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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/7/2024 Liberty Essentials - USTPM Candidate Recruitment

Published Feb. 7, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Marc Sosnowski - USTPM Recruitment for statewide candidates. And upcoming USTPM event for Presidential debate. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. It's the seventh day of February 2024. And welcome to our show today. And we're going to jump right into this because we're going to be talking about a few things going on in the state of Michigan. We can talk about all the nonsense going on globally, but I think this is where we're going to start today. So welcome to the show this morning, Ralph and Bill. How are you guys doing? Good, good. As we start, Liberty Essentials today. Yeah, and boy, do we need some reminders of what liberties we have. Remember that liberty is the right to do what the law permits. Without law, there is absolute liberty. However, also without law, there's also power to anarchy. So liberty is the right to do what the law permits and restraining men from transgression and punishing the transgressors and upholding those lawful. Well, I tell you, we had a real problem here in Byron Township because they broke four election laws in the 2022 election. And this goes on and on and on. And this past month, I've been kind of like something came to my mind because the township hit a tax bill. And it took us three swipes to try to figure out what was going on. And all of a sudden, the person in the office was like, oh, my gosh. There's no explanation for this other than if they're doing it for us, and I've got a little bit of help that I can call in on this. How many people have been stripped of their property rights by these monsters, these traitors that sit in the seats of our government to take away our rights? our lives, our liberty, and our right to property. They don't even know the law, so they break it over and over again. But I'm going to tell you what, this was intentional. There's no two ways about it that this was intentional. When you've got somebody sitting in the seat that can't find a tax bill, says, oh yeah, you're fine, you're fine. And I'm like, something doesn't feel right here. We better go back and check and double check because you know who's in the seats in power? Liars, cheats and thieves. That's why I didn't want to get into politics in the first place. I figured they were all liars and cheats and thieves and they are. And it goes right down to the local level. And I'm going to tell you what, we should be on the war path with these people when it goes down to, I'm not kidding you. They have waged war against this nation, against the people of the United States. So yesterday, this little war that they started with Donna, oh, not going to be pushed around Brandenburg, went to another level. We had a township car crash. with a little panic red lights on the top or whatever the lights they have, that decided to sit outside the property of which they hid the tax bill for a land grab. And now we've gotten into intimidation. It didn't work too well for us. I called the office and I'm like, I'm like, just so you know, you screw with me anymore. I can guarantee you I'm going to be talking to a constitutional attorney and there ain't going to be one person down there that's not going to have a little stress in their life because we're not backing away from this. Because if they do this to one of us, they're doing it to other people, too. There's there's no way that this was a one off. And when you look at the amount of realtors and developers that are on these township councils and planning committee, planning zone, I'm losing the word here. I'm too pissed about it. Planning commissions. Planning commissions. They're zoning commissions is what they are. If you go to your zoning boards and your township boards and you see the amount of developers, and realtors on there, you got a problem. I'm going to tell you that right now because they're using their positions and it's conflict of interest. They all should be booted off immediately. And what people don't understand is we've got the same situation in the United States of America, probably times 20, that they had in China with Evergrande. We're just not seeing it because fake stream news is hiding it. But we have they keep saying we have a lack of housing. No, we don't. We've got an overabundance of housing. But what we don't have is affordable housing because these idiots that get themselves, you know, appointed. to and or elected to positions on zoning boards and township boards use their position in order to build these big grandiose castles that nobody can afford. And they're also eating up the farmland. And then they're expecting the rest of us to pay for the infrastructure, the schools. the water, the electric, the roads, and they prance off in their little snowflake developer way to go into somebody else's yard. And years ago, I was able to work with a developer that came into the area from Bloomfield Hills. It was in this great big grandiose, stamp his name on it, development right over here in the side of the state with zero lot line houses and all this kind of crap to pack us just as full as they can. 15 minute cities on its way right there. And I just looked at him in front of a meeting and I'm like, Mark, his name is Mark. I said, I hate to tell you this, but this is what you are. And this is exactly how I feel to all the developers out there right now, because they're not helping the neighborhoods. They're they're peeing in the pool. There are a bunch of little boys and girls peeing in the pool and they don't care about anyone else. And I'm like, this is what you are, Mark. I said, you're like a stray dog who's come to crap in my yard. And you're going to go ahead and you're going to crap in my yard and all my neighbor's yards. And we're going to have to pick up after you. And you're going to just sit there and laugh at us as we're paying the bill and taking care of business. And you're going to go down the street and you're going to go crap in somebody else's yard. And I'm like, that's all you are is a stray dog who has come to set up shop in our communities, not giving a crap about the neighborhood and expecting us to pay your bill for increased taxes, for less school, for more crime, as you go prancing off with your little tutu into somebody else's neighborhood. And I'm like, this isn't going to happen. We had one here that was going to put in a, and this is linked to Samaritas and Lutheran homes. And they were going to put a little refugee center here under the guise of, oh, this is affordable housing. I'm like, no, it's not. You're linked right in to the human trafficking going on. And I went right in there and I faced the developer and I said, you're nothing more than a parasite. That's what you are. The girl goes, you call me a parasite? Yeah, you are. You're a parasite. And this is the parasite class we have. And this extends to the rights that they take because it's an invasion. on our gun laws, our firearm laws, which is where we're going to go next. If everyone out there isn't just absolutely furious on what's going on in this state, The fact that they've stolen our voice. We can get it back. And Donna Brandenburg is about ready to unleash on everybody here some notice and the reality of how they have usurped us as they sit up there and tell us what they're going to do. on our property, in our lives, that we're the bad guys now. Sorry, sorry, they're wrong. And we're all going to have to stand together. So if you're standing out there, you may contact me. My phone number, I will give it to you right now because we're going to put this state together and put them all on notice. And that's 616-430-4410. I will answer your texts or calls. 616-430-4410. And game on to the state officials because this game is coming to a quick and abrupt end. You know, we were at the beginning of the show there. I mentioned liberty is the right to do what the law permits. The whole while you were talking about property, it all ties in together. Because if you ask the simple question, do you have the lawful authority to purchase property? Whether that be actual land, home, cars, firearms, anything that you own. Do you have the authority, the right within yourself, to go out and purchase something that you want? And everybody would say, yeah, you can purchase anything that your little heart desires, right? Especially in America, we have an abundance of all sorts of imported nonsense that you can pick up for measly pennies comparatively, yeah. So there is a tax called a use tax. And if you read through the Michigan Constitution and the statutory law, that no one can charge you a use tax to use your property, right? And that doesn't just mean your land. That means everything that you have acquired, no one can charge you a tax to be able to use that privately. They can't tell you what to do. Yep. If you bring your, let's say if you want to hold a public area, if you want to utilize a public area for your own use with your own property, then possibly a tax would be in order there. But to use your own property privately on your persons or in your vehicles or in your homes or on your land, they have no right to either charge you a fee nor a fine to do it, permits and licenses, nor be able to tell you- nor be able to tell you how, where and when you can use such items or claim any authority over such items, right? We are guaranteed the protection from unwarranted searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment. Everybody should know that. And how many times do we see that being violated on a daily basis? All the time with all of these inspections they do, all of the inspections that they do. So we had another letter this summer that said, that alleged that the house on the property there was a rental house. He said, no, it's not. No, it's not. And I'm like, how dare you come and accuse us of doing something and say, well, it looks like that. We need to come in and inspect. I'm like, no, you don't. I