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BNN (Off The Grid Freedom) 11/21/2022 - Live 7:00pm Chris Hintz, RN

Published Nov. 21, 2022, 7:01 p.m.

Tonight LIVE - The launch of "Off The Grid Freedom" a new show on Brandenburg News Network, where we will be discussing everything you need to live off the beautiful world that God created for us. Topics will include: Gardening, Hydroponics, raising chickens, food prep and storage, cooking, canning, freeze drying, rotating stock, energy, greenhouses, self sufficient energy and a variety of other subjects to help you life with freedom... Off the Grid Freedom. Special Guest is Chris Hintz, RN., Native Michigan resident, Christian, Mom, Grandma, and jack of all trades, master of one (nursing.) We have a shared passion for Off the Grid Freedom that we want to share tips and techniques to help others achieve confidence in providing for themselves. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and we're doing an exciting new thing to night we're going to start a new a new broadcast a special edition called off the grade freedom with all the concerns that we all have with thee and watching like the poultry plants burney and so of the other food production that seems to be in jeopardy we decided a bunch of people and myself decided that we were going to start talking about those things that we can do to give us back the control that we may be feel that were losing this week i saw another another article that came out that the real the railroads are in fact planning on striking which is part of our logistics it's the supply chain and the last time that they really you know that the sated shutting nat down of course while have we had the refectories or closing down which is our fertilizer in that the contriver went up so it's all kind of connected right now so what what would it do as we're going to talk about all those things which gives us the ability to survive with the things that god put into the earth horse we actually don't have to rely on any of these structures not political structures not the big multinational corporations not any of them always to do is to come together as if we the people their and everybody has such wonderful skill and talents somebody is going to know how to do something and so with that said i have i have a new friend names chris chris hands and i'm an bring her one morning she is in fact in our and i want her to introduce herself to you because we are part of a girl that we cannot look at a lot of property things and quite honestly and gardening and chickens and all the carting i've been anthesterion esty my first son and i when when he was born he almost headmost died and i was pretty well done and this was thirty some idea i was pretty well done with the medical community at that point time and started searching out other other options i ended up home i ended up home berthiers of my kids and i also home school the because i just wasn't interested in doing the same thing the same way and any know knowing that it was going to fail so a menobranchus and we're gonna rooster talking about all things that that we can work on right now where we are and i presume glad to ranting thank you we had some nice discussion and you know really starting talking about the things and i was so impressed with christ and this is my new session right now is hydroponics in crises gotama hydroponic set up and and shone in the direction of find some good resources so i really think that we can learn a lot from chris and can you can introduce a lazier back ground you know just just a sperience through cowed and earning more self sustaining it rather than being you know being a bolitician situation that we have gone on amnesias ear tremenhere years i had just finished my master's degree and how as a a minute noreen all this started and it just hit me that something was wrong i did work santerre this when bassanio was it is not that and grantham you look fine in ten aforethought alone and realize that things just weight knew things were right through it my job setdown went back to her nursing so i could die for in the providing first we i get through this sounds like it's going to get mad before it i i think that's probably very true and i dessay now i'm really proud of you for taking a stand and not becoming part of this medical murdering society because it seems like that's kind of what's going on and it's very disturbing so when things don't work exactly the way that that their supposed do we have to jump off and figure out for selvages work so you you and i want to when i first started on your on your channel your chin i was really excited to hear about the freezing process because one of my kids has got just horrible horrible allergies and he almost died last october from a perforated all sir so he will as he having a lot of trouble and we have to be by a lot of friedrioh he can put into shape in so you you can't get me excited about the freezing process because i didn't know anybody who actually had done this before so let's let's talk about that for a minute well in talking but getting a pretty looked into it your therewithal and then the end of twenty twenty decided that there would be a christmas gift to herself has been an idea and but just because of the reading that was going on and started plantarum with it and it is a lot of unintended in sheeny i will triteriteites the white what kind of food have you put away with it we have put away everything from groups act we different in you can't put one can't freiheit me a left over meals into one really so he can but it is individual containers and restrain the academy are that thirty years of hot while that amazing so i looked up the type that you have and there like three different models and the free thing that really is is really interesting to me about the frieze drying is the fact that it it it keeps the cell structure the integrity of the cell structure so it's more natural and it doesn't destroy the vitals of my correct on that no ducal well then my escape so they laughed as we freeze for ice cream and cheese can finish experience nathaniel growing letters in my intercourse is a plan that is out of control so continues it just gets bigger all the time no matter how fast he had been prepared sanballat free trade in the reduction it looks the same as adam a beastly and crisp but skeletons free it is your and everything comes back really nice it all at much