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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/12/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published May 12, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twelfth day of may twenty twenty three you what i'm just going to bring careening now because we got lots to talk about the day is young and we ain't a mackemie our time here because there are so many things going on and were to come mallore going to try to cover are you can tired this morning but that's fine that's normal it's when i have been home when you were play thy onekee up wealth things going on in a world well i tell you what i had i had friends at all for some of my and on fred and we stayed up talking but like like an on de way too late i was up until after twelve thirty or so and then a morning i got us this i you don't i screwed up his on friday i worried by the area logo and everybody wants to figure out what that is as like what in you werent an area logoswhich his horse clothes and those are in fact horse shoes that are the blade in sir oh so what we were up late i had to get a five o'clock because i had to draw my car at my trackof my snow tires off which i have been remiss at doing because i've been so busy working well what plemont have any more to know now ye will like shouldhad these things of two months ago ice chapter it awful little bed as because i've had these furious so how are you this morning what's going on a careworn oh i'm just i think i've got out take a nap to day i'm going to recouple little pet and still dealing with so congested and stuff and i think i might have overdone it yesterday which just too busy and cane doing some running around and oh that's one reason why i think i'm tired and get to take care of yourself on i am bid hydrating like crazy which is not not something that i normally do but after looking at my blood a few days ago again i've got some power be superflue performance monster which is a powder that has to go to water i have got a drink and given to a well make sure that the water can get into the cells like its supposed to i've got coravel which goes into water and i'm tanitic some man easy in began to day by water because the captains of his taken weren't getting absorbed because miss sales were too congested so he sometimes people feel tired and hates say well you know always its spring is hay fever or ah i didn't get enough sleep and when he haven't acopas and looks at your blood stream they can tell you all my gosh there's looks worse that it's ever looked that's me that's my reaction she didn't react that way but i've never seen me blood look as bad as it looked the other day so trying to take care of myself a little bit better so that i can to what i need to do sometimes he got to quit yourself first a little bit and that's where i'm at a good deal noreen i been now in the spirit lena which i think it she and being a being a vegetarian pascatirians shattered a little bit at i but i don't need any any red meat or i don't poor cold onychion that i don't sarsi candy and so ye to watch or your doing so that he had not the vitamins and oh the sperlingus kind of an odd and odd but athos its community tween a bacteria and an age so because its sad in its opposition so when you sperinces really really fell in you don't have to do more than like a half a tea spoon and a serving and you are full to slike if you eased if you expect a little bit every meal it kills your appetite so if you want to appetite of the present essential to it so spare spinach is degrees with like i have to be careful that there was a really interesting discussion we had yesterday so i was over in with some man on friends that i co worse some to come on to day so we'll see when they show up by now that they've got a few things to win on this morning but i did get he and see the oregon you're going to find them to be really ne oh while one though the one person i let him introduces it's got a sob stack ah account and he is he is an amazing individual his back ground crazy is absolute crazy she's done during so kind of a fawn canon person the and handed up moving here for another a person that was in one of our little ann on grow and a and sow it they hit it off and it looks like this is going to be a permanent a permanent situations convict conv exciting and the only live litheways away for me so that's really kind so we had nice time last night at eight a had a gathering just to the three of us there was another person joined us for tis the little while one of my sons and that whose the supernat soloist we talked about super northings and were here citing a pore and and that is gideoneach other better and and persones kind of fun when you change a relationship from an online relationship to an in person relationship it really does chase the digit it what's really been finis any one that i've met who is in that who is in that world whose second honors and just like when you meet people who are maga it's like your in the presence of family immediately like you've known each other for ever there's something in you that resinates with each other and if there's a trust factor to it there's a there's a in immediate it's almost an immediate bond and i think it's a bond given by god it's it's really quite extraordinary well antsirabe easier to feel that way because we haven't been brought up with a great deal of patriotism and i hope that changes ah i remember desert storm being the unification sort of time oh but men of artificial i was young enough that it was just like the popular thing to do and after nine eleven that's what i felt more patriotic than i ever felt in my life because we felt like we had to he needed each other you know i remembered just going to the grocery store and on somebody would bring something up about what was going on on nine eleven you just naturally would chat and everybody in the line would be together or of heart of a automatically because you're all american you know and that was a constant every day you would wake up and one and now are they finding more people there what's going on are the catching bad guys hahaha whitewine and i was too blind i remember hearing about in some they are bad guys that's what something about like the metal metal the metal of the buildings it can't it can't melt by the heat of air playing crash kind of thing and and i oh that sounds interesting but that's about all that i heard and so me being young and a little nave i hadn't a clue until last few years about nine eleven and what the truth so an i still have it really dog into it because it's like okay all i need to know is that it was false it was our own government acting against us now i can move on and what would i need to do about it why when i tell you what i was obsessed because i remember watson towers in couldwith my dad and in meningeal he looked at me and i looked at him and it was it was like one of those small nets where it was so sobering you were you realized your watching the death of there was there is no choice about it that what was going on there and then the first reaction was that and that then i remembered my dad to turn to me and he said don't let what he control demolition or and and you know so then then we got in the creti think it's time to go home so we got we got the car we were headed for some something we got the car on that one said it's time to go home it was that we were listening to the radio and the second plane hit he second the alleged one hit the second tower now i i i'm not buying any of this i did quite a bit of reed even at red after that listening to anything that was an evaluation of of this and i got in to listen to architects there were a bunch of architects that were evaluating this cross the globe in some of the best ones came out of an where they were doing a run down on us and then i stumbled across levine and that was one he admits to seen a missal in and in his talked about it at length and if he'd never seen the vivido a general stumble fine talking about this he talks about how they changed the photographs and he saw in he became kind of whistle but he would go he was then to other areas but he is a real interesting to listen to his is this what we do real news thy re people for well people as i remember well ours working any pharmacy in the photo lab and there was a little tea in the brarow was not far from where it was so it is really easy to get in and out of there in discrecin and i saw the tower shall and i remember everybody's faces and it was like he just didn't know what to do with yourself ye you just everybody was wanted to go home and watched tv and do nothing else because it didn't seem right to be working it didn't seem right to go about your day and any rate she performed like normal it was so shocking it was so pocketthe knew and then right before that donald rumsfeld the also the traitor went on and was talking about the fact that we lost how many how many of i think it oneenters and they were talking about doing a doing a in honor of it and i i completely believed that they were all in on at the bushes were most definitely and it when you look at it i hate to say it but look go back i pet go to you look at the footage of of him as he was in the school repeating words and such we got hainrode i mean and it what it was i believe an inside job the fuses the backs of fuses and there the fact that they closed the elevators the elevators were close for how many men ah the people were they were taking pictures of people in the windows from helicopter saint it was for another reason and then being somebody who has done a little flying in the cartoon asks shape of a plain in as steel axle skeleton type building so absolutely ridiculous i don't think that they could have made up a stupider lie to just interface make fun of us for any reason you know you cannot even a wig of an airplane to lake lesse your palanan on a runway you crumple that way how in the world could anybody believe that here comes the plain wings out me dominates almost like its own like a bug's monocacy the other is no windereach et what papers we need to think think think that makes sense no it doesn't so there's so what's listenin i'd like to listness a general stumbled mine his real interest general to i think this is really interested is skipped to it to see if we get into the night a lobenstein as he his worthless nine to and she inter seenorth corea no the somebody there has and i used i was so any for parterres then at i why