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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/3/2023 - Political Fireworks with Chuck Ritchard

Published July 3, 2023, 9:04 a.m.

Monday Morning political fireworks in the Mitten! Discussing how connected the Michigan political machine is. The Republican party affects us all, and when they or any organization has power over the outcome of our elections, it is our concern. It appears that the Republican party is not operating with transparency and the players aren't who they say they are. We need to know why the Republican Party has failed to accomplish anything meaningful to fulfill promises to the PD's. They fail to mention, fight or address fraud in our election process, the legacy debt of the party which they failed to disclose immediately, lack of transparency in financial management, and abrupt staff changes when there is a push back on fiscal responsibility. Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's a been a crazy week end the sweet hand i'll tell you what it's far as news goes i mind with the checkers on the phone here and a what ready to start the stay and i'm going to tell you what it is getting crazy in the state of so before we die then to you insanity that is around us in this is you know i always tell you i always give people a chance do the right then you know and if they don't if they don't make the tasks it's time to quit scorched earth on the because our our country depending on us being honest transparent and bringing the truth for so but before we get into that of god a little video that i want place let me bring you up here a minute and remember that it is the americans celebrate on by doing what we fictis consonances in he erected snow in this nation the oncomers i rentered eeteration of separation from england john adams consorted bonaparteto his wife abigail the i am apt exceeding oration great and a verse he sold honors and to one one end is so we have on the fourth will not that much actionaction ended don't you like wise department version with all the pretty drawn up until july nineteen most members of the congress side the decoration on august second motometaran about the day wee was definitely right about the celebration americans started celebrating a portentous early as seven i seven and disarms protected the holiday was thirteen guns and fireworks you know people can say like all put a man on the moon and weaken refrigerant or met in now but in his the old days anyway in seventeen seventy eight or washington his soldiers and double ration of wrong and also the roseline anniversary from the beginning the federal government time in form of losing the holiday independent state became an unpaid holiday for federal or seventy and he came a pang daffin terrytoon july of servants and said be followed over the years but they generally involved tetradecane condecoration fire and so that he was selected endente by navigate one day her a freedom to night and surly as terminus were worked by on first modern american society has heron barsoomian of fireworks joy as cities and towns across the country foster fireworks displayed on the fourth new york fireworks this play is the largest in the nation despite the grander section is passatively individuals across the nation obedecemos stuff of all their own in their yards because kindled they have all the their inticers in the to mary harris statores ricking the sail and furstenstein works pre empters but what in patriots find their way to march on apotheker ear to by fire works one of the backs of bannerettes personal pyrotechnic celebrations started about midday and continued well into august causing my dog to have a meistres ful summer john out of prediction about gun fire ulster on most military basis fifty gunshots one each state or fire at noon on july word as a soilthe union that extends the prood where should go to by the fireworks of the backs of van called otory gunfire is common throughout the year ears an actual pollionis and actual window standardentire tongan in artistry many expressions celebrated the portico by dying both thomas jefferson and john adams did on july fourth and in mosenthal the forth the joy and eighteen thirty one hopesince calcoittis born on july for eighteen seventy six but as he went he severed demonstrabilis no one really cares beforetime peshmerga americans also celebrate the portofolio now you americans have cook outs he it and its pentecrosse tacle in professional sports happens every year on the fourth july i referring cost hot dog eating contest the current world's records sixty eight h d vs togs and bonds in ten minutes settingthe world record holder joy chestnut consumed of bound twenty eight thousand five hundred calories in ten minutes potentare short peter after so happy for if to love from all of us here and crashed horse we may not celebrate american in but i would argue that in spite of it all est sorsetshire ed by spandiest of her moderation antagoras very fond some one look at his canonicat the hare you two and to day to i fired up you do i pray or prefer yes let me pull this right up because i think everybody needs to see exactly what's going on here am i am literally beyond all reason for what i am seen happening in the mission geo the i'm going that i'm not going to make a comment i'm going to ask lots of as this is the naughtiest thing i i never expected in a million years this kind of behavior but i'm going to bring you your face but pay a post up a minute and we'll go through this little bet and i think everybody needs to be able to connect the dots here on what's going on because for whatever reason we've had committee members were moved not for what is in it appears as in the the the blows but just because everything seems to be out of order and it feels like feels like a man as man is the top down management stop rather than take the people wanted done and it's very very concerning and more more and more seems come out that i think that we need to ask some quest on i say this in no conduct and previous conduct before being allowed into a political party which in fact has influence over every single american with you have money and power to gather you have a taxi equation for for bad things to have and that colison take but as the right those oh dear i do hope with their genders or talked other but the other people on the side line some are our part of the state committee some were not somewhere on extra depend on it cited on his people are onepiece you talk about my post later will talk about the individual people people don't have to credentials i know they got elected alcestis i do not have the skill since and receiver lives styles we see everything of a diss the point we cannot have it delegito a crucial time is a party as i tirapata our pochintesta on primary and fighting going like this with his ridiculous whiting be caused by both sides to make one side is and we can get into that lot more detail oh it is absolutely the nuttiest thing i have ever seen not it is it seems it seems to me like we better be asked in some real question who are these i i don't think that we can answer that question i put one cases up because if this happen so quickly to have it osmanen removed from the finance committee and more the budget committee and it just seems it seems like what the heck is going on he started questioning where the money was going and i've got i've got a lot of questions why was there not with take his horse i got kicked out of a meeting which i wondering if it has a problem with the open meetings act by violation of soda and who this is coming from a scene among of different opinions of where this escape brandenburg out of the meeting and i don't think they're trying to hang it on landago though i don't i think they're all eating their own right now quite honestly i don't believe that one of them is not involved or covering i jest is have no faith in that whatsoever body the there was the money coming from attenuation it transpired this stopwaters persishun be kept within a comin now is like incorporators expose everything out there i mean i think as well there article in personal matters at so there's some things you don't when understand it come handled the lot differently covenanted her nishadhas that will be set the committee here but it will not go outside these confines it cannot because of the nature of the material but that is sidebeatrice little timeintrepid i really did and i think he was introduced as the new executive director before a other people were even taught too and so all of a sudden it was just like whammelers they men in old so he may contain sorry i'm sorry you're right and this evermore to marry may on jettison sorry for degrading he asked giles answered i answer that aside he got to insertional be done on these aronette but that is it belinda so has is there that created the problem i know she was pushing chubeeches est tout and she astarotte created os god is how mat johnson insende up there bee alas she had to give originative willieson so he gave of man that was an advice josserand some problems back as the treasure and risking one as so much tremountano tithes or team members correctly we do we have to make sure we understand who they are had i was going to onehis great now though his said something a little different were at the misoponus almost like a herd some diapers rather qualified or not almost like your brother your friends or not with certaine like there is a ad intercircled of your will o very pipe intersire in not can almost the fairies a background it water i say the guy that the hired just hired this copis that would siguecin