could he had opinions rooms and we it's just a lot how did you approach a starting to grow the mushroom i actually got i did the there's a couple destitute the michigan mushroom really out where's that located i i i bought a online i didn't have a gun but they have a nice website an they've got the regular button musique a few different okay so this is a mindarian macnapin the and because are you is curious i am now this is this is almost too much of our but argo there it is she even sabellians man marienwerder one or simply okay here we go i'm in i'm going to go ahead and share the screening out one second the sissie at my kitchen table guys you all know that and this is the girl and so here we go so there is the michigan mushroom company oh yeah that's cool now i saw i saw somebody doing this and how they did it was really interesting they all look at this the unsterilized all of them all of the the foundation of the one they called the foundation of the puttin yet when you buy the kitty don't have to its already so it's very the groom will now in candor really curious about this that or the from and it was my other the contact as he gianetto or the sick like a riot structure got instructions down here see what the as that i think this is caroline this is really a neat neat thing to find out the local go angel of these guys because i want to find out what you know there's the so instructions forging for lion's mane and lions may retain an brutuses there and there sir there serve there email address coat i think this is really fun to be able to talk about different things that we can find in the state of michigan too and keep a list of that because if things were to kind o melt down a little bit we're going to need to know who the people are around us and put our skills together so that we can help each other so for example you know we've got a lot of production of fruit in the state we have we have the this is nice i'm goin to read read from the chat and a little while normally during the day i have a lot a lot of activity on that chanties acquitted of the show because people are interacting with us and i think that this astute you know everybody around us has got skills and if we get to know our neighbors a little bit you can actually say okay this person knows how to do this this er person now how to do that these you have connections for sale you know we have chickens you know you have chickens too and this is these people know how to git feed these people know how to do this and we abetted you know as if somebody running for governor i really believe i'm still not not conceding to this sham of an election that we had that we need to have trades that are non taxable and it's something with the money supply you know because right now they're trying to tax for barter and a riotous all of this nonsense they have no right next any one for any of this nonsense and we really truly need to be able to trade decide what we want to trade for things are good to certainty they have no right to shake it down for them but the first step is knowing the people around around a silicon for me i know chris and chris nos cris knows everything about a howl and madison and also a lot about growing food so she's going to be real real critical in order to building a network of people who know things to help locally and and you know we might have somebody who has building supplies we may have somebody who has the ability to deal with water or any or any of a variety of things that we would need things come to melt the down little bit and or we just want to grow on food get off of this this time of being behold into the multinational corporation and really titular future going to read a couple of things of the chateau came to i love this chat i an ardor moving back to my home town in michigan getting off the great have a harvest right as well cool while your number two on my list of her rosita's really cool he alfred drying preserving chickens living soil grow your own food make your medicines my hope is to open a clinic household of man are incorporating vi broke out acosta penetration in western medicine to empower patients to heal themselves i'll be back home by summer you need to have a community to survive and thrive we have to make not works and i and totally i agree with you totally so it would as what i'm going to ask her cardamomum phone number in there because i do give this out to like every one there is absolutely no reason why any one should ever windsor complain about not getting a hold of me because i my phone number is like everywhere so i would ask you to please call me because i'd like to be able to get a hold of you and maybe have you on some time and you colonisation call me right now and we put on and you can you can talk on the phone if you like and we can introduce you to every one and and continue to build the network of people any one's welcome to call and because we will put you on in your welcome to contribute what you know and and that a start start building is not work here of knowledge and a venable to help each other i hope he got that the outstanding so with that with that i want to look at esher was bring a sin christ we talked about all of these skills that we should have skills are personal to stay alive i throw the bay one of it with lashless advertisement but will go on past her in eating wild plants without dying kidogo and i've pretty good grass without that for a couple of years hunting purely olympic maniman kills with a few tools animal had husbandry and you know we're talking about there's there's a wide variety of things i can do i just got three new chicken coop and to day and i really excited about this all came go i've got a calcimine i how are you and ingratiate rencounter oh harney how are you i just right now and i mountainsides here patiently that's fine you're only right now so if you will not if you want me i quickened call back into goahead and call back round it i long to be with you have to say selingman things his cool in the designation of being our first colin thank you so much that's really nice okay gardening and said say i just went to a book on that i do quite an extensive library like you do and i think that significant to to have that or think saved off on the internet too i think that important food preservation may get it sellers not difficult at an easy way to preserve food at all of the the squash things in the squash family winter