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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/11/2024 Karen the Riveter & Ralph the IT Guy

Published Jan. 11, 2024, 9:03 a.m.

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is, let's see, it's the 11th day of January, 2024. Welcome to our show today. We're going to jump right into this here and we're going to, we've got lots to talk about today. So I'm welcoming Ralph, the IT guy and Karen the Riveter. Hey guys, how you doing? Good morning. Doing great. How are you? Doing good. I just posted a picture on my, on my telegram channel. Hang on. Let's, let's talk about the weather. Because, all right, so you guys are going to laugh about this. Let's just say that bringing the deck chairs in didn't happen yet. So ta-da, there's my deck. For everyone out there who really doesn't understand the dynamics of Michigan here, because it seems like everybody outside of West Michigan really doesn't have a grasp on what happens in West Michigan because of lake effect snow. So this is how it works, guys. So if you're within about 25 miles, maybe 30 miles, it tapers off as you get inland further. We are subject to lake effect. And what lake effect is absolutely no snow for like six months or better. It snows pretty much full time. It doesn't really stop snowing because of the moisture that it picks up going across Lake Michigan. And then it dumps on the state of Michigan. Let's see if I get my hand right here. And so this area right here, all the way up the coast, for about 20 miles in, maybe 30 miles in, this is their snow belt right here. So when you're a kid, it was great because school was canceled all the time due to, like, horrific amounts of snow. I'm not talking a little bit of snow. I'm talking, oh my gosh, how much snow can actually fall in a 24 hour period. And, but right now it's, it's fairly, it's fairly, it was fairly slippery out this morning. I got out and was driving around. So everybody out there be a little careful because we're supposed to get another, I think it's 10 to 14 inches of snow today. When tomorrow, is that correct? Yeah. I'd heard tomorrow. And then I looked at the weather report and over the next like two days, we're supposed to get like, I think, National Weather Service figured up to, I think, 16 inches. Oh, yeah. So it's going to be interesting. So I posted in my chat this morning. I'm like, let me go ahead and take a look at what I posted because I do take a little bit of time to craft it, not too much. So at any rate, the meteorologists in West Michigan have like the worst track record than politicians, to be sure. It is a weather goat rodeo here in West Michigan. If you don't like the weather, don't worry about it. It takes about 10 minutes to change. We could go from, you know, a blizzard to full sun, everything melting within a matter of hours and or it's crazy. We there was one time I was actually flying and I ended up having a hundred degree temperature change from where I was to where it landed. And, uh, so only, only the, the brave and the stalwart make it through Michigan. That's all I can say. We're all a bunch of months up here and, uh, can make it through pretty much anything. But I do have to say, anybody who's not from Michigan, whatever speed you think you should drive, if the posted speed is, oh, I don't know, say 50 miles an hour before you realize it exactly and test out how slippery it actually is with a snowpack and such, I would suggest you go significantly slower than that. And especially if you're not used to driving in a snowy climate, it is a, It is definitely, I don't know, bumper cars out there at times. So you don't really want to get involved in that little match. So keep your speeds down and slow down really. Give yourself plenty of time because it and then be careful of the ditches and pray to God you're not driving an electric vehicle and having to wait for somebody such as myself who has an actual pickup truck to pull you out of the ditch. No pumps on the road. Get some actual snow boots out there so that you don't lose your shoe in the snow bank as you're trying to get out of the snow bank as some brave patriot pulls you out and has to carry you out of the ditch. It's experience talking here. Yep. I usually bring a tow strap with my car. I don't drive a pickup, but I've got a heavy enough vehicle that I can – I've towed people before, so I usually try and keep towing stuff with it. See, and if I have my Korean War paratrooper boots on, which is what I love to wear in the wintertime, you can literally get through anything with those things. That's like one of the best boots you can wear if you have to actually put your back into a vehicle to push them out of a snowbank. Yeah, I usually also carry a foldable shovel, too. And I've had to use that in the winter before to try and... I've never gotten stuck in snow before, but I've had to help other people. Yeah, I've had to help other people get unstuck before. And having a little foldable shovel is kind of... That's a pretty handy thing for people that plow themselves into a snowbank. Yeah, and a good idea to add extra weight to your vehicle. So if you've got some trunk room, throw some bags of rocks in the back and then use it for landscaping in the spring. Yeah, yeah, I do that. I mean, some people use sand, but, you know, if a sandbag punctures, you get sand everywhere. You do landscaping rocks. If you get a hole in the bag of landscaping rocks, well, now you've got rocks. They're pretty easy to clean out of your car. You know, you get like two, three inch rocks. That makes it pretty easy. Then again, if you're in an accident, I'd rather get hit in the back of the head with a bag of cat litter than a bag of rocks. Cat litter works too. Yeah, but it depends too on how well you got it anchored down. I'm guessing you're a savage driving, Ralph. I'm frightened right now. No, actually, I typically am a very, very slow driver. It drives everybody around me nuts, but I can attest to that. Yeah. I tend to stick to generally, like on the highway, I usually top out at 60. Just because, I don't know, you get better gas mileage. And if you look at the crash statistics, there's like zero traffic fatalities under 60 miles an hour. So you may get injured in an accident, but, you know, also you go 60 miles an hour on a highway and you don't really get into accidents, you know. It's slow enough. You got some reaction time. All I can say is people are crazy. I was driving yesterday and it was nuts. The other thing, too, to keep in mind for everybody is that salt doesn't always fix everything, especially when it's snowing a lot and you start getting that precipitation that starts getting on the road and dilutes the salt. You can very easily get into a situation where there's one patch of it that's diluted and there's a low enough salt concentration for that patch to turn icy where everything else around it is salted. Shall we, shall we create a great visual for people? I think I can create a really great visual right now. It, imagine driving on, how should I say it? Um, let's try to think of a, of a substance that would compare to snow without being, without being like somebody blew their nose on the, on the highway. And, uh, And you're trying to drive on, I don't know, let's just call it what it is, snot. Because that's what it is. It's so slippery. It's like you're like, you know, you're everywhere. And this morning when I pulled out of my road here, It was extraordinary. And you can look at the surface of the road, and just to all you non-Michigander, lovely people, we love you, but you do cause us a little bit of trouble until you get it figured out. You can look at the sheen on the road and see whether you're dealing with something that's a little bit icy or not at all icy. However, with that said, my disclaimer is, If it's black ice, there's nothing you're going to do. You hit black ice, which you can't really, you can't always see that it's even there. And all of a sudden you're, woo, boom, and you're off into the ditch somewhere. That's how we learn to drive, right? Yeah, I've never really had too big of a problem with that because, A, I drive so slow. And also, my vehicle's got a – I've got big off-road knobby tires on my vehicle. And so that's actually part of the reason why I have to weight it down with rocks on mine is because there's so much surface area on it because the tires are so big. Because sometimes for what I do, I have to go into to do IT work. I end up going into places to try and do connectivity where it's maybe half a mile off the nearest road, the nearest paved road up through a windy two track through a forest, you know, to try and get connectivity places. So I've got a pretty off-road equipped vehicle. And the problem with that is that, well, it's great for mud and it's great for snow. I've never gotten that thing stuck in anything. I've towed people out of stuff before where they've gotten stuck. The disadvantage is with tires that big, with the surface area contact patch being so big, it spreads the weight of the vehicle out so far that you get on ice. It doesn't do great on ice. It doesn't do great on rain when there's water on the road. But, boy, you get into snow or mud, and that thing does amazing. Best tires I've ever had in snow are the BlizzX. Because they have sipes in the tread. And so they actually grab onto pretty much everything fairly decently. But nothing's bomb-proof. Ice is ice. So it comes down to driver skill at that point in time or experience. Yep. And the other thing, too, is if you've never driven on ice before, great practice for that is play Mario Kart. Mario Kart, when you put the karts in drift mode, it's almost exactly the same as driving on ice. And it's kind of funny because you get used to that and you hit a patch of ice and it's like, oh yeah, this is familiar. I don't even have a response to that, but it's a beautiful thing. So, well, there you go. So Mario Kart is driver's training now on Brandenburg News Network today. Actually, I don't think it's a bad plan. Actually, you got your simulation out there. You know, pilots do simulation. There's all these simulations out there that you can that you can test under all conditions. So try Mario Kart. There you go. If it works, it keeps you out of the ditch. So all the rest of us who have pickup tricks don't have to pull you out. I'm on. Okay. So I want to show you this today. I love this. I pulled this off of Karen's channel. And seeing President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, take on the deep state, the criminals, the Criminal Clinton Foundation, and all their little cronies has been a beautiful thing. And this morning I had somebody come on, send me an email that said that, you know, everything, you know, everything is criminal. They're all. And I'm like, well, some some of it is. But you know what? We don't listen for we listen for information. We watch what's going on. And that's how you figure out who is who as we move forward. I have I have questions about everyone. I really, really do. And I think I think that we all need to realize that that we need to. ask a lot of questions going forward because I think that there's a lot of, oh, I don't know, let's say 4D, 5D, 12D chess going on right now. And I wanted to address this because God clearly states in the Bible that we are not to worship anyone but God himself. And he uses all things for good to those who love him and are called according to his purposes. So while we may know somebody, I've got an incident right now that I think is going to come back around. I don't know if this is going to come back around again to expose somebody else who is manipulating perception, and I'm still checking this out, but I've got a lead on something right now, manipulating perception to their own end in order to, again, install the deep state in the state of Michigan. It is a concern to me, but with that said, we can't excuse a current political figure who is not doing the right thing or who is taking the state down, you can't excuse that and just say, well, the next person is going to be just as bad. It doesn't matter. You have to address the situation. And it's our job to remove leaders who are, in fact, either breaking the law or not doing their jobs. And I feel really strongly about this. So as we dig through the what's next in Michigan after removing Christina Caramo from the Republican Party, there's going to be a fight. We've got people that are pitching things for both sides that I think that we need to look at. And I'm just going to be right out there. There are a couple of candidates that are starting to float to the top. I'm not a fan of several of them. I am not a fan at all. When you look at somebody who's been in, seriously in a governmental position, you got to