and the only thing that makes us who we are is god almighty sitting on the throne and an jes saviour who died for a because we are in re and i that's that's what we have to come back to right there and that we're we're brothers i suppose we stand i here is one human family and i'm going to tell you how i feel about it is that if we lose one person because we fail to act i don't want to be looking at god's eyes having him say you know you wasted time you wasted the effort or that i wanted look at me and say we truly waited on him which is serving him and haven't say well done good and faithful servant you ran as hard to you could possibly run you did the best you can you know he's the only one i can judge of human heart we can and so even even if we're sitting with somebody we disagree with on so many she god coinexactly where he wants it to be at that moment at time and we can see the forest we see the trunks of the trees god's higher than we are these were that trees going to grow and what's going to happen on that last day and so are our job is to stand together in encouraged truly encouraged people well maybe you can look into this i hope he will do it for me because if they say see some air please i'm open to that certainly one may be done you could think about this i be like okay i didn't you know i'm just i'm to some who shovels me neere that you know runs a couple of companies and decided to put myself out there you do get a lot of criticism in that renan that's okay that's if were brave enough to it were brave enough to look at things that in ways that we may not have looked and i guess i've seen it too the stick things you bring forward as i learned every single day that we're on there's a lot that we learn by looking at everything from alternative per if we're open and we just look on home well well well you know i think it's i think it's all got that's the only car we have right there god is our father we are his cree and he and i care what you're saying done dis is where in my mind of between seven twenty two b c and five eighty six b c and at seventy years they were in babylon before cyrus son ronoack to rebuild the temple and then people mighty started back to jerusalem but that's like two hundred and six years they were in exile i wish people in america knew that we are in an exile rite now it may not be for blown judgment but judgment is really really happy and wordical from ourselves from our founding from god from his gospel and so we can bicker and give up things in exile and wonder we have were still an exit we're going to die axile in lust we has got that then that ye point is that if we don't figure out how to get together and and find what we can we can agree on we're going to die in yes my hesperopitheci or an i have to you know try to find the things that we we can agree with and work with people may be that we don't even we don't even agree with and this whole thing goes back to satan as verses verses god this is a war this is a it war and it goes back from the beginning this goes back from the beginning this spiritual war after the after the originals and where this is nothing new this has been going on for a long long time so it's not like a distorted root groenland where we have to be able to to and fact have discernment on what truly is satanic in what is just kind of be in human and make in misty there is a huge difference and i an inn in intent in an in malice in all of this and you know really we we need each of yet so when we talk about like a you recently in olden last few months we had that the so called revival it sperry and it's like when we think about revival we had the first in the second and may be the third grade awakenings and people talk about in america ah i might even quibble over the value of the first grade awakening but there were significant movements there i would god was in control god can work through anyone revival any any small motion i mean it's not oinos not up to us to do he doesn't play you he we don't make the rules he does and he's anything so when we think about rome root and fruit oh i would say if we look at the fruit of the second grade awakening and now i'm not trying to say that there they connected nurselike but i would say that the mormonism drove a witness and dispensationism was somewhat the fruit of the second great awakening and so however we look at that we might say of the fruit was it is goodness good i been should have been and so dat's at least the perspective that ionata about so when we think about even what he beckwith struggling with so lemme let me just talk about em sensationalism a little bit and again this would fall within the evangelical church if you will oh there was dispensationism being taught crossed the pond early but it basically came to america about the eighteen seventies and it kind o took our country by storm a but i i really i struggle over some of the major themes that hat has to ygrounden of is church for twenty years ah that would be part of the pietist movement in error some great values so i'm not when i when i speak ill about an entity i'm not throwing the whole thing under the boss if you will but what my point is when we look at when i went through that turning point you are safe a back in january when you look at the pietist movement they look it government differently than i do to day they will literally demand that you bow to government no matter how tyrannical they are and i will say you pull back and you don't engage yourself in politics for the culture she i think on this man is well a lot of sense cause i've never understood where that came from ye so this is a glad your list into this and it is important ah sire when you look at them how movement or lest ye don't stop not agin the people i mean bootee up there we never some godly people that bill legacies in me so i'm not an not slamming it i'm just looking at the major the major if you will fruit of the movement in my line i think it's fundamentally an anti a mere republic view i mean very good well good so there there more democratic in the way they approached the they they are old kate to let people control them i'm not i believe