over very very well you can keep that for a long time construction water purification first stayed in medicine or your ability to in fact protect yourself mechanic so canning blacksmithing irrigation alternative fuel is be abner shoes to be able to put us back together piloting per riding or staff well in well then i'm sorry boding mastery of the seasons look this is looking good while you're doing it i'm not sure be all that concerned about that quite honestly but i think it's interesting i not this is interesting as a like a a list here of all the things that we could think about having on hand in order to be appeared i really believe in preparing and never being would it be dependent on them the great generator a municipal of it is one in a kind of like you know crazy crazy land with so much that your eyes the proud but it's fun now material rice beans we oil charcoal water flowed water containers many heat heater had like propane green grinder probationer survival guide book i see man to baby supplies if you need an wash boards cook stoves vitamins protein cylinder holder anything female related that you might need them underwear come in winter i think it's good idea both sacks as axes hatchets aluminum foil garage bags toilet paper clean do you know every time that they take anna a tack on a country down that there's a thesis one of those things you can see in history toilet paper shortage is is a big deal powdered milk can dance out protean shapes gardens close pins lying tigers two fish in oil yet the oil is going to be is is a big deal firings ears for a tomatter garlic spices vinegar baking supplies salt big dogs plenty of dogs fled flourishes writing paper pencils and pats insulated ice chest that flash lights journals garbage cans shampoo cast a look where you can cook on her over would he fishing supplies the stool and oceans cream spray et cetera duck take turns candles laundry detergent back at duffelbag garden tools and supplies scissors fabric sowing surprises can't fruits and vegetable soups and to believe not the sun to kind canning supplies not epicycle sleeping bags blankets pillows carbonade alarm or games himself men board i think is good precious to do mistreats parlate cups bowls baby white rain erroris boots shaving supplies i saw a smile reading glasses chocolate chocolate will clothe you boy scout handbook or i just say like a thunking that survival that you could you know you you might eat a roll on window insulation graham crackers our pentathlon time on tenter honestly socks underwear lumber wagons carts cots and playable mattresses gloves later hangers screen panes tea coffee cigarettes probably leave that out not real healthy but you know my liquor for bribes in the dismal etcetera pertinax glue nails bolts screws chewing gum candies atomizers yet coerce a goats and chickens will go back to that same poultry because poultry is such a is really quite an i think it's a great thing a great thing to have robert how precious to get yourself arranged or hand book a good book to survival anywhere and what was the other book that you told me about that was from jared during damelioc field he thought for a saint then you know the in everything you need near by you want to build your billy in also in everything and available mais a pretty good one he hesitates he enlisted and having it is a noyade there with you at i do order yea you know will be great is just cogitable content there i've got somebody else is doing a whole bunch of drops her docks is sending a whole bunch of drops of troposphere so when i get off the aiming to what renestine catheran we will i'll put them up on the intimate ram channel which is at brandenburg for and in the omelette a couple of different things that our matelgar some of the people gone over was to find company in michigan i have seen the excellence useful canning listen michigan and then i didn't even know there accompany right up the road from me is polishing really his company and they are all manger the only true what he called michigan see company and i one do in a secret this is awesome well this is cool camanchee that minute it's that's that's cool we've got garlan her bold is great because it's going to be close i was talking to somebody and flora that sad that they are having a hard time getting seed down there and they thought it was really unusual for florida said well why would you get seamanlike your year round growing the tatoka this is a great one i love this just there just getting their new and twenty twenty three and life serenely one of the girls stopped and we girls and the group stopped dead gone in there with fourteen oh really you see their store reform is it only on line ere they actually call are they is it a broken mortar as it just online now it a physical store it is that's cool it's you were to an in saint clare for a right road road trip kittie you know what all this is great if you know what i mean to i twenty three all had he when the young kenset at clarissa i onatoga road trip and their all in gems all that fantastic she is a told that we needed to do this because because i knew chris and chris and everybody else would he have the great wisdom and be able to be able to put us in the right direction it becomes one answered here how you doing in goodness and inapropos and so the lad to call then he is fond the personalities i was only coming back to ternate away for a while not really too much time on line wobegone real world is the word he saw his cousin alice chapelain speak and because lineaments all that's cool yet i think i will wollaboo something out on a little accompany and so it's really easy for me to spin up anything technology wise or or make connective so it it might be something that i can spend a very quickly you know and i just do this cause i like to build and that's one for me absolutely i securing of the one the last several years a mass an unbelievable home a resource is information in my drop us i do not opinions to tease everything in there from the very beginnings of the ocean in the last years to go loaded i retained from what the chinese were treating with the first few months of their unpenitent of everything is his happiness few years and romantic innovation exemptions just try not to swear but i the and once he added in an amusement or a reappointment illinois the faint men in an that awesome in your going to put together a practice or by arbor yes so i from spring court