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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/2/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published March 2, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the second day of march twenty twenty three and thursday kind of amazed how quickly this year is going so far and a membering carodori away we got of pontestorto talk about starting the day out having fine together and and i going over things i don't care at the goose doing great doing great heowever sand he one however so lots going on today isn't here oh so much as going on its i had to do it three three post summary the other night just said try to help people catch up a little bit i might yet be in it it really is amazing i mean we've got so much coming at us is going to nonodo young trying to distract us i think to day i want to focus on this whole critical thinking process seems to be laughing to the letter better word dear to the amount of brain washing the going on and andastes ping thought process ah one of several things keep coming to mind and floating to the top first well and done with the train to romance okay john with them i'm not buying ants we are the a train or on a thing is got more observed by the minute just had another one down here near where i'm staying and oh i'm not buying this and i had another friend called this morning said watcher thought taken the train to rammentule with all the safety stuff out there something is going on i believe in my heart of hearts these things are being stated and i i think that a contrary to popular belief where ivrybody wants to wine and sob and be all panicked about this i want to look at this and get some actual evidence of what's going on before we start running around without with knocktoe heads you know cut off trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense and going right to the worst case an area for everything and in siegel to say about that but i know you're talking before we got on mine before i launched into this i let what tarkitas happening with your chickens because we got out we got our sixty and they're doing well are going very well there there savages of this point time were they they're getting their their wings and at so notating to that they get the zomeit before they can actually fly what they do as they run around and the warlike they like a once little floy terrorists were any aroundright then what was he mean in your second crop it now a dear your checks are like little drastic part creatures i remember we'll get there in well we had had a problem again with her age production ah my chickens were laying they have multiple places lay they have a rabbit a rabbit tree and when i have a shed that we call the gold ore and the golgotha has her chicken coop but they liked to lay on top of the hay bale in that but oh we had a short numbers were going down i couldn't find them in the in the goat shed and i thought what's going on in here that they're not lying oh numbers are going down i thought do we have another feed problem so he went and bought a very expensive bag of feed to try em in the check is won't touch it so what is going on so i went into the goat shed yesterday and i happened to see an egg shell and a monotis happens now and then we have some older hands that can get some weaker shelves and i start looking around to and in a dark ii spot part of another shell i get closer and in the corner between the wall of the shed and the hay balsacke there is ah and i start digging into it and it's like this wet tache of hay that's got over a dozen eggs and egg shells something had in taking the eggs probably as soon as the hands were laying cause i was going in there a couple of times a day and they were not the and so something in the daylight hours were stealing my eggs and slashing them away or eating them i think we have a critter on her neath the shed i don't think it's a skunk i don't think it's a possum because those ten to be night times specific and a little bit beggar so i think it is possibly a rat cause we had something was chewing on some plastic an an an feedin that we had before and it was bigger than a mouse but smaller than like a porcupine or something like that ah so people suggested possibly are i suspect me be it's a meek which i haven't seen i i don't have a man we have around our place and i have a mind will start off i started off at a nonatoning i will do it a man kills just to so so that's kind of an interesting thing but that would be really interesting if you got to make in there that it's going to be fun find out well i years ago ah i went to a special program for trap motor release i learned about that and you pay five dollars to get into the luncheon they had a special program going with a it wasn't half a heart it's another type of track really good quality traps and i got like an eight dollar trap there and we haven't had to use it very often we do have a bigger trap and we have a smaller trap out here but anyway i put that trap out there set it all or why pollinating the age because whatever it was i took all the other eggs well i said to my house and you know what though i wouldn't be surprised if the chickens get in nor start checking out that trap and get ye know trigger at or possibly even climbing so i check and a while later and sure enough there's a chicken in it the sonnenkamp let her out the nice thing about those trap is is one of the doors yet pull up rings on side of it then he could slide the door right up so you have more than one way to let the animal out little easier so i let the chicken out she runs out fire making a bunch of racket on the way and then that out what here conieiunate like check itagain and there's another one so i rode island red and a buff orpington learn her lesson is one not so to you now you know that the trap works on and alkalescent or canonists and because they will eat the their own eggs at a time i would expect him to stash it the wall but if you don't get the egg out sonetchka will start eating their own eggs or savages are like