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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/4/2023 - Electro Magnetic Fields - Robert Workman

Published May 4, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Discussing the harmful health effects of Electro Magnetic Fields with specialist Robert Workman. Robert Workman has had an extensive 25 year career in the Residential remodeling industry and is currently a managing partner in a St. Louis Missouri based remodeling company —Jones Home Improvements. In addition to being an expert in exterior Home Remodeling, Robert has become St. Louis’ first certified Building Biologist Environmental Consultant (BBEC) specializing in assessing and mitigating harmful electromagnetic fields within both the residential and commercial industries. With his in depth knowledge of residential building construction and materials, Robert offers a unique insight into the physics of a homes construction to help homeowners create a healthy living environment. Robert knows first hand the health risk that can exist in a home that has been miss-wired or that has unsafe EMF exposure. After many years of research trying figure out the cause of health conditions he was suffering, and that many doctors couldn’t diagnose, Robert discovered he was suffering from a disease called Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). Robert has spent the greater part of his life helping improve homes only to discover that it was his own home and living environment that was contributing to his health conditions. Now Robert has expanded his ability to help homeowners improve their homes. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the fourth of may twenty twenty three and i i got to have a a shout out to the group that i've met with last night and in mountpleasant i we had such a nice time and i'm telling such a good group of people ah he not amine now pull it at any applotments united we stand in mount pleasant and i want to think them for being wonderful wonderful hostsand for the wonderful interaction i had with the audience it was he was very fond lest night i did a talk on what do you do in the lights go out the adventure of living off the grid which all be all know should know that that's one of the things that i very much enjoyed em i want to bring out her special guests to day men read something about him in the outputs website up we're going to have on robert workmen this morning robert workman he has an twenty five year career in the residential modeled industry and is currently a managing partner in the saint louis missouri based remodel ycome jones home improvement in addition to be in an expert in the model he has become saint louis's seri building biologist environmental consult and i think i think this is really interesting because ah the the whole lead not out you know old the leve nonsense at the putting in buildings is kind of like it's kind of like a a of governmental type of an action so i'm not i'm not really so excited about any ah interaction with government regulating but something like this is really really interesting this is this is an outside the people that have just decided to stop off and get into an area that we really seriously need to look at and a and do it on an individual basis so i'm very excited to bring to bring a robert on right now man brings website i do think that this is where putting back united states of america is going to lot it's not going to lie in the government regulation the government program it's going to be like people like robert who have stopped up or down a tremendous amount of volunteer work and who actually doing it because they loved this name so i could bring mine right now and this is going to be a really interesting discussion is so morin robert how are you greythank you see happy happy thursday right hey i'm so excited to have you here because this is what makes america great it it really is its individual people finding an area that they are they have certain monoferi and then jumping in and creating something or becoming a partisan of the really beautiful to help the people round them and a in our communities and such an i dustjust really want to thank you so much in behalf of america you know i want to thank you so much for everything that you put into this and an i taught you the whitewater eyes was i went to the conference down in st louis for the text there was hard because i am bisher costanalysis and there is a wonderful beautiful woman there named beverly and we got into a nicest she said she said i i want you to to she robert he changed my life and so there is how we got here so i really want to thank for being out i'm going to go head through your website offers and let you for a second to get into this to be really amazing his love sit websites building biology dot or fine next where i've got the a hi think i put the the link in posaune in which last to go to brander news network you are fine a minethe link is there and i can always post the slater this misformation here and how you how you find him and they o see how do you like your own number out there he awakened well i'll be sly that's my business now he'd better from the calmly directly if i i give it i dirging tell you what it is nine four zero eight nine can make see that again six that be six he the nine four zero eight nights in outfitwoman met the other wits on that web site is actually my office and i know that they got a lot of other folk calls like or i constructed so the billing rolles something has counted do because i might because my expertise can i come not on orators i started twenty years ago men interested in helping fitness in eosine jim doses for ruth first five years endometritis novice being the chineseli where i got it to her vallington these by her interested and so with that interest in that i come binderies and an unbiassed waserin rease in the the jess of the radiation is competent towers in the cell phones it was damaging my help and i had lived to see probably to very young gay he provideth usually to those types of microbes to stain her under jack in your good god bacteria to turn the county cheeseloft but as we went on three teeth to forge backsets and two thousand i i sort of head in pressure my ears not knowing that it was probably a line tissue is good farout what it was then about five years ago which all might sell safer company those worked i have old company for my past four years but before then repoote company very amazing a beautiful composed her for over ten years holsworthie there and had no tention to become a billy biologist recensement comes i got into her so bad from the conversion from the presentations from book to paris knows er drop and ah we did have an itee person but we thought it was very very beneficial to have a precantations on the pad it was a new thing to do and that that that exposure that heavy exposure of the two point forfive digger hers needs it vibrates to point four or five billion times sick and i was the outofround those paths are dropping for by eight nine hours a day for penates so in two thousand now in seventeen my health completely my side ways and i really fellowsoldier flicking up let poisoning and as one was going on your hair has fallen out he can't bring yourself acting my bangs after sort of swell on off i had brashes like confusion follow in a walk or walk i lock i fall over however the rounds intake my plase the hole notifieth you your fine in the days concedemisericors on a scale found doctor simon you in sang los issouri wonderful and i stabilize me that with you see do tickle in seattle and oh they understood now siradion and to point to wear if he don't reduce your wife i are got rid of it and even turn your breakers off at night or sleeping in that or combination of all three and he thus sat seeing he pointing marshes already booked out on clients but he went to see somertonmy time eighty per cent of all illness and diseases was called some electors or him as so electrosyntheses is really the secret it's really the true pandemic seventeen forty seventeen sixty when the telegraphies went in eveningtaking the less and diseases as encreased so lectricity in the air and on the ground you increased enthoven illness in his ease and the nun one oldest seas that electricity created was the ability of your blood now feels his or both which then therefore the glucose slovenliness and therefore unageing a diabetes and the nut one trace that they would give rats to create i betises he so this is a campolongo time that wifie creseide es and general so addison and graham bell both had diabetes in ages and exist mosso what was the difference there explosion of selves to different types of belletristy and expend see that being side error the others a lot of there's a lot o questions that is that we should all be asking about this including how much or trying to push this hole of eteonus and there all making money off of it in one of our governor governor's here grand hole she made at one point six million dollar take off of a stock trade in the electric vehicle industry and so you know my whole thing is this how much the train centralized all of this nonsense and it makes sense because there one of the romolas to kill they they you know you you don't have to go any further than looking at at sant bayer and mon sanchata history of that you know and so to see that whatever the government gets involved one it's not going to be for the people it's going to be for the that cry and when the chairman the pcc tom we are also a chairman pie they both she said and at a conference showed the town were us were going to catch everything to a wireless in plants animals i even a sink of plant seed water everything with that mean was a high high haviour of amos even with my experience of my knowledge and i have other a training that the other filipotes so have like that i could not figure why though they were i can everything on plan to a wireless device and i finally dusted i figured it out an amoment about trains humans basely gutting the human species alphonsine on got your microbes and ternels microbes in two basically a robot thinkingthese devices of tone by your aripas you your the scan your body there dislocates like a living inosite a portal and they could find out what they want to do at any time make can take that line the season in scan it and re program with the software downe and make no light sees a crack you any time get running stereoelectric device that line rises well tack your body and calls outanother illness and diseases and his city call this problem it now allison yes it a city is why they needed the mass when your face nothing do with hell they had to get your boy highsterics your busconducting my thirty percent we have a mass of your face and your haven a bacteriacannot in your interest itself grace morrissey for these nail technology to really work the waist wastowre he's got to have a hand of his city she timed to reach scriptures in time now to have up of affirmations during the yugantar youse to it makes every flow make sure your intercolon your bile field we flow better and next your body to words in fight other illness in season to the body i was in perpessae i worked out a thirty years i hereperfectly i said think perfectly i did the proper information but i may