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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/5/2023 - Breaking Legal Update - Chuck Ritchard

Published June 5, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fifth day of june twenty twenty three a lot to talk about today i've got chuck ritchard coming on and a legal breaking legal up dick as well as locks corner on her own state of michigan i want to bring in the sufferage to show every one what is actually happening and ought north and grayling this is kind o this is kind of destronase different lay out here to day she has got on her plates video of liguori to it arts of bringing we if saillike rod as were the wilderness trail fire sand acres and acres some other the and except the othermatter sources says so estrild fire started from a camp fire of private property around one in the afternoon on saturday ersingan a lot of airs which was a nowafter from ames water we had on several by your boss water on the fire and then we also had for a service old the as esperson and then we had in tenants from all over the northern parts and we also have a lot of fools on through the night the year says the weather help of fire fighting operation the dominoes of master comes off the little bed his ear by the fire in it is which they were able to the originfrom the fire area and able to return to their homes the late saturday night the american red cross set of a number of cases shelter at e or creek councils menthe organisation said they cared for the rest we are in extreme fire conditions we are in for another fight as i see i have had significant reign in almost thirty days it does not look like recoinage her hand which feature inheriting township marriedthere nine in ten so there you go and with that side i'm going to go hundreds the minute and add in a bonny in and welcome cuckeston hole on a mine we get real news by real people for real people at it good morning chuck how you doing gordon course you know every day for me is a pleasant sunshine or not i make you sit about that it's always it's always a choice right it's pontotoc and we have some we can do and to this one goes differently than we like to go to that consolations available in the year the morning we look howieson shine or weather just remember those who complain that comes diary this wether o welcome asked rich well we just want to tell her all her friends up there in grayling that we stunned our love to you and and i did do a poetthis morning a prayer for god's blessing for both him and the fire fighters that are up their working on the fire because i think that that was a good thing to bring forward when we stand together as community and no what's going on and then also our willing to you now try to help when we can is also bring the truth to the fore front we we were talking a lot it before we got in line about in seor sped to me i hate to say this by i'm a person who follows patterns and they're sure are allowed of strange fires up there round grayling and happened last year and all this year and i hate to say it but it seemed a little bit nine eleven as where being able to track this thing down to a single camp fire and now the thirty six hundred acres ah i am i i can little tisserans and i may be i'm a little a little suspect on that the narrative i do not trust the news and all i do not trust anything coming out of our government at all any of the reports or anything like that i think it's nonsense we do what we do know is that respire fires of their which is putting a scorching property and and putting people's lives in danger but i do not believe one word that's coming out of these these people who are reporting on it of the dinar not not any of em and i and i think that think that we have no no a third party to question this but will we do know is that our people are in danger and an i'm sorry i'm not going to buy this narrative right now until we get a full report instead of just a quick oh yeah we know where it is just like they knew the terrors that blew up the twin towers when entendementes i'm sure the train wreck gonewhile right we never got the street never got the true now and that's what you're really descend saviourevery about how we cast elie and he or do we play we certainly could not believe the media and we certainly have fronts with the government because we know what they do in your comment on the narrative is correct why what were the been trying to do a bit o gratly just have to keep them freely i wanted to buy more and well we're not occur hook to who was on our government was participating in was again i goin just lie down it marshal our government does its the seas and they deceive us all the time so why should we believe them when they are calling us there's one o garbed but i do think that if the tenththe if we look at a wash and we will catch her wise a worse here problems with fire because he don't manage the land and when they had farmers or manteland what they do they shot him right right crynodeb keep in land michigan has his half in and even nash a bi land and mication maintain it and then they wonder why there's fire to men then why there's his i know it lad we can't even maintain what we have a one ingranitre of idiot sure the true or not she doesn't matter the fact is we can avoid by taking the public hands the public ticker because government doesn't do a good job possissions who does a better job than actual and order because i i got a well the crepidine er earned at anybody in government is never earned it all they do is take what's others and use it for themselves most of these people that i have met have never had a real job they'd never get a real outinvent right a paycheck they do not even know how to do anything except and that there's the concerto tell you about a story that pope of this morning amantythe this personal i get a lot of calls for help probably because they know i'm not polished i will not i will not fall into their money grasses it's horrible and crow i can lot o feel at bring things forward so i had lurigancho from the gravity the goshen plant last week an omen have orotavan because there is no one who is objectively carrying these stories to get this she is another iferwell farmer and holloas a coming for his property and his colt apparently he was spurring rising as pastors with seward from a company called tribe in which sominson one higgins hall saying that they be the test the soil out of the blue because they already knew about it sounds like the tv b disaster reckonise eies cause i lived through that it happened in minor community one day he gets cossentine apparently he has twenty parts for billion of paphos peasants so they took his neat samples to be tested and same result price surprise the poison in our land they took out his name for set round of all his cows in the state wants into all so great state he is and he does him attorney but because he is a neighbor we are trying to reach out as many people as we and believe that this person as some to resembles the lie and they want his property and held for some reason may be an even batteryits had to dump all his meat and they informed all those to so on this persiansjust connatis ne tested by a third party not the government one thing we do know is that anything from the government cannot be trusted so ever nor can i be trusted by the fact misunderstates this guy on my program because this is happening everywhere it's like it's like the wind mills the windmills is the huge there there it abandons farmers because in the contracts i saw this ears in the contracts they don't write in mitigation that becomes the problem with a farmer so the remediated after other and yerington there there there is no plant in sothe only have sailing a twenty year they only have like a twenty twenty five year life span and then all your son you've got these owlthese windmills whom you know they're there there two million dollars on an average of windowless that you've got all the undergoings you've got up in a a substance it cannot be fro con down and you know what pease's everywhere i hate to tell her ready this but it is in our water supply nobody wanted to talk about us and i hate to be the one that the harbinger of a bad news but we're going have to face the it's in the water it is not it's not just in the sod they concentrated their but guess where that slow comes through our municipal water seeds were so charities not that where is his coming from don't let anybody convince you this is comefrom the farmer this is our government trying to get rid of their pollution which they create it and that they have re to go to the source to deal it estermen one to know where to stop bootrail go drill take a cord of tampes capital and this around the stately and look how much people as you find a ventures have to say is on the alteertion shut it down crying i would guess you know and it's funny we have all these regulatory organizations and so funny because to know i want a bunch of real estate and the inspectors will like to come on and tell us what to do with the kind otthe kind of stupid right i hate to say it they've never really done most of em have never really done a thing we've got on better overtime but they walk in and they'll go you got pain on a door and no i'm going to no i'm going to you know write you up for where the tenants of like may be caught a wider somewhere its hanging down from the ceiling they miss the important things to go for song testifies their jobs so what time i was i was i went down to the tectogenetic to their in department and in looking around at the ceiling and there's holes in these a play by dint sudtirols that he go on there and they wanted ding everybody else would go into their beldings and look around because i had to go in there inspect their bellies they would fail every single time on every i so many on that that is incredible it's like you you don't doesn't apply to us that's what happens in the government i know it has in radiothe same standards there's no way to thateron and assessed and coronis has not been real cannot be honest and not being remember babacomeri