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Published Sept. 27, 2022, 9 a.m.

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morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg and it is september twenty seven two thousand twenty two a special guest and to day again and i think we're going to do as we're going to make this you know a normal tuesday and we're going to even name it but little brighter and he is running for the wayne county sheriff under the us to expire starchin constitution party we are going to be talking about corruption in michigan because there is a lot of it as well as talking about some of the propaganda that going on as well as the constitution soon bring this iron ring on let me see if i can do this right here this morning a video and i think this is important and i'll tell you why this is import this is important because our new networks are not necessarily unbiased or bias so we have to ask ourselves the question who are they working for other working to bring information to the people of michigan the people of america or another new source whose talons how to vote no what you decide on the clip here because i was a little disappointed i've always had quite a bit of rest for m markley and i'm not heaven lustrous because it was an about promoting me it was the fact that he found people who would vote for and i think we should all be concerned when we see that and any new source because it musotte a news the propaganda the charioteer makes a great point people pushing for dona he point to athene had seen of the need like on a granite you like i like all of the kind i like rhyolite i like ralph the one turrentine she was my pet why because i love now is that true not necessarily a tripos if he think that the only the only optional is either voting for a republican or a democrat then imitating be true but what happens when your political parties become so infiltrated than corrupt to and then all suddenly become the only choice we have a real problem and the big problem is the political parties and people that ascribe to parties are telling us how to vote and they are doing it in order to keep the people in place that they are with or behind and i am very concerned with that and with that on i'm going to bring a at and this from here on out it's going to be known as what morning dan had adoratorios pretty hilarious i am i've got a really work sense of humor i find i find anything funny in life i just i'm amused at most things so anyhow i think it's the catching in it you the best hater your good taters and if in that interest what did you think about that that club from justin barkley from you know wood is another guy that does not study history you probably have been look at what's going on in the political system since way back with milligan and even before then i started to spending time watching engle who had three terms in office maybe more i think he had but after him and the so called election or or what we call a turbulent where the only able to spend two terms we had two terms of democrat then two terms of republican than two terms a democrat that torula that never change so no matter who he voted for the rose and the people that are in office right now are trying to tell with bertha you're going to get your secretary because that's the way we're set up you get two terms as a democrat to terms as a and so that's the nonsense that went on in this barkley guy he doesn't know that he hasn't seen that yet he really needs to do some deep dye into the study of history in the michigan political he also needs to know that the term limit nonsense that we were why to abound in the when we voted for the nineteen sixty three ballot or nineteen sixty three constitution by the way that one by one of one per nothing passes canters with one third of one person but that passed in michigan one third by one of one per cent that means that they wanted that constitution no matter what not for look at the mystification which we will sometime in the near future we're going to see a lot of nonsense in their thesiger been put and that was brought on because they wanted specific freedom and rights against the people and they got the people didn't know they were being at look at what they did with this reproductive rights bill it has forty three errors in it and when you look at how poorly written it is i it is it's a shame now i disagree with the content material of the thing because other doing as they're going for being able to kill babies on the table like like you know they put on the athabasca in other states which would re define the term of abortion into being able to kill a baby an after birth of a twenty eight days through neglect in abandoned man this is worthing this is exactly where this is going as being able to sell babies in fetters and such this is what they want so so we have a problem but just at face value of looking at this constitutional moment for which is on the ballot for michigan there are forty three errors in this part of it looks like joe biddies to to talk on part of a cause it dislike it's like run on sentences so they be sure how to read the oath that is not even close to intelligible verbiage on anything let alone to be on permanent record for this state in any one who rode at clearly a low it individual but more than that any one who put it on the ballaarat is the more what i ask you a question why the push so hard to get abortions legal and to get him to be full term the deal anybody that has been paying attention to what's going on her correct nettlesting do by parts selling human beings this is human being trafficking system that the deep stain her set up our tocandeiras republicans there are some good democrats out there that understand but there are a lot of left these out there that have no clue what this is all about and this is about raising funding for their project has been going on for years the senate more than once that human trafficking has been here for century wherefore do i what are they doing and i think this is going to be become very shocking for a lot of people in exactly what's happening with these babies with these people that they are trafficking the there is so much more to the did you know i saw a statistic a couple of years ago and i actually saw a three year old having their organs removed its life human trafficking and what they're doing with these people and in its heart recompose that video to day and have to have you know have people come face to face with the horrors that people go through that are involved in human traffic there were eighteen thousand librarians plant in syria alone in one year now when you start connecting the date to what other there hiding that the wages in china are as another group some as a muslim group of people who are being who are being traffic and you know you know what that is listen to a doctor one point i who was taken out out and back and said you're going to remove the kidneys from this man allison and then you know and he was standing around the corner and listening to his account of it was kind of shock he heard a gun shot walked her on the corner the man still had her and they basically hold the gun to his head and said i remove the organs and the man was alive and he was so horrified at what he was involved in his sad but when you start looking at children and watching them you know it's like the video that the one idea of watching his child having their organs can while they're alive on the table this is so common that it should be absolutely horrifying is shocking people and in this is not the only thing that they do to these people it is its horrific and if i we don't stand up and fight for this for these children fight for the baby's herbartian fight for the fact that their selling twenty per cent of the blood that are only twenty per cent of the blood that is jonstone red cross goes to help people eighty per cent is being sold to big farmer this is a horrific situation and i'm sorry i'm going to admonish all the christians out there moving on this time to stand up and prove that you actually that you actually i don't know have a grip that there that you are defending like that you were defending what god created that your working for god's purposes that that your sitivation gallarate time there is so much to do right now and and as it's always been to times always been a christian then he stepped up to the to the forefront in order to the same of life and without a voice and that and decide that this is where we lay our lives down fighting for things we believe in rather than to go along to get along agree a nameless broadcast the one that i had in the morning it's just just in barley from wood one of six point nine aimette hundred ah he is very well known in this area and respected i i've met him i've been on this show but quinones someone coming on in the new program who is pushing a candidate or a jonnasson you know there's always patriot groups around west michigan they won't mention my name let alone they say were parthenon the republican propaganda groups is what they are to push the party and the party candidate the two party system alive doing well as squash any rest to anything it's got to work you know or put the stake back because like you said it's like a pink palmas pass aback and for past the back and forth past and nothing gets done the republicans were in and position and the house and the senate what changed nothing except were deeper and attilio in along the old the goin get along so if we expect that we're goin to vote for the same candour you and i wouldn't tell body who volor but it's it's absolutely absurd to think that we're going to change anything in to vote in people who are who are back by criminal organizations which both political parties are at all yet to do is follow the money in those exactly what they're