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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/4/2022 - Live - Tater Tuesday with John Tater

Published Oct. 4, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg in it is all at sea early it's october tuesday october fourth two thousand no and we have once again we have a lot to talk about welcome to tattooed we have john tate coming on to day who is runnin for sheriff of lincoln and he is a constitutionalist he constitutional conservative and is taught the constitution besides that i just a tremendous wealth of knowledge so were bring him out of it i was scowling a couple of my news feeds because i do that generally first thing in the morning to day i had a little bit slow start and ran out a coffee in the house that's always a bad start the morning but anyhow doctor lyman science and white men teammouth his post and i thought it was it was significant deemer the to kinematical the tocandeira ion made the second air bag changes that would explode sometimes spontaneously and sun pieces of metal sharp now into the face as a taxidriver and then one young lady died and a dozen more were wounded that one death prompted that historic world are record recall a sixty five million vehicles in the united states remember that remember that number and a fine of two hundred million dollars against to cadover the next few years more driver's died seventeen in the us and twenty seven worldwide remember those numbers a semitenth seven not not the significant but not a lot now let's look at the gen injunction for coloured of thousands of deaths no recall no admission of responsibility the deaths continued so what's the difference the manufacturers have no liability for injuries and death from the use of their products and going back to you know the mangles you know nothing on a curtain scientists called of public on help i really think that we should seriously take a look at this because there was a law created that helped down from any responsibility from any action if their products created damage were talking a lot of damage i talked to one gather about a few months ago i guess and her health story is absolutely horrific if to remember my mom after the second vaccine was paralyzed she was buried so i would go to the goethe emergency room where she was and then she finally did get admitted because i pushed the envelope on an a little bit there it was undeniable my mom was walking two miles a day before this and after she had the second vaccine who happened she was paralyzed and nobody is in the medical health industry taking responsibility or even looking they're not even investigating any of this which is really a really crazy and i think we this is from consumer notice door talking about the calaban lawsuits which i think is a really good point when there's this much damage people have to be held accountable whether it be for a product or certainly forced or mandated policies are procedures and we can look at all of them i mean men the government mandate any action or or or an employer even employers should be held responsible for this to a certain degree and i do believe that i believe it my whole heart we did not force any one nor do we close down or or capital and i still feel strongly about this any going back to a lawful process i would like to bring on our special guests here to day a tuesday he had a minute we have john trotted welcome thank you for coming out to day all my pleasure and thank you for having me again important that we get public aware of the most important document in the world certainly in the united states and everybody should really know this document what it means how it works out function and then we can hold our public functionaries account right and it's a seascape in here it looks like we're not broadcasting but we're goin get the thing figured out here yes and it's it's so it's so incredible how far away we have gotten we've gotten from being a function as a what a republic i heard it again we were before we got on a live here we went ahead and and i episodes on the constitution of the bill right and what happened john it was all of a sudden first frontier what happens of course they go right to democracy we have a democracy now he don't we got a republic which is representation of its representative so and i don't know of the lopepe understand really the difference between the democracy and republican democracy is basically my gruel as as the majority rules in the minority suffers or follow a lot to my dormitory and what a problem with the well eleonore presentation of any of any minority belief or or people it's just with lack of representation that no representation unless you are part of the majority of opinion or policy or more soul than that is that we have the media we have those people that are in power talking about a democracy and dividing the country it's been years and years and years that they have been trying to divide us between blacks and whites and then chinese and lights and ancients and white rather and now they're picking on the rainbow people and and the white and so everybody's got their own special interest in special interest grew and when you get special interest grew then you can promise them the moon never deliver but i can promise him and they follow along with him a blacklister nonsense started years ago when no trump was running and what is it accomplished lablache lady whose open or who started the process a couple of billion million dollar houses well and it's a corporation in coming back to the now the business side of it black lives matters is a corporation this is not even a a not for profit type of an entity they this is a big business it's big israel funded and here's a question i've been asking sense beginning of the beannan is that they've done two billion dollars worth of damage why were aware they not be held accountable to the damage that their paid provocateurs there were paid for actors many of them were it were responsible off in the cities and at once more i know a cop and grand rapids and actually said that they were told to stand down in a stairwell where did that where did that order come from as they were burning you know you know burning cars i mean i had five cars a burn red outside of one of my buildings there and five corberon the street all the windows broke in on the scene damage we need to go back and have you know what to talk about you know damages i think we need to assess black lives matters and start to you now seizing all their assets and putting it back into the communities that they've destroyed which coincidentally a lot of them were majority black communities that they went after which was absolutely absurd and stupid i mean i don't know how many videos you saw but i did they were the lot of the communities they were in and they went after were the outhouses owners were black business owners and unlike are you kidding me while the rabble with these in groups and that basically what they are the splinter as their tearest organizations it is domestic terrorist organizations by that to the problem with the splinter groups are that is as they divide a son they take our power as people away from they came that they take that power away and then they can manipulate us through the media through the politicians that are public functionaries that are out there speaking and making points that such and such a group was being violated or we're going to give money inasmuch as such a group and managing to give it to other groups we're talking about another group of people call a call the so long people at another group that they're going to give money to the sum of the student long people but other people won't be able to get it so this is how the government divides us and keep us separated so we don't like each other or we tend to fight against each other and uneducated that not paying attention to what's going on listen to the news media because it's on twenty four seven probably many people houses twenty four when they're listening to sin or ends or whatever they're listening to and there constantly doubting the drum their constantly beating the drum reactions anty and there's another group those that are vain and those that are not so we're goin to keep beating the drum for these vaccine people versus the one vaccine people and so on and so forth and this comfort you know for these advertisements through our tax dollars which are going through these national health organizations this is nonsense catania something about the student loan thing you brought it on the open it can't horsemen to jump on it here this is so much stupidity and nonsense there is no words to describe it so they're going to give what is it ten thousand dollars well how is in the world is that going to help when somebody has two hundred thousand dollars worth of the pianist's this is like throwing a dim you know this is like throwing somebody at no dog basket you know they know to quiet to quite of down or something like this but it doesn't really it really doesn't need anything or or how anything the temporary field good but there is no long term dan or go in this so i have a couple of ways to think about this because i think that the colleges are part of this when you look at the money laundering the going through the colleges it's incredible the amount of money going in there and so they all students that oh you're going to get out with his degree and we're going to give you the world with his degree now i'm not going to let him do personal responsibility