are comition in moving back to the house agreed i have time retiring overestimation an i'm in texas and in that edmanson the bird room and food i being the table all the skill i learned the growing up and i didn't realize where goes it is really crazy how it really prepared us for life you know because i mean i've always put up food i mean i remember doing ninety quarts of strawberries when i was about sixteen years old because we always had an organic garden when i when i grew up at a pretty good sized one and you know so in all of those skills knowing how to can or cook out of out of nothing or even before for food or or you know everything i mean and i honestly think that some of us who are probably a little older are going to be really how it's going to be really helpful because of the amount of base skills that we contain you know that we have knowledge of and my hope is to have my daughter there for one least the summer overcome that much in teacher allowed heathens that i learn going up and not realizing how parthenon the line and sanguinary agate michigan to get arm going again at the house cephalaria and i seemed that would be the right now i did it in an didn't want to be there i was like to tease willenhall what what do you think is your rosville skill you had or that you learn when you were younger growing to wellington and maybe you know i don't go thinking one oenone you know not elementary and not be too worth he all that overdone be if i am a indispensable years ago unfortunately have ran off with some native opiate traders bringing everything i have half of my stuff already in his against age and yet the whole on how the chadband the last high got attacked by and so i have been strategizing to as the war on the answer on the bees and so i've got a terror yet it was going pretty good for a while until the ants decided to wait to war on my bees it was like went down helter i am so noisily to go to the camera i can walk in the yard or how the mosquitoes you might have forgotten about the mosquito in all takahashi as he so the mate but part of it too is another part of sustainable or living kind of the grid i've got a whole bunch of bugs that forsake around my horse barn and all the there's nothing that makes me happier than to drive up to the bar and hear those things pop and like the bubble were you realize that there are now hundreds of thousands of those little little wretches dying every you know every socket but there's something else that i in labs and they called it called predator so predator is as they breed these little loss and they're not they're really little when you release me and they don't really get much more than maybe i don't know maybe maybe third of an answer so and each one of them kills twenty thousand flies and so you put these cocoons are and what you like you know like every has horses that i know throwings out there you throw him out there and they had joanna's your fly population go down amazing and we really don't have a lot of of of a problem with either mosquitoes or flies in that we also have gentians and so the guineas that that's another thing i gained the room or to say that they that they will eat four thousand ticks a day of peace no i've never cared basutu they always go around i mean they're like this constantly just pick and pick and pickin and i think that you know if you some you know predatory birds and such and chickens of keep it down too but those guineas a detailed chickens to shame such loud little boers but you just convenient nicotera and they don't carry the diseases that chickens do so like you can can have oronooko it's they're not they're not they're not like chickens or different you don't have to you know were murmured anything in the other you know other things as we we do treat our chickens up periodically just to make sure that they are not they are not carrying anything i tell you the teresiani trying to find a beneficent the last every year and this so about months ago i started to or a bad and eating meat and i was very much hard and fast is only going to be organic local no antibiotics notion aspettata when i mentally so i was enceinte raising and it was solely for alienating takes yeah what how is your chicken could you have chickens to chris and what your biggest challenge with chickens we don't really been a challenge and i was almost just so the rooster he is a little lassie he decided to try to challenge me from time to time but beyond that i only i had one simple okay it hasn't been but no botanist culty overhangeth will it mirabell and rested doesn't restores not like letting his girls out to three rashdall the time he's doing his job is keeping them safe from the hot now will ye we do have a lot of we be birds and erythema cheer and then we re it hasn't been a letter at her work over one of the things that that helped us as i've gotten me the heated chicken the waters they have like the little nipple that they with little tiny cup so that you never never make the manure and with it they were pretty good we were up to about i don't know any ninety chickens at one point time because i had a bunch of mouth i've got a couple incubators one of the things that was like an issue for us as is the oil is getting their oil in their go better fathers as such so we've been given a sun flower seeds and laugh of one and it seems to really help them a lot you know just to do that he give them the black oil on his for their enforced by obviously but also it helps to put on extra liner are you going are you go mamore e right now eversley a cold my time so down the girls and i did anywhere between six anita and very so medicine might not as are both in the medical you know field and anything that you want to talk about and help teach people about because i think this is really critical especially at this time as we know you know what a challenge it is right now for every one a challenge and you don't know who to trust because the an expert corinthian and every billboard to about being next colette only in doctrines of horrible and where in their metaphysicians against them completely attention be unscienced and the more i wanted about it the more inanimate that i wouldn't come other agin ever for anything but i denominationalism course these are damecuta every day and be fine and i remain work i am so cantered else in the medical field that is it to be his way too many that are just totally indoctrinated well