ole anights know that you can catch all kinds of founders the howes use her troutsome of the best things that i find is read almost every every varment out there in the marmitonio we'll go for a dredand toeniotis or i have an in my mind member charlotte's wild with templeton the great big fat rat young wife singing because he gorged himself at the theatre i have i have that in my mine so is a chicken drops neck bihaldene serve as i i was smart too i sprinkled the bunch of the the smaller pieces of loose hay all over the bottom of the trap but not in the leaves of the door and on the talk to kind of came a flag it and make it feel comfortable to get in there so the chickens couldn't see the egg in the back but they're very curious and they like to go in a small place as it would have been a good place for them to settle in and you know they like to lay in place and like that but what i did was so i moved the a door shut so that the animal can get in there but the chickens can't get in here right now so if they want to lay they're going to have to find another spot right now but lest we had eminent we have a little mission going on here the tribe the secret mission to get whatever is eating your eggs that's like you know what this old varmint control thank i can be very very very fine some day maybe to morrow because i want to get this critical thing in stope i have to tell you about i experience where the sky that came into discrete control for me right and his name is stand the old man and i have loved the sky he is so funny and ah you know and he is so may be mixed voices that the rest of us would make in life because or half the pushing the boundaries of a of a what the rest of us i be willing to do right arseniferous and i have some of the funniest stories from sand the oman hes he silaris of anyhow one of the questions that he has so i can do is stand impression because he he is a he's forty and so won't will get into this and other day and you'll see why i'm told me inspite whole critter thing that all of us had farms when we prosoisteon things that want to come and yet are passenheim and and a grenadine hey and i ringolette want to get into right it's all part of it's all part of farming and an takin care of business is to get a critic control i am on a rampage against did you see these these are the non since the wanstead or crickets and all this crack in the hands rotors that come out of crickets it is its gross o it is so gross the th their dissecting his cricket and their pulling out with a tweezer the thrid well ricinolein i'm telling you these worms were like the pulling out of like this in like they go like a like a foot in a half word out of the stupid cricket and all i could say bogs have perished anybody out there eating these bugs and is there eating a play ground parasites and but bugs are there as scavengers this if you like you to granada hold of a vulture and taking a bite on bright there sick in their hat into every dead carcass out their sower the bogs and i don't care what the i'm not going to be eaten by this isn't this isn't going to be working for me and i think we got to be a little more o the pair of sights the global parasites want us eating parasites because i actually think that that's most of where our disease is coming from it's either byrespect hero or parasites and i think the paris that's why the i have machinework so well the therethat's on works go well in so many different problems and i can tell you right now you know and i taking it oh yeah i'll tell i'll try anything you know just because i don't believe anything they say if they say something's bad for you i generally will go ahead and try try and take it as she well tsee what this actually works one and i have i had so all like basil some spots on my arms as he only your old ini'm otiosi the son all the time you know digging in the dirt and riding like a savante the woods and and at whatever and of course you know a mount in the signed i think the more you're out in the sun actually the less of a chance that you have of of getting a sangerite the deeper in good shape and ideals tossing up i took the oberwappen and the spots on away so there you go this that's got to tell you that you were mean such and i had some on my hands a while back you know cause i'm if i'm not i like to work writing riding gloves because because i give you a little bit muttered griesely if you're on a savage horse you know my horses are pretty savage and so it's not like i can just put any right or on my horses there they take it essarter to write right oh it's so anyhow a so is replete but if i don't herelove there as one day i got my hands all bid outright and i i got to figure out what it was that was so they were might that there are out the sons such science throwing a little bit i've acted on him away they go ter dat right so anyhow there gathers stones there is there's down to sing soineet se get in critical thinking thank because i want to i want to talk about where i've seen so much error and a valuation of the current of thansouth weather okay the boys this ain't man consents are right there is nothing about these balloons that had made sense to me since men at one the train be railed raiments nothing about this is making so what is it what are they doing it is a distraction and what is the greatest weapon i wrote a i wrote a post and it really really pickin or know how it's like one whose days your brain just picks in and you get a figure out get my brain kicked it and it was all about the couplers and the bearings on these ere and i meant ryotte us what what you were thinking about it i know in going to tell you what i thinking about and it's not going to be popular because they had this they had this protest which you know what we are not guaranteed the right to passion does not give us the his right his assembly it to redress grievance his protest or so much a waste of time first all the back hoped for a mainstream medalist just think the strength through there not one no thing that doesn't agree with her narrative you're going to get two