myself sick because i plehion poison and i didn't know i'm no idea that was a poison is so was it sharpers i was i didn't have a clew the wife a she it was for six of the i had i kept seeing myself there is no way this can be bad for me because i would have heard about it well just to go how minutes rectorerie never nineteen sixty four yet he said six feet away from her the now we have a sees in her hands and her thousand times more powerful than a tive waste now we're holding oser hand an hour six e because we're involving an inverted world his reason why bill gates said if i do the vast seems right on tattooed a population with the men this ninety per cent cause its inverted he met nine yet he also said during the talk were going to reduce carbon it has to be zero we all know where man carben we are not trasimeno carbon eres men of carbon so when he sandiver world it's not in sonnes this is not a young this is exchanged sadeven i he criedtake everything to make him too transient only to do that to god's creed hook it up the wife looked up this some sidewise his i picks those to lucian is in her body the come maccolls and an end of the gallery which in everything a senior food is set everything on in order to make it transform the body to the cubes now la thing they had to connect yetowil subs just so happen the smart meter and a water peters yes the same as that greekheard that give a bottom is called mica levelled sound the front left part of the brain thank now i have you looked at the old othersthinking for but the mast we were smart i tell the people there to some as the race a purpose with the water meter being wireless the miretending to do in saving money with communications she intending it's all about making humane taking moralise riding to the the piece are has nothing to do with the the kine finally existed every shouting cess he shares for any sort of like it doesn't test for illness is he shares the fate they can amplify as much to want in results they won its totals tostatus in a false as because that does essaying it's a rooster if he won he would know the event or the piece yards just carry mollis said it's a fake testantes or any names to restore not and then informations out there people walked riving through trap wished is not their fall i love everybody i don't i don't i don't want to mock anybody here i don't want to say our you're down on it saying you is if you have a a a sellondine hand curious of owith to all the time you will become a hapless this i got my like the headless chicken on our sheckleton hears with his oh really yeh to watch his horihagate do this now now you got my curiosity here to hotelkeepers artists can a while the guides but we're going to look at this o michahelles chicken he yeah soporiferous this conversation when he got my curiosity right now and i i am a while he replied is the plays really good there's the hortense what solanidine one point nine million views on like the headless chickens and behold an isis can be got or could be bad in her no kind of a of a nonsense oh yeah here oh hang at inanitate was played as and do here's might they had was checked santerre he ran what a monomaniac and missie i know his fortalezas might to have this chicken here and leave obere what's the in giving over view if predannosti epidote never comoros to head a cap before the face he had some for the name of oncethat's kind of crazy or right i i'm going to have to go back and listen to that veto that's amaze stations that it was a gentleman in the nineteen forties the basicthe chickenthat he was an expert in the matured bedenket the main interest he fed the chicken through a dropper for two and a half years wow orders my die at the two and half years will because he went down the wrong shoot on accident and choked the dropper got into the air speed and so one i dined so what's happened we're walking round with it with his were braying or his head but his passionhe as after the nine hundred and eighteen so does make that body into the left brain cord sit over there and after destroysthe den no monocondyla that every part of the boat son right the so these are there's a yet these are thousand siths going back to the thirties even why i elector that these wipes on repelon long time so brand knew there used in white fight in the nineteen eighteen spanish flu up and it was once some sore wireless and noise the nineteen einspanig flew was not even was not even a washingfine they could make the wasintote there is a radio waves and gregoras more nation walk went world wide and that stoneman even animals six they took of the gold book to la hinder people his study with him they cannot make one person by contaminated one the person so even that nineteen east managed flow which started really and regular grado university and inhone york and then with head i started in satins but they do these things the murderer then to do ockenfuss hopatcong there that it was the nikoteles as actual written very well all rachises have been done to call in visible rainbow archoverseer i spoke in my class that two thousand seventeen or eighteen in san epigenetic and i read the book i could not believe when i was seeing what i was here and there the history electricity the roadbook the short hot with his writer of that use of is a record scientist is what was his name or arthur stone that there the great block of the book on electricity another easy reed that mercandon you up in his overeasy red by sam romham is called a dirty electricity but a ten dollar book i can i am putting it in the in the acethere yes i like these two buffoons simple he permits proved that electric can as name again i am trying to take the sentence the same millon sam you'll kill him he was a the paper you oi think he's exactly like nine years old won't you think might pass silly then round longlong time he proved that the lectio grin was caused to all these illnesses oscar and north i bees oscar but every time he tried to to let you know the so down he discussed it down fired the body else sooner so much money in the electrical grid so is moneypower come and again they're all the taken orders the top down most these power company donors smart meters on the college causes and i have my first client ever was a sperber's here and a single missouri webster the actorthe newspaper but he put a smart men on the house in messeter had a when he put it on there in this sperber broke out in high there are so so smart he disembricire eliseo maybe in rich mythesmore me was put on their howls as on the first ones was because they were doing the kitchen about kitchenwork on the house i'd been alcedo the collecco put in a smart begat the same time and then the crazed him he actually are going to tend a stroke and sheer chere broke out his high something in that they called me we got rid of the gorget rid of these smart meter pron analogue dionine digital meter and all all over attempting on away and miss berber's doing okay but ilse when you're sending five years old place isa cover but he's on boer well did that's an amazing and and now i really really really again they the cond figured out for i got there about me i prefer everything we know as billy biologist stock trent ever on plan or i have ever seen a farseeing on the whole is a smart mere it actually put on or frequency and the nine hundred laggards area and a two point for five doggerheads about two foremost on and actually usual abode the other one actually destroyed the blood of christ it takes the blood to wipe five retakes blood spent in vibrates it destroys its so cameleopard the open then he had a cell which he had a membrane on the self in all subcalcanean cowshe his nine in his radiation spent by the fsc sanders of nine nines radiations on honor o what they don't tell you is none on a gradation and initeration these are made up words here the same thing this made him up so in very one of the questions actually was going to ask you about that too is how that that you answered actually a question i had because i you know i have a hand licenses one thought things he studies here of of radiation that einion and i i have to say that you've got me thinking here because because that the difference is you know you don't the government anything scr anything the you over they they can't give us any any honest levels of anything we like vitamin see when they put the lovels for vitamins where so undergone with the amount of inmense taken into our bodies not even in so they descried the just the bare minimum to keep a kind of set and had not really healthy so the stars not surprised me with the radiation yes so the go back the naninis ready yet i is like extras and things like that we don't knock to lecture on all the annso it's got more energy in it to do the right tetersthe composed so even the f c c says that yourself only safe for some minutes as even some one on person it doesn't use her for more see so torrent know any man that he's a leg so the assise because you know the criminal to so what they do is is the is they don't they don't let the biologically active part of the frequency which is elected electric ing that lichfield in a magnetic field of polemounton of that field skip that they issue they save your head doesn't heat out more than one degree sub minutes the first all that's a fake tasks because you don't have a temperature gauge in your brain siebrand won dorion degree honorato stop uses so with that being said i iteration in the fact the vaulted gate corsancone of the membrane around the cell which is seven point two million times more sensitive than any other part of the body and it causes that consumed to overload in that cell i knocked a ice oxide of loaded in the cell then he sort havendencourte kind of button in these start knocking the globe and of the heat of glowing and then he can of shore the action and your oneiria happen to supplication problem during the time it opened up the five the five gee just changed the electrical strings from the ionosphere there the eccetto you whose recanted same ionosphere at the the ever single planet in the universe from the energetic standpoint for lettice in a sinus not the sun doesn't the son is at your harmonizes the energy from the universe and gives the energy how it does it produce the his harmonized in that why it's harder away from the sun it is sanchoniathon sort of a comic maker or new colise harmonized in it from the universe so or electricity is free on this one that is only atrociter keep him he some boric is sombre for example a son has all the proper collars at comes down his embodyin its nine on nichered so the same narrative as says a son is harmful for you can you see on the sanford twenty four hours here rod or one o you potion the die could you overload yourself with too much radiation so at the same time that's the symbiotic that something natural made from god the same i iteration that it ready they say is safe is the same in regulation comes from the sun but they say so damage in its pulse modulated wishes way worse than suninitiate and you get one piece of the spectral usually specially from these like bombs to elegies on having another at direction and wanted to go to because when they started getting rid of all the incandescent balls and going to the ladies i think they're doing surveillance i heard that one time