doing i think that's called it sanity isn't it voting for the same people in expecting a change i say it's insanity as well as the spirit of stupid as they take us right down the road at primrose path to be you know to be completely another utterly destroy these two parties have had twenty times just like bidiane's going to do anything how many years esemplastic it is president if he were going to do anything you would think that over fifty years he could have made any inroads with anything but he did all he did was citharam of in such over in ukraine the the deep state capital of the universe which arnfinn this nonsense over there we were the ones that put the vile lab and ukraine therein and surprised everybody else we have three hundred forty of them across the world who played for wee we paid for our own government paid for this and we've allowed this to happen because why go on get along don't say anything don't make somebody mad don't stop away from the norm within the reason the rails the political parties who are money laundering like nobody's business you know that that's a motett were getting john tate otter is you as tax payers party candidate constitootion settin that would be more wood we might have lauriston and then oh my goodness what would happen we had nothing to complain about any more because we actually fixed the problems there you go and inheriting a wave my little for john tate for the sheriff of wine thank you thank you thank you i i i just wanted to know his name because i wonder what dress him but he's not there are many other broadcast out there that may be they're getting money from the republican party that may be there being leaned on by the republican party got an act a certain way and if you don't you're goose your radio status and there are afraid of that even in the world of fear fear of losing new job perusing your money fer losin your fortune and we're going to therefore go along to get along just so we don't lose our little slice of the pie if we understand and we kick off the nonsense that's been holding us back you have a bigger piece you'd have the whole pile would never you have the whole pie because you will be able to provide for your if you take a look at the sixty three constitution as well as the laws we have piles of attorneys that sit there an put these documents to there are supposed to have every thing done properly according to law but the whole idea is if they screw it up and do it so it's difficult for the average person to see it to understand it then they can twist it any way they want when they get into the court room and they do they come up with all kinds of a constitution does it is not applicable in my court old to judge did you not did you swore an old or are you in violation or are you didn't swear nothing therefore you are an impostor the story tells the but of course in the courts they are and as jeff i think it was jefferson may be it was hamilton the republic will fail because of the judicial won't be led will be led into destruction by the judicial and because the laws the attorneys and the judges all work together you and i from understanding what the reality is so here we go to election if we would have had real so called real republicans that really gave up two cents about what this state was all about michigan would have never gone for with this would have not happened because the rhinos were the sad or the people in power legislature it there to protect our rights the lechester would have said you know we can't have not awful this is not a legal process and therefore it cannot stand and we have to call back our electoral we can allow this kind of nonsense to go on but they allowed it and then after the election they said he we had a clean and fair election there's a whole bunch of rhinos in office right now how they get there because they were a part of the system they were like to buy the system they were supported by the system and why don't they have a republican running for right eondema we have a democrat that we like and we want him back in sheriff because he said yes man and he'll follow what we want on him to do and we don't want to republican that man mouth works so do put a republican against them so the republicans didn't do it another they're all working together the light one price for democrat or do not and so this is the same way that a lot of different election processes he had best say that we can't get people to fill those positions that is so much bony because i know people that would have been willing to run for anything however i do know that some people that were said he we want you to fill this position will send you a hundred dollars do you filing fee and so on is so forth once you get the ballot and so a couple of cases people that work in our group paid the money got on the ballad guest republicans didn't send any money one they are candidates when i listened to last night and a republican meaning that said they didn't get any money from the nation from the state convention from the state people they didn't get any money to run it on their own time or whatever they can collect and dorando though the process so this gentleman berkeley he does know this because there's never mary berkeley barateve barely doesn't know this because he's never been there has he gone to any of these conventions as he talked to any of these people that are supposedly grass roots that one of six the system of the as he talked to any and my guess is he hasn't and if he has that he doesn't listen to what they or as he parted the system in and of itself i mean these are all good questions to ask when your pushing a candidate or an agenda as if someone who's in the news that is propaganda right there people need to make up their own choice this is so one thing that i've got a problem with us when you look at the fact that the political parties that the republican party is choosing the nomination or their choosing the person that we the republicans get developed for the attorney general as secretary of state there is only a believe to two states that actually do that were their chosen at the precinct loelia level at conventions so on it's another step of taking away the right for the people to choose and when you see what happened in michigan with all with presidents who were threatened intimidated i mean this state looks like like completely and utterly gangster when when i when you have people threaten and court and curse willis crow i rather tax that she sent me she was absolutely her family was threatened course in her ass and in it it's a goddess look at the lock at the words she rode her sad and it doesn't stop there it was going on with the precincts i did go to the rally ialdabaoth was held over in washington it was it was it was a trumpet tridentine had anything to do with us and quite honestly i was so ashamed of what our state how our state welcome to him to all i was ashamed of our state that we would have such a lousy for this man with a ran out of water at two o'clock in the afternoon they had a hand in it was it was terrible they had you know portioner with with no hanseatic anywhere they ran out of food and water so in present trump didn't get on sages supposed to be seen pike's always late so he was he and antonio quite a sizeable time which means that the people that were there were without water from two o'clock in the afternoon until they got to their cars if they stayed at ten o'clock and people were having health crisis entirely failing of joke of the republican party management we have and i was absolutely shot embarrassed for our state and you know what i heard when we were when i was walking around and in the area where the wit so i don't think it was really supposed to be there but i got there anyway and i don't so it's like it's like down brannerton again just showing up then and you know finding their way but they pushed me off the side otsego of course you don't want to mention brander's name because we can't control her so i was in the back rather food and over and over and over again i heard this all about the present delegates were trying to make the present delegates feel good for that we are prone that was made that was a stated goal by the republicans that were there the mop electioneering rally the waif barely no anything about the first amendment and that part of the first amendment that says freedom of that means not only do you have the right to speak what you want to say but that you should be able to hear all sides of any one issue or anything that goes on because we the people are supposed to make those determinations but we can when it's all slanted in one direction and all you into for nineteen whatever all those and some of the radio broadcast tyrone tyrones one partisan other there's a whole pile of heather that want to stifle stifle the thinking process because they want to push their agenda or who ever agenda they are trying to sitting behind them that's pushing menacer taint there's a lot of hours people that are listening to these radio broadcasts need to be concerned as to who their talking about it what their and it's really not about the i never should have ever been about the it out the individual that wants that they should be looking at who he is not because he is a republican or a democrat while we got a form because he's a republican appease the we got to vote for him because he's number one knows the constitution and of speaking about me at the he understands how the constitution feint the system and what a constitutional sheriff is he's not a yes man he doesn't follow directions the deep sea that's what we should be looking at who specifically now radio broadcasts don't like you or me because god knows why but let's say they do they still should give you the platform as they've given it to the democrat and to the republic i should give it to