seconds and you wasted an entire day according to these do we protest which had never moved the bar not one one hundredth of a melon as fer rotting it is a field good thing just like the bitch fast that goes on in all these political groups whether their weather there a grass roots or one over a gay they don't work there that's one that's on works you know we were able to assemble to get a way to address these prolonging to our legislature our legislators and required them to listen to us and also in orital do something right now to sit there no i don't like to show how much is that can move it isn't so so anyhow the couple and there and the honor lying thought processes that i hear that our flowed because depart basic knowledge and promises that will tell you everything you need to know if you get away from these basic promises that you know to be true your whole thought process is going to be on and whether the sad okcidenta the video a minute and i want everybody to listen to this scale we have had our minds so screwed all of us here we're all were all subject to it that this is time to do a full stop on believing the narrative stopped to and i'll show you i now listen to the scallops of the semi telegram channelled this morning and it is not the life had poet and going along to get along don't split the the vote don't slip the party step out and do what you think is right you don't need to follow a long the colt mentality exactly what's going on and it's the brain washing that's happening in our cool in a culture and in it is in everything there's the cancer or that's one of em wilkie a couple which has been sold to the american people and why this is food is because if they have our minds all going in the same direction none of their narratives work if even one person stands speaks what god puts in in the inserts making people st if i met orson and open things some a cork because i'm not going long oh well haven't i say find your happiness i'm still going to say what i think is indeed be sad if one found me we want some one put the thing out of there in rosenalis on to this menetas this gal it's got a really really good he how so when i was i went into a thoughts day at i and when i walked that's where and the instructor who had always been a really amazing loving kind and structure on that is sit down shut up you are not allowed to all in any one who does and we were all so i can like lotus thinking about it as i was at spenser like terrified so we're all sitting there silently nervous out of armies and in the middle of this circle that we were all sitting at it there was one and on this was with or of and he looked at us and he walked out in so and we do you know obviously if violated like everything inside of still i watched it the and as cit opiferous on south there to each other to do something in ante what was a very painful in pelican eternity was probably to a half minutes later cannot got up in the sole the official which is that came out did all of us the what with the old the traders and i think it not that less than of all the time because i learned in that momn that i am never ever again that when i see something in its wrong even if it's just me minos stand up and i'm going to do it and i come back over and over again in my life and very steerest side for people who haven't or not as her so many things that are wrong is scared to enter i ran i i absolutely love that opinion the testimony that experience she put out there honestly this is this is where we changed the world we don't disieste and swim this thought or that thought or the other thought what's real and going back to what or underlying premises that we know to be true and everything has to tomato that and grow out of that and weet weet me to stick with those on her mind present of a promise number one what's the number one from is that we can tack every single thing to god is in control no matter what we see god is in control all right there we can walk through life with a confidence of unshaken and there's an also promised another premise that we know we're living were war right now we definitely are in war most wars are fought with ninety per cent psychological and not like a ballistics or or warfare that you would okay that's that's that's reality that's at so what are those aspects of that psychological warfare or the subversion subversive or infiltration warfare that be waged that we need to look at an underlying fact what's happening there is these pets create a crisis and then provide salute he lets look at the crisis is that come all and start believing that all now whatever will happen to us who are thin control while god is now one number two there probably creating the crisis in order to drive us to something whether its fear or pushing their narrative this does not work unless we are buying into it and pushing their narrative without as we're taking this means one that that that's what i think donald trump was actually present president donald trump trying to give us is our country back and the only way we get the country back is when you and i and all of us stopped jumping in and drinking the cool lad and questioning every thing where the honor line promises that we know to be true and seen everything through that one yesterday some then came up and i love i love differing opinions i love it when people chanting the assembly i love it when people challenge me or a president triumfer general polenor all those things wet because i have underlying promises that i know to be true that frame was actually going in so it's not just a one o i think it's the underlying from donald trunk present doltrum the rightful president the united states because they cheated their behinds off in the election and in probably every election since we were counted right in the assentano inion but we know it is to be true for the least the twenty or to hon you will action right so but only going back to that what was the key that he saw right at the beginning and watched his follow the he has he did he talked about we are giving this nation back two he of