that they can do surveillance through aldsto so i'm curious about that what i what do you know about that he sees called escalade i have the study on that is called or effort so he then motheryour screen do you have anything on it on i have so in ilion have nostram and hold fast honorance everything else okay the nidgeting i'll use my stream that much but i can deftly i have a pet i costendose everybody has alesnes if you send it to me all palestinethat is the common how it's word is common occurrence is a fine and people's homes so i talked to all things you need to do to get rid of all the wireless is tarsorom the poison because his digital heroine there seen at takes over to boisdale heroine at aplicado so we get away from that you're going to your gosart havens some regrets lot of accusers actually go into a tree siemering because we're gone off that so in short detain away a lot of my clients actually have diabetes i say you got a contractor doctor to a close to them the costs reducer knee for diabetes or your insult the bond of insolent reduces or ever potentiality tenfifteen years and general anyway so the mouse effect the ability so to gitaway from the armory therefore have the bill to in the level or sometimes he go off her and how they are fortescue time and is another for one of moussaisla hard to i colimaaos ity so ah i do track i was almost eldest so the elegies and i have engineers scientists oh elise are sed so i always asked him okay show me a study that safe nor on number two question i asked him who was finding in this question the deceased the sinquestion is what instrument did you use what specimen lisimaco manelier to do was to make him more in what is still scope did you check the volte side on the neutral atheotto the light wall two to bactra or maine a panel claver on a bolt with your bolts has she what see what this was what cornful looks an act which like the devil i caught the look like the devil i haven't seen one if you go to you go to my youth touation erihaaroilta night got manners so what's your was your you together i thought you so take him in at the fine nasorites not great at this kind of stuff or to go robert working to robert work i then if he go to there's one for happetite eight river workmen for so as sissify company was rolt because i might give it to peters and a numerous set in it out i senekan give you is all pedicelled have i your coptation has my brighton station hurricanethese to only delight they are complete disaster there oh yeah i think i to god here he bestirred ah i don't know that's but john here's long that biologists presenting and as anderson media of her ere i think i've got your spear channel it was in a hole time wol thingomys oncewhatever lydia the daiseiden know how to explain veritatis one of my bides on leoline olentosi down is probably a few back i promise you not i got it right here which people thetis the medical qui that he evenbefore shephelah flings i reflected like it as will be a hazard yes it also he do you mean keep going on this sir you won't mend well actually fast forward to the maybe this the silsoe wantonness for her low bit i can let see if i can trickiness the pelskis like a little otherwise we might be parasanges but here it is go back go back to the boccaneras there came out turned the therefore i wish your missiscook patrolman gardening here is one taste casting a regular incandescent holigan oremines invented when its taken healthy for you it has all five specks like and i'm proving how with the spectroanalyzer here missis what is asked me in ginooine take there the show me all the spectral or wonder to show me the current flow on the neutral side of after an leaves it liason how it looks on escop is yon show you this how should lock to the zonethat you like while its option how nature the sign put plain will get to the ellewomen ticals of rombelow that thing about these the room it is he i overshot he is so help me verse so that's the cur flow a jagged looks like he now the grim raper kateteine there so sagathie that that's the current flow and that cur will the shaggy which is corrupted now it's a it's a perverted which no the flow leaving lionthat current flow pulses into your home six now if you all other wiry ears in the house which is another we can go for averrhos and go into his way creemore havoc now let's you add a you add a sort this now is no sort of a filter a topic of the call dirty power or magnetic pollution into the wiry in sorts intermingling with all this from the front the smart meter and with the smart meeter does it has a chipoter serve time he threw that like all when he got that increased in posse of it of that energy charges your bill every fifteen minutes on their high frequency of that life so with an island if you have a smart meter you'll see any money on gilded you have the atlanta and the analog meter you would save some money could he does usualest so he got the for forty six so let's sit cornaseer then he here the noise he got i was sure i se this while all getanother i also he noise over the two now so i have like thirty more videos with just the indies on there in still scopes and people's homes and tvs of very twatter than the herpes note the purpose a video was a show people have a menace to buy sadnesses and elides post on the meneclides is seshet the worse yetorase protector eyes because i how do you see the soul of somebody you see the soul through their eyes to these ladies told their pink their penetrating your soul drawing your your spire at connection in the croys your pine plan that's the purpose of the air piled they get in your ears and he bipertito five begghards or billy or two one for five geghard two more for four five feeling in time these if after that tiny of land and is the energy away from his spirits what connection so you just become a time to you'll be aware of your toll wherever the nervecells you you'll do it manufact even there are an earl president brock obama said we need a have that bigger military from the people we got turned him into our biggest not said that thirteen forte the canyon yeh because this follow the canyon he's the cainotomos shigmori bitolia a merry went about telapor died the same thing the nineteen eighteen spanish flu because the reorder the reduced they were released the radio was and they had made that friar were in every one bottle in the same thing here again the very bed bought colepeper there my word the mass the nevermore kelleher because the trigger words this has been done so nineteen fifty they could do anything that anybody within three days and turn to assassin with a three days and go bury trover these only peace you know world holier radiation warfare as the way because they want to testify in resolved the use of but he got a peach the sky is amazing individual he and god's so even a morningpeele this for years very surprising he's not been banned from all a sufferin mute but bright and one very trower darrie trower ter o war there tries very slow methodical very intelligent he filtered degrees to the mathematics and he will not he doesn't use a pet her dosing himself home tirlie so mortal if ere yet the do do it in st or a fly out and where is he from he's from the i believe the uk or europe some place i should know this but the deleneur ope some lie see socrates he has the best presentations about how the news wifie make a population docile in england o how they use the use of my way warfare on the the women that protests the greenest commons when the welsh was over there with the nuclear bands or nuclear boarheads or whatever the facethe uses over there and they are protesting and they might away all the women he had miscarriages they hadn't they went see i all that a lot of minicius after that the poet and they be doing this for long one time i made even an even in saint louis missouri they poison our own people here in six a building called a pretie he proved buildings were made and afford the fort ahoren the city so what he decided do in the sixties decide to put up the sulphur and he sprayed suffered a poison throughout the whole entire ironmen of the arytenoid the the army did and they put up these old devices sprayer body and made him restacking delicater and finally they said o ye ower were trying to temnechinus so the isonitroso detestedthe russians faltered in a portentous fall tholes presidents romolontino they said the russians fall because it was like we needed have morefine out how i would travel and an environment looks like she the use of poison called super oxide whatever he poison these people and in uterine do caring the buildings down so this is not new they cretaceous in us in the military's been poisoned that your poison all time will the fen the word you know they do all that and they went good for the because i can watch them in study them for years because our eccentro environment with these things due to people and to take their blood and you know havendeath the blood it's all an experiment we been experiment on for hundreds of years the trees now he's got experiment on again so santhaler city every single house in america right now was wired inches not one is quite c yeah it is even in russia they are different than they arrived here we have three wire system we should have for worse we don't run to de age you might corrupt current so run back to neutral back himself stations they run into her so it were dozing it pushed back and people throw it is pushed back if you was house naked the neighbor for doors over makes the neighbor to his disabilities the pollution there put it out of the house over there gets back on the water pipe and on and on the neutral and gets pushed back into people's homes and cries all kinds of an exit issue might have customers the house your sole or such dosol it i in so damaged by the pretty well the crazy within now what we done because we're all smart right began were devised he by all this wireless radiation which even he who puts in the class to be carson again the category to sink category is led de he in sintencing so you want even to job ho quite nec cater so it we know that the class won but became maceachans port now because there's no control experiment you can do cause everybody's being poised by up my wife so we brought these devices in her home the babindele is actually genoese this is really interesting robert i'm really enjoying this this interview very much why pursue that again oh there's a lot of great billibaldus en a billing moreover the night for i have not led a lot in hostile i disguised to the side to side by another o reachesin ists that she thus wiled built vestibule villages the in other octofoil say that personally because there are better than me but i have other trains they don't have lovely some other training a half through through a source called the success mastery corps in this success masticophis developes or training is conditioncan like i guess you could say like the in free days as you don't learn anything even at the thirty three degrees may send you don't learn anything he you learning i may take your side into another door and they secreting you have this when he got to do yet to pretty much give herself the the that is not here i i raged out there where the masons and like everything out there's been infiltrated in these organizations and their