an has to serve as not tether way around when they go onesof the divine is the right shore a lot of work to do and go like talk about to day when he got watercolor ent and we had come with going on so i in a tray to go to the chat every fifteen minutes here am i checked because i you know you and i can do going we can talk for we have for days older skip to beat right at celle sassoon morning good morning to picarescas well we know ross is a frown in olden affaires they are just like the un and we know he is here in gray we know not no not toss the phone on lake marguerite or water is being poison as it bronbron up numerous times to the board of commissioners regarding the king up groaning well you let whatever it is every it is seems like we're getting no information and a lot of times we don't even know who the real players are you know so so i believe in a strong strong military we have our borders are being invaded on the tall what is done of rineppetco nor it would would absolutely come down like you cannot believe in protecting the the borders of the state of mishe oh there's no way that i would allow the invasion into the state of mission and clean the state of it would would be a fast shock and awe site if done braniewo were dealing with us state sponsored human track so happy and the state of michigan is number three and the nation when when people get their hands on how much or rate and props are happinit these kids in or being that are being allegedly brought here as you know is rough eges it is b s on the highest level where we were there there not telling us to but when you start looking into it you find out the truth it is a criminal organization it is a criminal to be bringing all these alleged refugees which most of them know their finding age males if the nochil ren and or victims and are being brought across the states boards and this is got to be cleaned up his itsenisen and is red i agree i think come you know when we look at not in this state and notoreas her has gone gone his time for us the sortation action others on human track again that steps had here cremer he was when in otorgados do things certavere sponsible why are they not taken up the the protecting on orders grate down how can traffic we should give it all the frogs covenin from down down south they solde mayor conepate this happenwe don't see it do we not from the north not from the south they were they come when they come up cross the torches they came to they cut the michigan then and they called it their support of savages and we thought were where we were religious and doing a good work but we find out later that other doing his make money hand over fist they're a part of it though contents are into the agencies there in an in government offices and their all involved tapped by this thing needs declined up they are the ones it's our own government that is sponsoring or that is prompting of the money laundering the theft of the land from the from americans from real americans and the victimisation of those without a voice every single time there literally selling people re got three thousand islands in lake huron there are alone at an the border of michigan canada you know how easy it is to jump kids off for that water on these islands in canada where little baby castro of their true dog ever looking to baby castor i do estrusine trego baby castro there are i saw it i went there and i and then gone a crow cross and that's in and out we paid more money for children in the united states than anywhere on the globe speckable despicable on a tragedy that's going on to victimize children and i mean small children were not talking about sixteen year olds that love which is bad enough sixteen year olds that looked like twenty five year old hookers it is literally children and very very small an infant's and we're going to have to deal with us then too wide the oinopota of leadership were talking about government were talking about the hills you will of the other these soeither problem exists the promises because the black a leader oceanites state house i looked to his states we see no leadership which you people stayed under hands where there were talked about the battery plants were talked on human propagated those a matter there standing other hands hendersonthe a code this open we had the majority of all thousands we did not then we'd have the minor in minority positions a to day and we do not think in ortiporio doesn't mean your week i'm monority of this and being you got to have more trade i think things throatsore but god have the people that and one of those the course is a guide named at all and if for those who don't know that all is the current minority gleeson the man all his hated had a costable pass in his old and all that that he had so evening turn over in the years to turn over in ossatura bring any house and he had a himapparently he had some issues other issues i allow a curis wenaston great hall is the mooring leader and not on no cover can he was elected that position any kind of deal with with her with the current speaker and is no wonder after problems but i no get at his last week a week ago cried at all fired ah then went for was it as sheer staff or of steered too became oh can we oroonoco out on the gateway pined agotadas lack of leadership grable the press to exist in the code i'm not afraid i mean of ben went artbecause i know all the other ill she's done but in this case he was correct he was reading one on the tetractys of manhole it is resolved that the quire of but there's a power play going on papageno kind the scenes now mat annex'tion with the guide named brynpostig and otologist because the or under a castigation by the pirate you know part of that host came with the were the maruning was rick johnston il former speak all that now under justication there's no names that came up real high power danes and it's just getting alderotto there on pins and needles became o knows where this with all generalities came the three mornings and all can you and lay him out there oh i can't wait to one out there i tell you that he was a poor herd lieutenant governor and a candidate for a protenor into that agenting ha there's a lot of problems there there's a lot of problems what i have told you is the other things that's going on right now and you know that it corkonian that is the issue with why isn't the chancellories been most did just last week in and out some of release as she's going to have something to say about it by then to hear and to the year denham you've won regatta did you all re research sitessacred castigated why not now because there are two high profile democrats and bald and i mention it before and so the question is and i've got a case before the os attorney marked hot and right now which you know and base son what he does with that i'm going to drop more information to as these to be blown out but i'm told that part of what he is doing is investigating also the connection between chanted and and the aaronic and told that there like there link of the same people in all so to see how this breaks breaks and coming forth isasvirivil ation i will mention it replied lake then maternal today you know that there's a lot more detail gain this see the laconian talk about yet eh can you can you give epermesso are of the chevelier's maybe some new people here your god reason all former speaker of the house michigan house the nocourse originally started out with happenare with his sister that was just the tip of the iceberg there was much more than that in gastigate for visiting some shady places in each cry by five different drivers iteven talked about being out going out to too late beggars and in ford and gublan getting all the details of there what do you olesosin boleter people this thing is cold aglow on cold and involves lobbies dicerlous by the way i got to give credit to goorgoories had come cratthitiko he's basis is concerned to west michigan he went to see her do ilolle private baptist college down as he tore his doesn't make him i didn't call bymeans escapes even though he is a democrat and always beetinson critic so i to question about democrats to day but i also of course on the contrepoisons too so i guessed so i give him the benefit the doubt until he shows his color eve by the way for those you don't know of is also great against so study for tregenna he was to be torn orelwhich goes into the question why is he bringing up these guides on charges and goanother way four on the four prosecution and conviction or canebrier okay or among drivers the former speaker at johnson pleaded pleaded already so did ryan alienthis name over it the lobbies in nome and middlin ground down and brook and john lally in open county all of bribery a part of this marijuana hodel just is interwoven is i know i detailed a alliesthat on a marcotis done great job or for i opine takes a case i presented to him on bribery and we'll see where that as because there are cases against the torney general that need to be brought forth absolutely and i know they they've got to do their jobs and it discloses many of them that are sitting in the league and the judicial they're just not even their job and all if one in all the supreme court justice you think there to do their job no not at all and that's the proudest cause there protectorher on an alsistum court justice he caught that okay i've just take a short or audiences that too assertation a bastrope that that's it that's a huge deal as like a polecat grief if you watch the ah with the one which julia rockers a conelike that belaites lot more kind to senhor just histidine or in deeper leave it in the right now knowing that you know i shall better in hope next week will i'll have some good news on it opelousas on it's not on tacendi ferent well i tell you there's a lot of us out the other fighting in in the legal arena to write these so i'm still i've still got to too low suits that are going on right now you're you know you're pinchedan one direction we've got locustan y and another direction and i've been then ah you know trying to help with that one too and i think that we're going to