i and so in lined it most play do all go he as for official score i'm going to stop it right there but he gets into more cause he found pitchers where there he said he saw a missile cone in the pitcher and then they scrubed so entheses i think even listening to him to is such a compassion at way really for us to understand that there is a significant amount of people out there that just cannot believe that our government would do something as evil is what they've been doing not only nine eleven but covet the elections all of this and it's going to take a little bit of trying for people to process and actually start thinking and analyzing what there see because we were taught to trust to and and they they took advantage of us from from our as hinocman beings like to trust and we want to believe what we and the problem is as they took advantage of that week that we have as human beings and then they started bombarding us with the mainstream media programming and indoctrination in the schools and so they literally shifted our ability to really think analyzed critically challenge every single that we hear to the point where when you see a lot of our population all their doings there grabbing headlines and passing headlines so it was a spectacular job of fifth generation warfare my body who has thrived time right now general michael the and how the book that and i don't do get paid or like gentle jousting himself the to defend this nation is very very good man and i think that if he's got wisdom for us we need to listen to what he has to say because he is he may not come right out right out like this because how do i see it he comes out with things but remember as we are going through all this here's a lot of people that are saying everything that they know because if they do the enemy would know it too and that loselis so i think that something else i mean to think critically about is why with her be disinformation on the good guys what what are they doing their their plan the trning get the bad guise that she no do believe to googueri but that ah interview by general stubblebine is really interested and i went to the internet archive i like archived odor we no matter what you do on ah in a digital space it can be viewed by any one and not only can it be view it never goes away it is for so when we think that we've we've a race things known or on no this is going to china this is going all over the world and we never really truly get away from it so an you can find pretty much anything you just have to know how to how to dig around the little bit put your little put your little pen it's a little pen that did why i think in addition to what you said about trusting the government is like the government is your mammy and daddy and therefore you trust them on emetically and oh and with that goes to the media that's your uncle oh that that's a good ilertona uncle and you are not allowed a to make mistakes if you make a mistake you ever ever ever admit it is your never wrong and if some one tells you you wrong you get offended and that's something that that our society has been trained to do so that when they find it out that they were wrong to trust the government and the media nine eleven didn't happen the way we were told take can't fathom it because their brains haven't been wired to accept that they could be monswall that they could have made a mistake that they could not have discerned well you have to exercise your do servant and in it hard sometimes to find out that you were wrong you were wrong about somebody you trusted or a fact that you thought was the only and it can be hurtful sometimes but if you've lived a life of critical thinking and you just do that not emotionally in objectively and you just move on his wrong about that os and if you share it with somebody else you call dies and then you moietie it's not a big deal but somebody's gets to day oh they get so rollup yeah an it's it's a kind of a ah the anthers and art formed not being fond i haven't hit it exactly you know something of the old perferentis none of those things that we all work on but i'm a very rare that i get a found it by him very very once in a while somebody of pushed a boon and all so and then i can't shut up i got to say you know it she like at the theresa in other in their times of its oca to be offended because the reality is a sometimes he'll do things that are very very offensive but it's not a good thing because it's in emotional response rather than a logical s and if we set verreissen to each other we can do we could do em you know logical some trying to find an article right now because there is a there saying that so security could be in jeopardy the payments right did you see that yeah i'm going to my main feed here i'm going to see and i go back to day as the same habis second i i wondered bonhoeffer ent groups of researchers is really wonderful because then you're not doing all the research by yourself right but but there is a i can grab this you owe we cover when you're in are in a real research on which i think is really valuable to do you can you kind of shere information back and forth so it's not on just one purse owen and everybody drinks to the table the things that they are most familiar with most familiar but that his bunch of a setter were crawling sits all the tone so that we could see exactly what's going on but there there's a bit of information that came to me this morning as somebody that alert to be to the sexually it was one of my cane and scumble this case i get nort and it's all about the triad payments for merit and this is going to be shocking to some people but why those crazy things we just have to keep looking at and go you've got to be kidding me but it's it's for real hang on i really want to find this as our eyes are all on the board or right now and he i think that there's other things that we should be looking at so when they tell us to look here we know looking in the opposite direction because oh that's goin to tell some olives good of the board so here is here is a mccarthy gr special as calliopas is he has been working two years there dinners to the border and working it that something easy to do causing a chore to house for publicans have shown were addressing our nation takes by contrast the white house two years plan we all made the dead line but the white house produced no plans the dead line the even president by has only been to the border one time years there is going to be chaos since the white house keeps missing dead lie won't you know how we we identified the problem rather than ignoring it in to the american then we took action numerous members of or for the last four years has been travelling not just the men with border age with elected in matter what party they were she met with that is he right there when one being effected he had the families at lossie remember down with one i think that's kind of cool so they i think the fact that they did it and ah they should the shouting it down and there not also there not alone was ah immigrants to come in and less they have a point and then further there using border fence that oh that worse from the here in order to repair the border which i tinks sell let me continue on here the sole get there as i quick went up and looked for that oh here's another one ah did you know that there are eight of our fast food chains and including crispi cream that are slowly disappearing across are no but sing your bringing up a couple of things now so i got off into life the answer into it can in onward with switching switching westhawe got the border going on we've got the the payments to wefused on eiconoclastes for a second of canacopoles tears could miss ossieres for the first time in his sept so let me see it is not time i like your stuff but but it's like you have to log in so i aretines and i get sick of it it's like a jest i get just get sick of it you know it's like put it out there so treasury secretary janet yelling his morning that so security payments could be effected if lawmakers don't raise the u s debt limit of course we want to raise the dolomit cause they can't stop spending so they can't cover their their debts that they have on the old and the government runs out of funds to to the spells treasury could fight it some in these where were unable to pay all the bills that come do that day and this would be really the first seven history of america that we would fail to make payments that are due well gent told it or ye yollotl abc news as sweet and you know whether it's defaulting non interest payments that are due on the jet or payments do for so security recipients or medicare providers with simply not have enough cash to meet the applications are holden here gus hold in this is a failure to act an intelligent assessment here we've got home at how much money going to every country on the planet but yet we can't take care of our seniors and make good ones so security payments that we may agreement with and we need to keep that agreement no no no no we're going to have money at going all over the planet but we won't take care of our seniors which is really crazy ah if they if they can get the seniors all all ah then out of shape emotionally there there going to and shut down those things that are the greatest pain to us let's go after children let's go after graham and grandpa that's exactly what they're doing in order to manipulate everybody it's kind of like throwing a temper chance oh yes you have to raise the deth as the gonehave to do take care of the hop about we just saw folcslite bit and say stop giving money to the illegal aliens that are coming across stopped giving money to crane stock giving money to all the other crisis areas in the world where their starting the crisis taken the money for the crisis and you know and in robbing okay so they are i've got i've got a frase but is coming up for all these topics there is another way so what you're telling me is that even without forty title forty two we have another way to protect the border we have another way to eat besides fast food we have another way to protect our seniors and are seniors financially or children we go to haven't figured out how to how to come up with those solutions or apply them right now well that's wot think a lot of hat is happening is were finding out that what we've been told er trained or experienced all our lives em there's another way of handling things that's actually better for us it's scary at first you have to think outside the box you have to get