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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/2/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 2, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm brandenburg and it is the second day of february twenty twenty three and a mine and discloses location to day and i'm going to go ahead and bring carondon right away and say good morning here and morning i'm always in a secret on discloses location to day is the armament more secret undisclosed occasion actually extant on i was walking on the beach esternay and the sky decides to be a smart aleck and he saw istome ah ah you you from midwest and i like the yasawa you tell for my inspiring hand that i have going on right now and he started laughing is said actually tanomoshi or going to make sure that everybody understands that exactly what start the dark and once little but but you know what takes a little while when her when here and in the midst of snow and and cold and an okw so how you to day i pray god what eriocaule dago with that there now was a couple of days ago he got i don't know but my guts were happy solitos put it the oh well the tone how aristandre as good morning ladies and i like wooelshawe aha so up he there's a lot going on we can go in a million of attractions to day and like usual we never know exactly which way we're going to go when we get on a one thing usually leads to another we we started this morning talking about some stuff in the news that caught bullhoratio ah and i really i think that i think that what's happening on right now let me scrap here see this is what i done got hold bunch of notes that i put together and tried a try to pick out the things that are these an interesting ous cause they catch my attention of all what's going on that we might we might miss right cause we're looking for real ones and out the narrative and nobody nobody gives either one of us talking points we just get up in the morning go what's going on is pre so jested this was promised of temper to two thousand nine and i think this is really interesting because i think we're going to find out some more about michigan connection to piser and its subsidiary a pharmacy and upjohn company is residing in others a huge residence there and consort so this article they came out steermen announced his largest health care fraud settlement in its sister so this cause back alarm was this isanuse for fisher this is that there's some history going on here five sirchops two point three billion for fraudulent marketing i'm going to get it this is something we might be seen sometimes soon but will so american pharmaceutical giant fizer and subsidiary farmacia and upjohn company hereafter together five have agreed to pay to point three billion the largest health care fraud settlement history of the department of just the resolve criminal and civil liabilities arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products his department and outside and there is a bunch of them listed in addition visor his sitters one point three million for baxter under the provisions of the shrewd dragonis ah cosmati and the company must specify the intended uses for on the new drug applications in after so if there fradulently labeling the intention i'm going to guess her going to have a huge problem with everything going forward with the vaccines as well as i know the alleged acts in such hernishede fan gets the precedence is already there in some like the one i like to do said alleged vaccination cause that's why i always use the words shot or shot it instead of vaccinated because i don't like job because that focuses on the injection with a needle itself and then they can do these and in other ways so i just i touches the word shot ed stand the house because it's it's an so and it's not it has not to do with a needle itself but it is not a vaccine so it's not call it fate yeah it's it's a high this whole thing is been highly misleading so i guess i guess there there that was a a release that came out and two thousand nines on there is a present and on thereanother there's a video i want a bed bring us up a minute let me let me stop here mincius i think this is really interesting kinahan kill if i can bring up over her isword self i have a different set up here and anna move round a little bit take things for poetic this is what you get and at least that's real and transparent what is a transparency or re talkin bout this pinkeye transparency it may have and tell when it's still by etymons i am got back on her again to say not me of the last time i was like for you guys ah i don't even know if i want to go back on there again because of the the change of gross horaday struction to any social media and now only printed i thought this was really interest and i posted the link to the so go hand share of the sumangala it okay very interesting and i think this is a official transfer generally was joined by officials from the department of justice in the beato an nonsense federal charges as thirteen members of tenuiceps were preparing to keep the post greattherefore one discovered his tepescere stopped or the sort of behavior i expect to be you wit she and number that i in a strongly nor college conspiracy that stretches for costages from beyond and so pretty hinuber in a case like this i really reflects i think how deeply a government of the divine on ingeniositie the try to bayete sorely a muchof working class is hare the weekeetateesh no exorcize her likes and triniciens that the eye says for everything now or brings the meaning we be eyes pain relocators robison was getting paid to send his so either at the plan may do everything and adams slowlyjust sitting in the basement wagon repair shops smoking on sonday cheer the like clint was the way your of his cruel i chose secure to the was westonleigh leader understand how i settesoli situation the night person the peer to the dangerous finally terrors which for astonishing the dollars she created melichar or court of sea fights of starch and then framed that in otacoustic i am truly looking forward to seeing that isn't wonderful how many people are doing in amazing an amazing job to bring together facts