look at who they're standing with and who they have been standing with, because that is a problem. And, um, I think we need to look very carefully at, oh, I don't know, say a vote that's being pushed to come to vote within 10 days. No, wrong. Take your time, evaluate, figure it out. Don't get railroaded into this. This is nonsense. Also to see who is connected to who. We look for information, and I'm trying to do it in a roundabout way without just throwing names out there, because I think the names are going to come forward. And I've always said we have to look at things for the information, not for making... being kingmakers or having a cult of personality. Look at the facts. The facts are the facts. And I want I want to go back to, say, like the Warren report, Warren Carpenter's report, whatever is whatever we can say about about the Warren report is that there's some truth and there's some facts in there. And we need to look at that truth and that facts apart from the personalities that are involved. Okay. Um, I, I will work with anyone that is willing to get the truth out. And if somebody fails, well, that's on them. Okay. Same thing with Christina Caramo. I gave her a chance and she failed abysmally. There was an abysmal failure there. I don't know anybody in their right mind that would hire somebody in like a banking system because the people that are, that are putting candidates up, um, they will be running the financials of the state in our taxes. If they can't run it within a party and they hire felons to be in a position of power, they're going to do the same thing with the candidates that they bring up to the forefront and who are selected to be in position. So that should be an automatic disqualifier right there, automatic. So now the next stage is who's running next? And who are they attached to? There better be a very serious consideration from everyone involved, the voters, the delegates, voters out there talk to your delegates and delegates do your job. And that doesn't mean fall in line with a cult of personalities and such, it means find out what your voter base wants and represent them. That's what this is all about. So a lot of the stuff that comes out in the political world is just nonsense, absolute nonsense. And we can look at it and go, okay, what are they doing here? They've got an ulterior motive, okay? And when you see something that there's an ulterior motive, it is your job and your duty to chase it down and find out what's real. So with that said, if anyone sees a vote being slammed through in 10 days, I suggest you think very hard on this and wonder why. There should be a proving time to make sure that whatever is happening, it's not being forced just to install another puppet. How's that for... kind of skirting the issue until I get everything figured out here, but a concern I might have. Sure. On another thing too, kind of to your point about the delegates is that, you know, in. I'm going to, I'm going to run out and get some chapstick here. My I'm, I'm so it's so dry out right now. Hang on. Just, just, uh, you know, keep talking. So in a, uh, Republic, you know, there, there's, there's a lot of the, uh, A lot of our elected representatives, and this goes to all of the delegates too, they treat it as something where... They fall in line with more or less the general feeling from above rather than from above them in the structure rather than from below. A republic is supposed to be a bottom up form of government where. the representatives are supposed to represent their voter base, both the people that voted for them and against them, really, but the people that they're supposed to represent not fall in line with what's above them. Even if that's very much contrary to what's coming down from above them in the government structure, they're supposed to represent their constituents. And that's a problem that I see a lot in our elected representatives at all forms or at all levels of government. Been there and done that. I mean, you see that even on like township zoning boards. Yeah. You know, where they don't represent their constituents. They try and represent more of what interests. Right. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And if you're a delegate, if you're on any kind of a board, if you're elected in any position, you're supposed to be representing your constituents above all. Mm hmm. So we'll see what happens. But word to the word to everyone out there. Watch the dynamics and don't get sucked in by the headlines, because I think I think there's some stuff going on behind the scenes here that we may be concerned about. But, you know, it's like we don't want to go back from the intention was to have Christina in place, which I I felt was It was significant, a significant move for the voter base to actually have their will go forward and have somebody represent them who said they were grassroots. But when somebody fails, no matter what title they're under, you have to remove them. You just have to remove them. and then what comes next is where the real evaluation is done and who is who is focused are they focused on um just the money or are they focused on true representation of we the people there's there's other metrics other than so like i've heard you know the the money part of it which is true you know you have to have money in order to um get some things done but that money that money um trail has got to be clean. Because I think I would be wonderful if we get my idea would be get all the money out of elections, all of it. But that would require everyone to actually step up and do their civic duty and get involved. Right now, we've got a fairly apathetic voter base. Overall, I think what we have, like 30% voting. This is unbelievable to me. I think part of that is because you've got a system that doesn't reward the candidate, the potential candidate. If you see that the system is corrupt, who wants to be a part of that? So all the good... Virtuous people, which is what we're supposed to try to elect, don't want to become a part of a corrupt system, so they're not going for it. But if the system got cleaned out and they had a better sense of moral, ethical, and other reward, it's not about money. If it was a reasonable fee and not, hey, you can get a book deal after your service. All of that. Or you don't get a heads up on the stock market. I'm sorry. What you get is the praise of your community for sacrificing some of your time and energy for a term. And if they weren't required to do it for four years, that might make a difference too. Well, and if you got the money out of it and paid elected or public functionaries, I'll say that so John doesn't go after me, like you would a jury duty type thing, you get paid when you show up. And instead of these lifelong health care and pensions and all this sort of thing, this is nonsense. None of us get this out there. And it would take the incentive out for people to get in there and turn politics into a lifelong career. I kind of think that that's what happened with several young people who changed their stances on things. I don't know this for a fact, but there's a lot up for question right now. But you'll see this all the time when people go like, I want a career in politics. I don't think that that's the way it was supposed to be set up. If someone says that, right off the bat, I am really suspect of their motives. This should not be an industry, people. This should be show up, do your job, put your time in because you love God, family, country, and go home and make money. And then this is another problem is that the whole system makes it an incentive for people not to work And these people have no idea what the average person goes through on a daily basis because if they don't get what they want, they just go to somebody else and they give them the money. Somebody will give them the money. It's always there. And or they print the money or they do something to change the rules to give them an advantage for their industry. It's the same thing as what happens in every industry out there that has cartel, a cartel structure behind it. Uses regulations. It's all to keep other people out and protect their power structure and their money structure. It discourages competition. It's all of these things that are bad, that are backwards, that really need to be reversed. And the quickest way is get rid of all the criminal politicians quickly. Never allow them to have a position of authority again. so that there's no money incentive in it at all. Go to work people, figure it out. And I wanted to show you something. How about instead of having, you know, people advocate for term limits, but how about instead of term limits, you do lifetime term limits where you can only be in a political position for a certain number of years Not just, you know, how long can you be on the city council? And then how long can you be a senator? And then after that, how long can you be a president? No. How about you have a term limit of cumulative years in a political position, you know? Or I've actually kind of wondered for a while how well it would – How well it would work, at least at a local level, to instead of having elections for positions, have it be truly randomized like jury duty. and just have a random person in there. Sure, you're going to get some nut jobs in there, and you're also going to get people that are completely incompetent, but it'd be hard to do worse than the people that we're currently getting in power now. Well, at least you wouldn't have them working together to take the nation down, you know, at that point. I want to show you guys something that I thought was significant. I had this up before. Did you see this word? And it's spelled wrong. So as a researcher who has done this for many, many, many years, So it's on Karen's channel. That misspelling is significant. It's called, it's chidlerin. Okay. So the D before the L. And if you decide that you want to do a little bit of research into that topic, go ahead and search that word. But realize when you do go into checking that out, this is, you're going to get it into information on child trafficking. And it's a deep, dark subject. So the fact that President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, put this into one of his tweets, and I want you to look at the date on this, 10-8-12. He's been in the know a long time. That word right there and the fact that you've got 10-8-12 that he posted this means that he's known what's going on with the child trafficking and the fight that we have going on in that for a very long time. But feel free to check that out and see where it takes you. Just realize that it's going to be probably a little bit of a shocking journey into what's going on behind the scenes. If you don't know. I would say that most people here already know. If you're on my channel, you're going to know. You probably wouldn't stick around too long if you weren't already aware of the nonsense going on. He did one yesterday. And I didn't figure that one out. So maybe you can dig on that one. He did it in a post. Fair the Well. Capital W-E-L-L-E. And he was, he was posting about Nikki Haley. And, uh, so I was like, I just, I just put it into a search on, um, and I posted a couple of posts right after that about things that came up, but I didn't go further in it. There was one about fair. I think it was, I want to say fair trade, but it was, uh, German. Well, she is not qualified to be in my research and what I know. I don't believe that she's qualified to be president because of her birth status. And I think the same is true with Kamala. Kamala is the same way. Absolutely. So is, I believe, Michelle Obama. But they've done that before. Well, the Kenyan. I know. Let's bring up the Kenyan here. The Kenyan president that we had. who admitted that he was not an American, that he was a Kenyan. He admitted to it. Did you see this nonsense going on here with the underground tunnels in Brooklyn? Yeah. I have not seen an article on it. And I never really searched for one because there was so much going on. But I'm like, I have no idea. I just don't get it. what that story is. Yeah. Snippets about it, but not anything that I would consider to be particularly reliable sources, you know? All right. So let me throw this out here a minute. I'll post something, keep talking here a minute and I'll show you something else I found that might be related. Yeah, a lot of the stuff I've seen has been not directly mainstream media, but definitely based on reports from mainstream media. And so I don't really trust it. Well, did you see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references to it? Yeah. I think that's pretty funny, really. Like, absolutely hilarious. So here, I'll post this little video here and people can see what's actually going on. oh