he satisfied that that has been going on here for the last two weeks where they were funding political candidates on honestly on both sides they were all so finding the study to deep six i beat so this is such a world wide global in you know misinformation indoctrination that's going on down there that i think it's i think it's great a people can you know that to the two of you and such and you know be able to get some good information because really damosel go to everybody is so jaded right now and for good reasons did you guys know anybody that you could say decisively was murdered in the motion is in so many i murdered by neglect in hospitals in the murdered biccause without a doubt i treated over two thousand patients a few years ago it alone i have detonated two patients that were one by hospitalized one was in an organ transpires he passed away in the patient came out okay but i have even my uncle was put in at a hospital and in jacksonville the infante man for ten days so this is no detestation he came presented is one lean be whether it is one you can recover from iolanthe vaccination pletely different do you do you think that i'm just going to ask you a lot of questions because i can have some opinions on this too do you think that we're going to see a lot more negative consequences of the vaccine as indicating the most singular there in much esteem for your old inimy life rameses party of assisi is caused by the unction of parasites in the filial disorder is on taking out or to literators that haven't uptake in answer and seeing counterfeit so these are all no consequences goose yes and i hate to say it but there are so many resident there beating the drums of warning to every one and i feel really bad for everyone because this propagandist there is truly you know made people so far driven that that there afraid of everything so it's sort of like you know i do some horse training and it's sort of like horses horses will get spookship and all of a sudden their jumping off a cliff because there are there not stopping to evaluate and the it's a critical thinking alienate critical thinking means to happen people onregenerate an took treaties of indigestible erected i know how to do this i may not drive a population and happening for the aids that just came to a combination you know entrainante continues so sad and engineer one day in central in the intolerance which ambrosial meeting is open public espaliers as in daily as alondra as well as on mine another source as you can trust yeah i think i think gosnold is one there and she's a she's amazing she's totally madison's great names conferences they there grimly raved and another group he was then the egret we should have all of mine they can all come hither ocean you know put their wit their wisdom with their wisdom forward you know and i think i think this is something that were going to have to get her hands together and really train or teach people did you let yesterday one of our aunts who she's manage a and an a one of the anoyance i had like four five uncles that died uncles and aunts had died over the whole comitting and not one of them died of coutat was all the nursing homes and i'm sure it was broken hearts and orange and then one of my one of my very dearest friends they literally she went into hospital and she was drinking and eating and she was fine within fifteen minutes they blew out her long she do had loosened put her in a cardcase minutes and there's no one as aberration vince me otherwise than they murdered her in the hospital and i think that this is one of those things that now we get to talk about how to put the situation back together with other people in health care as well as people who can bring forth knowledge too in fact girl our own food provided for solange off of all of these systems that were so afraid to jump off of a start thinking for ourselves you know and and i at kind of it's really gotten to the point where we're going to need to truly truly think through our moves and like said buldeo in such a people outside of the gidia parallel not work i think is what we need to do it happening in medicine and part of several groups i trying to be laudatory tribute club as it were so that physicians and mastodons and joined private association private membership associations and and i think that's a great way to go because what you actually do when you do that legally if they really can't go after you because your outside of their ability to over of their oversight and the great thing is as if they ever went after any one we could go after the foundations like the clinton and somebody other ones that have been involved in some really bad activities across the globe so i'm pretty exposure that that these private members shiptons asakusa grocery store or a church or medicine or no health care my samedi is a bad word for help true health care you know not not big farm as types that even do it with gardening or food or you know just having you know your alliances whether you produce tickets or anything adelaide steinert no i would agree with that so is there is anything else that you want to teach her by but i would love to have you on the one show here ennaration of a heavily drawn in prose that proposes to soils and i rather agree alexina's awesome in asia call and in taxation i mean really preciate you comin out to night and you know calling it in serenity know in anything else you want to tell everybody oh yes i don't release any more taxing one if you haven't a strong exemptions are easy to get a thing given out by the hundreds aelward you and what would you like me to give out as far as them that have any ability to contact you you know it is one that you esme well i tell you what i'll allow you know i try to facilitate those those continue and i think that would be wonderful and i really appreciate your graciousness and offering to be available for people to you know to answer to go and it's really very nice i look forward to meeting you when we get to be in michigan i will be back at their anointed to this wonderful that's absolutely wonderful so while you you're welcome to come and visit any time and i think i might do a two or over there to go and to saint clare to go to the sea shop over there and see what they have and i will i want to come and talk to christ to because her hydrophobia is like it's to die for a guy i saw pictures of her plan that she her basil plant among other things that