chased the township supervisor off the property one time. He came here. And his little fat cat self and got out of his car as well, you know, all that in a bag of chips and looked over at something that was the power company. So I said, you go fix this. I said, you get yourself back in that car. And I chased his sorry, but right back into that car. He was hiding behind the door as I was chewing his tail. And every single person needs to get in to do that and say, you get off my property. This is none of your business. And then let's just start writing letters and putting them on notice for threat, coercion, breaking the law, violating their oath of office. Byron Township right now is the poster child. Well, and think about this, though, for, you know, accusing you of it being a rental property. These local governments, like you said, so much of the staffing of them is made up of developers and people trying to exploit the local area that a lot of them I don't think can even conceive of having a property that is not dedicated to bringing in just as much profit as possible. No, because they've got a God and their God is power and money. And they think they're entitled to it. We are in their way. I've sat there and I've listened to them. There was an older guy at one point in time in one of the meetings and had a house on Clyde Park. And the planning, the head developer said, or a planning commission had there, got up in front of everybody and said, well, that house, and the guy was sitting there, it's his house, lived his whole life. He's like, well, we know that house is going to go away to development. No concern for the fact and no sensitivity. It was in their way for development. And this is what these criminals, these monsters that sit in the seats, every one of them sitting in the seats right now, top to bottom of our government, need to be removed, voted out, recalled, removed, whatever it is. And I'm going to tell you what, if we had somebody who actually enforced the law, charge them for treason for what they've done to this nation, strip them of their citizenship. The ones that have committed the crimes of election. Look at the election violation. There's four laws that were broken right here in Byron Township. And they refused my FOIA and Peggy hung up the phone on me. Well, and think about this too. This is going to be fun. You just pissed me off. A violation of your property rights and your, you know, ability to your freedom to do what you want with your own property. back around 1900, you could order a house out of the Sears and Roebuck catalog, and you could build that house yourself. Nowadays, you've got licenses for general contractors. You've got to have electrical inspections, all kinds of electrical inspections throughout a building process, plumbing inspections, structural plans. You have to have licensing for the professional engineers involved. You have to have licensing for the architects a lot of times for their designs of stuff. I mean, the, the amount of just overhead in doing anything, not just building houses, but just frankly doing anything in our society, the overhead is, is unbelievable. And that's part of the, you know, you talk about affordable housing and, They're the problem. They are the reason why we don't have affordable housing. You used to be able to just buy a piece of property and on your piece of property that you owned, buy the materials to build a thing that you also owned. Oh, but we don't want to embarrass the township. And we also want to make sure we add to the tax rolls. And Byron Township had a $30 million overage. Miraculously, we just had a big building project done on the township hall. And every school in the township has got, I would say, I'm going to take that back and say every, almost everyone has a large building project going on. It's a constant building project. by the communists that are sitting in the seats. You ought to look and see if the township actually requested a permit from themselves to do any improvements upon that building. Because that is a public building. It's used that way. So it has to be able to pass code inspection. I bet you won't. That would be hilarious. That's hilarious, Bill. Oh, yeah. That's holding double standards. I see townships do that all the time. They just improve upon their own little properties, and they bypass the permits because, hey, they're the township. They issue them, right? So they're not under the law. So shouldn't they have to go to another body for their inspections then, like we do? Or else we should be able to just inspect our own property and say, yeah, we're good. Who's the authority over it? I'm going to write myself out a certificate. I'm good. We know more inspections. Who's the authority over their building? We the people are. So when they're ready to improve upon it, the people should be the ones to inspect it, right? Yeah, it seems fair. In olden days, when the local areas, the local communities would have a big project like that, whether it be a new sheriff's station, new firehouse, new schoolhouse, new library, whatever it would be, Would they not have a big celebration when they broke ground? All the people would be there watching. And then would they not have a big celebration when the project was finished? All the people would come in and have a big party and feast and be able to enjoy it. That was the way it was done. The people were the power. We were the inspectors and we were the ones to say, yeah, do this or don't do this. Right. They don't listen because they sit there and they try to shut you up in those meetings. It doesn't work too well for them if you know the law. But the main thing is that it's like, I think we need to have tribal councils in areas. And that's not based on race. That's based on we're going to have a tribal council for the tribe or the group of people that live around Byron Township. and have meetings and go ahead and then write them letters and instruct them and put them on notice and say, you're gonna do this the way we, do you realize, and I don't think anybody realized what a problem it is. If we had a $30 million tax overage in Byron Township, this little farm town, Byron Township, that has about 15,000 residents, what would have happened if that would have been a rebate or gone to the people instead of their little pet projects so that they can prance in there like little ponies sitting in their castle to tell all the rest of us what to do. Yeah. It's the same, same thing out here in, uh, in Tyrone, Northern Kent County. Uh, They were bragging a couple years ago, it was the first time the township's ever seen a million dollars in the general fund. I was like, cool, when am I going to get some of that back? Right. And they laughed at it. And, I mean, who here has paid into school tax, right? I'll raise my hand. I've paid into school tax. Donna, you have. Ralph, I'm sure you have. And I didn't use it because I homeschooled my kids. Exactly right. Same here. So I've been paying for this indoctrination to the public schools completely against what I believe in, clear as day in stark contrast to our Constitution where religion, morality, and knowledge should be in the education system and it should be forever encouraged, not forced upon the people, mind you. So they've been taking my money, your money, everybody here that's listening, they've been taking your money to self-indoctrinate children And guess what? What happened in 2020, 2021 here? We still paid the same amount and the schools were closed. Where is that refund? I've got the list of all. That's right. We should be getting a refund for that. I got the list of all the COVID money that went to these schools. Oh, it's ridiculous. It's crazy. Detroit got $40 million for 500,000 people. We think it's a big city. It's not. It's just like New York City. It's a 15-minute city already. There's so few people that own things. The developers own it. but the people don't, if you're going to live there, there's 50, 500,000 people there. Grand Rapids had 1.2, 1.3 million people in Grand Rapids. We got $1.2 million Detroit for $500,000, 500,000 people got $40 million. That ladies and gentlemen is money laundering. That's exactly what it is. So the 15 minute city thing, that's one that I find really, Interesting, because the original 15-minute city concept, if you go back and look at what they were trying to accomplish, it's a wonderful idea, but it's been co-opted. So the original idea was basically go back to the way that city planning worked in the 1800s, where you had a mix of residential and commercial in the same space. So that, for example, shop owners that would have their residents above their shop. So that you could have these little small communities within a city where everything that you would likely to you would be likely to need on a daily basis within a city was within a 15 minute walk. It was to try and kind of create the small little sub communities that we used to have back in the 1800s. Then it got co-opted by the Marxists, the communists that are infiltrating the nation. I would pretty much go to the point of saying almost eco-terrorists by trying to make it so that, well, if everything that you are likely to need is within that 15-minute radius, then you shouldn't be able to leave that 15-minute radius. And that's when it really got corrupted. The original concept was great. In my opinion, I mean, it's going back to what worked rather than separating the zoning out so far so that you have only residential and only commercial and only industrial and people have to travel to go between them. And it's none of their business. We had something here where a guy wanted to start a business in his garage. And they put them through this because you know how important they want to be. They want to sit in front of these meetings and they want to be important. And they want to sit there with their little king staff on the township council. And the guy comes up there and says, well, this is what I want to do. He's really, really, you know, was really nice. And I don't know, I stood up and I'm like, give the guy his business. It's