i think we're going to knock em down here because i were wewe can't stop you know and much more on they're all in it they're all inter woven it's crazy how interwoven this group of icterina are because are all protecting the estrapade crack a party of organdie was canonized escepte i the groups of in danish job in his now is here come on and ride she must be worried that he is back stepping in into that rowland in the live life where she is not as people is gone to the like her but the rail restthe real thing is dead eddo something to got to produce the results ingathered all this we po on the icosaptera in the th battery plants and all these people that rallies and in the end what did they do the instans they done nothing i gave him a couple different ways to go at it bonecors was the goat the planning commission at the slow down moved gether was to go after the oh the dangerous species that the slowdown moved because eventually you bet they move for the third way is one that i can't defend and notagainst so long in defendantwith us the law against the and base on what you are three are caught in de on what i presented on this meanness pondwill be what i go against him imigo with him on the next one there is another one with it we can take a different pope and what his people taken with the goshen plant and the marshal plant and used the law against is willing to do it then we will know then we've got up we got a allinghame could clean the state up if he would not willing to do it that he's not real then we have to go outside the stake or go after go outside you know into the federal government may be the hare or our congress or higher it's really it is really sad because a lot of the elected officials upon public functionaries have actually taken paos it's the same thing you had an in moscione using their their positions for self and rich and and is its just epidemic it's all over the place i growled i don't understand this lack of community of going against your family your neighbors just to gain a block is a thirty pelessier then because fremontodendron there much a goddess what the white or alter jobs so because what the one grant all this of isidorean orthalicidae worse its communism is worth cash you you can codition where we've got people or our undines organizations to got a cousin the cut of brother the gates his uncle whatever and their jobs that there because of this creed ah i thought government gives these grants like give money it's nothing more than promote i know you think her way this is taking sample thesis tinkletown he defied the lady powowas so the or whatever was the a i think what they call the or to the enclosed and in whatever anywise the fire do not fire he still there okay there came the child's for ever you can't get rid of confermation was the last time some one said we're going to going target per cent government reduction for the year ancient law and physician cirino these old obscure laws profeteere ie te don't do it they had in the ad in the end events were going to make everybody crimes and going to make em well if you don't do this we're going to do this to you well then it becomes you become basically slate here in old one the tomatas what we got so we got him sleeve by money and slave by biconcave baby hand did owe i think the only way we're going to get round his starting reduction in government cremer the government the book government atease think it was called it was it was targeted about reduction and government we need to get back to that we need to get back to what the libertarians were talking about about minimizing government because government is not serving to people it anyways what is it an sheddest it showell you know i think we'd have discussions as people rather than political parties and get rid of these stupid labels because these so misleading most the time i don't mean anything and you know i watched other candies candies oh i america first and then completely abandoned everything that was america first america first is got to be really clearly do i find i had dan alberon on friday and he had a pretty good define for for what america first really was which is important right but you look at the libertarians and i agree with the libertarians in on a lot of the policies the i mean most of and i you know and so it's a like i think as americans we can get rid of these things that divide us and go well what are we really about a to constitution and protecting the rights of all people that's the democrats really want to and in its it's been sold as a device of a device of means to divide peel from republicans democrats mad women libertarians green party all of that and if we sat down i think that i think we would agree in a lot more than then the political operatives are throwing out there the seed and eight think this way they think that we we can't we can't see it with one can't work with them it's all to divide us so that we can't fight the problem the problem the promise its evil its evil nation politicians political evil its economic evil they keep us going jason or tails on the stupid issues that don't mean anything if you don't go to the base issues and he resolved the big problems they're going to keep you busy on these little these little prom that here that you appear etendone in divide in conivinco geor doctors we boobery four years had effusionjames a converse said the way to control the state you control the grass roots the and he is absolutely been corrected he i don't member and after the grandeeship on the grass roots of have divided themselves off into little fish special interest groups who were fused to work together because they are trying to create their own little fief to meself there of hoffmann whatever it is you know it poisonthat this lagrenay grand party no part as though the dose grenehede was a bunch of losers that lost to the to the excelite people's well so they just set out its okwell the money so we're going to go over here and we're going to torpedo the will of the people which christinos in vols they do i took the money they took the rebelty away to have the voice heard which is a bunch of nonsense is criminal so i'm storks they're doing sophia on what the grand no party with the criminals other day we sallied he saw a a video from mother executive director carionecrosis exactly director of the grand or in the background he had this thing is delya espinoso cevenol they don't understand haven't seen the which remember he's the guy that i think it was the daily beast put out that he didn't know what twelve or fifteen poncas with them that white apromised you know they forget about that that's just execrator don't you he educacon se in district cherasci in his own right you know then you got well of roaring and the leven district chair his criminal his own right i obiceret five million dollar composed other whatever catiniser involved in in all kinds of crimes but they throw these they throw these titles these headlines of the cameline favorite one is i actually got invited to something by john rosieres me i have no idea but he invited me to something with riley so i certa looking riley gaines is mashanagar and you start looking at this and i hate to say it but i'm going to be the one that's going to start questioning this not if you really take in a good look at her she does not have i'm going to say i think we need to question women have a a the the in some simeonand pretty good shape on the hot horse colwright and the proportions of a wet woman are about its about its very much smaller fore shoulders to head sizes than a man of the roer and i'm sorry take a look at it in when you got some estending here like this with her hands on hips because her hips the hip ballinscreen are much higher than where the hip bones for a woman are in relation to the pallas and i'm starting to really wonder as they throw the sheopoor riley usurped by a guy but now she standing with all these people including dan crenshaw who was part of the young leadership of a young leaders heard the world economic form she sententiavit make problem with helen i've got a big problem with this anybody that's in the world i can onesfor there so like screw the american populate she standing there with that with grand new party and i'm going to say i hate to say it the take look at take look at what you're looking at here because you know i it looks very stage to me and i kind o i'm kind of wondering if they're throwing another another person in there who may not be who they say they are so that they can laugh at us because we believe the emotionally charged none and in attegate cap players on both sides it wasn't just it wasn't just the guide that looked like a guy that said that he was a girl take a look at riley and an i'm sorry but i'm questioning everything you don't like it too bad it's my opinion it's my ability to question things in my lack of being able to cho believe every criminal word that comes out of the mouth just to let us haste he disnoit was a quieting in carding but that sick yes scottowes to you a grandparent better tie obviously ocharoon all those guys and she old and all emerties the this grand opry and in they can sit hold now were not to tell us you are and we did see the wise in that first was introduced he was high therometer talk at the grand and party on the doesher something that changed for he put out and it was sent to me this over the sweet can about that i thenthenthey had the events somewhere this week and i got a laugh about it because i'm told it was a weary well attended but the time he never was so wrong as i should have known better anyway if they got the gods success so be it if they call that set let me show you a mere pulled up shane put out a thing out was looked to trees cocoa about unity harding neanthes neal frisky was torn in tell you i i question you'll prove keep before i quite so to day i know there's some people in christian is to stop think that the prospeson god when i want to tell you he's hangin right pike with their grand no party he is not rejected the meat contain he's going to and these not whether we get i see him doing this up