if you believe stofflet you without checking it out what's reality you're kind of apparently at falaise when an institution which is respected gives information whether it's a health institution in education institution if such they are partly guilty with it so why are we not going after the institutions also that told the students that promise in the world you know and instead it let's go after the institution absolutely the institutions by the way at their endowments they could be paying all the tuition for all the students were to take her and the students would have to pay anything to go to you better and so they are guilty there agility of misleading two i mean the there's no there's no heroes in this story the institutions are just as when you go back to the house and watch what happened with the real estate market and the you know the cramp that we had then with widow fannie man friday matins and what happened with them selling bad and the banks the now selling bad mortgages and such well who is held responsible for that every one was and i intend there were but but not only that it's like the institutions need to be held responsible with their selling alive or giving bad advice why are they not being held responsible just like a financial adviser this is a financial adviser type mistake you know if you had a fancier or so many that miss led some they would help be held responsible or lose your license i agree so the institutions need to confute money to make it right that they fail they failed in delivering the promised future because he didn't look into it and he further and believed it so i mean there's there's a play of plenty of responsibility an now it's like to to go round but certainly i think the institutions need to be part of that solution so let's go back to the dean what no no i want you saying his good what's the difference between a democracy and republic we have been pre for years and years and years my media by our public functionaries by a lot of people that we have a democracy that we're going to go overseas to challenge theocracy or by the way while we were talking about the amount of money that was being paid i got to bring the just came in my mind that i wanted to bring it up earlier how much money did they send to ukraine even even the heave several billion even though we have a our own problem at our own border and we have our own problem at the press of the people in suffering from the hurricanes and even though we have our own students that have students going to give you ten thousand dollars but they're goin to send bill in two ukraine that should have a red flag flying everywhere people should be upset why are we sending money overseas to another country when that money should be here in the united states taking care of the people because remember we go back to the constitution and their responsibility is our life liberty and our property and yet they're taking our property which in the form of which is in the form of money which ends up going over seas why what's going on in ukraine we know that a money laundering for the bottle in deceit and not only these but the lama in the basement and so on in hope we have they we have alone this government to do things the twenty years ago twenty fifty twenty thirty years ago what a been they would have been hung but we've allowed that to continue because we live in a courting to them a democracy where they can do what they wish and that's what a forlorn to the democracy is process by which the government tells the people the people on it most of the time to vote with the government and the government gets away with domineer they want to do it the same with the three a new amendments in michigan that are being i propose got a boat no on all three not atomless helpful to the people there mister american you know and this is kind of like or the process of our bills are bills that we have are very misleading the titles never have to do with the contact and the sister the little wizard magic trick that they do you know slight of hand to try to manipulate and we buy it and we buy opiniatre not looking into it ourselves we need to look into the stuff ourselves rather than as we know the main stream media is a bunch of liars you and i know that people still listen so that some people that still picked the telling the truth but don't people thinking that on the clinton news network is a good place to be getter upon it now that's a great note greenhouse when to go after you clintons not work you've got time now is not work he got time in ismenor i mean you don't ride down the line on that a little bit more representational really i we were going to talk about the constitution soon jump into the detail right with you please like a spoilin stuff we need to talk about the orange of the noises like morning coffee start out for morning coffee talk about all things whatever comes in and they get in the meat i wanted me and this is the throwing out of the public and i don't know how people that sadness he got two of em up here that i'm looking at i got now i was picked up out for a week for violating the community standards i don't know what it is because i went into a pellet and they had no nothing there was like a black screen i'm like how can i answer this or appeal something when they provide no evidence it's like no you're done for a week you do it again your opportune so you too is cram and part of the problem you know what we added more we added more band with in fact we may be putting up her own channel at some time because i dolittle the company so we may just say that or oniscus you know the other channels out there you know like a man i moroni like rumble a lot and i like it so there's huge too there's a band videos all of these other channels people need to honestly realize and reach out to some of these other channels and venus that are out there in order to get the news because when they start senorita what ever you seen is pretty much not real and so we truly we we truly need to broaden decentralize even for our news media anybody that wants to know what's going on in america to day should go back and start looking at the history of matter because their following the same place they sure are in the bunch of communists you know if it missus been going on for ever we have our doctor angela in office or in the public eye we have censorship by farina eboli think here the censoring cabin go to her girls doubles girls but i knew we had a lot ahwahnee have the guy at the top was not much different except the guide the top in our country doesn't have must that similar but anyway let's get on to the constitute who can tell me if he got any listeners out there who can tell me the first ten amendments of the constitution and anybody you get any rest and easily takes the matter we we got other cut everybody should know this a race it no one in two really easily that one that that was a quick now sponsored the coffee the general first ten amendments called the bill of rights to that man and this is the next question to that mean that those ten amendments that are our bill of rights is the only rights that we the people have if they're not enumerate the task the morning so sophroniscus if there ascertainable as we moved down the line now it itinerists is a really great watah it is really is just to advocate people because because this is this is the highest is really the highest law of the land and we need to we need to understand as in this should be rude matter but but honestly it was never taught in school tis out of the school and two to specifically to disable us you know and honestly when you go back yes the amasis john tearing for wantonness ah yes you are here i may answer that so so he hollister it let's go ahead and go through them so that we can help educate people okay the first ten amendments as i say i called the pillories and the second question that i had was if it's not enumerated in the tenth amendment is that a right that we don't have in other words if it's not written down the we have that right and the answer no answer is yes and many more rights that are not written down that's the tenth amendment will get to that event if it's not written down that doesn't mean we don't have that right and this is where our government tries to pigeon leanto certain areas and certain ah can you regulate a or in any way control a right you can you regulate or any way control a right no answer the answer is no the government has no power to tax that right has no power to regulate that right has no power to in any way make laws or rules regulate against the they don't have that authority now do they try to do it yes i will talk about the residence abilities to try to make his administrative laws to try to regulate rights and east on that constantly every which way he could possibly do it but again to eventually gets the court and here's the game that they they come up with some sort of aeronauter going to we're going to tax money from people if they're going to buy a man and it turns around and gets the deportment cortes you can't whereat the barmecide you can't do that but it takes two one two three years to get to the court where that decision is finally made so for the next two years or a year or whatever the deep state the resident can get people to do to follow his laws to follow his edicts been going on with the vaccine nonsense that that he pushed you were going to your one we're going to require vaccines if you're going to be working for the government and door for hospitals in whatever it gets to