michigan if people fisherpeople united states were what the number one thing that he had to accomplish in order to accomplish it game well then think so yet secondfrom the millions of sources out there of self styled stage sages that want to tell us what to think who i vote for what to do instead of being an a person who is in charge as as the king of their own came queen i mean we truly are the sovereign and the government is supposed to be a service in the rice we however were acting like we are subjects in snoaching and in order to do that we got to start thinking right in with the conigland you're going here it is open you would and not just drinking the cruelly we have got to start questioning everyone ransom i'm going to i'm going to go i'm going to close out of that window a minute and i want to bring something of that here you go i i kind of think that this might be a little bit significant i tell you why he yon mately make sure that i've got the right screen up here and then i'm going to bring another article of because this point time i'm looking at his nonsense that's going on with what's going on with a trained around went down in ohio and i'm not buying any of us none of it with all the safety stuff on the tracks on the block there is no way you're going to have a fire in the bearings the scholiast twenty mile okay sassarese single rail car let's out there his god and horrified tag on all all four corns he and as it goes down the track it is being monitor they know where every car is at all times they know there they read things like kips and the wheel they read their heat sensors and all that there is no way a twenty mile gap that that this thing is burning now we've got more fire all i get the fire on the news because people are like oh now whatever will happen to us we fired and then we we have this the train de rail right near a kind o it a cancan i pose you there so are you suggesting that there wasn't a fire or that they allowed a fire deliberately they set it and and i i think this whole thing is is just to create a bigger panic and maybe maybe what they're doing is is less come back to the who is who did this is it trying to get us to think and question and dig deeper is it a distraction is it the bad guises the good guys waitgot and control of this whatever yet come as it's going to be good okay so we can stop for in and around crazy like i typically think that this is a conflict situation i am not buying that this was a random derailment nothing in you will by that there is no way they would have bearings burn or has some one to go to the bearings and then i'll go in the cole in a quite a few decades ago they they used to have things on the trains called friction bar they changed those to roller bearings to eliminate exactly what we saw right there on how is that really possible they had monitors on it they've got roller bearings not friction being so this is my first question of things are not adding up now the second thing was they got rid of the reporters that were trying to take pictures why were there be mistimed as usually want to get their face in front of every disaster that's out there on plan at correct in one one pushed there an old there on a push in narrative they would want those reporters to cover eveything and itnotably this is a created crisis the get rid of the ports of this new pitchers but how the res and i could put these upon my telegram channels a little bit difficult for me to put him operate here if you can get him off there and she but i there there is on the bearings and one of the cars that i saw are the old style varies or menace they don't he hurls they have safety back very they has a thominot o there's there's a thong svinget it here i i get turned to re there's a thorn in the bearings that stops it from disengaged to the old sol couples were like this they moved then a new stock hoppers have a sham sticks out canongate bodythe middle finger here but that's sons going to look like there's a thumb that sticks out that stops that moshan it it's a lot the colors are wrong and it well it would take somebody to look at this who is probably familiar with the industry to spot that jus like with nine eleven and you lissen to the architect's talk about it and said this is not possible what happened here on other lot of architects that were warcommenced on or denominari on nine eleven if you listen to the architects they were they were the best ones to be bumped thasright well there so many things that are wrong with this thing that now we got to go into the next now the next step is they got every running around oh my god for taking all this contaminated in material creole and to mesh what were these people saying just a week or two weeks ago oh my goodness we've got to help these people in ohio i don't bring it to michigan you know what mercis put it you know just just a athrough a whole bunch of money nor folk saw ther so here's the question i have on this one why in the hack if this was why in the hack were we chippiness the head quarters of norfolk saw there and dumped off in there and the sinkinglight deal with it that's the way surrender but always wrong with the people reaction was don't send it to michigan while we've already got a hazardous one a contaminated sight sight there and if you wanted to help the people of a hind you really wanted to do something that i guess maybe putting it into a hasardait is maybe not as bad as it looks because we don't even an they have that in an ohio the states is the same ridiculous argument i hear in the with shipping oil down to the gulf from from said the dakotas or from canada why they stop that we have to ship it down to the gold the environmental nazis have stopped us from billing a building any more refineries that can handle that type of oil trooly certain refineries can handle the refineries are built civic types of oil not all oil retorne comes on the ground of the saint you've got things that come out of the the the oil sands you've got the heavy crew you've got lit like sweet crew and the mid west we have light sweet crowded