because since the sins the misdeeds not can do it we are the news now the anisocerin forward the things that we see and educate each other as what not democrats not republicans not anything else but just americans that we need to go back to and i love these i believe that more and more new sources are coming out and we need and not have one new source we need to have about a brazilian alemaer so that they can fetch checkedthere other and citizen journalese think are best shot at the whole thing being being able to present true so there is that cool yet in it in that that's happening globally i follow a couple of people from an from overseas one's in the uk tommy robinson i don't follow everything he does ah he is a controversial character and i just kind of stay out of that drama but he shares things they don't get from american sources and there's another one on inter slava something like that he's a russian i believe and he shares a lot about the ukrainian and russian interactions but he also shares some news pits about the globe leadership in fallin all that that i don't get from other sources and through there i've seen some other citizen journalists from other countries at herland and the uk specially that he their pointing that out that these people sharing the truth accant get from them for the main stream mediate what's happening in ireland right now is the same thing that's happening in you ka there being inundated with foreigners and a lot of these are most of them are fighting he men and they have no respect for the local people there being paid to live there there on the housing and feeding and there doing nothing but causing problems for the local people a lot of rats and robberies and assaults their taking there was one community think their five hundred people in the community and they wanted to bring in four hundred new people and these are not people who are going to contribute to our community they're going to take over it so any one who is actually homeless and resident there or i should think president concernless am an inhabitant there does not have the proper of support from the government that they normally would have because they've got these foreigners you don't care anything about them you are destroying their properties and there communities and we don't hear about that in america because we have a lot more space for one and so they're spread out all over the country little pockets and we just don't see the impact that ireland and the uk as an example is experiencing but it the people are rebelling there because i can't take it any more a rising that the mainstream media no they're too busy talking about george floyd which is absolutely i i mean i hate to say it but i read move on and on there there's so much conjecture over what happened there that i really think here i got to show you this once it condoles into what you're saying there ah you know we have a clear and present threat right now and any i don't be but i am so sick of the race dating and every thing how i just i done with it our family is a mixed racial family we don't care and so when when i look at all this nonsense there that is out there it seems like just a lot of device of excuses for whatever i mean this guy pointed a pistol and a pregnant woman stomach right there he's got some big questions we got to ask about him this is not an innocent individual in his behavior he is not like you know gentle jesus with a slam sitting on a spot right i see it is this whole thing people are taking way to their two quick to divide up sides and and say their this is this is an injustice that's injustice sassanides ice and honestly it's like let it let it be so trying to a thing in that in the end the news media because the news media is stopped for manipulation let it go let it run its course and if we focus more on the proper procedures in the and the people who are who are in our course removing those who will not no carry out or execute justice law and order we have a lot better chance than the having an attention constantly on the fake news and no explosion at you or john and i talked about were talking about that the air on tuesday with the with the judicial tenure the the petitioning processes in he sat me something yesterday which shows be how to do that in order to petition in logic complaint in what you need to do and if there is if there are judges in are not carrying out good good awful processes they they could be removed and so he rasena this time a chosen upsides in the cult personality on in the political room and in and now the news that were wasting our time and their dominate us there their dividing us and their distracting us somewhat to show you this akseliston placed the barbs and all competence here supplied me and so this sky makes a raping girls four and nine served less than hundred eighty days in jail not registered required to register as sex ifunder not believe he committed the crime when he was sixteen i don't care all right i could care less if he was sixteen years old he raked a four year old and in your old and he's in jail for a hundred and eighty days so the twenty year minnesota maniches the ray and two girls for in nine on when he was round sixteen will serve us on a hundred and eighty days in jail and up to thirty years in probation he will not have to write isternesse pounder and the charges against will be done from his criminal record at the completion of a ah mohan mohammed a care she three felony first degree charges in two rates and bolting minor victims and he was he was doing things like promising them candy so not not only is the king not only is he guilty but on a know where the parents were involved in this merily sorry but when how i say that there there is some responsibility for parents too not always but when we look at home kids are trithing by their own parents and in that we know that coming on of there we know that's going on is there investigation has seven investigation into the parents involved this has as then investigated how much investigation is gone on here i really like to know but the fact that he was sixteen and he raved for year old and a nine year own girl tells me that it's not something not