you so at least they understand what you are talking about and why you are considering putting your time and energy and believe me running for a lot of time in eternity goodness yes i got in it to clock last night after being at saint clare astray at the wet county meeting big props to paul orban loved the crop they do great job over there we could be on the beach and a golf course i don't play golf but we can be unappeasable could be doing all kinds of things that we want to do instead of putting our time out to get into office to make a is it a one is it about the money that you get when you become governor is it a botherment in on pretty well at stable at this moment financially i don't need any of that why did trump to what he did mean isabella he kongonis get flew to adorative and said they were going to spend our life here the rest of our lives because america all screwed up go up but the people but he he realizes that america is the major hub of the world america falls and america is the whole world turns in the social father for the deep state people so this guy barely as well as some of the other broadcast or out there should be letting everybody on you may not they may not like you because whatever the case may be but they hear what you have to by golly you might say one thing makes a well in the town on to talk about melicertae about her turning her back on me and it's i seen this happen with other people in the news where they are spinning i never really turned her back or suddenly thing on me she said imitation why clear in the talk she was threatened and course he was being attacked by laws i fear you know that's exactly what he happened in any broadcaster any one who uses a person's personal pain or a man who is trying to protect their children is despicable it in the next man and then the next moment goes out and said oh we need to protect our parents right in the schools but then they go after somebody like melissa who was clearly threaten you know it's a shame on all of them you know it's like you you do not you do not use personal people's personal pain in order to further a political ginger anything and i'm disgusted with this whole thing i really i really am you know if you want to say that they're going to stand for something then you know you can't you can't just change just because you you want something to go on and direction or the other immensely despicable i agree with you he and i are made that the biggest problem of the whole thing they are also the social let the end right now in some of the early this american because i had an american flag behind me i'm an american and i'm for america is not the limiting the limiting and his limiting information the italian people who vote for what to think what's approve you're a good little boy a good little girl if you do this or that don't buck the party don't buck the shut up sit down and don't speak out against his or you are not american you are not a good person we went we went to a church is week and it was we showed up and they had the actually he had something that looked like facetious they were doing making as well as taking temperatures and a kind of ambush us because we got there and were like nobody saying like that i'm sorry but we turn round walked out i have i have a big problem with it so in the meantime their teaching people to be their fair mongering you know i fear barnabites virtues signal oh you're a good person if you put your mask on and you stay in life and you do everything we tell you to do and and you got a six caradeux week that you long side at sixteen you really annoys question in this at all i like missiles mass i think i heard the analogy one that the masks that that there asking people to wear for her virus it's like throwing a handful of stones to a chain link at if there true i don't know whose the manufacture those but as the manufacturing and cutting on the throne for i have more in that so you take something off the floor and sticking it over her mouth and nose and breathing in all that debate on the knows what's on there i saw the other one man they had their feet on the mat to the making them are you kidding me you know sorry wonder how many in the dirt floors are coming through these masks that kill well i want jump on us that too long a mask business got a understand that god outside that created the universe created this planet created oxen oxygen kills patients all kinds of if we would be living hundreds of years ago before we screwed up the oxygen we were probably all be very healthy the oxygen would not would be killing any patience lungs one problem all of that stock because oxygen kills anybody that doesn't know that i don't don't know what they were doing in high school they were probably sleep in the biology process also the sunlight the cold nothing survived to winter in michigan as far as the patagonians save fires far as even bacteria that discontent cold that it also dies in hot sun i says cottages in orating well to because you probably lacking fight if indeed which is the sunlight which is the best choice of vitamin where i ask does anybody could do furthermore wearing a mask only shows that you are a nice cheap and you follow along with what the white people up and power if you want to call them that the people in landing and washington tell you to do you are nothing but a slave to their wake up your life that your killing by wearing the mask by doing what their telling you to do by getting the death jab reassurance air marabas sequence that out so if you're doing that and you haven't done any hole or well it's just like that it's like we are in radicofani here it so so ah you know and in a political perspective i would support anybody's ability to do what they felt that captain say whether it was to her master get the dam but the reality is is that so many people were misled that that it is up to us responsibility and i think this kind of a good one to learn the consequences of responsibility for bad choice if there are so many people that have been entered with the vaccaei believe that we have the obligation to hold these people accountable for the damage they've done because they lied they lied through their and on every ionian here here is the deal but when you start looking at some one say like fouche who has done experimentation on beagle pops in watching bateato in other hands being eaten alive by sandflies but he actually did that did that and and i know he had the good experiment and i think it was forty four beagle tops they put their heads they stayed them put their heads in containment and watched the effects of sand fleas eating them a lie not only that his mother was doing experiments and children and orphanages with a of it all or place walk it so when we when we see this your or absolutely right people have to do their own research on it and if you choose poorly because you haven't listened to the warnings that are out there they're going to be let us stay and suffer the consequences of pork forties because they're either either you know too busy with plain or whatever but there is a lot of ulundi hopes much time researching the stuff and knowing the truth and it's it's just absolutely spirit of stupid to follow any one without questioning them you're absolutely right it's a violation of the first amendment the radio broadcasting network then are not allowing all sides of the argument out there well in that trilogies on unfortunately people followed this nonsense and doing eric years ago with to go to the library remember those days we in havana we couldn't set down in our office click a button and finding formation were looking he made life so easy for people i don't know if they become lazy over this process that is so easy or if they just believe that people out here are watching out for and they're going to take care of us and it would never happen in america what's a matter with you taunay never happen in america come the well and you're right and the news media was absolutely complicity in the lying to the entire nation over these policies that were put in place where were trusting people who who are on the one you know the same level as maginalls people that were noisier many i mean these people killed people they did experiments and the unpeople and in that exactly what happened here and we watched a hale it was happy right under our noses may moment on january and there's all kinds of evidence of the how much damage has been done now we're going to have to pick up the pieces a certain grave because of all the damage that was done and and you know it's even even if even if they may be choices or they were misled were going to have to stick together as the a family of america and how each other and that's what we've always done we've always done that a bad situation but we definitely had a criminal element that was leading people away and i don't know if you know this our kind are congress that the six miles howdy congress fisher the eight is jangadas i know he is better i mean followed the money and you're going to have all the answers you need to to anything now we've got political parties in the state of michigan that are there by our election throwing all kinds of money at and then they tell you through the complicity mainstream fate stream media who above as far as barley and the other main stream lame lame stream met i wonder if they ever looked or ever ran across the iron mountain for i think it was nineteen eighty four may be it was at three maybe was the don't know right that time period the iron model report actually lay out and going to happen at some period oh yeah does how it's going to happen how they're going to push it what's going to happen how they're going to lick down the country they're going to a job a force the folk to a socialist process it social to a process that they're going to be able to control