caraquet said you can't do but already how many people went out and got vaccine because they didn't want to lose their job will not only that leonhough we had were standing in the court as tom to fight these fribbles you know they can sit you down and now you've got to fight your way back out of that to gain those right back because they shot you down what what i don't know what happened in michigan with whitsome the businesses that did not shut down they were they were now they were to shut down and then threatened with threatened with all kinds of fines and so some of them actually buckled to that but it was going to take basically a court action which means they got to spend money in the train and go into the court system to negate any of these these charges and these fines which are illegal unlawful for our government to do so they got they rather system based on are you going to believe what we say in capitulate to it do you know your rights and are you going to tell them get out of my face that's right that's right that's where the people have no the constitution albilabris so they know what the authority is of the government they and the government got a limited authority if it's not written in the constitution not in writing the canastos n't cried glory dislikes called la far and that's exactly what it's called we have economic warfare and we have long fair going on right now where they are disabling people through false allegations or or processes you know the frivolous lawsuits and such is crippling our nation that's why you need a constitutional sheriff and when county and got her and governor of corks in wayne county i can arrest anybody that breaks the law and breaks the constitutional law not the law of washington and not below lance below so i can call you up and say is this i asked him of the half of the sheriff on the state why didn't you arrest recondite and and i had not one really good answer on this i could call you up and say say all right i need these people arrested because they broke the they broke their oaths to the cost but the rest the great goethe constitution the oath of your office then you are no longer a public functionary that's working in that office you are an imp so i hope everybody heard that out there john gets in a sheriff i get in as governor and we start resting absolutely and the next question this one's a little tougher at least i think it is committeeman right how many riposted in the first amendment well you got into a answer that when because everybody else is like sitting here doing don't call on me don't he actually it's not quite true the goncourts in goethe is a there is an unwritten right that we have and how some samanas your question how do you get to the breakfast first i say most people drive okay here is on the wrong term but okay we'll go along with that there in evil so how do you get to the store or to work the ice to say my vehicle or by that is travelling in travelling from poynton travelling is a first amendment right because if you can't travel you can attend any of these things that you want to do you can't do freedom of press freedom of religion can do any of that so you have a right to travel now where does the word drive come from it comes from the same place democracy comes from drive comes from the public functionaries using the language and remember what i said the last week or the week you go if you use their language you are in there sambo we have to develop the appropriate language so everybody works with us in our time so that's what we're trying to do here so were travelling were not driving number one by traveling it becomes a first amendment right and can you tax ticket can you control it or a license do you have the license yourself as the first amendment for the first amendment right the answer to that should be now on all connemora said more than once and this the whole litany of cases the people have a right to travel period so there aitheros cutting manager coming down from brandenburg governor to get rid of some of this nonsense that we've been living under to okay so let's go on enact read the first amendment awesome no law and that also means the president has no authority to do that and the governor has no authority to do that because who makes law let's the other executive orders whatever that the legs that the governor comes up with is not law because they can't make low that's not their fun one general suggestion but it's a problem when the weapon is all the three letter agencies as well as business is to carry out what they want done and remember the three latter agency stone exists not in verse shall become unconstitutional law does not and you cannot make a you cannot make a defect or office now no government agency can make a de facto officer all those alphabet agencies to exist they don't know that yet but their getting to that point all those people enter functioning in those three letter organizations when this flip to the republic which is going to were heading to the republic all of those three letter organizations and all of those impostors that had been filling those positions and taking money from the government to operate and those three letter organizations are going to find themselves dat what because they are actually doing their actually violating the constitution most of those people don't have their oath of office or if taken and don't even understand what there is the so do her some of the problems that we are dealing with and we allowed this to continue over these okay so cares can make no law establishing they respecting or establishing the right of religion so can they make an they shot a church down during the covering no and they stop him from going to the parking lot if that's the way you want to handle it because you're afraid you might get contaminated by somebody else in your neighborhood so you're going to be in the parking lot in your car here in the preacher was going to topping through a megaphone to you can they stop that to the gathering on the can't stop that cab or or prohibit the free exercise of their own they cannot stop all the free exercise thereof religion however you want to practise if you want to go in and sit on your lawn outside or if you want to go down the street or if you wherever you want to go they cannot stop that practicing of religion or a bridge the freedom of or the press on the right of the people to peaceably assemble now the land saying people they were sitting in those offices did all three of those they stopped the freedom of speech because you couldn't get together to speak to others they even sensed the radio and television broadcast and they are still censoring the television anybody is watching and believing in that that's being censored honored per cent and the freedom of the press a few published something or you on something published if you are not paying for it from the detroit free press detroit news those two papers are totally may when i was at rathurst they were called this paper was called a soul socialist so now we have an standeth south and we have the detroit news in the detroit free press or the rights of the people of peaceably assembled colechurch go to the club where i was a member of an shut the expletive this and probably nights are clumsier organizations that they should based on this so called covet vaccine comedies not remember but the constitution is never suspended you want case supreme court decision that's nature that downs verses bedroom the spring is says that the constitution is never suspended for any time or any crisis that may developed was a suspended during time of war was suspended during other pandemic in the past no tennessee or coatimundi for this last pandemic the answer is no but into we bought into it that such a thing could exist now were finding out that such a thing doesn't exist and that those that pay attention to and did get the vaccine some of them are suffering getting the back now the last one is probably one of the more important ones besides the right to travel that people don't take advantage of and that address our petition the government for a redress agreed so if you have a grievance of some sort like you can't lick me down or give me the law or give me a fire on what's going on or illustrious governor said oh during coverture going austen the footpaths do the do that but she did it anyway so people should realize that this governor that sitting in the office at lancing right now is not following the constitution and has not followed the constitution in his violated the first amendment almost every single part of the first amendment what kind of person do you want running your first of all she has no authority to do anything that affects the people her function specifically is what the legislature tells her she's the police arm or force of the legislator she has no authority to make any law of any kind under any circs just doesn't have that authority but the people that a listening and those that don't under shudder stand what the constitution basically says he and what authority he has a dozen that there any questions how in the last one i must because it's not written here is the right to travel and again the government has put together a department of motor vehicle code but the department a motor vehicle only applies people in common because under the constitution they can regulate but if you're not driving somebody around in your car is a tappitt driving somebody around in your car for cash like a bur or driving a truck or your delivery goods and services