in self government so there's there's different things that we have to look at the bigger picture sometimes understand the the smaller issue and so it's like number one it's like we've talked about it the dispensations was the biggest teachings is a preacher perhapsher and you know so revelation is confused to me they teach from the left behind here there always this may not be emphatic put in the messages there and clear wait for god's crushin to combine jump don't have i don't get involved in the culture just wait just god's common wit to crow ship i got to do is wait i i think dad has destroyed america and so as they did they destroy revelation and the process they they confine the picture between israel and the church i think that confused the picture of how we relate to the law they confused the covenant of grace the covenant of redemption oh they be sickly would they would probably reject what i teach about the new birth i mean but yet that new birth passages all through script to me if you throw that message out i don't think you have the gospel that jesus oh you know what i got from dispensational on theology was that its actually i understand with the preter but i also what i got out of it is that there's sumindose showing us the character of god in his redemption redemption redemption redemption that he finds a way in now the heat his redemption was was you know trying to redeem people and say i love you i love you i love you i love you finally gets to the cross and what more can i do i kind of st now they planestoo about that soon hears here some in adana ascii just found this out recently in it a blow me away when you talk about redemption i know an end i'll say this that similarities between the joveite ses and dispensations here's why i mean the joke were nesses talk about the earthly king the thirst cold be in lactic goes to heaven but most everybody else is going to be down in earthly king dispensationism taught jesus literally came to the jewish people and said i will be a king for you in the earthly but the taste that since they rejected it the cross and the church was god's plan it's like from me absolutely not you have totally desecrated the gospel so while they talked about redemption to me there redemption is not the redemption that i know and am allevin at that and we will descry to to move on a little bit as i am minerstand it with that's okay because that the minerstand ing of it as will different i did was showing us over and over and over again that even if he his plan was always the one but that it was to teach us that once again just like the long we can't be saved through the law it's the only way is to jesus that's that's what that's what i understood and drosmig up in dispensationism for thirty years and i can everything out there to his people in forthemselves into doesn't manner where you look i may people insert themselves into all even in that fore we get off of track right there caseeven up to people we will screw up everything eyesoreness i mean i know that a lot of people want to talk about legalist's almost to the point goothanto people and again might say dispensations would look at me as the legsbecause i talk about grace empowering us to keep god's law to reflect but they would say on on on on no no no no we don't do that stole and i've heard it said dis way jesus kept the loss so we don't have to no no no but so there's his different things there that i just want to say that i think more than anything down and i i was really i was so blest to give that torinint you less a message that i gave but what i have continued to learn as a result of that he shows me again the negative impact on some of those oh what i hold as american public and so i just wish that people could say it looked ten less skidrow everything off the table lots located is it possible that that's what's going on because i know that you are at least you can appreciate this there's a lot of people that that give voice to their christian matedon't want to be involved in correcting america i mean and and i i don't want to imply in any way that america is equal to the will of god but i do think that god started america no less than he started his and i wished that people could approach ah what we have as a republic i think to it was a majestic crow gram you can't have america without being defaced on the judeo christian principles of a a that that we the country was the country was started on see the chanaanites together yes yes oh so for not a before we jump into the back i did one read duteronomy twenty nine twenty nine it it says the sacred things belonged to the lord our god this bee page three done a few on a flock down there ringlestones a go run through all that paved there and i be raters to top oh he went lotit too far just right at the top oh yeah twenty nine toward nine there so it has that do the secret things belong to the lord our god but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children for ever that we may do all the words of the law and has really tired mohabdi ence so i just wanted to bring out two points there i say first god built of divine if you will around see there are many things it god knows that he is never revealed to us and i think sometimes people clamor to know god what are your secret i know a lot of the modern de prophets kind to get into that what are the things that god knows that the average person and i would just say that we ought to realize that everything that god revealed his for as here what is it for that we may do all of the words of his law how the fit with the lot of the activity we see in america to day i'd say that statement right dare most people would say donna i don't want to i don't want to obey god slow now again there are so many ways we can look at god's law what are we talking about ah old covenant law the law of redemption i mean there are the jews most many jews looked at the law as a means of redemption if i can obey the law good enough i can redeem myself if you will no no no no that's so i mean there is moral law there was added law there was a mosaic law there's just a lot of ways we could look at law i believe that