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Published Feb. 15, 2023, 9:47 a.m.

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good morning and happy valentine's day welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the fourteenth day of february twenty twenty three you know i like to start things of just a little bit in the morning because you know how a lot of news programs started off like hanover this morning into you ca we have propontis and to morrow in the one we're going to have more from while i don't like to see that right the this is this me sentinelthe table here and now were approaching this as friends and that's exactly what we're going to do so want to see happy nonentity and that you are loved i've got a little thing to read to you did you know santalistan patron saint of lovers the keepers by some accounts say valentines was a roman priest and physician who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of christians by emperor claudius to about twenty about two hundred seventy the story go is that the emperor had bene marriage so men would be more willing to go to war statistics of the empress tacoronte to marry people and so happy valentine's day to all the people the world willing to define an unlawful unconstitutional and more important in humane orders so there we godestowe we are protesting everything that we find is repulsive to the constitution it is at war with god and so in in a world full of people that they don't seem to be able to get a hand on loving each other you are loved i love you to day as sodassa and amazing to anna got italy i i had a friend that that gave me one of the most heart felt that that in a merely touched by the some idea time exactly one year ago i bound tide stay such a day was the day's woone year in verse and needed a painting of my dad and i riding horses often to the offensive the in it were in relief it really worn my heart because somebody remembered and more importantly i think this is a great day to celebrate the facendomi dance and have them put on and i feel very very happy for him i'm not i don't feel sadness about it in he was ready he was ready and it was his he had a heavy valentine's day to all of us we have lots to celebrate there is there is no fear would we are close to god and there is some we have the joy that that passes understand the art you know understanding some so anyhow how do you off for mike sorget right to go here or redition here john in time as heinrek fast here he's got something to do to day so good morning john how you going boringdon well have you valentine you too happy now as he was got on your shirt it's the a move i think generositate and the gambler on a mountain very very missing in oriented clan of a hunting shirt but i'm not a hunter oh well they since a shooter should prefer i should torgensen's animals they go out how doris can so lot's going i know there you know we've got the shooting in that east lansing and let me call wonderful something up here that i think i've got i've got some opinions on on this erleston question of cotton questions before pinions right hobday i must use shooter is he who is sore put it out for it in the thing blackmail killed three ah five injured and shotsall so kind of come crazy time forty three year old male with no known ties to mass ah and i think to place in berkeley hallaron en eighteen last night so our hearts go out to every one involved in that who who is in lanceand under tremenhere so much crooglin and you john i've got a lot of questions a lot you know about this whole balloon nonsense and then not in what you nonsuit more questions about the ohio the ohio demeaneth other two domestic after did you know in fact so a lot of times they tell us what's going on in the in the movies and such before it happens in there was actually a movie that that was put out called white nose and they were as it were the asked for this is so weird nor they asked for extras to come to the notecome out and talking bout it an it's like talking on a chemical trained derailment just mons before happ and in calling for extras but this actually gets kind of worse because the extras were actually from eastern palestine which is really quite and then then not on not only that we gets it gets this whole thing gets worse and worse and worse because there is actually a when when you look at the food shortage as we have to see everything's connected everything everything's connected they know what they're doin so the food shortages you i find this here interesting too right that they literally so you know what we have a real facility right so i understand how real work and we could never ever handle that many toxicare as i get the manifest of it to see what they were actually what they were actually hauling there we couldn't ever handle that many taxacons without in degrees superation and when you look at what they had in the cars i not only did they have in a chloride in there but they also had a lot of petroleum you know and and incendiaries too so it's almost like they created a bon train de rathe train be railed in the set that thing on fire but it's in the water sand everything well think about this where the train de rail is even suspect it's the highest concentration of of hamish and in the night ates so were talking just an incredible amount of farm land for production people who understand how to you know work the earth plus no energy this is so suspect besides the movie that came up the two other derailments of the same time in not by an any of this i'm not buying any of this this is grand none of it yet and even no not winterhas hang him hang all then and there her own by van guard then i even pulled up who are the major owners and norfolk southern and in it all as the normal suspection on its stand guard state street camp and all in black rock so i am sorry and then they go in and they start in now just walworths got on bernis thing off and i understand you know they had a leak in the head some fire going on at the same time you know it there is not one part of this that makes any sense just like the balloons so i say right now if we have anything where the organ entries show off you know it's like you need the guy hadn't on the history not worker when over that's always italians it's like we get through we i take the score round the bangor that says aliens so but i'm goin with that sound whether the real imaginable imagined or whatever you know the point being and i want to put this out here right now no fear no fear in any of this going forward we are in a war were going to see lots of things that we cannot believe we can't trust and that or that are geared for though predictive program to get everybody running around chasing their tail and then fred do not buy into the any of the stand firm and as a treat that or more supposed to general plan flin put on there on which i thought was also very interestin and for the pompous i thought it was good last last word in his old west work very very interesting the gean study boys study he puts a be very careful chasing shining objects just when you least is you'll get punched so hard that no this you'll not recover studyby so i'm going to put that off there for every one to day study steady gods and charge and with so many things i know around movies and how they stamped the cars wrong in there an honest country to destroy a farm land and some you know don't be afraid god always provides a way and it may be that the rest of us have to have to up our game and start from production from the rest of the country if they are going to destroy there's another food production officiele taken up if they're going to destroy all of this there going to dress astronmica that's a kaye can't get all of us and we're going to jump in and were in a we're going to go in there and make it make things right and not only that i don't think we can believe one tenth of what were her out there and even if if if we hear it we have to as why was really going on and not only do we we don't sit there an you do whatever shall become of us it's like a right what of the cards that would have been given to us and let's play on unless planard wore on it were inmore going to go hard and with all this to fight that so any other stones down his morning morning i'm ogentchera and paid in james morris the perhaps the less talk about what we can do about it john ah before we do that you were talking about the