to he should there with the head ingo come frisky said you edestone ver mean compromise the reconcentrados or tolerated i do not mean republicans and traitors teleprocessing he's dealing with his traders himself dealing with them great pace capace and his working with them the problem with mewith him then that's the second speaker was a guiding parker lee show as personsunia is god falling country that's all we unified behind okay for i know you're young you know we dash you i be twin between two things we were unified behind the kimonothe constitution of forgotall you the preamble to the publican had platform was to bible but i would add one more i went and something else have beneath the remember the bill of bright the carrierpinion hester but we want to make sure because there's some word in a bill rice that are very very important we hold these these truths to be self evident that all men callers he that these truths and are the self evident and we too have to go back and redeem we believed him because her coevals were talking about and these kids don't and that's why when he sat god falling country that she has no value behind it he has nothing and is like the chosenese all the bad of it his mother long doing and all the stuff i now with piper john and is negro these and i love this entretiendront we know unify around the guise were unified round the fighters in the land shane are you in or san trio on every causes me on you go and outofround the corrupted people your corrupted else histories and criminals that's what this grand old waringin yeah it now it's really disturbing because you know it's just like most of the people that that are in public office and lance i'm as say all but one to keep myself on a legal trouble here they all committed are they they have all of them that were sitting in their i didn't hear one of them step up to do the right thing and then look at this nonsense of a voting on the dead so ceiling oh you get down that one too and say are you kid i don't want to stand with any of these people the criminal corean as these we knew was bad before and was he would not go back as old one was here we portending the whites reaches always again what about marjorie taylor green do tell me what she's gone she's hot to raise the death sailing why why i don't know it's like it it's like it it is no cosiness coxeter in an i got i got no way he can on a couple you say oh i got a cut some corners your goats were going to have to cut this goate that he do you know or are not get to not survived in then and that's the simple as it gets where are all our leaders that should be like she like the like banana and going out there like brave heart and who now without without a cost considering the cost of themselves where are they i'm not seeing any one seated in a it's the one thing now i think and then i i want to show you something here this is contentedin so this is something i got sent to me hang on the second we're going to go round here with a chuck nor is i have got rich cock il me took her i took her screamed down on your picture not lootooperie i told me down and you're gone i boysthere odincar and we get more thought now of the oederon this point i pay your what forcethree more coming at him o me because there's about other they are two more if you can those people go it was going to stand down and not on the gostantino though i've got a plan in a ready to go in and i don't need i don't need a lot of help i just going to it and then he will see how the ships all now you can't yet now you can't see this right now but i somebody send me this and i've got to confirm with this is but it up here in the corner it's dry clean bango a creed we got a picture of it sure secrets like grace set in there in the background and let them the thing that was sent to me was that she was at the ofgrace bangalorethereupon i don't know but i don't miss regretted but wasn't she i don't know what they were doing but it sure is not godlike or zoom will see by some on this because this was like i was like or you flipping tidings while coming eh but this was this is dislike with her i'm sorry we've got a real problem here people the these these people are just the horrible we need the start out of my going to take back the ring there i really do i think we need to take back the rainbow and say on the cross under able let these all we can do that that i know to go go rejectedthree as because her there's no way to go in don't end indoors see isaac i wife told me other day at court she works people were under name tag rebel do not forget the rainbow but what's what her use it for his incorrect well it's device of its like who you pleasingpleasing ance to and you know i like your etoilles to nogent well does that kind of like leave every one out yah does sotheron out except for being a special snow fully come sorry we have no one a flag we stand under that is uniting all people as to be he and defending each other and our rights under the constantino gree with you i don't have to agree with him but i will stand to protect their rights as long as it's not a criminal activity why on tracing kids or are sexually abusing kids or whatever our or any of these agents none of these gonds have any place in our cool what were we doing this so noddy i'm getting i'm getting things into it to his son to me here and that i think all heat if here it is dry queen tingling tting more that so yes in foreshore what a game i don't know but it looks is a real understood it he's go drag hwether there she's there how it on now i'm going to possess the collations the struggle regener winter secondine she was in acting so her withered chicken dinner i like to a winter when he sacked enter hanging out on pieces these not jobs and sorry this is not something that a governor should be i'm sorry she should be so with killing babies so confirmed and gentler back he it is in fact confirmed and a girl's night out to dry queen whose here gretchen so i got apostatamnte make sure of redeneerende i i don't see that i horanhiahen of the there this is like on the grate this is like real trying reporting right here well so here you ogill put it up there here we'll be able to see whether we or chicken dinner gresson was there yes exactly he taking her home clothes pleased the talk and i'm going to go ahead and put the saddle were here eh i you know this whole thing we just got a shirttails i mean to prince i think you know when i look back even my son set about in a part of this i benthausen years whatever they started that in vain the bathroom case see later on i gather day i was at altogetherover for dinner the night i ask what can i be the one company told me but wiser in the parin him and alas canistoto take class caseanother way house your rough hill the other to toobecause i won't buy either those spaceshould because of their whole political narrative i refused to do that i don't care you know it's just in prince so even though i'd like her brow grew reiosit now and i know that the founders of it but they sold it and how these geyser make em political statements that is their right to pose his tone because of a country sales and in entering that by wiser is really an down and serves these so as to be as we won't want to have politics been played in what we buy but on politics to be in politics but not in what be spontini we godmakes more changes but tom i'm going olinto another area in esaye the grandson peter omit you got it i do it hegonnentha talkabout it hang on me i want to get to these pretty canes the counts to quiet here's our our fearless peerless leader here gretchen graded the gracchus stole the state geography sold the sinimiut and the people who tagobachi exactly see only get the supper of manet and when well it's go time let's let's just take a look at this cause i do it after get off in the hall if they call me this morning a butsudan to get off if we as i've got a call hemingway that calls you know in the waiting on now well it's anything legal fights these clowns and the throne on to see a enclouds as what i think they are a gay there is other winter winter chicken dinner there is achosol the state at drag clean bingo sixty nine only her i got other one of the words to you on on was goshenthe other one was parsecution isheiress and there's the grudge that stole the state just oh how you goin to send me that pitcher helyas life there go and enshrines stoical i don't know let me see let me check the sound a minute ah ye same same altho on her the same prattoimen i heard it she had so long no i don't know i'm not sure i say for i'm not actually sure that the same person or face with a little different to gonewell see rococo i don't know i'm not a cone type person but here it is girls night out to drag queen bengal look choose here whatman her deck one who has to wander on all on all fronts i guess coinages talk about these genders and what not as one prove generatione oh i've never read confused out on know bout you chuck there my husband's not confused either just do you like you know you know i've never seen anything to you timmy housewhich i think i got to do really look a little bit getting one of insemination to go back and say something else here and then on one in his is a compass i want to show you if i go back i see here's a girl riley minesceongo back in and we're going to i'm going to get a show in the nicest think his citico this age there's riley and let's let's go forward here a little bit and here's a little video to showy capture this on the archive internet archive god all these wonderful people that are part there's pete but and young leaders saw dario and yet his check and get dianerch at this they wiped it but thank god for the way back the internet way back fishing you can find anything if you're a little bit of a pet so i like to smoke room and there's riley now i'm sorry whenever i see an act lacouse's got on here with her down on the hand i'm not to say his name the crying ran she whose that ah estandartes ryan who lost the race but should have challenged it to return the money that he raised for his governor retraced but did not do that so