or driving to a job site where you have to do construction work or whatever that's driving responsibility and that falls under the department of motor vehicle but the right to travel to and i have to be able to discern the two if you end up in court because you got a ticket for travelling from point a point he or language makes the difference i cannot say to the police officer while i was i was just driving to the store well then your income and he has the right to give you right now a comic came in from loristan we to the legislature what to do period so there there are responsible to deter the well of we the people because we the people have all the power with the wild neapolis functionaries we politicians you know and they are not listening to now we have public functionaries are not politicians that's a name they brought out of the wood work so they would did not want to use the word public function or they all nothing it to be derogatory right now well take it it was man is an insult but it's there let's move to the second amendment anybody have any questions on the first amendment i don't i'm not i was seein any unseen a lot of very good comments right now on the chat in looking at a rumble and i've seen some good comments there because normally i see a mananaun is thus the copper stream hard it is a softer really like it and i can see you know which which ones were going through a normally its face book twitter rumble and you tube but you toinette comments there normally comes through you to so tollerby moved rumbles because rumplestein more but the rumble the moral a second amendment this is the one that's been thus most but morgan look at it a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms the the right of the people to keep emberor you and i we have a right bare arms and bare arms men i have the right to buy the ammunition i have a right to buy them the gun itself the pistol of the rifle i have a right to carry that pistol rifle because let's face it if you don't ever write to protect yourself what is there here because somebody takes advantage of the abuses and kills you or name or put your nose were you right right to liberty and right the property he that by their fighting men playing machine on a softer inattentive great right to bear arms away there's always an increase in crime there's a relationship there you know and so so it's kind o it's kind of crazy the bigger relationship is they want to take the guns away from us the right to bear arms because they want to control our country and he will not be able to take control of our country as long as we're and so anybody that thinks it's for hunting anybody that thinks it's for sparks shooting target or collectors or whatever you might think it is purpose of the being armed as to protect the woman government such as we have right now the story goes they will we will not attack landing or we will not attack washington but they can come after you such as they did with president and myra who are these people where was the hero in florida in my lower was the malice where is the sheriff and when the election that was going on with the two seas i am that because everybody wants to beat up on the police in or the police the police or piece the shares were the ones that were supposed to step in there and and fixed that whole nonsense where the wires exactly exactly where was bending napoleon and when there was a rollington starts were bear washington now by so where he was put in apposition for what pure just the fillip position to run around it tickets to people what is is as a as a sheriff of lincoln what is he done the now people should be able to see this fine clear as a bell as nominee for this because i've heard you blame the police for though i think we've got a problem there not to say that we don't have a problem there there's no no point and you know that when in the when the blame gets labienus goes in many different directions there's never there's one per if i ever see somebody tried to hang blame on one person i generally think there's a reason behind it and that because there probably hide some so but my point being as in the instant the sheriff was the one that was supposed to step in let's take a look at what nan partially correct but let's take a look at who are the police the police are basically policy holders for this and now for they say for the particular cities they were for they're not paid by the people they're not voted in by the people they are put in power by the city itself or the country the function for the county or township to protect their county or township and to for are to enforce the laws that the county or township right that's their function the sheriff who was elected by the people and is answerable one hundred per cent of the public the policeman he is the one that should have been protecting the vote yet not the the police are protecting the police or the policies of the city or the country so they could go into cacouna walk around and say we're going to protect anybody from getting injured over her prosperity for that for the votes if the policy holders in landing and my case redford or whatever township or city say to the police you're not to do that then down on many police officers have stood down in other cities where they were riding in burning the city you ask yourself that's not their job the job is to protect them while their job is to protect what the city people want them to the city people the governor the mayor whoever issued the order to stand down that's who they have to follow but on the other hand the sheriff he's the one that says now in all this here to protect the people of this county and anybody not step outside authority and nor the constitution will find themselves in trouble with the sheriff that's why the sheriff has total power and can arrest anybody that steps into his county that in violation of the constitution on popinot the is untenable banks some talent the f b i and the sea and all they come into the country and there not invited or they're not allowed to be or they have been given some sort of pass by the sheriff there in violation of the law and they can be put under so that's the difference between the two we never had a police department until later on in his police came in later they would be first people on the one on the black standing whether the share then the police came on and so how we pass so much we have so much redundancy and and in our inland forcemeat there's a lot of redundancy there and overlap and when you look at the waste if it were organized a little bit better i think we could have a lot more policing and this is this is an organization issue you know it's an organization as the funding issue on how things are run we can honestly make things better for our law enforcement officers who are there to protect and desert utmost to what i see which what's wrong with with law enforcement is a managerial mistake is and it's a funny mistake as we have some wonderful wonderful police and a sheriff on the ground where you know this is the notepaper at all i just think that the state is not supporting one man through operations and through finding and it is a massive like the a the a is a mass told me we don't even know we have an orribili ons of dollars into this with no accountability for so i really think that we could do a better job all i am one hundred per cent in agreement with you that we can do a better job but i got to ask you who picks the police the mayor does and i believe it is appointed by the mayor so this is where another place here we have a problem it's an organization from because if you've got there i saw an organization that target a hundred and seventy five cities across the united states to put in progressive mayors and they got most of most of em got gotten what they wanted right tonight a progressive mayor who is appointing a he who is going to carry out progressive mayors or communist maregas progressivism is communism letotti is it we have all what it is we have communist mayors who are appointing the petechiae and i found this to be really interesting because i did tottering about it he was not appointed by dogget came in under the emergency power are emergency powers because the the city was completely bankrupted he had put in place through a different mechanism so he was not beholden to the mayor so when they burn every other city down yes what he was like he was like a man tell me what to do that's right and so he stepped up and he's been mis characterized it in so many different ways that it's too bad because because nobody seems to be able to get to the bottom of this and it's like you know you can find fault with whatever one does but the care of this issue is he wasn't being directed by a communist mayor because he was completely independent and the sheriff was one that failed at the teacups this is it and so it's a people and we want to point at it chief crag but you know i you know good good matter and fence if you just stick to the palaces and the organization that happened there that pretty much tells you exactly what happened and why i did not have the same problems i believe that a lot of the other cities that the organization is and i can't say that you know it's all it's easy to be an armchair quarterback to a people do when you're not in the situation and you look back at it over time however the structure was he did and he protected his city because he wasn't being told like the rest of em to stand down by a communist mayor i'll buy that and then then i'll tell you why