outside your comforts one to go well you know maybe we don't need a green back piece of paper you may we don't have to have a green back piece of paper this called money the de there's another way to do money like that's a foreign concept until you give people enough of a scare and show them that there's another way that the cold rapperites round and it's one thing at a time it's just like revealing to them that nine eleven was false and then the next day revealing to them that children are tortured and rendered all over the country you can only do one thing at a time but i think that's where you're going with this yet well there's always solutions which you got to have the facts to create these then to this this is the point to this so i put that i i passed this at forty three per cent of all food stands and in mentorial ninety five per cent of warts issued for murder and los angeles here to per cent of the legal are picking crops be forty one on welfare more than sixty person of all burst and california or illegal on medical personal had occupied properties in the united states are legal thirty nine per cent of all kiltorne students are legal some five per cent of los angeles most won to criminals are legal the personal gain movers are legal us tax fairs are tilting for all this is a more than concerning ah in my opinion and a the point being is that they can sit there and they can threaten us with stopping so security payments but their taking every bit of money and their putting it into honestly finding the invasion of this nation rather than taken care of on the ricans so i think i think this where i'm going however i do believe that the good guys are in control right now i really do mean that that's one thing that we have to keep focusing on is that the good guys are in control so how do we frame this and in a way that that can help make well i think if you go back and i'm going to go back to the bible because honestly the bible gives us the answer to almost everything and if you go in the book of jeremiah jeremiah lays out the fact that time only look something up here that honestly never can asher was doing god's he allowed him to do that because the judgment was on the turning their backs on him and that i think for us right now is that god's going to give us some difficulty because it was as she turned our backs on him has he a low things to go wrong in order to and bring us back to it's it's in the bible it is absolutely something that's been done before by god almighty which tells me that he's only going to let this go on so and then then once the lessons learned he will in fact come in and help us out again which thing but we have to be shown so that we don't continue to go down the wrong path that's what i believe or there is another is fincas there is another one that on that was just talking to so many yesterday just matter and in and it member how he got on subject but i said oh we were talking about moses which i talk about a lot and ah i was mentioning error in his brother given to moses i think given to moses as assistant when god assigned this job to moses and moses was making all these excuses of what why he wasn't the right guy for the job that god assigned him to do and i said well you know and how that word cleritis brother he calls all right we'll give me your gold and i'll make your golden calf for youkinna's the guy that shouldn't know better than just about anybody else and he makes his bignesslike but the levites were supposed to be in the alike the watch dogs of the israelites and amusing some blues terms here but they were they were really responsible for the welfare of the rest of the tribes and moses come down the mountain and he sees that they've got this golden calf which went directly against what god it said you will have no other gods before me and god punished them by having the levites go about and slay their brother their neighbor their friend there were many people i don't remember the number it off who were killed by the levites that day that was a punishment and it was a self punishment that they had to do not only are there people who were going to die but you have to be the one to do it it is still so go so backwards to what people think about god and how he works but it was a punishment because they didn't take care of each other and hold each other accountable and here we are now in just like you said we are being punished because we have not followed god's commands we have not held each other accountable to it so you see somebody else making the mistake you need to say something in i well those people that to speak up and it is you know it doesn't make friends it doesn't make it frenzy easy to hehorrent people all enomotias to conforte flame poland you just really like tieteellisen anonadamiento read something to you from a from a jeremiah twenty so early in the reign of zedekiah son of josiah king of judah the word came to jeremiah from the lord this is with the lord's sedme make a joke out of strips and cross bars and put the mon your neck then send word to the kings of edom moab ammon tyre and sidon through the envoys who have come to jerusalem to that king of give them this message for the masters and this is what the lord almighty the god of israel says tell your masters with my great power not outstretched arms i made the earth and its people in its animals that are on it and i give it to any one i plead now i will give all your cot her countries into the hands of my servant nebuchadnezzar king of babylon think this through he is giving his giving all these are all of these areas to countries that have literally god then her into the hands of nebuchadnezzar king of holland owe think of navigenze is back at right listen what he says there he was actually doing the will of god and exacting a punishment as how i take i will make even the wild animals subject all nations will serve him in a son of his grandson's aole of his land comes and many nations and great kings will subjugate i owe her if however any nation or came to will not serve now becaase king of babel or bow it's knock under its yoke punish that nation with a sword famine and play declares the lord until i destroy it by his head so do not listen your profits or divine or your interpreters of dreams your mediums or to tell you you will not serve the king of babylon the prophesy lies to you that it will only serve to remove you far from your lands i will banish you out perish in your parish but if any nation will bow its neck under the yoke of the king of babylon and serve him i will let the nation remain in its own land tell it until it and to live there declares there so is the sea my said bow your neck under the yellow this is that a koonjul said poor neck under the yoke of the king of babylon serve him in his people and you will live why will you and your people died by the sword famine at play with which the lord is threatened any nation that sir bale do you not listen to the words of the prophet he said you you will not serve the king of all for there prophesying lies to you i have not sent them declares the lord they are prophesying lies in the name therefore i will banish you and you will perish both you and the prophets who prophesied kind o sounds to me like what god was doing there was sometimes you got a shot then what they want and so to live under the tyranny experience something that is ultimately wrong was sound like to me showing the people that what they thought they wanted if you give it to them and they find out that he is but it was for a seat and now it was it was it and then o cake got me now with confuselie screechings up so much so then babylon's got a call and i think that that you know i think it's more for the less then it is for anything in order for us to be able to actually live on the earth you know in were god created us to be i think that the world right now is too big i don't think that we were eight we were created to live the way that we are right now where were running all over the globe it needs to smaller and smaller communities because we get so distracted by the big issues that we forget the people around us and then when things do go wrong we got no one to stand with on what it in any way shape before we're just running to and fro for one issue to the next and things we can't do anything about and were failing because of that on on local local action equals national impact were going into a global a global of action or a global awareness when we don't even know what's going on outside her own door and so therefore it such of all kinds of dynamics that are that are really not not the best i believe that in the it says also that a god says that i forged the weapon it why is he to because you know there's number of reasons why why i think now who am i but but i think sometimes we have to be shown the wrong side in order to go oh i get it now this is why we have to stand or lie this is why we we need to live small and notice how the globeless always wants to go bigger bigger baker go wild university you need to you need to excel at everything and they put so much of an emphasis on money incredible what that's the first he went when i talked to somebody of sandie that they got a little crown because there self conceit is based on how much money they made how much money you know what they've done in such instead of in in a very un in a very clime ladder type of away instead of if you had everything taken away to morrow you would you be okay and this goes back to word talking about yesterday and exercising our minds and putting ourselves in situations what would you do in this site what was you do if the lights i did the presentation on that you know a couple what would you do if the lights went and it's an adventure in adventures and living off the great what would you do and in building the community is part of our nogoinabe worried about somebody in africa that pont or the easement chided you are not going to be worried about that you're going to be trying to figure out how to keep your family and those that you love in your net so i think that that's a good exercise what if there was a catastrophic what would you do what would you do in different situations if you if you were faced where in this is what we talked about yesterday if you were faced with with a harming another person to save something that you think you care about what no matter what is what would you do would you sacrifice another person for what's in your mind are in your ears if they the answer to that