not on one meeting to day or whatever comforts shoes bear a lot of lawsuits too it's not just one it's a lot and i just post to some of my telegram channel just foster the entire periphere some point to but might my question as is that is that i just i have some questions about this going you've got somebody who is i believe he's a consult and who who in this party is is getting paid for what we'd nobody knows because they won't open the books and just like our own government i'm sorry but i really believe that in complete transparency i do not believe tobe head because they are managing the money of the donors and the efforts of the people within the republican party and it should be all out there for every one to wire they do why wire they ah why in this sent instant is there not more transparency going on i have a lot of questions lord stone as soon that in one account in it or get money in from the record does a thing called the leben account i don't appear heard of there yes bicornis a way that corcoran come into an order he to the gorges and not really been discretion's on his coming in to pay these guys liddon want that now suspicion through eleven cows well or administrated purpose as lovely cat was establish ministration on the political suspicions are best where it is and they don't want any one to know where that mine's coming from lot of reasons i'm sure but none the less contrasts caloprese well it is talk about this too is that you know you want it you want to know where the salaries are coming from an who's getting paid what and how right and if there were payments people who have conflict of interest who have even stalled themselves in the party as a horner start of being treated as say a contractor that is a problem of in then i think that this is there's a few things that we should bring to light on some of these lost suits on james colpus the the stuff i'm i'm starting to dig on this a little bit and it looks like he's the consultant over as though the one estimate i had was a fifty million dollars and i will go ahead and confirm that such but this is in an then there's the all these law suits against him in the past in one of them as they were they were dismissed for rico they were and but it said that stole did not the state connection so now one reads something let's look at it sorrow age allegations in a law suit brought by the former employer as against the merkes no executive director even was to gain approval for this transaction honor about august eighteen two thousand three an email message is falsely represented the home pries and other flections that he was selling thousands six hunderd seventy one united property for price of ninety thousand above the net book value the property in fact copistre to salted property to his wife for only a hundred twenty thousand dollars a price ninety thousand over book value of on other only the land to deceive lektrois is reading this is the esse i can see all in the email transmission the represented net book value figure that he was using was a bench mark did not include any value for the building or other provinces of the property to further deceit like tonics camp of cupis concealed the actual sale price and most importantly that he was selling the property for a small fraction of the market value eighteen to obtain lectrics approve of for the salad of the two though two thousand six under seven one united property called this intentionally created the faults and protean that he was negotiated with independent buyer and arms like transaction above net book value nineteen august twenty seventy thousand three copes on pifferoni sold that two thousand six unterseen one united property to his wife zanella for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars the price of one hundred twenty thousand dollars was anslow the market value the poet less than eight year earlier center point had valued the same property to five hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred oh and the comment on this was pretty easy to prove these coupellation yet a copied the properest from her a garland get a copy from the deed to the property and documents whillebelewin looks like em when he was put in to a copestick settled because his employer had solid rock kick recollect as as a commenter i'm not saying things is something we need to ask questions about we need question they the removal of dandy barn lot was kind of crazy and he was fired about four he was inspired just a removed all the sacred woe was removed but all of a sudden the sky is the replacement is here an it looks like he potentially i don't know if there's a lot of questions where he come from don't know where he came you wonder was going on there in whose make the case you lie i think you're so minsters in e on the atchison case and now the mention the pirintiti arlotta i think come in hiring this kind i think creaseless questions about when the festoneado ah i stained rod is the pine is chair we questioned of radicals in all these people are not their unscrupulousness gonse so now we're we're questioning what's going on there i think that's cardgame when you are in it you know that when you're in a leadership rolling you're going to get questions let you got to be able to handle the these are to i need to know whether money's going i freshen till have a lot of money any more completeness olenin or sect so our leaders need to understand that bene understand that there are great great concerns out there and he you will know what i repented correctly or we are we penleven been led to the sea by so much it really it really is a little concerning right now that's her since armand there's some serious questions that need to be as when you start seeing a people being removed and other people put in place that just seemed to pop in on a nowhere whose making the cams and interteiner think that i've got some questions about so this is my understanding and i might be wrong i just have a lot of questions to ask if not making any allegations or anything like that but when these things papawe should probably ask questions to get answers for this why is this happening as to me like when melinda pego was running with christine and a correction wrong check did they not run is cold chairs not here and he i don't know i guess i i don't i don't go on the red chartered real i think it was i think it was called chair i think it i don't think it was vice there i think it was cold here which means the milinda had absolutely equal equal opportunity to have access and the same power and place that christine did will how in the hack can christina or orators a hound a meliponish i'm not fin anybody right now just so a ridono i do not have one dog in this spike i do have other question i jes want the truth o there colin the world is it that petigo who started the bank on you be removed off the bank account culture so she doesn't have access to how who for more and then yea and she gets removed so i i had i i just i i'm really wondering about all the city wanted got through her your post here and then we can move out and i'm not throw some of these lost suits up on james copse yet it is it is its kind is disturbing either was to here the middle of all this seems i page it is as we can work through it in the grand hampered is completely and utterly deep state nonsense and you can see you can see what was going on there and up the they are and that here here he goes have out when when a president trunk called the rightful president of the united states towndrow come how can we call crookorn is the casabianca at a couple of times i really believed that president he's not an idiot the sky smart right he's really so he knows what he's do and he knows who all the players are he knows where all the bodies are very heels everything going i think that all all his endorsement they were to point us to the direction of asking questions and digging for answer i don't think he was actually dorsing he was trying to give us a little little nudge in the right direction to say ah my own look at these people i don't think there were that they say there this is how you give that governess as you people accountable for their own decisions for going in and doing their own research and find not who in the hack these ve are his i don't know who they are they popped up they pop up from nowhere here i think though i is there i don't know donated canopus forward for the truth regardless where all is right and that the folly man i know in i know i hope in when they looked down the road they see what's got on they realize wait a bit he was right on sometimes an you have peace oration you can't release i don't write now i can't realise you're right on because i gave christina a chance i'd like i will give any one of the prove themselves and prayed god that they will make the right one and that they will be as you know somebody who literally turns away from things that are bad and just makes a right and all he got to say is my friend you were right mesodont free god and i think that's what got remember that god's sons control not and that plan ah is there an inward just in poor were nisby god to truth and estoricas her rule and we have except that means we're going to be sho criticise or to the bee the attack to be all kinds of thing old to behold to the truth and we know where that is in this open water ulican relies the bible and the constitution of the two elements in that preamble republic early believed that i believe that we have to hold ourselves accountable holt as best you can we know we're going to fail we know that when we fail we had got it and we onwashed for forgives oninoor what i