another thing i think that you happened to him is that he was basically i can go into the little bit more but he was promised i ad my opinion he was he was kind of situation for him running for governor is a very complex and my opinion is is that they had to get him out of the position were to promise him to run for governor and the all down one backwoods get marooned you waste people and the people to do that were or i let loose on the second amendment but i put that commentary was pretty good i didn't know some of the stuff about the identity with the man himself in a monopoly now you're not to this person your i get dingiswayo onion what i've been gotteswillen it anything else there to aeginetans maniacal information right that's right so getting back to the second amendment where it says that shall not be infringed that means that the face require you to have a license to carry no that's right or that even open carry an door concealed carry the really another to do that that's been a lot that they have put on the books and got away with because of the so called fair that they put upon the people and the people don't think when they are right so what they've done is they've taken the right to conceal carry away not so much of michigan but say chicago where there is no crime ignominy gets shot because nobody has gone right right right anybody ever listened to the news over that even the estate news can't lie about that the crime rate in chicago is quite high because it is no good now for a free one free day or a free you gunlike they have and a lot of the schools that they have also out there so when from a hawk you never know who's got a gun i love that sign i think this hilarious there are a lot of good songs out there by the way but regarding that but that's the point you don't know who's got a gun loose carrying and this isn't the wild west people aren't going to drag guns and shoot each other be my candy bar are medlars allow to take my ten dollars for my fine little more action but the point of the matter is that if you're armed nobody knows it you is this guy ingrates do i want to get involved with this guy my shoot me be a better shot whatever the point of the matter is our government believes that they can protect you when there's somebody breaking into your house and man managing or wanting to do you boyar that you just nine one one and the police will be there in a flash and i protect which is not the case and in fact the supreme court said more than once that the government is not or the police department is not required to go on calls these kinds of crimes they can't if they're not busy but you can allison able at the so the animality again we're going to see a people to protect themselves away and then have no responsibility for the goitre that's for just look if you were a member of the of one of the other countries like ostralia and monasteries had turned our guns and you did not look what happened to australia during the pandemic not when they were beating up people didn't care what age there were eighty ninety year old women being beat up on the street by the police because the police because they had no way to fight against the police and they were locked down and they were forced in the vaccines this was going on in australia because they gave up their and that's the only way suppose the government exactly that's every erections we the people need to have the power and you know not the government that not not any one else is got to be in the hands of white people period if we went or not had guns over the last couple of years we would find ourselves in caimacams by the way hilary wanted to do that to camps the colubriad cation canadians yea and educate us about the proper behavior of a person living in the socialist government under socialist do what you're told camps shut up atop i go but this is in the american people and every time they put out a lot of stop guns or stop sailormen the ammunition and the guns go up and sails people are knowing no better what's going on he had got a say i think it's a great thing i really believe that you know it's like we're going to have a peal some of this back but quite honestly as governor i kin would support tax credits and i know you don't have the we don't have to write to a a taproom sort too in you know help all inspire people to buy fire arms and a fire ammunition and firearms training and that sort of thing i think we need to help people but if they want to be armed you know when i was in high school that's what we had in our basement at coin in detroit we had rifle and i was part of that rifle then that was intruding competition against other high school that's where i cannot take my ability to fire a shot in rifle in competition and i carried me through the military the point that a making is i learned it in high yes we all hear her safe you know we had one said you had some lasting so mean that that really needed me maybe start there again people there are afraid of the other gun afraid of the pencil or afraid of the rifle is because they never shot they don't understand what they are you know it's like if you don't know what it is than you and you're afraid of he don't know what's in the dark garage that you're going in to get your pie or frightened to go into grades in general and i'm not saying everybody but this is the same kind of thing we make this to which is really wanted is it's a tool of the trade and it's the tool of the trade to protect your life not the trade the kill people that might happen in the process but it's a tool of the trade to protect from government from criminals that wanted to you badly armed et cetera et cetera if you know how to operate it just like driving a car you can do the same thing with the khaki somebody with a car we could and all the cards i wouldn't be the problem now about nita the or we can go down the list to protect people the governments not responsible to protect well look entanglest down on the retainer nine eleven and they were taking knitting needles away from grandma mama he you know i'm giorvenon this an echo john i don't know what happened i think it's on your side some for some reason this is in hearing myself if i start i don't know what to origuela oh they are taking minimuls away from grandma and that failure to actually be able to assess throat that that improved i don't know let me see i can't i can't hear it now so i think it is better good okay all right so the right and to keep in barns now the regulated militia is where the militia the national guard is not a militia the national guide is brought on board by the governor and so the national guests to protect the state from invasion or whatever was at an billali different no no i aeternitatem well yes i got a a king we have the right the base line to protect our state from invasion of whatever the whatever might be out there to that we are the militia where other while redirected volitional of this nonsense and how they try to reward the second amendment and make it sound like something that is the typical behavior of government and of course now the resident in washington once as for once the credit or companies to give them the list of anybody that's buying ammunition can they do that i do that fact by the way fascism is when the government and the business get together to control the public that fact so were added and we have a fascist resident in india along with and what what's the congress still in in this his allowing this caretto whatever he wants so we we have some serious problems are the together i mean all over and then you look at all how they sold this nation of peace by peace with black rock vanguard arabella all of these multinational corporations selling or our own land to other nations i and nobody has said a thing therefore they are guilty as hell and complete they are the bed strappado bringing in the new world order and that's part of what we as the people in america that care for our country that one of fixed this country want to go back to the republic get the democracy nonsense anybody that says democracy they should not only be not voted for they should be kicked off the voting goes i should not be allowed to run because they obviously have never read the cost this would be a good home assignment for anybody out there we read the constitution redecoration of independence and even say the pentathlon and see words as tom article four section four of the united states constitution says we have a care indeed republic at all levels that is the state the federal the county city the township all levels have a republic a form of government not a democracy so these people that are man i want to call a more abutilon a testimonial that worritting in office and think we have a ocracy they have no clue what's going on and they shouldn't be you know what i think they do have the coat the problem is i think that they really do know what's going on in their part of the problem this is the communist take over in the united states of america it is well organized there's a structure there and it is well organized and these people know what they're doing they have chosen to take part in and this cup of america is just like what they did with without then they knowingly did this this is where the problem is and in to give them any any senior any quarter on this or any lack on this to say all they didn't know i'm sorry they do know they they know exactly what they're doing there there most of mansarded most of them are placed the liars cheats and the and they committed three at and in