is yes you're probably not thinking yet if it is that that is at this a flawed thinking we have to be bomb proof and upper thing we do in the only way you can do that my opinion is if your truly walking with god on this or and realizing that this is a temporary assignment we there anything that we build here anything we think that we've done here it isn't going to matter there's a point time where will look at all the things that we i think we've done and realize as pretty much got allowed me to do that as he can give it and he can take it away and the and the blank of an eye doesn't matter but there's bigger things here that are being a come like like learning to take care of each other without bounds if somebody needs he do we lay down everything we have to help him do we give them the shirt off our back do we are are we good enough o ke with ourself in o and god that or joy doesn't come for money or possessions or new cars or or it doesn't matter i mean make a list of everything that's important it to any one of us if if you are not focused on other people and helping them through this very dark time probably a little gross if we in forties are time over some annetwill i cacan't do that because i've got to go i got to go here i got to do this right now and you can't say kent his more important a human heart is more important than anything that we could possibly have our time occupied is it this quadripart does you know what god is has done and is doing the parent will try to teach teach taste has taste then the child has to practice you have to implement what you've learned and practised it and some enriches the ya sometimes you know lad like a little baby bird yootoosha he exercised them and that eventually you got it you got dive off that nest and yet you might hit the ground a little harder than you expected might have to climb up the tree instead of flying it and then you try again and did let us as his people as his children try things on her own and make mistakes in a very prolatos if we quit if we quit our trust in god we might have some monstersas to your point but that doesn't mean that anything can really hurt so that the ability to understand that we're like a horse and rider we do walking out in the middle of the woods and things are scared but as long as we've got a writer who is absolutely and controlled the situation to keep all threats aside we're going to be fine we can yeah and i'm also we have the story of the pair of the parable of the what do they call em as the word is not coming to me the son that returned a prodigal son ah so he went out in the world and made omitas but his father led him back and he welcomed them ah which tend to think in terms of well onto give you spaking and you're going to be grounded and then you're going to try again he didn't do that he gave him a fast cause he's so happy that he was safe there's an example that god is always willing to welcome us back regardless of the mistakes that we make and move forward again hat i'll give you another chalk i'll give you another shot he walks as to make choices and he wants us to choose him my husband will sometimes talk about how you know when a toddler wants to be picked up they raised their arms up pick me up pick me up goats do that too in a different way by the way he pierre they look up and then go metatores as often say pick me up dediokotas that's what god wants sister do he wants to say i choose you please pick me up and carry me and he might say like the footprints in the sand will i'll walk beside you but sometimes he'll carry you if you need a little more and in the history of moses is another example fine example that he gave moses his role to play moses seidl think i could do it and he says finally after moses is giving him all these excuses he says all right i will give you more i will i will let you have eroneniera be your assistant in that way maybe you'll feel more comfortable to gives us what we need ourselves even though he already gives us enough he gets sometimes give us more if we ask it i think if we did need a little bit more how piled all kaka make chain on one talk to very how you know turning on yes exactly i got a job for you donna you're going to have to learn how to do this thing that's a very uncomfortable freeyou can't pass le you know that's the thirty accolanti tout the isn't there's like a million other ways of this could be done and started down a having to make videos i thought it is going to die and i could i get fond of that stupid camera and we talked yesterday about it and i sonscimen i was i could get one word out of my mouth and if it was it was a hard pull for me it really really was but it's like that i think in anything in life when your face is something difficult that's what you should be dey don't do the things that are easy to the things that are hard to do the you know choose though shoes the hard because then you find out really what you made out of you you test founders you find out where they are it's okay to do that take the hard paths sheer exercise if you fail who cares you you said you were it was successful just cause you tried it and the next time you're going to know more it's sort of like you know is certainly plain a video game and let's to say you want to i'm not much of a videogame clara can don't watch tv i really i don't watch maybe one movie a year i'm not that spenlow of time and the consistent time i have played a few video games as a couple of men i think i really really kind of ton cas it was something to do with my kids you know eh i smashed ones and i can play marie and saw that's that's that's about the stonebefore the my kids go so fast with these games and i'm like i'm like randalin where on my were on i hanwell you dad and you follow a cliff and my all go white and over that's why you don't play pitiones you know you you are you try and you get back up again and go well didn't didn't quite make it this time if that doesn't make me failure that makes me a door because i at least did something if you never fail you've never done anything you've never risked anything you take in the easy rough you know you've gone and done the things that are familiar you've never really grown that's important i can read if you think from the chat here met any one noise anything about construction and penitents the towers were demolished that yes as good morning don and care in would you please post the link for the nine eleven reveal absolutely and then beret oh my goodness this is long may bear it did vootman free american says year on target but no one is control if they play the parent in real trouble from from within and out god bless i uptook as probably one of those voices things where you push it and sometimes the translation is kant of walk he won't goes that way but thank you very much uh yeah i can post the light that they ought if you go in to be internet our hive site which is our hive god or i like i like to research if i could research twenty four hours a day and looking into things in piecing things together and finding evident ah tis support whatever i'm talking to i would do that old i just love fine so internet or hive which is our hive dot or a great place where you can go and put in key words to look up things which then scrubbed from the internet there there's a couple places you that maybe you are going to find it a normal but ah but that that's one place that generally there's a couple of places that are hives and he and o'er a videos band video is a great sight of the were gotten on that one the and be get another good in all kinds of stuff on the side and i to see what she had her i haven't looked into this i have no idea what's going to come off so seatedand take good ataka fane something really good set oh i think there's there's a i look at our things so there is a altsheler the rats this gentleman and three is now battertout oversoone for to of discovered the secret of religion which diversion sosthenes oropastes more portentous i tried this as sticoon take of somewhere even arises he tells us the more secure holycross in no restoring in level as the happenbefore face we you get out o the way american others a legal comingin he out away thirty and ergons we got noncitizens we got to help jerry taking americans this is in your country you are i on donne now that that goes back for a while because i we've been all so me twelve twenty twenty three theresa there's more a going on and we're not always getting the truth thought it i think how the hops does a wonderful job on the board and i think good place to get actual really really good or mastahan a band video sits pan dot video that that's a great that's a great way to this but i think they are closing some of it down which is of not the vale the border at the sore the more morenothing border well see sell yet there's there's so many things going on right now so this is not a thing as that for federal judge black's paganinis tration releasing migrants without court day title forty two ex so this is kind of a interesting this came out eleven eleven hours ago if i can pull this up a minute and wel wot was this video cause i think i actually think so the epic grant video on band medios right there i think that that's maybe aside that's not peen attention to everything going on they do think that we're making sure progress here on closing the border down cause the viewing materials trumping rom or president tromp era materials to so saying there's another way that in her i rely don't ride the disaster thing entirely we were waking people up yea and in less spreiden the country back to his shigawake enough to run the dareanything this is my amusement thinking i have seen some people that are just there getting angry and distraught which is which is what they're supposed to be doing the cause of what's going on and you and i have been encouraging will people get really frustrated by that encouragement because they're like don't you see it don't onetheodore you you just don't want us to do anything about it and that's never ran what you said what i've said is not a general flint is sad he says local what local action he's not what he says that people should just sit back and let the military be the only way you know i even wrote some sacks about that that the military being the only way is only in the crops one time where everything else is in there multiple times there's transparency is the only way justice as the only way accountability is the only way truth is the only way many many times it says