emperor a little better go if you could just kind of recap that in a couple of words i would like to words to what did i say i don't remember we are reading something about in an emperor oh yes valentine say so what they they were they were told so the gold was so godless what's the goal when they say take the job what's the goal when they take down food production what's the goal when they say don't marry it's cause they needed more people to go to war so they wanted to stop you for getting married this so the point the point to entrancefor ward is the emperor resident in the white house to day the pull in the same soft yes it's exactly the same information in the same game plan they laid back in the fifteen sixteen seventeen hundreds it's like we never figured that out now i think we're figuring it all but it's taken a long time and then that process yet we are in a war we have been in a war for while back in nineteen back into thousand actually waded back in the night nineteen nine we were at war when georgie bushy the big rat was an office that's when the war started they started the warner we get even go back beyond that to some of the other presidents and i got manyforty and then you know you can actually go back to eighteen sixty one you can go back further so this has been a war of i know by a thousand consorten thousands that's been going on for a very very long time but they disadvantage to the deep state now is that we sit in we didn't have the internet on all we were relying upon was to foreign seven news we would be led by the tales just like we were in the sixties and in the seventies and in the eighties same kind of thing but now we have overcome that problem and we are part of the battle actually part of the sole where we were just pawns in the game in the end so this is a good thing where we can't lose there are we too many of us and not enough of them and more and more people are joining our side because they've had enough of they had been promised i mean when it goes back teviston lone something as silly as that stolons its free health care is lowering taxes everything that that this idiot in the white house brought forward the pointed i making go is that to him on chased their line cause her i haven't i plan to same playbook over over and he has the incense it's not like these people that are running things or the top of the class right wichtlie any one you look at what they do they're the kind of superaltare fine yet there the sun and then there holdingsthe don't get caught but we do we have secret weapons in order secret weapons are cantator is one of em you're angekos for the true the and i know i sustenour and sets the record straight in on with all of us you know care in the riveter and you and jay said and there's so many so many an one out there who years and years and years and vigils soldiers all over the all over the place you know and i can't get it peonage to some one a minute hold on a minute this is how ye have done time say all you manful digital soldiers out there and on you know and it's important i know that they can't take us because there's so many of us and the ones of us that are being led by god are being led right through the paths you know when it says of you know that momeries later but that they'll fall on the right the following the left and we will walk right through the middle of it and how many times is that proven out and in a history that is on your side there in true so the the giddack to the point that you made earlier there is absolutely no reason that's what the using all these years back way way back before the case ah when they were herringthey remember some of the stuff that was going on historically where they were ah persecuting women that they thought were witches were they a hung certain people that didn't follow their philosophy or there weighable ah how brutal and some statischen it's brutal to day we just do differently nothing's changed sane people die or not the same people but i mean the same amount of people by over just causes or whenever the cause may now we have a shooter supposedly who doesn't even is not a member of them as you a right was not a member of man and miss walks on campus with a gun shoots a lot of people and then yes so i who does the crazy guy woke in the rich always cooped they go out in these did they kill a bunch of people in the kill themselves what is the reason what is in sentiatis the motive why would they do that do they try to make a name for themselves am cealtra who knows i mean their own ruin him and he the background the stuff going on in the back that we don't know about or that they're they're using my people that we know frequencies and so on and so but the logic behind the battle the logic behind the train derailing the logic behind all that just doesn't right logical chicken farm that blew that burned down two weeks ago were on over three weeks ago this flammable in a chicken there's a little straw or in the chickens are flammable what what's flannel and chapman the green executor ah i mean it's ridicas and in hand and then watch on the gongo after the guns saw helene start a campaign here for these more ons and office instead of every time they bring up bring up reading to get rid of the guns when ye to look right and to say you're metallic use a problem is at the guns the problem is montheath in this age and the land of the yes so we didn't turn the thing around at him turned it around out you know you want to take her dawns we want to take away your freedoms as far as for being a crazy person and and be you know and being part of a defacto illegal government and saw less remove all because her all mamie ellen there criminals because they've done the wrong thing and and they are filleted every oath and such they in and their going after they don't hafter gotten when donesent kill people crazy people he exactly never in us through a i nor a case that i like to dendrino he bring it up but before we do that i want to be men you can leave it up before we talk about this case i want people to remember we talked early on in the broadcast i don't know how many months ago about norton verses shall be counted and norton verses shall be county is the treatise of hollow republic is supposed to be it gives us the terminology of the republic and it tells us certain things that a republic has to do in order to be on the lawful legal side so we have been trying to get norton verse shall be counting into the hands of those people up in lansing and those people in washington in fact i sent a hundred and a hundred and forty letter no no i said twenty letters that's what it was i said twenty letters plus one for green from georgia regarding their in the first all i congratulated them on being powerful and in doing so he and then i told him about norton and then i told him about the de facto versus de jure office so they have that letter they've had it now for two days if i don't hear from him soon probably give him until friday or monday i will be making fools teach one individually and talking with him and finding out why they have not made any kind of response to me on the letter all right this is what one talking about here action this is not just to it this is not just talking about look at look at what john is doing everybody he is boss level in the game of life of action like if you were potentiate and you you had to have a team in you're going on a quos choose that guy because he's going to have his hat he's got all these all these things that he can do and that he does and needs his lock he just does it and then calls in her assaven wheeze and positive it has to be done because if you put somebody in lansing and you pay him seventy two thousand or one over it is seventy fours i don't know what they're salary is nowadays to moncalier as is aiding anything through then give him a half a million dollar expense of count to mofe and then you turn round and you look at him and they break the laws there's a problem with the and the problem that as we were digging through norton we went on to a web site and and came up with a case cold shoulders is secretary of state this amended to be he bring it up this happens to be a necligences in michigan and the spring cart and what is it say it is a judge that presently constituents sent shell from the date until december thirty one nineteen sixty two but not there after function as a annobon and that the hundred and ninety