redeemed people a camp to obey god's moral law and we should so i don't know if if people can grasp that but so will we look at the back it on in what to talk about a back reatunge because god had basically told him that he was going to bring baronins to take captive judah and i don't know what a bacowas thinking did he think did god was condescend his holy angels to do judge went against them he doesn't question how bad they had gotten he just his thing is god why are you bringing an evil people to bring judgment and so we see we see basically there a if people if you go down a little bitters up kind o a skeleton of his discussion strolled down there a little bit and you'll see that i just want to people so you get the superscripture has just burst on his first complaint is chapter one to do for your going pass too far go back up a little bit you'll see it i'm the writerthere ah so god responds to his first complaint and then he lodges a second complaint and god responds to that and i just what people were not going to really go through the book it's only three short chap geryou could sit down and read it very quickly said to minor prophets oh so is he said the god's people are departing from competent life so line he knows that ah but the lord says on genossen to babylonians in a back in back lord why are you going to do that why the wicked babylonians and yet god's response is that life for faith of ones woe for the wicked and i think that's kind of what you were saying in america if we're going to correct thing we have to be able to distinguish between evil people and at least relatively good people i think that's what you were saying that he there is may be deep or quibbling over who's to go to ones in edward divinato in in a way probably that so it's a false way to look at it we had not bigger targets out there with a with a human trafficking that's going on and kilsaran all that we need to be very clear on on what is a real threat and what is not guess now you know just a difference of opinion you know god's going to sort that out and we don't sick we don't need to sit there and beteach other up when we've got somebody sitting right next to us on this side and killing children and were it were quibbling over over something that in the grand scentings means nothin i see that so many places done it's nauseating and i got to believe this is part of what's nauseating to god almighty that we would not even look at doing justice and doing righteousness but we want to be so frightens and we want to have these little squabbles over marbles instead of looking at the world falling apart around us and oh yes i agree so so back i there just go down there just a bed in one foresays oh lord how long shall i cry for help and you won't hear our cry to you violence and you won't save why do you make me see in equity and why do you idly look it wrong destruction and violence are before me byes i see in every where strife or contention arises and that kind of which you were saying so the law is paralyzed and justice never goes forth i mean if there is if tim barker could jump on one line out of that passage that would be it the law is with put handcuffs on the low and justice never goes forth in me just a few days old am i nobody brown talked about it there's other people that one marine choked out the goyanna on the subway i think that he said that guy had a list of forty forty crimes and yet dare trying to put this marine away for severer eight years you think her onoto know it's like it's like our justice system is so corrupt rate now you cannot get it we have no special we have no justice going on in these that's kind of what this last part of this so laws paralyzed and jostles ever goes forth you're right i agree think that god was a hero he jumped in and often saved some people for the wicked surround the righteous so chastises forth perverted and so her backs is vexed because the law was paralyzed and i would just again i challenged pep are we vexed when we see that loss paralyzed in theirs no justice in this world to tear or three tired justice that's not just yet god fully sees hears under and it happened because people are sitting back and as plain the purity contests then rather than getting involved and actually doing something that will move the move the line and bensen something that this is wrong you know this kind of stock is wrong and we we've got to stop capitulating to evil and because we want to go along get along and not not stand for yes so it it may see like a there's no relationship to what we've been talking about but there's a lot of people in the world to day that would say jesus didn't write anything and i might say well okay ah and i think these i had come near and reject god's true but what a reader believed him if it hadn't come from and from it a another person oh i don't know but he did use john to write seven letters so when we read revelation to a three these are letters from jesus these churches we can say he didn't do it i didn't write anything but i think he have to look at least these letters the light say he wrote when when he was talking about the albet discourse and this would be an matthew twenty four his disciples asked in a traitorthat om of the page when here talked about the temple being destroyed they didn't understand what he was talking about ah they asked tell us oh when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age so there are people theologians churches religions see those questions as three different questions some see him as one conflation of those as i say down her hot pone ah so do we think did jesus answered dum directly indirectly or from what he knew independent of what they thought they were asking and i put down her he often does this not ah our siparate of his books was ah the tantimes according to his and he basically wrote that book probably one of the most famous atheists of america was bertrand rose and bertrand russell asked this ere said as he said i can't be a christian because either jesus lie to us are the apostles misunderstood what his wrote regarding those three so our seas prood to book to to give the biblical response and i