that in a cedros so this is what we are experiencing we have to see look at what's happening with the media its having exactly as he has described with transparency of the media you're finding the truth and with truth comes a desire for accountability and just starting to see a little bit of that happening the rest is going to be on us and the cow dropped don't say just sit on your back and wait for the military to do all the work for you it is its designed to turn her as to research on her own and discover for our own the power and authority of we the people living on the land and this is a global think you know this this is what's really interesting to me is the immigration thing as one example it's happening globally and here in america i i don't live in the south and i don't get there local news ah it may be i could follow it a channel from texas sir arizona or california and find out more but i'm happing to find a follow some you cringing and rushin and i'll tommy robinson i i get something that of his channel about what's going on and then you can and france and germany they are all having these immigration problems and it's too such a tremendous degree i am getting a window into their local communities ireland is another one these people are overwhelming all their local resources and you can't walk down the street and even in the day time with your child or by yourself especially women and girls without having somebody potentially grabbing you and raping you on the sidewalk i mean it's just outrageous how dangerous it's become there because these people don't care about your country they have no patriotism we talked about the value of patriotism earlier they don't have it and they're not there for asylum they are there to destroy because that's the nature of the beast they are leaving one situation for what will be better for them but they're not intending good things there they're not intending to go and work their going to take advantage i want no lonely i'm going to disagree with you and saying that they want to go where something while it's kind of agreements differently how's that i got i think that what's happening is it's not that they want to come here cause things are going to be better for them they see a pile of money here and on and that's what they want their coming here do not to command and be part of the community or care for us it's a one way one way street for our resources and our money and i think a lot of it isn't even so much the individual it is some that i mean we all have to make choices on our own and these people are it's a battle between good and evil they don't care about each other but there being used their natural and collation is being used by our criminal government to absolute take it down because that's the a mingo had fled the video here met by federal judge black spied administration from releasing migrants without court dates as title forty two he pedersdotter save blocked by him to the strain from implementing a policy that allows for the release of migrants without court date just hours away from the end of title forty two they stopped it this is this is a really good thing and but but then my next question is as water they trying to get us not to look at and that's we're going to go not i'm not a pan of fox right now by the way god shotoku so we need castigatio he forgot as i'm not getting so sent us the supporting fox arose here away from he to day to environmental he are not i secretary of underworks says when spires and midnight to night and one is already over we the in the way for not no way for he said at the beginning that you sonifer almost ten years supplies plan and one or apprehension fred release authorized by the the child chief last night i do not receive alienist tion of the joint can get a course instead by ricaras or the ice within sixty days proceedings on themselves the merchant perforated ostreger is seated ministration old plan is identical to a federal judge struck down earlier this sections claimed telese migrates at bostock's gas station was first detailed last year melanope ed by the proceedings to day texas governor gregg abbot sent to possible of migrants to the vice president's resident or love modesty in tragic when ministrations still panting the problem to he bears it house to feed the republican will just pass how security the maoris set the record straight on the border agents of customwhy ping migrants last year my organ say that did not happen but he didn't take a chance to apologized those agents you were smeared by present and the vice they got kind of interesting yet of between by menander is man the i can't you can't look at that and go all they are totally in charge and everything is going is some video her cackling yesterday jokin about with something about calling from the cocoanut tree and it was just so they may then they contrasted it with the people coming over the border and then her comments and in like i shan't want to i want to know more about this actress some day because she's almost as funny to watch as biting is sometimes more so she's hilarious when you watch and you this is not real fultonensis cannot possibly be a real vice president of the united states of a renowned and then right and he's running from reporter she won't answer questions he's not going anywhere he's not hardly giving speeches i because i can't communicate and yet there the good to try to put him up against the ah it's funny if it marius and trump is increasing his is following he's not lose and in body and of course i said he was good to appeal he's appealing the case against him and yet he's going to win that and everything he does dis brings more people laughter in which i think it's hilarious because they is the people who had eight him or getting angry etter gettin even more angry in her getting desperate and even more stupid and there in their behavior and it's kind of comical watching this checking in screaming sort of reaction from the rest of the world when they seem trump succeeding and he's so sitting there almost winking i mean i just funny how can you not laugh it's it's absurd i hold thing so ongoing the subsidere looking to the another way that that there bringing chinese nationals without a following a lawful process she wore look at the next oh nonsense they are going on right marriage frischem aimed to help chinese get you s s she beginning right here and it gets worse by the minute this is what actually had so their pay american man to marry chinese women and that the triad which is a chinachinese organized crime is panted sixty thousand dollars now in the service by god in order to marry to get them in to the nation now i to offer this just real quick and we'll go to my my telegram a count ralph and i want to show you what these people are doing because this is this is just another way that they are research gone on here to day gus this is what it is its tedious work to go through things so i felt this is confined found this man and so he go when girls need extra money only fans okay so we're going to i can't go there the and when boys need extra money the chinese tread will give you a the sixty thousand dollars if you marry one of their women for two years half now and half a cheat of horses you and can live in your net this is what they are doing here ought to sixty thousand dollars for its a marriage fraught and their pain them to get them in orcus this is going on under the radar and and i think that this is something that's important i only are begetting fittingof from the north west were only talking about the southern border what else are they trying to distract a swet and i think we need to do a little more research on this in order to bring this forward this is something that i just aware of recently and i think we should explore this little but because it seems to me that there is in another form of invasion by various sets and what's it say you here because this is kind o this kind of knots nobody's looking at this were not were not stand within the lawful process and unfortunately when we break one process we pretty much break in em all mons been promises typically kind of a joke when a man usually its desperate men who don't think they're going to find anybody in america and so they get what what we call a mail order bride and i found one that was a grave mail that married a chinese woman who already had a husband and he was in a relationship to i hope sixty thousand dollars in order to have this arranged marriage and so unlike now i think it's not dis desperate man i think that these pepared rs you know the lesson saying it it dispeople would do it they they pay these women to come over they don't get any money out of it so this is a new concept to me well i think the actually do care and i i think that they're like paid political operatives and there taking a case there get there gettin founded on the backside this isn't like a mail order bride than this estiscome hing that is much much more in the fairy where in men are our actual were there actually pain up and then the pain that the chinese women there there finding them on that side too so i mean this is this is kind of naughty but something else that we need to be aware of so as their cleaning out the boarder that's that is in fact that is in fact one step but we have some other ones such as spring an things up and putting it on a radar here so that we're well and formed about that's that's kind of what i tried to do is in you to too as we like the peoplenot the sky is falling his a total of fifty people are not custody following the return of a two hundred and six cowled indictment alleging vering rolls and large scale marriage frauds attorney ryan you saturne ranke patrick along with the special agent and charged marked dawson of immigration a customs of the federal jew grand jury returned a mass of indictment april thirty so so two thousand nineteenth six and two day long forcement his taking fifty and custody of those nine or sets for a tent here in the us from a magistrate a judge and ah this is a this is another this is another action so marriage rotisseries crimes in die orvals house our working relationships are with our law enforcement and intelligence partis when it comes to investigating marriage fraud says prison u s s f remained steadfast and are commitment to assuring astral national security public safety and the integrity of our immigrations so there's another there's another way that they've been entertrading our country we're kind of going after