two members of the senate elect as elected as such for the current turns shall from this day until december thirty one nineteen sixty two but not thereafter function as a de facto officers for a valid per for all valid purpose references h pertinently made to the general rule that where the law creates a public office is declared void the axe of an office continued to function their under until he is legally succeeded be upheld as an act of a the factor of he now what is that men only molin it's not that difficult to nes if you've read and understand norton what is that say down a kinde have a good shot at it you on widow there all general all and they don't except yes because why what is norton say and he let you quote that one okay norton says you can never ever have a de facto of so the offices and constitutional i think deesides an exit so here we have a hundred and ninety two law makers in an appress that pretty hard here they're law makers or legislators their senators who do not exist making law since nineteen sixty two and did they correct this function the problem not for my reading or understanding further on looking at the the history they have not corrected this so now you have an illegal body which is the senate of the state of michigan creating law that they have no ability to do because what is norton say ah an unconstitutional act is not a law creates no creates no of protection it is in contemplation as if it had never been in so here we have a illegal organization that's running and making laws for us there making laws on the sum under the pick let's take this further when was the constitution voted in the current one three in yes that amazed this thing blew up and december thirty one of nineteen sixty two and in nineteen sixty three ninety sixty three they had in they had a constitutional convention where one third one one half of one per cent passed the constant you can't amend the constitute unless you have two thirds of the senate and house yet they had one tenth of one per cent to for this new case so i so jan explained explained to me how this really happened explained everybody out there how did they how do they get this asked every one well the supreme court did his did their job obviously i saw that in the spincourt case let the age the attorney general who was supposed to keep everything on a lease a level keel and its frank kelly who was the attorney general and i actually thought that he wasn't a bad guy but i'm tinkerin this other snow time don't she yeah he had a sound to the executive branch and to the legislative branch if you go forward with the then every one of you will be held accountable and you will have a fine and or good jail or whatever because you're breaking a fed role that was she can't ever the factor body so we have we had now what we have we have we have wit murdon whatever she wants and we have nestling at onono big deal or whether you do it that way or not so the these are the issues that we the people in america corse the nineteen sixty two hours a little i was to pay attention to what was going i would know it if i heard it but my parents should have been aware but they weren't aware a lot of people that lived in this country should have been aware but they were aware it's just like one they voted for thee ah six per cent salestalk from four per cent toises because they were going to get a break on their property saleack up the properties as high as they could make it uncomfortable for people on houses and pa property tax then they turned around and said oh we're going to give you a break on it but you got to go to a forgot to go to a two more per cent sails well what happens to rise o properties when up on robertson up and now we're paying a six per cent sale well then keep re taking the price up and give it at him innocent and mean inflate inflating overthing inflation is a mechanism by and they they are getting more taxes for the you know eh for for what overleather o million taxes out there and it enstantly oh and it it actually helps pay for their overheersching from before but then they just increased the sandiknow ing that they're going to engineer inflation going forward to really it's it's really as a hidden tax with their engineering the whole thing there's there's nothing random out there that the tax structure is absolutely their plan a game where us emerita the comments longeron ah have you found in said you of some things done he come morning in no could it me off for a minute sure i oi got i got a folk call i got to make no ores all take john off her meniueere things that are he's got a meeting here at ten o'clock so i osteccer ing that so anyhow might say in the movies they've been showing for years what they've been doing to us ahead of time before they actually do it garry smiths and yet were it war so be smart trusted the lord fight like a flint there you go there's the answer right there and i think he's back on here or anreim still on his come on stillpersonal when you ought to come back on o ka ching i can't well pig so i'm goin on like i said i montevideogen how kissoessa john offered us to mete and i in the movies have in telling is a shawnese for years ahead of time before they actually do it and fight like a flat there is his chickens are arsenas yea that that's out work she now is that something we expect chickens just like spontaneously combusted and makes a sansjoy got in their food processing plants and beamster ously burned up and it's no coincidence of their screwing with our food right so i mean i mean let's let's take this one step further with with the inmost if i can pull something up here a minute will waiting for john to come back cause i i really think it is important foam to talk about this this particular case and that we're talk there on that we brought on screen here a common error and i want to go through an see if i can i want to make sure her this is that this is an an article from the outlaw intrepid report actual pre good one that came out yesterday and he went down went down deficiently about the chemicals and how they stacked at which is something i picked up round right away because of my matatron with rail and it's a anyways a stuff burning up isn't just nine it's worse than that it's fasting gas that is one of the first berloga as used in world war won blister agent of sort any one who breathes it or in the cut on his excellence here on a mass of pulmonary edema or you drown in your own fluids as the blisters are in the lungs nasty nasty stop and all we out here go to find a horrid here in no chord there is no way to get one hand to get one hundred per cent of it interesting data it is that it has a half life of three point two days in the air two hundred eighty days in top soil on of one thousand four hundred days in surface water four thousand four hundred days in ground work neither takes over twelve years for the concentration to drop by des fifty per cent the ground water almost four years in the surface water eastern iowas and trouble and so is his in so is pennsylvania but when you look at that too it's all so a man got tego down further so i think some of us here going to have me taken up the slack a little bit so if there is an interesting here is an interesting i i really like this it show you what what he says here's a plan oman and also what the gas that there shows you where it goes that this is the next of the next graphic in this i find is really amazing because it shows the amish population in the united states and two thousand nineteen checked this out so look looking at that the amount of farm land and people who know how to produce of the land who probably are a little bit in the dark about this have have truly then ford into a really really they have position through all this a very very concerning and i i mean i find this to be very concerning more concerning them than you can probably put in words here frond is posted that east palestinehis is unlovable so i guess the question is is how i or not even the question holding these people who clearly stack these trains with compounds that shouldn't should have had to tegree of separation and the thin the amounts that that was my first take on the whole thing how in the world can we build a can anybody look at this set this was a normal trade in rome it is not trading room its have half an all the time but we had three of them one of them the one to houston also had air quality as she