of public and reduce the population that's what this whole thing is all about i want to get rid of a person of the people on this earth which one are you are you the one that's goin to be one of the aperient are you going to be the twenty per cent that's alive in the twenty per cent that they want alive they're going to be the slaves because it's easy to control twenty per cent not eighty not a hundred and this is in the iron montremain the as it was all this the so called berkeley character barkley bark mark my character should do his home work before he starts being of that saying regarding who's goin to win who's not going to win and why we should listen to him and why we should not listen i hope he is this will to go ahead but i want i want to tell you that you know we just blew past tetrica actual numbers not the tentpoles but she even on face she's got like she's got like twenty two she had the sweet and she was at twenty two thousand and i went from seventeen thousand to forty five thousand overnight and not eat we've got thirty we've got thirty million interactions on line a week and it is like that that is something that is just real those are real numbers it's not pull operates real numbers and i don't know if you knew this but i got this statistic that twenty per cent of people in the republican and democrat party so i'm never going to get demonise anybody on the democrat party any more than the republican cause arborea hell and so the owen per cent of them have left those major parties and either gone into penetrating somebody like you and i because they know that the republican party democrat party are nothing more than ages saprolegnia for the global and per cent of people are dissatisfied with republicans the democrats some pretty much exerted that that forty one per cent is going to be those people that are within the that are within the twenty per cent are a lass that the globules i have ladislaw i agree with you or eaten per cent asleep in twenty per cent there playing ball with a i'm wondering we kind of beat up on barkley and a few of the other and we can go further let go to detroit news and a and the good the detroit news too because we can go to egleton them for a while to an faidon think i think or lists aditi actually post is something that i'm an throw the sienese we're going to beat up in the main stream being even more criminal complicity hats that they are go ahead so i got a list here i posted i say and these reporters and not works have been named in the wake leaks to have alluded with a dance or hillary campaign during the two thousand sixteen elections as i beg david i abstain sawyer avec george stefanopolous avec john carl avec les i think it's cruel a a p julie pace at canton at lisele and this lagoon and on and on and i put it routine got you've got benson hopping to castaly beast amusements of friends this morning i'm sure and be woodnotes the hill in going on and on because this is an masseuse six companies that own all of our media pretty much all mate face stream media and they get to talking points but for clock in the morning you know it's like all right a befallen linealist brown shirt soldiers out there who have the microphone when i ran for governor last election on the libertarian i was i actually developed what they call a tater guard and the purpose of it was a piece of the couple pieces of metal put together that we would put next to the electric and we would provent decorum changing the old analog meter to the new digital smart i don't know was all around michigan grand rapids fire narses i could go far south as i could go and even sent them on a this guard the tatar and i was totally against the date process deploying as what they call it we're going to deploy these meters and they were these meters were dangerous they created dirty electricity they created radio frequency or frado frequency and they created a mallet magnetic frequency in your whole so you are being bombarded by electronic same electronics that today they use five grand son in so far to and last week we talked about the endemic that happened because of electrification of the earth while now they are electrifying your old question why did they take a medal screen off in in screen i did have something to do with the womenfolk electronic frequencies of party yes what about painting your house with lad verses now whatever they make the pain of did the lead paint black frequencies from coming into our house all careers ago because i don't know of any two child that would be two in on the woodwork and ending up with brain problems because the in the when o siller saw on its solfatara that they were put so what was what was the purpose at all of it then they come out with the smart beaten once the smart men is attache connected to your house once there connected to your house then they can read what's going on electrically in your house because they know what frequencies are going on what the dryer frequency is microwave frequency is what the refrigerator frequencies are they can tell exactly what appliances are going on in we have given up our fourth amendment over time over stupidity and over a listening to the deep state but his multipotent point of it when i ran for office and on my website everywhere everybody i ever talked to i was totally against though the smart made i was totally against electronic the detroit news published that i'm all in favour of technology so i got calls for my friends that they say he what is this what do you do it are you flippant i haven't seen the detroit news because i don't i hate he is changed that to whatever they wanted to say if they want to do his job they're going even change your words yes so they say that i like technology so people that said one fortieth technology the way we that's an inappropriate that's not true so that i call up the detroit news an i say don't you panorama you go to my website it's all over the you can go to my web site and its totally against technology electronic frequencies and so on is or what have you been doing that was the first page that was page one it was a so they published a retraction on page for the bottom of the page and the the euthanasia ready do you know i had so many of these candidates series that i come to me the last the last two i did one of them after that i like to in these things because you know what they asked you leading questions and it's only to divide because somebody's funniest creating question to i don't know as to an i was i was reading through this and i'm like this is not something that i would answer if you don't answer it then you know you're in trouble for not answering their little overlord the media overlord question some of them are not a one word answer and that's what they want they want to one word answer while a lot of our issues are so complete that they ask you questions that no matter how you answer them they are designed in order to damage you as a candidate in and divide and some are so painfully long that the they they got a new one of them one of them for the state of michigan wanted to know my opinion on palestine and and the end israel and i was like my aristotle a like lassie issues here for the michigan border and you know of course i have opinions on some of these but it was it got to be so ridiculous so ridiculous and i you know they were they were looking for anything that they could do it and then whatever you write that they're going to change your words anyway there was there was something that came out yesterday dona brandon brother said i bet that that i was registered democrat which is absolutely categorically false note i'm never won a democrat in my life you know it's like it's like a i voted into penny i have voted independently if i didn't like the candidate i would vote when i was you know i would vote for the candidate and and that kind of been that's kind of been my i am all you know and and i'm such a bad sheep it's just amazing that it's like i got this past week i got asked to denoting and also had a extortion will call it extortion that i had to pay five ideal situations of extortion for money this last week i had another one that was going to take my campaign if i did not pay money for and i was like well here we go on not doing it i am not going to do it i will not pilate to any money demands or any demands to announce it denounce anything i will talk about what i wanted to talk about i have a complete and total believed that the first amendment means that i have the right to say resort havin opinion that's my own opinion without any threat coroner intimidation by any one but this is what's happening not to most of the candidates though there either play or their threatened and coursed intimidated extorted in order to change or my or blackmail out now blackmail this is this is our political climate here in michigan so go and we go along and get along we're going to get the same thing you look at the crap happened under snyder look at the craft that tamanund our republican leadership as well as a democrat leadership they want to i think it's different but it's all the same i have a correct something i said maybe last time or of the the time before that michigan and i'm not sure which one of our governors sold the solar water right and i said it was to china wasn't a china was tones but mostly in china connected nestles the water sends it to china bottles it brings a so i just want to kind of clear that one of my people that are in my groups had rewarded at the wrong way side just one cleared the record only one in a point out that my american slang is upside down some people see that some people have in heaven the clue that thence upside down to some people say he you've got your flag upside down that dire no a flag upside down means that ship of state is in trouble if you have your honest ship sailing vessel or