think that here again ah in my mind bertrand russell was living in a day he sensational teaching all round and so he would hear many people and gain the jews were very good a test i don't know how many prophesy given that jesus could accomack here jesus as could one know no not then he's going to come back here and sanely there's been a lot of dispensational instead have done that too jesus is i mean i remember back nineteen eighty eight another one of the prophecies jesus is going to come back and thirteen eighty eight he's got to come back in in the year two thousand i mean so we've heard us all of our life and we have to say will come on people what it is telling what is it and how was part of bertram russell's an orante old testament they killed prophets for heaving for not being true every single time so he kind almost have to put that in the fortune telling it ocango yes and that i think donald what goes on wayto so am the next passage and backed last words the nisses again gets back to that first song i read the back of the book but these are a backcast words in his prayer so he says though the fig tree should not blossom nor fruit be in the vines and i put there do you remember the time that jesus the fact just before his curse but he was pointing to the lack of and israel i mean i here people all time why would jesus i i never got there its cool yeh ah so that's what jesus so up said israel did not produce the fruit though he ioannow i never did after that together good so says the if the proofs of the oliffes and fields yield no food flock be cut off from the fold in her be no herd in the stalls yet this was his conclusion this was a good moment yet i will rejoice in the lord so he's kinder teaching us people don't look so much at what you see and you can't understand it may be can't faces a the lord focus on what christ has done not what we don't know i will take joy in the god of my salvation god the lord is my strength he makes my feet like the deer he makes me tread on high place those were the last words of back it and i just i ask people does his attitude melchers or do we or do we say no no i want i want different answers i can't that's that enough for oh but at the same time i want to encourage god is the god wants to hear from a sense this is one of the few books that we see like baconis written he cries out to god god give me a hand i just don't know god gives him an answer and he got that's not good and hoo ibanic give me another hero his sire i don't think the anther god so were camping is yoshitoki goodness would when we tell god got it like your answer oh i think we'd better we'd better check ourselves or fast to its i'm just trying to courage people it's like he one of your sanative what's going to happen i don't know i don't know and and what i even say in the book of rabelasian i would say that most of it applied to the destruction of israel had dispersed from of the people and the end of the jewish age so again that's one of the three questions when what's got me the end of the age well here these knew that they were probably talking about the jewish age even if they didn't have that in mind when they said it that's why i suggested that baby jes answered the question according to what he knew so this i think is part of the problem when people look at revelation there looking ettie and of humanity if you do ah je store russell was a man that in the late eighteen hundreds wrote a book called the peruse second comet of cried he went away from genesis to revelation and said almost every time if he said every time but i'll i'll just modify his words almost every time as i think there are some things in tailand of revelation that speaks but he said every time in scripture the perusal of the end of the age was really speaking about the end of the this is why i would say that if bertrand russell knew that he would realize that jesus didn't lie when he said that this generation will not pass away till they see all these things fulfil so essentially there questions were answered by seventy eight jesus was may be speaking and we say thirty three a ah so it would be another thirty seven years and it would be within a they counted a generation as forty years so it was within that generation that those things these became depend but see the dispensations which they all know no no we're talking about the end of humanity and the tribulation of colocome here that tribulation most of the tribulation and revelation was right there pre seventy eight so love the people miss that why because i think they've been so decent i dispensational teaching now lot of people have grown up they don't know anything other than dispense i think well that's a historic teach of the ages it was it was no such thing like that in the mid fifth eighteen fifty said in an it's like that was like so minuscule and yet that's the dominant probably theology and i think it's so wrong so yes so let's sit on god's response is right there below that he says ah look among the nations and see wonder and be astounded for i'm doing a work in your days can we take comfort here anne senstation don't work in your days that you wouldn't believe it told i i think that down i do believe this i do believe that god's doing work i know as i've said and i don't i don't speak as a prophet i speak as the student of the word i've really in the last few years i had to change some of my thinking i mean is rot this panasianism thirty years ago from my life and it's kind of like a continued to try to take away every thread that i believe it's on but even saying that i had to look and say i do see the possibility that god that jesus christ is going to come with his angels and bring a revival and do i can i say that like a prophet absolutely got told me no i can't say that cause god didn't tell me that i'm just saying that as a student of the word and i do think god will do that so would we believe if he told us free behold amoris en up to chaldeans they all come for violence all their faces forward they gather captive i i made down i could we can work high most sidown and cry over what we see to day look at all the people caught up in sex