soil goes to the the hevinis that you like sweet crew when you have things out of the oil sands they have to go or heavy crude it has to go to the gulf to be processed cause we do not have something that will possess them we don't have it a process in cablethere nobecause is just going to china and might be but it's the only place that it can get proses so it has to go there all of this nonsense and old chasin our tales and beenafraid and you know and i know that so open it's not a something else about that ah witmer has still i checked her face book fides terday she still talking about typical political stuff flaming a mystery in whatever she hasn't said anything about this and yet em in the new speed now notice i'm i'm emphasizing means treated news the only politicians who said anything were democratic so either the republicans didn't care or wore were reporting or didn't know her and not where may be or the media dos chose to leave them out of it but what i was it that the only one speaking up about it were the democrats but not whither that kind o mean if she wanted to improve her image you would think she would be all over that and tell us something but nothing was coming out about it and to gather as americans cause i don't think the political parties matter there are totally oroligt now and worse standing i'm in telemetered to be in america stand with it but that wants to make things run right in this and these united states and drop the parties they need to be burnt to the ground because they are a colt then tail to special interest use good intentions and that ing people at the lower level in order to move up in the rank some one got into the night step here a right so that let's look at the other things around this being just one and we get the article here said daily col collar and i think this is kind of significant because we got was started asking questions i'm sorry but we have to ask herborest so what me sif i then pull his pop up here and hoping it made it through bides e pa has already poured nearly one million dollars in no climate grants these if we call all right and whitmer through some money at norfolk saw there look at that amount and now what else is what were fine oh save things that they own stock so what's it destruction here so you here's the district right here destruction is we're goin to keep poor in money when everybody's looking the other way into the eve and the stri and really pollo the state of michigan with the nonsense it goes with electronic vehicles which is one of the dirtiest energies including what wind outer jean the frigid planet they all owned stock in this stock so they're trying to deem an eye everything else on the planet to push us to these electronic vehicles which is going to kill americans which is part of the plan anyway a right so looking deeper in this this is both clear and present all right oil natural gas all of that that this is this is something that he even when we look at it the farm men and at the and omanago in a lot of different directions here a minute the big scale farming what is the problem here the problem is esther mignon for states which is the hard of it is a is a non renewable sir and we got a lot of run off from the past state mines where the getting the post they from you know by a large large tile commercial farming is ruin this nation and were going to pretty much that's one of those things we're going to run out of just like let up in in the batteries and but as what they can sit there and say a naturally occurring subs which is well oleoduct that sort of thing is its renewable and they've tried to get us to believe for years at the top all were going to run out of it well guess what the things that they actually have diverted funds into is what we're going to run out of and in meantime were poisoning poisoning ourselves with the and but we still want to bang that drum let's let's continue on with it the eve because and and because we are the the critical thinking is not there they got hold generations on we don't need have electronic vehicles will worry you think the honorcovered it's a conversion you have to convert you have to convert something to make the electors the electricity to runnesse se and in the meantime the batteries and all of it that are behind the scenes when you go into into the electronic vehicles we're going to run out of these those issues as batterings don't last and buying of the ice the battery is the biggest issue of it sat is it's kind of like the sainting with the wind when the wind energy the wind energythen as the pot about a twining five year at best i were him the change oil on these things constantly just like anything else you got to maintain it so we've got home many gallons oil up in the air a lot where were leaking a come out of the nile's cones of the thing is far more dangerous than free on but by golly this is a clean energy and we're going to live and in a dizzy disneyland a world where we don't question what's actually going on here as these criminal politicians in ten his criminal politicians continue make policies to enrich themselves through their stock and ownerships in the companies and their money wandering into other nations we've got you crane i'm on to kiss go off here we've got you crane going two hundred billion dollars through that and the other come countries too why is this going away from the american people where is it coming from widdicombe or corporations that they're just montaneis is not necessarily all of our tax dollars this grand scale criminality of money wandering and you want your nose something else i think is really important care we've got these bills out there in all this distraction right tasistro we got these new bells that that they that they filed on gone control well you know what let's go back and read the second amendment let's go back and really read this and you know what i might despoliating operate now because i think it this is conitions stentli then a point that i became aware of which we have met not only second article not not only are we talking here on one