but something else just to be aware of it so that we can talk about it and also say well at the southern borders and issue but so is raising the debt sailing and not funning or seniors and so is this so let we can say oh we we have the power here we don't want you to do this this is your supposed be taking orders from us and we don't want to be finding these things we don't want to be ill allowing people to come in under the guise of any of the the gangs or anything like that so it's just a process of of education and it's not anything that abe needs get all ben or shape about because this spent going on for decades we just know no we can fight that's that's the there's a great video i shared last night that adverse ididn't think there was going to be much of it but a woman said something fantastic in the kick quoted exactly what i shared it late last night in chicago they wanted there's a community they want to bring in between two hundred and fifty and five hundred e legal immigrants and the people who with went to the public meeting and definitely opposed largely opposed ah emphatically opposed and near the end of the video this woman says this is ridiculous why didn't you come to us and tell us about it first and ask if about it something to that effect he was great like and i ha bingo that's it that's what the people need to be doing she said we need to have the decision powers in the hands of the people not the other way around you don't let these people to make decisions for you and you will like them to listen to what you have to say for i can i am puetero opes we haven't been doing that and here is this woman showing a fine example of this is the way it supposed to work he that's her and he right and it's it's so important and i think this has been one of those things that has been wonderful and the united states to watch his i have with people as you know as you said to your point that this is how it works she know where we're all waking up and saying we omit to do this and we have a lawful post there remove the there's there's actually many ways to remove from office who are not following the there oh and i've never heard anybody come out with a really good plan for accountability and or freckle listening to because you're not interested and this is another thing he for that was what that was my favorite part when she said how could you do this without consulting us he consulting actually having a consult with the people they did it ain't it like my looks local township clerk a couple years ago saying we are the bosses you will lock us and you get a voice every four years and poetlike eggskews men i got out of the pigs thought he bereth i'm going to play the saw the by i'm going to see it swedes there he is the rightful president of the united states of america president there he is our stable genius i hear again in his bonconte says he says drunken sailors while it's true they're pirates yes peter a parasite here after parasitic pirates she in to so yes all things that are going on i mean this is this is really it's amazing time to be alive really it relies to see all this you know what to see all this the it's not a not a bad thing it's it's a very good thing it's a good process the video clip about o from my interview in which she asked him about the debt ceiling and he says that's what i was president and then he answers that's because i'm not pre president right now that one is one of my favorites and like ten seconds clip but the eye as this lake in the almost a week and i love it cause i always have a bank for a week ah because people don't do that very much any more but it is special and it is very cool and let that right there that's the picture lettres but not of woolspinning at the people and he not he knows that they love it in like organometallic is much he's like to worry about it we're getting them we're getting on you don't help worried about it just be aware you know just be aware and be educated out of things don't be afraid i think he loves joking with the people because he he knows he has had as some one pointed out yesterday then his head so many rallies he's interacted with thousands of people so many times and he you know he's analysing cause he's tested the trance by doing that what is the people's reaction when he says certain things and then he so there was a time when i was he talking about shots or something and they bore him there is like a silence and they were boots and then the next time it was going to be different because they didn't understand what he was saying it wasn't quite a right time yet but he was testing and after he tested things change and people cart researching more washy talking about he knows how to work a field of people on nderehe knows how to gather people who don't like him or trust him as well as to entertain his supporters and he can do it at the same time it this is a a master class if not everybody can do this and it takes practice and he's had a lot of practice that's why it was so so strange to me that they gave him this interviewer who was so young and it i mean they could have given it him some one that had a lot of experience who could handle his answers and instead they gave him a bag in the interview or that had very little egsperience and he worked her really easily cause he's been challenging media for years he knows everything about how to entertain men even at his own tabis show he knows how to work and crowd deliver the massed and deliver a message at the same time and he's doing it brilliantly and sunpope hate that ah you know it's funny because when you've had actors actually have government positions we get scorchinger re got ragged we've got a medio people who are actors we even had an attempt at or govern governor presidentif you ought to call her that and here is a guy he wasn't really an actor he was being chop but he's still acting and roll in a sad he is an entertainer put it that way brilliant i'm sorry i just offices i when talkabout an actor after other sure why not it's the dobrando bird shell not of ranofer show not that i have anything against any any a group of people in general but what i do have a problem with us when somebody admits that these a canon and above other things its the problem especially some one who oideonton to undergo he and put officeprices out there the jever hear these speaking of after is you ever heard the term red white and blue spray oh that's into look into this is going to be a huge do when this comes out it was about some one who said the words red white and blue spray and the price to get the position that he eventually god was too sprayed the brains of one of is the fighter pilots across an american fled i and oh it is a brutal honest true and when truly comes out we see who that what who that was they did this in act to american to america in order to really elevated to a position of power will all know who the practice or the the the the the president was under not just sister his third term so i think this is really interested is not donald oh i'll contest that idea because i said the other day said you still think that that man is in charge i do not prophesie if he catches not charge right now tell you that on her son no i think i think it's kind of net and it was really funny when i was i was doing the normal and on research and actually found an article that came out that sad sad individual was actually arrested it was a foreign sort so i posted and somebody got on my feet and said take that down right now i think it was before its time ah so i thought that very very interesting and o course me i've got everything saved his screen shot and because when when the top dog tells you to save everything off lying that's exactly what you do you say it off line so that in a million place is soever thought they could find that they'd never find it in then the rest of them would come out in glorious spectacular there's deftly planned going on right on and a definitely the good guys are in charge so we can look at all these things going well they're doing an awful lot to wake the normans and hope le they want he have a little bit of a thinking so let's let's go back to something were talking about yesterday for will bet that i'm going to have to go because somebody that i've got meat with him having to do with my with my mamma day adhered a ball about eleven of the garde name the preparation type stuck to juliano that obvious on for thought have not yankees i i actually did i'm going to bring this thing up again because i think oh it's not just this one there's lots of em out there i think it was love that shark when yes a mission gardens was another one that that was out there with all the seeds and these are all organic and you know what i started looking at the actually the orison farmed the ring strike as you can be hydrate things i've done that before but the freeze dried stuff states good for say like twenty five years in his reinvesting the check this out these are all those things that you can this is like a bucket is this is really interesting that you can buy a bucket of seeds that are ready to go and in they save for what you know every year the shelf like the seats will go down a little bit but but if you have if you have them store you can actually store quite a bit of food just by having having your seats and you want to see what i do for the the ah michael greens cause i've looked at home only stopt my camera just for a second or youbabe to hear me but i'm going to get up and and move round here to get my to get my supplies he had talked once when i was a kid we have a garden i remember one time at least cause we moved around a lot and our neighbor next door had some yard ain't that they never used and they agreed to i don't remember if they ever worked it i doubt they worked it that's the whole agistor for whole other day that family and all that went on with them the men that was bad but anyone we use their property to to desordement i don't know how she learned it where she learned it from but my mom bid it my mom dad showed a sotto do it i think we had carrots and peas i don't remember specifically what all we had but in such a long time ago i won i wouldn't know a lot about gardening in i can plant seeds and water it and poles bitin our property here is so sandy we would have to have a raised garden or some other way of doing it but i wouldn't have a clue what to grow and how to grow it in so been such a long time since i've done it on well his name quick the effort into to doing