Okay, so that's all kinds of weird. But let me go to my channel a minute. I just posted something. Well, the thing about it, it's definitely getting people thinking about the possibilities of tunnels. Well, and then here, this came up. It's a secret underground passages, and this came up underneath the Vatican. But from what I understand, there is also a settlement in Turkey that's really, really important. Very, very interesting. They, they, and it's, I think it's, it's like, like 30 miles of tunnels that in like geographic location, if you stacked it all end to end, I don't know exactly how long these tunnel systems are, but they have like six floors of tunnels. And the people that were living above them didn't even realize they were getting water out of a well. And it turns out that the well was a water source for a tunnel system underneath. And they had stables. They had ways to get in and out of this. And quite interesting. There was something else I listened to yesterday talking about, all right, so I look at everything, right? Any tinfoil hat type thing, I like to look at that as well as factual things. Because usually where there's smoke, there's fire, at least part of it. And so I don't look for the answer to everything. I look for snippets of information, just like I do in the political world. I'm not looking for anyone to give us the entire picture. I'm looking for what are the components to piece together the actual picture of what's going on. And somebody brought up the fact that there were tunnels that were way far away from say, these installations so they could bring logistically materials in underground. John Ferguson, who is a friend of mine and He also works with providing military drones. He builds military drones and such. And he even said it too. He said, if you don't think that they're tunneling under other countries are tunneling under other countries, you're crazy. He said, we're tunneling under other countries. And so is Russia's tunneling under us. There is a huge tunnel system that I believe exists. I don't know what that looks like. And I don't think we have any pieces of the puzzle, but we have enough people that have talked about it from a perspective that might have a little more knowledge than those of us who are non-military, non-intelligence. But they know, they know. Even a guy that served in Afghanistan that I know, he's talked to me about it personally and said, yeah, he said he's seen like whole trains disappear into mountains in California. And there's huge, huge metal doors there. So it is, it is easy to prove that one. But anyhow, this came out and this is kind of an interesting, this is kind of interesting. How long have these tunnels been there? I don't know, but they look pretty old to me, don't they to you? Some of those actually look like there's a storm drain system, an ancient one that I've seen before that looks very, very similar to that, which means that they knew how to build arch-roofed tunnels like that because it was a fairly well-known storm drain system. I don't remember if it was like ancient Rome or where it was. Um, but, uh, they knew how to do that a very long time ago. Have you ever looked into the, uh, uh, nuclear subterranean stuff? Uh, cause you know, you've got submarines for going under water, uh, and then you've got, uh, subterranes for going under ground. Um, but there's, there, there's, uh, There's at least one patent from the 70s about how to do a nuclear-powered tunnel drilling machine that would basically melt rock and form kind of a glassy surface around it. I've heard of that. Basically, it would melt the rock into more or less a form of obsidian. also providing kind of a structural wall. I think, looking it up here, I think it's patent number 3,000,693,731. So it's 3693731. I think that's the one. I'd have to look at the... Let's see. I've got 3692731. I'm looking at it and I think, yeah, the diagrams on this look familiar. When I put it in the wrong number, I got metalized coating compositions contained in coated metal flakes. Well, that could be interesting. All right. So as the research nerds we are, I think that method for apparatus for tunneling by melting. Yep. I posted some pictures of some of these machines a while back. It's kind of interesting how that works. So let me see. Yeah, that looks like the one. Looking at the diagrams on that, that looks like the one I've seen before. Yes. All right. All right, boys and girls, this is where we get into nerds. Yeah, 1972. And what's always interesting if you go into any of the patents is looking at the other patents that either they cite or that cite this patent. And so- John Robinson. What's that? John Robinson, Eugene, let's see, Eugene S. Robinson, John inventor Armstrong, Bert Armstrong. Who are these people? All of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Yeah. Well, Armstrong was from Santa Fe. All the rest of them on the patent are from Los Alamos. Oh, yeah. There you go. Well, that's interesting all by itself. I knew a guy that worked in an installation in New Mexico. That's a real interesting story. Someday I will tell it, but I'm afraid if I tell it now, somebody will probably take him out. Yeah, I'm just looking through some of the other patents that cite that. Yeah, that's interesting. The rock melting drill is disclosed. so disclosed, is effective in penetrating basalt and other igneous rocks at useful high rates and with modern power consumption. Igneous rocks melt at 1,200 Celsius and being heated from ambient temperatures such as sea to just above the melting ranges requires about 4,300 joules of energy per cubic a centimeter compared with the energy requirement of 2000 to 3000 joules per cubic centimeter for rotary drilling and Ignatius rock. Yeah, it's certainly not free. You know, you're not looking at something that you can do this without a substantial energy cost, but, um, still, you know, compared to regular tunneling, there's, there's definitely some advantages, um, Let's see. Oh yeah. And look at, they've got, let's see, we've got, huh? What is SlideShare? Let's check this out. I wonder if there's videos that we could look at on this. Oh, I'd highly doubt it for something like this. There's a lot of people too that say that, yeah, I doubt that this technology would be out that far in the open, but there's a lot of people that actually doubt that this would even be practical, but I don't know. I, I tend to think that there's probably a pretty good chance that there's an awful lot of stuff out there that we don't know about. So there's only one result on that patent and it is Phil Schneider's accounts at Dulce Air Base, which is kind of like a freaky kind of crazy little coincidence. You ever look into this guy? Sorry, I was looking at something else there. He's got a mysterious death. He had a mysterious death. Oh, yeah. Yep, that guy is pretty interesting. There it is. There's the patent right there. And so for whoever posted this, kind of interesting. There's the drill. All of a sudden, I seem to be unable to search for things. Isn't that interesting? Wow. I guess our deep state masters do not want this out there. Screw you guys. Screw you totally. So anyhow, I think, I think it's kind of interesting. So go check this stuff out. There's some really interesting things out there, but I like to look at all of it, whether I believe it or not is always up for, up for discussion. A lot of times I'll look at things and go, ah, it's kind of interesting, but you know, there's a, I don't always buy everything, but I will look at it. I'm not afraid to look at stuff. I was just looking at another patent that came out of this one that was assigned to the University of California, I think, that is similar but far more recent. Universities are a screw with the population because they all are. Yeah, I'm having trouble finding anything with that, though. So, yeah, I think my ability to search for things is kind of messed up right now. Wow, they don't watch the same. So what else should we search for here, Ralph? Tell me, because mine's still up and running strong. Yeah, I don't know. Well, if you can look up that patent and then look at the Google Patents page there. Got it. And then take a look in the, if you scroll down just a little bit there, there's right to your, in the info section, there's cited by. Citation? Nope, cited by. All right. It's just to the right of patent citations. So cited by 19. Got it. Those are other more recent patents that have cited that one. See, guys, you can shut us down, but we just keep going. Why? Because we have that stubbornness gene. And that is one of those things that you just can't get rid of. I had an uncle tell me one day when I was younger, and he said, oh, just wait. He said, about the time you turn 40, he said, this stubbornness gene is going to come out in you with a vengeance. And you know what? I think he was right. So if you take a look at that one that's about three up from the bottom of your screen, that's the one I was trying to look up, that 573. Yep. That one looks pretty interesting. Ralph, I'm thinking that we already went through this in a research session at one point in time. Yeah. Because I remember seeing this. A rock melting penetrator is provided with an afterbody that rapidly cools the molten geological structure formed around the melting tip of the penetrator to the glass transition temperature for the surrounding molten glass-like material. And the annealing afterbody then cools the glass slowly from the glass transition temperature through the annealing temperature range to form a solid self-supporting glass casting this allows thermally induced strains to relax by vicious viscous deformations as the molten glass cools and prevents fracturing of the resulting glass liner. The quality of the glass lining is improved along with the ability to provide a rigid and permeable casting in unstable rock formations. So, and this was worldwide applications in 1996. So guys, they've had a lot of years to screw with this kind of technology. They're not telling us anything. So telling us nothing. Yeah. It's always interesting looking at how the patents are connected together though, you know, cause you can, a lot of times you can find some really interesting stuff by effectively doing, you know, I'd use the term wiki walk for, you know, we're doing something like that for patents and, Well, it's the same thing when you, as a person who does a lot of research out there, just because I want to know myself what's going on. You start from a one data point. And then that will lead you to questions. Like I like to look at the human structure. Who's attached to who? Who knows who? And who's really working together? And who's behind it? If you go far enough behind it, I think you're going to find some answers. I'm going to tell you what right now. I've got some serious questions about anyone who owns an island in the Caribbean. And there's a lot of them. There might be a political consultant in the state of Michigan who owns his own island that we need to be looking at and who he's attached to. There might possibly be. There might possibly be some problems, big, large problems. So if that comes out and people decide to do their own research, I think this is also – it's not a, you know, oh, no, why did we hang on to somebody who was failing? It's a, okay, eliminate round two. Go to the next one. Find out who's actually for real, who's standing for the nation. Don't just give a pass to somebody because you're afraid – and moving in a different direction. That's what stymied us and stalled us out in most processes is the fear of the, it's the, you know, I got to take this call a minute. I just got a call from my mom. Just keep talking a minute, guys, and I'll be right back. Talk amongst yourselves. Yeah. I don't know. I like looking through the patents. You know, there's a lot of good information there. And a lot of times if you look back in the patents about 30 years, sometimes even more, I mean, like that one was, well, that first one was over 50 years ago at this point for the nuclear tunneling. And a lot of times you look back a little ways and it gives you a lot of good indications into current technologies that are actually being brought out into the light, you know, because there's so much of it that, yeah, it's developed, but then it's kept secret from the American populace for decades, you know. What bothers me is the ones that could cure illnesses. Yeah. And, you know, injuries and surgical advances. How about the ones that cause them? Yeah. They like to leak a little bit out. Oh, look at this cool thing. I posted one within the last couple of days where they were like, look at this really cool thing. And I was like, you think that's cool? They're trying to distract us by leaking out a little thing. Oh, what