i got the it ran all i believe i frankely same way and now i never ask that question for its good question orotetefa holywath he was musertuneen raise years relieved diedthose in i wondered if he was to relate dovecolored as politeness rides i don't know for i ask a question because i really don't know s i am going through some of these goseinters i do with laurie brock from last week yes renumber that we have to know that this was tied in the mission economic but a corporation which was another white dec including like canichanos come backin the year into the the news again and anyhow we all this money that she is wandering out and then the next thing that i want so when i did this sweetens i went to in the macollicon day dinner and here my bodies i hoped this gooseheads roncray but this is fine so marked fort in lisa lismoir right there liston yet all my other friends here as her lady has he with her late all the time she's maricha and christina and i he christianiccia we love each other she is and up there lestandart and i were hanging out having a great time i loved that my belief or to see in this week it is going to be one so and it were comparing cowboy boots no we are talking in releasing about see i lost my thought who is going to tell you what some tonawanda the alsogentlemen more than get of these just so much going on across the state pontoporea ize i think they thought i was going to be quiet though i have been quite oh and doing a lot of things but the quiet is not one of them on his christianbourg i scorn when what's going on in this whole thing with a with the with the house having on these the canremember he got there's a record others record to come used can and i say that not a political sense but legal to the reason i mention this it turns out that when to no one after or people and then the trees going after actually poor mores going after in that i come for him by the way turned out i was used to gainst the documentation that they thought they were doing the right thing legally checking himself in the open with hung them i follow me yeah that they they can't they can't stop a lot of times people trying to hide hide their things that they do wrong is what really had some because they're cutting down when they hide it wanti've got a pitcher of rate now of the sun i took the yesterday morning and it's kind of free he actually i didn't have any filters on this terrenate i didn't foloweth it but i wanted to put that up because it was it's odd i mean the whole thing is really really odd i was asking for comes he will thought it was a tench to the grayling pot fire but on like i like you know two anahous away from grayling i suppose anything's portal but a thought that i had your seen and then i wanted to bring us up to its great legs fire at feel look at look at this so crazy we've got a distribution of extreme of conditions of in the state of michigan but we you look cross the wisconsin nipinichen gets more more rain than wisconsin gives we have like facts it is crazy how dry the state of michigan is and the the extreme conditions in the state of minchin we in like with sconces just like rome and through here with lower medium conditions is its nonsense clergot in he plead a plan to reduced committed the fire potentier out as some of this was there in earlier about the fact we have no meat is to the of these lands we keep miningone that year and half go on and put a bill through good bye three million dollars of land quintain in all the public do agonothetic rolls and put it on the public doll for you annie eptas under could choose import is in doing this combine land a sicettung coster to communis not to social or this is way passed social isander already there these people are much of conistone is i won't say it on mine which you know the word i'm going to use so at any rate cowherding him gone to us with her doing yet they have no idea or headstrong or reduced minimized test can know what the words me got the problem yes iterationsay is all i can say he said said commentary it's really tragic the whole thing is so tragic with going on right now and up what's the emerick on here a minute hold on we'll get chucked back as no forertaking you know all they don't want to day no aim if they go occurs now we got to get the right glasses one here soliditate glass was on hesbaie we got so much going on record i the great no party and he can't stay oh how bad are on what edecon er the fact in coudonagny got to give the credit to the ladcanny j the otontas thursday oh to the grand no part i know that came as a big got a big let down to guylike cups and he called a little wonder i orchisone contact i give in his executive director rejectedthe idea even though joe fox pleaded to send the boat of monaco then to go and to then don't go to until this monk glass indeed i don't know what that hole was about because in reality the most were already there against the grand old party i was a delay take oosur what what the rope i carrying company and as to the way of conical the credit the only guy saw that really was in favor of so i do orecentor i i think he changed his his kyadarastonh over and done one wonders where he came from when the popish plans and in the put him in all over all the sunwaste sing to word his gycimeris track groundwater look anwetensis questionable but who dost know i go county to and the right thing and staying a we stand here genocide christianwere were out we may not all agree on haterentis and on principle and that principle is what we pushed forward on and we talk about that he bible the constitution on republican is true republican is not this cramp at this is grand no parties put i truly supporting what the grand old parties on and i and i and i believe that all hardly do that if we do that we will win well and we got to give behind people it's like i no ground on some different different chaps and things throughout there no want of people are said and some of these people that are then are snipe and from the from the anonimity side of the of the of life they were horrible in their political operative they there in the states a comforter a chancelor out there all they are as there there working for the grand new party and when you watch what they say and the things they pulse they are working with their working against true republicans true conervative are there part of this unpartaken the state over i'm in italics like you can get in there and know who they are there's about there's one one group that comes out quite quite often and let me tell you i can pull it up here am i gopi informations the sandeaters yes i've got to cronin there and some of meteorite misericorde and my openfor mations keep your eye out for them thereof their full time trying to torpedo the state caused to vision i have never seen so much absolutely hate and vitriol in my life seen in this scrap of her who are they got the got probably on an altendorfer chance out there and after the old or the group that's great the differential i don't know the section sells hopi know some people stateswonderful i said tensionactionthe sorry to the plant from somewhere she was work with the pearl before she promptly fill his oh i'm not surprised you went i for while some personal issues on told i really don't care i just pope at her heroes give in in bad name where after the truth the true he had read he seen names papa quite often like a athaniel orthocarpus windsor who is an attorney this may be courtwhether said esther say genebrand as see the new rector or as stonor is that i didn't know that the sea manteion oneif i have seen more of erritated the son there oh whereases also a friend of and a less while i hintoniensis seen any more the veteran i in my life then then then in these i had and it's incredoolity what isn't that its those were friends and then look at how the birds of another flock in together the group in their tide and that his teleradios learned the other day that tom norton just he was wiser woman's or and thinking what i norsworthy would you have him i'm all people that together one is the member offered to rent the room out for two and regan gorchwith there have that old old thing was going on that pernales take his reason this gus replaced together stonderes is rot on now on to ye i think he is on their one colooagon i got all the casket george bergin and splatter and the low people are going by anonymous oh for as our prince that's our friends of the grand no party did love to do that he there there gently their definitely an agent of the grand new party in working with them so so anybody does sing too honest like like realize that these people are are you know there are their sole push on calle and some of these others that that you know they're all working together you you don't have to be too bright to see how this is actually working and i remember when i first got into this i went to young friends with the with the flints and i and i did tell mary finished i got this figured out said a most of the grass roots crews have been our infiltrated by the same people that destroyed the tea party they theotonii ferent direction in order to control the narrative and start their little their little grass roots troops here and there to lead people stand seftonite i be really impressed if i saw some one that would say he let's all sit down together you guys come here and bring your ideas and you rise come here an bring her ideas there never going to do that because that's not what they were designed to do they were designed to divide i i have never in my life so much and in absolute absolute hate is some of these grass roots crops es a few that are good but their by and larks in for the majority of all they do is there they are professional bitches you are going heinousness now they don't all he does he sit around on the match and then they go home and they bite some more and nothing evergets done it's people busy they haven't moved the life the protests are not doing a thing the elected the selected officials are deciding their laughing out their windows when they come and i went to a thing of the capital of in michigan i was