that with all the other things and we've been focussing on meat for some time it now and thinking you know we relied on freezer i enitwetak a lot of meat and put it all in the freezer but what if we don't have power though we do have a generator but that requires fuel can acquire fuel than what happens to all at me so so this is got to be seen you can buy you can get these little trees and i i've got like i only brought a couple of them and also to show you how this you poor you see and i looked into several ways of of doing the chicago with coconut corps which i have some of that as well silicon grow mass and you caught him and you put him right in here spread your seeds on there and you want real fat seeds to do this and then you've cover it so then you take another one and you covered this you want to push you want to have it inside out not upside down like that so that it pushes the root so the red go down rather than and he covered for three days you got in spraith little bit water you want to make sure that they have some water and had been out drowned you know and you should wash your seeds and benegar put him in a water with a boletta ble spoon of vinegar for about four hours because it it softens the the house side hall but then it would also does it some vinegars is a big and then you put him so that it you've got this inside about three days and then though in different things sprouted in for rats to s and then turn covers up side down so that you you have maybe a couple more it's anywhere chinchon four days or something rose and start to grow a little bit then then they'll start growing up so now you want to have a little bit of room for them to grow and then out about the fourth day or fifth day you take the cap all put it under the some white and you're going to have nice little fully pat trays that you go in and you eat them and in its pretty good south i've got some cale here i've got i've got to punch to seed store up that our good for sprouting and i found some things that i folded on p that is this is the one that has like is of rietyat natheless and so i've got a punch to these sore tikhon sprouts and such so that that oh you know if you have those on an and you must before you need them then then you're a good one of the things that in plain with a lot o is a solar dost so that you can you can literally make out of nothing about thirty days to get a really good solar do starter but it is possible to in a pinch if you've got if you've got the wheat on in grinder you can you raise your own i hear takes about it takes a thirty days to have a really good starter i excelled bunch of the crows and now to so in a time for something it is pull it out pop cap off and activated one ah love said i was watching a life hid yesterday of what's going on of the border in those legal were given free lapses of piazza and water so they got a peace so partoloin on therese the judges may have blocked by but what about the illegal are crossed over into our country that is a large specially you know in what so heart breaking about that loud is the fact that a lot of the kids are just the the victims of moral flaw in our world which is to victimize others i have a concern for that too i think i think we need to have everybody go back home on go back to your families and because there's families there if we can clean out the the global client crime scene then then we've got it made but if we don't if we don't keep our own country safe the rest of the world goes where america goes rest o the world go so sort of like when you're an airplane and they say put your own oxygen first before you help anybody else were kind there right now an but i also i know one of the points that i was kind o leanin toward earlier with the the immigration what i saw in italy in the uk especially is so much worse than what we're seeing here in this country and may have like one said if i was in texas or arizona i might think differently cause they are experiencing it literally in their back yards there and they may go all ye it's bad here and we're just kind of spoiled here in michigan that we don't see it that way but over there it's it's interfaces everywhere all the time and it's very very bad i think that we've been protected in some ways i i don't think that it's just ah happenstance that we haven't suffered as much as so these other countries from the problem and it's not just a matter of that we have a lot more land coverage and i mean anybody king can get into this cuttersone was to get in and besides just the southern border but i mean the governments over there are shipping them in by boat and it's just like you kidding me like you're deliberately bringing these people in by the theboston the boat load it it's crazy how it's happening over there but it's happening here too but i think it's a dappering on a smaller scale i think we're being protected by it and i don't know exactly how but and i i don't know how bad it's going to get before it's going to stop either i don't know i don't have all these answers but i think i think there's goin to be a balance between what does it take to wake people up before i actually gets shut out in pitiless present tropic even had it nailed immediately it's not like their sounding as the best of the best of the best these these are or you know the so many people that are coming over with whore ninety per cent fighting age mails at the border coming from as an invasion that's not a refugee crisis that is an invasion founded by our own government is to be in heaven a complete inability to declare at one and actually is we are in a war they are at war with us and unfortunately they have invaded our own government the the bad guise cried and using their power and everything against us its really really sad says a little less as a little boy got separated from his parents on the live as well and last i knew they couldn't find him i think this is just i just horrific because his kids are ore being either being traffic there there snatching them they're taking him different places and and this can't be this she foremost or responsibilities before god and if he did if he sat now i can azaron a throne in order to teach him a lesson because they turned their backs on from god said you think you want this i'm going to give it to you i think they're doing i think he's doing it here and how we stop up and turned back to god do what's right we are going to live under tyranny and it's probably going to get a little work i agree i think we are to have to get that you know people think they're scared to day a week or a month or six months from now what what are you going to tolerate a ka let's pull it out again folks let's go again i got it right here beside me let's pull out the declaration let's check it out what do they say in the declaration his week had a go over this from time to time are yes so i hear that you now what are i go meredith in every event pretended will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accused when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object in vince evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government an an an i then they go on what i posted about this again the other day because i had rare and i rode a sub stack about while evils are sufferable and until i researched this is ten weary of this year i started researching am something else and i came across the fact that we had a whole other decoration ten years before the declaration of independence in spain also called the resolution but it was titled a declaration and on protocodon t know this is just something that we were taught in school i certainly was not but things had been going badly and the colonists decided when the stamp act was passed that they needed get together one of the states invited the others to get together they did nine out of thirteen colonies presented delegates to what they called a continent a continental congress as what they call that they were another terminus specifically for this one but it was true address the stampact there were two main things that they didn't like about it one i mean there a number of things just like the decoration has a list of grievances but to that really stood out to me was they lacked representation and they were being taxed for it and the other was that they had a legal process that did not involve a trial jury and they wanted a trial by jury so here these continental congressmen got together they were just delegates chosen by the state the previous year to this seventeen sixty five and ah this man had been saying taxation without representation is tyranny well that got changed after a while to taxation without representation that's what we were taught and col and by the time they got together some of these same people that together and they wrote a declaration i think it was on a friday and they agreed to write letters or louis cabin and so they these letters were drafted they were sent to three sources one was the parties i should say one was to the king one was to the house of lords one was to the house of commons i think if i got it right so three different letters but the decoration was what was shared around in the colonies and it basically said oh dear keen we recognize you in your grave authority but you know this stamp act its pen it's kind of hurt in stone don't like these things about it and that was the ass that was when they said could you please stop doing what you're doing and this is what we want it took another ten years before the actually started fighting for it and wrote the declaration of independence so i used to a family friend i actually he's kind of a distant relative by marriage and he was a police officer and he he taught that there is a thing called ask tell make with police office so get out of the car please that's an ask then you say no you needn't get out of the car now and if that subject does not follow the instruction whatever it is then they have the make ask tell the ass was a declaration that came before the declaration of independence but those evils were sufferable until ten years later when he said okay we don't know how this is going to work out but we can't live like this any more we want our independence with honor freedom we want representation in our self government and we want to trial by jury and we want these other things too and we want you to get off our land they rode up the declaration they went to war and it took them years to accomplish it and it took years later for articles of confederation