right this is wired ran and are you can you cannot if this to me looks like melons you're not going to fix he is not going to be rehabilitated he's going to do it again and if anybody would like to make a bat with me on that i'd bet a lot of money on that that he's going to be a repeat of founder he started that young and they're just trying to give him an excuse too oh yes just go back to your regular like we know you didn't mean it you're fly even a sixteen year old knows that his and i would give him you know that kind of an agreed just cry oh why would we why would we put him out there to give the chance to wreck more in i wouldn't not a chance old no no no sowonso the round curiosities and this there really something wrong there a sixteen year old ten year old as softing little kids and any way afore i know that's passnot gonetorn into an eighteen year old who suddenly knows better ones repentant and in his note cool in society yeah i believe that's not alone ness and that he dmonomanias he but the skies the skyes got a scrushes got something wrong with him and i don't think he should be put out there again to rate other kids i'm sorry that's just my opinion here any of so that one on and that was out there too though there was carlesse and let me go down here and move it further than i thought was significant ah holder bidens a man if i adapted to peter daiches alliance the thado interesting of how much more proof we need have out there polidorus so worn criminal enterprise after another i mean maybe they're des trying to i don't know figurecasters to it but i thought this was really funny too when you realized that the last day of twenty twenty three will be one two three one two three he has pretty funny oh nicky hayley is not a natural born citizen of the united states none are poperinghe i bring that will not hold yes i would she trained to be president for instantlythere is he was legally their son disconnecting through on us well no not if you go by the original organic constitution but they're in a corporation run by a foreign government so it galedon't really matter to them snorted up we the people so we will be in tracking you know there were a lot of people trying to point that out with obama they were pretty agreed about it but they were a minority of population so this would be interesting to see how many people shout from the roof tops she doesn't qualify she doesn't qualify verses how how much information came out about a bomber at that time because i think more people are going to know and more people will object with her because again citizen journalism that truth is going to be out there with obama was more like a conspiracy theory oh you people are just sally st we want to black president consultemple were just blinded by his collar i think that in that once again o me no deference to me by aman makes a difference if he qualifies i could care less so i somebody could run this hesitation i could care less you know eh what their background is with the profession is if their honest and hanteert which we had seen whole lot of quite honest in case there go nicky haley is not a natural born citizen of the u s o standards not eligible to be president everybody out there should be screamed in this from the top of the hill both of nickel is parents were not us citizens when nicky was born nicky hale was born to a citizen of india father minus and i'll get that one to leg in the citizen of india mother minus the second to like the not normal path to becoming a naturalized us citizen takes five years and he galleywas born at night in severe to her father and mother emigrated from india to canada in the us in nineteen in hester's not sufficient trying for ever aches parents to become naturalized as citizens were nahuas bore in seventy two so she is a what are they called that when there when pittisare sent over here and it is not known to time where the writer as the nicky's father mont ever became natural as you as citizens making henley's not being very transparent on this issue even if one or both for parents didn't naturalize later after nicky was born it would not change nickes so there he it in there with this tells me with this tells me is and in the echoes back to the concept of the race baiting too they are so desperate for whatever it is it's for the handling of a new story or in this case they have to have some kind of candidate that may be people don't feel so familiar with ah to reduction as an example people did not know who she was well maybe we can just run that by and the people will accept or because they don't know much about her right has to work but i doesn't didn't take much to look into her background though she in the stay in the chance o getting elected unless of course you have a select a select and instead of an election process we're not going to accept fightin we're not going to accept hillary clinton we're not going to accept my shell boma sorry folks we're not going to accept the santos so is it just tells me that there really desperate that they would even consider putting up a candidate who doesn't qualify it this point because the people are not going to allow that any more they have to know that so planes shot as i like to say and they they don't have anything else so it it's just it proves how despere the cabal so in my screen over here just locked up which is really interest i can't i can't get a curse or to go in anywhere or anything i might have to close that suthers mooching in one regibus to cantos talk away throughout of work going on accounting by broad castdown to one hour here will open down here just because it's nice to be here but but i won't i've got some other things that i also want to do and since timbrologie on vacation here that we we would go forward to let me let me see here what i i'm in arago to the next article to gedeonov seen this shuddernot i thought this was fairly significant oh this is on daily mail micro plastics used in food packaging and pain are founded human beings for the first time are right so this is like then coming out with another thing we want to go to about the eggs and have you seen that article on the age i have not you master so had not god came out