trafficking human traffic organ trafficking in abortion droanes in the schools the gender con everything we can it's like with the people with the back seem it's like oh my goodness when you think about the captives like sand hsaio true and that's what god was telling her back at the safe kings and laugh at rollers they laugh at every fortress and pile up earth and take then they sweep by like the wind and go on go the men son might is there god i mean you look at the class shops of the world it's like old mingo hey you're goin to own nothing and you'll be happy really really and you know what i say to that good luck with that good luck with that genoa so close swains sturges over there savates and sorrows stas good luck with that you know they just the america which were a bunch of no god loving god fearing most his dogs in the in our thesis only got to go so far and in their the they're going to have a rude awakening to just exactly how off face they are because i believe that that the seat of evil is going to absolutely the the torn down entirely and in its going to be god himself that he takes down all of these human constructs that have been sent to kill his his children and this accolgalo there be for a period but yah do you i magican you here then to somebody that stupid as clahoose something so impertinent and i and ridiculous and a fancy you know you want to talk about a fancy listen to every word that comes out his house that herrares mouth and you know the these people are if we want to forceson evil that's one great place to start they they are willing to kill any one because they want to own it all it's a drop i mean they don't even have to have a drop of open it's like now you wait will take out anybody if it's convenient and rare was the name i i guess his name is an in my brain but i know who it and of listomere and so you know a back knew that the jewish people begin newer they were created to glorified christ and they they went after bale i mean wasn't it isn't a new york where they've got bail i mean to me like to troianos bilhas come beware has come in to america i think that a lot of the abortion is like worship of moloch ah what's the mercedes said that they said it's our right till board because it's part of a rite religious ritual i mean an insistence oh my goodness people if we knew the gospel of christ we'd say no no no but i i think in today's world don and again i will still say the evangelical church to me when the winchers gets the gospel we're trouble and i think that's partly why we're in trouble the church has forgotten and so skidegate that it becomes stored is never taught his word never taught paul never taught peter never taught but create they create their own gospel nowadays then off it's terble inness i can tell you that i am fairly fairly disgusted and offended by the division between political parties we need to dare to be american and i think and i'm also is equally i find that equally offensive to have the the the discord between the denominations should be one here not all of this quibbling over non se it doesn't matter it didn't really doesn't matter in the enemy we need to get together take this nation back live for christ live for god and worry about these little differences later we can get the figured out later because we're a critical point right now and our nation and in the world and i think that that needs to come as we need all come together first and foremost and in you know and then well we'll figure we'll figure some of the rest of it out we got keep points to believe it and once we get past that oh you know somebody's something of head discussions with people on creek and six literal days love laden like where you there now is how if you weren't there probably a lot of leeway in this that you know the moon and the sun were created tell which day well how many years came before that could you didn't have a marked so the logic to the lot of these is kind of lost on there's a critical in his critical thinking that's been missed i've been taught as to your points and i love se you brought my mind every the mittens that is that a you know that jonah died the wise men were not three wise men just sort of it it was in you know at tegeathe gifts or three guests and so all of these things that we were taught to believe just be inwited without is there there we may really have been missing a lot in an the canon my point was a creation well you got the son of the moon on the the third day so i mean what where are we where are we at would be for that you know how how can you say that you know you you can't the discussion is completely a logical and i guess you don't the caution is done and i hear what you're saying the caution is that we've got to be careful there we don't allow our logic to kind o defined what god meant cause there's motor we don't know what god meant in a ethereal to say the five logic is going to explain what i think he didn't explain very well we can't we be that gets back to those secret things why it for regard to the questioning part of it gone too well well well i guess i'm going to keep it all mine to all this because i wasn't there yes how like it's like the there may be i don't know it's like that with that's one of like a day can be a thousand years and in a to god so it's like who are we you know we can we can do our best to try to get all these details ironed out were still likely to be wrong so we have to go back to gods to god salvation ashes faith that you know he's got the plan we need to rest in him and to put her faith in him too to a make up for artificielles i believe yes so in in chapter two is part of god's answer ah to believe his second question is where we get one of the the passages that is repeated quite a few times by jesus and paul throughout the script but it is on ah well you could go down where i pass five half way down so you've got a in when we think about the whole chapter of matthew twenty three believed there some one a woes jesus to the fairies the mi count roast one two three four maybe five there's least five woes that god makes against the chaldeans in o in chapter two but i wanted to focus on a