to it how how in the world did they get away with staring the cars like that in the basically gave a big oh to any of the regulations that are there not all guess he should be surprised because the controlling the politicians they selected an trowe and in and looking at the company's involved when we see i can pull those up to a minute that the companies involved the largest ones so i posted the manifesto he's partment yesterday and i posted that si connecturall see the compounds and bowed and then the top companies that own into norfolk southern undisconcerted now all over politicians there employed by these corporations and set in their employment agency so entries shocking shocking environmental disaster intentionally caused by the federal government that's the and then to think it's accurate a derailed train carrying many carloads of polly by no chlorine was denied and on purpose and pale sting ohio that's the last thing you ever wanted to the substance would not cure it as is the case is probably the worst cursing known to man i think they want to cause of huge disaster so they can do real train on purpose and then for no conceivable reason put explosives on the tanks that blow them up on per purpose i think that we need to look into this something that came out on one of the boards aside come come here something that is getting some served but this person is known about since the eighties and uncured politiklie is then found out about this after some one i knew had walked into a clean up and died of cancer within two months you cannot expose yourself to uncured liquid pet chums no matter what cured it is fine on cures one of the worst things the risk well elemental mercury at preventatives lots of one i repeat they derail the train caring perhaps the worst chemical cargo possible and adopted every single car carrying that substance on purpose right in the middle of the most prided ireland in the country that's a clear and obvious act of war was upon the united states by the government our own government and the corporations involved in the clearly obviously the worst enemy that is of the united states in his own government stolen elections have consele and this is the weather system is in fact the the weather system in quotes is the worst toxic waste no one to man in into the sky by the by the government of the united states environmental destruction will be incalculable and this is not even being picked up by the main stream media i i would have to agree with us and we're going to go back to this and it says love says also that there is a large omission of people in the area of the trainer on me up is as i said and garry said i don't expect a credible investigation into the penetration and in ignition of the i i really have some questions here how how it was so quick that they ignited this and throw it all up in the air they they would have been if we have a spill of any kind i mean when you're working on pipeline even i have lots to say about that because there are excellent microbes that will eat through anything it's controllin base and so when when there's a spell in such we have to contain it were out there with if it's like you know two drops of oil or whatever we have it whippole a in the in the last can pipe like the running around there with kids the kid shot sand by stools will stand shoules picking up any drops of oil there out the let alone a large continent or a spell or something like you have to contain and you have to remove it you do not create a a a larger disaster it yeeld get never sit out there and just ignite this look at lightened just recently somebody said of one to tires on fire and they were they were absolutely called of this is something that is affecting people miles and miles and miles on one woman took her dogs myselfone story story she brought and raised dogs and she cried her dogs and went like i think it was a hundred miles away somewhere let the dogs out in the morning to go to the bath room and half the dogs ah our dad and the rest of them or are hanging on by by a by by a short hair there and so so i am really every single one of us needs to be on board and praying for these people and praying for this this entire area the people the animals that the farm land and also to bring to justice all of those that created this this incredible disaster i i can't even imagine i mean when you look it when you look at the anisites been going on it we are in the middle of a group of people running this world this nation who have absolutely complete and utter disregard for human life for life in general as they waged war upon us our nation and that might ah when when you look at the ah the murder and in in a course gretchen whitmore jumps on the tv and wants to make this big big splash over what's happening with shooter and mission state universe at michigan state university of i i hate to say it but i have a big problem with this because i though i feel very very bad for the families the death is an intensely personal intensely personal tragedy for the people are involved and to say something quietly where you let them grieve in in a very personal private way is i think more propriate i mean we've been conditioned to one of life that o care leaders and to john ray on jump right on the tv and address the family and everything else and i think it's a bunch of crab because they're turning personal tragedy into a weapon in order to push in agendathe they are behind i do not approve of it i think ethanites one of the most classless individuals that i have ever seen in public life using other people's personal tragedy in order to further an agenda instead of doing something she's on their talking and what she does she switched it two guns essays like jinneral ing the promise the gods its smell illness and she gets a not only to shigatze score a dealing with mental illness and the state she gets a negative to million zero score on an how she's dealt with metal onesometimes as well as being there for people look at look at what she did in the nursing homes and the death there these people are part of a death the innocent going out for thousands and thousands and thousands of this was in my opinion a an intentional derailment when you look at the people that are involved in it and i i think that every single one of us needs to demand every every person that touches his train to be brought to justice not only the stacking of the cars with the intense carcinogen that contain but the incendiary and the field there was touched patrolmen oh let me let me read off some of the some of the things for the manifest so here's the manifest and i've been a reed of some of the things there is sellers polly athelene a residue los boyle vi horne stabilized die probing replica see which one how many of these are incensed here so the vial chloride in here bichloride is a flammable gas they've got a listed there as a as a two point one flammable gas propelling like hall combustible liquid and alas atheling like hall monopetal athel which is combustible liquid combustible acquirethe they got a sullen a car one care some linen aright yea i'm really impressed that's not enough that is not enough he degrees a separation so they've got vitachuco and then for there we've got in chloride and then in car where skipping thirty to thirty three thirty four thirty five and then we've got combustible liquid and combustible liquid car then some lena yea big deal right and then another combustible look we car then we got polly fine then we've got patrologie got one two three four cars of petroleum lobo proud prope glycol and got two of these cars and dihalen i call and then i so belie lamelullas to point one and then another one few last slates are acerates stabilized the bets also a flammable liquid number three thimble liquid and the patrol oil this thing was a rolling bomb that though the whole thing was a rolling bound then we've got another additives feel then two pole lines then a final corrie flamble gas to point one then we got sheet that all and frozen bochetel okay the dial is not enough there's none enough a separation and then bounding which is a number three flammable liquid and then we've got paraffin was the flakes powder on that is and then high high drollic cement and then we've got one two three four five six sounded eight night malt liquor i do not understand i do not understand the loading his train with this many volatiles and a row with not