was it? Just some kind of little Techno rules thing. And it was like, they make us ooh and ah about something that can help you in some menial daily activity. No, no. Give me the cure for cancer. Give me the thing that detects cancer without hurting you. You know, give me the stuff that I know that you have that could solve a lot of our problems that actually would help people instead of hiding them from us and throwing us a little trinket. Oh, look at this advancement in surgery. We have a new tool. Isn't this great? And it's, you know, it's really a tiny thing. It's not significant. Okay, let's go ahead and play this from your channel a second here, because we'll go back. Politician, what she thinks you want to hear just to try to get your vote, then to get an office and to do her donors bidding. He's only mad about the donors because the donors used to be with him, but they're no longer with him now. And that's because he's upset about the fact that his campaign is exploding. Well, let's just be the pot calling the kettle black here. This is all about money, and these people are in it for their donor base, and that's it. Legal bribery. It is legal. It's bribery. You're absolutely right, Ralph. Yesterday was... There's so much going on. And if you stay focused on a few topics, you're entertained completely all day. But if you look at all of them, and I try to generally do a lot of that, I can't look at everything. Because there are some things that might be significant to a particular state, like there was avalanches and flooding and stuff like that going on yesterday. And it's like, well, that's California's problem. That's New Jersey's. But then things like that, like Chris Christie being caught on a hot mic saying that Nikki is going to get smoked just hours before they have a quote unquote debate in which they entertain the country with nonsense for a while. Meanwhile, Trump is doing a town hall giving incredible answers to a lot of different topics and red pilling the nation. I mean, it's just... That's the source of entertainment and information that if that's all you saw yesterday, it's great. Of course, you're not going to see that on the regular news cycle because they're going to show you everything else. It's interesting, the last few days. I like to sometimes, not every day, I watch the evening news. I watch WZM 13 for entertainment and information about what the narratives are that they're putting out. They've spent... They'll spend a long time on a segment talking about how to be a Michiganian in the winter. Like, they have to educate people on using a shovel properly. Or, oh, the latest one yesterday was, it could cause you a heart problem if you haven't been exercising. Don't lift a shovel. Just shove the snow forward. And I'm like, this is something that if you live here, you ought to know. And they've talked about it for years anyway. But they're spending a lot of time in the news on a thing. And one of the things they were sharing with that was people could have heart problems from the snow. Well, people can have heart problems from the shots. And your heart is weakened by myocarditis, but you don't know it because you sit around all day. And then you go out to snow. Snow will show. Snow. Snow will snow. Snow will show. Then you're really going to have a problem. But they got to, you know, put it out there as this. a winter related thing so they're putting a narrative in there sneaking a narrative in there because they expect that that's what's going to happen and they're wasting a lot of news time because they can't cover anything else well they're not going to cover what's real and did you know how many people lose their lose their fingers in the winter time from snowblowers This is because of lack of education. And I know somebody who did this because you get snow packed in your snow blower and people don't realize that it's under tension. So they will stick their hand in there. Come on people. And all of a sudden the snow that's packed the blades in decides to cut loose and a tension goes out and it is expended. And all of a sudden off come the fingers. In fact, the guy that lost, that I know that lost a finger He said he was in the emergency room and there was 11 people in there that lost their fingers because of trying to unpack a freaking snowblower by sticking their hand in the snowblower when it was packed with snow. So you've got all that stored energy there that just gets released as soon as you release the tension in it and off come the fingers. Don't do it, okay? So here, I'm going to play this a minute. that's on the record and she even proposed a tax on groceries at one point but i'm just thinking have you seen your groceries that's one of the things that's hitting working people the most that groceries are going up probably twice as much what you do but i also think on every baby item, diapers, wipes, strollers, cribs. We want families to be able to prosper in this country. One of the things that's causing so much problem is the breakdown. Okay. I'm going to say that that doesn't even look like the Santas to me anymore. It's terrible. And it's just like, what the heck is going on? This is such a, this is a goat rodeo really is. I'll say it. Nobody else says it. I'll say it. We have Weather Goat Rodeo. It's one of the DeSantis crowns. Yeah, it's the DeSantis Goat Rodeo. It's the Haley Goat Rodeo. Nonsense. So which one? Can you see what I'm scrolling through here? Let me take a look. Okay, I'm trying to figure out exactly what you were talking to. poster about yesterday. Yeah. Let me run up to the yesterday's post by Karen, the Riveter. Let's see. We'll start out. We'll start out here. We'll just go forward. Why is Taylor Swift everywhere? Oh, I'm praying for her family that, um, that's a tragic thing that she's, you know, lost her mom. I'm so sorry for them. Okay. So here we go. Why, why is this happening? People? I don't understand this. Oh, wrong lover okay what's going on here she's been blanketed across the sports media entertainment atmosphere the new york times just speculated she's a lesbian and last year's tour broke ticketmaster a tour that's revenue tops the gdp of 50 countries i mean i like her music she's all right but i mean have you ever wondered why or how she blew up like this Well, around four years ago, the Pentagon Psychological Operations Unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting. What kind of asset? A PSYOP for combating online misinformation. Listen. You came in here wanting to understand how you just go out there and counter that information operation. The idea is that social influence can help encourage or promote behavior change, so potentially as a peaceful information operation. I include Taylor Swift in here because she's a fairly influential online person. I don't know if you've heard of her. Yeah, that's real. So, kind of nuts. I'm not going to play the whole thing because you know what happens. YouTube takes it and social media takes it down and says, oh no! Copyrights. There's another video about that that airs more of that actual event and it's got another guy talking about it. Well, it was, I don't know, a few weeks ago. I started posting why are they talking about Taylor Swift all the time and pushing her on the public all the time. And I also read or heard something about frequencies that messages or messaging could be included in frequencies of music. And that made me wonder about her particular music. Because they clearly are getting a lot of young people, not just young people, but a lot of young people If they were to say, hey, Taylor, she comes out saying, I'm going to vote for Biden, they influence a large swath of people who clearly don't think for themselves. Because a lot of these people are young and easily swayed. They get sucked into fandom and don't think critically. So I think there's definitely something going on with that. Could it be deeper? It very well could be deeper than just a surface popularity story. And there you go. I mean, if the government is trying to. But see, that's that's what's interesting about this whole story. It's uncovered now. It's revealed now. And so if you're a fan of hers, but you're not really that into it, and you start hearing questions and seeing things like that, then you're going, well, gee, wow, was I almost sucked into something bigger? So I think it's interesting that a lot of stories are starting to reveal things for the people on the edge, the normies who are not skilled at critical thinking yet. but they're becoming a little more open. There's a lot of that going on and a lot of talk, uh, more, the more we talk, the more we share things on social media, the more it hits those people where they, they want it or not. And the, the popularity of a story becomes something that sucks them into the critical, critical thinking cycle and will make them start questioning, um, So there will be some caught there, you know, and I say caught up in critical thinking and starting to see conspiracy theories for what they are, which is truth. So I think that's a really great thing. And that's why so many stories and news cycles are going around. So many different things happening because you're going to catch somebody on something and wake them up with it. And I just I think that's why I'm entertained with a lot of this. I'm like, oh, good. What happened the other day? And I said, oh, Biden said something stupid, I think. And I was like, yes, you know, most people are horrified. And I'm like, yes, wake up more people. This is phenomenal. Situation normal. Let him fall up the stairs again and turn into that gazelle we know he is at almost 80 years old. Not happening. The other thing, too, is you got to think, you know, back in 2013 when they repealed the portion of the Smith-Munt Act that covered domestic dissemination of propaganda. You got to think, that was in effect for like 60 years or something like that. you got to think there was a reason for repealing that section of that. Yep. It's always a reason for everything. Okay, here we go. Melania and her mom that, that died, just everybody, please keep all of them in your prayers. You know, I'm, I'm sure that, that they're, that they're hurting very, very significantly right now with losing her precious mother. And I just want to let you know, Melania and, and President Trump, and your whole family. We just love you so much, and we're carrying you in our prayers and our hearts at this time, because we really do care about you, not just as President of the United States, which is like a big thing, but as human beings, and our hearts are sad for you, and hope that you're filled with some comfort at this time, and joy knowing that she's she's resting in the arms of, of Jesus and, and, uh, someday we'll all be reunited on the other side. Not that it helps right now. You know, you go through that when you go through the sadness. Oh, here's a, here's a picture of, of her. There's some, I was going to say, there's a nice picture of her with Trump. I called him, um, um, Mar-a-Lago Trump. Cause it looks like the guy that that's always standing there with his thumbs up, got a big grand is Mar-a-Lago Trump and her. And I think there was a comment with the original post about how you could see where Melania gets her looks from. She looked kind of classy. I don't see it there. Polish ex ministers. Here we go. Head for jail as police swoop on the presidential palace. And here you go, there's how the Polish conservative MP responded when the globalists announced they were going to have him arrested. Yeah, well, there you go. That's a great response right there. There's some stories of violence happening all over the place. Ecuador was a big story that I think a lot of people missed or it was kind of confusing. I saw some information about that, but once again, not anything I would consider real reliable. Do you have a good source for that? It sounded like there was a lot going on there, but I couldn't tell exactly what. Well, a few, like last week, I think it was last week or the beginning of this week, I started looking at the air traffic over there. And there was some odd vehicles that popped up across Europe. And I've never seen them before. You know, usually seaplanes. These were ground vehicles that popped up. And their formation was odd. Let me show you a minute because it was kind of a crazy time. And in Warsaw, there were two of them. that looked like they were there you know to do business let me see if i can find him a minute i thought i thought it was significant significant enough to post it i'd like to have another foreign channel to follow I watch a couple that are specific to Ukraine, but they share a lot of worldwide stuff that I don't get elsewhere. Tommy Robinson is another one that shares things from all over