sanbie to that when i was running and of course who was the organizing it was callinan some of the other people there there was a few other people do darling was there in the few were in a there were doing that it kept pushed working into the capital i like going to not get a going to the capital so i got not speaking and i said to all my bodies that were there that were freilassing lonch believe these idiots to their own devices there trying to set everybody up would that be incredible if they could have gotten all of the candidates for the state of michigan and one fall sloop together to get people to go in there signenari torches and pitch for and at her it's like it's like this is non so we have another group over there in recallthat i'm not going to throw the names out right now but i'll guarantee you that they're aff by trying to set people up and so he we're going to get our gods already at the right right rick there is is the same thing that they dined also to the the people in as as well as the petrolater a leg to go after whether this was an fbi sat don't listen to these more odds there of bei and prayed god that he takes every single one of hammerings into s in abeih i hate to say it but i'm going to say just like with they did with james a call me the old with his colony and you know in to try to hide for information while i tell you what they're doing it right in the state of michigan and mischomini him on er mashin marched on me shiningest d under a whole bunch of other names if anybody thinks that this is not a deep sake set up yolland your head to sandallittle too long because these patterns are there there is the eating of it all that originthe shan now i trainor that one because we now me i love it i love i love you know me i loved confortati do too but i'm trying for out a way to put the state back together when the whole thing falls apart because it's gone on and so i put all my time into that sort of thing rather than to watch poor were going to go over a holes going on out there and so but i'm ooetheca is how a quick i do see that are children of collies people need to look in at the one and how water ways are used in until the crop overman's rode won't see him a tracking at most if not all are involved in trapping from top to bottom thought of the money sore in thoughts on the news of which ah den enesol is just as evil adorti is i agree with that whitmer the and then charles the three witches of michigan and sorrels trolls why come get once of people together and put a commercial lead on white's property that by passes the cork or a writ of coro moronte the signing and die as a servant should be a legal absolutely should be a legal these ends should not and in all the impunity they get the they can never be held accountable because they've written it into the low to protect each oh i agree with charlotte kellison's lively after sighing i other or anti bribery statement of these people are for the people they would need protection riley is a man so tall just like michabo in the largetoward joy it celebrate and the estate players there all about transente he says also the other new party tried some sixteen rows and the clown on and the jasione out looking to a or bill twenty eight eleven why did yelisaveta june first what they did he signed the bill into law in third when they have an apple they have a banana to that i calesas longer is man made and charlotte laughing in chorus yes that's why this trick keep it with america a first of all its confusing to me you never know who you're talking to on lying or on the phone for different parties it's crazy and psycho infested ja that's exactly what it is and shopsis wearing orange is really protected oveolithes funny now what is he grow in here so it sawe can bring a pot kidshatis if we want to i love i love looking outline to things that that may be we should be looking into so i got to say here the yeah i discoved in oh i can't touch i just i laughed i cry when i see what's going on these and i just wish i could she's out of the way they're not helping us at all the hurriness in others and oon all i want is and the slaking gold to retire i looked in to retire i don't know want to do this to but i don't know what choice dossou don't or called to do this because why because we care about the kids come and behind us no not just our own kids were caught but other people catlike as we've known it you should always want to leave and better than when you found it should be recalled when we look at it how glad it's got and why because our politicians have blood is found miserably miserably and sold she is as a city responsibility they don't even know its senses a more because it's got caught his saisho only a position of honor but a job where i i'll get another job if this will doesn't work i see the sincerity and don't see the honor and he don't see he this hesterdo really put them there not patriciates in arm's it is fact if ireland i grew up with the father that was a military bet world were to ha cried the little knight wake up streaming and pain because she was shot so many times and then sat back in the utstation growing up as the young kid had left a lasting it worse hell it is how also some ten to no at times to we must i don't want anybody goin to war we goin to have when that necessity we stand up those guys quick stood up because they gleamed in america and we need to return to that nanigoto war the shah on prince we're not going to do that achernar own hold lead the fact that we got all these people moving in to these from other country find to legally do come in here the change you come here because you believed in the system as i was i want to make it better don't make bring your home and here bring your hair into to hold manager one lad if you want that stay back where you were we believe that that every one i hold your litabout inhalable rights we were all mad or creed equal to us what we believe its picrate we don't want them say what will we complete this god and you complete that god we all want to be unified in our nor belief of god in then principle that's what it is to i agree with that i just i des brought up on a pitcher of riley and a monochord the race show shoulders here there's a pitcher with her standing where they very much taller mail the guy that generous of heart but i want to show you the the the breath you know the width of her shoulders and the hot and then the width of her poles when she standing side ways there's some it doesn't the how i say this the proportions are are different there off and we need to all no i don't think so i come o my istankoi don't know that i come finehominy it's come up on too many it to make the want a kind of st just a lokettes you know i ahittin i think we need to be questioning some as we don't always know who were talking now you know are you know it's hard to say but some we brought up here on the jat indiscovering it out because we need to be able to cast weston art the second siege that's it he girbertus question was begirt a go of saverio absolute on red i can't explain any strikes round red they go there's one i like this picture here too because when i look at though when i look at the width of her polesin effect that her hip follows are so high leatherand or helped so in their very high she very narrow through the hips and her shoulders are a male proportion shoulder women don't have that post so is something worse as and if they're going to be with the people that were saying they are we should be we should be questioning i agree i agree to note that macanaccady de with all his orontes artis down ortho in st ask herself what are these guys trying to esther tried to play off the motions at what they're doing in tractises he probably rejected any wayside i'm not a pulpit i'm not he as a close so at i mean it if there is any validity to it and you know you have to look at and you know whom i don't know you know of testand is so hardy of one who you are going to stand with whether you're going to compromise or do we need to have this on of these political because most of them are made up of cold there there they got the same they sing structures no trader and go to have a gottescale i got time for prayer or deification right now i retreated to go now now before i lose it cause i really want to talk to him adjoining this you for her aroundnow rounded his case i'll go you on more o kay ethesin good who looking more ready more of your update and thank you for all the fighting you do and for the fact that we stand together as a as patriots here finding for these don't always agree what we love each other as brother to sistersand christ love and truth in serving god only or right things taught our right some take shark off here a minute and i just got a call in from scatonian what i'm goin to call scoutbush see if i can get him in because there is there's some motion here from and from this group working on locus standi i sent them a mese let me see if i can get scott on a minute on on the dooranother and there if i get a hold of either one of them and come on men it sounds to me like we have we have a lot going on the amazing of things just come off when we when we ah get out line it coloneley one right then his breaking news we got bringforward a right michael not picking out the low me checks his long time scout will come one he will say one for a minute he scored sonando in yea i did i thought i put on if you just want to go say high for a minute yet no prophecy if you wanted just talk on a phone here for five minutes to give people heads up we could do that or it was kit you on and michael on here in anybody else from locustan y that wants to commit a later in the week and that the latter reno's going on because there's just a tonisto happened right now we are winning it i thank you yet by my all right so he is in a hurry right now he's moving around this is what he happens a lot when people are out there fighting is that their fighting so hard that there moving robot was tried well well well kept he so see ah the williams sisters were born mails from calle victoria secret mail models and also epstein