am seeing his anything got i'm seeing people who are fake and in a professing one thing and their doing all this other sopogie the example we look the other tack of the side of robineen talking and pocoson the mythopic chrie he also got this other group out there that a working a is a cold collision tom norton in a close to the bunch of mails or or the people as was guided the yet tom nor no other orchestra at one side is open their help and no ah a road while he actually worked with rochelandir gus and the shell and then odo ginnistan to peril in with it really is one thing cool if you will strato the scene by this grand old party and in the porte and wischalowe on plaintreeless to look at some of the people of those also change rio i don't know the same as shane or shod of his last name is trio or truly goes by minions that seems to be a common ben amongst all these people they operated in different persons online coteries if you really look at him and what they do yes anyhow and begot thse no shirk or tormented cardover thomas regard he goes by five or six toes i is the treasure the grand old party is the treasure of angelico's use a treasure of the ken county cope anne be take his bodonensis the keys weird i mean were to the point you see in a meeting he sat near you almost think that there's something wrong with him no i'm told these the lisathe behold his dis guidespeter home stthis is recreated just hear that whose the director of the second district share just moved that cold i i haven't conferred that part but i heard i hear why he can explain why and see if he's goin to tell the truth or not so many so many people out there they do lack a moral compassed in enteredby posed and go through it he'll see exactly the pack about deering that back of a green of the less i was one o you can place me on a toy i was seen to go to the to the law suits that we have of the wetthrew out there and the connection of but will go to your post and will come back or works prefiero de aright how goes so soltecos we got wild like to read through this for everybody just cause i think you're writing is funny i always laugh at it the little bit as i know it spina little bit but not a lot i massava little more a well i want to see all the connections your overture a ensheathe connections because there is definitely a connection with it a colony and what's going on there and we've talked about it out of a colony ah ah by neagle fremont and that sort of thing there's some weird and on there's no some there's some very very weird connections and we need to ask me we needn't ask some questions about things like where is the money going within the amigo what are the sole are the payments being made to outside organizations as in a which are haycock there was he know the boss word of the deep sea privation like partnerships and or partners for an elected peep to have influence over the party we are there he for of an elected who know or having influence there geop or the empire whatever how many different names the reason this remember tortoise it was mere mercian and the shine nickson whateverbeyond calotte sorcellerie he didn't want me get into she i sees whatever there is that dogs located at a raised no revenue arable to give a thousand dollars to the king nor to the neglect i can if you don't raise you in money you give me those old then we saw the names of the like we shot and buriatsin ein shine reed where is this man or questioning things people get the when i was on campaign way back when years ago was it a moral lore that down by he first got involved in that i was to guide they were after why because i was nosing around i was putting my nose at areas they didn't they felt uncomfortable with and long behold they started attacking me in ineffaceable tacked i'm just a camp he manager well that's what i started getting in seen whether connections were in new bechiacor a kelly i think it's even deeper and darker than we realized i think so too assocated you in tragacanthoides end but we will folks we will because i tell you it down got to clean up his a gross dead in old but what about those coming behind us your kids my kids what about an grandkids what bother people's grand kids o we care about the you done and i do but this group of people and the second is he professed to dolly don't they i would have read a tagliente under protoproteose wolkenballen dave on even knows what indeed twenty twenty do koetetaan goin dave and burgundies cruel and if it is i'm sorry but i have a secouer to in god in liberty or some like that give me operate if we know what she's doing in the past because satan his almost sacrilegious is almost in the liberty because all the behavior is to behavior that were hestiotis was a lady that attacked me as at the convention because alder out i the pioneer and we can go in my old schoner because she was character assassinating her friend that wasn't true and i shall hope he proved as none alterneetion left in comet i gave it to the pond i was honest i told me exactly what i would do he stopped his charlotas rocha morgan all cacecicocu then you had tom norton and i got a face belinda was tied rate tis he wole andor she pushed for norton i toke the chief of staff for prisident get it and he and joe more ah to the shooter and so as i said at the fore but she pleases and andes the greatest things is sliced predesent no there's a there's all is sugaring here we are and so i to go through the whole of embroche he was sure he is where he sat where how his getting paid when he talked contrasted chotrapero in her inner note which included i never got a delegate and then on the th academicae from oceana county i'm a member of the second district i don't see anything for the keeping people cost the they will i tell people they are but they will show to believe what the one when you check on if you find out it's not and and i i think i think too you know all these people we need to look into their back around for as this is this is a real problem and i think this the allies lost suits around copes have have truly need to be looking but intell you what i've done some digging and to laura and on some of these people in homonotus meineck that i followed on laura there's actually some chinese names that shop associated eager laurus ah the licensing and regulation a thorobred uppinghamian ah ho me go ahead and amonition this one and i get a new one out here and this is you can find out a lot about people um about people in such by going to laura and regulate pore administration our affairs license raised tory affairs ocated in the name fire but this is a great resource they can't hide from this and on ye i will going to laura and so i will look up things on laura like crazy seeing go here and that when i usually do as i go down and and we'll go for you know hugo for finding a business and you can go in here and then you put in you put in different names and such but you can go down so then what i do as i look at who's on the boards and find out the connections from the peace that are on the boards of their sociated with see i'm in a inaction some of it at wit because i actually look for things in to go in and they'll believe you have you know do white records often so and then oh it's kind of interesting when they know you're when they know that your hand with them they will write white rockets that that's okay because i scream shot i say and so a he hung on mine let me let me run over here because i i have a comment that the pope one of the chaps i'm not in on say who said this but oh i'm going to go ahead and say it i'm who hired james copis copis could not get a job in a financial with the law suit like this pile against him yet the marke believes that persons on multiple counts of fronds toke ye have access to bank accounts this is like the guy that you keep bringing up over on the east side of the stake who had a roaring a rodokanakis wrong with these people they keep like letting a snake and i mean have you all out listen to the pole that present tromp came out the roulades ake and you're going to get bitten and every single person out there in the republican party cause you as effect is self so i have the right is the american with about this because this is wrong and into throw this out there this is wrong to get where we go on we go all the mistakes and the republican party effect all of us and i'm we are conservatives we are constituted and so they've got their little private club there to keep the rest of us out so the control this yet anyhow i can go back to the comments made by this person yet the more people leaves the person who soon anotaciones of fraud is ok to have access to bank accounts signing authority topones withdrawals credit or is donnerfuss in the allegations in this complaint state and partly copus he had information from his employ failed to be truthful about some real state turns actions failed to inform his employ that his wife was the potential purchaser of some real estate his employer was settling solderist te to his wife while below market value and more this is a person you trust to manage what you used to be a multi million dollar enterprise that it is is a good point and i think everybody should get on some of these chances and reached some wisdom in there because i don't always have to agree with what they say but the questions need to be answered and so there you hassan a word are we going what do you ask me who in i had lost my thomas too but i think of what were really talking about how is it that we have got these charlottes and back in prisonthey to hundred eighty five million dollar fraud so he is no and now we got this guy cope's coming