only did they have followed its or volatile they have since there are are extraordinarily no not just now just follow chemicals but extraordinarily flammable feels they stacked in this tree i hope everybody out there is asking some as some of the same questions that i am and now do we hold these corporations involved with us as enemies of the state i think we do and i think we can go right to here letting fall another one here eh i'm still waited for town to come back on siin really feeling since space here and putting things out there that i am going to all so post on my channel this unspeakable i mean absolutely and unspeakable horrific act now let me let me see if i can pull us up here i got two counts i send things to and save him to eteson comes back the amount of well i'm it's it's too hard to me to run the software in and pull the stuff upon it got it saved his special informant a going in another direction when we check him with john to the second see if see if he's out there he can oracion others what they locked now not ready come back on yet i think he's getting here though so i'm when when you look at the aminophenol and and the names of all the corporations involved in the ownership of norfolk southern in also the mutual that are out there that the mutuals a or these these companies are involved and we we have a really big problem and lots of questions but the first response right now should not be even assigning a signing a blame to the nuns the first response has to be a humanitarian or stock and getting these people out of there we met we should be where where is where are the relief organizations there nowhere to be found there not there or not on the ground everybody's everybody's running around without any focus whatsoever and so i guess i'm going to challenge anybody if you know somebody in that area called them and bring them to wherever you are to get him out of that arantian around this this pivoted some fool of the enesher of their candeedate they're going to need some transportation and they're going to need help and probably a lot of medical help at the same time and instead of instead of a whiter jumping on jumping on wine and talking about the tragedy and using it forgotten control your despicable gratuitously despicable and your your inability to run the state or to handle any any true in any large threat is absolutely shows what a more on you are and how enough do you are that the guy that the guide that then murdered the people there mission stay it's terrific but he he took himself out so right now that the situation is over that the panic is over she should have been unlooped ately saying michigan there standing standing with ohio what can we do to help the people and then the second thing is is getting getting together with some one who could form a task for in order to start a signing a signing a oh in calling out in figuring out who is to blame for this in in an actual investigation and in being of helped to hold them to hold them a cowland and also i think i would as governed michigan i was said any in all activities by black rock the nord state street cap but all will be immediately under an underseas and toss no operations will be carried out in the state of michigan until we disarm this enemy the enemy with them because that's exactly what happened they wanted to get the trains back on the on the track so they sat so they're going to burn the stuff up it's a line the whole thing is a lie so i would absolutely shut down any access to the state of michigan to protect our people and step in in a humanitarian way to see what we need to do to help the people in that area of ohio helping give them shelter food water of charlotte constitutions food power stations travel stations and water air it's all under attack we are in world war three welcome to hal it's going to continue to go to to go this way until they are removed so as to factorials of these clowns and hack states we hold the line redress real absolute iree with a lot tutte should be opening our doors to the people there and standing with the people and then then you know understanding what's going on with these criminals so she with that sad i don't know jean's goin be old get back on he's got a ten o'clock meeting than he has he is i think of clothes can't going on or something like that so i might just go ahead and one forward you will see if he an singles me that regardless what are we going to do right now and in this is talking of nowjust talking off to come i don't ever talk of offices i just sit here and you know his costume news for real people by real people i think that any of us at know any one in that area or if we can be of help to say i have i have this this and this because no one is coming to their aid we need to stop up i'm going to call for every single person out there who has i don't know what ten square feet of land it's time for us to start raising their own chickens and growing micro greens and setting up our own support networks within the state of michigan within the united states of america we cannot sit back any longer we are going to have to take control of this and on very small local levels and realize that this is going to be this is going to be up to us in order to save the people around us and to help the people that in health the people around us in you know are focused cannot be honour individual comfort are going forward as business is it's done it's over we're in world war three eh let's go by and committed acts of war with blowing up that pipe line among others i mean that's only one and we have in a league all we have no legal government a defect of government which is in con iswhich is in charge which is basically made up by the serpent it's time for us is the true owners of the of the young of the united states system of in start doing something and taking control and on essaigh now the number job number one is get yourself prepared to take care of the people around you if they cut off the food supply if you were in a situation like this and am taking michigan i'm talking to hold eunie states actually it's specifically we we need to reach out to these people on an individual basis where we're done with his organizations their failing us they have been infiltrated the failures it comes down to individuals make it a personal choice and reaching out in a personal way to make a difference and to be there with people that are in that are in a situation of christis what are you going to do to day don't don't ask me don't ask any one else from permission what are you going to in summer one and the number two how are you going to set up this isn't going to get better it's not going to man it magically go away this is where we step up and take her nation back what are you going to do to help your family and your friend what are you going to do to grow food what are you going to do to provide for what you to do to to one individual theses to help the people around you there is the question of the day right there might bode says this is bold crack nothing is new they know what's on every train car before it leaves the areathe do and they've got our eidotas on every corner of every lot ingombri john beck on he's there but i am going to mercimoniis i've been talking about the train thank these i know i'm goin to derail what we're talking about a lovetale er but now this is what i know are right i don't i don't really her and now an it's it's pretty good size it is if it's very it's very big it's a very extensive operation it really is let me tell you what the reality is on these train cars so you know so that your armed with actual good knowledge from somebody who works in the indies all right our facility is on the p's main lines to biggest rail line between chicago and los angeles all right i'm not talking out my behind here i know what i'm talking about and i post and pictures of the of the the rail yards of peigans me acometedor key hard hand on in my best and my safety generandi steel cold boots and all that kind of thing right so just so you know every single rail car in the united states they know where they are all the time every single corner of a train car has an orifice on it and from what i understand of this thing they knew there was a problem and in the tracks of the wheels as it was going on it was going down the track where a long distance they knew they had a problem this is what i untied so as this here as every cariscoming