getting people up to about the level three and if the ephesine that you're not malleable you you're just not ready to move on yet that's the and so then the rest of it is where you you get into a titanic type of but we've got it everywhere in this is where it's so important to think through what we're doing our or food sources are energised people that were listening to the whole thing what what sir alma and what are they really pushing what what are they doing are they working are they were king for god or they actually you know it knowledge in jesus christ is that you know a god's only begotten son in our saviour or are they using it for their own self gain and that's that's real important that's an import think through everything because our world is upside down yet we now arboreally talked to labussire or of his well too where to kind o coincide so this is your this is your wife i router okay now look at that don't mean us asked he as a tenor ogivethat is it lookit i mean you got yo got to divide the horns on time okay so it's puttin out attacks and this is where this or the danger comes in case ever bid i get the full calls all the time there is palings by my house and corn about the pores it concerned about the self phone tower its five gets on genscattive year of noisenot self one tower and usually not the paroling ye parent we all know the palisadoes into higher bold to jewish can spread out from the fire lines of to you know may be an echo a mile or so samaroff your hunyard these five hundred thousand bolts there the high mount of parent for i gets it a home and the whole entire house especially to her wealth you are the bigger the houses are more pollution you having a house they have wiibe they have rockother have they have these different devices your wireless device and the highest self radiation of a measure from a self tower is roughly round a quarter of mile amillion while they call in as a binding biologist micawberesque mere so the radiation is in a square metre how much radiation sitting that there or safety levels none of the say but i say i guide one evening i've seen see they don't say safe they said the guide line it is like a god like for some amenites at he passed as such safer to more even the canteen you affect essayeaster minutes i told or are testing we feel it is sleeping environment that the radiation level needs to be below chin makeworse me the lady by that your inside as a general aacomfortable the heat the whole house below ten months to watch we square meter because the outside and then radiation come in from the far field from yourself towers and in ye far field and there then from your smart peters and your water beaters we feel the keep a blow low fifty his great if you get to house below fifty is an ambient during the during the day time but at night time he had been a room where the blow ten michac was were the problem is a corps of a million this thing puss out three point five million miosairean if you like you you trastota six self on towers and put them all together or tinseltoes for all together and put it in your house how strong astrogation now again the radiation drops off towards germanically when he get further away from these services like it it's right next to it and might be frequent fine million mike waterations which if you get maybe camping away drops or maybe a thousand or twenty five thousand lines twenty feet away dropped on to a thousand five hundred mile he just rap of germanically probitas really boosters we other while servicesprompt which suspiciousest wer he have ornamentierter earlier all these are the self once so then you have her smart meteors asses that athole governor calls it a cope so the other never comperissem that's now talking to all your other devices and i talked to a erregue i hear in st louis he told me every fifteen minutes making tell you everything is going on here and your bullet that whole servants the whole surveillance aspected this whole thing too is a is an incredible a usurpation of our rights under the constitution we can going through the constitution and how the quartering of soldiers was really was really all about surveillance they were keeping their eye on the population and we live in in an assurancesthe so every one of these in the youth third parties to do it then they buy the day to that so the get around that's how they get around at the thrillable with it right now so you won't w of the world economic forum plan out seseritur human benito the answer all humans are hockable as the other of harari he is acornnot job herriesson not joho it he's a head person with two why we listen anything to eleuate houses all criminologists so i was to an all de turned he got the hive away in the younext up is get a hard line in your house get it hard line first gatehad wire hardware in your home and starts slowly detonators on i'd get it hard to get away to rehersell on a hinders you want this to go away arthur first bricks at his four years ago and i first set arthur this will never happen orthur it will never happen people never do it it is gone so far now that people really are waking up if you want this all the go right the last ditch effort to be a go as goes there is no more funding for in any of the sol towers no more finding all the wires industry there will take is there is there a case you can get for your phone to to mitigate some of the rest i do have them a pianette or i believe i put on masuetiores an altogether are it help but again the schist people a false sense of security i can now is still really bad now i i still use a self home bear rarely its on airplane mode all day and i turned on every hour and a half checked the messages i turned back off and i go to my land line make one called back and big frightfrighten that big after over peered at night people give because we don't need to be vailable reise but peter gas through the constant connectivity that we all have is not really good for any of us as it's overwhelming in its stop servility to actually think through problems he were re acus like a new site it really is it is it over simulating your body which moves the unison in that the line is these comes in or the nesses the fungus is on no not the clink heard did a tardy fungus grows six hundred times fashion and they went into yet because it is oneslook at his look at her as she what's wrong o here we simois big huge mushroom assacomoco as the house must now clear out in ooooooow you got mad said in here i have orderwhythe talked about an other shows and nieces but i'm so there the huge mushroom does growing over there and her realizing that absorbed is absorbed its mother next his way of sorento police and that's why there used mushrooms of for people who luckily leclectic ally sense people there have there been discriminated against because that's what it is are rigolette magnetically sense that a person on the plan and its being discriminated in i fortunately her even at lemartin friend other trespassing on everybody suspecting all fathers sons brothers sons and daughter because have formed doesn't stop like smoking he smoking in department list he can't compartment like radiation goes to any salsicce rain and because you're a capacitor your body is robbed the radiation especially during one far field absorbed radiation help us now technology to this is this is really the small thing is really interesting i know that when all western first you you look at how god brings things together to help us when there's a problem we had so much solution in a great lakes and years ago the we whatcan't i can't find it in looking for him i keep looking for it if i find it guys all ill poised clear let can doo choo things at one time when i on mine sotweed the eversoles that came in and where did they come in from the chinookan the in the holds of the ships and all a sudden got a problem with the wemustlive body streaking out or over the zershell i i wonder what god's doing with that really and then but when you think about it if there and so the zebra muscles are filtering in my opinion to filtering of the toxins out of the water in now it's kind of antonini's got a down side as the plugs up the one bone sitologes up the water the water pipes se can i think clean waters could have importanceso god i think god like a lowest have a little help in that department okays to guards or screwing up again some watching us since sermons because i don't believe in any coincidence as at all zero yet there is no prison is as you know that of the narrative we now repeat the narrative to an idea by line is first of camel can anything being true even to day will keep her a very the resin very pest when i think of the gift of the love in ersuasions comes ill because i one hundred per cent believe everywhere ex say oh you're convicted and what in this nosomething with you with the success machicos in the lot of my friends of my old bell come no baths what makes it but what makes you know the definition of the word really well and i we say that word the intention or frequency behind that word he more power you got more no pathways more dendrites bill and become more if as more believable that so we are taught is success masovian learn some now in the read it you write it out hand right it with hand you don't then righted inheritors ninety nine or half way you you type and then you use nine the studies that we did we had a group of people take notes with a fifty people that notes by typing and fifty people take notes by handwriting people that tied knew nothing redingote et in to do type then you ride in the people that hand rod it remember most of information they row out that it that'sthat's really significant yet and again this is information they don't watch you to know about in telling him he will aphthartos could read about the self your brain is a transmitter receiver frequent frequency we hear about the law attraction but with the low tracy doesn't doesn't talk about if you have rest if ever it was her keep your what you want to come in presented his disbelief or a believing in his that's a bigger cigarette is rubbing hard by mysticism believing outside sircumstans charming you out so when i got in or from his wireless radiation of course the revised will hack you created them robiou chastised why why can't you or why do you get injured why on ingrega stupid i didn't know anybody because in the wilds reason was one and unfortunatesuch good he the bare shatter in a wireless environment the more injured ole the more the more wit more more faticoso have no more our sheep you are and learn us in nineteen eighteen spanish flo his only people get sick and in nineteen eighteen spanish blows resort in the kansas in new york and regnier ey they cethegus seckel people that were held in the forty fivers old give me younger eighteen never gets sick people forty five number us the corn the wine but archer's book figured it out because you more electrical more assapol that are injured from wireless radiation there to canaries and a coal mine because the electly your fontanoy else china ware the people he listened you might not be injured which you are probably your logically destroying god's creation which is the treaties and the flag on a hora the radiation it's killing the microbes in the ground and micro exhorted our ding trees are dion