with an article from january twenty one which i think is its so can a yoke and a bodies igis black the binding of multiple stars cover bees spike protein variants to humans as to receptors interest right so now there here here's another thing that so it looks to me why this is a this is a a rather hold that every one should be going down and it is pomotouans beidan ldtani hot and i i'm going to see if i can test screen over here i don't know why the thing is like o come going to dump the whole thing and see what we have here taken down and then we'll see if we can put back up here a gown to basically your saying eggs are good oh i'm not really sure what they're saying right now but it looks to me like eggs argument and that they are in fact doing what they should be doing in telling us you know her everything seems to be hid but you can find this i've got some o miss jump round here men get the sky come back all right completely crashed on me out whiteling we got hope our hope is restored single and and one more this came ainsis pretty signing so talk amongst herself is now i saw your graphic on the chickens and i had seen that quo on face book but it's canidius cheesy for me just to type it up and it was being too lazy to make a means so was glad anne found a melee the reason we have assured its because hens are identifying as roosters was miss fanny course then the picture that they chases a good picture when a chicken looks right at a camera it is orissathe angry about something yet the very testmental they had a serious look on her face like a or little after of some some kashing on et iisecond get the thing up and going one kick everybody often if i do i'll come back torah victory okysop here we have at the this is the article right here and i think what there some very there's some very interesting points i did some i guess one screen shots on clarice in polocharami the tories gnif cant parts of this sometimes i just the screen sons are somebody else to provide me with strange shots and and we got to go to the old thing too the black mole that's another significant situation so with a pop manatic usually you couldn't find the basic understanding of lawful article without all the sciences in the summer he don't they have as they start out right away with that and also if you scroll down to the end they are sometimes simplifyin so for those of you who don't like all the science gobbly go could you know i'm looking at this head line and in that can be pretty intimidating if you don't know what these things mean i don't know what happens stuffe the th what i could summarize from the headlight is exegeseos kind of articles i could get some of it because i have a degree biology but always looked to the summaries thing out down here anyhow i thought that was kind of an interesting thing is i do believe that there is there's a lot more going on here than one there temenus and this his chicken thing you know and then the the the the other article that i thought was really interesting is finding plastic and fans macroplastic are found and that salinal from that one of percession probably discophore upon my scream right and it would be such an adventure all right here so i i have i have some real questions about all this now this is not severe got daily mail and we have and one way her lithe we have first time so here i go so my proplastic use in feedback attent and pain are followed and live human veins to the february one twenty twenty three now i had a question about this why why all of a sudden when we know that these micro plastics have been in our water and round for a very long time something that we i did little study in on on the macroplastic sen or water and no one is talking about this but i think it's a lot bigger a danger than what they're saying and why now why now is this finely coming out i don't it doesn't make sense the time he doesn't make so i just wandering in all this though they're going to cut try to blame the problems with the alleged vaccination on on other things to cause we know that we're seen big of fibrous weird clots and that sort of thing the blood's not looking normal and so are they deflecting away from thee the jab called the jam the alleged vaccination are they are they flitting away from that kind of wonder because it's not like if it's for the first time they found it why now that we it's not like we started us in plastics last week this we boneless very very very long time so is it that the just started looking at it now or is it that they just pulled the out of their back pocket in order to see the problems with the legend vaccination which is you know causing more props an they wanted talk to i saw something of the day too that was the talking about the the taste the the that thou the slopes loves in what was really interesting to me was how they put they put two and two together on this in the fact that if you have if you if they test for colvin they they it's it's in your saliva it's in your liveit's in your nose and said why is it that they had to jab the swabs up in people on osteal the way back and that it was a doctor that he had case so there and she came right outside they were jabbing in the back of of getting that swab way back there in order to compromise the blood bringing and that even even a small disturbance in that is going to affect life spans it's going to effect a lot of different things i i don't know about you but i have absolutely no true in any of these agencies or in any but anything or people want to become a great or great of you know the new latest and greatest sage out there on ananassa and so i'm not come down with it or why is it that they could test a a mangrove or a kangaroo or whatever they were testing or kinds of weird stone for who wedoreshaw they didn't have an nesle cavity that they could go up in slope so why was the re that they had a stick that flow all the way the back and hit that blood brain burier and ordered to allegedly did an honest an honest swabbing of it it if if there is calanthe it would be in her ever be every everywhere so just yet another lie by them and another way to expelle harm people under the guise of doing the right thing of anybody that got