need a name for this plan is like it and it needs a name and really does you know its huge set all nottingham great night thanks for colihan you so much for take it was cool ah that was very cool as she called in pretty nice here or or inauguration for the son of the grid livia's kind cool so let you want to i think i'd be naething the show people that video you noncombatant the potatoes so this is their first or first episode reindeer because this is onely we're going to kinda were knoidart roll this as it goes and i think this is a good process this is one where we you know we will get better every time but this is from might adams and he's talking about doing a suspended not pot nonsectarian system and socinian and up with the linen with us but i do think this is kind it togather this is a bitter that everybody's been askin me to till i'm going to show you the suspended man hot now circulating hydroponics system and some of the crops i'm going that these are not to right here that's a three inch net pot and here's a forage net and he got a use cocoanut or type of material the granaries this is delineation of look like a block of compressed coconuts o i r and you can get those the advantage of these systems but uses baratieri got these on a shelf a rack the system required no circulating pumps whatsoever and now our ration so if i if i back up here so i won't have a lot of room the act this is a nine toland he led these are started with tears in onlook like here you simply use a whole song and nutritive of the holes you need so that the motto are suspended in those holes just like that you see him at work and then you still those that pass with coconut or and then i put those not to in a band like this the right here have rosemary but about to sprout just some seeds when i have over here for rosemary and you can see the buck to back there and i got a better creature now of course these over here are a little more but to our chris prelates but aromatic and these he is baccarat here incredibly thick robust this is red oak leaf lettuce and you see how incredibly beautiful it is not going to cover the lights and the hand everything here but this is so simple you can grow food without electricity the base or lettuce this out we're going to have a look at the root under niceros there's our roots and i noticed the roots are suspended partly in air and partly in water and that's the way i designed to work an air and water in combination you need the water the water starts up here with your undertone solution you know your new trance and then the water goes down and you want to keep about three to four inches of water in it at all times with no trace so you just add the transit i came up with a super simple situate i see the this is a straw just as simply yellow strong and melted one end to close it off and tied the whole for it you corinthian in floods a kind of post back up there goes to back up his show you the level of water inside so that a little fight to that you can make if a straw that cost you know a couple of pennies you can also do it this way when you don't mother instead you put your finger over it and then you just pull out the water some of it pull up the water and you can see how much water is in their show that works that way i don't know if you can see the water of the two but that's another way to do it the system is highly effective on these lights that i'm using if you look on top here these are spider farmer lights there are some other brands that are less expensive this is a driver here this is called the meanwhile driver and in this case intensity setting right now running it at about per cent so i could pick a crank up the line a lot more i contraction thus i am using a moonlight that i made i could actually use just this one unit here to cover both of these be so i'm actually going to spread these lights around more i'm kind of over lighting by a lot even then it is producing incredibly blathers too much light during this phase that's a sign of of too much light was cast over lighting it and at the back of the inn you can over light plants in hydroponics i think that's kind of kind of amazing case that was something i had no idea to look for and do you do test the path of yours to i did initially and basically gotten to the great where canonico everything i need to add okay he now it is in this as in that all put her up with the link on that on my telegram channel guys and the the you can go an you can watch some more of what my admonition a bunch of video on there what i can see and so my my thought is is that he doesn't in this vitiates n't go into the plant food or what it takes to go but there are some things that you learned about doing her poet that i thought when we were talking was fairly significant because you you can you can you can learn from each other's mistakes so that we make their earlier short or so what did you learn when you started what see i learned that you really want to be tyrrell want to or need to want to eat a lot of lettuce if you're going to plan to more than a couple of lamps of what that really produce a lot yes yes they get crazy really let us but as a plant elementaire i learned do not get distracted by building your chincopin forget to add water where ah i then there everything is just intoning i learned well like my i did the thing really well i did not even have to try to soonderbunds if but rencontres how long that take your peace it's about the the oration as on the sea they produce is the same as when you put them in your garden i mean but alas tell you how long they ah no not everyone would know what that would he grow time is and how long is it to try for your light but you know for months for the peas the lettuce sexually that in a couple of weeks he started getting reising one in rome and you potentialities cause you one frantic i could lie between a couple of sheets of a parcel once i started to stroll with him in a in the water and beat just a matter weaker two and you not let us have it crazy mirabelle them my tomatoes i they never cross pollinated rat for me or polite when i tried to brush on and things like that so i didn't get to evensong and they take up a lot of room to tomatoes if you got the last but he refused and ramrod things and of the direction they tomatoes agree that the same way and one thing he said is that you are that you had to have dark containers yea the does your taters first of all i ought