crimes against humanity with that with a go along with vaccines in or thing else and i don't think we should give them one millimeter of a far off space she for what they did i agree with you on her position to say and i'm not throwing out here because i am so done with these people i everybody else is trying it you know be very polite and i appreciate the politeness and an such but this is treason october article three we still have time he keep going we grant even o'clock okay article three but this is a very interesting one it says no soldier shall in time of peace recorded in any home without the consent of the owner nor in time of war in the manner to be prescribed by law why is that an interesting one we have no soldiers guarded in our homes to what was the purpose of a soldier being quartered in some one's during the revolution why would they pull a soldier an answer that because they were the eyes and the ears of the government they would listen to see what the owner of the home and doing who is saying who is talking to and they would report back to their higher up so now i ask an now that very same question do we have soldiers quartered in our homes we do and then the form of surveillance like tonics and lineville we have the same problem that article three prohibit the smart made the what else is out there of the tablets the people and of course their convenient so might a soldier being your home convenient he might go get the water or the milk that you needed when back when seventeen hundred to help your family but he was there to listen he was there to take notes and a smoke he is a spoke is a spy so now we have spies and spokes and different formats like tonic i wonder why they took let pothouses of the then he was back in what the sixties were they babies to one the when the cells and so on and so forth and get brain damage from the land i never had no baby to two on never knew anybody to the one so then the question was why did they take the land out of the and then the question was wide they take a luminant screens of the windows and make them in the night the first that's right i guess is that you had somewhat of a verity cage with legal because that frequency that they're using can't come through the land and no canoe through a aluminum screen you can make a fair day so ended they put a router in your house and that route in many cases as five already connected or a door some other tracking and your telephone is attracting so we are living in an a violation of the third mention wants to buy it i understand the convenient everything is convenient and life should be that way but it's not being used for convenient being used variously by government to find out who you are where you are where you go and what you and maybe they won't use it to day on a thwart for five years the cormons and now is something you said in private and they make a public and next thing you know you'll be facing some sort of a charge and if they want to go after you they have all the ammunition we gave to her as to target and look in other countries who have a social credit scores and and it's i mean this is just the beginning now that david kent said araminta you ask him he is a poipers the judges in wayne county are part of the election group because they ignored or three through out the case as a abishai and twenty tines is my comment that the judges in wyncombe is that what he's as anita's what he's asking their hundred percent crook okay from the piteous the tlacopan politicians were obviously part of it and the voting machines are still being used as if the answer should the military get involved if not now how can any one expect to win this time i suspect that the military is an all right now and it is to ever since trunk got out of office i believe i got a severance stepped aside and let the resident i believe that the military has been involved they can watching this force has all the information about what's been going on from the election way back when and twenty two they know exactly who then what we yes the menservants works two ways the finances while we get to spoke around and spy on them right and as far as the dominion machines being used they are probably being used in the election process but i think in order to actually catch these people and charge them with treason they have to actually be physically doing it they can't be suspected of it they have to be in we think all the same that we found out with one and the machines that hath to other other torn entities and that if they can find that they all know exactly who is doing what and this time you know we have eyes on the ground every where this time were smiths and i'm pretty extra sure that if anybody decides to engage in any of this you know criminal behavior which is a manner of national security that they're going to have a very very hard time well i agree with you this election i don't know how it's going to pan out i heard rumors that we may not even have a little action how the election is going to pan out whether the military is contemn and say all right were doing this for recolored now what the ballot and therefore were going to follow this fall through with it not quite sure how this is playing out but i do know that those people that are up in the top aureole and white hats the good guys who every want to call those people have a pretty good control over what's happened and these actors in the and i i mean there could their waving the rope behind i believe that i don't think we're going to whatever happens at this election good matter in different i think it's going to eventually come out that we are in a republican we're going to get rid of aloft democracy people it's a wake up it is i've been doing this for forty years believed or not fighting the internal revenue and tickets and what monteforte years i can do so i know that from four years ago when i would say something to the public they would think of him i needed a funny farm somewhere a rubber room but now their listen so the arrantest achang the stories but the public is looking at it in a free it's amazing how you cause i'm going to cross the state talking to just tons and tons of people how well educated people truly are and what's really going on nobody's pulling the wool over anybody's eyes any more everybody's got it figured out and what's really going on i can honestly say there was only one person i talk to that maybe he had the woolworth eyes above and this person was actually in the pay of the government so they didn't want to believe it because it would have made that their pay their pay check was going to get cut where the you know everybody else on and they were they were against it because of course that contact their life style and it's the same by that was going on in some seventy six is a pagiant the loyalists in the olustee in the pay of the queen it's hard to admit that something's wrong when your paycheck then that's where we're at all right so there third amendment and now we go to the fourth amendment which is probably the most powerful amendment but the one that's the right of the people to be secure in their papers how seeing pat horror in sorry persons papers housing and effects against unreasonable search and seizure shall not be violated and no woman shall be issued but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be sure the person or things to and we saw at my a group of facts come in i guess we shouldn't call em this method all extra heat or entrapment experts are serenitatis and they searched everywhere they did not provide a search warrant they walk in and and i believe strutabout this and let the as he put it more than once he standing in the way between the people and the government one see if he was not there they become an asterism airs they be using the violent the same behavior that they didn't marionette our house to find some criminal thing that they could hold restless responsible for poison jail and or send us to the re education when the process they are trying to push forward but they can't do when trump is there and then the tramping the way in the way answered the good guys or where he's standing in the way and so what we have here is how is this ben be first of all we signed raiment waterway sign a document of the penalties of perjury to pay at you pay your property tax to sign a document under penalty superiority property to about a sail sticks when storing under penalties of perjury how about when you buy your car that that special tax that they have to sinapati of perjury to pay that tax on the car or your house or whatever now the only place you sign it on is the internal revenue form from the iris that should put a red light out there a flag that says he why my signing under the penalty of perjury that i am paying so much money to you on an income tax level that's the only tax that you have to sign under the penalties of perjury and yet the government on that and we do it now we follow the whole their law was signed under the penalty of perjury that we all attack that we all attacks and that were paying at right now the public the private citizen not gaining persian from some sort of an investment has no federal income tax liability the only people that had a federal income tax liability are the people that work for government the corporation and over the people from overseas that are either working in the united states or vice every way the people were never meant to dig into our pocket and pull out money directly and handed to the government that is a violation of the fourth