connect victorious secret yes there's so many weird things going out at night even finding it and i think all of us can agree on the th that we really we really need to a annotated to i think i could care less of medioque tion me and thinks gorhuccus either they stand or they they don't stand or or they they fail you now based on in truth is where we need to go oh i'd been out bring up something a minute here will get off the riley the riley ganesa i i really have some serious questions about this especially when you see people standing together there is a panic and back to the fires and northern michigan that the really sad thing is that when when people do the wrong thing and they want to win at all costs he others in danger it comes down to watching our world around us and in a commitment to god this this world is god it's not ours it is ours to be here to take care of it in my opinion and not we can enjoy it i certainly enjoy it but also what are we doing to help the people round us and what are we doing what are we doing over all our re creating harmer we actually benefit every servian each other are reserving got a relooking for reasons to and and opportune to serve each other or as it just trying to find her own fond i tell you this week i got a got taste something up in the week i was i live i've got my house is on a little lake fondle and then it's it's an all sports like i don't participate in in all sports if i'm going to be on the water is probably going to be in a kayak or a paddle board or something like and i i just because i don't want that me can't i i don't want the mechanical part than to keep things writing not got enough going on in my life so this week i watched this man a dock and she had about ten babies ten babies round she was swimming out there and all of a sudden she took off to the middle of the lake and i was like oh while the boats were running around here on this lake and i'm going to address because this was so disturbing to me they were running around calling kids on toes and honestly i was just about to go down there and grab a pout a stand up board and pan out there and try to hurt her back into the into that the shore and one of the boats flew through it and basically killed all the babies and ah they were not pain attention and just so they know the children that were on the boards behind them were basically pulled over the top of all these baby does and i ever very hard time believing that they did not see those but baby ducks they just were pain attention because they had made sommers all troops are on a lake and a dog it was very very disturbing and as these the baby ducks that they killed out there in the middle of the lake having found it not paint attention to where the row was not looking in front of it not paying attention to to her the men how you got to miss a mob duck with ten babies around her i mean mean if you're if you're on a boat like that you have to be pain atone to what around you well anyhow that the dead baby ducks started floating up on shore and went on one of my neighbors beeches and a you know of course her kids saw which was very very desert or our actions matter and when we're out there living our lives and question we have to ask is are we or repainted tension to what we're doing or are we but we let acting like a bunch of little kid in a pool having a great time and not having any concern or to tear about the things that are going on around us disturbing its it's not even funny you know why i have a the others a kallistom god that's horrible it was horrible it was sitting here watching watching a dole absolutely having no concern about the world around them no concern whatsoever they didn't stay out of the area they they they you know any one body that's out on the water and you know i grew up and i grew up doing havessi ificant amount of time on the water and such so you know it's going on around you cappen chickens with these dogs and they go round in on one side then the other side so they knew where they were and the next thing you know all of em were killed and it was straordinarily extraordinate nearly set always makes me happy when people stopped to look the geese gather on the road instead of just ploughing through the keleusts i read in our colored group of tents killed the montagus and took her babies they thiss so it's so sad a you know and and here is ago i i don't cut people slack for bad behavior i can i can tell a lot of stories from personal i have one house now is give give people that around my properties my numbers so if they have a problem you have to have accountability you you absolutely have to accountability and this is what we don't have in a government some ontell yo story that half of this sexually true as we have it bedtime ah i had his house and had some calvin college my experience with calico lege students over the years his ben not act actually very steller and it hasn't been stoled and you know people will say that oh it's a christian college well but i've also had people for sa community college right now most atendants are older than their bout bout forty years old and a haverage they calicoed stunt he added as of a concern for their area then morven a titlement mind that over the ears sits the few from county college if i had to if i had to tell you the race show of it oh it's think thethe centacola typically were people drew up in can a normal families and in it was israel had heart breads say i had scandaliste dents that were in that house and i gave a given my number to the neighbor while one night i got a call from the neighbor and i done i don't know what to tell you much cents in your house was bought twenty of them on the roof number one and i have a didn't call probably showed but i have had had bruscatre going through a healand and radiation for the last three months and i haven't been able to sleep because they had just been horrible she said they recked my fond they had a tight opinion on word fence and they started beat on hispano but they took her found stole from it and that they had been so loud that she couldn't actually rest and recover from her cans or so i was right off the bat was like i get the saint half as i went over there and i had a little discussion with i i don't can't believe that you don't even know your neighbor enough to know that she had a rest a a and you're over here like a onciliis pen and a pool having a great time you ruined her funds you've taken her last three months and have been less than help and i'm not really sure that if this is your grandma grand for somebody you love looking exhortat you have been the ideal tenet but you certainly haven't to her so i basically gave them an assignment that i was going to absolutely make their lives painful for a while until i saw them actually caring for their neighbor and they agreed that they went fix her fans and also take care of her yard and her side walk and make sure that she had the best neighbors possible living ector do call caldecote telling college was less than helpful did not care and would not take responsibility for talking to a group of seed who were an absolute nose in the community they were a nose they they were as they had actually put on a flier to invite people to a concert at their house and then in the house next door decided to get together in the this was going to be a great idea not so the accountability was held there and quite honestly by the time they were done i could care less that i heard their feelings and i told him that i said i'm not ashamed of years a tenant i'm ashamed of you as a human being i care less about the world of round you that you would create this much he and like a sad callicolone their answer was less sympathetic because they basically would not have a help the community and basically walked away turned away and were soon no responsibility or even talk to the on about the behavior and how we were going to recesses parione i take it upon myself securance clearly did not raise good human beings who cared about community to adjust their expectations when it came to real life and from that point on they were milestones and not only for me but for their neighbor and they they actually stepped forward and decided to be helpful instead of a bunch of entitlement might in little spoiled brats who went out the community isochasmic and i think that this is something that needs to be said when we when we see people that are out there that hardinge or doing things like massacring a mother duck on the lake and refusing to watch out for her in order to just sit out there and have a great time oh when when we are when we see these things in our lives it is our responsibility a something i do believe in a go long kin long that saying is in being quiet but oh there's there's a lot of people that also learn dad baby do chop on their shore and having to deal with the reality that our actions do in fact matter and i were not watching out for people round us looking for opportunities to do the right thing and be in caution and and as such we are we are really falling down what we need do one of them there's the guy i know that the sweet and i did say something he was trying to cut around the corner and his new car to show off a not going through a the normal traffic like and was tearing around through gas station and he said something in too i said you do this again and we're going to we're going to probably have to go to another level here because you could easily kill somebody going through the gas state just to avoid the trophic light you're putting people's lives in danger or whether you know it or not we have to think through our individual actions and when we see somebody doing something that's thought less or that's just purely negligent we have to say some so that we that that's an act of service right there same thing within the political parties you have to be a party of one if the if if streams going in the wrong direction we are responsible for ourselves and in doing the right thing no matter what everybody else is we don't have to go along get along we have to think bring it to god and ask him for guidance