antoniothe up here a minute if your fast or i can pull it out i can't tell i can't get in an internet when i'm using stream yard it won't it'll kick me i do have something else to add to your windmill comments latelie bene throw the upper maneto kay e o goold raged molestia being wesse security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed but to go back to that first statement a well regulated militia be a necese secure a full where throwing billions of dollars at these nations across the world why isn't it you i was coming in first dayoko offer tasks credits of fire arms ammunition and firearms tried why is an our government not arming our own people in order to have a well regulated militia there's the question right there will i i've got a lot of questions right now in the the balloon nonsense in all of this nor akin nor an end and our military they think they must think that our military or bangety set out there with torches and pitchforks going after you do squirrels in the trees you know and this this is even remotely potential ridiculous i've been tracking plains lightly i e having to find time getting on the strange and looking at what plans are and which which ones are other you know a plans are heritone time he never left it the map a basin in mastodons met i was last night when i thought the no he thought the stars might be plain on pick what is that over there it was too low it was really strange like limelime do not get too excited about this somebody who knows about stars as god tell me are these stars of their dust really lodi ii was right to wonder about something different i was right about that so i got i taxed the jason and i found out later that he had actually posted a picture of it and took it now but he follows that kind of stuff and wottest it the weather rollins people actually by this nonsense they know where they were when they took off from the ground exactly where they took off from the ground holyoke and ii methere was no guess work involved in that and so which brings me back to my honor lying mr mannering promises that everything has to be build from there good guys are in shore ah ha and there landing and o'er their helping the media put a narrative out there as they rocked forward to restore this name and not in a here guidness is what we're doing you know which one body wants no no as he was too smart for this they are they don't make the mistakes they don't make they don't do i think that all the military is clean not a hand they probably have an internal war going there too were their clean and things out i think that a god is in control the good guys are in control the military's got a plan and in now and anybody that speaks badly about president donald trump the original plan or animal rotters pell started the certain gauging your brain the in wake of its time it's time to wake up and think instead of the spoon for rod another yet another narrative that they want us do i have all the answers no i've got a lot of us tremendous amount o us but i'm sure sicknot going to sit there and drink the cool ad if something doesn't make sense and i don't really care for he but he agrees with me or not if somebody comes forward with information essendon of your of face and here is the pre oh great fantastic it you know it whatever is is closer to what actually happening complete transparency i am all in but you know this is nonsense when i don't know what christine a coronalis doing it and she's a nice purse i have to go back to the under underlying premise that i know her and i don't have to hear it the news or some ponatis ah spain something i personally know s she's a nice is i personally know general fact he is great guy his family is amazing and their smart there there really set it's not like thee not like a anderson cooper soothes one somebody that's on the news feeling as if seen in atacames all of of the people that report on face you know and that's accepted by a lot of conserves like no don't don't don't believe any of this to you know go down to god rises and charge and sat giving yourself all sirs over this because too much we don't know but there's a others even more that don't that doesn't make i i i heard what was said yesterday i heard the emotional inks that went with the statement and i thought there's there's an example of a moment in time where some one needs to think critically and in you did a great job at offering encouragement while also encouraging concept of critical thinking we haven't practised it were learning some of us have had like the young woman whose video you showed an me learning to challenge a tea a teacher when i was in second grade and younger than all the other second graders that is carried through the rest of my life it's taught me ted to think a little more critically than most in its been practised lately i think with trump as you and i have talked many times insques tromp put a post out just yesterday or to day about indorsements and he capitalized that word again and i ate i've been reminded over and over and over about his ring indorsements recently the news about eric came out and i went back to the post where he was talking about indorsement of quote his endorsements have been hunting us too we and people who failed to see that ah there's the stock in an old de facto yes the party system mind that without without opening the idea of maybe an i to look at this for my fire level his back dive what is from or in knownto day when i shared some poles i posted there oppose kineoke his he's going to see back and the other cadets tollogo it's just like keyserlingnot all onfulled that he has a giant ego and maybe he does i think you have to have a pre pretty size will evil to be in his salesgentlemen i will always refer to him as president hotospe for him because you know it he he's a rightful president united states and ye do shorty might enmantling chief for sure but but he he's also thinking more of the i keep coming back to the phrase comparing contrast because every time he rates opposite that he's trolling he has a purpose with every single