the camp which what is treated not prosy option or the round my house street in and no one talks about the cause of so called up an intent you are you on to know something that i work in it right now is time working on project were getting educated kestettiin the glycoside glaciates a round out and that sort of thing what what is happening in is the heliostat my round up is actually an ant on it my crow bell it was developed as an anti microbe to kill in the soil and then a few if you put that together with commercial fertilizers they are stripping out everything that ah actual nutrition into the ground including we know the bacteria that's in the ground all of these all these things a god made to work in a perfect in perfect harmony are being destroyed and that this this is a problem so when they went to commercial for inlices rotheram industry not eating the soil is putting nitrates into it but there like an artificial nitrate with no with no chemical a benefit of minerals and or of anything that's organic two really cheon its kind of false sense of growing things but it's growing food without nutrition and round up is onuphis killing the soils because of the anthemion just an it's not just an awed its anti microbial so it's literally ruining our soil for us to prove precheth holyoake all we know then i have a nineteen seventy seven study of others by russia night is its only pedotto you look at all the self is all of a bedoueen is only mash i didn't study and i found that these wireless radiation on like radiation rachel he was a metic every medication i know this battlethe cullom so ho ho that then of course the number one when he mentioned a reacted to most was adele well i'm not i'm on brink a carinatam nt because i miss this carin remener hicaranaou doing so now she hasn't questions for you so karen as usual one beyond thursdays and we're both into a into all sorts of a non main stream whatever it may be because then it mainstreams as were her mind to a senoosis and questions for this morning so he cared that you do it oh man i am taking no and sitting here good there's a computer over hard there's the voter to right yeah so my question is we recently got a metal roof and we didn't think about how that would affect our sol phone connection and so when our or internet wasn't working quite as well i couldn't gavdiosa or send videos images could get certain websites and links and so soon so we were all it must be met roof and what we ended up doing was getting a cellular boost in order to improve on that with that a really bad idea that any wireless overall bad idea so any time you can find out the service that could be hard why red sorely on any cellar service or why is servers at all that's your best of biggest key of your not your night have a healthier life style sleep matter not ages fast is yoredaleand you ride gee what a wireless but there are yet thought you providers like we have how verse here and in a weevers spectrum here in the same rosaria and numers has a way we can turn off the mode the house and the naked hard wire from the spectrum these to have an on and offset turn these woireless of you don't know that he can't hurt em off for any reasons so wisitors inters when you drive down the high when you come home you should never turn the car of late run over night you've no no use in the car just then you so cordelier in l that's how the antipodes theory because obviously there trying to say we can to save money take any greater plan in it and save in utilities but they want you to leave your wife i ron on on night were so i go back or questions you need i find some sort of a service somehow sometimes the hard in the words wire all the way now sometimes distant work you can run on to a dish may be outside the house and bent point forward it's wire to orodes so the wireless or the it part of this is intestinethe because i'm so sensitive that he amoritic l for me to take the deep eye of in any one not a an ite person let them understand i can tell you how holes often too with the it guide goes out there and make sorely hard wire but he left over they on the wife i rather are left the pewters on he left all the devices on nor hard by her because they don't know that set epicoene hardware because you had better rest so they need to make sure we never have these theories i say now that oretes a hard wire even my phone my follows hard wire i can use my follow and hard wire without any radiation if i want to email he there is a way to do that and others got minimesthe building biologist in gold palate resided yet built bath these regificis yes i've heard of bell yet he's an he's he's unbelievable she said in next to me i must control about bill is talking to here he ate worked for ibm figured out why the nasascot rigby the net with special it launched in the mid aves because of the dirty power created from the new ipeum swiss our supplies he invented a longish tag he worked on the the crisler atomos corlection and he figured it out that after he was a head of generosa more moneys are made hostile i begged out the crises if you watch us car you'll need charge five hundred thousand hours per car because of the libel i kill every because of it the battery become like a bomb we have all that bad read to have the close the water at both batteries were exploded and then the imployers or i mean it to thirty minutes you mintshire you'll be sterill your kids will be stereophonic a car for a period of time till you right now are you it's gottesgarten crosses said of getting sick out of know what's going on is worth an ivy graver like the car those rotherhithe came at for shipright haspeck he it select a card it's put on really high like a foul push of wife i and there tis a big walk so that's so this is so interesting yet the lithium which flowed with his water so late about trichochaeta he had two thousand pounds to walking both by driving bob driving his bomarsund he lives embody the cracked then a fire first comer with the fire out is nicer i mean only ignorant us were to be home i mean that's all the art that would be the ones that are backing it suleimenov for male that's where all these will fail it would only all adesone day will fail to he designed you know i mean i hate to say it but it's good for big farm death industry and the all of these industries the there are government is finding and or subsidizing its really their death and the streets were finding new ways to make it a secret and rest there is nothing good that comes out yes i can ofrecerle quick here this isn't it is a classified loss of by document became be classified here pretye disputableness so he knew my nineteen seventy one what all these wires devices would record here and here is some of the here some of the iles leaves or to hold oh i was resolved and so the navy used to always thrall the resort for he met but after about nineteen seventy one and nineteen seventy sixth they stopped doing that recherch ominously they don't really need to therese because he already knew what the harmful fachwerk there was no echo thousand study it was done as some of the harmful effect were settle nerves that headache some restless a cradle nerve disorders oh a legion condition reflects his soldiers isurus compulsion a timid nervous system structures of the veins is one thing to one sententi had nervous s alterations here effects with the egetewhere cora he exactly the words oppression potenciana on hypochondriasis ness solutions on sleepiness in some yet he crickandbut loss of memory scalps inches it just paying trimmers embersthe hands bulmershe a like locos problems machinethat oh oh here it is of the cenerentola fogiessir inactivation virus in active they are newly that active a virus is because your virus eclectic queen of the best men to be employed in thus why the virus is at the same the crime you don't say the young say that the the the fire struck and the medical hospital you know your font your people there to save your life are causantes to crime a cause this car accident the car exonered happened and they shoot at the scene the crimes to the vibriss of there to cleanup like longicorn cleans up the crime at the point and that's where a lot of part of irises that people don't understand do not bad verses is god oration to save life and to be employed so remember corona he took what an out of the oschos were en never latin for crnement radiation latin for virus means post radiation poisoning so again there tell you what you're doing turner the upside now confuse you got to scare of herself have you were of those he the acetoacetate not think very clearly nineteen hundred nine hundred meters makes you go dichotomy in order by people re making you still be cemented the camping and as is i'm a both for all ready goes on and hunt hinterlie cheer where can i find that study can you mail that politeness did open that he had it lionised mold the pelisson all put the pet of supponentes rides there was my telegram channel as at brand and bird the number four am i put that oppose that there a little kind of fly out from there but alias a double wilsonthe words came pronoun as so you do come ormeston a measure and cling hard baticulin or even says in spite as everything was expected out so i now read that in calorimetric is of self years ago he turned even said that wifie is the number he said why you don't need any scientific in if a given why for the kids and have all these get better and i eliminate if your wife how do you spotthis last name in spells spells name for me he it'sit's doctor cling heartsthe you just read it to me and i not well it is keekie i is neal g e r d i cling so he has to practices one is seattle also has one end in germany also i see a doctor simon you whose now understands amounts sietaient from neverevery sing a week iv two neck weeps and were frying him magnificent result the tothink localised routeless or unbroke spent three thousand hours on my mice nebicul care so sick do uses called rob bormon no problem i don't worry about it will cost you die my no usethese one shelter the self homefor ninety days get rid of all the wife and whatever practice reeveses july hi chancing at better in course i can guarantee other things to go on as well but i've had people who have not the house in two years in ninety days later the perpetrating pies were fine to communicate in the kennel man factor lifetimes a husband could so mad about it that this is what actually fixed your problem they won't in talked there soothed because you're bars ah they desire in the end these patachines and that egeneta achings and reversioners mecchaniche unbelievable how do perceaving in an upper my gosh because he can't breathe the been solicited from the wireless reticolo y and to wire neidringhaus that was caused in it lectropen well you know and i think it's nobody's fault ah you know it's nobody's fault that we've had all of these things that have really been out there to hear us it's but it is our responsibility wants we know the truth to change and to face the orifice the changes that heed the happen you know it's like it's like we're not we're none of us are perfect and when new information becomes available we really need to consider it and i really consider it and not feel bad because we were in a situation and hear him gone bring this up it and bringing us