to try planting in was like a clear room like a it wasn't totally clear and it was and then you get more you want the dirt container with a where no life in it and one then i don't have to do anything the matter every so now i in this specific video that might put out he doesn't talk about the plant food so really realise going to get the singing you really and really to do is have a little plant food and there to get your hydroponics growing what does that look like like how do you feed your ear plants well i just action the amazon and found to her something that looked like it was a decent hieronimites the water or in the no have all the gravity and now are in exact maybe i thought of he was a book i thought but it so the bassein gravity and for different types of plants and attested to water dorothy you could recommend a plant food actually my books are all upstairs i mean i can you know i can look at them and you know we can put him out with the names of a mouth he feigenbaum the her well i'm going to unchecked out mine if we can get yet something on so that i soon i see i was let steamship if we recognize i think that i could be really in a grand and down a man near gotten of her mat images for amazon hydroponic a right where this and there are none of them he just found mine i never had your policemen and then gotteridealen a carminative converse against the basic hydroponic for beginners and i've matouillet while with the other she is the one i seen one of them they should be rather in intensity here we always got this guy right here not one had crocione retaliation author of different work and most of them have pretty much everything motioned a there's a ton of em there the height of manichaean into he taketh interficere an aright there so you can go in the hot and that that that good i mean he also there's a lot of people use this for growing apoplectically alas to the marana neander is a lot of oh sure now and then they got i saw one time i was that of the now afar and they did they did that hydroponically and i felt that was really interesting how you know all the crinolines many years ago so it was out last seligenstadt hid poniarded the intestate and really interesting but i will struck me as a very good idea when he after we were told we couldn't buy seeds in argument and sufficient something i needed to know how to do as i can do it in my house and me don't know he and really could do grow a lot of food in a small space an you know because i think it's important to realize that we're going to have to help the people around us so when we prepare we're not is preparing for a sestet we want to make sure that all is pilate love in our neighbours and such that we have we can help them too so let's hear read a couple of things that shot cayooses great idea on the system video the things that come to mind with off the groom gridley is act excess excess to electricity for indoor lighting water and unfrozen water in the winter as absolutely are you john do you have a lot of information or the anybody else out there on different systems for meeting our powers rufino that quintette kind of hardicanute can gotten rid of her abilities to tenasserim to a certain point of the belike to make things inaccessible like i truly believe that i could be you know they outlawed the growth of how and some of the other products and i think need to be reinstated for the state because you can make a plastic that stronger than steel out of out any amount of rock protean get out of it as well as fibres and such those those all tintings we could really we could really a youth a john said he don't forget about the salt to eat it we meet we have salt all these things got me other ideas cris well what medicines do you think or ours do you think that people should have on hand we take what natural thing into i will say one thing that i learned what little littlehales i had a couple of anatole resources where you and i you can get on by another and different medications like that other also sell oh they just continued lottie so fisherboats and so on estimation just at any invading up and that there the same as human de source for that and any pep how does any but sir kay most people to yet it bothersome some resources and some ideas in such it teething that can be inattentive somebody has to say or you know and i think i was a boiled and what oh yeah they have the uprooted constitute he something very helpful to have but things in doncaster tors need feel another issue and water purification tablets a good interlude god never let us go through that kind of nonsense again that was so nay that was silly now very selling no i don't i don't expect it's going to get you know i think we're going to see some hard times i really do i think that if if they get through if they get and do this rail strike this is going to be a real problem because they stop producing your real and some of the plants stop producing your which that which affects our transportation for land and it certainly which is a real problem and that's also in the fertilizer i know all a bunch of people now that are gone to like turkey fertilizers so the poultry you know for for my knowledge is that paltry popular manures very very hot so if you're going to put that on a garden or if you're going to use that you got to realize that that is really strong and you're going to burn all your plants unless you get a lot of water on it see it where else horsemen or its that's like the little black nuggets of gold because those that that breaks down significantly and it's not it doesn't seem to be quite as its cost john said toil a paper i am all the lachalang things and i think i had the sweetness and in that he shouldn't have some you know i should be able to something else i've been looking into it a breakdown or being able to make your own alcohol by by the fermentation process using say yes and such i think that's worthy of looking into to it that the taking of a worthy thing now you how much would you gossoon wood burner behind you there do as your house all lit with a wood burner let the whole thing i can i am the first answer if the stone goes out if we go away or in things like that but i can't how many we through at angora if real it is a cure even base course of that's not too big but that's not too big a animal now in considering what my husband keep sir quite warm otaheite man after my own heart i usually am too so i start now panted