specially first two for and i don't know i'm pretty sure i pray for that there yes so i'll just delay that altitude next paid for before we get there we in your and perfect spot right there we want deliverance but rarely express joy over judgement and i guess i what i'm thinking about what i say that is that we often get oh when i say we are talking basically about wi his people get deliverance sometimes through judge and so when again i don't put a hear it back to the dispensational idea of god heaven a crushin free to pick us up and take us out of lt'sen if it was a tribulation god shows throughout scripture that he always to people true judgment maybe a bold his wrath but he always took them through judgment and i i would just encourage people that we have to see the orgelbrand even in america might come through judgment so i just i challenge us when we think about joe and i i just always every time i ever think about job i mean he basically lost all of his he had different flocks he lost them all he lost his ten children and it's almost like baying vain vain thing might have been won see within an hour or two he heard these four devastating message and you could think man he could just he could disintegrated but it says that he shaved his head put on sackcloth and ashes fell down and worshipped and i just i ask again for myself and for my listener when we see judgement at the door do we do that do we fall down and worship god for what he is doing for me say no god you can do that he gave to that well so remember an acidus after god delivered hebrews from egypt god judged the egypt god lives so evil ones perform breathand godet and now we even see it in the medes and persians came behind the babylonians and it was cyrus who sat ezra nehemiah back to rebuild jerusalem oh so again we shall see the fall of genesis is colossal in university many times worse than the colvin and all the confused ah and yet god brought salvation in judgement we see that in three fifteen he brought salvation through the cross which i think is what genesis three twenty one so nemroth by grace through christ faith is the greatest reality we could expect his me and it brings us to hebeto for isis and pollen pactis later but here how a back it presents it behold the proud the soul is not a right in him but the just shall live by his faith now we're going to read in the scrubs it won't be high lighted his faith like i did it but i am convinced that is the message of a back so many love that that's so cool yah ah in and i just would say that if we look at john three three to eight sixteen three thirty we read there and i want people to consider this our faith is the fruit of his vine that he taught in john fifteen one to it on the vine you are the bradfords you're the ones that bear for here is the vine and again that john fifteen one to eight was in the upper room discourse that we've talked about a couple of times lately but we see paul talk about this and in romans one seventeen galatians to sixteen twenty three eleven twenty philippians tree nine and hebrews ten thirty eight so i got there that jesus vine teaching she prevent us from ever thinking our faith is a stand alone entity outside of it outside of or independent from christ's face and so remember we talked about this order last few weeks i believed it it our faith comes from his face and if we knew that we would put such emphasis on and i think even what you were talking about donna that i can him take the word to use but to waive that they give me up certain things the you didn't use pietism but you're any kind heteroteuthis you done a think you we can see that in in the church we can get into purity contest squabbles it's like there should never be any squabbles about that but when we know it's his faith in us to produce our faith worse the squabble it's a come on people it's like do you not understand this as the people may see too i don't know why you believe that to me that's the jest it takes away all of the infinite if if it's christ faith in me that causes me to be what i am i hope it's christ faith in you or you or you christ faith in you that makes you be what you are and when not of ourselves thus in man should boast i mean that's what it comes down to is that that if they see anything good in us glory to god because it comes from hell and and i you know it's the and i think we have to be okay with that it's that i intimates so that's why put it there pride version that the simplified version if they see us and it has its god go along if that's it that's that's what they see its like we're going to screw things up as human beings we are flawed we are not for there's only one perfect in the ah nothing to you i think i am really a comfortable actually realized that to day whatcom or table i am would call me out i don't mind talking about the things that are that there issues but man i am so uncomfortable with calling out groups i really hope honestly at the groups of people we all need to be standing on standing together but i i really don't like calling out groups of because people are in the and in believing that their doing the right thing in that between them and god and you don't hessianed them out of his sinbadone of us out of the captivity of our own error even because we all have it no nobody has a clean from that you but i realize that to day yes so i did run over some o ye don't need to back up and under said it's like we was struggle over when our experience doesn't quite match or theology and i i want my people might go yogins i understand fully what you're saying to and i guess this is my challenge people down it and gets back to the very point you are making i i think that more likely or the age does it experience and this is why i think that people have to i would say elevator gain and really get into study and some of these because it's like it's so easy to to save my it's almost like we let our theology match our experience and i think that we need to elevate our theology their experience comes up to our theology and and that i guess maybe that's part of what my thrust is done i think people don't understand tim why do you always i teach