a motor vessel and your flag is upside down anybody in the area has to give aid while we don't have a whole lot of people that can help the united states out attention to what's going on but the ship of state is in serious that flag grimstone down until feeling the republic has been restored in our country by the wonder of this guy barking now that we have a republic and not a democrat some questions fasting to ask him i don't think he knows the defence levi think that would be great you should go on the selache of he's brave enough to have you on or anybody else for that matter are relics or we just tell the truth and make everybody oh no don't talk to john tate don't take to brandenburg they might actually you know get get out of their way they might get off the rail a little but oh well also we talked a couple of last week i don't know if i can change the subject you and now whenever you and your time is its tattooes day john it's tired you get to do what you want to do on tattooed we talked about the changing of the country back in eighteen seventy one with the organic remember we made that comment that i said that and some got a red and a little but cara the text of the district of instant of the columbia organic activating seventy and it basically says the district of columbia organic act of eighteen seventy one a an act to provide a government for the district of columbia it goes on to the fort cottas the forest congress in my gonerilla is an act of congress which revoke individual charters of the canyon washington the city of georgetown and the county of washington and created a new government for the entire columbia but legislator effectively merged what had been separate municipalities within the federal territory into a single it is for this reason that the city while legally named the district of columbia is still known as washington be however it was abolished for and while the name did not change the territorial government governor was replaced with a three member board of commissioners appointed by the president system existed until nineteen seven before when the district of columbia home rule act allowed for the distant residence to elect their own the process that they have that the so called patriots and or what i think they are a operative passing on the stupid and formation that the public because they want us to think about it's the organic act that change the merican no it's not the organic is that they are trying to pull away from the republic and polish pushes into a democracy and so they come up with these stories people buy into this stuff they read it and they say oh it was the organic act of seventy ratteen seventy one i've heard from thousands of people saying it's the organic act that change the america and that allowed the is to tax you become a resident of the of the ten square miles totally boges totally but i wanted to read a little portion here from the organic act of eighteen seventy one and this is what they call the opal gogol and look at our theories in a few minutes this says i do solemnly swear an earthworm that i will support the constitution of the united states and will faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which i am about to enter and i will not have knowingly or intentionally paid or contributed anything or made by primrose in the meat in the nature of a bribe to directly or indirectly influence and vote at the election at which i am chosen to fill set off and have to nor will i accept or are received directly or indirectly any money or any other valuable things for any vote or influence that i may give or withhold on any bill resolution or probation in all for any other official the the so called organic act that was poison to our not to read our old football our old offices relatively short as i do solemnly swore that i will protect the constitution of the united and fulfill the duties and obligations of my office to help me should this organic act of office for every politician that ever runs for a step outside that and if you take a bribe there's a bunch of insincerities but i won't on the republican side of the rhine then you'd be in a well i mean let's just call it what it is is a communist unitary right now it doesn't matter recite your unhalting is corrupt it was can be so yeah i think that automatic in the holding people accountable you know but this also goes gooway the people are all so accountable though they're not forced to be to participate in in their therefore of self government that they want things to go in a good direction to have to be involved and part of that goes into holding holding our public official accountable and i think it i think that a and we need to have a process now asked lorimer their attorney to right thinking the agitated i am learned in her so yet that they have to be held accountable but when we don't have a standard what do you hope people accountable to just like with jonathan greater on the board of election were making a policies on and how do you do that in a last lawful process you don't because then it's up to whoever sitting in the seat to the side well what see i like serampores this was actually in one of our onbelievers an treadmill so we're going to go see what happens when we put shrimper you know and i don't know that the whole thing and this is even our bill making is not a lot of process right and fill where the money going in mind many different directions and i got on a hand to her but you know what i mean the most system is broken top to bottom and the people that are involved in creating the bills are are actually getting in rich of these bells and the policies of the creating when i was i think it was the margaret o connor a representative in washing our inland she wrote a barrel list of pork barrels that were going on for the years and used to come i don't know how many people have ever ran into that but i still have those part baroness and they have been changed the whole some of the titles of the organizations that got the money have a different name too but it's the same story it's where the pork barrel were all the money went and that's exactly what's going on presently we have the same type of pork barrels except the called something and they played the same kind of games on us that they played for years and barkley doesn't know that did it would not ling and information to the but he doesn't know that we got to say that he is not as well versed in the political system as he should be in order to speak about getting back to these the constitution or the federal constitution rather will do the federal antennae next time around will talk about the state we donated the whole i don't know how much time we have let the whole time that were talking about but we should talk a little bit about it because actually that's why i'm here i'm a constitutional sheriff and i want point out that we have a constitute the constitution is the document by which government operates and if it's not in the constitution it does not now we can drive that one any better than nor verses to shall be township lord versus nannon verses shall be concisely county is coconina i got the right rightaway the whole purpose of it and it's not only about creating a defect a lot it's about the government stepping outside and creating laws that they did never had the authority to create remember we are the people that give them that power we delegate to them what powers they can have and if we don't delegate it to them they don't have so how do we delegate authority to the government the voting sort of the constitution if it's not there it's never been delegated to of course they make up these laws and rules as they go along and by on the floor on the fly well manners and hang em on their own words that's right people need to take a look at preamble to start with people actually need to open the probably would take me two hours to maybe that i mean that's reading in somewhat understanding what it it's not written in legally the amendment are written to day so you don't understand what they say is pretty clear to both the politicians and i know our founding fathers wanted to make it very clear to the public functionary so they can read it other stantibus most public functionaries can't read and nor can understand what the law is my brain a whole pile of those guys including the tones that every time they opened their mouths they took their foot in it and every time they opened her mouth again and get a deeper and deeper that so these guys call emselves legal law or law what they call himself attorney at law are attorneys and which of the men there now about the law they have no idea what those because they wouldn't be playing the game that their plan that would allow the judges and the judges are just as complicity or more complicated than the attorney so when you get into a concrete you and us unless you really understand what you do in your probably not going to be such and they know that they are going to flock on the first or they're going to deny you on the first go round which is the district court level which is the trial court which is where it should all happen and you should have a trial by jury and all it stuffs wash the way and they then they turn round then they figured last fine you do and you go home and your angry and their happy they got the money and that's all he is about revenue enhancement process for the political judicial system and for themselves and for their retirement has nothing to do with the law it has nothing to do with protecting the people and their people and the people's right anybody he doesn't like believe there go sit sometime in the in the profits it watched the probate judges and attorneys strip the people that are supposedly going to get some some benefit from their mothers and fathers that passed there going to strip all that away from and