up when my body general michel tiflin people's general and friend of his book five g or five generation warfare which is all about using using a breen washing and other techniques to try to weaponis us because you know what they're enowat the deep stay you know what the bad guys the bangalas waffins it's if they can weapon ise us in growing how lines and the walking like a bunch laming's right into our own to mishandling many people with us with them as they can that's what they're going to do and so i think that's kind of significant that you don't to wake up to all these trees are all of these other things that may be we've never thought of before we just didn't know you just don't know what you don't know you know and and so as we go see the process and we're learning your things nobody should feel ashamed of that or bad just realize that then a concerted effort to mislead as every step of the way it's nobody's fault these people are evil and they know what they were doing in order to destroy the nation on this world in individuals in it we're just going to keep talk and we're going to keep putting out the things out there that we need to consider to try to keep try to feel the nation on every level and so that's is just crazy but i really enjoying this entre let's also than another will quick book too that's brat it's says coolyour would you put your head in a michael was gaze another internist my fact a doctor same as a low wos like pretty maze at this covers an entire season to turn this as well as seems doctor goldberg and a doctor gerald goldberg and put out insecto thousand he said were looking at a nationwide ii is to be you are dear bert be he gerald the gee gerald goldberg in beginon get on hamasoreth the easy reed by past thirteen he said were giving oliver kid a mincione they won't build think for themselves she was on thieves on the media and those do exact with their toll and the like as w f says a bones this nest of the indisposition thousands of a got some common the chat is what do you do for stupid meters yes that's exactly what the or case again anything it's impertinentissima its stupid so that person got that cost so that was me the artificerthe gs a number one seven up out that's the no one destination do now in st loscantire then the hundred fifty dollars or removement and forty dollars ethel now that is extortion which she persolvere cut up their esoteric so that to get at outfor if i cannot act out the second destined i go to my friend bill bathgate weed and then what what's this what's spills monetarius d e like der electric de filter all c ducange filters lose do i then got to talk to this gentleman it like you to concoctions of i have a long the talk to day but he's just got to recover from a surgery so i gambled time off to hell be held the more the happy to say you know doubt of the speak with you sing on here we herother alorifolia go to his product it stretton going okay keep on right there and i go back up yours go back up the way iditol et dello i can find where ses smart peter on go back go back nos there it is so he is a lavatory this is part of his laboratories south that pictures in his home his laboratory these are a meanes you want to buy and when we take wythessey meet or doctors you ever comby possiblethat hester down we testiomony buy for sixty box ready hours on mason it blocked the are frequency from pitting you but it knocks the back into your wiring and then it accitanian again and make you sad so these got leave these baser all steel with the premises ive coldenesse of their absorbs of frequency with edestone around in a more back in your wire gee that's really an that's interesting let's go see what we've got he still i always ceremonie's got education here is not everything on her or so he's got a much better website i just don't tell how the time the manager website like that's that's interesting sopending that discolorplants the idens sculptors called the de napoles i recommend and obviously i have all kinds of videos of my web site about deane falters before and after i had that a lot of work in estimatos nds of hours of videos on their notwith together i have talked before co i said this a doctor at the doctor's simenoffs i told bar who was there to have i so reggono have an we're goin to have a snap the toblame it on their going to blame in all some viruses another another to electricity in the air of the elevated the news that is the way to create ostropol and i into idea that he as big as it was i shot the red colerus i know idea now no saying that there is not something out of irosolimitano it i am onsay that the five he had a big ingpen on whippets sick remember twenty five million people year gets sick on flew every year and halcro came around and all the sudden nobody gets sowed the fluting moral is roughly tell what that means is yet twenty five million people they get sick every year from the flow at the men just ninety six thousand people a day get sick from the and use a fake piece yard chest you'll imitate to flow and call a fluitet the piece yard chester not give a name cock corona cole nineteen or the sanford were back to afternose the sea sands for certificate oh of vaccine i d the first of alpheton which is a sententious eye should sapiciencie they idea that's why they came otheoscope by kilrennet en ceste former rakes be a member the universal law is i know this is my training is what you put out and get back so they knew these these colours realized that they don't tell us an avance with their doing that to get back what they put out so long you tell them in vantine you access and you do it there the hethen versal ostend of net were not come back and get them that we all know they're gone they're gone they're goin to go to hell we all know that they know that too there are sickness with on which i think may still your soul through used devices making go rain then the point to resent see prose at your spare i do meetable barely absentthat it means don't look it is mean right on wooster oneslook sinfor mation do you wrong reached i'm really a said that his head something that i very much believe in is that should be able to listen with respect to what everybody says but then our responsibility not to grab the head lines but to go hot and start asking questions and asked a lot of them and then go get your own answers and ask anybody everybody as every question that's ever come to your mind about things and don't be ashamed to ask questions or not to know its one out that's how we learn and you know jesus his tracks about it so often as comes a child come on now come as a child having opened mine you know here have i of a bit of eight of innocence as you go forward looking at things like i don't know and it's okay that's how we gain knowledge i come here as a hothouse in the jesus christ my saviour i roy fervidly that phil like i had to get injured he having it was a miser i really follows on the die and then i gave up a ford thousand of your job in my line of work that was a great great incolumi was leader my industry i had give up my family i equipped my job it was herrick i mean i've made up by this and were billy bolegged for me cundeganee hope becolored that the visitation he joined the other people or distinto about this so that's why always say i should send in a bare beginning personal not a doctor i can't describe it in secondly his he don't look at it as being a hundred per cent like me said early on the address that year all races what did you receuront believe a hundred percent he got to do sessionlord in your software for combat you were hologram or sofron and as we there doing they these these globes no worse off or program that's how they can low information post modulations to our screams to receve through or their sheltowee or fons a wife i the the actual i had the frequency of the pad we touch on the screen frequencies of ratheron a foreign fifty nanometer is a wavering if he convert it you free the form attenante which is what you're at your screens on your peters are terrors i am not well now again the mark of the beast is really six hundred six hundred times sixty the hundred and sixteen tons seventy two thousand in the end in the mother side yes seventy fifth seventy thousand father side the other seventy two thousand is a seventy thousand or seventy two thousand for seventy thousand stones as tomarket so there's where so many others so much evidence that they put out there to show us what they're doing or what what's really going on you know all we have to do is questioned things then it becomes very clear very quick was really interesting how any other questions caring cause i know the osaset that's near anterior heart well yeah um i've been just dealing with all kinds of symptoms it started out with a hallege ah and other degree action i thought was happening with goats and straw and we that hay fever it's it's a horgis son ally have been worse and worse and worse for me and one of the suspicions is there's a talk sic ah overload of my system that's just now i met haven't been able to get rid of it so i'm taking supplements and doing all kinds of things but i am glad i do i told me yesterday he omonoha this man on the show to morrow because i've been wondering about the cell booster ah and i i'm not an expert is it something i haven't researched more what you were talking about with the numbers and the hurts and i know what the ham license is all about i donna was better at that than i was i memorized when i needed to get my hand acquiesence that kind of process the mathematical side is not something natural to me so i rely on other people to guide me through that kind of stuff like how to build an engine i'm never going to get it i'm just knock now biology i do get animal behavior is something that i under but i prefer to karin the riveter is about simplifying things so in looking at first steps and well should i should i turn of the booster when i don't need it should i set myself on on the other side of the house when i'm not using it and try to reduce that are those kinds of things first steps while i'm looking into what can i do with the smart meter on her house cause we do have that are those kinds of things some first steps that will make a difference for people like me so absolutely any time he relessor specialist to recover a night so yes never had yourself one in yours in the same room after those of a hero that just a bolster while the eventthe rather to aretioides device on the turn off on a little have been your house had assentation on there but yes ansthesiation he can reach me to produce the exposure at night and then if you get a couple of meters the nice whereof i tell her hood that on to make them visible visible yet see the wireless radiation reequipment in you can see the numbers of the pothouse also recommend it's on my pet where i were to get these i met one i recommend is called safe and sound so safe and sound it's actually on my rameseiensis gastronomic or one has more than oneself how naughty naughty do onoquago three of them right now because i'm on called for the horites so seelect health dock com elector help doctor is on ped i go there now actually the older of that company is a building biologists i was roetche to send up a mexico but he has a great web site to do you allow research or basically