because i know that the more we learn about christ the more my experience can be elevated and i don't say that in haughty way to me the result good biblical we we rise to what what are theology so far theology slow sometimes people rise to the of relevator theology and i think that's the the increased that the less sepolto about in corinthians from glory to glory so the higher we learned about god the higher arts and i think this is what we see with the back he was down in the dog's discombobulate and consistet me let me let me teach you a little bit and we see in the hand that that he eleaticis the same thing with joe now joel worship god in the midst of all that confusion but he later says boy i asked some questions i should have shut my mouth when i did but he says he says and i think we got a realized this he said i never all i and did i heard her mother but he said now i've heard from you and i kind o know you so i can i can really see what's going on and that's so that's part of my challenge i don't want to be rate anybody and say i know more than you or anything like it i want i want to pull people up because he had pulled up sastago and as i want for people so go ahead if you had something to a yet asking questions and letting people come to their own conclusions sometimes worked for early well you know and they are yet and that i think i think that's onkiver body has it has to make his decisions and choices for themselves i knew i know that with horse trading their sisto kinds of horse trainers out there this kindthat stands at the stick over people's heads you're going to do this and a horse might do it but it's the only do as long as the sicke but when we when we become friends and we talk through issues and and you know half have heavy bility talked through things and in in truth in fact and and things to the table you know usually moved the move the barcle moved the move the lineal closer to the unseen you know it and getting the truth is that everything is in i done dehorse s like apples or his hat i mean will they i mean i think i see not or heard too put it out at you acrescentamiento lasses o ka so derisori know we what am i old uncle so long done but i member he put me up on a couple of cossacks better than in any other rights that some of the fairs and stock but because with the hips got up and down as the little kid it was his lot a comin but i mean he is he would put out a pack of cigarettes and almost get any counter comes to him i guess that's kind o maybe what i do in my teaching i would never want to be people over the head but i try to put it out there that it's an attractive for them to come to and so learned to to investigate and sees we might say or do trying to ram his up no water rapapelo it quicker just i want to do throw forth things out there and as pasicles is one her back had cleaned first converse with god when we lack i mean we we sometimes see i came i can take it to god or yes god has he has big heart he knows all things and he's ok one we compensate god on cone oh i i don't really know i can't trot second asked for grace in this is again one of the things that i do and i think this for grace the live by his faith and his sight a third learned god is sovereign and christ is oh every inch in the whole world i think i was a type that talked about in that van fourth we can rest in and worship god in the tyranny of the and i think people would say he ought to days time tyranny of the moment in it's been a big one but i care do we go to go oh in the end her back i prayed and i think his prayer is more self revelation or what he and from what god told him and that builds our faith so i'm just i prayed that people are willing to learn from whom beck i think we can learn from all the prophets if we would maybe say the way to toft understand i don't think there is oh understand this is a gold mine waitin i think i think too you know we can go and read through it and this is from a messianic perspective of wind when you know the kiss field take turns in such and the persons speaking about the passage that and how it relates to their life that day to every single passage that we read in the bible too may have a different meaning or every day it may we may understand it in a different way as god speaks to us in the living word to you know not just from her historical perspective but too you know walk with us a knowledge for me going god one of things alasto do is all just open my vital of let it fall and see what i see where it falls open an i try and you know a low tense i'll do that and be like while this is just like for the day that i needed to hear and in it's amazing when we do study and are recorded we go to him with all things how he leads us through whatever is is standing in front of and so joneswe is regretting of how can we pray for you may be there some things if peel share and others pride tons of things that you can't share but i think we need to continue to pray for you oh for god too to deliver our land to deliver us i think we are weigh more in bondage then we have any idea just like just like the israelites whether it was from israel or judah into motor or binding delivered and we we've got to we got to examine ourselves everybody and in lord marse how concord we pray for you as we closes on an really nice i think i think that the biggest prayer that i would ask for is for he actually the snake and for people to lay down for people that are god's people to lay their weapons down for each other and be able have the discernment to know who the real enemy is its not our brother's it's not quibbling over over nine cents is truly coming together and and you know being able to be a that there are enemies are right out there there saneness and they this is this a clear delineation of what's happening out there this good in their evil and the rest of us i i i really believe that we've got to come together and in a political in the political arena we have to have democrats republicans a constitutionalist libertarians green party all of us that actually want this nation to survive were going to have to come together an i don't care we've got we've got people