a coveytest of their i would be i'll be fairly pastorate now because none of his men seriously none of this needed the half an and the amount of time that and the dollar along it was that were behind these this is absolutely criminal but i can't even believe it but i i think we're going to be hearing more of that and be micro and the macroplastic i see a lot of stuff like this that's out there just to free people out the it is just like the the story that keeps coming out about a wins you know there's more coming out about eight we ends e wends at weeds well you know it's not like they all a sudden are going to decide to be here if i is there here there here in and in i don't think that one day in any other direction is going to make any difference so so oh you know i think a lot of it is just fear fate fear of factor for shutting us down keeping us running around chasing or tails without being able to look at what the real problems and in deflecting as of what the real problem is just removing the judges were sending her spending all our time and main store media and set of actually doing something to re remove these criminal politicians which i think is possible to do if we're not dividing our attention and our time yea i think i think you're asking some really good questions about the sarco what is the purpose and we may not know you're questioning and i do that sometimes too sometimes i just you know put it out there this is what i'm thinking about him asking more questions i don't have the answers but maybe me ane i'll prick somebody else's attention and they'll be thinking and maybe they'll see something later on that i don't see that that gives him another perspective on what an answer might be but again for me when i see things like that and we're thinking are they trying to confuse us are they trying to deflect us or the trying to cause fear that tells me that their increasingly desperate because if they're ramping up all all this confusion and division like the race bating fine eh what what is it do you know i shared were we'll be goldberg on the view said something about she was complaining about how a white people don't get killed by police officers as often as black people get killed by police something to that effect and i said i discovered through this little link that that's not actually true white people do get killed more by police officers than black people solo there creating a hatred for police out of a incorrect fast back or a misleading or misinformation its total lie and there using it to cause people to hate the police ah and please frequency also shared i think yesterday i shared it ah that police officers are getting shot at and killed far more in the last year then they dined the previous year well you're causing more confusion and more fear in communities it's not it's not defending the police that's the issue here it's that they're trying to create a a fear of anything that you can trust so that the people then become vigilant and i sure another post yesterday where that's what happened over once remember which country it was ah they let in too many immigrants and they had one that in this small community rate day sixteen year old girl fivemembered a story correctly the police couldn't or wouldn't another situation but the community knew who it was they caught up with him and they were assaulting him in the street and this isn't the way things are supposed to go ideally okay so somebody finds him you can't sherman then to let the police and lamenting the police in the prosecutions and the judges are not handling the situation you cause the people to become vigilant like the man in texas who stopped a robbery shot a man in the back and then approached him and shot him while he was lying on the ground defenceless and no longer a threat some people praised that behavior because they are so tired of seeing people innocent people getting robbed but that's that's not appropriate at all you don't shoot somebody who's not a threat he and i killed him when it was completely unnecessary he should be charged for that that's not right ah but what they're doing is causing people to feel like they have to take it upon themselves to act an act acts of violence and that causes even more fear all this comes down to causing fear and confusion which is the only thing they've got left because if your fearful you're not looking for the truth and sharing that and becoming confident if on the other hand like you and i we see things for how true with in transparency as i was talking about before if we see truth and transparency that emboldens you to get just the military is the only way too but justice truth and transparency are really really important and as i see acceleration in the truth being revealed through various sources we've seen that happened just the last few weeks or months there i felt like by mont on monday i was like while there's a lot going on that's being revealed to day on monday it every now and then i feel like there's an acceleration and i think that's what we're seen in the defence of the ballaster losing their plan a really fast and so they just they just keep pushing it as hard as they can but it's accelerated i i am emboldened by that cause i can see your losing and we're winning whithersoever exactly solveas we're a worried the i think there is now clear stuff there there the drippings a new clear threat that's how i see it it's it's like trump will say they're going to start a nuclear war and planwill say we're looking at a nuclear war got a happen fighting don stop what he's doing and you hit i'm seeing little bits from china and tight wad and you crane in russia little bits of information coming out where nuclear war is perhaps a threat i think we're going to see more and more coming out with that and i think again it's just a build up a fear we have to get people to cross that line where they say what is going on all my goodness i need to take action and he and if you can do it slowly then they can handle it they could keep their sanity so i think that's what what we're stating is hey folks you know what about nuclear war it might a few weeks from now it might seem really more serious and for other people