on to whom how does she has so why don't we go back on searchers what's happenit is is is somebody is suggested this spy friend i about the good old boys club of a being resurrected in pisani always say what you are a perseuses met to do grace sir replyed better not if you want to live this kind of what i see here is where getting people of unscrupulous behavior in the in the idealthe second district or anywhere she rode as the we mention cheer o what the at i love in this retired as artigas that the chair of the levites he is a close it john smith who the chair of the pith district his backgrounds questionable because she followis the second district here is backgrounds qustio where are the honest people truthfully we keep getting charlotte ans we get people like road child there and very those great great cares manicis in these almost like a david caressed and away the one thing and detestation a headstone ring the coelacanths right you tell is done you the best in noises gatehouse people have a child to drink the cruel hso i know what you said you would ask me to write rodenstein of the checkonly going to be able to read him from the brandertons nothing not the graneries not worth chetsvorde knows cause when chuck calls in he he's on my phone that has the other chance so i can't get to that so he re go i'm as good morning lots o craziness going out of the lasses i sort of got into it with a friend of mine by angelericus last night great i told him she ah vases ah good morning shakedown he he how you doin carlecotes benson never filled her twenty five thousand dollar forthundred quire under mc one five point five one two thousand twenty and she thousand twenty two election all envoy ban our absolutely correct one as i wander wondered that also when i heard him call her corrano first time i had ever heard any one else mentioned that talked up tutor but not christina red flag while in look at lige with they did with tutor you know resterant and bersi the party really clearly you can't do mac i they they were an occhiatanaall off on that and everybody all over them were and so the whole whole action right slip the party and the boats up in in and it just that this this we can i you testificante live in into moors you know it's like okay you clearly don't know history you don't know proper processes carelessly kens soon their homes under non profit charity should be illegal for government to do to the skin oh this is another thing coming out guys just way just what sir there is some there's some words out there that there is some special mortgages that are extended to our public functionaries which are not available to the rest of us wait to this one comes out guess where you're going to hear it brandenburg news network because i am saying everything that makes everybody mad that they've been trying to hide for you i am an equal opportunity political hater at this point time counteract we got to confederates better a good pole yet before the people get it off i i can say what did he do the question is background and who paid for a defence he had a theorist it moved on out of outacity on that big son socager bed o what i paid for that a lawyer idolater or do you i was to call it in the state of isis he didn't have the kind of money on anisopetalous if people don't see in awe wonder and then there office and in they get moved up his some one has them give the scene in the gemoed punch a corruption go on folks while his gooseshare up at one of my meetings up in waddington that somebody he and he started getting up and want to speak and finally my security guys suck you're not crashing this meeting but you know what they're kind of all used to join this were they like to crash each other's meetingsand because they're all in the club so might one of my security guys tolosanae over this meat and again her contabescre out of her hand in short short order hepson one the independent i peer emissione be perleyette it's me bit i'm i'm going to stop a minute and say don't anybody to be doped out there and think we're then to to below something up it's like now on nonothat means get things all there so ke see them have the and an exposed things to light of day cause he snakes run around in the dark as for was in the gillinder glowed up cause you wanted this trothplight out about the the counties were not giving the right to boldero i enter villancete o five while his kind of feed would because all i want to do is brings truth throughout not diamine figuratively i'm doing how gets in a way because i bring the sore that's why we celebrate what we do is what not had you the program to day even independence we both believed in this country we both believe in god who he put believe truth will set us all free and that our whole prononer we don't want to i don't really care about holding a public office is irrelevant what i do cares but helping to public regardless and any way i can serving in there can and we can do that whether without a title it doesn't it it sometimes is more more dangerous to the people that trying to hide crimes too in fact have some one who is not sudennan office to get out there and i say whatever i want to say and i have no loyalty to to individuals that our committee crimes against us and and i mean i think we've got to stay we've got to stay with that you know here i got another question for him into i'm astral kinds of questions out there i want to know i want to know some things that are going why when when i got kicked out of that meeting by or i was i was asked to leave you know this is private meete really i thought this was like a you know they were invited to the people on the committee were able to invite a gas and then find out later well it's only there are present delegate will who made that stupid rule of and then christine yet while the christina decided that the adsuetis of the leak so i caught you here i shall me cause she knew that i was like or you kiddin me you you've got the only person that has actually spoken out in support of you giving you a hand everybody else out there has been tried it trying to subvert which she was doing it on like all i find the only one i'm going to try to give her a chance and let's see what we can do with what we have right and she asks me to leave the meeting because as we talked later she's like well it's because we've got leakers in here i'm like shows your pousser rule work and for yasoda's pid rule and i said because you've got ninety per cent of the people in this room for this central is this state committee are trying to take you down and and i like the house that working worse aleks coming from diditcome from brandenburg now i was here to support you and you went after you left them you you to remove somebody who was actually willing to work with you and tried to help you so how's that rule work can neested rule and they were allowed to shoot the hallowed that rule or the people round her to give her give her coaching i remove any one that was going to stand up against the their deep state plans in my opinion so anyhow it's it's a real problem and so and we can we can go on and on with his but here's the here's another question so he had they in this meeting so they asked me to leave because and then she didn't want me to pull stone pitchers of what was up on these well you couldn't see the screen so nobody in the room could see it either because it was it was back letting it was in a weird spot and he couldn't see anything out of so so it really wasn't an end in the honest legitimate meeting because they were talking about non sons that you know it was nonsensetoo not enough but what came out of it was the six hundred forty thousand dollars in one my first question is where's the forensic ought why are they not going in doing a forensic audit and in figuring out what happened why are they not opening up the bank accounts so we can see who who and was where the money was spent makes some really hard act moves of accountability assessments and in hard moves of accountability so that so that the people who were put them in that post and i mean you can say that wiser ran off with a money that's fine prove it to where that money went prove what s prove what you in an things a welsh prove what you spent out there but now we can't get we can get any information we can't get back counts and we can't wear a clothes melanope go out of it which in i've got questions of plate of pago she's got enough got to do the right thing and granted by the short hairs and a throat chucked the whole party against the wall because that's what needs a half in right now the leader shot needs be held conal and don't be stupid i don't mean throne physically against the wall but you know i think she needs to call a color redy to attention oh i'm on go down how down at markington he ah do you know anything about the leroche pack a new group spreading president trumps gonefor seven l everybody's use in president trumps name in general flint's name and all of these events that are out there have i unite looked into some of this stuff you don't even like even like a look in to people like tim balor people who were involved in human trinity book and to their back grounds a lotthese es i believe to ballard was involved with a sea and likely son once sea always the don't be taken in by these stay away from the pack just go vote don't get your money up when you falter folds are stolen oh just let the parties crash as they show this from charlotte all of them are sorrows anyway angiolo denis said i've written a trump i'll call present trip the rightful present the night states several times about what is going on in michigan i have as to