and wisdom and no matter if everybody else makes one of you or make fun of us as terrible things whenever it doesn't matter we don't need the proval people that really just wanted to harm to this are we we want to be we want to be the people that stand for god's world and say the right thing i calicem up and such they have no voice we have if we have to use ours for the absolutely we have to stand up for what's right co honestly there's some really lousy parents out there in the world there spending way too much time trying to be their kids friends rather than being a parent whose there to care about the mono i say no when they say things going wrong there is not a chance that i would let my kids out of this house having a skirt on that was barely covering their behind absolutely you if you wonder why the unwanted pregnancies are or that sort of thing all you got to do is go back to what are the parents tolerating are they actually teaching her children or are they just letting and good do whatever they want to do and then wondering later why there having a poet well it's it goes no further than looking at ourselves for our own accountability and being able to say no and not going so with that sad i think that we're in and on president a time stand up and be a hero and it went with things sick as mad as they do right now doesn't take much to really really making make an impact on this world we all have an amazing amount of opportunity stand up to represent god in the very lost world and not the one he was being pulled in most of i am talking about actual oh getting out there and showing the world what it is to be child god who does not falter who does not go along who does not eh not how exactly i know i've noticed a helicopter mom says callie good for you good for you that means you're doing your job you're over protective that's nestor do in your job song crowdy a county we have an unprecedented time right now an opportunity forward to actually show people that we are american the children of god we will stand with with the with god in this world against the powers that are truly even that are grooming or children that are then crept into our col with books that do not very and you know i was so wonderful speaker last week and and he was talking about how he uses some going to have montononous he was wonderful how the books there are children are reading the teaching how to be brave and verse to stand when nobody else should stick would no wheels stand when people look at them they know that there's something different about them that they're not going to bend the evil that they're going to stand to defend and to stall still he and we need to be doing this when you deciding out all this poor nonsense in our school this is nothing to do with education or developing character all is as to distroy distract and to create more nonsense and problems down the row or we wonder why our or unwanted pregnancies are so high wild all ye to do is look look to the mono grooming that's going on out there in the weed there's our answer right there there is no no question we just need to go to the real source instead of all these in distraction nonsense out there he stands and is wrong absolutely wrong we are not equipping our young people for the world that they're going to have to deal with and we need to do that nor to do that strong adults to lead em down that path iv celissi was raising gentle men at young ladies you bot noman to tell you what my boys if they do not open the door for woman they're not confused their dad will absolutely hand their tails to them in no uncertain terms it's like you guys get out there you make sure that that that you know that you stand up in that you take care of every one around you because that's what it means to be a man at me here of your tribe your flock and and you're your wives and your children and raise up godly man who i stand in their foot and the bravery the god built into our ministers to of and and you know it's just that both but all of us maybe take care of each other so anyhow a i guess i wouldn't stop there i can go on for a while longer but but all of these lessons that we can learn from when we see something like a bolt running round massacring a bunch of docks and to and start of a protect the telling and where world is become right now and redeless or the fires and grayling cool started these fine and who is putting people in harm's way i am not believing for one minute this was a camp fire of control that they had this strikeout of tone to one for thirty six hundred and not believing not at all oh there there is shiner's too much going on here ah charlotte as the coponie scamp was the open door for sick mind and people to prey on the week absolutely so now is what it's all of us standing together the the outcasts here who have a the step of his americans to actually define america as always done that way like gideon went through and then of the ranks a little bit to get the people who really are going to fight for america without having to be paid off or have to get a buck out of everything they do they're just doing it because why it's written on her heart this put it there to defend each other and told to care when nobody else do dear holy father thank you so much for every single person out there i ask that you take scales off of oliver eyes to help us to see the world with your eyes here thinks with your ears now what's going on base on your guidance and leaving the discernment you give us in wisdom that you give us to lead us through all of these we know that you will make our pass a thousand at one side ten thousand may fall on our right by of a right hand which you will lead us and we just have to keep our eyes firmly affixed to you because you're got all the time help us to the people who live in represent you on this world unfit failing on faltering with or are you got written on our hearts you know which is as when we come to you and you love live with us your holy spirit let sous we are here and we are peculiar peace we walked through this earth and people can even they they can't understand why we were do what we do why we would in people who are sick or needy or feed people or stand with people when they cry why we would step in front of harm or danger without concern of ourselves why we had do things not because of money but we do it because we love in where he serve you in any way you ask us to a dozen matter to us our treasure with you our treasures in heaven our treasure your jesus christ who loved us enough to die for us you want to be with us our relationship with you is so as to you that you would he would do anything including giving up your only begotten son in order to have that relationship and to live that we may live together with you for ever we just sit were so thankful that we can see all these things around us and know that gathers lot of things that really really are a louse that are going on you're in your mercy are allowing the people can see what a world without you we ask that you would wake people up you would bring them to their knees the foot of your cross all people would say is christ as lord and saviour and that we would kick all this evil right to the curb the battle is yours we we wish the nation to be broght brought back under you its rightful pity and that we would gather all men a man is human kind all human kind to you in truth in control we ask for peace for every one out there peace and our homes in our land in that your blessings would be upon all turn their heart to you he so much for always being with us for walking with a simplici carinus through times that are sometimes difilt an adventure to those of us who love you knowing that you've got all kinds of miracles that were going to see in in when things are not ideal then we trust in you we always see your hand around us in your goodness ter glory surrounding us and were thankful that we can even walk on this earth with you and that all things are good will we ah you will bring all things to god to good and we thankful or think that we love you so very much help everybody out there now how precious they are and how much that they are loved and i thank you for saying as the help that we need sporting for always being there is christ precious name we pray they good good answer they ah remember you are loved you are past god made you exactly the way that you're supposed to be with all of our flaws and all the things that that we do right and wrong he is is all that you were a mistake here because or planned your plan from the beginning of time there's no con and rest assured that god will bless you he will bless your family you will broke bless your relationship your homes turned to him these right there he's right right with you all the time and i can be a very exciting adventure every day of your life so here we go i guess the good time fear and money it was the and he met ain't tentaculate legis so here i go god bless you dessolles whom you love and god blessed the arica is going to be a great day it's always told we have that we have the hot to make it so every day right there so god talketh moving forward and andtaking he cares about you it's so there's an awful lot of people fighting for you and your families right now and to write things and we're not doing it for money none of us are going for money were doing it because we love america we love our fellow americans and we will never be down by the strength of god they think they found it ah ah they think they wanted to fight they got a problem because they just that they got one and we're not backing down by the strength of god and by the love of have a great day will see its moral on with john tater and then we're going to have the locust sandy people on an lots of people you should see the you see my list of people that are building to come on banana were going to expand that so i have a great day to day you know how to get hold of me if you need me i at brandenburg thinking men for governor dot com and also at brandenburg the number for an i had telegram i write every word and i into all your pulse is it as men i have great days