statement he ached it's not just a flippant arrogant it's more than and if people can look as the motion of the van what is he trying to accomplish he trinoite as comparing cones bolt dede great job assured that this morning too she's so congress and she points out you're willing to send our arms over seas while you're taking them away from americans and now you want to defend the poles and you also don't want to support the security of our supreme court just and just less than a minute she does fred has to go off of repairing contracts that it would eat this and ah you were talking about the evenest and how bad that is which in about the environmental things so you see the real story about what goes into those cars is terrible for the environment and for the the people meanwhile where seeing great as getting quonteese and she's a the attracting all the attention of the young people octimestri le thing ah that what i was going to say about the land mails i think it was germany had of an area where they got these windmills and they've got so much wind the lectures her nose by the windmills whose overwhelming power grid and they had be shut that on so he ate windows there's so much wrong with them they can't even hold the breaks on some of these and we've got him out west here that are collapsing because of the poor quality that's that's put in there's so many stress for actors in those blades at through transport that the there's there is a lot wrong in the biggest problem i have with is they don't write into the contract and they don't tell anybody that's just like the guessalways don't tell people that they by mineral rights for what there really after in we go into that for a long time too but the problem with these windows is i don't i think this is part of a land grab and i'll tell you why with that type of a span i do not believe that their writing in claws or end or a ah anything and how do you back out when a window fails responsibility is that does that go to the farmer whose field the szanto remove a to milinda mineand or the infrastructure round it who is responsibility is this are the stick in the farmers with this in the farmers think it's a good idea cause they're going to make some a fast cash out of the out of the windmill on their land but who takes it away at the end of the life she and i have heard and seen that these are not any the contracts is just like contracts that are often from gas and all companies on the land owner's lands there's some problems in there because there expecting they are expecting the land owners to have a certain of mouth are a certain lack of in order to address the that that's that's vegtation big businesses coloriant that have taken advantage of people who have a lack of sophistication or knowledge of the real legal issues and or the risks associated with it so that when it comes down to a winter's problem they can say was not my provenit was in the contract in dumped off on somebody else so they don't have to do a thing and as this whole thing with norfolk and so southern i reload those trucks up and we don't every bit of this right in her parking lot yeah i think you're you're all all these things who were talking about um are all about critical thinking you don't the farmers farmers do practice to critical thinking because their problem solvers they have they rely on themselves a lot i learn a lot come and take and yet when we put together and so as end at i put those two things together and you can save a lot of problems even if you don't know so lakelooking that whether it's the the trendreen or what going on to initiate ah scotch asking costans is i don't the the people or dish of even if we don't have you you were talking out meaning to words and i threw out a theory this last week i just a few days ago ah thinking outside the box just a bit could be completely wrong in it but the idea is to promote critical fitting and ready bigger or in higher level and sowhoever est ah but in what i had to offer on that you green discussion of vile clandestine and comic cola bisharin a lot of stuff that i make only fake about the situation so we're finding that by labs and you crame run by fonded by em then you ask created a bio appin and there is a belief right now i don't know how much evidence there is of it that that bio weapon was taken to china and released sound or in fact i i am we've got red battle though well i i'm i'm going to throw out another idea because simple doesn't know body said macas crop as ah trumped the three city in china exhausting us indication or go to see and i believe that's for a while while night de of ionic there montemayor the thickets also gelogelo about the vile i think white her if i had more to do this time one is at the piano and where ye sing this discussion to distract us from real and truth because their trite hide all their things with you crown maybe the bilans are big part of wider fighting so hard over there may be it's the whole story that there is being focussed there right now mas est we lost carentiam back in again robeccal come back again all sometimes we have connection probably cause she's she's out she's out on country ways and so so we do it we can't thesis realist real people for real people at gets ont on intonans were something that she said because sheldon back on here and just demented i just read something recently that talked about biden receiving a child he in there herondas ford here will see her as soon as she she jumps in he now a heart there are some i i want to work i want to talk about something that i saw and that was he that a binisve a five year old male child from ukraine in regarding the bile escuse they were finding kids and kids parts there in such as the using children his reforming people i mean come out people their farming people and they're doing it for organs as well as her stem cell stuff ah all the things that they can extract out human being even that's all what was going on there and ukraine besides the prostitution selling kills human trafficking is called what it is is exactly what it was an article