Europe. I like his stuff. He can be a little raw with his content, which I really do think that we need to man up enough to take a look at what's going on there because We have to look at this stuff, even if it's difficult. He shares some things from Italy. I think he had Scotland within the last couple of days. France and England especially, because that's where he's from. But he shares a lot of videos with... Boy, if you want to know what's happening with the illegals over there, they're getting absolutely swamped. And these people, one of the most outrageous ones is they, and Trump mentioned this happening in New York where they were putting illegals in a school. Well, they're doing that in the UK too. They ran out of room to put them. So they shut down the school, made them go to, virtual so that they had a place to house the illegals. So not only are your tax dollars going to house and feed these people, but now you're removing those tax dollars from the school system. But they also have this thing where these guys, they're being full grown bearded men and they identify as children. They throw their IDs into the sea the moment they get there and laugh about it, videos of themselves doing that. And then they go to the government and say, well, I'm actually 13 or 18 or 16 or whatever. They put them in the school. And they tease both boys and girls. and prompt them i want sex in this form with you and whatever and the parents and the staff are so afraid that they refuse to do anything about it so here's these kids being exposed to this nonsense in their school decide and then they they are attacking people in the street He posted a video I opted not to share with what appears to be a gang rape of a woman in a street. They are masturbating in the street. They're attacking people with machetes. There's another video I shared with this very large dark-skinned man that they called an illegal. And he's walking along this walkway inside a building. Looked like it could be a parking garage or something like that. But pretty well lit. And everybody's walking peacefully along. And all of a sudden he lurches sideways and throws this woman. She hits the wall, falls down, and she's kaput. And he just shoves and attacks these women randomly. You just... There's no way to protect yourself when you can't. There's nothing to expect. They do the unexpected. They do not care about the people at all. They will happily rape a woman and think nothing of it. These people have no nationalism in the countries they actually are wanting to take over. They have no humanity. No humanity because they are, especially because they're not from there. They care even less. They're desiring to take it over and they're just biding their time until they can get enough of them there to do it. The violence is crazy and the government is paying for them to be there. And they're doing it here too. It's a power struggle. And this is a military, a long, long, long military tactic of invading a country with refugees. It's a military tactic because it's the Trojan horse, right? Oh, feel sorry for them. They're coming here because they need a better life. Really? No, they're not. It's the way they're getting an invading army into the country. And I hope y'all are prepared for having to deal with it because not only did they let them in, they paid them to be here. So here is the here's the screenshots I took when I was watching when I was watching what was happening and it was on the 30th of December. All of a sudden these vehicles popped up and I've never seen them on anything ever before. And also these gray towers. There's a few of them, but there's not many of them. And all of a sudden when they're all online, it was crazy. And so we're looking at I started, you know, watching it. And then France's airspace got shut down. And so did part of Spain's and Portugal's. And it was an odd thing. And their Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. So they've got five vehicles on the ground there, wham, that come up on site. I don't know what they are. Okay, I just don't know what they are. So it was just odd because I've never seen them before. And a lot of them had no-call signals that were up in the air. And so no-call signal, this one's, you know, Air Europa coming, but there's no-call signal on it, which was just odd. And how they were following each other, they followed, and the whole thing just was odd. You don't see those patterns. So we go to Portugal here, and we've got, you know, we've got another no-call signal in Portugal. So something's going on. We've got Helsinki and Estonia there, and they've got the vehicles in it. And then look down here in Warsaw, Poland. And then here you go. There's the airport in Warsaw. Isn't that strange? Really strange. There's nothing else there but these vehicles that are on the ground there. There's Warsaw. They're all around the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of these vehicles are on the airport in Warsaw. And you're saying this is on the military-only screen? No, that's not military. That was just out there. I did do some military checking on these, but it's just weird. And at the same time, that was the same military channel. That's the military channel in the United States. We had one tower, and those were all the birds that were up. Is it? That's crazy. Yeah. There's never that few up. No, no, it's not. And so that's the, with the military channel off, that's all flights in the United States. So somebody had their transponders off, people. That's what's happening. And then all of a sudden around Paris, now they got all of the airspace locked down. All these towers or whatever they are, I don't even know what they are. They could be mobile, but I have no idea what they were, but I hadn't seen them. And not like this. I hadn't seen it before. It was weird, just weird. So now they got the French airspace shut down. And look at these vehicles are parked. in almost a semi-circle, looks like they're pointing at France. It was weird. Look at the formation here. There's a pattern here, people. There was nothing in the news cycle that could explain that. This is all air traffic over France is gone. Goodbye. We just shut her down. Same thing. Mostly, there were other areas that were shut down, too. Romania was shut down. at a point in time. So here's France. Here's part of Spain. And what the heck's going on in Portugal? It was weird. Totally, totally off the wall. We got Ireland shut down here too. So since that happened, you haven't heard anybody else offering some explanations up or ideas, theories? No, I just look at this and I look at this. We've got Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. You've got Romania here. You've got part of Ukraine shut down. Belarus is shut down. So we've got Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania. And, you know, Ukraine, part of Russia, this whole area is just completely, completely shut down. I'm like, what the living heck is going on here? This is some kind of crazy stuff. You know, it's not normal. So, you know, looking for the patterns is what I do. Just looking for patterns. Craziness. Didn't make sense at all. And then throw the military channel on. You know, what's military up in the air? We've got one U.S. plane up there. One U.S. plane and we got a tower there. One tower and one U.S. plane. Strange. Really, really, really strange. So I thought I'd show you that because that was odd. Something to watch. It's kind of a cool thing. I'm kind of obsessed by it, quite honestly. I like watching the aircraft that's up in the air. Always interesting. It's funny how much information you can glean from very public sources. Yeah, you don't have to have any clearance of anything. Just keep your eyes open. And here you go. I think this is good. God is with us. Who will be strong enough to run the race? You know, a lot of people, I believe, you know, there's people out there like Christina Karama who told people your votes don't count, which she's kind of right. But that doesn't mean that you stop voting, right? Until we get the machines out of the way. They haven't been county, but we have to overwhelm them with people who get in there and say, no matter what it looks like, we're going to put our effort, go forward, and God will bless our efforts. So vote. If there's an election coming up, do your research, do your homework, and get out there and vote because this needs to happen. Oh, I think this is great. So, Ralph, you're going to like this one. So this was about when Brandenburg News Network came on tour. We're on tour now and we're finding out, we're researching ways to keep Brandenburg News Network up no matter what happens. If the internet goes down, our goal is to figure out a way to keep that up and thwart their plans. to stop us from bringing the truth forward and getting it in front of people. So look, we took the hostages, secured the building, and cut the communication lines, like you said. Excellent. But then this guy climbed up the ventilation ducts and walked across broken glass, killing anyone we sent to stop him, and he rescued the hostages. No, he ignored them. He just reconnected the cables. We caught muttering something about uptime. Oh man, I'm not going to say the word, but we're dealing with a sysadmin. Yep. Sometimes that's about what it feels like. Crazy times. And with BNN being up on tour too, um, Tor gets really demonized a lot in the news coverage, but there's nothing illegal or immoral about Tor. Tor is just another method of getting information from one point on the internet to another point on the internet. It's just it encrypts it several times. It's like if anyone's familiar with a VPN for if you've If you watch any videos anywhere online, you see commercials for all the different VPN services, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, all of those different services, where it basically encrypts your traffic from you to somewhere else so that your internet provider can't spy on you. And Tor is basically the same kind of thing. It's just a VPN. And so, you know, there's nothing wrong with that as a communications medium. Where you get into trouble is where people see that as, oh, my communications are protected from spying, so I can do whatever I want without any consequences and start getting into doing things. stuff online that is definitely illegal or immoral but that's not due to tor that's due to the person using tor for bad purposes and there's an awful lot of good things that can come out of tor I mean, I think if I remember right, the original Tor was originally developed by the Department of Defense and was primarily targeted at users in areas with oppressive governments, primarily that being China, to be able to access the Western Internet. And now it's just, you know, all of that spying that we always saw China doing and thought was absolutely morally abhorrent is now just in our own country. And so, you know, I'm actually a fan of using Tor for absolutely utterly benign purposes. You know, you want to go look at... Go look at... cute kitten videos watch it over tor just because you can you know interesting yeah just don't get into the nasty stuff but you can get in nasty stuff on twitter and facebook and all of them if you understand or know if you understand or know the the words to put in yeah i thought this was funny it's like the tool isn't the problem it's the user that's the problem So here you go. This is a joke, people. Okay, this is a joke. Don't be stupid. But how many dogs have the freaking FBI shot? Go in. Let's just go in and shoot the dog. That would make a lot of sense. You know why they're doing that? To inflame somebody to act so they can shoot you. That's what they want to do. They're the Federal Bureau of, I'm going to say, I'm going to change the I to an E, entrapment. Entrapment. Coercion. We need to add some letters to their name because just like the LGBTQRX, whatever it is, I don't even care anymore. I'm so done with that discussion. It's not even funny. It's like either we're Americans or we're not. Just knock off the labels. But I did think this was kind of amusing. Yeah, that's funny. I think it's funny. It's not the tool. I've never seen a gun. If you left a firearm on a table and you walked away from it, I have never, ever, ever seen a firearm that picks itself up and shoots, be it in a target or anything else. It's not. The problem is the user. The problem is it's a pep cat, right? Yep. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. That's exactly where it is. It's the, it's the user. That's the problem. So we got to remember that it's that, you know, you got stupid users, you're going to have stupid outcomes and these people are stupid. So there you go. Oh, here's the thing. Great thing with Tor though, too, is can't censor, you know, it's because that traffic is, is encrypted end to end. It's, You can't just have it be invisibly censored in between. You have an actual reasonably secure communications medium between you and whatever you're trying to access. So it gives you some degree of confidence that you can actually verify who you're talking to and know that it's not being tampered with in between. Okay, I'm going to bring up a blog that I like to check in on every once in a while. Talk amongst yourselves. Whatever you guys want to talk about. Today was one of those random clean up information days. Don Jr. writes, make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance because anyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it or reveal that they're part of it by staying silent. Demand, our side talk about surveillance is really, or demanding, is really the closest to Xanatos Gambit our side has. That's interesting he would use that term. That is an odd term to use. Well, that term is – that's a term that comes from – where I've seen it used before is on a site called TV Tropes. That is the category of basically – The category started with a character on, I think it was the 90s cartoon Gargoyles, with a very manipulative bad guy who was good at portraying himself as a good guy. And, yeah, see, they're the first thing that comes up there. And there's TV Tropes. Okay. Okay. Let's explore this a little bit. All right. So keep talking. So it's basically setting up all outcomes so that the bad guy wins or, you know, the good guy wins. It doesn't really it's not necessarily a thing that's. That's evil. It's just the first thing that, you know, Xanatos was the bad guy of that show, I think. And so that's kind of where that came from. But the idea is someone who's basically so brilliant at setting up situations and, you know, manipulating people that they can set up every possible outcome of something so that they still win. So even when it looks like they're going to lose, they still win. So it's interesting that he would use that term in that because that's, yeah, that's interesting. That is interesting. And we all know that God is in control. So guess what? He wins every time. Go ahead, bad guys. Prolong your pain. All right, what do we have? The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable. And so if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally, he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are. So it looks like Anonymous Conservative is going to be moving the domain. Let's see, not brand new. Jeffrey Epstein and his VP associates had prior knowledge to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center months before that happened, according to Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend, Lady Victoria Epstein. Herve. So so I think this is funny. Of course he did, because this was like a CIA Mossad op who set this thing up. There's no possible way anybody's going to make me believe that this was not an inside job because of the reaction that Bush had on it. as well as, um, the other things. I mean, come on. How, how, how stupid does somebody have to be to believe that they found in a whole city full of paper that was blowing everywhere? The two passports, they had this like tied down. Oh, they got their passports. How did that happen when the plane blew up and everything burned and the, uh, the building blew up and everything. How did their passports survive this? The planes with no windows blew up, you mean? Yeah. And nanothermite is definitely a naturally occurring substance. Yeah, but we're all conspiracy theorists, and they found the passports within, what, like two hours, had this thing nailed down to who was responsible. Now, I'm pretty extra sure that this was – Mossad and CIA, just like everything else that was brought down as an internal thing. So here we go. Headline Supreme Court declines to your access challenge to FBI surveillance gag orders. Oh, you mean the Federal Bureau of Insurrections? Let's see what this have to say. No, thanks. Issued. Let's see what we have here. No, thank you. I don't just subscribe. Supreme Court declines to your ex's challenge to FBI surveillance gag orders. If you're tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to, alright, well, I'm not right now, has been undergoing more than just superficial branding transformations of late, going from a reliable ally of state-driven censorship to a platform that became the first major one to try to shed light on mechanisms and practices of deep state censorship. You know what? I want to call Elon Musk right now and all of X to disclose all the private messaging that was happening behind the scenes of all of our deep state people because we know that was going on. If they threw those out there, oh, let's say Pelosi or Schumer or, you know, all of them, they're sitting on the top. And great, great intel coming from Ivan Raiklin, by the way, on that. Going to give him a shout-out. Hat tip. Bing. Ivan Raiklin. You know, I think they should throw that right out to everyone. Let's take a look at – let's see, Elon. I would like you – I would make this request in your striving for transparency to dump all of – pull a Julian Assange. and dump all of the text messages. Wouldn't that be special? That'd be so special. So have you ever seen anything about Warrant Canaries? Warrant Canaries, no. Okay, so it's kind of a legal workaround loophole that some places do where- Sorry, Karen left again and now she's back. According to some of the FISA warrant rules, you cannot disclose, because like there, they usually issue a gag order, you cannot disclose that you have received a warrant for information for when they want to spy on somebody. Twitter can't disclose that they received a warrant to John Smith to have all of his data shipped off to the NSA. But Websites can, and also on that, they have, in most cases, they also make it so that the company cannot disclose the number of warrants that they have received in a particular period of time. So a lot of the companies, you'll see they will publish a range of, like, Smaller ones might say zero to 50 warrants, or they might say, you know, 100,000 warrants to 500,000 warrants, but they can't say the exact number. So the idea behind a warrant canary is that, well, a gag order may keep somebody from saying something about it, but a gag order does not compel that person to say something. So if they publish a statement before they have received any warrants on anything saying that we have not received any warrants, and then they get a warrant, well, they are not compelled to continue saying that. So they can take that down, the statement that they have not received any warrants, they can take that down and not violate any of the gag orders. Because otherwise, it would be compelled speech and it would be illegal. So they can't take that away from them. So because of it being basically a canary in a coal mine for whether or not a company has received a FISA warrant, it's called a warrant canary. And you'll see that a few places around. There's people that keep an eye out for warrant canaries on various things. Hmm. Arlena threw a term out yesterday that I was not familiar with. Let me see if, if you guys have heard about this, this was kind of interesting. Um, I have to take me a minute to find it. Um, hang on, see which, where I stashed it. You might know what this means. Um, It is a lost one. Hang on. Warson. Let's see. Have you heard anything about Warson? I have not. That's a new one. We got to look that one up too. But here's one I want to share with you guys that was out. New evidence revealed GBI strategies, the fraudulent Muskegon voter registrations, which helped rig our elections and deprive our rightful president of the United States of his office, gives stunning interview, lists urban cities where organization operates in Michigan and nationwide. I want to see if we can get this video up. Is that a new interview? It looks to be. It looks to be. Because this came out on the 10th of, this is a brand new post here, came out on the 10th of January, 2024. Let's see if we've got, here we go. That's not new. That's not the new one? Well, then Gateway Pundit fell down. Seth shared something yesterday about stuff that was old. And I was like, well, that's from like August of last year. And maybe he was just bringing it back up so that people pay attention when they're interested. But yeah, those look like clips that have been aired before. Okay, why do we have to keep going to people have to be obsessed with their toilet time? Like all these stupid videos. Excuse me, my goodness, what is going on here? Let's see. I thought look at every single one. Oh, now I gotta tell you, do those two women not look absolutely insane to you? Of course, they always pick the best pictures. That they freeze from when they're in the middle of talking. Of course. There's one reason why Karen the Riveter doesn't show her face on here. And I take screenshots of Donna from time to time making faces. Yeah, and then she sends them to me and I'm like... Yeah, I've got a face for radio and a voice for silent films. Well, at least you're out there talking. I mean, that's an important part of this. So, yeah, so very interesting. I think there's going to be more that's going to come out on some of this. And I'm hoping Seth Keschel had an accident. I sent him a text the other day wishing him well. And, you know, he said that he's pretty beat up right now. So, you know, speedy recovery to Seth Keschel. We wish you well, my friend, and I wish you a speedy recovery out there. I did sponsor the maps that he and Mark Fincham had been working on for the state of Michigan for the counties of Muskegon. Oh, I don't know, Muskegon, Kent, and Ottawa, where there is a very, very, very high probability of lots and lots of registrations and problems happening. in problems with the voting protocols that they have snuck through in their little goat rodeo, you know? So, I mean, perfect elections. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's what it is, isn't it? The most secure ever. Yes. We should not be questioning. Do not question our methods. That's what they're saying. Well, it might just be the most secure ever. Just, you know, secured against the American populace having any actual voice. Here we go. Klaus Schwab, do not question your elections or Nestle will put you in jail. Does that stop us? No, no, it doesn't stop us at all. Keep out there and keep moving, people. Keep talking about it and never shut up. You got to question it and hold them accountable. Some just like him. I do well, don't I? That guy's a nut job. What a nut job. And that Harari that stands next to him, his little paid monkey. Oh, I know what it was. I know what it was that made me laugh so hard the other day. It was like the first thing I saw that morning was McCrone. And he put in an appointed, what is it, like a prime minister or something. And the guy is really young, handsome boyish looking, but he's openly gay. And it's the first openly gay guy. And he's also one of those, what do they call them, those WEF young men. Assets of the world. He's a WEF guy. And I was like, yes, you just made it. Like if people did not already understand who McCrone was and who he works for, which is not the people they do now, it is just like, how much worse can you do for the people? Then you, then put a WEF guy it wasn't that he was gay that I was pointing at although there might be some French people who really have an opposition to that but but like I just can't help but laugh. You just put in somebody that makes it really clear who's in charge of your country. Let your country further wake up. They are ticked in France. They've been doing so many protests. I don't know if they're still protesting now. It's been a while that I've seen where they had done like two months straight of protesting. I'm sure that's a favorite French pastime. And if they, I don't know, they may be joining up with the Germans and the Polish with the farmers. Let's just go out there and throw a whole bunch of manure on the streets. That's what they did. Yeah, well, they've got, farmers have been going at it for a little while because they tried to tax them in a way that the people were like, we can't have this. You're attacking the source of our food and we're not doing that. And now they've got people joining in. Motorcycles, vehicles of all kinds. They had little children lining the streets just like we did with our trucker protests in Canada and America. They're like, oh, the children are afraid. Yeah, right. They're standing there at the side of the road with their little flags waving. They're so cute. And this is the people. And I said, you know, this is fantastic because we've had our doubts about the Germans. But They learned