down the rail the orifice takes in each of the four corners of the rail car is being every single one of em has a supper its being that's being monitored as it goes down the and the reading things like kips and a kipasan anomaly in their in the even in a wheel they they know if there is a problem going on they know none they could have stopped that train and they could have addressed it before it got to where it was pulled it off and or stopped donnit's tracks if he this big a problem with this many combustibles with no despeceries a separation they knew it before they got to the site guarantee i'll tell you that so as the going as the going down the track in the reading the camps the reading of what's happening within that car those cars they could have stopped that train before a derailment now the question is was there was the water as the other guys said that that i read from were they already set with explosive i want to know in eleven i want to know if this was exactly because the tragedies are own country blew up that the towers it was our hero that blew off the twin towers this was not too plains by two you know it's like i fly right this is not to pilots that had minimal training on a session that could a made that that dissented fortschreitens you know there the it would it would it would have been miraculous i mean you you you i don't even know if if a jet pie fighter could i hit it with that after probably but more likely that it was a computer generated pat more likely and here's a go i actually saw were two plain stopped in cleveland and in crew rite after nine eleven the clue of the crew got off i i have i have a sneaking suspicion that though the thespians themselves were actually were actually staged and or not not what they appeared to be i still wonder if they made a switcheroo there because it was our government chickens towers down and i'm on a guarantee you we're going to find out that it was our government that created this spell at war with our people on that on that track well see if diana's right on this they knew what they had hongrois a low make a prediction that is right on this this old nonsense that's been going on for years including the shots seemed to be that we have no not one shooting during a trumps a present he did we not one since trumps presidency we've had in almost every week a shoeing what happened at all of people come out because a biding his craziness brought everybody else to be crazy this is such an answer it is not becoming with us we're at war the in the war is the enemy is within the united states it's not right it's a global crime syndicate which wants to kill us they are the you know you can look at colvin gretchen whitmer is guilty of third party murder in the nursing homes they are murderers they they murdered and nine eleven knowing most like first degree murder because first degree murder is a plan they planned to send these people they knew what the rich outcome was going to be so this was a plan even this wasn't something this wasn't like a man's latter dead or or of crime of passion this was planned yet that's first agree murder they and opnitre the dinner retenu ses the hospitals there all in on this they have but their murdering american were out and a week we got to stop buying this nonsense and call it out for what it is and when they have an attack our loyalty has to be not for political parties it has to be to each other and when somebody is in need no more excuses no more well the red cross is going to get it yet the same red cross it was trafficking kids and i hate now that i bet i come down to you and i and moving forward so in in going to i'm going to see what we can do here what i can do personally on the kutakin about it but i'm a a a you know sound the alarm everybody get off your dad behinds and let's figure out how we can help those people down there i tell you what when we have an next meeting next week i will give you a list of all the full numbers of the people i sent the documents and they are welcome to make fun calls and say hey what are you doing about the doctor what's to herriesthe so if there people that really want to get involved to get their feet not to in the water and see what that's all about makes a vocal yes i'm going to be makin fun calls every day or every other day to these people that are promised to do so and they need to do some they're not alone but ah they one based on there being able to take care of business so well sifted well and i tell i tell you these andcome down to what are you going to do now what is markonot you by because i know you're door but what are we going to going to do where where are think about that think about this the cold that stand there in that area where are these people got to gall they say they were not of that therate which we got people that have the fish that are dying in in the water you've got dogs that are dying to get chickens that are men you know dying in such it's like people are not going to scape this where are they going to go you got onderstand the devil different form of life than we do also they're not as oh i i don't know what the word is they they don't they they have to have certain things done a certain way they don't buy into the process that we buy into and so yet he not only are they being forced into a situation that they don't want to be in but they are forced in a situation that against their belief and their religion and and we are doing this now what's the function of our government to protect our life liberty and property they fail both the state has failed and the federal government is and and they both need to be held accountable for this is not an they say well we all we've got to immunity now they don't have him they did something wrong they violated the law they need to be punished for the and we the people need to say we're on to do that were going to punish you your behavior were not gonna onitis not going to be a free passait its pen over the ears if my call your attention back to that case said we were speaking of there are defects o people in the legislature acted the legislature senate is de facto at this cause i've seen no proof of them fixing it and making it the disherison so there operating outside the law so now let's go another step further you get a ticket from these legislators who pass the motor vehicle code and there illegal and they want you to follow their illegal law i mean if you wanted to carry at that's where i would carry it if i ever got in the coronation the exactly the battle i would be right how can you have an illegal body of government pass any kind of law and make it a lawful order he desterrome ing yeah i think i'd better get out of here we lie congration promised not to be distracted next week but i didn never trod you know why he with missis all volunteer here an it's as good as a genimes from a kitchen table here so let's let's ii didn't want to hold on for me ages i know temporat many but we're going to keep going on this and talking about real issue how to fight how how some some options to find it and it has to be a personal choice the people decide he i'm going to do this to day i'm i'm going to you know it's the diatribousin ary war kind of work that way too i mean think about they were like you know shooting from the trees with squirrels swirled gonston sanson from the trees from squirreled on so his stupid out there on the right it's like but it was an individual of pretty much kind of a a it wasn't superorganized ante and my cradle and so it was an individual effort of people to to defend in and in one very local level and so in this many many ways we can do that we have it we have to day but the being there for eech other comes first and that's the first sponsibility before god so i unless you go let's go ahead and can have you're in a saysunless words and then we'll try i just want to say i you need to stay in the fight you need to know what side or on and you need to do everything you can to do it non violent but also not listen defiance by being defiance to some of the rules and regulations out there not that they're going to get gen trouble throw and go we don't want that but if you can defy some sort of notice or regulation or something like that that the motion of defiance by the state of michigan by ten million people will get their defiance is an act of bravery in the presence of tyranny and in it is it is a true act of bravery where we