in every denomination and every thought that need to come together under god and have him corrects our error both in there in politics just human beings that we actually can see the world with his eyes here with his ears with his mouth and that that it is god almighty that is receiving all the glory and this in charge that we that we bless our leaders that are in and place that we bless president tromp the rightful post president this united states and that the we we are able to follow we all following comes before leaving we have to be good followers before can ever lead anything good words were those chaps coming through or horseshoes and pretty quiet to day are have good morning every every one down a god is good all the time thinks thankful for his mercy and grace good morning thank you temper and dressing the ten other ten tribes too many only concentrate i just the two other tried ah ah there was one point did i i didn't bring out that i would like to and we don't know a lot about the the tribes and some of the laws strivesto about those but all say then is that of and i think it's important and people know the israel of the split kingdom the ten northern rise they have re one of their kind every one of so when you talk about leadership they had no leadership the savilestowe rico right now or any one sittingshave all committed acts leading there and how did the infiltration is really what we need to focus it on because there are good people standing everywhere god's get a gods cotage field oh and you know to try to determine that based on labels or the purity contest on weary stand with labels or organizations or anything like that surely a fight of good and evil and the good people everywhere need to step forward to do the right thing yet in both the judan kings half of them were evil so essentially when you're talking the split kingdom seventy five per cent of their kings and yet god gave kings the example to be the leaders under when we forget god and christ while so you want to cause prayer enough yes we can do that there is a couple more thank you ah doctor him and down i got blesses from bury and a man thank you tim and dana well this is one of those days were we have heard discussions sometimes you know sometimes we we can come at things and disagree with things that still have a discussion where we love each other and i try to get to the truth on all things that quite honestly most the time were speaking as ah you know as a believers were speaking the same thing and sometimes the disparity comes with effect that we use different words even as sometimes there is a difference that we need consider but but it's all good in the end we love each other and we go forward you know being opened at were god's leadings yea and all again may be exposed to lo bit of my heart and in sense not till i would hide this before but it just came to me i think people need to hear it it's like there are so many things down up there were all were but maybe not in a positive way he can lead us astray different teachings different doctrines different i groups of people within the church and i think that we sometimes get so lost to what do i think what do i think what is he think what is he think that over the years i have tempted true really home in on what does the spirit and i guess maybe that porthos me understand the deep or again i'm not saying that i'm right because i do that but i do seek to learn what does the spirit man and i would just challenge maybe you go while i never thought about that before maybe you can think about that don't don't worry about what he thinks he thinks she thinks you know all these different groups or anything worry about what the spirit his word and maybe you go while tom that's that's something to think maybe i need to dig a lot deeper at that lone so i just throw it out so baby people can go at him while it's pretty nice if that's what you're really trying to elewassit god comes or a round individual faces ashore before any any any following any the civic te chenerey thing go god he'll tell us every it's like garry just set it so simple even a child can understand we needn't complicate it that's what we do we like to complicate several very simple god loves us and he's trying to do the right thing and lead escodica tivity of all sorts which we in fact have chosen to put her selves into and so i think that that's the simple terms right so let's pray closing sure every father is done requested we do pray for our nation we pray for everybody that lies oh maybe to the lower shelf things may be to the higher shelf thing lord hollis to pursue your the your meaning i know that we can read scripture and wait and come up with all kinds of personal interpretations but i know that the spirits interpretation is the one lord holles to worship you even in the days of judgment and now sometimes we struggle with that we we want to know we want to challenge what you're doing in s no god we we do it differently oh and yet you're allowing god and you you declare to us that you are doing everything for the glory of lord helpless to pursue your gospel i know the danes vo in a lot of things lord we need people that are ready to lead and i see a lot of people that are ready to fight about everything we we need to grow we need to repent we need to pursue your meaning in our lives and there's so much to do lord so much evil the needs that needs righteous living counteract he with his lord and helped in all that we do in his name i pray and thank you so morpeth for masson your wisdom and her years a study and all that and i so amazias i learned something every single every single week i love it let's close out here hope you all know your love and a that it's agrathere got on dining me thangobrind or for governor do come i am still not conceiving and the best not concede who has ever not conceited and here you heart hands some endless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we love you and i hope some day that i got to talk to every single person out there and that we stand together as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and having created make it so and will set thank you