they're going to end up with nothing that's what pro baal about how much can steal from this person that's the probate judges the probate attorney and they all worked together absolutely absolutely yet the sister is extremely corrupt and then if you go to landing and say hey this judges acro or you go to the judicial tenure commission you really have to have something to reunite judge an order for that judge to be rid but the stuff that goes on in the court system and i believe i have been through about a court totally unlawful totally but anyway go back to the preamble because this is what's important this is why we have a co and people don't even get this they never read the preamble are they rented in high school when they were somewhat asleep or they were or dis guy was pulling peggy's hair he was paying attention to what was going on we the preamble says we the people of the united states we the people of the united in order to form a more perfect union establish justice does an ex insure domestic tranquillity doesn't exist thank you mister iden and the democrats up there that at the bellman antipolo these organizations out on the provide for the common defence promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity to her and establish the constitution for the united the purpose we the people developed the stock not the government the government is supposed to follow the doctor member i sat down personelle last year or last last week said that we are the sovereign and laws do not apply to us because we are the authors of those so those laws apply to who applied to the public functionary but they have slipped it on us over the year and now their public officials and i don't even now all the other terminology they call them but they are public functionaries that are supposed to do a little part of government that they were told that this is what to therefore this is the only part so we need to go back to that by the way everybody heard carl sham or close shave says you will all nothing in love have you two and made the deep state banking cartel's watching to join their great overtime these power position continued the chipaway at the people's right and we've been having it we seen a during cold of nineteen were they really took an axe to prior to that time they were doing little by little but over time specially they said you have to pay like in your home who ever heard of that best would in not two hundred and some years that the united states was in existence nobody was lacked in their whole and you all intirely did that you voluntarily gave away your right so you could be joined their great reset and this whole idea that the vaccine wasn't going to come out for the next eight or ten years they wanted that process for the next day to ten years to bring us into the great people would be gone crazy like the near one you he fights with your family you would commit suicide this eight years really have destroyed a lot of america but trotting in seeing an ayesha crazy guy hear that's a right hand man a line close swam saying we can hate human beings that man is a psychopath odessa sycophant is listen to their words to refined follies people they terminate remember our constitution gave up the power of the people i told the people that were put in office that their job is to protect our blessings of liberty a blessing of life in our pursuit of property as to other was original and then it was changed or to a happy property and made it happiness if you don't anything then you are like a little land on an anthill runnin around collect in your winter survival food and that's it the notes small bottomed little children that's right and besides the best way as when everybody gets a vaccinated that there and the headman beans and you live happy so now we got to go back to article four section of the united states says we have a what kind of government i a republic or of government a republican form of government were not pleasance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic which it stands not democracy where they have come up with democracy is to try to change the narrative member of your control the language of control the narrative they want us to believe we have a democracy we go to war might for democracy we got a war to help the banking system make more money that what that's all about that all words of peter anybody that doesn't figure that out he hasn't figured that out by now is that operating with all his well it's just like with bush you know the state or oil was sitting right there in the north sea you know providing aid to both sides the world war i right but you know the side of this is that it is we the people are really really waking up and becoming aware of their nonsense and i think that this whole thing to the whole great awakening of all of us which were really getting things figured out that we have been living under a false system for forever they they tell us what to think in it goes back to goes back to our news media you control the narrative you control a pretty much everything you know because if that point time you'll get people to march in the direction that you want them to march at and this started many many years ago in it it's it's really it's really kind of a crazy a crazy should be in a way you know it's the all of the stuff doesn't happen overnight and so even when we talk about fixing the system we didn't get here over night this has been docketings been hundreds and hundreds of years to this been going on to to manipulate people so where when we fix this is going to be a going to be done over time you know you can't go in there and say you know pullulate whole system even if we want to there has to be a transition or we will really bein kind of a kind of a heather is like like a tipple they want the like we need to get rid of piscine the best child training organizations in the world but what you do you surmounting this this people in these in these structures and we're going to have to be able to take care of these children he probably just yanking the funding and saying see first of all got understand it student exist love say that they are in position and they are doing good then they need to be monitored very well to what they're doing and how they're doing it because sepsis also part of the child traffic made you better just let him run wild and say yes the money we're going to ronsin you down to the size that you should be number one and number two were going to monitor those of you that operate in that system i mean really monitor if you're pollinctor you should have absolutely no secret or hidden agenda or or any privacy because you work for the public so you should be a public functionary on the other hand you as a citizen have no obligation to the government of any kind because i've never done anything for not provided any food or anything for government do not have any ability or should not have any ability to monitor no life where you spend your money cloud shot monitor were what you buy a democrats in washington bibles and guns you have no right to monitor i don't work for you you work for me as a functionary should be monitored every moment she i believe that pious we got to be you know i bet blythe ceps needs to and because they have been they've been man they've been moneyed in order to for legal kidnapping that right to her that right there you know gatherers to exist right there right rathantara with all of these all of these three letter for letter whatever agencies which have been weapons against the american people they need to and if they'd been weaponed and and then as therefore were going with a need to add but we're going to have to have some sort of process because there are still people that are behind these illegal systems which have been weaponed against american this does not missus this is really a it's a big big issue big job but but there we're going to have to back out of what's been done here in order to set this nation up to be taken over by a bunch of communists you know people with marks a city ology i mean not the whole thing is i gotta dishing is gately be pulled back in on some things that we can but some of the things that involved people's lives were going to have to be very compassionate we're going to feel a little patient as we back out of what has been created over many many years of course of course we could go all the way back to at least i am not really i haven't really studied world war i haven't released some of the other things i studied the civil war world war two what created we had prescott but giving to the at i am often asked this question how did the german people army government whatever go from a country that was totally devastated after world war to a world giant world war i how that happened they didn't have the gold they didn't have the money that couldn't provide they didn't have the natural resources how did that happen for motor company funded some other what were their original names they changed their names i know i know now i can but i don't remember what it was cartesian think it's so i have there but the bedouins when they want to come back to bite to form another another angle so here we have a story that starts on rambling as to what happened during world war two that we have john attended coming in with the single bullet bullet the president made a right turn only made another left turn at the door in all nonsense the warren commission by the way fire last the war commission put together and said you know john kennedy was assassinated by this long gunman we are reasonable so much nonsense i can't even made any way in which entertain that that that's like that like you know unicorn theory right there when you believe that right but then it goes much further by by ben maplehill president and get away with it we all went to the room that's another good