none of your business to sit up here in this little straw hat bureaucrat council in Byron Township. and deprive this guy of doing whatever he wants to do on his property. And I'm like, how dare they make anyone beg them for permission? This is so wrong. And it's gotten so far out of control that people don't even know how wrong this is. You should go and protest every single action they have. And if it's even one millimeter out of line with defending liberty? And why is it that they're not out there helping people? Why is it that they're going after them in a punitive way? The governments that we have have no business. They do not serve the people. They're nothing more than a punitive, a punishment arm of the Marxists to try to wear us down. Yeah, you know, and the baseline problem is the people have forgotten that this government is that we are the government. They don't exist over top of us or beside us even. They are under us, our servants. And all our government is by consent of the governed, which means they only have the power if we consent to it. And everything we're talking about here, for anybody watching, I'm not here just speculating. I've been through each one of these scenarios. And I can tell you firsthand, I didn't consent to any of it. Whether that was when they told me that they were going to force me to drill my new well in the turnaround of my driveway, right? And that wasn't even the issue that I could fight it on. They thought that was perfectly fine, and I flat out told them no. I've chased health inspectors off my property for that very reason, and I can tell you I do have a new well, and it's exactly where I wanted it. In fact, it's even a little better spot than I wanted it. and everything works and functions perfectly fine. It cost me a little bit of time and an extra $100 just to prove the health department wrong Regarding building permits, they don't have the authority to tell me whether or not I can improve upon my home, add upon my home or add a building that I'm going to use for my own personal use, right? I'm not taking anybody's property. There's nothing public about it. You can't get to tell me how many two by fours or two by sixes I have to use. I brought a building in on a car trailer one time just because I wanted it and it was free and I could improve upon it, make it into a little workshop. I'm not going to ask the government for permission to do that which is normally legal to do, right? Ooh, Bill locked up right there. A permit is a granted request from the government to do that which is illegal as well. I think you heard that a license is permission from the government to do that which is normally illegal, right? So regarding all of that, we are consent of the governed. They can only govern by our consent. I have never given them that consent, nor will I. And I run multiple businesses out of my home. There's another one. We had on the zoning commission out here, we have a great guy by the name of Casey. I won't give you his last name, but Casey. And I say great guy completely sarcastically. I've heard of this man. A little prince that sets himself up on the little township board's throne of I'm right and I'm going to tell you what to do. So I've heard this guy going on people's private property doing private inspections without their knowledge nor notice. And he's been chased off several times. He knows that he's not allowed to step foot on this property, nor will he ever. But When I was going to start a business here, I understood my rights. They don't have a right to tell me I can't. And I also understood their ordinances, which for the most part, I'll go ahead and work with as long as you're not... Being a jerk, I'll finish that one because they're jerks about it a lot of times. To start a business out here, I simply told them what I was going to do. I didn't ask them. I told them. And the nature of the business required certain papers to be filed with the township just for security issues. And because of that, Casey all of a sudden gets involved. And he says, well, you can't run that kind of business around here. It was part manufacturing, right? And the manufacturing aspect of this was literally assembling two pieces with a pin. That was the manufacturing side of what I was doing, but he took it completely different, said that it was going to be like CNC machining and stuff. Because he wanted to tax dollars stored off of you. He wanted to tax on top of it. So I flat out told him, no, it ain't going to happen. This is the way it's going to be. I'm going to start this business. I will be manufacturing in that regard, and you're going to leave me alone. And guess what, guys? He left me alone. It only takes some pressure on these people. They're not used to people standing up against them. The government is not used to us standing against them. Hear those words carefully. When we stand against them and not give them our consent, they have to back down because they know they do not have the authority. They don't have the lawful authority to go after us Americans or those Michiganians here in Michigan. They don't have the authority to come after us. They know it. We know it. All it takes is for us to tell them no. Give them the stark reminder that we are their bosses. We are the authority. There is no law that is given to them against what our rights are, what our liberties permit. So that's absolutely right. And, you know, of course, they've done just a bang up job of turning everybody into sheeple in the government schools. Don't question. Just follow what that's. That's my problem with a lot of the schools is the lack of critical thinking. People go into the schools and it's they test people. they test to failure in the schools they don't test to teach or they don't teach they teach to test also and they test to failure and so they push people to the point of failure they don't they don't teach them to the point of excellence They stop when somebody fails. They just move on. OK, that's the grade you've got. Now, wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. So you're going to continue to have an ignorant population and just dumb them down, give them a failing grade or a near failing grade or an average grade or whatever it is. and you're not in it to actually help them succeed in life and get over the barriers that they find in school because we got to throw them all in the pig pen there and make sure that they're all squeaking in the same way so that at the end of the day, they take the people who have talents in this area And they disable them because of the way they teach. It's absolutely horrific. The only thing they want to see is they want to see people who are willing to agree with them, give them the test answers they want to see, and spit them out so they're a good workforce, a slave class to the globalists. Try and make fish climb trees. Yep. It's like the animal farm. It absolutely describes what we have going on absolutely perfectly. Another thing too that I see a lot on the planning boards is they try and they see there's so many of them that are anti-farmland. Because while farmland doesn't bring in the tax dollars that if it was fully developed, fully advanced, fully perfected, that we would get more tax dollars in. And I see people that even I would normally consider to be – a lot of people just go along with that, that, oh, yeah, I guess, yeah, it does bring in extra tax dollars. Well, the problem is that they only look at the income side. They don't look at the expense side of all of that because once you start development on something, they don't take into account the cost of the water expansion, the sewer expansion. The demands on the school system, the demands on the fire protection, the demands on policing, the additional demands on the road infrastructure. The crime. Yep. And the list goes on and on and on. And then you start getting into the rental side. And now you've got the costs involved in all of the compliance stuff that they also insist on. And none of that gets taken into account. You look at undeveloped farmland. And let's say you've got a piece of farmland on a dirt road with a well and a septic system. What are the expenses to the township there? The road maintenance. And that doesn't even fall on the township most of the time. That's mostly on the county. And if it's a gravel road, drag it with a grader a couple of years, or a couple of times a year, you know? Whereas if it's fully turned into a jam-packed development... you've got all kinds of infrastructure demands that pop up. And I just had this conversation with somebody yesterday, actually, that he brought up Detroit and how, you know, you've got, that was built up to be high density and has kind of imploded. And that's a prime example of it where they overdevelop it and then have to build up all the infrastructure. And then the infrastructure becomes ossified because the, It gets old and the community changes. All they're doing with this is they're externalizing the costs for the developer to the township for all of the infrastructure build out so that the cost of expansion is artificially low versus redevelopment of existing property that already has infrastructure, be it remodeling or repair of existing structures. And look at these idiots on these councils. Have you talked to them for very long? I mean, all they are, it's ego based. Oh, yeah, I'm a fat cat sitting in the state here and I'm going to tell everybody what to do, you know, and they look at all the zeros. I want all these zeros behind the money that I'm playing with because it makes me feel important. That's what these people are all about. Instead of doing the right thing, they have no service in their hearts. They don't care about this country. It is an ego base. What can I get from this instead of how do I serve my community? I have not seen one person who is actually in there to actually serve the community in the way that it needs to be and stop the criminal behavior within the township boards, to redistribute the wealth to these idiots who couldn't manage an ant farm, but all they can do is steal from what other