dress and malanao i sent birthday cards excentrissity nice he must know what's going on that's why bannon rarely touches and any we aren't getting help here because we are tired state is one i'm in contact with susan moss and connecticut who wrote american free fall it connects all to night eleven and every demigod cabal etc yah in the charlotte noisesuch high hopes we were given cyril money this year we've bought bought long sins for chop ecce ah there is in his name the there's there's a bunch osterhout there all over the fond raising keep your money they got all kinds of money coming in from these dark paths and from everything else out that you do not have to contribute to it and if we didn't contribute to it just like buying things for from an the corporations we would topple him it's like a boy caught right then and there for there the unlawful that the parties should be prohibited that they haven't any handle the mooseheart with constitution party ah there is like we have like no money and is that you have to throw effort into an as the only way that the only way we take back our power is american if the get in there and work it has to have and to you i'm not a man here yeah cabo so i think i i can accepted other for but you can't undertake some limitations secretive how handled i always mentioned had so you can see it to and those dollars per donor a prowder year so i can see how that money came come in and now it's bemus kind these on going a number of ways i'll get a lot of different money in fairly quick king on a minute let me get this ah i'm a i'll mail that so think you and i this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table here and so on like you're fake stream media his pokings of so oh let me oleaceaethe supper minute and we will get to the bottom of this corruption cause we have to oh is it pam pamela all rich good morning down and chock full tip tilt scorke let's go wait till i come at wakes i come back on thursday or fry em i'm digging into this lowestoff like crazy and the stuff that i'm finding and the connections in fine did you know there's a company associated with some one i then i've got a lot of questions about right now and it goes to something that's called a ongeotan met and is connected in toronto which is a huge chinese population we have to ask questions and lots of settin the who in the hack what is it you tainment that's leribe yet that's just and as every where a cahariang on i'm almost there and and we got through the squirrel patterns out there okay here going all these eyes what guys were to be thrown it out there watch the rats around on the rats run we went to get a miderwertigkeit other were sticking tired of the rat said said and we want to be the patrol how he wore the raptril that's right he rates were coming after you without hate you know what it's like some people are you know are a isthrough a meeker than some of us who are we're born warriors as to our job you know i like well go through and will as well just go through this whole thing le everything bear you know pull everybody into true accountability and you guys kin like patch up the survivors okes but that i am so oh yes sir yer talk here go effie effie see united states of america federal communications election donations of love and ponds to state and local party you're worth all this morning come in from how to people in the republican party enters another question the people in the republican part salaries or pay insultans exorbitant amounts of money when there broke hundred and forty thousand dollars at white wise that any one in their taken a sell i mean why are any and what about you know what about expense accounts of re lookin an expense accounts i want to find out about so relation or rather and the i think her salary nor oh will you look at the suspensors that's why you can triggered it will you look the expenses he made more of espenses any one to olfactory i'm in forlese that's correct because when you look at the expense accounts of all epolitical did you know i found out years ago that in i believe it's iowa because all states are cropall the same it's it's all the same system they hide it for eachother they're all taken privileges okay i have nothing against having to drink once in a while right i will not drink at political events at all i i won't recall have like a diet coke or something like that but or ice tea or sparkling others something like that now i have happen more i'm pinin i'm printout i faced that out you know what i actually do i drink those stuff which is probably had for me too but it's leaveout i was actually on their taste tesserana to formulate the that they are the the for the cold so i actually did i actually did take or for the formula of the color to serenos which i think is sideraces is even i'm not doing it as a commercial i don't i paid for this i hadn't get paid for doing that i just thought it was good product i know i do at so anyhow i on the right mark up here when we go back and see what's going on ah there go so in iowa i found out that there the thursday of a service of delivering like eight thousand dollars of state capital there every month once applied in dogma that at one now i got i ask you o quist they are pain that much to have liquor in there for all of our public functionaries people seated an incoming in and people that you in farsetia dieu why are you i and everybody out there invited to this party that we paid for why are they not pain for their own drinks why are they not why are they charging us his big parties and all this nonsense i didn't go to this this this thing for president tromp over an old not a chance am i goin to put the amount of money in to sitting there to be seen to be hanging out with suppose it in crowd when i know that most of the people over there are absolutely panther the east side a corruption itcounting west side corruption not a chance i want i would give him a dime and nobody else shed it's like a why why that why is politics something that you have to have a lot of money to get into to buy your way into by the elections let me go back i owe that conchance like light up here one thing is home there's a cards at the use and that kind of going i don't know how that's all that's the so now lavish an say i have heard one articulated was the current of a house minority leader and these existebat apples go doabout it the skis on real but it is so normal it is it's so normally you know when i was campanini was going round to different places and i had actually i had somebody that was in a in a store that was fairly connected on east side the state very very nice family nice man and his intentions were really good and he wanted to give me a present as i you know as i left the store of a was a very expensive bottle of of bird and i i thought it was very sweet it was so generous and it was it was just it was really hard felt because he really wanted to see me do well and we talked for a long time it was very nice and i just decided mysen i really appreciate this very generous beautiful gift that you want to give me but i said i can't accept and so i said i tell you what i will by the gift from you so that you know because i'm not here to to make money off your business or to do anything like that i'm here to help you and so i said i will buy that gift and remember that you wanted to give this to because he said it was just incredibly sweet and i said if you want to give something give somebody else in your that comes in here the the death that you were offering to or give them something else but i'm not here to make money off your business i'm here to help you and i would feel like i would feel it would be very very wrong for me to gift for you we need to be helping each other and i know you've been an an i realized that that moment time ah all these people that are set in in these taking all these gifts and in this money and the sententien unlike you know how would freeze over before i would accept any of that and they need be by in their own rooms up there and in michigan and if we caught ninety per cent of this nonsense out cut their expenseaccount self maybe they sit their sorry butts home again some work before and i think he pray who is i quickened i count out the lobbies repeating for right or mocoes were paid for and i could go because of that my point is that the lawmakers to people from doing that with the never cluded themselves olinto stop taking this is pretties of any sort overtoors when i was incorporate we could not accept anything over twenty five dollars don't you can pay for their their dinners why is it these guys get there all this of paid for they make enough money they don't need the stop this said no more and more and more yet they should not they should not have this stuff paid for you know me proven through colvin that most of the stuff can be done from our comet and that we don't it write from home and it is what i said right from the beginning its like i would not necessarily hold an office and oh i beset my selfe it her home and if somebody wants to meet with me it would be you know i can handle a lot of things real pitch i muste yes ospringe he represented back here they don't hoodthe understand what we are if there was from his so much there just set of people that want to pay them and my whole thing was as let's take the governor's mansion and use it for our military heroes and give him a week there or something too too you know people that put their lives on wine or people that were injured or something like the and give them an honor save to that should be the people's somebody is using it for themselves to be a big shot i can set home my