how did we go to the moon and when we when the computer filled up two or three gigantic rooms in order to put and your telling me you dead reckon a spaceship from earth to the moon staring at wake up i get in a boat stratton you've got to have a competent have some idea where he ran and there and mossman miles away and they expected us to believe that and we had this one step for mankind that's all bone that's all amalatok into any of the and you think logically a potted you've got to ask yourself how could they have pulled us off and then why have we not been back to the mood and when this moon issue was i called nassau and i got the films all the the moon landing of all other and several years later when o my friend is caged that for me so i called them and they said all they got burned up in a fire and then they said where are the plans this lone lander to show us how you built it all we we discarded this is the most important think that the united states could have ever done was going to the moon and there is no record a kind of like jumpin ostable's body in the ocean after you know it with highly trained military personnel but they just decided to damp in the know jump as body in the ocean you know there so many questions to ask the other one is nine eleven i don't even started with a ulany that still believes in the yes told to us perpetrated by bush family during nine eleven and all the ever seen in eleven and described in five minutes and now when they see if i called this out because this is this is absolutely as keep talking here and i'm going to see if i could told us so because this is this is like unicorns going on here hang on and i did keep talking of sefi can find leave that an airplane ah a jet could have hit the building and caused it to collapse as it did in its own footprints then they have no idea they have to have no physics in fact i don't even have to take a logically thinks that a possibility something in an object and that object falling straight down doesn't happen number one number two already discarded airplane to or get fuel as being a reaching the temperature is enough to melt the building and turn it into dust and then they took the dust as quickly as they could out of the united why did they do questions that have to be asked or glooming is another how did this oklahoma bombing happen in all the sudden all of the bi agent that had office in the miracles nor or told hey don't don't go to work to day and so they never showed up what and the stories that we've been told robin i can't even think of all of the stories that i breathe more serious in too many questions i but i want people to say it is got a portmanteau a little do a little more research and no one of these items not to look imitation of them start to little background i are these truths that are being told because we are now at a plan with the mass the jab that we've been lied to again and because they've been working on us for some time to see how far they could and they really did a beautiful job in an they did a beautiful job they made us believe that yet couldn't go out to get the stand six feet apart come on that you had to wear a mask and that you had to get the vaccine all of this nonsense that was cloud swam was out their present year you all not being an you'll be happy because that's where they were pushing it that's what they want us to do it almost caretaking say it's cartoon as there's so much information out to day on all of the activities that have happened that i spoke about starting back in world war two when franklin delano rose the delay no then rose about now that the japanese were gunnar and he let it happen because he wanted to get the united states into a war and the people didn't get them back then and some of them have figured it out to day but a lot of unnecessary deaths and of probably prominent people that would have made a different mortimer i ayadante do some magic here here we gallieni's getting good at this check this out so i think this is as well worth talking about you know we're going to get off on authorities what happens in a lie broadcast that we just kind of go with it all right you any but in a wish but better directed by a man in dialysis around the world using a satellite pointed opulence in the overpowering the passengers in the military combat train pilots and for commercial aircraft before flying those plains wildly of course for overtowering less advising fighter intercept these my ten hijackers devout religious fundamentalists who like to drink alcohol stoical came in lilith became strippers managed to knock down three buildings with two plans in new york one at washington i lauchable a single engines i was able to fly a sonority seven and antoun foot descending two hundred seventy degree corkscrew turned coming back level with the ground hitting the pentagon in the budget anoother deodars were working on the mystery of the two point three trillion dollars the defense secretary donald unfelt as the mountain for the indignant press conference the day before on september tenth the interest who did it within minutes of sabina the pendant he within hours amid administration you within the day torriswood these and elisha the evidence literally fell into the bilge that the hijackers passport was found locked in the world trade center crashed the cable for some reason a bunch of crazy conspirators demanded the investigations of the greatest attack on american soil and history investigation with delay under funded set up the pail a conflict of interest to become her up from start to finish we on testimony extracted through torture the records of which were destroyed i mention the existence of doubled people danger petitioning the cia and the drills of ejector craft be influenced to building some were being stimulated at the precise time that these events were actually happening to the pentagon i administration and after bush and jane well no one knows what they told it because they testified in secret of the record not under and behind closed doors bother to look at him under the attacks because that question is ultimately a little practical significant still the commission did brilliantly answering all of the questions the public head except mister the vicomte i members questions and in blame and all the people responsible although no one so much as thought their job determining the attacks were failure of imagination we are government lydon think a poor government of detention flying our place in the building the nore and the narrow the destroyed two pottery tegetmeier but that vocabulary wasn't he destroyed the records of the investigation is being under training before the attacks but that's okay because destroying the records of the largest investigation and as he sister is just part of routine record quite at that they used for their model of lucilla but that's okay because knowing how they met their model of the class would jeopardize only jerrold to their investigation of night eleven should be kept secret but lick the betacam because we have probably has nothing to hide wasted nor anything he had to say worthy of your attention and if you say otherwise you are a paranoid conspiracy hearest and deserve to be shot by all of human and her entrance and some of it lunettes in the gioachino but somehow got away it tetrabranchiata way heeled about about the ears touching the miscomprehended intelligence regaling the most of this began technology of industry of the world for a decade releasing by the after viewscope impunity and getting younger and younger as he did so before finally being found in the very field raid which wasn't recorded on video in which he didn't resist or you to the wife as that you basil and in which these cracks special forces offered as nicotian supposedly the source of intelligence about those baslehurst on the entire planet then the dungeon in the ocean before telling any one voted that a couple dozen of that team members died in helicopter crashing again the story of ruth by the media which told you the hard truth about statesmanly the basement although production of some of these rescue of justice if you have any questions about the story you are a bantering enfolding may be either an we'll be reviled by every one if you love your country and to freedom hainteroh dogs alianora you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to any one public service and nobby the prince of the faintest noise in the nineteen add to that a golgotha and say it's also part of the vote for dixon is a vote for whitmer because they too same thing they get in a believe nine eleven they can get you to do anything get you the stain your home and not go anywhere because of so called faith floating around in the at the did you ever did you ever listen to general stumble being talk about the pentagon how the pentagon was hit i'm familiar with the head of the pentagon it may be he was one of them that did one of the video the roche saw the pentagon and he said they scrubbed it and he looked at general stumbling i can alike his account of things he's pretty he's pretty interesting to listen to and he spoke he spoke out but like anybody who speaks out in anything if you don't agree with a narrative you're going to get silenciario or threatened or intimidate it or had lost sithonian then all of a sudden he have another political people talking for you because the castaway know that's the after after melitta thing then all of a sudden a political people start speaking for her you see terpsis what maladies out against nonsense not so this is actually is there anything else you want to stand the constitution or do i think of the extras in a bad time to stop for the day i ween stop while we can continue whatever you want to do like your showing at today so i mean that you know so be another peter tuesday let's let's do it we're going to