people make. Stealing, extortion, money laundering to their pet projects, giving contracts to the builders that build these big mansions and these big city buildings, these big government buildings, so that they can sit in their little palace, not have to pay a dime, not have to do anything, and tell everybody what to do to keep them in power. It's disgusting. So the next uncomfortable truth here. Well, remember, all of this lies in the education of the public. I mean, I believe a lot of these people on even local boards are just plain ignorant. They don't understand how it works. They're breaking the law. They don't know it. George Bancroft, who was one of the founding fathers of education back in the 1830s, he had said that the public happiness is a true object of legislation and can be secured only by the masses of mankind themselves awakening to the knowledge and the care of their own interests. and that God forbid that the day should ever arrive when there should be a separation of pure morality and deep religious conviction from our places of education. That is exactly what has happened. They have demoralized the people and uneducated the people from where we were. I've said it before. If we don't know where we came from, we don't know where we're going. We have no roots. We have to understand the way we used to do things to be able to get back to what we want. We've got to be able to stand. I'm telling you what right now. Parents that leave their kids in these woke schools... For with all of this nonsense going on, oh, but there's good people in that school. I'm sure there are, but you know, our first responsibility isn't to sit there like a bunch of gaggle of geese in a pen where they're going to slaughter our children eventually. You know, it's to stand up against the destruction that they're pushing on our kids. Number one job is to take care of your children. And if things go awry because you refuse to take responsibility and you continue to let your kids go into these grooming centers, a lot of them are, and just say, well, I've got friends in there. I don't want to pull them out because I've got friends in there. They're sending them in and they're being trained by the enemy. Every teacher in this state is supposed to be taking the same oath as a public official. Does everybody understand that? They're a paid state official when they go into a school as a teacher. It's simple as that. and they should be taking the oath, and they should be teaching religion, morality, and knowledge, right? Michigan Article 8, Section 1. It's clear as day, and when you leave out either one of those three, you no longer have good governance, which obviously we don't, and you don't have the happiness of mankind. And what do we see out there? We see everybody arguing amongst themselves, oh, pity party me, there's no hope, there's nothing I can do. That's because you haven't been trained to do what you're supposed to do. Okay? Let's re-educate people. Understand this. I'm not telling you this because I hate you or that I'm scolding people for not doing something. It's the sheer and simple fact I understand. I was there. I was the uneducated guy I'm preaching against. Alright? So... We all had to wake up to this at some point in time. Yeah, I'm just showing you guys a little bit of love here and saying, hey, we were all there. So let me help you get to where you need to be. Or let me help you at least understand where we should be. And you can make the choice whether or not you want to come alongside and do the same things and help out, right? Whether they're going to sit there under the oppression, just like what happened in every single communist, Marxist, fascist, godless society that's ever been on this planet. It's the same playbook over and over and over again. If you're going to be subject to these people, don't cry about when things go to hell. Like when people around you start dying because they're killing them in the nursing homes or they're killing them with their bioweapons or whatever else it is because you sat there quiet. You ever see that old cartoon about isms? I have. That's been a long time, though. Yeah, that's a great cartoon. That it is. You want to put it up there, Ralph? Yeah, let me see if I can find it. You can throw it up there and share it. I like this conversation because I'm sick of this cowardice crap I'm hearing out there. And, oh, we want to go along to get along. This whole nonsense I've heard, you know, within the Republican Party, it's no better. If anybody wants to think that they're any better than the Democrat Party, I'm going to tell you, you're probably a product of our public education system. Because they're not. It's just a label. A lot of people like to look back and say, oh, you know, since Biden's been in office, let's blame everything on Biden, right? Blame everything on Biden. Since Biden's been in office, have we done better in the last four years, right? You ask anybody that question, they're going to say, no, obviously not, right? I'd take that back further. Let's go. Let's see. We got the Democrats back up Republican. Back up again. You've got Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Republican, Republican. Let's back up all the way back to my early generation, my early years, and go all the way back to Nixon. You can back up even farther and go into just beyond World War II, and I can't think of his name now. But go back that far and look at where we started. then and progressed to now. Have we gotten any better since then? I'm saying no. And who has held office the entire time since then? I can back up all the way to 1864, 1865. Start with Abraham Lincoln. Back up to that point when the two-party system of government that they've inflicted upon the people and oppressed the people with for so long and indoctrinated them into believing it's true, which John Adams and George Since they have done that, have we gotten any better? No. Why? Because from the initial foundation of the two-party system, whether that be Democrat and Whigs, remember, or Democrat and Republican back in the 1860s, when they first showed up on the scene, what was the first thing that happened? They divided the people in a war against the states, what the Southerners call the War of Northern Aggression. They divided the people, stole the states' rights ability, imported the corporation of federal government to take control of the states and overpower the states into submission. This is the beginnings of the two-party system. How come nobody sees this? I'm saying it was corrupt from the start. And nobody in the party was standing for it. There's nobody out there standing for this now. We're not seeing anybody that's saying the states and the people in each state, you should not be paying one dime according to the law of taxes of federal government. Why isn't anyone saying this? The taxes need to be paid by the state to the federal. And that's it. It is an unconstitutional tax to have one dime being paid. By an individual to the federal government. Well, look how road maintenance happens right now. They've never said a word about it. Nobody says a word. Non-Republicans don't say a word. The Democrats don't say a word. Nobody says a word about this because their game is to continue to eat more and more because they're a parasite. Local road commissions, a lot of them right now, are being funded by federal dollars, which means stuff that's local infrastructure... The local people are paying it to federal. The federal is paying it back down to the local level. After taking a cut, I might add. And after making sure that they follow all of the minutia of the regulations for rules on receiving federal dollars. It's not theirs in the first place. The entire state of Michigan needs to be removed from top to bottom for the violation of the oath of office for the war that they have waged on the people of the United States in the state of Michigan. And it is their crimes are so egregious of what they've done to this state that I don't know. I mean, anybody that sits there and goes, oh, you know, I'm a Republican. I'm a Democrat. Now you're sheep. You just told me you're sheep right there. I'm an American. And we need to dare to be Americans and not get onto these ridiculous labels that are still dividing us, that are destroying this nation. I don't want to even hear about it anymore. What do you stand for? And this is another thing. We need to get people that are willing to do action, not just flap their lips. We need people that are willing to act and to get involved, to help get involved in these notices. Putting people on notice, we can remove the whole thing. Yep, yep. And those people that want to do such things don't necessarily have to be the people. We spoke about this earlier in the week, I think. But those people that want to do that, to remove these people, prosecute them, whether it be through impeachments or however it needs to be done, are not necessarily the people who will stand up and say, yeah, I want to run as a candidate for Michigan House or Michigan Senate or this or that. The majority of people that I see... that I honestly trust to take such a position are the people who say, no, I don't want to do this, but nobody else will, so I have to do something. Those are the people I want. I want just the basic people who just want to survive, just want to kind of be left alone. Those are the people that need to get up and say, if nobody else is going to do it, by God's power, I will. I will. And we need to create a different type of person sitting, not create, call them forward, a different type of person in government. Exactly to your point, what you've said, because the way it's working right now, we have a parasite class. That's what they are. And I think we need to call them out for it, the parasites, unless they're standing to help and defend people, not going on their property, not seeing what you can punitively assess a damage or another tax or something on we the people. someone that actually shows up and says, guess what? Not to be revered, not to be worshipped or anything else like that. What can