computer and both and in me with people like this like you can't believe and my whole thing and i was set erfronge in is like ol be settin here at home and in the barn you know coalstore out the day you know right now i'm not doing it every day because it takes a lot of work cause i'm doing all the work for bandrowski do it at all i am getting people i'm setting up the broad cassopo motive the whole ten yards so i can't always be there in the morning to shottlewort off the bat the morning but i do it thrust to the day i show up there and i do all his things or train or work with horses i can if somebody came to me and i and i and we sedere going to have a for you make out you've got five minutes to make your point i'm not going to sit here for two hours listening to somebody tell me how great thou art and how much they're going to promise their good to do for near the set to the thing you better come with a problem you better come with five points or less in and one one sense as we at ten million people here to let somebody manipulate the time of somebody that's actually in their two creeks solutions so you can go through bougive minutes make a point tell me the issues there involved in i will prepare beforehand that we can have a very quick i may be one it was a vigorous and that i can say get the thing move on and then have somebody respond that's not what they do they set their sorry asked nomshasa behind there in the suchthey set their sorry behind there in these meetings and they they of a just absolutely ten to talk and to and make more deals and in its always a back room deals that get em you know no ononwe doneafter the fact that when we find out how about after angry screwing us isgoohe are and that's why we've got to get at oh there's that the chap chanson up here sis'soid he says mark and i ax military and we're not done my refuse to get involved in anything michigan i met the point that i don't trust any of i don't either by the way wrote christina and asked her about a lost suit against what about the de te scamp in lands ensechier sent to your private intense never answered that's a scotish she is that she will not talk about election integrity or or jump on ancherson thessalonian the grand new party they are not talking about election integrity they will not address and they won't mansion the rightful president of the united states president donald you know in this this silence is not districthis presence that they the silence or see we've got horseshe is bad people round her she knows who mark went i are and we supported her happily i do messerino were keeping our money we can't do it marco works for a come soon to retire we had family got our paths and daughter vaccine injury a lot going on where with you down a look into the pan doorpost charless allowed of money went to bois a lot and he said the reason perhaps her spending money as to laundryticket backs to favours in their clubs except on our contribution dive i was told i couldn't afford to run i wanted lisouplang out and the charlotte the democrats worked the colleges and nursing homes and i jus canderos in his set up drag clean shows for some of them their clowns and lands set disaster set you don't have three hundred thousand dollars plus it takes millions i ran for chesterfield township back in the two thousands even that it was so cropped i never ran again i wasn't criminal enough you don't that's true i was told it was going to take fifty two million dollars too when the governor's election and state michigan why because they are giving money back and forth to each other and that's how they step forward and say oh yes we're going to endorse this person that's why i did not go for endorsement i like this is nonsense and i'm not going to pay for i'm not going to pay or so betterportion was on that his arddaliad expose a lot of that i had to because of meshonganawe were doing this for again for their own good there wasn't it was also used and madelene about it i mean he activitythe were they were using his name and the lot of people too that unfortunately he i'm going to jump on to the chaver here and still see if i the other going to hear weird a weird rever right now but let me see if i can if i can get in here and ah sather's any questions over here a minute hang on a minute this is on the protiston i missingtotal to do i forget it mannion's less my is elgeseter you go well i think i'm scotanus try to call me and to day too because he's got problems he's got prose with infiltration right now too and distraction and deflection and i'm going to say right now i was very disappointed with the ghosts that i had on friday and i m goin to go through point by point and some of this because it was when when i have some on that comes in and goes oh this is what it is to be in i was save in two twenty twenty one that's relatively and then we should pardon them all because that's what i don't think so clearly we don't understand i have not read the bible and do to one these people need to go to get more they have committed trees this is oscuro and not windtearing iowa i came off the bolt that were worshipping at all what did a year is merely idles right down to the ground and orders epworth and that's sherrett's the only way that this has to be dealt with and it's top to bottom if you guys want to play and i'm to say this of people out there want to play the way that it isn't we're going to just let them cross the border people that are drugged rulerthat are the they'll learn by our goodness they're going to learn to be better people ah that is one of the steps if the netophathi i could ever here out o come because we're compassion that people really wait till they raped your kids what look what's happening over in france and some of the other countries this is generation repraesentare if i said to them well got ocejon and you is all the gang got here but i'm not going to give you a red car today christ you're a nice i don't get so i'm just going to be nice to you you're not going to red cart the rules are set up for law biding because were republicans believe in the bible who would be believe in the constitute but the bees we we believe in the law as well a low each if dare yes and each and in each be equal that's what we believed it but we need to apply it that way we can allow these people come across the borders illegal or legal there committing the crime their crimes that we ourselves cannot live by and that's why you know is besagewes apollo you know why can't we all get along while had been commanders tollenone he commanded this to singaporehis has he commanded us to be compassion yes he did but he commanded his soul to be fair and loyal to him he is he ate do you be constitutionally to the others well and in that for all this comes from eight and i just i know people mean well i know some people you know will their hearts but they got to understand this is the battle and were in their battle and like capetians work were in this battle we have to put that around somebody has the moon did you and i are a part of this way have to be omaansa up for what's right i as yet that's exactly it and keep people can't that you can't back down from the line when people say something like that like we're just going to let him go and they'll confess their sins and there going to be a i'm sure they're going to confess her sins how many people say their christians just get on stage i've heard of three of them in the last couple of weeks in oh guess what i think the th one of the gals that was down a callasses the the person down there it matted or such he got save two days before a rally prieray and unlike rally i think generally when people get saved as such a personal really say such a person experienced they don't remind to get on to a rally to get in front of the camera eh that is not that is not a and anybody that believes that nonsense i i i can't i can't help you you know i can't i cannot help you if somebody is that dump to believe some one who will use their religion to to get from the cameron now do i believe it's the soner point of my life and in and in it is and i don't really care what anybody says i i'm going to say the truth and i don't believe that gentile ah jesus it would lampsato is appropriate right now because we have no justice that's like cutting out a good portion there is no justice her we on to the wild where there is no law that rival the fits yes there there using god their using things that we trust and to take us captive rather than to look at the and that's what i we have to bring the facts for it and i think when i'm going to bring bringforward you do it would you do show with me on say thursday or friday because i have a whole bunch of stuff on saving that i want to put this together like i would a almost a case legal case i'm not a lawyer i'm not attorney i'm none of those things but i want to do it stepbystep by stop stop to bring some may be evidence all there because i think we need to do this i did put the the loss that were out there oh i put one of him out there and i think that this is so i think that this is significant on gentell you what am i would be concerned us like that the robertines ah you do not put people in they have been called out oh of a problem as there is no raise with that the thirsty or friday you can pick your day but i'd like to do it with him because i think that there's some questions that we need to ask about the website for the amido who got paid how much they got paid for this and what's the connections i grew i think that every one is not above being questiond sitting at the top of this right now and i have been a supporter of many of them but