do this for you tortosa on tuesdays and go to the constitution founding documents and with a john tate who actually a teacher of the constitution and running for the constitution of the the one held by the constitution the sheriff of the to be a sheriff how should i say the opposite swears an oath to the constitution the sheriff of wanton that right continued on the constitutional sheriff he is the most powerful person in the country carest anybody go into finding out what crimes are being committed he cannot investigate he can tell the prosecutor to prosecute case he's got a lot of power i want somebody in that position that knows the constant now the purpose of the share and those the purpose of why he's there he's there to protect you in winnipeg all the people in antony from the usurpation of government they come after you because they used backbone to create a mortgage for your house and now they're taking your blood set in tears and they're saying you can't have that house any more because we can print any more funny money for you to keep there's more there was a coaster called the credit river and that judge unfortunately got eliminated because he voted against our rule against the banker said basically that you can take sure piece of property or something like that from a person take money that terminology i have to find it exactly how how et but he was late take as a boating accident who knows but this is what happens when you stand against the i was you can't stand the heat it the let adults do it if if if people can't do it then get out of the way and the adults that are lap to are willing to stand for something while stand it will soothe plate and fixed the non i am so grateful for you being on here i love what you're doing everybody in wantonly take a look at it john tater and make your own decision i think ye i really i really appreciate all the time he spent educating people your your years experience and your ability to help educate everyone i think it's extraordinary and so we're going to continue on his tattered and we're going to go through all kinds of subjects and you know and i very very much like it officially today is official start optatus so i think think that that's a good way to go so many why don't we let a poor and on this road to day and then we moved forward in two to morrow i am so tired right now i can often two i think the third that i was up again at six o'clock this morning somaliland like this and because i had probably less than four hours asleep last night i want to say thank you to two early who did the driving last night for me because i've been ternate state like a savage and she's she's helped do some driving and i'm really grateful to her and she's a she's good friend and she's also some who works on my campaign so that was his really nice and i every one over and we become with paul urban great organization over their instant clear i would like to encourage every one contact them we be county and saint clare saint clair county the notary read the county is the same i been a couple of them that that were definitely a republican surgeres rather than unbiased but this went over in saint clare is a wonderful example of what a true patriot group looks like and i and i really think for them i been there a couple of times now and you can you can you can really see their commitment and also the church that it was how the church that this was how it was not fine street i think he's a cool town it's a very very cool to the pastor's name is can near an down here and find can in my the into get buried after a while that i run i run my entire life toute just honestly olive to find a reason here somewhere and so anyhow when ellen can all and in paul urban cannister he's a very courageous pastor who opens his church up and and is as couraging people to take part in politics with really it's the godly perspective as well as all the work that all urbans doing over there with the county please your eyes on on the these guys serve there mazinan year race john paterson wyntoun's another one to really really be mindful of the indo your research check out whatsaname up your own mind on who you want to vote for no one should tell you not me that john not not you know anyone in the median the fake news media you know present trump has been rolling against the for years i wouldn't even you know at this point time i would listen anybody that's endorsing anyone i don't care who it is because at this point time you need to do your own research and check out what whether you think the candidate can command your asset which is this nation effectively i kind of believe that some of the endore endorsing that all of the people are doing is in order to get people to do their own research i think that's a present trump is probably doing getting people to look at the actual candidates rather than even believing his words smart guys he knows what he's doing this is ain't ran there's no there's nothing random there's no coincidence he is encouraging people to think for themselves and not just follow like a bunch of sheep and i and i believe that that's that's what a true leader a good father would do encourage their children to be independent think for themselves and be able to stand against the winds that blow out there and in politics as well as in the in the complicity fate news media out there so beasain then we're going to oregon to come back with with mister tavernake the heavenly father thank you so much for guiding us through this whole jungle of information that we have to deal with on a daily basis we know we can turn to you at all times and you are so gracious to us to give us guidance and discernment in all things we has that you would give us wisdom please bless our nation with continuing improvement to get away from this this nonsense ammunition these gables people who would kill human beings who had made them who would who had killed babies and we are so grateful that we can turn to you in all these situations than you will help us in your healthiness you are the really believe that we have your favour and i am so grateful for that thank you so much please bless john to day and let them know let him know how precious he has to do and continued talking through john to help educate the people in the way that that actually help restore this name us all to have that fire and as to understand the freedoms that you have given us and that you also guide in our footer to create the documents guarantees freedom given by you so much that we can stand together as americans we've always stood together in times of need your people will step up to the plate care of those around us and we will stand as one nation under you under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you so much father god thank you so much we love you so much in the name of us christ were thank you good interview whatever was eatable not good talk you know it it's good talk it's got a good time so hopefully this indicates some discussion on the outside after this and its people talking about about the issues were dealing with and that we have dealt with because we've been living under propaganda for so much so here were amenities i got digging me mending please god my website brandenburg for governor dot com i write everywhere on telegram you could communicate with me there that's at brandenburg the number four i do have website john all the website is in the process of being created a i do have a website called one if by land door but that's not necessarily a political conversation is that one o ane i by all and and why they should be dark yet one in finland god or an i'm going to just put that in the comment good with that you were that came it is he some people now know it's like i can't yeah they got his party history is very important so you know important now that history so go to some of you know history learn from him such as yourself so that good so any every one out there i want you to know that your never they were thinking about all other so many of us that are fighting for the things that you hold dear behind the scenes and we will never in course threatened into lane down a fight that we don't back away from that we are in this to win that we are in this to restore this nation to self governance of we the people we the people are the owners stakeholders in this nation and our public functionaries are there not politicians are to work for us but also work with us and as some one whose running for governor i'm going to come back and you know nita your heels too because if we want government back to the people he got again involved you've got to talk with people you've got to back the candidates not the note common unpartisan there but back your candidate in treatises a job interview for those people that will that will manage your asset the way you want this manage about your choice and done anybody tell you what to do with your best and and i would uphold any one's ability to make that choice whether i agreed with them i disagreed with you all for who you want to pay up an impact and if i disagree with you i would still hold that right for you to vote for whom you to so and so and i know john is too that the american process you get to malice and so to see you now we love you you're in our thoughts and our prayers so are all those people that you care about we understand that we are living in a very broken country right now which is getting a seat getting ready to hal tail and open up a can of what but at once my language here all of those people who have made bad choice and i know all the words you know i'm trying to be nice right now so anyhow for everyone out there bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thank you john so much for coming on to day and we will see you next tuesday sharply at nine o'clock in the morning thank you good bye i have great day