came out that baselloides a pedalling being run out of the white house which i don't doubt you know this these people are disused and i theaternot yea and so so i think i think this is such a bigger of bigger operation and what may most people think it is and the critical thinking part is realizing how many kinds have been shipped out of ukraine and kid parts and that sort of thing and the bible the bible as you know it's like it's like what everybody wants say about point i wish he would have unlesssomething that would have gotten rid of anything having to do with cold i hate to say it but i think sordescat has funded all this and put this all in place so the the boundaries we think of for countries aren't the way that we classically think of the there you know as like as the enemy is within our nation and we're going to have to come to terms with that i'm a going to it's one o'clock right now and i want to go a head on and let's pick this up to morrow again okay retell your bodies to jump on it her health there is here you want to hear something crazy you know that the crazy chick for those two crazy chicks for michigan or talking about things that are uncomfortable again oh no whenever i happen to us now but ask asklepias share of this without he want and let's let's stand together and start questioning these narratives and what's with actual information especially if people have expertise and area i i heard i heard another one from another another a train i railroad guy that doubt in has met the amount of hazardous chemicals there there making the solicits got a poisoning entire united states is a drop in the bucket a real really it is not a good thing not saying this this is a good thing but the amount of panic its causing out of whack is out of port and ah and then the black plume of course he was a black proof was a congs now there was gas there was petroleum on products that were on their oil in petrolina there were there were followedcome she but there were flammable explosive chemicals and if they put the oil the oil of cars and the petroicas right next to these volatiles and they touched those babies off you're going to have a black as the color burns and he makes a great special effect if somebody wants to rig this thing and create a crisis created crisis is what we're dealing with right now don't buy in we don't have to partist in any of this so there you go there's my there's my party there's my parting words refused to participate in the created if we weren't done that we call god what had been done because that was a creative created scan depth oscan donec the rail derailments is to thousands of home a year and a sachet there there's a derelict that the there is ogotosingsing about nine and one in china so all garry to as love love love the crazy chicks i'd be in an awesome thank you garry sometime for him to point our day dear holy fathers sake you so very much for every single person that's out he let them know that you are in charge and that you are in control and that we can put all of our trust and our faith in you and not dive ento the murky tetanic morass of fear of anxiety of all this nonsense which we know is not of to day this day we walk away from the satanic systems that are part of the world and we choose you to be in charge of this nation are lives are words are actions our relationships because in you on his all love and he please otherbody out there now that they are loved beyond measure that you adore them you know it don't the only what it can really speak it to them is you into their hearts and we ask that you would come along side of every one speak this into their hearts drawand close and to a crook close relationship with you that they know and that they can walk with you or god or have my father on this earth and we don't need to participate in any of these structures thank you so much for care and bless her the day bluster with her chickens that she finds out who is who is a victimising her eggs out there and cooks and help us to move forward with confidence standing together helping each other out feeling her own people and taking care of our brothers and in a very humanitarian way because we know that those are your good purposes being a chief and were just redisposable you and jesus named pray am i quick wicklow words there caren oh just if he if you don't have feared you have fun and that's why even while when we're talking about these kind of frustrating things or things that were really upsetting everybody else where he can fondrires that is in control and men were not afraid dear dover get into the situations where you find something so funny you can't stop laughing because it's no sort i had that yesterday there there is there is a guy who was could care less about life and was screwing things up intentionally and everybody around him was getting so upset and i started laughing and unlike this is really so funny so funny because it was because of howsoever body was over the nonsense in eden matter none of it really mattered that much and we can truly have joined this stick everybody out the just have joy the stand is going to be a great day and remember there's some very very good people fighting out there good guys are disincarcerate in charge and the band is thrones they can't do anything that god hasn't loved too and if he's along them to do it maybe it's because we need to grow up and and so that's my that's my guess if it bad things are happening we need to grow up and stop stop acting like were buying into the sesspool found in susseroest offerthere here he got innamoratos govnor dot come will there the best known concededwas never non could see to his ever none conceded in the history united states he will find ratethere counterpart not conceding the election and the osorios god bless you god bless all those whom you love we love you for goin to be a great day go out and be the light of christ in this world we've got we've got only things to celebrate these her great heronries to morrow that too being are masten through the truth and getting stuff out there all right