their stuff coming out that i don't like and the excedethe explanations i am seen i am not satisfied with what i'm hearing we look at the red the the taking people out in installing people from otto county studebaker and joe moss and i know he's got almost occult following over there i don't really care i don't care if some's got to call for if i make you upset about this because maybe you need question this and start of acting like somebody you he had loved that i would i was loved they so christine i after i had kicked out of the meeting there the witch which should not prepared was supposed to come on the next day but make it i guess the dan came on there you go in i have not goin to get anybody a parrosis we were easy and and i i honestly think that this whole thing i believe that his copiis friended dance and i i'd like to ask him that because i i re i i won't know i want to know an i want to know are the people involved in the ngothane they then to any of this or are they just getting evils of this is what we're going to do doesn't the kind of sunlike how what morones take case i believe the unipartite all into and like as that i give people a chance that they'd better start as answers because this is your country this is my country this is all of ours is americans and i'm not i'm not buying any any of this any more without it a good solid answer and without a without behind it and we have the right to ask we we we need ask less is whether your pardon a political party which i think all men should be abolished because they couldn't handle the power that they were given but we got what we got right now and so were working within it but once we get the same iron out they need to be abolished and any one who who abuse that power needs to also looked into very very seriously for their connections sorrows if their sorrows money in the republican party or of the the hatch found that was down there that sammy boy got trouble for in the bahamas all of this stuff that was they were going to republican i'm not just democrats that were they put it in here republican dark even read some form the chat one more time hang out never that's right boys should even be involved in politics think about trying to make clear decisions why do you think they tell that to stay away from the fws etcetera because of charlotte after covet and elsebethe clowns and open border they better be charged no mercy loss of business and schools gone wild is if we ever write the country money should be removed no packs and lobbies no dark foreign money except money corrupts always every single time crops it it corrupt it corrupts most in jan it's the power and fame it peterthat what they want amasis almost a spirit of idolatry they want to set them look at what they've done in our school look at how many schools have had additions put on after covet and i found out chuck i i got to confirm this i was sitting in the rostra listening two of notes realtors talking i couldn't get away from it i was sitting there in my house and these two fold sat their shooting and also on the fact that byron township this is to there's last that has about fourteen fifteen thousand people and a right has a thirty million dollars surplus and they were trying to figure out how to spend it i couldn't believe it and then all you got to do is look at all of the schools and all the of the school that the our building is castles for themselves wasting our money and there giving the deference to developers is does not help any of the citizens that all this means worse coin to pay more taxes to have if not how he raved in grand were there since gothecore for there is and labriola r of can now pitch a good eye stesso here is better able to omilomilo also was only half a mile canto the tax there should be he othersomething right now i know him dividendis contains where it were all out of the place and people sent give you to a cause we don't work off asked that are caused now one of those is the gas policy color gastric was happiness shagarach so high i everything we is high because the case they answered poles are in open it either there is in that that they're driving it otway so there the leveretts topasses then heard us to raise money for schools the pay for all these on a grand sinforgivin out antagonist darnation yes so higher and sold for uncle bill whatever because now they need dropping you know the recourse had so a relative and so the hiram these great pos every one is behold the noo to the government fell the governess to be holding the hold into the people and there not and that's the problem and so we got coup so like the headline need to a cap too cap not able to exclude it or go round it anyway i told of capt or user picotite call base spindle in come what drives is he edideris he caught me he's spindin con is gone it will not drive it yet you you i won't get it how to take and not to any tax i don't want to support my gomerie the not living up to their ill producer responsible to other their ascolonite i should take well maritarsi to be paying the taxes that we have the property tax or the income text we were supposed to enjoy being seicento and that men president trumped the rightful president of the united states had the figured out with terry i had the thing figured out of terrified or the foreign entities out that right because we're supposed to be taxing those who are not americans who are foreigners living here is that make a gain and in case we don't own we don't own anything they've turned us into their little slaves and there the whole tax system is unconstitutional entirely you know what i would do if i were governor in a onceshall with this you know what i would do i would i would absolutely pause all at because if you got a little pot on town like byron township he that has that kind of average on pretty exeter they all did and make it make it known that they are to return that money the tacks theres unconditionally surrendering in in any one that was involved in the stuff they are never hold a public office again because if they've got that kind of a serpent there is a big problem for for fourteen thousand peerage if you return that to fourteen thousand thirty million dollars s witshould have instead of finding was to make as another stupid project that doesn't work every one on gastaldo one so there's a very near there's a ten million there there no hundred to enter and to all were talking about that were to withcakes pearlie that cut it the steep legislator chest awarded ninety four point four million dollars last et in properly educate the oh so we're going to pay him for failure prepare growing is cool to the schools of bailees miserably they are not accountable to no response needed because we need to read reconstructive that lie need a complete forensic on it and complete on it of this state that's what i would a done and and it would be like but you know what we couldn't have brandenburgian there because you don't brand for might actually get in there and make people accountable wouldn't that be terrible and indirect their little party and their war on god and on on our our families and are yet you bet i would have been in her i still hold because i'm the only one who is still not conceded to the latter's teeth and thieves on reconte on one back to the chinaman ah if you if we ever read the country one should be removed or a satisfago over get no packs no lobbyist no dark foreign money money corrupts always and charles that i agreed to nice that even control the media oh yes except for brandenburg news network for her all these things that they don't ever want to come off the public to adosados sagowenot harden them god told moses not to save them and let them make in the moses regretted it he says every one needs to listen to this pass weeks in for war's lib recording with rosin bar shooster alex on while she tells all she lays out the evil spiritual war what murmur from charlotte whitmer's wrong by angos and couldn't add two posts ah it also sebenteen got away with texan he others some connections there with stamina with a and preene i forget about in grand honker gravel yeh craned ample ramble recoltera hebecause she took one she got on one point six million dollars stockington got gain on a stock train for origen never going to the capitol and look at her pitcher that she had put off there it would he closes or there is here satan as they can they they have to give you the clues so interprtait in the capital there's little windmills there's little electric cars out like like on the dust like dust to gold had gloated poorreport the out look at that because of its right out there what more solder so in high school sons friends dad went high school with her and her lots o the denis said the israelites sled within four days of moses being on the mountain just like humans they work here and spirit they made false gods and remained enslaved i don't want the slight me either loves us we are way over checks her bum seventy per cent tax rate we have for every one and this smell nonsense this commonsense when you look at the deck clock every single american is in dead about five hundred thousand dollars to the down or they were apt a dimity father's former sepia told me never retired and she taxation sucks through double tax in there look for states to a better tak loss michigan is an and lovesorrows in thendesire all of our farm land is almost gone streets are wayover crowd it's turning into a hell hole like contoor which we all call renwood because because they are literally building themselves castles and fifteen minutes city here dislike have everywhere its irresponsible and they just thestor on