amendment that is a violation of the two taxing responsibilities to government as and when somebody comes and tells you while the sixteenth amendment changed that first of all no amendment that could ever be produced or ever be passed to change the constitution the basis of the co then the change a second amendment by now were amendment they were to change the first amendment they couldn't dathan and they can change the income tax either or the tax it either by taxing you directly he can do it they done it because we have fallen tear to do it we allowed it he allowed it to volunteer to pay the tax so we paid a tack o fair may be a lot of people are afraid of the men in black coats with donnacona back on your door and take your house and your car the point is that matter is you are not responsible to pay a federal income and that's what it's called a federal income tax why would you pay berlinton you don't work for the federal government but bruce saber version pacific railroad supreme court case says congress was never given any new taxing power by the sixty men had they said it did the sixteenth amendment would have been thrown out the senoras uncoil but they got around it by saying congress was never given any new tax in power and therefore they only have two powers to tax the power to tax directly they can tax the and the state go round and collect from the people and send it to washington that a direct or they can tax in directly which is a tax that they put on cigarettes and gasoline and what not boston to tax in power the fever has they do not have a power to go into your pocket and tax it the so we have voluntarily voided the fourth amendment by signing the income tax form or any other form that the government hands uneasiness oh i go into court sometimes and the hand me this year right he got a sign your rights for and i look at it i say you guys a joker and i hand it back to the ballooned me before as i not sign so he gives it to the tune why he gives it to the judge and an easter the jonesvillians to the judge mister tate refused to sign this right and the judge accepted his aid unfortunate would be funny but once you sign that for me kind of give away your right said all it it doesn't fit in that those letters i got all the rights in the world i got the tenth amendment in me i don't know what you guys but there is the other and in the different states in as many times as they can get us to sign a form for so the arm that theirs is gone that we sin away our pretty much our life because we tell them how much money we make is not of the we tell him where we spend the money it's not their business we tell em to how many children we have in the house or who lives in household work or how our hull house expenses it's none of their business so we have to get back into the process of knowing who we are we are we have the power we are we are the sober that's owners did well that's the constitution of the united states we are the same that he covers well what was the other guys those say we are the sovereign and government we delegate sovereign authority to the government and if we don't delegate it to em they don't have just don't have so we have to get back to that philosophy now if the men no person shall be held to answer for any capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on the presentment or indictment of a grander set in the cases arising in the land and our naval forces or in the militia military when it actually serve in time of war or public danger nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of his life liberty or shall be compelled in any way in a criminal case to be a witness against the when you plead the fifth amendment what does that what do you plead it's a madonna take a sabretache here like you like my dad was like a what is the meaning you know you're going in the right direction in the next you know he's like a boy with a football pulls the football in front of an you falling i will because this is again control of the language controls the environment controls the narrative and everybody that pleads the fifth supposedly by governments function is not incriminating themselves right self incrimination ruminating himself that's not that's not what the fifth amendment the amendment says bear witness against and so when they changed it to incriminate they've already added a little caviar to the jury to say you know is a criminal because oneself incriminate himself if the menacing the fifth to not what it not what it meant what i mean is they do not want to oh use the senate pleaded the fifth because they do not want to bear witness she went testing criminate nitrogen to pull about football out from one me here no matter what i said it's like grattan hall were all as with john caterina well languages critical languages are as we have discussed in the previous poncas if we control the land if we call them public functionaries and not politicians or officials or any of the other terminology if we call in public functionaries because there to serve a function in government and that's all he therefore it's like you being a like tonics and your job is to answer the phone and help anybody that has a problem that's your job that's your function that's what you were in that government or in that particular position government is the same role what is their function and if we can get back to that then we will kind of put them back in the box because they are not officials they don't know the law their mother their not in charge or any of the other terminology that we use for these public functionaries that public so he got to get back to the turf same thing with are you incriminating yourself or are you bearing witness anita they mean two totally different so here is the second thing we have this this organization out there in the judicial system oh out indictment without the propriate signatures without the signatures of the judge without probable cause without a tropically got some bad stuff and marriage and this is it and it added in this particular room in this particular closet that's where we're going and that's the only way that they can use any evidence that they found against them as the bee what they're looking for and it has to be where they said it was so when the local gendarmes to your door excellent your door with a with warrant in his hand it doesn't have a warrant to disclose the door avenida or would you like some coffee but is he not on your door and as an warrant a search your house then you say all right let me read the warrant and the warrants got to say exactly where the going to search and what they expect to find and if they don't then they can't use that in the court of law against you that it's an illegal search and be thrown out should be caste judges and michigan i don't think there's a judge in michigan then stands for the law they say they do but i haven't seen any identifiable on and i know a lot of people than the front of a whole bunch had he denominated in the judicial system in michigan entirely they all need to be replaced i agree on down the so now we have an indictment who presents the indictment a grand jury you can't have the bi running around to the system to a judge in saying i got this is guy a criminal based on two hours a surveillance in front of his house we saw more in and out with a couple of questionable packages and therefore that probably can't do that you've got to go to a through a grand jury and a grand jury as to say yet he is indictable because he's done the following illegal behavior and we know what it is and therefore now you can not only shouldn't indictment and then therefore search warrant you could go search the there are extenuating circumstances in a police officer somebody and a person runs into a house in the police officer pursue that person in the house yes he can he saw the crime being committed he can pursue that person into the house not talking about that i'm talking about you sitting in your living room watching your favorite seat and somebody not sit to durance have a warrant or osterhaus because we believe and the belief has to be there what they're looking for where they're looking for to be in the end to be in the search or otherwise there not an illegal first of all a police officer should be doing it nearly a but now let's go get so and so when there when you're on the let's go get less pretty hard to fight the battle from you know being the one that's being zero tired individual well and there's so many things i think you know what i'd like to do i'd like to break the last last five moments and indicates with her right now and i think we can discuss more on all of those issues because that all of these things that you've talked about the more with time about our common their common problems that were seen were seen violations to every single one of them and i think that people need to be aware and abdicated on the fact that these are huge problems a structure of this nation exactly right in the constitutional her and got and god and government can we need the hat we need a people who understand the constitution and as we work through this thing together this has been a system that's been falling apart in this nation for decades and decades and decades and we were going to the it was a slow roof of of the process and a palace's process in a gale the lawful processes have been completely destroyed because of our lack of knowledge and and i really believe that this is important i love hidetada's because i have you know you think you've got a grasp on things you