I do to help? Give me a paintbrush. I can pour cement. I can help these older people. I can fix food. I can grow. I can do this. I can be part of the solution instead of dead center part of the problem. So you're really referenced to the Roman Empire for today. Go look at Cincinnatus. We need more modern Cincinnati. I would agree with that. And what you just described is the normal community organization, right? It's the people coming together and doing what has to be done. It's also referenced as the militia, right? And I know, well, shoot, we were already... Almost 45 past 45 minutes into this conversation, we didn't even get where we were going to go. We can stay on if you want. We can have Mark come on and we can go into it because he's another person that's fighting for this nation through. And this is it. All of us are kind of against the political parties, but we have ballot access is what we have. So we literally could have the ability of have candidates in there as disruptors to this uniparty madness, which is staffed by Marxists, which are there waging war on this nation. We have valid access. Yeah. And, you know, I didn't even tell you, Donna, but I've run a couple of times for office here, and I only run for local office. I don't ever care to hold a state office. Somebody would really have to twist my arm to get in that position. Well, I didn't either, but I was as smart as you were, so there you go. But I've run a couple of times for local offices, and I can tell you, that even in local offices, and I'm just setting this up for Mark when he gets here, but even in local offices, you'll find that's really honestly where the fight is. You will find out who your community really is. I ran... for a township position here, township trustee, the base of the base in government. I wanted to correct a couple of things and then I wanted to get out and let somebody else do it. So I ran a solid campaign and I knew the other players. And during the entire four months of campaigning, I will tell you how many people stopped or even called to ask any amount of questions or to get to know me at all. one finger, one guy by the name of Scott. And I'll remember this guy the entire time. Right. He was the only one. Yeah. Yeah. Hi, Scott. He was the only one to ever come out. And he did so twice because he, he wasn't, didn't get all of his answers the first time. Right. So he, he really drilled me on that one. And, uh, and he's just a base farmer out here and he held the office before. So he wanted to know what he was getting into. He wanted to know who was on the ballot. And then, uh, another time, uh, Yeah, yeah. Another time. I mean, we should only be voting for people we can verify, right? Who they are, what their character is. If we're voting for party, then we'll say it again. You're part of the problem here. We're just putting in the same people and expecting different results. It's insanity. It's a club. Yeah. And another time, I ran for a local school board position out here during the height of all of the madness and the stuff they were pushing in schools, whether it be the books in the library or the actual – the actual global agendas that they were pushing down from the federal government into our local school system, right? I was ready to put a stop to it. My kids don't even go to public schools, and that's the reason why, basically. And even if it was corrected, they probably still wouldn't, because it's my job, biblically and proverbs, to train up my child on the way she should go. So that's our duty, not their duty. So I ran for that position. I was asked to. I didn't want to. And again, Scott was the only person to ever ask me a question, except for a friend of mine who helped with the campaign by putting out a survey to everybody. of which two of us were the only ones to fill it out. But we ran on a constitutional premise. Not one of the other candidates had any constitutional premise behind any of their campaigns. And we quoted the authority for education, which is really none by the state government because the state has no children. They're ours. And we are to watch after them. That's our duty as individuals. And everybody else was on the policies of the state or the policies of the school board. That's what they were running on. They wanted to change policy, do this and that. And I'm like, no, get it back to constitutional basis. If we can educate our people, then we wouldn't be having these discussions. In a generation's time, this could all end. But we have to get back to educating them properly. And it was actually our school superintendent, and his name is Crabtree. And I don't mind putting his name out there at all. Because this man publicly went on Justin Barkley's show. Oh, Justin Barkley. Don't get me started there. I know. But he publicly went on his show because they had highlighted these brief school board elections. So our superintendent, who is hired by the people, he's a servant, went on a public broadcast show and specifically said, don't vote for me. Right. Don't vote for me or another guy because we were campaigning together because they called us a political agenda. Now, school board is a nonpartisan office. Remind you of that. I made sure I kept it nonpartisan. I brought nothing from the party in there. So I don't know where in the world they got that information from. Nor was the party pushing me or promoting me in any way. My name kept out of everything, right? Barkley ran a ticker on the bottom of his when I was running for governor that said, don't vote for Brandenburg split the vote type stuff. Yeah, they're all in it together. All in on this together. They see us as a threat. I should, because you know what? That was absolutely partisan and wrong. That's your fake stream media right there under the guise of being a conservative, because it's both sides working against us. Yeah, I don't care who's running on what party or whose ticket or red or blue hat or wearing. I don't care if there's a name on a ballot. I'm going to contact them before the election right now. I typically don't do it for the primaries because I don't care. They're going to put who they want in the primary. Absolutely. And I'll be happy to run against them. But after the primaries, I like to go around and everybody that's on my ballot, I want to get to know. And I send out either emails or I will actually drive by their house if they have an address listed, which sometimes can get really strange, but it's public information. You put it out there. I want to get to know who you are. And I'd love to know what your garage looks like because that tells a lot about a man, right? So you get to know these people. And before the election even, But the problem I find is that 97% of the people, give or take, 95 to 97% of the people I try to contact out there, I never get a response to them. Or I get a response such as, you can go to my website and learn about me. No, I don't want to know what you're saying. I want to know what you're doing. That is where the ticker makes it. And a lot of times, I can't vote for... 70 or 80% of the ballot because I don't know them and I'm not going to put my name or I'm not going to sign my virtue over to somebody who is just going to play Judas and betray me once they get into office because that's all we're doing when we do that. I've got the same problems with endorsements. If you accept an endorsement or if you play ball with these ridiculous endorsements that are out there, you're letting basically a cartel or an individual of influence tell you who to vote for. You still don't know what you're voting for. It's absolutely a manipulation for them for special interest to have influence in our elections, and it should not be allowed. Now, the only endorsement that I hardly accepted, I had two of them, that one was from a guy over in Macomb County, and the other one was from General Flint. I know General Flynn. I was not out there seeking endorsements. Everybody else is spending most of their time out there seeking endorsements, making, you know, elevating all of these cartels, these regulatory industries, these barrier for entry of the nation. If they accept an endorsement from any of these organizations, they have just spit on the American people right there. because they have literally turned their back on their constituents, and they went with someone who most certainly has an agenda going on behind it. It should be illegal. People need to have their vote not based on a special interest group, Somebody else who has a very large lobby or the lobbyists that have, this stuff is so out of control. Lobbying should be illegal. Lobbying, otherwise. Is so out of whack. And people are so familiar with it, they don't even know that it's wrong. Lobbying, the friendly term for legalized bribery. Exactly. That it is. That it is. The original lobbyists used to be the community people that gathered together and go run down their state legislatures and scold them for not doing something or for doing something illegal. That was lobbying. We went and we took them Let them know that we were ticked off in one way or another we expressed our grievances and then it turned into this this whole political and paid organizational scale of of profit where we could now lobby and we could write Organizations could write law and promote them to the legislature because you know, these legislators are writing what nothing pretty close to nothing and They don't write anything. Somebody else always writes all of them. And not only that, the legislator pays them for it. And then we have no access to it. And we have to pay the regulatory boards to see what laws and laws, regulations, rules, all this regulatory nonsense. We don't even have access to this. Now we got to pay for it when we already paid for that to be done. A lot of them don't even read the stuff they're passing. How can they? In Michigan, we've got like 2,000 bills a year going through. Yeah, you remember hearing we have to pass it to figure out what it says? That's happened several times. And that attitude happens all the time. Look at the amount of opposition to the