a lesson from the, you know, separate them, put a star on their chest, and then take them out in boxcars. They are not sitting idly by. You know, it used to be that you had this poem about, well, they came for so-and-so, and I didn't act because that wasn't me. And then they came for so-and-so, and finally they do come for you. Well, they came for the farmers, right? And the Germans put their foot down right there and said, we are not going to allow this to happen because they recognize that it does affect them. It's not just farmers that it affects. It's all of the people. And now we have a protest. Yes. Yeah. And it's nice. It's nice to see. And it's. It's a form of protest that's actually effective and not bringing forth a lot of violence. So good for them. And President Trump, absolutely the rightful president of the United States. You know, we have to stand for each other. This is the American process that we stand for. And it's important to remember that. It's more important that you stand up for the rights of the people that you don't like than it is that you stand up for your own rights. I agree with that statement. I've been talking about that recently with regards to New York Times versus Sullivan and the OMA. If you understand the act and the ruling, the act is actually unconstitutional and against the Bill of Rights and against the New York Times versus Sullivan case. that ruling, that Supreme Court ruling, allows for freedom of speech in a public body meeting. So when you go to your government and you say, I have a grievance, they cannot shut you down for any reason. It doesn't matter if you cuss at them. It doesn't matter if you say something that they don't like or they disagree with. They cannot stop you from saying so. And I have stood up for other people in those public meetings before. And when the other people did not know those things and could not defend themselves effectively, I was ready. And not always, I admit it. There was a time or two that I didn't know any better or was observing what was happening and considering the timing of things. But there were times where I knew that people were going to disagree with me. But I made sure that the other thing is that the rest of the people there did not make such a ruckus that that person could not be heard because they might disagree with them. No, you want to be heard. They want to be heard. And we all deserve to be heard. And that means we self-police. And you give everybody a chance. And that self-respect, because I've seen other people do that too. When you respect yourself and you respect your own rights, you respect the rights of other people. And even if we disagreed with each other, we could be living harmoniously in the same meeting in the same community for a short term and a long term. I hate your opinion and I think you're wrong, but I don't hate you. And we can live side by side together. There's a difference. And if you focus on the rights of everybody, it's a lot easier to become objective and non-emotional in a way that offends other people. There's my rant. That's a great rant. Awesome rant. And it is about defending people's rights, God-given rights. I mean, the rights are given by God. They're guaranteed by the Constitution, which is a lawful process. One thing we didn't get to talk about is my little foray into court yesterday. Yeah, well, I got asked a stupid question in cross-examination by the other attorney who was trying to fight his way out of a no-win situation at that moment in time, from what I could see. And he asked my opinion on something as I sat there and I'm like, my opinion, why does my opinion matter on this? And I'm like, I thought this is supposed to be a lawful process. We're in a court, which means that our actions should be based on the law. So you're going to bring an opinion into this on what I'm like, my opinion doesn't matter. This is a contractual issue. Came back and he said, but what is your opinion? And I said, doesn't matter. This is a lawful process. My opinion absolutely has no bearing on this whatsoever. No matter what, we're talking about a contractual failing right here. And that's what we're talking about. He asked me a third time and I'm like, you got my answer. I'm not changing it. And the, the, the, the, the attorney sat there and he's like, like, he don't know what to say. He's like, can she do that? I'm like, yeah, I can do that. I don't work for you. And, you know, it's like, you're not going to, you're not going to shut me up just by your stupid impertinent questions. Cause they were impertinent, you know? And, and so like, like, why would you bring up something that retarded? And I'm going to say the word, you know, it's just, just, it was, it was a ridiculous statement. In a courtroom. So now we're devolving into he said, she said. And trying to get people off the hook. What? Attacking the character. It's an attack. He's trying to get you to step into something. And he can use it to discredit you. I thought it was kind of funny. I'm like, I'm just like, stop here. Okay, you can take your nonsense and work your little black magic on somebody else. But I'm way too ornery to answer that kind of a question and not going to do it. Good response for it, though. Well, and I mean, it needed to be said. I mean, if we have to sit there and educate these bar attorneys, so be it. Let's do it. Call me every single day into court. Great. That's fantastic. You know, and then, you know, in cross-examination, the other side says, well, how about we talk about the 10,000 lost signatures since you brought it up? I'm like, that is beautiful. Absolutely. I want to talk about that. Let's just talk about everything. You keep me up here for eight hours and we will talk about everything. And I'm going to bring you right back to the fact we're talking about a lawful process that has fallen down because the whole thing broke down. And the great thing is, is that I, Donna Brandenburg, got to see it firsthand. And the questions were so ridiculous. in cross-examination, you know, because they couldn't even, they had no argument on the contractual matters. So then they had to try to go into the non-contractual matters and talk about it off, you know, trying to just find some way to getting their client off, you know, getting them off a guilty judgment. So I'm like, I don't know. You know, it's like it's like it was it was actually kind of fun for me. I thought it was kind of amusing. Not we're not talking like, you know. Yeah, I was more amused than I was anything. It was just kind of amusing, quite honestly. Like, OK, pretty entertaining. Yeah, it was fair. It was fairly entertaining for me. Got to the point where the judge just kept, because the other side, you know, you could see the reaction from the people that were in the courtroom at that moment in time. And, you know, they thought, I'm pretty sure that they thought they were going to, you know, get somewhere with this. And next thing I know, the other side was all sitting there like a bunch of codfish, like, can she say this? Yeah, I can say it. You can ask me a question. I'm going to give you my answer and it's going to be a full and honest answer. And that's the way it's going to be. You know, tell the truth, tell the truth every single time. And they're going to ask you, make them sit through your answer. It's just like going into these, these government organizations that, that case you just brought up, New York Times versus Sullivan. Sullivan versus New York Times. I don't remember the order. But the point is, is that this is a personal filibuster. You have that right to personally filibuster a meeting. Throw that out there. Somebody tries to take you out. Guess what? They just violated the law. The people sitting in the seats don't have the right to do it. Neither does any of their little secret police that they send to shut us up. Filibuster them. Throw that one out there. You got as much time to talk as you want. Oh, I told them they were going to, oh, this was funny. Went to the MCC meeting on DEI a year or two ago. And the first woman they shut down, this is where I feel guilty because I should have stood up for the first woman right off the bat. And I was just kind of so shocked that I didn't. She wanted to explain the definition of DEI. And they shut her down because they disagreed. And she tried to fight for her time to get the time back on the clock, but it wasn't... She basically let go of her right and relented. But then later on, they had quite a few people that wanted to say something, and then they got tired of listening to kind of the same opinion over and over. And so they said, well... we're we can't be here for very much longer so we're just gonna stop um how about we allow a couple more people and then we're and i raised my hand from the back of the room and said may i and and the the lady in charge she's an elderly woman who had just been given a bouquet of roses for her service at the start of the meeting because she had apparently been there forever And she just looked shell shocked. Like nobody has ever done this before. I don't know what to do with this. And so I just started speaking. I was out of turn. I had no right, except that I do. They said, may I? She allowed it. And so I said, I stood up and I said, you must hear everybody who wants to speak according to the Open Meetings Act. If you have to be here all day, you have to hear everyone who wishes to speak. If you fail to do that, you will be committing a misdemeanor. And all of a sudden, one of the board members in the back, young woman raised her hand and she says, well, I would actually like to hear from everybody. And how long did this meeting last? Well, I think, see, this is the thing. If you show people respect, the audience, the audience is what they call us, the audience being the people, will be reasonable. And so if there were people that wanted to speak but chose not to, they probably chose not to because somebody has already said exactly what they wanted to say. And they didn't have to waste everybody's time. They could be reasonable. So they did have to hear several more people, but they weren't there all night. And then they could continue on with the meeting. And this public meeting or the public comment period was early enough into the meeting that they were anxious to get to the rest. And so that was one of the pressures that they had. Well, I'm sorry, but you're bringing up a good point. It's like when, when you, when you bring some pressure to them, you know, we can do that. And that does shut this nonsense down. I saw one meeting where they literally use that as a personal filibuster and they kept talking and talking and they would not stand down, which they shouldn't. They should, we're not there. We're not their little lackeys there, you know, that they may be familiar with the lackey situation up there, but we're not their lackeys. And they removed the, finally the board walked out and they walked out on their meeting and they voted in all new people. It can happen. We just got to be willing to do it and have a little bit of courage and conviction. So I wanted to show you something now that we're on here a minute. Let me bring this up because you'll think this is cool, Karen and Ralph. Check this out. We'll leave everybody with happy thoughts of things that can be done to make the world a better place. All right, so decided I cranked up my freeze dryer and started freeze drying things. So this was my freeze dryer with eggs. I can get 18 eggs in each tray and we're freezing it, right? So I got to show you the outcome of said activity. Hang on a minute. Let me grab one of these. And here we go. Here is what, look, this is 18 eggs frozen right there. And it's the consistency is kind of like it's, I've got a harvest right, freeze dryer. And these are the little bags that, you know, that you can put them in the Mylar bags. And we've got like the sealer that comes in, double sealed this for extra protection. That puppy is good for 25 to 30 years right there in a bag. So today is going to be another round of eggs. And for a special individual out there who made a request, I'm going to do Skittles. You know, just about any time freeze-drying comes up, people bring up freeze-dried Skittles. I've never had them, but now it's so overwhelming. I have to. I have to do Skittles, right? And yogurt drops. Do you know how many times yogurt drops, ice cream sandwiches, Skittles comes up? And I'm like, I would think that we would be focusing on healthy food. No, no, no, no. We go right to the Skittles. I went to the bookstore, like, I think it was last week. And there were a couple of gals walking past and they were talking about freeze-dried Skittles. And I had heard about that a few weeks ago, too. And it's like, why are people so obsessed