part of our township a building out know what they're doing there but how how is it that they have all this to build these careful for themselves building bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger loose get the money for it their bodies who have got the the construction company opened is and these so boys cloth who have to neither political campaigns of guarantee that they get the kind crackshot to go as i thank you for this costantino the it's a precursor to the fireworks the is going to be one word riding because there's a lot going on in an i'm sad to say that because i would like a time to saltrenwith family in front and really what get to the mean of what independence is about if we look back to where where we are because i were we came when he to remember that we need to remember that what these guys did for us we back when and how they put their lives there their families lives and fortunes on the line for all it is each component were independent to day because what they did and because one military is done to greekall these years and we have to remember that i that we have to remain here if not if we allow our cover it conceits gold we will no longer be pre work will be girl reclosed his i don't like being a slight now you republicans are seated in the party out there you better get in the game and say something because what's that ngwe need every single person in the game every single american out there needs to step up and so all of you that are digital warriors with me and the searchers and the digital the digital soldiers out there in the gain and start posting the stuff everybody needs to know what they have done and when we get done with this on friday i think we're going to see every single ah i'm not going to say over single thing overturned here or or look into every rock look on looked under but there's going to be a lot of em and i'm compiling stuff right now on people to lay out a really good cake but not a thing is as we think it is there is there so there is much much much more to look into remember when they come to your meeting a lot of more operatives when somebody comes your meeting like they did to the us tax there sorties of nevers they had gigantactis little little miss innercent right ieievera been in politics before really sat there and looked right up in the meeting it was painful for the people to watch the she needed her behind hand in to her she had three panes of donation and brighter miscian pack was involved in this and that's acts my tax don't get taking in as the criterion a good one that and there were tons of donations to christina corona and i'm not talking small on fifteen hundred dollar donations at this this little miss i'm in sent right said and he said for somebody else who stupid nough to believe the older the readers corruption in and as his axe is the one as lord at boreland into strother the great cond cultures of the pass of the great empires of the past he speaks over the roman empire who brought it down and this corruption and how it infiltrates and inbreaks down overtime in the conversion that generalgovernment were seen that neutralises ate and were also seen in local and now mentioned a lot of that nonentity and the always says thanks for hearing us to day its fore scopasand nonindependent joint with family friends and in what whoever but boemer what absolutely all the great people that have gone on before she don't really despiteous under right now i can actually do say it say prayer with you right now and now and then you can go on your merry way and i will too so enjoy the weak and then everybody keep your eyes open for friday and you know what you might want to keep your eyes open for an impromptu broadcast it to block this afternoon because i believe in complete transparency and i think that you should know you should know what's going on out there just like anybody else frater news net work might just have a two o'clock broadcasts come on to day marco to show you everything that we could find out in what sonantis concise i am not i'm not real happy with this country men taken over not in any way shape beformentiond the only one throw on the stuff out here who against the wall it's going out and like it or not were i not making any o i'm not making a final judgment but what i am making as things that are not making one that we need answers and if there's a good answer if it's a lawful process within that way we go but so far hadn't seen a lot of that oh a couple of cove more things bill gates sonaten taking mischiefall he's a psycho and estein jail no he doesn't need be in jail he needs to be he needs to be once again and get in wet let them figure it out ah shotpouch ols down if they have for the cans and charlotte in with you on public schools i will sob and some i retirement for being a consultant i left because the administration schools are dumb corrupt people the kids are in the middle andertake pay off i know somebody that got a logically a twenty thousand dollar one for continuing to mask a par children when it was not necessary more and that was a schoolschools so the dear only father thank you so very very much for showing us the things that we need to know oh to put this country back it's right his country again and that is one nation under you where we work for each other where we pledge our lives are fortune and our sacred honor for this nation which was fireowing fathers formed and a and put in a process that would insure that you were on top of every action every thought we and every every every intent we ask that you continue to show us the way that we should go to uncover all this corruption that's out there and that people will open their eyes and see things for the truth not in a not with a culminant of following blindly following people who are leading them astray following you and you alone into truth justice and righteousness and when we see things that are rough gives the courage to say bring it forward and a and so that oliver brothers i can know what's being done and that we can and together not as one group or another but as americans which suppose we the melting pot of the world where we could come here where everybody enjoys freedom where we can celebrate the freedom that you gave us to live with you on this planet and that the freedom that was guaranteed by the constant at those rights constrain the government we ask that you were continued to lead us out of this captivity we love you so much were thankful for every single thing you've done for us please less emery out there given grace and the people in the families that are may be a little difficult it is sometimes difficult to be with our families people don't always make the right choices that doesn't mean that their evil it just means that there making vortices and other just trying to survive to and they may be feeling a lot of hurts that have nothing to do with us it may be deep hers that we just need to reach out say a body has a going help us to help us to do that god to day and also help those people who are standing and have the ability to do the right thing and strongly and boldly face of what's going on and fight like our forefathers dead on for that freedom we love you so much and we want to live for you and we thank you for the stillfor keep up body safe out there pleased and let her be not their so loftan jesus cruchots name pray an take yo done i thank you for ostentans sartines think andrinolo you on frawarti pride in clock it's every day albohacen thursday two just coming away with riders going to be the big day in order to get this out there and i am going to have this thing hewed up so you can not only the case but the connections as many of em as i can put in it's going to be the start of this path spose who are leading us astray as a nation will give a chance hopefully they'll turn around and to the walk away from it their doing wrong but when they don't we have to call them out for and probably prosecute them for their for the deed he some in any race here go go to grandperrin and do come i the best known conceder who is ever not conceded in the history of the united state oh and one to say a happy forth to every one happy forth the july to president to general plan admiral rogers and all those who were fighting on the right side and make no mistake when you're dealing with somebody that's a smart as president trump generalin and admiratores they're going to get clothes to the onomies at time in order to get information or to drag him out the street to beat the livid tore out of them at some point time and i don't need this maybe they will be but you know what i mean as he it dread all the crimes out for every one to see and to prosecute those who are guilty its coming it is coming do not have any any question that this was coming because guess what that is on top of this and his justice is going to is going to outshine anything that we can even possibly imagine we have a good father a good god who loves us so with that such for a little her hands of there god but you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica celebrate the fourth have a great have a great day to morrow not going beyond for on going to be oh i've got i've got a foregathering i think i'm going to be doing to morrow so saorang ing out with friends and family and h in horse is all that good stuff my things that we enjoy right enjoy the food with the girlnineteen all of those people who have gone before us so satis so he have a nation that we can be proud of that we love and that we are and that we can live in with our families and ah and labeach other so big of till egahama great day make itself good choices make