efforts to try and get legislatures to mandate that legislatures read aloud any bill before they vote on it. There's a huge amount of opposition to that because it would cut a lot of this nonsense because it would take years in some cases to read some of these things in a way that could actually, that some of the legislators that we have in office right now would actually even understand. And they'd probably have to dumb down the language a little bit too. Well, you got to have a constitutional attorney or somebody that actually knows the Constitution to have a – like they all should have some sort of a constitutional review so that you can see if first and foremost if it cuts – but nobody does that. They just sign whatever somebody tells them to do. There's no check on who runs for office. We don't know if they're even qualified. We've got Ilhan Omar out there blasting her allegiance to Somalia out there. Why wasn't she immediately, and I mean summarily, and immediately removed by that state as a traitor? She came right out and said it. Yep. And she's a traitor to the nation. And all of this stuff is actually if you're even kind of like halfway paying attention, it should be pretty clear. If we take a few minutes aside from our coffee shop, you know, bitch sessions that are going on there and actually study the Constitution instead of wondering about nonsense that were, you know, that were our playtime. And get away from our playtime and actually be adults and manage this nation for our children. Hey, I'm going to bring on Mark Sosnowski right now. And let's talk about this. Hey, Mark, how you doing? You're on mute right now. Can you? Here we go. There you go. Hey, Mark, how you doing? Hi, everybody. Doing great. Awesome. Well, welcome to be here. I want to introduce Mark to everyone. Mark is the head of the chairman of our of our campaign committee for the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which, by the way, even though Jocelyn Benson has been stepping in and obstructing our ability to change our name to match the National Party, which is the Constitution Party, we are in fact the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan. And we're going to talk right now. I want Mark to talk about we're looking for people across the state, and it's going to be a little bit of a brutal review. We are not going to just accept people just because they show up and such. So we're going to review people a little bit. We're going to have some discussions on who they are. Somebody shows up and has done some bad stuff, probably is not going to pass muster with us. So at any rate, let's talk about what we're doing here, Mark, and see if we can get some really good people, farmers, moms, dads, you know, the true people that have not really been involved in politics want to learn and want to stand up for your community, we're your peeps right here. Very well. We have a golden opportunity right now. There was the special elections called for the state representatives who got elected to be mayors. And those people had to decide, there's two of them, they had to resign their seats in the state house when they became mayors. So there's a special election that's happening right now One on the east side, Metro Detroit area, and one on the west side. Which communities, Mark? So on the east side, it's basically half of the city of Ward and a little bit of the area of Detroit south of that border. That's the 38th district. And then over here, the 25th district. is Wayne and Westland and a few slices of other neighboring communities. And we have a candidate running in the 25th district in Wayne and Westland for the state rep position that's going to be elected in the special election in April. Now the Republicans and Democrats just held their primary. And of course, as a minor party, we're not in the primaries. We name candidates by convention. So the Wake County Committee of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which is of the Constitution Party, held our caucus and we named a candidate. Is that Ron or Rob? Rob Stano. Rob Stano. Good guy. S-T-A-N-O. Stano. Stano. And so he's on the ballot along with the Republican and the Democrat. The primary results were that... The total vote was just around 3,000 people came out to vote for the primary between all the candidates. So in the general election, it's probably going to be a foregone conclusion. It's notably a blue district that the Democrats are going to win. So the Republicans have not put very much effort into it. They have one candidate. He has a little bit of name recognition from running before, but apparently from the financial reports, he doesn't have much money behind him. So our candidate, if we do raise a sufficient amount of money, he can make a splash and secure a couple thousand votes. Well, I kind of believe that we need to have effort, not money, because every time the money gets into it, it gets corrupted. And people need to take responsibility of getting out there and being the digital soldiers that they can be. They don't even have to put money into this. What they need to do is they need to get behind him and pass his information and talk about him and actually help him in a meaningful way. because we cannot spend the other side. If somebody comes in and starts dumping a bunch of money into this, I tell you what they're gonna do. They're gonna go right back to their organization and they're gonna triple, quadruple or whatever the money that's behind it. We keep the money out of it, people get in there and start actually working for the state and putting their time in, even if it's five minutes a day. I mean, we're all on social media. We can do exactly what General Flynn started with the digital soldiers. You get in there, you pass information, you talk to people, get in the game. And that's what he needs. He needs people to stand with him and show up and post and pass on and carrier pigeon and little sailboats thrown in the river. Not that, but you know what I mean? It's like getting the information out in any way possible. Yeah, I agree with that. We'd like to get as many people in the grassroots out and active. Along that lines, I recently heard a speech by our Constitution Party founder, Howard Phillips. He was a candidate for president a couple of times under the Constitution Party. He was in Ronald Reagan's administration. And he... He outlined a successful campaign he was involved with as campaign manager in Massachusetts, where an open seat, which in the Boston area, you've got to believe it's going to be a Democrat who wins. They elected a Republican, and it was through that grassroots effort. He laid out the plan. This is how we did it, and it was with volunteers and being out and spreading the word. And people are really sick of this political machine nonsense from all the parties. And it's amazing how many people are like us that we just want an honest person. They don't have to be a part of this industry. We just want somebody that's honest, that's willing to step forward and learn the process. And we'll stand behind them the way that we're supposed to, you know, and anybody can do this. Well, this is just one opportunity here because the voter turnout should be rather low, that a total number of votes to win is really achievable. Talking about other races across the state, we got the example of William Moore here who had looked at the local elections. And again, there's so many spots. A lot of these are two-year cycles. Every two years, somebody's term is going to be up on that board, and somebody's going to get reelected or replaced. So the action has to be... getting organizations off the ground in all those areas. It's virtually everywhere. So we have organized campaign committees in several counties, but there's a lot of room for growth. So it's a matter of having people come up and step forward and say, okay, like if we keep having these gatherings with a couple hundred people show up, and out of that... gathering, a handful say, yep, I can do it. And you guys all help me. Well, you know, that's how it's going to start. And so we just had the, I don't know if you talked earlier about the, event from a couple weeks ago but that's how it was great that we had we had such great turnout and I've been working calling through the people that showed up there to personally thank them for coming and get the feedback from them and it's just been overwhelmingly positive people were like man I had a great time at that meeting and it felt so uplifted leaving there because I wasn't you know I've heard this is so different than the other political parties And the positivity that we've gotten back from that event, it's just been, it's been overwhelming. It's kind of interesting because, you know, we're looking for people who have not experienced things from the other parties. We're looking for both. I mean, anybody can come here. Yeah. There's people who've left, are disgruntled with their party machines in their own areas, but there's, The thing to tap into is the big lump of people who are asleep and haven't experienced the workings of the parties. But they have strong values, and they don't want to see it corrupted. So that's people we need to search out and invite and have them lock arms with us. You know, Mark – While you're on party politics here, I want to address something that just fits right in here. When we have a Republican-led legislature in the state of Michigan, the Democrat Party, now remembering these are just parties outside. Once they're in government, there's no party. They're all individuals serving the people, or supposed to be. So when we have a Republican legislature in the state of Michigan, the Democrats are all saying we can't get this stuff passed that needs to be passed because Republicans are in our way, right? However, in flip side, when you have Democrats majority in the legislature, what are the Republicans saying? Well, we can't get all this passed because the Democrats stand in the way, right? It's back to back and divisive that way. However, if you look on the ballot in a lot of areas, They have it gerrymandered in