with freeze-dried Skittles? This is like the Roman Empire thing, right? It's like men think about the Roman Empire like twice a day, right? Yeah, those memes are hilarious. Yeah, and then all of a sudden you're talking to somebody who brings up the Roman Empire, and you're like, why? Why are the freeze-dried Skittles there? It's nuts. It's absolutely crazy. I was at a festival. I can't remember where I was. It was a wood carving or something like that festival, and they had a whole booth Just dedicated to freeze dried candy. All right. And they have these little bags. Yeah. Okay. So here's my freeze drying from, from harvest, right? No, I don't get a, I am not taking any money from, from harvest. Right. I'm just sharing what I'm doing. Right. You do things like tomatoes. And so all of this and then fruits, vegetables, let's see dairy. There's things you can't do like fruit jams doesn't work. Um, high fat content, honey syrups, that sort of thing, but you just can those things anyway. Why would you do that? I've got, you should see my, my, my canning, my canning, uh, effort right now. I'm using it for. Let's see. I think there's actually Skittles in here. Types of freeze-dried fruit. What is on top? Ice cream sandwiches. I'm like, why would you do this? I don't understand this. Oh, okay. We'll bite on this. We're going to figure this out. Well, probably from the whole astronaut ice cream thing that they've been selling since the space program. which actually is kind of an interesting story because the whole freeze-dried ice cream thing was actually developed as a promotional thing, not as a, like for the general public, not as a thing to send ice cream into space. I'm doing that healthy chips and creamy white bean dip. I am so doing that. That looks so good. There's actually some recipes in here where you can, you know, make things in this. It's kind of cool and package it all up, but it's kind of, it's kind of funny. And this whole obsession with, I'm not kidding you. Here's a whole section on freeze dried candy. And what do we have right here? Let's see right here. Freeze-dried Skittles. This is in the manual, people. This is in the manual. Let's see. They look like pool balls. Yes. Let's see. We've got gummy bears. got all this free why would a person freeze i don't know but at this point in time i'm going to do it because i have to find out and the only way to find out is this to do this you know to to freeze so in the comments i'm looking oh so so somebody in so somebody in the chat literally said love said freeze-dried skittles are good very crackly really You know what this is all about? I've missed a cultural thing here and completely blew my Skittles. I'm not a big Skittle eater. I'm going to tell you that right now. But I clearly broke or blew part of Americana with the obsession with freeze-dried Skittles. So I'm going to be doing this. I love the purple ones. You can get a big, giant bag of purple ones from my area. So Karen the Riveter knows about freeze-dried Skittles. I'm the one that told you about it. What's that? I'm the one that told you about it. Well, actually, I've had like probably six people that have come forward and said, you've got a freeze-dryer, you've got to do Skittles. And I'm like, Skittles. Skittles. Okay. Well, I guess I'm going to be trying Skittles here. So if there's any other things that people think I should try, please put it in the chat because now... I'm like totally and completely shock and shock and awe. I'm going to do some avocado. See, I was thinking like, okay, I can freeze dry avocados. That would be a nice, they say that that's a really nice snack. I've never done that, but kind of healthy. Sounds, sounds pretty healthy. I'm thinking about, you know, look, look at even the fruits. It looks kind of cool. You put them in like a little Mason jar or something like that. And you've got your bananas and, All that sort of thing you could do. You make powder. Look at whole powder, smoothie powder. Okay, I'm drinking a smoothie right now. There's my smoothie, my protein shake. So freeze dry some stuff, throw it in there, you know, like kale and such. That looks like a good plan. Powder it all up. So Ralph spends his time making 3D models and Donna spends her time making freeze dried Skittles. Yeah, well, I haven't, but apparently the way to squash the insurrection, the Skittle insurrection that apparently is at my door, I guess I'm going to be doing freeze-dried Skittles. Hey, at least Skittles now, the green Skittles, they had them at Green Apple for a while. They're finally back to lime again. Why would somebody choose Green Apple over lime? Lime is like a superior taste. Yeah, and that was pretty much the general sentiment of the internet. And I think that's probably why they brought lime back. Huh. Like, you remember in your, well, maybe you don't because I'm much older. But if, when I was a kid, I loved, you know, when we had popsicles, my favorite ones were the banana popsicle and the lime popsicle. That was a good day when you would get away from grape. I didn't like the grape popsicles. Grape, strawberry, watermelon. Yeah, those weren't my... They were too sweet. I always used to like raspberry ones. But I like raspberries anyway. There you go. I've been really into pineapple. They had a... I was eyeing a whole, which I don't normally do, a whole pineapple, but... There was an organic one in the store, and I thought maybe I should try that. And then I saw that they had a huge bin of regular ones. Buy one, get one free. So we ended up buying three of them, and I'm on the third now. You ever see that technique where people roll them? They'll roll pineapples, and then all of the little segments come out individually? Oh, yeah. I think I've seen that before. I've never tried that, but it looks cool. All right, we're going to try this right now. We're going to go look and then I'm going to bring up the U.S. Taxpayers Party meeting on January 27th. And we're going to plug that right now. Please join us. I've had a lot of a tremendous amount of response on this, and I think this is going to be great. So let's see. Rolling a pineapple to pull it apart. It's a thing, guys. It really is. You wouldn't believe it, but it is a thing. So let me see what we have here. We'll look at videos together, and we're learning to research together here. Pull it up as we go. I think there's some real positive things to learn as we go. Okay. So, Ralph, pick one. Oh, I don't know. Here's one. It's one way to eat pineapple. Maybe the pineapple trick works. Pineapple trick works. To the right. Here we go. Let's see what our friends are doing here. I've just been carving while I'm giving the parts up from the outside to the chickens. They look at me like, really? That's what we get today? But they eat it. All right, let's see what we got here. We're going to have to go through the prostate ads. Oh, no, they didn't do it. Hi, everyone. It's Lucas from the LA Times. I just want to say a couple of things. Number one, I'm a human being with feelings. And number two, Ben Mims, cooking columnist for the Los Angeles Times, thinks he's about to show me up. I would also just like to point out that all of my mentions that are like, why didn't you get some super ripe Southeast Asian varietal and let it sit in a brown bag for three months? You moron. I like this guy. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ben Mims. Hi, world. Ben Mims, cooking columnist for LA Times. What we're going to do is prove that you can peel apart a pineapple. Pineapples have been eaten since before. People were using knives to cut them open. So there's got to be a way. So let's get started. That's a really ripe pineapple. Just start kind of digging at it with my fingers. Okay, that's not rolling. Yeah, that's different. Let's see. Okay, we might need to try a different video. To get it started. Get this guy to pull apart cleanly. Look at that. Look at that. Go up. Get it started. Push it in. That's not going to look good in the dessert tray or anything. I'm going to veto that video right now. Let's see what else we have here. So let's go into row. So we can pull them apart. Now let's see what else we have here. How about rolling it? I'm not seeing the rolling thing. Pineapple pull apart. So we can pull it apart. What happens to rolling? I'm not seeing anything here. Tap and turn how to pull apart pineapple. I'm spending way too much time on this. I saw the rolling number too. I think I just found one. I just posted it in the chat. All right. Let's see about this. Oh, you people are like savage. I'm looking in the private chat here. I didn't even see this whole thing until just now. It was like all kinds of, holy Moses. There's all kinds of stuff you guys put in there. Thank you so very much. You know that I need help. Hold on. Eating pineapple. Oh, there it is. Hold on. Stop. Off the rails. Okay, here we go. Hold on a minute. Let's see if we can redo this. All right. Here's a guy doing the row. Let's see if we can do the rolling pineapple thing. Tap, tap, tap. Roll, roll, roll. Tap, tap, tap. Oh, he actually used a knife for it. What's that? He used a knife for it. That's what he was showing. Oh, that's funny. That's funny, but yes, I think that there is a rolling method to tear apart a pineapple. Chickens don't eat the top either. And it doesn't compost very well. Huh. At least it doesn't look like it does, you know, when compared to everything else I throw out there for the chickens. I don't like watermelon rinds either. Yeah, they can be picky little guys. They take everything down but the very thin rind. But that will break down after a little while. Yeah, but throw grass in there with them and you've just made their day happy. That's what they like. So, all right, guys. Well, it is that time of the day, boys and girls, that we need to say a prayer and head out to our day. So thanks for being here, Karen and Ralph. This is fun. I always like going through stuff with you guys. It's just fun. So anyhow, you want to pray today, Karen? Yeah, you go ahead. Put me on the phone. That's okay. I, I just kind of, I don't really think about it too much, quite honestly, which I'm sure everybody can tell. So dear heavenly father, thank you so very much for this day and for Karen and for Ralph and all the fun things that we can do together, just as being friends, sitting around the kitchen table, talking about issues that are important to everyone. Um, and, uh, Thank you so much for everyone out there and the fact that you're bringing together your family and we can stand together fighting for what's right. And you know what? I'm just really thankful that you've given us an opportunity to test our wings a little bit, to do the right thing. Sometimes we don't quite fly straight and then you get us back on the path again and it's all good. But we love you. We love everything that you're doing for us. And we ask that you would show us exactly what it is that you would like us to do, how you would like us to do it, because this is your sandbox. This is your world. And we're ready to play and always ready and willing to play by your rules. We just need to know what they are. There are so many people that do not know what really the rules are and why there needs to be rules there. So please help us too. help others to understand, help us to be understanding of them when they don't quite fly straight and help them to get back on the flight path again. And thank you so much for everything today. I think it's going to be a great day today. Please bless people around Michigan, help them to drive safely, keep everybody safe out there and slow down their thought processes, slow down their schedules and their time so they can leave enough time to get where they need to be and just help them stay calm in situations that may not go quite exactly right. And help us to watch out for each other when somebody's struggling. You've been a great friend to us. Help us to be. We want to be a good friend to you. We want to do what's right. And we love you so very much. Thank you so much for this day. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. There you go. So with that said, guys, go eat some pineapple today, Karen. Go find some Skittles, Ralph. It's going to be a great day. So anyhow, we're going to we're going to say, oh, here we go. Go to Brenner for governor dot com because I'm the best non-concealer who has ever not conceded to a stolen fake mail administration, bad election process, no election process, make up policies on the fly process that has ever lived. We're going to continue to fight this thing out until we right this process. And with that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love, and God bless America. Be back tomorrow with more fun and surprises here on Brandenburg News Network. Have a great day.