stand and we refused to take a back seat to these criminals in order to defend or no our country our neighbors is such an anaemic back to this right now is that right now the greatest act that any of us can do is to reach out and every humanitarian effort and you know and i repent and in how the people that are being in that are in harm's lay some ride em nor couple things from this thy might rodolphewho will pay for the damages and animal dust potential human health and life lost cool paid for the clean up this is a travesty that the farm animals form less etcetera and up being contaminated while in he put it out of in the air so they creamthine it combines with moisture you come or acid who is in a pan or the roofsthese to come down on you know i mean this this is the amazing the amazing the how laziness is as i don't get it and you know gary brings up point i don't know our train cars that fragile not really because most of these were tank or cord take her cars or tough i i can tell you there tom it's not like they're going to fall over and crumple like a plastic you know it like a like a can this is not what they gonotheca and so i'm not buying this speck of the mount of them on there that were were tankers of here sealed thank orcas no not buying it even if they be railed and fell over doesn't make sense to me none of these charles did you read in the gateway hogan danomaniacs book down and then have a great bag to bless you in humility nothing let then we go here and of inish the sub de gori the gate with coned over michigan first smith sold that his was not recovered and the cant find it they missed the first shot second shot shook it down are you worried about our gas line ah you know there you go that that's another that's another thing it's like they missed it with they missed the first missile down and balloon tell me tell me and tell me aboot there is like me going yeah i'm not buying this now in it all i'm not buying any of this and then that's what the weather blows were for so we would be distracted for what was really going out of this train he raimentry says too how does the seal tank louis current oh to think that these were men to go down on the rails and with stand stand you know under rail yea i do i'm not i'm not buying the physite would have had havenstrite pol these things up i don't buy it they'd have to prove to me that i'm wrong on his because i think that they would had him and sent her in boatoponto by his dolores let cried cary and in like the our charlotte got charlatan are paths de law and seven regulation accecato one one one seventh congress call every noise togetherhow township and state government email fon set out two all ready full list to day to charlotte's other calling all of them i mean comicall in all of them that this is this is not going to be the last time his people are panic because i don't i tell you what the good guys are winning and and i i do believe this but we are in a war where seeing the last gasp of the bad guys these corporations train to hold on to something and or burn it all down on the way out or once that's what i think we're we're getting right now and also think about this i am what a what a were being kind of showing because you can't tell people but you have to show them sometimes you have to be shown that's fine this is what you guys want you want socialism you want it you want to go ahead and follow these criminal politicians you're not going to stop up and and get in the game and fight it well you know what there they're giving were being shot it god does is actually got does us he will give us what we want in order to smartness of so that we get smarter and shows us what the real errors and in it is historically accurate and then in its also implicate you know it's like it if you want to live in a sinful world who get it to you man you're going to get the outcome of it if we want to turn back to god and follow his his oars and ask him to come back and help us because we have screwed the thing up the and any explanation he will come back and he will help us so i think right now you know what should all be praying but we should also be reached out doing something call call can see if you can find somebody down there that needs a place to stay for a while and bite them into her homes let's see i see how we can do with hospitality except and find out how we can be helped of help to these people that are down this is not going away in a day or a week we don't get to go back to normal on on any of the notes we get to grow up and an act as a dolls which are politicians do not do or have them have the nobility to do and all and we stand as americans we stand with the people of ohio we stand we stand with any one who has been harmed in the hospitals by the job by the covers scan donec all of it we stay and with all those people who have been victimized by an unlawful fire own fbi by government by grated whitmer by let's go in in though in the know the the the the the fat present we've got going on there he doesn't give a rip of out the country by her unlawful government the factor in all the wise we stand together as americans without political parties that anything else and i end and as a people united under god and let's go to this thing we've got we're going to take the play the carsonites in front of us and take the nation back and without wavering and without fear such a days on the dolesome my to do less outbecause i've been like a polishing or pay to day day one day too you know not to day is no fear on forward no backing down on wavre resolve to stand together united as one nation under god against an unlawful government that to day on the two wish to day sortiperhaps anyhow oh charles is not by any of em down a word a bad spot where in a thought here we'd better stop off so that's what's in it that's what's going to change fear is what they want for must do not give men we do not kneel the conies and inside trade or clowns we shot the clown show down we do with with love for those around us a not yes and love for those around us and absolute justice and anterior raining down on those who have to have waged war on america of agosomething to day about predicted programming as well as the movie that was out put out about basically espinasses sothereor they do it so i think that things that are we might be watching the water we might be involved in an air about we might be watching the water and allowed digital soldiers of there not exactly what i'm talking about stanton is gone be son to be adlington the situation i do believe that and that gus gone all them gone and a standing before god on my estame brillante for them relies got so women look something up here a minute and on the pollentine's day shall you love of god to see how much how much love we have to show in enbiaros not our words oh i do want to read this cause i think this is fairly significant revelation revelations sit it through seventeen and here is the sickly the warning shot from god towards this criminal organization from top to bottom with sworn an unelegant to satan himself as the war you shot and what god tells will be their fate then the kings of the earth princes generals the rich the mighty and every one else as slave and free hid in caves in among the rocks of the mountains they called to the mountains and the rocks follow parson hides from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb for the great day of their wrath is come and who can withstand who can withstand it as those who stand within the protection in the shadow of the almighty and that would be as we are standing together and i discover men or an do some organ actually on a little bit more time to day and we are going to get past a zero had put on food shore in esther starting to become quite serious all over the planet at problem god can use pass that we just got the girl on food and so no no problem here here we go should have that do to go to to the music or looking what you do and you going off rollright harry how what does it mean to dwell in the shadow of the almighty means to live to be into the inhabit in the shade in the protection in the defence and he who dwells in the shelter of the most high will abide in the shadow of the almighty i'm going to go to that another another reference here just so that everybody knows that there is no fear when you when you reside within within the the presence of god and i've got to chantage every one