their districting to the point where the Democrats, the Democratic Party does not put up individuals in known Republican areas and the Republican Party does not put up individuals in known Democrat areas. However, they just like to complain when the other's in power, right? Which is a clear point of saying that they are just working together and they retain, they try to retain that 50-50 division to keep the people divided the same route. And I wanted to bring up the campaign with Mark Petzold. You're very familiar with that. When he ran in Grand Rapids and... And he was in a Democratic gerrymandered district where there was really no Republican presence at all. It's always been voted on the Democrat Party side there. And if I remember right, correct me if I'm wrong, but he ended up with around 25% of the vote, if I remember correctly. And the whole premise upon his campaign was literally going around and meeting people and explaining to them that he was there as their voice to protect their God-given right to life, liberty, and property. Who's going to argue with that? As a base point for a campaign, an individual to come up and say, I'm here to protect you. I want to be your voice to make sure that they don't come after your life, your liberty, or your property. And he got 25% of the vote in a so-called Democrat district. So to all the people who want to stand back and say, well, there's no way that we could take anything back because of the way they have it set up. Think about that. That was a statewide seat. How much better would it be in your local seats where people would know you better. And there are very few that actually would get out and vote. Uh, I mean, the normal average is around 30% in a presidential year election. Um, so you're talking 30, 30 some percent of the people. All you have to do is go out and get to know them and let them know what you're there for. It's good. The thing that's going to take is, uh, have a good presence though, online, digital presence. And I think the Brandenburg campaign showed how to do that. And we need to duplicate that effort with our candidates too. And our party is on the move right now. I mean, the fact that people are, you know, look at how people are so disgruntled with the current state of pretty much everything in the United States. People are looking for the truth. They're looking for people who will stick to the truth and who will not waver. And when I look at what happens in the other parties, there's some real clear distinctions there. The Republicans are cheating and taking the voice away from we the people by putting up a slate and strong arming the delegates to vote with their slate. that's taken away all of the choice they're telling you as a delegate that you disregard your constituents you have to vote with a party I have had so many people say well I vote for the party I don't with the party I don't vote with the people and you'd be shocked who told me this because there's nobody out there that I'm not willing to lay out for their treason and or their things that are against or part of the war on the american people And it's a shame. The Democrats have got the superdelegates. So a normal delegate of we the people who hasn't passed the test of whether they will fall in with the little Nazi party crap going on there is worth half a vote. Superdelegates worth about 10,000. The delegates don't matter. It's the superdelegates. It's the establishment that are voting the establishment back in. Same way it happens with the Republican Party, only it's under different labels. You've got the slate and you've got strong army. And so both of them are actively involved in cutting out we the people. Which is a crazy thing to me. And, and I'm, I'm so, I'm so happy to stand with, with you guys here because you stand for something. You stand for the rights of the individual. You, you, all of us here are disgusted with what's happened with these career politicians who are in it for themselves and, or their little club. And both sides are involved in a two-party system, the uniparty system. We have to get off of that. And they are the swamp. The parties are the swamp. They're just a different level of an organism. The swamp is an organism and it has cells. So there's a cell in all of these unelected NGOs. There's a cell in the parties. There's a cell going on in the regulatory organizations. These are cells of a bigger organism, and that's how they function. If you get off of the swamp and you go with something that is, say, like the Constitution Party, which has ballot access, and or people that are not part of that swamp that's the way to defeat the swamp right there but that means everybody's going to have to critically think and not just follow marching orders but follow their hearts and beyond that I think there's a bigger baseline that we start with if people who are watching today haven't looked at the party platform of the u.s taxpayers party of michigan or the Constitution Party platform, they'll see the preamble that our belief in and love of Jesus Christ is what is prompting us to move forward. We could probably spend another whole hour just talking about the spiritual battle that's going on. It's a spiritual battle. Jesus came to lay his life down. He laid his life down. That's true love. And, you know, unfortunately we've been taught through the apostate church because most of the church right now is apostate. They're getting the NGO numbers and they're being told what to preach from the pulpit because they're getting the numbers. And so it's like, it's, it's unfortunate, but that's not what Jesus is all about. Jesus came here to save, not to condemn, but to save. And that's exactly the opposite of what's being preached. And so people run away from the truth. The truth is there to help and save people from what we're seeing out there. And we need to be clear about that. This is not our righteousness. It's not our righteousness. It's the righteousness of God himself. Jesus didn't throw a stone. He was the only one that lived a perfect life. He had the right and he didn't throw a stone. Well, he did take some cords and whip out the money changes from the temple. He sure did. There's righteous anger. You bet. But there's a place for it. And I know that, well, I have to say that if you look at it in a broad perspective, consider us... the constitutionalists, the remnant of the church, the true faith. And there's so much infiltration of communists, masons, gays, all infiltrating the church and the government. I'm just proud to be part of that remnant that is resisting and is moving forward. Well, you go to the doctor to be healed and people that every single one of us has fallen short of the glory of God. And you go to God to be healed. And, you know, we're here to help. We're here to help. This is a very hurt nation and a very divided nation. And we're here to help because it's going to take some very strong, strong spiritual, you know, Christians, the remnant in order to step in and say, we're here to help. And I think it's amazing. So Ralph, do you have that? Can you share your screen and share that meme that you were talking about earlier? Because I cannot get it to come up. I can try. I just posted another link for the Internet Archive. Does that one play for you? Let me see. It's odd here to grab them out of the chat. Oh, it's a video link. Yeah. Ah, got it. Yeah. That was the cartoon we were talking about earlier about isms. It's a film called, I couldn't remember the title, but it's called Make Mine Freedom. Yeah, there you go. I'm not hearing any audio. That should have sound. In your screen share, Donna, there should be a little tick somewhere up at the top that also says share audio. Okay, let me see. Let me see what I can do here. We'll go back to here and I could use a little bit of tech help on this. I know Eric out there is like, Eric has talked about that out there. Hey, I can help get this through here. Here, I might be able to do it too. See if we can. Yeah, I am unfortunately not in a great spot to be able to do a screen share right now. I got I don't have an external monitor hooked up right now. Okay, let's try Bill's. I'm going to stop mine. And let's add yours to the screen. All right, Bill. There you go. Coming through now? Yeah. America is many things to many people. To a 17-year-old kid, it's the malt shop on the corner. To grandpa, it's the front porch in the cool of the evening. To mother and her family, it's church on Sunday morning. And to dad, it's his favorite relaxation. I never thought they had that. Philosophers in factory corners. And it's the tycoons in Wall Street. It's all races, creeds, and religions. It's freedom to work at the job you like. Freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble. Freedom to own property. Security from unlawful search or seizure. Where's your warrant, flatfoot? The right to a speedy and public trial. Protection against cruel punishments and excessive fines. the right to vote, and to worship God in your own way. It is these freedoms that have made America strong. Okay, okay, so we got our freedom, but management's lousing up everything. Labor is at fault. It's ruining the country. My constituents, as your elected representative, I can assure you labor's right, management's right, I'm strictly neutral. Labor, management, politicians, phooey. They can't tell corn from oats. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up, folks. Here's the answer to your problems, Dr. Utopia's sensational new discovery, ism. Ism will cure any ailment of the body politic. It's terrific. It's tremendous. Once you swallow the contents of this bottle, you'll have the bountiful benefit of higher wages, shorter hours, and security. Enormous profits, no strikes. Remember, you're the big boss. Government control, no worry about votes. Name your own salary. Bigger crops, lower costs. Why, ism even makes the weather perfect every day. Now then, because we are introducing this amazing item for the first time in this country, it isn't going to cost you one cent. All you have to do is sign this little scrap of paper, and you get your bottle absolutely free. I hereby turn over to ISM Incorporated everything I have, including my freedom, and the freedom of my children, and my children's children, in return for which said ism promises to take care of me forever pardon me pardon me and who are you my good man I'm john q public oh my fine friend you're just in time to share this generous and gigantic offer sign right here mind if I read it first Keep your shirts on, boys. Including my freedom. Freedom? Well, sign away my freedom. Why, this is ridiculous. Don't be corny, brother. Sure, our system of free enterprise isn't perfect. But before we throw it away for some imported double talk, Let's turn the clock back a few years to see what it's done for us. For example, back in the 1890s, Joe Dokes was just a guy who liked to tinker around his barn. Some people thought Joe was lazy. Some even thought he was nuts. But one day, he had an idea. And because he was free to dream and scream and tinker, Joe had a chance to make something of himself and his idea. So... Of course, some people didn't think so much of Joe's idea. But that didn't stop him. So Joe got some money from young Aunt Minnie, and Uncle Angus, and Grandpappy, and Mr. Titus. When Joe's friends and relatives used their savings to help him buy tools and property, they were capitalists. Don't flush, folks. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Now, naturally, Joe needed some help. So he hired Willie Lumpkin, who was out of work anyway, And before long, Willie had the know-how and became skilled laborer. Because capital, management, and labor worked together, Joe's idea grew. It grew and did things even he never dreamed of. Today, the automobile industry provides millions of jobs that never existed before. And remember, this is a story of only one industry. but there are thousands more scattered all over the United States whose history of development is pretty much the same. We've built a country under the American system that sends more young people to high school and college than all the rest of the world combined. Why, even in the Depression, our wages bought more food, clothing, travel, and entertainment than the wages of any other people in the world. Our country has a national income equal to the total national incomes of any other six nations in the world. With only 7% of the Earth's population, we drive 70% of the world's automobiles. That's just a sample of the things the capitalistic system has given us in only 160 years. Before signing up, You boys ought to try a little taste of Doctorism's formula to see what you get in exchange for your freedom. Go ahead. Try it. You can't do this to me! I'll strike! The State forbids strikes. Wait till the Union hears about this! Ah, yes. The Union. Welcome to our ranks, number 1313. I'll take this case to the Supreme Court. The state is the Supreme Court. Our decision is as follows. No more private property. No more you. The farm vote will put a stop to this. Farmers don't vote anymore. What will I do for seed next year? You won't have to worry about next year. The state will do your planning from now on. We must fight to regain our freedom or everything is lost. Everything! Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives. And we know what to do about it. Now, gentlemen, no violence, please! Don't throw those bottles! Don't throw those bottles! Working together to produce an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values for all. That is the secret of American prosperity. That's awesome. And yeah, we're going back to that. We're here to defend each other and protect each other and stand together as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty. and justice for all. And we're failing. The United States is failing on those issues right now because our elected officials are not standing for what they need to be standing for, nor doing their jobs. So we're going to have to do it together, guys. And I think that that's a lofty and noble cause right there. So is there anything else you guys want to talk about right now? We didn't even get to the gun laws that we were going to put up there. Yeah, that's all right. Anybody that is interested in possibly putting their name up as a candidate, just take that first step. Go to And click on get involved and go down to become a candidate. There's a simple questionnaire down there. It tells you a little bit about us and it will tell us a little bit about you. And then from there, we'll take the next step. We'll get to know you. You can get to know us. If you're a good fit, then let's do it. Even if you're close to a good fit, if there's some things that need to be corrected, that's not a big issue. We're willing to help all of our candidates go forward and make the correct necessary changes to restore our constitutional republic. Constitution of a limited republic, and that's a big deal. So take the first step. It's right over. I was wrong. It is not under get involved. I'm sorry, down to the blue button. It's run for office. Yep. There's a simple candidate inquiry there. That'll come straight to us, and we'll get right back with you. Yeah. We're a lot of fun. We actually are a lot of fun. And I think that people have fun when they join us for these things. And we're going to have more events coming up. So glad that everybody joined us today. Let's say a prayer. Thanks, Mark and Bill and Ralph. Let's go ahead and say a prayer and end this today and ask for blessings on our nation. Do you want to say the prayer today, Bill, or do you want me to? Oh, sure, Donna. I can. Awesome. See, we're praying people. Always. Father, we come before you again, Father. This is this meek, small group of people. And Father, I ask that you would bless our efforts as you are almighty God. Father, we know there is no government that has any power, but that has given it by you. And we understand that that The government we have is a direct reflection of who we are as a people. And, Father, we seek not just to change government, but, Father, to educate and help lift up and extol our fellow servants, our fellow people within these United States of America, Father, that you have so properly and graciously blessed our founding fathers before us. Father, we understand that we have left off a lot of your statutes, Father, a lot of your judgments. And I ask that you would give us the strength, Father, bring men of courage to stand up and be willing and available to be used by you and through your power, Father, that would be willing to step up to positions that we may not want, Father, that that we so desperately need people for. Give them the courage to do such. And Father, whether it be one of us or another, or maybe somebody we don't even know, Father, give us as a group, as a party, the wisdom and instruction to be able to help these people along their path, Father, and whether it be in a campaign or in any other action that they may be taking. Father, give us unity as you instructed your apostles. Father, that we may all speak the same thing and be united because we know that we cannot walk together unless we're agreed. And I ask that you would be the author of that. We know you're not the author of confusion, Father. Give us clarity as we move forward in this. And I ask your continual blessings upon us. In Jesus' name, amen. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Thank you so much. So, well, this is wonderful. And we just want to tell everybody out there that our battle that we're on is a battle between principalities and power. And we're here to help everyone who is out there for the good of our nation, for the good of individuals. You will find us to be extraordinarily loving and compassionate because life is a struggle. And we understand that. And it's just like going, you can go to God and he understands, he understands every single thing that is afflicting humankind. And he will help you. With that said, I'm going to say here you go. Go to because I'm still not conceding to the liars, cheats, and thieves in the offices. The 2020 and 2022 rigged, stolen, maladministration, fraudulent elections. We have to address the crimes that were committed. We can't just go forward and ignore them like nothing ever happened. because it did. And we've, you know, and I have to say the rightful president of the United States, commander in chief, president Donald J. Trump, the election was rigged. And personally, I'm standing on it, that this needs to be resolved. You can't just say I've a crime committed and say, say, oh, yeah, well, we're past that. What happens if somebody is murdered? We walk away 20 years later and say, well, no, we're just we're just not going to pay attention to that. Who who who cares? No, we have to address every single criminal activity, every single thing that's in a front fence and that's repugnant to the Constitution, which has infringed on the rights of Americans. You're the boss. I'm the boss. And at the one point in time, And when we cast our vote, we have complete and total equality. We each have one vote and we have to fight for every single person's voice to be heard, not diluted by an invasion of an invading army across our borders. Not diluted by counting the votes in private. Not diluted by all of these things that are unlawful to take your voice away and mine. We stand here together. And I hope that you stand with us to help us because we will be here to help you. The average person is not the criminal out there. It's the people that are sitting in the seats who have stepped on your head and my head and everybody else is out there. So let's stand together and move forward with that. And with that said, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. There's, there's a lot of us out there who care about you, who are fighting for you and really, really do care and come and talk to us and help us win this fight. Cause we're going to win. It's going to be epic and we're not asking permission. We have the lawful right to take this nation back from criminals, liars, cheats, and thieves. Have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow. Take care.