that's going to be fearful i'm not afraid from that afraid of that i think it's part of the plan i believe it's part of the story line i'm i'm not fearful that it's actually going to happen because i believe that god is in control i believe that there a lot of good things happening is part of a plan but it will be a lot of a wake up call for people who haven't been paid attention okay so what does it take for you yet what what are you have for people what is what is the pain point to get people to move off the port in how as lie what what is the one is of the going to wake people up enough to get them to move off sunder and actually say we've got a dose and i i thought some of it too i think everybody is so demoralized because they don't know what to do and he that seems i think a lot of people are in that hopeless they they feel he about what to do and that's not a good place to be because whenever your hopeless you're you basically in the pen on your way back to cuinri there you know you echalas got people looking for it there was always called on us got to find you know he just got a fine what that what the next step is and an tinfoel you know it's somebody say to me we were talking about you know the conspiracy conspiracies and i do a lot of anciaco are sons and body comparisons at santangelo o a file saved on that and a friend of mine said this morning he said he said he said your kind of more into that than i how animallai ference between a conspiracy and the truth is about ten minutes any more so you know we have to have to really be open to the fact that things are what we think they are and then once we get a handle on the fact that most of it were looking at isn't fact and there a dove a lie a move then we can start thinking about okay well if things aren't the way that they appear to be i don't have to buy and i don't participate in his whole fear thing i can stay right outside of the fear of and that verdict and then make honest and true assessments of water next move is on oh what can i do if i can pick one thing in tosoany thing else you don't need be like if you start with babies no nobody has to get out there and you know changed the entire world or do some stupid like i don't know ran for president or running for governor anything like that ye the smallpiece along the way and you know passing on information helping others to wake up and know it's going to asking in or in your open conversations with you are how many conversations do we have every day though he had talk about this and i know some people don't want to hear it that's okay the work going to if they don't hear it just like with the alleged vaccination now all of us are or benasque tion why didn't you warn us well there were a lot of us have been talking for a long time on the note is this isn't lepers joan get sucked into this here melito you're you're being lie too about the education indoctrinations it's a lot hangers or lie at this point in time there not giving other not giving people fewer not with not with you know two to three hundred thousand dollars worth of death there coming out that with no possible that repay in that that and the thirty to forty thousand dollars a year or fifty thousand dollar a year job it's a lie its consent yes a continuation of the enslavement sure i want reparations go i paid for mine i mongolico meretricious from one that i put into the because all i chinois like i got smarter significantly by the things outside of college and his college was e and and thought baconthat my lying yesterday about a every race who gives reparations for every other race because every race was enslaved by other other race at some point into wal there's truth to that i mean intersertus to that you know i've got some irish in my bat frowned but i'm no you know i'm about among definitely a mint here dionand it's a coniulo at on how you look at it all this stuff you don't just like if i richonly they were enslaved they have slowly and it's like my my my grandparents that my grandparents great grandparents that came over here they came over and wanted to leave the path behind they didn't want to bring it here they came here to be americans and to work with every one else here and enjoy in joy there you know their own traditions but also celebrate with every one else it's not like you know it's like you don't have to time and how mischant in its i don't think anybody cares there some use not doth and when she is gets dutch casting sundance a sentry exercise old judge person out there that saint you may not a participate if you are not doth now they're not going to do that they're just like okay we're all here in a great time to be cared and oh you know join in the fun doesn't matter you know we can we can share the things that are important to us take part in them and have just half fond and celebrate each other's uniqueness in differences rather than be the nihilist and now little cut i called that you know ridiculous so anyhow there you go so where what after going to go to a younger the that here i could i read one thing before you knew that sure i always saw him what we were talking about a little just a few minutes ago right from the declaration of independence this is one of my favorite parts prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to write themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are cases and that's the problem people are seeing that these are two sufferable these are terrible evils that have been perpetrated on us all were all victims of these of the shots whether we accepted the mono or all victims of the concomitate and the locked downs whether re chose to participate or not were all victims of that we are all suffering continually and for some of us there's a point where we said some time ago no this isn't sufferable any more and i want to take an action course i chose to join these sembly whether you choose to take that action or not i think one of the things to do is to learn about our honest truthful history like the declaration of independence cause if you haven't read that and you go to read it now you'll have a lot more understanding of what the founding fathers went through and white this document is still