and the constitution to be written and past so this was the long process the evils were sufferable for a long time years and years before the people finally said we've had it and here the order to do about it the really we just want you to do what we've told you to do what we've asked politely for you to do where where is how long have we been suffering and is getting worshipers and worse there will be a point where we have to say as a people we recognize our power and authority as sovereign men and women live in on the land in michigan in all of our national states all across the country we disagree with what you're doing we don't need your corporation any more in those seats we're going to take them over and we're going to do this better and i say i would like to say we're going to do this right but i think it's going to take some time for is to figure out what right is because we haven't practised we haven't even been taught how to self govern so an i go back to her founders they didn't have a constitution written for them they had learned how to self govern on their own they did have some clues they had the bible they had the magnet cargo that came before them they were well learned people even when they were farmers and merced child manner whatever they did for a living they were they were well read and but i still do have the answers they didn't stop him from doing it anyway ah i saw a post to the other day that really said something cool to me it was about how dat didn't have the answers to fix the problem but they took the action anyway and i think that's where we're kind of at where we don't know exactly how to solve all the problems like i said there's there is another way we just i think some of the answers are there they just have been covered up by the people who don't want us to know as to looting i especially in the health care system that's a primary for me i think there's a lot of science that's available for energy that's available for health and they just hasn't been revealed when we are available and open to the other solutions to all these problems i think that while our world can change remarkably really quickly but we have to take up that power and authority and start to practise it and it were wont to make some mistakes that's okay we just have to like i said it's okay to acknowledge when you make a mistake and you just move on well let me ask you this it's like down at the board this this makes the most sons to me why is it that the governors are not stepping up to protect their border and assert their states right then this is this is the directions needs to go the governor see to step up and say we're on with it yet the fads otto here get everyone out here call loves the even the national guard is an exactly right to constitutional militia is really the right way to go with us however that the governors are ultimate relies ponsible for the border and theirs every one whose governors that are the border state are the ones that are should be tasked and should be taking up the authority they had the jurisdiction they have the authority to close this thing down and their sitting there like a bunch of new red pole bowing down to the establishment and stead of standing up and taking taken control of the site father bettercover ments job they need to stand out we'd take about seventy per cent of the federal government and throat in the trash but the giver the governors of the state they have the right i jurisdicion in order to shut this thing down get out of her face is get out of our state you are not going to tell us what to do and if you think you're going to tell us what to do we're going to kick you out of the state whether without your and that's what needs to happen on there in any strong is the failure of the federal government is that ice is a border patrol whose failure is it it's the people the people but it's the failure of the states in office right now it's the governors that or failing the nation to stand up and do what they must do they must and in in the way and protect their states i agree with you but what i'm trying to say is have the people made the the right or the best steps to enforce that authority on their governor have they instructed their corporate administrator have they instructed them to do just that or have they failed in their effort to to instruct an if they have then they need to hold the governor accountable for not doing their duty in fulfilling their oaths so i agree with you but i'm going to put the responsibility back into the people you got a figure out how to instruct an make it happen as a people cause if he if the people all rose up and said you will it would get done and and i think also may be part of the reason why they have it is because again we have to see we have to be shown and maybe there being restrained in some way whether it's by godders or some other plan i don't know but maybe that's a part of what's happening i mean i don't think whitmers in charge not wooferton he does take the car are not good ones i think we even there yes but but that's my pets my thought i mean she's kind o ghosted for a long time here so we can assume the she's not were really be found few hooaleece a while doesn't countin the category of yes simper and i'm working it may it doesn't count for so yet well into it is eleven o'clock and i think i think that what were we are told ally and in in agreement on this is that it is we the people that have to communicate to our left official and get the right ones and no it's not a good thing when they cheat their way through the election and they steal this nate that through through observe of but there not lessening right now because we haven't gotten strong enough in our in or pleas too many people are sitting out sitting back into watches happy reiner hands whenever shall happen to us where like too you know instead of in going to these professional fetching that look like political a political things that is not what we have to have some and i think that's good you know when you to and form when you get into some action we need to a ah do some do some lost suits when one to hold them accountable we need to demand that they that they do the right thing and we need to just you know we just need to keep we need to keep going on this but it does come down to the office of the governor in an administrative way to protect the borders we need governor's descend a and i think i think that that's something that we've got to continue to focus on what i saw during my raneven now is the distraction to every issue under the planet instead of get the right person in place and that person won't will address all of these instead they're going after the issues section you can't win that way you have to get the right people and lay they understand their jurisdiction and ear thority it had the gods to carry it out right now it's a gut bunch of gutless wanderers in the governor's physicians i am not seen one of them standing up they say they are but then the accents aren't there to carry it through and it's going to be a brutal it will be a brutal reality if we ever get a governor and there the understands and how to lawfully hold people count o ale and do things in the best interests of with there the evening you mean a governor who ah you know hasn't conceded yet like a donerather as you know what is i am the best known conceder who has ever not conceded in the history not case so they go i'm not conceive keep going on this looks go head say prayer here man and we're goin to get off to the day dear heavenly father thank you so much for this time that we can talk though issues we can see what's going on we can we can realize though that every single thing is sitting in your hands and that you are allowing everything sometimes i think you're planning it to happen to give us the ability to grow up wake up get involved and have and not be sought that lot lost its saltiness but absolutely be solved these i would thank you for growing is of free for helping us to get out of activity that were under through things that taken our minds captive in our actions camp iv in our money capiendis captive and all that sort of thing so as we wake up out of incredible in doctor nation captivity that were in and we realized that it s who were under judgement right now turning our backs on you every step of the way i wish we could turn the clock back about a hundred years it would have been so much simpler back then or even fifty he but we let it go we were too busy plain we were too busy and worthless pursuits instead of spoken on the things that are really import a relationship with you are our families the people round the circummuniti and instead of selfish person putting full time into something or anything that benefits you your purposes this world just and and is helpful to our fellow man that of just what we can put in our own pop pocket books we've got to get away from the pleased helpless to switch our minds from having all the levity and how much money we make or what we have into serving you we lay every single thing we have have ever been and ever will be at your feet and one let you know to day that we are willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do it doesn't matter whatever you ask this to were willing to do doesn't matter we want to go in your path the way that you want us to go because you're good all the time please let her be out there now the other's love so very much and that you're walking with them every step of the way all that does and the name of jesus our saviour a man i then take up well guys selling thinking in her gottingenthe go please go conformed for governor and was gin i am not conceding to lieschen ives and the election because that's what he edward and continued to go forward and loved each other up get a dog little goat danced here and we're going to love each other out then or farms in our communities and all that sort of thing standing together as one nation under god indivisible with liberty individual right republic not the democracy don't say it don't don't say it don't put the no i democracy if the night how tests it's a constitutional republic democracy makes because it is not acted we the same sin makes some time is like even to that if you want it as just look stupid to the rest of us because it's not a democracy storypublic no more do anyhow have a great day to day and joy it is going to be a beautiful day it is the goggles you god bless all those whom you love and god bless thee make it a great day