by i spose but the initiate a deity are f meter and maybe to get us some sort of a cheaper magnetic field meter but discord with the art first complicated and i don't overwhelm you of the or first to get used to the sounds and hear the different to nor is of the put out really are brilliance i i requested i had borrowed one at one point but i had no idea what i was looking ah we got it when in my hall day to see no robert weakest it will set you out on well daywhose can find a million subjects to talk about so the questions here and now we has at the secession to render news that work is like jumping into a bunch of five year olds trying to negotiate the sale of rough rocks on play groslot you were asking all the classes well i give gentle answer me talking with the keep going with all my this some more happy to keep going to let me know if one he got the question riconfortarono menteith i like it this to steven you you bring things up in talking about cause in as sometimes when you're in subjects that you're on formiliar with you don't even know the questions to ask as he became more agitated about it than the quest he formulates the it's promlgate one of those things that will have to come now come back around for four a takes some time to digest this a little bit and then come back with some questions after to its restitootion ice and you know may be we have an get bill backed and myself on the same time if twoyou want to do to sleep next week again we could know my somewheretalk to bill when in both of these we indebit by myself i don't like matter to me and we were led winterwolvesa that we great petyoolant bills on to come with the brave first cases house offer the maker can privilegeof the grid on oh yes its thatquite there yet a man may by settled but too much he might not when we talk about too much but he's only come up with some because you that goes was one happen in his opposite shop meters on her house they don't like it there are some here offcolor and he wore had to do it do it he said there is the lot of cool stuff coming out with like hydrogen hydrotical that i actually put something of a post and something about a company that's doing a heavy it's sort of a heavy equipment at the farming oh they make happyquite a farme and it's all hydrogenoid that's one of the cleanest utter sees that we should be looking at in its renewable a dozen destroy it some intimate i'm really interested in the hydrogens so you know where tis about bills website to you spent a lot of money on the website and takes care redwatched and he does love his business that way so i think this hresis grave could just give religeon it is you can become an expert on the smart meter if you go to the smart been where illiterates mart me to work the sole thing about the spar meters will she saving your money on chiltistan like that we did it tastes builded the we turn off the whole power of the entire house turned all offers better so power come in it he found out the despart mather uses two hilowards kilowatts of power per day even when you're nights or nanchang you even an ivernetta using your house power to charge it to kill owith with base in me every stakes got over a cop plan nor to pay for that sort and the smart nateralist seven eight years where the old was lasted forty plus years he is not of course plan obsolescence and we got to build that we've got a bill planted out colescence so that we can make another business to create the the the products to a to replace at once again and just keep that money machines crankin i don't miscegenate is a money wandering beast here it's unbelievable how much if they innthey hide it they hide it under the boss terms you know a public private partners just means that the people in government are actually using a that a public a public or private guys in order to filter money back to the that's why you look at the bank accounts have never look in and the bank accounts of politicians well it's incredible till have like hundreds of million dollars in singapore and joyce banker some silacena these banks collapse and going going bring down it's going to hurt them it's nothing to hurt us in her as to assert but we can record they can't we don't need them they need us it's like a bug's life when you know the only they told us in the bogs like and some of the disney movies exactly what they were doing because they can't stop themselves they have to tell us what they're doing and they they honestly do not they they cannot exist without us cause they do nothing their fairly stupid quite honestly none of em beverhead the job all they do is all piracy that or government so i have a question a good ah so all this started with radio you said with historically do you see it or are our culture kind of returning back to that before that era you are we just going to adapt in in some other ways i think we're going to i think were you kind o go back to certain except guinegate rid of the self phones for in a towering come down as well and there we neither can read books for how are you think they will so have some sources of electricity because we have the notical ogy of me but we shall ride for thousands of years botelers oh no eternal electricity out though all the time i mean the son of the sonnes is he you know it's a it's a way for it and her eyes are little antanas you know the the cones then such in our eyes are little antennas for that type of energy i think you don't mind my personal opinion is that it's he it's the infiltration of these non pure sources give what the problem is and in the amounts that their pumping out there to direct and in such so like he said before you know the sun the sun is certain amount of radiation and energies the wave and so it it's the non pure sources that they have put in an infiltrated just like everything else is an infiltration process we bring it back to the pure energy enters entered places of his unearned us we git we we've just got to get back to the very good i have to i got my fifteen more minutes cause i've got to go i am not called here to day for a couple of things so but of my dis wanted give us fifteen minute mark here so that we know that that i've got to go in now and be a so that this totally amazing so it what what day let let me know what you come up with with bell for next week and every other really doing this again and we're going to keep digging into this self until we get to the to the honest goodness truth i find it really interesting that there is i like to follow the money that their dignus every one did you say i for fifteen minutes or fifty minutes and orthodon which is lanterns or spine on your place you go in your having overbeck in the one that goes round hats that mosin your house that's enough he wrote de ga there actually taken iter oh yeh yeh yeh the misses but again we keep sinnoor it you we don't we don't to say don't make by any more men now going product but again most people just don't know that's what it is like he don't know so don't know how you know you don't know it you just don't know it so i do know it i did know but why i felt so stupid but at the royal plain time was like well knowen else knew it then the second part was his how can explained to my company and working on him interviewin dow in really under what's going on he thought it was set oh what yeh mansethe press when you're getting me sick you know did no line is as with the tack on my organs of a sack on my body he was going crassicon with i would like to coronel is re capthe history of electricity in the disease or with the reliquis so it eighteen forty the telegram was were installed when the teleutias led the first time ever history we have something called anxiety or they need it differently back of called nero them out to mike that it was an eighteen for in eighteen eighty nine the ac current was harness by nilotes which of course went on no use to worry us in the nanten nine hours a great influence of endemic we were way which fill two men and he had a foul that was nineteen eighteen spanish flew up ordinances pond the wild work first world why usalready wages because leconfield on that's why became so gently the seven fifty eight was erection of the credible power defense radars sassin which coceited with the nexte see of the military salicicola con con lo nineteen ninety six teleration acted we not regaliaknown on health in nineteen ninety five the ep was defended by the witnesses of any i kawas going to put out in nineteen ninety five a very very harsh cor respicis a class one case and they got the fund after they came up at conclusions said never came out thousand twenty which one by yourself with an esistono the only thing it's usually poisoning or firs ascothe rocociolo where we were poisoned first with lead arsenate then you mix radiation with that then napoleons of axes ordinance out to the after polarization his way out of the us was her it was it was done other areas around the world which goes replies then having vexings they got thing a bettre with only virus in the world that i can now they only came out during the summer time and went with went away to casts when you festinare being does into summer time as the people came out polios so it's something to consider i think the fibres of the ouse was a tool by big harmon i of the hard that wages to make much of one in scaricati to this keep poisonous and decertassent all regain well let it tooevery two years is the new fire is every two years for or ever he had bird flew bird you know what operimento chart it however just be the therenever to doctor ten years ago she said in believing the u s because her come the new faction pergaments coin to be i will never let right when you acting becomes so jessie looked at her because for your saying as you leave in a country because of the of the compulsive vaccines as i don't know any hasty but very near so all the toe and we all that jesse been turn interviewed the stock ritenere the doctors i interceded by the who that doctor is what you idiots on all turn of the media i cannot come i just how it he sold again about a month to go that's why i i never seen a ten years ago i never tell when my friends in face book that look at this cestedite betio and he said i'll just he's crazy and then he'd like you like block me all face book ten years her the friend of mine from high school but just come believed that there is capsonson of horsebackan which is in that exact what the nadine and then the course now these there accendi heverything colding plans on animals and nevertheles edison the acenical try no this is not a a genocide is its that's why they have to have everything connected to the wireless industry gervasio gentlemanif your miss you gothofredus take other microbes and chase elected canagosat and he can make no war the one to do with these well you know i think a thought the great the great ace in the hole that we have is god almighty so with all this going on i think he is leading us out of the nonsense othe escaped in and the the pattern is there and seen there the beginning of time where god has redeemed he can redeem us he can change us and he can restore us in all levels but we also have to be smart you don't walk out in front of the track and magically stopped ah could he yes well he i don't know you know it's up to him but the reality is that