really important to day it's not just some old story that you learned about in high school maybe you read it once go back and read it again and you'll find him oh my gosh we have a lot of things in common with our founders maybe we need to go back and learn from what they were doing at that time and if you haven't done that then that's something that you can do if you're if you're settin at home and you're not afraid any more turn off the main stream news which i do sometimes i watch i laugh at the but ah learn about our trinity and then dish are which way do you think is right the way our founders were living or the way word lite that may take you back to what the assembly is attempting to do if you read turned to the original constitution and we turned to our original foundation in this country if we started to take from that path and returned to it as much as possible and bring back god at the top man that's that's the most fightingfor ance you've got a ring god back to our country how can we do that that's that's what we need to start thinking about em and while i encourage people to consider the lawful assembly national ivan assembly not net ah i i can't have been saying for a long time even before i had found the assembly what is your roll the play and now i laughed him in it to go because you said he people don't have to do something stupid like running for president or ready for governor that was the stupid move on your part i was laughed oogonial don't take take things too seriously you know like you discolor day to day but you cannot you you can't be afraid to laugh at yourself or to just say have a good time when you know exists everything has the potential of being absolutely funny you know if you had a few dotipole are hilarious we every one of us is stelechius little do it's fun to celebrate that that and also get a bag out of each other you know longman because think things are things are just funny there are just funny you know he i i've been playing it if you're not laughing on a daily basis you're not patriotic right there noticeless for me because because the more i see the cabaler you call it luck the cabal some people call it the deep state whenever you want to call those evil people over there there hurting the rest of us ah there losing and their scrambling and if you're not laughing at the desperation and he showed that their putting on right now that you're not seeing it for what it is if you're got you're not probably angry begin angerthat are you do about it yea there way what are you going to do about it yet he may onelife angry or singing to do something about it or just look at it and his assertion now you know what i think is really funny in a very tragic way adam she if i do cortonher you really asked morninits just it's amusing to me i don't know why i just injustes i'm a course mac gets em the name of the bill the pencil pancoast weaving caught pencil neck he called it up the pencil law or something like that he was trainingcuring and he called at the pencil something i anotomica i actually heard him call president trump called him pencil knack it one of his realities or renascidos clarious cause if you look at it he's one of those people that if you look at the older and newer picture she going to see some differences but he's bitten described as watermelon head and you've been he you and he has been described as pen so lack so wet that jumped out at me when i when i heard what matt gets fitted paint me as to his like i don't i don't know and you know this thing about well who's paying killed and hose on trial and whose and get all and all that iknowest you that some honest creditable sources for that information a list of whose head what happened to them is meaningless to me in the grand scheme of things right now does that make any difference to our responsibilities oonimak can say anything they want to say but you want to know some kasonso's is more cause i think is as funny as i do i sayshall compare his sense so or dronkenesse that sight i ohlono tell me that this different die o so i snapped that either cause it's lots o talk about to santos right now oronte other this is the original to sanders in this guise easier on the eyes yessomething all and then there wasn't believable enough so then they had put another one in there but do oh information's coming up all and people are generally good job behind lighty some of the things that he's done that probably work the best decisions in the whole party now and when makes it makes a lot of sense that now i've always liked the policy that that he's put out the from the state really do i think he's going to be a job but ran widringtonias in i i don't procedithe policies you got a start asking questions around that it's just like i love president trumps folds fantastic i don't care about as meaning to eat i think they're hilarious i absolutely loved and then his absolute right funny he's a fantastic thrill oh she's lazy he's facing not is like what you wouldn't give just awake of to his genius you know every single day where he's just like well hosanwr in for you you know he's doing it like a dadoliaw of done that the same way and and you know kind of kind of you now thrown on in people's face is just a little bit and sat back was kind of amused at the reaction he was expecting perfection but he was in showing what perfection was if the son make good choice of otis eyes lovelove that so get askaesin about to sandier because oh i got find out when i say up there cause i was known to see that it's like in one day one day him and pope all of a sudden got off and lost like each of em like about forty to single and it was in one day in your life are you kitty melnottethe got a much much more of personality on line and right then and there unhalterably tell me that there ainsicen look at that i don't confirmation i don't have to have somebody tell me handier goin to tell you what you're seeing now so that you would know is the truth because we're saying castethis pines to right now we can look at this stuff and say then in the end and number one there's not a chance and then was pompee now a chance different guy they don't lose sixty polyesie one note i don't know