because we can walk with god on this earth it's not that we get to god and we have his protection when we get to have it no no no no it starts the moment that we accept jesus christ on we start walking with god there is no fear there is no fear when you walk with god now fear whatso in which really has the scared then scarthe the stuffins out of every one that his wages were through their ali legions with satin against whoever dwells the psalm ninety one aria whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty i will save the lord he is my refuge and my fortress my god in whom i trust surely you will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence he will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge his faithfulness will be your shield and our rampart you will not fear the terror of night nor the air let flies by day nor the pestilence the stocks in the darkness nor the flag that destroys at mid day a thousand may fall at your southside ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you you will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked you say the lord is my refuge and make the most high her dwelling no harm will overtake you now there is no qualifiers there doesn't say on last no harm will overtake you no disaster will come here your touch for he will command his angels concerning you to card you in all your ways they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against his you will tread on the lion and the cobra you will trample the great lion and serpent because he loves me said lord i will rescue him i will protect him for he acknowledges my name he will call on me and i will answer him i will be with him in trouble i will deliver him and honour him with long life i will satisfy him and show him my salvation that's right here that's right to day a mocking to sell it is good to praise the lord and that music to your name almost time for claiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night to the music of the tones streamed lir and the music and the melody of the harp for you make glad your deeds lord i sing for joy what your hands have done how great are your works or how profounder your thoughts senseless people do not know fools do not understand that though the wicked spring up like grass and all evil dishforth will be destroyed for ever a the lord or forever exalted for surely her enemies lord surely your enemies will perish all evil doers will be scared you have exalted my horn like that of a wild fine oils you have have been poured upon me my eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries might ears of her the row other row of my wicked foes the righteous will flourish like a palm tree they will grow like the cedar of lebanon planted in the house of the lord they will flourish in the courts of our god they will still their fruit in an old age they will stay fresh and green proclaim the lord is upright he is my rock there is no wickedness in him the lord reigns he is robed and majesty the lord is rogue and majesty and armed with strength indeed the world is established firm and secure your throne was established long ago you are from all eternity the seas have lifted up lord he sees of lifted up their voice the seas had lifted up their pounding waves mightier than the thunder of the great waters mightier than the breakers of the sea the lord is high on his mighty your status lord stand firm holiness adores your house for endless days the lord god who avenges old god will avenge us shine for rise up judge the earth pay back the proud for what they deserve they how long lord will the wicked how long will the wicked be june they pour out ardent words all the evil doers are full of boasting they crush your people or they oppress your and her tone they slay the widow on the foreigner they murdered the fatherless they say the lord does not see the god of jacob takes no notice take notice you senseless ones among the people you fools when will you become wise does he who fashioned the ear not here does he who form the hinatsee this he who disciplines nations not punished does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge the lord knows all human plans he knows that they are futile blessed are it is the one josephine lord the what you teach from your law you grant them relief from the days of trouble till the pit is done for the wicked for the lord will not reject his people he will not forsake his inheritance judgment will again be found on the righteous and all the upright in heart will follow it you are who will rise up against me the wicked the wicked out think so who will take a stand for me against evil to horse unless the lord has give had given me how i soon i would soon have dwelt in the dust silence odo when i say my foot is slopping your unfailing love lord support me your when anxiety was within me your consolation brought me joy can a corrupt throne the allied with you a throne that brings on misery by its decrees the wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death but the lord has become my fortress and my god the rock in whom i take refuge he will repay them for their sins and destroy them for their wickedness the lord our god will destroy the in the name of jesus christ i ask lord god that you would bring down all the strong holds i pray and i ask that you would completely and utterly destroy these corrupt corporations the crop for politicians who stand with them who have come against your people we ask that you would guide and direct us in all our ways that you would show us how to help those who have no home at this moment in time or clean water or that there their lands have been destroyed and such and show us exactly what to do we know that you are above all things even disasters you could turn this thing around in a new york minutedo believe that you give us all the as is all the incense there to right the wrongs that had been committed against your people in the meantime right now and tell you give us our marches to move we choose to stand united under the protection of your arms under your wings and all things that you knowing that you will take care of us you have the ability to shelter us to preserve and protect and we also promise and she and promise you that we will stand with you through all things faithful unwavering and with no fear going forward picking up those who have been harmed standing in the gap and offering relief shelter food and whatever it takes to help our fellow man in your children your children your creation thank you so much we love you so much evenin's day to you and all of your people and i leetleand together disobey or lawful tanical rule doing the right thing under you under your direction and offer your honor glory and jesus christ precious name we pray so there go guys o let me let me he read a few more things here shall sans fear is what they want from us we do not give me do not kneel to come since i entraiter clowns and also the epa website boils me like a frog and a pot slowly boiling it is climate change green gas care and foot friend they think they can't they they think think they really care about any of this john just money and their pocket and control epais a criminal organization just like the rest of em so anyhow just say you guys know you're loved happy valentine's day i am go make it a great day we're going to reach out to every one and let people know that their loved that god almighty cares about you the creator of heaven and earth we can walk with him we don't need to be afraid and do what it is that he asks us to do because it's going to be a key in but but it is going to take us to take action so that's he that's what to day is going to be about as tokacon tell people you love him smile and and be there from the people around you even locally as well as in time crisis like that so god bless you all god bless you god bless all elbows whom you love and god bless the erica ere you go don't go too i breadforgive or dock him or bread ebarbar news network and we will be will be continuing to move forward with no fear don't really care what the outcome is to me personally i'm going to keep to alkannin a stuff out there because i love you i love mericani am willing to stand with any and all americans are a ready fight for this country i don't care what label they want to come to me under because ollallies right now is america what nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all happy bolts