he can restore and i do believe that he is leading us away from the evil evil a global crimson icate that we have going on the pen and destroying us that's then now it wore with god and i think that that something to remember were not without hope here guys we are in a very hopeful situation were in a good spot right now because we have the knowledge he has inform we know what we can do to a to a right the things that we can and the things that we can't write god will take care of us if he will he will be faithful to scuse he is always faithful and i really do believe that i i think what would he do is all in closing words and then we'll go to a prayer and then the hopefully well will be able to get you back in next week this suspence lightful any last words robert oh well don't get you all the while this far lissadill reached scripture at least one verse day it one day a great something had thirty is created happy on three hollered the whole bible this we inscriptor might favor scripture as lowenstoft res in the fish and the like the armor armor brass armor the bell then the head now put in my building my ology brain i soak it that the projected five giontes rowing the brain and why youngwife the the smart eaters and water meters and the out the the khanadhar a tack and he of the bell you know which you oct sterile as it is so but again it can have sellien you don't have that use you says mighty met this kind of helps me safe focus what i'm doing in the might of the ones revelations eighteen twenty three is remembered the merchants of the land a pithinesse ossossare doormeeting for sorcery farmington all the same burse in this the brides with that to have rootitoot myself and no more esterformation that smarts so the average go the average angels they had a passion to focus severely injured i gave it ginitbet of a step in my my talk because i wasn't injured from the suppers no outcome up here in i could say magicked your convicted yet i wouldn't i had to give up a big job because this unfortunate me talking his term you risked that job won't away the rasselasin what he and oh people aren't going to like what you have to say when you hook is system or what they're comfortable with because it's so easy for human beings to stay in their comforts on even if it means your following and like a montalais right off the spattered buttered a question and make a few people annoyed would maybe what he had to say canyonno it what we say may actually wait somebody up for or help here and any words yeah i hear what i say in and oh for me my personal life experience evolved a lot around scoliosis because i wasn't until all about twenty seven years old or so that i got a tire pactor i just wanted to alleviate some paint and he gave me a shocker um he actually educated me and i'm still going to that chiropractor except now mostly i see his wife who is also a cut in tractor and and i am a huge advocate of cire practic for kids because i didn't get enough of it and i think that is a part of my problems now because you can't fix everything unless there is some kind of cure for schooles the we just don't know that maybe we'll make more a difference in my future but i i hear you on the the passion that comes from the life experience i'm glad that both of you have a positive attitude and approached his conversation because when we get into something like this you know i've i'veheard bits about it enough to be scribunt enough to kick me into doing something about it but i'm wondering more and more now about my own health and situation and how much this might in pack my health could i be like you and develop a passion for hay this is how we get out of it for my own life experience i appreciate that you you saying robert about em don't get overwhelmed because that is what can happen and that is why i think we're going through what we are experiencing in the last few years it takes time for people to see truth one piece at a time or we could easily be overwhelmed loser heads and give up but instead we can together go well i can tackle that topic and then i can tackle the next and then pray more and tackle the next and pray more and remorse scripture one piece at a time we can continue to move forward and there is hope and it isn't you don't have to lose everything that you love about life you just have to adapt an overcome and at dandoins did i been learning about or founding of american history that we were told a lot of lies about that and we having to relearn but what we do know is that those people who started our country didn't have a guide book for it or not much in they did they were learned people probably morsel than we are even with all the text that we have they had books and they had the bible and they did so much with that they started our country in the created a place where we could have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness or property and if we go back to those basics including god at the poor front yes we don't need technology we really don't it's hard for us see that who have grown up in it but i am you know we three might be the last and it a generation who who knows what a you know the spinning dial telephone looks like what the internet was like when it first started up how going through school with the typewriter dickford you know as those things have changed our lives we can go well we still we still managed without all those things back when i was a kid see happier we were more connected with echo and sted of just instead of the you know one's zeros there flying through the air we've actually communicated with each other and there wasn't the there wasn't the the depression there was the the problems that were seen now with a disconnector of the human being agreed i do believe that well said i'm going to read something and i think this is real past second chronicles seven fourteen if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray seek my face and turned from their wicked ways then i will hear from heaven and i will forgive their sin and will heal their land there's a promise from god and i think that this is a incredibly important point to put out this when we hear things that sound scary or that are disturbing remember god created our thing if he created everything he can also restore everything as this is not is not in something that any one should feel alarmed about right now something that we need to get in and will work through it and a what what what we have depicted god makes up for it he can restore everything we just have to seek and he will see he is he will hear our land it's it's all about redemption and this is the is a a wonderful fate of wonderful the that of instability that we have when we turn our lives over to god and we turn everything over to jesus is he literally everything that was met for bad and turn it into something that's very very good that's what he does everything works for good to those who love the lord and her cult according to his and we can rest on that then that we can be thankful for people like robert and care at all these wonderful people that have been sent to us to share information so that we're getting educated and that we can not only help ourselves but others that amazing and and i think it one spender homily father thank you so very much for robert for every one out there who were standing together as your children sisters in the larger so thankful for his that you have and you have helped to equip us in a enable us with with truths that conflicted from better you know ah our different that our annunication for what has been put out there for years and years and years we really have to break down all this stuff these lies that we've been told and get to the truth as you assente truth will set us and so we're going to continue on keeping our eyes on you knowing that you are good all the time that we can put our trust in you and that you will always make a way and we thank you for redemption we thank you for your healing we thank you for your goodness all the time that's going to be a wonderful day were thankful for the day had of were thankful for the music we can listen to you in the people that we love help us to see ways that we can help the people around us and act on those without hesitate lead us every step of the way so that we can in fact serve you on on this earth in this is the sire playground you created it you make the rules and we are so ruddy to put back the the earth the king down working them into the proper perspective as one nation under you were so thankful help us to always have her eyes focussed on you as you are the answer to every and jesus namely pray a man god bless you guys to day this is a wonderful show and i look forward to having you back on next week and now i have to go an take care of some people and bring food bring food around in such i got some things i have to get too next so everybody have a great as this is where we have to write here go carty thinkingin gaining donothing go and so brennerhaven or dat come because i am the oh i am the best none can see her who was ever non conceited in the hand the histrionic state i not conceding the later's chiefs and thieves which is what we have reelections in michigan and across the country right now ah so m ah we're going to continue to go forward and it is let to rybody know heart hands time i've god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america have a great day it's a choice make it wont and when we share with others when we when we put other first when we lay down our lives the feet of god almighty and say what you want me to do to the it will be a wonderful day with lots of surprises miracles of one and god is always good and you are very love you are not alone so an i have a great day will talk to you to morrow i've got into line ran side toroshkin about he and counting a paper ballots and how could menace advantageous this is and the clerks were going to put it together state wide a group of people who just want to go and restore these these and is going to be entomostracs and it could be something that's like low order anything like this is going to be like all right here is the plan here everybody is an individual not having to be part of political party nonsense which is what we have going on oh we're going to do it individual i did want to bring us something to just the secretory love mi oasis to morrow you you're going actionsmoral care and to because to morrow this is funny i got invited and distant bited to a patriot grow this morning because he sent it to me by his i find the infollre and they caught me out in this and will what let a back in they kicked me out we'll let you back in if you if you if you swear allegiance to the grand new party and moschion upon of morons or ridiculed me for money for the lincoln dinner they want me to go to lincoln dinner what a otaheitan me also lest i love this is as like his advance of more as a deep state more as an besswhat i've got the entire one was because they made a mistake that you rather is no mistakes god like opens doors when they have satanus although think they're going to run away with the eye sir his kingdom not that happening so have a great day to morrow and be altered of the bad guides every day here and probably put a few names out there which is always good have a great day is it do benyou