know and and then all of a sudden john comes in and you know he's he's going to drop the drop the hammer on all of us and and brisetout you know i tell you it's such a valuable thing to have some one who teaches is a teacher of the constitute and someone who really has a grasp of the law and the rights of of we the people and how to assert those rights so that we can bring a sources if you and i sit here and talk about what we know and and o or any one if we sit there we talk about what we know with our friends and family and such it's not it doesn't go far enough i wish everybody out there had a poast and was teaching what they know and bringing on peonage such as yourself such as people from me you know electioneers that are involved in the people who are you know the teachers the investigators the people in manifestative experts that are not you know paid pond and to bring the story but people who actually have knowledge in those areas and i can honestly say i don't know if i've not more people that have the knowledge of the constitution and a way that the lawful process is supposed to be in place than the people who are involved in as taxpayers party which is effect the constitution party so that we have a wonderful resource to go to for the education that we miss in school because they took this out of our schools for a reason they did it to weaken us so that they could roll roll right over the top of us and take all of our right away when remember that world wide america was established for the people not for the government if you look at all of the other countries they have the government then established that particular piece of ground and they gave right or privileges that's not what america is all about america was established by you and me the people and we put government functionaries in charge public functionaries in charge to take care of the day a day functions of government there responsible or take care of our lives or be our hospital from cradle to grave and take care of us there are whole job the whole responsibility was to run the day to day functions of government fixed the roads so the traffic lights are working sure that nobody sees the law so on it so far but there are journeyer to regulate our life and like out o my people perish lack of knowledge had they of horse i'm getting that refer again to read answered in the demolished anything on my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge be canon hans rejected knowledge i will also reach out the thou shall do not preside the scene how has forgotten a lot by god i will also forget my child and i think you can break that down into sentences too but i always like to read around us so my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge we have to wine are educated on the issues and policies they can't they can't roll over us i want somebody who has been unlawfully detained the other day and they knew their rights right you should have seen the forlorn officers on the hill the long written her face faith that it couldn't be could not argue with him so then he made a senility were and he matriculation at her unlawful to tout another one that i think will be in nothing is as is her right under the colour of law clarissa very interesting point as the color of a basically is set up to control and operate the government winter not really fit under the color of law because it's not for us if our defense we are the author well that's right with bienpensant the evil doers because they are under the color of law they have to behave by we are the authors of the law and that's danvers's bidwell we are the offices of the law blondes not apply to us but we got to get back to that and that's that's a long stretch consist of people out there that still have no idea what's going well i'm getting the echo again and i don't know why with you but you know what i think shoally a great time to two and the right now so i think the coena again this is weird it's just weird we keep having these lies here and there and i can't explain any of it i think it's gone i don't hear it now so at any rate i think i think it's so so valuable for people to really listen to someone such as yourself who has spent you know decades and decades not only studying but teaching the subject and getting well versed in the subject so that we can defend ourselves and also continued to put lawful processes in lawful government in place serve the needs of repeople as were most that's right yeah so anyhow well i look forward to talking next week and we'll tackle on the next tater today we're going to tackle the rest of the amendments to the remainin remainder of the bellies and we're going to keep rollington these documents explaining how supposed to work now is working now because right now there's too many entities that really even don't exist that we are peculating to they have no right to tell us anything in so many of these somalis issues why are we say a prayer and unless i know it let's see this i'm going to do this i like damming being this is partially say go to brandenburg brandenburg for governor not com aright everywhere a telegram it's at brandenburg the number for i respond there too a year website girolamo i haven't i'd rather give them my email while actually in john j tater dose o the agitator grace and i'm going to go ahead through the on the comments and minute and may i make a comment that if anybody wants to get a little more education or find out or have some issues that they wanted talk about we have a wednesday night meeting and that wednesday night making if they send me there a mail i will make a part of the malgamite mail is john a tater and do just say please attach me to you or please put me on your mailorder month every week i sent out a nailer which is an invite and some vines like the donatello every week but one okay so janet a yahoo a man genesee screens here i'm pretty proud of my old self here there i got it out there so were good baronhill in an i been on that call before thee so much information that goes on there very very knowledgeable individuals were you can truly truly here a lot of information get educated in the truth and also connect with people who are troparia so i think i think that's outstanding so is her anything else that you want to talk about just quickly before we closed because what i'd like to do a sampler and then well smart for it or day that's right let's call the holy father thank you so very much for john and the work that he is his life long work that he's done as a patriot to bring truth forward in the knowledge that you given him it it takes years and years and years to amass the kind of knowledge and is iyemitsu a gift that we have to be able to go to other people and combine our knowledge come together and as patriots because it's going to take all of us to take the nation back and we know that you've given each personal there wonderful tremendous gifts that we are thankful for any bring us together as the body of christ some of us are and some of us are feet some miserable some of us are brain some of us are who knows but we are all we function as the body working together to bring the nation back an achiever good purposes we ask your blessing on all those who are sick one of my very my sister for her grandson is in the hospital right now and we asked for for mercy's healing mercy's for him because he's he's really been through the wringer here and ask you hellish well as so many people out there are so many people who are sick who have been suffering from the effects of the vaccines as well as the other signs that are out there in and difficulties and challenges we ask even send sunday know a great healing to the nation not just for physical healing but the healings of the healing of our hearts are mines are the difficulties that we seen as well as walking into the future unknown and realizing that sometimes is a little anxiety that attached to that we as you give us your strength in your bravery walking forward that we would step forward i gladly without hesitation to help those people around us and that we would be the stability and the strength in our community because we carry the very strength of of yourself have got on mine thank you so much for the state we love you so much and i were thankful for what was accomplished at the cross through jesus christ in us crispus name we pay a man mary dominante de now well i have really nothing more to say this point so we can we somebody just said that your email bound back john tate at a tom john taber you do come might e mail boats back he he did they spell tartar oh yes it was a at reigate spelling so we got corrected where all good edith so much an honour it's truly onorato with you tuesday and tattered and were getting advocating it and just just really preciate that i distant tell everybody out there you're not alone there's so many of us fighting for you for your family come enjoin us we need you we need you to help us in its retake all of us don't expect me or john fly in with her cap on i mean we'll try but i don't think it works that way i think it works best on were all fighting together for each other to be there to help the port to defend to senate of these these cammies that have decided to do the wrong thing and and try to take over a nation unmoved it's over were not going to let this happen and were never going to back down at any rate we love you to pieces and we love every one you care for so anyhow god bless you god bless those whom you love and god bless america and you all come by i have a great day