by now there were a little masks of the nobles goneonly that or whatever i may think i got a light ash pradits warious tetsefly larios and butbutit is by the time so it's ten o'clock and on her what you close up here on every the chat rollick good morning good morning he all good morning darry i hope the legal aliens the movements are being tracked all i'm sure they are but they were tracking every one inside and tea and such i think what's more important is who's moving them round i i want to know whose moving the aliens around it because men hosses all other as all to drive ah i loved a man down a peddles cannot be rehabilitated have a former friend who is i repeat of render to repeat under absolutely you're not going to rehabilitate these people and there is no reason to sacrifice more children for selling us hope beyond that there congener the brains it happening not going to happen it is it shows a very naive loike a valuation the in just as one on us eh akamimil is this country so rise is like the news metopisthen why the hell did we elect abantes cause they chided and he lacked them and with but is probably selected good question but pretty extra sure that yet there was a pitcher on the came out to that was the one on that was a red white blue spray that came out the same day that present trumps picture came out with all the red white blue on inside and i thought that was really interesting because that run white and blue spring woke it up on a has to do more with a perhaps aldesey allegedly perhaps ah obama holding a gone red white blue spring and splattering a an american fighter pilots springs across the american flag looking up and and then be as an anstrustions you got in his light gold never lay down and garry can the river cover our second hour no because i after one soft but there's a great idea may be some like without i'm so sick of hearing that america's some races i do not judge anybody by the color of their sin i i feel the same way to care less and i and i don't want to give anybody you know pity points for being a different residest wants to all get long there's no reason for us to to you know i hear people say white privilege and i'm like yet this person who is daging up worms out of a manure pile when i was in teenagers or they tell me about my wife pre tales and so on or shove it or what of her i thou anyhow love says my son has put up with reverse races and from past yer there's a lot of people that have and it's wrong to sit there and be be rated you know for what colour you are in all care what color you are said at your to those theatrethat was in one of these ridiculous classes in and the her work which is the government organization made her sit through this reversed raceswhite privileged oh shet onecall at one is and in they had to all stand up and say yes i'm a race us and i have white privilege i like i would have told them to shove it and walked out that door and he started a lost suit to beat the banging on his case it was ridiculous i dare is that's winning my day i talked the same one was the mean treater before mainteening was cool oh so you had a donate i had also arose oh mike odell said oh baneas installed yet and love as i agreed michael good comments here so yes so we've we've got we've got so much most to be thankful for the stick and even when we get off on a renatrais and salton were doing some of our nails on what's going on it's not to make anybody to press to sinestables wrong to the ticket there were no let us altithermalas like a bunch of rats run around the shed all his inwentor the rats and the hole we got a fleshwound light so we how exactly how fixed wine or hadn't finished out for the day here one to go and save for so that i can get out and and get rid of my snow came a flash here by getting on the summer little backshe's going on so ehavenly father thank you so much to bring in saltothe we thank you for the state the beautiful country that you've given us the living and wonderful brothers and sister stand with in order to see your will be done on earth as it is in unhalter so thankful that even cladodus in this process that you thought enough of us to hand us some of the tasks and to work with us in order to have a just and lawful and truly free nation were we ken where we can a life in were just thankful for that help us to know what you would like us to do gisteren and all things and help us to always show your love and compassion to the world but yet justice to those who come to attack the innocent that we would stand firm as the warriors that you ask us to be in that situation were thankful for you or thankful for care and were thankerton the chap we ask that you would help heel every single person that's out there having difficulties the stay i had been my friend i forward to you and i ask that you would you would totally help help him and held him from all of his injuries that he's going through right now in pitchingham the doctors as he goes forward and to his scheme oneration then in just as he hemogallol all of his difficulties and i helpis not be hard week for him thank you so much for caring for us we love you so much named jesus christ opray a ton and a friende's going in as the lands for he oneration sleek and now whitechoker grinding in the prayer is because one of the nicest people i have ever known my life and men talk about a talk about a service service minded individual and ah there are the neighbors of ours really really love love him in his life some very very much please pray for it and anyhow here we got here it has hit here thinking that he can being so to branderode at home and i am the the best known of none washaterias over non conceded in the history of the world i in fact and the best i do not conceal anyhow i have have a great day to day her hands a godless you god bless all those whom you love and count bless america we do this again song i'm thinking about coming on to morrow not looking my telegram channel on whether we come back in and are oncetomorrow or to morrow or i take the day off i think i mind exciting in wethers going to do take hott i might do it to morrow i think we have some rain coming to morrow so planato morrow cameron and see how by