october i don't take em off until somewhere round april you know he said his head like july somewhere your misanthropy nobody comes here without you know without so i go there was something i wanted to look up here a meat and i do he wonders he which you get at the kittle here guy it's all oh my goodness i can't i pondering something to day and i thought this was in the verse i will throw out there while she sat looking for that i would we were going through one of the lists where i intend cigarettes some turn members serve a big big thing for barring that's a good idea i think far the anything for one that that is he that is probably very what he thinks as you motherwit so hard with just about anything and the ammunition but this just onything you can burn with a hay basilio's going to be looking for me so i he does know how to gather didn't save enough to insinooate clothes everything i i i think there's a lot of things so i think we think the first thing we should all work out his putter this network and i think that would be a really great place to start in season and what lassitude what skills that you have that you're willing to help others with and then also thinks that there they could do and help so i terrans five then it because when we go through times of a teacher limits we can remember that petiolate since we've been justified through faith with peace with god through lord jesus christ through of gained access by faith into this grace in which we mountaneous in the whole of the glory of god not only so but we also lorinser because we know a suffering produces perseverance perseverance character and character hope and hope does not put us to shame because god love has been poured out in our hearts through the holy spirit who has been given to us just at the right time when we were still powerless christ did for the ungodly very rarely will any one die for a righteous person though for a good person some one might possibly to die but god done in straits as on well for us in this while we were yet sinners christ died for us and i think that this is a significant a significant verse i was listening to it the afternoon in the fact that when we do go through hard times what is it what is it produce produce is perseverance character and hope and draws closer to god so it's never it's never lost his number a bad thing it's just that we're gaining a new skill set moving forward and that's okay we will learn all kinds of things and truly i think ottermouth as every step of the way and the more we draconmeyer the better off we are going forward in the easier is going to be no matter what we go through that all those skills are good in hosannahs a restaurant and she was talking about how many younger girls had no idea how to cook anything and i think that's another thing that we're going to skill set that comes in very handy which is being able to cook for large groups of people i think we get share some recipes and that sort of thing in order to help people do you have any ideas on that your muted her upturned motioned that not a problem we have operator used to looking for larger a thing that always always comes to mine for me is in a sense what we're doing is for making some soup a third either skill or moor whatever would we were making some sober and her pioneer sometimes i will get the figure to be okay well lad and i'm going to say your prayer for everybody to night because i think this is a good and will come back with more ideas as we grandad figure the thing out bring more resources for red i'm really excited about finding out all of the different things across michigan that we have close to us as you know at our right here you know the thumb are of michigan we have a lot of being production there and sugar beets and surprising up in the thumb of michigan we have a lot of apples and a man fruit on the west side of the state so even if these big these big multinational corporations decide that their going to make a difficult force we have other options it's not it's not the end of the world it's going to be okay we'll figure it out worse or smart if you're a michigan as your ma that means you you have the toughest dog and pack so will be fine so anyone you held a father thank you so very much for christ and every one that came on to night to watch our airt first run at off the grid freedom and we will be continuing to be there for people so that they got someone thicket to and maybe find resources and help bring people together in order to build communities that will stand together and help peter out and times of trouble if you're always there and we really thankful for that that you will lead us through all things and that you are in fact providing and directing us as we go forward were so very thankful pretty one out there that's afraid or that has some concerns please with them their choice as you walk with them draw them closer to you so that they know that they neither number alone your always there with us and were so thankful for that that that you know not only are you a good father your friend your provider you defend us in that you're always there with us and even even if a thousand fall by our side ten thousand or right hand you will always be there and we have no reason to be afraid but we can walk forward and boldness knowing that you are you are so gracious to us and that we just want let you know that we love you so much let erbout there now that you have to and draw them close in a relationship with you in the name of jesus christ we pray a man so they go all guillebault at the comments and such and next time we come back on hopefully we'll have more resources put together and we're going to kinda do this on the sly as we go because i think that's what's going to require it's going to require us to be able to civita little bit and see what comes and to what you appointed thank you join us to night for off the grade and of the god freedom thank you chris for benoni really appreciate that and all the people from the net that your aunt hopefully to join us and jump into and give us a hand here and share all her knowledge to it we can help people because quite honestly it is going to be a big job putting the state back together and and sure that every one's okay so anyhow thank you are readier and we will we will be seeing you next time and and i have a great knight and just just now everybody got bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless me